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Brutal Music

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'2013' is the debut album from Justin Velor, a vibrant Technicolor collision of styles (“you might call it a musical Dr. Frankenstein,” he says) incorporating everything from Vangelis-inspired synth drones and nocturnal acid house rhythms to tender folk melodies and psychedelic flourishes, all delivered with a post-punk sneer. “I wanted to make a fantastical soundscape with colourful dynamics and a soul,” he explains.

Helping him with his vision ‘Velor’ called upon some of the finest of Manchester’s rich alternative music heritage. Working closely on the project were Doves frontman Jez Williams and 808 State founding member Graham Massey, who both figured heavily in the production and writing of the album, while another Manc icon, Teenage Fanclub’s Gerry Love, adds a stunning cameo on the Eastern-tinted Missing You. Add to that Glaswegian Chris Geddes, one of the shining lights behind the insurmountable Belle and Sebastian, and Leee John from 80s boogie-soul sensations Imagination, who lends vocals to the record’s poppy closer Back to the Source, and you have a truly stellar cast of musicians.


1. 2013
2. Galliano Rocks Feat. Jez Wiiliams
3. Relance
4. Energiser
5. Climbing The Mountain
6. Flameout
7. Listen Feat. Marie Chantecaille
8. Oscillations
9. The Rain
10. Missing You Featuring Gerry Love
11. Escape To Oblivion
12. Manchester
13. Back To The Source Feat. Leee John

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