Tusk Wax Nine - Inc. Chamboche Remix

Image of Causa - Tusk Wax Nine - Inc. Chamboche Remix
Record Label
Tusk Wax

About this item

500 180g 12" vinyl records, single press, hand stamped, individually numbered, no digital, don't sleep.

The mysterious Causa drops a trio of tracks on the Tusk Wax imprint for the label's ninth vinyl-only outing. "2930" is a deep, synthy, arpeggiated, acidic mid-tempo house number that is sure to appeal to fans of Daniel Avery, L.I.E.S, Steve Moore, World Unknown etc - it's a cosmic acid trip! Chamboche is on hand to weld the track to a faster BPM and a simple kick-driven 4/4 rhythm. "Heliopolis" also moves the tempo up a notch or two, combining those unravelling keyboard lines with a rough Italoesque piano hook. Closing the EP "Nicho" is another piano-driven cut, filled in with swirling synth wash mists and big keyboard chords.

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