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All Day Long / All Love Hate

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So what’s it all about then this single? This All Day Long? This is the true sound of The Majnoons. It starts with the chorus in acapella and then kicks in hard and heavy. The lyrics tell a dark tale of obsession but the chorus is both riveting and strangely uplifting. It’s all bass, drums, effects and a spooky guitar break and is in and out in three.

Next along is All Love Hate, the title track from the album and the heart of the matter. This has more of a spoken word vocal about a duel between love and hate. It rides along on a funky bass line and comes complete with a euphoric ‘housey’ break down before coming up to “pull the trigger”.

The Majnoons are shy and retiring individuals which of course means that little is known about them. There are of course rumours, for example The Majnoons started out life as a hip hop collective. This may or may not be true but let’s set the record straight on a couple of points. All the great bands The Majnoons have been compared to are comprised of a minimum of four people. They were also produced by well known producers on state of the art equipment. The Majnoons consist of only two people and they have personally written, performed, mixed, produced and mastered everything you hear on this single. And they have done it on the most basic of equipment. At the end of this process they have hand packaged and hand stamped every single. In short they have melted themselves down into black wax and then solidified themselves again into concentric grooves of punk funk. Their sweat is all through this record.

The Majnoons think they are a punk band. Many people disagree with this. Punk didn’t last for long but it did give us things that lasted a long time. Most important of these was a DIY ethic and spirit of independence. Attitude over ability. These ideas have influenced The Majnoons. Maybe they don’t sound punk to you? Maybe you need to hear more of their music? Influences are meaningless. The Majnoons are influenced by ethereal fluid flowing down from the stars. The Majnoons have been in a bunker yet conversely perhaps they feel locked out? But no but hey but........The Majnoons hereby call for a lock-in. All Day Long. Profess the sound of intensity. Beyond standards of reference.

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