Sigur Rós


    ‘Von’ is the debut album from Icelandic post rock band Sigur Ros, originally released in 1997.

    The sixth track consists of 18 seconds of silence and gave name to Sigur Rós’ official website, ‘eighteen seconds before sunrise’.

    The last track starts with six minutes and fifteen seconds of silence, then consists of a portion of ‘Myrkur’ played backwards, hence the name of ‘Rukrym’.

    Reissued here on heavyweight 180g double vinyl by XL Recordings.

    Includes a copy of the album on CD.

    Twin Peaks

    Wild Onion

      This group of 20 year olds, frontman Cadien Lake James, guitarist Clay Frankel, bassist Jack Dolan and drummer Connor Brodner,has roots that reach back to elementary school. Having quickly cut their debut LP, 2013’s Sunken, so they could sell it on tour, the band was excited to spend more time developing Wild Onion, a record that reveals a level of maturity beyond all the amp-singeing solos, ragtag rhythms and dizzying voices of three distinct singer-songwriters.

      St. Vincent

      St. Vincent (Deluxe Edition)

        'St Vincent releases a Deluxe Repack of her eponymous 2014 album which will include five additional tracks, three of which are previously unreleased. One of the unreleased tracks ‘Bad Believer’ will be the first track released from the Deluxe album on the 21st January. The Deluxe Re-Pack is set to follow on from the huge success of the 2014 release.

        New Madrid


          From just south of the Appalachian mountains, in the rolling hills of Athens, GA., comes the roaring young four-piece, New Madrid. Following the critical acclaim of their 2012 independently released album Yardboat, the band signed with Normaltown records and promptly began work on their sophomore album Sunswimmer.

          Recorded during a cool, rainy july, under the direction of David Barbe (Deerhunter, Drive-by Truckers), the aural landscapes forged in sunswimmer become almost palpable. Combining reverb-drenched vocal harmonies, soaring underwater noise and floating, meandering melodies, the sounds don't exit the speakers as much as they condense and hang in the air like the humid athens summer that birthed them.

          Johnny Marr


            ‘Dynamo’ is the second single from the “Playland” album and is produced by Johnny Marr and his regular collaborator Doviak. Includes exclusive non-album B-side.

            Black Rivers

            Black Rivers

              As two-thirds of Manchester’s Doves, the Williams brothers Jez and Andy achieved major success with four hit albums: the classic ‘Lost Souls’ debut (2000), the #1 hits ‘Last Broadcast’ (2002) and ‘Some Cities’ (2005), and 2009’s ‘Kingdom of Rust’ which peaked at #2.

              After ‘Kingdom of Rust’, the pair needed a break from each other, as a band if not as brothers. Guitarist Jez plunged himself into electronic music while drummer Andy formed a new band with some friends. Gradually, the brothers found themselves making music together once again. After drifting back together, the duo can now officially launch their new band Black Rivers.

              Black Rivers decamped to a remote cottage in Anglesey last winter in order to write and record new material. Sharing vocal duties, they boosted their sound with Jez playing bass and keyboards, and Andy contributing piano in addition to their regular instruments. They also called on the expertise of Claudius Mittendorfer (Johnny Marr, Muse, Temples) for mixing duties.

              “Some bands are rooted in the reality of the here and now,” says Jez. “I suppose we’ve always been about escapism: searching for something. That’s the link, but I wouldn’t want to think we sound too much like Doves. The exciting thing about Black Rivers is that we had the freedom to go wherever we wanted.”


              LP Info: Deluxe 180 gram vinyl with a gatefold sleeve.


              Disappear / Let You Down

                Horsebeach are back with a neu groove for the new year and it's Rother good if you ask me. The Mancunian dreamers return to their beloved 7" format with two fresh cuts which push the breezy jangle of their sublime debut LP into uncharted sonic territory. A-side track "Disappear" sees the group drinking in the cosmic vintage of Düsseldorf '72, as their chiming West Coast guitars are joined by celestial keys, head nodding bass grooves and a motorik rhythm. The hazy echo on Kennedy's relaxed vocals puts the track in soft focus from the off, before the whole thing tessellates with kaleidoscopic majesty into the warm psychedelia of a kosmische freak out. Over on "Let You Down", we find Kennedy in sombre mood and baritone voice, crooning regretful over melancholy chords and a baggy backbeat. Before we find ourselves lost in the dark completely, the weather breaks with a burst of warm organ, staccato Thai guitar and humid funk. This is the work of a confident band buoyed by the success of their debut LP. Horsebeach are keen to explore new directions and boast the maturity and songwriting to back it up. Watch this space.

                Alex G


                  Lucky Number are thrilled to announce the release of both TRICK and RULES the latest albums to be released by the Philadelphia-based songwriter Alex Giannascoli, more commonly known as Alex G. Trick and Rules follow on the acclaimed heels of the November 2014 international release of Alex’s fifth album, DSU. Recorded prior to DSU and previously only available via Alex’s Bandcamp account, the albums have now been professionally mastered and are being made commercially available for the very first time.

                  Trick features many of the fan favourites that Alex has been playing at shows recently, including the infectious off-kilter anthem 'Forever', the dreamy and surreal 'Animals' and the charmingly lo-fi 'Change'. Trick is soaked in the distinctive personality that is Alex G; the professionally mastered versions of these tracks affirming that underneath all the unconventional guitar lines and scrawls of fuzz, Alex has a serious knack for melodic songwriting.

                  Trick continues to showcase a prodigious song-writing talent, reaffirming that Alex G is one of the most promising and prolific American musicians today.

                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                  Ltd LP Info: Heavyweight Vinyl LP includes free copy of CD and Bonus Tracks.

                  Alex G


                    Lucky Number are thrilled to announce the release of both TRICK and RULES the latest albums to be released by the Philadelphia-based songwriter Alex Giannascoli, more commonly known as Alex G. Trick and Rules follow on the acclaimed heels of the November 2014 international release of Alex’s fifth album, DSU. Recorded prior to DSU and previously only available via Alex’s Bandcamp account, the albums have now been professionally mastered and are being made commercially available for the very first time.

                    Rules is soaked in the distinctive personality that is Alex G; the professionally mastered versions of these tracks further highlight that Alex has a serious knack for melodic songwriting.

                    In addition, Lucky Number are also thrilled to be releasing Trick, Alex’s fourth album. Written and recorded just a few months after Rules, they both harbour a similar charm that makes it feel right for them to be released together.

                    Both Trick and Rules continue to showcase a prodigious song-writing talent, reaffirming that Alex G is one of the most promising and prolific American musicians today.

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    Ltd LP Info: Heavyweight Vinyl LP includes free copy of CD and Bonus Tracks.

                    Jaak Jürisson

                    Jaak Jürisson

                      Estonian label Frotee discovered 6 previously unreleased instrumental tracks by Jaak Jürisson. Jürisson was prolific singer, composer and keyboard player during 80s, though he rarely recorded his instrumental compositions. In 1990 he took his new synthesizer and bass player to studio and recorded 6 tracks. We call it Balearic today, but back in 1990 in Estonia we didn't know what Balearic was.

                      Radioactive Man

                      White Light Monochrome EP

                        Unshaken in his vision, Keith Tenniswood is an artist who's emotive electronic music, and ethos has seen him lorded as an innovator and machine funk specialist. As long term collaborator to Andrew Weatherall in their now defunct Two Lone Swordsmen guise, and with his continual sonic experiments as Radioactive Man he mans a landscape of music without rules or boundaries.

                        Opening the his debut release on Reinhardt, lead track White Light Monochrome channels a mechanical rhythm, with a tip of the hat to electronic music founders Kraftwerk. Intensively building to the 3 minute plus mark, before haunting keys lead the way, descending into a cybernetic electro workout.

                        Future driver Space Ranger takes to the audio freeway, mainlined for Detroit. Imprinted with Tenniswood' unmistakable style, finely honed snares layer up around distorted low end frequencies, coursing in a hypnotic expedition towards the outer districts.

                        Channeling the tendencies of Bauhaus and Joy Division, the warping Transponder documents the ever prevalent post-punk influence within the output of Radioactive Man.

                        In close pursuit EP closer Mechanical Music Menace levels the floor. Beaming into the stratosphere, live bass pulsates through the system as man and machine fuse, xylophone keys take front and centre taking us beyond the stars.

                        Digital bonus track Hideout evokes a sound with one foot in the past, and an eye on the future. A trademark continually present through the music of this uncompromising and inventive producer.

                        Arthur Russell

                        World Of Echo - Audika Edition

                          Arthur Russell’s most extraordinary work, “World Of Echo” is reissued in this remastered vinyl edition by Audika Records.

                          18 tracks are featured including drumless versions of his Disco classics “Let’s Go Swimming”, “Tree House”, and “Wax The Van” along with four previously unreleased tracks. Originally released in 1986, “World Of Echo” is a deeply intimate and meditative work of awe-inspiring grace and remains a timeless work of sublime beauty.

                          Arthur’s aim was to achieve what he calls “the most vivid rhythmic reality”, with just cello, voice, and echoes. Arthur achieved all of this and more on one of the most incredible albums you will ever hear.

                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                          2xLtd LP Info: Double limited US import re-issued on Audika with extra tracks and remastered.

                          Yabby You

                          Dread Prophecy: The Strange And Wonderful Story Of Yabby You

                            As a singer, writer and producer, Yabby You created some of the greatest roots classic in the history of reggae. A must-have for roots reggae fans and all those interested in classic reggae!

                            Vivian "Yabby You" Jackson was, along with Lee "Scratch" Perry, Augustus Pablo, King Tubby, Burning Spear and Culture, one of the key creators of the roots reggae style and dub revolution which swept the world in the 1970s.

                            'Dread Prophecy: The Strange And Wonderful Story Of Yabby You' is a stunning collection of Yabby You's classic recordings of himself and other artists he produced as well as sought-after rarities presented in a "long" DVD-style package including 3 audio CDs with 56 tracks - over 3 hours of music with 10 previously unreleased tracks and 30 tracks never previously on CD. It includes a 28-page booklet with many extensive personal essays from people who knew him: David Katz , Alex Peacemaker and Randall Grass.

                            E. Myers


                              As Toyah once sang: "It's a mystery, oh it's a mystery, it's a mystery to me", and so it is with this limited release from a well known producer cloaked in under the guise of E. Myers for this first in a series of "uncovered box bangers" - and we're not talking sausages either.

                              With its tough proto-house vibe this could line up alongside everything from a Shep Pettibone mix to modern house and techno. There's plenty more to come from Mr Myers as well. Limited edition one sided white label.

                              A Place To Bury Strangers


                                “That’s the most intense fear and feeling - when you go to a show and you’re actually scared,” says Oliver Ackermann, guitarist and frontman of Brooklyn trio A Place To Bury Strangers. “Or you can palpably feel the danger in the music,” adds bassit Dion Lunadon, “Like it’s going to fall apart at any moment and the players doing it are so in the moment they don’t give a shit about anything else. They’re just going for it. It’s a gutter kinda vibe; everything about it is icky and evil and dangerous.”

                                The same could be said the band’s fourth album, ‘Transfixiation’. Rather than fixate on the minute details like they may have done in the past the group, rounded out by drummer Robi Gonzalez, trust their instincts and try to keep things as pure as possible. Music is much more exhilarating when it’s unpredictable - even on repeat plays - and this is very much an unpredictable record.

                                Gonzalez makes his recording debut with the band here and it’s obvious that he’s helped pushed the band’s recordings closer to the level of their infamous live shows. “The one thing we have in common is this fire when we’re playing,” adds Gonzalez. “I don't know; it’s real intense.”

                                “[A Place To Bury Strangers] sculpts something unexpectedly elegant out of the type of din you’d expect to hear on an airport tarmac” - Spin Magazine

                                “Hypnotic and forward-looking, A Place To Bury Strangers sound more vital than ever” - Allmusic

                                “A real sonic adventure that never relinquishes its grip on structure, despite the fact that the guitar effects pedals are practically stomped into the floor” - Popmatters

                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                Ltd LP Info: Two tone pink and blue coloured vinyl LP exclusively available to independent retailers (limited to 200 copies for the UK & Eire).

                                Francois & The Atlas Mountains

                                L'Homme Tranquille

                                  In the Summer of 2013, Francois & The Atlas Mountains took a 10 day trip to Africa to meet up with local musicians with the intention of collaborating. Francois’ existing obsession with African music led to this excursion and what emerged became ‘L’Homme Tranquille’, a fourtrack EP recorded across Ethopia, Burkina Faso, Senegal and Benin.

                                  In Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Francois jammed with Papa Djiga Boubacar (on ngoni), Luc Kyenbreogo (bass ngoni) and Sanou Darra (balaphon) at the French Cultural Center, building on some simple compositions Francois had already prepared. The track, about a European traveller dreaming about an African journey, quickly developed into ‘Ayan Filé’, the EP’s opening number.

                                  Francois & The Atlas Mountains will be performing alongside Djiga Boubacar and Sanou Darra, who collaborated with them on the EP.

                                  The Clang Group


                                    The Clang Group are Clive Langer (guitar & vox), Andy Mackay (sax), Gregg Braden (drums), John Wood (keys) and Malcolm Lunan (bass).

                                    Clanger aka Cliff Hanger aka Clive Langer wants to be a pop star at the age of 60. After 35 years of producing other people’s discs for other dreamers (including Elvis Costello, Madness, Morrissey, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, The Teardrop Explodes and most recently his new labelmates The Amazing Snakeheads) it’s about time he got back to what he loved best. He started a rock and roll band, The Clang Group, with legendary Roxy Music saxophonist Andy Mackay.

                                    The concept was conceived at a dinner in February 2014 in Bethnal Green with drummer Gregg Braden bemoaning the lack of stage action. These two musicians having a coincidental window decide to form a band there and then.

                                    The Sensational Deaf School, Clive’s original band, have had a remarkable renaissance in the last few years, rejuvenating Clive’s love of playing his old guitar, with astonishing aplomb on this remarkable EP, which includes Clive revisiting the incredible Shipbuilding which he wrote with Elvis Costello for the ‘godfather’ Robert Wyatt.

                                    Sigur Rós

                                    Ágætis Byrjun

                                      ‘Ágætis Byrjun’ (pronounced ‘Ow-gy-tiss Bi-ar-yun’ - A Good Beginning) is the second album by the Icelandic post rock band Sigur Rós, originally released in 1999.

                                      ‘Ágætis Byrjun’ was recorded between Summer 1998 and Spring 1999 with producer Ken Thomas. It became Sigur Rós’ breakthrough album, both critically and commercially.

                                      Reissued here on heavyweight 180g double vinyl by XL Recordings.

                                      Includes a copy of the album on CD.

                                      Sigur Rós


                                        ‘( )’ is the third full-length album from Icelandic band Sigur Rós, first released in October 2002.

                                        It comprises eight untitled tracks, divided into two parts: the first four tracks are lighter and more optimistic, while the latter four are bleaker and more melancholic.

                                        The two halves are divided by a 36-second silence and the album opens and closes with a click of distortion.

                                        Reissued here on heavyweight 180g double vinyl by XL Recordings.

                                        Includes a copy of the album on CD.

                                        S. Carey


                                          Recorded primarily during the perigee-syzygy (also known as the super moon) of August 2014, the ‘Supermoon’ EP from S. Carey is a study in scale, space, and proximity. These songs are a new and closer look into existing works from both S. Carey’s renowned fulllengths - 2010’s ‘All We Grow’ and 2014’s ‘Range Of Light’.

                                          With ‘Supermoon’, Carey has broken these songs down to their essential, acoustic parts with his forever humming vocals laid over top, lilting yet percussive piano and a subtle swath of harmonic strings. You can hear Carey's breath between words and the pat of his fingers on the keys; you can hear the living room in which his family’s baby grand piano sits. These songs are beautiful, intimate and so potently personal. This collection is a stark presentation of S. Carey laid bare, an open invitation for the listener to climb into his world.

                                          One particularly poignant piece is the re-imagined ‘Range Of Light’ closer, ‘Neverending Fountain’, perhaps an apt metaphor for the life of the songs themselves. Says Carey, “The longer you spend with a song, the more you can see it in its pure form.”

                                          ‘Supermoon’ also features a heartrending cover of ‘Bullet Proof.. I Wish I Was’ from Radiohead’s classic album ‘The Bends’ and a new song, the EP’s namesake, ‘Supermoon’, which takes its inspiration, like much of Carey’s work, from the natural world around him.

                                          Another source of inspiration quoted by Carey is the excitement of working out arrangements for pre-existing songs on the spot, for various sessions on tour. He brought that spirit to the recording of ‘Supermoon’, which took place over the course of a single weekend.

                                          Already known as an artist of impeccable craft, S. Carey worked with longtime friends and collaborators (Mike Noyce played viola, Zach Hanson engineered, mixed and mastered) to add a chapter to the still unfolding story of Sean Carey as an artist. We can hear the songwriting, singing and performance for what it truly is; understated, true and pure beauty.

                                          S. Carey is the project of Sean Carey of Bon Iver.

                                          ‘Supermoon’ is available exclusively to independent retailers and is limited to 200 copies for the UK and Eire.

                                          Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

                                          No More Shall We Part

                                            ‘No More Shall We Part’ was released in April 2001 and was the eleventh studio record by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

                                            The album came after a 4-year gap from recording, following the much acclaimed ‘The Boatman’s Call’ album and was met with mostly positive reviews.

                                            The album showcases the virtuoso talents of The Bad Seeds, with elaborate instrumental sections on nearly every track. Also, Cave’s lyrics are less obscure than usual and he sings in a wider vocal range than he had previously. Features backing vocals from Kate and Anna McGarrigle.

                                            Vinyl transfer approval overseen by Mick Harvey during Summer 2014 and cut at Abbey Road studios.

                                            Heavyweight 180gram vinyl.

                                            This edition, approved personally by Nick Cave, is finally available again on its original format.

                                            Includes download code.

                                            Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

                                            Let Love In

                                              ‘Let Love In’, the eighth studio album by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, was originally released in 1994.

                                              Their first full-length studio album in over two years, ‘Let Love In’ preserves the same line-up (Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, Blixa Bargeld, Conway Savage, Martyn Casey and Thomas Wydler) as established on its two immediate predecessors: ‘Henry’s Dream’ (1992), the band’s troubled collaboration with producer David Briggs and ‘Live Seeds’ (1993), an interim concert compilation.

                                              The novelty of recording in America with a ‘name’ producer now long behind them, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds returned to familiar turf, choosing to conduct both demo and album sessions in their accustomed habitats of the UK and Australia. In September 1993, recording proper for ‘Let Love In’ commenced at London’s Townhouse III Studios (formerly The Who’s Ramport studio, purpose-built for ‘Quadrophenia’) and the album was completed and mixed at Metropolis in Melbourne by the end of that same year.

                                              Vinyl transfer approval overseen by Mick Harvey during Summer 2014 and cut at Abbey Road studios.

                                              Heavyweight 180gram vinyl.

                                              This edition, approved personally by Nick Cave, is finally available again on its original format.

                                              Includes download code.

                                              John Holt

                                              Police In Helicopter / Youths Pon The Corner

                                                Reggae anthem from the late great John Holt produced by Henry 'Junjo' Lawes at Channel One with Soldgie at the controls and Roots Radics in full effect! Al Campbell & Tony Tuff on harmonies for the non album flip. Both sides full length 12" mixes!

                                                Nedelle Torrisi

                                                Advice From Paradise

                                                  Nedelle Torrisi’s ‘Advice From Paradise’ is now available for the first time on vinyl from Ethereal Sequence Records.

                                                  Nedelle Torrisi is a singer with a voice for the ages and a songwriter who would fit in at the Brill Building. Her most recent album ‘Advice From Paradise’ is the brainchild of Torrisi and producer Kenny Gilmore, guitarist / keyboardist / drummer / secret-musical-mastermind with Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. Gilmore plays most of the instruments on the album, a labour of love more than two years in the making, cut between tours and other engagements.

                                                  Rich in emotion, neither retro nor particularly modern, ‘Advice From Paradise’ suggests a timeless midway point between Carole King and Sade. Best known as the lead singer of Cryptacize, Nedelle has also sung on albums by Ariel Pink, Dev Hynes and Sufjan Stevens and opened tours for Julia Holter, Deerhoof, of Montreal, Magnolia Electric Co., Destroyer, Xiu Xiu, Jens Lenkman and Fiery Furnaces.



                                                    Mourn are a very young quartet formed from the friendship of Jazz Rodríguez Bueno and Carla Pérez Vas - both born in 1996 in El Maresme, Catalonia, Spain. The duo armed themselves with inspiration from PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, Sebadoh and Sleater Kinney and began writing material, which they quickly released, raw and acoustic, on their YouTube channel. These recordings caught the attention of their homeland’s Sones Records.

                                                    Despite being teenagers, earlier this year they came out of the studio (along with drummer Antonio Postius and bassist Leia Rodríguez) with a brilliant treatise of indie rock that has stunned those who have had the opportunity to listen to it. Jazz (18), Carla (18), Leia (15) and Antonio (18) came together to present these tracks with authenticity and self-awareness beyond their age.

                                                    With the confidence only residing in youth, the Mourn debut was recorded live in the studio in two days, proof of which is in their live-in-the-studio videos for singles ‘Otitis’ and ‘Your Brain Is Made Of Candy’. Both tracks perfectly capture the band’s affinity for the brevity of The Ramones with the lyrical and melodic sophistication of The Pixies.

                                                    Axis: Sova

                                                    Early Stuff

                                                      ‘Early Surf’ is the second full-length from Axis: Sova - a journey that’s landed on a couple of 7”s and most recently a gnarly cassette along the way - but Sova’s been playing and recording for awhile now so the issue of getting sounds from within his head all the way out of there and into the mix is less a battle and more a way of life.

                                                      To go all the way at any given phase, Axis: Sova was brought home and to a variety of locales where recording and re-recording and mixing and remixing could potentially reach the infinite. It’s there he got really down into it, collaging riffs and inspirations, scraping and scrapping the blown-out waves from his amps to make songs. Tweaking the minutia with headphones Axis: Sova fought the cassette tape limits in order to get a slice of weirdo bedroom vibecake with a mega bent guitar focus in order to make ‘Early Surf’.

                                                      All kinds of tones exist on ‘Early Surf’ but spontaneity and first takes - those are the coveted sonics. Capturing waves inappropriately, building on warped and melted foundations, Axis: Sova erected a transmitter to draw in the deep space we’re all so ready for. Even though the sounds are thick with damp skin basement murk and Vaseline’s rubbed sexily on the lens; even though the lyrics are unbalanced, damaged-receptor type musings, barked / crooned in mangled, cross-talking voices you can’t really hear anyway, the wildness and beat, the drive and energy, the licking and strutting stuttering of guitar rock ‘n’ roll that so inspired young Sova is out in full effect, riptiding from shore to shining shore.

                                                      Winston Edwards & Blackbeard

                                                      At 10 Downing Street - Dub Conference

                                                        A brilliant UK dub set recorded by Winston Edwards and Dennis 'Blackbeard' Bovell back in the late 70s. Featuring tracks with names like "Downing Street Rock", "Who Made the Prime Minister's Honour List of 1975", "Airport Smuggling" and "Shake Buckingham Palace Down", this is a set that brings a local flavour to the whole dub scene.

                                                        Capital Letters

                                                        Headline News - Vinyl Edition

                                                          Capital Letters were one of the main players in the distinctive homegrown British roots reggae scene that emerged in the late 70's and were the first group to be signed to Greensleeves. Along with groups like Matumbi, Aswad, Black Slate, Steel Pulse, and Reggae Regular, Capital Letters managed to break down many of the prejudices that reggae music could only be made in Jamaica, when authentic roots music was emerging from all corners of the UK, in this case Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, a stone's throw from where Steel Pulse's Handsworth Revolution was taking place.

                                                          The Amazing

                                                          Picture You

                                                            With members stemming from psych rock bands Dungen and Granada, Swedish band The Amazing inhabit an aural landscape that’s all its own: a panoramic, constantly evolving spectacle marked by layers of intertwining guitars, richly textured keyboards, a rhythm section adept at skewed tempos and a tendency to veer off in unexpected directions.

                                                            It would take a shelf full of thesauruses to describe the Swedish quintet’s music but their collection of songs on ‘Picture You’ is every bit as compelling as it is enigmatic.

                                                            “This is something you absolutely need to hear, so hear it” - Stereogum

                                                            “The cream of Sweden’s psychedelic / neo-folk underground” - Mojo

                                                            “The Amazing live up to their name in every sense” - DIY

                                                            “Punchy in just the right places” - Pitchfork

                                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                            2xLP Info: Double LP on black vinyl with 12” insert and MP3 download card.

                                                            CD Info: CD in full colour 4 panel digipack.

                                                            Synth Alien

                                                            Stellar Walker

                                                              Madrid's Synth Alien returns with a fresh EP out on Cyber Dance Records entitled 'Stellar Walker' that shows off his spaced-out and italofied influences in just the manner we've now come to expect from that label - slow-motion chugging synth workouts that are rich in atmosphere, confident in pace and arrangement and most importantly jam-packed with heavy riffing and piercing melodies from start to finish. Side A of the EP opens with "Come With Me", a dreamy and spacey slow-but-hard rocker that warms the ears up nicely before the second track "Hotel Chameleon" seals the deal with epic feeling and soaring melodic lines that break into an all-out synthesised feast of a climax. Side B continues with a collaboration with Moscow's Dmitry Distant 'L'Amour Est Parti', a romantically-tinged odyssey of relentless octave basslines that reaches even higher into new realms of future funk courtesy of a guest vocal from AKA INK before the EP closes with a monster of upfront determined electronic rocking called 'Smoke Comet', ending the record with a fitting cosmic crunch.

                                                              Speeding through the neon sky and hunting replicants everywhere...Deckard makes his debut on To Rack & Ruin.

                                                              First up is Sean Lives which, stomps along with enough guitar twangs and honky tonk piano chords that would make this cut sound right at home at a James Brown after party. A catchy vocal throughout before an almighty breakdown that sneaks in one of the finest saxophone solos heard since that guy in The Lostboys.

                                                              On Rustic Rage Deckard joins Paper Recordings' debauched debonair of disco Flash Atkins taking in a lesser known cut from "The Man In Black" himself. We start things off with a solid 4/4 kick alongside a guitar loop that build n builds n builds like a dance floor locomotive albeit one that's draped with squelchy synths & popping percussion before dropping with vocals that are guaranteed to cause hand blisters from a serious clap along...

                                                              The Wave Pictures

                                                              Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon

                                                                Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon is the new album from English national treasures The Wave Pictures. The album was co-written and produced by one of their all time heroes Billy Childish and every note tingles with excitement at the collaboration. Bursting with energy and ignited with a garage-rock spark, the album rings loud and bold, showcasing Dave Tattersall’s searing guitar solos and sharp lyrical wit. Tattersall describes the experience of working with Billy Childish like this:

                                                                “We first met Billy in his painting studio in Chatham. It's daunting to meet your heroes, but he was great – just chatting away in his overalls and beret. Everything from that point on seemed so easy and so exciting. Billy is inspired. He knows exactly what he's doing.”

                                                                The Wave Pictures trio - Jonny Helm, Dave Tattersall and Franic Rozycki - love a good collaboration and over the years have worked as backing band to musicians such as Daniel Johnston, Stanley Brinks and Darren Hayman. Having formed when Dave and Franic were teenagers in 1998, they have always been incredibly prolific, with Dave writing so many songs that the band have made at least one album every year since they moved to London in 2006. Their varied discography captures a range of styles and influences, from garage rock to afro-pop to country punk, all recorded live with few overdubs. They never use keyboards or guitar effects pedals yet they have all they need to create the perfect rock and roll record.

                                                                Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon really lays its influences bare. Those who might not usually look past Tattersall’s distinctive vocal stylings might miss hearing touches of The Who in the title track or The Troggs in “All The Birds Lined Up Dot Dot Dot”. Tattersall swears that the song “I Could Hear The Telephone (3 Floors Above Me)” is; “The Wave Pictures in a nutshell: The Modern Lovers with Rory Gallagher on lead guitar.” It was while recording the song “Frogs Sing Loudly In The Ditches” that Billy commented that the band sounded like “a weird Cream” and proceeded to put the heaviest, bassiest feedback under it. He also suggested doing two Creedence Clearwater Revival songs back-to-back, as Dave reminisces, “He said 'that way people will know you've really got an issue!' and burst out laughing.”

                                                                In the studio they were joined by Juju Claudius who sang backing vocals on many of the songs and was a huge part of the character of the album. Yet it was Childish’s involvement that really shaped the record. The album was recorded entirely using Billy Childish’s equipment, including his 60s Selmer amps, a 60s drum kit and his rocket-ship shaped guitars. As well as producing the album and co-writing the songs, Billy plays guitar on several of the tracks including “Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon” and the giant riff on first single “Pea Green Coat”.

                                                                Billy Childish helped to bring out a different side to The Wave Pictures and inject a renewed enthusiasm to the recording process. Tattersall said that he; “was a joy to work with and we love the record. It was the most fun we've ever had making a record and to us it's the most exciting sounding thing we've ever done.”


                                                                Live At The Music Hall

                                                                  Inspired by live albums such as Bob Dylan’s Hard Rain, Houck envisioned an album that, rather than play like a greatest hits collection, would present songs from throughout his catalog in new ways, representative of how the songs have grown and transformed over the years in the live setting. Phosphorescent were coming to the end of almost a year of hard touring behind 2013’s Muchacho before the four Brooklyn Music Hall shows, (one of which was a solo performance by Houck), and the ability of Houck’s songs to morph and expand is showcased here through these revelatory performances.

                                                                  Live At the Music Hall spans nearly 10 years and four Phosphorescent albums total, including 2005’s Aw Come Aw Wry, 2007’s Dead Oceans debut Pride, breakout 2010 album Here’s To Taking It Easy, and ultimately, 2013’s transformative Muchacho. The Phosphorescent live line-up here features Ricky Ray Jackson on guitar and pedal steel, pianist Scott Stapleton, drummer Christopher Marine, bassist Rustine Bragaw, percussionist David Torch and organ / keyboards player Jo Schornikow.

                                                                  “Playing those four shows, it was clear something special was going on,” says Houck. “After eight months of touring, we’d gotten to a really good point where we weren’t quite exhausted yet with the material, but we’d had enough time to really grow with the songs. So we were in that sweet spot where we were pulling something great out of the songs every night.” Without a doubt, Live At The Music Hall is an inspiring document of a band at the peak of their powers.

                                                                  Milton Wright

                                                                  Complete Friends And Buddies

                                                                    Athens of the North is proud to present Milton Wright's stunning alternate version of the now Classic Miami soul LP 'Friends & Buddies'. An altogether more stripped down, folky soul affair than its highly respected, much sampled brother is now available on Vinyl, CD and Digital for the very first time.

                                                                    Shelved at the last minute then re-recorded and overdubbed, only a few promo copies of this early version escaped from the studio and are deep in the collections of the very few previously in the know.

                                                                    The master tapes burnt in a fire at T.K Disco in Miami in the early 80s so even the label has not heard this in 30 Years. Many reissues of the second version of Friends & Buddies LP have come and gone, but Milton's original vision has remained hidden until now.

                                                                    As searingly honest and stunningly soulful as any seminal Marvin Gaye or Terry Callier LP, it stands tall amongst its exceptional peers as one of the true pillars of quality 70s soul.

                                                                    - Unreleased Alternate version

                                                                    - New sleeve notes by Milton Wright

                                                                    - Super-heavy high quality tip-on sleeve!

                                                                    - Cut by the experts at Timmion Cutting Laboratory, Finland

                                                                    Various Artists

                                                                    Ethos Series Vl. 2

                                                                    The second release on the Nous Ethos series serves up five tracks of synthetic house brilliance and bass-centric machine funk.

                                                                    Max Skiba

                                                                    Shanghouse EP - Inc. Prins Thomas / Victor Rosado Remixes

                                                                      What do people like Balihu's Daniel Wang and Royksopp have in common? They write nice things like this about Internasjonal's (not so) new talent kid on the block. polosh superproducer Maximilian Skiba! “music from a very good young polish producer, warm chords, funky melodies, think “bass and guitars by Chic meeting a string section by Beethoven, with a touch of italo-disco and almost flamenco-like soul” DANIEL WANG “he produces very nice italo disco tracks, i'm a fan” ROYKSOPP . and he does. Shanghouse is an instant hit. i would say “instant classic” if this wasn´t so “daft” and meaningless. if you just heard it 5 times and feel the need to put it on another time… that´s “shanghouse” by max skiba. then there´s a great remix by victor rosado and a great slightly diverse prins thomas edit of “Korsakot” another track. what more do i want? not much,now, really

                                                                      After storming the charts in 2012 with mysterious 7” championed by Todd Terje and many others, Zambon & Kapsa - the guys from The Very Polish Cut Outs are back with more goods!

                                                                      Following the successful debut, they bring us a delicious 12” release with four amazing edits based on obscure Polish records from the 80s.

                                                                      A-side is curated by Ptaki, a mysterious duo hailing from Warsaw. Ptaki (which means birds in Polish) fly high and want to keep their true identity under the radar. Nevertheless, they serve two amazing cuts here, both based on obscure Polish jazzfunk. "Krystyna” is the choice cut, with its infectious vocal hook and irresistible groove. "Marek” is a piece of wonderful Balearic slow house with rich rhythm and crazy synth action in the middle.

                                                                      B Side comes from Maciek Sienkiewicz, one of the finest purveyors of Balearic grooves in Poland. Two tracks served here wouldn’t sound out of place in Alfredo's set. "Song For Mohindar” is the lead track, with its ethereal new-age atmospherics and exotic instrumentation. "Syntetyczna Kobieta Lux” is an electronic burner that you may (or may not) know from last year’s TVPC Beats In Space show.

                                                                      All tracks were carefully mastered and pressed on fat and loud 12" to maximize your pleasure of discovering forgotten gems from Poland’s rich musical past.

                                                                      This record comes in a lush sleeve, designed by one of the most talented young Polish designers.

                                                                      Already gaining support from Eddie C, Soft Rocks, Coyote, Phil South, The Project Club, Rune Lindbaek, Sleazy name a few… What’s not to love?

                                                                      Sylvie Mora

                                                                      Summertime / Taboo

                                                                        Two sublime sides from femme fatale Sylvie Mora. Both Summertime and Taboo are of course well established standards, but the treatment here of each is really unique. Summertime gets a truly expansive work over, switching between soft and slow paced acapella vocal sections which then erupt into explosive brass and drum-led riffs. On the other side, Taboo, perhaps the quintessential jazz exotica work of the early to mid-century, sounds more seductive than ever before by virtue of Mora's sultry, slinky vocals, and once again the backing orchestra is fantastic.

                                                                        Young Jessie

                                                                        Pretty Soon / Well Baby

                                                                          Two great R&B sides from Young Jessie, both appearing on 45rpm for the very first time! Both 'Pretty Soon' and 'Well Baby' were originally recorded for the Bihari brothers Modern label in the mid-50s, and whilst the former did appear on an early 60s budget compilation album on the Crown off-shoot, 'Well Baby' surfaced a lot more recently on a CD retrospective. What isn't clear is why these great recordings were canned in the first place, but either way this welcome 45rpm pressing is surely a must-have for the R&B fiends.

                                                                          Ronny Kae

                                                                          Swinging Drums / Swimming Drums

                                                                            Ronnie Kae - Wigged out craziness from drummer Ronny Kae. Swinging Drums is the name of the track, but Demented Drums might be more apt as Ronny rolls the toms to a twanging one string guitar riff and a suitably crazed voice interjects with dance instructions for the hepped up teens at the sock hop - simple enough commands such as 'Go Go Go - Go Everybody!' On the flip side, a variation on the winning formula with 'Swimming Drums'. Not sure what swimming drums are, but the effect is just as great!

                                                                            Little Richard

                                                                            Rip It Up / Ready Teddy

                                                                              Stone cold essential twin spin from the real King of Rock & Roll - none other than Richard Wayne Penniman, aka, Little Richard. Seminal, piano bashing, high octane New Orleans screamers back to back! Not much left to be said about these landmark recordings, except throw on either side of this double sided stick of vinyl dynamite and watch the dance floor erupt!

                                                                              Fred Williams

                                                                              Tell Her / The Dance Got Old

                                                                                This record is as good as soul gets, no argument, more than the sum its parts, the perfect moment captured. Few records are coveted by so many rare 45 collectors as Fred Williams only outing on Solo records, hence a clean copy recently changed hands for £3000

                                                                                I first heard this in the early 2000's when hardcore US Collector Dante Carfange & Chad Weekley (Memphix records) came to Edinburgh to D.J at our weekly club 'Motherfunk'. After their U.K tour many deepfunk collectors went after the single but the record has remained elusive.

                                                                                Dante Carfange went on to compile the amazing Numero Group Compilation 'Eccentric Soul: Smart's Palace' which included both these sides. After meeting Rob and Ken from Numero Group in Edinburgh last year they kindly agreed to licence Fred Williams to 'Athens of the North' as a single so here we are at last, this amazing piece of music is finally affordable on vinyl. Just buy it.

                                                                                Carl Barat And The Jackals

                                                                                Let It Reign

                                                                                  Carl Barât & his new band The Jackals announce the release of their debut album Let It Reign through Cooking Vinyl Records on Monday 16th February.

                                                                                  Let It Reign was recorded in LA and London and was produced by Joby J. Ford (The Bronx) and features guest musicians, such as Beastie Boys percussionist Alfredo Ortiz on Glory Days. "I actually started making this record solo, but the long and short of it is I just didn’t like my own company," says Carl, adding that he soon realised that he wanted to get a new band together.

                                                                                  Rather than call up some old mates to recruit for The Jackals, Carl decided to post a few ads online asking if there were any likeminded souls out there who wanted to try their luck at playing with him. The response was overwhelming, with thousands of people replying. Carl adds "I was lucky, because I found a bunch of people who genuinely fit together as a gang."


                                                                                  Everyting Ever Written

                                                                                    After five years away, Scottish alternative rock band Idlewild return with new album Everything Ever Written. The band’s eighth studio recording represents a new chapter, both personally and creatively - featuring twelve tracks of alternative rock woven together from strands of Scottish folk, Americana & Hebridean psychedelia.

                                                                                    Produced by the band’s guitarist Rod Jones and mixed by John Agnello (Kurt Vile, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.) whom they collaborated with on their 2002 release The Remote Part and augmented by new members Luciano Rossi (piano, organ & vocals) and Andrew Mitchell (bass, guitar & vocals), Everything Ever Written is Idlewild’s most eclectic output to date.

                                                                                    “The album was predominantly written on the Isle of Mull”, vocalist Roddy Woomble explains. "The record soundtracks a period of transition. Working without time constraints gave the whole thing a creative freedom. Idlewild is a new band to me now; I’m excited for the future.”

                                                                                    In October 2014 the group completed a sold out acoustic tour of unique, intimate venues throughout the Highlands & Islands of Scotland, re-introducing themselves to live audiences after a half-decade break, performing re-worked versions of old songs as well as songs from the new album. The still, idyllic settings chosen for the performances hint towards the sense of space afforded in writing and recording the new album.

                                                                                    José González

                                                                                    Vestiges & Claws

                                                                                      It may be seven years since he released a solo record, but José has been anything but idle in that time. He’s delivered two albums with the band Junip, his more fulsome, electronic-edged, pop project and has toured with both the Berlin/Göteborg String Theory orchestra (in 2011), co-performing 11 reworking’s of his songs, Sidi Touré and played with Malian desert blues troupe Tinariwen (both in 2012). In 2013, Hollywood came calling when Ben Stiller commissioned José to work with Theodore Shapiro on the soundtrack to his remake of ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ and most recently, he’s contributed his version of ‘This is How We Walk On the Moon’ to the Red Hot charity compilation honouring Arthur Russell. Community and collaboration are obviously satisfying in their own ways, but now José is again stepping centre stage solo, with Vestiges & Claws.

                                                                                      Conceived as the natural third part in an acoustic trilogy, Vestiges & Claws is a(nother) hushed and delicate solo set that forefronts the artist and guitarist’s compellingly intimate vocal style and intricate playing technique, but it’s often strikingly rhythmic in nature and cohere’s perfectly, with hand claps and taps on the body of his instrument underlining the songs’ mantric rise-and-fall pattern, while elsewhere, over-dubbed guitar parts and multi-tracked vocal harmonies entwine to sweetly immersive effect.

                                                                                      The title refers to both cultural practices and biological features that survive despite having lost their original function, and to currently useful tools, ie the “claws” of modern life.

                                                                                      Vestiges & Claws was recorded almost entirely by José and self-produced, mostly in his Gothenburg home, using computer plug-ins to achieve a warm, analogue sound. He prefers working alone, mainly for artistic reasons. “There were a couple of things that enabled me to complete this record: one was curiosity, to be able to play percussion and do a lot of harmonies and also to produce and mix the album; the other was aesthetics. I love to listen to Arthur Russell and Shuggie Otis, to music that has been done mostly by one person in their solitary state.”

                                                                                      As José sees it, the record is his personal, “zoomed-out eye on humanity on a small, pale blue dot in a cold, sparse and unfriendly space. The amazing fact that we are all here, an attempt at encouraging us to understand ourselves and to make the best of the one life we know we have – after birth and before death.”

                                                                                      Matt Berry


                                                                                        A special vinyl pressing and repacking of Matt Berry’s Opium album is available from February 16th. Limited to only 100 copies at retail.

                                                                                        Originally only available as part of the “Matt Berry Boxset”, which is now SOLD OUT, this pressing of Opium comes with new artwork and is available at retail for consumers for the first time.

                                                                                        This pressing is to coincide and to celebrate Matt Berry’s London show at The Forum on February 13th 2015, where the other 400 units of this 500-run pressing will be immediately available to those who attend the gig.

                                                                                        The Wave Pictures

                                                                                        I Could Hear The Telephone (3 Floors Above Me) / Walking On Water (feat. Billy Childish)

                                                                                          The next single from the Wave Pictures’ forthcoming album, Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon, is the garage-rock stomper “I Could Hear The Telephone (3 Floors Above Me)”. Frontman Dave Tattersall describes the song as “The Wave Pictures in a nutshell: The Modern Lovers with Rory Gallagher on lead guitar.”

                                                                                          “I Could Hear The Telephone (3 Floors Above Me)” is a catchy and clever rock and roll ditty, punctuated by searing guitar fills and featuring backing vocals from Juju Claudius, who lends a unique character to the song. As Tattersall recalls; “Billy (Childish), often against the judgement of everyone else in the room, took the time to work out backing vocal parts for Juju, which brought another dimension to the songs. It's hard to imagine this song without Juju's vocal line on it.”

                                                                                          Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

                                                                                          Freedom Tower - No Wave Dance Party 2015

                                                                                            New York City is a big place. A loud place. Some of that noise is music. And some of the music is

                                                                                            Noise. Sucking it all in and turning it loose with prejudice, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion takes a ferocious bite out of the Big Apple with their new long-player, Freedom Tower – No Wave Dance Party 2015, the first record of the new era that demands to be stopped and frisked! Like the best sides that percolated up from the Bronx, the Lower East Side, and Greenwich Village across the 1970s and ‘80s – Freedom Tower is more than a high-octane dance party record, it is a document of New York City, a chronicle of grit and terror and love!

                                                                                            It’s all here: The Hustler and The Trust Fund Baby, the Mosh Pit Casualty, the Celebrity Chef, the Crooked Cop, the Struggling Artist, the Sucker MC, the forgotten Sex Workers and Last-Chance Cinderellas. Within these grooves are cold-water tenements, blue-chip galleries, dingy Avenue B studios, and the last real warrior poet whose dark magick brings garage rock ghosts back from the grave! Freedom Tower is a radical portrait of New York City set to the savage funkacide of the Blues Explosion, locked and loaded with the most deadly, predatory guitar riffs that primitive magnetic tape can handle.... From start to finish, Freedom Tower is overmodulated, cooked with dirt, and finished in acid rain! Freedom Tower is packed with the kind of beats and rhymes that will make even the most reserved Walter Mitty jump back and say “damn!”

                                                                                            For nearly a quarter-century the Blues Explosion have been sweating, freezing, eating, drinking, fucking, fighting, winning, and losing in New York City, perpetrating some of the most timeless moments of musical mayhem in the history of Manhattan and beyond. As ever, Jon Spencer tells the tales, Judah Bauer plays the blues, and Russell Simins smashes things to bits... And as always Blues Explosion stomp on the faux underground oasis peddled by bourgeois hipsters and marketing jocks to deliver the real deal —rock’n’roll that is unapologetically nasty. Rehearsed and polished in a string of secret gigs and unannounced opening slots in theaters, hotel bars, and dives (often under assumed names), and then recorded at the legendary Daptone House Of Soul in Bushwick and mixed with hip-hop cult legend Alap Momin at the cutting edge of Harlem, Freedom Tower is the most provocative statement of urban pathos and panache ever recorded. Play this record at all-night rent parties, picnics , discotheques, and protests! There are eight million stories in the Naked City —but there is only one Blues Explosion!

                                                                                            Freedom Tower- dig it now, while you still can!


                                                                                            These Things

                                                                                              Nadine Shah

                                                                                              Fast Food

                                                                                                Nadine Shah released her debut album Love Your Dum And Mad to critical acclaim in 2013. A stint on the road with Depeche Mode followed and opening for Bat for Lashes provided notable highlights on an extensive tour. Created with trusted collaborator and producer Ben Hillier the excellent follow-up Fast Food is here.

                                                                                                Born from a fervid 2 month writing session, Fast Food exists on a knife-edge – every bit as dramatic as we’ve come to expect from Nadine but with a sharpened eye for all things hook laden. Recorded live at Ben’s studio The Pool the albums jagged nature is owed in part to the contributions of guitarist Nick Webb and bassist Pete Jobson (I Am Kloot).

                                                                                                Building on the bruised honesty and charm of its predecessor, Fast Food rings with the confidence of an artist completing their most coherent musical chapter to date. “The last album took so long to make that by the time it came out it didn’t feel like it was a very clear representation of where I was musically, but this time it’s different,” Nadine explains. Fast Food is a more concentrated effort: it is the sound of Nadine as she is now - stepping out from behind the piano and growing with immeasurable confidence.

                                                                                                'It is a reflection upon a world obsessed with instant gratification and a life full of complicated relationships. Its the sudden realisation that you're never going to be anybody's first love ever again'.


                                                                                                Lease Of Life

                                                                                                  Todd Terje

                                                                                                  Preben Remixed - I:Cube / Prins Thomas Remixes

                                                                                                    Preben just had the time of his life. First he was invited by Frenchman I:Cube to go diamond hunting in his luxury yacht somewhere in the Adriatic sea. A helicopter sounded, pirates entered the ship. No match for Preben though, he's got a pink belt in capoeira. Wham! He then "borrowed" the helicopter (Zed´s dead style) and flew out to Asker, Norway, where Prins Thomas expected him with a big bowl of disco stew. How nice.

                                                                                                    Anyway, as both these versions are slightly longer than the original versions on the 7", we decided size up to a 10". Artwork by Bendik Kaltenborn as ever, mastered and cut by the talented Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering.


                                                                                                    Cosy EP

                                                                                                      In 2013 Headland produced the LP sound/track to accompany a collection of 1970s surf film fragments site-specific to the northern coast of New South Wales: an album of guitar-based music seemingly poised between the open spaces of the landscape and the stylised rhythm of single-fin surfing.

                                                                                                      This latest release, Cosy, maintains the essence of that project, providing five easy pieces that reflect on Australian surf-culture of the ‘70s and hint at an upcoming full-length release.

                                                                                                      Headland’s main contributors are Murray Paterson, known elsewhere for his work with Tex Perkins & The Dark Horses, and Joel Silbersher, founding member of seminal Australian Rock bands God and Hoss.

                                                                                                      Fans of the likes of Giant Sand / early Calexico / Scenic / Sun Kil Moon would be advised to take a dip.

                                                                                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                      Ltd 12" Info: A limited edition 5 track / clear vinyl 12" EP to keep the waves rolling in, until the new album is on our shores. 500 copies only, DL card included.

                                                                                                      Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

                                                                                                      Chasing Yesterday (Deluxe 2CD Edition)

                                                                                                        Second solo studio album from the legendary former Oasis frontman.

                                                                                                        “Ballad Of The Mighty I” features Johnny Marr on guitar.

                                                                                                        Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

                                                                                                        Chasing Yesterday

                                                                                                          Second solo studio album from the legendary former Oasis frontman.

                                                                                                          “Ballad Of The Mighty I” features Johnny Marr on guitar.

                                                                                                          The Go! Team

                                                                                                          He Scene Between (Bonus Cassette Edition)

                                                                                                            Pre-order either vinyl or CD now and receive exclusive cassette (with download code) “Between The Scene Between”, an alternate take on the album, while stocks last.

                                                                                                            Lasers through tracing paper, orange tone oscillations, cable access hangover, a K-tel dream sequence, a haunted vision mixer, station wagon-core, straight to video, something in the fog, fluff on the needle, chromakey constellations, a hovercraft on the fret board, faxing a car alarm, a Morse code pep talk, etch a sketch jacknife, a daily Haley's comet, light sound colour motion, a holiday from yourself, Ceefax taking Oracle, second sight summer camp, 360 degree tunnel vision, Chinese whispers by post, the opposite of hula hooping, the geometry of ideas, maxing the minute maid, a teleprompter for your dreams, carry the ten, pathways in patchwork.

                                                                                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                            Ltd LP Info: Limited pink vinyl edition.







                                                                                                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                  Ltd CD Info: Limited run deluxe artwork CD digipak edition.

                                                                                                                  Antoni Maiovvi

                                                                                                                  Tusk Wax Seventeen - Inc. Manpower Remix

                                                                                                                    500 12" 180g, hand stamped, individually numbered records, single press only.

                                                                                                                    Jonty Rose

                                                                                                                    Tusk Wax Sixteen - Inc. Starion Remix

                                                                                                                      500 12" 180g, hand stamped, individually numbered records, single press only.

                                                                                                                      Ilya Santana

                                                                                                                      Porn Wax Nine EP

                                                                                                                        Strictly limited, hand stamped, individually numbered, no digital.

                                                                                                                        Ilija Rudman

                                                                                                                        True Colours

                                                                                                                          Surprisingly, it's been some four years since Croat producer Ilija Rudman dropped his much-played debut album, The Reveal, on Bear Funk. Happily, True Colours - his first outing on Is It Balearic - sees him in fine form, joining the dots between kaleidoscopic synth-funk, rubbery dub-disco, spaced-out boogie and glassy-eyed downtempo jams. Rudman is an expert at capturing the sounds of bygone eras, usually through the use of vintage equipment, while delivering tracks that sound thoroughly fresh and original. It's this that makes True Colours such a fantastic set. Highlights are plentiful, from the close dance smoothness of "Bad Passion" and boogie dub vibes of "All The Time" (check the delay-laden hits and sweeping violins) to the jaunty electro-goes-Balearic brilliance of "Wild Guess".

                                                                                                                          Bing Ji Ling

                                                                                                                          See Me Through - Inc. Coyote Remix

                                                                                                                            Uber Recordings' latest release see the legendary Bing Ji Ling make an appearance. See Me Through featuring the sweet vocals of Diane Birch is a sunkissed slice of California soul. A beautiful heartfelt love song oozing quality. Live instrumentation and a tight arrangement creating a real classic song. The second track, the remix of Thought Our Love Was Strong is something a little different. Tropical digital reggae vibrations all over Bing's sweet soulful smokey vocals.and bluesy guitar. West Coast Collie weed poolside stylee.

                                                                                                                            The B side is Coyote's reworking of See Me Through. Throbbing disco sub bass loops and dubbed out vocal samples with extra percussion and funky guitars layering over house beats build up to a vocal break down, before dropping back in with all guns blazing. Big smiles and dancing guaranteed.

                                                                                                                            Sherwood & Pinch

                                                                                                                            Late Night Endless

                                                                                                                              'Late Night Endless' is the first album by Sherwood & Pinch and the culmination of two years in the studio developing, re-dubbing and deconstructing tracks. It finds the highest common factor between the two's techniques, making it impossible to see where one musical personality ends and the other starts. It touches on the urban swing of UK garage on ‘Music Killer (Dub)' and 'Gimme Some More (Tight Like That)', on interstellar 90s ambient dub on 'Wild Birds Sing', on the mystical minimalism of Pinch's first releases on 'Africa 138' - but none of these stylistic diversions are out of place; they all seem completely of a piece with the heavyweight, ancient-futurist dub pulse that runs under everything.

                                                                                                                              It's an intergenerational meeting of minds, a fusing of two stories, a collision of the (pun intended) tectonic plates of international soundsystem culture. The currents that link post-punk, jungle, dubstep, almighty reggae, techno, Jamaica, Ramsgate and Bristol all come together in a single small DJ booth in London then explode outwards again through truck-sized speakers, through long weeks of studio experimentation, through days and nights without sleep in Tokyo, and are finally condensed on a record that reverberates with the apocalyptic echoes of all that came before and the rumbling threat of a dark future.

                                                                                                                              The connection was already there. Adrian Sherwood built up a vast catalogue of music through the 1980s as producer to the vast and sprawling dub-industrial-electro collective that was On-U Sound, taking in Dub Syndicate, Tackhead, New Age Steppers and many many more – and as a young boy, Rob Ellis grew up on it. “My older brother had loads of On-U albums,” he says, “and taped them all for me. Listening to all that was definitely my introduction to dub – we didn't have a lot of reggae around where I grew up in Newport [South Wales] – and it meant that when I heard jungle, drum'n'bass, trip hop and stuff later on, it made complete sense to me.”

                                                                                                                              So when Rob crossed the Severn Bridge and moved to Bristol in his late teens, he was all primed to dive into the scene there. The Subloaded and Dubloaded clubs he co-founded embodied the nascent dubstep scene's raw bodily impact – in his own phrase “If your chest ain't rattlin'... it ain't happenin'” – but as Pinch he became revered as one of the deepest producers in the game, as well as one of the most exploratory, being one of the first to record vocalists (on his Underwater Dancehall album) and one of the earliest dubstep stalwarts to expand outwards into techno and other sounds to keep his work and his Tectonic label fresh as dubstep itself went mainstream.

                                                                                                                              They met when Rob invited Adrian to play at a Tectonic takeover at Fabric in London. Adrian recalls “I remember thinking quite clearly how impressed I was with him. After I'd done my bit, where I did my best to do a powerful set, he followed that with something very very slow, very moody and very appropriate, completely changed the mood. I stood and watched for 40 minutes, really into it, this was clearly someone on top of his game – then I had to leave, but I thought as he invited me here, I should invite him down to my studio...” The resulting session to cut some dubplates for their respective DJ sets turned quickly into something more serious, discovering that Rob’s electronic loops and beats married up perfectly with the spatial dimension provided by Adrian’s analogue gear.

                                                                                                                              2 limited edition 12” EPs – Bring Me Weed and Music Killer – followed, but it was being asked to deliver a live show for Sónar Tokyo in April 2013 that really put a rocket under the project. “We decided to have a whole studio on stage” says Adrian, “so that the mix truly is delivered live in a totally unique way that can never quite be done the same again.” This meant a complex technical set-up and no small amount of flying by the seat of their pants, which was naturally exciting and terrifying. “I didn't sleep for two nights beforehand,” remembers Rob, “because I was so nervous – and I didn't sleep for quite a while after because I was so excited.” The result was triumphant, with even master of noise abuse Alec Empire [Atari Teenage Riot] watching agog from the side of the stage and broadcasting to the world what a revelation it had been.

                                                                                                                              This is an exciting record because it's full of hints of how much more there is to come from this meeting of minds. It's exciting because of the history that pounds and pulses through it. More than that, though, it's exciting because of what it does to you as a listener right here and now in the present; as the sample of Andy Fairley's vocal from the early days of On-U says in 'Precinct of Sound' says: “your head will become a crazy bulbous punch bag of sound”... and what more could you ask?

                                                                                                                              Sally Shapiro

                                                                                                                              Disco Romance - Paper Bag Records Edition

                                                                                                                                Sally Shapiro’s debut 2007 release Disco Romance was one of the years most head-turning, ear-popping albums, written and produced by Johan Agebjorn and released by North America’s very own Paper Bag Records. Shapiro’s sound is one that fuses exaggerated electro beats reminiscent of a neon, bygone era whilst preserving an understated innocence, elegance and light. Shapiro’s 2007 release marks the beginning of a journey into the depths of the cool, hollow sounds of an isolated and detached dance floor, wrapped in an abundance of warmth and character that cannot be compared. February 2015 will see the official reissue of the vinyl.

                                                                                                                                Rae & Christian Feat. Jake Emlyn

                                                                                                                                Favourite Game - The Mang Dynasty Remixes

                                                                                                                                  Celebrated and Mercury-nominated UK duo Rae & Christian released their first new material for ten years in 2013 on Night Time Stories/Late Night Tales after spending the last decade meditating in a Buddhist monastery in Swindon. This year the label commissioned a series of remixes from Mercury Rising and Mang Dynasty (aka Ray Mang & Bill Brewster) take on Favourite Game featuring rising star of the Swindon Buddhist circuit Jake Emlyn.

                                                                                                                                  Mang Dynasty focus on Gita Langley's backing vocal hooks adding a chorus piano motif and stretch things out into an epic nine minute plus main version aimed squarely at the dancefloor (and Afghanistan). Jake Emlyn's more aurally-pleasing melodic parts are utilised towards the end taking things up another level to a happy finish. Initial reactions have been so strong it seemed rude not to slip out a 12-inch on Mangled, home of the hits!


                                                                                                                                  The Marius Tresor EP - Inc. Brassica Remix

                                                                                                                                    Rothmans are back with their 3rd release of 2014 and back in the squad is Brooklyn beat master Aimes. You might remember his substitiute appereance on Rothmans 2 alongside Fairplay & Strunz. The release plays homage to informous French defender Marius Tresor who hard nosed defending earned him a place in Pele's top 100 players of all time. He also made waves off the field with a brief singing carear but we will leave you to research that yourself!!. Back to the release and we find Aimes following on from where Ste Spandex left off with an up tempo trancy, acid belter 'Tunnel Down' . Tracks 2 lowers the tempo a little and feels a little more classic Rothmans with that Nu-Disco/Italo feel too it , a sound that served them so well through Roth 3 - 5. The remix comes in on the B side from the legendary Brassica , and he doesent pull any punches at all, the remix takes all the aspects of the origianl and weaves them into an 8min piece of original music that just keeps on giving! One of the remixes of the year from the London based wizard. Again Rothmans pull it out fo the bag in the last minute and deliver andother stella EP

                                                                                                                                    Kai Alce brings the goods for the 13th NDATL. Featuring a coupla killer remixes by none other than Larry Heard!!


                                                                                                                                    Nightshift - Inc. Soft Rocks Remix

                                                                                                                                      Heavy release from newcomer therarelowry on the Soft Rocks 'Kinfolk'imprint. 'Nightshift' is a meandering acid tinged trance-dancer with a nord-esque bassline under pinning it.'The Morning After' goes on a heavier route but the mournful strings keep it on the light side of the dark with great intensity. On the flip side Soft Rocks take the 'Nightshift' into their specially designed 'acid fuzz' room to deliver a pounding percussion filled remix....all trax are receiving support from the Alfos duo of Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston.


                                                                                                                                      Zulu Honda / Afro Vibes - Inc. JC Salinas Remix

                                                                                                                                        Is It Balearic bring the heat with a stunning release from Sorcerer. The First track is Zulu Honda. Skipping thick drums and a bouncing bass overlaid with nu med guitars and beautiful synth lines. This track is made for pool parties and lofts. The second track is Afro Vibes a more atmospheric percussive groove. Maribas throbbing bassline and slightly melancholic guitars eventually make way for a subtle acid accent before returning to the groove.. Salins Jockey club remix zulu Honda adding some lovely elements while holding the original feel. Top draw from the dependable IIB crew

                                                                                                                                        Posthuman / Compassion Crew

                                                                                                                                        Horn Wax Nine

                                                                                                                                          500 12" 180g, hand stamped, individually numbered records, single press only.


                                                                                                                                          Codex / NRG

                                                                                                                                            Young East London producer Sam 'Palace' Walker has been part of DJ Haus's trusted inner circle for some time, having released on both Unknown 2 The Unknown and Hot Haus Records. Here he unreleased two more retro-futurist house gems - the kind of kaleidoscopic, rave-inspired tracks that evoke memories of early '90s pirate radio stations and illegal parties full of smiling dancers in bad long sleeve t-shirts. Choose between the bouncy stabs, hazy vocal cuts, bleep-era bass and snappy, cheap-sounding beats of "Codex", and "NRG", a piano-laden banger that makes great use of some familiar samples that were once a staple of breakbeat hardcore and bouncy house records. Oh, and the unmistakable rhythmic swing of UK garage.

                                                                                                                                            Timothy J Fairplay

                                                                                                                                            Stories Of Prison

                                                                                                                                              The release of Somebody, Somewhere (ERS002) really helped shape the feel and sound of Emotional Response in its infancy. In another way it helped Timothy step away from being known as engineer extraordinaire to the likes of Andrew Weatherall and Daniel Avery and to establish him as a proper solo artist with his own, particular musical vision. Now a fully established solo artist with releases across a myriad of labels, DJ gigs across the globe and also being co-owner of the Crimes Of The Future label, Timothy returns to Emotional Response with a mini-LP of brooding intensity.

                                                                                                                                              We start with the tough 'The Quay', where his more expansive house and techno productions of late are glimpsed on a dubbed out dancefloor, before his increasing interest in break beats is again examined on the self-explanatory 'Unexplained Intergalactic Radio Bursts'. It is however, the deep, deep heavy synth cuts 'Salamoor' that sees a full return to the sound Timothy was fist associated with, all late night keys and (space) echo percussion. This is seen again later on 'Night Ferry' and the classic closing track, 'Is It Wrong?', however before that is the title cut, 'Stories Of Prison'. A full on bump along dark streets, this has a deathly kick that shakes bones. It's easy to throw lines like Carpenter and Goblin, arpeggios and horror lines, but it's all here in his own inimitable way.

                                                                                                                                              A welcome look at TFJ. The future offers more to come, but sometimes it's good to go back.



                                                                                                                                                Apollo Records is proud to present "SOL" the highly anticipated second album from Los Angeles based producer / composer Eskmo AKA Brendan Angelides. Inspired by our life giving planetary body, "SOL" is a masterful meditation on human emotional plane as effected by planetary bodies. Angelides has delivered perhaps his strongest musical statement yet.

                                                                                                                                                Written, produced and recorded over the course of a year on the Eastside of Los Angeles in his home studio, SOL’s epic grandeur bears the traces of Angelides’s recent work composing orchestral pieces for live performance with the LA based Echo Society.

                                                                                                                                                "From the moody cinematic opening of ‘SpVce’ and exhalting synth melodies of 'Combustion', to the touching delicacy of the watery ballad ‘Blue And Grey’ to 'Mind Of War’’s tromping existential digi-funk, the heartbreaking piano paen of ‘Tamara’, to the snarling drone saturation of the title track, to the beaming, epic euphoria of ‘The Sun Is A Drum’ it’s clear that this is a record that is a truly cinematic experience."

                                                                                                                                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                                                2xLP Info: Limited marbled vinyl pressing.

                                                                                                                                                Mr Oizo

                                                                                                                                                Flat Beat

                                                                                                                                                  All-time classic back in print.

                                                                                                                                                  Hunter / Game

                                                                                                                                                  Speicher 83

                                                                                                                                                    Starting out in 2001 to tie up some loose ends from our regulars, SPEICHER has since become a guarantee for vanguard dance sounds from all over the planet, allowing KOMPAKT to invite and support electronic artists that comfortably inhabit both the delicate and the more deliberate ends of the electronic music spectrum. For SPEICHER 83, Italian tag team HUNTER/GAME present two hand-cranked live jams rich in atmospheric detail and flattening punch.

                                                                                                                                                    Due to the somewhat non-negotiable nature of a hardware live jam, you'd be forgiven to expect a certain sloppiness in the details that most real-time composers make more than up for in energy and perseverance ミ let us introduce you, then, to HUNTER/GAME, the duo of Italian producers based in Milan and New York who seem to effortlessly combine the intimate intricacy of a studio layout with the powerful punch of a stage combo. Immediately convincing listeners with some pretty masterful execution skills, both cuts HEXAGON and BERMUDA go on to sneak into anthem territory, patiently adding layer after layer of sonic imagination to a strong assortment of core beats. An absolute must for any discerning fan of hand-cranked electronic bliss with an edge.

                                                                                                                                                    Roland Tings

                                                                                                                                                    Roland Tings

                                                                                                                                                      Melbourne producer Roland Tings (a.k.a. Rohan Newman) deals in cosmic house and heavy synth jams, as evidenced by his previous releases on labels like 100% Silk and Australia's Club Mod imprint (the dance arm of Modular Recordings). It's no wonder, then, that he linked up with fellow disco enthusiast Prins Thomas to release the Who U Love EP on the Norwegian icon's Internasjonal label last year. He's now gearing up for his debut LP, which Thomas' label will also release on January 26; if all goes well, Roland Tings could become a household name, both among the disco faithful and those who like their dance music blindingly shiny. Chris Kokiousis
                                                                                                                                                      Roland Tings is Melbourne's jack-track anomaly with a penchant for acid coastlines and nebulous rhythms. Still fresh off 12" releases for 100% SILK and Club Mod, the Melbourne producer dropped the stunning "Who U Love" EP with us last spring, to critical acclaimand in anticipation for his debut whoch is finally here now. and what we are truly excited to present.

                                                                                                                                                      Forged by Melbourne's forward-thinking nightlife institutions, Tings made his debut with the Milky Way EP on 100% SILK - the enigmatic dance imprint founded by Not Not Fun's Amanda Brown. Having laid the groundwork of a raw-satin aesthetic inspired by that of Larry Heard and Robert Hood, his sound was solidified on the Club Mod-released follow up Tomita's Basement, featuring remixes from Future Times' Maxmillion Dunbar and Junior Boys' Jeremy Greenspan. Functioning as club-ready oddities with neon finesse, his releases thrive as rhythmic visions pushing dancers into his very own modular oasis.

                                                                                                                                                      Having toured across much of Australia and Europe, he's backed up headline club shows with appearances at MONA FOMA and The Meredith Music Festival as well as support slots for the likes of of Tim Sweeney and Juan Atkins for Modular’s Sydney Festival showcase. Now riding with a tight community of Australian producers enjoying recognition around the world, Roland Tings’ custom texture continues to fold into a vibrant late-night fabric accessed around the world and you will see this reflected by the goodness and versatility of the 10 tracks on this CD.


                                                                                                                                                      Land In Sicht - Green Vinyl Edition

                                                                                                                                                        Remastered by Martin Bowes at the Cage Studios, UK.
                                                                                                                                                        Presented on high-quality 180gram heavyweight green transparent vinyl.
                                                                                                                                                        Limited Edition.

                                                                                                                                                        Medical Records returns to Germany for another piece of the Neue Deutsche Welle story with the reissue of the one and only album by Tse-Tse. Long out of print from it’s original 1983 pressing on Neuland Tonträger, it is due to be heard again.

                                                                                                                                                        Highly recommended for fans of the Neue Deutsche Welle genre and especially those fans of Die Gesunden, instrumental tracks of Der Plan, and even the synth stylings of Soft Cell.

                                                                                                                                                        Tse-Tse were Claas Melhop and Clement Hülse. The duo met in Hamburg at a disco. While Claas was a medical student and trained flutist, Clem was a school drop out playing in a German punk band (Hermann’s Ogrie) which he joined when he was only 16. They hit it off and spent a lot of time listening to early Human League, Virgin Prunes and other oddball stuff from the time. In between hanging out at trendy bars at some point, Clem took a tiny toy Casio keyboard over to Claas’s place. They began improvising and playing through the home stereo. The drum machine sounds were simply whatever was built into the cheap gear, and everything was recorded on a cassette tape player. The songs came together quite easily with key changes and rhythms evolving quite instinctively. A friend of the band ran an independent record label and insisted they go into the studio. They recreated their homemade tunes and added some vocals, sax, bass, and effects. They did use a Korg MS20 and Roland Drumatix which they now had access to.

                                                                                                                                                        Following the recording, Clem moved to Berlin and later London. He played in multiple grunge bands, but none of them had any use for the novelty toy synthesizers (which at this point were deteriorating rapidly). Back in Hamburg, Claas finished the album but shortly thereafter he suffered a serious car accident. Sadly the entire project suffered a premature end, and none of the pieces were ever performed live.

                                                                                                                                                        Clement is still playing in bands today and works as a web designer. Claas eventually finished his medical degree and moved to Berlin. He continued to play music with Temple Fortune who released several albums. He is now an established psychiatrist. The album is a very interesting hybrid of minimal instrumentals interspersed with unique more melodic tracks with vocals. There seems to be an almost prog element (in the most stripped down of fashions) and a clear knack for experimentation. After the brief intro, the first track “Land In Sicht” highlights the duo’s mastery of novelty keyboards highlighted by restrained use of synth and bass guitar with moody vocals. Whereas the first side tends to feature more traditional style synth oriented tracks with vocals (though still quirky and atypical), the second side evolves into long convoluted instrumental pieces with samples and an array of synths and drum machines in a more heady fashion.

                                                                                                                                                        Highly recommended for fans of the Neue Deutsche Welle genre and especially those fans of Die Gesunden, instrumental tracks of Der Plan, and even the synth stylings of Soft Cell.

                                                                                                                                                        Post Industrial Noise

                                                                                                                                                        The Official Anthology

                                                                                                                                                          - The tracks on this collection have been restored from the original analogue tape reel for this reissue.
                                                                                                                                                          - For fans of the previously reissued Near Paris and other synth outfits such as Chris & Cosey, early 80s new wave, and even more edgy artists such as Suicide. * Remastered by Martin Bowes at the Cage Studios, UK.
                                                                                                                                                          - Presented on high-quality 180gram heavyweight colored vinyl.

                                                                                                                                                          Medical Records in collaboration with Crispy Nuggets is proud to present a collection of tracks by Post Industrial Noise. PIN was an “audio artsemble” conceived in 1982 in Columbus, Ohio by the trio Robert Crise Jr, Gerald F. Nelson, and Dana Riashi Ritchey.

                                                                                                                                                          They started on a drum machine, guitars, and vocals but quickly evolved to one member on synths and two guitarists on occasional synths. Robert Crise Jr maintained a studio titled “The Center For Contemporary Realism” where he conceived most of the lyrics for PIN. Gerald F. Nelson was a local performance artist, and Dana Riashi (OSU art student) claimed to be the “idea-mediator” between Robert and Gerald. Robert produced a flexidisc of PIN material through an Ohio Arts Council grant and distributed it through the OSU art tabloid “Dialogue”. The accompanying article from Cleveland’s Spaces Gallery noted PIN to have “redigested their input from influence bands such as Tangerine Dream, PIL, and Kraftwerk, to produce their own unique sound”.

                                                                                                                                                          PIN performed mainly in galleries and occasionally clubs at the time. They produced a cassette release and were soon feeling the pressure to specialize towards more concrete art performance or club venues. It was this pressure that soon led all activity of PIN to a strangling halt unfortunately. Robert soon left Ohio for graduate studies in Detroit where he remains a “future archaeologist” today. Gerald and Dana then proceeded to form the outfit Near Paris (reissued on Medical Records in 2013). The output of PIN could be described a more experimental/minimalist offshoot of new wave with pleasant synth sequences blanketed in rich synth tones.

                                                                                                                                                          Fans of Near Paris will obviously draw comparisons, but the overall feel of PIN is a bit darker and possibly more lo-fi in all aspects. The opening track “Sketch” has a definite cold wave vibe with slightly echoed vocals over a subtle drum machine beat and monotonous synth lines. “Prelude” is a deep instrumental cut with synth and sample interplay resulting in a hypnotic slab of brilliance.

                                                                                                                                                          AUS Music follow up another solid year of releases that included both EPs and albums from their ever-expanding family with their first of 2015 - another offering from Berlin based Youandewan. Consistently modest in his ascent, Youandewan has steadily built his reputation behind releases on Secretsundaze, Hypercolour and Simple Records as well his release on AUS back in June of 2014. Leaving his astute skills to do the talking, he presents his ‘Spiral Arms’ EP - a sophisticated meld of deep pads, flecks of acid and no-nonsense House grooves backed up by a remix from Marquis Hawkes. The Dixon Avenue Basement Jams affiliate, Marquis Hawkes then follows up his work on Houndstooth and Créme Organisation with a rattling 90’s revision of Fool Be Cool - stout percussion and circling vocal cuts build a mood that’s sure to get the shutters open as AUS start the year off right

                                                                                                                                                          Rounding out this iteration of the Moods & Grooves classic series are two of its best selling releases from one of Detroit's most prolific producer's, Theo Parrish, and label head Mike Grant. The Mr. G remix of My Soul, My Spirit nets a pretty penny at the online marketplace so if the steep prices have deterred you, now is the time. Chunky was produced during the time Theo was a leader of Detroit's raw & dirty house sound. In celebration of the Moods & Grooves' 50th release it's being offered on limited coloured vinyl.


                                                                                                                                                          Eomaia Recuerda

                                                                                                                                                            The last of January’s ace new Deep Distance represents a debut on vinyl for Argentinian neo-psych, kraut outfit BOSQUES.

                                                                                                                                                            The band were formed in 2009, and take their cues from a love of all things psych, drone and kraut flavoured; and the tracks across the EP offer up a killer intro to the bands’ ever evolving vibe and approach; at one point adapting the seminal NEU! groove of opener “Eomaia Recuerda” to the predominantly acoustic, organic motorik “Mis Manos Las Manos” and the prime era Spiritualized like, organ led “Interferencia”.

                                                                                                                                                            A beautiful EP, with an idealistic concept of there being no ‘A’ side as such. Should such a thing exist, treat this as something of a treble ‘A’ side…?!

                                                                                                                                                            Again, as pleasing on the eye as the ear, the EP features an embossed cover panel and is released as a limited pressing of 300 only on 10” vinyl.


                                                                                                                                                            Paris Rendezvous / Le Grind

                                                                                                                                                              The second of January’s trio of killer new Deep Distance 10” features Ollie Cherer’s “Rhododendron” project. Having debuted on the label’s “Grasshopper Mind” Record Store Day comp from 2013 and played to bits by the likes of Andrew Weatherall and 6Music, the band return with their debut release proper.

                                                                                                                                                              To quote the band themselves: “Tired of the tango, Fed up with fandango? Try magnetic tape, dirty amps, modular synthesizers, improvisation and wild, wild noise.
                                                                                                                                                              Fuzzed up south coast motorik minimalism with synths, guitars and space echooooooes…..

                                                                                                                                                              “Rhododendron is a nice flower” – Bryan Ferry

                                                                                                                                                              Paris Rendezvous is an improvised soundtrack to Claude Lelouch’s “C'était un rendez-vous”, performed once at a now infamous warehouse/studio party in St Leonards in 2014.

                                                                                                                                                              Written, recoded and produced by Darren Morris and Oliver Cherer.

                                                                                                                                                              Killer 10” destined to sell out rapid style. To dwell is to miss… ace embossed Deep Distance sleeve inserts over tasty new 10” label bags, in an edition of 300 only.


                                                                                                                                                              13’56 / 13’05

                                                                                                                                                                Deep Distance, the kosmische / kraut flavoured side label to the Great Pop Supplement, open the new year in style with 3 super cool new 10” singles, all dressed up in ace embossed front panel sleeves and tasty new label bags.

                                                                                                                                                                Kicking off the trio is the stunning debut from “Slows”, (a side project for WIRE guitarist Matthew Simms), 2 beautiful side long pieces created on farfisa matador organ with fx pedals which recall the lush, minimal drones and arrangements of the likes of Terry Riley, JD Emmanuel and “Dreamweapon” era Spacemen 3.

                                                                                                                                                                Matthew has been a member of Wire since 2010 (playing on 2013’s acclaimed “Change Becomes Us” LP) and It Hugs Back, having released 3 albums with a new one due for 2015. He was recently invited to contribute to the new Bill Fay album, as well as a soundtrack to the film “Suzanne” by Electrelane’s Verity Susman.

                                                                                                                                                                His individual, self taught approach to the guitar, the focus on unusual sounds and tunings and his way of playing within, rather than ‘on top’ of a song has helped him forge his growing reputation.

                                                                                                                                                                He is most often to be found in his own Kent countryside studio, ‘The Record Room’ where he has recently mixed the new Chastity Belt record on Hardly Art (Feb 2015) as well as composing and recording music for various Film and TV programmes.

                                                                                                                                                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                                                                Ltd 10" Info: Limited to a pressing of 300 only.

                                                                                                                                                                Duke Garwood

                                                                                                                                                                Heavy Love

                                                                                                                                                                  ‘Heavy Love’ is the brand new album from south London’s unlikely bluesman Duke Garwood.

                                                                                                                                                                  The sound of a genuine artist defining his career at his own pace on his own terms.

                                                                                                                                                                  Dark, mystical and erotic sounds returning Garwood’s music to the elements - to his mad blues, the unhurried grooves and desert slithers and his spectral, past-midnight burr.

                                                                                                                                                                  Inspired by a journey of a man, who is not afraid to leave everything behind and travel far beyond the stars, Vakula sets off for the exploration on new sound magnitudes. Written by David Lindsay in 1920, a story of a fearless traveller who is exposed to sublime energies and unknown spheres concurs with Vakula’s perception of reality and his personal voyage to unknown dimensions. Claimed to be a soundtrack to A Voyage To Arcturus, the album is an attempt to expend beyond conventions of the modern house music and dedication to daring ventures.

                                                                                                                                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                                                                                  Matt says: Holy shit look at that tracklist! His biggest work to date? (and that's saying summat). This journey takes us far and wide to places yet unchartered by the Ukranian explorer. A proper long player, touching on numerous styles but remaining cohensive throughout. Vakula explores kraut, psyche, coastal atmospheres and his usual lysergic blend of disco, jazz and soul-fused house. Possible early contender for electronic album of the year!

                                                                                                                                                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                                                                  2xLtd CD Info: Includes 4-page booklet

                                                                                                                                                                  3xLtd LP Info: Gatefold with printed inner

                                                                                                                                                                  On a cold rainy day in London, Tessela met up with Nozinja in a East London pub for a quick pint. They got on like a house on fire, swapping production techniques and notes from their drastically different approach to making electronic music. They ended up going back to Tessela’s studio down the road for an impromptu recording session. What you hear now is the results…
                                                                                                                                                                  2 very different takes on the same song. ‘Wa Chacha’; produced by 2 artists at the top of their game with a mere distance of 8,000 miles separating their respective hometowns. Nozinja, of Shangaan Electro fame – who is currently prepping for his forthcoming full length album on Warp Records, wrote the original song and was asked by Bleep to collaborate with Tessela for this special one-off 12″ release. Tessela – the UK based producer gaining attention through skilfully blurring the boundaries between techno, jungle and fractured rhythmical structures through his incredible releases on R&S Records, Punch Drunk and of course his incredible break-out self-released track ‘Hackney Parrot’, jumped at the opportunity to work with the genre-pioneering South African producer. The results are 2 superb renditions and arrangements of the infectiously catchy ‘Wa Chacha’. ‘Wa Chacha’ by Nozinja / Tessela will be released by Bleep on 9th February on 12″ vinyl and digital formats.

                                                                                                                                                                  *contender for 12” artwork of the year*

                                                                                                                                                                  Radio play from: Mary Anne Hobbs, James Blake, Benji B, Kowton, Moxie
                                                                                                                                                                  DJ support from:
                                                                                                                                                                  Airhead (R&S Records)
                                                                                                                                                                  “So good… that’s probably the strongest cover art i’ve seen in a long long time” -
                                                                                                                                                                  "It's so good! What a great idea of a project…"
                                                                                                                                                                  Phillip Sherburne:
                                                                                                                                                                  “This is great!”
                                                                                                                                                                  Rob Booth / Houndstooth:
                                                                                                                                                                  "LOVE THAT PHOTO... this is right up my street"
                                                                                                                                                                  Eomac / Lakker (R&S):
                                                                                                                                                                  "What a pairing. Both great versions but I think Nozinja pips it for sheer uplifting glee!"
                                                                                                                                                                  "SO good. Tessela's version is super killer."
                                                                                                                                                                  DJ Feadz:
                                                                                                                                                                  "Love it !! i'm a fan of the both. (i was actually the first one to bring Nozinja to play in paris several years ago.. )"
                                                                                                                                                                  "killer release”
                                                                                                                                                                  “This is what I like - - a pairing that peeks interest. Big up!”
                                                                                                                                                                  Moxie (BBC Radio 1 / NTS)
                                                                                                                                                                  “Love this release. Been playing both tracks on radio and on mixes, so so good.”

                                                                                                                                                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                                                                  Ltd 12" Info: Check the super sleeve artwork!

                                                                                                                                                                  Fantastic compilation of sun drenched Balearic beauties from the great Italian singer / songwriter Lucio Battisti. Features the sublime ‘Ancora Tu’, covered recently to great effect by Roisin Murphy but in no way surpassing Lucio’s original version, followed by the superb in-demand instrumental floor-filler ‘Il Veliero’. On the flip is beautiful disco-tinged groover and big Moonboots play ‘Due Mondi’, one of Lucio’s rare duets from his highly acclaimed ‘Anima Latina’ LP. Also includes Lexx favourite - the gorgeous ‘Questo Amore’ and finally the often-edited ‘Amarsi Un Po’, an absolute Balearic classic with its fat bass, soaring strings, gentle guitars and sweetly emotional vocals. Essential collection.


                                                                                                                                                                  Silver Apples Of The Moon

                                                                                                                                                                    Medical Records continues on it’s exploration of seminal 1990s reissues with the 1994 masterpiece “Silver Apples Of The Moon” by England’s Laika. Originally released on the iconic Too Pure label in 1994, this record has long been out of print on vinyl.

                                                                                                                                                                    The members of Laika hailed from various interesting places. Margaret Fiedler was actually born in Chicago but relocated to London to pursue musical interests and was one of the vocalists and songwriters for Moonshake (also on Too Pure) as well as a previous member of Ultra Vivid Scene. Guy Fixsen was (and still is to this very day), a renowned audio engineer and producer.

                                                                                                                                                                    In fast, he was involved in the infamous production of My Bloody Valentine’s “Loveless”. The bass player John Frenett was also in Moonshake and left that band the same time as Fiedler after their first USA tour. The drummer, Lou Ciccotelli, had previously played in Kevin Martin’s band God. The band also had a saxophonist, Louise Elliot.

                                                                                                                                                                    “Silver Apples Of The Moon” was Laika’s first album and is almost unclassifiable. Taking a very forward-thinking approach, the sound is the result of a very unique equation of live drums/percussion, layered guitars/samples, and diverse analog tones that all fuse together to form a hypnotic polyrhythmic combination that was truly original.

                                                                                                                                                                    Too Pure was known for it’s cutting edge roster including Seefeel, Mouse On Mars, and Pram. Laika was certainly no exception to these game-changing artists. The opening track “Sugar Daddy” explodes from the first note into a percussive frenzy that is quite dizzying before it smolders a bit and is layered with various samples that propel the track. “Coming Down Glass” exudes a more mutated trip-hop form with thick powerful bass lines. Other standout tracks include the intense “Red River” and the harder track “44 Robbers”. While it is exceedingly difficult to draw any similarities of this album with other artists, one can make loose associations (or at least influenced by) some of the most challenging percussive experiments of Miles Davis, the brilliant exotica of Martin Denny, and the gut churning bass magic created by Jah Wobble in early PIL.

                                                                                                                                                                    Fans of the crucial and long lasting mark left by the Too Pure artists such as Pram and the like will definitely need to own this album if they have never heard it. For most fans, the original vinyl LP was not available or accessible (especially in the USA).

                                                                                                                                                                    - The masters for which this reissue is sourced were directly transferred from the vinyl master source material courtesy of Beggars Limited with the utmost care and quality.

                                                                                                                                                                    - The LP jacket features similar original artwork, and the LP contains a bonus insert with an engaging interview and write up by Segal featuring exclusive interviews with Guy Fixsen and Margaret Fiedler.

                                                                                                                                                                    - Presented on high-quality 180gram heavyweight colored vinyl.


                                                                                                                                                                    Feverhead / Foxes & Brimstone

                                                                                                                                                                      Barringtone are: Barry Dobbin, formerly of Clor, (Guitar and Vox), Connan Cooledge (Bass) and Boomer Opperman (Drums) - they create an avant-pop/rock deconstructionist sound that weaves along an intrepid path. A heady mix of power pop, anthemic rock riffs, guitar/synth wig-outs and off-kilter vox are enthusiastically pulled apart and reformed with unapologetic vigour. "Feverhead/Foxes & Brimstone" showcases the benefits of their eclectic approach, balancing the complexities of out-there prog with the direct motorik drive and brevity of pure melodic pop.

                                                                                                                                                                      NME described Barry Dobbin’s former band Clor as "Retro-futurist, laboratory pop" awarding theie single eponymously titled 2005 album the No.1 spot in their '100 Greatest Albums You've Never Heard' shortly after their demise which was described as leaving a uniquely Clor-shaped hole in the all too generic world of guitar/electronic music - a band for whom "musical differences appeared to be the whole point."

                                                                                                                                                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                                                                      Ltd 7" Info: Double A-side limited to just 250 copies.

                                                                                                                                                                      Severed Limb

                                                                                                                                                                      If You Ain't Livin' / Tidy Is A Vulture

                                                                                                                                                                        The Severed Limb began life as a punk skiffle trio, recording a cassette in the cellar of drummer Charlie Michael’s south London pub in 2008. With Bobby Paul on guitar/vocals and Charlie’s half brother Leo Lewis on washboard they began gigging in South London pubs. With no actual bass player they asked members of the audience to fill in on tea-chest bass. After a few gigs the band were invited to support rockabilly star Imelda May at Bush Hall and later at Koko, Camden. They recruited bass player Colin Young and guitarists Jimmy Curry and Sam Soper (who’d produced the cassette together) to play at the gigs.

                                                                                                                                                                        Accordionist/illustrator Alex Barrow was recruited in 2009 and the band recorded a CD on Imelda May’s imprint. Unhappy with the results the band set about recording a DIY EP in Bobby’s living room in Elephant and Castle. With double bass player Simon Mitchell replacing Colin Young they started busking heavily and diversifying their sound to include elements of cumbia, garage and R&B. They self-released the EP ‘WOO EEE HA HA!’ on vinyl only and it quickly gained the attention of Steve Lamacq at BBC Radio 6 music who invited them to record a live session at the legendary BBC Maida Vale Studios.

                                                                                                                                                                        Sticking with the vinyl only format, the band released a 7” single (‘Take You Out’) and another EP (‘The Shake Up’). Along with Steve Lamacq, Mark Radcliffe started championing the band on Radio 2, Gideon Coe got behind them, John Kennedy at XFM and even Andrew Weatherall. In May 2012 The Severed Limb played to a full house at the Royal Albert Hall opening for Imelda May. Later that year dance music pioneers Hot Chip named them in their “dream festival lineup” alongside Kraftwerk and Aphex Twin.
                                                                                                                                                                        Compiling together the best tracks from the EPs along with eight new tracks The Severed Limb released their debut proper in early 2013. Kill You and Bill You the Price of the Bullet cemented their identity as a roots and punk outfit with a Clash-like diversity and curiosity for global sounds.
                                                                                                                                                                        The Severed Limb recorded their second album at Marco Nelson’s all analogue Studio 65 in Brixton Hill throughout 2014. Known for his work with Primal Scream, Paul Weller and Young Disciples, Marco brought tight arrangements and unique production to the album. The band further developed their influences to include New Orleans R&B, soul and dub. This new 7” single will be released in Jan 2015 shortly followed by If You Ain't Livin' You're A Dead Man, their eagerly awaited new album.

                                                                                                                                                                        Evans The Death


                                                                                                                                                                          Limited Edition 7" (Reverend Black Grape coloured vinyl) Enabler is the first single to be taken from Evans the Death’s new album Expect Delays, out 2nd March. Recorded again with producer Rory Atwell (Test Icicles, Warm Brains), the new long-player bristles with underlying tension and veers from rip-roaring noise to quiet contemplation, underpinned by Katherine Whitaker’s extraordinary voice. Enabler opens with a sonic onslaught of fuzz and feedback before the rhythm section explodes into life and the song kicks in, Whitaker's distinctive vocals doubled up like sinister twins prowling around a gorgeously discordant melody.

                                                                                                                                                                          Comet Gain

                                                                                                                                                                          Fingerprint Ritual

                                                                                                                                                                            Comet Gain return with a four song EP of tracks recorded at Soup Studios with producer Simon Trought at the same time as the LP, Breaking Open The Head Part 2 - A hugely different version or continuation of the LPs Part 1 which was a fuzz Rubbles acid pop song about the creators of the dream machine, Phillip K Dick and other adepts finding the door to illumination and such things.

                                                                                                                                                                            Taking hints from Them's 'the square room', early Sundial, exploito dumb psych like Ultimate Spinach, Sonic Youth 'Thousand leaves', Elevators 'Easter Everywhere' and German kosmiche music but then forgetting them all once we started although for some reason a snippet of The Monkees arrives near the end as well as cameos from Marjorie Cameron's/Jack Parsons magical child and the dream I had that the holy grail was in a bucket in some guys shed in North London. The song is over 11 minutes but hopefully has enough going to not bore the discerning listener.

                                                                                                                                                                            That Lucifer Summer - A dumb garage folk rock fuzz and punk tambourines thing a la the first Love record, The Leaves, Teardrop Explodes, Music Machine etc. A jaunty song about dark things namely the nightmare side of the occult renaissance in the late sixties in the west coast. To The City's Core - Inept white boys n girls attempt to play Bo Diddleys 'Black Gladiator' LP with a 'Slates'-era Fall sneer and end up somewhere else - includes Comet Gain's first funky(ish) break beat and a farfisa organ played thru a mangled fuzz pedal.

                                                                                                                                                                            The Insignificant Dignified - A malformed protest song and memorial for all those old school socialists and anarchists and fire raisers that have been pushed aside by the change of history and its political axis - circular folk rock verses remind us of the legacy of these prophets of arcadian utopias and the need for the spirit of the people to endure - these choruses give way to guitar duel solos as the past fights the future of the left the second of these 3 solos has a guest scrabbabang geetar screech from producer Simon Trought - his first since the days of his old group Tompaulin.

                                                                                                                                                                            Inspired at times by early Creation Records, Television Personalities and mod culture, drawing from the same ideals as Dexys, The Style Council and Vic Godard and from the lineage of The Velvet Underground, The Byrds and the 13th Floor Elevators, their mystic anarchist principles blend French New Wave with English kitchen-sink heart. For years they have drifted through scenes picking up people and emotional ties - from Riot Grrrl to acid punks, C86 to lo-fi - yet somehow outliving their peers and in turn inspiring a younger generation of DIY musicians like The Cribs, Love Is All, Veronica Falls, and Crystal Stilts.

                                                                                                                                                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                                                                            Ltd 12" Info: Red Vinyl 12”, limited to 500 copies.

                                                                                                                                                                            James Blackshaw

                                                                                                                                                                            Summoning Suns

                                                                                                                                                                              'Summoning Suns' is James Blackshaw's tenth studio album and the first recording to feature his voice and lyrics. Drawing inspiration from 60's and 70's singer-songwriters, baroque/orchestral pop and folk music, while still sounding contemporary, 'Summoning Suns' is Blackshaw's foray into more traditional forms of songcraft. Blackshaw sings in a gentle but assured voice, occasionally reminiscent of Harry Nilsson, Jim O'Rourke and Elliott Smith, while his words combine his personal experiences, neuroses and fantasy through many layers of abstraction, poeticism and dark humour.

                                                                                                                                                                              While the deft fingerpicking acoustic guitar style of Blackshaw's previous recordings is still a prominent part of the sound, the songs are lushly and intricately arranged for drums, bass, piano, violin, flute and pedal steel guitar and features contributions from Simon Scott (Slowdive), Annie Nilsson and Japanese musicians Mori Wa Ikiteiru and Kaoru Noda (with whom he duets in Japanese on one song).

                                                                                                                                                                              Axis Of

                                                                                                                                                                              The Mid Brae Inn

                                                                                                                                                                                For Fans Of: The Bronx, Biffy Clyro, Baroness, Hot Snakes and Titus Andronicus. The Northern Irish trio Axis Of has been winning hearts throughout Europe since the release of their debut album ‘Finding St. Kilda’ in 2012.

                                                                                                                                                                                Their records espouse their deep love of music, meeting new people and travel: ”The touring we do completely shapes our music and lyrics,” explains Ewen Friers (lead singer and bassist). And on their lastest offering, ‘The Mid Brae Inn’ this is taken to fascinating new emotional heights. Recorded in the grip of an Irish winter, the daily trek to the recording studio proved to be a mission in itself: “There were deep snow storms and havoc on old coastal roads. One morning our van’s exhaust was ripped off by a wave.”

                                                                                                                                                                                The band succumbing to the sea is an apt metaphor for ‘The Mid Brae Inn’. Across its eleven tracks, distorted bass swells and soars whilst guitars foam with effervescent hooks. One can almost taste the salt in the air on album highlights: “Wetsuit”, “Beachcombing” and “Quarrel Reef”. The sound that the bass-player-fronted three-piece has crafted is simultaneously melodic and thunderous – drawing comparison to the sound Biffy cultivated on their crossover ‘Only Revolutions’.

                                                                                                                                                                                “Over the last few years we've really pushed that idea of ‘poppy but heavy’. I think this record takes that idea and stretches it further at both ends” explains Niall. “I feel we're now the band we were hinting at becoming, it just required a few hundred shows to get us to this point.” A record built to be heard live, by men on a mission. Axis Of: coming soon, to a town near you (hopefully in a van with an intact exhaust).

                                                                                                                                                                                The Wolfhounds

                                                                                                                                                                                Middle Aged Freaks

                                                                                                                                                                                  Originally formed as teenagers in 1984, the band released four critically acclaimed LPs before disbanding in 1990, after appearing on the legendary and influential C86 cassette and releasing four critically acclaimed LPs and many singles.

                                                                                                                                                                                  The band reformed in 2005 to celebrate 20 years since their debut release and since 2012 they have been recording and releasing new material. The three Odd Box 7” singles - ‘Cheer Up’, ‘Divide and Fall’ and ‘Anthem’ - are all featured on ‘Middle Aged Freaks’. Each of these singles received excited responses and are now sold out - ‘ ‘‘Divide and Fall’’ is a cert for indie nights, guaranteed to prompt dervish dancing from drunken studes’ according to Record Collector.

                                                                                                                                                                                  In just the last 12 months the band have played New York Popfest, Berlin Popfest, the ‘‘Scared To Get Happy’’ boxset and ‘‘C86’’ reissue launch nights (having been featured on the influential NME cassette back in the day). Their 1986 debut LP ‘‘Unseen Ripples From A Pebble’’ is being reissued along with all their early recordings in November, shortly after ‘‘Middle Aged Freaks’’.

                                                                                                                                                                                  However, despite their history the band are not content with looking backwards. The 13 songs on ‘Middle Aged Freaks’ see a band matching and surpassing their original recordings with a born-again fervour - no mean feat, given their consistently great 1980s output. In the midst of their 30th anniversary but this album shows they can give any band half their age a run for their money. The Wolfhounds are back and better than ever.

                                                                                                                                                                                  Current members are: David Callahan - vocals, guitar, samples; Andy Golding - guitar, vocals, samples; Richard Golding - bass; Pete Wilkins - drums.

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