Without Your Love

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Nihjgt Feelings

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A year on from 'Our Loving Is Hurting Us' oOoOO delivers his long awaited debut full-length album 'Without Your Love', the debut release from on his own label Nihjgt Feelings

The album further develops - in sometimes very unexpected ways - the sounds oOoOO has become known for through previous releases with Tri Angle Records. On 'Without Your Love' oOoOO's Christopher Dexter Greenspan curtails some of witch house’s inherent gimmickry and rather cartoonish parodies. Instead, the album finds the San Francisco-based producer successfully forging a different path that, while remaining unsettling at times, never loses its focused application of melody or fastidious approach to texture in the pursuit of cheap thrills.

the album's meticulous organisation and carefully cultivated aura make for a gripping record. You only have to listen for how melodies and beats are mutated into one another to see the craftsman’s sheen on 'Without Your Love'. Be that the way in which '3:51AM’’s swathes of sonar synths percolate through to the wayward southern wonky hop vibes of ‘Without Your Love’, or how ‘5:51AM’’s somnambulist chords are stretched into ‘Moonlight Sonata’-esque arpeggios on the album’s finale, ‘Across a Sea’: a track that evokes a similarly mournful disposition to the snail’s pace vocals and field-recorded guitar of 2010’s ‘No Shore’.

'Without Your Love' is the mark of a producer breaking free from categorisation, pursuing a plethora of different sounds and ambiances, unrestrained but for the imagination that gives them grainy, nocturnal life.


01/A1. Sirens
02/A2. Stay Here
03/A3. 3:51 AM
04/A4. Without Your Love
05/A5. On It
06/B1. Crossed Wires
07/B2. Mouchette
08/B3. The South
09/B4. Misunderstood
10/B5. 5; 51 AM
11/B6. Across A Sea

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