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Remote Viewing (Single)

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The duo, Bosnian-born Billie and Bobby D from Liverpool first met while living in the United States. Billie had spent her early years in Bosnia until the war broke out in Former Yugoslavia, during which she fled to live in San Francisco (and was initially unwillingly part of a cult). In stark contrast Bobby took a more insular route to their path, one involving an endless headphone cycle of A-ha, Cocteau Twins, 808 State and My Bloody Valentine.

Having released a mini album on US based Lefse Records (How To Dress Well, Neon Indian) they conspired with Dell'Orso records with a view to releasing a narcotic pop album having bonded over a love for AR Kane, New Order and Lali Puna.

You can understand why Stephen Hague was interested though. Like many of his records, Low Sea's music is insular euphoria, one born out of 4AM cigarettes, nostalgia for the future and a melancholic happiness.

It is synth pop of a very European nature, shot through with a bolt of blue.


A: Remote Viewing
B: Funeral Parties

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