Q-Tip & Eddie Kendricks

Vivrant Thing - Redmo's Rework

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Well well well, what have we here then? An uber cheeky and rather fat 45 that combines two of everyones favourite soul shufflers and expertly lays them down onto one massive piece of wax. Any soul and hip hop aficionados worth their salt will instantly identify both elements to this…  Eddie Kendrick's, 'Girl You Need a Change of Mind' (one of the greatest records of all time) and Q-Tip's 'Vivrant Thing'.

Redmo starts things off with the infectious piano line from Eddie Kendrick's classic and proceeds to tease all before him chopping up both elements to produce a seriously tasteful Mash up of the highest order. On the flip we have the dub version and with both sides mastered down with some serious love and affection this will be a sure fire hit on them there dancefloors in 2014.

DJ Support:
EASE, Nightmares on Wax
Diesler, UK
Neil Diablo, UK
Leftside Wobble, UK
Rob Da Bank BBC Radio 1


A. Q-Tip And Eddie Kendricks - Vivrant Thing Redmos Change Vocal Rework
B. Q-Tip And Eddie Kendricks - Vivrant Thing Redmos Change Dub Rework

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