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Love & Nature

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Rising out of Helsinki’s local electro-pop-punk scene in 2007, sisters Emma and Mia Kemppainen’s musical vehicle LCMDF (Le Corps Mince de Francoise) was quickly picked up by bloggers and music fans across the globe. Their incredibly vibrant, leftfield pop gained them countless fans, earning them the top spot on the Hype Machine, out-ranking even Kanye West..

Heavenly say of their newest signing, 'the band holds true the qualities of the bands we love: conviction, tunes and a love of POP'. Indeed, the ten tracks that make up LCMDF’s debut album "Love & Nature" - produced by Kaiku Studios in Berlin - are embossed with the kind skewed pop vision that recalls the likes of Tom Tom Club, Neneh Cherry and Shaun Ryder.

The result of cutting their teeth listening to everyone from the Beastie Boys to Gaga whilst getting lost in Ghost World, LCMDF’s debut LP is as immediate and accessible as it is dazzlingly unique - an unblinking, hyper-coloured record that balances pop gratification with deftly intricate production. "Gandhi" is something of a statement of intent. Its loopy buzz-saw guitars and lolloping beats trundle along with the hazy eyes of "Second Coming" era Roses, until the girls' unmistakably gleeful, dizzy mantras pave way for the giddiest sing-a-long chorus about an iconic spiritual leader ever committed to wax. Their first ever release as LCMDF, "Something Golden" sounds like a pop classic as dancehall snare rolls rise into a huge arms aloft synth breakdown. "Cool And Bored" mixes castanets, lo-fi Brimful of Asha strums, and a scatty hollering chorus that sounds like Plastic Bertrand doing an impression of Nicky Minaj. An album littered with singles, "Take Me To The Mountains" propulsive squelches find a barmy middle ground in between booty-bass and Hanna-Barbera soundtracks, whilst "We Are Cannibals" shimmers with a similar Nordic menace and beauty as fellow Scandinavians, The Knife.


1. Take Me To The Moun­tains
2. Gandhi
3. Cool And Bored
4. Future Me
5. Hard Smile
6. Some­thing Golden
7. We Are Can­ni­bals
8. Time (Have I Lost My Mind)
9. Beach Life
10. Pump­ing Heart Shaped Thing

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