Hello World

    Following sold out releases on Common Edits and Normals Welcome, up and coming Canadian producer Khotin drops his debut LP on Fauxpas. Expect warm and mellow house grooves spread lovingly over six tracks as the young producer invites us into his world.


    LP Info: LP comes with a high quality silkscreen cover, download code and there will be a small edition of coloured vinyl. Vinyl tastes better …

    Jana Kirschner


    ana Kirschner - a child of the bear and blueberry soaked forests of the geographical Centre of Europe, the land locked land now known as Slovakia; mushrooms, berries, and nuts were her toys, the folk songs of Slovaks, Roma, and the Magyar, her education..... Winning spandex clad dance comps at 8 years old down the local "Dom Kulture" - culture house - disturbingly garish singing competitions by 12, and early forays into songwriting via misguided western wannabe production.... the surest route to 90's era Slovakian stardom.

    Jana's changed course so abruptly so frequently in her now eight album career no one dare guess her next move, yet with Muzika she's landed, and announced, HERE is music, a celebration, no rules, pompous, bombastic, Day-Glo nonsense, it could only come from central Europe, it should be awful yet it's somehow brilliant, the one single lyric "Muzika" repeats as mantra with Krautrock drums and baroque-esque vocal arrangements and blankets of analogue synths ("Kraut Barock"?!).... What? Why? Because: Musika! That’s why. No more need be said. It will leave no lover of true music behind.

    On the flip side, the antithesis: Prophet 5 circular pattern from start to close on a slow 3/4, again one single word "Idu" (they're coming or they're going) repeated in up to four part harmony, glossing, and sliding in and out of standard tonality.... an ABABA form where the A is instrumented by cello & clarinet, and the B is taken in turn by Cimbalom and Marimba. Time stands still. A dream rest after the revolution of Muzika is complete.

    Central European music is ALIVE!

    Mandrill / Curiosity Killed The Cat

    Jungle Mango / Name And Number - Jim Sharp / Naughty NMX Rerubs

      The second release from Dusty Donuts cooks up summer in the winter with two Native Tongues inspired edits. Naughty NMX currently residing in Hamburg via London and Berlin, brings his classic b-boy style to the table on production duties. On side A we have 'Jungle Mango', which takes Mandrill's 1970s afro-tinted funk breaker 'Mango Meat' as its base layer, throwing in a sample from Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel's 'White Lines' along the way. A nod to the days of instinctive rhythms and happy go lucky dancefloors. The inspiration for De La Soul's 'Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)' ('Name And Number' by 80s blue-eyed jazz-poppers Curiosity Killed The Cat no less) gets reconstructed with De La hip hop beats - get it? If not, then I’ll, get back, to you.

      Jorge Ben

      Ben è Samba Bom - LP + CD Edition

        “Once in a while, an unexplained phenomena emerges in popular music. Other times, artists of real value are surprisingly swallowed by the abyss of anonymity. But what rarely happens is the emerging of a truly authentic talent - not only in popular preference - but also in selling records. In other words, someone with proven artistic ability to get beat in the music scene with full mainstream acceptance. This happened to Jorge Ben, he’s became one of the most prominent exponent of Brazilian music. This is his third legendary LP, and as usual features some of the best arrangers in the genre such as: Meirelles. Nelson and Gaya (...)”

        Bart Davenport

        Girl Gotta Way - Peaking Lights Remixes

          LA's finest Peaking Lights give Bart Davenport a dubby synth makeover with a California sunset flavour.

          After releasing his Physical World album on vinyl and cd with us earlier this year, on cassette with the über everything Burger Records, and subsequently premiering it on Pitchfork, Bart Davenport officially became the King of Cool. Surely you can't get much hipper than that? The thing is, you can. Because lo and behold, we have a remix of El Barto's "Girl Gotta Way" by none other than Peaking Lights. On 10" vinyl. With a stick-on beard tucked in the sleeve. Okay, no beard. But the other stuff is true.

          Without losing any of the melancholy of the original, our LA friends come up with a Balearic-via-West Coast affair, replacing some of the nostalgic sounding guitars with equally longing keyboards and gorgeous synth lines, invoking the sounds of Ryuichi Sakamoto's "Beauty". Score!

          Various Artists

          Nik Weston Presents Two Sides Of Club Jazz

            Two Sides Of Club Jazz does exactly what it says on the tin. Two club fillers from Italy & Japan. First up it's a moment of funky modal madness from legendary Bologna pianist Marco Di Marco :

            ''Par Avion '' is a seminal jazz classic as championed by the likes of Gilles Peterson ,Nicola Conte & Patrick Forge. Swinging, floor-focussed foot-shoving, between the three elements (slink double bass, subtly brushed drums and Marco's piano narrative) it's a timeless example of jazz's most alluring party guise. For the flipside we fast forward for a lush, lounge-languishing slice of smoky broken beat drama from Jazz Collective via Tokyo Japan with their masterpiece and charismatic 'Velvet'' with an exclusively recorded version for Mukatsuku Records.

            Harry J Allstars


              Reissue of the classic 1969 album.

              ‘Liquidator’ was a massive hit in Jamaica and Top 10 in the UK and it spawned this 12 track instrumental favourite.

              Includes instrumental versions of Jamaican vocal favourites alongside covers of pop classics ‘Je T’aime’, ‘My Cherie Amour’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Down’

              Don Drummond

              Memorial Album

                May 2009 marks the 40th anniversary since Jamaica lost one of its best-loved sons - the legendary trombonist, Don Drummond. Educated at Kingston's famed Alpha Boys School, Drummond later achieved pre-eminence as one of Jamaica's premier musicians, playing an integral role in the celebrated Skatalites band in the early 60s. But soon after, while at the height of his success, his career ended in tragic circumstances: found guilty of murdering his long-term girlfriend, dancer, Marguerita, the troubled hornsman was sentenced to spend the remainder of his days in custody, and on May 6th 1969, he was found dead in his cell, the official verdict given as death by natural causes. Following Drummond's death, producer Duke Reid paid tribute to the much-loved musician with a collection comprised of re-mastered reggae mixes of a dozen of his early ska works. Released by Trojan as the "Memorial Album", the set illustrated how the trombonist's talent could transcend genres and became an immediate best-seller for the company. Now, 40 years on, this classic set is made available once more, bolstered by 37 bonus tracks from the Treasure Isle catalogue, including the original ska mixes of the tracks, as well as the entire contents of the "Skatalite" LP from 1964. The result is not only a fitting tribute to one of Jamaica's most iconic figures, but also the most comprehensive compilation of Duke Reid's pre-1965 work yet to see issue.

                Dave & Ansel Collins

                Double Barrel - The Best Of

                  This is the first ever definitive collection of Dave and Ansel Collins, both as a duo and as individual performers. Included are the pair's two UK chart hits from 1971, alongside a selection of well-known and rare sides from the late 60s and early 70s, many of which appear on CD for the first time.

                  Big Youth

                  Screaming Target

                    Recently acclaimed as one of the most important reggae albums of all time in Q magazines 'reggae special' "Screaming Target" set a new standard in terms of deejay albums. Originally issued in 1972, the collection is filled to the brim with Jamaican hits and illustrates Big Youth at his most devastating, as he MC's with style and wit over some of the hardest hitting rhythms of the day. 34 years on this ground-breaking album still sounds fresh.

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    CD Info: Remastered CD features 14 tracks of bonus dub, vocal and deejay cuts.


                    Shore EP - Feat. Jelani Blackman And Brian Eno

                      Attention to detail and labouring over those finer points in order to achieve perfection are enough to drive one close to nervousness, when you couple that with a prolific work ethic then the results can be all encompassing if not somewhat overwhelming. Sylas fulfill these traits in abundance and with that, a depth and sincerity to their sound that already feels fully-formed yet with countless avenues for exploration and experimentation.

                      Recorded between South London and Frankfurt, the ‘Shore’ EP is structured around layer upon layer of vocals and a number of sonic elements, those that have been meticulously constructed, revisited, put to rest and reworked back into the state that deliver their first musical offerings. ‘Hollow’ delivers a certain fractured immediacy, an example of that meticulous focus of detail and execution, whereas lead track ‘Shore’ adopts a line straight to your core, it’s steady pace given room to breath builds and flourishes, it’s as much what you leave out as you put in.

                      Their musical affluence has a magnetism that even before any of their output exists outside of their own hands, a chance introduction with Brian Eno resulted in a relationship that lead to the duo collaborating with Eno on a number of projects and in return, Eno featuring on the closing track of their EP.


                      10 Futures

                        Matt Hales has made this year’s most surprising album. Less a departure from Aqualung’s past as a forward-looking fresh start, the aptly-titled ‘10 Futures’ is the sound of an artist gleefully abandoning boundaries, confounding expectations and, most importantly, having fun. ’10 Futures’ is precisely what it advertises on the tin – ten innovative songs that pursue an adventurous path with no precedent and will be released 19th January through BMG Chrysalis.

                        Five years ago, Hales swapped south London for the mountains of California, a move that transformed his life overnight and his career almost as quickly. He was, he announced, done with Aqualung after the release of his fifth album, 2010’s Magnetic North. His plan to produce and write for other artists went better than he could have dreamt. Jason Mraz, Alex Clare, Birdy, Paloma Faith and Rihanna collaborator Mikky Ekko were among those who knocked on his new studio door. He had a song, ‘Cold’, on the first Twilight soundtrack and commissions for adverts and TV series.

                        The prospect of making a new album, however, was left burrowing in Hales’s brain. Gradually, he realised the solution was staring him in the face. He should apply all he had learnt in the last few years to his own songs, collaborate rather than create in a bubble and be bold enough to break out of the box that Aqualung had become.

                        A glance at the album’s track list tells the tale. Seven of the ten songs feature guest vocalists; two of those that don’t were co-written. As diverse as the list of guests – which range from Lianne La Havas and Luke Sital-Singh to Glaswegian electro trio Prides and art-rock band Sweet Billy Pilgrim – are the styles of music they dip in and out of. From the R&B-meets-TV theme tune madness of first single ‘Tape 2 Tape’, sung by Joel Compass, and the distortion and strings-accompanied piano ballad ‘Seventeens’ to the frisky, Paul Simon-meets-Prince pop of ‘Shame On Me’, featuring Australian singer Josef Salvat, and the choral-influenced ambient beauty of ‘Everything’. Second single to be taken from the album will be ‘Eggshells’, featuring the exquisite voice of Lianne La Havas and has been co-produced by Howard Lawrence.

                        Every song tells a story, but rather than traditional tales of love, life or loss, they are stories of sound (often found sound), of methods of creation and of the process of collaboration.‘Heart’, which Hales wrote with Micky Ekko, came from a discussion about making your own instruments. The pair took a tom-tom out to the driveway and recorded it, as well as birds and a bit of traffic. That was the loop that started the song and, hence, makes it unique. Hales quotes “lots of sounds were made from other sounds. If you’re trying to shed the singer/songwriter skin, the last thing you want is to be playing piano all the time”. 10 Futures’ really is the sound of Aqualung revived, reinvigorated and fearlessly reinvented.

                        Jordan De La Sierra

                        Gymnosphere: Song Of The Rose

                          Before New Age hit terra firms at the dawn of the 1980s, the classically-trained Bay Area composer Jordan De La Sierra’s consciousness soared with cosmic concepts. With cues and lessons from the great minimalists La Monte Young,Terry Riley, Pandit Pran Nath, and help from the venerable public radio program Hearts of Space, De La Sierra embarked on a journey in alternate tunings and resounding reverberations, transporting entranced listeners from the Golden Gates to the intergalactic. Take an interstellar ride on the sensory engulfing space piano with this lovingly recreated double LP set, complete with De La Sierra’s India-inspired visual artwork and musings on the tableau of space.


                          She's All Over You

                            Limited 7” from Cowbells second album ‘Skeleton Soul’ Exclusive b-side, a cover of Ray Charles' 'Unchain My Heart' Jack Sandham and Wednesday Lyle have been playing together as Cowbell since late 2009 when they got together for a late night jam session and things took off from there.

                            Three 7” singles followed over the next 18 months and they signed to Damaged Goods in 2012.. Imagine a band with the guitar twang of The Cramps over jungle-tribal drums, covering The Zombies and you're somewhere close.

                            Psychic Ills


                              The first proper full-length release from New York City sonic explorers Psychic Ills. With a long string of bombastic performances behind them, the band entered the studio ready to create a record out of the incendiary compositions they'd been perfecting live. The result shows the band moving beyond their astounding live dynamic of guitar theatrics and polyrhythmic madness, seamlessly blending nontraditional instrumentation and studio improvisation into the process.

                              Nick Mott

                              Here Begins The Great Destroyer

                                Nick Mott, previously known mostly for his work in and as a founding member of the eclectic group, Volcano The Bear, has since his departure been forging a path very much his own as, largely, a solo artist. A couple of other projects aside, namely Skeleton Birds & the Number of God and Spectral Armies, his work under his own name commenced in 2011 via a one-sided 7”/art package also released on Lumberton Trading Company. Limited to 100 copies and featuring a print of his own incredible and unique fine art, this sold out very quickly and set the course for a second edition and, indeed, in 2012, an LP, The Visitors, on Alt Vinyl.Similar to his drawings or art experiments with photocopied collages, his music beams in from some kind of distorted or fractured reality more focussed on those murkier twilight places the likes of H.P. Lovecraft cast their imaginations into.

                                As the ten pieces on Here Begins the Great Destroyer pay witness to, a world of unfolding electronic textures, uneasy tones, rhythmic bursts and general sense of things not being quite as they seem serve as Nick’s main preoccupations. However, this is no daft ‘dark ambient’ muck. Rather, like certain other artists on LTCo, it uncomfortably resides in a space where the likes of Ranaldo & the Loaf, Tuxedo Moon, Nurse With Wound and Andrew Liles each all crawled from. A space, essentially, few others would dare, or wish, to venture to in the first instance. Of course, there is a crooked humour evident, too, as no artist can truly traverse such places without it. Well, at least not if they want to keep their sanity more or less functioning…

                                Here Begins the Great Destroyer is the first step towards what will, in due course, become a deluxe box set also containing an art booklet and vinyl by Nick Mott. The idea being that this release will not only promote it but can be added to the box set once ready by those interested in ordering it. More info is on the website.In the meantime, this album exists in its own right via this digipak CD, which is limited to 300 and will not be reprinted. Mastered, as often the case for a LTCo release, by Sion Orgon (known equally as a solo artist and working affiliate of Thighpaulsandra and the now unfortunately and tragically defunct Coil, amongst others), Here Begins the Great Destroyer is an album for those amongst us who command a more challenging listening experience.

                                King Of Cats

                                Working Out

                                  King of Cats - the project of Brighton-cum-Oxford songwriter Max Levy - will release a debut album, 'Working Out' through Art Reeks, the collaborative label by Art Is Hard and Reeks of Effort Records (ran by members of Joanna Gruesome). Recorded by Johnathan Coddington in a big room with crystals, 'Working Out' is influenced variously by Internet radio, indeterminacy, Reeks of Effort (bands and people), the ability to buy guns from the internet, the muscular form and the village of Eynsham. It is a complex, frustrated and often funny record featuring cameos from members of Joanna Gruesome and Ides, who (along with a revolving cast of DIY musicians) comprise Levy’s live band. Lyrical and sonic comparisons can be made to Stephin Merrit, Scout Niblett, Alasdair Roberts or Frankie Cosmos and elements of the D.I.Y indiepop and punk scenes King of Cats inhabits often shine through. But the sound and personality of “Working Out” lacks a derivative quality, partly due to Max’s totally distinctive, powerful singing voice. ““Most of the songs have something to do with the fear of being trapped in a feeble body, dreams of a muscular form and the relationship between one’s environment, one’s body and one’s being an idiot. I don’t work out a lot, but I think about it often”.

                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                  Ltd LP Info: Limited Edition (250 only) pink vinyl LP.

                                  Will Butler


                                    Will Butler has been a member of the band Arcade Fire for over 10 years. This is his first release under his own name.

                                    Policy is American music - in the tradition of the Violent Femmes, The Breeders, The Modern Lovers, Bob Dylan, Smokey Robinson, The Magnetic Fields, Ghostface Killah. And John Lennon (I know, but it counts). Music where the holy fool runs afoul of the casual world.

                                    Policy was recorded in one week in Jimi Hendrix’s old living room (upstairs at Electric Lady Studios). Jeremy Gara played drums; other musicians contributed woodwinds and backing vocals. Most everything else was played by Will.

                                    The song structures are traditional; the arrangements are clean. The music is experimental only in that it attacks consistency as a requirement for sincerity. The songs are angry, loving, joking, tired, honest, idiotic. They clash against each other but also fit and work together - as if a blind watchmaker made a Frankenstein watch that came alive and told extremely accurate time while having conflicting feelings about its creator. No, about creation itself. But then the watch makes friends with a talking rat, and they go on hilarious adventures until it turns out that the rat was dead the whole time. With a really good credits song - I mean, the whole soundtrack is excellent. You should check it out.


                                    Awww! / Degrease

                                      Second release from MDDA on In My Own Sweet Time Recordings, after a stellar debut that received support from the likes of Pangaea & Midland. More innovative Techno sounds, invoking elements from the best releases of early DMZ, Aphex Twin, Drexciya etc. Seriously killer material from a truly interesting producer.

                                      Various Artists

                                      Drum Attack (Lost DJ Weapons From The 1990s)

                                        Optimo Trax 11 is ALL about the drums.

                                        This Illumination track from 1998 has been a long time favourite of Twitch's that can instantly change the atmosphere in a club, sounds like very little else, is eminently mixable and great fun to mix with. It was only when the master arrived that the realisation came that for all these years he had been playing it at the wrong speed! It is meant to be slow but Twitch had always played it at 45 instead of 33. The vinyl version will be pressed so it can be played at either speed while the digital will be the sped up to the 45 version. It starts off soft and dubbed out until the almost overwhelming bass tones appear only to make way for apocalyptic drum cascades that on a good sound system truly sound like the end of the world.

                                        Mr. Marvin's "I Want You" came out on R&S offshoot Global Cuts in 1993. Made by Italian, Marvin Sasha, who under the name Sasha made a great series of timeless EPs around the same time, this is a hypnotic tribal gem with seemingly random, panning vocal interjections. Great in the mix but much more than a mere mixing tool.

                                        Lastly is Fuel's "Rigid" which came out on the UK label SCR in 1995 at the time when Chicago's Relief Records were taking over the more discerning DJs' record boxes. This sounds like it shares some DNA with one of the many crazy tracks or remixes Green Velvet was making at this time; Industrial strength, stroboscopic snare tattoos that will have you reaching out for the smoke machines on button every time.

                                        All three have been tried and tested countless times since they were originally released and come with an Optimo Trax guarantee that if played in the right way, at the right point in the night they will not fail to work on the dancefloor, or you get your money back.

                                        Mia Dora


                                          Glasgow's Mia Dora are responsible for the last Optimo Trax EP of 2014. This release came about after they sent the track Un.sub to Twitch earlier in the year. He went nuts over its cowbell delirium bump n' grind and it has been a constant secret weapon in his sets all year. When he found out it wasn't scheduled for release a notion formed for Optimo Trax to put it out and a few months later the Mia Dora guys delivered three other tracks to form an EP, including a track in collaboration with long time Glasgow doyen MASH.

                                          We live in a time of hyperbole overdose. We are told everything is "amazing", "essential", "massive", "killing it", "smashing it" etc. etc. to the point where we no longer given credit to make up our own minds. Optimo Trax attempts to cut through the bullshit by releasing records that hopefully speak for themselves. The label only releases tracks that we would play ourselves in a dj set and that we think will stand the test of time. We pride ourselves in having 27 years experience in this field and are happy if it takes time for people to catch on to our releases. If someone discovers our records in 2019 we believe they will still be as eminently playable in clubs as the day they were made. This is why our releases are all AA sides as we have 100% confidence in every track we release. With regards to the Un.sub EP, it was very difficult to decide which track should sit where on the EP as all four tracks could have been the A1. Think of this release a quadruple A side. If any of these fail to work on a dancefloor we will offer a full refund (and also offer tips on where you might be going wrong).

                                          Mia Dora and Optimo Trax thus give you four tracks of dancefloor delight, from Glasgow, with love. To celebrate our first year of releases, for this release, the usual Optimo Trax trademark red and black sleeve will be modified to be a blue and white one, representing the Scottish flag. As internationalists, we are generally opposed to flags but 2014 is a momentous year in our country's history and also, in our opinion the best year ever for music being produced here, so we felt like celebrating these things..

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Matt says: Absolute pressha from Optimo Trax. Their strongest release to date? I'll let you decide. Sound clips to follow but believe me this is pure H E A T

                                          Nikki Sudden

                                          Dark Rags At Dawn

                                            In founding Swell Maps, the post-punk prefacing Birmingham art-snots, Nikki Sudden and his drumming brother Epic Soundtracks charted new territory for racket and corrosive guitar. But after folding Swell Maps at the dawn of the ’80s, Nikki Sudden plowed through another decade’s worth of terrifically fertile ground. Drawing on his devotion to the Rolling Stones and T. Rex—alongside guitarist Dave Kusworth as Jacobites, plus a cheekily named cohort of British sidemen—Nikki Sudden cut a string of raw, inspired rock ‘n’ roll records, etched with double edged travel melancholia and hard-bitten punk dejection.

                                            This career-spanning 7LP box set compiles Sudden’s landmark solo LPs Waiting On Egypt and The Bible Belt, the Dave Kusworth-era LPs Jacobites and Robespierre’s Velvet Basement, Sudden’s Rowland S. Howard collaboration Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc, and his Creation-issued masterpieces Texas and Dead Men Tell No Tales. Limited to just 500 copies, this set also includes Sudden’s debut solo single “Back to The Start” b/w “Ringing On My Train”.

                                            Jonnie Common

                                            Trapped In Amber

                                              After releasing his debut album to great acclaim on Manchester indie Red Deer Club, Jonnie's second album come out on Edinburgh cottage industry Song, by Toad Records.

                                              Jonnie has the ability to make the oddest noises sound like the most approachable pop songs, and this album showcases that talent perfectly. If you look closely at how the songs are assembled you'll hear a lot of really odd noises, and yet the result is an album of lush, warm pop music.

                                              His lyrical ability is perhaps underrated as well, but as amusing as he can be, he can also be touching and subtle, as heartbreaking songs like So and So demonstrate. So this album may be enjoyable and fun, but there is depth here, both musically an emotionally, and it will stay with you longer than most other records in this sort of musical space.

                                              Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

                                              Baby Bye Bye

                                                Kitty, Daisy & Lewis are proud to unveil the release of ‘Baby Bye Bye’, the first single taken from their new album ‘Kitty, Daisy & Lewis The Third’, three years on since their hugely acclaimed ‘Smoking In Heaven’.

                                                Described as “a gift to those of us who still believe in magic” (The Observer), they have used those three years wisely, building a new 16 track analogue studio in a derelict Indian restaurant in Camden Town, resulting in an album and a sound all of their own making.

                                                D.D Dumbo

                                                Tropical Oceans

                                                  The latest addition to 4AD, Australian resident Oliver Hugh Perry - creatively known as D.D Dumbo - has announced details of his first release for the label.

                                                  Hailing from Castlemaine, a small township deep inside the Victorian bush, D.D Dumbo’s reverbsoaked songs erupt in thunderous rhythm and euphoric drone. Minimal in structure and complemented by Perry’s astonishing voice, they subtly reference traditional stylings from around the globe such as African desert blues, Tanzanian ilimba and transcendental Tuvan melody.

                                                  “Unfathomably cool.” - NME
                                                  “A dazzling patchwork of melodies.” - Q

                                                  Various Artists

                                                  Rough Trade Shops: Counter Culture 14

                                                    36 tracks with full sleeve notes in colour booklet.

                                                    ‘Counter Culture 14’ is Rough Trade Shops’ annual collection of customer and staff favourites alongside the best sellers from the year at the counter.

                                                    The opening set of tracks includes the immaculately crafted psychedelic pop of Temples (Heavenly), the triumphant and bone fide rock ‘n’ roll of The War On Drugs (Secretly Canadian) and the effortless Oslo disco of Todd Terje (Olsen) alongside the gorgeous melancholic pop of Metronomy (Because), the dark and dreamy R&B of Little Dragon (Because) and the hypnotic modernism of Angel Olsen (Jagjaguwar).

                                                    The contrast in styles continues but the quality remains as the unique electro-punk of Liars (Mute), the experimental dubstep of Millie & Andrea (Modern Love), the timeless midnight intimacy of The Delines (Decor) and Mark Kozelek’s reflective Sun Kil Moon (Caldo Verde) project are lined up alongside the welcome return of Aphex Twin (Warp), the punky New Orleans blues of Benjamin Booker (Rough Trade) and the intoxicating soul groove of Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings.

                                                    Add heavy hitters from Royal Blood, Caribou and patten right there with next generation tracks from Girl Band, GEoRGiA and Vessel and, from the sublime to the ridiculously good, this selection is from as wide a spectrum of styles as you would expect from Rough Trade.

                                                    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

                                                    Tender Prey

                                                      ‘Tender Prey’ is the fifth studio album from Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds and was released on 19th September 1988. The album was produced by Flood and recorded during several sessions over the course of four months in West Berlin - where the band were based at the time - and London.

                                                      The album opens with ‘The Mercy Seat’, which has been subsequently played at almost all of the band’s live performances since 1988 and was later covered by one of Cave’s biggest influences, Johnny Cash. ‘The Mercy Seat’ was released as a single in May 1988 as a precursor to the album and ‘Deanna’ was released shortly after the album hit the streets.

                                                      Cave later admitted that the album “was made at a difficult time in my life when things were spiralling out of control in a lot of areas.”

                                                      Heavyweight 180g vinyl with digital download code.

                                                      Vinyl transfer approval overseen by Mick Harvey Summer 2014 and cut at Abbey Road studios.

                                                      This edition, approved personally by Nick Cave, is finally available again on its original format.

                                                      Mute are proud to present the 21st anniversary deluxe editions of The Afghan Whigs’ landmark album ‘Gentlemen’.

                                                      ‘Gentlemen At 21’ features the original album newly remastered along with bonus content consisting of rare Bsides, live performances and previously unreleased demos.

                                                      ‘Gentlemen At 21’ presents the original record’s 11 tracks, updated but still retaining the 1993 album’s blistering swagger. The same 11 tracks that have made a visceral connection with fans over the last 21 years - the deeply dark and confessional lyrical content, the no-frills production qualities and Greg Dulli’s soul-baring vocal performances captured on tape. In addition, the album includes all the original demos for the album, which were recorded at John Curley’s Ultrasuede studio space in Cincinnati.

                                                      The bonus material also includes the original ‘Debonair’ single B sides, including ‘Mr Superlove’ and a cover of the southern blue-eyed soul classic ‘Dark End Of The Street’ along with three songs recorded live for KTCL in Denver, previously issued on the ‘What Jail Is Like’ EP. The set comes packaged with a faithful reproduction of the original sleeve art and its striking front cover image, an homage to Nan Goldin’s iconic ‘Nan And Brian In Bed, New York City’.

                                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                      3xLtd LP Info: The 3LP edition is limited to 500 copies.

                                                      The Kinks

                                                      The Kink Kontroversy

                                                        Classic Kinks catalogue on vinyl. The original albums on their finest format, with the original UK tracklistings.

                                                        The third Kinks album, originally released in 1965, is a transitional work, with elements of both the earlier Kinks styles (heavily blues-influenced songs such as ‘Milk Cow Blues’ and variations on the band’s hits from 1964 - 65) and early indications of the future direction of Ray Davies’ songwriting styles (‘The World Keeps Going Round’ and ‘I’m On An Island’).

                                                        The album went to Number Nine in the UK Chart and includes the Top 10 hit ‘Till The End Of The Day’.

                                                        140g vinyl.

                                                        The Kinks


                                                          Classic Kinks catalogue on vinyl. The original albums on their finest format, with the original UK tracklistings.

                                                          Consisting largely of covers and revamped traditional songs, the Kinks’ self-titled album was released on 2 October 1964, reaching Number Three on the UK Charts.

                                                          It features their massive UK Number One hit ‘You Really Got Me’, which got to No. 7 in the US and was Top 10 in Canada and Australia. Written by Ray Davies and widely acknowledged as the start of heavy rock, the track influenced everyone who followed, from Led Zeppelin to Black Sabbath and even The Beatles.

                                                          Also features ‘Stop Your Sobbing’, which was taken into the Top 40 in 1979 by The Pretenders.

                                                          From the original sleevenotes: “Ray, the leader of The Kinks is 20 and almost 6 feet tall. He composes, listens to what the others have to say about the compositions and then they record what he originally wrote! Vocalist, rhythm guitar and harmonica player, he has very definite ideas of his own about almost everything and enjoys the occasional sulk.”

                                                          140g vinyl.

                                                          The Kinks

                                                          Kinda Kinks

                                                            Classic Kinks catalogue on vinyl. The original albums on their finest format, with the original UK tracklistings.

                                                            Originally released in 1965, The Kinks’ second album was made up of nine Ray Davies originals - one co-write with Dave Davies - and two covers.

                                                            It went to Number Three in the UK chart and included their second UK Number One ‘Tired Of Waiting For You’.

                                                            Davies’ lovelorn songs had yet to fully flower into elegies for disappearing lifestyles and values but his wistful melodicism can be heard in tunes such as ‘Something Better Beginning’, ‘Don’t Ever Change’ and ‘So Long’, which mingle nicely with the pop propulsion of ‘Tired Of Waiting For You’.

                                                            140g vinyl.

                                                            The Kinks

                                                            Something Else

                                                              Classic Kinks catalogue on vinyl. The original albums on their finest format, with the original UK tracklistings.

                                                              ‘Something Else’ is the fifth UK studio album by The Kinks, released in September 1967. The album marks the final involvement of American producer Shel Talmy in The Kinks’ 1960s studio recordings; henceforth Ray Davies would assume recording production. Many of the recordings feature the keyboard work of session player Nicky Hopkins and the backing vocals of Ray Davies’ wife, Rasa.

                                                              Songs on the album composed by Ray Davies followed his affinity for strongly English-inspired subject matter, including the harpsichord-laden ‘Two Sisters’, the lazy shuffle of ‘End Of The Season’ and the sardonic ‘David Watts’. The album includes the UK No. 2 hit single ‘Waterloo Sunset’.

                                                              140g vinyl.

                                                              The Kinks

                                                              Face To Face

                                                                Classic Kinks catalogue on vinyl. The original albums on their finest format, with the original UK tracklistings.

                                                                ‘Face To Face’, released in 1966, is the fourth studio album by The Kinks. A major artistic breakthrough for Kinks songwriter Ray Davies, the album represents the first full flowering of Davies’ use of narrative, observation and wry social commentary in his songs.

                                                                Includes their third UK No. 1 ‘Sunny Afternoon’, which went to No. 12 in the UK Album Chart.

                                                                140g vinyl.

                                                                Disco Deviance returns with the final instalment of its best selling Digital Deviance series. Featuring seriously heavy hitting reworks by many of the scene's very finest editors, and produced on classic vinyl look CDs in 45 style covers, what disco aficionado would not want to have one of these beauties in their collection? Volume 4 features the usual blend of previously unreleased cuts and vinyl only nuggets by editors such as Dimitri From Tokyo, Rahaan, Ray Mang, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Otherlover, The Popular People's Front, Beaten Space Probe, Eddie C, Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco. And everyone's a winner!
                                                                Grab one while you can as these CDs are already highly collectable and are always limited edition. Enjoy the music!

                                                                Our friends in Moscow come through with a very special debut release on their new label! A Various Artists selection of esoteric but dancefloor assured edits, pieced together by passionate music lovers, champions of rarities and party starters in equal measure. All are part of a loose collective of Moscow based music lovers, venue and record store owners. After digging deep to conjure up the bounty here, these enthusiastic diggers behind That's A Steal are ready to roll out their debut - as ever, limited and ludicrously good

                                                                New year, new release and a new Local Talk member to introduce to you all - Let's all welcome Merrick.  This young wiz kid steps up to the plate with a three track sweaty and headstrong release for our Local Talk off shoot LTX.
                                                                Developed deep inside his sound lab somewhere in Europe, using dark grooves and dusty chords as the foundation - this release leaves you in no doubt where his current position is - in the club. From the opening track 'Do That' with its chunky grooves and warm basslines via 'The Scene', a basement deep house track that'll satisfy all the Moodymann fans out there. The last track, Devil's Dance, keeps us hypnotically locked from start to finish with its rich and warm chords, have a listen - you'll understand why.

                                                                Yung Lean

                                                                Unknown Memory

                                                                  Yung Lean began to attract public attention aged just 17 in 2013 when the music video for his track "Ginseng Strip 2002" went viral, getting over 2 million views on YouTube. One year later he brings forth Unknown Memory, his official debut album.

                                                                  While Yung Lean's 2013 Unknown Death presents a playful sonic universe built from the pop culture references and phenomena that saturated his youth, the Yung Lean we face on Unknown Memory is wiser, self-confident and more complex. His lyrics are instantly memorable and relatable; through the rhymes that fans have come to expect and the addition of poignant heart and soul, Yung Lean shares his new life experience, his troubles and joys.

                                                                  Over the past year, Yung Lean has toured worldwide and has developed an entire brand around his name and lifestyle. He knows where he is going and how to get there, an artist that is beginning to make his mark on the hip-hop and electronic music scene.

                                                                  All tracks on Unknown Memory were produced by Yung Gud, Yung Sherman and White Armor, three producers who have established themselves in the hip-hop and electronic music elite over the past year. The album also features a brilliant vocal guest spot on "Ghosttown" by Travis Scott. Yes, Unknown Memory is hip-hop but it's also a hybrid of modern experimental music and is a step to the next level, with laser sword melancholia and ominous synth clouds hovering over clinical beats.

                                                                  Liam Hayes


                                                                    Liam Hayes’ aptitude for artfully plundering the past without ever repeating himself earned the Chicago-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist a global cult following (and a cameo in Stephen Frears’ High Fidelity) long before director Roman Coppola tapped him to score last year’s A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III.

                                                                    Hayes has been making critically acclaimed pop records since 1994, when he released the single “Three-Quarters Blind Eyes” under the stage name Plush. Considered by many to be a pop classic, it helped establish Hayes as a songwriter. Although he emerged from the Chicago indierock scene, Hayes is often compared with artists such as Jimmy Webb, Brian Wilson, Laura Nyro, Burt Bacharach and Harry Nilsson. Like some of the best folk-pop or soft soul from the 1960’s or 1970’s, there is a timeless quality to his music.

                                                                    Described by Uncut as ‘one of the most charismatic and eccentric cult pop craftsmen of the past 20 years’.

                                                                    While comparably retro, Hayes’ newly completed Slurrup is leaner and meaner than anything he’s done all millennium.

                                                                    A Place To Bury Strangers


                                                                      Viet Cong

                                                                      Viet Cong

                                                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                        Ltd LP Info: Limited edition white vinyl.

                                                                        Taman Shud

                                                                        Viper Smoke

                                                                          Taman Shud made their debut on a split 10” EP with The Fat White Family and are now set to release their first LP of, as they describe it, Blackened psychedelic motorcycle punk from hell. Taman Shud are a young band whose primary interests include paraphilia, vivisepulture, scaphism, Crom Cruach, Mokèlé-mbèmbé, cannibalism and the Marianas Trench. They are also four mild-mannered Londoners who are clawing at anything that might stave off the existential torpor of spreadsheet hell, and so save them from committing routine hari-kari with the office stapler.

                                                                          Certainly, coruscating apocalyptic sonic juggernauts like 'The Hissing Priest's Remains' and 'The Ziggurat, A Mirage' are the charred and blackened anti-matter antidote to corporate team-building exercises, positivity jargon and thinking outside of the box. There may be no 'I' in team, as your blank-eyed project manager repeatedly insists, but in 'The Hex Inverted,' Taman Shud put "the hole in holy" and "the 666 in the 60s". This is the bad acid in your water cooler, and the poisoned pasty in the office canteen…

                                                                          Black Yaya

                                                                          Black Yaya

                                                                            David Ivar aka Black Yaya is a new singer and a new songwriter, although he’s not new to the world of singer-songwriters. Indeed, he used to write, record and perform under the name Herman Dune. He travelled the seven seas and beyond with Herman Dune, and recorded more than ten albums with this name.

                                                                            One morning in November of 2012, David Ivar woke up with the strange feeling that he could not be in a band anymore, at least for the moment. For „Black Yaya“. David Ivar wanted to go back to recording everything himself, far from the recording facilities he had got used to with Herman Dune. He wanted to feel like he had when he was using four track tape recorders in High School, free to try anything with no pressure in terms of time spent working, or cost. His heroes were Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan and John Lennon he loved them with all his heart, he loved them more than anything in the world, they were singers, writers and guitar players, and that was all he cared for...

                                                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                            Ltd LP Info: Limited edition LP includes 7".

                                                                            As featured in the Piccadilly Records End Of Year Review 2014 Top 100, this comes with a free Piccadilly End Of Year CD sampler. Click HERE for more info.

                                                                            In the mystical cycles of the sonic universe, every so often Manchester conjures up, seemingly from nowhere, an absolutely mind blowing LP; up there with anyone else the world over. Following in the footsteps of Moodymann's "Black Mahogany", Trus'me's "Working Nights", Floating Points' "Shadows" and more recently, Kyle Hall's "Boat Party" and llum Sphere's "Ghost's Of Them And Now", we have this expansive, full-vision of sound presented by our fair city's very own Garth Be. I don't make these comparisons lightly, but it's rare that something quite so perfect reaches our shop - and it's with great honour that I write these notes. "Marquis" opens with delightfully radiant pads and glowing licks that wrap around a bouncy, disjointed groove which Kyle Hall would be proud of. "Dreamline" retains that jazzy bounce and bright, optimistic keyboard work; joining the esteemed ranks of Vakula and all the aforementioned cats when it comes to sophisticated organic sound palettes. Then he flips the script. "Don't Want" is a PERFECTLY constructed MPC jam which should have Andres wetting his pants and Theo scratching his head. So onto the B-side and "Housekeysonbrandy" moves towards a 2AM dancefloor, rolling a tough mechanical train wreck across deep aquatic pads. The perfect pairing of hard edged tension coupled with blissful release. Smoothly inserting another smoky sample from the archives of Afro-American heritage. "Monday Club / Tuesday Nite" is possibly the elevated 'top ring of the pyramid', and aptly titled "On and On" - you won't want this beauty to end. Simple but ridiculously infectious, think "JB's Edit" on Theo’s SS001 - it really is that good. "GYB3" is the celestial workout you've been waiting for, and oh so perfectly timed! It's like Garth's some cosmic shaman, guiding us through our trip like a seasoned galactic explorer. In his own words - 'find your place in the cosmos and unwind your mind!' I felt like I'd been on a 250mics acid trip by the end of this track. Finally we have the most delectable of outro's with "Teakayo" - again working the MPC like Shane Warne works the reverse swing. Leaving you desperate for more, BE keeps things painfully tight and succinct, not a single groove on the record is wasted, and at least three of the tracks could well be extended across a whole side of a twelve inch. It's that Madlib-styled intensity which cuts each track at its very peak, keeping you riding the wave till the very end, with absolutely no room for boredom. Unrivalled.

                                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                            Matt says: In the beginning there was Moodymann’s ‘Black Mahogany’, then came Trus'me and ‘Working Nights’, and the world of soul-infused crate-dug house music was good. Carrying on in the tradition of such luminaries we have our city's very own Garth Be, instantly making me draw comparisons to the aforementioned 'classics' of the genre, alongside more recent titles - Floating Points ‘Shadows’ and Kyle Hall's ‘Boat Party’. Distinctly informed by North England's rich dance music heritage, ‘The Seven Movements’ goes everywhere it's possible to go in seven tracks, from jazz-inflected house jams, celestial, meditative states and MPC grooves executed with all the style and finesse of a Shane Warne leg break. Garth Be is a cosmic shaman, guiding us through our trip with ease.
                                                                            In his own words: "Find your place in the cosmos, and unwind your mind!" When the needle reaches the end of the record, you feel like you've been on one hell of a hallucinatory journey. A glorious story which ends perfectly with him securing Piccadilly’s coveted number two spot. Garth privately pressed the album himself at the start of the year, having no idea of the Earth-shaking, bar-raising potential hidden deep within the wax. It’s been an absolute pleasure both seeing the album gather momentum, writing the first set of sleeve notes and, most importantly, inflicting its mesmerising tones on our customers! Leaving you desperate for more, BE keeps things painfully tight and succinct, not a single groove on the record is wasted and it's that Madlib-styled intensity which cuts each track at its peak, leaving you riding the wave till the very end, with absolutely no room for boredom. Unrivalled.

                                                                            Patrick says: We've been waiting for this to drop ever since we heard "Monday Club / Tuesday Nite" on the TP. Incredible, organic and soulful, this is the one.

                                                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                            Ltd CD Info: Includes a free EOY 2014 CD sampler. The CD includes the "Nocturnal Jam" EP.

                                                                            Ltd LP Info: Includes a free EOY 2014 CD sampler.


                                                                            MF Edits - Bonus Mix CD Edition

                                                                            The latest instalment in the channel xxx series comes from an act long associated with Golf Channel whose initials are MF…not too hard to guess who is behind this one really!

                                                                            A side ' Rio' is a party favourite, the bastard son of pig bag and bow wow wow given a healthy dose and sent headlong into the madness of the music box & the paradise garage.
                                                                            Larry & Ron would be proud!

                                                                            B side 'Steel' is a darker, slower affair, the kind of edit that has you staggered that you've never heard such a great song before.
                                                                            Deep and funky, it's a lost 80's classic that will see a lot of play in the last quarter of 2014.

                                                                            If that wasn't enough this 12 comes with a free mix cd!

                                                                            It's rare that we get much drum and bass in these days, politely leaving the majority of it for Eastern Bloc; however this release was so strong we just had to get it in! Digital is an alias for a Rotterdam main player who you'll know from a string of record labels and releases, however we're keeping tight lipped for now. "Africa" is, to my knowledge, his first forays into the world of drum and bass. However this isn't your nonsensical jump-up nonsense, this is well executed soundsystem pressha that any discerning DJ should be able to utilize out int field. "Africa" has plenty of dub-wise inflections and rootsical sounds as its steppah-tinged rhythm marches on unrelenting. "Fire" hypes up the energy for a jungle-inspired bassline wobbler. Frenetic, skilled drum programming, massive subs - this baby has it all, and executed with a beautifully fine arrangement. "Logged in" is the most 'traditional' offering on show here, its amen breaks bursting off the wax with so much energy you'll need to increase the weight on your tone arm to keep the needle in the groove! Excellent stuff - more where this came from please!

                                                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                            12" Info: Clear vinyl pressing with full colour insert.

                                                                            Gil Scott-Heron

                                                                            Village Gate New York 1976

                                                                              New York's WRVR-FM captured a treasured broadcast by Gil-Scott Heron. A highly-revered artist whose work has remained headily influential over many respected hip hop contemporaries. His appearance alongside Brian Jackson and the Midnight Band at the Village gate in 1976 has since garnered widespread affection and admiration amongst collectors, fans and critics alike. This landmark appearance was primarily aimed at promoting Arista's imminent release of their 1976 LP 'It's Your World'. This monumental performance comprised of only six songs in comparison with the ten of 'It's Your World', but the energy and spirit of that performance evoked acute political and spiritual awareness, rampaging through global and local injustices with humility and conscience firmly intact.Klondike's retrospective spotlight captures Heron's on-stage persona and energy exposing an explosive chapter in the life and career of a lyrical legend. Featuring the complete WRVR-FM broadcast.

                                                                              Clarence Clarity

                                                                              Who Am Eye

                                                                                Up until now Clarence Clarity was an anonymous artist from London who sounds like Michael Jackson in a psychotic state. This is the way that Jackson's zombie character in ‘Thriller’ would have sounded like if he had his own career.

                                                                                File under jutterfunk.

                                                                                Ben Frost

                                                                                V A R I A N T - Inc. Evian Christ / Regis Remixes

                                                                                  This release features remixes of tracks taken from Ben Frost’s latest album ‘A U R O R A’ by British producer Evian Christ (following his critically acclaimed ‘Waterfall’ EP and work with Kanye West); Downward label boss and techno producer Regis (previous remix credits include VCMG, Terence Fixmer), Hood By Air affiliated experimental artist Dutch E Germ (previous remix credits include Fatima Al Qadiri and Mas Ysa); Australian duo HTRK and Raster-Noton recording artist Kangding Ray.

                                                                                  Limited 12” on the tiny Don Pedro’s label from Nigerian disco supremo Bobby I.G featuring two of his best and most sought-after tracks on one slab of loud-pressed vinyl. Originally out on the impossible-to-find ‘Bomp’ album in 1980 (I.G.’s one and only release sadly), these cuts are top-class examples of early Nigerian boogie, both heavy ass-shaking floorfillers boasting some phenomenal funky guitar work and ultra-groovy bass. First up is the awesome collectors’ favourite ‘Disco Power’ while on the flip we have the equally desirable funk monster ‘Funk Ina Ghetto’.

                                                                                  Great loud-pressed vinyl EP featuring a superlative selection of Brazilian boogie monsters from the early 80s. Opens with Brenda’s amazing modern funk club killer ‘Natureza Viva’, originally released on an impossible-to-find 7” and produced by Don Beto (of ‘Nossa Imaginação’ LP fame). Next is another great boogie cut ‘Alegria No Ar’ by Rosana plucked from her highly sought-after self-titled album released in 1983. Recorded with some of the best exponents of the early 80s Brazilian boogie scene including Jorjão from Banda Black Rio, Azymuth’s Mamão plus legendary duo Lincoln Olivetti and Robson Jorge, this is pure bass-heavy dancefloor dynamite. Flip over for the wonderful ‘Copacabana Sadia’ by Junior Mendes, a track also touched by the hand of the prolific Olivetti who was in charge of arrangement here producing an elegant slice of upbeat smooth jazz-funk. Title track of Mendes’ mega-rare 1982 LP, this cut simply oozes class. Last but not least is ‘Vem Fazer Glu-
                                                                                  Glu’ which takes the Earth, Wind and Fire classic ‘Let’s Groove’ and ramps up the Latino disco feel taking it to a whole new dimension.

                                                                                  C-Brand / Joe Simon

                                                                                  Wired For Games / Love Vibration

                                                                                  Limited vinyl reissue of two great early 80s rarities from Spring Records. Side A features Detroit boogie classic ‘Wired For Games’ by short-lived band C-Brand. Penned and produced by Dazz Band founder member Michael Colhoun with super-smooth vocals from Larry Ives, the track oozes quality in every note and understandably hit big both sides of the Atlantic on its release in 1981 and is still in massive demand today championed by cult DJs such as Sadar Bahar and Joey Negro. Side B heads more into disco territory with Paradise Garage classic ‘Love Vibration’ where Joe Simon’s steamy deep voice rides atop an intense grinding disco stormer from legendary ‘Philly Sound’ producer Norman Harris. Superb double header of must-have tracks.

                                                                                  Wonderful remastered reissue of the impossible to find Afro Disco bomb ‘Sex Revoluton’ by Max B, originally released back in 1978 on the tiny Spanish label Movieplay and now changing hands for big bucks with collectors. All tracks are great but the real standouts here are the super funky percussion-heavy title track ‘Sex Revolution’ plus the full-length nine and a half minute LP version of the killer flute-driven Afro groover ‘Super Bwana’ as well as the incredible and highly sought after Serge Gainsbourg inspired ‘Possesion’, a sleazy slow burner with sultry French spoken word vocals. Essential.

                                                                                  LA Priest

                                                                                  Lady's In Trouble / Night Train

                                                                                    'Lady's In Trouble' should connect with Ariel Pink and Connan Mockasin fans, and hopefully beyond as the songwriting has a timeless feel. Very Arthur Russell in terms of voice and storytelling, particularly the 'Love Is Overtaking Me' collection. 'Night Train' is a dancier cut from the album. It's a bit Hot Chip, or Tonetta (if anyone's familiar with the reference) in it's lo-fi erotic disco-house ambitions.

                                                                                    Luke Vibert

                                                                                    Halloween (Part Two) - Inc. Tom Demac / FaltyDL Remixes

                                                                                      Hot on the heels of Luke Vibert’s ‘Halloween’ (Part One), Hypercolour present more acidic business from one of Cornwall’s finest bleeps exponent, backed with two very solid remixes from Tom Demac and FaltyDL. More new and exclusive material from Vibert then, on the A side cut, “iStrain”. Deadly mechanical funk of the highest order, the Eastern melodic flavors float over a bending and bouncing 303 bassline, serving up a heady concoction of analogue goodness, proving that Vibert’s still got ‘it’ in plenty of abundance. Hypercolour regular, Tom Demac, revisits “Halloween”, the dark, Pagan stomping acid tormentor from Part One. Going in straight for the jugular, Demac offers up a heavyweight battering ram of a remix, certainly not for the faint-­‐hearted, as the crushed beats slap and pound against the lysergic modulations and the demented vocal phrases. Coming up for air, Brooklyn’s FaltyDL comes to Hypercolour fresh from an outstanding album on Ninja Tune and singles on Swamp81 and Hemlock, with a stunning breaks version of “Stabs Of Regret” (a track featured on Vibert’s Ridmik album for Hypercolour last year). Hustling and frenzied breakbeats challenge for pole position with deep and dreamy chords and light synth melodies, the complex and compelling arrangement keeping things continually fresh in the mix. Vibert’s funk is not lost either, with FaltyDL ensuring that this remix stays bang on point and funkier than a pair of Rick James’ leather strides.


                                                                                      Sixteen Stone - Copper Coloured Vinyl Edition

                                                                                        Sixteen Stone is the debut album of British rock band Bush, released in 1994. Widely regarded as the band’s most popular album, it peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 and boasted numerous successful singles. “Comedown” and “Glycerine” remain two of the band’s biggest hits to date, each reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. Both tracks also entered the Billboard Hot 100, reaching No. 30 and No. 28, respectively.

                                                                                        Sixteen Stone received mostly positive feedback from music critics, calling their sound impressive, not unlike their Seattle Grunge counterparts. In later years Bush would distance themselves from the familiar Grunge sounds with experimental releases such as Deconstructed and The Science Of Things.

                                                                                        In April 2014 Rolling Stone placed the album at No. 39 on its “1994: The 40 Best Records From Mainstream Alternative’s Greatest Year” list. A month later, Loudwire placed Sixteen Stone at number eight on its “10 Best Hard Rock Albums of 1994” list. In July 2014, Guitar World placed the album on its “Superunknown: 50 Iconic Albums That Defined 1994” list.

                                                                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                        LP Info: 20th anniversary edition with remastered audio. 180g audiophile vinyl pressing. first pressing of 1000 numbered copies on copper coloured vinyl. Gatefold sleeve + insert.

                                                                                        Various Artists

                                                                                        Fabric 79 - Prosumer

                                                                                          A native of Germany’s Saarland, Achim Brandenburg bears a clever moniker in his musical career. Both an avid consumer of classic house à la Chicago, Detroit, and New York, and a quality producer of timeless records, Prosumer’s upcoming mix for the esteemed fabric series stands as yet another testament to his impeccable taste and technique.

                                                                                          “It was a bit like the process when packing for a gig: records that, for some reason, you think are a good fit for the club you are going to, some all-time favourites and some tracks you just discovered that you want everyone to hear. I mixed it in my living room, using vinyl, a computer and mixer. The ducks outside my window were a hard crowd to read.” – Prosumer

                                                                                          The opening of the mix takes the listener for a ride through the heyday of America’s urban underground. Skilfully weaving through definitive house tracks of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s before expanding into ever groovier and deeper cuts from the world over. Prosumer’s selections unfold unpredictably and yet with a perfect cohesion. With fabric 79, underground hero Prosumer proves once again his penchant for presenting the classics in a fresh light.

                                                                                          Slim Twig

                                                                                          A Hound At The Hem

                                                                                            Originally released on vinyl in an extremely limited run via Twig’s own Calico Corp label and Pleasence Records, DFA give ‘A Hound At The Hem’ its proper release.

                                                                                            Self-produced in 2010 and featuring string arrangements by Owen Pallett, ‘A Hound At The Hem’ is a suite of narrative songs thematically inspired by Vladimir Nabokov’s ‘Lolita’.

                                                                                            For fans of The Rapture, Les Savy Fav, Sleaford Mods and Alvvays.

                                                                                            Jaga Jazzist

                                                                                            '94 - '14

                                                                                              The special edition fluorescent box set with foil-block Jaga Jazzist logo contains:

                                                                                              - ‘A Livingroom Hush’ 180g clear vinyl LP.
                                                                                              - Two 180g clear vinyl 12”s featuring exclusive reworks.
                                                                                              - 24 page booklet with extended sleevenotes and archive photography.
                                                                                              - MP3 downloads including four bonus unreleased songs from the ‘A Livingroom Hush’ sessions

                                                                                              It's hard to believe that the Norwegian 8-piece band (founded on the Horntveth triumvirate - Lars, Martin and Line) is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, in 2014. Not that there aren't other groups that have lasted as long, but look for a group whose primary composer was just 14 when the whole thing began, find a band where five out of its eight current members were there when everything started in 1994, and scope out one that has managed to remain as stylistically enigmatic and impossible to categorise as... well, you get the idea.

                                                                                              And so we thought it fitting to mark the band's 20th year with a unique, limited edition vinyl box set featuring a special reissue of the landmark album 'A Livingroom Hush' (2004) with 4 previously unreleased demo cuts from those recording sessions as bonus digital downloads. Also in the box: 2 crisp 12"s featuring exclusive reworks based on elements from the album Jaga Jazzist Live with Britten Sinfonia from a stellar cast of remixers… Warp Records stalwart Clark; breakbeat scientist Machinedrum; Brainfeeder's sonic dreamweaver Teebs; Mellowdrone founder Jonathan Bates aka Big Black Delta; LA-based composer, orchestrator, conductor, multi-instrumentalist and producer Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (Cosmogramma, You're Dead, Suite For Ma Dukes, Build An Ark); Werkdiscs' rising star Moiré; Hoya:Hoya co-founder Illum Sphere; and Stockholm's Invader Ace.

                                                                                              Extended sleeve notes by John Kelman (All About Jazz) come in a beautiful 24 page booklet with archive photography documenting the rise and rise of this iconic collective.

                                                                                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                              LP Box Set Info: LP + 2x12" box set.

                                                                                              Francois Tusques Avec Barney Wilen

                                                                                              Le Nouveau Jazz

                                                                                                With track titles translating to Song For The Devil and The Witches, Francois Tusques’ rarest commercially released LP casts an early stylistic premonition of the vampire themed improvised soundtracks recorded for director Jean Rollin merely months after its release. Assembling the very same group of musical sorcerers this albums personnel (featuring, amongst others, soprano saxophonist Barney Wilen) reads like a who’s who of France’s early improvised music/free jazz scene resulting in a wholly unique European flavour while preserving the essence of other global inter communal travellers such as Don Cherry and Krzysztof Komeda.

                                                                                                Originally extracted from three separate recording sessions in early 1967, Le Nouveau Jazz opens with themes conjured up for the short film Coda by French jazz documentarist Marc Pauly highlighting the composers adept ability in his multi-disciplined art further aligning him with the aforementioned pioneers. The rest of the album combines frenzied macabre picture music (akin to Detroit’s Wendell Harrison) and emotive piano improvisations (Mal Waldron anyone?) with the sui generis inclusion of a double double bass formation courtesy of Bernard “Beb” Guerin (Sonny Sharrock/Kühn Brothers) and Jean-Francois Jenny Clarke (Enrico Rava/Giorgio Gaslini). As Tusques’ second official album (after the seldom sighted Free Jazz from 1965) this LP expands on this important French musicians vision and follows up Cacophonic’s repress of his mega rare Don Cherry art installation collaboration from 1964 this time introducing extra rhythmic arrangements courtesy of Italian drummer Aldo Romano (Robin Kenyatta).

                                                                                                Housed in the elegant original Witches artwork sleeve by comic illustrator Jean Vern with French liner notes by French psychiatry/beat poet/crime fiction writer Yves Buin this worthy reissue hopes to find a unique uninhabited part of your collection from an era that changed the Parisian underground prior to the important developments of labels like BYG Actuel and Futura Records in the early 1970s.

                                                                                                Model 500

                                                                                                Sonic Sunset

                                                                                                  Classic Model 500 doublepack re-mastered and repressed with new artwork.

                                                                                                  Originally released in 1994 ‘Sonic Sunset’ runs at over 50 minutes over five tracks that explore ambient electronica, techno and even trance. It includes the long versions of ‘Neptune’ and ‘I Wanna Be There’ two bonafide Model 500 classics.

                                                                                                  Recorded in Berlin and engineered by Maurice Von Oswald, this has been re-mastered for 2014 by Matt Colton.

                                                                                                  The new artwork is from an original piece hand painted, acrylic on hardwood by Mark Warrington.

                                                                                                  Nostalgia 77


                                                                                                    “‘Measures’ is the second album from the Nostalgia 77 & The Monster guise, bringing a flavoursome take on instrumental jazz. The collection of songs sees Ben Lamdin's long time collaborator, bass player and arranger Riaan Vosloo stepping to the fore, bringing six original compositions. The album also contains nods to the two dominant influences on this group over the years, in renditions of Sun Ra's otherworldly “An Island In The Sun” and British firebrand (and previous Nostalgia 77 collaborator) Keith Tippett's “Thoughts To Geoff”.

                                                                                                    Nostalgia 77 and the Monster is the second incarnation of the Nostalgia 77 Live band, his original Nostalgia 77 Octet having been disbanded after the death of drummer Graham Fox. Lamdin and Vosloo’s aim was to produce an album ranging from the chaotic to the meditative. On ‘Measures’, Vosloo's writing strikes a delicate balance between strong themes and free space for the improvisers - a perfect canvas for the impressive cast of Kit Downes (piano), James Allsopp (reeds), Fulvio Sigurta (trumpet), Tim Giles (drums) and Vosloo himself on bass. The record captures the fiery fluidity of the band’s live performances.

                                                                                                    Various Artists

                                                                                                    The Music Of Grand Theft Auto V - Limited Edition Vinyl Collection Box Set

                                                                                                      Rockstar Games, in collaboration with Mass Appeal, releasing a deluxe edition soundtrack on 3CD and 6XLP on 9 December. Both these releases are limited to fewerthan 5000 units each worldwide. The soundtrack features 59 songs including original music from A$AP Rocky, Tyler, The Creator, Twin Shadow, Wavves, Flying Lotus, and Yeasayer, along with the original score composed by Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, the Alchemist and Oh No, mixed by DJ

                                                                                                      The packaging is a collector’s dream: the limited edition vinyl collection features a high-end collectable box that houses a colour booklet and lithograph poster

                                                                                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                      LP Box Set Info: 6 x LP box set

                                                                                                      The Dough Rollers

                                                                                                      Gone Baby Gone

                                                                                                        The Dough Rollers formed in 2009 when Malcolm Ford and Jack Byrne first decided to put their passion for American roots music to work by trying their hand at earnest, neo-revivalism. But, of course, after three years of touring and the addition of Graham Norwood on bass and Kyle Olson on drums, their sound evolved, loosening, snarkening, and darkening. These days, in large part to Ford's hellbent hollering, our boys occupy the sometimes salty, sometimes sweet spot smack dab in between rock and soul.

                                                                                                        They've toured with the likes of Bob Dylan and Queens of the Stone Age, which, one way or another, led them to Nashville in 2013 to record a 7'' vinyl single for our Blue Series. The result was one of the finest guitar explosions we've ever pressed on wax and a pivotal entry in their discography. Their latest effort, Gone Baby Gone, was recorded with QOTSA's Josh Homme producing, and their swampy new swagger fully realized. It's the work of band that, after all this time and effort, understands their place in the American rock scene.

                                                                                                        Acid Mondays

                                                                                                        Pint Of Cornflakes EP

                                                                                                        Instinkt records return with a solid EP from the Ibiza based, Acid Mondays. They deliver the goods once more with 4 quality tracks of deep underground house to make up the ‘Pint Of Cornflakes EP’.
                                                                                                        Another quality release from Instinkt Records!

                                                                                                        Prince & 3rdeyegirl


                                                                                                        With his secret gigs creating enough excitement to power the National Grid for a few years, Prince now keeps the buzz in full flow by hitting us with not one, but two whole new studio albums. While album one, ‘Art Official Age’ harks back to Prince at his pop-funk / soul best, ‘Plectrumelectrum’ puts the funk back into rock music. Backed by his hand-picked all female band 3rdeyegirl (Donna Grantis, guitar, Hannah Ford Welton, drums, and Ida Nielsen on bass)., ‘Plectrumelectrum’ is packed with stadium friendly guitar riffs alongside the hooky choruses. This is a classic band record, recorded live and in analogue the album is an electrifying funk-rock statement, harking back to the days of Jimi Hendrix.

                                                                                                        With his secret gigs creating enough excitement to power the National Grid for a few years, Prince now keeps the buzz in full flow by hitting us with not one, but two whole new studio albums. ‘Art Official Age’ is a solo album and ‘Plectrumelectrum’ is by Prince’s new band 3rdeyegirl.

                                                                                                        ‘Art Official Age’ is a classic Prince album, produced, arranged, composed and performed by Prince and Joshua Welton. Sonically the record is a contemporary concoction of soul, R&B and funk. The melodies are immediate and prominent as ever and Prince’s vocals are rich and solid, taking full advantage of his vocal range with decidedly, seductive lyrics.

                                                                                                        The people involved in this EP are: Chris de Multifunkshun a virtuoso multi instrumentalist, who counts the double bass and piano as his main loves, the female vocals come by the hand of the Amazing twins Amandine and Melody, The Modet Sisters all put together by the incredible producer Thomas Blanchot better known as Mato, who counts on his credits his album of Dub version of Daft Punk’s Homework which was released on June this year.

                                                                                                        Artists that have shown appreciation for Everywhere include Soul Clap, Tanner Ross, In Flagranti and Trevor Jackson just to name a few.

                                                                                                        Etoro Records are extremely proud to release this excellent project which also is the first vinyl release in their catalogue.

                                                                                                        Various Artists

                                                                                                        Cybernetic Serendipity Music

                                                                                                          Reissue of the ICA's ground-breaking compilation Cybernetic Serendipity Music, originally released in 1968 to coincide with their exhibition Cybernetic Serendipity, which proved to be a landmark in the history of audio/visual art, and the first exhibition of its kind in the UK devoted to the relationship between music and early computers.Both unique and extraordinarily influential, Cybernetic Serendipity Music captured a nascent scene on the cusp of a synth-led electronic revolution and was the only compilation of its kind to bring together the musicians, composers and inventors pushing the boundaries of early computer music on one record, a good six years before Kraftwerk's Autobahn changed modern music for ever. It documented a frontier spirit where pre-eminent composers John Cage and Iannis Xenakis rubbed shoulders with the likes of Peter Zinovieff, the founder of EMS and inventor of the game-changing VCS3 synthesizer, with music that was either composed by computers or, in Zinovieff's case, even performed by them. With only a handful of copies pressed and exclusively available from the ICA at the original exhibition, Cybernetic Serendipity Music has long held holy grail status among collectors and enthusiasts of early electronics, with the original record, on the rare occasions it becomes available, often changing hands for upwards of £150. Now to mark their forthcoming archival exhibition of Cybernetic Serendipity in the Institute's Fox Reading Room this autumn, The Vinyl Factory are teaming up with the ICA to reissue Cybernetic Serendipity Music on vinyl for the first time since 1968, faithfully reproducing the artwork - taken from one of Peter Zinovieff's visual scores - housed in a Garrod & Lofthouse-style sleeve in an edition of 500 copies.

                                                                                                          Daniele Baldelli

                                                                                                          Cosmic Drag

                                                                                                            Endless Flight are proud to annouce the first single cut from Italian legend Daniele Baldelli's upcoming cosmic album!

                                                                                                            Girls At Our Best

                                                                                                            Pleasure - 2xLP Yellow Splatter Vinyl Edition

                                                                                                              * Unavailable on vinyl since 1981
                                                                                                              * Double Album in Gatefold Sleeve
                                                                                                              * Limited to 500 copies
                                                                                                              * Transparent yellow vinyl with pink, red and blue splatter
                                                                                                              * Contains 6 bonus tracks
                                                                                                              *Includes printed inner sleeves, containing lyrics and photos
                                                                                                              *All copies include a "Pleasure Bag" includes 4 x postcards, 2 x stickers, 1 x stencil,1 x A2 Repro Tour Poster, 2 A3 x Repro promo posters for "Go For Gold" and "Politics" / "It's Fashion" singles. 1 x Press photo and 1 x Press Flyer.

                                                                                                              In 1980 post punk pop indie band Girls At Our Best came out of nowhere (Well, Leeds actually) with "Getting Nowhere Fast" and was the NME's Single Of The Week reaching the Top 10 of the indie chart. The band, fronted by Judy Evans, released four further singles plus the album "Pleasure" which reached the UK album charts in 1981, before splitting up two years after that first record. Girls At Our Best were one of the finest, most life-affirming of a new breed of independent bands who cropped up at the turn of the 80s - long-standing fan John Peel once referred to them as one of the few groups that made the period bearable.

                                                                                                              Formed in Leeds from the ashes of punk band SOS, the group were fronted by distinctive female vocalist Jude o' Evans, forming a songwriting team with guitarist James Alan and bass player Gerard Swift after they met at art college.

                                                                                                              All four of their singles for their own Record Records, Rough Trade and Happy Birthday Records are included here as bonus tracks on a 45rpm 12"- including the wonderful "Getting Nowhere Fast", its coruscating B-side "Warm Girls", "Politics!", "Go For Gold" and "Fast Boyfriends". Their influence can be seen on innumerable C86 / indie bands who came afterwards.

                                                                                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                              Philippa says: One of my favourite bands from the post-punk, pre-indie era! Pure guitar pop. Double vinyl reissue complete with 'Pleasure Bag' - just like the original!

                                                                                                              Speeding through the neon sky and hunting replicants everywhere...Deckard makes his debut on To Rack & Ruin.

                                                                                                              First up is Sean Lives which, stomps along with enough guitar twangs and honky tonk piano chords that would make this cut sound right at home at a James Brown after party. A catchy vocal throughout before an almighty breakdown that sneaks in one of the finest saxophone solos heard since that guy in The Lostboys.

                                                                                                              On Rustic Rage Deckard joins Paper Recordings' debauched debonair of disco Flash Atkins taking in a lesser known cut from "The Man In Black" himself. We start things off with a solid 4/4 kick alongside a guitar loop that build n builds n builds like a dance floor locomotive albeit one that's draped with squelchy synths & popping percussion before dropping with vocals that are guaranteed to cause hand blisters from a serious clap along...

                                                                                                              Manic Street Preachers

                                                                                                              Holy Bible - 20th Anniversary Box Set

                                                                                                                20th anniversary of the classic "Holy Bible" album via Columbia/Sony.

                                                                                                                Deluxe box-set containing vinyl LP & 4 CD's.

                                                                                                                The LP is 180gm heavyweight vinyl (the original release was a v. Ltd pic disc). CD1 is the remastered album in full. CD2 is the US mix of the album, remastered. CD3 is a x16 trk disc of B' sides, unreleased trks, live songs etc... CD4 is a x13 trk 'live' recording from BBC 'In Concert' @ London's Astoria in '94, alongside a BBC R4 x4 trk mastertape from Maida Vale, recorded in Sept '14.

                                                                                                                Comes with a beautifully curated book featuring rare photos, hand-written lyrics & sleeve notes.

                                                                                                                The Wave Pictures

                                                                                                                Pea Green Coat

                                                                                                                  The first single ‘Pea Green Coat’ is the last song on The Wave Pictures’ new album ‘Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon’ but the first song that Dave Tattersall and Billy Childish wrote together.

                                                                                                                  The music is all Billy’s, including guitar on the thrilling giant riff running through the song, with brilliant Brit-blues harmonica from studio engineer Jim Riley.

                                                                                                                  Lyrically, Dave lets rip with his signature word-play and fantastical imagery.

                                                                                                                  Tear Talk

                                                                                                                  Ruins EP

                                                                                                                    Tear Talk return with their most cohesive work to date. Hushed vocals and spectral guitar lines combine with splintered R&B beats, all hovering atop a post-melancholic soundscape.

                                                                                                                    For fans of The xx, Depford Goth, Merchandise, Forest Swords, By The Sea.

                                                                                                                    File under Alternative / Post Punk / New Wave / R&B / Melancholic.

                                                                                                                    10” single on classic black vinyl within some stunning ‘Metropolis’ inspired artwork.

                                                                                                                    Pulled Apart By Horses / DZ Deathrays

                                                                                                                    Merry Christmas Everyone / Lonely This Christmas

                                                                                                                      Deck the halls with boughs of holly… Dust off your egg nog and join us in Yuletide celebration with this release. The phenomenal Pulled Apart By Horses and DZ Deathrays are doing a festive Christmas split. Sing Hosannah!

                                                                                                                      Pulled Apart By Horses will be channelling Noddy Holder’s sideburns and covering Slade’s ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ and on the flip side the DZ Deathrays will be bringing the glam to the party, albeit tinged with a little sadness and possibly a hangover by covering ‘Lonely This Christmas’ by Mud.


                                                                                                                      Mistakes Of My Youth

                                                                                                                        Eels’ latest album, ‘The Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett’, is an extraordinarily vivid and intimate document of a personal struggle.

                                                                                                                        “It’s inspired by something I went though,” Eels’ Mark Oliver Everett says. “Someone I lost, by choice, and later came to regret losing. It wasn’t until I started to look at my role in it that it began to feel like I was getting somewhere worthwhile. The experience transformed me. This is the musical version of that experience. I’m hoping it could maybe serve as some sort of example for others. To learn from my mistakes.”

                                                                                                                        The Decemberists

                                                                                                                        Make You Better

                                                                                                                          The first taster from The Decemberists new album ‘What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World’.

                                                                                                                          Alexis Taylor Vs Bonnie Prince Billy

                                                                                                                          Am I Not A Weaker Soldier

                                                                                                                            Alexis Taylor and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy are to release a Double A side 7” single entitled ‘Am I Not A Weaker Soldier?’

                                                                                                                            The A side features Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy performing a version of Alexis Taylor’s track ‘Am I Not A Soldier’, taken from his recent ‘Await Barbarians’ album, released this summer.

                                                                                                                            The AA side features Alexis Taylor’s version of ‘The Weaker Soldier’ from ‘Arise Therefore’, Bonnie’s 1996 album with Palace Music.

                                                                                                                            The single includes a digital download card which also features a Zongamin remix of ‘Am I Not A Soldier’.

                                                                                                                            Heavyweight 7” vinyl with inner sleeve.

                                                                                                                            Various Artists

                                                                                                                            Christmas Joy In Full Measure

                                                                                                                              Hand Of Glory records asked twelve artists for an original Christmas song.

                                                                                                                              Here are twelve tracks that sum up the many experiences of Christmas, from lush widescreen pop (Webb Brothers), to sparkly Saturnalian disco (Mary Epworth) to dystopian Fall-esque horror (Extradition Order).

                                                                                                                              Other standout tracks include Young Knives’ dark medieval-esque ‘Low Carol’, Kiran Leonard’s sprawling proggy epic ‘Huygens probe’ and Papernut Cambridge’s charming and magical ‘93 Million And One’.

                                                                                                                              The Knife In Collaboration With Mt. Sims And Planningtorock

                                                                                                                              Tomorrow, In A Year

                                                                                                                                ‘Tomorrow, In A Year’ is the studio version of the music commissioned by the Danish performance group Hotel Pro Forma for its opera based on Charles Darwin’s ‘On The Origin Of Species’. It is a collaboration between The Knife, Mt. Sims and Planningtorock. It was originally released in 2010 and is finally available again.

                                                                                                                                The album was recorded, mixed and produced in Berlin, Stockholm and Copenhagen between 2008 and 2009. Recording for the live percussion took place at Sounds Studio in Iceland, while outdoor sounds were recorded at the Mamori Artlab Workshop on the Amazon River, Brazil.

                                                                                                                                ‘Tomorrow, In A Year’ features guest appearances by mezzo-soprano Kristina Wahlin, Danish actress Lærke Winther Andersen and Swedish pop artist Jonathan Johansson.

                                                                                                                                The Knife

                                                                                                                                Shaken-Up Versions

                                                                                                                                  Brille release ‘Shaken-Up Versions’, a mini album of classic Knife tracks reworked especially for the band’s recent North American leg of their ‘Shaking The Habitual’ tour. The ‘Shaking The Habitual’ show was a rejuvenating experience for the mind and soul, inspiring Time Magazine to describe it as “mandatory viewing for music fans” and Reverb Magazine proclaimed, “A performance of this scale is rare. And, it wakes us to the fact that not only is art far from irrelevant, but in the form of The Knife, we can be reminded again of its force.”

                                                                                                                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                                  2xLtd LP Info: Vinyl format features a gatefold sleeve, coloured wax and a copy of the album on CD.

                                                                                                                                  Jonathan Wilson

                                                                                                                                  Slide By

                                                                                                                                    Brand new mini album of cover songs from Jonathan Wilson on Bella Union.

                                                                                                                                    Covering ‘Coming To LA’ by Arlo Guthrie, ‘Free Advice’ by The Great Society and ‘Angel’ by Fleetwood Mac.

                                                                                                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                                                    Andy says: Lush, deep 'n 'groovy covers from the West Coast revival maestro. He played the Fleetwood Mac cover on his last tour and this long, chugging version does not dissapoint.

                                                                                                                                    The Czars

                                                                                                                                    Best Of

                                                                                                                                      As the campaign for ‘Pale Green Ghosts’ continues far into its second year, Bella Union are thrilled to announce the release of ’Best Of’, an album which gathers together the finest recordings of John Grant’s former band The Czars.

                                                                                                                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                                      2xLtd CD Info: The 2CD edition is limited to 2500 copies for the
                                                                                                                                      UK and Eire.

                                                                                                                                      Dusky are London based production and DJ duo Nick Harriman and Alfie Granger-Howell. Responsible for scene smashes such as "Nobody Else", Beatport #1 ‘Careless’ and this year's ‘Love Taking Over’ on their own 17 Steps label, the pair's diverse appeal has left them riding at the vanguard of the UK's house and techno renaissance, with an evolving sound that shows little sign of lingering in one place for too long. The second release on their rising 17 Steps label, the classy and unique rave rush of 'Yoohoo' again takes their sound into new territory. Built around a distinctive vocal sample (lifted from d&b outfit Kosheen's "Catch"), "Yoohoo" rattles out with tough, techy bass stabs but comes alive with its nostalgic, euphoria-loaded piano house melodies that recall Chicago classics from 88, Sasha at Shelley's and Raindance at Jenkins Lane. Evoking a halcyon era with class and without cliche, "Yoohoo" draws on the duo's deep love of classic house, rave and techno, and reconstructs it for 2014 in their unique style. Showcasing the darker, deeper side of Dusky, the b-side "Akebono" is a twisted, heads-down blend of house, techno and garage influences - all assembled into another inimitably Dusky production. Shot with sinister soul, dark synths and rattling bass, "Akebono" perfectly captures the mood of Britain's clubland today.


                                                                                                                                      Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires - Dub Mir Edition

                                                                                                                                        Along with Keith Hundson’s Pick A Dub and Lee Perry’s Blackboard Jungle Dub this excellent Scientist release is one of the essential dub albums out there.

                                                                                                                                        Scientist keeps things lively with plenty of reverb and echo-treated percussion, ghostly piano parts, video game sound effects, and other various wobbly interjections from the mixing board.

                                                                                                                                        And adding to the record’s expert evocation of the Halloween spirit are some fiendishly voiced intros, the cover art’s cartoon potpourri of horror film characters, and the dubious claim made in the linernotes that Scientist mixed it all at midnight on Friday the 13th (reach for the flashlights kids).

                                                                                                                                        Jakki / Sounds Of Inner City

                                                                                                                                        You Are The Star / Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

                                                                                                                                        Another killer, rare Disco offering from deep within the legendary West End Records vaults. Released in 1976 and mixed by the mighty Tom Moulton, this split 12" is one of the labels earliest releases and features two sumptuous, epic cuts from the initial wave of Disco 12"s.

                                                                                                                                        Both tracks featured heavily on the play-lists of various cult NYC Disco jocks, including Larry Levan, David Mancuso and many more. Jakki's "You Are The Star" is a deep, funky journey for the dancers, while on the flip side, the Vince Montana Jr. produced instrumental version of Sounds Of Inner City's "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" (A Disco ode to the cult 70's soap opera star) features.

                                                                                                                                        A long sought after 12" by Disco fans for many years, this release has fetched top collectors prices on-line in the past. Now it has been made available again, re-mastered, re-pressed and re-released in conjunction with West End Records and featuring all original label artwork.

                                                                                                                                        Nu Groove legend Ronald Burrell donned the Strait II Dat moniker and dropped this scorching 4 tracker of garage house pressure way back in 1993, and in 2014, it sounds as fresh as ever. "You're In Da House" kicks things off, getting into the groove with an insistent bassline, jazzy vibraphone and horns but keeping up a tough edge that just keeps going. "I Did This 4 Da Shelter" is Ronald's tribute to the long running NYC after hours clubbing institution and is a storming vocal and sax led anthem that keeps it super deep. On the flip "It's 3:00" is the epitome of late night / early morning house music (as you'd imagine from the title), a bass heavy, melodic track dedicated to the dancers and DJs still going (or just beginning!). A darker, tribal vibe permeates "Electric Native" thanks to rattling percussion and dubbed out vocal chants, making for a proper heads down cut for the dancers!


                                                                                                                                        Dawn Of The Dread

                                                                                                                                          'Dawn Of The Dread' brings the big personality that is Horseman to the forefront of a full length album for the first time. As fearsome a drummer as he is an MC, Horseman has worked with musicians and producers Tippa Irie, Max Romeo, Gregory Isaacs, Sugar Minott, Jah Shaka, Mad Professor, Barrington Levy, Eek-A-Mouse and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with John Holt - to name but a few - most recently performing with Hollie Cook and Prince Fatty. It was while playing with renowned outfit The Ruff Cut Band he met producer and long term colaborater Mike 'Prince Fatty' Pelanconi. 'Dawn Of The Dread' was recorded at Studio Dub in Thailand before being mixed at Prince Fatty's Ironworks studio in Brighton. "Mike just asked, "you ever been to Thailand?" and we went. There were great vibes, we walked in and it all fell into place. We were looking to get that 80s digital sound and all that original equipment was just there waiting for us. It was fate".

                                                                                                                                          Two more classic cuts get the HB edit treatment…one legendary track, one rare gem. A perfect lil' release for the discerning 7"vinyl heads...........................

                                                                                                                                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                                          7" Info: Pressed on Brown Vinyl

                                                                                                                                          The Late Night Tuff Guy returns with another trio of sultry soul reworks, perfect for setting the mood in the club or the bedroom. This time round Janet Jackson, Diana Ross and Princess come under the expert knife of the Australian edit master. 

                                                                                                                                          New label Akuba Records bringing you the very best in Deep, Cosmic, Soulful & Funky African Disco Music.

                                                                                                                                          Their debut release includes 2 edits, the A side is gonna tear up the dance floor for sure, its an afro disco bomb, heavy drums, tight guitar licks with added keyboard stabs, some wicked brass and cool vocals, add some dubbed out effects and we have the perfect afro party tune.

                                                                                                                                          The B side is a more laid-back affair, cosmic dubbed out afro disco with a very tropical feeling going on, plenty of acoustic and electric guitars, copious amounts of effects and ending with some jazzy piano, a true desert island disc and perfect hula dancing material.

                                                                                                                                          Those who have been following the Cosmology series from its inception will no doubt be familiar with the ad hoc release schedule and will perhaps have grown accustomed to the diverse range of styles that their ep's encompass. Each one has trodden a different path in the pursuit of updating pivotal dancefloor memories and Cosmology volume four is the most ambitious reworking to date. The choice for this instalment's source material is a topical one as the influence here comes from Herman Sonny Blount, better known as the Free Jazz pioneer Sun Ra.

                                                                                                                                          The start point for this project was some snatched vocals and the saxophone from the 1972 opus, 'Space is the Place'. The sax riff was originally recorded in a Quintuple (an unusual 5/4 meter, which anyone familiar with Sun Ra will attest that his chaotic band leading makes the edit process nigh on impossible). Ever up for the challenge, Laurie somehow managed to cajole this into a more friendly 4/4 time signature, which forms the off kilter and strangely hypnotic bassline that underpins the track, leaving just the faintest whisper of the original intact. This mid tempo burner increases the intensity as it progresses, taking its time to wrap itself round you, into your mind and once this haunting melody gets you, you stay got. Left of field adventurers will have fun trying testing their crowd with this, and figuring out what to file it under.

                                                                                                                                          Flip it over and we return to more familiar soulful surroundings, albeit with a notably different sphere of influence and approach from the A side. This too retains that trademark Cosmologist other-world spaciness and crate diggers and modern soul aficionados will identify the lush, swirling disco gem from Flowers, a hard to come by rarity, entitled "For Real".

                                                                                                                                          Oozing soul from the opening bar, we have a track where very little reconstruction work was needed, so instead a nuanced yet restrained alteration is employed which retains all the class, and gives it a respectful re-calibration, opening it to a slightly wider range of DJ's to program. This was recorded during the Christmas break of 2013, but sat in the can for almost a year awaiting another track to pair it up with.

                                                                                                                                          Two wildly contrasting edits that will add something to the ongoing what is a remix/ edit debate, this double header will be the perfect storm to bring in the new-year and comes beautifully presented on 180g heavyweight vinyl, with black inner and a spined manila sleeve.

                                                                                                                                          Under the influence, and always under the radar…

                                                                                                                                          Early support from Greg Wilson, Leftside Wobble, Mutant Disco, Phat Phil Cooper, Andrew Weatherall, Dave Jarvis, Frank Booker & Ashley Beedle.

                                                                                                                                          Massive Attack

                                                                                                                                          Mezzanine - 180g Vinyl Edition

                                                                                                                                            Massive Attack finally returned in 1998 with 'Mezzanine', a record immediately announcing not only that the group was back, but that they'd recorded a set of songs just as singular and revelatory as on their debut, almost a decade back. It all begins with a stunning one-two-three-four punch: "Angel," "Risingson," "Teardrop," and "Inertia Creeps." Augmenting their samples and keyboards with a studio band, Massive Attack open with "Angel," a stark production featuring pointed beats and a distorted bassline that frames the vocal (by group regular Horace Andy) and a two-minute flame-out with raging guitars. "Risingson" is a dense, dark feature for Massive Attack themselves (on production as well as vocals), with a kitchen sink's worth of dubby effects and reverb. "Teardrop" introduces another genius collaboration - with Elizabeth Fraser from Cocteau Twins - from a production unit with a knack for recruiting gifted performers. The blend of earthy with ethereal shouldn't work at all, but Massive Attack pull it off in fine fashion. "Inertia Creeps" could well be the highlight, another feature for just the core threesome. With eerie atmospherics, fuzz-tone guitars, and a wealth of effects, the song could well be the best production from the best team of producers the electronic world had ever seen.

                                                                                                                                            Farley Jackmaster Funk

                                                                                                                                            Funkin' With The Drums Again

                                                                                                                                            Doing it's thing since all the way back in '85, "Funkin' With The Drums Again" gets the 2014 remastered reissue treatment for those either too young, or too drug addled to remember it from the first time round. The EP sees the legendary producer and WBMX disc jockey Farley "Jackmaster" Funk turning in some colossal jack tracks, Chicago style. Each track is an essential DJ tool, perfect for heating the dancefloor to a thousand degrees fahrenheit. Inside these deep grooves you'll find Italo disco inspired bass-lines, skittering drum machines, eerie analog synthesizer melodies and of course, Farley's trademark percussive vocal stabs punctuating the mix. The record is a document from the initial first wave of Chicago House records and has that raw edge that so many contemporary producers are still inspired by 20+ years later. Essential club weaponry yo!

                                                                                                                                            Nervous make it two in two for Wayne Gardiner, following last week's Classic Man reissue with this essential Track Masters release. Originally released way back in '92, the five tracks here offer the perfect balance of rough and smooth, as deep pads, jazzy keys and chopped vocals are underpinned by driving beats and tough percussion in that trademark Gadiner style. The EP features two mixes of killer A-Side "Come On, Do Anything", two mixes of the slamming B-Side cut "I Need You So Bad" and finally "The Basement Jam" which rounds things out in deep and dope fashion. This sought after collection of early house excellence regularly goes for £50 plus on the cogs, but doesn't sound anywhere near as deep and punchy as this pristine reissue. It's not gonna be around for long, so I'd suggest you bag one asap.

                                                                                                                                            Kim Ann Foxman

                                                                                                                                            It's All About You / Steal My Secrets

                                                                                                                                            Former Hercules & Love Affair chanteuse Kim Ann Foxman gets collaborative with London's Vinyl Factory to launch her own Firehouse imprint. Named after the former fire station in Brooklyn which Kim calls home, the label aims to celebrate the golden era of authentic house music. Kim gets it right from the off with the gliding beauty of "It's All About You", a sparkling and energetic peak time track which stops just short of frenzy. Kim builds layers of wistful loops and hooks around her own subtle, resampled vocals and grounds them with a hectic drum track reminiscent of Inner City. On B-side cut "Steal My Secrets" Kim marries the synthetic and organic as flute, panpipes and playful marimba duet with sawtooth lead lines and fluctuating pads. If you're a sucker for a little Nu Groove, then this one's for you.

                                                                                                                                            Lubomyr Melnyk


                                                                                                                                              Erased Tapes first introduced Lubomyr Melnyk and his unique continuous music technique to a wider audience with ‘Corollaries’, an album produced by Peter Broderick in 2013. Now he returns with a 24-minute mini album entitled 'Evertina'. Featuring three newly composed solo piano pieces, the long-form EP showcases another side to Lubomyr Melnyk – his more gentle and melodic work.

                                                                                                                                              In 2012 Lubomyr's ears began to notice the remarkable tonal depth of upright pianos. To Lubomyr the upright piano sound is like a natural forest of microcosmic colours. 'Evertina' and 'Awaiting' were created on a middle-aged upright piano at a friend's home in New York in October 2012 – just before Hurricane Sandy hit the city. Some children were listening to Lubomyr as he played in a hotel lobby in Cologne and 'Butterfly' is the piece that he made for them. It was recorded on a battered grand piano somewhere in Switzerland in late 2013, with the lid closed down to soften the effect. ‘Evertina’ will be available on 10” vinyl, CD and download from December 15th via Erased Tapes.

                                                                                                                                              "The piano for me has so many different faces, so many personalities and wonders, it is like life itself, ever-changing yet always holding to a permanence of beauty. Like butterflies that never fly in a straight line but always carry their loveliness with them in their multi-angled paths. I want people to hear these pieces, that are always hidden from the world. I keep them locked away in a quiet place, far from the concert hall. Why do I do that? I guess it is because they are so easy to play, so effortless, I can do them while sleeping. Whereas my more demanding abilities on the piano come out in the forceful nature of continuous playing. There, the new ground is being broken and a new door is being opened for the world. But that does not mean that I am bound by nature or by god to do only continuous music. My heart moves into these pieces just as it moves into the continuous modalities. So here, for the very first time, I am bringing three of these little miniatures to the public view. May everyone enjoy them for their gentle simplicity and quietude.

                                                                                                                                              These three pieces fit so nicely together in spirit, they present a tableau, a tiny triptych that can reach the world without waiting for a major work, they stand beautifully on their own, and do not need an album to surround them with comfort and padding. No, they are what they are, and a short musical interlude as this record gives, is just perfect for their nature." – Lubomyr Melnyk

                                                                                                                                              Lubomyr Melnyk is a true innovator, exploring new directions for contemporary music. Classically trained and greatly affected by the minimalist movement in the early 1970s, the Ukrainian pianist developed his own unique language for the piano, named after the principle of maintaining a continuous, unbroken stream of sound. Melnyk has shown a remarkable devotion to the instrument, always striving to discover new ways of composing music in the continuous mode. His focus is on the actual sound of the piano as much as the harmonies and melodies of the music. Playing rapid and complex note patterns made Lubomyr one of the world’s fastest concert pianists. His virtuoso piano technique forms overtones that blend, collide or even create new melodies in rare moments, and thereby shape the composition beyond its original form. To accomplish this requires a special technique, one that has taken Melnyk many years to master. To witness one of his rare live performances is nothing short of a mind-opening experience.

                                                                                                                                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                                              Ltd 10" Info: Limited edition clear 10" vinyl includes album download.
                                                                                                                                              With gilded typography.

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