Veronique Vincent Aksak Maboul & The Honeymoon Killers

Ex - Futur Album

    Crammed Discs founder Marc Hollander and Honeymoon Killers vocalist Véronique Vincent finally release their trailblazing avant-pop album, recorded and unfinished in… 1980-83!

    This record was never completed. What was originally intended to become the third album by Aksak Maboul (the seminal band formed by Marc Hollander) had gradually evolved into a strange artefact, closely mingling (iconic Honeymoon Killers chanteuse) Véronique Vincent’s dreamy vocals and deceptively bubbly lyrics with Hollander’s musical ramblings. Electronic pop music with genre-wrecking leanings. But the project (too pop to be experimental? too quirky for early ‘80s pop?) was dropped at some point, and life went on.

    When they were ‘rediscovered’ three decades later, it seemed obvious that the songs had aged delightfully well, and that they probably make a lot more sense now than they did then… So here’s that Ex-Future Album, collated from demos and rough mixes (some of them on cassette tapes), and brought to you in its original glorious unfinished state, with a slight delay of 30 years.

    This most unusual story is far from being the only point of interest of Ex-Futur Album: the songs overflow with memorable melodies, with playful trademark Aksak Maboul instrumental moments and eventful arrangements which all give the album a retrofuturistic, almost timeless aspect, often predating certain hybrid musical trends which may or may not have emerged later on (think pop meets proto-techno, with African, Middle-Eastern, dub, jazz & cinematic French flavours…)

    Recorded by M.Hollander & V.Vincent in collaboration with (Aksak Maboul member and Congotronics producer) Vincent Kenis, the album contains 10 tracks, plus 6 bonuses (including wild live versions of some songs), three of which will only come with the download code included in the CD and vinyl LP versions.

    The Parade


      ThePARADE don’t play - they perform. Live shows brim with an intense electricity: the feeling that anything and everything is about to happen. No cheap thrills or pretence, just jagged edges, sharp-dressed lyrics and that most beautiful breed of dark glam pop idiosyncratic to the backstreet gutters of old London Town.

      Fronted by Matt Prichard and Jemimah Dean, the two possess a compelling chemistry akin to a rock ‘n’ roll Bonnie and Clyde. A bohemian vagabond, Prichard is an exceptional poet, musician and performer, fusing the eloquent seediness of Serge Gainsbourg, the passionate lyricism of Jacques Brel, and the glam Britannia of David Bowie circa Hunky Dory. Dean is Prichard’s perfect partner-in-crime. Her honey-coated voice drips with the sexual tension of Stevie Nicks, coupled with the spikiness of Lydia Lunch and the unabashed femininity of Hope Sandoval, prowling a corner of the stage barefooted, both percussionist and sexual protagonist.

      ThePARADE will pick-pocket your hearts.

      Formed in early 2013, ThePARADE gained repeated airplay on 6Music and BBC Introducing with their debut EP which led to a residency at Camden’s Barfly, and caught the attention of producer Tom Dalgety (Royal Blood, The Maccabees, Cats Eyes).

      Basic Channel


        The first ever release of Q-Loop proper - fourteen minutes of mesmerising, dread minimalism - and the vinyl debuts of Q1.2 and Mutism.

        First Planet

        Top Of The World

          Afro-space-disco contagion - shuffling and wiggling, synthy and bubbling - from this re-incarnation of Willy Nfor’s Mighty Flames, recruited mostly from the wave of Cameroonian musicians drawn to Nigeria in the late-1970s by its heavy new funk sound. After a stint at the Right Time studio in Onitsha, the FP cadets ended up at Phonodisk in Lagos, quickly in high demand as session-players, running First Planet on the side with other Nigerian session players from the Onitsha/Awka axis. Its name was intended to evoke the cool obliqueness of US handles like Brass Construction and Lakeside, and the mothership connection of chocolate-city P-Funk. Soon Vincent Omoko and the other Planeteers would travel to Port Harcourt, working in Geraldo Pino’s band for several years. Excellent sound by way of Abbey Road and D&M; spiffy 24” by 12” poster.

          Soul Side


            In 1985, a younger punk scene was emerging in Washington, DC around Sammich Records, a label co-founded by Ian's younger sister, Amanda MacKaye.

            The label's first release was a split 7" EP called Thanks. One side featured Mission Impossible, a band from Arlington, Virginia with Dave Grohl — then a high school freshman — on drums. The other side belonged to a new band out of Wilson High School, Lunchmeat.

            Not long afterward, Lunchmeat — singer Bobby Sullivan, guitarist Scott McCloud, drummer Alexis Fleisig, and bassist Chris Thomson — switched its name to Soul Side. Within a year, Soul Side would become one of the strongest voices in the DC punk's third generation, alongside groups like Swiz and Shudder to Think.

            After completing a self-titled full-length — also released on Sammich — Thomson parted company with the band and Johnny Temple joined on bass. In December, 1987, the quartet booked time at Inner Ear Studios with Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara and recorded the eight song TriggerEP, Soul Side's debut release for Dischord Records.

            Though Soul Side initially played music that emulated the fast and heavy sound of their DC forebears, Triggerfound the band evolving a more unique style, with oblique song structures and a strong reggae and hip hop influence in the rhythm section. Informed by the progressive punk culture of Revolution Summer, Sullivan's lyrics also became more politically conscious.

            This release compiles Triggerwith the band's three-song single, Bass•103, both of which have been out-of-print on vinyl since the early '90s. The record has been remastered for vinyl by TJ Lipple and includes updated artwork by Jason Farrell.

            Soul Side would record one more album, Hot Bodi Gram, for Dischord before disbanding in 1989. Members went on to perform in Girls Against Boys, Rain Like the Sound of Trains, Rain, and Obits along with other bands.

            Bobby Sullivan - vocals
            Scott mcCloud - guitar
            Johnny Temple - bass
            Alexis Fleisig - drums


            LP Info: Yellow vinyl limited one time pressing.


            Hold It In

              The Melvins return with Hold It In, their first studio album as a quartet since 2010's The Bride Screams Murder.

              Joining Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover for the 12-song outing are BUTTHOLE SURFERS' guitar player Paul Leary and bass player JD Pinkus.

              Hold It In was recorded in both Los Angeles and Austin earlier this year.

              "Hold It In is a refreshing piece of fiction in a boring world of fact and bullsh*t," said Osborne. "Paul is one of the best guitar players I have ever heard and Pinkus has an outside the box type of approach to both guitar and bass that you just have to let it ride. I can't believe this actually happened. I'm thrilled."

              "It's very rare you get a chance to work with three folks from the 'Break A Wish' foundation, all at the same time," said Pinkus. "I believe they'll remember their experience with me forever (or until they finally all lose their fight with S.I.D.S)."



                Eagerly anticipated new album from Liz Harris AKA Grouper.

                IN HER OWN WORDS...

                Ruins was made in Aljezur, Portugal in 2011 on a residency set up by Galeria Zé dos Bois. I recorded everything there except the last song, which I did at mother's house in 2004. Iʼm still surprised by what I wound up with.
                It was the first time Iʼd sat still for a few years; processed a lot of political anger and emotional garbage. Recorded pretty simply, with aportable 4-track ,Sony stereo mic and an upright piano. When I wasnʼt recording songs I was hiking several miles to the beach. The pathwound through the ruins of several old estates and a small village.

                The album is a document. A nod to that daily walk. Failed structures. Living in the remains of love. I left the songs the way they came(microwave beep from when power went out after a storm); I hope that the album bears some resemblance to the place that I was in.

                Half Man Half Biscuit

                Urge For Offal

                  Brand new studio album by the legendary Merseyside band.


                  Now The Sandman Sings

                    The second of Octobers’ killer new Great Pop Supplement full lengths is the debut from London based ’THELIGHTSHINES’. a fabulous set of hazey, sun drenched psychedelia heavy on Eastern vibes yet with one foot in the US west coast.

                    A beautiful collage of sounds, often blending passages of neo-Indian classical music with walls of feedback all dripping in gorgeous, lush vocal harmonies. Penned by Sam Ferman (guitarist with The See See, whose singer songwriter Richard Olson also provides percussive duties here) the album knits a number of styles seamlessly- recalling passing nods to the likes of Popol Vuh on some of the quieter passages to the feedback heavy wash and assault of early Spacemen 3.

                    12 killer tunes recorded and mixed at the semi legendary Bark Studios in Walthamstow and released on vinyl only here. Dressed in delicious psych artwork on a half clear half blue vinyl pressing of 300. Expecting a quick fire sell out- so to snooze is to miss……….

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    Ltd LP Info: A numbered pressing of 300 vinyl only (on half clear half blue vinyl).

                    The Wicked Whispers

                    Maps Of The Mystic

                      The wait is finally over. The Wicked Whispers debut album ‘Maps of the Mystic’ arrives Monday 22nd September on Electone Records. With over 3 years in the making following 3 early limited edition vinyl releases on Electone Records, The Wicked Whispers have become one of the UKs most exciting new British bands in the current flourishing psychedelic climate and are finally set to deliver their debut long player.

                      The album brings together 11 new tracks from The Wicked Whispers exploring every side of Mike Murphy’s lucid songwriting and the bands synchronization wrapped up inside 45 minutes of angelic protectionism. Produced by Mike Murphy, the album walks us through some of the most beautiful and forward thinking songs to be heard in some time which deliver an essential timeless quality and sets an important psychedelic milestone.

                      Julio Bashmore

                      Simple Love Feat. J'Danna

                        JULIO BASHMORE’s first new music of 2014 a brand new track called SIMPLE LOVE (featuring J’DANNA). SIMPLE LOVE is the first taste of music from BASHMORE’S forthcoming debut album, which will be released in February 2015 on his own BROADWALK RECORDS label.

                        SIMPLE LOVE will be released digitally on 29th September, and on 12” vinyl on 13th October. It’s the first of a series of 12’s BASHMORE will release in the run up to the album.

                        A three tracker from Copenhagen’s Music For Dreams and an unusual new house direction for this normally chilled/Balearic label, but all 3 tracks still have that definite White Isla feeling. James Moor’s ‘Spirits’ is an irresistible funky track in a Ten Walls vein, perfectly blending melodic bass with dark emotive elements - a killer for the dance floor. Electronic artist Hess is More's classic ‘Yes Boss’ (more than 9 million views on You Tube) is here revamped by Serge Devant with a very groovy b-line and mad vocals creating that after-hours DC10 feeling and already getting support from Jamie Jones. Born in Ibiza, Valentin Huedo is former resident DJ at Cafe Del Mar, now resident at Blue Marlin and this release is his debut for Music For Dreams. ‘Running On Grass’ is all flowing pads, rolling beats and a beautiful little melodic hook with spot-on production and an Innervisons feel. Sounds great on the dancefloor or on headphones - a true testament to Huedo’s versatility. Limited edition.

                        Danish duo Laid Back - famous for their irresistible 80s anthems ‘White Horse’, ‘Bakerman’ and ‘Sunshine Reggae’ - return with a double header of quality cuts both aimed squarely at the dance floor. On Side A we have two version of the subtly-named ‘Fuck’. Label head Kenneth Bager’s remix is a chunky bassy house jam in a style reminiscent of Dixon’s DJ sets, with electronic percussion, jamming keyboards, cushioned by a truly off the wall vocal hook - funky as F***. Followed by the superb quirky Dub Mix bringing back memories of ‘White Horse’ with its spacey synths, heavy bass and bouncing beats. Flip over for ‘Don't Step On The Grass’ - a great live-sounding funky reggae groover in Laid Back’s signature style which wouldn’t sound out of place in a Todd Terje or DJ Harvey set - you can almost feel the sun! Limited edition 12” - don’t miss.

                        Limited-edition vinyl sampler of a new digital compilation due to drop at the end of September on Music For Dreams. ‘Music For Dreams – The Sunset Sessions #2’ is a 50-track album compiled by esteemed Balearic, ambient and techno DJ/producer Kenneth Bager (aka Dr Baker), also head of the Music For Dreams imprint, plus promoter of Coma Club and Apple Flower Festival in Denmark. Kenneth has used his wealth of experience and knowledge to pull together an top eclectic selection of revered names such as Dusty Springfield, Roisin Murphy, Javier Bergia, Hollie Cook, Todd Terje, Nils Frahm, Faze Action and Jan Akkerman alongside recent Balearic favourites such as Mop Mop, Baby Alpaca and Habibeats.

                        This vinyl sampler features a sneak preview of what we can expect from the compilation with a choice of quality Balearic gems including brand new unreleased track by Lucci Capri ‘Kilimanjaro’ full of jazzy/African Balearic vibes, plus Mop Mop’s chilled steel drum heaven and the Turbotito remix of Baby Alpaca bringing back memories of the Boys Own era. From Naples in Italy comes the smooth and beautiful Solo Un Delay produced and sung by Tuccinelli, then we have the poppier Emil Germ sounding almost like a cross between Royksopp and Arthur Russell. Finally The Kenneth Bager Experience delivers a dubby, melodic electronic excursion with live drums with a distinctly tropical feel.

                        Born and raised in Union City, New Jersey, Nicuri’s journey towards DJing and producing took hold later than most. Moving in circles surrounding Exchange Place (DJ Qu & Joey Anderson, David Salazar) helped craft his style of Djing & musical influences. Influences were many, especially growing up in the early 80’s, listening from hip hop to new wave & anything in between. His first house & techno experience was in the very early 90’s when a schoolmate had mentioned of certain underground radio stations were playing at certain times of the day & night. He was hooked after that. Nicuri spins a range from soulful/deep house to deep techno. His DJ style is careful selections arranged skillfully into to one seamless journey.

                        Nicuri’s first release was on Strength Music Exchange Place “Ridinthatneedle”. It was a start on his journey to connect with people through his music. His fledgling discography includes releases on labels such as Strength Music, Bliq & Inimeg Records. Current projects include releases with Mora Music. On the horizon for 2014 is to establish his label and continue to release.

                        Aidan Baker

                        Triptychs: Variations On A Melody

                          Aidan Baker's (Nadja) Triptychs takes inspiration from Erik Satie's compositions Gymnopédies and his notion of 'furniture music,' which many consider a precursor to contemporary ambient music. Each 'triptych' is based around a simple, slow moving melodic line, which repeats three times with the addition of an harmonic line upon each repetition, culminating in a three part harmony. Various musicians from different ensembles and musical backgrounds - Peter Broderick, Julia Kent, Leah Buckareff (of Nadja), Aki Yakamoto (of Vampillia), and Baker himself - were invited to record their interpretations of these compositions.

                          Aidan Baker is a Canadian musician & writer alternately based in Toronto & Berlin. A classically trained multi-instrumentalist, his primary instrument is the electric guitar with which he creates music ranging from experimental/drone to ambient post-rock to contemporary classical. He is the author of several books of poetry & has released numerous albums solo and with his duo Nadja.



                            Zurich includes Tony Wilson (Knives ov Resistance), Neil Halstead (Slowdive/Mojave 3), & Sarah Peacock (Seefeel). All of the recordings were lost until very recently when Touch recording artist Mark Van Hoen found the two tracks on old CD-Rs and cassettes he was given by Wilson. This CD version of the original LP release includes bonus tracks. Zurich began as a 1994 musical partnership between Neil Halstead then of Slowdive and Tony F Wilson. The two recorded a handful of tracks together at a time when Wilson was co-promoting and DJing at the club/live night Quirky in South London where he booked acts including Pan Sonic, Hafler Trio and Autechre. Halstead was shortly to begin work on Slowdive's final and most experimental album Pygmalion.

                            Recorded at a time when the popularity of ambient techno was at its peak, these recordings are remarkably austere by comparison. Whilst A Harsh Truth displays the Oriental gracefulness of a Sakamoto/Sylvian collaboration, Tzarist's gothic industrialism shares more in common with the early works of Coil. Following the release of Pygmalion and Creation letting go of Slowdive, Halstead would disband Slowdive and abandon sound experimentation to create more song-based material in Mojave 3. Shortly thereafter, Wilson began collaborating with drum & bass producer and engineer Joe Gray on more rhythm based, yet still atmospheric productions. Too Scared to Breath features the voice of Seefeel's Sarah Peacock and sounds not unlike prime Autechre and Aphex. Militia (Dynamic Warfare) on the other hand mirrors the post-metal Dub of Techno Animal and Scorn.

                            The Orchids

                            Beatitude #9

                              The Orchids formed near Glasgow in 1986. Since day 1 they were one of the darlings of the illustrious Sarah Record’s roster and developed far more on that label than any band not named The Field Mice. Starting with a melancholy guitar-pop sound on Lyceum and contemporaneous 7”s, they moved on to become more keyboard and sample/effects-based for their 2nd and 3rd albums, Unholy Soul and Striving For the Lazy Perfection, saw the development of a more electronic sound as they continued to work with producer Ian Carmichael (One Dove). Then, in 1995 they disappeared without ever really splitting up. Their entire back catalogue was re-released on CD in 2005. The band had already reformed in 2004 and published Good to Be a Stranger (2007) on Madrid-based label Siesta, playing live gigs for the first time in twelve years. In 2011 the group released a fifth album, The Lost Star through Pebble Records.

                              Now, The Orchids are excited and proud to announce the launch of their new full-length, Beatitude #9, their sixth in a 26 year career. When you put Beatitude #9 on to listen to, the feeling could be compared to being reacquainted with your best friend that you've known the longest but might not have seen for a few years. In the moment you get together again and embrace them for the first time in a while, it's only a split second before you feel like they've never really been away. There’s no awkwardness between you despite the long hiatus, as you realize there is no mistaking The Orchids sound and they're as good as they've always been. Whilst the familiarity is soothingly comforting, there is still a freshness that means there is a passion and excitement gripping you that is difficult to describe.

                              Beatitude #9 is made up of 14 brand new songs recorded in their home studio over the past three years and sees the band broaden their horizons again, sounding modern and revitalizing whilst still sometimes harking back to some of the mainstream acts that they grew up with in the eighties. It has a feel of summer written all over it and captures classic Orchids guitar pop in tracks such as "Something's Going On" and "Hey! Sometimes". At the same time it also delves into their well known contrary habit of producing more experimental sounds in the epic cinematic soundscape that is "Away To You" as well as in "Today's The Day", which features a groove throughout the five minutes that is impossible not to become entirely mesmerized by. They also pepper the release with several songs that appear to easily cross over into the mainstream where you can imagine other acts covering the songs and charting with them such as "Good Words" (where lead vocals are handed over to the wonderful Pauline Hynds - as they did to similarly wonderful effect with "A Kind Of Eden" on their third album), "A Perfect Foil" with its beautiful harmonies and "Someone Like You".

                              Jamie T

                              Carry On The Grudge

                                Jamie T releases his third and much-anticipated new album “Carry On The Grudge”, his first album since 2009’s “Kings & Queens” and reintroduces one of the most distinctive voices in British music over the past decade.

                                The album announcement follows the incredible reaction to “Don’t You Find”, the first piece of music Jamie has released in over four years. It received it’s world exclusive first play on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show as Hottest Record In The World. A bold, brave return, it sets the scene perfectly for “Carry On the Grudge”.

                                “Carry On The Grudge” is a big step forward. Musically and lyrically, it’s a boiled down, intense listen, with not a word or note wasted. The likes of “Zombie” recall the urgency of Jamie’s past records but it’s balanced with the likes of “They Told Me It Rained” and “Mary Lee”. The old influences of punk, folk and reggae are all still here, but reshaped into something new whilst still defiantly the work of Jamie T.

                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                Ltd LP Info: 180g vinyl.


                                Powder / Bathed In Light

                                  The band’s output to date feels utterly timeless and yet genuinely refreshing. Gengahr create effortlessly smooth and melodic indie-rock that journeys along a laidback sun-kissed path with a sound that could easily stem from influences drawn from icons such as The Smiths and Modest Mouse, to the more recently revered Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Youth Lagoon.

                                  ‘Powder’ sees the group continue with their trademark dreamy appeal but this time combines with an underlying edge that builds into a crescendo of virtuoso guitar bliss.

                                  Fresh from a summer of festival appearances, Glastonbury, Leeds Festival, Latitude and a UK tour supporting Wolf Alice and a stint around Europe with San Fermin, Gengahr have been earning their stripes the old way – hitting the road and releasing a handful of demos; gaining a host of organic support from the likes of Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, 6Music’s Lauren Laverne, Q, NME, The Fly, DIY and host of peers, and ultimately ended with them signing to Transgressive.

                                  The Flaming Lips

                                  With A Little Help From My Fwends

                                    PC Worship

                                    Social Rust

                                      Social Rust, PC Worship's fourth LP to date and Northern Spy Records debut, may very well be the closest this innovative quartet, led by singer and multi-instrumentalist mastermind Justin Frye, has gotten to the conventional rock formula. But don't be alarmed - PC Worship has, by no means, abandoned its inherent avant-gardist roots. In fact, Social Rust portends a familial group hell bent on blending its own vision of fully realized songcraft and contagious melodicism into its trademark chaotic din.Frye first hatched PC Worship as a home-recorded solo project but has since steadily morphed his vision into a collective of studied musicians and improvisers and, ultimately, into a full-on, proper band as heard on Social Rust. If you've been present at DIY underground shows in Brooklyn and beyond, chances are you've been exposed to PC Worship's shambolic brilliance.PC Worship stand at the threshold of many worlds, yet they operate at the center of their own pantheon and without abandon. They are crucial eclectics, distinct in sound and consistently adventurous. Like Sun Ra, PC Worship transmit alien, helter-skelter sounds seemingly from another universe - a truly rare trait these days.

                                      The Deers


                                        Following a quite-literally barn-storming mini-tour across Europe, featuring a sell-out appearance at Corsica Studios in London and debut UK festival appearance at Bestival, Deers proudly present their second single, ‘BARN’.

                                        Deers, from Madrid, were last week described “as Europe’s most exciting new band” by the NME, and are Ana Garcia Perrote, Carlotta Cosials, Ade Martin and Amber Grimbergen. ‘BARN’ comprises the first recordings that the group have laid down as a four-piece and follows their debut single ‘DEMO’ released in July. ‘BARN’ was recorded in Berlin and features the tracks ‘Castigadas En El Granero’, which loosely translates as ‘grounded in the barn’, and ‘Between Cans’.

                                        Both songs retain the band’s loose and lo-fi charm, inspired by their undying love for contemporary American garage rock icons such as Mac DeMarco and Ty Segall. Having only been together as Deers for less than a year, 'BARN' perfectly displays their chemistry. The intertwining vocals, the warbling guitars, are all precariously held together to create two of the most refreshingly spontaneous pop songs you'll hear this year.

                                        Mr Twin Sister

                                        Mr Twin Sister

                                          "Twin Sister are a Brooklyn-by-way-of-Long Island quintet that do so much so well. Their songs have a remarkable sense of atmosphere and romanticism. They nod at their heroes-- maybe Stereolab and Bjork, maybe Cocteau Twins or 1980s pop-- without overtly stealing. They seem to know they are capable of great things..." - Pitchfork

                                          This is the second full length album by the five members of Twin Sister, now known as Mr Twin Sister. For this record, the band returned to the creative process they had employed on their first two EPs- working individually or in small, shifting groups, slowly building and rebuilding, before ultimately polishing with the full band. Revolving around themes of self-identity and isolation, we are given eight songs stretching 38 minutes, something far deeper, darker, and more substantial than anything they have done before.

                                          Various Artists

                                          Kollektion 01: Sky Records Compiled By Tim Gane

                                            To provide an overview of the various musical styles in which Bureau B specializes, they're launching a new compilation series entitled Kollektion. Each release in this series will be curated by a musician perfectly suited to the task.

                                            The first release is: Kollektion 01: Sky Records. Compiled by Tim Gane - the erstwhile Stereolab mastermind delves through the archives of the legendary German Krautrock label.

                                            The CD album features three previously unreleased edits - specially commissioned for this project. The vinyl formats feature the full length versions: Moebius & Beerbohm: Doppelschnitt, Moebius & Plank: Conditionierer & Riechmann: Himmelblau.

                                            Alexander Heir

                                            Death Is Not The End: The Art Of Alexander Heir

                                              Brooklyn artist Alexander Heir has been drawing strange, other-worldly pictures for years. Previously, these illustrations have only adorned 7" record jackets and Xeroxed flyers across the international punk underground, but now Sacred Bones Records is offering a new collection of the artist’s finest illustrations.

                                              For those who truly crave the transgressive and are unfulfilled by the commercially “confrontational” trends in current zines and indie publications, Heir’s work will connect immediately. Heir has been so prominently involved in designing, printing and producing for countless NYC and international artists that over the years his work has become one of the defining aesthetics in the contemporary underground punk scene. His work has graced the albums, singles and ephemera of highly regarded bands such as Hoax, Forward (Japan), The Mob (UK), Nightbirds, Destruction Unit and Modern Life Is War amongst countless others.

                                              Similarly, his popular clothing line Death/Traitors has become a staple among punks, the hip-hop scene, the tattoo community and beyond. Members of notable acts Three Six Mafia, Fucked Up, Antwon and Odd Future have all been known to support the brand.

                                              Alexander Heir’s art has all the prominent elements of 50 years’ worth of subversive underground culture

                                              Somewhere between Garbage Pail Kids and Tom of Finland, this is the kind of art

                                              Includes ten unreleased, never-before-seen illustrations that gets kids in trouble with their parents

                                              Comes in a hardshell, foil-stamped slipcase which is blended with a sick humorous quality has a penchant for the bizarre, taboo, and a raw, physical compulsion has allowed him to achieve such delightfully confounding imagery. Referencing an eclectic cache of dark symbols in his unapologetically graphic style, he has created a stunning and recognizable collection of work.

                                              It’s so rare we have an opportunity to experience a collection of work that so fully breathes the history of obscure subversion. Death Is Not the End is a cause for celebration amongst misanthropes and sickos alike - we finally have a new master on our side.

                                              Bulbous Creation

                                              You Won't Remember Dying

                                                In 1971, Bulbous Creation poured what little personal surplus they had into a full day of recording at Cavern Studios, tracking enough material for a full length album. The band wouldn't stay together long enough to save up for a custom pressing on Rock. Singer/guitarist Paul Parkinson was deeply individualistic, and left to perform his songs as he thought they should be, as a solo act. He preferred coffee shops to concert halls, and would stick to his craft another 20 years before hanging it up. Drummer Horstmann followed suit. Jim "Bugs" Wine and guitarist Alan Lewis soldiered on, shortening their name to the more sensible Creation and adding vocalist Wayne Austin, dynamic drummer Tommy Ward, and guitarist Roger Sewell. The Bulbous Creation LP was nearly doomed to oblivion, but for the efforts of Rich Haupt, who issued an unauthorized eight song LP in 1995 on his Rockadelic imprint. Lewis died in 1998 of esophageal cancer. When Paul Parkinson died of leukemia in 2001, a lone copy turned up amongst his possessions, with piece of mind that someone, somewhere, was listening.

                                                Various Artists

                                                Local Customs - Cavern Sounds

                                                  Independence has always been full of holes: subterranean tunnels, secret passages, mines, hidden hollows, and reverberating caverns. A place tailor-made for making lots of noise in private, the Kansas City suburb of Independence, Missouri, is riddled with untold natural cavities and a slew of manmade mines that’ve been delivering zinc, copper, nickel, and cobalt for more than a hundred years. But when Gerald “Jerry” Riegle rented space in the old Pixley Quarry, an active limestone mine, his intent was to work a vein of recorded sound. One of the strangest recording studios ever built, the aptly-named and actually subterranean Cavern Sound soon collected a cast of characters - the country-loving general manager, the young rocker, the Sun Records rockabilly pilot - and a dedicated clientele of religious groups, schools, country singers, and rock ‘n’ roll dreamers hoping to stumble across the true sound of the underground.

                                                  From 1967 to 1973, Riegle and his partners / engineers John Pearson, Jim Wheeler, Jim Williams, and Chris Bauer tracked thousands of hours of garage bands, school choirs, gospel trios, folk duos, and anyone who could scratch up enough cash to cover their $300 day rate. James Brown spent the better part of April 1972 in the Cave, cutting a number of his own sides alongside Lyn Collins’ crowd-pleasing killer “Think.” Prior to going “One Toke Over The Line,” Brewer & Shipley went underground for a spell. And don’t get us started on the legions of country acts that entered the depths following their acquisition of Chips Moman’s AMPEX 16-track and Electrodyne console.

                                                  Their in-house labels Cave, Rock, Cavern, and Pearce issued recordings by the Reactions, Burlington Express, Classmen, Fraight, American Sound Limited, Baxter’s Chat, 21st Century Sound Movement, and AJ Rowe, but it’s the unissued moments of dark-dampened clarity where the studio really shines. Larry Sands & the Sound Affair pushed Sneaky Pete Kleinow to the front of the Burrito Brothers, Jaded managed a pre-“Aqualung” flute freak out, and Sheriff channeled their inner NRBQ. A cover of Love’s “7 and 7 Is” was torn through by Plattsburgh, Missouri’s only weirdos, the Montaris. Was it the limestone dust in the air? Arsenic in the run off water? Surely “Mustache In Your Face” was the product of some kind of chemical toxin.

                                                  'Local Customs: Cavern Sound' is the story of a studio, certainly. But also tells the tales of studio rats, high school hopefuls, and unflagging lifers on the fringe of the music business. Fly over country? They were so underground they couldn’t hear the planes, let alone see them.

                                                  The Sensational Saints

                                                  You Won't Believe It

                                                    Formed in the early '50s under the watchful eye of Tuskegee, Alabama, transplant Charles Chambliss, the Sensational Saints were handpicked from a Cleveland clothing store, a pool room, and from a group of friends singing from a third story window. After years spent rotating members and issuing stray singles for assorted non-denominational imprints, the group connected with the vocally inclined Reverend Melvin Kenniebrew at the close of the '60s, making good on their "Sensational" boast. "With God in their hearts and singing on their minds," the Sensational Saints mounted their crown jewel in 1973 with "You Won't Believe It" (Try It You'll Like Us). Pressed in conservative quantities by local gospel magnate James Bullard on his King James label, the group's lone long-player perfectly encapsulates the intersection of funk and gospel as only the religious conversion of a Bill Wither's tune can do.

                                                    Montgomery Express

                                                    The Montgomery Movement

                                                      Funk's answer to the Five Blind Boys of Alabama, Florida's Montgomery Express stood at the crossroads of politically conscious soul and mystically awakened dance music. Comprised of two blind musicians in their 20s and a teenage rhythm section, their lone LP was cut in 1972 for Orlando's Dove label, then reissued on Folkways two years later. Although the label usually steered clear of soul music and anything remotely commercial sounding, Montgomery Express tapped into Folkways' Guthrie-cum-Chamber Bros. nerve.

                                                      "My whole life, I heard music in the air, beautiful music. I've been involved in supernatural things, spoken with spirits. I have heard an orchestra up in the air. I know I've heard it." Paul Montgomery

                                                      John Carpenter And Alan Howarth

                                                      Halloween II - Clear Vinyl Edition

                                                        Death Waltz Recording Co. present Halloween II Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by John Carpenter & Alan Howarth

                                                        Original art by Brandon Schaefer

                                                        Include sleeve notes from Alan Howarth & Brandon Schaefer.

                                                        Death Waltz Recording Company is proud to present the return of one of horror's scariest boogeymen, as well as one of the genre's most iconic theme tunes with John Carpenter and Alan Howarth's score to HALLOWEEN II. Set directly after the events of the first film, Rick Rosenthal's sequel sets itself up as the slasher equivalent of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, making a family connection between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers while getting some good kills in at the same time. Carpenter and Howarth's score is beefier and more intense than before, using layers of electronics to drive the audience to madness.

                                                        As before, Myers aka “The Shape” is propelled by that theme, souped up with a new and more powerful arrangement from Carpenter and Howarth. HALLOWEEN II is more overtly synth and is perhaps less focused than the original score, although that certainly means it's nastier and more schizophrenic. The score also brings back the evocative 'Laurie's Theme', incorporating into a score full of harrowing musical effect, its synthesised howls and wails piercing your ears so that by the time 'Mr. Sandman' comes around, you'll feel just like the final girl, delirious at having survived the aural ordeal. And that's just when The Shape wakes up.

                                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                        Ltd LP Info: 180g clear vinyl.

                                                        Real name Kornél Kovács - returns to his and HNNY's Puss label with stupid fresh edits of three songs from the year he was born. As always with Puss, each record arrives with a real human kiss mark.

                                                        Belle & Sebastian are set to release ‘The Third Eye Centre’ - a collection of rarities, collectibles and non-LP tracks from the last decade – on 26th August on Rough Trade Records in the UK and 27th August on Matador in the US. The album will be available to buy on CD, download and as a double heavyweight vinyl in deluxe heavy gatefold packaging.

                                                        The tracks are taken from the Glaswegian band’s most recent three albums released on Rough Trade – ‘Dear Catastrophe Waitress’ (2003), ‘The Life Pursuit’ (2006) and ‘Write About Love’ (2010). The album can therefore be seen as the follow-up to ‘Push Barman To Open Old Wounds’ (2005) – a compilation of the Belle & Sebastian singles and EPs released on Jeepster Records.

                                                        The album includes one brand new track ‘Your Cover’s Blown (Miaoux Miaoux Remix)’.

                                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                                        Andy says: Still following in the footsteps of The Smiths, and why not: they have the songs, the style and the mystique; this is a beautifully put together odds'n'sods collection. Excellent.

                                                        Belle And Sebastian

                                                        Write About Love

                                                          Unlike its predecessors, "Write About Love" is an album which has come together in a relatively short period of time. After reconvening in February 2010, a period of writing and pre-production in Glasgow was followed by a trip to Los Angeles for recording with Tony Hoffer (who also produced ‘The Life Pursuit’) at the renowned Sound Factory Studio B.

                                                          Adopting a more fluid approach than on the previous record, fourteen songs were recorded and mixed by the start of June, of which eleven feature on the CD and vinyl releases. Two further tracks from these sessions appear on a bonus 7” with the vinyl edition of the album.

                                                          As ever, the record draws the band’s internal songwriting strengths, but this time includes some guest performances. Stuart Murdoch wrote the majority of the songs on the album, while Sarah Martin takes lead vocals on her two contributions, "I Didn’t See It Coming" and "I Can See Your Future" and Stevie Jackson on his ("I’m Not Living In The Real World"). In addition, Norah Jones contributes lead vocals to "Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John" (which also appears on her forthcoming album of duets and collaborations called "Featuring") and actress Carey Mulligan sings on "Write About Love". Strings were added by LA residents The Section Quartet.

                                                          Seven albums in and Belle and Sebastian have just made the best record of their career. Produced by Tony Hoffer this album feels both familiar and strange at the same time. There is a powerful aesthetic at the heart of the "The Life Pursuit" that places it at some time in the early-to-middle Seventies without ever specifically sounding like anything you can put your finger on. Belle And Sebastian pull in stuff from all over the place, so that Sly & the Family Stone/Funkadelic inflections ("Song For Sunshine") sits side by side with the classic Bubblegum riffs and call-and-response vocals of "White Collar Boy" (another sure-fire stomping single); the "Queen Bitch"-era Bowie stylings of "Sukie In the Graveyard"; the glammy T-Rex of "The Blues Are Still Blue"; the prime-time miserablism of a Terry Hall "Mornington Crescent" and the irrepressible rousing piano drive of "The Price Of A Cup Of Tea". All formats come beautifully packaged.

                                                          Belle And Sebastian

                                                          Dear Catastrophe Waitress

                                                            Fifth album from fey Scots indie-pop heroes is their first for Rough Trade and follows 2002's soundtrack effort "Storytelling". Featuring their usual blend of twee chamber-pop and dry wit, the album was, bizarrely, produced by Trevor Horn, the man behind the desk for such pop luminaries as Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Grace Jones, the Pet Shop Boys, TATU and LeAnn Rimes.

                                                            NYC edit masters Duane Harriott and Sean Marquand are back on Stilove4music with a massive follow up to their "Feel So Wrong" Ep.
                                                            "Get To It" is a gritty record that feels like Brooklyn on a hot summer day. Disco, Boogie and Soul ring all the right bells for your thirsty dancefloor. Get to it!

                                                            We hope you will permit us the indulgence of deviating slightly from our globe trotting explorations on this release as we pay homage to the sun. 'HIGHLIFE on holiday', if you will.

                                                            Stepping away from the edits, Auntie Flo delivers a new original track.
                                                            Sun Ritual II takes things up a notch from its earlier counterpart (released on Kompakt), banging dare-we-say-it 'Berghain techno' gives way to warm synth-laden euphoria.

                                                            On the flip, Miajica, one third of Alma Negra who you may recall from HIGHLIFE2. Here he serves up a delightfully familiar summer treat, the original being an end of the night, HIGHLIFE highlight, particularly at our annual 'Tribute to the Sun' event.

                                                            We're sure you'll agree that both sides are rock solid and primed for the summer!

                                                            Micah P Hinson

                                                            Micah P Hinson & The Gospel Of Progress

                                                              Re-issue of Micah P Hinson's debut album from 2004, and available for the first time on vinyl.

                                                              Here's what we said about the album first time around:
                                                              'Astonishing album from 22 year old Texan Micah P Hinson. 13 tracks of heartfelt and dark dreamy Americana that comes on like Johnny Cash or maybe Nick Cave fronting a downbeat Lambchop. Add to this mix the fact his friends the Earlies have done the production, then you get an idea of the epic soundscape that is covered here. A fabulous country noir album that for sure is going to be one of the albums of the year.'

                                                              And it still sounds fantastic 10 years on!


                                                              Kollektion 02: Roedelius Compiled By Lloyd Cole

                                                                British songwriter Lloyd Cole has long since been a fan of Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Cluster. For convincing evidence, one need look no further than his 2001 album 'Plastic Wood', a purely electronic opus which was an unambiguous homage to his musical idols.

                                                                In 2013 Cole and Roedelius actually joined forces to release their 'Selected Studies Vol. 1' album (BB 124). Cole has now listened through the Hans-Joachim Roedelius solo archives to present his favourite synthesizer or organ pieces in Burea B's Kollektion series.

                                                                Thurston Moore & John Moloney

                                                                Caught On Tape Full Bleed

                                                                  For their latest spiritual odyssey, Moloney and Moore-in his triumphant return to the Northern Spy imprint after 2013's Record Store Day exclusive The Only Way To Go Is Straight Through with fellow guitar luminary, Loren Connors-deliver the volcanic and violent maelstrom, Full Bleed. But unlike the helter-skelter out-jazz of Caught on Tape ("Full bore savage highway stuff, the mind exploding with wall melting emotion," says Moore/Moloney about that platter), a set captured during a European junket and split into two untitled marathons,

                                                                  Full Bleed collects nine Herculean sludgefeasts dripping of gnarly metal-damaged heaviosity and punk-jazz skronk-splattered fury, transmitted in an alien language only this duo can convey. "They became songs as they were played," Moore/Moloney explain about their writing process. "Composed on the fiery tongue, like how all real cool improv needs to be experienced." And as far as assigning actual names to the songs? "We titled them to identify them as distinct 'songs' because that is what they need to be to survive in this fucked landscape of politician dung patrol. They became snakes."

                                                                  Gallon Drunk

                                                                  The Rotten Mile

                                                                    Gallon Drunk album "The Rotten Mile", at last released on vinyl! Originally released in U.K. in 2007 on CD, this awesome record finally sees itself reissued now on vinyl with previously unseen photography as well as liner notes by James Johnston.

                                                                    Gallon Drunk is actively touring these days and delivering incendiary live acts that prove them to be one of the best bands to ever come out of England. Vaporing from London smoggy sounds and melodies of distortion, swamp, jungle, rock and pure intensity, they fulfill this terrific record which meant back in 2007 the return of Gallon Drunk taking themselves into the evolution and orientation that their latest records "The Road Gets Darker From Here" and "The Soul of the Hour". During these years James Johnston as well has been actively taking part in other projects such as member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Lydia Lunch´s Big Sexy Noise. Bang! Records is proud to take part in Gallon Drunk's history by releasing this masterpiece.

                                                                    Fern Jones

                                                                    The Glory Road

                                                                      She sounded like Saturday night on a Sunday morning. Patsy on Jesus. Elvis without the pelvis. In the space of 20 years Fern Jones would perform in over 2000 tents and churches for nearly 50,000 people. She released two albums ("The Joneses Sing" and "Singing A Happy Song") and a few impossibly rare 78s, and wrote one song that would be a classic on the gospel circuit for years to come ("I Was There When It happened"). This CD, mostly culled from 1959's "Singing A Happy Song" features not one, not two, but four members of Nashville's prestigous A-team fresh off June 1958 sessions with Elvis. Hank 'Sugarfoot' Garland on guitar (Roy Orbison, Hank Williams, Everly Brothers), Floyd Cramer played piano (Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline), Joe Zinkan on bass (Merle Haggard, Loretta Lynn), and the lovable Buddy Harman on drums (Willie Nelson). It's hollerin' rockabilly country and gospel sound is instantly catchy and you can see why she was such a hit on the preaching tent circuit. Essential!!!

                                                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                      CD Info: CD comes with informative full colour booklet.

                                                                      People Must Jam have an undisputed three for three on the score board, and it comes as no surprise that this serious second innings in the Floor Jammers VA series is heading straight for the outfield too !

                                                                      It's a truly international affair, as Chicago Disco Don Rahaan takes the lead with an irresistible uptempo Jazz-Funk rewire while UK producer Andy Ash is next up to the plate, rearranging and amping up a Teddy P classic

                                                                      On the B, Tokyo's Beaten Space Probe takes on Millie Jackson's incendiary 'We Got To Hit It Off' (as recently hacked up by Tom Trago)
                                                                      BSP leaves in the best bits here as the powerhouse groove gets a respectful renovation.

                                                                      Finally Out In the Sticks wrap it all up Eighties fashion, as a slamming bassline led drum machine jam powers us to fourth base. 

                                                                      Eric 'Dunks' Duncan / Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco

                                                                      Mareh Music 001

                                                                      From the sun kissed shores of Brazil and the wonderful starlit nights of the Mareh Festival comes a new label, Mareh Music.

                                                                      Mareh Festival was started by a small group of friends who's only aim was to escape the big city, take an amazing sound system to a remote and beautiful part of the country, and then party together with friends and great music. It has grown since into a week long annual event featuring international DJs playing alongside talented residents, and still has the same commitment to real quality and fun.

                                                                      Mareh Music is born from the soundtrack to those parties, and is launched to mark the festival's tenth birthday.
                                                                      So you can expect to hear beach bar boogie, disco-tinged dance floor movers and deep electronic groovers.

                                                                      The first release on the label sees NYC legend Eric 'Dunks' Duncan dropping an electronic bomb of a cut that fuses disco and house elements into a serious dance floor work-out. The sound Dunks gets also has tinges of early electronic pioneers like Kraftwerk and Italo influences sitting side by side with more contemporary dance music flavours.
                                                                      Over on the flip side, disco deviants Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco deliver one of their irresistible dance floor shakers as they blend disco and house perfectly into a hybrid anthem-in-the-making. It has already been causing a storm all over Europe and beyond when it has been played in the clubs, and was actually started in a hotel room the day after the pair first played at Mareh.

                                                                      So gather your friends around, listen to the music, drink, dance and party - Mareh Music is here and celebrating 10 years in style!!!

                                                                      These limited releases comes in beautiful printed sleeves with artwork by Karen Hofstetter.

                                                                      Christopher Owens

                                                                      A New Testament

                                                                        Christopher Owens releases his second solo album ‘A New Testament, a follow up to his debut, the critically acclaimed ‘Lysandre’.

                                                                        ‘A New Testament’ is full of sheer raw emotion and tears of heartbreak and joy.
                                                                        Already premiered tracks ‘Stephen’ and ‘It Comes Back To You’ stand as examples of Christopher’s poignant songwriting which has developed to create his definitive album. His incredible vocal performances lead a path through his own incredible, yet universal, life experiences whilst forming perfect pop hooks supported by lilting guitars as heard on ‘Never Wanna See That Look Again’.

                                                                        Hopeworks opened just under two years ago, in the heart of Sheffield's former industrial centre
                                                                        This empty warehouse has since become the hedonistic epicentre of the city's vibrant all night clubbing scene
                                                                        As chief resident and director of Hopeworks, Lo Shea has built the ethos of the space from the ground up. Having hosted an enviable list of international guest artists as well as showcasing the best of tomorrow's talent, Hopeworks has become an essential melting pot for the cultural and musical future of a city whose electronic heritage has surpassed its industrial one.

                                                                        A platform to release the music inspired by the space and its loyal crowd, not to mention the artists who have contributed to its success, makes perfect sense.
                                                                        Who better to take the helm of this debut voyage than Lo Shea himself...

                                                                        Following his successful Seaghdha series, Liam continues to flesh out a distinctive sound that doesn't easily fit into genre divides, but which is informed and inspired by all those late nights. Often functional, always perfectly weighted - his productions have - given the diverse & astonishing energy of the space that feeds them - gained support from DJ's and dancers the world over...

                                                                        This is 100% Mixed In Sheffield & believe us, Hope, works. 

                                                                        lways a good day when a new Chicagodamn record arrives !

                                                                        Postmodern Blues will be a two-record series from the celebrated & illusive UK producer
                                                                        The first volume here features four new cuts fresh out the box !

                                                                        As ever, we're dealing with a combination of straight up, raw machine funk, built for strobe-lit, sweaty walled basements and warehouses sitting alongside more emotive pieces. Familiar themes indeed, but pulled off with impeccable attention to space and sonics.
                                                                        All killer

                                                                        Vic Godard & Subway Sect

                                                                        1979 Now!

                                                                          After the release of 1978 NOW in 2007 (a re-recording of Subway Sect’s ‘lost album’) recording and releasing Vic’s Northern Soul songs seemed a natural follow on. . .

                                                                          Initiated into the world of Northern Soul after Paul Myers passed on a bundle of 45s in 1978, the deceptive simplicity of many of the records convinced Vic to start practising songs he had been writing in his bedroom, which would eventually lead to 1979 being one of his most productive song writing years.

                                                                          An unexpected support slot for Siouxsie and The Banshees in Camden, 1980, meant many of the songs comprising 1979 NOW! got their first airing. Alan Horne recorded everything from their Northern Soul inspired instrumental opener, which was later reprised to close the set - to songs such as ‘Caught In Midstream’ and ‘The Devil’s in League With You.’ The bootleg eventually found its way to Edwyn Collins, who chose to record ‘Holiday Hymn’ for Orange Juice’s 1981 Peel Session.

                                                                          Nearly thirty years later and the seeds of 1979 NOW! took root, but went on the back burner as attention turned to other things, like recording ‘We Come As Aliens’, gigs and the release of ‘Live In Stereo’ (2009 gnu inc). Fast-forward to 2010 and with WCAA released (CD Overground/Vinyl gnu inc.) attention briefly returned to 1979 NOW! Eventually, after careful consideration, Myers agreed to come on board with Vic’s long time collaborator, friend and fellow Chelsea fan Paul Cook, to record 1979 NOW! and perform live with Subway Sect; Kevin Younger, Mark Braby and Yusuf B’Layachi.

                                                                          Work began on the first 1979 NOW! tracks at West Heath Studios in 2012 with Edwyn Collins and Seb Lewsley recording and producing.

                                                                          The Bronze Medal


                                                                            After several singles and EP releases over the past 2 years, The Bronze Medal are set to unleash their first album offering to the world. The album consists of 9 songs, all recorded at Greenhouse in Reykjavik, an environment which they describe as: “a pretty fertile environment for making music, we were amongst this community of musicians and other creative people, it was definitely an easy place for us to work”

                                                                            Darlings is an amalgamation of styles, approaches and sounds that the band have been exposed to. The album has been produced by Valgeir Sigurdsson who has worked with the likes of Bjork, Feist, Damon Albarn, Sigur Ros etc. Not following any particular formula or idea, the band say they were drawn towards a more instinctual and minimalist sound from their previously released songs, stripping back the drones and creating something more exposed, detailed and textured.

                                                                            Over the last few years, The Very Polish Cut-Outs built a long discography of digital edit EP's filled with forgotten grooves from the his home country's communist past. These reworks attracted the attention of hundreds of diggers and music aficionados around the world.

                                                                            Vinyl releases followed, all of them selling out in a few weeks. It's not surprising that Zambon, who runs TVPC, decided to issue another bunch of the most successful reworks as a third vinyl sampler of the label. This loudly pressed record contains four gems, ranging from new wave, to bluesy soft-rock and rough discofunk.

                                                                            The A Side hits us with two edits done by Old Spice, a digger, producer and a master of editing hailing from south-western Poland. 'Pieniadze' is a low slung groover with lyrics about the addictive power of money, extended here for a maximum pleasure on the dancefloor. This track was never pressed to vinyl before, with original short version appearing on a cassette comp only in 1979.

                                                                            'Chce Ci Powiedziec' (I Want To Say To You) is a perfect slice of Polish disco-rock transformed into a feel-good dancefloor filler. The charismatic female vocal and undeniably catchy hook will work everywhere.

                                                                            On the B Side up and coming duo Jazxing bring pure downbeat balearic gold. These guys from Gdansk chopped and looped obscure bluesy, funky soft-rock, creating a hypnotizing slice of lazy beach house.

                                                                            The last cut is done by Mental, who sets us into a cooler territory of Polish no wave. Emotionally engaged vocals about keeping privacy in communist society are backed by a steady post-punk groove. This Poznan producer adds modern drums and arrangements, creating a track that's much deeper and moodier than the original.

                                                                            The Red Laser Records EP Series continues to explore the realms of Italo, Acid House, New Romantic and Disco flavours .

                                                                            Nick Smith brings the early 90's house heat with In Motion. This is a four four dancer that's built solid. Minimal chunky house grooves for disco journey's.

                                                                            Hot Sporran is a producer that's been around a long time and may be better known as Phoreski and Richard Gateaux.
                                                                            As Hot Sporran he gets to express deeper and darker realms. Xplorer journeys to Detroit Techno with strong flavours of New Romanticism making a unique and wonderful disco sound. LeonXLeon does what it say on the tin. If there is another track out there called Acid Disco I bet you 100 quid this smashes it up and stuffs it in a bin. This is an all out hands in the air, euphoric disco bomb.

                                                                            Theme From Ferranti is a fantastically moody slice of sensual Italo in true Starion style.
                                                                            Finishing off another epic Red Laser EP series perfectly. 

                                                                            'Treat Me Right', the third album from Trus'me, featured plenty of modern club anthems and was lauded by a gamut of the most respected DJs around, including Ben Klock, Guy Gerber, Tini and Maya Jane Coles. Reflecting the Trus'me musical palette and chosen by him for this very reason, Prime Numbers has now put together an undoubtedly excellent collection of seven remixes by a stellar cast of friends and collaborators.

                                                                            From the U.S with Luke Hess & Truncate to Sweden with Skudge via the U.K with Truss & Alan Fitzpatrick, France with Marcelus and Germany with Roman Flugel, together these remixers make up an impressive team from the forefront of Techno and House including both bonafide veterans and the vibrant new school talents alike.
                                                                            With remixes on Prime Numbers, the label always ask the producers to wholly reinterpret the tracks and that's what has happened here to devastating effect, with each artist bringing their distinctive style to the table and providing radically fresh tracks rather than just basic revamps.

                                                                            In inimitable style, Skudge mould 'Moonlight Kiss' into a deep analogue roller. They maintain the chopped vocal hook and the dreamlike feel of the original but drive the tempo with crackling snares and thunderous kicks. Marcelus brings the pain to 'Hindsight' stripping the piece right back to the bare essentials. His rework fizzes and pops itself into the darkness whilst the bass and keys ride out a mesmeric and hypnotic groove.

                                                                            Both Alan Fitzpatrick & Luke Hess put their touch to 'I Want You'.
                                                                            The Deeplab Detroit master Luke Hess turns out in much the same vein as his releases on FXHE and Planet E working the original into a subtler, more spacious groove. Whilst Fitzpatrick pumps the track with iron & steroids rocking some seriously insistent action for the wide-eyed, this is most certainly one for the top of the night and has all the right anthemic ingredients.

                                                                            Truss toughens up 'Defunct', simplifying the track and giving it more friction for the dance floor. 'It's Slow' gets treated twice to Truncate's vision. Mix 1 is all minimal pumping Dance Mania type moves whilst Mix 2 is a nod to Todd Terry dubs with percolated bass and frayed keys.
                                                                            Roman Flugel heightens the tension of the now classic 'Somebody' building the groove expertly with delay and a perfect flow very much in the style of his fantastic Jack For Daze release last year.

                                                                            This limited triple vinyl release comes in a bespoke wide spine sleeve and includes a bonus CD featuring a selection of the remixes plus a few handpicked tracks from recent Prime Numbers vinyl releases including Fred P, Mosca, XDB & Adesse.

                                                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                            3xLP Info: Triple vinyl release in bespoke wide spined sleeves with extra Prime Numbers bonus CD. Limited to 300 copies.

                                                                            Erland Oye


                                                                              Erlend Øye is a skinny nerd, but maybe that's what makes him a pop star. His huge thick spectacle-lenses act as an interface between his inner life and his numerous collaborators and fans. Erlend Øye is a travelling singersongwriter, who has been making music in various constellations since the late nineties. He sang for Röyksopp, while his own bands are Kings of Convenience and The Whitest Boy Alive, who recently split up. A laid back, everyday vibe runs through Erlend Øye's music. Erlend is not larger than life, at the most his songs may be. The pop star from next-door doesn't make any drama, but leaves that to life itself. His relaxed, laid back sound opens your eyes and ears for places, situations and encounters. A certain mournfulness runs through the songs, although they deal with a longing for self-fulfilment. Erlend sings of loneliness, and in doing so, he creates a 'we'.

                                                                              Until now Erlend's projects have often been based on simple concepts – two guitars and two vocals with Kings of Convenience, and four instruments with The Whitest Boy Alive. With his new solo album he frees himself of these parameters; for the first time everything is possible, for the first time Erlend Øye stands alone. The songs on 'Legao' were arranged and recorded with the Icelandic reggae band Hjálmar.

                                                                              The magic of 'Legao' lies in the fact that Erlend's vulnerable vocals and his sincere lyrics are supported by the elegance and consistency of the band. Today roughness is often used to counterbalance roughness, whereas on Legao a equilibrium is sought - and found. A simplicity, clarity and minimalism is created that is rarely found in pop music. Erlend Øye has grown up. He accomplishes nothing less than the step towards an independent, free-standing solo musician, who can perform in any constellation – with a band, orchestra or alone with a guitar. - Recorded at Hljóðriti studio in Hafnafjordur, Reykjavik, Iceland, in 4 sessions between 2013 and 2014.

                                                                              Fans of the first Voyage sampler will be familiar with the sound of Harvey Sutherland and his ability to make synths sing. For those who aren't, you're welcomed with opened arms to experience the joy of Harvey Sutherland through his new EP "Brothers". An exploration in all things that make Harvey Sutherland the wizard he is, "Brothers" blurs the atmospheres surrounding boogie, house, jazz and funk. An outer space voyage for your mind, body and soul.

                                                                              Early support from Session Victim, San Soda, Max Graef and Glenn Astro.

                                                                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                              12" Info: Pressed on 180G heavyweight vinyl and packed into manila sleeves.

                                                                              Listen to this if you like Max Graef, Boo Williams or anything on Chiwax, Atjazz, Detroit Swindle or Fantastic Man.

                                                                              We're really happy to get Andy on Heist after his successful collab with his buddy Max Graef on the Jungle EP back in 2013.

                                                                              He delivers a great 4-track EP that ranges from the synth-arp love affair of 'The same for me', to the heavily sampled disco jam 'Epsilon girls.' Check out 'Hermano' and 'Merkin' for a dreamy old school Chicago vibe, both done with a great sense of history and an added touch Andy's modern production and sampling skills. 

                                                                              Mellow Mellow Right On return with two splendid re-edits of much sought after boogie and modern soul classics.

                                                                              Flowers 'For Real' is a midtempo killer that has filled dance floors across the globe for the past thirty years with its rich soaked strings and warm hearted lead vocal, while the flip features the in demand up-tempo killer 'Dance Your Blues Away' by Ivan Neville.

                                                                              Both re-edits are now exclusively available on pink vinyl for discerning connoisseurs. 

                                                                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                              7" Info: Limited pink vinyl

                                                                              Ichisan is Slovenian Igor Skafar, and Igor´s Trademark Sound is heavenly electronic blissed spaced out house with a sick amount of grooves layerd in. Fab earlier releases on the grand Airtight and Unter the Shade labels tell musical tales of this. And so it went that "Hoppsa" fascinated us yet again with its mesmerizing 80´s synth hook that you want to simply lock in and play away all day and night… while "Kristina" is an unmistakably Philly Affair with an edge, and edge, that means deep depth and a serious build between the woobly - and that is what we like! not being able to decide which one to favour, eventually, we released both. here´s to YOU! kai & thomas, sept 2014

                                                                              Todd Osborn ftw again. This time with music to go with the beats: acid, house, idm and lots of fun. Starts with two mixes of “Put Your Weight On It". One for lazy DJs from Frankfurt and a shorter one for hard working Windy City selectors - in any case heavy stuff. Flip features the softer side of the Michigan maestro with the downtempo love poem “Medium” and the contemplative “Markert". Todd is g(o)od.

                                                                              MK aka Marc Kinchen should need no introduction, he still is the master of the finest Dubs and Remixes in the House business for more than two decades. His 1991 track Strider remained an obscure Detroit Techno classic only for those who know and were lucky enough to get hold of the a rare test pressing of MK’s first release Get It Right! on his own imprint called Masahiro Records which later became Area 10. However Strider didn’t made it to the official release and was replaced by another track, as years gone by a video of this true gem caught a lot of attention and leaded to this reissue eventually. The track was remastered and comes with an additional extended version edited by Mojuba’s very own Oracy. Enjoy this almost forgotten piece of Detroit music history!

                                                                              Prince & 3rdeyegirl


                                                                                Music icon PRINCE today announces not one, but two, brand new studio albums to be released globally via Warner Bros. Records. The much-anticipated albums are ‘ART OFFICIAL AGE’ and ‘PLECTRUMELECTRUM’, set to release on September 29th 2014 in the UK. ‘ART OFFICIAL AGE’ is a solo album and ‘PLECTRUMELECTRUM’ is by Prince’s new band 3RDEYEGIRL.

                                                                                ‘PLECTRUMELECTRUM’ is a classic band record, with 3RDEYEGIRL which include Prince, Donna Grantis (guitar), Hannah Ford Welton (drums) and Ida Nielsen (bass). Recorded live and in analog the album is an electrifying funk-rock statement.


                                                                                Art Official Age

                                                                                  Music icon PRINCE today announces not one, but two, brand new studio albums to be released globally via Warner Bros. Records. The much-anticipated albums are ‘ART OFFICIAL AGE’ and ‘PLECTRUMELECTRUM’, set to release on September 29th 2014 in the UK. ‘ART OFFICIAL AGE’ is a solo album and ‘PLECTRUMELECTRUM’ is by Prince’s new band 3RDEYEGIRL.

                                                                                  ‘ART OFFICIAL AGE’ is a classic Prince album, produced, arranged, composed and performed by Prince and Joshua Welton. Sonically the record is a contemporary concoction of soul, R&B and funk. The melodies are immediate and prominent as ever and Prince’s vocals are rich and solid, taking full advantage of his vocal range with decidedly, seductive lyrics.

                                                                                  Various Artists

                                                                                  More Jammys From The Roots

                                                                                    With "More Jammys From the Roots" the spotlight falls on the rich stream of reality gold that King Jammy aka Prince Jammy continued to mine in the mid to late eighties! Available as 2-CD set with 32 tracks (including 15 of them first time available on CD) including booklet with extensive liner notes.

                                                                                    The Bug


                                                                                      With The Bug's long awaited follow up to London Zoo, Angels & Devils finally out and currently cleaning up in the glowing reviews department it's time to let loose with a fun fact. The Angels & Devils album files contained no less than 160 demos and versions. Parring that back into a concise 12 track album was no easy task. Some say the art of album sequencing is dead in this age of digital, random shuffle, single based mentality but we still stand by the experience of a properly laid out album. Particularly one that follows the conceptual lines laid out on Angels & Devils. The upside to this process is the absolutely insane amount of quality material still in those files.

                                                                                      With that we give you The Bug Exit. Serving both as a fat cut post album single for Angels & Devils and a way to make sure more of the excellent material sees the light of day.

                                                                                      First up is the Angels & Devils opener "Void" and "Void Version", featuring Liz Harris (of Grouper). The original of the mutant floating pop track that opens the album, followed by and even deeper/headier (as if that were even possible) spaced out and dubbed out version.

                                                                                      On the flip side is "Black Wasp" and "Black Wasp Version". From the same Liz Harris sessions, and yet another deep deep excursion into heavyweight lushness.

                                                                                      Following the same duality split concept of the album, the 2nd disc is all devils. Album track "Function" is given a full side to let the bass heaviness breath.

                                                                                      And finally, long time Bug collaborator and sound-system/ragga legend Daddy Freddy comes in menacing and hard on "Blaow" to wrap it up.


                                                                                      The North Borders Tour: Live - Deluxe CD/DVD Edition

                                                                                        Since April 2013 Bonobo has travelled 180,000 miles and played live to over 2 million people at 175 shows in 30 countries as part of the epic career-defining tour around his latest album ‘The North Borders’. To document and celebrate this feat in all its glory, Ninja Tune present ‘The North Borders Tour: Live’. This special live release celebrates the tour ahead of the final ‘The North Borders’ show at Alexandra Palace, London in November 2014.

                                                                                        The album will be released as a deluxe CD and DVD set in deluxe packaging with a 72 page portrait sized hardback clothbound book in wibalin fine linen wrap with cyclus offset inner pages containing live photographs, Bonobo Instagram tour diary, anecdotes from Simon, the band and crew and a foreword by Gilles Peterson. The DVD contains 60 minutes of live footage taken at Pula Amphitheatre (a genuine Roman Amphitheatre and among the six largest surviving Roman arenas in the World) and The Roundhouse, interspersed with documentary footage and extras including photo gallery, extra videos and a time lapse video.

                                                                                        The live LP / CD includes newly mixed and mastered recordings from seminal Bonobo shows including Pula Amphitheatre (Croatia - Dimensions Festival 2013), The Roundhouse (London 2013) and live radio sessions at Maida Vale (London), KEXP and KCRW (US).


                                                                                        The North Borders Tour: Live

                                                                                          Since April 2013 Bonobo has travelled 180,000 miles and played live to over 2 million people at 175 shows in 30 countries as part of the epic career-defining tour around his latest album ‘The North Borders’. To document and celebrate this feat in all its glory, Ninja Tune present ‘The North Borders Tour: Live’. This special live release celebrates the tour ahead of the final ‘The North Borders’ show at Alexandra Palace, London in November 2014.

                                                                                          Lack Of Afro

                                                                                          Freedom (Feat. Jack Tyson Charles)

                                                                                            Music For Adverts has been one of the best received Lack Of Afro albums of Adam Gibbons entire career. And it soon became clear that the LOA fanbase, DJ's and record collectors were not going to rest until the killing, kick off track from the album Freedom (feat Jack Tyson - Charles) was released as 45 vinyl single.

                                                                                            And here it is - the horn heavy, driving funk track pressed onto delicious wax - and just to make this 45 a super wonderful thing - the B side 'Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances' is a totally brand new track and 100% exclusive to this natty little single.

                                                                                            Taking a step into that soul drenched, smoky 60's basement club vibe - this instrumental features the fantastic keyboard skills of long time Lack Of Afro collaborator George Cooper - who shows that he really knows his way the piano, Hammond organ and Fender Rhodes. This 45 is a double whammy of deep dish funk and jazzy instrumental soul!

                                                                                            Zanzibar Chanel

                                                                                            Drunk At The Jazz Club

                                                                                              The second chapter for bizarro group Zanzibar Chanel, the yin-yang collaboration of agitated force Zac Segbedzi aka Imhotep and cooled out Louis CL.

                                                                                              Raw NRG captured on the fly in Melbourne, the sequence of these DIY productions reflect their dynamic equilibrium. On the a-side, Drunk At The Jazz Club lays down some lo-tech disco with submerged symphonic keys and the squelching demented valentine One Question. Flip the record Donald Duck invades the elevating Chicago melodies of Flying High - Mustn't Evolve's pure evil extraterrestrial funk (shout outs to Dungeon Master Possee). The first 500 copies of this release include a limited edition newspaper poster print.

                                                                                              Unknown Artist

                                                                                              Feel U Up At The Disco

                                                                                                Here we go again, down to the disco with our handbags and 303s.The mysterious Unknown Artist is back with more acid house remix action, this time taking on Sylvester's 'You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)'.


                                                                                                Sookie (Feat. Jeannine Otis)

                                                                                                  African Road Trip is proud to present our first offering 'Sookie' produced by the mysterious Jo Bisso. Originally pressed in small numbers on the cult Parisian label Disque Esperance, this beautiful slice of funk is seriously hard to lay your hands on and commands a high price when sold.

                                                                                                  So who is Jo Bisso? Not much is known, but a short yet prolific period in the 70's saw him turn out some mind blowing funk and disco music all with the French touch. Originally hailing from Cameroon Jo relocated to Paris which was a thriving hotbed for black music at the time. He worked with many key musicians and even wrote with Arthur Baker. Sookie finds Jo experimenting with the funk, so there is plenty of rhythm and some scorching horns. The vocals are provided by the legendary Jeannie Otis much famed for her work with Heiki Sarmanto.

                                                                                                  This is a limited edition press of 500 with no repress!

                                                                                                  Audio restoration by Sean P. Vinyl mastering by Curvepusher.

                                                                                                  Tokyo Matt / Mori Ra & Asn

                                                                                                  Balearico Cosmico Editsu

                                                                                                    On this new 12”, we present 3 big names of the digging scene: Tokyo Matt from the Otaku Soundsystem originally based in Hong-Honk, and Mori Ra & Asn from Tokyo Oyama Edit, well know for their releases on Curt Jackson Rotating Souls’s label.

                                                                                                    The 4 edits they are presenting are just out of this world. All very atmospheric, they are the ideal combination of space disco, Balearic rock, jazz, pop and fusion. Another EP to take very seriously.

                                                                                                    Hold the phone, those folks at the buy on sight African Shakedown imprint are branching out to the South American home of sun, sea and pubic topiary. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new generation of the Brazilian extravaganza! 'Brazilian Shakedown' brings you a selection of psychedelic remixes, edits and originals by the freshest Brazilian producers of today. Merging their cultural heritage with their hard earned understanding of contemporary dance music they create a unique musical style. The journey takes off with D-Edge Resident DJ Marcio Vermelho from Sao Paulo, who combines a bouncing Brazilian groove, mesmerizing synth stabs and a catchy Lijadu Sisters vocal hook in a way you never heard before. Next up,  one of Brazil's most talented new producers, Carrot Green from Rio, turns a Brazilian folk song into a deep and hypnotic house anthem with a Larry Heard bassline and transcendental guitar lines. Flip the disc to hear the head honcho Noema journey down the rabbit hole, turning two compositions with custom made marimba-like instruments into one trippy Balearic house jam. Thomash, part of the legendary Voodoohop collective from Sao Paulo rounds off this 12" by transforming a classical Brazilian round dance into an acidized late night procession.This beautiful vinyl only 12" comes with a cover illustration by Porto Allegre based artist Daniel Eizirik.

                                                                                                    The Districts

                                                                                                    The BBC Sessions

                                                                                                      The Districts release a 4 track live EP, originally recorded during their first visit to the UK earlier in the year. ‘The BBC Sessions’ was recorded at the legendary Maida Vale Studios in London and will be available as a special edition 12”.

                                                                                                      Fresh out of high school, the Lancaster County, PA foursome have perfected their own brand of authentic, soulful rock music. They first came to prominence when a one-take performance of their track ‘Funeral Beds’ was filmed at a local Philadelphia studio and immediately shot to the front page of Reddit, earning the video hundreds of thousands of plays on YouTube. Soon after, the band signed with Fat Possum and the resulting months have featured a whirlwind of live performances across the world, including a breathlessly received string of shows at this year’s SXSW, which have led the NME to declare them one of the best new bands in the world.

                                                                                                      Pissed Jeans

                                                                                                      Shallow / Throbbing Organ

                                                                                                        Sub Pop reissue Pissed Jeans’ 2005 full length punk classic along with their ‘Throbbing Organ’ single.

                                                                                                        ‘Shallow’, Pissed Jeans’ beautiful mess of a debut record, came out in 2005 on the Parts Unknown record label. It was the reason why Sub Pop initially fell in love with the Pennsylvania foursome.

                                                                                                        ‘Shallow’ has long been out of print on vinyl format and has been considered an eBay treasure for years.

                                                                                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                        CD Info: The CD will include a download code for the bonus
                                                                                                        tracks ‘Throbbing Organ’ and ‘Night Minutes’.

                                                                                                        Ltd LP Info: The LP format includes the ‘Throbbing Organ’
                                                                                                        single as a bonus 7”.

                                                                                                        Joan Shelley

                                                                                                        Electric Ursa

                                                                                                          ‘Electric Ursa’ is the second solo album by Joan Shelley. Recorded in her hometown of Lousiville, KY with producer Kevin Ratterman (My Morning Jacket, Andrew Bird, Houndmouth), the album is comprised of eight songs, startling in their quietness and closeness.

                                                                                                          The Chicago Reader wrote that “she sings with striking intimacy, as though addressing someone sitting just a few feet away.”

                                                                                                          Shelley has toured the US and Europe both solo and with her band (The June Brides).

                                                                                                          Her latest release, ‘Farthest Field’, (2012) was a duo album with Daniel Martin Moore, of which Jim James said was “destined to become a classic. It already is for those who know.”


                                                                                                          Plowing Into The Field Of Love

                                                                                                            ‘Plowing Into The Field Of Love’ is the bold and forceful third album from Copenhagen’s Iceage. Channelling the rage and emotion of their tempestuous early releases into finely honed musicianship, ‘Plowing Into The Field Of Love’ features piano, mandolin, viola and organ atop Johan Suurballe-Wieth’s razor-sharp guitars and the lolloping, synchronized rhythm section of Jacob Tvilling Pless and Dan Kjær Nielsen.

                                                                                                            The record has a clear, uncompressed sound and Elias Bender Rønnenfelt’s desperate vocals are out front, nakedly accountable for the words.

                                                                                                            On this album, Rønnenfelt sings of what it is like to be out in the world, dizzy with its offerings, perched on a plateau of false confidence, bliss, fantasy and delirious self-denial. ‘Glassy Eyed, Dormant And Veiled’ tells of a troubled father and son over a sombre and building minor-key chugging riff that builds and builds into a menacing chorus of horns and guitars, “Don’t think I did not hear you coming home, boy.”

                                                                                                            The autobiographical ‘Forever’ begins with a pretty repetitive motif over the words “I always had the sense that I was split in two” and climaxes with a sunburst of horns recalling South African spiritual jazz great Mongezi Feza: “If I could dive into the other, I’d lose myself forever.”

                                                                                                            At the other extreme, the album tends to a sort of euphoria, especially in the unexpectedly upbeat country number ‘The Lord's Favorite’ and even humour. Yet desperation and loss lurks behind. This is an album about seeing, learning and rejecting things, in a cycle that repeats and builds. The reference points are wildly varied - on a recent German radio show, the band played records by Abner Jay, Rowland S. Howard, Brian Eno and Coil - but the sound is uniquely and darkly Iceage.

                                                                                                            The record fights with itself, in the story it tells and the sound it makes. It is the challenging, anthemic sound of a band in motion, unafraid of change, filled with curiosity, musicality and ambition.

                                                                                                            Agnes Obel

                                                                                                            Aventine / Philharmonic - Deluxe Vinyl

                                                                                                              Reissue of both of Agnes Obel’s celebrated records, packaged together here for the first time on heavyweight black vinyl with inserted CD copies of each album in a full colour gatefold sleeve.

                                                                                                              Agnes Obel

                                                                                                              Aventine - Deluxe Edition

                                                                                                                Deluxe reissue of Agnes Obel’s acclaimed sophomore album available on double CD. Features three brand new songs, tracks recorded live in Berlin and Paris, plus two exclusive new mixes - a remix of ‘Fuel To Fire’ by renowned director and artist David Lynch and a reworking of ‘Dorian’ by Berlin whiz-kid Daniel Matz.

                                                                                                                The Subways

                                                                                                                My Heart Is Pumping To A Brand New Beat

                                                                                                                  UK rock/punk/pop band The Subways release limited edition 7" record, their first physical release since 2011 via their own label YFE Records/Cooking Vinyl.

                                                                                                                  The 7" vinyl features the new single, 'My Heart Is Pumping To A Brand New Beat', written, produced and mixed by the band’s singer Billy Lunn, as well as a further new track 'Taking All The Blame' recorded live by SWR/Dasding at Sousthside Festival in Germany.

                                                                                                                  “I wrote this track after I recently resolved a difficulty in my life as I was surrounded by the pulsing beats of my favourite songs and a throng of complete strangers crashing around the dance floor. Music has a wonderful power to heal wounds.” Billy

                                                                                                                  Bass Drum Of Death

                                                                                                                  Rip This

                                                                                                                    John Barrett returns with his second full length for LA label Innovative Leisure as Bass Drum of Death. Elevating Bass Drum of Death from the scrapheap of garage rock challengers fighting for attention, Rip This is BDoD’s most impressive record yet, combining the best elements of the American rock underground with a raw approach that’s original and exciting.

                                                                                                                    Bass Drum of Death’s appeal has always transcended the band’s roots in the local Oxford, Mississippi touring circuit where John Barrett first cut his teeth. Since his debut 7-inch on Fat Possum back in 2008, he’s realised this potential again and again, most notably with his genre-bending collaboration with Odd Future’s Mellowhype and a slot on the infamous Vinewood Boulevard radio station on the GTA V videogame. But it’s with Rip This that Barrett has really hit his stride.

                                                                                                                    The process has been markedly different throughout. For previous albums Bass Drum of Death (Innovative Leisure, 2013) and GB City (Inflated Records, 2011), Barrett wrote all the material himself at home and recorded it on a basic GarageBand setup. This time around, he enlisted drummer Len Clark as a fulltime member and collaborator and UMO bassist Jacob Portrait as producer. Over a two-week stint at Prairie Sun Studios in Sonoma County, California the trio created the first BDoD studio album.

                                                                                                                    Marianne Faithfull

                                                                                                                    Give My Love To London

                                                                                                                      Marianne Faithfull’s new album Give My Love to London will be released in September 2014. The album is produced by Rob Ellis & Dimitri Tikovoi and mixed by Flood. The band: guitars by Adrian Utley (Portishead), keyboards by Ed Harcourt, Rob Ellis (drums), Dimitri Tikovoi (bass) + string quartet, and special guests Warren Ellis and Jim Sclavunos (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds). Marianne has written most of the lyrics and the music was written by Nick Cave, Anna Calvi, Roger Waters, Pat Leonard, Tom McRae, Steve Earle.

                                                                                                                      Vashti Bunyan


                                                                                                                        ‘Heartleap’ is Vashti Bunyan's long-awaited third LP, the follow-up to 2005's Lookaftering (which received incredible press, radio and TV coverage). It was written, recorded, edited, arranged and played largely by Vashti herself in her Edinburgh home studio over the past 7 years, it is a unique and entrancing collection of 10 songs forming what Vashti is adamant will be her final album. Full Description

                                                                                                                        Nine years after ‘Lookaftering’, her last album of new material, legendary British singer-songwriter Vashti Bunyan returns with a breathtaking new LP. Recorded largely in her Edinburgh home studio over the past 7 years, ‘Heartleap’ is a unique and entrancing collection of 10 songs forming what Vashti is adamant will be her final album.

                                                                                                                        This third album follows her rediscovery - after thirty years in the wilderness - with the 2000 re-release of ‘Just Another Diamond Day’ (a cult classic that made # 53 in the Observer Music monthly’s ‘top 100 British albums of all time’), and the critical success of 2005’s ‘Lookaftering’. ‘Heartleap’ has a classic sound and sees her deliver an album where – for the first time – she herself has been in control of the whole process, from writing and arranging to playing and recording. Working predominantly from a studio set up in her Edinburgh home, the record reveals an artist at her peak, capturing her songs within fluid settings that masterfully marry content and form.

                                                                                                                        A more personal record, 'Heartleap' stands solely on the merits and patient endeavour of its author rather than being buoyed by and filtered through the cachet and collaborative creativity of a powerful supporting cast. It is ultimately a less mediated record, and one that Vashti feels is far closer to the vision she set out to realise. Vashti will play a run of UK tour dates in smaller settings with guitarist Gareth Dickson (her first since 2010) in support of the album, with more dates to be added in early 2015.

                                                                                                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                        Ltd LP Info: Includes limited, indies only artwork print, heavyweight vinyl and download card.

                                                                                                                        Walter "Whiz" Whisenhunt Orchestra Featuring Gloria Ann Taylor

                                                                                                                        Walter "Whiz" Whisenhunt Orchestra Featuring Gloria Ann Taylor

                                                                                                                          small town of about 15,000 souls in Dallas County, Alabama.
                                                                                                                          Soon she moves with her family in Minnesota where she grows up forming even musically.
                                                                                                                          Extremely devoted person, she begins at a very young age to sing gospel, a music genre that she never leave for life.

                                                                                                                          She was the first singer to open the way for female a cappella musical groups, to help form a rock band, the "Sweet Honey in the Rock" as well she contributed to the success of the singer Odetta.

                                                                                                                          Just at that time - we are in the early Seventies - she married the composer, arranger and conductor Walter Whisenhunt, with whom she moved to Los Angeles where she wrote and performed several soul and funk songs that still today are much in demand by enthusiasts, fan and collectors worldwide.

                                                                                                                          Her artistic career was very intense but unfortunately so very short as well as her marriage with W. Whisenhunt:
                                                                                                                          A couple of great artists often forgotten by the media and even more neglected by the major record companies. .

                                                                                                                          Mother's Finest

                                                                                                                          Dis Go Dis Way, Dis Go Dat Way / Baby Love

                                                                                                                          Groove Line Records kick off our Autumn series of properly licensed rare disco / funk reissues with Mother’s Finest “Dis Go Dis Way, Dis Go Dat Way.”

                                                                                                                          Hailing from Macon, Georgia, Mother's Finest were certainly not just another Southern Funk/Rock group. Taken from their Another Mother Further LP and represented here in it's 12” disco form, “Dis Go Dis Way, Dis Go Dat Way,” released as a single in 1977, exemplifies their raw, danceable Funk/Rock sound, raising them above many of their contemporaries.

                                                                                                                          A true force of nature “Dis Go...” opens with a full on, dynamic afro-latin, and eminently danceable percussion sequence up to 0m46s. This sets the strong tone and tempo before making way for the Sly-esque heavyweight funk guitar and keyboard chops. From that point on the solid groove and incessant guitar riff grab hold tightly, only letting go for the oh-so satisfying ascending and desceding bridge sections which, along with the male/female synchopated vocal refrain of the title, ramp up the tension to a crescendo. At 5m30s the crescendo makes way for the dense afro-latin percussion to return for the final minute before this sometimes overlooked dance floor monster fades, leaving you thirsty for more.

                                                                                                                          On the flip is another single from the same album, the funky mid-paced groover “Baby Love.” Featuring a tight, heavy, funk groove and the layered, passionate vocals of Joyce “Baby Jean“ Kennedy, “Baby Love” more than matches anything released by Rufus & Chaka. Check out the incredible synthesizer lead at 1m45s.

                                                                                                                          All Groove Line Records releases are fully licensed and taken from the original master tapes, remastered by Nick Robbins at Sound Mastering, and cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy (Mastering Engineer of the Year 2013). All vinyl is heavy weight 180g manufactured Optimal Media in Germany, one of the world’s finest pressing plants.

                                                                                                                          Groove Line Records cut no corners when making sure that each and every one of our releases has the highest quality performance possible.

                                                                                                                          Groove Line Records’ deluxe reissue of “Dis Go Dis Way, Dis Go Dat Way” is an essential purchase for any serious Disco or Funk vinyl collector who demands the very best in quality vinyl pressings.

                                                                                                                          Melja is Nathan Ifergan, a producer from Maisons-Alfort in France. Too young to attend our nighttime parties (sorry, dude) on his last visit, he came in contact with the world of Mister Saturday Night at Co-Op 87, a great little record store in Greenpoint. Inspired by what he heard on wax, he made three jams that fit perfectly into the party. Eamon and Justin have been caning them for months. They work every time.

                                                                                                                          Fear of Flying kick off the new year with the next instalment in their vinyl only series, enlisting the talents of Matthew Burton & Kate Rathod. ‘Cyberg’ has an atmosphere so thick you can cut it with a knife, a vocoded vocal and haunting pads imbuing the track with a distinct 4am feel. ‘Mr Magpie’ ups the ante slightly with swung percussion and fx. The lofty kick drum and twinkling synths of ‘8 Minute Abs’ and the subtle deep houser ’Hammer Top Logo' feature on the B side. Part 1 of 2.

                                                                                                                          Dixon Avenue Basement Jams returns with a late-summer BOMB tried & tested in the field with exemplary results. If you've managed to catch the DABJ DJ duo at one of their many outings in Continental Europe, as well as Jackmaster, Optimo and many others this summer, then this will surely be a welcome ID for the many of you who thought: "what the fuck is this?!". "Sulta Selects Vol. 1" is the opening gambit of Denis Sulta, pseudonym of a long-time collaborator here at Rubadub, working fearlessly in his studio under the cover of darkness up until now. Sulta's three-track offering serves up masterful edits tied together with his impeccable production work. On the A is "A.A.S (Night & Day Mix)", the track on everyone's lips and undoubtedly set to be one of the tunes of this year. And we don't band that kind of praise around lightly: this is genuinely HUGE. "A.A.L.A.S" kicks the B side off with a majestic filtered and chopped soul cut, and "Saturday Night" finally finishes off the parade with a blazing disco edit hand-built for post-Witching Hour workouts. This whole affair is pure club damage, destined to rock faders from the fjords to the floorboards.

                                                                                                                          Once again, this release is shipping with a limited print of Dan Axons art. This print is titled "Reggie" after the dog in the DABJ logo.

                                                                                                                          Fantastic all killer no filler compilation of sun-drenched gems from pop-soul legend Tina Turner. First up is the super cool mid-tempo house groove of Justin Strauss’s 12” Dance Mix of ‘Afterglow’ from 1986 which hit big across the dancefloors of Ibiza. Also included are outstanding covers of Led Zepplin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ and a great extended mix of Ann Peebles-penned ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’. Rounding things off we get a brilliant dubbed out instrumental version of ‘We Don’t Need Another Hero’ from the Mad Max soundtrack.

                                                                                                                          Quality reissue of the highly sought-after promo 12” of the legendary Idris Muhammed’s incredible 1977 disco classic ‘Could Heaven Ever Be Like This’- eight and a half mesmerising minutes of hypnotic slow-building disco-funk huge on the early NYC disco scene which became an anthem at Mancuso’s Loft parties and is still in high demand today. On the flip, ‘Tasty Cakes’ is a nice lighthearted disco bubbler but the clear go-to track on this side is the awesome hot funk groove of ‘Turn This Mutha Out’ as sampled by to great effect by Moodymann for his ‘Amerika’ KDJ release. Essential!

                                                                                                                          Quality reissue of Codek’s highly sought-after first release from 1980. This hard-to-find 12” version features the incredible full length six minute version of ‘Me, Me, Me’ a funky slo-mo New Wave floorfiller that originally found favour with Baldelli, Loda etc. on Italy’s early eighties Cosmic scene as well as the equally great instrumental ‘Demo’ version on the flip.

                                                                                                                          Dan Bodan


                                                                                                                            DFA are delighted to welcome Dan Bodan to the label's roster. Bodan

 mixes traditional song-writing with intricately textured electronic production.

                                                                                                                            "I write about the things I know, but it should be interesting for other people. So I want it to be like a really great roman-a-clef, or reading your older sisters diary." - Dan Bodan

                                                                                                                            Berlin based songwriter Dan Bodan was born in the wide open Canadian prairies and raised in Montreal. Reared on the city's underground noise and experimental music scene, Bodan moved to Berlin 8 years ago. Blossoming in the city's unique mixture of crumbling old-world European values, start-up philanthropy, sleepless techno and epic grey skies, he began writing songs to soundtrack his train rides through the city and make sense of it all. 

                                                                                                                            ‘Soft’ is a rose-scented journey through millennial love issues, which was co-produced with Physical Therapy and Ville Haimala (Renaissance Man) and features M.E.S.H., 18+, Great Skin, Latisha Faulkner, Dena Yago, and Stadium. The album artwork for ‘Soft’was designed by famed-artist Julien Ceccaldi who currently graces the cover of Artforum's Summer issue. The album will be available on Nov 17th via DFA records and a limited edition vinyl pre-order will soon be available.

                                                                                                                            Working together with a team of world-class producers, poets and artists, he writes songs to fit comfortably in that space between the finger and the mousepad, the bedroom and the club, the earth and the ether.

                                                                                                                            Museum Of Love

                                                                                                                            Museum Of Love

                                                                                                                              Museum of Love is the musical project of Pat Mahoney (founding member of LCD Soundsystem) and Dennis McNany (Jee Day). They have confirmed that their debut album, also entitled 'Museum of Love', will be released on October 13th via DFA.

                                                                                                                              Longtime friends in New York, McNany and Mahoney found a similar sensibility and a shared vocabulary for interpreting surroundings, something that began with their remix of Battles’ 'My Machines feat. Gary Numan' and extended into their creation of a full length record together.

                                                                                                                              Naming their duo in ode to Daniel Johnston’s song of the same named, Mahoney divulges, “I had always loved the song, and had been thinking of what such an edifice would contain when we were trying to name the project.” McNany continues, “Pat’s a sculptor, I’m a painter, we make music and museums are sacred spaces and love is an elusive thing.”

                                                                                                                              McNany did most of the songwriting as well as production and instrumentation, while Mahoney is on vocals and of course, drums, but Museum of Love was an entirely collaborative process as the two edited and arranged tracks in the studio. Mahoney says the process of collaboration was energizing, while McNany simply explains, “making the record was pure pleasure. Waiting for it to come out has been the hardest thing.”

                                                                                                                              Johnny Marr


                                                                                                                                Last year saw Johnny Marr enjoy a rapturous start to his solo career following the critical acclaim (included the honour of being named as NME’s Godlike Genius) greeted to his Top 10 debut solo album ‘The Messenger’. Meanwhile his shows were celebrated for his ability to combine the best of his new material with select highlights from The Smiths plus others from his extensive back catalogue.

                                                                                                                                Johnny Marr’s upwards trajectory continues unabated with the release of his second solo album ‘Playland’ which is out on October 6th on Warners. Work on ‘Playland’ commenced in London in the Spring as soon as the year of touring in support of ‘The Messenger’ came to a close. It finds Marr continuing the creative connection that was forged on ‘The Messenger’ with collaborator and co-producer Doviak as well as the other musicians who performed on the album and accompanying tour.

                                                                                                                                As Johnny states: "When The Messenger came out I kept on writing. I liked that the band had a momentum going on tour and a connection with the audience, and I thought that energy would be good to capture on the new record."

                                                                                                                                Written around a common theme of “songs that move at the speed of life,” ‘Playland’ captures much of the spirit that made ‘The Messenger’ so memorable with energetic, post-punk songwriting complemented by Johnny Marr’s characteristic guitar style, thought-provoking lyrical ideas and poised vocal phrasing. "It's important to sound like your environment and on this record that's London and Manchester,” he adds. “The feeling of the cities and the people make it into the music."

                                                                                                                                The title ‘Playland’ is inspired by ‘Homo ludens’, a 1938 book by the highly influential Dutch cultural theorist Johan Huizinga which explores the concept of play as a precursor and principal element of cultural development.

                                                                                                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                                                Andy says: Even better than his debut, Johnny rips up the rule book with an impossibly vibrant, melodic follow-up album that once more draws on his post-punk/new-wave pop roots. Bottle up and EXPLODE!!

                                                                                                                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                                Ltd LP Info: Limited Edition Aqua Blue Coloured LP. 1000 copies only, indies EXCLUSIVE!!

                                                                                                                                Steve Cobby


                                                                                                                                  Hull's finest son, Fila Brazilia's Steve Cobby returns with his first solo material in 18 years and it is well worth the wait. Released on his new Declasse imprint, "Saudade" sees the veteran producer superbly weave a lifetime of influences and experiences into a panoramic world view spread across twelve expressionistic soundscapes. Across four sides of pristine white wax, Cobby marries vibrant rhythm and playful melody, alternating irresistible grooves with the horizontal beauty of blissed out orchestration. The producer has scattered the album with souvenirs from all corners of the globe, be it the Caribbean pans of "Melismatic", the African thumb pianos of "Passerines" or the West Coast funk of "Clawfist" and "Why Sleep Through Your Dreams?". While the LP boasts plenty of hypnotic grooves to get lost in, but also delights on the more concise cuts, such as the jazzy "Rapelle" and the atmospheric "The End Of A Perfect Death". Essential for fans of our Balearic selections or the textured downbeat of Nightmares On Wax, "Saudade" is a strong contender for my album of the year. I'll leave it to our good friend boggy to have the last word...
                                                                                                                                  "Those of you not aware of Steve Cobby will be one of two things. Young or tone deaf. Here is a solo album inflected with indescribable feeling of Saudade. True craftsmanship." - James Holroyd (Back To Basics, Bugged Out)

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