Pearson Sound

Headless / Rubber Tree - Extended Mixes Part 2

Electronic innovator Pearson Sound delivers the second of two 12"s featuring extended mixes from his debut long player.

Back in stock Cover of Guitars From Agadez Vol. 7 by Koudede.


Guitars From Agadez Vol. 7

    In October 2012, the Tamashek community lost one of its most luminous voices when Koudede's life was cut short by a car crash during his trip home to Niger from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Koudede was a leading light among the myriad musical groups that have recently proliferated in Niger and Mali to voice the Tuareg struggle against exploitation and to exalt their proud but waning nomadic heritage. His outstanding reputation and corpus of songs garnered the respect of his contemporaries, and his altruistic persona made him a formidable conduit for younger generations of musicians; he was always eager to foster dialog by spreading the music and message of his people. These recordings were captured in an atmosphere of tumult as the 2012 Tuareg insurgency led to a series of battles in the northern Sahara between the government of Mali and the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA). In a misbegotten alliance, the MNLA was drawn together with a rogue movement of dogmatic fundamentalists who were bent on destabilizing West Africa's generally symbiotic relationship with a peaceful, centuries-old Afro-Islamic culture.

    Three of these four tracks were recorded on location at Toumast - the Tuareg headquarters in Mali's capital city of Bamako - shortly after Koudede appeared as a featured artist at the Festival au Désert in Timbuktu. In February 2012, as conditions worsened for the Tuareg in Mali, Koudede's peers advised him to flee the country. The remaining track was recorded in Ouagadougou, after Koudede and his group left Bamako for the safer soil of Burkina Faso. These recordings showcase Koudede's mastery of song and emotion, and memorialize his tragically short tenure as one of the Tuareg's most venerable prophets of the Kel Tamashek message to the outside world. Sublime Frequencies is honored to perpetuate Koudede's extraordinary legacy with this four-song, 45-rpm 12" EP. Recorded and compiled by Hisham Mayet.

    ‘I Love You’ intoxicates from its very first beat, an idiosyncratic house cut that wears its disco and soul influences very much on its sleeve. Driven by poignant strings and a heartfelt vocal, it breathes nostalgic life into any room in which it is played. The Andres remix beefs up the bottom end, with cosmic synths and a wandering bassline transforming the cut from poignant to powerful. Solomon’s Body Edit further takes the track into dancefloor territory, with sharp percussion and an urgent groove making the track fully suitable for peaktime club play.

    Another on point project from Berlin's creative record store hub OYE! Following a sun soaked day on a trip to Tel Aviv, OYE counter culturist Delfonic wandered into an intriguing spot called Kuli Alma. Coincidentally Berlin based Tel Avivian Moscoman was playing at the club that very afternoon. Call it fate, call it afternoon drinking, call it sun stroke - whatever the reason, after a mind-blowing track dropped, he asked Moscoman about its origin, and not so long after, Disco Halal was born. This fresh label dedicated to Middle eastern and Oriental sounds, is gonna hit us with a string of originals and edits from artists such as Acid Arab, Memhet Aslan, Red Axes, Naduve, Autarkic and Moscoman himself, so make room in your collection! Volume 1 features a trio of edits alive with those hypnotic and psychedelic touches which are so central to middle eastern music. Acid Arab kick us off with the blistering electro-tech and 303 sequences of "Le Gaz Qui Fait Rire", a mindbending collision of tradional folk violins and vocals with all out club filth! On the flip Autrakic calms things down a little with the bordeline Balearic dub of "Palgey", a lilting lullaby with a touch of synth strings which could only come from the coast of North Africa. Last but not least, Mehmet Aslan drops "Yasadim", a beefed up house rework of a traditional Turkrock groove which balances a thumping bottom end with the high register strumming of the Baglama Saz. Exotic, inventive and addictive, Disco Halal looks set to make an instant impression on the dance music world.

    Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy


    "Sintetizzatrice" is the first recorded document of the newly founded collaboration between Spectrum Spools veteran Donato Dozzy and female vocalist Anna Caragnano.

    Though his solo work, and in his collaboration with Giuseppe Tilleci as Voices from the Lake, Dozzy has achieved some of the most remarkable vistas contemporary electronic music has seen in the last decade. By removing himself from his areas of mastery to shift his focus on the voice, he has achieved a new peak. "Sintetizzatrice" is the first work on Spectrum Spools featuring Anna Caragnano, a vocalist based in Rome.

    Over two stunning sides of vinyl, Dozzy works exclusively with the voice of Caragnano, with no other instruments. Heavy layering and effects processes are used to display an astoundingly versatile voice-centric vocabulary. Rarely can a record morph through different styles from R&B to Kosmische, through traditional Italian folk music to Fluxus styles and traditional Chamber Choir with no additional instrumentation. Just a singular, beautiful, voice. The results are simply phenomenal.

    With the opening, "Introduzione", an immeasurable cosmic weight arrives and remains through the duration of the album. "Star Cloud" ascends the album with melancholy extended drones that evaporate concepts like "time" and "being", rendering basic human perceptions void all the way through the sides closing "Parallelo". The flipside opener "Parola", dances around the stereo field with dazing rhythms and melodies, while "Festa (A Mottola) is an homage to the traditional music found in the rural region where concidentally, both Dozzy's mother and Caragnano were born and raised. The albums closing pieces "Love Without Sound" and "Conclusione" hit hard in a way where words do no justice. By fearlessly entering uncharted territories, both Dozzy and Caragnano have respectively made a collaboration which is truly experimental.

    The Mighty Mocambos' new album "Showdown" sets another cornerstone in their prolific career as a globally active instrumental funk outfit. While maintaining their organic approach of recording real musicians live on tape, the group has refined their trademark sound with a dramatic edge, a hard hitting production and ventures into less obvious musical territories. While highly enjoying themselves as the tight unit they are, The Mighty Mocambos invited an exciting list of guests to contribute to their musical "Showdown": German film composer icon Peter Thomas, hiphop godfather Afrika Bambaataa, rap legends Charlie Funk aka Afrika Islan (member of the original Rocksteady Crew) and Donald D (of Ice-T's Rhyme Syndicate), plus Nichola Richards, Shawn Lee, DeRobert from peer label GED Soul in Nashville, Zulu Nation MCs Deejay Snoop & DJ Hektek and organ genius Guillaume Metenier all joined the group for their new musical adventure. "Showdown" is released on vinyl LP by Mocambo Records and on CD and digital incarnations by Légère Recordings.

    FaltyDL & Fotomachine

    Are Ren & Stimpy

    Absolute tip of the cap to Tom & Jerry the originators of the cartoon 12"s.

    Putting sex beck into techno - no more of this rigid cold lifeless nonsense.

    We want the focus on the dancers, and aren't afraid to be a little slutty ourselves.

    Back in stock Cover of Delorean Dynamite by Todd Terje.
    All's well in the world of the Terje. Album sales are booming, the beard's coming along nicely and people have even learned how to pronounce his name. Thankfully, he's not been frittering his hard earned cash away on silly synths and studio equipment, instead making a wise automotive investment with a few extra cylinders for the trusty Delorean. We catch up with Todd in the middle of a driving holiday in the scenic mountains of Italy. Shades on, beard trailing in the wind, Todd's opened her up and let the engine purr in metronomic beauty. Luxuriate in the rumble of the sequenced bassline, the snap, crackle and pop of percussion and those expansive melodies. Moving through the gears like a young Senna, Terje takes us on an exhilarating jouney into the night. All that speed, euphoria and effort is bound to make a man sweat, and "Oh Joy" carries the faint whiff of More-odour in it's wide eyed disco bounce. Zero gravity sequences, phasing white noise and super melodic synth-lines fill our ears as Todd fires up the flux capacitor and sends us hurtling into the future. Prepare for the ride of your life.


    12" Info: In deluxe silver embossed sleeve!!!



    Clear vinyl

    King Midas Sound



    12'' (180gram heavyweight vinyl + silver metallic print)

    This release heralds the bands signing to Ninja Tune records.

    Great press anticipated once announced. The Quietus called them “one of the most exciting musical propositions the UK currently has to offer”.

    Having recently shared stages with the likes of Hype Williams, Om, Fuck Buttons, Raime, Godflesh and more, the intensity of the sonic rollercoaster they have developed can be heard clearly with this striking, debut release for Ninja Tune.

    King Midas Sound is a collective of musicians Including Ninja Tune stalwart The Bug alongside the singer and artist Kiki and Roger Robinson. They have previously released on Hyperdub. Limited to 500 copies for the UK and Eire.

    Back in stock Cover of Un.sub by Mia Dora.
    Glasgow's Mia Dora are responsible for the last, and perhaps most anticipated Optimo Trax EP of 2014. This release came about after they sent the track "Un.sub" to Twitch earlier in the year. He went nuts over its cowbell delirium bump n' grind and it has been a constant secret weapon in his sets all year. When he found out it wasn't scheduled for release a notion formed for Optimo Trax to put it out and a few months later the Mia Dora guys delivered three other tracks to form an EP, including a track in collaboration with long time Glasgow doyen MASH. "Un.sub" screams of the hedonistic excesses of any Optimo-fuelled party. Acidic sine tones and hi 'Qs' rallying through the track and an incessant cowbell rhythm marches on. "Raw Kiss" deploys infectious vocal lines to devastating effect - when that hi-pass filter kicks in on the first vocal section don't be surprised if you end up spiraling into the speaker stacks without any prior notice. Absolute dynamite, pure and simple, and worth the entrance fee alone. "Et Elle Le Mein" takes the best bits from tribal and gives it the Glasgonian rub-down, littering it with corrosive artifacts, buzzing bass and slashing hats. Another one for the main rooms and big crowds demanding a hit of filthy, wall shaking house music. "Feathers" looses none of its dancefloor appeal as a big seductive breakdown introduces tickling 303s and a sexy groove. Drop this to a pitch black dancefloor and try to make out all the strange and energetic contortions that are bound to erupt on hearing this mindblowing acid wiggler. To celebrate the label's first year of releases, the usual Optimo Trax trademark red and black sleeve will be modified to be a blue and white one, representing the Scottish flag. As internationalists, we are generally opposed to flags but 2014 is a momentous year in Scotland’s history and also, in their (and our) opinion the best year ever for music being produced there, so they felt like celebrating these things. Move quick – massive buzz around this one!


    Matt says: Absolute pressha from Optimo Trax. Their strongest release to date? I'll let you decide. Pure H E A T

    'Red Nails' is a new album from Cherrystones, it follows the 'My Snow Does Not Melt' LP released under his Godsy moniker for the Whatever We Want label, but is significantly different in feel and direction. It's a particularly personal sonic journey. A visceral, raw and unquestionably honest statement of emotions that demands attention. On 'Red Nails' he unleashes malevolent dub and darkened Moog-works whilst post-punk machinations come up against deep industrial fracas all set within a mutated hip hop framework.

    "This is my mood music my feelings, my emotions, exorcisms, joys and pain, laughs and terror. In some form the album is a fuck you to convention or the notion of playing safe with things, music or any form of expression".

    Cherrystones aka Gareth Goddard has been much lauded over the years, he has DJd for Super Furry Animals, Sun O))), The Horrors, The Libertines and Dangermouse. He has been chosen to host the final freak-outs for festivals such as Green Man and All Tomorrows Parties. He is a music lover first and foremost who happens to be a vinyl-digger par excellence. His knowledge and discoveries have been an inspiration to many esteemed producers from Gaslamp Killer to Psychemagik. Reflecting his punk rock roots, but coming out at a hip-hop angle with an astounding knowledge of music and a native intuition of how to tear shit up, Cherrystones is the sound of psychedelia-soundtracks-folk-rock-prog-noise-Moog-library records. But he's is no retro merchant. What he does, and does astoundingly well, is to look to the past to build the future. Cherrystones music is imbued with cinematic Technicolor, you can almost visualise the movies in his head."Its part of the rebel music culture and community, the same things that led me to punk and all the music I love... simple loves and fears, rejection, isolation, unity through groups and gangs and a heap of teenage adrenalin all mixed with adolescence, that's enough to fuel any teenage head looking for thrills."

    The Fall

    It's Not Repetition, It's Discipline (The Definitive Documentary)

      Dandelion Records and DVD’s present Probably the nearest you will ever get to an official documentary on Mark E Smith and The Fall. Put together over a period of 13 years by three Danish Fall fans and with full involvement from Mark E Smith this film gives a real insight into the mechanisms of The Fall. Features many live clips and rehearsals of both The Fall and Smith and Blaney.

      The cast list includes Mark E Smith, John Peel (a real in depth contribution from Peelie) Henry Rollins, Thurston Moore, David Gedge, Stephen Malkmus, Dee Dee Ramone, Peter Hook, Grant Showbiz, John Cooper Clarke, Damo Suzuki, Gary Lucas, Ed Blaney, Jim Watts, Spencer Birtwistle, Ben Pritchard, Zlatko Buric, Alan Wise, The Other Dave and Fall Fan Dave. Bonus material includes a great interview with Mark E Smith in what was his favourite pub near Heaton Park in Manchester (sadly the pub is now closed)

      NTSC Region 0.
      Running time : approx. I hr 10 mins.


      Isle Of Dogs

        The debut album from East London's indiepop band Tigercats. 11 fantastically catchy, heartfelt and infectious songs, the band are well in to their stride, demonstrating an enthusiastic confidence and a fun-loving charisma.

        Here's a bit of history: Tigercats' singer Duncan played in Esiotrot until suddenly he didn't, and after a respectful interval of ambling around for 18 months he asked his brother Giles to join on bass in a new band. The name Tigercats appeared out of the air and was soon followed by Jonny on drums, Stefan on guitar and Laura on keyboard. Tigercats have released three singles on Haircut and WeePop! records that have been mostly compared to Orange Juice and Hefner, with the Wave Pictures and Violent Femmes close behind. Steve Lamacq said their longest ever song, "Banned at the Troxy" was "a great little single" and Huw Stephens said "it reminds me of Los Campesinos that, and that?s a very very very good thing".

        This is of course excellent, and perhaps someone will pick up on their love of Chic eventually. Tigercats have been lucky enough to play some great shows with Allo Darlin, the Wave Pictures, the Lovely Eggs, Dum Dum Girls, the Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Omi Palone. After one show, Darren Hayman kindly said, "Incidentally, Tigercats are really good. Not [just] in that way that most people say bands are good, but good in a way that means something.." Which is ideal, really.

        “Their songs betray no ulterior motives of forced cool, only an enthusiastic young band in love with making songs. Excellent, alive, and bright.” Artrocker

        “Tigercats are that rarest of bands, an indie-pop act you can actually dance to…” Neon Filler

        “…it reminds me of Los Campesinos that, and that?s a very very very good thing.” Huw Stephens BBC Radio 1

        “What Tigercats has come up with is a manifesto for what it means to be alive, to be in London and to be living life… if I was 16 right now I?d think this album was sent to save my life.” A Layer of Chips

        “TIGERCATS write songs about Stevie Nicks and Whitechapel, all delivered atop a cloud of shimmering dream rock. Drums twist and guitars bloom like fireworks, whilst a plaintive vocal sounding eerily like Pete Shelley underpins their sound.” Upset the Rhythm.


        LP Info: Re-issued on heavyweight 180gram vinyl.



          Nottingham-based synth/guitar/drums trio Cantaloupe release their debut album Zoetrope through Hello Thor Records - a collection of 10 lush, effervescent, endlessly inventive and oddly reflective pop songs, including their first non-instrumental tracks.

          From the groovy hedonism of opener Big Kiss (already a favourite of Steve Lamacq and Gideon Coe on BBC 6 Music) to the swish synthpop of Indigo, the unyielding hands-in-the-air hardcore of live favourite 0891 50 50 50 and the haunting melodicism of lead single Labour and Love (“all wobbly & brilliant“ Huw Stephens, Radio 1).

          Zoetrope is released in limited edition (500 only) vinyl (including download codes). 


          (Strange Songs) In The Dark

            Back in print and readily available (for perhaps the first time), we have Merchandise's debut LP (Strange Songs) In The Dark. The album, recorded in early 2010, marks a decisive break from the band's straightforward early post-punk EP's, moving instead toward the more experimental studio-based pop constructions that would be further explored in the subsequent Children of Desire and Totale Nite albums. (Strange Songs) was recorded by the core duo of Carson Cox and David Vassalotti. Despite the lo-fi nature of this home recording, there are tons of hooks to be found amidst the haze (notably "I Locked the Door" and "Worthless Apology"). Occasionally veering into abstractions, the album as a whole is a piece that warrants listening as such. It's a sad bastard of a record, but one with plenty of range and ideas. Not rehash but reimagination. Many moments on (Strange Songs) In The Dark (especially the moody "Foolish" and "In The Dark") foreshadow Merchandise's eventual signing to the 4AD label. Fans of the band's later albums will find much to enjoy on this early effort. Originally a split release between DIY punk labels Katorga Works and Drugged Conscience Records.

            Reptar Lurid


              Continuing their exploration of indie-electro-guitar-pop-weirdness, Reptar returns with their second full-length album “Lurid Glow”. A diverse amalgamation of sounds and styles characterize the music of Reptar, culminating from the band’s disparate array of influences. Comparisons can be made to bands like Talking Heads and MGMT, but Reptar simultaneously showcases musicianship in the heritage of Frank Zappa, Rush, Mike Patton, and Tortoise - creating a blend of party music suitable for music nerds.

              The band’s 2012 debut, Body Faucet, was characterized by Pitchfork as “Afro-tribalelectro-twee-pop” for college kids who “seriously like nothing more than to throw the fuck down” (3.0 out of 10). Now in 2015, Reptar is back to deliver on the hype. Lurid Glow is an expansive, artful development for the band, as catchy as it is difficult to classify. Building upon their party-wielding instincts, Lurid Glow fuses arrangements of horns, keyboards, guitars, and much more into compositionally refined, booty-shaking anthems. Whether it’s the pulsating “Ice Black Sand” that transforms effortlessly from droning arpeggios to gorgeous pop choruses, the simple steel drum serenade of “Amanda”, or the 80s-prog-tinged “Cable”, Lurid Glow is a compelling statement from a band on their own unruly trajectory.



                Coming from the same ’90s garage explosion that gave the world Teengenerate and the Mummies, the No-Talents were a Parisian-based four-piece known for their raw ’n’ fast mix of garage rock, punk and “Killed By Death” slop. Their self-titled LP is fun, crass and packed with energetic songs marked by snotty female vocals. Originally released on Broken Rekids in 1996, this opening blast provided the blueprint they followed for the next four years.

                The band took their nasty, broken-glass power-chord blitzkrieg to France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, England, Spain and the USA before breaking up in 1999. Founding members Iwan L., Cécilia M., Laurent B. and Lili Z. have all had many bands and projects since then, but now they are reforming to play one show in Spain at the Funtastic Dracula festival on October 31th, 2014.

                Male Gaze

                Gale Maze

                  Blow-out enthusiasts, make ready to scarf this down without chewing:
                  “How many licks does it take to get to the spider egg in the center of this sugar bomb?
                  “You got the jitters, and dude, there’s blood on your shirt.
                  “I like gore with my goth.
                  “Hey, you got your pop sensibilities on my explosion!”

                  Strong vocals à la Modern English, back-beat complete and foamy bass bleached onto half-inch tape specially for Castle Face. Seven headstrong tunes to clatter your phonograph needle. I’ve always loved Matt Jones’s (ex- Blasted Canyons) vocal stylings, rich with tenor muscle flexes. Over the top in its endeavors and reaching, always reaching. Primal gas-guzzler drumming, center speaker from Adam Cimino sets the ear up for a beating. And hell, it’s got the old (and I mean old) bass player, Mark Kaiser, from Mayyors; solid-state aggression at its mid-low, knuckle-dragging finest. A slap in the brain done up nicely here on wax. Enjoy. - John Dwyer.

                  After a five-year hiatus, rock ’n’ roll’s renegade-angel savior The King Khan & BBQ Show returns with a brand new album of high-energy, low-brow rockers!

                  Known as the hottest duo from Montreal to come out of Berlin, the King Khan & BBQ Show is dirty, funny, irreverent and always a good time. Their raw, stripped-down mix of doo-wop, early rock ’n’ roll, soul and punk is drenched in pure energy. Known to their mothers as King Khan and Mark Sultan, these guys make this stuff sound simple, but make no mistake-it takes serious talent as well as balls to pull this off.

                  Bad News Boys takes its title from the original moniker the duo gave themselves when they first started over ten years ago. They recently threatened to revert to this name before deciding that it might make things too confusing. Bad News Boys serves twelve sizzling slabs-from the beautifully soulful “Buy Bye Bhai” to the juvenile and obnoxious “D.F.O.” (which stands for “Diarrhea Fuck Off”)-with all the rocking lunacy that their legion of fans has come to expect.

                  In their storied, sordid career, these guys have endured a roller-coaster of successes, trials and tribulations that would’ve buried lesser men: They’ve played with some of the coolest names in rock. Their relentless touring schedule has included countries where few bands venture. They’ve been kicked off tours. They’ve headlined and sold out some of the most prestigious venues in the world. They’ve played some of the worst dumps imaginable. They’ve been busted and jailed for shrooms mid-tour. They were handpicked by Lou Reed to play the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival. They were ejected from the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival. They’ve suffered mental and physical exhaustion. They’ve enjoyed dizzying highs and suffered crushing lows. They’ve broken up. They’ve gotten back together. Through it all, they continually make incredible and real rock ’n’ roll music like no one else, always with smiles on their faces, always with middle fingers held high.

                  Simon Joyner

                  Grass, Branch & Bone

                    Renowned American singer-songwriter Simon Joyner first came to prominence during the lo-fi movement of the early ’90s alongside contemporaries like Will Oldham, Peter Jefferies, the Mountain Goats, Smog and Alastair Galbraith. Joyner was championed early on by the late British DJ John Peel, who famously played Joyner’s 1994 LP, The Cowardly Traveller Pays His Toll, start to finish on one of his BBC programs, making Joyner more well known overseas than in his own country. Considered a forefather of the Omaha music scene, he’s released critically acclaimed albums on various independent labels every few years for over two decades. He keeps a low profile and tours only occasionally, spending most of his time working and raising a family, allowing writing and music to remain an artistic outlet rather than an occupation.

                    Grass, Branch & Bone is Joyner’s thirteenth proper album and a sonic departure from 2012’s Ghosts. While that record was a double-disc collection of dark, dissonant songs confronting death and loss in the vein of Neil Young’s Tonight’s the Night, this new one is sparse by comparison, running with the likes of other singer-songwriter outcast aftermath albums like Dylan’s John Wesley Harding, Gene Clark’s White Light, David Blue’s Stories, Jerry Jeff Walker’s Five Years Gone, Townes Van Zandt’s Our Mother the Mountain and Cohen’s Recent Songs. It’s a natural progression—after a funeral, one takes stock and reflect upon his or her own life. Grass, Branch & Bone is a song-cycle of short stories about time and memory, full of people the listener has known and even may have been.

                    “Pound for pound Simon Joyner is my favorite lyricist of all time. He has shades of all the greats (Van Zandt, Cohen, Dylan) but exists in a space all his own. Since I first heard his music at the tender age of twelve not a year has passed that I haven’t waited for and been rewarded with an amazing Simon Joyner release of one kind or another. This year is no exception. He truly is an American songwriting treasure. It is my hope that more people will discover his music and share in the unique joy that it brings.” - Conor Oberst.

                    Chastity Belt

                    Time To Go Home

                      Chastity Belt is a rock band consisting of four friends - guitarists Julia Shapiro and Lydia Lund, bassist Annie Truscott, and drummer Gretchen Grimm. They met in a tiny college town in Eastern Washington, but their story begins for real in Seattle, that celebrated home of Macklemore and the Twelfth Man. Following a post-grad summer apart, a handful of shows and enthusiastic responses from the city’s DIY community led them, as it has countless others, into a cramped practice space. They emerged with a debut album, No Regerts, sold it out faster than anyone involved thought possible, and toured America, a country that embraced them with open-ish arms. Now they’re back and the tab is settled, the lights are out, the birds are making noise even though the sun isn’t really up yet: it’s Time to Go Home, their second long-player and first for Hardly Art.

                      In the outside world, they realized something crucial: they didn’t have to play party songs now that their audience didn’t consist exclusively of inebriated 18-22 year olds, as it did in that college town. Though still built on a foundation of post-post-punk energy, jagged rhythms, and instrumental moves that couldn’t be anyone else’s, the songs they grew into in the months that followed are equal parts street-level takedown and gray-skied melancholy. They embody the sensation of being caught in the center of a moment while floating directly above it; Shapiro’s world spins around her on “On The Floor,” grounded by Grimm and Truscott’s most commanding playing committed to tape. They pay tribute to writer Sheila Heti on “Drone” and John Carpenter with “The Thing,” and deliver a parallel-universe stoner anthem influenced by Electrelane with “Joke.”

                      Recorded by José Díaz Rohena at the Unknown, a deconsecrated church and former sail factory in Anacortes, and mixed with a cathedral’s worth of reverb by Matthew Simms (guitarist for legendary British post-punks and one-time tourmates Wire), Time to Go Home sees Chastity Belt take the nights out and bad parties of their past to their stretching points, watch the world around them break apart in anticipatory haze, and rebuild it in their own image with stunning clarity before anyone gets hung over.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Darryl says: Seattle post-punk female four piece return with their second on album and first for Sub Pop offshoot, Hardly Art. Cool twangy and languid guitars meet vocals dripped in melancholy. A big hit on the shop player at the moment.

                      You & The Explosion Band

                      Lupin The 3rd OST (The Second Album)

                      Yuji Ohno, is a Japanese jazz musician born in 1941. He’s principally known for his musical scoring of Japanese anime-television series, of which Lupin III and the feature film The Castle of Cagliostro are his most well-known works. Ohno is also well-known as a member of a jazz trio with bassist Miroslav Vitous and drummer Lenny White. This is the second LP in a five album series of Lupin The 3rd original soundtracks released between 1978 and 1981. Yuji Ohno plays here with his new group called You & The Explosion Band formed in particular for the soundscape of Lupin III. All tracks arranged, composed and produced by Yuji Ohno.

                      Featuring Takeru Muraoka & guests musicians: Fumihiko Kazama (accordion on Saint Germain A La Nuit Tombante) Makiko Hirayama (biwa), Hiromitsu Katada (tsuzumi) & Koso Sakata (shakuhachi) on Zantetsuken. Titles include Lupin III ‘79, the opening of the first Lupin III movie broadcasted in 1978 (Lupin VS Mamo), new ending theme of season two (the Fujiko song : Love Squall), the Jigen Daisuke & Goemon Ichikawa themes (Tornado & Zantetsuken)

                      Ennio Morricone

                      Escalation - Coloured Vinyl Edition

                      In 1968 the Maestro Morricone was at the height of his career scoring Sergio Leone’s classic “Once Upon a Time in the West”. For the soundtrack of Roberto Faenza’s cult debut movie ESCALATION, set in swinging London, 1968, Morricone teams up with fellow composer Bruno Nicolai and the vocalizations of Alessandro Alessandroni’s “Cantori Moderni”, making this one of his least minimal soundtracks. Containing the legendary tune DIES IRAE PSICHEDELICO, this is one of the most essential Morricone soundtracks of all-time. 

                      Back in stock Cover of Expressions by Linkwood.
                      After receiving a mysterious 'whiskey notes' sales sheet nearly six months ago, there hasn't a week gone by in which we haven't been pestered about this new Linkwood LP over the shop counter! Now it's finally here, and boy is it hotly anticipated. For the uninitiated, Firecracker records is one of the most respected and sought after of the 'boutique' UK record labels - IE; ones that do limited vinyl runs (and actually stick to that limited quantity) with bespoke artwork and full creative vision in mind. When the first 10"s came in everyone knew something special was in the air and now, nearly 11 years later (!), the label still remains as feverishly adored as it ever was. Without Firecracker, you could argue the US would have retained the deep house crown for 30 years; but Firecracker brought the attention back to the UK, and surely inspired many an artist and record label to fire up their machines and start making music. Belatedly following up his Prime Numbers album "System", Linkwood finally returns home to the label that first put out his music.

                      Beginning with the liquid and languid textures and atmospheres we've come to expect from label cohort Vakula, the A-side soon drops into this infectious bass-driven groove on "Off Kilter", littered with completely unique percussion artifacts and juicy with analogue goodness. "Object" then supplies the first club-ready cut with a big chunky kick n' B-line alongside hypnotic arpeggios and velvety pads. After a lovely underwater refrain ("Coral"), "Tier 5" allows us to drift momentarily into outer space as Linkwood deploys a celestial floatation device of the highest order. The D-side is given to "Expression", the title track and obvious 'single' (sic). Powerful, soulful and HOUSE in every meaning of the word, its indisputably Linkwood through and through and should unite listeners in love and desire for the Scottish house cat. Onto the final disc and after another cleverly placed and executed 'refrain' we get "Ignorance Is Bliss" - another perfectly crafted club cut full of intricate nuances and peppered with emotion. It's hard to tell who's influencing who these days, but Linkwood and Vakula are out there on their own in terms of lysergic, rich production, and you can hear similarities between the equipment and effects used by both producers. Linkwood really goes to down on the meditative states on the last jaunt, bringing us slowly back down to Earth with a nigh-on-perfect downbeat number; cautiously inviting the listener into his arms and cuddling them to sleep in a cosy and sensitive fashion. If you've got this far you'll have realised how passionately I feel about this record, and it's those people who HAVEN'T necessarily listened to Linkwood (or Firecracker) before that I'm aiming for. Everyone needs this album in their life. A classic.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: About a year on from slaying us with Vakula's expansive vision, Firecracker Recordings mainstay Linkwood offers up another fury of goodness. A meandering, lush presentation of liquid future-soul, celestial dreamscapes and the occasional dancefloor firework. All captured in a concise, space-age aesthetic inferior to our sublunary world.

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      3xLtd LP Info: * Eagerly awaited Linkwood LP
                      * Screen printed by House Of Traps
                      * Triple vinyl!

                      Back in stock Cover of MH001 by Cloudface.
                      **LIMITED REPRESS - MOVE QUICK**
                      As Chinatown thaws and drips into spring, so arrives the debut vinyl release from the hardware scientist Cloudface himself. The record appears as a breath of foreign air; a lucid recreation of memories emblazoned in the cosmos. "Devonian Garden", the definite lurcher of the bunch, kicks off the 12" as a 3, possibly 4D horizon opens up through the leaves of some far-off cerebral jungle. If the moon landing truly was a hoax then this cut assures us that we still have taken that "one giant leap for Man" on the lunar steppes. Next up the A2 emerges as "Otcho" - a mystified and isolated groove that hangs off the left side of a crushed snare - this cut is the equivalent of an SOS signal inside the pineal gland - our loneliness however not to our dismay. Flip the record and we have "2N", starting off side B on a gliding vibe - suspiciously jagged percussion floats over top a pitter-patter kick while octave synths rise upward like icebergs...and finally, to seal the deal we are invited to dip in the mindbath of "Summer", the glistening and slightly sour comedown of the 12" – it rises and drops at obtuse and near-ancient angles, much like a star map floating on a liquid surface, mixing, deep and fuchsia, gold and light.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: The record that started it all... Spawning the whole west-coast THC-laden house scene, this handy blueprint from the (then unknown) Mood Hut camp went on to inspire a whole host of bedroom stoners to fire up their vintage gear and make some sweet, sticky soul muzik! Now the label give us all a chance to get our filthy mits on this again. How nice of them.

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      Ltd 12" Info: *FINAL REPRESS*

                      Back in stock Cover of Dream House Volume 1.2 by Various Artists.
                      We now know Blind Jacks Journey is the follow on outing from Crow Castle Cuts…(and the prequel to new series Not their Welsh mountainside home but from the winding Nidd Valley of Knaresborough. Another super collectable quad pack of limited hand stamped vinyl only journeys. This, the second EP, "1.2" features a red hot Hungarian artist Gnork with 2 tracks of gnorkyness - tried, tested and gnorked in recent sets by Mr. Luv*Jam. The AA brings analogue Parisian Heko back onto his favoured medium with a secret Italo sex bomb – “Nu Rêve”. Plus some electronic goodness from another valley with Electra’s “Dream Spaces Inbetween”. Concluding with another sneaky slice of Flyypost ambience with Molly Knew on vocals and “Further Dreams”.
                      Ltd hand stamped solid yellow vinyl. No repress. No digi. Part 2/4.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Last remaining copies!!! - Special Welsh mountain excavation find!

                      From the ruins of the birthplace of techno, Detroit Underground’s twenty third release reunites Detroit producers Kero & Kyle Hall for their sophomore effort, appropriately titled "Two". Building on the toxic, dubbed out neo-acid of 2012’s "Zug Island /K2 Attack" single, "Two" features four tracks from the city’s established master of leftfield beats and Detroit techno’s brightest new star, with production taking place in their personal studios in both Windsor and Detroit. Beginning with "126BPMNONAME" crisp beats, spare atmosphere and wonky 909 grooves. The A-side culminates in the full out rocking "EP2-3", driven by a strong and gritty digital riff and plenty of industrious atmospheres. Side B by comparison offers two club use tracks in "Polydextrose" and "Riverside Connection", which reflect contemporary electronic music’s current fascination with outsider production, 1980s wave music, while still delivering a pulsing and relentless dance floor beat. If the music weren’t attraction enough, "Two" also marks the beginning of a new collaboration between the heavily design engaged Detroit Underground and The Designer’s Republic. As part of Atoms Vectors Pixels Ghosts™ activity TDR™ are renewing their collaboration with the American Detroit Underground label with an ongoing series of collectable AVPG™ 7” / 12” vinyl covers. Every limited edition is based on the same two original AVPG™ screenprinted in different combinations using different metallic /raised inks / processes / materials to create a series of designs, each unique to its release.

                      The new project from the people that brought you Blind Jacks Journey and Crow Castle Cuts...The Legend Of Gelert can be sourced back to the 13th Century. Gelert’s burial place is the village of Beddgelert in the Snowdonia National Park. The Park has 14 peaks that mountain in heights over 3000ft. Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) is it’s highest, at 3065ft (1085m). It’s summit is crowned by a bronze burial cairn of another folklore legend of the giant Rhita, slain by King Arthur. The same King Arthur that had gifted ‘Lewellyn’ - The Prince of Gwynedd with his dog ‘Gelert’.

                      Music from illusive artists connecting nippy Snowdonia peaks to the glacial Scandes via ancient mythical trails. Each piece of vinyl is unique in colour using an experimental tonal effect. 3000.1 uses grey and mustard tones.

                      Part of a collectable 15 pack to mark each peak above the 3000ft mark.

                      Johan Hansson's "Vassvik" kicks things off in radiant form, glistening bell-like melodies fluttering gently atop of a jubilant breakbeat and sharp bass hits. Rising gloriously like the morning sun, this track's sure to put a smile on any Earth-dwelling creature receiving its vibrations. He continues with "Dunge", delivering an emotive acid-tinged house jaunt wrapped in a warm, coastal aesthetic. These are tracks to soundtrack the cycle of the tides, the rising and falling of the sun and the wind in the air. Feel-good house music that tweaks the speaker stacks in just the right manner. Flip the disc for Exotic Coco Magic's "Holiday Waves", again inspired by the glory days of 90s breakbeat / rave music, Exotic Coco Magic manage to inflict a whole dose of personality and sheen onto the well-trodden grooves; conjuring up something entirely new and stimulating for the modern dancefloors. We conclude with Bob and "Body Bob" - possibly my personal favourite and certainly the craziest record to emanate from this set. Taking the beautiful chord progressions and pads from a well known Selected Ambient Work and layering up some fun-loving but highly infectious vocal snippets, plenty of experimental frequencies and a lysergic aesthetic designed to twist craniums, this is absolute dynamite pop pickers and will surely end up as cultishly adored as Gnork's "Blorp93". You know the score with these guys - move quick as they get snapped up super fast. Recommended.

                      Bok Bok & Sweyn Jupiter

                      Papaya Lipgloss

                      Night Slugs executive producer Bok Bok teams up with composer and keyboardist Sweyn Jupiter on a romantic new double A-side single. "Papaya Lipgloss” is a song about young love, presented in two distinct but equally weighty versions. Both mixes share a common melodic motif, skeletal yet sincere. The “Club Mix” draws on tribal house energy: a sweltering rhythm built of Latin percussion, Linndrum funk and pumping subs, over which melody gradually unravels in bursts of stark, juicy colour. Synths form a sensual narrative, remaining ever poised even as their pulpy goo engulfs all surfaces. This is intimate club music that brings a new kind of intensity to dance floors. Meanwhile, the “Sour Mix” is saturated and dripping with bitter-sweet nectar. This version sees “Papaya” transformed into an opulent bedroom jam, complete with quaking kickdrums and purring Moog bassline. A halftime drum kit of dumpster-drive 808s keeps things gritty while melodic goo leaks from between all the cracks. 

                      Mark King

                      Ever Forward - Inc. Omar S Mix

                      New FXHE, you know the drill. Pure belters only. "Equality" mixes euphoric strings, tantalizing keys and that machine-powered FXHE groove wonderfully; bouncing along at a frenetic pace and surely uniting any dancefloor under its glorious sonic umbrella. "Loquacious" ups the shuffle setting on the drum boxes for a shoulder dropped, deep late night affair. Darting synth notes and a squashed b-line supporting sharp keyboard flourishes and a swirling pads. Finally, "Water Of Life" sees Omar S take to the mixing desk, assuming control of the parts and rolling out some thumping future tech brimming with analogue artifacts, red hot hi-hats and growling bass. Powerful stuff for hi-tech clubs like Fabric, Sub Club and Yellow.

                      What with all the recent attention in all things booty, Numbers bring the original master of ghetto house to their esteemed label. Paul Johnson's music, (self-proclaimed) 'for the strippers, for the street', was one of the original blueprints, featured on DJ Funk's seminal Dance Mania. Hailing from the Southside of Chicago, Deeon started out selling mixtapes in his local neighbourhood and playing at sweatbox house parties. Soon he’d graduate from DJ’ing to production, creating gritty XXX club tracks purely for the moment and the party. The music came from the classic drum machines that provided the spark for Chicago house and Detroit techno whilst the lyrics and call & response chants were inspired by the parties he frequented. These tracks - originally released from 1994 onwards on the seminal Dance Mania label and now remastered from the original DAT tapes for re-release on Numbers - would go on to forge the ghetto house sound alongside fellow DJ’s: Funk, Jammin' Gerald, Slugo, Paul Johnson & Houz’Mon. What made Deeon’s tracks special was that when he told you to shake it, that’s exactly what you did. Deeon continues to produce and DJ to this day. Playing at the Numbers 10th Anniversary Parties in New York in 2013, and whilst he’s still doing records for Dance Mania the cats at Numbers got him to officially license this, a 'greatest hits' if you will. We kick things off with "2 B Free" taken from 1996’s "Deeon Doez Disco", its monstrous jacking drums providing the guts for the First Choice sample to ride on top if it. Next is "House-O-Matic", which was originally part of 1994’s "Funk City" twelve. Hammered by Jeff Mills and almost everyone else back in the 90’s - it’s all about the raw drums and rubbery bassline. We then stride forward to 1996’s "Freak Like Me", adding an x-rated taste of feminine pressure to the mix before closing off is one of the grittiest jack tracks we know, "The 604". Pure analogue madness. Shake that shit to the left let's go!

                      A Tribe Called Quest Midnight

                      Midnight Marauders

                      Third and last of the 'classic' Tribe records (preceding the addition of Jay Dee and the formation of the Ummah production team), "Midnight Marauders" is not as groundbreaking as "People's Instinctive Travels" or as consistently on-point as "Low End Theory". However, it is arguably the group's most musically sophisticated album. The tracks balance jazz, soul, and even reggae influences with pure hip-hop to arrive at a completely distinctive Tribe sound, the logical evolution of the bop-inflected hooks which characterized "Low End Theory".

                      Production-wise, Tribe graduates from a cool school aesthetic to an electric jazz sound (reminiscent of fusion-era Miles Davis). Lyrically "Midnight Marauders" finds the group's abstract poetics in excellent form as usual, and Phife is miles ahead of the 'mayor-flavor' rhymes of "Can I Kick It." As per the title, the album develops the introspection of "After Hours" into a nocturnal feel which winds it's way through "Midnight," the party-rock of "We Can Get Down," "Clap Your Hands" and the complex layers of "God Lives Through."

                      The Mouse Outfit are back! Following on from their award winning first album 'Escape Music', The Mice return with another 16 tracks of funk-fuelled hip hop from Up North. Familiar names, Sparkz, Fox, Dr Syntax, Truthos Mufasa + Dubbul O join forces with new recruits Verb T, J-man, Ellis Meade and T-man for a musical journey seamlessly blending the finest UK vocals with samples and live instrumentation.

                      'Step Steadier' combines jazz, funk and reggae flavours with lyrical dexterity for another slice of feel good Mancunian hip hop and is destined to provide the ideal head-nodding soundtrack to your summer.


                      The Courage Of Others (Super Deluxe Box Set)

                      It’s ironic that Midlake’s new album is titled “The Courage Of Others” because, if anything, the courage is all theirs. Namely, the courage to do what feels right and stay true to the spirit of artistic independence whilst ignoring any pressure to conform to expectations. The result is the Texas quintet’s third album, their most complete and beautiful body of work yet, best appreciated as a whole in the old-fashioned sense of an album - which makes perfect sense when you know Midlake linchpin Tim Smith’s fondness for the look and feel of past times.

                      So what’s changed since "The Trials of Van Occupanther", their second, hugely loved breakthrough album? Just as that record was in part inspired by the soft(er) rock of the early-to-mid 1970s – from Neil Young and America to Fleetwood Mac – so Midlake’s new album also looks to a slightly earlier, and definitely British, trad-tainted folk sound. It may share the same gorgeously analogue-warm electro-acoustic template as "Van Occupanther" but it’s a slower, darker and more carved record, both eerier and dreamier. Perfect, in other words, for its February release date, at the height of winter.

                      Neither do the new songs feature any hermit-scientists like Van Occupanther, or the mythical Roscoe. The songs that constitute "The Courage Of Others", Tim says, are closer to his heart than those of their first two albums because, 'I don’t feel I’m looking at the songs through someone else’s eyes. I’ve tried to keep it as true to myself as I could'. Guitarist Eric Pulido adds, 'We didn’t want to make the same album as Van Occupanther, so we carried on moving and creating and pushing for a newer sound and emotion'.

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      Box set Info: Was £74.99.
                      LIMITED TO 300 COPIES ONLY WORLDWIDE!!!!

                      ¡Forward, Russia!

                      Don't Be A Doctor

                      Fresh from conquering all sides of the globe, ¡Forward, Russia! return with an epic song that seems to completely distill their output so far and also push them into new directions all in the space of a sprawling seven minute plus song. Distributed to us directly from the band, this is going to be ebay gold in a few months time.

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      Ltd 10" Info: Was £4.99.

                      Limited edition one sided 10" the other side being etched. White label style sleeves. LAST FEW COPIES!


                      Down In California - Albion / Psychemagik Edits


                      The west coast cosmic vibe of KingCats ‘Down In California’ was one of the highlights of 2012’s Magik Cyrkles compilation with an edit cut by Albion. Now the track has been reworked by album compilers Psychemagik who kick up the drums and extend the parts purely for the dancefloor. This limited edition 12” includes both edits and has been pressed exclusively for Record Store Day with hand numbered sleeves and artwork by Luke Insect.

                      “When we first spoke to Albion about licensing the KingCats for the Magik Cyrkles compilation we always talked about doing an exclusive 12” package. This is a track that doesn’t really need to be messed with too much, we loved the piano intro and wanted to extend that a bit to lull you into a different space before the track really kicks in. This magical song really speaks for itself so all we did was add a subtle kick and snare for a little extra dancefloor punch and extend the outro for DJ’s. For the artwork we wanted to find imagery that really encapsulates that unique Californian energy and we’re really proud of this release for Record Store Day.“ Psychemagik

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      Ltd 12" Info: Was £8.99.

                      The Longcut

                      A Quiet Life

                      Another fantastic single from one of the best bands to come out of Manchester in ages. Kicking off with a deep bassline throb over a percussive groove the guitars gradually work their way in before Stuart Ogilvie's half sung half wailed vocals cut in. Think Joy Division in a head-on collision with The Rapture and you're getting somewhere near. "DVT" is a pulsing instrumental track full of twisting intertwined rhythms. On "Dead Man" they revert back to a vocal track, but this time slower and darker. 'Just give me something simple' - What more could you want?

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      12" Info: Was £4.99.

                      Various Artists

                      Manchester MaK 1 - Featuring Badly Drawn Boy / Silverclub / Water Signs / Ernest+Tom


                      "Manchester Aid to Kosovo (MaK) is a charity which has supported recovery in Kosovo since 1999. MaK receives a third of its income from the Manchester music industry. MaK has produced two albums of Manchester music 'Cohesion' (2001) and ‘Ten’ (2011) and presented many concerts, both albums and concerts have included artists such as Doves, Elbow, Badly Drawn Boy, Mr Scruff, Ian Brown, Liam Frost, The Travelling Band, I Am Kloot, Jim Noir & Stephen Fretwell.

                      After the success of 'Ten', for the next wave of activity, MaK Records will be releasing 4 limited edition (500) 12" records on heavyweight vinyl, over the space of a year (one each quarter from autumn 2011) exclusively through Piccadilly records, these releases will NOT be available digitally or on CD. At the end of these quarterly releases the 12 tracks will be converted into a digital/CD release with some guest tracks from around the world to create the third MaK album.

                      12” 1 includes exclusive tracks from Bady Drawn Boy, Silverclub, WATER SIGNS & Ernest+Tom.

                      The first, taking up a whole side is a 16 minute (count them!) gem from a Manchester legend, the latter three, hotly tipped artists who are all making waves on Manchester’s vibrant electronic-pop scene. For this first 12”, all proceeds will go to helping provide IT support to Kosovo. Artists slated for future 12”s include Doves/Jimi Goodwin, I Am Kloot, Frasier King, Airship, Golden Glow, Travelling Band and many more."

                      For more information on Manchester Aid To Kosovo click here.

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      Ltd 12" Info: Was £5.99.
                      500 only on heavyweight vinyl.

                      New artist, new label, lovely artwork and the music? Well rest assured that sounds just right. Men And Women's (that's Brad Frost and Jamie Granato) "South America EP", turned up pretty much out of the blue, like most of the good uns do. Kicking off side-A with "South America" which we can definitely say is the weird amalgamation of experimental-broken-techno-psych-drone-kraut-noisy shit (which is what the myspace tells us). Yes I agree, shuffling hi-hats, throbbing sub bass, clanging guitars and feedback resulting in a claustrophobic downbeat number. On to "Flowing Blood" which by stark contrast is a beautiful blissed out number at about 70 BPM. Over on side-B Eliot Lipp remixes "South America" into a throbbing ambient intro for the first two thirds, then drops some heavy beats and rolling bass in at the end, very nice. Last up Cousin Cole remixes the same track into a heavy nu disco bomb with some nifty, choppy edit skills.

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      12" Info: Was £6.99.

                      "Drugs Will Keep Us Together", the debut release from Brooklyn NY's newest label of distinction, The Savant Guard, is nothing short of a guaranteed killer, with Philadelphia's Pink Skull offering up this funky off-kilter tech-house banger. Accompanying Pink Skull's original creation, on the A side, are NYC's electro darlings 33Hz along with Ming (of Ming+FS) and their hard, raved-out electrohouse dub. It's a very musical and melodic trip with disco guitars, a supersaw synth, stuttering basslines, and sexual innuendos. Fidget House superstar and veteran producer, Trevor Loveys (Dubsided, Nuphonic, House Of 909) adds his unique and crazy touch on the B side. His eight minute + remix takes a tweaky broken beat approach that creeps up and attacks like a spasming amoeba as it continually twitches and morphs between the abstract and the defined. This epic and elaborate mix offers something for the complete freak in everyone.

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      12" Info: Was £6.99.

                      Lead single taken from the fantastic new album ‘More Light’ – the bands 10th studio album and first in 5 years, produced by David Holmes.

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      Ltd 12" Info: Was £5.99


                      Our Song (Zero 7 Remix) / Static Light (Matthew Herbert)

                        THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2013 EXCLUSIVE.

                        “Godrich's production gives the album exquisite depth" Q Magazine

                        “An impressive debut” NME 8/10

                        "It’s set to be a cult favourite rather than sell millions of copies, but this is because it contains fascinating ideas you won’t hear on most pop records." BBC Music 8/10

                        "A Krautrock-Afrobeat stew that sounds better each time you notch up the volume." Rolling Stone

                        “Densely layered electro-rock tapestries” Uncut

                        "The production is stunning, stark synths and bleak vocals recall an electronic Cocteau Twins" The Guardian

                        “An album likely to inspire admiration” The Observer "Soaring Krautrock tinged synths and sound effects" The Independent

                        "Ultraίsta deliver on every level." Clash Music “It arrives less kicking onto your stereo, more infecting it with double time beats and Can like Kraut” Artrocker 4*

                        Ultraísta are pleased to announce a Record Store Day release comprising of a limited edition 10”. The vinyl will feature exclusive remixes from Matthew Herbert (of ‘Static Light’) and Zero 7 (of ‘Our Song’).

                        Ultraísta were founded in London in 2011 on a mutual love of Afrobeat, electronic and dance music, visual art and tequila. Ultraísta are vocalist/artist Laura Bettinson and multi-instrumentalist/producers Nigel Godrich and Joey Waronker.

                        LIMITED TO 300 COPIES IN THE UK

                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                        Ltd 10" Info: Was £6.99

                        Various Artists

                        'First Kiss' Kissability Compilation

                          THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2013 EXCLUSIVE.

                          "Kissability is a cassette label co-run by team Transgressive and Jen Long (BBC Radio 1).
                          The First Kiss compilation marks the 10th Kissability release and what better way to celebrate than with the imprint's first vinyl for Record Store Day!
                          From our first tape, the boozed up punk-garage of DZ Deathrays, to our big one-oh, the nostalgically colourful pop of Thumpers; First Kiss takes a track from each of our debut ten releases. The 12” will be hand-numbered and personally kissed by someone in the Kissability office."

                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                          Ltd 12" Info: Was £8.99.

                          Nicola Piovani

                          Il Profumo Della Signora In Nero AKA The Perfume Of The Lady In Black


                            Death Waltz Recording Company is proud to present another masterpiece from Italy, with Nicola Piovani’s gorgeous score to Francesco Barilli’s highly-regarded psychological horror IL PROFUMO DELLA SIGNORA IN NERO (a.k.a. THE PERFUME OF THE LADY IN BLACK). The tale of a successful career woman who suffers a downward spiral into a treacherous mental breakdown, the film has been favourably compared in some quarters to Roman Polanski’s REPULSION, thanks to a star turn from leading lady Mimsy Farmer and Piovani’s beautiful yet unnerving music. The score is perhaps less telegraphing than you might expect – at least initially – with the core being a stunning melody that will remain in your head for months.

                            First performed in a classical style, the theme is reprised in many stylistic variations throughout the score, from a straightforward rendition that seems almost naively innocent, to lush pastoral reprisals, and even a big band version. Piovani uses the theme almost as a comfort zone, a false sense of security, before jarring the melody with piercing strings and harsh percussion to make you bolt upright. The score is haunting in places, with surreal melodies that almost sound like whalesong and a slow piano piece that perhaps had an influence on John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN. A mesmerising experience that remains a highlight of Italian film music.

                            Remastered from the original master tapes.

                            180 gm coloured vinyl. Shrinkwrapped & Embossed Death Waltz House sleeve with Obi strip featuring a 48 x 48 poster and a 12 x 12 lithograph of original art by We Buy Your Kids exclusively for this one off release.

                            Also includes the chance to win either six months or a years supply of Death Waltz Releases via a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket.

                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                            Ltd LP Info: Was £17.99.
                            1000 copies on white with orange splatter coloured vinyl.

                            Nico Fidenco

                            Emanuelle Perche' Violenza Alle Donne - AKA The Violation Of Emanuelle - Original Score


                              Never say that Death Waltz Recording Company doesn’t plumb the depths of exploitation (or in this case sexploitation) to bring you great music, with a treasure being unearthed in the shape of Nico Fidenco’s score to Joe D’Amato’s EMANUELLE PERCHE’ VIOLENZA ALLE DONNE (a.k.a. THE VIOLATION OF EMANUELLE). Regarded as the best of the unofficial “Black Emanuelle” series, D’Amato’s film starts off with the same sexual freedom and exploration as the official one but ends up descending into a hard-hitting voyage of human trafficking and sexual violence. Fidenco’s music as presented mostly represents the character’s exploration of hedonism and philosophy, scoring hook-ups with a truck driver and a couple of Italian girls, and as such is pretty free-flowing and upbeat. The fantastic main theme is repeated throughout the album alongside some interesting supporting material, including some great offbeat percussion and some slinky melodies with a surprising amount of wind instruments, along with a subtle female voice. Synths appear frequently, along with the expected driving bassline, and it’s not until the end when it gets darker and sleazier, as well as funkier in an almost prog-rock way. It’s a fascinating end to a smooth-flowing record that reminds us that music to sex flicks sometimes needs more than just a wah-wah pedal.

                              Shrinkwrapped & Embossed Death Waltz House sleeve with Obi strip featuring a 48 x 48 poster and a 12 x 12 lithograph of original art by We Buy Your Kids exclusively for this one off release. Also includes the chance to win either six months or a years supply of Death Waltz Releases via a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket.

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              Ltd LP Info: Was £17.99. 1000 copies on clear with white splatter coloured vinyl.

                              Cardinal Fuzz are pleased to announce that this ghostly classic is getting a vinyl release. Previously available as a CD-r on the great Deep Water label, Lupus is released as double LP with new artwork in a gate-fold sleeve.

                              Dead Sea Apes are a Manchester based trio with a big, dark sound that incorporates everything from space to drone to dub in its ambitious instrumental rockscapes. Now, given that these boys hail from the heartland of the Industrial Revolution in Manchester, it sounds like they have been spending far too much time in dark woodland forests.

                              Lupus is the band’s first full-length album, following two EP’s on the group’s own Soul Desert Records and a collaborative album with Black Tempest – The Sun Behind The Sun – released on Cardinal Fuzz. Com-pared with the muscular mini-epics on those releases, Lupus seems to emanate from a more ghostly dubbed-out post-punk/kraut aesthetic. Lupus is at once meditative, elliptical and mysterious.

                              Lupus took shape in August 2011 as an experiment in improvising on drones and loops, followed by vary-ing amounts of editing and further recording using the same methodology as DSA heroes - CAN. The im-mersive outcome ranges from ambient cloud to massive crunch via elliptical extended rhythms and creeping effects, all shot through with a hovering ominous presence.
                              Seven tracks, 57 minutes.

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              2xLtd LP Info: Was £18.49.

                              Recorded throughout the spring of 2010 by frontman and first time producer Martin Colclough, "Lifeline" is the album that everybody believed The Answering Machine could make. A departure and a knowing deviation from the sound that established the band on 2009’s angular debut "Another City, Another Sorry", "Lifeline" is a unique, intelligent and diverse LP. Stylistically extensive, the album clicks between moments of post rock magnificence to glitch-driven programming; at once inhaling a varied catalogue of influences and exhaling a body of work that will top End of Year polls.

                              After working with producers from London and New York, writing songs in Tokyo, demoing in sky scrapers and honing ideas in Brooklyn, it became obvious that ‘home’ was the perfect place to pull "Lifeline" together. The cliché goes that record producers are the so-called ‘fifth member’ of the band but Manchester’s The Answering Machine decided to keep things simple and opted for an actual member of the band to produce their second album. After several successful remix projects, frontman Martin Colclough decided to step up to the role. What followed was not an expensive studio, engineers or remote location; instead the band opted for their underground practice room in the city centre. From six feet under they emerged with their lifeline.

                              While journalists stalked the streets murmuring buzz words and hailing the new ‘Manchester scene’ The Answering Machine were hard to find. They were in fact below the city campaigning for change, creating a record that is far removed from people’s expectations of them, peeling all the layers of what journalists and fans had deemed them to be and avoiding being caught up in any industry onslaught on their city. They stand alone and by doing so have rediscovered themselves, their identity and uncovered a new sound. Central to this regeneration has been the acquisition of a number of vintage synths passed down from the Factory Records band Repetition. These, along with pump organs and acoustic guitars, opened up a new and more collaborative way of writing for the band.

                              There are no gimmicks, stories or press angles for The Answering Machine on their second album campaign. This is because what the band have created and achieved is truly remarkable and therefore the ONLY thing worth writing about. Musically eclectic, textural and complex, lyrically sophisticated, honest and striking "Lifeline" is a very special record; the first great record of 2011. It documents a band reborn, a band who have taken the model of Radiohead and The Beatles before them, determined to make a record that sounds nothing like their last. They have succeeded with a grace and elegance all of their own.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Laura says: Sadly, The Answering Machine have decided to call it a day, but they bow out in style with the release of the Limited Edition vinyl version of this album.

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              LP Info: Was £13.99.

                              The musical mind of Christian Bland seems to overflow with colors. The lyrics and even titles of his output with, The Black Angels drip with kaleidoscopic imagery. “Indigo Meadow”, “Black Grease”, “You In Color,” “Yellow Elevator #2”. Christian Bland & The Revelators has followed a similar path, and has released a red album, 2010's The Lost Album, and 2012's Pig Boat Blues.

                              Beyond that the thread which runs through all of Bland’s work - whether it’s his visual artwork, music with The Black Angels, and the myriad projects of The Reverberation Appreciation Society - Austin Psych Fest and it’s offshoots, and now an East Austin record store - is a timeless spirit of rock and roll, and in particular the psychedelic kind, circa 1968. He champions it. Lives and breathes it.

                              And what will attentive listeners discover they see when they hear “The Unseen Green Obscene”? The past? The future? The answer will be colored by your own.

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              LP Info: Was £14.49. LP on transparent green vinyl, includes download card.

                              Vinyl copies include a very limited edition, one sided 7" featuring an exclusive track!

                              For a limited period the CD comes with a FREE 5 track CD bonus disc.

                              Boy Friend is best buds Christa Palazzolo and Sarah Brown. With a creative partnership that combines different stylistic preferences and attitude with a passion for fantasy, narratives and dreamy, lovesick lyrics, their song writing is led by strong lead vocal and guitar melodies layered in harmonies, ambiance, and thick atmospheric backdrops.

                              The two have collaborated on several projects together in their 15 year friendship, but it wasn't until the end of 2010 while going through the break-up from their last band Sleep∞Over that they regrouped to record their first EP as a duo. It was a heavily charged "break-up" album disguised in hazy undertones and big choruses. The following spring they recorded their Lovedropper 7", and by Summer of 2011 recorded their first full-length, entitled Egyptian Wrinkle, in a friend's house in north Austin surrounded by dogs, bongos, and plenty of warm Texan vibes.

                              “…cavernous, ghostly dream-pop vibes” – Gorilla vs. Bear.

                              “Egyptian Wrinkle comprises 10 tracks of such relentlessly haunting grace and ethereal force you have to marvel at their consistency, and also wonder what on earth it is that has happened in their young lives to make them make music like this.” – Guardian UK Band Of The Day.

                              “Egyptian Wrinkle” wistfully swirls together thick guitar and long-tail electronics like honey and milk over Sleepytime Tea.” - FADER.

                              “…the iridescent and sensual sounds the pair create are every bit as compelling and beautiful as anything their former band did, if not even more so” – Wears the Trousers.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Darryl says: 80s inspired ethereal dream pop from this female duo that bring to mind the Cocteaus, This Mortal Coil and a strong sense of retro 4AD. Recommended!!

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              Ltd LP Info: Was £12.49. LP on lovely pink marble vinyl. Limited to 1000 and includes digital download coupon.

                              The re-issue of these two long-lost and highly collectable LPs marks the end of a long road for BBE and for the band Breakaway who made them… The explosion of Internet connectivity has made what used to seem rare commonplace, but also opened up a world of previously unknown musical riches, and enabled enterprising fans to make contact with obscure figures that they might’ve imagined would be forever inaccessible. Whereas collectors used to prize independent labels, now it’s all about the ‘private press’: records released by the same folks that made them, in tiny numbers, without distribution, and promotion usually limited to giving them out by hand at gigs. Such were the releases of Breakaway.

                              Breakaway recorded two LPs. in the late 70’s these re-issues tell the story of a magnificent live band that made waves across St. Louis, Ill and further beyond to cities such as Boston and Las Vegas. A story that has come full circle after 35 years…

                              Their self titled first album Breakaway touches showbiz glitz, while songs like ‘Understudy DJ’ and ‘There’s a New Group In Town’, caught the disco vibe, as pretty much everything else did in 1977, and it’s these that have been delighting twenty-first century dancers , as the more-than decade-long mania for all things ‘disco’ sends enterprising DJs and collectors looking way beyond the canon of classics.

                              ‘Straight On To The Top!’ was a more ambitious album, Breakaway had more experience and the potential of a record deal seemed closer and more realistic. ‘Work With The Music’ has something of a mutant disco feel, and would certainly fit with today’s music on the trendy dance floors of East London, Williamsburg NY and Shibuya Tokyo ‘Breakaway’ had a sophisticated funk / fusion sound that wouldn’t have sounded amiss on many a big-budget major label album project. After the release of ‘Straight On To The Top!’, the band entered negotiations with Bang Records in the US, but the A&R department fell apart, and the hopes of a record deal faded…

                              Fast-forward 35 years; the enthusiasm is still the same… “After spending a couple of days getting the old Ampex up to snuff. I recruited a friend to help cannibalize another machine's servomotor, and after several hours we had it all singing and calibrated to the Dolby 361 decoder units. The headline is that everything is sounding great! Just like the old days...” - Bill Schulenburg Breakaway, producer, friend and now an award winning engineer, as well as the chairman of The Audio Engineering Society in St. Louis, Ill

                              This exclusive release comes with extensive sleeve notes by Jesper Christiansen - Doctor of Music archaeology; the package also features a wealth of original photos alongside artwork and press cuttings of the period.

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              LP Info: Was £13.99. Promo CD featuring all tracks from 'Breakaway' and 'Straight On To The Top!' enclosed.

                              The re-issue of these two long-lost and highly collectable LPs marks the end of a long road for BBE and for the band Breakaway who made them… The explosion of Internet connectivity has made what used to seem rare commonplace, but also opened up a world of previously unknown musical riches, and enabled enterprising fans to make contact with obscure figures that they might’ve imagined would be forever inaccessible. Whereas collectors used to prize independent labels, now it’s all about the ‘private press’: records released by the same folks that made them, in tiny numbers, without distribution, and promotion usually limited to giving them out by hand at gigs. Such were the releases of Breakaway.

                              Breakaway recorded two LPs. in the late 70’s these re-issues tell the story of a magnificent live band that made waves across St. Louis, Ill and further beyond to cities such as Boston and Las Vegas. A story that has come full circle after 35 years…

                              Their self titled first album Breakaway touches showbiz glitz, while songs like ‘Understudy DJ’ and ‘There’s a New Group In Town’, caught the disco vibe, as pretty much everything else did in 1977, and it’s these that have been delighting twenty-first century dancers , as the more-than decade-long mania for all things ‘disco’ sends enterprising DJs and collectors looking way beyond the canon of classics.

                              ‘Straight On To The Top!’ was a more ambitious album, Breakaway had more experience and the potential of a record deal seemed closer and more realistic. ‘Work With The Music’ has something of a mutant disco feel, and would certainly fit with today’s music on the trendy dance floors of East London, Williamsburg NY and Shibuya Tokyo ‘Breakaway’ had a sophisticated funk/fusion sound that wouldn’t have sounded amiss on many a big-budget major label album project. After the release of ‘Straight On To The Top!’, the band entered negotiations with Bang Records in the US, but the A&R department fell apart, and the hopes of a record deal faded…

                              Fast-forward 35 years; the enthusiasm is still the same…
                              “After spending a couple of days getting the old Ampex up to snuff. I recruited a friend to help cannibalize another machine's servomotor, and after several hours we had it all singing and calibrated to the Dolby 361 decoder units. The headline is that everything is sounding great! Just like the old days...” - Bill Schulenburg Breakaway ,producer , friend and now an award winning engineer, as well as the chairman of The Audio Engineering Society in St. Louis, Ill

                              This exclusive release comes with extensive sleeve notes by Jesper Christiansen - Doctor of Music archaeology; the package also features a wealth of original photos alongside artwork and press cuttings of the period.

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              LP Info: Was £13.99. Promo CD featuring all tracks from 'Breakaway' and 'Straight On To The Top!' enclosed.

                              John Carpenter

                              Halloween - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                                In celebration of its 35th anniversay, MONDO is pleased to present the original soundtrack to John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN. This release features the most comprehensive version of the soundtrack, never before released on vinyl, cut at 45RPM for the best possible sound quality.

                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                2xLtd LP Info: Was £31.99. 180 gram 2xLP in a deluxe gatefold sleeve. One-time pressing on black vinyl and randomly-inserted orange vinyl.

                                East-London five-piece Chapel Club have announced their return with the release of their second album ‘Good Together’ through Ignition Records.

                                ‘Good Together’ brims with fresh new ideas at every turn and marks a stunning new sound for the band.

                                Chapel Club have made a bold change in both instrumentation and attitude since their 2011 debut album ‘Palace’, exchanging guitars to bring analogue synths to the forefront, signalling the band’s growing ambition.

                                ‘Good Together’ was recorded on an LA hilltop in a studio they built together with producer Tom Biller (Warpaint, Liars). The result is one of the most audacious and intriguing records by a British band in recent years, a collection of bold and spectacular songs that sparkle with pop power - and yet retain a real intimacy and intelligence.

                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                2xLP Info: Was £16.99.

                                Collections Of Colonies Of Bees


                                Collections of Colonies of Bees is the band behind Volcano Choir, their collaboration with vocalist Justin Vernon of Bon Iver.

                                'Giving' is Collections of Colonies of Bees’ anticipated new album, three years since the crtically-acclaimed 'Birds' was released on Table of the Elements. 

                                "Collections Of Colonies Of Bees has a deeper bench than anyone probably realized," wrote The Onion's A.V. Club in April, listing Volcano Choir, All Tiny Creatures, and Jon Mueller among the names that have ascended from the Wisconsin-based band's thirteen-year history. Ignited by Chris Rosenau and Mueller in 1998 (and coexisting alongside their band Pele until 2004), Collections of Colonies of Bees has the power and scope to illuminate the bloom of indie rock history.

                                Their discography spans Polyvinyl and Table of the Elements. They live a double life as Volcano Choir, their lineup intact along with the addition of Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) as vocalist. They've been called Rock, Post-Rock, Art Rock, Electronic, Instrumental, and Experimental. In between all those lines, and with the volume turned way way up, is the true definition of Collections of Colonies of Bees.

                                Now they're joining Hometapes, longtime friends and home to dynamic bands like Bear In Heaven and Megafaun, with a new album, 'Giving', to be released this summer. The pulse is set less than a minute into 'Giving', Collections of Colonies of Bees first album in three years. There's no foreplay, no smalltalk just endless altitude. Their sixth full-length, the bona fide descendent of 'Customer' and 'Birds' (and even Volcano Choir's 'Unmap'), is a 4-song, 28-minute eruption: Lawn, Vorm, Lawns, Vorms. It's the crashing waves of Rosenau's guitar, the pelting rain of Mueller's percussion, the vaporous breaths of Thomas Wincek's piano, and the rhythmic fabric woven by Jim Schoenecker (electronics), Daniel Spack (guitar), and Matthew Skemp (bass).

                                It's Collections of Colonies of Bees as themselves - the rigor, the emotion, the groove. For a band that's been described as "Rhys Chatham and Arnold Dreyblatt meet pop", 'Giving' is a record that begs to re-introduce Collections of Colonies of Bees as architects of avant-rock and to count them among the likes of Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, and Battles.

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Darryl says: Righteously good music, they are truly up their with the kings of avant-rock taking it to a new level with their emotive and intricate groove laden eruptions.

                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                LP Info: Was £12.99. LP pressed on multicolour vinyl and packged in a jacket featuring interior printing, a full colour insert, download card, and the raw porcelain sculpture work of Portland artist Cameron Stewart


                                Upstairs At United Vol.10

                                  THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2014 EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                  Limited edition live sessions recorded to tape above the fully operating presses at United Record Pressing.

                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                  Ltd LP Info: Was £28.99.

                                  Produced by Ben Allen (Bombay Bicycle Club, Animal Collective) and Tim Goldsworthy (Massive Attack, LCD Soundsystem) ‘Collections’ fuses elements of electronica, hip hop and house to create a distinctive and unique soundscape.

                                  Formed in 2009, the three piece from Manchester (Richard Boardman, Matt Cocksedge, and James Cook) garnered widespread critical acclaim and a loyal live following in the wake of the release of debut album Acolyte which featured tracks "Doubt" and "Halcyon"

                                  Recording for ‘Collections’ took the band to two very disparate locations, beginning work with Tim Goldsworthy at his Unit 3 studio space in Bristol where Massive Attack recorded their seminal albums Blue Lines and Protection, and then onto Ben Allen’s converted shipping container in the cabbagetown district of Atlanta, Georgia, the resulting work mirrors these differing environments and is unquestionably a quantum leap forward from their debut.

                                  ‘We’d been touring for two years,’ says Rick Boardman. “We were just creatively burnt out’. Taking their time and being meticulous about the process of writing and recording was key for Delphic, James Cook adds ‘we amassed a lengthy file of ideas, but due to our love of technology’– they are confirmed ‘studioheads’ – 'we couldn't complete them until we returned home to our studio.'

                                  However the wait was more than worth it, new tracks Memeo, and forthcoming single Baiya perfectly representing the delicate balance of euphoria and despair, against a musical backdrop that owes as much to the very best of modern day pop to the more underground hip hop and electronica elements the band take inspiration from.

                                  The new sound has instilled a bullish commitment from the three piece to challenge the current status quo of throwaway pop music, Rick Boardman sums it up best by surmising ‘We get very angry about the state of popular music and we want to bloody change it. And why shouldn’t we?’

                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                  LP Info: Was £14.99.

                                  "To Be Still" is the follow-up to Alela Diane's critically-acclaimed 2006 debut "The Pirate's Gospel" which brought the Nevada City, CA reared musician a passionate following across the Globe especially in Europe where Alela has a huge fan base. Recorded in Nevada City and Portland, Ore, it's a gorgeous sonic expansion of her sparse debut, featuring pedal steel, violin and rustic percussion, with lyrics tangled up in brambles and foxtails and wind-whipped sea cliffs. From the woozy folk flourishes of opener "Dry Grass & Shadows" to the heart-shattering final track, "Lady Divine".

                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                  2xLtd LP Info: Was £16.99. Deluxe double vinyl version house in a beautiful gatefold sleeve.

                                  The single 'Magic Mountain' is the first song The Drums have released in nearly 3 years, marking a return to the two founding core members of Jonny Pierce and Jacob Graham. Spin says “the new single is still guided by that infectious head-bobbery, but the Brooklyn indie-popper's blithe bounce takes on a fervent frenzy.” Baeble noted the prevailing “sheen of gloom and apprehension,” a departure that Paste says “stirs in sounds in all the right ways.”

                                  ‘Encyclopedia’ is The Drums’ third full-length album. Emerging from Brooklyn via Florida in 2009, they smashed on the scene with their ‘Summertime!’ EP that led to a spot on the BBC Sound of 2010 shortlist, The ShockWaves NME Tour, and the publication’s Phillip Hall Radar Award. The Drums‘ music often explores the themes of loss, nostalgia, redemption, vulnerability, and love – with critic’s raves embracing both the lyrics and their sonic signature. This time around, they’ve embraced a darker sound while making it as grand and majestic as they please.

                                  ‘Encyclopedia’ is full of "magic and surprise while maintaining a serious, more weighty tone throughout," says Jonny. The LP marks the first time since the ‘Summertime!’ EP that Jacob and Jonny were left to their own devices, without having to ask a soul for approval. The result is an exciting display of personal emotion and unashamed, majestic songwriting style.

                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                  2xLtd LP Info: Limited edition red vinyl.

                                  Xander Duell

                                  Experimental Tape No.2 Vol. 1

                                    It’s going to take more than the space provided here to sum up the ideas and talent of NYC’s Xander Duell, who has fused decades’ worth of nuance into these thirteen songs. The implication in the title of this one is at least somewhat correct in that the experimental nature of Duell’s music rears its head in style and content atop songwriting that touches the emotional core without hesitation or regret. There is joy and sadness here, electronics and guitars, grandeur alongside the neon-lit sleaze. Calibrate your expectations appropriately on this one, but be prepared to have them shattered by this outsider work, in the spirit of Scott Walker’s numbered albums and the prime cut of ‘70s soft rock.

                                    40 Thieves

                                    The Sky Is Yours - Part A

                                    It’s been a decade since San Francisco’s 40 Thieves first burst onto the scene and lit up the world with their mutant disco and lysergic house. Their back catalogue boasts releases on a who’s who of the nu disco world, Leng, Tirk, Permanent Vacation and Rong, and they’ve lent their production and remix talents to a host of disco legends, such as Kid Creole, Gary Davis and Johnny Dynell. Now they unleash debut LP “The Sky Is Yours” in a laser blast of sequenced synthesis taking aim at your nearest discotheque. If your introduction to the rogue troupe was their chuggy and druggy rendition of Hot Chocolate’s “Don’t Turn It Off”, then you’re in for a real treat here. The group weave live instrumentation with programmed electronics, creating zero gravity textures of velvet sky, which build and expand through the tracks before bursting into exhilarating Supernova peaks. Churning through the stargazing disco, with its echoes of Crazy P (“The Sky Is Yours”), Psychemagik and Italians Do It Better (“JP Soul”), is an undercurrent of psychedelic guitar power reminiscent of the more frazzled edges of the Almunia sound. If I was pressed to pick out a couple of highlights from the abundance of riches on offer, I’d go for the stripped back and tranquilized “Yamobeecha”, a Mediterranean terrace groover with a little nod to Yello and Harry Thuman, or the hydraulic boogie of Escape Tonight, but really, they’re all winners on here. 40 Thieves have set controls for the heart of the sun, and they’re gonna take you with them.

                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                    2xLP Info: Was £16.99.

                                    Excepter is a NYC-based electronic improvisational performance group devoted to the exposure of cosmic consciousness through the trifecta of micro-movement, abstract razzle-dazzle, and 'living-in-the-moment'.

                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                    Ltd LP Info: Was £15.99. Limited edition of 500 copies worldwide. LP features a free DVD plus a free digital download coupon. The music was recorded on location, with electronic processing and production added later. Harrison Owen directed the very-first Excepter music video, "If I Were You", as well as the most popular Excepter music video, "Kill People".

                                    The five piece from London; Liela Moss, Toby Butler, Luke Ford, Olly Betts and Marc Sallis; have spent the past eight months whipping their new tunes into fighting shape. Returning from two years of touring behind their acclaimed album ‘Neptune’, the band hunkered down in their new London studio space for the first time ever to sketch out tracks on their own turf. Recording sessions were fuelled by the band's rekindled appreciation for an eclectic mix of music; from Robert Fripp & David Bowie to Roxy Music to Depeche Mode. The band's direction becoming more about a minimalist approach soundwise, Liela explains, "the tracks are marshalled lyrically and musically by strange harmonies that arrive unexpectedly, transient sprinkles of tonal magic, and those short guitar solos that make their point and leave."

                                    After a few months of work in London, the band grabbed their tapes and files for a pilgrimage back to Los Angeles to finish the record with Andrew Scheps (Johnny Cash, Chilli Peppers, Metallica). Scheps (who has a rep for being Rick Rubin's favourite pair of ears, as well as a production wizard) helped them slim down their instrumentation so it would ultimately thump on the stereo.

                                    ‘Bruiser’ is a fitting album title, musically it’s a collection of squealing guitars, churning riffs, and powerful drumming, Moss sums it up perfectly: "Bruiser is tough love. Bruiser is an order of seraphim singing burning praise. Bruiser is a sensual creature or a woodland demon…just look at that Ram on the cover!"

                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                    Ltd LP Info: Was £14.99. Ultra limited 180 gram vinyl.

                                    It’s been a decade since San Francisco’s 40 Thieves first burst onto the scene and lit up the world with their mutant disco and lysergic house. Their back catalogue boasts releases on a who’s who of the nu disco world, Leng, Tirk, Permanent Vacation and Rong, and they’ve lent their production and remix talents to a host of disco legends, such as Kid Creole, Gary Davis and Johnny Dynell. Now they unleash debut LP “The Sky Is Yours” in a laser blast of sequenced synthesis taking aim at your nearest discotheque. If your introduction to the rogue troupe was their chuggy and druggy rendition of Hot Chocolate’s “Don’t Turn It Off”, then you’re in for a real treat here. The group weave live instrumentation with programmed electronics, creating zero gravity textures of velvet sky, which build and expand through the tracks before bursting into exhilarating Supernova peaks. Churning through the stargazing disco, with its echoes of Crazy P (“The Sky Is Yours”), Psychemagik and Italians Do It Better (“JP Soul”), is an undercurrent of psychedelic guitar power reminiscent of the more frazzled edges of the Almunia sound. Standout tracks on this second part of the LP include the Italo disco opener “Carousel”, the Saada Bonaire-esque “Rhythm Queen” (surely an early contender for off-kilter pop moment of the year) and the swamp funk shreddathon of “Backward Love”, which will have all the beards on the floor. 40 Thieves have set controls for the heart of the sun, and they’re gonna take you with them.

                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                    2xLP Info: Was £16.99.

                                    The first volume of Glitterbeat's new series of releases: Hidden Musics.

                                    Each Hidden Musics release will feature un-mediated "field" recordings of lesser-known global music traditions.

                                    "Hanoi Masters: War is a Wound, Peace is Scar" is a haunting audio document recorded in the summer of 2014 by Grammy-award winning producer Ian Brennan (Tinariwen, Malawi Mouse Boys, The Good Ones). The sepia-tinged songs are sung and played live and direct by elderly Vietnamese musicians using half-forgotten traditional instruments. These musicians all have deep personal connections to the upheavals of the Vietnam War and the album's mesmerizing mood navigates the blurred line between raw beauty and muted sadness. 40 years after the end of the Vietnam War, a war these Hanoi musicians still call the "American War", the wounds and scars of that era are ever-present. "Hanoi Masters" is an album of cautious healing and an unforgettable meditation on conflict, resistance, collective memory, and the longing for what has been lost.

                                    For his latest LP, "L'Aventura", French pop chameleon Sebastien Tellier removed his cultish robes in favour of bathing suit and headed to the warm beaches of Brazil. Here, he delivers a remix EP which sees the original versions of the blissed out bossa of "Aller Vers La Soleil" and future boogie of "Ricky L'adolescent" rub shoulders with reworks from a handful of carefully selected remix talent. NY house revivalists Hercules & Love Affair inject a slow house bump into their remix, stripping back the organic in favour of subtle synthetic melodies. Horrors synth expert Tom Furse on the other hand, fuses the electronic and organic into a drifting snatch of kraut inspired downtempo that'll have you strung out in an instant. On the flipside, Priniciples Of Geometry deliver a futuristic revision which pairs brooding cinematic atmospheres with disclocated rhythms and shredded synths. Last but not least, Walter gets dark and menacing with a slo mo techno remix which summons the spirits of Ed Banger's golden age and the moody madness of Gesaffelstein for a proper dancefloor romp.

                                    Back in stock Cover of The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas by Courtney Barnett.
                                    Lead single ‘Avant Gardener’ is a vivid display of Courtney Barnett’s magic. A hookladen fug of country roots and discordant psychedelia with a dreamlike narrative.

                                    The collection is a record of two halves, and collates her story so far. It fittingly begins with six brand new songs and is then backed with six older tracks which were originally released in the form of her 2012 debut EP. Together, ‘The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas’ spans genres and stories, and is a unique introduction to an incomparable and exciting new talent.

                                    As well as ‘Avant Gardener’, selected highlights include the gorgeous and woozy piano-strewn opener ‘Out Of The Woodwork’, which shows the darker side of her writing. ‘Anonymous Club’ sees Courtney at her romantic, melancholic best, while the infectious, Dylan-esque cavalcade that is ‘History Eraser’ was recently nominated alongside Tame Impala for the APRA Song Of The Year back in Australia.

                                    After blowing sets, speakers and minds with the first release, Kim Ann Foxman returns to her Firehouse imprint with three more original tracks and two remixes from fellow New Yorker Eli Escobar. The EP begins with a dancefloor 'free and easy' in the inviting form of "Open The House", a stripped back track with plenty of jack and a killer rolling bassline at its heart, topped with head spinning fx and space age synths. Eli Escobar follows in quick succession with his M1 fuelled retro house refix, complete with skipping garage rhythm and detuned vocal snippets. On the B-side "The Lady Is A Vamp" offers a space age fusion of Murk's deep house and the intergalactic explorations of the motor city futurists inspired by some of the obsure gems in Kim's collection. "Eye See Me" shifts the vibe ever so slightly into dream house territory with phasing sequences, hazy pads and scuzzy percussion. Just like those classic releases Kim bought in her youth, this EP finishes with a stripped back DJ Tool from Eli Escobar, essential for your three deck sessions. 

                                    Fresh imprint Seagull spreads its wings and soars into your collection with Herman Prime's stunning ode to the generative powers of spring, "Maajo". Paying homage to Nigerian music, Prime borrows a vocal refrain from juju master King 'Sunny' Ade's "Synchro System" LP and places it at the heart of his deep and emotive house track. Thick kick drums and a sub bass groove flow out of those spiritual vocals, while the hypnotic Rhodes melody harkens back to early minimal electronic pioneers such as Manuel Göttsching. The result is a lush and immersive journey through the aquatic depths of the dancefloor. The B-side, “Maajo (Take Four)”, is a track of its own, a mutant revision of the emotional original. This version is not just a slightly altered copy but an electronic dub that takes the original to a completely different direction. Talking drums and a polyrhythm structure maintain the dreamy, Nigerian feel, but the dystopic, detuned synths have the scent of an underground techno bunker. Seagull Records is a spin-off from disco rework factory Kojak Giant Sounds and Herman Prime's “Maajo” is the perfect choice for an inaugural release.

                                    Pleasure Zone

                                    Fantasy / I Can't Understand

                                    Two sleazy, obscure, top shelf Chicago basement tracks here, dug straight from the Trax archives of 1988 & refreshed for 2015! "Fantasy" is a creeping, sinister, rough hewn spoken word banger that has all the things we love about these tunes; dark synths, frenetic drum programming and those super sleazy lyrics! Classic material indeed from short lived production outfit Pleasure Zone. Flip it over for the B-side "I Can't Understand" and an instantly familiar vibe jumps out at you via the raw claps, basic melodies and the story of a lover left high and dry recounted over tough jacking rhythms. Essential! Re-mastered, re-pressed & re-released with the full co-operation & participation of all rights holders.

                                    Sigur Rós


                                      ‘( )’ is the third full-length album from Icelandic band Sigur Rós, first released in October 2002.

                                      It comprises eight untitled tracks, divided into two parts: the first four tracks are lighter and more optimistic, while the latter four are bleaker and more melancholic.

                                      The two halves are divided by a 36-second silence and the album opens and closes with a click of distortion.

                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                      2xLtd LP Info: Reissued here on heavyweight 180g double vinyl by XL Recordings. Includes a copy of the album on CD.

                                      Back in stock Cover of Black Messiah by D'Angelo And The Vanguard.
                                      In case you haven’t heard, D’Angelo is back. The prodigal son of soul and funk dropped his new album online in December 2014, with no fanfare, no hype and no upfront announcement. The soulternet lit up like a Christmas tree. For one so talented 15 years seems like too long a time to wait between albums (we've had to wait so long 'Black Messiah' has been described as “the black 'SMiLE'”), but D'Angelo had demons to slay, issues to resolve, yada yada yada... (for 15 years!?). Anyway, he's back now, reborn, refreshed and sounding as wonderful as ever. The album cooks up a gumbo of the greats - a dash of Marvin, a sprinkle of Minneapolis, some P-funk pepper and Sly salt, all simmered together to make 'Black Messiah' the tastiest real-soul stew around right now. Essential!

                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                      2xLP Info: Double vinyl pressing. Includes 16 page 12"x12" photo / info booklet.

                                      Big Dada drop something special and spacial in the form of this 12" meeting of two musical minds at the forefront of British electronic music. Wolverhampton's finest, the Uk's great techno experimentor Actress takes on Eski kingpin and grime founding father Wiley, transforming the vital and vibrant "From The Outside" into a deep and dark slice of scuzzy cinematic ambience. Spooky and space age, this is groundbreaking tackle packed with gloomy synth washes and grinding distortion. All that remains of the original are the occasional snippets of Wiley's vocal, either played straight or totally screwed, and the mournful strings which made up the original's intro. Not for the faint of heart or the urban grime crew, this is next level music. 

                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                      12" Info: One Sided, Hand Stamped 12".

                                      Björk is a rare artist - a true original, a non-conformist with wide appeal, an extraordinary genre-busting musical individual who speaks to the heart, the head and the feet. She is the quintessential modern musician, ceaselessly innovating and completely multidimensional in the way she uses performance, technology, fashion, video and art to complement her music.

                                      Björk’s new album, her eighth studio record ‘Vulnicura’, serves as an exploration into the themes of love and heartbreak, a stark contrast to the abstract context of her last record, ‘Biophilia’.

                                      ‘Vulnicura’ was written, produced and recorded in collaboration with Venezuelan producer Arca (Kanye West’s Yeezus, FKA twigs’ LP1, his own Xen) and British musician The Haxan Cloak (Tri Angle, Aurora Borealis). The combination of sumptuous orchestral strings (all arranged by Bjork), dark, brooding electronic soundscapes, the glitchy beat patterns of alt-R&B and Bjork's distinctive swooping, soaring vocals make for a unique, intense "break-up" album.

                                      New York’s MoMA will be hosting a mid-career retrospective exhibition starting in March which will chronicle Björk’s career from ‘Debut’ to ‘Vulnicura’.

                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                      Ltd CD Info: Limited run deluxe acetate artwork CD digipak edition.

                                      Hot on the heels of Tenderlonious' "Thoughts Of You EP", Jeen Bassa's first solo offering is another strong release from London's most talked about musical collective, 22a. One of the three outrageously talented Deenmamode brothers (Mo Kolours & Reginald Omas Mamode IV), Jeen Bassa has remained the most elusive of the 22a collective until now. Raised in the west-country but currently residing in South-East London, Jeen Bassa's warm and woozy productions stand out in a world saturated with bland Dilla-esque pastiches. Reminding me a little of Al Dobson Jr's solo debut on Rhythm Section, and Manchester's Be, "The Seven Movements" from last year; it’s another one of those schizophrenic musical offerings which moves around an organic theme quickly and succinctly, keeping you hooked till the end through a series of dynamic tracks and infectious skits. Twenty-two minutes of 'future rare-groove'. This is some heavyweight business not to be missed! Personal favourites include the undulating, bass heavy grooves of "Herb & Rhythm", the twilight atmospheres of "My People (7 Seas)" and the street-ready sounds of "Body Talking". Although I'm sure "Latin Fingers" will go down a treat at the aforementioned Rhythm Section dance, while "Cocoa Lotion" will certainly tweak the deep house heads interest. There's something for everyone I can promise you! Thoroughly recommended - move quick!

                                      Pussy Galore

                                      Pussy Gold 5000

                                        THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2014 EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                        RSD release - limited to 300 for Europe

                                        Pussy Gold 5000 was Pussy Galore's 2nd 12 inch EP and was the follow up to their Groovy Hate Fuck EP (reissued for 2013 RSD). Released in Jan 1987 the single pressing of 3,000 sold out in one month. Jon Spencer and company's deconstructionist no-fi NYC rock influenced many a band to follow, and arguably helped to create a market that labels like Am Rep and Sub Pop would go on to serve. This would be the band's last release on their own Shove imprint.

                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                        Ltd LP Info: Was £16.99.

                                        Micah P. Hinson was born in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, into a strict Christian fundamentalist household. He began to experiment with music upon moving to Abilene, Texas in his teens. In the relative isolation of this town, he became immersed in the local music scene. In 2003, he teamed up with the Texas collective the Earlies which provided a lush backdrop for Hinson’s winsome tales of love, loss and regret, before releasing solo albums for Sketchbook, Jade Tee and Full Time Hobby. 'Micah P. Hinson and the Nothing', his first release on Talitres, is a collection of songs Micah wrote before a terrible van accident he had on the Spanish highway in 2011.

                                        Unsure if or when his arms would ever work properly again, Micah began listening to demos he has made before he went on that Spanish trip. The songs took a different light and he began sending them off to people around the world (The Twilight Sad, his Belgium Quartet, his Texan side-kick, T. Nicholas Phelps) and with their help he began to create a record without the use of his arms. Soon after this, Micah was invited to go and record in Santander, Espana, at Moon River Studio. For two weeks and two days, Fernando 'Mac' and Micah realized what was to become "Micah P. Hinson and The Nothing", working with an astounding array of local musicians, sitting behind the trap set, standing beside the upright bass, holding a viola, or tumbling away the tympani.

                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                        2xLP Info: Was £20.99.

                                        Howling Bells return with their stunning new album, Heartstrings, on 2nd June. Howling Bells are an indie rock band that formed in Sydney in 2004. The lineup consists of Juanita Stein, Glenn Moule, Joel Stein, Gary Daines and are notable for a doom-and-gloom, country-and-rock music style, and they have been labelled as melodic blues and country-goth. Heartstrings is the band’s 4th album and was recorded in London with producers Catherine J Marks and Alan Moulder.

                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                        LP Info: Was £18.49.

                                        Sylva Kay’s debut solo album ‘‘Undercut’’ provides the first hearing of a sound that has been evolving since Kay first started writing songs in her early teens and began struggling with the contrary urges to realise the full-blown sound of the ensemble band and the need to stay true to a deeply personal musical impulse. ‘‘Undercut’’ sees Kay drawing on influences from the era of the Breeders, Dinosaur Jr and Bob Mould's Sugar, working these together with an undeniably English sound, courtesy of swirling shoegaze guitars (Bontakt’s Mat Fowler) and an autobiographical orientation that makes the record somehow nostalgic and alien at the same time. ‘‘Undercut’’ sounds like that cassette your older sister had when you were too young to know what was going on and you’ve been trying to track down ever since. What is most apparent on ‘‘Undercut’’ is Kay's striking versatility.

                                        ‘Trampoline’ keeps a snapped-tight drumbeat in perfect tension with a driving raw energy bass line that wouldn’t sound out of place on a record from the Fall, all held down by a full-tilt vocal performance both wild and controlled. ‘Urban Marsh’ is a gorgeously hazy piece of dreampop, swirling guitars drift around a Kim Deal-esque bass line mounting and lulling to an apex of beautifully layered vocals. The album closer 'Jetset' is a work of ascendant desolation that builds to crushingly melancholic refrain "there's no such thing as a soft landing". Throughout, the stripped back production and spare instrumentation reveals songwriting that has an otherly quality all of it's own - oscillating constellations of bass, drums and vocals emerge in surprising shapes that work themselves out according to their own strange internal logic.

                                        Altogether this 13 track, full length album bares the indelible mark of a singular burst of creativity, mixing up the haziness of Kay's former city of residence, San Francisco with a darker English moodiness. You want to call her a singer/songwriter even though this doesn't fit the range and depth of her work. Her music seems to flow directly from a peripatetic lifestyle and troubadour spirit that has kept her moving from city to city. This is a limited edition release so get yourself a copy while stocks last.

                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                        LP Info: Was £14.99.

                                        August Darnell’s swaggering alter ego Kid Creole dons his famed fedora and gets back in stride with his first high profile studio album in over 10 years.

                                        Darnell first came to prominence during the mid-70s in New York, forming Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band with his brother Stony Browder before producing a slew of eccentric projects for ZE Records including Cristina, Don Armando’s Seventh Avenue Rumba Band and Gichy Dan, as well as sporting his trademark zoot suit and fedora for the first time for the debut recordings by Kid Creole & The Coconuts. Signing on to Chris Blackwell’s Island Records and Seymour Stein’s Sire imprint, Darnell would become one of the 80's most unique and recognisable figures, scoring a brace of unforgettable chart hits mixing heavyweight tropical grooves with plenty of lyrical bite – ‘Stool Pigeon’, ‘Annie, I’m Not Your Daddy’, ‘I’m A Wonderful Thing Baby’ and more.

                                        With cover artwork echoing his love of 1940s film noir, the new album explores the vibrant mind of Darnell with a variety of themes and styles. Opener ‘Stony And Cory’, riding a bump ‘n’ hustle rhythm, recalls the Dr. Buzzard days and the stormy relationship between lead vocalist Cory Daye and bandleader Stony Browder; the title track re-works an ‘80s Coconuts classic, ‘Ticket To The Tropics’ and trippy lead single ‘I Do Believe’ brings in themes of Greek mythology over a driving groove. Elsewhere, we find rousing ballads ‘Tudor-Jones’ and the life-affirming ‘Love Remains’, the Compass Point / Island stylings of ‘This Is My Life’ and madcap falsetto groover, ‘Attitude’.

                                        Recorded at Darnell’s own studio in Sweden and mixed by Brennan Green (Chinatown Recordings), ‘I Wake Up Screaming’ is an essential return from one of the truly unique characters in the world of music. The release will be accompanied by the unmatchable Kid Creole & The Coconuts live experience worldwide.

                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                        2xLP Info: Was £17.99!

                                        The multi-tentacled beast that is Gnod reveals here another, er, tentacle in the writhing and sucking meeting of Druss (aka Paddy from Gnod) and Russian creepo electronics merchants, the duo Love Cult. Tracks are credited to either Druss, Love Cult or Love Cult Takes Druss but to be honest the joins are seamless - these geographically disparate freq-freaks are clearly on the same wavelength.

                                        Placed against the grubby tech fury of the recent Dwellings and Druss Gnod-offshoot releases, this LP at first appears more restrained, though an unsettling and mostly downtempo atmosphere pervades. The overall feeling of unease proves quite difficult to pin down, especially when the component parts are examined in isolation. Whether you focus on the pleasing deep deep bass rumblings, the pulsing mids, the primitive staccato drum machine, the occasional half-buried vocals, the dreamlike corroded loops, or the obnoxious insistence of the upfront disembodied vocal sample-triggering, there's seemingly something familiar to hang on to at every turn - but taken together in the slightly 'off' way these ingredients coagulate, there is in truth very little comfort to be had.

                                        To break it down, for what it's worth, side A is weighted in favour of Love Cult (2 collabs, 2 solo tracks) and on the B Druss do the heavy-lifting (again 2 collab, 2 solo). Take for example the unbearable claustrophobia of split composition Yr Problems - it has all the previously-mentioned elements, none of which are overly sinister in isolation but put the listener right off their lunch when served on the same tray. Death Forever on the B could be (and should be!) the closing credits soundtrack to J. Carpenter's Prince Of Darkness. It isn't - though freely-available contemporary tools and a little cunning can make that cyber-satanic dream a reality for anyone willing to get their kicks in such a fashion, inevitably losing their shit to the frantic stuttering electro groove, corrosive B-movie bleeps, and Crowley-esque 'FOREVER' chants on infinite repeat.

                                        Two extra digital-only tracks, somewhat lighter in mood, serve as a fine apertif and as good a prompt as any to pull open the curtains and reflect on the preceding 45-minute offbeat excursion, back safe in reasssuring daylight normality...though it doesn't look quite the same any more...

                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                        Ltd LP Info: Was £11.99. VERY limited edition coloured vinyl LP" in full colour card sleeve (+ 10 downloads).

                                        They say moving house can be one of life's most stressful tasks. If one person knows about that its Manchester-based musical craftsman Marc Rigelsford, or as he’s become better known, Magic Arm. More used to wiring up microphones and keyboards than picking out wallpaper patterns, no one, least of all him, would have expected some innocent house-hunting to give life to a brand new album.

                                        “I didn't think about recording at home until the new house began to empty as people moved out,” he reveals. “But I was slowly introduced to the perfect studio... houses have windows, studios don't. There’s something inspiring about being able to see a car or a bird.”

                                        Following 2009’s debut album Make Lists Do Something, Images Rolling is a further exploration of the musical playground that is Magic Arm’s world. Somewhere between ‘This Way Up’ cardboard boxes and the stairwell in which the new record’s violin and trumpet sounds were recorded, a studio gradually took shape. Boasting an array of cables, switches, and instruments donated by friends and family such as a piano, guitar, bass, synths, keyboards, glockenspiel, various types of organ, and drums, Rigelsford’s new sound workshop offered the perfect balance between vocational artistic freedom and a chaotic living space; “Tripping over your instruments on your way to the kitchen is a constant reminder that there is something else that you should be doing,” he confesses.

                                        Always one to find new avenues of exploring what’s readily presented in front of him simply by ‘giving it a whirl’ rather than exercising any form of technical training, Rigelsford is a true DIY pop maverick. From the colourful television theme music of Ski Sunday to that of the detective shows he grew up with, plus a penchant for big soundtracks like those of The Godfather, A fistful of Dollars, and Michael Galasso’s In the Mood for Love, his naturally inquisitive sense of sonic adventure has always been provoked by all that surrounds him.

                                        Musing on a bout of melancholic nostalgia ('Images Rolling' refers to reflecting the past and the way that you can scroll through memories “like a television on the blink”, he says), this record is the sound of one man exploring not only where he’s been but also commenting upon the present; editing, re-editing, then editing again, an album itself. “. “It's an album inspired by the process of writing an album”

                                        Moving away from the more electronic sound of his debut LP, Images Rolling has taken on the natural reverbs of the vast part-derelict three-storey house, coming over as an altogether warmer and more comforting entity. Take infectious opener Put Your Collar Up; classical sounds are thrown off centre by detuned pianos and woozy synths that move with hip hop bounce. Elsewhere Warning Sign recalls the ambience of Mercury Rev’s weirdly magical off-kilter daydreams whilst Lanes’ sweeping strings and the merry-go-round waltz of Great Life give light to Rigelsford’s new method of exploration in writing songs on a piano rather than a guitar for the very first time.

                                        “After finishing the first album I bought a piano with the intention of learning it and it being a key part of the new album. I spent a few months learning Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata as an entry point.”

                                        From entry point to its end Images Rolling is a restless, fearlessly ambitious, yet understated and articulate piece of work. No-one could ever accuse Rigelsford of making music that fits into any pigeon-shaped holes, but with this record he’s certainly found a musical home.

                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                        LP Info: Was £15.99.

                                        This sophomore effort by Montreal's Malajube is the best francophone indie-rock release in recent memory. Catchy, heavy, light, playful and exhilarating - it rocks non-stop, and in a multitude of ways. The underlying theme of sickness runs through the disc like death did on the Arcade Fire's "Funeral". But it's filtered through textured, sweeping and frequently beautiful songwriting. Guests include rappers Loco Locass, singer Pierre Lapointe and Dears members Martin Pelland and Valerie Jodoin-Keaton. This is a big record, a great record, by what could very well be your new favourite Montreal band.

                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                        LP Info: Was £11.99. In a gatefold sleeve and limited to just 300 copies.

                                        The Men's new LP for Sacred Bones is the tongue-in-cheek-but-still-auspiciously-titled Tomorrow's Hits. This is their first album recorded in a high-end studio and, appropriately, the result is their most high fidelity album to date. That being said, it is still an incredibly straightforward record. Tomorrow's Hits is a concise collection of songs that nonetheless expands the band's ever-evolving musical palette. It's an album full of genre-bending risks, but it reinforces the overarching theme that has come to define its makers: The Men are a great rock band. After spending much of 2011 and 2012 on the road, including a trip upstate to write and record New Moon, their fourth full-length in as many years, The Men needed a break. They decided to take the winter of 2012 off to work on new material in Brooklyn. The converted founding member Mark Perro’s bedroom in Bushwick into a practice space and rehearsed there nearly every day for three months, cutting more than 40 demos. By the end of that winter, the Men had pared that crop of songs down to 13. With their plans to take a break foiled by their own work ethic, they decided to record those songs before New Moon came out. They booked two days at Brooklyn’s Strange Weather studios, clocked in, and tracked all 13 songs entirely live, even including a horn section.

                                        Eight songs from those sessions made the final cut for The Men’s new LP, Tomorrow’s Hits. This is their first album recorded in a high-end studio and, appropriately, the result is their most high fidelity album to date. That being said, it is still an incredibly straightforward record. Tomorrow’s Hits is a concise collection of songs that nonetheless expands the band’s ever-evolving musical palette. It’s full of genre-bending risks, but it reinforces the overarching theme that has come to define its makers: The Men are a great rock band.

                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                        LP Info: Was £15.49. One-time limited pressing of 1000 copies of red vinyl.

                                        Established in 2004 in Manchester to support the most scintillating sounds on a local, national and international level, the Mind On Fire Collective (MOF), are ready to deliver their first ever vinyl LP, and what a record it is.
                                        Entitled “Great Minds Vol. 1”, it brings together eight producers currently operating out of the city and attempts to give a snapshot of the Manchester underground in 2010 whilst not being bound by BPMs or sonic bias. All artists featured produce tracks that in some way can be categorised under the broad umbrella of 'electronic music' but the variety of rhythms, sounds and styles on display ensure that it is never a one dimensional listening experience. Six of the eight acts featured are making their first appearance on wax and the fact that this music is often left unreleased is nothing to do with a lack of quality, but rather because there simply aren’t enough solid platforms like MOF around flying the flag for all that’s new and experimental. As they say themselves “The first release is about unearthing a few of the hidden gems from the city and setting our stalls out as a label that releases challenging and forward thinking music”. However the label will by no means focus solely on local music, with releases from more internationally recognised artists earmarked for release in 2011. Keep your eyes peeled at their website ( in 2011 as this undoubtedly promises to be just the beginning of a glittering new chapter in the life of Manchester’s most venerable independent music collective.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Matt says: Crazy Manc home grown scene finally fledges it's wings. A pleasure to see! Well done guys.

                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                        Ltd LP Info: Was £19.99. Special limited edition release. Comes in fabric tote bag with bonus CDs, extra vinyl, stickers, artwork and hand screen-printed sleeve. In handmade, screen printed sleeve.

                                        Sometime in the spring of 2012 the musicians that would go on to form the Chicago & Minneapolis based trio ON AN ON found themselves at a tipping point. The three of them—Nate Eiesland, Alissa Ricci, and Ryne Estwing—had played music with one another in various capacities for the better part of a decade. Most recently, they had shared the stage and studio as three fifths of the indie-pop outfit Scattered Trees, which had seen its fair share of success. But with the band’s studio time only a few weeks away and the other members now spread out across the country pursuing other endeavors, they would chart their own course and come out stronger for it. What emerged was ON AN ON.

                                        For ON AN ON, the precariousness of breaking new ground only three weeks before recording with accomplished producer Dave Newfeld (Broken Social Scene, Super Furry Animals, Los Campesinos!) provided a jolt of creative energy. The musicians had become disenchanted with their past approach to songwriting and recording, finding the process of striving for polished pop both tiresome and constrained. Newfeld proved the perfect counterpart to their initial vision for the record, encouraging them to push boundaries and go with their instincts.

                                        According to Eiesland, the sessions were something of an exorcism: “We really wanted to get away from the sterility of our previous approach to recording.” Eieseland, Ricci, and Estwing embraced musical risks that in the past it might have shied away from. In the studio, the band members explored a natural chemistry and honed their sound; synthesizers, scattershot electro beats and ambient ear candy gave guitars, bass and drums a ghostly sheen.

                                        While the melodies might clue one in to the trio's evolved sonic palate, it's through the album's themes that the group member’s respective evolution becomes most apparent. Eiesland wrote the majority of the lyrics, in the process coming to terms with death and the traps that life springs upon us. Whether letting his intuition guide him on "I Wanted To Say More” ("You are a saint and you’re the devil/Every word I spoke to you, I thought that they were wings/ But they were only feathers”) or owning up to life's inevitability on "All The Horses" ("A family tree will split in two halfway through its life"), there's a tempered calm to the thought-provoking imagery he espouses through his words. Estwing offered up his own lyrical séance on his lead vocal track "Cops," although the bassist says his message—that the police can be surprisingly corrupt—is more direct. After smashing everything they knew to pieces, they pulled themselves together around Give In, ON AN ON’s ten-track debut album – a dream-washed textural journey armed with a biting perspective on life, love, and the commonality of loss. It is an affair that sizzles with electricity and calls one in with its unnerved openness.

                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                        LP Info: Was £13.99.

                                        Orange Juice

                                        Texas Fever

                                          THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2013 EXCLUSIVE.

                                          Due to overwhelming demand and to mark the blessed occasion that is Record Store Day, Domino are pressing up limited special vinyl editions of the original Orange Juice albums.

                                          Each have been remastered for vinyl, include the original lyrics sheets and printed inner sleeves (save Texas Fever which had none) and will come with the by now de rigueur free digital download card.

                                          Limited to 1000 copies of each title for the UK and Eire.

                                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                                          Ltd LP Info: Was £18.99.

                                          Padang Food Tigers

                                          Born Music

                                            Super limited debut vinyl release from this UK based duo creating some really gorgeous minimal americana-folk for field recordings, guitars, banjo and piano. Bleak and almost epic-ly empty at times, personally it gives me a real feeling of old American western times, dusty deserts, desolate old towns... it would be the perfect soundtrack to a modern tale of these lands from the past. "Born Music" is an extremely well assembled collection of 10 tracks totaling in at just over 30 minutes.

                                            Edition of only 100 copies, pressed on heavyweight virgin vinyl, with paste on full colour covers and full colour inserts. CD version available on Under The Spire.

                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                            Ltd LP Info: Was £15.99.

                                            Crawling Up The Stairs is the second LP from Austin, Texas' Pure X. Made up of principal members Nate Grace, Jesse Jenkins and Austin Youngblood, they stay true to the dense sound they explored on their last album, Pleasure, but add twinkling atmospherics and a new clarity to their carefully cultivated, emotionally heavy songs.

                                            Where Pleasure was built on syrup-slow hooks and a weighty, sexy haze, Crawling Up The Stairs is the sound of Pure X emerging from that humid cocoon to stare all the screwed up parts of life directly in the face and embrace them. When Grace's voice, cracked and worn, breaks through a fog of downtempo drums and misty guitar on "Someone Else," the pain that used to be visible in his face when he was on stage is pushed to the forefront of their sound, his voice growling and moaning with barely contained anger and apocalyptic worry in anguished falsetto. Crawling isn't a record about escape, it's about what you do after you've realized that escaping isn't an option and you just have to face the world you live in head on.

                                            Crawling Up The Stairs is an album born from emotional turmoil. For much of 2012, Grace was laid up with a serious leg injury. During the recording period, he had no insurance, no money, and if he ever was going to walk again, he needed to have surgery. Grace had no idea if he'd get the money together, and was consumed with doubt, unable to sleep. After a cathartic but torturous night of insomnia, heavy with world-worry and intermittent nightmares, Grace emerged feeling exhausted and different. Not better or worse, but different. Ready to heal. Crawling is the result of that. Track by track, Grace, Youngblood and Jenkins—who shares vocal and songwriting duties—drag themselves through a bad year.

                                            As Grace was wrestling with his own demons, Jenkins' was figuring things out as well. On the gorgeous "Thousand Year Old Child," his falsetto hangs over unusually upbeat drum work from Youngblood and perfectly placed synth wines. It's a tricky song—relaxed and happy on the surface, but lyrically, Jenkins is wrestling with getting older and being uncertain about his future, singing, "there is no reason/ to think about time/ sometimes I feel/ I feel like a thousand year old child." A little later, the kicker comes: "up in the morning/ sleep at night/ there is a question/ what am I doing with my life?" It's a universal feeling rendered personal by Jenkins' heartbreakingly spare lyrics.

                                            But Crawling isn't entirely dark. Album closer "All of the Future (All of the Past)" is the record's most optimistic song. As if Grace, Jenkins and Youngblood have finally emerged from an endless parade of bummer moments with newly optimistic perspectives on life. Grace's guitar glistens and glides across Jenkins' thick bass work and Youngblood's expertly controlled drums, but it's Grace's lyrics that end up laying everything out, making clear that there's a redemptive narrative in this record worth coming back to: "I can see the light/just got to stay alive," Grace sings. It might read as desperate, but Grace, for the first time, sounds confident that they'll make it no matter what.

                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                            Ltd LP Info: Was £13.99. Indie stores only, exclusive coloured vinyl.

                                            Red Hot Chili Peppers

                                            I'm Beside You

                                              The limited-edition vinyl double LP features 17 tracks recorded during the I'm With You Sessions, previously released as 7" singles. Artwork Kelsey Brooks.

                                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                                              2xLtd LP Info: Was £24.99.

                                              Rocket Science

                                              Contact High

                                              Described firstly by the NME as "Sounds like The Hives being run over by a truckload of Small Faces" and the Independent as "The funkiest garage-rock experience to hit these shores in years". "Contact High" contains lyrics that dabble in the lives of psycho-killers, stalkers and robots amongst other things and sounds like The Small Faces if they'd discovered synthesisers. In short, it's the most adventurous 'guitar' album you'll hear all year.

                                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                                              LP Info: Was £10.99

                                              Still mining the richest of rock seams, from Beatles to Nirvana and taking in West Coast psychedelia with a side order of garage-band nuggets, this LP nicely consolidates things for The Vines. The limited 7" "F*** The World" flew out of Piccadilly, so we know you still love them; there's been some negative press but that's just a reaction to the hype they got first time round. If you enjoyed their debut then you'll love this one too. There's 3 enormous ballads which, to me are their best work yet. "Sun Child", "Winning Days" and "Autumn Shade II" are worth the price of admission alone. They're not the Rock Saviours they were hyped up to be; they're just a smart melodic group with some cool and tasty reference points. Good stuff.

                                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                                              LP Info: Was £14.99

                                              Tom Williams & The Boat

                                              Teenage Blood (RSD Vinyl Edition)

                                                ***LIMITED TO 150 COPIES IN THE UK***

                                                After five years as a band, encompassing five EPs and two albums, Kent-based six-piece Tom Williams & the Boat might appear fully-formed but, with the release of their second album, ‘Teenage Blood’, they’re only just beginning to reveal their true colours.

                                                Having made a name for themselves with early releases on independent UNLABEL and more recently, on their own label Wire Boat Records, the band’s profile has built steadily through this home-grown hard graft approach.

                                                The vocal support of BBC Introducing’s Huw Stephens at this early stage lead to appearances at Latitude Festival, Radio 1’s Big Weekend, multiple slots at Glastonbury Festival as a result of its Emerging Talent Competition and a BBC Maida Vale Studio session, where they met their current producer Simon Askew.

                                                Tom Williams & The Boat have created an album that cements their roots and embraces a new chapter in the band’s history. The independent release - ‘Teenage Blood’ is a co-release between Moshi Moshi and Wire Boat Records, funded entirely by their fans through Pledge Music - and its interaction with fans as well as Tom’s intuitive storytelling reflect what’s come to be expected of the band. But in a new-found love of classic pop structures and dark, heartbreaking narrative styles, there’s something entirely different about the album’s approach.

                                                ‘Teenage Blood’ is made up of ten tracks that Tom says reflect a new sense of focus for the band. After becoming obsessed with the idols of pop-rock’s history, such as Tom Petty, Teenage Fanclub, The Band and Loaded-era Velvet Underground, Tom decided to write songs that take the traditional song structures of that genre – repeated choruses, catchy hooks – and fill them with a subversive lyricism, touched upon in the debut release.

                                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                Ltd LP Info: DELUXE GATEFOLD LP + 7” RED VINYL Single. Was £23.99

                                                Rush Hour continue to trawl through the golden age of NY house with this sweet reissue of the superb "Gonna Be Alright" by one time production duo No Pain. As you drop the needle into the groove, it's as if you've opened a portal into a bygone age of deep house brilliance as melancholic pads and nagging bleeps ride a rattling rhythm track and sensuous bassline, forming the perfect immersive backdrop to those passionate vocals. The A-side offers us a peak time slammer in the form of the "No More Pain Mix", and a post peak soother via the trippier "Gonna Be Alright Mix". On the flip, "Cliff's Deep Flute Mix" soars above the clouds on a gulf stream of swooning flute, making the transatlantic connection between New Jersey and the Med. The EP closes with a couple of tasty treats for the adventurous DJs thanks to a bass, beats and vocals dub and acapella, perfect for the deep and spiritual sets out in clubland.


                                                Don't Stop - Inc. Suzanne Kraft Remix

                                                After kicking off Cut Copy’s recent critically acclaimed 'Oceans Apart' compilation of underground Melbourne dance culture, Knightlife’s majestic “Don’t Stop” finally sees a vinyl release of on his new 12”, accompanied by a Suzanne Kraft remix and new acid tinged techno jam “Interstate 08”. With effortless panache, "Don’t Stop" channels the hazy ethereal twilight of Tangerine Dream’s soundtrack heyday and the off-beat robotic grunt of italo disco legend Alexander Robonik, pulling them apart, updating, repitching and remodeling them into a 2015 dancefloor gem. Having recently hit form with his Dude Energy release on Animals Dancing, Suzanne Kraft takes the reigns and turns "Don’t Stop" into a marvelous cosmic odyssey. Also included is new Knightife jam "Interstate 08". Conceived in the early hours of the morning after returning home from the club, "Interstate 08" is a classic acid workout set for prime time dancefloor elevation. It nods to the likes of Paranoid London and Pachanga Boys at their basement-dwelling best.

                                                Maximum swelter on this special 7" straight out the Tropics! Costa Rica's first ever vinyl only disco edits label takes its first steps thanks to this edit double header from label boss Napoleon and Honey Disco's own Hristo. Napoleon digs deep in the crates and comes up for air with a dusty Island groover, sexed up and ready to get hot and heavy in the undergrowth. On the flip, Hristo gets real smooth on the all out lovers' groove "Deja Vu". Looped to perfection, this midnight mover soon relaxes into the heat and intimacy of a night of wild yacht bound passion. This 7" may be diminutive compared to the larger format, but it's all about the motion of the ocean baby.

                                                Eric B & Rakim / Billy Cobham

                                                Juice (Know The Ledge) / The Pleasant Pheasant

                                                There are few things in life better than hearing Rakim spitting breakneck rhymes over a stone cold Eric B beat. One of those things is dropping the needle on a split 7" which brings together NY's finest with the original sample material! On the A-side Eric B & Rakim's stone cold, golden age classic "Juice" hits hard with that heavyweight breakbeat, uptempo jazz fusion riffs and Rakim's trademark flow; the perfect track to get us in the mood for those Friends & Family throwdowns. On the flipside, we're hit with the sizzling slice of driving jazz rock Eric B pilfered for his beat, Billy Cobham's "The Pleasant Pheasant". Originally dropping on the legendary drummer's 1974 classic "Crosswinds", the track delivers a breathless romp through solo after solo without ever falling into self indulgence. Funky as you like, and played by a phenominal cast of musicians, this cut became a Bronx b-boy anthem in its own right! Strictly limited to 300 copies, you'd better snap one up pronto!

                                                Back in stock Cover of The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions by Seu Jorge.

                                                Seu Jorge

                                                The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions

                                                  While The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou movie got mixed reviews, the soundtrack was universally hailed as excellent. The standout was Jorge, who not only had a role as an actor but also played a handful of Bowie songs solo with acoustic guitar, singing them in Portuguese ­ it was a perfect combination of beautiful songs laid bare with a bit of exotic Brazilian spice to add fresh flavour. This collection features the whole of that Bowie session, which means Jorge's six songs from the soundtrack, seven other Bowie tunes and one playful Jorge original entitled "Team Zissou." Even though 2005 saw the release of his domestic debut 'Cru' (which mostly featured his own songs and a band), Jorge found himself touring the US in front of large crowds of 20-somethings who patiently waited for those Bowie songs. This album obviously gives the people what they want, and the good news is that the other versions are just as good as the ones that are on the original soundtrack.

                                                  Various Artists

                                                  Ministry Of De-Fence 10x10:10

                                                    Limited edition 10" vinyl EP featuring seven collaborative tracks.

                                                    Collaborative release from over twenty artists, these tracks were completed from the nineteen demo tracks submitted for the project. The remaining tracks from the project will feature on a separate album release in 2015.

                                                    Derek O'Neill, Susannah Simmons, Semay Wu, OnTheFly, Volg4, wiQwar, Jo Foster, Paper Machine Music, IndianRedLopez, Hamacide, Cherif Hashizume, Tina Grace, Alan Coutts, Rich Amino, Zoon van snooK, Reuben Taylor, Romanhead, Con Brio, Pete Harvey, Deltason, Scruff, George Positive, Tommy Perman, Captain Geeko The Deadly Aviator.

                                                    Various Artists

                                                    Rail Cables Winter Selection 2015

                                                      "Rail Cables starts off on a roll with a split LP from Scanner, Dru$s (of Salford surrealists Gnod) Ran Slavin & Greg Fox. Each artist gets one side of vinyl each to explore the label's theme of music based around railway travel.

                                                      Legendary electronic producer Scanner starts off with a first class ticket to late night train travel experimentation, a heady mixture of Powell-esqe post-punk drums cascading into a tripping SND style electronica number before moving into steppin' techno territory.

                                                      Next up is Dru$s exploring the idea of late night solo train rides through inner city urban areas, starting off at Manchester Piccadilly before mainlining into the costa del Salford with an experimental electronic piece at times "Low"-era Bowie and at others more urban autobahn all executed with a Mancunian confidence on the last train to nowhere.

                                                      Ran Slavin starts off side 3 with a bleak and cold number titled 'Unis' painting images of a winter evening spent on a cold platform 13 waiting for the last train home before things go proto-metal on Greg Fox's first number 'Lamb' where from the sounds of it his CD player has started skipping to great effect (long train ride perhaps the batteries started running out?) the sometime Ben Frost drummer covers a lot of ground with his side of experimental electronics that is just the ticket to closing off this beautifully compiled debut release from this promising label, a searching full length, we can't wait to see what awaits us at the next platform."

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