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Claremont 56

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Two years on from the release of their remarkable debut album, 'New Moon', Almunia return with a second full-length of chugging psychedelic dub-disco, shimmering acoustic grooves and spine-tingling Italian Balearica. Decidedly less heady than its predecessor, 'Pulsar' impresses with its glistening guitars, touchy-feely textures, ocean-blue chords and otherworldly atmospherics. Along the way, there are tracks that variously sound like Cos/Mes jamming with Pet Metheny (‘The Magician’), the Idjuts locking horns with Mudd (‘Ode To Mum’), classic Scandolearica (the Lindstrom & Prins Thomas-ish ‘Pulsar’), Peter Green on valium (‘Views From A Blue Train’) and a lost Fleetwood Mac track (‘Secret Marriage’). Featuring brilliant new artwork by Mark Warrington this is an essential summer album.


A1. The Awakening
A2. Wrapped In Your Hair
B1. Ode To Mom
B2. Views From A Blue Train
C1. Follow What You Are
C2. The Magician
D1. Secret Marriage
D2. Pulsar

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