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Divine Ecstasy

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Memphis Industries

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Supreme Cuts are the Chicago-based production duo Mike Perry and Austin Kjeultes. Having recently announced news of their debut album for Memphis Industries, they now reveal full details of ‘Divine Ecstasy’.

The album extends their productions into the worlds of house music and footwork whilst experimenting with an array of different pop structures.

A host of stellar vocalists feature on the record, including labelmates Poliça’s Channy Leaneagh, up and coming French singer Mahaut Mondino, 16 year old Barbadian wunderkind rapper Haleek Maul and rising Portland R&B crooner Shy Girls.

‘Divine Ecstasy’ works both as a fully immersive experience, designed to be listened to all the way through and also as collection of killer singles, each one different from the last. An exercise in transcendent songwriting, the album addresses the diverse strata of human experience and interaction from the mundane to the supernatural and everything in between.

The title is a reference to an infomercial in which a pastor named Peter Popoff peddles a miracle water that will deliver free money and immerse the buyer in a ‘divine trance’; infer from that what you will.

“The album operates on three levels,” Perry says. “The mundane (taxes and parking tickets), earthly pleasures (sex and drugs), and the higher (god and the universe). The music and lyrics are meant to operate on whichever of those levels you feel comfortable identifying with.”

Early twenty somethings Mike and Austin started making music together in 2011. The pair cite influences as diverse as neo-classical composers William Basinski and Phillip Glass as well as Herbie Hancock, Prince and much of Chicago’s musical cannon - Sam Cooke, R Kelly, Do Or Die, Green Velvet, Frankie Knuckles, DJ Funk, house, booty house and footwork scenes.


01. Prologue (Agony/Ecstasy)
02. Cocktails Feat. Shy Girls
03. Gone Feat. Mahaut Mondino
04. Dionysus Rising
05. Envision Feat. Channy From Poliça
06. Divine Ecstasy
07. Peak Experience
08. Down Feat. The GTW, Khallee & David Ashley
09. Brown Flowers
10. ISIS Feat. Haleek Maul & Bago
11. Bacchus
12. Faded Feat. Py
13. It's Like That Feat. Yen Tech
14. Epilogue (Streetwalker)

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