The Hive Dwellers

Lynch The Swan

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K Records

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The Hive Dwellers are a small grouping of Pacific Northwest natives, led by the large sound of one Calvin Johnson. On their latest musical effort, – “Lynch the Swan” b/w Selector Dub Narcotic – “Dub the Swan” – Johnson and his alternating collection of collaborators fuse baritone vocals with melodica for an awkwardly peppy groove sensation. Last year the Hive Dwellers stepped into Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, Washington to record a 7” 45 rpm phonograph record of a particular type: a Dub Narcotic Disco Plate. That being a single on which the A side is a strong, hit-bound song by the artist in question, and the B side is a remix of said song by the fabulous Selector Dub Narcotic. The results were joy-producing. For this particular session the Hive Dwellers consists of Calvin Johnson on electric guitar & vocals, Karl Blau playing the electric bass guitar, and Andrew Dorsett keeping rhythm on the drum set, providing stylish flourishes on the keyboard. Powerful stuff.

“Calvin Johnson, the man behind Beat Happening and K Records, is America's #1 great guy. And before you go around thinking this is my opinion, it's not my opinion. This is solid fact, as solid as anything has ever been. When America thinks Calvin Johnson, they think a well-dressed man saving kittens from trees and throwing backyard BBQs where everyone's invited.” – Tiny Mix Tapes.

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