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Red Bricks

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Wow! This is great! In a wonderfully understated kind of way! Colorama are a four piece from Cardiff, and this is their debut single. "Sound", which was produced by Edwyn Collins, kicks off with heavy plucked strings and a wonderfully languid vocal reminiscent of Fred Neil, then, gradually, guitars, more vocals and a whole array of other instruments weave their way into the mix. Slow, clonking wood blocks give the song a laid back, kick-your-shoes-off feel, and the gently strummed guitars, sweet backing vocals and shimmering cymbal flourished give it a gorgeous psyche-folk feel, but it's the vocals that tie it all together so perfectly. On the flip "Turnham Green" is another gem, this time produced by Liam Watson at Toerag, These tracks could have been recorded in 1968 or 2008 they've got such a great timeless feel to them. My favourite single so far this year!

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