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Seaside Edits

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Jean Claude Gavri launches the Ebo label with his 'Seaside Edits', dropping four juicy cuts for the dancefloor. And the perfect way to open the Ebo account is with 'Ebonettes' which has Gavri tweaking Malcolm McLaren's 1982 jump rope favourite 'Double Dutch' featuring the delightful tones of SA township highlifers Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens. 'Boya Dero' brings the Latino vibes to the disco with samba / batucada drumming, bold brass and the hookiest chorus around. Next up 'Love' a highly percussive and super-funky disco number featuring a proper session band in full effect. Keeping those tropical flavours going 'Moma' gives Tom Browne's 'Fungi Mama' space bass, synth drums, chickens (chickens?) and brass a bit of a pep. Hotter than a hot day with Encona hot pepper sauce poured on top.


A1. Ebonettes
A2. Boya Dero
B1. Love
B2. Moma

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