Hannah Cohen

Child Bride

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Bella Union

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The feline visage and tear-soaked vocals of Hannah Cohen are captured in V Magazine and Vogue photographer Matthu Placek’s aqueous video for her debut single, “Child Bride”. An ascendant star of the New York scene, Cohen was first encouraged to pick up a guitar after falling in with a group of the city’s most-anointed musicians, including Grammy-award-winner Jesse Harris and cabaret artist Justin Bond. “For the past five years I have been mostly listening to Brazilian vinyl from the 60s and 70s,” the sultry artist says of her inspirations. “The classics like Caetano Veloso—his record Jóia is an absolute favorite of mine.” Cohen’s folk-infused songs and striking looks soon caught the attention of Antony and the Johnsons collaborator Thomas Bartlett; who has worked on this Cohen’s first album, an epic project comprising strings, guitar and lashings of heartbreak.


Laura says: It's a quite beautiful, haunting collection of folk-tinged songs.


1. Don’t Say
2. The Simplest
3. Shadows
4. California
5. Boy + Angel
6. Sorry
7. Say Anything
8. Carry You Under
9 The Crying Game
10. Sunrise

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