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World Needs Love / Summer Came My Way

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Schooled In The Classics

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Following the first steps on his return to record production last year, Greg Wilson delivers the second release on his Schooled In The Classics imprint just in time for the arrival of the summer sunshine. While the first Schooled release coupled 2 instrumental tracks, 'Blue Angel' and '12-Turn-13', he's taken things a whole stage further this time around, introducing vocals, courtesy of boss Merseyside singers Katherine & Carmel Reynolds.
Two symbolic sides - heart and sun, love and warmth. An infectious disco treat, 'World Needs Love', with its positive unifying message, has been eagerly anticipated ever since Greg began to feature it in his DJ sets towards the end of last year, whilst the chiller-vibed 'Summer Came My Way' has so far been kept quietly under wraps, in readiness for that lazy summertime haze evoked so strongly by the track's ethereal mood, Balearic groove and melancholy air.


A1. World Needs Love
B1. Summer Came My Way

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