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Warner Bros

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"Embryonic" is the latest instalment in The Flaming Lips strange and compelling journey. Recorded in New York and Oklahoma City between February and July of this year, it features eighteen new songs. The sound is immediately recognisable as The Flaming Lips, but once more they push the boundaries of sound into uncharted new territory. The album was produced by The Flaming Lips - Wayne Coyne, Stephen Drozd, Michael Ivins and Kliph Scurlock - with Dave Fridmann (Mercury Rev) and Scott Booker. It also features a number of special guest appearances: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Karen O provides additional singing, screaming, animal sounds and noises on "Gemini Syringes", "I Can Be A Frog" and "Watching The Planets", MGMT contribute additional playing and singing to "Worm Mountain" and German mathematician, Thorsten Wörmann is responsible for additional spoken announcements.

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