John Beltran

Faux - Inc. Four Tet Remix

    Liam Geddes

    With Closed Eyes EP

      It's only so long before Liam Geddes becomes a name you'll start hearing on the worldwide underground stage. Having already churned out a number of uncompromisingly deep house tracks over the past couple of years, he comes armed with another exceptional EP on MIL - the third release on the new Music Is Love sister label - that further demonstrates his genuine dynamism as a producer. The With Closed Eyes EP should win this very talented producer the recognition his fresh beat work deserves Into the Wild gets proceedings underway; a ripping bassline paves out over rattling percussion shakes while oscillating dream like jingles play out during the course of the track. Chopped vocal samples are introduced and tease against the shuffling drums which elevates the track with real drive and groove. Close Ya Eyes for the Journey packs the same layer of heat with its similarly groove-heavy bassline - a staple of Geddes' well-crafted sound. Firmly footed, intermittent chimes seep into the track and are complemented by siren-like chords which grow truer in presence, until a hypnotic vocal snippet fulfils the deep terrains of the track. A Saint is a tumultuous techno-fused roller with it's rip-roaring bassline and percussive loops which rhythmically swing out over shuddering pads, sustained chords and a cut up female vocal, brining a twist of colour to the arrangements of the track. There's a keen sense of tension and release, elevating this above your average and confirms Geddes does depth and darkness with real conviction. Broke will surely prove a high point for any decent DJ set, and sounds like a cut you'd expect from someone like Delano Smith. Strings faintly play out over looped key chimes and a funk-like riff, while ticking hi-hats and a careful use of vocal sample gives the track extra heat, each element powered by the rumbling bassline.


      12" Info: Red and black splatter vinyl.


      Trevino EP 01

        This autumn, Trevino makes a rare appearance off the golf course with a four-track EP on his brand-new label, Birdie. Up to this point, the Manchester-based producer's work has been scattered across imprints manned by industry heavyweights like Ben Klock's 'Klockworks' and Martyn's '3024', but now he's made a home for his own relentless output. It was a natural step for a stalwart who never stops creating, and manning his own platform has allowed him to explore the depths of his sound with no holds barred.

        The EP opens with "To The Core", a driving house track with melancholic synths and metallic percussion. "Warmer" is more of a sunrise jam; it inspires a sense of wonder with gliding synths, yo-yoing melodies, and cute bleep-bloops. The b-side features the more ominous track "Playtime", which develops a menacing edge with a gritty bassline, and "Mesmerize," another psychedelic cut with wavering synths and glittering instrumentation.

        Cyclonix / Cottam

        Ruff Draft 04

          The man behind the End Of Level Boss label, Cyclonix, delivers 2 club tracks just the way we like them. Already tried and tested in the clubs by our man Cottam, who fell in love with the tracks on first listen. They demand to be played in the early hours of the morning in dark basements from Nottingham to Leyland and beyond.

          Label boss Cottam takes over the B side with a leisurely walk back from the supermarket taking the scenic route for no apparent reason.


          Dirty Frequencies

            Emotional Response welcome Detroit's Fuxa to the label with a mini-album that takes their trademark pyschedelic guitar and synth instrumental rock and showcases the more spiritual and ethereal creativity running within. Specially curated from Fuxa's two recent digital only albums - "Dirty D" and "Frequencies for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Healing" - this special 8 track selection sees each album represented on one side of vinyl. Highlighting band leader Randall Neimann's talent, a mastery of the studio that creates a wall of (mellow) sound that envelops and encases in equal measure. While very much Randall's band, the colloborative nature of the project sees numurous artists appear, with members from Mazzy Star, Add N To (X), Dean & Britta, Spiritualized and founding member Ryan Anderson all providing willing support to seek his primal sound. Noteworthy too is his first appearance as lead vocalist. It is the uplifting to hear his voice on the celebratory Shout Out Loud, the paean of Dream (Don't Give Up) and finally the blissedout-surf-psychedelia of Amen. Dirty Frequencies is a welcome departure for the label, a pyschedelic turn in the mold of the Nick Nicely (ERS005) release, but all the better for it because these sounds and ideas deserve to be heard. An inner trip yes, but really a celebration of the deeper part of the soul - a way to connect.

            Dean Blunt

            Black Metal

              Mind Fair are Dean Meredith (Chicken Lips, Goat Dance) and Ben Shenton.

              Over the last few years they have had a slew of 12's out on Golf Channel, International Feel and their own imprint, Rogue Cat Sounds, but are only now dropping this, their long awaited debut LP.
              It is a bluesy folk funk swamp techno barnyard stomp of an album.
              It takes in influences from krautrock to English psych through to classic Detroit Techno, Chicago House and the (Italo) Disco that inspired it.

              It somehow unifies these diverse threads and drags them into 2014 via a rave in the countryside.
              We go dancing on a hay bale at 10am in the sunshine in a pair of dungarees before collapsing on a friend's sofa and skinning up amidst people jamming with acoustic guitars and bongos. Through it all marches the distinctive sounds that are Dean and Ben's hallmarks: chugging analog bass and deeply funky drums.

              All this is set to a loose concept of night out at the quintessential English traveling fair manned by psychedelic freaks...the fair of the mind.

              The vocal talents of Clover Ray feature, alongside other regular contributors Karl 'Akuko' Milller (percussion & vocals), Tim Silver (ukelele!), Sadie Shenton Jones (vocals) and James Flanagan (vocals). Sumptuous artwork comes from Thomas Bullock aka Tom of England of Rub n Tug / Map of Africa fame. Includes download code.

              Jah Joe / Boom B / Junior Byles

              Love On The Seen / 78 Style / Jah Power

                Pressure Sounds have a new four track ten inch from Junior Byles 'Love Power' label. The Jah Joe 'Love on the Seen' cut features a superb vocal performance on the Death In the Arena rhythm. Uptempo steppers of the highest quality. Jah Joe made very few records but this one away treat came out on Junior Byles Love Power label. Comes with the rocking Tubbys dub '78 Style' which Glen Brown had a hand in along with Junior Byles.

                The flipside is by Boom B who is none other than Junior Byles himself. Probably one of Jamaicas most gifted vocalists. Byles as Boom B comes with a conscious argument on the familiar sermonising glory of 'Jah Power'. Junior Byles is incapable of delivering anything other than his best shot and his self productions are not only rare but now very sought after. His vocals are always crystal clear and for the most part spiritually uplifting. Both tunes come with the correct dub version. Comes in a hand stamped sleeve. A rocking righteous one off.

                Various Artists

                Hyperdub 10.4

                  Coming full circle, ‘Hyperdub 10.4’, the final episode in the series of four compilations celebrating the 10th anniversary of Hyperdub, returns to the club, this time focused on house, garage and techno. As with ‘10.1’, ‘10.4’ is a double CD, featuring one disc of new and recent material, and a second of bangers from the Hyperdub canon in recent years. Disc 1 kicks off with a long awaited, previously unreleased track by Burial, with an unusually triumphant and - compared to recent extended montages - relatively direct 2step feel. This is followed by another classic from the vaults, Cooly G’s skeletal house cut ‘Him Da Biz’. We turn the energy levels up with Ossie + PHRH’s bouncy ‘Ugly Observation’, and Funkystepz’s ‘Vice Versa’, a track in demand since Kode9’s ‘Rinse 22’ mix compilation from 2013. From here, we move into three distinct takes on techno: Walton’s face melting ‘Laser War’, the low slung tech-garage of Kode9’s ‘Oh’, and a VIP mix of Ikonika’s recent dance floor bulldozer ‘Position’. Another exclusive VIP mix is included, this time of Funkystepz’s banger ‘Fuller’, and Dorian Concept turns in a quirky remix of Martyn’s classic ‘Mega Drive Generation’ which originally appeared on Hyperdub’s fifth anniversary compilation in 2009. Next we are graced with the epic dubbed-out acid house of ‘The Phoenix’, the title track from the recent album by King Britt under the guise of Fhloston Paradigm, then into the fathoms-deep bubbling bass and synth washes of DVA’s extremely psychedelic ‘Monophonic Nightmare’. We rise above the surface with Parisian Bambounou’s brilliantly stripped-down drum machine remix of Jessy Lanza’s ‘Fuck Diamond’, and the lush deep house of Cooly G’s 'Love Again'. Finally, we veer off grid with Kyle Hall’s rhythmically dazzling ‘Kaychunk’. Disc 2 spotlights 14 high points of Hyperdub’s last half-decade, with proven dance floor material from Burial, Kode9 & The Spaceape, Cooly G, Walton, Darkstar, DVA, LV ft Okmalumkoolkat, Ill Blu, and Laurel Halo. As with ‘10.1’, rather than an album merely to listen to from beginning to end, ‘Hyperdub 10.4’ also functions as an ammunition belt for adventurous dance floors and DJs.


                  The Inevitable End

                    ‘The Inevitable End’, is Röyksopp's second album release in the space of 6 months, following the critically acclaimed mini album ‘Do It Again’ with fellow Scandinavian legend Robyn . ’The Inevitable End' is their most personal album to date and features Jamie McDermott (The Irrepressibles), Ryan James (Man Without Country), Norwegian singer songwriter Susanne Sundfør and Robyn.

                    Having now created five complete bodies of work, the pair feel like the future is open to being more experimental with how they share their music.

                    “We feel like this is a goodbye to the traditional album format,” explains Svein. “In our consecutive run of albums, we have been able to say what we want to say and do what we want to do with the LP. We're not going to stop making music, but the album format as such, this is the last thing from us.”

                    Opening track ‘Skulls’ feels like classic Röyksopp – all squelchy bass lines, filtered synths and vocodered, yet soulful vocals - the album also takes in sophisticated, delicate heartbreak on the Man Without Country collaboration ‘Sordid Affair’; odd, shape-shifting ambience on the Robyn-featuring ‘Rong’; bouncing electro pop on the deceptively upbeat ‘Save Me’ and the deliriously sad, cry-on-the-dance floor classic, ‘I Had This Thing’

                    Various Artists

                    Tru Thoughts 15th Anniversary

                      This year sees the 15th Anniversary of Tru Thoughts Recordings, the pioneering and innovative label from Brighton which won the coveted Gilles Peterson Worldwide Award for Best Label way back in 2005 and has continued to go from strength to strength, amassing a truly international roster and fanbase as well as mainstream acclaim. This double CD compilation - all compiled by A&R Robert Luis - celebrates the past, present and future of his thriving independent label’s eclectic and adventurous catalogue. The deluxe CD booklet also includes exclusive photographs and an in depth interview with Robert Luis and label co-owner Paul Jonas.

                      This celebration of independent artistic talent encompasses the early leftfield electronica of Bonobo and Quantic’s trailblazing world explorations, to Alice Russell’s powerhouse soul and New Orleans’ iconic Hot 8 Brass Band; UK legends like Rodney P and Zed Bias, through to the stars of tomorrow with cutting edge production from Lost Midas, Titeknots and Werkha and the natural vocal prowess of Harleighblu. The double CD features some previously unreleased exclusives, including Wickaman’s D&B remix of the popular Wrongtom Meets Deemas J cut “Jump+Move+Rock”, and a new rework by Paul SG of Bonobo’s classic “Terrapin”.

                      Kate Tempest

                      Circles / The Truth - Inc. Mike Skinner / Micachu Remixes)

                        "Circles" is the third single from Kate Tempest’s Everybody Down, which is being hailed from all quarters as a masterpiece; a beguiling record that rewards its listener in spades. The Guardian called the album "A stunning literary treatise,” whilst Mojo said this "debut is one of the most unique, startling and powerful you'll hear.” A narrative hip hop album -a modern-day London fable- that is enhanced and subverted by Dan Carey's sculpted production. No more so is that encapsulated than on "Circles"!

                        Following on from the singles "The Beigeness" and "Lonely Daze", it is one of the few tracks that is outside the narrative of the album; both giving context to the story while drawing on the universal themes of love, loss, returning, regret and truth that the album explores. With its whirring, intense beats and Kate's lyrical turn of phrase and imagery being at their sharpest, it is one of the most exciting tunes on the record. Witness the gorgeous description in the opening verse "My heart's...Trying to start wars on the bus / Dumb chunk of a muscle with its claws out / Throwing its oars out the dinghy in the middle of a gale / Making whirlpools the way I chase my tail." and be blown away. The Guardian claimed that live "Circles blossoms from paranoid playground chant to fully fledged club anthem."

                        The single will include remixes by Micachu and Mike Skinner, underlining how exhilarating this track is. It manages to be darkly atmospheric, joyful and redemptive, everyday and ephemeral, visceral and true - all at the same time.

                        Francois Tusques & Don Cherry

                        La Maison Fille Du Soleil

                          Cross-pollinating the wants lists of art/jazz/print and architecture enthusiasts this seldom sighted 45 single is regarded as the rarest “lost” recording by American jazz trumpeter and global communal music missionary Don Cherry as he collaborates with French piano improv genius François Tusques. A missing link in the pre-formative years of improvised jazz this mythical private pressing unites two of the key exponents of both American and French free jazz – two entirely independent musical art forms which by 1964 had yet to publicly entwine at the hands of bands like Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Sunny Murray, the Actuel magazine/label and Pan-African jazz festivals in the late 60s. This intimate recording was made to accompany an exhibition by pioneering Swiss/French architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris (better known as Le Corbusier) held in Tusques own home town of Nantes.
                          Recorded in one sitting while the globe-trotting Don Cherry stopped off in France this record also marks the beginning of a musical journey which lead to releases in Germany, Italy and Sweden featuring collaborations with the likes of Komeda (Poland), Okay Temiz (Turkey), Joachim Kühn (Germany), the legendary Krzysztof Penderecki and directors Alexandro Jodorowsky and Jerzy Skolimowski. Here these compositions are lead by François Tusques adopting the Chinese whisper sound carrier techniques deployed in his music for the film Viol Du Vampire by Jean Rollin while sonically evoking other cinematic works by Komeda, Mal Waldron and Bernt Rosengren.

                          Housed in a two fold wrap-around sleeve identical to the original article this pocket document of a cross-continental jazz milestone also features a miscredited appearance by bass player Bernard “Beb” Guérin (BYG/Futura) and lays the foundations for Tusques’ imminent free jazz and le nouveau jazz LPs.

                          Nightmares On Wax

                          Thought So...

                            From 'bleep' pioneer to purveyor of the sunkissed, psychedelic downbeat funk, Warp records prodigal son returns - his sixth long playing release for the label. "Thought So..." continues the seasonal fun with it's warm, Quincy Jones-inspired soul, rootsy reggae and gentle, deep-funk. All tracks conceived during an odyssey from Leeds to his new home, the Balearic state of Ibiza.

                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                            2xLP Info: As the final part of the ‘NOW Is The Time’ campaign celebrating 25 years of Nightmares On Wax, Warp presents double gatefold vinyl represses of the Nightmares On Wax back catalogue. Includes printed inner sleeves and a download card for the full audio.

                            Nightmares On Wax

                            Mind Elevation

                              Another must-have LP from George Evelyn AKA Nightmares On Wax. Reissue of 2002 album. Expanding on the blunted instrumentals they had become known for, the trademark dreamy ambience and looped cratedigger samples of Nightmares On Wax’s world is joined by joyous vocal tracks such as ‘Know My Name’ and the nostalgic rap of ‘70s 80s’, the only track you're ever gonna hear that rhymes 'Muppet Show' with 'electro on the radio'!! Genius!

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              2xLP Info: As the final part of the ‘NOW Is The Time’ campaign celebrating 25 years of Nightmares On Wax, Warp presents double gatefold vinyl represses of the Nightmares On Wax back catalogue. Includes printed inner sleeves and a download card for the full audio.

                              Nightmares On Wax

                              Car Boot Soul

                                George Evelyn AKA DJ EASE took four years to follow up "Smokers Delight", but it was worth the wait as he came up with another seductive LP full of downbeat delights and dreamy instrumental hip hop gems, which, as the title suggests, is a sample-heavy session for sofa-surfing. Includes the Ibiza sunset classic ‘Les Nuits’.

                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                2xLP Info: As the final part of the ‘NOW Is The Time’ campaign celebrating 25 years of Nightmares On Wax, Warp presents double gatefold vinyl represses of the Nightmares On Wax back catalogue. Includes printed inner sleeves and a download card for the full audio.

                                Nightmares On Wax

                                Smokers Delight

                                  Reissue of the 1995 magnum opus - a defining statement of intent in the development of the Nightmares On Wax sound. Moving away from the bleeps and breaks of their first album, ‘Smokers Delight’ presents a post-club comedown journey which experiments with elements of jazz, dub, soul and hip

                                  If you don't own a copy of this LP, you should get one right now 'cos it's one of the best LPs of the 90s. Originally out in '95, it's a defining moment of the 'trip hop' genre and ranks alongside LPs by Portishead and Massive Attack from the same era. Pure schmokers downbeat sounds!

                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                  2xLP Info: As the final part of the ‘NOW Is The Time’ campaign celebrating 25 years of Nightmares On Wax, Warp presents double gatefold vinyl represses of the Nightmares On Wax back catalogue. Includes printed inner sleeves and a download card for the full audio.

                                  Nightmares On Wax

                                  A Word Of Science

                                    Reissue of Nightmares On Wax’s 1991 debut album. ‘A Word Of Science’ is the hardcore rave sound of the initial duo line-up of George ‘EASE’ Evelyn and Kevin ‘Boy Wonder’ Harper. Contains the dancefloor anthems ‘Aftermath’, ‘A Case Of Funk’, ‘Biofeedback’ and ‘Dextrous’.

                                    The original vinyl release of ‘A Word Of Science’ was a single LP which dropped three of the tracks included on the CD version. For this edition Warp have re-cut the album as a double LP for improved bass response and the missing three tracks (‘BWTM’, ‘Sal Batardes’ and ‘EASE’) appear on vinyl for the first time.

                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                    2xLP Info: As the final part of the ‘NOW Is The Time’ campaign celebrating 25 years of Nightmares On Wax, Warp presents double gatefold vinyl represses of the Nightmares On Wax back catalogue. Includes printed inner sleeves and a download card for the full audio.

                                    Nightmares On Wax

                                    In A Space Outta Sound

                                      "In A Space Outta Sound" harks back to the trippy beats of NOW's sophmore album "Smokers Delight", woven together with some heavy references from older dub reggae sounds, recalling Prince Far I and Lee Perry, or subtle 70s soul and soul-jazz grooves. This is George Evelyn, aka EASE's fifth album for Warp in a discography that spans over ten years. Nightmares On Wax is one of Warp's biggest selling and longstanding artists and is most famously known for his "Smokers Delight" album, now regarded as one of the classic downbeat albums of the 90s.

                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                      2xLP Info: As the final part of the ‘NOW Is The Time’ campaign celebrating 25 years of Nightmares On Wax, Warp presents double gatefold vinyl represses of the Nightmares On Wax back catalogue. Includes printed inner sleeves and a download card for the full audio.

                                      New Build

                                      Pour It On

                                        Hotly anticipated sophomore album from Felix Martin (Hot Chip), Al Doyle (Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem) and Tom Hopkins.

                                        Recorded at their own Lanark Studios in Shoreditch and Club Ralph in West London with Mark Ralph (Franz Ferdinand, Clean Bandit), the 10-track self produced album follows their 2012 debut ‘Yesterday Was Lived And Lost’.

                                        An unashamedly electronic collection, ‘Pour It On’ is a cohesive and assured record of rich, monolithic dance music. With shades of The Human League, textures reminiscent of Caribou or Dan Avery and vocal turns right out of Richard Thompson’s songbook, it explores the outer limits of the pop-song-structure.

                                        Topped and tailed by ‘The Sunlight’, the band’s atmospheric festival set opener, and ‘Pour It On’ a beautifully crafted seven and a half minute masterpiece, the album is an anthemic set of bold statements, lyrically addressing very human concerns; broken lives, frustration, fear and
                                        confusion, whilst simultaneously celebrating the resistance of the human spirit.

                                        Dorian Concept

                                        Joined Ends

                                          In October 2014, Austrian musician and producer Dorian Concept will present his singular musical vision in its most widescreen form to date. His second album Joined Ends is the biggest, boldest work of his career, and a sheer, technicolour audible joy.

                                          This album is sonic geometry at its finest. With layers upon layers of breathtaking chords, weighty bass lines and hypnotic synth phrases - the album sits somewhere between a floating lucid dream and a deep trip into a synaesthetic wonderland. The track "Draft Culture" made him realise he was “on to something, vibe-wise.” Then the album began to take shape, very slowly but deliberately. In the past he had tended to work quickly finishing tracks within days, whereas each of the tracks on this the album was often a month-long process.

                                          Whilst working on this album he cut down on touring and distanced himself from his signature club sound to put his mind on what was to become a two year journey. His rise from bedroom producer to Royal Albert Hall performer has been beautifully encapsulated on Joined Ends.

                                          The self-taught keyboarder and multi-instrumentalist also studied Sound Design & Music Production at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences which helped inform his unique approach to production.

                                          For Joined Ends, he dropped his trademark MicroKorg and started working with new gear, building the album around a Wurlitzer electric piano and a handful of analogue synths. Sequencing only the beats, he based his songs on material he recorded live and then sampled. Concept says, “the new gear was important because the MicroKorg had been my main production unit for a long time. It really tied me down to my old sound. I’ve always been a fan of reduction, so working with analogue gear was a way for me to put my focus back on playing. It feels like my first musical cycle is closing and the start of a new one.” With this in mind, he is expanding his much lauded live show into a trio with touring planned for the autumn.

                                          The album moves with profound subtlety and deceptive simplicity: at times feeling effortless and light ("Ann River, Mn"), other times taking a turn for the calculated (as in the rhythmic intensity of "Trophies"), and sometimes falling into euphoric escape (heard in the fragile arpeggios of the closer "Tried Now Tired".) Although there is a tangible narrative weaving throughout, each individual song is packed with several stories, such as "Nest Nest", which oscillates between music-box charm, dynamic flares and pulsing rhythms. A dense, agile body of work filled with playful melodic earworms, complex textures and virtuosic transformations, the long player reveals more with each listen.

                                          He even sings throughout, intertwining melodies and washes of colour. Dorian Concept explains: "I wanted my vocals to have a distant feel, to be somewhat inaudible and androgynous. For them to be something that you'd feel like humming rather than reciting - almost as if the vocals entered your mind as a memory."

                                          By challenging himself to work outside of his established musical environment, Dorian Concept has re-invented himself. Joined Ends brings the feeling of the artist at his most free.

                                          Jessie Ware

                                          Tough Love

                                            The new album continues to draw on the suave, sophisticated palette of synths and base that proved so popular on Ware's gold selling debut 'Devotion', but with production from Benny Blanco and co-writes from the likes of Ed Sheeran and Miguel, 'Tough Love' raises the game. With previous Brit Award and Mercury nominations under her belt, hopefully this album will see Jessie moving into the winning league.

                                            Luke Vibert

                                            Halloween (Part One)

                                              Halloween, also known as All Hallows’ Eve or All Saints Eve, a celebration and remembrance of the dead, or just a hoot on a dark October evening, running demented in Michael Myers masks blagging assorted goodies off of scared pensioners… It’s also the launch date for the next Hypercolour single from Luke Vibert, the acid warrior from Cornwall, whose ‘Ridmik’ album this year on Hypercolour heralded a much welcomed return to the scene for the highly eclectic producer.

                                              ‘Halloween’ is a dark, Pagan stomping acid tormentor, resplendent with eerie horror FX and ghostly chords. Tortured vocals give Bam Bam’s ‘Where’s Your Child’ a run for its money in this chilling 909 meets 303 breakout. A perfect antidote to those thoroughly fed up with hearing Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ for the umpteenth time this October…. On the flip, we’ve two versions of ‘Jack U Whole’. In it’s Original form, Vibert explores the 303 Bassline further, the supernatural vocal taking us on a twisted ride over the crisp drum programming. SDC AKA Space Dimension Controller, fresh from a run of singles on R&S and Royal Oak, weighs in with his ‘1988 Vibe Mix’.

                                              Quite literally transporting us back to the Second Summer Of Love, SDC keeps it faithful with a mighty jack attack and lifting the mood somewhat with some fathoms deep chords and deft synth melodies. Part 2 of ‘Halloween’ comes soon, with more new Vibert tracks, and remixes from Falty DL and Tom Demac.

                                              William Onyeabor

                                              9 CD Boxset

                                                This 9xCD box set features all nine albums elusive Nigerian synth-funk pioneer William Onyeabor self-released between 1977 and 1985 - remastered and officially available for the first time. His music represents the epitome of the golden era of Nigerian funk, before he gave up a life in music to become a devout Christian. Luaka Bop released the critically acclaimed compilation Who is William Onyeabor’s in October of 2013, and has since seen the release of the documentary Fantastic Man, which was fabricated around the myth of the musician, attempts to unearth the man behind the music, which is also now a full blown live show touring the world, paying tribute to the music of William Onyeabor featuring a supergroup of Damon Albarn, David Byrne, Kele Okereke from Bloc Party, Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip, the Lijadu Sisters, Money Mark, Pat Mahoney and Sinkane. To this day, William Onyeabor has not spoken about his music in one single interview.

                                                CONTENTS 9 CD BOX
                                                • Good Name
                                                • Crashes In Love (Original Version)
                                                • Crashes In Love (2nd Version)
                                                • Atomic Bomb
                                                • Tomorrow
                                                • Body & Soul
                                                • Great Lover
                                                • Hypertension
                                                • Anything You Sow
                                                • 48 page booklet w/ Michael Rubin & Chris Abani

                                                William Onyeabor

                                                Vinyl Boxset 2

                                                  This second of two William Onyeabor vinyl sets features four of the albums elusive Nigerian synth-funk pioneer William Onyeabor self-released between 1977 and 1985 - remastered and officially available for the first time. His music represents the epitome of the golden era of Nigerian funk, before he gave up a life in music to become a devout Christian. Luaka Bop released the critically acclaimed compilation Who is William Onyeabor’s in October of 2013, and has since seen the release of the documentary Fantastic Man, which was fabricated around the myth of the musician, attempts to unearth the man behind the music, which is also now a full blown live show touring the world, paying tribute to the music of William Onyeabor featuring a supergroup of Damon Albarn, David Byrne, Kele Okereke from Bloc Party, Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip, the Lijadu Sisters, Money Mark, Pat Mahoney and Sinkane. To this day, William Onyeabor has not spoken about his music in one single interview.

                                                  CONTENTS LP BOX 2
                                                  • Hypertension LP
                                                  • Body & Soul LP
                                                  • Crashes In Love (2nd Version) LP
                                                  • Good Name LP
                                                  • 45” of William Onyeabor’s “Body & Soul” by Peaking Lights
                                                  • Poster
                                                  • 16 page 5” x 7” booklet by Michael Rubin

                                                  Various Artists

                                                  Next Stop Soweto Presents Spirit Of Malombo - Malombo, Jabula, Jazz Afrika 1966-1984

                                                    Following the label’s acclaimed ‘Next Stop Soweto’ compilation series, Strut returns to the rich music heritage of South Africa for another landmark compilation celebrating the influential and heavily political music of drummer Julian Bahula since the mid-‘60s with the Malombo Jazz Makers, Jabula and Jazz Afrika bands.

                                                    Bahula’s first group was the Malombo Jazzmen, led by guitarist Philip Tabane with flautist Abbey Cindi and they broke the mould, introducing indigenous malombo drums alongside guitar and flute to create a strong new cultural jazz fusion. In 1964, the group took the Castle Lager jazz festival by storm, South Africa’s biggest annual jazz event.

                                                    Within a year, Bahula and Cindi had parted company with Tabane, and guitarist Lucky Ranku had come on board to form the
                                                    Malombo Jazz Makers. By the end of the 1960s, they had established themselves as South Africa’s foremost afro-centric jazz group. In 1971, they made a clandestine tour of South Africa with Steve Biko and TECON (Theatre Council of Natal) Players, using music and theatre to promote black awareness and identity as part of Biko’s Black Consciousness message.

                                                    As the pressure of apartheid started to bear down on them, Julian Bahula escaped to political exile in the UK. He settled in London in February 1973 following a tour with white afro-rock band Hawk. Joined by Lucky Ranku shortly afterwards, Bahula formed a new afro super-group, Jabula, through which malombo music was transformed into a vehicle that could take a powerful political message from South Africa to audiences in Europe and across the world. The band worked closely and selflessly with the exiled ANC, the Anti-
                                                    Apartheid Movement and other anti-apartheid organisations to help spread political awareness.

                                                    Bahula and his wife Liza also started London’s first regular night to promote live African music at London’s 100 Club during the ‘80s. In ’83, they set up the first concert in the UK to raise awareness for Nelson Mandela, ‘African Sounds’, an event that helped to kick- start the international pressure that would lead to Mandela’s release in 1990. The Specials’ Jerry Dammers was there and was inspired by Jabula’s track ‘Mandela’ to write the huge hit for The Special AKA, ‘Nelson Mandela’.

                                                    ‘Spirit Of Malombo’ documents Bahula’s incredible musical journey from 1966 to 1984 for the first time. Package includes rare photos, poster artwork and memorabilia with extensive sleeve notes from author Francis Gooding. The cover features a still from leading South African photographer, Ernest Cole.



                                                      Having evolved from engaing underground prospect into a fully established international DJ and producer in recent years, the time has now come for Huxley, born Michael Dodman, to re- lease his debut album. Entitled Blurred, it will land on Will Saul's Aus / !K7 on October 20th 2014. Since debuting as Huxley five years ago, Dodman has continued to evolve and mature his sound in ways most cannot. Initially precipitating something of a garage house revival with his early EPs, ensuing releases on key labels like 2020 Vision, Hyper colour and Tsuba have seen him roam into percussive and deep house territories, but always with a fresh modern twist that has seen him find favour with a diverse array of press and peers from Pitchfork to Mixmag, Pete Tong to The Black Dog. One lead single from the album has already been premiered: ‘Callin’ is a collaboration between Huxley and house veteran Roger Sanchez in his revered S-Man guise and with its deeply infectious drum loops, earwormy vocal hooks and slick pro- duction is indicative of the album overall. Elsewhere the LP excels with original vocal performances from Yasmin (who has seen chart success working with Gorgon City), FEMME aka Laura Laura Bettinson (a vocalist in Radiohead producer Nigel Go- drich's band, Ultraísta), Thomas Gandey and emering UK talent Obenewa. Starting with the deeply emotive melodies and snug sub bass of ‘I Want You’, the album coherently unravels through fractured garage beats and classic LFO wobble, anthemic and idyllic pop leaning vocal cuts, screw face bass tracks and tough techno stompers. Tying it all together is a polished sheen, a deeply rooted musicality and Huxley’s trademark sense of irresistible groove. Certainly marking yet another step up in the musical evolution of Huxley, Blurred more than captures the contemporary dance zeitgeist: it truly defines it and will do so for plenty of time to come.


                                                      Walter’s Call

                                                        Swindle - one of the most exciting, charismatic young producers coming out of the UK - received outstanding reviews last year in response to his album “Long Live The Jazz” where, according to XLR8R, “the South Londoner… settled into a brightly embellished, jazz-inflected style of dubstep”. He also played piano for the Mala in Cuba Live shows in 2012/13, a testament for his ability to waver between styles and genres impeccably. As well as this, Swindle holds a key role in the Butterz label and Collective, and has produced for the likes of Roll Deep and Footsie. Now well known for his dynamic live shows, Swindle’s sound is truly unique and constantly developing.

                                                        With ‘Walter’s Call’, Swindle dives straight in at the deep end with sirens and footwork inspired drums, gradually building themes of energetic brass brilliance into the mix. Seamlessly produced, this sets the EP off to a blazing start, introducing the influences of early 20th century chaotic jazz, which run throughout.

                                                        ‘Summer Fruits’ is a track that begins with a gentle and disarming piano tune, swiftly developing into a lively melodic combination of well delivered vocal samples and prevailing brass rhythms. It gets your feet moving and renders the feeling of an easy sunny afternoon, with smooth harmonious flows combined with bursts of energetic flare resonating his influences.

                                                        Disjointed classic house piano chords kick off ‘Smash N Grab’, which again carries Swindle’s distinctive bouncing sound. At one point calm, then at the next in full swing, it’s just as much of a roller coaster as the rest of this smashing EP.

                                                        These New Puritans

                                                        Expanded (Live At The Barbican)

                                                          These New Puritans’ album ‘Field of Reeds’ was a beacon of experimental music last year, bathed in the adoration of critics.

                                                          ‘TNP: Expanded (Live at The Barbican)’ captures the incredible performance from 2014 of These New Puritans performing with a full orchestra at The Barbican Centre.

                                                          “Joined by an orchestra and the spellbinding Portuguese fado singer Elisa Rodrigues, the brothers Barnett capture the beautiful, foreboding majesty that marks their music” - The Guardian

                                                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                          2xLtd LP Info: Deluxe clear double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.

                                                          Scott Walker & Sunn O)))


                                                            When Sunn O))) first approached Scott Walker about appearing on their 2009 album Monoliths & Dimensions, little did they know what it would actually lead to. Four years on, Scott was back with something even more enticing, collaborating on Soused, a body of work he was writing with them in mind.

                                                            With a career spanning more than five decades, Scott Walker’s cult status remains as significant as ever before. Experiencing mega-stardom as part of The Walker Brothers before carving out a career as a solo crooner who released a quartet of peerless self-titled LPs that painted rich vignettes of life in the late 60s, Scott went through what felt like a massive U-turn by recording a collection of masterfully challenging albums: Climate Of Hunter (1984), Tilt (1996), The Drift (2006) and Bish Bosch (2013). While there’s some truth to this artistic arc, the actual picture is a lot more complex, with his knack for introducing the disturbingly counter-intuitive and the uncanny into his songwriting dating back to the likes of 'The Plague' (1967) and ‘It’s Raining Today’ (1969).

                                                            Centred around the core duo of Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson, Sunn O))) have been at the heart of underground and experimental metal since they began in Los Angeles back in 1998, broadening in range to increasingly encompass avant-garde and jazz dynamics to their dark music. Anderson runs Southern Lord (Sunn O)))’s usual label home), whilst O’Malley is involved in a remarkable web of projects as a musician, designer, and label head of Ideologic Organ. They appear alongside extended Sunn O))) member Tos Nieuwenhuizen on this recording.

                                                            Recorded in London in early 2014 and produced by Scott Walker and long-time ally Peter Walsh with the assistance of musical director Mark Warman, Soused is a 5-track, 50-minute collaborative record that cements the status of both act’s wide-reaching and otherworldly renown.

                                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                            2xLP Info: Vinyl edition is double 180 gram black vinyl, with a heavyweight tip-on sleeve and includes download codes.

                                                            Nick Drake

                                                            Pink Moon

                                                            His third and final studio album is a fittingly stark and sombre collection of songs, featuring just guitar and voice (bar a piano on one track). Shorn of the usual lavish arrangements, the songs lose none of their lustre, instead the songs themselves are pushed to the fore. A magnificent swansong.

                                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                            LP Info: An authentic reproduction of the 1972 first pressing, with original gatefold sleeve plus bonus voucher with a choice of download formats.

                                                            The follow up to "Five Leaves Left" saw a departure from that albums' pastoralism to a more urban milieu, albeit a idealised romantic one depicted in "At The Chime Of A City Clock". Accordingly the music has a slightly more urgent feel with a greater use of drums and electric guitar. One thing it does share with its' predecessor is a stunning collection of songs, written, played and sung to perfection. A classic of its', or any other, genre.

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Andy says: His most glorious LP. Features the sublime track:"Northern Sky".

                                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                            CD Info: Repackaged in mint-packs.

                                                            Tin Man


                                                              What does a rave sound like the next day? The strobe lights in a dark warehouse, the pounding kick, the blur of ecstatic faces lead to a morning-after emptiness, all fade into memories of the friends you once had. On Ode, Tin Man (proper name Johannes Auvinen) explores this feeling, offering tracks which possess an exhausted joy, the aural equivalent of the stretch of time beginning when the last record is played and stretching on towards the doleful contemplation of last night's unmade sheets.

                                                              Appropriately, Tin Man's melancholic dance music is more club-ready than ever. The opening tracks explore the spacious atmosphere first proposed on Neo Neo Acid and the (recently repressed) Acid Test 01 collaboration with Donato Dozzy. Auvinen continues to coax unique, bittersweet sounds out of the 303 - his control is akin to a virtuosic theremin player, all dramatic lunges and dynamics. Yet on tracks like Depleted Serotonin, the memories of half-remembered nights surface. That track reprises the minor-key rave breakdown, ending with nearly three-minutes of knackered techno throb. Similarly, "What a Shame" sounds like a forgotten Warp classic run through Tin Man's palette of tasteful reserve.

                                                              Always conceptual, Tin Man is commenting on big room techno music by presenting his thoughtful, hungover version of it. On Vertigo, he reins in the acid box acrobatics - opting instead for a rudimentary, early-Chicago style pattern, eventually following optimistic chords skyward. It's a simulacrum of that end-of-the-night moment when the music is so charged and utopic that all fatigue is forgotten. Auvinen's recognized talent to imbue machines with complex human emotion draws us into his world. With Tin Man's music, there is always something left unsaid -- he uses familiar elements yet his perspective remains singular and mysterious. Each dreamlike track is another clue.

                                                              He ends the set with the intensely dramatic Memoraphilia and Ode. The former concludes on an ominous note with strings that evoke paranoia, yet this feeling, too, will pass. The final (and title) track begins with the Deepchord-level percussive filtering that acts as the album's textural base. Almost immediately, Tin Man introduces an octave jumping acid refrain. The four-bar loop reaches operatic heights of yearning. Ode's rave stabs indicate this drama comes from the implacable notion of being alone in the crowd -- an emptiness which can remain long after it's disbanded. What comes when the dance is over?

                                                              Like all good parables Jane Weaver’s sixth solo album, a concept album called ‘The Silver Globe’, is as multifaceted as it is beguiling. Part coming of age / part cautionary tale and part romantic paeon, this twelve track synth ridden post-apocalyptic prog pop opus is based on tightly embroidered, non-linear recurring themes and inspired by esoteric stories, cosmic imagery and refiltered past experiences.

                                                              Written from the optimistic vantage of a long-standing female independent artist, in an desperately evolving industry, Jane’s latest set of self penned pop abstractions combine mechanical rock / recycled European cinema / empyrean vocalisations and an arsenal of rescued vintage synths to create a futurist narrative backdrop of a allegorical post apocalyptic landscape.

                                                              ‘The Silver Globe’ features collaborations with David Holmes, Australian space rockers Cybotron, Damon Gough (Badly Drawn Boy), Suzanne Ciani and Andy Votel, as well as a recycled chunk of an 80s Hawkwind track.

                                                              William Onyeabor

                                                              Vinyl Boxset 1

                                                                This first of two William Onyeabor vinyl sets features five of the albums elusive Nigerian synth-funk pioneer William Onyeabor self-released between 1977 and 1985 - remastered and officially available for the first time. His music represents the epitome of the golden era of Nigerian funk, before he gave up a life in music to become a devout Christian. Luaka Bop released the critically acclaimed compilation Who is William Onyeabor’s in October of 2013, and has since seen the release of the documentary Fantastic Man, which was fabricated around the myth of the musician, attempts to unearth the man behind the music, which is also now a full blown live show touring the world, paying tribute to the music of William Onyeabor featuring a supergroup of Damon Albarn, David Byrne, Kele Okereke from Bloc Party, Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip, the Lijadu Sisters, Money Mark, Pat Mahoney and Sinkane. To this day, William Onyeabor has not spoken about his music in one single interview.

                                                                CONTENTS LP BOX 1
                                                                • Crashes In Love (Original Version) LP
                                                                • Atomic Bomb LP
                                                                • Tomorrow LP
                                                                • Great Lover LP
                                                                • Anything You Sow LP
                                                                • 45 of William Onyeabor’s “Atomic Bomb”, edit by Zach Cowie & Sunny Levine / “Love Me Now” by Axel Boman, Petter Nordkvist & Johan Jonason
                                                                • 16 page 5” x 7” Booklet by Chris Abani
                                                                • 8 page 12” x 12” Booklet
                                                                • Vintage Wilfilms ad

                                                                Uku & Maryn


                                                                  Previously unreleased sessions from mother / son recording pioneers Uku Kuut and Maryn Coote. Contains an alternate tape mix of "Mayday" from the peoples potential unlimited release UKU KUUT "Vision of Estonia"

                                                                  Janko Nilovic

                                                                  Super America

                                                                    Janko Nilovic, one of the greatest studio talents of Europe in the 70s!

                                                                    He is a musician who devotes himself to music, which resulted in a great number of published works, but most of them are on library labels not available for sale.

                                                                    His oeuvre stretches from classical, jazz and funk to pop, psyche and easy listening.

                                                                    Janko Nilovic

                                                                    Pop Impressions

                                                                      Janko Nilovic, one of the greatest studio talents of Europe in the 70s!

                                                                      He is a musician who devotes himself to music, which resulted in a great number of published works, but most of them are on library labels not available for sale.

                                                                      His oeuvre stretches from classical, jazz and funk to pop, psyche and easy listening.

                                                                      Linval Thompson

                                                                      Jah Jah The Conqueror / Version

                                                                        From the very successful Jamaican Recordings 7’’ Singles Club, here is the 24TH release. One of Linval Thompson’s big hits for producer Bunny Lee in the mid 1970’s backed with its conquering dub cut.

                                                                        Johnny Clarke

                                                                        I Don’t Want To Be A Rude Boy

                                                                          From the very successful Jamaican Recordings 7’’ Singles Club, here is the 23rd release. An under promoted Johnny Clarke classic advising against the rude boy badness that hit Kingston, Jamaica in the 1970’s backed with its original King Tubby version

                                                                          U Roy

                                                                          Wake The Nation

                                                                            From the very successful Jamaican Recordings 7’’ Singles Club, here is the 22ND Release. U Roy’s chart topper of the 1970 ‘’Wake the Nation’’ released with its original dub ‘Non Violence’


                                                                            Nagan / Vatula

                                                                            Introducing previous Highlife guest, Cain for his first vinyl release...
                                                                            We've been asked about Nagan joyously infectious vocals all summer since its debut on our Rinse show and are excited to finally share it along with Highlife exclusive, Vatula..
                                                                            Think Daphni via Delhi and you'll be in a similar ballpark.

                                                                            Nagan comes from Cain's 'Savann EP' due to be released digitally via Fine Grains in the forthcoming months.

                                                                            Legendary Miami duo Oscar G and Ralph Falcon's Murk label has always been a sign of quality for House heads all over the world.
                                                                            Their distinctive productions have re-shaped the sound of deep House since the very early 90's and they released some of the most sought after House 12"s throughout this period under numerous psuedonyms.
                                                                            "Classics Vol.2" is one of these releases, collecting 4 classics from the Murk vaults including the original mix of the deep, dark anthem "Outta Limits" alongside the "Vocal Dub" mix, the storming vocal cut "Release Yourself" and the after hours piano driven groove of "We're Going Deep".
                                                                            "Classics Vol.2" is an essential snapshot of one of the cult deep House labels, featuring 4 stellar tracks from their envious back catalogue and putting them all in one place on one EP. A must buy for newcomers and hardcore Murk fans alike!

                                                                            All tracks included have been re-mastered and re-issued in conjunction with Murk Records.

                                                                            Taken from the monster compilation "Acid Rain" compiled by UK house pioneer Terry Farley we have Acid Rain sampler #2, A carefully curated selection of choice cuts spanning the many styles of Chicago's Acid House movement.

                                                                            Sampler #2 and the quality continues, on this volume we are treated to some bonafide Acid House classics! The late, great Frankie Knuckles dominates the A-side with two of his biggest and most loved club tracks, "Baby Wants To Ride" and "Bad Boy", both featuring the inimitable vocals of Jamie Principle and Frankie's trademark production skills. Over on the B-side we have Pierre's Fantasy Club's storming Acid / vocal cut "Got The Bug" and Pleasure Zone's sinister, jacking "Fantasy".

                                                                            Another truly essential selection!

                                                                            All tracks have been fully re-mastered, re-pressed and compiled in conjunction with Harmless Records.

                                                                            Girls At Our Best

                                                                            Pleasure - 2xLP Yellow Splatter Vinyl Edition

                                                                              * Unavailable on vinyl since 1981
                                                                              * Double Album in Gatefold Sleeve
                                                                              * Limited to 500 copies
                                                                              * Transparent yellow vinyl with pink, red and blue splatter
                                                                              * Contains 6 bonus tracks
                                                                              *Includes printed inner sleeves, containing lyrics and photos
                                                                              *All copies include a "Pleasure Bag" includes 4 x postcards, 2 x stickers, 1 x stencil,1 x A2 Repro Tour Poster, 2 A3 x Repro promo posters for "Go For Gold" and "Politics" / "It's Fashion" singles. 1 x Press photo and 1 x Press Flyer.

                                                                              In 1980 post punk pop indie band Girls At Our Best came out of nowhere (Well, Leeds actually) with "Getting Nowhere Fast" and was the NME's Single Of The Week reaching the Top 10 of the indie chart. The band, fronted by Judy Evans, released four further singles plus the album "Pleasure" which reached the UK album charts in 1981, before splitting up two years after that first record. Girls At Our Best were one of the finest, most life-affirming of a new breed of independent bands who cropped up at the turn of the 80s - long-standing fan John Peel once referred to them as one of the few groups that made the period bearable.

                                                                              Formed in Leeds from the ashes of punk band SOS, the group were fronted by distinctive female vocalist Jude o' Evans, forming a songwriting team with guitarist James Alan and bass player Gerard Swift after they met at art college.

                                                                              All four of their singles for their own Record Records, Rough Trade and Happy Birthday Records are included here as bonus tracks on a 45rpm 12"- including the wonderful "Getting Nowhere Fast", its coruscating B-side "Warm Girls", "Politics!", "Go For Gold" and "Fast Boyfriends". Their influence can be seen on innumerable C86 / indie bands who came afterwards.

                                                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                              Philippa says: One of my favourite bands from the post-punk, pre-indie era! Pure guitar pop. Double vinyl reissue complete with 'Pleasure Bag' - just like the original!

                                                                              DJ Rocca

                                                                              Destination To The Sun

                                                                                The new DJ Rocca release for Italian Records is a cosmic disco track that takes you on a journey, a trip where synth pop meets Italo disco and, when the machines used to run the rhythm.This is a proper journey to the hottest star of our galaxy...the SUN...with 3 different versions: a more muscular original version, plus a dub version to lose yourself on the floor and a fantastic LEO MAS & FABRICE version in their classic vein. A really “ Hot as Sun“ record for the DanceFloor !!!

                                                                                Kerri Chandler has always taken his music to the next level, he's always been original and pushed the limits throughout his illustrious twenty plus year career, thus giving him the title of a bonafide "House legend". Digging through the vaults of King Street you will see Kerri's name pop up time and time again and this, the first of two samplers, is designed to celebrate the man and some of his classic contributions to the label.

                                                                                Featured on sampler number one we have Chandler productions and remixes across the board, featured tracks include the raw Gospel House of Bassmental Feat. Charles McDougalds "It's The Music (King Street Club)" and "Just Wanna Be With U (King Street Mentality Club)" and the storming "King St Tracking Ya" dub of Nuphonic and Charvoni's "I Wanna Be Your Lover", all solid dance-floor smashers, all with that special Kerri Chandler bounce, all essential!

                                                                                All cuts featured on this sampler have all been carefully selected, re-mastered and re-pressed in conjunction with King Street Sounds.

                                                                                Yum001 is the first official release on Yummy records, brought to you by HNNY himself. A three tune long journey preferably listened to while a) strolling b) dancing c) standing with your bare feet in the grass or d) with your eyes shut. Whichever you choose, it sure is funky!

                                                                                Les Sins


                                                                                  'Michael' is the amazing debut full length from Les Sins, the dance project of Toro Y Moi’s Chaz Bundick, who have previously released singles on Dan Snaith's Jiaolong label and Carpark Records.

                                                                                  Inspired by cartoon and movie soundtracks, the largely instrumental album explores classic dance and pop music traditions. Catchy, repetitive vocal hooks gel with beats and synth work influenced by house, techno, French electronic, and ’90s hip-hop production.

                                                                                  Bundick made the album over two years and recorded everything in his home studio.

                                                                                  The funky “Why” features vocals from Berkeley, Calif. singer-songwriter Nate Salman asking “Why you wanna go and do that?” “Bother” holds down a head-bobbing, body-moving groove until a stunning hallelujah moment straight out of a sci-fi version of Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. While there are no concrete themes associated with the album, Chaz says he can imagine all of these songs playing in the middle of the brilliantly lighted and busy Ginza district in Tokyo.

                                                                                  Touchstones like Timbaland, Mr. Oizo, and Daft Punk, and contemporaries such as Motor City Drum Ensemble offered inspiration, but most influential on the making of the album was the sage advice of a design icon. “My favorite graphic designer, P. Rand always said, ‘Don’t try to be original, just try to be good,’” Bundick says. “When making this record that was/is my mantra - it was just constantly looping in my mind. I believe ‘good’ is timeless and once you can recognize that you’ll see the world in its fullest.”

                                                                                  Chicago's Trax Records has gone down in history as being one of, if not the most important House labels.
                                                                                  With a roster that includes luminaries such as Adonis, Armando and many, many more this accolade is more than justified.

                                                                                  "Acid Trax" is a loose guide to some of the above mentioned peoples music, but it is also a snapshot of the rough, lo-fi, almost bedroom quality of some of the sounds from this new wave of producers emanating from the city in the mid to late 80's. It is these sounds that captured the imaginations of people all over the world at the time and continue to inspire and influence countless contemporary producers today.

                                                                                  This compilation is the perfect addition to the seasoned Chicago lovers collection or it is the perfect starting point for those who have just discovered the windy city's own unique brand of jacking electronic grooves. There are plenty of classics included on here, all re-mastered and re-pressed in conjunction with Trax Records. Extended to to a double pack for a louder pressing from the original single LP version.

                                                                                  Our new release has been a long time coming and is the first collaboration between those evil twins that are LDDLM and KILL THE DJ, two labels joined at the hips.

                                                                                  C.A.R. is Chloe Raunet's project, whose album MY FRIEND will be released on October 25th on KTDJ. This is obviously an important project all round for her and for us and there was so much to do that two labels was a perfect idea. She originally wrote the lyrics for Gesaffelstein, who turned them down in favour of another two tracks they'd done together. A new song was woven from the words.

                                                                                  Roman Flugel is not only an old friend of the family but also one of our favourite producer. His album on DIAL and recent remixes has proven that he's on the top of his game. There are bleeps, there are subs, and Chloe's vocal drifting on top of a general electronic monster.

                                                                                  Kill the DJ commissioned the Planningtorock remix and we loved it so much that we "stole it' for our vinyl release. Jam has made the song hers, pitching down the vocal, punking up the bass grove and adding, yes, disco strings.

                                                                                  Manfredas remix of Angelina has been Ivan's biggest record for the whole of last year, licensed by Rebolledo for his mixed CD and causing stir here and there. The 12" will include the instrumental version but as friends, you are getting both. This is a very hard track to describe, a cross between a panzer and Rondo Veneziano on acid. It's for those who dares.

                                                                                  Finally, Robert Johnson and Hinvern new wunderkid, Benedikt Frey (his Blanc 002 was…) delivers a brilliant acid rendering but not a cliché plastic warehouse things. This builds and builds and builds…

                                                                                  The EP has already been getting great support from Dixon, Dan Avery, Erol Alkan, Ten Walls, and Ivan Smagghe..

                                                                                  Kowton’s reimagining of Paul Woolford’s classic cut sees the light of day on wax. Swivelling outside and in, popping upside and around – the coveted Bristol producer behind Livity Sound leaves an indellible mark on a notorious tune. Includes both beatdown and beatless versions.

                                                                                  Massimiliano Pagliara

                                                                                  Major Fun

                                                                                    Ramona is proud to present a 10-inch vinyl only release by Massimiliano Pagliara. In connection to his album “With One Another“ (Release: 13th September 2014) Massimiliano dedicated this single to two friends he lost in the last year Joshi and Lucky. May the rest in peace.
                                                                                    Love, Ramona

                                                                                    We're very honoured to welcome the Cologne-based producers Hade &Gutta to the Local Talk family. Their debut release marks a further development of the Local Talk sound, balancing between house & bass.
                                                                                    The EP kicks off with "Nothing Wrong", a track built around a bouncy bass riff that lingers and weaves around a clever vocal splicing.

                                                                                    "In Me" continues where "Nothing Wrong" left off but adds more depth and ingenious stabs, it's a 100% bouncing track for sure. Ending the EP is Hade's solo number "Baphome". A bass fuelled floor packer with nicely interwoven synths and a hypnotic house groove that remains present throughout the track.

                                                                                    in conclusion - A garage-esqe belter with the right amount of wobbly bass to satisfy all your DJ & dance floor needs. .

                                                                                    The Blues Brothers

                                                                                    A Briefcase Full Of Blues - White Vinyl Edition

                                                                                      Briefcase Full Of Blues is the debut album by The Blues Brothers, originally released in 1978. The Blues Brothers, more formally called The Blues Brothers’ Show Band and Revue, began as an affectionate comedic tribute to R&B music featuring comedy actors Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi, as part of a musical sketch on Saturday Night Live.

                                                                                      Belushi (lead vocalist “Joliet Jake” Blues) and Aykroyd (harmonica player/backing vocalist Elwood Blues) fronted a band which was composed of well-known and respected musicians. Soon after three SNL performances, the band began to take on a life beyond television, releasing an album, Briefcase Full of Blues, and then having the Hollywood film The Blues Brothers [MOVLP1072] created around its characters in 1980.

                                                                                      The track listing of Briefcase Full of Blues boasts infectious covers of songs by Otis Redding, Junior Wells, King Floyd, Sam & Dave and Big Joe Turner, amongst others. Backing up Jake & Elwood are Stax heroes Donald - Duck- Dunn and Steve Cropper, Paul Shaffer and other seasoned session men. The album reached #1 on the Billboard 200 and went double Platinum. Two singles were released, “Rubber Biscuit”, which reached number 37 on the Billboard Hot 100 and “Soul Man”, which reached number 14.

                                                                                      Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie

                                                                                      KVK 700

                                                                                        Disco Deviance Presents

                                                                                        Rahaan Edits - Sweet Stuff / You Got The Right To Dance

                                                                                        Chicago disco legend Rahaan returns to Disco Deviance and drops a seriously hot package of reworks.

                                                                                        His raw and cut up editing style is heavily influenced by his heroes Ron Hardy and Larry Levan. And his versions are always guaranteed to be 100% dance floor dynamite. As they say in Chicago...beat that shit Rahaan!

                                                                                        Enjoy the music!

                                                                                        Sheila Hylton is no stranger to pop success, a veteran singer who has graced the charts on several occasions. NYC native Robbie Busch aka DJ McBoing Boing is a true local legend possessed of deep deep crates. France's Waxist Selecta - the same. Separately but in a moment of intense cosmic serendipity, they each reworked two of Sheila's classic but heretofore under the radar tracks, and through the bountiful wisdom of the Cloud of Sound, Sheila heard them, united them and showered them with her blessings. Golf Channel is very proud of its 50th release! McBoing Boing fires the lasers far into the chamber and sets coordinates for the furthest reaches of space. Waxist takes Sheila for a funky romantic afternoon stroll around the park. The air is full of love !! 

                                                                                        Last year saw the emergence of London disco outfit Payfone. Their debut 12", titled "International Smark" became something of an underground hit with lovers of disco, electro and Balearic alike, sounding like a meeting between Metro Area, Abba and 80's video game sensation 'Outrun'. Now signed to Golf Channel, Payfone is back with a weighty boogie inspired 3 track E.P. packed with muscle and modern pop sensibility. This second release comes co-mixed to perfection by In Flagranti's Sasa Crnobrnja. 
                                                                                        The A side cut "Paradise" features the dubbed out vocals of 21 year old Louis Howard Jones and New Orleans native Dayna Talley over a distinct synth drum arrangement that rallies both heads and feet to the dance floor.
                                                                                        Flip the record for 2 tracks that feature "International Smark"'s Swedish / Finnish vocalist Tigerlight. First the deeply funky and minimal "Mice Life" channels Patrick Adams over some strident drums and staccato guitar.
                                                                                        Closing cut "Subconscient Lamentation", a lush and exotic cover version of the 1970's Black Devil Disco Club album finale, takes us out on a deeper, slower and altogether hazier vibe, as the spacious and vibrant synth work over a strutting bass line and bluesy trumpet serve as a bedrock for Tigerlight's haunting whispered vocal. 

                                                                                        RNT and Lovebirds, together at last, with a 12 Inch EP that oozes summer from every groove! On the A side, the familiar erotic boogie grooves of 'Funk So Pretty' tickle you in the purple place. On the flip, 'Free' sculpts an overlooked 80s jazz pop tune into a shimmering shuffling world beat masterpiece, and then we get down n dirty once again with Donwanchooback. Cop it and rock it.

                                                                                        As ever it's pressed on 180 G vinyl and hand stamped label.

                                                                                        'Hallways' is Homeboy Sandman’s second full-length record on Stones Throw. The album is an ode to the space between where you are and where you are headed; a space in flux, and a space where Sandman himself thrives. True to form, it weaves witticism into even its most serious messages. Producers on 'Hallways' include Oh No, Knxwledge, Blu, DJ Spinna and Jonwayne, who produced the first single, "America, The Beautiful."

                                                                                        Homeboy Sandman’s witty raps have garnered praise from both hip hop and mainstream music press, from, featured by media including NPR, Clash Magazine, the Evening Standard, BBC 6Music, and Pitchfork. Rolling Stone recently branded him an “Artist To Watch” and praised his “skill for wordplay that keeps you hooked,” while Pitchfork describes him as “hyper-intelligent” and “one of the best pure lyricists around.” The prolific and outspoken Queens MC has also had essays prominently published in Gawker and Huffington Post.

                                                                                        Since signing with Stones Throw Records in 2011, Homeboy Sandman has released a full length, 'First Of A Living Breed', along with a series of five EPs, establishing himself as one of the most productive and creative lyricists of this generation.

                                                                                        Rammellzee Vs. K-Rob

                                                                                        Beat Bop - Black & White Vinyl Edition

                                                                                          12” on split black & white vinyl. Limited to 1983 copies. Reissue of ultra-rare 1983 hip-hop masterpiece. Co-produced & with artwork by the late Jean-Michel Basquiat. The original issue of the 1983 song “Beat Bop” by lyricists Rammellzee and K-Rob has been heard by many, but held by few. Only a reputed 500 of the song’s initial run, on Jean-Michel Basquiat’s one-off Tartown Records label, were made with jacket cover art by the infinitely influential graphic artist (and moonlighting musician and producer). They remain one of hip-hop’s “Holy Grail” items, selling north of $1,500 if you can even find one. The audio, which clocked in at over 10 minutes, was issued – with no picture sleeve – on Profile Records soon after the Tartown pressings, and went on to influence countless MCs, with its minimal, languishing funk beat (produced by Basquiat) and Rammellzee’s and K-Rob’s next-level lyricism. The picture sleeve version of the release has never been officially re-issued, and this edition, curated by hip-hop historian Noah Uman, goes the extra mile. It features officially-licensed original artwork from the Basquiat estate and a four-panel folded insert with deep background on the original single’s creation, compiled by Andrew “Noz” Nosnitsky – including interviews with many of the artists involved with its production: Rammellzee, K-Rob, Glenn O’Brien, percussionist Al Diaz, Profile’s Cory Robbins and more. Rammellzee left this Earth in 2010 and Basquiat passed away in 1988 – with this deluxe reissue, their important contributions to the formative years of hip-hop on wax are remembered and celebrated. A must-own for any hip-hop purist"

                                                                                          Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force

                                                                                          Planet Rock - Glow In The Dark Vinyl Edition

                                                                                            Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force “Planet Rock” 12-inch re-issue on glow-in-the-dark vinyl (Limited edition of 1982 copies) B-Boy anthem from 1982 lights up any dancefloor…literally! First time ever on glow-in-the-dark vinyl! Fresh off Bambaataa’s historic donation of his vinyl collection to the Cornell University Hip-Hop Collection and the Fall 2014 “Renegades of Rhythm” tour by DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist celebrating his unparalleled contribution to hip-hop, Get On Down celebrates the song for which the Godfather of Hip-Hop is best known: 1982’s “Planet Rock,” a Kraftwerk-meets-Bronx-B-Boy anthem. Renowned the world over as a never-fail floor-filler, this new 12-inch pressing of the single is pressed on glow-in-the-dark vinyl for the first time ever. Although Bambaataa may have gotten top-billing on the release, it was a team effort, with crucial contributions by a team including DJ Jazzy Jay, Afrika Islam, Arthur Baker, John Robie, a Roland TR-808 drum machine (aka Planet Patrol) and of course MCs Mr. Biggs, G.L.O.B.E. and Pow Wow. This edition is housed in a clear, custom-embossed Get On Down poly-bag to let the glow show through.

                                                                                            Thomas Köner

                                                                                            Tiento De Las Nieves

                                                                                              Thomas Köner, explorer, multimedia artist, dark ambient pioneer. Over his long, much celebrated career, he has worked between audiovisual installation works, sound art, minimal soundscapes, and as one half of Porter Ricks. Among others, he has composed film soundtracks and music to accompany historic silent films for the Louvre Museum and the Musée d'Orsay, Paris, who called him a major innovator in the contemporary music scene. Tiento is a form of keyboard-based music originating in Spain. In his past discography, Thomas Köner has mostly used the piano in a barely recognisable way, as one element of many. However, after a particular radical experience he found himself caught with the piano in his focus, with this rigid instrument which has been developed and solidified in the 17th century just to enslave composers and musicians for centuries to come. To escape and handle the rigidity of the piano, Köner uses his distinctive ansatz to understand music rather as something filling the space of the temporal dimension than as a succession of multi-layered sounds. For him the musical score of any of his pieces is a priori meaningless, and receives meaning only by placing the notes and sounds at particular points in time in a way which is forced upon them by their inner logic. Like atoms in a particular molecule, these notes ought to have a specific distance and order dictated by certain laws, they might have to occur repeatedly, in order for the musical piece to be physically stable and complete, and thus to be able to exist continuously. For this reason, Köner's first tiento to be released, ""Tiento de las Nieves"" (""snow-tiento""), turned out to be a 68-minute long single piece. Upon producing this tiento, Thomas Köner had a strong and clear sensation of a large white space. Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen has always been an important figure for Köner. In a quote from his expedition account 'Farthest North', Nansen constructs a synthesis between love and snow. With this piece Köner builds a bridge between his associated sensation of a large white space and the snowy, foggy landscapes known to him from his various own expeditions, in a quasi dialectic process. ""Love is life’s snow. It falls deepest and softest into the gashes left by the fight—whiter and purer than snow itself. What is life without love? It is like this ice—a cold, bare, rugged mass, the wind driving it and rending it and then forcing it together again, nothing to cover over the open rifts, nothing to break the violence of the collisions, nothing to round away the sharp corners of the broken floes—nothing, nothing but bare, rugged drift-ice.""

                                                                                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                              2xLP Info: Coloured vinyl pressing.

                                                                                              Various Artists

                                                                                              Bay Area Retrograde (BART) Vol. 2

                                                                                                Bay Area Retrograde (BART) Volume 2 is Dark Entries’ second compilation of underground music from San Francisco (and the greater Bay Area) made between 1978-1983. Towards the end of the 70s, San Francisco’s experimental music scene clashed with the aftermath of punk and gave birth to a vibrant underground. By the early to mid 80s the DIY music scene of the Bay Area was a hotbed for experimental and quirky new wave, post punk, and synthpop, quite similar to New York’s No Wave scene and Berlin’s Neue Deutsche Welle. This compilation connects the (transit) lines between these varied musical offerings and tells the secret story of eleven forgotten Bay Area bands. BART Volume 2 features slow, dystopian horror from pioneering industrial group Factrix; crushing, motorik noise from acid punks Chrome; amphetamine-driven synth punk from Red Asphalt; an early demo, never released on vinyl, from legendary post punk band Tuxedoomon; chilling atmospheric drone from Ki Di Me; leftfield new wave from Indoor Life featuring Patrick Cowley on synths; Los Microwaves more sinister side project Baby Buddha; gay drag icon Timmy Spence delivering an unknown camp classic, a pure instrumental electro-pop workout from Human Being Men; TR-808 fueled synth pop from Menlo Park duo Wonders of Science, and a poetic yet somber and haunting song from the mysterious Zru Vogue. All tracks have been carefully remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. Each LP is housed in a large 6-panel, 2-sided fold out poster designed by Eloise Leigh, featuring original photos and fliers from each band’s personal archive plus a 36”x24” print of a photograph by Ruby Ray from1978. BART is the acronym for Bay Area Rapid Transit, the main rail transportation system for the San Francisco Bay Area. This LP is by no means a definitive compilation but merely opens the tunnel to the underground of the Bay!

                                                                                                The Adverts

                                                                                                Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts - 2xLP Edition

                                                                                                  Fire Records reissue the 1978 classic debut punk record 'Crossing The Red Sea with the Adverts' on gatefold 2LP. Released after an ever growing live following and the string of successful chart hits, The Advert's debut has cemented its place in punk rock history. Now this 2LP release includes an extra LP, with 12 extra tracks made of up single recordings and live bonus tracks. From the sonic Armageddon which ushers in 'One Chord Wonders' through to the deliriously protracted fade of 'Great British Mistake', 'Crossing The Red Sea' never put a foot wrong. Created at the height of Punk, recorded with all the venom and passion which gave the era such vitality, "Crossing the Red Sea" was at once a statement of intent and a bellow of defiance, a refusal to take anything for granted, even its own brilliance. More than that, though, the album defined and thus became the precious moment in time when the establishment rules of rock fell away, and new ones still had to be carved out. And by those brittle standards, the Adverts weren't simply crossing the Red Sea, they were parting it.

                                                                                                  Kode9 & The Spaceape

                                                                                                  Killing Season EP

                                                                                                    The ‘Killing Season’ EP is the first collaborative release from Kode9 & The Spaceape since their 2011 album ‘Black Sun’. The lyrical themes explored on The Spaceape's 2012 Haitian-inspired EP ‘Xorcism’ are expanded. The emotional, spiritual and psychological effects of living with illness and the "unknown" are dissected wryly, but often with unforgiving brutality, in this new batch of songs. 'Chasing A Beast', depicts a nightmarish scenario where the cards are clearly stacked, culminating with our character's nemesis, "..a white magic woman" offering "..a gun or a knife". 'Devil Is A Liar', spits in the eye of those who live in fear of "burning in hell". "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist". 'Heart' unhooks the life support and strips back the beats onto which The Spaceape grieves for this "vital organ", languidly delivering a litany of deceit and betrayal perpetrated by our "souls sacred ghetto". 'Pictures On The Wall' wryly paints its own picture of the stasis one finds oneself in, as images stare back, depicting a world far from their own. Finally, 'Autumn Has Come' maps the body onto a decaying city as winter approaches. Under the strain of impairment, the city still glimmers in sunlight, defiantly looking ahead to the change in season despite growing uncertainty.

                                                                                                    Capital Children's Choir

                                                                                                    Untrust EP

                                                                                                      Feat. the songs of Crystal Castles, Spiritualized and Florence + the Machine. The Capital Children’s Choir are releasing an EP with artwork, remix and video from the artist Dinos Chapman. The choir, known for it’s eclectic and inventively arranged selection of covers, will release the 4-track EP on The Vinyl Factory on Monday October 27th 2014.The tra The three choral arrangements, filmed at the recording sessions at Abbey Road, have already clocked up 2.7 million youtube views, and earned the undying respect of the original artists. The fourth track is a 12-minute electronic reimagining of Untrust Us by Dinos. The Capital Children’s Choir, led by arranger and founder Rachel Santesso, have performed the Samoan anthem at Twickenham rugby, for Pope Benedict at the Vatican, on the Conan O’Brien show in the States, and in arenas with the Spice Girls, among many other notable achievements. Most recently they rearranged and performed material for Fleet Foxes for a forthcoming project. The choir will play a record release event in the basement of the Brewer Street car park at 7pm on Thurs Oct 2. Dinos Chapman’s own debut album, ‘Luftbobler’, was released via The Vinyl Factory last year.


                                                                                                      Lyd & Bilde / NP HArd - Inc. Prins Thomas Remix

                                                                                                        Chmmr is the dance music making moniker of Even Brenden hailing from, oh yes, all the NorWay. Having released on Luna Flicks, Relish this time is the right time for his debut on Full Pupp. the unmistakably sparkling Chmmr sound stands for long hypnotic, tracks, simple in a way, but oh so grooveleaden, sick bassed continuously panned patterned with a string theme makes sure you never forget which song it was that stuck in your ear last. It was either Lyd & Bilde or NP HArd - oh yes. last not least Thomas add´s an own remix version fwith an epic mythical persion twist. persion version is a full . inshallah!

                                                                                                        Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

                                                                                                        Open 24 Hours

                                                                                                          From the tropics comes Whiskey Disco, a sneaky re-edit label bent on dredging the decanter for diffident dancefloor genius from latent disco perpetrators. It's loosely connected to Sleazy McQueen and his assorted cohorts.

                                                                                                          Like any good meat 'n three, Whiskey Disco #30 isOpen 24 Hours. This blue plate special is served by the enigmatic Breakfast Lunch & Dinner. A delectable disco collation on the A platter, Try My Love delivers right to your doorstep. On the other side, Miracles and Tonight offer second and third helpings of an already bountiful feast.

                                                                                                          Who's in the clean plate club?

                                                                                                          1. Korrupt Data is a voyager from a place beyond the stars, communicating via the medium of electronic music.
                                                                                                          2. Korrupt Data takes Korrupt Data seriously.
                                                                                                          3. Korrupt Data always refers to Korrupt Data in the third person.
                                                                                                          4. confusingly, Korrupt Data is also the debut album by Korrupt Data. we didn’t really think this through.
                                                                                                          5. Korrupt Data is not who you think it is.
                                                                                                          6. the real question to ask is: what is Korrupt Data?
                                                                                                          7. we don’t know the answer to that question, but we’ll figure it out eventually.
                                                                                                          8. Korrupt Data is a cynical ploy to catch the attention of jaded listeners, unimaginative djs and lazy media types.
                                                                                                          9. Korrupt Data makes music inspired by missing and malfunctioning information. do keep up!
                                                                                                          10. the music contained on Korrupt Data is primarily analogie in origin. think rugged machine music with vivid melodies and kaleidoscopic chords.
                                                                                                          11. Korrupt Data is a catalogue of dystopian fantasies painted in sound and broadcast from the ether: analogue antimatter for the digital generation.
                                                                                                          12. basically, it's dance music made with old kit. if we’d said that first time, you wouldn’t have been interested. bored journalists prefer high-minded concepts to simple truths.
                                                                                                          13. some people think korrupt data is capable of travelling between continents using the submarine cables beneath our major oceans.
                                                                                                          14. they’re wrong.
                                                                                                          15. Korrupt Data may or may not have previously released music under another guise. does it really matter?
                                                                                                          16. Korrupt Data wishes to be judged entirely on the merits of Korrupt Data, the debut album by Korrupt Data.
                                                                                                          17. Korrupt Data once met the pope in a lift.
                                                                                                          18. the pope is secretly a massive fan of twisted techno transmissions. he hosts secret raves at the vatican every second wednesday of the month. for entry, knock twice and ask for pious pete.
                                                                                                          19. the album korrupt data will be available in stores very soon.
                                                                                                          20. some of these facts may not be correct. you may have been fed corrupt data.


                                                                                                          Backspace Unwind - Clear Vinyl LP+CD Edition

                                                                                                            Backspace Unwind is the long awaited new LAMB album. The sixth album of the electronic music duo contains 10 new songs written by Andy Barlow & Lou Rhodes with 4 featuring string arrangements by Tom Trapp, who also conducted the string section for the recording session at Air Lyndhurst Studios in London.

                                                                                                            ‘Making this album has been a journey of discovery in so many ways’, says Lou. ‘After making music together over a period of almost 20 years (with a 5 year hiatus to take a breath) it’s reassuring that new routes and approaches seem to abound. Over those years I think we’ve learnt that this journey needs no map; in fact tearing that map up, at every twist and turn, has become our regular gleeful practice.’

                                                                                                            The LP version of Backspace Unwind contains a bonus track that’s not available elsewhere (“As Satellites Go By” Piano Version*). This fantastic package also contains a free CD copy! And to top it all off, just for the fans, the first 1000 copies are numbered and pressed on transparent vinyl!


                                                                                                            Backspace Unwind - 2xCD Edition

                                                                                                              Lou Rhodes and Andy Barlow understand difference more than most. They're the first to admit that when they got together their diametrically opposing aesthetics - Lou's devotion to The Song, Andy's obsession with all things beats-driven and electronic and his complete disinterest in vocals - created problems. But those differences also bred a mutual respect and resulted in one of the most genuinely genre-bending dance albums of the mid-90s. In 1996, when drum'n'bass ruled, Lamb's eponymous debut LP up-ended the rigid idea of that form by warming its distinctively chilly, tacheometric chatter with injections of jazz, classical, blues, techno and hip hop and giving it an intensely personal, highly emotional charge. The sweetly stuttering 'Cottonwool' and divine 'Gorecki' singles showed that drum'n'bass could do much more than just make feet move quicker - it could make hearts beat faster, too. In 2009, after a 5-year break, they reformed Lamb to play a handful of summer festival dates. To say the reunion was a success would be a gross understatement. By January of 2010, the band had played 33 shows to hundreds of thousands of fans in 29 different countries. '5' was released late 2011 and the band spent 2012 on the road. In early 2013 the band were asked to play a short 5 city tour of Holland with The Amsterdam Sinfonietta Orchestra. It was a unique collaboration. Together with the band, the 24-section Sinfonietta played orchestral arrangements of Lamb songs written especially for the occasion. And so to 2014. Earlier this year Andy & Lou returned to the studio to write and record the sixth Lamb album 'Backspace Unwind'. "Making this album has been a journey of discovery in so many ways", says Lou. "After making music together over a period of almost 20 years (with a 5 year hiatus to take a breath) it's reassuring that new routes and approaches seem to abound. Over those years I think we've learnt that this journey needs no map; in fact tearing that map up, at every twist and turn, has become our regular gleeful practice" Most of the record was written and recorded at Andy's studio "The Lookout" - so named because of its panoramic views over the South Downs. The album contains 10 new songs written by Andy & Lou with 4 featuring string arrangements by Tom Trapp, who also conducted the string section for the recording session

                                                                                                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                              2xLtd CD Info: Limited edition 6-panel digipak double CD version (500 only) - featuring a bonus CD of 9 tracks recorded live with the Amsterdam Sinfionetta.

                                                                                                              Sean Khan Featuring Omar

                                                                                                              Don't Let The Sun Go Down - Inc. 4Hero / Nicola Conte Remixes

                                                                                                                In anticipation of Sean Khan's second album on Far Out Recordings: 'Muriel', this four track 12" release features remixes from 4hero and Nicola Conte with father of UK neo-soul, Omar on vocal duties. 'Don't Let The Sun Go Down' is uplifting and sophisticated dance-floor jazz.

                                                                                                                Dego and Marc Mac (4hero), two pioneers of broken beat, jungle and UK dance music as a whole, rework the single from 'Muriel' into a delicately crafted downtempo number, which tames the original somewhat with club focused intentions, yet retains all of its fluidity and groove. Along with the eminence of rhythmic elements, Omar's instantly recognizable, thick and soulful vocals are sparsely and subtly layered to create beguiling, unconventional harmonies.

                                                                                                                Saxophonist Sean Khan is a multi-instrumentalist distinguished for his a bility to fuse traditional jazz with contemporary styles. His involvement in the West London broken beat scene as band leader of the cult soul/ jazz outfit SK Radicals and as a collaborator with the likes of the Bugz in the Attic collective, have seen his unique breed of jazz put to full effect in London's clubs.



                                                                                                                  Batida release new album “Dois” via Soundway Records. Strands of afro-house, kuduro, benga, semba, samples from The Clash and old Angolan movies and Afro-beat tracks, African MCs and musicians from all over the world are all deftly mixed together by Pedro Coquenão.

                                                                                                                  Inspired by the multicultural hotbed of his home city of Lisbon and trips to Nairobi and back to Luanda, ‘Dois’ was predominately produced in his own garage-studio over a two-year period.

                                                                                                                  In 2012 Batida’s explosive self-titled debut came out on Soundway Records. Mixing the syncopated rhythms of Kuduro with elements of 1970s Semba and Congolese-influenced guitar licks, Pedro Coquenão won fans for an album that “demanded movement” (The Line of Best Fit) and “gave a view of the old and new, the West and Africa.” (The Guardian)

                                                                                                                  Much of the remix and sampling spirit from the first record remains but ‘Dois’ also features live instrumentation along with a host of different guests.

                                                                                                                  English, Portuguese, Quicongo and Zulu languages all feature on ‘Luxo’ with Spoek Mathambo (South Africa) & his crew contributing the lyrics together with Angolan MC Sacerdote and a guitar riff by Duncan Lloyd (Maximo Park). On 'Céu' Coquenão pushes things in a deeper direction, dis-assembling and reforming elements of the Francois & The Atlas Mountains studio sessions of the track 'Les Plus Beaux' .

                                                                                                                  The Pop Group

                                                                                                                  Curiosities - CD Boxset

                                                                                                                    fter spending over a year collating original singles, albums and previously unreleased studio and live recordings, the band have created a limited box set containing albums 'We Are Time' and the brand new compilation 'Cabinet Of Curiosities' + 36 page perfect bound book + bookmark + badge.

                                                                                                                    'We Are Time', named after one of their most infamous onslaughts was originally released on vinyl in 1980 a nd has been remastered from original tapes becoming available on CD for the first time and also reissued as limited vinyl. Of the early live and studio recordings that comprise 'We Are Time', frontman Mark Stewart says "We Are Time is really 'the' teenage Pop Group album. It's full of defiance and the material demonstrates the band's staunch independence and our really early DIY ethic before the studio became another instrument."

                                                                                                                    'Cabinet Of Curiosities', the nine-track compilation includes the fractured future-funk single "Where There's A Will," described by Sager [guitar] as "The group's best attempt to mix a message with a groove plus some real free playing. If you are really unhinged you may be able to dance to this."
                                                                                                                    Also included is the original previously unreleased version of "She Is Beyond Good And Evil," probably the band's most infamous song. The set continues with BBC John Peel session tracks "We Are Time" and "Words Disobey Me," and rounds up previously unreleased songs, "Abstract Heart" and "Karen's Car," and other alternative versions.

                                                                                                                    The Pop Group was born in Bristol in 1977 out of a disenchantment with punk failing to bust out of its rock origins. With mystical fire, enraged by global injustices, the group delivered scathing political and society-indicting messages aboard a post-apocalypse rollercoaster, ferociously straddling their beloved free jazz, conscious funk, heavyweight dub and audacious experimentalism.

                                                                                                                    "It's one of those moments when the cogs of your mind shift and your life is going to irreversibly change forever" - Nick Cave on hearing The Pop Group for the first time.

                                                                                                                    The Pop Group

                                                                                                                    Cabinet Of Curiosities

                                                                                                                      Cabinet Of Curiosities is a brand new, nine-track compilation which kicks off with the fractured future-funk single 'Where There's A Will', described by Sager [guitarist] as "The group's best attempt to mix a message with a groove plus some real free playing. If you are really unhinged you may be able to dance to this."

                                                                                                                      Next up is the unheard, original previously unreleased version of 'She Is Beyond Good And Evil', probably the band's most infamous song and more recently covered by St Vincent on the Jimmy Fallon show and throughout her Strange Mercy tour. 'Cabinet Of Curiosities' continues with BBC John Peel session tracks 'We Are Time' and 'Words Disobey Me', and rounds up previously unreleased songs 'Abstract Heart' and 'Karen's Car', plus other alternative versions.

                                                                                                                      Mark Stewart describes 'Cabinet Of Curiosities' as being of similar status to a lost Pop Group album. The release will also be available as part of a limited CD box set (The Pop Group 'Curiosities') accompanied by memorabilia and an extensive 36pp booklet.

                                                                                                                      The Pop Group was born in Bristol in 1977 out of a disenchantment with punk failing to bust out of its rock origins. With mystical fire, enraged by global injustices, the group delivered scathing political and society-indicting messages aboard a post-apocalypse rollercoaster, ferociously straddling their beloved free jazz, conscious funk, heavyweight dub and audacious experimentalism.

                                                                                                                      The LP version is on 180g heavyweight vinyl version and includes a download card of rarities by The Pop Group.

                                                                                                                      The Pop Group

                                                                                                                      We Are Time

                                                                                                                        We Are Time, named after one of their most infamous onslaughts and originally released on vinyl in 1980, has been remastered from original tape s and available on CD for the first time and limited vinyl.

                                                                                                                        Of the early studio and live recordings that comprise We Are Time, frontman Mark Stewart says "We Are Time is really 'the' teenage Pop Group album. It's full of defiance and the material demonstrates the band's staunch independence and our really early DIY ethic before the studio became another instrument."

                                                                                                                        Guitarist Gareth Sager explains that the band was "trying in an inexplicably naive manner to combine Patti Smith's Rimbaud ramblings, James Brown, the Stooges, Roxy Music, T.Rex and classical aleatoric music. You can hear the results of this on tracks 'Genius Or Lunatic', 'Colour Blind', 'Trap', 'Sense Of Purpose', 'Kiss The Book' and 'We Are Time." He goes on to say "soon after this the band were bringing in other influences, Ornette Coleman, King Tubby, Funkadelic, Debussy, Jacques Brel, Fela Kuti, Steve Reich and then you get 'Thief Of Fire'."

                                                                                                                        The Pop Group was born in Bristol in 1977 out of a disenchantment with punk failing to bust out of its rock origins. With mystical fire, enraged by global injustices, the group delivered scathing political and society - indicting messages aboard a post-apocalypse rollercoaster, ferociously straddling their beloved free jazz, conscious funk, heavyweight dub and audacious experimentalism.

                                                                                                                        "It's one of those moments when the cogs of your mind shift and your life is going to irreversibly change forever" – Nick Cave on hearing The Pop Group for the first time.

                                                                                                                        De Los Miedos

                                                                                                                        Edits Vol 1

                                                                                                                          Östra Discos brings the first 2 track edit bundle of the finest Turkish music, edited by De Los Miedos. De Los Miedos aka Sebastião Delerue is a Lisbon based DJ starting making Persian music edits in 2013, bringing the mid oriental cosmic vibes to the nightlife clubs around the city, infecting everyone with his musical trip.

                                                                                                                          Craig clouse - aka shit and shine - follows up his stunning ‘powder horn’ release on diagonal with this brand new set of pure heat for gangsigns. Clocking in at just over 31 minutes, this brand new lp pushes on from the last just that little bit further, chopping and screwing it’s way from the dancefloor to the slow jam in six easy steps. From the all drums blazing assault of ‘be careful’ to the drexiyan groove of ‘cant be trusted’ via the biggie click of ‘catapilllar’ this is red hot from the get go. Then do the flip for the kdj bounce of ‘greenskul’, the smoothed out ‘welly too far away’ and the looped funk that is ‘what’s wrong with me’ and you got end to end burners. Once again craig continues to be one of the most important and original producers out there.
                                                                                                                          Ross Allen - "shit and shine are obviously a bunch of funked up weirdos and I like it (sorry thats the wrong cameo record…) sweet like candy !!!!"
                                                                                                                          Powell - 'I love Craig with all my heart because he makes records like this'
                                                                                                                          Jaime (Diagnol) - 'Craig Clouse:Man of the Year 2014'
                                                                                                                          DJ Feedback - 'The eye-crushing artwork itself rendered me bedridden for three weeks. As for the actual record, it can be best delineated as a pre-Apocalyptic journey into the worst excesses of post-illbient trunk funk. And the tracklisting is in alphabetical order, which is a nice touch'

                                                                                                                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                          Ltd 12" Info: 180g vinyl

                                                                                                                          Austere make a welcome with a various artists four tracker. Featuring four varied cuts ranging from techno tinged house to bass heavy beatdown! Life Recorder kicks things off in his own unique style which never disappoints. Next up is Arnheim, a newcomer with a very mature sounding jazzy house number. Gradul Lashton takes things back into house territory with an infectious 303 laden groove. Finally, Fat Dog comes and drops the tempo and the bottom end with a sublime track to finish.

                                                                                                                          A dream and a trip into de pure House music, subtle and dynamic born with this 001 of Discos Nutabe. From the Aburrá Valley, Colombia, perpetuating the essence of music in time with limited vinyl copies is their purpose.

                                                                                                                          For this first cut, we present the debut of DCM with his “Orígenes”, a record that has a very noble sentiment: the revival of classic House music which only causes movement, in body and soul.

                                                                                                                          NDATL continues with future talent Stefan Ringer aka REKchampa. After a chance meeting he submitted "The Fix" and the rest is the present! Featured at last year's NDATL's annual DeepDetroit party "The Fix" was a highlight. The unique chord structure & shuffling drums keep the crowd enthralled until the break that will make you remember "The Fix". Stefan's diversity is further shown in the quirky downtempo duet with vocalist Afua. The flip features the sexy aggressiveness of "Meagangood" inspired by the beauty of the same name. "MYM" debuted on Kai Alcé's seminal Boiler Room set in London. This midtempo let's u know by the end of the groove you'll be his. "Transitions" wraps up this eclectic EP with sleazy cords & Quasimoto styled vocals and just enough bump! Pick this up as this is future classic!

                                                                                                                          Ob Ignitt

                                                                                                                          Let Me Show You

                                                                                                                          O B Ignitt returns with his Obonit imprint. A doozy of an EP, Ignitt serves up his last Reese Cup on the A side, while Omar S gives us a mix of Ignitt's own "Let It Do What It Does". Perfecto.

                                                                                                                          Sleaford Mods


                                                                                                                            2 track 12” with etched side , Fizzy is a studio recording and was recorded in the summer of 2012 , 'Urine Mate' (welcome to the club) was recorded live at the German club Skalitzer Berlin August 24th 2013 featuring John Paul who does the introduction to the song . Anton Newcombe met the band online and as a fan of the band wanted to release a single on his label , 'Urine Mate' (welcome to the club) is an exclusive version of this track to this release , Fizzy can be found on the album Austerity Dogs released 2013 on Harbinger Sound.

                                                                                                                            Jason says 'Fizzy' was inspired by the many thousands of psychopathic managers and supervisors that terrorise low paid workers throughout the world on a daily basis. I've modelled this song on one cunt in particular but it is by no means an isolated experience. As for 'Urine Mate' (welcome to the club) Jason comments describes in detail Nottingham's Mansfield Road. A haven for the actual results of modern England. Destitute, full of characters and betting shop drug traders.



                                                                                                                              Redinho’s always been different. Debuting on Numbers in 2010, his Bare Blips EP showcased an artist with no desire to fit into the landscape of the time. Darting between styles and tempos across six tracks that drew from grime, hip­hop, funk and more, the only constant on Bare Blips’ tracks was that they kicked back – or, at least, remained blissfully ignorant – of the 130bpm house that the rest of the UK was gravitating towards.

                                                                                                                              On his first album, Redinho finds the perfect solution to being out of step – creating his own world to fit into. Across 15 tracks, including acclaimed past singles ‘Searching’ and ‘Stay Together’, Redinho conjures up visions of the deep sea, deep space, not­so­deep jacuzzi parties and everything between, binding them together into an aesthetic that's both stylish and starry­eyed. Drum machine­driven ‘80s funk is a key influence here, as it always has been with Redinho and Numbers, but where Redinho excels is how sublimely he combines it with other genres: the 'hey' chants and drum patterns of Atlanta hip­hop on ‘Playing with Fire’, Detroit techno on ‘Shem’, the freeform dreamscapes of ‘Bubbles’, 707­driven Chicago house on ‘Going Nowhere‘ and downtrodden electronica on ‘Say I Want You’.

                                                                                                                              It only takes a few tracks to realise that Redinho’s studied the ‘80s, and the sounds and dynamics that make that style work, but this is far from a throwback album. With a masterful modern sheen and links to contemporary pop and hip­hop, it’s hard to imagine it being released any time but now.

                                                                                                                              Deejay Deer was born and raised in the Bavarian wilderness and is to our knowledge the first forest dwelling animal to use the prefix ‘Deejay’.
                                                                                                                              Deejay Deer produces music of such high quality and depth that most people think he’s a true pro who has been hiding in a studio for the past 20 years.
                                                                                                                              Deejay Deer is hiding in the woods to protect himself from all the fake producers in the city.

                                                                                                                              One of London’s most vital parties, continues it’s growth as a label with the next vinyl instalment of the highly sought after HOT EP series from their co-boss : HOT 004 by Rushmore

                                                                                                                              This vital continuation of the HOT EP series sees Rushmore back at the helm with 5 powerful dance floor trax. We see a very unique blend of ballroom, club and grime influences on a similar palette to his last EP [HOT003] with some added sparks of new direction.

                                                                                                                              Halfway through their second year, a capsule clothing range under their belt and more of the same to come…stay watching these guys!...

                                                                                                                              We all know Fred Ventura, and it’s nice to see that he is coming back again with a new track, co-written and co-produced with Phil R., who along with having been a respected deep house and electronic music producer for years, is now wellknown for owning the only Italian factory of vinyl records: Phonopress.

                                                                                                                              The track is a classic italo disco anthem, and there is an alternative, more “italo-funky-disco” version in the B-side. The sound and the track’s structure overall are the typical ones from the mid 80’s.

                                                                                                                              This record is a must-have for all italo-disco lovers, oldtimers, Fred Ventura’s fans and collectors.

                                                                                                                              The finishing is high-end, with a cover coated with opaque UV, black innersleeves, and shrinkwrapping. The limited, multicolored splatter 180g edition manufactured with manual presses comes with a special sticker in the upper-left corner.


                                                                                                                              Gimme Love - Remastered

                                                                                                                              Second outstanding release on ARCHIVIO FONOGRAFICO's sub label BORDERLINE EDITIONS !
                                                                                                                              Limited remastered official re-issie originally out on the legendary S.P.Q.R. label

                                                                                                                              One of the most electronic italo records ever made. Originally a tribute for the Cellophane club in Rimini.

                                                                                                                              Wild Oats is proud to present the latest release from London artist K15.

                                                                                                                              Whether it’s making hypnotic head-nod heaters, or pulsating dance floor grooves, K15’s music always radiates soul and promise. He has been in the music scene in London for a while, but is a bit of an unsung hero in our eyes. His skill of mixing genres is unmatched. Pulling from different influences regardless of genre or era is what gives his music its distinct style.

                                                                                                                              "Insecurities" is K15's debut on Wild Oats; a 5-track EP with sampled dancefloor classics, re-works, and original music.

                                                                                                                              Andrew Liles

                                                                                                                              The Equestrian Vortex

                                                                                                                                Death Waltz Recording Company in association with director Peter Strickland and audio historian Andrew Liles are proud to present the world premiere release of a true classic of Italian cinema: the 1977 giallo The Equestrian Vortex. A tale of a coven of witches presiding under a riding academy, the film has been hailed by both critics and detractors as one of the most disturbing pictures ever made, with much of the credit going to the film's soundtrack. Supervised by director Giancarlo Santini and created by sound engineer Gilderoy, The Equestrian Vortex is less a score and more a journey into the unconscious, where ghosts swirl with ethereal drones as screams echo into the night. Adding to this is the conspiratorial dialogue from actresses Silvia, Claudia, and Elisa, reading bizarre incantations that unleash the full horror of what lies beneath. We dare you to come out unscathed from the bloodcurdling terror that is The Equestrian Vortex.

                                                                                                                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                                Ltd 10" Info: One off pressing of 300 on yellow and blue swirl vinyl.


                                                                                                                                The Prins Thomas Versions

                                                                                                                                  A true surprise best seller in our 2014 release schedule, VERMONT's eponymous full-length debut also introduced the public to an astonishingly different musical side of the project's founders MARCUS WORGULL and DANILO PLESSOW (of Motor City Drum Ensemble fame). An album worth of adventurous jam sessions and sleek synth soundscapes, it rather drew from sonic curiosity and the spirit of informal collaboration than the laser-like focus of the club tunes both producers have become known for.

                                                                                                                                  With VERMONT „THE PRINS THOMAS VERSIONS“, another revered hero of contemporary dance floors enters the stage, as Norwegian disco connoisseur and bootleg expert PRINS THOMAS plunges into three brilliant reworks that emphasize the rhythmic elements of original cuts DYNAMIK, ELEKTRON and MACCHINA without betraying their laid-back vibe. He does so by turning to airier variants of classic dance music styles - Techno, House, even a hint of Dub Reggae, for good measure - and let them do the legwork. The result presents itself as thrusting as needed and as relaxed as possible.

                                                                                                                                  Various Artists

                                                                                                                                  Eskimo Recordings Presents - The Green Collection

                                                                                                                                    Eskimo Recordings brings you ‘The Green Collection’, the third installment in a new compilation series on Eskimo based around colours. It’s the follow-up to ‘The Pink Collection’ and ‘The Blue Collection’ (Mixmag Compilation Of The Month), the lauded first two chapters in this enterprising series.

                                                                                                                                    Once again, the acclaimed Ghent based imprint selected 12 brand new songs with exquisite care. An effortless journey encompassing a range of sounds through indie dance, nu disco and electronica, it’s reassuring to find that Eskimo still stands for timeless quality and originality.



                                                                                                                                      PAN is excited to announce the release of Objekt’s debut album, Flatland. Written between 2012 and 2014, Flatland follows up a succession of dynamic single releases from his base in Berlin, including the recent split 12” with Dopplereffekt on Leisure System, Cactus b/w Porcupine on Hessle Audio and three 12” singles on his eponymous white label series.

                                                                                                                                      His recorded work so far has toyed with techno and electro conventions and has turned dancefloor tropes on their head, tickling the boundaries of what can or can’t constitute an effective club record.

                                                                                                                                      Approaching the album format on its own terms, Objekt makes full use of the larger canvas to explore a framework of competing truths, multiple perspectives and conflicting accounts. Flatland imagines a world in which any scene can be seen from every angle at once.

                                                                                                                                      Semblances and cross-references entwine the eleven original tracks and Objekt’s existing record- ings, shaping a powerful and absorbing album that weaves between the alien and the hauntingly familiar.

                                                                                                                                      This is an effervescent body of work, its sound design evoking vivid imagery and conveying the same unmistakeable sense of detail and movement for which Objekt has become known. On his first attempt, Objekt has constructed a mature and multilayered album with its own story to tell, from whichever angle you choose to approach it.

                                                                                                                                      Lee Fields & The Expressions

                                                                                                                                      Just Can't Win / Still Gets Me Down

                                                                                                                                        Another Truth & Soul must have, an instant classic two sider.

                                                                                                                                        Truth & Soul is proud to present the "Just Can't Win" b/w "Still Gets Me Down" 45. Two incredible tracks from Lee's Emma Jean LP with the super fresh boxing glove art labels.

                                                                                                                                        Side A "Just Can't Win" is a sure shot with the punching drums and heavy production covered by Lee's in the pocket lyrics paying homage to persistence and dedication.

                                                                                                                                        Side B is "Still Gets Me Down" an epic mid tempo ballad about the lingering feeling of an ex even long after life has moved on.

                                                                                                                                        Typical slamming production from T&S with Lee over the cinematic arrangements.

                                                                                                                                        Delia Derbyshire And Anthony Newley

                                                                                                                                        Moogies Bloogies

                                                                                                                                          This rare and until now, unissued recording started life way back in 1966. It was written by the multi-talented Anthony Newley (who also wrote hits such as “Feeling Good”, “Goldfinger”, the “Willy Wonka” soundtrack music etc), maybe for a pop release, but possibly - bearing in mind the kinky nature of the lyrics - for an experimental British TV show he was working on at the time. Unusually he wanted some electronic backgrounds for his words, and so called in the help of Delia Derbyshire, moonlighting from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. They met at her flat in Maida Vale to discuss the project and he commissioned her. Legend has it that Joan and Jackie Collins gave Newley a lift there and were waiting outside for him in the car (Joan went on to marry Newley). By the time the tracks were finally completed Newley was already on his way to the USA for further acting and songwriting commitments, and the track has remained in his archive ever since.

                                                                                                                                          One listen to “Moogies Bloogies” and you can tell this is classic Newley, with his hooky lyrics burying themselves deep in your brain, and his delivery demonstrating clearly his strong influence on artists such as David Bowie and Damon Albarn. Also, you hear how superbly Delia’s sound compliments his delivery. It’s a work of double genius. To be slightly clearer on Newley’s influences, he used the rare East End slang term “Bloogies” which means “off colour, not quite feeling yourself”.

                                                                                                                                          According to Martin Guy at, Derbyshire’s “Moogies Bloogies” backing originates from simple sine tones, and “Delia spent 64½ hours working on this piece every day from the 2nd to the 11th of August 1966 including a single monster session of 16½ hours on the 9th and a "radical rethink" on the night of Wednesday 10th”. The music was also played out once (we assume without the lyrics and without Newley) at one of the Unit Delta Plus legendary concert events.

                                                                                                                                          Apparently Derbyshire was originally not too pleased with the musical results, but came to love “Moogies Bloogies” later in her life.

                                                                                                                                          We can’t escape the fact that that this unique recording is the result of a most extraordinary and wholly unexpected collaboration, a bizarre blip in the history of both these fascinating and important artists; it’s the first we know of Delia collaborating for a pop idea. And the first time we know of Newley working with electronics. Thanks to this first ever pressing they can begin a whole new trip into the minds of musical collectors everywhere.

                                                                                                                                          The release is scheduled for 6th October. Both digital and physical will be issued on that day. As both artists have strong fan-bases we will be attempting to get the record in the top 100 for that week. It would be the first time Derbyshire makes it to the charts. And about time too.

                                                                                                                                          The Budos Band

                                                                                                                                          Burnt Offering

                                                                                                                                            The Budos Band return with Burnt Offering; a wild, booze-fueled ride of hazy riffs and take- no-prisoners horn lines that summons the occult – an evolved sound for this mighty 10-piece band sparked by their love of Black Sabbath and Pentagram.

                                                                                                                                            Burnt Offering was recorded live in the studio, engineered and produced by Tom Brenneck, a founding member and guitarist in The Budos Band who runs Dunham Records and Studios. It was written at the band’s longtime Staten Island studio, where they’ve gathered for weekly rehearsals for over fifteen years. The haunting album cover was created by drummer Brian Profilio, a NYC public school art teacher.

                                                                                                                                            The new album is dripping with the psychedelic sounds of early heavy metal fused with the tight-knit propulsion of Fela Kuti. “The Sticks” kicks off with a snarling riff seamlessly doubled on bass and guitar and unfurls into sludgy breakdowns and searing guitars.

                                                                                                                                            Don Carlos

                                                                                                                                            Wipe The Wicked Clean

                                                                                                                                              Born Don McCarlos,he processes one of reggae’s most distinctive voices.
                                                                                                                                              His vocal mannerisms being instantly recognisable over a tune ,yet he remains one of Jamaica’s best kept secrets. We look back to some of his finest moments that set the tone for his popularity that was to follow in the Dancehall period of Reggae.

                                                                                                                                              He began his musical career in 1973,when alongside Garth Dennis and Derrick Ducky Simpson he formed one of Reggaes foremost groups Black Uhuru.

                                                                                                                                              He then joined Wailing Souls before going solo under his shorter name Don Carlos. We find this set hard to beat as most of his classis are represented here and hope you find some magic as we have unearthing and compiling these lost treasures...

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