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Ultravox member and synth-pop legend John Foxx’s debut solo opus 'Metamatic' is reissued via Demon Records. Following the first ever reissue of the iconic recording on vinyl for Record Store Day 2014, this standard edition is pressed on 180 gram heavyweight black vinyl, cut from a brand new 2014 master taken from original analogue tapes and includes lyrics & download card.

'Metamatic', achieves the same emotional transcendence as his previous group, Ultravox!'s early highlight, 'Systems Of Romance', despite a new reliance not just on synthesizers, but on a musical framework dependent on them. On 'Metamatic', Foxx cultivates a curious air of disinterest that never seems truly bored, but is much more extreme than even his unarguably distant vocal style for Ultravox!. It holds up as one of the peaks of the early-80s fascination with emotionless, Kraftwerk-inspired synth-pop.


A1. Plaza
A2. He's A Liquid
A3. Underpass
A4. Metal Beat
A5. No-One Driving
B1. A New Kind Of Man
B2. Blurred Girl
B3. 030
B4. Tidal Wave
B5. Touch And Go

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