Nabu Network is a colourful journey into the musical mind of Sorcerer (Daniel Saxon Judd). Soulful Balearic tempos and tropical tones swim with sparkling guitars and uplifting melodies on this awesome pan-global journey from the disco to the rainforest.

This exciting release is the first 12" on Universal Cave Records and features some of the California artist's strongest works to date.

The EP is made up of three original Sorcerer jams and a Universal Cave remix. Sorcerer's legacy continues to float on with Nabu Network.

"Panic Room 9" is the latest release from Starch Records. A collaboration between beat makers Ill Move Sporadic and world renowned battle rapper Tenchoo. Full of heavy, original breaks matched by equally weighty basslines and a rich sonic tapestry, the record harks back to the glory days of UK rap; with deft lyricism (and great subject matter), unfathomably slick flow and infectious hooks. Jason Williamson, front man of Sleaford Mods makes a punchy and fitting appearance on "Who's On The One", solidifying this as an essential piece of British hip-hop. A wonderful LP, the likes of which we don't see much here at Piccadilly HQ these days. RIYL: Blackalicious, DJ Food, Dilated Peoples, Sleaford Mods, Grand Central Records, The Roots etc etc. 

Back in stock Cover of Lagos New York / Zombie Jamboree by Africaine 808.

Africaine 808

Lagos New York / Zombie Jamboree

Berliners Dirk Leyers and Nomad got a bit obsessed by the Roland TR-808 analogue drum machine. They programmed the machine to lay poly-rhythms over global drum and percussion tracks, fascinated - and sometimes puzzled - by the 808's own characteristically sudden swing and accent changes, and named it "Africaine 808" - their third and first band member.

In the first year of their musical joint venture, the three spent quite some time in remixing and editing some of their favourite African and tropical funk tunes, transforming the old gold into modern DJ and dancefloor-friendly gold+. The sound of organic grooves mixed with 808-beats and analogue synthesizer basslines became soon a trademark sound, and more and more samples got replaced by live played guitar, bass, organ and percussion. The trio experimented with different tempos and styles ranging from slow cumbia and exotic rumba themes to island-funk and percussive disco, electro and house.

Reminiscent of the swath of African electrodisco artists from the early / mid / 80s (Manu Dibango, William Onyeabor, Hugh Masekela, Francis Bebey etc) as well as the Compass Point experiments in Nassau, this is 100% sonic voodoo. Essential!

Marlena Shaw

Liberation Conversation / Woman Of The Ghetto

Taken from the brilliant "Spice Of Life" LP, both these tunes capture the spirit of soul-jazz in 69 and are an essential addition to the crate. "Liberation Conversation" is a hot slice of dancefloor jazz backed with some smoking organ work. Filled with energy you can practically see Marlena dancing around in her prime. From start to finish it's a customized Marlena Shaw track that'll bring on the 'dang-giddy-dang-dang' sing-along every time. The instantly recognizable "Woman Of The Ghetto" is best known to many as the vocal sample used in Blueboy's dancefloor filler "Remember Me". Downtempo and filled with soul, this social-anthem is an amazing display of a soul singer's ability to evoke mass emotion without screaming into a microphone. Perfect for the first-half of the night and putting the attention solidly on the music.

The land of the holy Balearic Blah Blah posse present another great limited package! First up is Angel - an ultra-rare demo version of a track by Italian pop legend Luc Bat. The original version of this track came out as a B-side of a 1973 single and is a fierce critique of the Catholic Church. This demo version only surfaced in the 2011 on unofficial CD for a mag dedicated to rare Italian music and was limited to 500 copies. Whereas the original had a sweet pop/tribal psychedic feel, this longer studio jam version has a totally different more ambient arrangement and atmosphere. Mars & Jupiter deliver three superb versions - the cleaned and tweaked ‘Numero Uno Vocal Mix’, the hypnotic loopy ‘Never Slave Mix’ and finally a long instrumental ‘Moonboot Footprint Dub’ which rises to a great crescendo. Also included is a chugging dreamy floor-friendly dub version of an Italian songstress’s Balearic classic. Don’t miss - these always sell out fast.

Back in stock Cover of 816 To Nunhead by Chaos In The CBD.

Chaos In The CBD

816 To Nunhead

Amadeus sees it's catalogue graced yet again by New Zealand outfit Chaos In The CBD. The kiwi brothers, birthed Ben & Louis Helliker-Hales, are no new faces to the label, or the wide variety of genre-bending acronyms they encompass. Having recently relocated from tropical Auckland to damp London earlier this year, the two take their productions along with them in their latest efforts, 816 To Nunhead. Title track and aside, "816 To Nunhead," is tinged with what's left of summer. A nostalgic tune built for the sun and soaked in funk. It's a track reminiscent of early french disco, almost as if built for the two robots themselves. Guitar plucks and hi hats flow seamlessly throughout the tune, aided by a glorifying vocal, "I would like to think of my music as just an extension, an extension of me of today or whatever." What emotion of freedom and escape evoked on the Aside can be contrasted on the flip, "78 To Stanley Bay," a tune built behind the every looming theme of loneliness. Accompanied by a live trumpet courtesy of Isaac Aseeli, '78 To Stanley Bay' tells us a story, or rather a journey, built behind dirty hats and delayed keys. This is a track fashioned for everywhere but the club, and we absolutely love that.


I Sing In Silence

    New music from Goat is always a time for celebration, and we are excited to announce the bands return with a 7” of brand new material. Last year Goat released the single It’s time for fun which saw the band experimenting with drum machines, which brought a different pulse to their tribal psych. And this desire to explore new sounds continues with their new single I Sing in Silence. But instead of ‘plugging in’ new instruments the band have ‘unplugged’ and created an addictive groove with mostly un-amped, acoustic instruments. Elastic guitar lines, woodblock percussion, and flutes which drive the song are enveloped by one of the strongest vocal deliveries by the bands enigmatic singers, resulting in a powerful and catchy psych-pop number.

    The B side is an instrumental called The Snake of Addis Ababa, is a looping North African mantra played on a teasing fuzzed guitar underpinned by a djembe groove. The repetitive mantra is disrupted by piano that freely solos over the groove, and a pounding drum lifts the song to a seriously head-nodding conclusion. This single is further proof that, in a world of similar sounding and similar looking psych bands, Goat are standing completely out on their own and we are all the better for it. This summer the band will be busy writing, recording, and blowing people’s minds across Europe’s greatest stages. 


    Ltd 7" Info: Limited transparent yellow vinyl edition.

    Happy Meals

    Fruit Juice

      Fruit Juice is the first new recorded material from Glasgow-based electronic avant pop duo Happy Meals since the intense aftermath of Apéro, their debut album which garnered a place in the Scottish Album Of The Year final 10. Shorter in scale but sharpened and expanded, Fruit Juice takes the tender experimental beginnings and unabashed pop moments of ther first LP into undiscovered countries glowing with possibility. Since Apéro’s release at the end of 2014, Suzanne Rodden and Lewis Cook have toured the globe, from Moscow to Bangalore via various European festivals, and have honed their dynamics live, in the moment, improvising and twisting the beat into new forms.

      As their live show has become more visceral and cinematic, Fruit Juice documents the duo’s new confidence. Run Around opens the E.P., with a sun-soaked tropicalia as conceived by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Rodden’s vocals warped into wordless peons to the rising sun. Lá Lá-bas reaquaints the listener to Rodden’s Franco-Gallic tendancies, but this time Happy Meals reveal a sparse melancholy, with spacious percussion and synth fragments giving way to one of the group’s most immediate moments to date. If You Want Me Now is pop music, pure and from the source. Alternating between French and English, Rodden recreates the live persona that has emerged since the group’s beginnings; an unrestrained performer bringing the innate sensuality beneath Happy Meals’ surface exploding into the light. Cook’s production work here sounds fresh and classic simultaneously, a glorious Jacno tribute enthralled to House music and Italo Disco.

      Fruit Float, opening Side 2, brings us back up into the cosmos, with arpeggiated synths from Cook’s synth arsenal duetting with a flute solo before Suivez-Moi delivers another pop song worthy of eternal repeat, a slice of electro not unlike the heady heights of Dare!-era Human League. Seductive and irresistible, it precedes the biggest step-up in Happy Meals’ history, the acid-fried Now That You Have Me: ostensibly a high-BPM remix of If You Want Me Now that hints at the insanity of the final moments of a Happy Meals live show. Released as a limited to 500 12” featuring marble-painted artwork hand-made by the band, Fruit Float precedes Happy Meals’ 2nd full length album, being prepared for October release. Each copy of Fruit Float will be different and feature a digital download.

      Olivier Carrié aka Uncle O chose to explore this effervescent and eclectic inter-zone for 'Cosmic Machine, The Sequel'. A second opus that takes us a bit further in time to introduce us to the dark corners of a French musical landscape where recording studio workaholics like Jean-Pierre Massiera or Roger Roger produced endless strings of records that challenged the laws of gravity (and sometimes the laws of good taste), where teenage heartthrob singer Alain Chamfort launched Araxis into space with a few synth notes, where drummer Cerrone enrolled in the Brigades Mondaines for the charms of a cover girl imagined by Gérard de Villiers and where the Anarchic System, The Peppers, Moon Birds or Arpadys dreamed of winning a one-way ticket to the moon. Some managed to land on our satellite, but all of them contributed to the space conquest aboard the Cosmic Machine. Châtelet Metro Station, Cassiopeia-bound vessel, the odyssey is just starting.


      Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

      Magic Potion

      Pink Gum

        Stockholmʼs Magic Potion – formed by Gustaf Montelius, Andreas Sandberg and Kristoffer Byström and now joined by Johan Harrius – burst out of nowhere in the spring of 2015 with the debut single ”Deep Web”, a home-recorded gem that brought the attention of bloggers all around the world. Soon the debut EP Melt, including the single ”Booored”, was released via PNKSLM Recordings and Beech Coma to acclaim from the likes of NME, KEXP, The Line of Best Fit and Noisey – warped out slacker pop of the best kind, recorded on an old reel-to-reel, it instantly wormed its way into the ears and hearts of its listeners.

        Now Magic Potion are finally able to unveil their debut album Pink Gum. The fruits of over a yearʼs work, Pink Gum includes “Deep Web” and “Booored” from the Melt EP along with eight new tracks that truly fifinds the band coming into their own. Terrific melodies and songwriting, all recorded on the same old reel-to-reel and self-produced by the band itʼs a marvelous debut from one of Swedenʼs most exciting new acts, with lead single “Milk” showing the way.

        Ninja Tune are proud to announce the release of a new album, 'I AKA I', from Ash Koosha. Born in Iran and currently living in London, Ash makes the kind of “mind-bending electronic music” (Pitchfork), which has had the cognoscenti buzzing for months.

        Working mainly with his own field recordings, treating each sampled source as a physical object, Koosha squeezes, stretches, distorts and moulds units of sound before using a background in classical music - both Persian and Western - gleaned from his time at the Tehran Conservatory of Music to structure and shape the result into affecting, original and often beautiful movements - a process he calls “finding geometry in sounds.”

        Koosha has already lived and done more than most artists do in a lifetime, not least being imprisoned in Iran for his music and having to seek asylum in the UK. More important to him are his current activities, from film and synaesthetic experiments to FACT Albums of the Year and support from the likes of Run The Jewels and Empress OF, to an interest in virtual reality which will lead to a world’s first VR “experience” of his new album, at special ‘viewings’ next year. His process sounds technical and the results are both destructive as well as constructive, but the resulting album 'I AKA I' is also fundamentally human, and that’s set to take Koosha to a whole new level.

        Little Caesar And The Romans / Sandra Meade

        Fever / Fever

        Two cracking covers of the evergreen popcorn standard 'Fever'. On the top side, from 1961 we have a seductive, swaggering turn from Little Caesar with doo wop style / group backing vocals from the Romans. Meanwhile, on the flip is Sandra Meade's sexy and sassy 1956 rendition with wild, wailing horn accompaniment.

        Mammal Hands are a trio of like-minded musicians: Nick Smart on piano, Jesse Barrett on drums and tabla, and Jordan Smart on saxophones. 'Floa' is their second album for Gondwana Records and in the 18 months since their debut, 'Animalia', they have carved out a growing following both here and abroad for their hypnotic fusion of jazz, folk and electronica.

        Drawing on a rich well of influences from Sufi and shamanic African trance music, Irish and Eastern European folk music, to Steve Reich and Philip Glass and more contemporary electronica influences, their music is built around deceptively simple sounding ideas that are lent power through the use of repetition and rhythmic loops. They have been compared to both Portico Quartet and GoGo Penguin for the way in which they navigate the choppy waters between contemporary dance music and jazz.

        'Floa' (an old Norse word that means to deluge or to flow) is the sound of a more confident, experienced band: one that has grown together naturally through touring and gigging and through mammoth writing and rehearsal sessions where all three bring rhythmic, improvisational and melodic ideas to the table. 'Floa' was recorded at Gondwana's home from home, 80 Hertz Studios in Manchester, reuniting the band with producer Matthew Halsall and features some of the Gondwana Orchestra strings who played on Halsall's acclaimed album 'Into Forever'. Together they have crafted a wonderful sounding record, the richness of which perfectly illuminates the band's music.

        The Fruit band's fleeting existence was only recently revealed by the discovery of a few unsold copies of their sole 1978 single, 'Say It' (released on Cypress Records), which quickly became a cult showpiece for savvy DJs and collectors. Athens Of The North has since reached out to Cypress Studios of Jacksonville, Florida and discovered a complete album of the group's stylish, dancefloor-smashing funk and deep disco on tape, unreleased for over 30 years. Featuring a collection of 10 party-starting disco-funk killers, jazz-funk, boogie and soul, it's amazing that none of these tracks were considered worthy of release back in the day.


        LP Info: The vinyl LP is presented in a thick cardboard tip-on sleeve.


        If You Dance Tonight / Say Yeah

        Athens Of The North bring us their second and final release from Billy Bruner T'Spoon out of his obscure Oil Capital Record Label. 'If You Dance Tonight' is almost unknown boogie spin you're never gonna find an original of. On the flip 'Say Yeah' is  1980s sweet soul ballad years ahead of the pack, IAOTN boss DJ Fryer have a soft spot for this one - it's one of his favourite end of nighters. Strictly 500 copies only with no repress.

        The very definition of deep funk, this record was a huge spin for Keb Darge in the early 2000s. Not only brilliant, but very very rare ($2000+ for an OG), New World's 1974 cut 'The World To-Day' is not only respected by collectors, but also a total dancefloor smasher. Originally recorded for Philadelphia's Virtue Records (named after the label's owner Frank Virtue), the track has now been kindly licensed to Athens Of The North by Frank's daughters. AOTN had a long search for the cleanest copy they could find to master from.

        Little George N' The Mixed Generation

        Listen / Party

        Athens Of The North reissue another super rarity from the Virtue label here. Lifted from a 7" that's so obscure it's not even well known on the Funk45 scene, although noted collectors Ian Wright and DJ Shadow have played it out in the past. Both sides are solid kid funk with a weird cool vibe that makes this 45 totally unique. Don't expect to see the OG for less than $1500 - not that you WILL ever see it!

        Did somebody say Athens Of The North 12"? For the label's first foray into the land of the large format singe they bring us the unreleased full length version of the original Symbol 8 classic "I Thought You Wanted To Dance". The track was featured on American Band Stand in the late 70s but failed to make it for the usual reasons (luck, management and distribution) but that is no marker of quality, these tracks are disco and modern soul anthems. Charlie Adams versatile vocal flipping into falsetto with ease while the band holds the solid groove is a special thing. On the flip-side is later and very different version of "I Thought You Wanted To Dance', plus AOTN's DJ Fryer's personal favourite and long time spin 'Call Me'. Essential as always.

        Birdbone Unlimited

        Heart Attack / Not Gonna Stop

        “Heart Attack”: This is your Uncle Junior’s funk - that Stacy Adams, Black Love incense, Hai Karate groove providing the quintessential backdrop to primping for a night at the spot. Not the club, mind you, or the bar…but the spot. “Don’t Stop” The team of Brian Ellis and Tim Tucker deliver another sure shot with what those in the know like to call that “up-tempo, feelgood, ass-wiggling jheri curl music.” Wallflowers need not apply. 


        7" Info: Comes in hand-spraypainted sleeve.

        Sun Ra And His Myth Science Solar Orchestra

        Sleeping Beauty

        By the late 70s the Saturn record label had become a musical newspaper, keeping the world abreast of the latest developments in the Sun Ra story, for those people lucky enough to find the few outlets where the albums were on sale. Sun Ra was releasing more records on his own label than ever before - at least six LPs document his activities in 1979 alone! From that year, "Sleeping Beauty" became one of his best loved albums and remains so to this day. The line up of 28 (!) musicians move effortlessly between subtle melody and more avant garde passages, creating one of Ra's most accessible works.

        Psychic Mirrors

        Nature Of Evil

          Cosmic Chronic Records, in association with Peoples Potential Unlimited & Gangster Groove America, proudly announces Psychic Mirrors' debut LP, "Nature of Evil." VINYL PRE-ORDER ONLY. Super HiFi digital download cards will be included in each vinyl purchase. 


          Pleasure Cruise / Acid Dreaming

          AIMES brings everything good to this release from sun-kissed synths to chimes lapping around your dancing feet, this sort of post-disco can be found on "PLEASURE CRUISE". On the flip, "ACID DREAMING" is an electro- futurist vision of the journey beyond consciousness to realms unknown. Out on the TUGBOAT EDIT spin-off STAR CREATURE

          The second of the Fluxion releases to arrive this week, but unlike "Prospect", which was released in 1999 (!!!) this is actually BRAND NEW! The arch dub house submariner rolls out four lost beauties, featuring the pensive, breezing skank of "Outerside" and the billowing, richly detailed and organic dub forms of "Circa" up top, backed with the meanest, coiled sea snake of a groove in the 9 minute dub-noise-techno of "Enhancement, and knotted undercurrent of loping dub in "Equilibirum". What's striking is that over 17 years Fluxion's sound hasn't changed that much - it didn't need to. Was it unbelievably ahead of the park 17 years ago, or does it sound dated now? The answer to both of these questions is no. Fluxion exist in a moment undefined by linear time, instead an omnipresent force in the infinite of organic being. This is the very essence of the universe, the cosmos, mother nature and human spirit, all distilled into our audio spectrum but in reality occupying a much broader range of frequencies. Godlike.

          Shit Robot reunites with Nancy Whang for a sharp blast of raw yet fun banging acid house. "Lose Control" carries Whang's delectable voice into a sweaty, top-off main room akin to Homoelectric @ Legends here in Manchester circa 2008 - fierce, impalpable energy from beginning to end. Help together by a buoyant and aggressive acid line, sizzling hot drums, Nancy's half-singing half-chanting vocal delivery should unite the floor into a writhing gurning mess! For the creative DJs out there, Spender Parker offers up some handy vocal stems to mix over another track or simply to tease in the orginal. He continues his work on the flip where he offers up two remixes of the OG. His "Workmix" is a straight up, heads down stomper, giving the floor its marching orders to jack as a rib-shaking kick careers unrelenting through rising sirens, wobbly sub and Whang's vox. Finally, we get Parker's "Workdub" - essential the same remix but with the vocal elements removed for just a wild techno romp for extended strobe machine abuse. Excellent stuff.


          Planet 4

            Keeping with the rough release rate of an album every couple of years, Prime Numbers label boss Trus'me is back with his fourth full length, Planet 4.

            Featuring nine cuts of intergalactic Techno and once again marking a considerable sonic evolution for this acclaimed UK artist.

            Never one to do the same trick twice, David James Wolstencroft uses his latest album as a vehicle for his own interest in deep space, physics and dark matter.

            It is those subjects that have occupied his mind in recent years, and those subjects that inform this brilliantly otherworldly album.  Where previous LPs have variously been funk and soul heavy, or openly analogue and physical, this one is a more subtle and supple Techno affair that is as cerebral as it is seductive.

            Starting with a monologue that suggests that man has already landed on Mars, '1979' is a cut that immediately places you somewhere in orbit. Spooky synths and sci-fi sounds are eerie and atmospheric and very much set a perfect tone.

            From there, there is slow, elastic and unsettling mood music on 'The Unexplained', deep and insular Techno on 'Dark Flow' and trippy Dan Bell style minimalism on 'Ring Round Heart'. The second half of the LP touches on chunky dub, manic and melodic grooves.

            This is a coherent statement that holds together conceptually and musically.
            As well as providing plenty of dynamite for the more discerning dance floor, Planet 4 is also a delightfully detailed affair that will work just as well on headphones late at night.

            After whetting our appetites with the Aperol Spritz of his recent ‘Tabarin’ 12” on Highwood, Phil Mison returns with the first Cantoma LP in six years, a gorgeous collection of summery moods and sultry grooves called ‘Just Landed’. Guitar in hand, the Cafe Del Mar legend leads us through shimmering heat haze to a distant horizon where azure waves meet an endless blue sky.

            Sophisticated from the off, the set stretches into life with the delicate guitars, dreamy chimes and swaying rhythm of 12” cut ’Tabarin’. Appearing here in its original form, ‘Tabarin’ soundtracks la dolce vita of the Mediterranean, sweeping through Capri, San Antonio and Casablanca on a swell of swooning strings, sun kissed trumpets and airy flute. The beachfront soul of previous single ‘Alive’ finds Bing Ji Ling musing on Tibetan mindfulness over Phil’s gentle samba groove, before the titular ‘Just Landed’ reclines on the beach, looking out to where the waves chase the sun over the horizon. Phil delivers a touch of dub on ‘Echo’, laying a fluid foundation of limber bass and circular steel drums for Suad Khalifa’s soaring vocals, before the stunning ‘Abando’ brings us to the halfway point. A collaboration with Balearic legend and former Finis Africae member Javier Bergia, the track pairs Bergia’s emotive vocals with Phil’s cascading guitar licks, before cinematic strings offer a panoramic view of the coastline. The flamenco guitar and insistent backbeat of ‘Tali Lumi’ offers a subtle change of pace, while the African drums, dreamy harp and future primitive melodies of ‘Vialas Journey’ hint at the rich vegetation of tropical climes. ‘Clear Coast’ drifts in on the jet stream as Brenda Ray’s whispered vocals glide over a verdant blend of guitar, synth and melodica, transporting us to a distant cliff top where the piano led beauty of ‘Sea Of Blue’ fills the air. Before the sun sets on ‘Just Landed’, there’s still enough time to bask in the warmth of ‘Claudio’s Theme’, an expansive excursion into transcendent chords, hazy guitars and clear summer skies co-written by Shoom founder Danny Rampling.

            ‘Just Landed’ finds Phil Mison in imperious form, showing off a lifetime of musical experience and calling on a who’s who of Balearic legends to help him deliver the finest Cantoma LP to date.

            “The past is past, the future not yet risen…the only thing we really have is now.”
            Sogyal Rinpoche

            • Darkened techno mutations by
            • RIYL Raime / Blackest Ever Black, Preserved Instincts etc.
            • 300 Copies

            Captivating slab of cyborganic techno sensations by northern Italy’s Riccardo Mazza (from the Lettera 22 duo), making his full solo vinyl debut for iDEAL Recording on the heels of their outstanding John Duncan release.

            Mazza is a veteran of the same, Treviso-based punk scene that spawned Ninos Du Brasil, and he’s made a probing transition from noisy rock music thru to more abstract, rhythm-based and electronic realms over the years, landing at the coruscating industrial tones of UNFIT via freeform, bad-vibing releases for the Second Sleep label, among other, prime Italian imprints such as Hundebiss and Holidays Records.

            Operating on the liminal edge of minimal techno, post-industrial and concrète ambience, his productions are ripe for darker-minded dancefloors, sustaining a momentum and gloomy pallor that doesn’t shift from start to finish, coursing thru from the coiled title track, thru the Kenji Kawai-sampling, panic-inducing stepper Height, to the muddied trample of Come Back and the Raime-like Loss, to buckle and wretch with the bloody-nosed electro of Edge and a slow stygian punt entitled Unplaced.

            It’s a must-check if yr into Hospital Productions, Preserved Instincts, Blackest Ever Black…

            Elon Katz (White Car, Streetwalker) aligns perfectly with Diagonal in a prickling debut vocal release, 'The Human Pet'; his first original solo issue in four years, containing an intensely personal, puckered perspective on electronic dance music and experimental pop.

            Structured around a schizoid yet coherent juncture of EBM, IDM, curdled rock music and art school techno-pop, 'The Human Pet' is riddled with idiosyncratic notions on “cryptic topics like rebirth, nullification in stream speed adaptivity, dependence and wealth inequality” to portray a unique intellect and sonic vocabulary operating at the crux of his expressive powers.

            The project began circa 2012, around the time of Katz’s relocation from L.A. to art school in Chicago, and cocks a canny snook, both thru candid lyrics and obsessive edits, back towards the megatropolis where he was born and spent much of his youth. It can therefore be considered an attempt to better understand himself in relief of big city manias by channelling and parsing his own stubborn outsider personality from the madness.

            To our ears it feels like a concise dissection of Chicago’s industrial history and Californian digital psychedelia; probing at their twisted, fluoro guts with the inquisitive nature of a mad scientist or psycho-analyst between the yelping, warped and hyper-piquant yacht boogie of 'The Rhino Powder of New Sensitivity' and a heavily affected dislocation of harmonised pop hooks and whirring body mechanics in 'Clean Crash'.

            It all occupies a strange perch between introspective and exuberant, veering from mid-‘90s AFXian pop rephlexion in 'You Are Alone', to signature Diagonal tackle in the gas-chugging EBM-pop force of 'The Human Pet', whereas Unarmed twists into fractal phantasia, all of which maintain a thread of logic that belies the record’s vintaging period of refinement and distillation.

            There can be little doubt that this is one of the most complex, rigorous and distinctive in Diagonal’s catalogue. Closer attention is required. File amidst records by Luc Van Acker, Aphex Twin, Savant, Powell…

            Australia is known for its Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef, the vast desert wilderness and unique animal species including kangaroos and duck-billed platypuses; but is also known for its well-crafted music output and deep love for optimistic sensual tunes. This is the case here with the first release of a mysterious project called Ponzu Island, there is absolutely no info available on the artist, so let your ears judge without prejudice. His first effort comes in the form of a 3 track EP including "Super Koto", "Ponzu Beach" and "Ponzu Logic", they sound like if Morgan Geist and Todd Terje took some acid and locked themselves in a room with a sea view, a synth, and a computer. Welcome to Ponzu Island.

            To complete the EP the label counted with Andras Fox, another Aussie who has already gained much respect for his simply-perfect micro house productions (btw don't miss his live set if you ever have the chance). Andras revisits the track "Super Koto" in the form of an extended mix with a slower bpm and his magic touch here and there. On the flip side Apersonal's local producer Trujillo does his usual thing remixing "Ponzu Logic", closing the EP into a deep and darker territory. By now you will be in the middle in the desert asking yourself how you got there..

            Jonathan Kusuma

            Black Magic EP - Inc. Mascaras Remix

              Jakarta based Jonathan Kusuma delivers a new EP on Cocktail d'Amore Music. After his European debut on Cosmo Vitelli's I'm A Cliche, followed by a successful EP on Berlin's imprint Love On The Rocks, the Indonesian artist keeps carrying the vessel of the Far East sound.

              The title track Black Magic is a fat disco-tribal inspired groove that builds fast, eventually climaxing with a cloud of acid synths and mystical vocals. Japanese duo Mascaras, Chida and Cos/Mes' 5ive, straighten up the groove giving a 4/4 beats restyling. The result is a Proto-Techno, Trance influenced soundscape, for foggy late-night dancefloors.

              Urban Sorcery is an Italo inspired maze of proto-acid synthesizers, sounding like an enchanted concrete-covered forest. 90's house inspired Redvox is an experiment of cosmic influences. As the vocal becomes part of the groove, the long pads fuel this spaceship pushing it to the borders of time and space.

              Back in stock Cover of Happy Song / Erucu by Mr K.
              New York's Most Excellent Unltd give the disco jocks a treat this week, slapping a pair of Danny Krivit's finest floor-burners on either side of a 7". If you've been around for a minute or two, you'll know that Mr K's edits are the stuff of legend and these two are no exception. Opening the set in tribal fashion, Danny drops "Happy Song", a wall shaking DJ tool built out of the short percussion intro of the Rare Earth cut of the same name. Krivit utilises successive crescendos to build tension and release, putting the crowd firmly under his voodoo spell. "Erucu" originally appeared on the 'Mahogany' soundtrack in 1974, and, despite being barely more than a minute in length, quickly became an essential part of many club jocks' sets (if you've never heard Baldelli drop it, you've never lived!). Danny's edit is a textbook example of the art of extending a mix, as he takes tiny segments of the bass-heavy original and teases them into a building, energetic, five-minute banger ripe for peaktime play. 

              "Prospect" marks the first of salvo of classic Fluxion reissues. Long out of print and originally released on Chain Reaction in 1999/2000. Some tracks have never been released on vinyl before! Essential dub techno masterpiece that laid the groundwork for a complete musical movement - often imitated but never beaten! Side A is given to two phases of "Prospect" - the very epitome of a gravity defying floatation device of complete cushioned bliss. As reverberated element bounce around the stereo field rich, delicate analogue artifacts prick the sense and permeate through the soul, only to be further enhanced by rich but balance bass frequencies occasionally bubbling from beneath. On the flip "Oblique" demonstrates the much used dub-techno skank that would typify much of Basic Channel and Chain Reaction's output. Somehow managing to give both a nod to the Rasta's and to the techno heads over the course of just a simple hypnotic loop! I guess it's that kind of intangible magic that made these records so sought after. Highly sought after dub techno history - don't sleep!

              BB is back with the 10th 'Special Edition' release also featuring New Kid on the Block ' Dave B' with a tribute to the exceptional works of the San Fran maestro.

              Always with love and always with care X

              Out Late May 2016 on that 12 inch Black Wax from all the right wreckka stows!


              The Masters Series Vol 2

              Ali Heron The man behind OOFT! Music & Foto Recordings. Delivers a stunning 2 track release for Vol 2 in the Masterworks Music Series.

              Pressed on 10 Inch Vinyl in a tasty Sleeve. 

              The Exacters Feat. Roxie Ray

              Ain't Gonna Lie

              If you like headbobbing grooves the raw voice of a soul diva and proper funk horns you'll dig The Exacters' latest groove bag "Ain't Gonna Lie" featuring Roxie Ray. The aside on this latest edition to the Our Label Records catalogue starts off with an intriguing guitar lick and builds up to a fully blown soul funk dance track. On the flip of this exclusive and limited Funk 45 "The Ashes" the hornsection takes the lead. A similarly laid back groove sets a heavy foundation for jazzy horns to take you on a convertible cruise on a hot summer evening. The Exacters are the creation of Manchester based brothers Guy (bass) and Duncan (drums) Kilty who got together with school friend Alex Stevenson (guitar) in the early 2000s. Al Scott (keyboards) completed the original lineup which yielded a bunch of original tunes released on an EP. After a sevenyear hiatus during which Guy cofounded Dojo Cuts in Sydney Australia The Exacters recently reconvened with new personnel. Guy and Alex were joined by drummer Rob Shield and they resurrected and then updated the bands back catalogue. Armed with their new arsenal they got booked a studio to record their first selfproduce album. For their debut single they drafted in some very special talent. Guys former Dojo Cuts bandmate Roxie Ray wrote and recorded the storming vocals for Aint Gonna Lie. Meanwhile Manchesterbased trumpet supremo Matt Burke arranged and produced the bruising horn parts on both "Aint Gonna Lie" and "The Ashes". As for the future their mission is simple: more ubertight rhythms mighty horns and formidable guest vocalists. Watch out.

              Markus Stockhausen / Jasper Van't Hof

              Aqua Sansa

              A key mover and shaker in the burgeoning reissue scene, Archeo Recordings wow us once again with a gorgeous reissue of this esoteric, otherworldly, organic gem from Markus Stockhausen and Jasper Van't Hof. Balearic bods and cosmic kids will remember the latter for his legendary "Pili Pili" LP, while the former is an ECM approved Jazz trumpeter whose dad was the most important electronic composer of the 20th century (yes, that Stockhausen). Originally released in 1980 and recorded at Conny Plank's studio, this immersive collage of aquatic electronics, underwater tones and murky dub is a masterpiece of esoteric jazz, hitting the middle ground between kraut experimentalism, Italian library recordings and the Biber school of German jazz. This licensed reissue, remastered and presented in a beautiful sleeve finally offers us mere mortals a chance at owning a copy of a holy grail - don't miss out.

              Gelert takes a short journey from Nant Peris up to the peak that is Elidir Fawr. We don’t know a great deal about Elidir but Elidir was a giant of a man. The 4th highest peak of the 3000’s is set at 3029ft (923m) - 3000.4 delivers more nippiness with Luv*Jam inviting tropical heat master Damian Schwartz, and new nipster Jack Beavers to the team. Schwartz's "Dancing Plague" is exactly the kind of synthetic, ultra tantalizing Snowdonia house music Luv*Jam invented with these labels - crisp, full frequency rub downs with as much for the mind as there is for the body. Swartz follows up with "Ian Rush" and "Take Two"; the former a frenetic acid body track which tickles all the sweet spots while the latter is a low slung and languid deep house jaunt; in a strange way the sonic equivalent of taking a paraglider off the edge of Elidir Fawr on a blue sky day with light fluffy clouds accompanying your decent. Newly anointed Jack Beavers keeps the emotive, rich side of the house music cannon well stocked with "Something Happened" while "Quit Your Job" is a future-proof beatless ballad with darting synth work, clever vocal manipulations a real glacial, lost-in-the-clouds aesthetic. Finally old pal Bob gives us a tasty, tongue-in-cheek skit to complete the mission and descend the peak back into the lowlands - let's head to the pub and give those tired legs a rest! Join the Rucksack Club and collect all 14 peaks along the way, keeping an eye out for the secret peaks beyond. Recommended.

              New York's Sheik 'N' Beik enlist the mighty Keita Sano for release number seven on the label. "Child's Play" kicks things off with a dark, menacing intent. Tense, suspended organ notes riding percolated machine-code drums and dark, blurred vocal samples. "Bypass Motion" throws a skewed concentric bassline at a plethora of percussion samples for a primordial dance ritual that should send people into a demonic frenzy come 5AM in some smoke filled rave cave. Flip and the whole of side B sees "Mixing Error", a patient if deliberate trip through thick plumes of tape fog, a staggered kick pattern and tuned bass stabs our only beacon of direction through the pitch blackness. Slowly fragments of light emanate from out the other end of the tunnel, and we find ourselves in the inner workings of some industrial factory line; many mechanical elements all working in unison and maintaining rhythm through what seems to be organized chaos. It's an interesting, overwhelming end to this unyielding statement of intent from Keita Sano - a producer who you need to keep a close eye on at present. 

              Vancouver producer Sophie Sweetland (aka D. Tiffany) switches into new guise DJ Zozi for a , sepia-tinged, sample-based take on smoked out drum & bass. The “Mellow Vibe” 12” is four jumped up but dazed slants on soulful rollers. The title track welcomes us into its retro-tastic open arms with glee, nurturing us with a mid-tempo breakbeats and delicate rumbles of sub bass. "Up (Slammin' Vers)" takes things to the outdoor illegal rave circa '95 with lashings of jungle breakbeats cushioned by droning bass tones and jump up rave vox. "Snow Globe" veers off course for some rambunctious and boisterous house bounce; still keeping that keen ear for a fine sample well tuned. Finally, "Zozi Theme" is the aptly named final track which does exactly what you'd expect - conjure up the same kind of joyful euphoria you experience when you complete your hardest SNES end-of-game boss for the first time. Big beats, spine-tingling riffs and spirit elevating fx. Storming stuff on 1080p - you need this!


              Queens Day / Body Thing

              Mele returns with two heads down 4/4 rollers off the back of his huge debut single on Lobster Boy, "Ambience". Reminding me of Digital Mystikz' "B" (DMZ001), "Queens Day" is an unrelenting soundsystem attack of funky drums, bass pressure and carnival atmosphere, with an infectious male vocal ident. Absolute dynamite for any festival crowd this summer, there's a reason the record is being championed across the board by every man and his dog! Flip and "Body Thing" is just an intense, utilizing another infectious vocal hook as rabid conga loops and wild filter sweeps lead up to an unfathomably big and head-twisting drop. Mele's programming is unrivalled - an absolute wizard with production and "Body Thing" exemplifies this perfectly. There isn't a club DJ alive who couldn't get use out of this record. Storming stuff that keeps you hooked till the very last beat, my bet is you're gonna be hearing this blaring out of the Void Airhorns alllll summer - and that ain't no bad thing!


              The Stitch Up

              Massive secret weapon packing stadium destroying potential on this one-sided 12" which has got us all scratching our heads to its proprietor. (ed - turns out it's the one and only Objekt!). "The Stitch Up" has a rolling, acidic bassline looping over and over as lysergic, metallic effects career through the thick mix with ease, splitting craniums in two as they do so. Building to a soaring, piercing, almighty climax before dropping back into its infectious rolling grooves. A headturner from the higher echelons, grab this unsanctioned piece of club firepower before it receives trade restrictions and cease and destroy orders imposed on it.

              DJ support: DVS1, Surgeon, Four Tet, Pariah, Darko Esser/Tripeo, Pangaea, Perc, Call Super, A Made Up Sound, Untold, Errorsmith, Anthony Naples, Cosmin TRG + more.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Stadium-destroying, cranium-splitted artillery that's surely gonna be the subject of a UN weapons embargo at some point. Black market firepower - most recommended. EDIT - one of my biggest and most under-the-radar secret weapons gets a timely repress. Criminally slept upon 2 years ago, don't miss this chance to grab this dancefloor nuke.

              This unreleased J Dilla full-length will be available for Record Store Day with an exclusive bonus 7” only available for RSD 2016. PayJay Productions, Inc. was the company James Dewitt “J Dilla” Yancey founded in 2001 to house his production company and his publishing company. The Estate of James Yancey has revived PayJay as a functioning imprint, and announced the release of J Dilla’s long lost vocal album, 'The Diary'. The tracks come straight from multi-track masters found on 2-inch tape shortly after Dilla’s passing in 2006. Many were mixed by Dilla himself. Those that weren't have been mixed by engineer Dave Cooley, who worked extensively with Dilla during his years in Los Angeles. Using Dilla’s original demo mixes as his guide, Cooley attempted to finalize Dilla’s vision for these tracks, while keeping all of the elements that Dilla had in place in his original demos present. 'The Diary' is an album of vocal performances recorded between in the early 2000s over production by the likes of Madlib, Pete Rock, Nottz, House Shoes, Karriem Riggins and others.

              The Record Store Day vinyl issue of 'The Diary' includes a special 7” pressing of 'The Ex' that will only be found on the RSD issue of the LP. 

              After freaking us out with Eirwud Mudwasser's voodoo inspired "Ziggurat EP", Andy Pye's most excellent Balearic Social records drop a second release from the mysterious Zmatsutsi. After negotiating the smoke and mirrors of the pre-release promotion, Zmatsutsi have revealed themselves as Joe Gill (of Bakery fame) and long time collaborator Tim Hutton with a little extra vibes and vocals help from the wonderful Heidi Armitage. After an especially messy after-hours session at Outlaws Yacht Club, Joe and Tim decamped to the studio and set about capturing the magic and madness of a late night conversation with Heidi, concocting a track packed with off kilter funk, power Balearic chug and speaker hugging synth riffs. B-52s meet World Premier backing laid down, Joe and Tim took the next logical step, inviting Heidi to wax lyrical on a Gina X tip and before they knew it the swaggering sleaze of "Mogadishu" was born. A2 cut "Spanish City" retains the beefy new beat bass sound but adds emotive chimes, quicksilver guitar licks and tropical keys to take us for a ride along with Crockett & Tubbs. Kicking off the flip in uplifting, floor moving fashion is "Les Europeennes", a sublime blend of dreamy pads, tripped out sequences and proggy chord progressions underwritten perfectly by the slow motion shuffle of an irresistible bassline. Joe & Tim bring the curtain down with the tribal malevolence of "Dark Eyes", a smoldering fusion of gentle mallets, future primitive textures and bowel emptying bass which perfectly captures the fear and excitement of a late night lift home from Andi Hanley. If slo-motion treacle dancers and wrong speed madness is your kind of party, you'll go bananas for this synth heavy stomp-a-thon.

              Liquid Pegasus

              What I Actually Do

                Those unorthodox boogie futurists at Star Creature return in collaboration with Japan's City Baby Records to drop a fully fresh EP from Tokyo funk masterminds Liquid Pegasus. The forward thinking crew treat us to five tracks slick and stylish boogie sounds which mix Minneapolis with Japan. "On What I Actually Do"€ features a few choice solos from Star Creature recording artist E. Live. The songs are a hot bed of twangy jazz-funk riffs, slappy bass, slick, tight drums, sexy guitar licks and shiny, bendy synthesizers. Awesome.

                Isle Of Jura starts life with an official reissue of the highly sought after ‘Fire In My Heart’ 12” by Escape From New York - massive Harvey tune! Originally released in 1984 ‘Fire In My Heart’ fuses elements of disco, electro-funk, world music and new wave to create a mystical masterpiece. ‘Won’t Be Your Fool’ has more obvious 80’s leanings and the 12” closes with the Instrumental dub of ‘Fire In My Heart’, stripping back the vocals and letting the bassline work its magic. Completely re-mastered for 2016 and distributed worldwide by Rush Hour. 

                For their first release of 2016 Nous Disques takes up where they last left off with another impeccably crafted release, courtesy of LA based producer Dreams, who serves up five tracks of gritty goodness on his "Off the Grid" EP. The project kicks off with "Chain", a hissy, analogue, Detroit-scented monster before moving seamlessly into the more stripped down and minimal "Voyeur"; closing out side one "Red Veil" glides in mellifluously, immediately reminiscent of Stacey Pullen's trailblazing forays into that space between house and techno. Over on the flip the title track leads with a jubilantly squelchy tribute to Chicago before the fittingly titled "Night Cap" closes out the EP with a woozy, slo-mo skitter through eerily sparse electronica.

                Back in stock Cover of Bermuda / New Paradise by Harvey Sutherland.

                Harvey Sutherland

                Bermuda / New Paradise

                MCDE Recordings invite man of the moment Harvey Sutherland to the label, and the Antipodean producer duly obliges with a double header of deep, discoid house delight. Danilo's been on this cat since his very first release, so it makes perfect sense to see some of his trademark cosmic boogie biz on MCDE. A one-time session player and behind-the-scenes man, analog synthesist Harvey Sutherland emerged from Melbourne’s bubbling underground with a cassette tape in hand. 2013’s "Nexus EP" on This Thing Records - a trip through lo-fi boogie and Roland house music - was a cult hit amongst dancefloor aficionados, priming listeners for a lauded EP on Echovolt Records and the best-selling "Brothers" on Voyage Recordings. His music has been played and appreciated worldwide, with enthusiastic support from prominent tastemakers and weekend warriors alike. He's on scintilating form here, taking us on an intergalactic trip with the smooth, sensual groove of "Bermuda". Bringing his typical level of hardware genius to the record, he blasts boogie synths, bubbling basslines and crunchy percussion into a distant nebula of dancefloor joy. On the flip, "New Paradise" blends the fusion solos of Mandre (or Locussolus paying tribute to Mandre) over the top of a mega Detroit-esque beat complete with finger clicks, jazz funk strings and lively bass. Intoxicating and addictive, this is another killer release from Mr Sutherland.

                Raphael Top-Secret & Nelson Bishop

                Love So High

                Undoubtedly in line for some sort of trophy this season, the infallible Antinote deliver yet another essential release, this time from celebrated digger and DJ Raphael Top Secret and musical maestro Nelson Bishop. Prompted perhaps by a dull Parisian winter and the faltering spring, the French duo seem to have set their sights on more sunnier climes, concocting a three track EP which blends the off kilter synths of Euro-pop with the sweet flavours of the tropics. EP opener "Chekema" finds the duo reimagining the hypnotic, percussive sounds of Africa through future primitive drum machines and naive synth sounds. The circular motifs of the kalimba or marimba play out through pristine FM synth, while the simple vocal refrain and infectious rhythm keep us glued to the dancefloor. The flipside kicks off with "Get Enough", a foggy street jam in which the cold CR-68 rhythm finds perfect balance with the warm organ chords of the Crumar, setting up camp in the bermuda triangle between Compass Point, the Blitz Club and Morgan Khan's living room. The duo bring the curtain down in fine fashion with the frosty reggae of "Love So High", a perfect combination of icy European melody and lilting Caribbean groove in line with Rune Lindbaek's "Wonder" or Laidback's "Fly Away". Melancholy but so damned danceable, this should have the after party crowd sobbing and smiling in equal measure.

                Ptaki spread their wings for another journey on Transatlantyk, revisiting their critically acclaimed debut album with a couple of kindred spirits in tow. Alongside an unreleased dub from the "Przelot" sessions, we're treated to two great reworks here, both by contemporary heroes of the fast rising Polish house scene. Stretching across the whole of the A-side is Eltron's 10 minute version of "Sloneczny Pyl", a straight up peak-time house banger destined for summer jam status. The catchy female vocal loop from the ambient original is surrounded by a massive dubwise bassline, layered tribal drums and a vat of raw, oily effects, guitar licks and pouring keyboard pads. Just when you think you had this one figured out, Eltron swerves into an enormous breakdown, perfectly combining his trademark 'big room deep' vibe with Ptaki's sampled psychedelia to create a track that's already a road-tested crowd favourite. Das Komplex take on "Ostatni Kurs" is just as excellent, although it's destined for a different time of the party. The Polish producer maintains the cinematic atmosphere of the original but swaps downbeat for beatdown as those headnodding flavours are developed into a jazz-funkin' slice of slow house magic. Weaving Ptaki's melancholic samples together with an island-like horn section, walking disco bassline and tons of sensimilla-infused effects, it's another great track from the most talented Polish newcomer. Last but not least is Ptaki's unreleased "Taniec Na Wodzie". This dubby original brings you folky guitars, flutes, organs, synths and pianos working closely with hypnotic rhythm. Clocking in at a languid 63bpm, this one is for the afternoon at the beach.

                In this offering by the Berlin-based and made in the Middle East label Disco Halal, we urge you to meet Nadav Spiegel, better known as Autarkic.
                Autarkic is a self-sufficient artist and live virtuoso, he is the first member of the Disco Halal family which will be releasing his music in spring 2016.

                Can You Pass The Knife? is about the struggle of being stuck in a gap between longing for his homeland and what it could have been like and a heavy criticism on what it actually became.

                It's been three years since Butter Sessions opened the flood gates for a rich flow of Australian dance music; with Melbourne now firmly placed on the global dance music map. Sleep D return with a follow up to that very first blueprint, with this, part 2 of "The Jackal". "Bush Snake" gets things underway and means business from the off. Soundsystem tweaking drums get an electric groove motoring away from the start as various technoid efx swirl and dart around the mix. As the track progresses, intensity levels are sent soaring as layers of tape delayed percussion, buzzing waveforms and subtle melodies are all introduced into the mix, reaching dizzying levels of sweaty exuberance towards the later half of the track. "Karingal Dub" rockets in next with more high fidelity drums. This time utilizing a 3/4 tribal waltz as glistening, ethereal sounds converge on the mix, making for a tropical, futuristic take for your outdoor dance party. Finally, the pair revisit "Jackal" for Pt. 2 of this dancefloor epic. Beginning slowly and deliberately with a concentric techno beat, dark robot voices and dry snare hits, the track locks into a hypnotic circular motion as analogue swirls and space-age effect add sparkly to this heads-down beast. Sleep D show that you can produce freeform, hardware based techno whilst still maintaining a keen ear for arrangement, sonic fidelity and high quality production. Exceptional.

                If this latest missive from Camp Nado is anything to go by, we're in for a scorching Summer. For the eighteenth (though mysteriously numbered 014) release on the Mancunian institution, Messers Moonboots and Boardman invite a cosmopolitan cast from France and, well, Yorkshire, to take us for a stroll through the surf. Hull's Renaissance man, Steve Cobby, takes centre stage on his label debut, collaborating with Leeds musician Rich Arthurs on the A-side epic 'Bushfarmer' before showcasing his skill at the mixing desk with a B-side remix of Penelope Antenna's sultry 'Tradewinds', which also appears in all its original glory. Stretching languorously over the whole of the A-side, 'Bushfarmer' sees the Yorkshire duo harness the power cosmic at the heart of 'Transfer Station Blue' and 'E2-E4' to perfectly soundtrack the blazing embers of the setting sun. Over the course of a totally immersive ten minutes, the track transforms from a lone guitar to a widescreen symphony of kosmische psychedelia, slowly buildingthrough nebulous FX, frazzled sequences and skittering rhythms. As we head into the second half of the opus, the guitar drops out and the track drifts along in a hazy soundscape, before taking us home with a low slung space disco groove. Epic in any sense of the word, this is one trip you can't afford to miss. Aficionado present another debutante on the B-side, enticing Balearic royalty Penelope Antenna (daughter of Isabelle) to grace the label with the siren song of 'Tradewinds'. A coastal serenade awash with lapping waves and gentle cicadas, this horizontal jam seems to float in a heat haze, swaying gently to a laid back rhythm while sweltering keys and gentle chimes suggest an endless Summer. Reaching for the factor 50, Mr Cobby tops a drum box backbeat with buttery bass and smooth keys, pushing the vocal up in the mix to serve up a flavourful portion of Summery soul food. Adding discofied guitar, jazzy organ and a killer breakbeat as the track progresses, the Fila Brazilia man ensures his remix sizzles until the last seconds.

                Officially Aficionado.

                Crazy The Lord

                Outerzona 1305

                Crazy The Lord...the man, the woman, the myth, or just the name of this latest release from the OUTERZONA ?

                Consistent best-sellers, these little collections of secret weapons have made many friends out there on the floor
                No.5 is a continuous play cut 12 featuring four more underground gems
                Super-charged Gospel Funk, alongside wigged-out filtered House minimalism keeps us on our feet on the A

                Elsewhere a timeless Jazz-House cut gets a timely revive, amping up and augmenting the Jazz guts for some serious 'Hot Music' as we wind down with a slo-mo Afro-Arpeggiator workout

                These are never around for long, so you know what to do

                If Lisbon is the new Peckham then DJ Marfox is the new Bradley Zero. Or something like that. The Portuguese city has been enjoying a lot of the dance music limelight of late, after setting the world on fire after a slew of innovative, genre-defying releases from Principe and its associated artists, (DJ Nigga Fox, Niagara, Photonz, Tia Maria Producoes etc). The sound takes influence from Kuduro, Batida, Kizomba, Funaná & Tarrachinha as well as modern day house and techno; and inflicts the attitudes and passions of Lisbon's youth into the mix. The result: a head turning new sound that's taking the world by storm! Here, on "Chapa Quente" we see how the raw and more minimal sound of the producer's formative years has mutated into a complex web of influences and new sounds. The overall feel of "Chapa Quente" is that of a perpetual chase scene on a New Lisbon constantly reorganized by the pull of different cultures, something that resonates with Marfox's upbringing in the now demolished shantytown of Quinta da Vitória, where he came of age among neighbours who had emigrated from India, Pakistan, São Tomé e Príncipe or Cabo Verde. The rhythms, to the uninitiated, will take some getting used to; but once your sucked into their shamanic tribal magic you won't want to escape. The sound palette instantly transports you to the producer's world and never has a record encapsulated a time and geography so well. To me, this is the Portuguese youth's version of grime, or punk rock, or acid house. That is, kids with little money to spend on lavish studios making do with what they can and putting their hearts and soul into something that is completely theirs - both geographically, socially and contextually. It's amazing, and will surely go down as a historically important landmark in the evolution of global dance music. Don't miss out!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Lisbon's answer to punk rock, acid house or grime? - surely that HAS to be checked out. Fresher the the blossom of spring.

                Hiram And Direct

                Love Flight / Turn It Around

                Favorite Recordings presents the first single on new sub-label SOL Discos, a partnership between Pascal Rioux and DJ Waxist. Following their recent collaboration on projects like the Lamar Thomas single and 'Caribbean Disco Boogie Sounds’ compilation reissues, Favorite Recordings asked the French DJ to become the coordinator and A&R of a new imprint aiming to reissue rare and forgotten music with a tropical, jazz-funk and boogie-disco flavour - sunsshine sounds! The label's first offering is this official 7" reissue of Hiram & Direct's "Love Flight". Initially recorded and released in Detroit on the Hirome Records imprint, it's been a hard to find record ever since, with only a little number of known copies floating around and changing hands for top dollar (Discogs currently has four for sale from £90+). “Love Flight” is a killer jazz-funk / boogie soul dancer that'll have the floor rocking - a must for rare groovers, soul weekenders and jazz-dancers. On the B-side, you will find a different vibe with “Turn It Around”, a smooching soul ballad with beautiful vocals and harmonies. 

                Queen Constance and P&P come together to treat us to an official reissue of the rare sophomore LP by Cloud One, featuring out of this world disco-experiments from the legendary Patrick Adams. Even after the success of "Atmosphere Strut", Adams continued to experiment with synthesizers (in particular the minimoog) to make this his signature sound or ‘voice’ as he called it. And indeed his usage of the synth was completely different from some of his contemporaries. With titles like "Jump, Jump, Jump", "Funky Track", "Stomp Your Feet And Dance" or "Music Funk", it was clear the spirit of this music was in Harlem. It’s no surprise Adams felt at home in the many P&P subsidiaries. “P&P became this place where artists could be free, as opposed to an Atlantic Records or a Columbia Records, where everything is high spit and polished...We never told anybody on P&P what they could or couldn’t do, what they should or shouldn’t do. It was like, ‘Go for it, if you want to bang pots and pans together, that’s your sound.” And what a funky sound it was. “I was trying to get the most out of the instrument. I was experimenting.” - Patrick Adams

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                LP Info: Super deluxe as-original pasted-on sleeve reissue.

                The latest installment of 12" releases from Roam Recordings sees the San Fran imprint team up with old friends 40 Thieves for an excellent redux of Squeeze's 1978 classic "Take Me I'm Yours". The Thieves take on the disco meets psych rock classic, bringing it into sharp dancefloor focus while keeping it chill and sexy with Nina Lares stunning sultry voice. The original lyrics are captivating and Nina's voice is sure to send shivers down the spine when the hook comes in. Tronik Youth's mix strips the whole thing down and gives the drums a bit more of a bite as you may expect from the man who runs Nein Records. Simon Peter shows his mastery of the live bass with his smoothed out Balearic take on the original before Praus rounds this this remix package out with his slo-mo lost-in-the-smoke psychedlic ALFOS chugger.

                Jarvis Cocker

                Likely Stories

                  Limited edition 7” EP of music written by Jarvis Cocker for the TV series “ Likely Stories”.

                  Friends gather in an after-hours bar to swop “true” ghost stories. One tale - of an after - school encounter - leads to the unearthing of a dark secret.

                  Jarvis worked on the score for the series with musicians Alasdair Malloy (percussionist to Scott Walker), Serafina Steer, Sarah Anderson, Jenny Moore (collectively known as Bas Jan), Martin Slattery (The Hours, Black Grape) & drummer Tom Skinner (Melt Yourself Down). Adrian Utley (Portishead) makes a guest appearance playing synth & Swarmatron on the Main Theme.

                  She was a composer who wrote scores with geometric shapes, a poet who became a pioneer of early electronic music. Joanna Brouk’s little-known body of work exists at the nexus between ambient, new age, drone, and classical minimalism - stark in its simplicity, lush in its expanse. Studying under Robert Ashley and Terry Riley at the fabled Mills College Center For Contemporary Music before graduating into the margins of the 70s bay area new music scene, Ms. Brouk blazed her own trail well outside of the musical establishment to create uncompromising electronic and acoustic work of sleek beauty and primal power. Describing herself as less a composer than a channel, she took her cues from the frequencies of the natural world and the talents of collaborators like Maggi Payne and Bill Maraldo. Hearing Music collects for the first time the deepest cuts from her beguiling and rare cassette releases and her archive of previously unreleased recordings.

                  “I realized that, in many instances, it didn’t matter what you said, it mattered how you said it: the tone of the voice, the rhythm, the sound.... Because sound has an incredible effect on other people, it can make them dance, put them into trances, it can control emotions by a certain pitch, a certain depth.” – Joanna Brouk

                  Braids are a three-piece experimental pop band from Montreal. In the spring of 2015 they released Deep In The Iris, their standout third record. Companion is the band's latest 4 track EP, written during the Deep In The Iris sessions, and completed during a burst of creative energy in August 2015. Here Braids use the palette of Deep In The Iris to paint decidedly different vistas – joy, disaffection, thunderous explosion to delicate introspection, the minimalistic power of "Companion" to the patient blossoming of "Sweet World". Distinct in their own right, these 4 songs are not to be dismissed as B-sides, outtakes, or the lesser of a group of songs. Though it uses Deep In The Iris as a compositional guidepost, Companion is a breath-taking journey all of its own.

                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                  Includes MP3 Download Code.

                  Nolan Porter

                  If I Could Only Be Sure / Keep On Keepin’ On

                  This double hitter ‘If I Could Only Be Sure” and “Keep On Keepin’ On” is available on Gloria Jones’ newly formed Light Of Love Wax Company label. Gloria has been working in Western Africa to build schools for Music and Film. Please support the cause through this limited release.

                  Nolan Frederick Porter (born 1949 in Los Angeles) is an American R&B singer and songwriter who recorded two albums and six singles in the early 1970s. “Keep on Keepin’ On” became one of his biggest tracks and is a northern soul classic.

                  Havoc & The Alchemist

                  The Silent Partner

                    It has been said that real gangsters move in silence. In the case of Havoc (of Mobb Deep) and legendary producer The Alchemist, the duo chose to let their music speak for themselves. As one of the most decorated producers in hip-hop today, The Alchemist’s relationship with Mobb Deep dates back to 1999 when Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs introduced the then-upcoming producer to the revered New York duo. The Alchemist would go onto forge a strong bond with the group, resulting in a myriad of collaborations throughout the years. As a true veteran MC, Havoc has recently begun to explore an already booming solo career. The Silent Partners is a magnificently organic album that brings together one-half of the Mobb with their favorite producer for a modern day hip-hop classic. The Silent Partners is slated to feature guest appearances by Method Man, Prodigy (of Mobb Deep) and Cormega, and will undoubtedly make a loud impact on the hip-hop culture for years to come. 

                    Gil Scott-Heron

                    Live In Berkeley, CA, January 16, 1978 Ksan-Fm

                      Gil Scott-Heron (Vocals, Guitar, and possibly Piano)
                      Brian Jackson (Keyboards, Flute)
                      Allan Barnes (Saxophone, Synthesizer)
                      Delbert Taylor (Piano, Trumpet, Congas, Flugelhorn, Vocals)
                      Barnett Williams (Congas, Percussion)
                      Siggie Dillard (Bass)
                      Reggie Brisbane (Drums)

                      Tusco AKA Piero Umiliani

                      Suspence Elettronica - Clear Vinyl Edition

                      Tusco is one of the many pseudonyms that legendary composer and producer Piero Umiliani uses to not overcrowd the sonorization market with his name. Umiliani was a well-known Italian soundtrack composer and jazz musician. He was one of the pioneers of styles such as exotica and lounge and used a lot of funk moves in his soundtracks, too. He also composed a lot of library album covering genres such as spaghetti western, giallo, sex films and documentaries all self-produced in his mighty SoundWorkShop Studio, equipped with the most advanced screening and editing systems of that time. 'Suspence Elettronica' is a very rare experimental / ambient electronic album from the early 80s with a great use of synthesizers. Long time forgotten masterpiece of electronic music reissued for the first time ever!


                      Miracles / It's Better Than Walking Out

                      Well, with a name like Disco Bits, it'd have to be an edits imprint, and this inaugural offering should see the label rise right to the top of the tree. Tokyo beatmaker Kazahaya takes the controls, steering us clear of any disco chaff on a journey to the heart of the dancefloor. The A-side is a rework of the rare groove classic "I Believe in Miracles", which places the vocals and strings from the 1973 Mark Capanni original over the body moving beat from the Jackson Sisters version. Over on the B-side, Kaz treats us to a beefed up edit of the Disco Ladies  funky northern classic "Its Better Than Walking Out", retaining all the sequined, phet fuelled sparkle of the original but with a more generous helping of bottom end. Get on down to the new sound.

                      Grim Brides

                      Faithless UFO Leap

                        ‘Faithless UFO Leap’ is most definitely the gnarliest thing that the Singles Club has had the ‘joy’ of releasing. It is as much an offence to music as it is brick to the face brilliance.

                        ‘I’m Gonna Be Sick’ continues the punishment and is music for the end of the world. Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road delivered the masters saying that they were un-masterable and Too Pure probably owe them for new speakers.

                        All the label know about Grim Brides is that they have made these two songs and that they are (apparently) from Denmark.

                        Pink vinyl 7”.

                        You haven’t heard them like this before but you may already know the band. One is James Chapman, better known as Maps, whose critically acclaimed debut ‘We Can Create’ was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and whose latest album ‘Vicissitude’ came out on Mute. The other is Polly Scattergood, the electrically charged artist who has released two solo albums on Mute.

                        The seeds of Chapman and Scattergood’s creative partnership were sown in 2011, at Mute’s Short Circuit festival, a special event at London’s Roundhouse. The night saw different collaborations with Mute artists and Polly and James paired up to perform each other’s songs.

                        On Dead Waves launched their debut track, ‘Blackbird’, at the end of 2015. Q said “… a world of smeared mascara and trailer-park heartache, there’s something wonderfully cinematic about this debut single,” while The Guardian wrote, “‘Blackbird’, their debut single, somehow nods to both shoegaze and country, with a David Lynchian creepiness to both music and lyrics.”

                        On Dead Waves’ debut album is heavy of atmosphere, rich in melody and rippled with an air of malice and flowing female and male vocals.

                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                        LP Info: Includes signed print while stocks last.

                        Includes MP3 Download Code.

                        Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes

                        Expansions - OST Recordings Edition

                        Everyone thinks they know Lonnie Liston Smith’s “Expansions”. Former Miles Davis and Pharoah Sanders keyboardist Smith saw all his musical ideas coming together for this, his third album. The title track is one of the best-known jazz funk classics; its influence on several generations of clubbers cannot be underestimated. It is a glorious amalgamation of jazz players and the tenor voice of Lonnie’s brother Donald. However, the track’s success has resulted in the album becoming rather overlooked and its other six pieces underappreciated. ‘Desert Nights’ and ‘Voodoo Woman’ give vent to Lonnie’s improvisational skills over a modal base. ‘Summer Days’ and ‘My Love’ are based around Latin rhythms, with the latter proving another great vehicle for Donald Smith’s voice. Donald is also the vocal presence on an inspired take on Horace Silver’s ‘Peace’.

                        One of the essential jazz albums of the 1970s, Lonnie Liston Smith’s ‘Expansions’ also became a club-land classic with its title track filling floors, influencing house music and being sampled in hip hop.

                        Propelled by some fatback drums and Cecil McBee’s upright bass, this is the original cosmic jazz jam, as recently re-popularised by Kamasi Washington.

                        Reissued by OST, ‘Expansions’ has been remastered from a fresh transfer from the original album master. This album has never sounded better.

                        Issued in a reproduction of the original Flying Dutchman gatefold sleeve and printed on reverse board.

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