Sparse and daring sonic experimentations, as the name suggests, on this fresh imprint by the upstream collective that is John Swing, EMG and Battista. The first two have now established their patterns of work via the Livejam and Relative stables, while the third has been busy pushing his sound through the younger and ever-promising Uaudio label. A common obsession with machines and spontaneity has led them to this latest collaborative effort; two extended, wide-eyed jams - one per side of the plate - which shift from moments of stability to sudden bursts of chaos. The A-side represents the former; a thick layer of chords, gritty low-ends and icy percussion slither out of the whirlpool only to become locked into a moody, cut-throat groove. The flip cuts the formalities and dives head first into a deluge of saturated hardware fuzz, showcasing the trio's more abstract personalities as conjurers of fine noise-funk.
Limited to 300 hand numbered copies, 180g.


Livin' Up / Stop

Another premium quality vinyl reissue of another Italo disco holy grail powered by the legendary Il Discotto. Highly requested on Discogs and ultra rare, this one in particular has got us all pulling ridiculous moves in tight trousers and desiring European mustaches in the shop today. "Livin' Up" has swirling keyboards, high octane bassline and a great female-led vocal chorus. Peaktime tackle. "Stop" is both yearning, incredibly mournful and melancholic, with and almost love-lost feel about it. I think it'd make a great track if your girlfriend or boyfriend had just left you; this should put everything into context....? Anyway, I digress; it's an instrumentally rich number, with energetic piano sections, well layered choruses, patented Italo chug and crisp drums. It's another winner folks! Speed in essential...


Ltd 12" Info: *Limited 300 copies* Vinyl 135 g / LP-cover with 3mm spine, 280g, 2014 remastered versions.

Band of Fabrizio Chiari (ex keyboardist of Kirlian Camera) and produced by Charlie Mallozzi (already involved in Kirlian Camera). Angelo Bergamini collaborated to the 12" Eyes Of Glass. Read what Flemming Dalum says: "the blues shop had sooooo many copies and no one wanted to buy it… people weren’t interested in it. Now 25 years after a lot of people are looking for this record…. funny to observe! I noticed the same situation regarding a number of other Italo records." Surely a massive record in Il Bosco's box (who'll be cursing this official repro...), the first in a wave of excellent Italo reissues that'll be flying over the counter over the next few weeks. Fire up that Citroen 2cv, don some Benetton clothing and get a mix tape of these belters on and pretend you're cruising through Italy on your way to the Cosmic Club. Limited 300 copies - move fast!


Ltd 12" Info: *Limited 300 copies*
Vinyl 135 g / LP-cover with 3mm spine, 280g, 2014 remastered versions

Vakula returns with another essential Bandura nugget: 5 tracks of cosmic, meditative sounds from the expanses of Konotop. "Ukrainian Landscape" kicks things off with a direct punch, a weighty kick supported by floating celestial frequencies, stimulating 303s, sloppy hats and languid strings. "Electric Spica" is a wonderfully unique sonic exercise, packing that head-turning impact that those early Carl Craig records possessed. Synthetic stabs from a future utopia roll on and roll while bubbling pads and swirling tones transport the listener into a completely different world. Sublime. "Thoughts On The Road" is a deep, dubby, lost on a desert Island soundscape; rich with warmth and texture. "Distant Tenderness" bounces aloft gentle subs and cascading synth shards before radioactive pads encompass the track and Vakula's trademark percussion artifacts and grain delays pepper the mix. Finally, "Lullaby" in an exquisite, beautiful track which sees the Ukrainian master pair soft but attentive drums with mellow, blissful keys which could, I'm sure, send a baby off to sleep. A dreamlike collage of sound which soothes the body and allows the mind to wander to all kinds of places. One of the strongest Badura's to date - and that's saying something! Move quick folks...

The Brothers

Under The Skin / Brothers Theme / Make Love

Groove Line Records completes the summer schedule with the third 12” in the series of properly licensed rare disco / funk reissues. Next up is another title from the collector’s Holy Grail, The Brothers promo 12” for the 1976 album “Don't Stop Now”. This features one of the most sought after instrumental tracks of the 1970's, “Under The Skin”. A luscious disco orchestration with full horn and string sections playing alongside an infectious conga groove played and arranged by Warren Schatz and his band. The second side has long versions of two tracks from the album, “Brothers Theme” and “Make Love”. Both tracks have the same hallmark of luxurious string and brass sections as “Under The Skin” with The Brothers providing the driving grooves and Bhen Lanzaroni coming to the fore with his keyboard skills.

All Groove Line Records releases are fully licensed and taken from the original master tapes, remastered by Nick Robbins at Sound Mastering, and cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy (Mastering Engineer of the Year 2013). All vinyl is heavy weight 180g manufactured Optimal Media in Germany, one of the world’s finest pressing plants.

Groove Line Records cut no corners when making sure that each and every one of our releases has the highest quality performance possible. The next three 12s are due in the Autumn.

Groove Line Records’ deluxe reissue of Under The Skin is an essential purchase for any serious Disco, Jazz or Funk vinyl collector who demands the very best in quality vinyl pressings. Find out more at

The 2014 release of NOBODY’S SMILING, executive produced by No I.D., commemorates the 20th anniversary of Common’s breakthrough album Resurrection (1994), with his signature tracks, “Resurrection” and “I Used To Love H.E.R.” NOBODY’S SMILING is Common’s first new album since 2011’s The Dreamer/The Believer.

As noted on his website, the album title NOBODY’S SMILING was inspired by Common’s troubled hometown of Chicago, "I'm honored to team up with No I.D. and be a part of the Artium and Def Jam family. Creating this album and signing to Def Jam feels like a new beginning for me. I feel like a new artist because I created this album with the purpose to give back to my city and to the culture of hip hop. Def Jam is part of the foundation of hip hop and being able to work with No I.D. was returning to my foundation now with new energy and new hunger."


Come In

    GEoRGiA is the moniker of London-based producer and multi-instrumentalist, Georgia Barnes. Her debut EP 'Come In' - written and recorded entirely by herself in her home studio - is set for release physically on 12" vinyl and digitally through Kaya Kaya. 'Be Ache' is the first of four tracks to be taken from the EP. GEoRGiA cut her teeth drumming with Kwes and can also be found playing with Kate Tempest, Micachu and the Shapes and Kaya Kaya co-founder Cherish’s band JUCE.

    Downtown Party Network

    Disco Ball Drama

      Downtown Party Network, AKA Lithuanian duo Algirdas Miescionaitis and Mindaugas Lapinskis, already come with an excellent pedigree of disco licked tunes for quality imprints like Eskimo, Is It Balearic? Recordings and Dirt Crew. And so their debut appearance on Futureboogie seems like a most comfortable fit, with the ‘Disco Ball Drama’ extended player providing three shining examples of their delicious grooves.

      Title cut, ‘Disco Ball Drama’ cuts a familiar beat with a rolling and gritty acid-like arpeggio, the classy pads smoothing out the rougher edges and providing huge swashes of sunshine moments on this real mid-season winner.

      ‘Keep On Running’ on the flip side turns out a heads down, boogie-fest, with its elastic bassline, deep Rhodes chords and lively percussion doing the business here.

      Closing the release is ‘No Drama Afterhours’, going down the cosmic alley for a slightly deeper cut from the duo. Spatial pads and looping syth arps gently collide over the swinging disco drums whilst the bass plays out an infectious melody, one for the ‘afterhours’ indeed.

      Reigning Sound

      Live At Goner Records

        It all happened on a rainy afternoon in June, 2005, at the Goner Shop. Following a sweaty Saturday night gig at Memphis’ favorite dive bar, The Buccaneer, Reigning Sound sets up in front of a roomful of hungover heathens and blazes through fifteen-and-a-half pounders, including covers of The Sham’s “Black Sheep,” The Swingin’ Yo- Yo’s’ “Do Something,” and of course, Carl Perkins ’ “Tennessee.” Scream with shock and delight as Greg Cartwright gets electrocuted during a Compulsive Gamblers song! Originally released as a limited-edition CDR to raise funds for Katrina victims in late ’05, and nationally on vinyl the next year, the LP has been out of print for over half a decade. It’s a document of an amazing band and an amazing show, in glorious full fidelity. It’s Reigning Sound:Live at Goner Records!

        Amanda X


          Hailing from the Kensington area of Philadelphia (home to infamous gangs such as the Yo’s, Twerks and Fuzzies), Amanda X imperviously sallys forth, creating an oasis of bedroom pop and post-punk among a landscape of toxic speed, eroded enamel and chattering human skin suits. Fused together, this set of songs form the whole of Amnesia their debut LP. The trio of Cat Park , Kat Bean and Tiffany Yoon is most adept at channeling sounds and melodies that recall the savory once-was of Scrawl and MyDolls, the piquancy that spiked the best of Harriet Records as well as the sweetest of the blueberry muffins that studded the wispy K label in a time known as “back then.”

          Amanda X have toured or shared the stage with such bands as Parquet Courts, Protomartyr, Tyvek, Cheater Slicks, Dum Dum Girls, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Purling Hiss and Counter Intuits. The band vows to keep an active live presence for the remainder of 2014 and beyond. In the meantime, keep Amnesia on that turntable. It’s already the album of the summer and the pool ain’t even open yet. Dang! How’d they do that? Amanda X... they’re just that good.

          RX (Benedek & Delroy Edwards)

          Strung Out

          Check this out for a hype collaboration! Two of LA's finest get baked in the Los Angeles sun and hit the studio for two blurred, smudged and generally wasted cuts of hardware boogie. Slurred funk king Benedek is no stranger to PPU (in his case "puff, pass, ugghh"), having released his dope debut LP on the label in 2013, and Delroy Edwards comes to the party in fine form after a string of bangers on L.I.E.S., Apron and his own L.A. Club Resource. The two tracks, appropriately titled "Strung Out" and "Prescriptions" are a perfect amalgamation of Benedek's heat haze boogie and the tape degraded grit that's been a hallmark of Edwards' work. "Strung out" continues the same G-Funk vibe as Delroy's "Slowed Down Funk" mixtapes left off, albeit with more funk and less G. A low slung bassline rolls along throughout while the duo get locked into the groove with a variety of synth leads and arp squelches. On the flip, the "Prescriptions" the duo have been nailing must have been uppers of some description as they come correct with a more uptempo flow complete with a lovely synth flute lead. This one's right up my street.

          Following the classic flavour combinations of Volume one's hot panini, Joe's Bakery invite guest chefs Diavol back for a spot of fusion cuisine. Rocky Siffredo looks to the Caribbean on "Loredub", extending and expanding upon a gorgeous serving of Italian reggae with more than a hint of dub. "Slow In China" serves the chunky penne of slow Italo disco with a big whack of soy, introducing a saucy Oriental melody. On the flip, Sergio Rizzolo struts into the kitchen open shirted, disregarding all food hygiene standards and dishes up a pizza worthy of the finest downtown diner. "First Avenue Experience" is a spacey slice of cosmic disco completely redolent of the Big Apple after dark with that low slung bassline and stargazing sequence. Our meal finishes with the eye watering and throat burning digestif "Metal Teens", a sharp and potent palate cleanser with complex flavours of EBM, new wave and post punk.

          Foto continues its non stop release schedule with 3 tracks from label boss and UK house legend, OOFT! The Glaswegian producer kicks things off the the space age techno of "Dub 4 Daze", a throwback to the heyday of the UK techno scene with those delay units set to infinity for a a deluxe danceloor trip. "Enter The Dragon" plays the dancefloor on the front foot with a straight bat. Bristling with the combination of 4/4 throb and tech house stabs this one goes straight for the peak time jugular. Rounding things off "Father Father" pitches things down for the erection section, topping some serious bassweight with ambient synth washes and a submerged vocal loop. No Foto finish here, this one beats the competition by a country mile.

          Straight out of Egypt via Berlin comes this excellent two-tracker from the little-known Son of Sun. According to the press release accompanying the Whispers EP, both tracks were inspired by a week sailing a yacht around the Black Sea. True or not (we have our doubts), there's certainly a sun-kissed laziness - despite weighty kick-drums and hissing, Detroit techno style cymbals - about the woozy, Dubtribe Soundsystem style deep house of A-side "Moonchild". While impressive, the real killer is "Whispers", which peppers a swinging, Dance Mania style hip-house groove with snaking saxophones and atmospheric, spoken word vocals. It feels like a late night Adriatic anthem in the making.

          Françoise Hardy

          Françoise Hardy - Clear Vinyl Edition

          Growin’ up in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, daughter of an unmarried mother, receivin’ a guitar on her sixteenth birthday as a reward for passing her baccalaureat, Françoise Hardy answered a newspaper advertisement looking for young singers she signed her first contract with the record label Vogue in November 1961. In April 1962, shortly after finishing school, her first record “Oh Oh Chéri” appeared, written by Johnny Hallyday’s writing duo. Her own flip side of the record, “Tous les garçons et les filles” became a success, riding the wave of Yé-yé music in France, with two million sales. Françoise Hardy is the second studio album of the French popular singer Françoise Hardy. Like many of Hardy’s earlier albums, it was released with no title, except for her name on the cover. In the UK the album was released as Françoise Hardy – In Vogue.

          Audiophile Clear Vinyl is made using the highest quality co-polymer available and processed without any carbon additive in order to dramatically reduce the “electrical distortion” often found on records. By itself the co-polymer of vinyl is transparent. In order to make the record black in color the plant must use a carbon additive with trace metals that can become magnetized. This is what causes electrical distortion during playback. That is the reason why we choose to offer our records in the following manner:
          - Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV)
          - 140gr
          - 25 minutes maximum per side


          LP Info: limited edition LP in jacket with flap.

          The Black Angels

          Clear Lake Forest

            New EP of seven new tracks, from Austin Texas Psych Rock band.

            It follows their album Indigo Meadow (2013) where once again The Black Angels proved themselves the undisputed avatars of contemporary psychedelic rock, simultaneously exalting the genre’s kaleidoscopic past as they thrust it further into the future. the band brought new focus to their wide-ranging songcraft, the righteous riffs and dogmatic drones gaining increased power as they fuel a more expansive emotional terrain. A 21st century trip as transcendent as any in the canon.

            “Imagine tossing bands from the pantheon of American psychedelia like The Electric Prunes, Count Five, 13th Floor Elevators and The Seeds into your blender, adding a splash of Sabbath and a dollop of early Soundgarden or Mudhoney, and you’ve got Austin’s The Black Angels.” Associated Press.


            Mini LP Info: Limited edition clear vinyl.

            The Raveonettes


              Pe_ahi (/pe____hi_/ pay-ah-hee; is a place on the north shore of the island of Maui in the US state of Hawaii. It has lent its name to a big wave surfing break, also known as Jaws. During off season the spot is taken over by meth fuelled crazies and people are advised to not venture out there.

              Immersed in the surf-history of Southern California, where both Sharin and Sune reside, the album incorporates various elements from this culture into every song both lyrically and musically. The result is their most complex, intricate and autobiographical work to date.

              Well, that's summer sorted then! The ChannelXXX trilogy ends on a blazing high with a couple of sultry reworks courtesy of my favourite DJ duo. The men behind the music here are a pair of disco survivors, acid house veterans and Balearic experts whose ability to play literally anything at any moment puts them at the top of the tree. Yes, it's those Idjut Boys, disguised as NAD on the run out groove info. On the A-side we get a gently lysergic edit of Neil Oliver's French funk unclassic "Let The Music Take You" which shimmers with hazy echo before bursting into a party of sunkissed horns and quirky vocals. The sky's blue and you haven't a care in the world. On the flip, Dan and Con get horizontal with a proper smokers jam, dishing up a dubby adaptation of a forgotten Balearic gem. Percolating synth lines give you a hit from the bong, cymbals glisten with echo and beach combing guitar rings out through the midday heat. Essential summer tackle.

              Stop press! The second instalment of the mysterious Mangiami series on Golf Channel has arrived. Justin Vandervolgen is behind this 12" and he hits us with two tracks of strung out and sprawling organic disco bliss with more than a little funk in their trunk. The A-side's 'All Day Edit' is a horn led African disco groove accented with sharp guitar licks and tumbling percussion, all fed through the trusty echo deck. On the B-side's 'Trof In Edit' (possibly not titled exactly that - the run out groove info is pretty hard to read!) the guitar takes the lead on a funked up disco rock stomper which heads for the peaktime with its rising strings and driving slapped bassline.

              Phil South's awesome Golf Channel imprint resurrects the mysterious Edit Channel outlet for a trio of releases made by the who's who of the debauched disco world. Named after the infamous New York eatery which played host to the likes of Harvey, Alex From Tokyo, Bing Ji Ling, DJ Nature, Tim Sweeny, Barack Obama and Seinfeld on a regular basis (only one of these people is a lie).

              On the A-side we're treated to 'How We Do In NYC Edit' by Dr Dunks, a slow and groovy disco massage with a hell of a happy ending. This packs a slow funk groove with zero gravity synth sweeps, squeeling guitar solos and red hot brass as you dance yourself into exhaustion. On the flip, we get an anything goes end of nighter in the form of a tequila-soaked edit of Waylon Jennings' 1973 cut 'Lonesome, On'ry and Mean' by Thomas 'Tom Of England' Bullock.

              Some records are birthed through countless months or even years of studio hard yaka; drafts, followed by re-drafts, an eternal process of searching for that money shot musical moment. Then there are albums that simply pour out of the collective minds of its creators – more of a stream of consciousness and musical expressions that strategic beat creation.

              For best friends and long time collaborators Matt Edwards (aka Radio Slave) and Thomas Gandey (aka Cagedbaby and producer). Matom began as a one off project to create an hour of music to celebrate the iconic Hansa recording studios in Berlin, a space that’s seen everyone from David Bowie and Iggy Pop to Tangerine Dream and Brian Eno.

              Says Edwards “The initial music was loosely based around the recording of David Bowie’s ‘Low’ and the works of Iggy Pop and I wanted to create these soundscapes that would allow Thomas to improvise and we managed to come up with seven songs in two days.”

              From this auspicious beginning the project continued to pick up pace and the pair soon performed in Warsaw alongside revered Kosmiche figurehead Manuel Gottsching and a few months later at the Name festival in Lille, France.

              Splitting time between Gandey’s home and studio outside Bordeaux and Edward’s studio in Kreuzberg, Berlin, the pair continued to create. The duo adopted a free-flow approach to production, with Gandey talking warmly about creating sounds for the Matom Project. They’d cook together, eat fine food, and then sit down to work on the music together.

              Gandey describes Edwards as the “master of minimal”, building up the soundscapes and beats before Thomas filled out the compositions with various keyboards from his collection including a Fender Rhodes, Moog Voyager, Clavia Nords, Roland Drum Machines and live percussion and finally another collaborator Paul Sandrone would improvise on guitar at the final stages of production.

              The entire essence of Matom’s sounds is based around live takes and recorded snippets of conversations and ambiences from their tours, with no MIDI or samples so when they joined the line up for the Pyramids of Mars label showcase at Berghain’s Kantine it was a seamless transition from studio to stage. Their last gig was once again for the Red Bull Music Academy in Miami WMC 2014 to perform the finished album for the people who first inspired and supported the project.

              And so Matom’s ‘Love Mistakes’ is signed sealed and delivered, a work Gandey describes as “a culmination of our combined skills and reflecting its contrasting environments, a dualism between the cosmic serenity of the vineyards in his south of France retreat and the gritty urban cityscapes of Berlin’s bohemia.”

              Mak & Pasteman


              Following releases on Redlight's Lobster Boy Label & Breach's Naked Naked Imprint, Mak & Pasteman inaugurate their own Materials imprint with two weapons grade bass bangers. The twin assault spans various influences, building on the palette of sounds they have developed over the past few years, whilst delivering another healthy portion of thwomp. "Jam One" sees the duo venture into the realms of emotive synthesised house with its brooding bassline and intense vocals. These guys aren't afraid of a drop, and after holding you captive with a massive breakdown for over a minute, they deliver the no holds barred release as the trippy keys of the first half are overtaken by classic piano chords. On the flipside, "Formation 131" takes a completely different tack as the duo layer a heady break over dark atmospheric textures. The track evolves out of deep subs & distorted 808 hits into a proper mainroomer with the dark emotion of early jungle. A total badman jam, this is gonna have speakers rattling all over the show this year.

              Nikki Sudden


                In a year when overproduced rock-fluff flooded radio waves, Texas—Sudden’s 1986 solo debut for Creation— blasted through the saccharin for a damaged and masterful invocation at the imperfect alters of Chilton and Bolan, sonic influences the Brit bore proudly on his velvet sleeve throughout the course of his polarizing prolificacy. As the increasingly splintered Rolling Stones cultivated “Harlem Shuffle” cover cheese, the former Jacobite leader looked to the ragged Exile On Main St. and Sticky Fingers roots of his icons for a raw, 12-song predication melding tender jangle and staggering swagger. Widely considered Sudden’s solo magnum opus, Texas is an exquisite mélange of the off-kilter sub-terrestrial songwriter.

                In founding Swell Maps, the post-punk prefacing Birmingham art-snots, Nikki Sudden and his drumming brother Epic Soundtracks charted new territory for racket and corrosive guitar. But after folding Swell Maps at the dawn of the ’80s, Nikki Sudden plowed through another decade’s worth of terrifically fertile ground. Drawing on his devotion to the Rolling Stones and T. Rex - alongside guitarist Dave Kusworth as Jacobites, plus a cheekily named cohort of British sidemen - Nikki Sudden cut a string of raw, inspired rock ‘n’ roll records, etched with double-edged travel melancholia and hard-bitten punk dejection.

                Nikki Sudden & The Jacobites

                Dead Men Tell No Tales

                  Dead Men Tell No Tales takes a stripped-down turn with plaintive lyrical confessions as pretty as they are prescient, summoning Syd Barrett’s wild spirit through a séance of simple reverb burbles and acoustic incantations. Front- and-center vocals recounting love, loss and death’s lurking presence are presented against airy guitar shimmer in a demented yin and yang seemingly forecasting the scarf- swathed, underground dandy man’s abrupt fall nearly 20 years later. In the midst of such weighty tomes are less downtrodden peeks into the studio, where Sudden and his Jacobites are caught on tape in a few joyful fits and starts, adding another complex layer to this celebrated post-punk.

                  In founding Swell Maps, the post-punk prefacing Birmingham art-snots, Nikki Sudden and his drumming brother Epic Soundtracks charted new territory for racket and corrosive guitar. But after folding Swell Maps at the dawn of the ’80s, Nikki Sudden plowed through another decade’s worth of terrifically fertile ground. Drawing on his devotion to the Rolling Stones and T. Rex—alongside guitarist Dave Kusworth as Jacobites, plus a cheekily named cohort of British sidemen—Nikki Sudden cut a string of raw, inspired rock ‘n’ roll records, etched with double- edged travel melancholia and hard-bitten punk dejection.

                  Nikki Sudden & Rowland S. Howard

                  Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc

                    Nikki Sudden’s collaboration with former Birthday Party guitarist Rowland S. Howard peaked with Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc, the duo’s 1987 first and only full length. Howard’s sinister guitar flourishes and malevolent lyrical motifs lead Sudden’s paisley-clad disposition into murkier waters, drudging the same sludge inhabited by The Gun Club and Nick Cave’s Bad Seeds. Unhinged slide guitars, noise and primal drumming draw up demented pacts forged in the blood of Southern Gothic swamp stomp and Depression-era devotionals - tales of lovers and demons split between the vocal transmissions of the two minds behind this goth-steeped, blues-punk essential.

                    In founding Swell Maps, the post-punk prefacing Birmingham art-snots, Nikki Sudden and his drumming brother Epic Soundtracks charted new territory for racket and corrosive guitar. But after folding Swell Maps at the dawn of the ’80s, Nikki Sudden plowed through another decade’s worth of terrifically fertile ground. Drawing on his devotion to the Rolling Stones and T. Rex - alongside guitarist Dave Kusworth as Jacobites, plus a cheekily named cohort of British sidemen - Nikki Sudden cut a string of raw, inspired rock ‘n’ roll records, etched with double- edged travel melancholia and hard-bitten punk dejection.

                    Holy Ghost!

                    Bridge & Tunnel / Changing Of The Guard - Prins Thomas / Andre Bratten Remixes

                    Holy Ghost! return for 2014 with a two part remix special that's gonna smash mirror balls to bits all over the show in the coming months. The first EP is a Nordic affair with Prins Thomas and Full Pupp disciple Andre Bratten taking care of business on the A and B respectively. Since the launch of his Rett I Fletta imprint we've seen Thomas going down a cosmic techno route with his heaviest work to date so you might be slightly surprised when you hear his playful NYC disco remix of "Bridge & Tunnel". The Full Pupp boss serves his remix sunny side up, packing strings, wah-clav and an infectious bassline into his hand luggage and taking the Pan Am to JFK for a long weekend. Irresistible with its mix of dancefloor drive, camp extravagance and lung bursting energy you'd be forgiven for mistaking it for a long lost Tom Moulton production. On the flip, Andre Bratten highlights why he's heading up the new generation of Norwegian production talent, taking the electro pop shimmer of "Changing Of The Guard", bringing the spectral synthlines to the fore and then building a cosmic house groove around it. Norway have taken the lead in the first leg, but I have a sneaking suspicious the yanks will equalise in the return fixture.


                    Talkin Shit (Grimace Edition) - Picture Disc

                    Description: Quasimoto X-ray record. Half picture disc, half clear vinyl. Lord Quas with brick on one side, and his "insides" show on the flip. Delivered in a clear polybag.

                    This is "Mood 2," the Grimace Edition. It was previously on a yellow vinyl picture disc.

                    "Planned Attack" is from the album Yessir Whatever, and "Talkin Shit" is a short, previously unreleased track. Both featuring and produced by Madlib. Artwork by Jeff Jank.

                    Fueled by the financial drippings of number runners and boosted by Hall-of-Fame running back Jim Brown, Cleveland, Ohio’s Way Out Records offered asylum for a rising crop of rogue soul men, rust-belt vocal ensembles, and trial-by-fire producers. Helmed by a friendly consortium of hustlers, police officers, and gridiron giants, pet project beget obsession as Motown arrangers, gospel choirs, and the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra were all beckoned to the wrong side of the tracks to mint masterpieces for the Sensations, Volcanic Eruption, the Exceptional Three, and Bobby Wade, all beneath the mindful gaze of a wall-mounted shotgun. Reaching their peak in the late ‘60s, 'Eccentric Soul: The Way Out Label' gathers the brightest moments from the quirky operation’s eleven year bid.

                    The 3LP configuration boasts a double gatefold with beautiful photos and ephemera from the label’s low-flying promotional department. The 2CD version boasts images unique to this format, plus the same great liner notes, clocking in at 7,000 words. For fans of group harmony, sweet soul, orchestral feats and lo-fi oddities, 'The Way Out Label' is an excellent addition to Numero's already popular and powerful 'Eccentric Soul' series.

                    “Our journals and recording equipment were ultimately confiscated and stolen by the MNLF rebels. We escaped with a single cassette, the clothes on our back, and our lives.” - David Blair Stiffler

                    In 1988, David Blair Stiffler risked life and limb to document under-recorded cultural groups living lives of extreme isolation in the mountainous Philippine regions of Nueva Ecija, Aurora, and Luzon. These are the fruits of that expedition.

                    In the grand tradition of ethnographic recordings that made up the majority of Folkways' vast and significant catalog comes Music from the Mountain Provinces. By the mid-1980s, David Blair Stiffler was already a most-decorated recordist, with eight Folkways LPs under his belt. These are among the most obscure documents in the entire Folkways catalog. Although the works of Jose Maceda and Nicole Revel heavily documented much of the Philippines' countryside inhabitants with a thorough and sober effort protracted over the decades, Stiffler brought his own panache into the equation, capturing gorgeous and revelatory moments from some of the archipelago's least visited regions. Even without the harrowing tale of himself and his crew being taken hostage, contained within is a rare aural experience. These masters, originally intended for release on Folkways, were shelved when Stiffler returned home to news of Folkways founder Moses Asch’s death.

                    Molly Nilsson

                    Solo Paraiso - The Summer Songs EP

                      Pop music rarely comes as honest and heartfelt as when delivered by Molly Nilsson. Having traveled around the world singing to the romantic and the doomed, Nilsson found herself in the late Summer of 2014 in Buenos Aires. Inspired by the crumbling landscape and the heavy hearts that populate it, Sólo Paraíso is not only an ode to a specific time and space but a musical novella that meditates on youth, idealism and belonging. The soundtrack to a summer you thought you had when looking over bleached out old photo albums.

                      As with all Molly Nilsson songs, each of these tracks is bursting with perfect moments. Opener “Summer Cats” sails over sun-kissed piano chords, chasing the sun eternally as it dips over the horizon, while show-stealer “Blue Dollar” draws parallels between the doomed Argentine economy and the failure of a love affair. It’s the most feel-good, romantic peon to an economic downturn you’ll ever hear. As Molly says “why is it so damn easy to break all the things that are so damn difficult to make?”

                      Using cracked synths, shimmering piano, heat-stroked drum machines and above all her direct, from-the-heart vocal delivery, Nilsson’s songs have never been so precise and on-point. For fellow doomed romantics, Sólo Paraíso is the perfect sound for an imperfect Summer.

                      Broken DC

                      Face The Sun

                        London trio Broken DC formed by members of Pettybone and Capricorns. The trio featuring Ivona Behalova, Kevin Williams and Ben Savigear form syncopated riffs, intricate rhythms and atypical time signatures which stray to the further reaches of hardcore.. taking cues from the likes of the post punk of Joy Division and the post hardcore of Slint.

                        BDC drop some hardcore mesh in there with the sound of Dischord / Gravity Records coming to the fore. Face The Sun was recorded by Rory Attwell on the Lightship and Gnarled was recorded live by Tim Chimp at Drop Out Studios. BDC proceed to record a raft of fierce demos, with the look to playing shows, lots of them, as that is the wont of a band that has hardcore roots! This is post punk/ hardcore driven to the now with an urgency and passion that means they can exist in the space left by a burnt out and voided hardcore scene.

                        200 COPIES ONLY

                        Sparky's eternal Numbers anthem, "Portland" returns after Villalobos' incredible extension with two mixes here by Tuff City Kids (Gerd Janson & Phillip Lauer). The "Looney Mix" sees them adopting a 90s-inspired lean on production aesthetics, loading up the original parts into their vintage samplers and getting busy with the old school breakbeats, euphoric piano stabs and the most identifiable rave sound ever - the Loon bird call (think "Papua New Guinea")! the "TB Remix" sees them achieve a more dreamy, tantalizing vibration through long drifting pads and subtle 303. The old school feel's retained through more 90s breaks and sampled and pitched vocal snippets. Proper rave tackle! Recommended.

                        Following April's second Leonidas & Hobbes EP, HM005 is another Various Artists EP, the third in the series of Trouble Remix compilations, featuring remixes of a selection of up-and-coming acts from across Scotland by some of the label's favourite Scottish producers. It's been a very exciting first year for Hobbes Music, with DJs and critics lining up to praise the fledgling Edinburgh label: Erol Alkan, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Justin Robertson, Ashley Beedle, Maceo Plex, Ivan Smagghe, Domenic (Subculture), JD Twitch (Optimo), Jimpster, TEED, Citizen, Sean Johnston, M.A.N.D.Y., Philippe Zdar, Sinden, Locksmith (Rudimental), Bot (Crookers), Alan Braxe, Alex Metric, Leftside Wobble, Mixmag, Resident Advisor, i-D Magazine, Mixmag and more. i-D Magazine hosted a 'Back To Mine' mix by Leonidas & Hobbes on their Soundcloud which had over 7,000 plays and a whole load of love in less than a week (April ’14).

                        Selected DJ Feedback

                        ‘This sounds boss - will play some of it on BBC6, thank you’ (Tom Findlay / Groove Armada - LDN / Worldwide)
                        ‘The Debukas and Craig’s dub are perfect for me - thanks’ (The Revenge - Glasgow / Worldwide)
                        ‘Digging the the Debukas & Craig Smith mixes. Both are in the bag’ (OOFT - Glasgow / Worldwide)
                        ‘Debukas Remix - will use in my sets. Full support.’ (Patrick Alavi - Germany / Worldwide)
                        ‘What a refreshing EP!!! Such depth and variation of quality!! Thanks for sending, so good to get some great music among the dredges of crap I get sent!! Big up!!! :-)’ (Arveene / Arveene & Misk - Ireland - Europe)
                        ‘This is really the sound of now for me. I truly love the remix! Thanks for the great stuff …. the whole package, but maybe Debukas remix is my fav’ :)’ (Kosmos - Tracy Recordings / Nitsa, Barcelona / Europe)
                        ‘Loving Craig's mixes and the Debukas one's a cracker too’ (Chris Duckenfield, Sheffield / Worldwide)

                        If you've spent some time in the nightclubs of Amsterdam, you will probably have shaken a leg to the selecting skills of Mr. Mendel. You'll find him often spinning side by side with Rahaan, who's releasing Mr. Mendel's reworks on his third installment of Street Edits. The Amsterdam native starts the party with a smooth and silky dancefloor extension of James Brown's "Mind Power", featuring some seamless loops, tight overdubs and a tasty arrangement perfect for dropping in and out of in the mix. On the flip we get transported to the tropics with the raucous island disco brilliance of "Boogie With The Channel". Starting out life as "Best Of My Love" by The Emotions, this head nodding, shoulder rolling disco speactacular soon settles into a dubby and psychedelic groove thanks to the walking bassline, rolling piano and stargazing synths. If you're rocking that Tropical discotheque vibe at the moment then you need this in your record box. Mr Mendel closes the set in soulful fashion with the raw and spiritual gospel disco of "Spirit The Power". Riding a groove like Lonnie Liston Smith jamming with Lenny Williams, this is the kind of immersive and soulful weapon you'd lose your mind to at a 3 Chairs set. Dope.

                        Something a little different here from the big game hunters at Tusk Wax. This 12" features four remixes of Tusk favourites old and new from a who's who of chug masters. Up first, the North East's finest purveyors of cosmic wobble Last Waltz take on Scott Frazer's "Space & Tapes", upping the tempo and replacing the darkness of outerspace with the kaleidoscopic spectrum of a wormhole. The hypnotic groove reminds sounds like a long lost collaboration between Brennan Green and the Norwegian contingent. Chamboche rewire Ejeca's brooding and building "Tetra" into a wonked out sci fi house cut with stuttering sequences and a hyperdriven bassline. As the track returns from orbit to rock a dancefloor near you, that looped up Mary J Blige sample emerges from the depths of the mix to raise the roof. Piccadilly favourite Ruf Dug drops by on the flip to give the set closer from Jock Talk's "Tusk Wax Seven" a red pink respray. The head nodding combination of boogie, proto house and over dramatic 80s soap soundtrack is perfectly befitting of a man obsessed with Miami Vice, and Ruffy's mastery of the marimba preset is second only to Jan Hammer. Throw a few cheeky references to "Your Love" and you're in Balearic dancefloor heaven, sharing a line with Tubbs and Crockett. And what better way to recover from a night's executive excesses than with a soothing bit of guided meditation thanks to Captain Sunshine & The Valley People (or Seahawks to you and me) and their "Wilderness Dub" of Tim Waine's "No Hats". A more blissful and esoteric variant on the Seahawks' mix on TW14, this sumptous journey into the land of the opium eaters will soundtrack summers for year's to come.

                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                        Ltd 12" Info: Hand stamped. 300 copies. No repress.

                        A super-limited CD round up of El Diablo's Social Club's edits offshoot vinyl label To Rack & Ruin. Unmixed for all you CD DJs.

                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                        CD Info: 100 copies only. Individually numbered.


                        Demolition Plot J-7

                          "The first Pavement 7” had kicked so much ass that we were inspired to write a letter asking the band what their further plans were – and bang, boom! We got this single. We must have written an even better letter after this, because the next thing we got was a MONSTER, the “Perfect Sound Forever” 10”. Still, “Forklift” and “Perfect Depth” were definitely early classix, and the rest of the record rocked hard enough to sell a SHITload, bringing stores from all the way in New York calling (Matador bought some to sell too – awesome that they’d do something so cool!) and raising anticipations to unreal levels that only “Perfect Sound Forever” could ever surpass, right? Waitaminnit – is there ANOTHER lousy synthesizer on this record? Hey, Drag City – lose the pretenti-o retro-rock druggies if you want to stay in business, huh?" - Drag City.

                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                          Ltd 7" Info: Limited edition gold coloured vinyl repress.

                          Various Artists

                          I Hear The Devil Calling Me - EP

                            It’s easy to describe the weird scene in the 80s-90s – there was the jangly college-rock thing and the fading synth-pop thing, there were all these home-recorded records coming out, and Grunch was getting started - if it didn't sound so much like today, how would you even imagine it? Like, there was even the weird obsession with Australian punk, and people were getting seriously geeked on Flying Nun shit too, pretty much just to have something different to be into. The down/under fixation went so far as to spill over into New Zealand, which fortunately for hipper-than-thou Drag City, was teeming with interesting weirdos like The Dead C, Alasdair Galbraith and This Kind of Punishment (featuring Peter Jefferies) and loads of others. Now this was a way we could shout down those know-nothing Flying Nun types! For a year or two there, we worked with Bruce Russell, whose Xpressway record label brought a lot of these acts to our attention. Eventually, we had an album-length compilation called Making Losers Happy (word!) and a VHS tape (right?) called X-Way Vision.

                            This 7” preceded those two releases and was particularly fun – a 12-song compilation EP that managed to be that many tunes by dint of their brevity – nothing over one-minute long was the rule! Talk about pocket symphonies! …there are none here. But there are many great moments (minutes?) from a REALLY great moment in NZ rock – the Xpressway era.

                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                            Ltd 7" Info: Gold coloured vinyl repress.

                            Royal Trux

                            Hero Zero

                              The very first Drag City record! A hot seller too – why, in the first week of release alone, we sold two separate orders of 10 each to Reckless Records – and in the first month…hmm, we sold a few more copies to Newbury Comics, Vintage Vinyl of Evanston IL and Wax Trax Chicago. Clearly our direct-store touch needed some work, but – that would come in time, with more hit records like this!

                              Reviled in its day for its use of Moog synthesizer (how decadently ‘70s, yuck!), “Hero Zero” probably didn’t make listeners think that they were hearing a rock and roll institution as it got rolling – but 25 years later, Royal Trux’s catalog contains many perennial favorites, and both Neil and Jennifer are still out there (WAY out there, hur!) with new bands (Dan’l Boone and Black Bananas, duh!) and naturally, new music. And this single sounds better than ever. Wow. Must be all that synth!

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              Ltd 7" Info: Limited edition gold coloured vinyl repress.

                              Mysterious German producer Fizzy Veins drops a limited 12" housing three cryptically titled edits on their unknown R=A imprint. Now, this is certainly one for the adventurous jocks and listeners out there with moods ranging from the sleazy to the queasy as it journeys into the heart of the dark wired sound. The A-side opens with a floor friendly edit of the industrial strength synthwave sleaze of Snakefinger's "Golden King", a leather clad funk-not-funk mutant spawned out of the Skatt Bros' sweat and Mark Almond's saliva. If you dug on Trevor Jackson's "Metal Dance" comps then you'll find this one right up your street checking out the public toilets. Flip the disc for the skin crawling oddness of "Transmitted Contagion" by the Fantasy Mark Ups, a strange and unsettling electronic chugger with odd choral vox and ever changing synth drums. Closing the EP out in an esoteric post punk fashion is the exotic and bonkers "Kyoto Recital", an edit of Bene Gesserit's "Japanese Song". A stripped back and abrasive drum track sits behind atonal vocals and eastern guitar melodies as we're given a glimpse of the dark future foretold by Akira. Totally out of its tree in the best way, this is the most unique release of the week by a country mile. 

                              Ghosts On Tape

                              Only Now / Snake Box - Inc. Innerspace Halflife Remix

                              San Fran techno purveyors Icee Hot bring more wall shakers from their in-house masters, Ghosts On tape. Over two years the delectable producer has carved a sound all of his own - powerful, scorched with San Fran radiance and futuristic as hell. "Only Now" kicks things off in a rollicking fashion, its stuttering synth riff taking center stage and gradually building atop Ghosts On Tape's trademark rattling percussion. Those who've followed Merry's work know that his command of rhythmic interplay has always been at the heart of his production and it really shines on "Snake Box." A rhythmic masterpiece, awash with tribal drums and voodoo energy, this is one of those fast 'n' funky techno numbers you'd catch Jeff Mills dropping late on into the session to get us all wiggling again. Well good. Hardware maestros Innerspace Halflife squeeze the contents of "Only Now" through their impressive outboard, mangling and twisting the track through an array of noise gates, filters and distortion units, making for a darker, narcotized take on the OG. Great stuff from this West Coast mainstay.

                              Heurco S makes his Proibito debut; with both producer and label cloaked in cultish mystic. Sitting in well with the current trend of tape-saturated, sun-burnt stoner house that's very big in Vancouver right now, Huerco S takes us on a slow and winding journey through THC-laden sonics. "Untitled 1"'s fractal elements drift over the ears with a relaxed "Untitled 2" has a bit more umph, and has small inflections of Deepchord-esque dub-techno - all floaty, dreamy repetition, and really quite special. "Untitled 3" hits the brakes for a darker excursion deep into the wormhole. Churning mechanical bass and percussion artifacts squashed onto the tape with a red hot iron. Finally "Untitled 4" keeps the lights down low, allowing a subtle kick rumble away while de-tuned waves of airy synth goodness drift in and out of focus. Most recommended, one of the finest EPs in this hot new genre we're yet to name here at Piccadilly HQ ('Stoner house!' - Matt).

                              Deluxe re-issue edition with bonus ‘Hole’ EP and ‘Retreat! Retreat! single video and B-sides. In conjunction with the 10th anniversary year of the release of 65daysofstatic's debut album, The Fall of Math and a series of live dates around Europe, for which the band will play the album in its entirety, Monotreme Records will re-issue a deluxe edition of The Fall of Math on CD and 180 gm vinyl in March 2014.

                              Sheffield UK’s 65daysofstatic scored an unlikely hit in 2004 with their debut album, The Fall Of Math. A critical success, it launched the band into a new league of recognition; here, they would hone their sound, transforming from studio operatives crafting rave music for rockers into a rock band impossible not to rave to. Live, they excelled. Audiences swelled. With their fifth studio album out last year, the band remains one of the most arresting live acts on the circuit, touring the globe relentlessly.

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              2xCD Info: The CD edition will be a 2-CD album containing The Fall of Math, the Hole EP and the B-sides and video from the Retreat! Retreat! single.

                              Ltd LP Info: Second pressing (500 copies) on translucent green vinyl with black splatter, and will include a digital download coupon for the 'Hole' EP and 'Retreat! Retreat!' Single video and B-sides, as well as a poster and a copy of the album CD in a printed card wallet.

                              Announcing 'Monster Slies', the debut release from a new collaborative imprint between the Australian electronic label Dual Planet and UK reissue label Finders Keepers. Together they present 14 rare, untraveled and previously unreleased mutant strains of '60s / 70's / 80's vintage voltage pop, electronic rock, malformed tape-music and zombified funk-punk resurrected from the lost vaults, damp cellars and dark corners of an alternative musical universe explored by two of the most studious vinyl labels from either side of the pear-shaped planet.

                              Compiled by renowned UK DJ Andy Votel and Dual Planet's James Pianta, there's rare and unreleased tracks from Don Harper, X Ray Pop, Teisco, Steve Maxwell Von Braund (an amazing remix of 'Monster Planet'), Val Stephen, Clone and more. Features dazzling artwork from Votel, all housed in a heavy-duty sleeve


                              Rock Konducta - 2xCD Edition

                              The complete ‘Rock Konducta’ experience, presented here as a double CD issue, featuring 48 untitled tracks across 2 CDs.

                              Madlib announced his Rock Konducta album with a limited edition 45 made specifically for sale at the Zamrock Live! Madlib Medicine Show in San Francisco in early 2013. It was a fitting place to make the debut, as his previous Beat Konducta in Africa album was heavily inspired by Africa’s vibrant 70s rock scene, with a specific focus on Zambia’s Zamrock.

                              Rock Konducta is the fifth installment in Madlib’s Beat Konducta series. Previous entries include: Beat Konducta : Movie Scenes, Beat Konducta: in India, Beat Konducta: Dil Cosby and Dil Withers Suites and Beat Konducta in Africa.

                              Rock Konducta grabs its source material from various worldwide rock scenes from the 60s through the 80s, from American psychedelia to Germany’s krautrock to acid-soaked Spanish prog to synthy, early-80s oddities. Tied together by Madlib’s unique sensibility, these scenes coalesce into a new whole. Who knew that rock music sounded like this? Well, there’s one obvious answer to that question.

                              Severed Heads

                              Dead Eyes Opened

                              Severed Heads are one of the longest surviving bands to emerge from the Australian post-punk independent music scene. They began in Sydney in 1979, incorporating elements of 'industrial' noise-generation, tape cutting & looping and electronic sound synthesis. As the project developed song-structures and vocals were employed in a more-or-less recognizable mutant electro pop style. After many line-up changes featuring Gary Bradbury and psychedelic guitarist Simon Knuckey, Severed Heads was the vehicle for composer Tom Ellard. By 1983 they released a C-60 cassette called “Since The Accident” that grabbed the attention of Ink Records, a subsidiary of Virgin in the UK. Ellard added a throwaway track at the last minute to fill out the cassette, not wanting to leave an unseemly gap on a C60 tape. This track, “Dead Eyes Opened” was catchy enough to get a lot of airplay on the main non-commercial radio station in Sydney. The band was asked to make this song into a 12” single. For this extended version, Tom Ellard and producer Patrick Gibson went to M Squared studio and passed the multitrack through various EQ and delays. “Dead Eyes Opened” features lyrics from a radio program narrated by Edgar Lustgarten, a crime journalist from England. They reference an actual double murder case that occurred in 1924 calling to mind the gruesome imagery of Hannibal Lecter. The rhythms are made by a TR-808 drum machine and an SH-1 synthesizer. A KORG PolySix did the rising wafty sound and strings. The load solo was a Casiotone run through an Octaver foot pedal. On the B-side are two solo compositions “Bullet” and “Mount” that Ellard recorded at Terse Tapes in 1982. All songs are remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. Housed in the original jacket featuring the iconic photograph of a girl with a painted face wrapped in some cloth by Juilee Pryor. Each copy includes a fold-out newsprint poster with a large photo of the band wearing Art Unit skull shirts on one side and liner notes and press clippings on the other. 30 years later Severed Heads are still paving the way for powerful imaginative challenging music far and wide.

                              Xymox, later known as Clan of Xymox, was founded in Nijmegen, a city in the east of the Netherlands, in 1983 by Ronny Moorings (Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizers) and Anka Wolbert (Vocals, Bass). Ronny saved up to buy a TEAC 144 four-track tape recorder and the duo relocated to Amsterdam in April of 1983. They began to record songs utilizing a Yamaha CS-15, Korg MS-10 and MS-20, a BOSS Dr. Rhythm DR-550, guitar and effects pedals. Layering drone-like tones of monophonic synthesizers over tape loops, rhythm tracks, guitar, and bass, they created a unique fusion of lush psychedelia and dark, angular atmospherics. The result was a 5-song EP, “Subsequent Pleasures", was released in 1984 and limited to 500 vinyl copies. It was a precursor to the dark wave sounds of their self-titled debut LP on 4AD Records, which was released the following year. At the time, Anka was designing silk-screened posters for a music venue called Oktopus. She based the sleeve design on a drawing she had done of Ronny lying in the grass that summer and used some cutouts and details of other photos. Today, the record is highly sought after by collectors. One song from the EP, “Muscoviet Musquito”, was later re-recorded for the compilation album “Lonely Is An Eyesore” released by 4AD in 1987. All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. All jackets have been silk-screened with pink and grey paint, using the original plates Anka created in 1984. Each copy includes a fold-out pink newsprint poster with never before seen photos of the band, lyrics and liner notes by Anka and Ronny. See the colors and waves in this deluxe 30th anniversary edition of a classic piece of Dutch history.

                              Compilation of absolutely must have country blues. A mix of well known artists playing their signature songs and more obscure musicians. Highlights include Bukka White's elemental "Fixin' to die", Lottie Kimbroughs' seldom heard "Don't Speak To Me", George Carters' haunting "Ghost Woman Blues", Willie Browns' existential "Future Blues", Monroe Moe Jackson's wild "Go Away From My Door" and many more hits. The real stuff and some of Mississippi Records all time favorite tunes.

                              River Slaughter debuted their mix of noise, tape hiss and synths with one of the first releases on Sacred Tapes. Infallible Godhead quickly became one of the fans favourite releases on the label with it even being featured in the Boomkat end of year lists as one of Gnod's top ten releases of 2013.

                              Obstructed Resentment brings two previously unheard tracks recorded in that very same session which have been stored in our vault for the past 10 months.

                              Recorded 2/7/13 at Islington Mill
                              Mastered by Callum Higgins
                              *All cassettes dubbed at home*

                              Universal Cave

                              Round The Bend / Riding

                              Philly's foremost authorities on the more eclectic fringes of the musical world Univeral Cave follow up their brilliant "Soft Rock For Hard Times" mixtape with this cracking little edit 7" which may or may not feature the talents of D. Lord & Werner Williams and JAZ & Party Dad. On the A-side we float along with one of the stand outs from their DJ mix, edited and extended for yacht club use with a precise touch. The bongos are sky high in the mix, punctuating the breezy beginning as the track builds into a Laurel Canyon classic with glistening guitars, easy horns and crystal clear vocals. A tune fit for hang gliders, rock climbers, and summer Sundays. Sunsets and sailboats. Slow grooves for mellow moods. On the flip, we're taken for a non stop thrill ride by some thrusting Euro rock that's more gloom than glam. "Riding" is flipside meets ripside, no nonsense shredding over a driving drum beat. Long haired beardo disco rock that never quits. An excellent vinyl debut for this group of forward thinking, deep and free musical spirits, when's the next one out?!

                              Manchester's disco flagship To Rack & Ruin returns to a floor near you with this irresistably groovy double header from Utrecht duo SHMLSS. The vodka drinking, beard wearing pairing of Bart & Michiel are on their way to worldwide club domination after a couple of winners on Disco Deviance and Midnight Riot, and Evil K'Neil must be as pleased as punch to have plundered this edit doubloon on his journey atop the high seas.

                              Now, I have to say that edit land has been over run with house bump and mid-tempo chug of late, so it's a delight that SHMLSS keep it real, and keep their disco-edits suitably disco! The A-side kicks off with the rhythm section perfection of a simple 4/4 backbeat and rolling bassline before the introduction of little piano motifs, big strings, funky guitars and super cool vocals blasts the track off into mirror ball orbit. Tight as cramp throughout, this funked up workout does everything a good disco record should, with no frills there to distract the dance. Dope. Now, I don't suppose anyone brought their space suit to the party? Well, you'll need it for the B-side. SHMLSS take on the camp brilliance of the Peter Jacques Band's "Counting On Love", dubbing and extending the intro with maximum emphasis on those space age synthlines. As the track develops, the duo unleash the maximal dancefloor brilliance of the original, dropping endless piano solos, vibrant horns, and that walking bassline. The vocal part drops as the track hits the halfway mark, just in time to get all the hands aloft, before the heads down peak time brilliance of the latter stages takes over and blows you away. A total tonker for the true disco heads, this one's gonna get hammered for years, mark my words.

                              DJ Vas is primarily known as a member of pioneering 90s French house band Kojak. When the 1.0 French Touch wave was blowing the world, Kojak were turning heads alongside Daft Punk, Air and Cassius. Nowadays, an older, wiser and dare I say more sophisticated DJ Vas is making use of his scissor skills, encyclopedic funk and disco knowledge and knowledge of the dancefloor with a series of tasteful club edits on EDR. The third instalment of his reworks gets going with a respectful retouch of Roy Ayers' "Love Will Bring Us Back Together", which sees the Frenchman extending the instrumental breaks and working the EQ to hit maximum frequencies on a modern system. Next up Vas takes on the boogie / electro-funk hybrid "Imagination" by BB&Q. The original streetwise cut rocks vocoder, lasers, scratchy guitars and squealing synths and without a doubt falls into the camp of "I Can't Believe It Never Got Sampled". Luckily Vas is on hand to apply the filter and perfectly gauge the middle ground between your peaktime and sunday afternoon sets. For the B-side we get a Crown Heights Affair double header, with Vas taking on "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" and "Use Your Body & Soul", applying tasteful and respectful reshapes which retain the magic of the originals but add a little extra pep for your local disco. Uplifting sunshine disco at its finest, the two version excursions are sure to rock your roll.

                              Hold the phone, those folks at the buy on sight African Shakedown imprint are branching out to the South American home of sun, sea and pubic topiary. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new generation of the Brazilian extravaganza! 'Brazilian Shakedown' brings you a selection of psychedelic remixes, edits and originals by the freshest Brazilian producers of today. Merging their cultural heritage with their hard earned understanding of contemporary dance music they create a unique musical style. The journey takes off with D-Edge Resident DJ Marcio Vermelho from Sao Paulo, who combines a bouncing Brazilian groove, mesmerizing synth stabs and a catchy Lijadu Sisters vocal hook in a way you never heard before. Next up,  one of Brazil's most talented new producers, Carrot Green from Rio, turns a Brazilian folk song into a deep and hypnotic house anthem with a Larry Heard bassline and transcendental guitar lines. Flip the disc to hear the head honcho Noema journey down the rabbit hole, turning two compositions with custom made marimba-like instruments into one trippy Balearic house jam. Thomash, part of the legendary Voodoohop collective from Sao Paulo rounds off this 12" by transforming a classical Brazilian round dance into an acidized late night procession.This beautiful vinyl only 12" comes with a cover illustration by Porto Allegre based artist Daniel Eizirik.

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