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Come Save Me - Andrew Weatherall / Pachanga Boys Remixes

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Following on from the success of Jagwar Ma's storming debut "Howlin", the Aussie indie dancers have recruited a couple of belting remixers to do the do to their swirling single "Come Save Me".

On the A-side, Chug Guv'nor Andrew Weatherall fires up the arpeggiator for some zero gravity dancing. He adds a tractor beam for a bassline, sets phasers to guitar and adds a rigid machine rhythm, melding psyche, ebm and synthwave into an expansive chugger that's sure to take a dancefloor to the stars.

On the flip Kompakt space cadets Pachanga Boys (that's Superpitcher and Rebolledo) construct a long form remix that plunges headlong into kosmiche territory. Seeing as they've been known to play 25 hour DJsets, it should be no surprise that they stretch their remix out into seven sprawling minutes of synthesizer bliss. The duo layer drones, teasing the pitch bend to make the tones rise and fall, as the ever present sequencer provides a rhythmic counterpoint. On top of all this kraut loveliness, the reverb drenched vox float around like the inner musings of J. Spaceman, before the song shifts through the gears and heads into hyperspace in the latter stages. A truly beautiful remix.


A1. Come Save Me (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
B1. Come Save Me (Pachanga Boys Remix)

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