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File Under Disco have steadily been building a seriously strong back catalogue of 100% original disco music. So far this has taken shape through digital EPs of original material by artists like Drop Out Orchestra and JKriv & The Disco Machine, plus a series of big hitting vinyl remix releases from acts like The Idjut Boys, Ron Basejam, Dicky Trisco, Pete Herbert and Duff Disco amongst others.

For this release the imprint have collated their biggest selling and most popular ‘digital only’ cuts from the last year by Drop Out Orchestra and JKriv & The Disco Machine, plus an exclusive and unreleased version of Drop Out Orchestra’s 'The National Theatre' by Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco.

Drop Out Orchestra kick things off with 'Day Vague', a perfect combination of organic disco (pattering bongos, live played elastic bass, choppy strings and sparkling pads) with a fattened house kick. Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco then remix Drop Out Orchestra's 'The National Theatre', which has a very similar sound to 'Day Vague' before hitting us with a great chunky piano line. Wooo!

On side B J Kriv & The Disco Machine keep the mirror ball spinning with 'Make It Hot', another fine slab of disco house featuring a simple female vocal hook and a neat vibraphone solo. Lastly 'Way Down' slows the pace way, er, down, offering a mid-tempo stringful disco number with funky guitar licks, a sleazy male vocal and wicked boogie synth bass.

All tracks are tried and tested for the dancefloor, beautifully mastered and appear here on vinyl for the very first time.


A1. Drop Out Orchestra - Day Vague
A2. Drop Out Orchestra - The National Theatre (Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco Mix)
B1. J Kriv & The Disco Machine - Make It Hot
B2. J Kriv & The Disco Machine - Way Down

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