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Denbossa / Miramola

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Golf Channel

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Phil South's Golf Channel label is on fire at the moment (when is it not!?), with three essential releases in as many weeks. This 12" from new outfit Project E marks the auspicious return of a certain Mr. 'Mark E' Evetts to the label for the first time since his cheeky Janet Jackson edit back in 2007 (the massive 'R+B Drunkie'). For Project E, Mark's joined by Nate Woodcock, the sea air of the Mediterranean and a room packed with analogue gear as they delve into the hazy dream world of the next morning dancefloor. With track titles referencing the names of a beach and a highly functional set of holiday apartments in Ibiza you know this is gonna be Balearic. "Denbossa" is like a DJs dream record, a floating house gem so special that it can only come along once in a blue moon. When dropped at the right time this will send the dance floor into intense mental flight. Bearing fragile melodies made for tender minds blown wide open at the edge of the day, whether it be sunrise or sunset, this track as deep as the Mariana trench and as pretty as what's left of the Great Barrier Reef. On the flipside "Miramola" evokes the concrete realism of unifrom apartment blocks - the grit that makes the white island chug, the sense of repetition and industry. The track drives along with heavy AB vibes, conjuring up nights on cheap cocaine voguing to Steve Reich's circular pianos laid over a fizzing new beat track on the floor at Amnesia. Both tracks are beautiful in their own way and boast the kind of sprawling arrangement which begs for two copies and a thirty minute live extension. Essential!


A. Denbossa
B. Miramola

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