Carl Craig

More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art

    2014 remastered version of this 1997 Carl Craig classic on Planet E. Essential!!

    "Revolutionary art is how much it revolutionizes our thinking and imagination; overturning our preconceptions, bias and prejudice and inspiring us to change ourselves and the world." After a short introduction, "Televised Green Smoke" floats in on a haze, working through the classic blueprint of dance music - the gradual addition of layered, complementary elements - until it reaches a soft peak. "Red Lights" works a slow-grind breakbeat, cycling through the Paperclip People oscillator with strings in the background and an atmosphere reminiscent of The Godfather.

    "Dreamland" and "Butterfly" are closer to "traditional" Detroit productions, sharp and focused but rather melancholy; the former is a reach-out to the British-Detroit axis (As One, Black Dog, B12), while the latter evokes the classic late-'80s productions of Craig's friend Derrick May (who co-produced a later track, "Frustration"). The Maurizio dub "Dominas" is nocturnal and unhurried, even despite the insistent beat and a female vocal sample repeating the title one word after another. Another classic, "At Les," balances a few gently cascading chords with a rhythm program that keeps pushing the track forward and faster.

    Thom Yorke

    Modern Boxes

      Tomorrow's Modern Boxes is a new eight-track record from Thom Yorke. A record born of silver darkness, pressed onto heavyweight 180g white vinyl completed with undersize 75mm centre labels, housed within heavy white board inner and outer sleeves.

      These are printed with a metallic silver laminate then multi-tone black and a striking neon green; the whole is enclosed in a bespoke anti-static shield bag - a metallised laminated material usually used by the electronics industry for protecting components from electrostatic interference. The bag is printed with neon green on both sides, and has a resealable grip closure.

      Nancy Wallace

      January / 200 Miles

        Primitive Parts

        TV Wheels / The Bench

          Primitive Parts are three friends, Lindsay Corstorphine (Sauna Youth / Monotony / Cold Pumas), and Male Bonding's Kevin Hendrick and Robin Christian. They have previously released a single Open Heads / Signal on the SEXBEAT label and contributed a cover of The Yummy Fur's ‘Chinese Bookie’ to last year’s Collective Hiss compilation (Faux Discx). TV Wheels / The Bench, the band’s second engagement with the Faux Discx label (Soft Walls / Omi Palone / Sex Hands / Hookworms) was written in a narrow room in Homerton, between two churches on a Thursday evening in the summer of 2014. It was recorded to tape by Mark 'Knuckles' Jasper at Soundsavers.

          Primitive Parts have recently played with The Homosexuals, Ultimate Painting and Juan Wauters and are touring the UK early next year.

          Hannah Peel

          Find Peace / Rebox - I Believe In Father Christmas

            New Street Adventures

            No Hard Feelings

              The East London band whos latest single has seen them win airplay from Robert Elms, Gary Crowley and Craig Charles release their 13 track debut album on Acid Jazz this September. Produced by Mitch Ayling of the Milk it has been declared a ‘masterpiece’ by Q Magazine’s Paul Moody.

              Their hard hitting soul meets guitar sound is allied by the memorable song writing of lead singer Nick Corbin. His work tells of the struggles, loves and musical excitements of 20 something London living. The music is beautifully realised by the five piece group, augmented by strings and horns. The band will be supporting the album with a month long tour of the UK, co-headlining with the Milk. They have recently wowed audience supporting Lee Fields and the Expressions.

              The Slow Show

              White Water

                Dresden the new single from The Slow Show on Haldern Pop Recordings is inspired by the band’s adventures while visiting the city on tour (“dark, dark tales from the Dresden dens”) it's the first to be taken from White Water, The Slow Show’s long-awaited debut album due for release March 2015. Recorded over the past year in Blueprint Studios in Manchester (where Elbow record), White Water is the first UK release on German label Haldern Pop Recordings, the label formed by the team behind the successful Haldern Pop Festival.

                There’s never been a band from Manchester quite like The Slow Show, whose minimal but epic songs swell from gentle piano-led Americana to roaring choruses with string and brass sections. These deeply personal songs about love and death have reduced audiences to hushed silence, even tears. Despite being under the radar in their hometown and only releasing one low-key EP, 2012’s Brother, they have found champions at BBC 6Music and Radio 2 and have played in Europe to large, sold out audiences. The band’s use of choirs and a colliery brass band gives them a distinctly northern sound, but singer Rob Goodwin’s deep, heartbreaking baritone sounds more like a distant relation of Johnny Cash than anything from the English North West.

                Together since 2010, The Slow Show have, fittingly, given their name, taken their time over recording their debut. Like all good things, White Water has been worth the wait. These are deeply intimate songs yet with themes that strike a universal chord. Throughout, the words delivered with tenderness, care and empathy.

                Matt Berry

                Take My Hand

                  The single Take My Hand features the theme to Toast of London, Matt Berry’ hit comedy which is returning to TV Channel 4 on November 3rd for its second series. The single has been out of stock for some time and is now back, in limited quantities.

                  Toast of London sees Steven Toast, an eccentric middle-aged actor with a chequered past who spends more time dealing with his problems off stage than performing on it.

                  The show recently won a British Academy Television Award for ‘Best Situational Comedy’ after the success of the first series.


                  Groove It Out

                    LoneLady, AKA Julie Campbell, returns with a striking lead single packed with pop hooks and funk bass lines, whilst retaining the DIY sound of post-punk Britain – creating an urgency and groove that results from post industrial inner city living.

                    Groove It Out is the first solo material from LoneLady since her debut album Nerve Up. In between Campbell released an album with Jah Wobble, Psychic Life.

                    LoneLady Michigan Dub remix produced by Julie Campbell with Bill Skibbe (The Kills, Austra, The Dead Weather).

                    Includes remix by Ekoplekz (Planet Mu). The Bristol producer interprets ‘Groove It Out’ from a dub techno angle in which his distinctive hybrid of lo-fi and considered sound meets LoneLady’s subtle references, catchy hooks and terse riffs.

                    Seu Jorge

                    The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions

                      While The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou movie got mixed reviews, the soundtrack was universally hailed as excellent. The standout was Jorge, who not only had a role as an actor but also played a handful of Bowie songs solo with acoustic guitar, singing them in Portuguese ­ it was a perfect combination of beautiful songs laid bare with a bit of exotic Brazilian spice to add fresh flavour. This collection features the whole of that Bowie session, which means Jorge's six songs from the soundtrack, seven other Bowie tunes and one playful Jorge original entitled "Team Zissou." Even though 2005 saw the release of his domestic debut 'Cru' (which mostly featured his own songs and a band), Jorge found himself touring the US in front of large crowds of 20-somethings who patiently waited for those Bowie songs. This album obviously gives the people what they want, and the good news is that the other versions are just as good as the ones that are on the original soundtrack.

                      Wayne McGhie & The Sounds Of Joy

                      Wayne McGhie & The Sounds Of Joy

                        Finally back in print and one of the pinnacle releases in the Light In The Attic catalog, this 1970 masterpiece is the first true debut of Studio One veteran and Jackie Mittoo band mate Wayne McGhie. Originally released in 1970 on the Birchmount label, this self-titled long player is a wicked mix of Caribbean funk, soul, and reggae. The best album you never got the chance to hear and cited by many as the first Canadian soul album, this expanded edition celebrates the ten year anniversary of that moving first re-release back in '04.

                        In 1967, Kingston-born musician Jo-Jo Bennett, then living in Toronto, sent word to Jamaica: Jo-Jo needed a band. Wayne quickly responded to the call, moving from Montego Bay to Toronto that year. Possessed with an intensifying vision, in the winter of 1969, Wayne assembled a stellar cast of musical friends and Studio One vets to begin the sessions for The Sounds of Joy album, recorded during off-hours at Art Snider’s Sound Canada Recording Centre. Wayne was twenty-three at the time.

                        Twelve musicians are credited on the LP sleeve including Alton Ellis, Ike Bennett, Everton Paul, and Lloyd Delpratt; others, including Jackie Mittoo, are rumored to have sat in. Of the ten songs, six were McGhie originals, and as the material moved from funk to soul to reggae/R&B crossover, it is Wayne’s pure and soulful voice that sets the tone. Although the band started to gig in support of the album, Birchmount did nothing to promote it. Months later, an accidental fire at the pressing plant destroyed all remaining copies of the record. The album was lost, never to be repressed. The Sounds Of Joy was gone and forgotten.

                        McGhie spent much of the ‘70s recording one-off projects, occasionally touring throughout Canada and performing on a number of sessions for Jackie Mittoo, Bill King, and Studio One. But as the ’70s came to a close, Wayne abandoned and disappeared from the music world. Fortunately, things changed in the mid-90s. The Sounds Of Joy returned, sparked by a renewed interest from talented hip-hop producers and forward-thinking collectors like Q-Tip, DJ Supreme LA Rock, Pete Rock, DJ Sureshot, Buck 65, and Public Enemy’s Gary G-Wiz.

                        For much of 2003, Light In The Attic intensely searched for Wayne via every possible channel. Friends from Jamaica to Toronto had lost touch years ago. Wayne was truly missing in action, until a chance meeting with Toronto soul legend Jay Douglas provided the clues and contacts needed. In January 2004, Light In The Attic, along with archivist and liner notes author Kevin "Sipreano" Howes, flew to Toronto to meet the man. And now, decades later, The Sounds Of Joy is back, still sounding as fresh and powerful as it did in 1970.

                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                        LP Info: 180g pressing with original artwork and extra liner notes.

                        Lizzy Mercier Descloux

                        Fire / Morning High (With Patti Smith)

                          Next year, Light In The Attic will release a detailed series showcasing the work of impassioned poet, painter, actor, and prolific, self-taught musician Lizzy Mercier Descloux. Instrumental in the late 70s New York underground yet of Parisian origin, Mercier Descloux, with partner Michel Esteban, established the magazine Rock News and ran in the same circles as Patti Smith and Richard Hell. Lizzy became a genre defying artist and pioneer of worldbeat and avant garde rock, and supreme minimalist of the no wave genre in her own right. A glimpse of what's in store for this upcoming archival series, this 7" presents two key tracks from the Mercier Descloux catalog: the epitomic, 1979 disco-punk classic "Fire" backed with a rare session featuring Lizzy and "Godmother of Punk" Patti Smith reciting a bilingual version of Arthur Rimbaud's poem, "Matinée d'ivresse/Morning High," set to music by experimental contemporary Bill Laswell.

                          In 1978, legendary label ZE Records released a mini-album by Mercier Descloux's performance art duo, Rosa Yemen, and went on to release several of Lizzy's solo albums. Her debut solo album, Press Color, consists of eight songs owing more to disco, funk, and film scores than punk rock, all recorded within a two week span. Lizzy's second solo release, Mambo Nassau, evokes Talking Heads' "Zimbra" and "Born Under Punches," riddled with off-kilter-time-keeping, flailing guitars, and lush basslines. Heavily influenced by African music, art rock, funk, and soul, Mercier Descloux's music gained extreme popularity in her native France, the height of which came with her 1984 album, Zulu Rock. The album seems a more vivacious and enthralling harbinger for Paul Simon's Graceland. ZE Records' Michel Esteban recalls, "This South African music reminded us, as incredible as it may sound, of The Velvet Underground."

                          Lizzy spent the next two decades living somewhat nomadically in Africa, France, New York, South America, and the West Indies, never ceasing her pursuit of the arts as she transitioned from music to painting and writing. Mercier Descloux was diagnosed with cancer in 2003 and passed away the following year. This year marks the ten-year anniversary of Lizzy Mercier Descloux's death; the five albums in store for 2015 (CD/LP/Digital) will be newly remastered with bonus tracks, expanded artwork, photos, and new liner notes.

                          The Velvet Underground

                          The Velvet Underground - 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition

                            64-track six-CD package on Polydor/UMe includes legendary 1969 album, featuring several different mixes, live recordings from The Matrix in San Francisco, case-bound book and liner notes by David Fricke

                            Los Angeles, CA – September 24, 2014 – The Velvet Underground’s classic self-titled third album, released in March 1969, by MGM, was a departure from the band’s first two albums in more ways than one. Gone was co-founding member John Cale, and in his place was a 21-year-old with Long Island roots named Doug Yule, who stepped right in. The record was also a stylistic leap, as Lou Reed describes it in Rolling Stone editor David Fricke’s liner notes, “I thought we had to demonstrate the other side of us. Fricke calls it “a stunning turnaround… 10 tracks of mostly warm, explicit sympathy and optimism, expressed with melodic clarity, set in gleaming double-guitar jangle and near-whispered balladry. Or as the late rock critic Lester Bangs put it, “How do you define a group like this, who moved from ‘Heroin’ to ‘Jesus’ in two short years?”

                            How indeed do you describe an album which includes such classics as “Candy Says,” Reed’s ode to Warhol superstar Candy Darling; the aching love song “Pale Blue Eyes,” allegedly inspired by a girlfriend at Syracuse University who got away, with lead vocals by Yule; the inspiring “Beginning to See The Light”; the spoken-word narrative and musique concrete of “The Murder Mystery,” and the beautiful Maureen Tucker-sung “After Hours”?

                            Celebrating its enduring longevity, Polydor/Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) will release The Velvet Underground – 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition, on November 24, 2014. This 64-track, six-CD package is housed in a case-bound book and features several different mixes including the remastered stereo mix by MGM house engineer Luis Pastor “Val” Valentin, a set of 1969 recordings, many of which were previously unreleased, from the Record Plant in New York City that were supposed to be the band’s fourth album, several of which ended up on Loaded and Reed’s first two solo releases, and unreleased live recordings from The Matrix in 1969.

                            The Velvet Underground was the first album produced and arranged by the band themselves. Disc One of this collection contains the album stereo mix by MGM house engineer Luis Pastor “Val” Valentin, a veteran of sessions for Ella Fitzgerald and Stan Getz, recorded at T.T.G. Studios in Hollywood, while the band was staying at the Chateau Marmont. The second disc features what Sterling Morrison dubbed “The Closet Mix,” which Reed described as a way to “get directly to somebody, unfiltered… So, if you listen to the record, it’s like sitting across from you.” This was the original version on the 1969 pressings of the album, later replaced by yet another Val Valentin stereo mix. The third disc features “the promotional mono mix” of the album, including a mono version of the first single, “What Goes On” b/w “Jesus.”

                            The fourth disc in the set offers a version of the never-to-be-released fourth album, recorded in October 1969 at the Record Plant in New York City, and intended to get the band out of its contract with MGM. The sessions include 10 previously unheard mixes - four original 1969 vintage mixes and six new mixes, including 2014 mixes of “Lisa Says” and “I Can’t Stand It,” and the original 1969 mix of “Ocean,” which eventually were re-recorded for Lou Reed’s 1972 self-titled solo debut. Also included are the original 1969 mixes of “Andy’s Chest,” which appeared in a different version on Transformer, and “Rock & Roll,” redone for Loaded.

                            The last two discs feature performances by the Velvets from their stay at San Francisco’s The Matrix, owned by Jefferson Airplane’s Marty Balin, on November 26 and 27, 1969. These performances are, for the first time, compiled and mixed from the legendary, original 1969 multi-track recordings made by club manager Peter Abram and now owned by the Velvet Underground. Tracks include a nearly 37-minute-long “Sister Ray” and a version of “There She Goes Again,” interpolating the opening guitar quote from Marvin Gaye’s 1962 hit, “Hitch Hike.”

                            Newest member Doug Yule describes the year best to Fricke in his liner notes, pointing to the band’s “cohesiveness and creativity and just great music. We were feeling good. All we had to do was play. And it showed. That comes out in a band. You get tight, and you get creative.”

                            Steve Gunn-John Truscinski Duo

                            Ocean Parkway

                              One can imagine that a combination of North African-inspired modes, folk guitar, and open jazz drumming would have turned more than a few heads in the New York coffee shop scene of the early- to mid-1960s. Guitarist, banjoist, and oud player Sandy Bull recorded a couple of sessions with drummer Billy Higgins for the Vanguard label in 1963 and 1965, and apparently they performed together frequently, sometimes with the addition of Higgins’ frequent confrere, trumpeter Don Cherry. Although perhaps too much could be made of a comparison, Philly/Brooklyn guitarist Steve Gunn seems like the heir apparent to Bull’s introspective, seeker’s legacy. Ocean Parkway is his second album in duet with drummer John Truscinski for Three Lobed (after 2010’s Sand City) and follows in the footsteps of a plugged-in Sandy Bull, perhaps re-imagined with wiry, noise-rock grit. Research including Moroccan music, punk, Sun Ra, psychedelia, and his own overdubbed inventions has brought Gunn to an interesting place within modern guitar music, and with chops to spare.

                              As a duo, Gunn and Truscinski are strikingly unadorned, and while the music is extraordinarily nuanced, it’s the result of a plug-in-and-play simplicity. The opening title piece begins in a rumbling alap of free-time cymbals and glassy, droning santur-like overlays, before splaying out into a country-rock raga. Gunn’s electric guitar is swathed in a dusty midrange, twangy but reveling in a haunting swirl of overtones and bent notes. Truscinski’s percussion work is metallic and anchoring, providing a robust, insistent swing to a network of psych-rock chords and modal exploration. (The drummer’s Sunny Murray-like wash on “County Fair Getaway” is especially indicative of his keyed-in-ness.) “Banh Mi Ringtones” is gorgeously slinky, blending fuzzed minimalism, Fred McDowell, and ornate circularity with a muted, tom-heavy undertow. At times reverent, at other times almost shit-kicking, Gunn’s improvisations tread a delicate line between seemingly oppositional aesthetics, both down-home and otherworldly.

                              “Don’t Lean on Door” is the only acoustic number in this five-tune set, positing a different level of detail in its lush six-string reverie. While certainly echoing the acidic tones of the electric raga-like pieces, this track also has a bright, sashaying urgency that, combined with Truscinski’s spare mallet work, renders Moorish scales with sunny intricacy. The closing “Minetta River” finds the duo ensconced in a noisy free blues, Truscinski elaborating on a controlled thrash against Gunn’s folksy wallow. Ocean Parkway presents an urbane and often tense variant on the timeless “guitar raga” tradition, shot through with post-punk efficiency and regular nods to free improvisation. In fact, Steve Gunn’s music — and that of this duo — is entirely too personal to be accurately called “folk” music. Sure, it’s been carved from various strains of popular expression, but the essence is prickly and decidedly his own.


                              Venus And Mars

                                Venus and Mars, originally released in 1975, is the fourth album by Wings. The album was recorded primarily at Sea-Saint Studios in New Orleans and at Abbey Road Studios in London. The album topped US and UK charts reaching #1 on both, spearheaded by the success of lead single “Listen to What the Man Said.".


                                At The Speed Of Sound

                                  'At The Speed Of Sound is the fifth album by Wings. The album was released in March 1976 and peaked at #1 in the US and #2 in the UK. The album was Paul’s most successful album on the US chart, enjoying multiple weeks at #1 throughout the summer of 1976. At The Speed Of Sound includes fan favorite singles “Silly Love Songs” and “Let ‘Em In.”

                                  The Rolling Stones

                                  From The Vault - Hampton Coliseum - Live In 1981

                                    “From The Vault” is a new series of live concerts from The Rolling Stones archive which are getting their first official release. “Hampton Coliseum – Live In 1981” is the first title in this series. The Rolling Stones American Tour in 1981 was the most successful tour of that year taking a then record $50 million dollars in ticket sales. The tour was in support of the critically and commercially successful “Tattoo You” album. There were fifty dates on the tour which ran from Philadelphia at the end of September through to Hampton, Virginia on the 18th and 19th of December. The show on December 18th, which was also Keith Richards’ birthday, was the first ever music concert to be broadcast on television as a pay-per-view event. The footage has now been carefully restored and the sound has been newly mixed by Bob Clearmountain for this first official release of the show.

                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                    3xLP Info: Triple LP and DVD.

                                    Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras

                                    Catholic - Vinyl Edition

                                      Dark Entries and Honey Soundsystem have teamed up to release “Catholic”, the lost opus of disco pioneer Patrick Cowley and Indoor Life vocalist Jorge Socarras. Perhaps one of the most revolutionary and influential people in the canon of disco music, Cowley created his own brand of Hi-NRG dance music, “The San Francisco Sound.” Born in Buffalo, NY on October 19, 1950, Patrick moved to San Francisco at the age of 21. He studied at the City College of San Francisco and met Jorge Socarras in 1973 through mutual friends. The duo’s first collaboration was a ten-minute trance-inducing epic that Cowley composed for a performance piece by Socarras in 1975. Patrick, who played drums, guitar and keyboards, provided the perfect match for Jorge’s vocal talents. Between 1975 and 1977 they recorded an album’s worth of material before Socarras moved to London and Cowley started playing synthesizers for Sylvester. Upon Jorge’s return to San Francis co in 1979, the duo would re-record some of the “Catholic” songs with Patrick’s newly acquired equipment. Meanwhile, Socarras met the musicians with whom he would form Indoor Life, and in 1980 Patrick co-produced their first album. The “Catholic” album was offered to San Francisco’s Megatone Records who passed on it. Fast forward to 2007 when Honey Soundsystem was contacted by John Hedges, former co-owner of Megatone Records. Hedges’ was moving to Palm Springs and invited the crew over to his basement to collect over 2,000 records from his collection. Among the archives were three moldy boxes of quarter inch reel to reel tapes featuring unreleased music by Cowley, including the “Catholic” material. The reel was passed on to Stefan Goldmann of Macro Recordings in Berlin who was able to track down Jorge Socarras and clear the rights. “Catholic” was finally released on CD in 2009. “Catholic” is a genre-bendin g concept album that ranges from minimalistic proto-techno to synth-driven post-punk, pre-dating the dance punk acts LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture by almost 30 years. It shows a much broader range than any Cowley or Socarras material available and gives a totally new perspective to one of the most inspiring eras in music history. Influenced by Tomita, Wendy Carlos, the Velvet Underground, and Roxy Music, “Catholic” prefigures acts like Talking Heads, Units, The Human League or Chris & Cosey. Patrick forges a unique electronic sound from his collection of synthesizers, modified guitars, and self-constructed equipment while Jorge’s vocals go from hypnotic to camp, singing about gay love juju and tackling classics by Donovan and Stoller & Leiber.

                                      Featuring over 80 minutes of music never before released on vinyl, this compilation contains two bonus tracks not featured on the CD release. The tapes were meticulously restored by mastering guru Rashad Becker at D +M in Berlin, then remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA. The vinyl comes housed in a glossy dual pocket gatefold featuring the intended album cover from the original “Catholic” photo shoot in 1979, and the original hand-lettering by Arch Connelly aka A. Style intended for the first 45rpm single. Inside the gatefold sleeve contains lyrics and an essay from Jorge Socarras. For the 32nd anniversary of Patrick’s death, Dark Entries and Honey Soundsystem present a glimpse into the minds of these two geniuses. These recordings shine a new light on the experimental side of a disco legend who was taken too soon. All proceeds from “Catholic” will be donated to the San Francisco AIDS Housing Alliance.

                                      International Music System

                                      Dancing Therapy

                                        the 30th anniversary “Dancing Therapy” by International Music System, often abbreviated as I.M.S. In 1983 Maurizio Cavalieri and Giorgio Stefani, the same musicians who brought you “Spacer Woman” by Charlie, created International Music System in Vicenza, Italy. Under this moniker, the two would release a pair of albums of stylized and syncopated electronic dance songs showcasing the still-evolving advancement of computer and keyboard-generated music. “Dancing Therapy” was released as a 12” single in 1984 on the Cavalieri’s own Mr Disc Records. It utilized the Roland TR-808, Yamaha DX7 and Linn Drum as the main percussion. Giorgio would hit the two sides of a metal triangle with a drum stick, creating the high pitched tone break throughout the song. Guest vocalist Rebecca McLain, an American ballet dancer, sings about getting lost in music as a means to escape from your troubles. The single anticipated the beats and sounds of Freest yle music as well as influencing the early House scene due to radio airplay on Chicago’s WBMX. On the B-side is “Love Games”, an electro dance song with breakbeats in the vein of Afrika Bambaataa that features Giorgio on vocals. The vinyl comes housed in a glossy jacket with original artwork featuring an iconic photo with each band member in side profile view. Each copy includes a post card insert with lyrics and liner notes.


                                        Spacer Woman - Dark Entries Edition

                                          TThe next 12″ in Dark Entries Editions is the Italo Disco dance classic “Spacer Woman” by Charlie. Formed in 1983 as an experiment to break the mold of the classic disco dance sound, Charlie was the vehicle for musician and producer Maurizio Cavalieri who had found fame with Italian disco group Firefly. Cavalieri had been listening to the new crop of UK Synthpop and New Wave like Depeche Mode and Heaven 17 and wanted to create a more electronic, futuristic sound. He recruited his friend Giorgio Stefani to help write the song and compose lyrics. “Spacer Woman” was recorded in Vicenza, Italy and released by Cavalieri’s own Mr. Disc Organization in 1983. The track features the signature Italo Linn Drum machine as well as the Roland TR-808 and a Yamaha DX7 for the arpeggiated synthesizer melody. “Spacer Woman” spans over seven-minutes and features the spaced-out vocals of Stefani’s wife, who sings through a vocoder. The single has become a cult revival track since its appearance on the legendary I-f mix CD ”Mixed Up In The Hague” in 2001. This reissue also features the sought after instrumental mix where the sharp synthesized bassline really comes to the forefront.

                                          Both songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. For the first time ever, the 12” is housed in a silver, metallic picture sleeve with an android female model drawing, taken from the original 7” jacket. Each copy includes a 2-sided post card insert with lyrics. Eerie and unforgettable more than 30 years later, “Spacer Woman” is the ideal robotic space-age love song.

                                          Various Artists

                                          Bay Area Retrogade Vol.1 & 2

                                            Dark Entries have combined Bay Area Retrograde (BART) Volume 1 and 2 on a single CD! BART is Dark Entries’ compilation of underground music from San Francisco (and the greater Bay Area) made between 1978-1988. Towards the end of the 70s, San Francisco’s experimental music scene clashed with the aftermath of punk and gave birth to a vibrant underground. By the early to mid 80s the DIY music scene of the Bay Area was a hotbed for experimental and quirky new wave, post punk, and synthpop, quite similar to New York’s No Wave scene and Berlin’s Neue Deutsche Welle. This compilation connects the (transit) lines between these varied musical offerings and tells the secret story of eleven forgotten Bay Area bands. BART Volume 1 features a Korg-heavy assault from Danville’s utterly obscure Nominal State; two little-known left-field electronic dance gems from Batang Frisco and Quiet Room; Berkeley’s answer to darkwave, Necropolis of Love; a synth-driven drama fest from drag performance troupe Wasp Women; quirky lo-fi gothic pop from one man band Distant Thunder; a gay Hi-NRG anthem delivered by Danny Boy and the Serious Party Gods; two lesser know gems from SF synth legends Voice Farm and Los Microwaves; and the futuristic pulsing synth-punk of Standard of Living and the Units. BART Volume 2 features slow, dystopian horror from pioneering industrial group Factrix; crushing, motorik noise from acid punks Chrome; amphetamine-driven synth punk from Red Asphalt; an early demo, never released on vinyl, from legendary post punk band Tuxedoomon; chilling atmospheric drone from Ki Di Me; leftfield new wave from Indoor Life featuring Patrick Cowley on synths; Los Microwaves more sinister side project Baby Buddha; gay drag icon Timmy Spence delivering an unknown camp classic, a pure instrumental electro-pop workout from Human Being Men; TR-808 fueled synth pop from Menlo Park duo Wonders of Science, and a poetic yet somber and haunting song from the mysterious Zru Vogue. All tracks have been carefully remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. Each CD contains a deluxe 12-page booklet designed by Eloise Leigh, featuring original photos and fliers from each band’s personal archive. BART is the acronym for Bay Area Rapid Transit, the main rail transportation system for the San Francisco Bay Area. This CD is by no means a definitive compilation but merely opens the tunnel to the underground of the Bay!

                                            Various Artists

                                            Keysound Recordings Presents… Certified Connections

                                              Over a year since the foundation-laying “This is how we roll”, a cluster of the Keysound family members return with a 14 track compilation of exclusive new tracks. It will be the 50th release on the label. The CD is shaped in an arc designed to reflect both the breadth and the flow of the music being made within the camp. Beginning with Logos’ beatless exercise in tension “Metropolis” it moves through dark percussive 130 bpm rollage from Parris, Dusk + Blackdown, Aphix, Caski and Etch. Grimey influences begin to emerge via Wen and the Sully remix of Balistiq Beats ft Riko, before an explosion of synths and colour from Murlo, DLVRY and E.m.m.a. engulf the scene. Finally the compilation curves back down into a more abstract plane with Facta, Epoch and emerging lyricist/producer Luke Benjamin. The title for the compilation was crowd-sourced from the producers themselves, kicking around different suggestions until something was borrowed from a cluster of LHF-inspired blog posts Blackdown had written. The title was “something representative of the things that link us but also separate us” went the reasoning. This spirit of how “Certified Connections” was selected seemingly reflects the strength of solidarity and the unity of purpose around these artists right now: working within a darker (but sometimes colourful), rolling (but sometimes arresting) and bassier (but not without subtleties) space. "Keysound is home for me, and listening through the compilation the doors are wide open to welcome edgy new talent to the family," said Wen. As well as contributing a track to “Certified Connections”, certain editions of the release will come with a special mixed version by one of the most exciting DJs from the camp and sometime Wen-collaborator, Parris, deploying his trademark blends and precision cuts.

                                              Fabrice Lig

                                              Galactic Soul Odyssey

                                                Handpicked by Carl Craig for his first release on the label, veteran producer Fabrice Lig delivers an inspiring album of hi-tek funk, soul, house and breakbeat with his ‘Galactic Soul Odyssey’ album on Planet E.

                                                “What is touching me in Fabrice Lig's career is the way he is following his own line, without caring about trends, and that's the path an artist should follow. It is not post Detroit, it's an emotion.” - Jean-Michel Jarre
                                                A high school teacher by day, father of three and deeply passionate music devotee, there’s an undeniable sense that Fabrice Lig was cut from a different cloth than most.

                                                The Belgian artist, also releasing music under the Soul Designer moniker is responsible for the classic ‘Walking On A Little Cloud’ album on Laurent Garnier F Communications, as well as a slew of pivotal Detroit-influenced cuts on labels such as KMS and 7th City Records that captured the essence of the iconic hotspot’s spirit while retaining Lig’s trademark free-flowing funk.

                                                For his debut full length on Planet E, the dexterous producer has crafted an album of contrasts that gleefully scribbles outside the lines for an otherworldly 12-track trip of galactic proportions that mines inspiration from everyone from Todd Terje to Marvin Gaye and Quincy Jones, while retaining an undeniable thread to the Motor City.
                                                Launching with the steely tension-filled ‘Born To Be Wise’ that sounds somewhat akin to the opening musical score of a Bond film, if said flick was set on Mars, the tempo is soon set to disco via the ultra-smooth vocal injection from Hard Ton on ‘Celestial Love Rising’.

                                                There’s a heavy hint of a future house classic when Lig teams up with lauded vocalist and former Octave One collaborator Ann Saunderson for ‘No Judgment’ that’s already been generating serious heat since being released as a single recently. The masterful ‘Oostende Blues’ is the Belgian’s own masterful tribute to his hero Gaye spanning energetic tech funk that gradually tempers to reveal more tender melodic tones. In a highlight heavy album, the work is fittingly rounded out by the Terje-inspired ‘Superstring Theory’ that mixes up disco, funk and ‘90s rave vibes all executed with astounding compositional skill – no mean feat from an artist who’s never had a music lesson in his life.


                                                Devil Inside - Inc. Jstar Remix

                                                  The Devil Inside combines a sprightly reggae rhythm with the very Erykah Badu-esque vocals of Rioghnach Connolly, punctuated by classic reggae horns and framed by a very moody, cinematic sample. Straddling the worlds of reggae, nu-soul and electronica, it comes with a J-Star Dub and has an eerie vibe that make it stand out from the crowd.

                                                  East India Youth

                                                  Hinterland - Inc. Katja Waske Remix

                                                  In a move that's certain to please the proper techno heads out there, East India Youth has finally seen fit to deploy the finest piece of dancefloor weaponary on his critically acclaimed debut LP in 12" form. Militaristic drums, driving sequences and swirling modular washes interlock into a pulsating nuclear core, well on its way to meltdown. Falling somewhere between the stripped back machine funk of Factory Floor and the unyielding energy of a Carl Craig classic, "Hinterland" is the kind of cut you build your whole set around. In other words, totally massive. On the flipside, the mysterious Katja Waske drops in to provide a face melting remix, which ramps up the aggression tenfold, turning "Hinterland" into raw techno filth. If you're after one of those thunderous stadium sized techno monsters usually released by either of the Kalkbrenner brothers, then this is your new jam. Serrated sequences, pounding percussion and searing drones combine perfectly to set the night on fire.

                                                  The Twilight Sad

                                                  Nobody Wants To Be Here & Nobody Wants To Leave

                                                  Their anticipated fourth studio album follows the release of 2012’s No One Can Ever Know. The Scottish trio--James Graham (vocals), Andy MacFarlane (guitar), and Mark Devine (drums)—has also announced a short UK tour before heading off to the USA to tour with We Were Promised Jetpacks. (More UK and European dates to be announced shortly.

                                                  Where each album prior to Nobody Wants To Be Here And Nobody Wants To Leave saw the Twilight Sad tackling new sounds and ways of writing, their latest work draws from their entire career. “Over the eight years we've been touring, our live sound has taken on different forms, from full on noise/feedback, to a sparse, synth led sound, to a stripped back set up with just keys, drum machine and guitar, to playing with an orchestra, and to just an acoustic with vocal,” says MacFarlane. “We wanted to try and capture all of those elements and develop them in some way to make the new record.”

                                                  Opting to stay in Glasgow, the album was produced at Mogwai’s Castle Of Doom studio, engineered by live soundman Andrew Bush, mixed by Peter Katis (also responsible for Fourteen Autumns), with touring member Johnny Docherty playing bass.

                                                  We Are Shining, aka producers Morgan Zarate and Acyde, are spontaneous, unpredictable and utterly uncategorisable. Their debut album Kara is a wild ride, twisting and turning from scuzzy blues riffs to squiggly, irresistible melodies, held together by ferocious rhythms and the untethered power of Acyde's voice.

                                                  Anything goes: each cut is packed with details from psychedelic synths to gospel choirs. Zarate (the ex-Spacek member who has latterly gained recognition for his brilliant club-focused singles for Hyperdub) and Acyde have known each other since their '90s Mo Wax days, but it was only in 2011 that this shared vision started to take shape. They imagine their music visually - if it was a film, it would be one following a journey along a lost highway - and have been inspired by house parties in Jamaica and Africa where guests would take turns to do their thing on the mic.

                                                  A roster of guest singers from Shingai Shoniwa (Noisettes) to Roses Gabor get down and dirty in the We Are Shining cauldron, providing a sweet, soulful counterpoint to the dense, fuzzy layers of sound. There's an incredible energy to Kara, but We Are Shining are always in control of the propulsive kinetic thrust of their music, which sounds like nothing else out there.

                                                  D. Lord / Werner Williams

                                                  Start The World / You've Got Style

                                                  Universal Cave Records 003 pairs another record digging and DJ duo, Philadelphia's D. Lord and Werner Williams. D. Lord's 'Start the World' is stampeding euro funk with chainsawing clav and an unrelenting bass groove. Maximum funk effect achieved with vital precision. Werner Williams' 'You've Got Style' exudes cool. It's one part psychedelic synth groove and one part cockeyed classic rock, soaring harmonies & juju for days - a long lost cousin to Fox's 'The Juggler.'

                                                  Kenny Dope

                                                  Wild Style Breakbeats 7” Box Set + Book

                                                    The breakbeats from “Wild Style” and the story of how they came to be re-edited by Kenny Dope packaged in a 28 page hardcover book with seven 7” singles containing the fabled breaks from the legendary Charlie Ahearn film. ”When it comes to “Wild Style”, it’s a movie that I have loved since I was a kid, because of what it stood for and how it showed real hip-hop culture to the world. As I became a producer in the late 1980s and into the 90s, when I listened close to the breakbeats that the DJs used in the film, I could tell that they were done in a studio....but I never knew the actual story behind them. It was always a mysterious thing, and no one seemed to know much about it.” - Kenny Dope // “Wild Style Breakbeats” not only features a 7” single including each of the breaks from the film, it also tells the story of those breakbeats in words and pictures. The 14 page hardcover book is written by Brian Coleman with reminiscences from Charlie Ahearn, DJ GrandWizzard Theodore, Fab 5 Freddie, Leonardo “Lenny Ferrari” Ferraro, Chris Stein and many more. This is more than a collection of audio, this is documentation of an integral part of hip-hop history!

                                                    The Underground Youth

                                                    Beautiful & Damned

                                                      "The Underground Youth blend the sounds of shoegaze, post-punk and psychedelic rock with their own hauntingly beautiful twist." The Underground Youth is the name under which Manchester’s underground poet, Craig Dyer, has produced his records since 2009. In 2011, Fuzz Club Records started putting out his prolific catalogue, bringing to light a number of LPs and singles that had only circulated virally on the Internet. Since then, The Underground Youth, with Craig and Olya Dyer as the core of the band, have expanded to a four piece, gaining a solid international fan-base and touring all around the UK and Europe. Gideon Coe has spinned their single “Juliette” on BBC6 and they took part to the “Reverb Conspiracy – Volune One”, curated by Fuzz Club and Austin Psych Fest. In June, they rocked up the Eindhoven Psych Lab and they are set to headline Paris Psych Fest in July.

                                                      Drown In Sound said of their Eindhoven set: “combining the mesmeric rhythms of The Velvet Underground - Olya Dyer's driving beats make her the new psych generation's Mo Tucker - with rippling feedback associated with Bad Moon Risingera Sonic Youth and a dash of the Mary Chain thrown in as well, they're a captivating force”. The Underground Youth.

                                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                      Ltd 10" Info: 20 mins+ EP on 10" vinyl (black), limited to 400 copies.

                                                      Joanna Gruesome / Perfect Pussy

                                                      Astonishing Adventures EP

                                                        Thrilling Cardiff-based noisepop group Joanna Gruesome have teamed up with their American cousins Perfect Pussy to release a remarkable four song split 7" EP. The release comes packaged in a 24-page comic book, illustrated by cartoonist Phil McAndrew (brother of Perfect Pussy's guitarist Ray McAndrew). The heroine in McAndrew's comic is a "split" between Joanna Gruesome front woman Alanna McArdle and Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy, who battles misogynists, online trolls and haters everywhere.

                                                        The EP is being co-released by Fortuna POP!, Captured Tracks and Slumberland. Joanna Gruesome’s terrific debut album “Weird Sister” took the world by storm when it was released last September. Produced by Hookworm’s MJ, the album is brimming with irresistible pop melodies and spiked with dissonant fuzzy jangle, the songs shot through with loud discordant feedback and super-fast, hardcore punk drumbeats. Fantastic press support saw glowing press reviews across the board with particular love from Pitchfork and from NME, including a spot on the front cover as part of their Rule Britannia issue. At radio the singles from the album scored a remarkable three out of three in BBC 6Music B-lists and the band played sessions for Lauren Laverne on 6Music and for Huw Stephens on Radio One. The album has recently been shortlisted for this year’s Welsh Music Prize.

                                                        The two tracks here follow their recently released split EP with Trust Fund and represent some of the first new material to be heard from the band since the release of “Weird Sister” and, in lead track “Psykick Espionage” a taste of their new album to be released in the first half of 2015. Their second track “...And Keep Reaching for Those Stars” is a cover of a song by 90s US emo band I Hate Myself.

                                                        Hailing from Syracuse, New York, Perfect Pussy are one of the boldest and most intriguing projects to surface in recent years. Veiled beneath layers of exquisitely abrasive noise, frontwoman Meredith Graves’ lyrics are disarming, brutally honest and poetic, possessing a feverish intensity that can only be matched by her electric stage presence. Their album ‘Say Yes to Love’ was released on Captured Tracks in March 2014 to widespread critical acclaim. On this EP Perfect Pussy cover Björk’s old band the Sugarcubes’ “Leash Called Love” and also contribute the new track “Adult World (The Secret)”.

                                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                        Ltd 7" Info: 7” EP with Comic book.


                                                        Buddha #5 - White Version

                                                          9 loops. Taken from or inspired by the songs on the 2014 FM3 album Ting Shuo. pitch-control as usual. in Black or White with a special 5-layer Silicon coating to give the machines a warm and fuzzy handfeel.


                                                          Buddha #5 - Black Version

                                                            9 loops. Taken from or inspired by the songs on the 2014 FM3 album Ting Shuo. pitch-control as usual. in Black or White with a special 5-layer Silicon coating to give the machines a warm and fuzzy handfeel.

                                                            To describe 65daysofstatic is not an easy task. Indeed, most who have tried can merely hint at the depths these guys reach with their wide-open sounds, melding seamless guitar shapes with ferocious drum 'n bass styled beats, live drums and c-c-c-computer g-g-g-g-glitch. A soundtrack to a new dimension, where rock, dance and electronica are equals. A refreshing glimpse into the future at a time when the music industry has arguably been far too obsessed with all things retro. "The Destruction Of Small Ideas" is their latest and possibly best album.

                                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                            2xLtd LP Info: Double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.

                                                            Tyrannosaurus Dead

                                                            Flying Ant Day

                                                              RIYL: Joanna Gruesome / Los Campesinos! / (early) Pains Of Being Pure At Heart / Veronica Falls / Smashing Pumpkins.

                                                              Brighton scuzzy indie pop fivesome Tyrannosaurus Dead will release the Rory Attwell-produced LP through London DIY label Odd Box Records on 3rd November. It follows hot on the heels of their sold out split 7" ‘Post Holiday Dead Song’ with Welsh punks Joanna Gruesome. The band and their label Odd Box have been at the centre of an upsurge in DIY ethics in the UK; throwing parties, hosting shows, printing zines and generally bypassing the mainstream. It’s from this background that this LP was written and recorded. ‘Flying Ant Day’ hears the band continue to hone their fuzzy indiepop sound - packed full of excellent guitar hooks and big catchy choruses coupled with beautiful boy/girl harmonies from Billy and Eleanor.

                                                              "a scrappier, fuzzier New Pornographers (Dan Bejar edition), or the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart if they were actually English, or Los Campesinos! if they traded coffee for booze. This one is all big guitars, boy-girl harmonies, and wistful sentiment, making full use of the amped-up indie-pop playbook." – Stereogum

                                                              Tyrannosaurus Dead are: Billy Lowe - Guitar & Vocals / Eleanor Rudge – Vocals / Thomas Northam – Bass / Martin Edwards – Guitar / Rupert Willows – Drums.

                                                              Public Service Broadcasting

                                                              The Race For Space

                                                                All pre-order customers will receive a free download of the first single to be taken from the album on 1 December 2014. The LP is also available as an indie store exclusive in limited edition clear vinyl, only available to pre-order customers.

                                                                Following the critical and commercial success of their debut album last year and 18 months' extensive touring and festival appearances, Public Service Broadcasting release their eagerly anticipated second album, 'The Race For Space'. Once again working with exclusive archive footage from the British Film Institute, the new record tells the story of the American and Soviet space race from 1957 - 1972 via the duo's eccentric mix of guitar-driven electronica, propulsive drumming and spoken word samples culled from this uniquely rich period of modern history.

                                                                'The Race For Space' follows 'Inform - Educate - Entertain', Public Service Broadcasting's debut album which reached number 21 in the UK album charts and was nominated for 'Best Independent Album' at the AIM Awards 2013, as well as being The Guardian's Album of the Week and one of BBC 6Music's Top 10 albums of 2013.

                                                                Short biog: Taking in archive material from a variety of sources the new album sees the corduroy-clad J. Willgoose, Esq. and his faithful drumming companion, Wrigglesworth, continue their mission statement to Inform, Educate & Entertain. Through both the record and their uniquely spell-binding live audio-visual ‘Transmissions’, audiences witness the band weave samples from these films around live drums, guitar, banjo and electronics, creating an array of diverse tracks. What emerges is, by turns, thrilling, moving, funny and powerful. The Independent’s Simon Price said of the band : “In their love of history, and their understanding of the dignity of the wartime generation, they remind me of British Sea Power, although Stereolab are closer sonically. PSB are progressive without the florid ornamentation of Prog, dense and complex with not a semiquaver wasted. It's an industrious, diligent sound, and, in the flesh, surprisingly danceable: slamming chemical beats accompanied by old cine footage, providing a peculiar opportunity to party to Pathe news”

                                                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                LP Info: Standard black vinyl edition.

                                                                Ltd LP Info: Indie exclusive clear vinyl edition.

                                                                September Girls


                                                                  January suddenly seems like a terribly long time ago, but if you can cast your mind back that far you may remember a remarkable album released just mere weeks into the then fresh, unsullied year that was 2014. Full of driving drums, doom-filled fuzz guitars and perfect monochrome vocal harmonies, September Girls’ debut album Cursing the Sea shot into the new year with all the excitement, vim and vigour of an outrageous New Year’s Eve party.

                                                                  Critics rejoiced and new fans were birthed, kicking and screaming to the front rows of gigs and festivals across the globe. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Phil Spector, The Velvet Underground, The Cure, My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus And Mary Chain, the five-piece play reverb-soaked noise-pop of the finest order and have been described as "a combination of razorwire guitar lines, thudding Moe Tucker beats and girl group melodicism".

                                                                  Cursing the Sea garnered widespread coverage, with a Guardian New Band of the Day piece, NME radar and 8/10 review and a 4* review in The Fly as well as coverage in The Sunday Times, The Observer and Uncut. The Financial Times said that they were “like a less malevolent Jesus and Mary Chain – impressive power, conjuring exactly the right balance between noise and sweetness”, while Time Magazine no less named them as one of the 11 best new bands in the world.

                                                                  As their year of triumph draws to a close, September Girls return with a brand new four track EP entitled Veneer, recorded deep underground in Guerilla Studios, Dublin. Whilst still retaining their signature drenched feedback sound the tracks have a greater depth and polish than the album recordings. Each of the four tracks is written and sung by a different member of the band. The perfect way to round off September Girls' incredible year, the Veneer EP builds on the foundations of Cursing The Sea to offer a tantalising glimpse into the band's future as purveyors of the finest dark-hearted pop in town.

                                                                  Singapore Sling

                                                                  The Tower Of Foronicity

                                                                    'Sometimes you need to burrow through the darkness of your soul to find the light in your life. This album is definitely dark at times, but through it all, it comes with a sense of release and freedom' - Levitation Magazine.

                                                                    The return of Icelandic Singapore Sling is upon us with their seventh studio album, recorded in the winter of 2011-2012 titled ‘The Towers of Foronocity’ and you will be anticipating this one for good reason. Twelve tracks of that dark, moody and broody sound that we all have come to know so well. It’s like a surrealistic dream sequence out of a David Lynch movie. Walls and walls of sound, layered between darkness and light. The album contains some of the bands best songs to date, including the opening track “You Drive Me Insane” with it’s thump coming at you, it’ll have you tasting the blood (of Singapore Sling) immediately. The band was born in 2000 as a result of nobody making the music that Singapore Slings Henrik Bjornsson wanted to hear. So he simply decided to make it himself, instead of complaining and doing nothing. It was born out of love and hate. Love of the various music from the past, mainly rock 'n' roll, and hatred of the majority of the music around him. He named the band Singapore Sling (after the film by Nikolai Nikolaidis) shortly before the first show in he fall of 2000. The first proper record, The Course of Singapore Sling, was released in 2002 and named "The Course Of" because of bad luck and freaky incidents that surrounded the recording of the record. The course went on and so did they.

                                                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                    Ltd LP Info: Limited edition of 750 copies on 180 gram transparent vinyl.

                                                                    Goodnight Lenin

                                                                    In The Fullness Of Time

                                                                      Goodnight Lenin are pleased to announce the details of their forthcoming debut album, In The Fullness Of Time which is mixed by Californian guru Jonathan Wilson and set for release on November 24 via Static Caravan (VAN273).. Having been building to the album since their formation in 2011, Goodnight Lenin have released two singles, one double a-side Record Store Day 7" and two EPs along the way, all of which sold out of their limited physical run upon release. The band have worked with Nick Drake producer John Wood, Broadcast's Tim Felton and Modified Toy Orchestra's Brian Duffy as well as artists Clare Rojas, Mark Edwards and Nathalie Daoust, whose photographs accompany In The Fullness Of Time. Front man John Fell said of the album: "It took us a long time to find our sound... years in fact! We scrapped the record two or three times until we were happy with the songs. We recorded the bases of the tracks live onto analogue tape to give it the 70's feel we wanted plus we were honoured to have one of our greatest influences, Jonathan Wilson, mix the album. It's something we are very proud of and we feel like it's the start of something special."

                                                                      Goodnight Lenin are a West Coast Americana five-piece who formed in the West Midlands in 2011. An independent outfit with an old school attitude to music, the band celebrate the DIY ethic of the late 80s / early 90s grunge approach and combine with influences including Neil Young, Jonathan Wilson, Phosphorescent and Wilco. Goodnight Lenin have released two singles and two EPs, all of which sold out of their limited physical run upon release. The band have played over 60 festivals including Glastonbury, Bestival and Green Man and have been on tour with Dry The River, First Aid Kit, Stornoway and Beth Jeans Houghton.

                                                                      Sleaford Mods

                                                                      Tiswas EP - Orange Vinyl Edition

                                                                        “In times of complacency, what we really need is a band to rock up and tell everyone to fuck off.” NME. “Stream-of-consciousness tirades that conjure up a world of sticky cafe table-tops, grinding hangovers, and the cold comfort of consumerism.” The Guardian

                                                                        It’s been an utterly insane year for SLEAFORD MODS. Once dismissed around their native Nottingham as "two skip rats with a laptop", their last two albums, ‘Austerity Dogs’ in 2013 and this year’s ‘Divide And Exit’, both on Harbinger Sound, have achieved the kind of critical acclaim that less inspired bands could only dream of. Equally, their live gigs have become rapid-fire, explosive, cathartic performances, drawing in endless sold-out crowds of people blown away to finally witness something that matters and actually has something to say.

                                                                        November 24th heralds the arrival of some highly-anticipated new music from front gob Jason Williamson and music master Andrew Fearn in the shape of the ‘TISWAS EP’. Released through Invada Records (the Bristol label responsible for BEAK>, DROKK and numerous soundtracks including Drive / OldBoy), the ‘Tiswas EP’ features four brand new studio tracks alongside ‘Tiswas’, lifted from the ‘Divide And Exit’ album.

                                                                        It will be released on both yellow and orange Tiswas coloured vinyl (3000 units in total – 1500 of each variant), and digital download and sees Sleaford Mods pushing and developing their bile and style.

                                                                        Sleaford Mods

                                                                        Tiswas EP - Yellow Vinyl Edition

                                                                          “In times of complacency, what we really need is a band to rock up and tell everyone to fuck off.” NME. “Stream-of-consciousness tirades that conjure up a world of sticky cafe table-tops, grinding hangovers, and the cold comfort of consumerism.” The Guardian

                                                                          It’s been an utterly insane year for SLEAFORD MODS. Once dismissed around their native Nottingham as "two skip rats with a laptop", their last two albums, ‘Austerity Dogs’ in 2013 and this year’s ‘Divide And Exit’, both on Harbinger Sound, have achieved the kind of critical acclaim that less inspired bands could only dream of. Equally, their live gigs have become rapid-fire, explosive, cathartic performances, drawing in endless sold-out crowds of people blown away to finally witness something that matters and actually has something to say.

                                                                          November 24th heralds the arrival of some highly-anticipated new music from front gob Jason Williamson and music master Andrew Fearn in the shape of the ‘TISWAS EP’. Released through Invada Records (the Bristol label responsible for BEAK>, DROKK and numerous soundtracks including Drive / OldBoy), the ‘Tiswas EP’ features four brand new studio tracks alongside ‘Tiswas’, lifted from the ‘Divide And Exit’ album.

                                                                          It will be released on both yellow and orange Tiswas coloured vinyl (3000 units in total – 1500 of each variant), and digital download and sees Sleaford Mods pushing and developing their bile and style.

                                                                          Love were one of the most extraordinary bands to emerge from Los Angeles during one of the most remarkable periods in music, the dawn of the rock era in the mid ‘60s. Led by the colourful and charismatic Arthur Lee, they made only three albums in their original incarnation and were revered by many of their fellow LA musicians, including their label mates The Doors.

                                                                          This 2 CD compilation includes the best of their albums Love, Da Capo and Four Sail (the last featuring Lee as the only original member), and their masterpiece Forever Changes in its entirety.


                                                                          That Horn Track - Inc. Marcel Dettman Remix

                                                                          A stand-out track from the Bleep:10 compilation released earlier this year, Untold's incredible 'That Horn Track' finally sees a 12" release.

                                                                          After being premiered on Pearson Sound's excellent Resident Advisor mix, the track gained further play from Mary-Anne Hobbs, James Blake and Tessela on their respective BBC Radio shows and residencies.

                                                                          If that was not enough, Berlin techno royalty Marcel Dettmann remixes the track for the flip side of the 12". Marcel transforms Untold's hectic original composition into a slow-building sublime exercise in dread-techno production and pummeling drums.

                                                                          Press support from: Pitchfork, FACT, XLR8R, RA, Groove, Clash
                                                                          DJ support from: Pearson Sound, James Blake, Mary Anne Hobbs, Tessela

                                                                          In the lead up to his debut solo album the Ten Thousand Yen label boss returns home with four essential cuts, with two vocal features from LA's Seven Davis Jr. The EP is led by 'What's It Gonna Be?' which is already picking up early love in the clubs and on radio by the likes of Annie Mac & Skream. From the disco-charged drive of 'Together' to house/acid/techno morph 'Ghost Text' to the R&B lean of 'I Promise', the From Mine To Mistress EP is a diverse collection of tunes that really show off Daneeka's varied production style.

                                                                          Early Support From:

                                                                          Skream, Annie Mac, Jackmaster, Toddla T, Luke Solomon, Huxley, Eliphino, Martyn


                                                                          Skream - "I absolutely love this! This tune is such a beaut"
                                                                          Annie Mac - "One of our favourite producers of the moment"
                                                                          Gilles Peterson - "All about Ghost Text for me. Big in the GP box"
                                                                          Will Saul – “Love this”
                                                                          Midland – “This is so dope. The A Side especially is such a groover”
                                                                          Huxley – “This sounds fucking dope!”
                                                                          Dusky - “All these are super solid, love the Seven collab :)”
                                                                          Luke Solomon – “Ace EP”
                                                                          Mosca – “Wicked groove”
                                                                          Martyn – “Record is great”
                                                                          Shenoda – “Big tune”.

                                                                          You know it's time for the clocks to go back when Blawan and Pariah start up their machines and start making noise again. Yes, the onslaught of Winter usually comes with a plethora of filthy techno releases, the darker days and shorter sunlight hours allowing the vampire mutants of the underground time away from their coffins to release music and party. Sheworks set a new blueprint for 'wallshaker' way back in 2011 with a whole new sound that took techno's frenetic tempos and meldied them to a sonic demolition ball and highly caustic recording mediums. 'All-hardware muscular techno jams' as they were then penned. Karenn is Blawan and Pariah together, two already established stalwart of the scene. On this, their third record for Sheworks the pair unleash that frenzied demon of sound they've kept locked up throughout the Summer. Speaking of which "Summer" churns and pummels like a Soviet-era factory line, that squashed and saturated kick drum present from the offset while eerie, discordant melodies circle overhead. "Nelly" lets loose the beasts for a carnival of voodoo. Rampant, uncompromising and really quite scary - this sounds like your dancing around a gremlin campfire with pitchforks in hand and human on the fire! Both medieval and alien at the same time! "Ballast" deploys those clever concentric beats to a droning sonar hum and futuristic machinery sounds. Surely a mid-session bleeper that Surgeon would dominate in the mix. Recommended.

                                                                          Various Artists

                                                                          I Am The Gorgon - Bunny 'Striker' Lee & The Roots Of Reggae

                                                                          "‘Gorgon’ was a tune that Derrick Morgan did. ’Conquering Ruler’. I had a friend and he used to say ”Boy the man there a Gorgon” - it meant he was the champion. Derrick write the tune off his tune and I said “Cornell I want you to sing it”" - Bunny Striker Lee

                                                                          Bunny Striker Lee’s standing in the Jamaican recording business has remained unassailable for over four decades. Bunny is known by many aliases including ‘Gorgon’. It was Cornell Campbell's ‘Gorgon’ produced by Bunny in 1975 that proved to be one of the defining records of the mid 70s when cut after cut after cut of tracks driven by Carlton "Santa" Davis newly invented "flying cymbal" style drumming dominated the dancehalls.

                                                                          This double vinyl pressing includes cuts by Delroy Wilson, Cornell Campbell, Dennis Alcapons, The Uniques, Ken Boothe, Horace Andy, Johnny Clarke, Max Romeo, Stranger Cole & Tommy McCook, Prince Jazzbo, Linval Thompson and many more.

                                                                          DVD is directed by Diggory Kendrick. It takes a close up look at the incredible career of the legendary larger then life jamaican record producer Bunny 'Striker' Lee, and the real roots of reggae music by the people who made it happen. Narrated by Dennis Alcapone and featuring contributions fromeveryone who is anyone on the reggae scene.

                                                                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                          2xLP Info: DVD (PAL, Reg 0) + CD.

                                                                          Various Artists

                                                                          Space Dance EP

                                                                            From the tropics comes Whiskey Disco, a sneaky re-edit label bent on dredging the decanter for diffident dancefloor genius from latent disco perpetrators. It's loosely connected to Sleazy McQueen and his assorted cohorts.

                                                                            Not one to overstate the obvious; the disco scene is fairly obsessed with the cosmos. Whiskey Disco #31, offers four more reasons to Space Dance!Hristo sets course for the stars with X-otic Love, an unhinged and epic ride from funky start to euphoric end. Next up is enigmatic editor, Satisfaction, Love & Passion's edit, Dance (Dance, Dance), a cut sent to us under the veil of night with no return address. For the return, we cruise towards home with Detroit's rising star, Pontchartrain as he guides us through some lesser known italo-influenced, synth heavy and floor packing reworks; Be My Lover + Dance With Me. T-minus 12''

                                                                            Tony Allen

                                                                            Film Of Life

                                                                              For his tenth album, the human metronome of afrobeat, Tony Allen, has pulled out all the stops. At his side are the trio of producers The Jazzbastards and fellow world-class musicians, including Damon Albarn, who continues to build pioneering bridges between Africa and today’s music scene.

                                                                              On 'Film Of Life' Tony Allen has given us an album that has the ring of a true self-portrait, an overview of his rich and exemplary career that brings together bebop, afrobeat, jazz and psychedelic pop. For the wizard of Lagos, who has always thought of his drums “as an orchestra” and who likes “to make them sing”, 'Film Of Life' marks the pinnacle of his achievement.

                                                                              “Rhythm is the most perceptible and the least material thing in the world,” wrote John Miller Chernoff in his book, African Rhythm and African Sensibility. It has been thirty years since this observation inspired Brian Eno and David Byrne to revise their approach to music, but if African rhythms began to alter the course of Western pop music, it is above all down to Tony Allen. He embodies the vitality of those rhythms, placing them at the cutting edge of modern music, and over his fifty-year career, he has made himself a benchmark for musicians worldwide.

                                                                              'Film Of Life' looks back on this amazing adventure while continuing to explore new horizons.

                                                                              Beautiful Boy

                                                                              Bodies / Kids In America

                                                                                Rising like cream to the top of Brighton's music scene Beautiful Boy have already seen their debut AA single Home / Love No More (Raygun Records) establish them as the buzz band of 2014. Support slots with The Jezabels, The View, Luke Sital-Singh, Matthew And The Atlas,Treetop Flyers and Goldheart Assembly quickly followed and cemented the quintet's rise to recognition. Beautiful Boy's RAK Singles Club release has been produced by RAK's own Grammy award winning Richard Woodcraft (In Rainbows) - see that name on a sleeve and you know you are in for a treat. Watch out for them dragging Kids In America through Phil Spector's ears.

                                                                                This is the second release in the RAK Singles Club series.

                                                                                The first three acts out of the RAK Singles Club gate epitomise the label's agenda, to shine a spotlight on the best of new music with no restrictions of style or genre - the only condition is that the music is great and that the bands deserve an audience. While the A Sides are original songs written for the project, RAK asked each artist to cover a RAK catalogue song, and so the B Sides are modern takes on classics. The first lineup includes Steve Harley's Come Up And See Me (Make Me Smile), Kim Wilde's Kids In America and Cozy Powell's Dance With the Devil.

                                                                                Each limited edition release is manufactured by Gearbox Records at their own analogue cutting facility in Kings Cross. Gearbox specialise in new music and lost treasures, and their extremely high sound quality is a perfect match for The RAK Singles Club. Together with the classic ship artwork and paper bag each single will present a future star (or occasional RAK megastar) for your listening pleasure.

                                                                                Get Well Soon

                                                                                The Lufthansa Heist

                                                                                  Konstantin Gropper, artistically known as Get Well Soon, will be releasing three different EPs on three consecutive Mondays this coming November. These EPs will be available exclusively on limited edition 10” vinyl.

                                                                                  Each EP has its own theme and its own release date.

                                                                                  Konstantin Gropper explains: “These EPs are projects I’ve been meaning to do for quite a long time, but neither “concept” would have been suitable for an entire album, nor would they actually all add up to a coherent album, plus I do love these smaller formats. What’s more beautiful then three nice little 10inches with gorgeous black and white artwork all by the same artist (in this case, celebrated German painter Hermann Schenkel)?” he asks. And continues: “With the LUFTHANSA HEIST EP, I don’t exactly remember what prompted it. Whether it was a much too early midlife-crisis, a second wave of puberty, or simply a rush of nostalgia, something led me to the question: why did I start this in the first place? Inevitably I ended up at the place, or rather, the music that inspired me to pick up the guitar in the first place. I think it was called “College Rock” back then, and it sounded like Buffalo Tom or Lemonheads or Pavement.” (Editor’s note: Gropper is obviously way too young to have been around when the first wave of college rockers and slackers hit the scene, so how in hell he managed to record these songs, these crashing guitars and euphoric chords like this, is beyond us). “The “Henry…” EP is a reverence to one of my favourite German writers: Arnold Stadler, who has just turned 60. His novel “Death and I, the two of us” (“Der Tod und ich, wir zwei”) has been accompanying and inspiring me for quite a while now. These five songs are a musical tribute to this incredibly romantic, dark, smart and funny book. Self-pity, crooked biographies, fear of being alone, the ridiculousness of life and most of all the great longing. I could probably go on forever about this masterpiece, but I’d rather recommend reading the novel. And I do hope that the music will work on its own.” And then, of course, there are the covers. Playing other people’s songs has always been a good tradition at camp Get Well Soon. At one point I wanted to record a whole bunch of just mega-hits. I mean, real über-hits. Somehow that idea got lost in the making and I ended up recording Italian soundtrack obscurities instead, plus some songs everybody knows, and either loves or hates. Hey, if you take the saxophone out of “Careless Whisper” you actually end up with a pretty great song with meaningful lyrics. So I tried to de-cheese that one. But overall these songs have come up over the course of many years. I do hope the selection is controversial enough.”

                                                                                  Mark Kozelek

                                                                                  Sings Christmas Carols

                                                                                    All songs performed by Mark Kozelek November/Decemeber 2013 in San Francisco.

                                                                                    Hashman Deejay


                                                                                    The man from Moodhut drops his debut album... "six tracks of that sweet spot dance, in the tradition of Virgo 4, Stickman Records or the classic Italian acronym house labels like MBG and DFC".Future Times 2LP ... you know it's going to be nice!

                                                                                    The Italian’s ambient and minimal electronic compositions are the subject of forthcoming retrospective from the Amsterdam label.

                                                                                    The Music From Memory label was launched by Redlight Records founders Tako Reyenga, Abel Nagenast and Jamie Tiller earlier this year, sporting a proud mantra of “giving overlooked and unreleased music that we love a second chance”. Music From Memory’s debut release 'Liquid Diamonds' collated material from the 1980s private press output of Rhode Island resident Leon Lowman who had a penchant for detailing his romantic exploits over a backdrop of languid synth funk.

                                                                                    The focus of attention for Music Of Memory’s next release falls on the works of celebrated ambient composer Gigi Masin. Born in Venice, Masin’s work has been sampled by the likes of Bjork and To Rococco Rot and his albums attract feverish acclaim, with Wind, Masin’s privately pressed debut LP a desired rarity for the only the most well-heeled of second hand collectors. It’s from this album and a selection of Masin’s other released works that Music From Memory draw from for the forthcoming double LP retrospective 'Talk To The Sea', which also includes a healthy amount of unreleased material.

                                                                                    Staying on the Mediterranean coast for their third release, Music From Memory this time shift their attention to the work of Mallorcan musician Joan Bibiloni.

                                                                                    Primarily a guitarist, Bibiloni was creating music at an early age, releasing his first single at the tender age of 15. In his twenties he formed Spanish prog-rock outfits Zebra and Euterpe where he would meet Pepe Milan, the two of them becoming the bluesy folk duo 'Milan & Bibiloni'. Bibiloni himself would later go on to play with a number of luminary musicians such as Larry Coryell, Daevid Allen and John Cage to name but a few.

                                                                                    In 1982 Bibiloni set up his own label Blau in order to highlight the much overlooked work of musicians not only on his home island of Mallorca but across the Balearic Islands. In doing so he created a platform not only for
                                                                                    local talent but also for his own music to breathe a new life, much influenced by the landscape and life that surrounds the islands.

                                                                                    Whilst Bibiloni's first solo releases on his Blau imprint have stronger echoes of contemporary Jazz fusion of the time, it is on the album known as 'Una Vida Llarga I Tranquila' where Bibiloni really began to experiment with new sounds and technologies; fusing tape loops, drum computers and synthesizers.

                                                                                    Taking these more electronic infused works as a departure point for the compilation and drawing on material from across his following five albums, ‘El Sur’ sets out to highlight Joan Bibiloni’s unique ambient fusion and sun-drenched Mediterranean beach boogie.

                                                                                    It's been Local Talk bosses Mad Mats & Tooli's secret weapon during their DJ sets over the past months and have destroyed clubs from London to Berlin. With a super catchy chord theme, bumpy 4/4 beats and a slight UK feel this is as bad as it gets. It's just one of those tunes you immediately recognise and can relate with. Together with a deep journey house remix from AD Bourke and a fierce UK inspired bass/house mix from Colognes HADE we dare to say that this is one the finest releases on Local Talk so far.
                                                                                    Original Bristol cat Crackazat (now residing in Uppsala, Sweden) got a sound that fuses jazz theories, electronic 4/4s with a deep UK underground mentality. Think Underground Resistance meets Floating Points and your almost there. Somewhere Else is the second single from Crackazat on Local Talk and in early 2015 he will drop his debut album Crescendo on Local Talk. .

                                                                                    For some ageing producers, the nineties represent a lost land of hazy parties, forgotten nights and emotion-tugging tunes.

                                                                                    But for the fresher-faced end of the dance music spectrum - such as the LA-based DJ and producer Urulu - those post acid house, pre-MP3 days are a neverland of the imagination, something to be relished vicariously through the mags, memories and music of 20-odd years ago.

                                                                                    Two years back, Urulu - aka Taylor Freels - even released a single called '1991'. It might have made some grizzled club kids feel a bit old, but the love and euphoria in his music are there for all to hear.
                                                                                    But jump right up to the minute, and Urulu is back in action for Sheffield's Shabby Doll label. His new EP, called 'Banshee Boardwalk', is an effervescent four-tracker that tingles with that gleaming, glitzy mid-nineties house sound, but that adds a tantalising 21st century twist to the mix. Snipped vocal clips, pulsing melodies and rattling build-ups crash over a compellingly crisp house groove, always with the ghost of disco dancing somewhere out back.

                                                                                    The tracks 'Banshee Boardwalk' and 'Heaven Unlimited' both deliver a solid, pounding take on classic house, while 'BeforeHandMan' features a sumptuous vocal turn from Daj (New York's DeShawn Jenkins), before being twisted into darker, harsher remixed shapes by Shabby Doll labelmate James Welsh.

                                                                                    Urulu might not have been there first time around, but with the nineties' house sound lifting hands aloft once more, he's giving it an original sheen that makes it matter all over again.

                                                                                    The Charlatans

                                                                                    Modern Nature - Deluxe Edition With Bonus Disc

                                                                                      The album comes after a brutally difficult year for the band following the death from brain cancer of their old friend and drummer Jon Brookes last year. Rogers says that they were determined to carry on to honour Brookes' memory - "Jon was adamant that there was going to be another Charlatans record, and you have to put that into your own thoughts."

                                                                                      The band went into their studio Big Mushroom in January 2014 and as Tim recalls "We were aching for the summer when we wrote it. It was freezing and we were trying to write songs that made us happy. “

                                                                                      The result is Modern Nature. Featuring eleven new tracks, including the recent limited edition 7” single and 6 Music A List record ‘Talking In Tones’, the album was produced by The Charlatans and Jim Spencer and mixed by Craig Silvey (Arcade Fire, Portishead). The album features a cacophony of contributors from their three temporary drummers - Pete Salisbury of The Verve, Stephen Morris of New Order and Gabriel Gurnsey of DFA's avant-disco group Factory Floor, to Kate Bushs’ backing singers Melanie Marshall and Sandra Marvin, strings by Sean O’ Hagan and brass courtesy of Dexys’ Big Jim Paterson. Q have already described the album as “ one the finest of their career.”

                                                                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                      Ltd CD Info: Includes indie stores only remix CD EP featuring 4 remixes, while stocks last.

                                                                                      2xLtd LP Info: Deluxe vinyl includes 12" featuring the 4 bonus tracks. Also includes indie stores only remix CD EP featuring 4 remixes, while stocks last.

                                                                                      Prime Numbers & Trus'me once again compile some of their best vinyl releases from the last 12 months onto one essential 12 track CD.

                                                                                      Featured are a selection of recent Trus'me remixes from the likes of Mosca, Skudge & Alan Fitzpatrick alongside some handpicked tracks from Prime Numbers highly regarded EP series.
                                                                                      Two tracks from the diverse artist Adesse start us off. 'Metachemistry' is a fabulous blend of esoteric chugging jazz augmented by reedy vibes. Whilst 'Baayi' is a superbly deep & warm house production with metronomic wood blocks, organic keys, swinging drums & sublime vocal samples.

                                                                                      R&S records' Truss is featured with his fantastic slice of raw classic techno in 'Redbrook' which is also joined by Fred P's remix taking the track into a whirlpool of beautifully crafted jazz'd tech house in true Black Jazz Consortium style.
                                                                                      Massimo Di Lena steps up with 'You Better Hear', an off kilter mélange of cut up acidic bass moves & dissonant drums under hypnotic vocals. XDB brings his remix of this with a linear & subtle techno construction of bleeps & distant keys.
                                                                                      Adesse adds to the mix again with his insistent 'Unititled Love', a homage to early 90's garage productions with whip hard snares & swirling vocal hook.

                                                                                      Added to these are five remixes of Trus'me tracks from his album 'Treat Me Right'. Mosca takes the now classic 'Somebody' into a deep & bass heavy corner as only he can. Truncate makes 'Its Slow' sound like a lost Dance Mania release.
                                                                                      Alan Fitzpatrick beefs up 'I Want You' with all the right anthemic ingredients creating a bonafide top of the night future classic.
                                                                                      'Moonlight Kiss' is treated to the Skudge touch who turn out a warm house'd up rollout in their inimitable fashion.
                                                                                      Finally French master Marcelus hightens the tension of 'Hindsight' stripping back the original to its bare essentials.

                                                                                      This collection perfectly represents the diversity and direction of the Prime Numbers label and includes the pick of their vinyl releases over the past year.

                                                                                      Prime Numbers are back with the next in their compiled EP series, once again selecting new tracks from producers who inspire & represent the sound of the label. This time it's a diverse outing, dwelling on the dubbier, more subtle side of things.

                                                                                      The release starts with Modini, Following on from their excellent Turk EP for Dixon Basement Jams here they flip the script.'Attack Warning' fuses new wave & nu-beat styles with an almost ZTT-like sensibility. It's big, bold & direct with chopped vocal samples, an acidic bottom line & rock hard snares.

                                                                                      Nick Sinna returns to the label with 'Come Again', a brooding piece with a distinctly UK feel. Various drum sounds are dextrously melded into a restrained afro tinged rhythmic workout.
                                                                                      Luke Hess brings his own take to the track stripping back & tightening the elements whilst washing it in a Detroit solution for a more intense overall feel.

                                                                                      Finally Hakim Murphy drops 'Synth Work'. Fantastically understated & ethereal the track draws you in with padded kicks, floating bleeps & squelched bass.

                                                                                      'Earlier this year I received three tracks of hazy Brazilian dancehall-psych, precise bursts of trembling energy and breathless meaning, invoking cellular consciousness, seed consciousness, the brain of cellular life... Odes glorifying the DNA code...

                                                                                      I gazed up at the grey gate of Heaven with a foreign eye and yelled 'What is this shit!?'

                                                                                      I got my answer: "Cherry Garcia man...that's all you need to know"

                                                                                      No further questions!

                                                                                      Golf Channel every time !'

                                                                                      Foo Fighters

                                                                                      Sonic Highways

                                                                                        Eagerly anticipated new album from U.S. rock gods Foo Fighters. The soundtrack to Dave Grohl's 8 episode HBO series documenting iconic musical cities across America.

                                                                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                        Ltd LP Info: Heavyweight 180gm black vinyl with 9 different LP sleeves (all same catalogue number, pot luck on selection).



                                                                                          Limited one track 10" single taken from their platinum selling #1 album "48:13", written & produced by Sergio Pizzorno.

                                                                                          David Bowie

                                                                                          Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)

                                                                                            David Bowie has announced his first new music since he surprised the world by returning in 2013 with the single "Where Are We Now", followed by the album 'The Next Day'.

                                                                                            His new single "Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)" – which lasts nearly eight minutes – was recorded with long-time collaborator Tony Visconti especially for inclusion on a new compilation, 'Nothing Has Changed', which spans 50 years of Bowie from 1964 to 2014. It will be given a separate release as a digital download and as a limited-edition 10 inch single.

                                                                                            Paul Gilroy / Stuart Baker

                                                                                            90 Degrees Of Shade: Image And Identity In The West Indies - 100 Years Of Photography In The Caribbean

                                                                                              Calypso, Voodoo, Sunshine, Communism, Reggae, Colonialism, The Slave Trade, Rum, Revolution, Industry and Tourism 100 years of the Caribbean image and identity is captured in this deluxe new hardback photography book. The image of the Caribbean is as much a creation of the outsider as it is the complex identity of its people a melting pot of races created out of the participants in the 400 year slave trade enforced Africans, indigenous Americans and their colonisers French, Spanish, German, Dutch, English. The identity of the Caribbean stands at this intersection of tourism, the detritus of the slave trade, colonialism and tropicality. The regions politics span a hot bed of ideas and radicalism from Castros Cuba, communist thorn in the side of North America, to the violent right-wing dictatorship of Haitis Papa Doc in the 1960s; from Manleys Jamaica in the 1970s to Eric Williams Trinidad in the 1960s. This book is a deluxe large format hardback book featuring 100s of fascinating and unique photographs that span one hundred years of Caribbean history, culture, industry and more as well as the subsequent diaspora of its people to America, England and elsewhere. The photographs show the many ways in which the region is portrayed from luscious and tropical backdrop of tourism and hedonism, to colonial outpost and revolutionary threat within North Americas own backyard.

                                                                                              Various Artists

                                                                                              90 Degrees Of Shade: Hot Jump-Up Island Sounds From The Caribbean LP 2

                                                                                                Soul Jazz Records’ new album ‘90 Degrees Of Shade’ features the music of the Caribbean - Mambo, Calypso, Mento, Merengue, Latin Jazz and much more. The music of Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and more all feature in this lightning journey through the many island sounds.

                                                                                                This is the sound of independence, righteous and hot jump-up sounds from the 1950s and 60s, an exciting period of endless new musical styles that would travel across the world - Mento, the Jamaican precursor to reggae; mambos and descargas from Cuba, Dominican Merengue, Haitian compas - it’s all here.

                                                                                                This album coincides with the release of Soul Jazz Records’ massive new deluxe large format hardback book ‘90 Degrees of Shade: 100 Years Of Photography In The Caribbean’ (with a foreword by Paul Gilroy), featuring hundreds of fascinating and unique photographs spanning one hundred years of Caribbean history.

                                                                                                The new album comes as a deluxe two-CD pack complete with large outsize booklet, packed full of info and original artwork. There are also two separate heavyweight double LP vinyl editions, each one housed in gatefold sleeves complete with insert, full text and free download code.

                                                                                                Various Artists

                                                                                                90 Degrees Of Shade: Hot Jump-Up Island Sounds From The Caribbean LP 1

                                                                                                  Soul Jazz Records’ new album ‘90 Degrees Of Shade’ features the music of the Caribbean - Mambo, Calypso, Mento, Merengue, Latin Jazz and much more. The music of Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and more all feature in this lightning journey through the many island sounds.

                                                                                                  This is the sound of independence, righteous and hot jump-up sounds from the 1950s and 60s, an exciting period of endless new musical styles that would travel across the world - Mento, the Jamaican precursor to reggae; mambos and descargas from Cuba, Dominican Merengue, Haitian compas - it’s all here.

                                                                                                  This album coincides with the release of Soul Jazz Records’ massive new deluxe large format hardback book ‘90 Degrees of Shade: 100 Years Of Photography In The Caribbean’ (with a foreword by Paul Gilroy), featuring hundreds of fascinating and unique photographs spanning one hundred years of Caribbean history.

                                                                                                  The new album comes as a deluxe two-CD pack complete with large outsize booklet, packed full of info and original artwork. There are also two separate heavyweight double LP vinyl editions, each one housed in gatefold sleeves complete with insert, full text and free download code.

                                                                                                  Various Artists

                                                                                                  90 Degrees Of Shade: Hot Jump-Up Island Sounds From The Caribbean

                                                                                                    Soul Jazz Records’ new album ‘90 Degrees Of Shade’ features the music of the Caribbean - Mambo, Calypso, Mento, Merengue, Latin Jazz and much more. The music of Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and more all feature in this lightning journey through the many island sounds.

                                                                                                    This is the sound of independence, righteous and hot jump-up sounds from the 1950s and 60s, an exciting period of endless new musical styles that would travel across the world - Mento, the Jamaican precursor to reggae; mambos and descargas from Cuba, Dominican Merengue, Haitian compas - it’s all here.

                                                                                                    This album coincides with the release of Soul Jazz Records’ massive new deluxe large format hardback book ‘90 Degrees of Shade: 100 Years Of Photography In The Caribbean’ (with a foreword by Paul Gilroy), featuring hundreds of fascinating and unique photographs spanning one hundred years of Caribbean history.

                                                                                                    The new album comes as a deluxe two-CD pack complete with large outsize booklet, packed full of info and original artwork. There are also two separate heavyweight double LP vinyl editions, each one housed in gatefold sleeves complete with insert, full text and free download code.

                                                                                                    Jon Hopkins

                                                                                                    Immunity + Asleep Versions

                                                                                                      Jon Hopkins releases ‘Immunity’, his fourth solo album, via Domino.

                                                                                                      A powerful, multi-faceted beast, packed with the most aggressively dancefloor-focussed music Hopkins has ever made, ‘Immunity’ is about achieving euphoric states through music.

                                                                                                      Inspired by the arc of an epic night out, the album peaks with ‘Collider’, a huge, apocalyptic, techno monster and dissolves with the quiet, heartbreakingly beautiful closer, ‘Immunity’, a track featuring vocals from King Creosote, which could sit comfortably alongside the gems of their Mercury-nominated collaboration, ‘Diamond Mine’.

                                                                                                      ‘Asleep Versions’ was recorded at Sundlaugin Studios, near Reykjavik, in February of this year. Intended to be heard as one single 25 minute piece, it is composed of four decelerated, dreamlike re-imaginings of tracks from the Mercury-nominated ‘Immunity’.

                                                                                                      Representing the quieter, more meditative side of the album, these new explorations take its hypnotic, transcendent qualities to a far deeper level. At times almost painfully beautiful, the EP contains a new, semi-acoustic re-interpretation of album track ‘Form By Firelight’, featuring additional vocals from the Braids and Blue Hawaii lead vocalist, Raphaelle Standell.

                                                                                                      Jon Hopkins

                                                                                                      Asleep Versions

                                                                                                        ‘Asleep Versions’ was recorded at Sundlaugin Studios, near Reykjavik, in February of this year. Intended to be heard as one single 25 minute piece, it is composed of four decelerated, dreamlike re-imaginings of tracks from the Mercury-nominated ‘Immunity’.

                                                                                                        Representing the quieter, more meditative side of the album, these new explorations take its hypnotic, transcendent qualities to a far deeper level. At times almost painfully beautiful, the EP contains a new, semi-acoustic re-interpretation of album track ‘Form By Firelight’, featuring additional vocals from the Braids and Blue Hawaii lead vocalist, Raphaelle Standell.

                                                                                                        Ann Peebles

                                                                                                        Part Time Love

                                                                                                          There were so many competent records coming out of Memphis that any burgeoning greatness can only be detected by a careful listening. Ann Peebles deserves that kind of extra care. Her style is so subtle and economical that the finer qualities of her talents might be passed over as being merely competent. This would be a crime because little Ann has so very much to offer.

                                                                                                          Ann stresses the melody (rather than rhythm for its own sake). This is not to say she can’t sing funky; she can and does very effectively. It just means Ann shines extra brightly on the slower bluesy numbers. For example ‘Give Me Some Credit’ is such a moving lament, filtering faint traces of early Smokey Robinson and the album’s two most tender cuts, ‘I Still Love You’ and ‘Steal Away’ are the places where Ann Peebles makes such a great impression. These are the kinds of song that become ‘personal’ classics.

                                                                                                          Ann sings seven up-tempo numbers on which she illustrates her tight, full-bodied voice and shows why she’s presently way up on R&B charts all over the country. Her renditions of ‘It’s Your Thing’, ‘Part Time Love’, and ‘Make Me Yours’ are unfettered delights.

                                                                                                          Ann Peebles goes past the apparent and into the sublime. She stands beyond the predictably competent. And you know that’s where it’s at.

                                                                                                          Dense & Pika return to Hotflush with their first original material since last year's smash, "Colt". In the meantime they've not sat idle, instead issuing a chart topping remic of Paul Woolford's "Erotic Discourse" with the signature bombast they carry with them into the "Klank EP". Four tracks leave plenty of room for variety, however; from the toecap shuffle of the eponymous lead track to 'Slacker''s binary jack via the pared-down house groove that is 'Slowhand'. Without even mentioning the aquatic depths explored by 'Wandering Hands', we can already see Dense & Pika's muscles at full flex. As you'd expect, the duo come correct yet again with four proper main room wall shakers.

                                                                                                          Various Artists

                                                                                                          Jamaican Skarama

                                                                                                            Japanese imprint Dub Store reissue this excellent LP of Ken Khouri productions for Federal, with the tracks recorded between 1964 and 1965. Originally out on the Kentone label in 1965, the set shows the ska scene in full swing, but also drops in some soul great harmony soul cuts, always popular on the island. The recordings are pretty rough and ready, but the quality of the songs still shines through - a real treat for fans of 60s Jamaican music. Featuring The Maytals, The Techniques, Dobby Dobson, Eddie Perkins, Sneer-Towners, Stranger & Patsy, The X-Rays, Eric Morris and more.

                                                                                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                            LP Info: Ultra-limited Japanese import. Comes in hard paste-on board sleeve with obi band.

                                                                                                            CD Info: Ultra-limited Japanese import. digi-pack sleeve with obi band.


                                                                                                            As Old As The Grave

                                                                                                              The three track ‘As Old As The Grave’ EP is released on Heavenly Recordings.

                                                                                                              Still in his early 20s and based in Leeds, having grown up on the other side of the Pennines, the three tracks are a startling introduction to Eaves’ effortless and intuitive songwriting talent.

                                                                                                              The EP perfectly showcases his versatility - ‘As Old As The Grave’, produced by Cam Blackwood (London Grammar, George Ezra) in his London studio, is grand-scale, while ‘Timber’, recorded at the archaic Greenmount studios in Leeds, is a stark piano and vocal take and ‘Alone In My Mind (For Mannington Bowes)’ features Eaves accompanied by only his acoustic guitar.

                                                                                                              “A mightily impressive first step” - The Line Of Best Fit

                                                                                                              The Voyeurs

                                                                                                              Rhubarb Rhubarb

                                                                                                                The album follows their debut, ‘Clarietta’, which was released in May 2013.

                                                                                                                Recorded at the Flesh & Bone and The Premises studios in East London, the 10-track album was produced by Oli Bayston (Boxed In).

                                                                                                                “The new album has a colder, darker feeling than the first one,” says Charlie. “One of my favourite records is Lou Reed’s ‘Berlin’, which swings between a cold starkness and a kind of brilliant pomposity. We wanted to have those two elements - really stripped-down moments of just tambourine alongside ten layers of harmonised guitar.”

                                                                                                                The result is an album that looks determinedly out into the world but also maintains contact with the band’s origins.

                                                                                                                “There’s a lot of noise around in the world today,” says Charlie. “I was thinking of the idea of making noise but not really saying anything. The idea of ‘rhubarb, rhubarb’ is unscripted background conversation in plays and on television. Today people are commenting on things all the time, commenting in new ways - Twitter and things. But a lot of it’s just more background, another kind of ‘rhubarb, rhubarb’…”


                                                                                                                Sun Structures - Deluxe Edition

                                                                                                                  ‘Sun Structures’ was the 12-track debut album from Kettering’s finest psych-rockers. The album was produced by the band’s James Bagshaw and mixed by Claudius Mittendorfer.

                                                                                                                  This new deluxe edition includes 'Sun Restructured', a ‘reanimation’ of their much-acclaimed debut album by Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve (Erol Alkan and Richard Norris), released on Heavenly Recordings.

                                                                                                                  Taking the original record as their guide, Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve have created a kaleidoscopic trip that redefines and takes the original into new, twisted sonic spaces.

                                                                                                                  Using five re-interpreted tracks (‘Sand Dance’, ‘Shelter Song’, ‘A Question Isn’t Answered’, ‘Golden Throne’ and ‘Move With The Season’) from the original album to form the spine of the record, the 42-minute journey is interwoven with tweaked and warped snatches of other tracks from ‘Sun Structures’.


                                                                                                                  Rock And Roll Weakling

                                                                                                                    Play It Again Sam are pleased to announce details of the UK debut from Sydney’s worst kept secret. Spookyland, the moniker for the folk infused rock and roll wunderkind endeavours of Marcus Gordon, mark their arrival with ‘Rock And Roll Weakling’.

                                                                                                                    Meanwhile, having originally released the mini album through their home city label Monday Records earlier this year, Spookyland transverse the continents with the imminent release of their US debut single on Canvasclub - the imprint of Canvasback, previously home to the likes of The Strokes , Kings Of Leon, My Morning Jacket et al - US dates beckon alongside planned shows at New York’s annual CMJ convention.

                                                                                                                    Featuring the mercurial talents of Gordon at the fore, Spookyland embark on a musical rollercoaster having attracted exhaustive comparisons - be it from Sydney’s media to bloggers further afield - seeing the band make an indelible impression, even at this early stage. The ‘Rock And Roll Weakling’ EP does nothing to dispel those plaudits.

                                                                                                                    Gordon details the tracks “as coming from different times and cycles of fixation.” ‘Blood In The Rain’ and ‘Silly Fucking Thing’ come from when I was really young, self evident in their naivety and overblown audacity. ‘Adventure Song’ comes from an abandoned conceptual folk album, whilst the title track was written for this release.

                                                                                                                    “An enviable confidence that will hopefully carry him far and wide as a vocalist, producer and performer” - NME

                                                                                                                    “An utterly magnetizing vulnerability” - Pitchfork

                                                                                                                    Small Faces

                                                                                                                    There Are But Four Small Faces

                                                                                                                      Small Faces’ debut USA album released on Andrew Loog Oldham’s Immediate Records in 1968 has been newly expanded and remastered in 2014 from the original master tapes for the first time ever.

                                                                                                                      Also available on 180 gram vinyl cut directly from the original production master tape by Matt Colton at Air Studios, London. The cutting session was conducted under the supervision of Kenney Jones and Ian McLagan.

                                                                                                                      Small Faces

                                                                                                                      Small Faces

                                                                                                                        ‘Small Faces’, originally released in June 1967, was the band’s debut album for Andrew Loog Oldham’s Immediate Records. Recorded at IBC and Olympic Studios in London with Glyn Johns, this connoisseur’s favourite saw the group expand their sonic playground from pop and R&B to include acid-inspired psychedelia (‘Green Circles’), music hall (‘All Our Yesterdays’), waltz-time folk-rock (‘Become Like You’) to quintessential Small Faces pop at its most taut and swinging (‘Get Yourself Together’ - Paul Weller’s all-time favourite Small Faces song.

                                                                                                                        With the full co-operation of surviving Small Faces members Kenney Jones and Ian ‘Mac’ McLagan, a massive tape recovery and remastering programme has enabled the original albums to sound better than at any time since the 60’s.

                                                                                                                        The LP edition was cut direct from recently discovered analogue master tapes on a Neumann VMS 80 mastering lathe by Matt Colton at Air Studios during February 2012, under the supervision of Kenney Jones and Small Faces remastering engineer Nick Robbins. The albumn on heavyweight 180 gram vinyl, is a lavish recreation of the original Immediate mono LP and adds an exclusive illustrated inner sleeve featuring sleeve notes, photos and full band credits and recording details.

                                                                                                                        Small Faces

                                                                                                                        Odgens' Nut Gone Flake - Picture Disc

                                                                                                                          With the full co-operation of both surviving Small Faces members, Kenney Jones and Ian McLagan, the last five years have seen a massive programme of tape recovery and upgrading. Masters have been pulled in from all over the world, including Immediate label multitracks from the Kenney Jones and Charly Records archives. Using these, it is now possible to represent all of the Small Faces’ original albums sounding better than at any time since the Sixties and to add a whole host of newly discovered tracks and alternative versions. The new editions will also feature original artwork and contemporary photos and publicity material alongside comprehensive new notes by band experts.

                                                                                                                          ‘Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake’, recorded in late 1967 and early 1968 and released in the summer of that year, is by far and away the Small Faces’ best-known and most successful album. Alongside classic tracks like ‘Lazy Sunday’, ‘Afterglow’ and ‘Rollin’ Over’, it even added a conceptual twist with the story of ‘Happiness Stan’ and the narrations of Stanley Unwin. Loved also for its crazy round packaging, the record represents the band’s finest hour, though soon after its release the Small Faces were no more, having morphed into the Faces and Humble Pie.

                                                                                                                          The remastered 180gm picture disc vinyl edition features the newly re-mastered mono mix of the original album.

                                                                                                                          Mariachi El Bronx


                                                                                                                            Mixed by Rob Schnaph and produced by John Avila (Oingo Boingo), ‘III’ is available in all formats, including day-glo orange vinyl, via ATO Records.

                                                                                                                            It’s the band’s third Mariachi album, this time approaching writing from a different direction. For ‘III’, Mariachi El Bronx dusted off old sequencers, synths and an ARP.

                                                                                                                            Certain tones echo through this 10 song album - the feel of a band coming into their own, extending the proverbial middle finger to tradition (and backing it up 100%).

                                                                                                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                            Ltd LP Info: limited edition coloured vinyl.

                                                                                                                            Torn Hawk

                                                                                                                            Let's Cry And Do Pushups At The Same Time

                                                                                                                              Let’s Cry And Do Pushups At The Same Time is the most recent statement from Torn Hawk aka producer and video artist Luke Wyatt.

                                                                                                                              It's difficult to neatly categorize Wyatt's genre-refracting productions. The nuts & bolts are built from live guitar, drum machines, junky synths, and layers of samples which are smeared into a cohesive whole.

                                                                                                                              Wyatt's guitar moves between the meditations of Manuel Göttsching, the jangle-grid of The Chameleons and the saturation of Medicine. Throw in the melodrama of a sax on a Don Henley hit, and you get a better idea of Torn Hawk's playfully sincere sensibility.

                                                                                                                              Torn Hawk, the alias of Luke Wyatt, makes visceral and toxic music somehow feel sunkissed and melodic. His beats can sound as though they were programmed by William Burroughs, garbled and diced to the point of mesmerism. – Pitchfork

                                                                                                                              A Brooklyn-based audio-visual artist whose distinctive approach to both mediums is defined by a narrative-driven, trippy and decayed aesthetic that’s been described by the man himself as “mulch” . – JunoPlus

                                                                                                                              Joanna Gruesome / Trust Fund

                                                                                                                              Split EP

                                                                                                                                Riotous teenagers Joanna Gruesome are a five-piece noisepop/C86-ish/punk/riot grrrl/whatever band from Cardiff that sound like 'You Made Me Realise' era My Bloody Valentine being channelled by sloppy punk kids. They like quiet and sweet melodies, hardcore punk drumbeats and brutal feedback. Equal parts Huggy Bear and classic Dinosaur Jr, in the space of five minutes their boy-girl high velocity terror-pop can veer from jangle to riot, from sweaters to torn tights, from feedback to swoon.

                                                                                                                                A Little About Trust Fund... Primarily the project of Bristol musician Ellis Jones, the Trust Fund project had its early, early roots in R&B while last year's 'Don't Let Them Begin' EP (which is totally great BTW and came out through Reeks of Effort in October 2013) saw him combine a folk-ish indie rock sound compared with Waxahatchee and Neutral Milk Hotel.

                                                                                                                                The Special AKA

                                                                                                                                In The Studio

                                                                                                                                  True innovators of the punk era, The Specials began the British ska revival craze, combining the highly danceable ska and rocksteady beat with punk's energy and attitude, and taking on a more focused and informed political and social stance than their predecessors and peers.

                                                                                                                                  By October 1981, constant touring and differences over musical direction saw the original band line-up split but they soon regrouped and reformed as The Special AKA and released their third album In the Studio in 1984. The album was over two years in the making and featured hit singles "(Free) Nelson Mandela" and "Racist Friend".

                                                                                                                                  Now digitally remastered and reissued on heavyweight 180g black vinyl.

                                                                                                                                  Adventures / Pity Sex

                                                                                                                                  Split 7"

                                                                                                                                    Pity Sex and Adventures have teamed up to make their long-anticipated split EP one of the year’s most interesting releases.

                                                                                                                                    Adventures leads off the a-side with “Flowing Through,” a slow-burning emo anthem highlighted by the honest, cathartic refrain: “I’ve been pretending to have a grasp on solid ground”.

                                                                                                                                    Pity Sex’s “Acid Reflex” is another fuzzy indie pop gem in the band’s small but impressive catalogue. The call and response verses sung by guitarists Brennan Greaves and Britty Drake make the track an easy sing-along, but lyrics like “I need drugs, I need God, I need comfort,” show that the Michigan quartet is still dealing with plenty of demons.

                                                                                                                                    Each band also offers a cover on the split: Adventures takes on the hardcore classic “Behind This Wall” by Turning Point with all the aggression of the original, and Pity Sex offers their fantastic rendition of the Pixies’ classic, “Gigantic”.

                                                                                                                                    For fans of: Dinosaur Jr, My Bloody Valentine, Tigers Jaw, Brand New.

                                                                                                                                    Neil Young

                                                                                                                                    Storytone - Deluxe Edition

                                                                                                                                      Neil Young releases his latest studio album via Reprise Records. “Storytone” has 10 brand new compositions recorded live in the studio with a 92-piece orchestra, choir and Young. He took a different approach with this record, first recording the songs on his own in a solo-setting, then creating compelling versions of the songs in a new light with an orchestra and big band, resulting in a deeply-personal emotional listening experience throughout the new record.

                                                                                                                                      The deluxe 2CD edition contains both standard and solo versions of the album.

                                                                                                                                      Neil Young


                                                                                                                                        Neil Young releases his latest studio album via Reprise Records. “Storytone” has 10 brand new compositions recorded live in the studio with a 92-piece orchestra, choir and Young. He took a different approach with this record, first recording the songs on his own in a solo-setting, then creating compelling versions of the songs in a new light with an orchestra and big band, resulting in a deeply-personal emotional listening experience throughout the new record.

                                                                                                                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                                        CD Info: The standard CD features the 10 orchestral song versions of “Storytone”

                                                                                                                                        Bernard Herrmann

                                                                                                                                        Vertigo OST

                                                                                                                                          Herrmann wrote the bulk of the score for Vertigo, considered by many critics and by Herrmann himself to be his finest film score, in a little over a month.

                                                                                                                                          Hitchcock places Herrmann’s background music in direct opposition to music that is played deliberately as part of the action of the film. While Herrmann’s score represents the forces of destiny and the mysterious dream world inhabited by Madeleine, music that Midge plays on her radio and record player represents her world and the norms and strictures of conventional society.

                                                                                                                                          Herrmann scored the swirling harps and strings that imbue most of the pivotal action sequences in the film to mirror the vertigo that dogs the protagonist. Essential.

                                                                                                                                          Arthur Russell

                                                                                                                                          Love Is Overtaking Me - Audika Edition

                                                                                                                                            Compiled from over eight hours of material, Love Is Overtaking Me reaches back further to Russell’s first compositions from the early `70s, the most rare and, at the same time, arguably the most accessible part comprising 21 demos and home recordings of unreleased pop, folk and country songs selected by Audika’s Steve Knutson, Ernie Brooks and Russell’s companion, Tom Lee. A number of the songs feature prominently in the film Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell.

                                                                                                                                            Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

                                                                                                                                            In The Heat Of The Moment

                                                                                                                                              1st single taken from Noel Gallagher’s High flying Birds “Chasing Yesterday” album.

                                                                                                                                              Verckys & L'Orchestre Vévé

                                                                                                                                              Congolese Funk, Afro-Beat & Psychedelic Rumba 1969 €

                                                                                                                                                Congo’s turbulent and exhilarating ‘70s: Nightclubs and dance floors were packed to the brim in the capital, Kinshasa. Exuberant crowds, still giddy from independence a decade prior, grooved to the sounds of the country`s classics. In fact the whole continent was submerged into the Congolese Rumba craze. Encouraged by the fantastic productions of the Ngoma label, vibrant radio waves had been spreading the Congo sound from Leopoldville all over the continent, becoming the countries’ No.1 export. The unexpected success nurtured an incredible wealth of talented musicians. One of them was Verckys, who, at age 18, became a member of the country´s most dominant and influential band; Franco´s OK Jazz.

                                                                                                                                                This “relationship” however was short-lived as Verckys, aka Georges Mateta Kiamuangana, now a versatile and potent multi instrumentalist, had plans of his own - the formation of Orchestre Vévé in 1968, with the aim of reinventing and modernising the Congolese sound. Blending the ever influential prowess of James Brown with Congolese Merengue, Rumba and Soukous, Verckys stripped away the conventional approach that O.K. Jazz had pioneered, allowing his saxophone-laced melodies to dominate.


                                                                                                                                                Doolittle 25

                                                                                                                                                  To celebrate its 25th anniversary, 4AD will release PIXIES: Doolittle 25, a deluxe, three-disc package that brings together for the first time all the album's B-sides, Peel Sessions and demos from the time, along with the original album. Nearly half of the tracks on this album are being commercially released for the first time.

                                                                                                                                                  Doolittle, the second studio album from Pixies - Black Francis, Joey Santiago, Kim Deal and David Loverng - was to prove a pivotal moment for both band and the wider scene. For the few years prior, the band had enjoyed cult status in their homeland with their early records having to find their way in to the US on import. Their secret was well and truly out in 1989 though when their British label (4AD) joined forces with American giant Elektra in time for Doolittle to receive a full domestic release.

                                                                                                                                                  Produced by Gil Norton and recorded between two studios (Downtown Recorders in Boston MA and Carriage House Studios in Stamford CT) in late-1988, Doolittle was an instant hit, containing some of the band’s most memorable singles (‘Monkey Gone To Heaven’, ‘Here Comes Your Man’, ‘Debaser’). A slow-burn success story followed, helping them to sell in excess of a million copies in the US alone.

                                                                                                                                                  An important record, included among the many plaudits thrown Doolittle’s way was Pitchfork ranking it at Number 4 in their Best Albums of the 80s poll, while NME writers in 2004 named it their Second Best Album of All Time. The band toured Doolittle in 2009 to celebrate its 20th birthday and 5 years on from then, it’s now time to give it the deluxe release treatment it deserves.

                                                                                                                                                  The 3xCD VERSION: Doolittle 25 contains an impressive 50 tracks with the original album on disc one, 2 full Peel Sessions & 6 B-sides on disc two and the complete album in demo form plus 7 bonus tracks on disc three.

                                                                                                                                                  The 2xLP VERSION: A gatefold 2 LP version is also being released, with two pieces of 180g black vinyl being pressed - the first containing 6 B-Sides and 2 full Peel Sessions and the second being the album in complete demo form plus 3 bonus tracks. A download card is included, offering access to all LP tracks plus 4 more bonus tracks.

                                                                                                                                                  Like all other Pixies sleeves before it, Vaughan Oliver returns to oversee its design, reinterpreting his original artwork and Simon Larbalestier’s photographs to create a stunning design using metallic ink.

                                                                                                                                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                                                  2xLP Info: Gatefold 2LP version, with two pieces of 180g black vinyl being pressed - the first containing 6 B-Sides and 2 full Peel Sessions and the second being the album in complete demo form plus 3 bonus tracks. A download card is included, offering access to all LP tracks plus 4 more bonus tracks.

                                                                                                                                                  3xCD Info: Doolittle 25 contains an impressive 50 tracks with the original album on disc one, 2 full Peel Sessions & 6 B-sides on disc two and the complete album in demo form plus 7 bonus tracks on disc three.


                                                                                                                                                  My Song 5 - Shaped Picture Disc Edition

                                                                                                                                                  A heart shaped picture disc 10" release (playing surface is 7", shaped disc is 10"). Haim conclude an irresistible eighteen months with the release of their final single from the incredible 'Days Are Gone' LP. The re-recorded version of 'My Song 5' features additional vocals by A$AP Ferg.

                                                                                                                                                  The release of 'My Song 5' comes straight off the back of a show-stealing performance at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, and in celebration of their final UK  /Ireland shows of the year at the Latitude and Longitude Festivals in July.

                                                                                                                                                  Maurice Louca

                                                                                                                                                  Benhayyi Al-Baghbaghan (Salute The Parrot)

                                                                                                                                                    Salute the Parrot signals a departure for Louca from his first solo album Garraya – in which he composed electronic music unaccompanied - into the realms of acoustic orchestrations, both composed and improvised. "Featuring guest performances by Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls, Alvarius B.), Sam Chalabi (Land of Kush, Shalabi Effect), Tamer Abu Ghazaleh (Solo Artist/Alif), Khaled Yassine (Anouar Brahem/Alif) and vocals by Egyptian Mahraganat MCs Amr 7a7a and Alaa 50, to name a few. Those who may have heard live iterations of Salute the Parrot at Louca’s jaw dropping shows across the Arab world and Europe over the last couple of years, will encounter a much more complex and hard hitting work of many influences. From psychedelic to Egyptian Shaabi, Louca shatters the confines of musical and cultural labelling with a work that is truly unique. The album’s new live and acoustic elements, coupled with limited pre-recorded material, present ample space for improvisation and fluidity within its composition. Its eight tracks offering a unique record of this new vision, and preparing the ground for future live performances of Salute the Parrot which will never sound totally the same. For the design of the album artwork, Louca collaborated with Egyptian visual artist Maha Maamoun, who’s videos and photographs address the form and function of images that are found in mainstream culture, to act as a lens through which familiar images are seen in novel and insightful ways.

                                                                                                                                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                                                    Ltd LP Info: Limited green vinyl pressing.

                                                                                                                                                    Various Artists

                                                                                                                                                    Jerome Derradji Presents - The House That Jackmaster Hater Built

                                                                                                                                                      "I want them to hate me for putting this out" says Jackmaster Hater, referring to tracks once possessed by a mere handful of Chicago House DJs. These recordings, traded secretly on tape, were exclusive to the likes of Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles.

                                                                                                                                                      Here is the new compilation by Jerome Derradji with Kevin Starke, aka the infamous Jackmaster Hater and owner of Kstarke Records in Chicago.
                                                                                                                                                      It is one of the sickest slice of Chicago House Music ever released.

                                                                                                                                                      This compilation features ultra rare and lost Chicago classics paired with a nice selection of newer tracks produced by Jackmaster Hater and his friends, all nicely laid out on a DCD and 2 DLPs. The DLPs come with a killer poster and the DCD features a booklet about Kstarke records and Kevin Starke and a few more surprises.

                                                                                                                                                      It includes rare tracks by Ron Hardy, James "Jack Rabbit" Martin, Terrence Woodard, Traxmen and many more.

                                                                                                                                                      This is the real sound of Chicago.

                                                                                                                                                      Various Artists

                                                                                                                                                      Beats In Space 15th Anniversary

                                                                                                                                                        Emanating from the mists of NYC's over-populated airwaves since 1999, Tim Sweeney's Beats In Space show has long been a beacon of quality, originality and cutting edge music on a weekly basis for electronic music fans world-wide. The standard and variety of the regular guests has always been extremely high and international DJ's and artists such as DJ Harvey, Four Tet, Ben UFO, Move D, Jamie XX, Prosumer, James Murphy, Carl Craig, Gerd Janson, Todd Terje and many more have all graced the BIS turntables at one time or another in the last decade and a half. It is this open minded approach to music and quality control that marks BIS out from the crowd as a radio show and as a record label. This is all down to Tim Sweeney's flawless programming and dedication to his audience. Each and every week on a Tuesday evening Tim takes to the airwaves with a selection of the best old and new music the underground has to offer and the world tunes in. On this special compilation celebrating BIS 15th anniversary we are treated to two discs of stellar picks from Tim's record bag, the first disc is a mix recorded in the WNYU studio a host of exclusive tracks and edits from Azari & III, Edwin Starr, Dukes Of Chutney & Secret Circuit. The second disc is a collection of BIS classics and influences that have steered the direction that the show has taken since its inception, including some killer under the radar gems and secret weapons from the likes of John Talabot, Matias Aguayo, Plaid and Tensnake. Both mixes help to tell the story of one of the most enduring, vital radio shows out there - Long live Beats In Space!

                                                                                                                                                        Former Padded Cell and Bronx Dogs man Richard Sen has made some great records in his time, and "Songs of Pressure" is up there with the best of them. Joining the dots between murky dub disco, horror soundtracks and EBM, it layers spooky, delay-laden synthesizer motifs and wonky vocal samples atop a heavy dub rhythm and punchy machine drums. Pals Andrew Weatherall and Timothy J Fairplay deliver a bongo-laden, dubbed-out revision (part wayward exotica, part humid Balearic dub), while Acca strips the track down to its' nare bones for a ket-addled Dub. It's a fantastic 12", and limited to just 99 copies. You snooze, you lose.

                                                                                                                                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                                                        12" Info: Limited to 99 copies.

                                                                                                                                                        Aim Vinyl returns with a classic house EP from UK Artist William Smith aka Arnaldo with an exquisite club EP that sum up his previous works on labels like Smallville and Blank Slate. Three tracks that range from classic piano driven club tracks paired with UK influenced beats to laid back and atmospheric house grooves with sophisticated, multilayered sound architectures.

                                                                                                                                                        Wilson Pickett

                                                                                                                                                        Hey Jude

                                                                                                                                                          “Hey Jude” is the classic 1969 release by Wilson Pickett cut with the Muscle Shoals session crew while Duane Allman added his intense, bluesy guitar to the mix. This album of hard Southern soul features Pickett in top form with his powerful vocals featured on soul tunes such as “A Man And A Half” and “Toe Hold” alongside choice rock covers including the title track and “Born To Be Wild”. Reissued on 180 gram vinyl with tip on jacket by 4 Men With Beards.

                                                                                                                                                          Julee Cruise

                                                                                                                                                          Floating Into The Night - 180g Vinyl Edition

                                                                                                                                                            “Floating Into The Night” is the 1989 debut album by vocalist Julee Cruise featuring songs written and produced by composer Angelo Badalamenti and film director David Lynch (who wrote the lyrics). The songs "Falling" and "Rockin' Back Inside My Heart" were both featured in Lynch's cult television series Twin Peaks, while "Into the Night", "The Nightingale" and "The World Spins" also appeared in the show. The instrumental version of “Falling” was the theme song for Twin Peaks while the album as a whole is almost an unofficial soundtrack to the series. The track “Mysteries Of Love” was prominently featured in Lynch’s classic film Blue Velvet. Cruise’s dreamy, light vocals match perfectly with the music and lyrics to make this album sound like it is unattached to any era or time. Reissued on 180 gram vinyl with a double sided insert by Plain Recordings.

                                                                                                                                                            Sun Ra & His Astro-Infinity Arkestra

                                                                                                                                                            Sign Of The Myth

                                                                                                                                                              In 1972, Sun Ra inked a high-profile deal with ABC / Impulse, bringing his recorded work to the widest audience he’d had to date. A slew of Saturn back catalog titles and two newly-recorded albums (Astro Black, Pathways To Unknown Worlds) were issued before ABC cancelled the contract, dumped the records into the cut-out bins, and left the unreleased albums to languish. Now, over four decades later, Roaratorio is proud to offer one of the lost Impulse recordings for the first time. Sign Of The Myth hails from the same studio session as Pathways, and shares its emphasis on guided improvisations. With a constantly shifting palette of Moog textures, Ra tosses off a dazzling array of ideas throughout, supported by the usual Arkestra stalwarts; in particular, bassist Ronnie Boykins and drummer Clifford Jarvis are in shining form here, giving shape and solidity to these pieces. Sign Of The Myth is a welcome augmentation to an especially fertile period from Sun Ra’s time on Earth.

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