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20 / 81 / 05

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All Caps

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All music recorded between 94-96 on several different budget machines such as the Amiga Mastersound Sampler Interface, Fostex X-26 4-Track Tape Recorder, Korg X3R Sound Module & an Alesis Quadraverb Effects Unit. Appealing to those who seek a spiritual journey across the many terrains of techno, this is music not for the faint of heart. All tracks serving a specific body healing purpose - receiving, assimilating and expressing life force energy, "20" takes you on a hypnotic trip and should be played at high volumes to fully receive all its properties. High end, glacial frequencies affecting the cerebrum in strange ways while the battering kick drum should propel you sufficiently through the wormhole. "81" is a one-way ticket to the 5th dimension; gloopy, plasma-laden atmospheres sticking to your spacesuit as a punishing groove attacks the senses. Emotive strings and a well thought out arrangement elevate this track into the far reaches of the cosmos - Jamal Moss would be proud! "05 (Edit)" leaves us gasping for more air in the vacuum of space, its ephemeral pneumatics and motorized sounds keeping us alive for just one more jam.

Ben UFO “20 is my jam!!”
Kowton “rough and ready music for the floor, proper techno as its meant to be.”
Pariah “floating away to the sounds of DJ Guy. All Caps 4 can’t come soon enough.”..


A1. 20 (1996)
B1. 81 (1994)
B2. 05 (Edit) (1995)

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