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Tinmine Soul Supply

    Original Vinyl Only! That’s what Numero used to make this CD… OK, a few came from master tapes, they’ll hope the most parochial soulies will let the label slide (though they’re anticipating a Soul Source 10-pager on the topic). A northern soul style compilation is just the latest Numbero product to raid the extensive Numero catalogue. A label you may have heard mentioned through clenched teeth concerning our preference for “replicating” original 45s, rather than splashing them with shite contemporary design. This is a peace offering: a compilation of both talc-covered classics and unheard floor-fillers. What better way to reintroduce the label's fledgling concern to the UK than by playing straight to the middle? It is the Numbero way.

    Some, like Walter & the Admerations’ “Man Oh Man,” Lou Ragland’s “I Travel Alone,” or Bob & Fred’s “I’ll Be On My Way” have been on casino-goers’ radars for years, others, like Benny Scott & the Soul Masters “No Other Woman But You” and Rudolph Jacobs “Baby, I Love You” were barely seen outside of a square block in Houston, Texas, let alone dug up by John Anderson forty years ago (although chances are he remembers having a whole palette full of them.) If you’re new to this catalogue, you can only go up from here. Numero prides itself on making well-researched, lovingly curated compilations.

    Aphex Twin

    Come To Daddy

      Originally out in 1997, these four tracks show James at his scariest, most inventive and mellowest, delivering the possessed title track (which came accompanied by one of Chris Cunningham's more nightmarish videos), melodic "Flim", breaktronic "Come To Daddy" remix and jazz-breaks meats nursery rhymes "Bucephalus Bouncing Ball".

      A very special reissue indeed - in fact it's one of those records so good that I don't know where to begin...! It's a collection of ultra-rare Ethiopian 70s instrumental jazz - imagine a subtler, more Arabic and jazzual Fela Kuti with a swinging jazzy groove and beautiful twisting out-there solos on sax, flute, Rhodes and even fuzz guitar (and that's not even scratching the surface!). Last time I crapped myself this badly about a musician I knew nothing about was when I heard the Marc Moulin reissues and this ranks up there as one of those records that'll have people going 'what the?!' every time you put it on! Sublime.

      Back in stock Cover of Ambience 2 by Agathe Max.

      Agathe Max

      Ambience 2

        The now buy-on-sight, Box Bedroom Rebels series continues to throw us curveballs in the form of this new release, following on in style from the last one. After blasting our eardrums with some punk attitude, drifting us across blue oceans on a wave of lo-fi bliss, and supplying us with plenty of leftfield pop nuggets, the two "Ambience" records have delivered us a direct hit of classic minimalist beauty. "Ambience 2" features Agathe Max, a Lyon based classical musician who works with violin, piano and loop pedals creating hypnotic drones and achingly beautiful dueling violins. Think John Cage dissonance, Arvo Part minimalism & Eric Saties spaciousness. The music was composed in the style of William Burroughs cut-up method but applied to music, creating endless possibilities. Both sides of the 7" seem to flow nicely after each other, suggesting continuity between the two pieces as manipulated strings collide with pixie-like melodies and a deliciously rich, organic soundbed. The Music on the CD uses Burroughs’ cut-up process to create the 75 minute piece "Spotted Thoughts In Hazy Light" which is continually engaging, slowly building with a menacing undertow. Layers of violin, micro-edits, vocals, clicks & percussion all working wonderfully towards the desired goal. Exceptional stuff and as always, likely to fly out. Place those orders now!


        Matt says: Melancholic wonder from the insatiable Box Bedroom Rebels team. A gloriously sad way to drink red wine, gobble downers and lie in the bath with not a care in the world.


        Ltd 7" Info: *Highly limited* 150 copies. 2 track 33rpm 7", 75 minute 1 track CD, insert & portrait - all with that Box Bedroom Rebels panache!

        Back in stock Cover of BBR#12 by Mini Dresses.
        Mini Dresses are a boy/girl duo originally from Austin, Texas who make a raw lo-fi surf dreampop sound, like a cross between The Shangri-Las Vs K Records offkilter hazyness and a touch of JAMC. Similar to Tape Waves (previously on BBR) but with a more raw lo-fi edge. Female led vocals rise up like haunted angels against walls of jangly guitar juice and thundering toms. Dusty and lo-fi in that authentic BBR style, but riddled with shimmering ethereal goodness from beginning to end.

        5 track 33rpm stamped 7"
        Double sided colour portrait.
        2 BBR Inserts
        Sealed envelope containing BBR Letter, confetti & download code all sealed with sweet scratch n sniff stickers.

        Love Inks is a minimalist pop group making music that harkens back to early 80s UK (Marine Girls, Young Marble Giants) and David Lynch's Roadhouse. The group's sleek, needle-precise sound comes distinctly from Austin, Texas.

        It is a combination of guitar, played quietly but as if from a 12-foot deep well, and bass, creating both tension and melodic release when necessary, in conjunction with an electronic drum machine. The triangle is only completed by Sherry LeBlanc's voice, which leads the listener through every song -- whether it be mellow or dark. These three elements together make up LOVE INKS. Their use of silence and their approach to instrumentation, while sometimes coming across as confrontational, makes their music direct and sincere. Love Inks is looking forward to an EU tour this fall, following the release of EXI.

        The Intelligence

        Boredom And Terror / Lets Toil

          In The Red is proud to announce the new double-vinyl reissue of The Intelligence’s debut album, Boredom and Terror. Originally released on Narnack / Omnibus Records in 2004, Boredom and Terror is the first time Lars Finberg stepped out from behind The A-Frames’ drum kit to showcase his own music. Later releases by The Intelligence were fleshed out with additional musicians, but on this debut album Lars was an army of one toting an eight-track recorder and a notebook full of songs. The results are as original as they are incredible. This is lo-fi post-punk electro garage-core, equal parts Devo, The Fall and something altogether its own. This new edition of Boredom and Terror has been newly remastered.

          The original vinyl release contained an eleven-track bonus CD which is included here as a second LP. Both are housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve.

          Istanbul, Turkey; Year 2006: Ekin Sanaç and Berna Göl form Kim Ki O. Sanaç plays synth while Göl hits the bass. They both come up with beats and sing. Their music is lo-fi minimal synth with a postpunk / cold wave feel. The cool / warm dual female vocals are eerie and dreamy, referencing classic post-punk as well as traditional Turkish melodies but remaining understated.

          Over the next couple years, the pair releases two very limited CDRs and tours Scandinavia. In 2009 they appear on Radio Resistencia, released by the great Dutch synth label Enfant Terrible. One year later, Enfant Terrible releases their first album Dans. KFJC writes “The name of the band means ‘Who is that anyway’ in Turkish, and it reflects the ethereal nature of the sounds … a lovely early ’80s slow and somber electronic vibe (think Joy Division) combined with floaty, minimal lady vocals (sort of 4AD-ish like Cocteau Twins and Lush) … sweet, but not saccharine.” The vinyl issue of Dans quickly sells out.

          Over the next couple of years, Kim Ki O appears on various compilations and tours Turkey and Europe several times. They collaborate with Turkish filmmakers Merve Kayan and Zeynep Dadak on the short film Elope and write music for the Turkish performance group biriken for their play Re: Fwd: die in good company. In 2013, Lentonia Records out of France releases Grounds. It inspires a followup album of remixes called Grounds Album Remixes, also on Lentonia. In 2014, S-S Records dips into the Kim Ki O vaults and finds songs from their early CDRs. While the originals were muddy sounding, the tracks used for Bir, İki... (Turkish for “One, Two...”) are crystal clear. The vinyl—mastered by John Golden—gives Kim Ki O’s sound new warmth. These ten early tracks are a great addition to their catalog. Not content with music, film and drama, Sanaç and Göl are also involved in Turkey’s pro-democracy and women’s / gay rights movement. They strongly identify with other women in rock ’n’ roll and underground culture.

          After years of recording as one man in several sheds, The Long Con is the first full-on, full-band recording from Ireland’s So Cow. Brian Kelly is this time joined by long-time foil Jonny White on bass and the pride of Dublin, Peter O’Shea, on drums. It’s also their first album to be recorded in a studio and, if that isn’t enough, has an honest-to-goodness producer involved, namely Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier. Recorded live over the course of four or so days, the album is an attempt to capture So Cow’s live sound, as opposed to the overdub-happy chaos that marked the debut LP, 2009’s best-of-up-to-then compilation So Cow, and 2010’s Meaningless Friendly.

          The album was recorded in Ballyheigue in County Kerry, hitherto and probably-now-still most famous as the birthplace of the guy who coined the term “entrepreneur.” Saunier and the band ran through the process at a fairly spectacular pace, most likely inspired by the wi-fi being out of order. The Deerhoof man himself makes an appearance on “Say Hello,” a pretty-muchimprovised final day runabout. The Long Con follows on from the sufficiently varied Meaningless Friendly and their half of Out of Season, a split LP with Dublin’s Squarehead, in that it zips around styles in a way that, to this day, makes their friends find them “hard to describe.”

          The band themselves are of the mind that they sound like The Chills or McLusky, but they’ve lost all perspective at this stage so don’t go taking their word for it. Similarly, lyrics telling of joyriding local politicians, John Deacon’s post-Queen level of contentment, and the terror of turning 30 can probably now be interpreted any number of ways.

          White Manna

          Come Down Safari

            "After long-range negotiations, meetings perceived dimly through a haze of quality Kush and late night trips past the mainland into Compound Manila, the day has arrived. WHITE MANNA has welcomed us into the circle. This band had me entranced from the opening wails of their debut LP, which arrived on the always-amazing Holy Mountain label several years back. At the sound of the opening notes I started wanting to go west to experience the band in their element, under the foggy old-growth redwood canopies of Northern California’s Emerald Triangle. Today, through an imponderable series of serendipitous events the heads at Captcha find ourselves relocated to that very locale—behind the redwood curtain, with our backs to the ground and eyes to the sky.

            Come Down Safari is the latest White Manna album. While the first two albums cut right to the chase, maintaining driving tempos from beginning to end, Come Down Safari makes it possible for listeners to join the band in the more intimate experience of psychedelic comedown. The opening track “Deathless Guru” sets the mood, finding the band re-entering the stratosphere and gently floating back to earth. Not just a heady mix of blown-out psych, Come Down Safari showcases these musicians moving in a more experimental direction. Sonic textures are diffuse; atmospheres are saturated. Sounds are wreathed in mists and vapors. Drones and quiet syncopations suggest fall’s rains coming on. Don’t get me wrong: this record still gets loud and heavy. But Come Down Safari makes room for us to hear DIETER’s keyboard patterns as they unfold, weaving us a post-apocalyptic web in which to dwell." - Captcha Records.

            Corrado Bucci

            Open Your Eyes

              Rebirth's talent Corrado Bucci gets a full single release, exciting us again with his eclectic music. Since the previous works 'Brooklyn' and 'Chewing Bubble' Corrado has being gaining a great support in the electronic scene. With influences from jazz to funk, he explored new musical territories and started to play real instruments, refining his artistic expression ! Already hammered by Gilles Peterson, Jazzanova and Moodymann, and n.1 as most charted track on RA, 'Open Your Eyes' is an effective track with strong breakdowns, a warm house groove and old school vocals. Detroit's Andrés (Mahogani Music / Slum Village) delivers his signature vibe and smooths it out even further into a soulful neo-disco-house interpretation ! On the B Side Bostro Pesopeo follows his releases on Permanent Vacation with a tasty hypnotic dreamy version of '23 Years Old'. Super limited and extra hot Ep!

              George Theodorakis

              The Rules Of The Game (Original Studio Recordings 1978 - 1996)

              Into The Light Records continue to shine light on the undiscovered heritage of Greek electronic music, highlighting the work of prolific Greek composer George Theodorakis on the label's third archival release. "The Rules Of The Game" features mostly unreleased studio recordings Theodorakis made between 1978 and 1996, with the addition of selected material taken from his sought-after 'Margo' and 'Sima' LPs. George Theodorakis is the son of legendary Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis. Unlike his father, George only released four albums - pressed in small quantities - over a period of time spanning nearly two decades. Despite such limited official output, Theodorakis was intensely involved in music. George has always had the privilege of owning a well equipped home studio - the SSR Studio (1976-1984) and later the Theta Studio (1985-1987, 1993-1997) - where he'd spend most of his days working, often completely losing all track of time. These studios provided the ideal environment where he could explore new synthesized sounds and freely experiment. Although Theodorakis' music can be considered reclusive, esoteric and personal - especially if measured against the standards of most Greek productions of the same time - a number of his compositions found their way into the soundtracks of theatre plays, TV series, dance performances, etc. Theodorakis' work was probably too forward-looking to meet with wider success and appeal to a broad audience back then; "The Rules Of The Game" hopes to finally earn the composer the attention and acclaim his music undoubtedly deserves.

              'Annabel Dream Reader' is the debut album from The Wytches, released on Heavenly Recordings on August 25th 2014. Recorded at Toe Rag Studios and co-produced by the band's Kristian Bell and former The Coral guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones.


              Ltd LP Info: Limited edition gold vinyl.

              Back in stock Cover of Razor N Tape Edits 2 by Late Nite Tuff Guy.
              Prowling the neon streets on a mission from God / David Mancuso to reclaim the clubs and fuck shit up. The scandalous alter-ego of genuine techno legend HMC (known to his momma as Cam Bianchetti), Late Nite Tuff Guy (LNTG) puts the acrimony in acronym, the oh in disco, the amp in camp and the dang in dangerous. His shit’s controversial, but it don’t stink.

              Peddling the most credible of disco edits - sexy and tasteful to a tight white tee - and accruing some serious acclaim from an illustrious roll call of heads in the know (including Jeff Mills, Todd Terje, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Ellen Alien, Steve Lawler, Carl Cox, Nic Fanciulli, Jackmaster, Optimo and The Don himself - Sir Greg Wilson (OMG, when did he get a gong? For services to electro-boogie no doubt...), who remixed LNTG’s 'One Nite In A Disco'), the world is his and it’s about to blow up.

              For this Razor N Tape 12" he gets the edit scissors out on Prince's electro-boogie-disco anthem "Controversy" (always a winner round these parts), adding extra oomph to the original, creating "Do I Believe In God". On the flipside we get "My Sugar Is Gone", which takes on Mtume's "Sugar Free" for extra boogie-soul Brownie points.


              12" Info: Limited hand-stamped white label.

              Back in stock Cover of The Stitch Up by Unknown.


              The Stitch Up

              Massive secret weapon packing stadium destroying potential on this one-sided 12" which has got us all scratching our heads to its proprietor. "The Stitch Up" has a rolling, acidic bassline looping over and over as lysergic, metallic effects career through the thick mix with ease, splitting craniums in two as they do so. Building to a soaring, piercing, almighty climax before dropping back into its infectious rolling grooves. A headturner from the higher echelons, grab this unsanctioned piece of club firepower before it receives trade restrictions and cease and destroy orders imposed on it.

              DJ support: DVS1, Surgeon, Four Tet, Pariah, Darko Esser/Tripeo, Pangaea, Perc, Call Super, A Made Up Sound, Untold, Errorsmith, Anthony Naples, Cosmin TRG + more.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Stadium-destroying, cranium-splitted artilery that's surely gonna be the subject of a UN weapons embargo at some point. Black market firepower - most recommended.

              Bristol based producers Behling & Simpson take on remixing some Kerri Chandler classics this September with the 'Heaven' EP, set to drop via Kerri's very own Madhouse Records

              Madhouse Records boss Kerri Chandler needs no introduction having been one of the most prominent names in underground house music for over two decades now. While rising talents Behling & Simpson's collective output has been championed by the likes of Claude von Stroke, Derrick Carter, Ralph Lawson, Modeselektor and many more over the pairs 100+ previous releases between them (under various guises), this stands as testament to their undeniable ability to craft forward-thinking electronic music.

              First up on the release we have 'Heaven' featuring Christopher McCray on vocal duties, Behling & Simpson's prevalent low-slung, dropped tempo rhythms take the lead, alongside hypnotic lowend tones, while the duo capture Chandler's warm musicality with style utilizing the original's bright chord progressions and smooth vocal licks, creating an intricate, intelligent slice of house. 'Peace Of My Mind' follows on the flip side, a track originally released on Madhouse in 2011, though returning to the label in 2014 with an intriguing reshape courtesy of the Behling & Simpson, again taking on the pair's niche slo-mo feel, setting the tone and radiantly showcasing why their sound stands tall above many of their
              contemporaries in such an effortlessly cool way.

              Jaunt Records is the new project from the team behind the Jaunt parties. For their first release, they call on two of their residents, Blackhall and Bookless to supply the ruckus while Ostgut Ton's Virginia and New York's Fred P are enlisted on remix duties. "Kevis Spacey" is a smooth, subterranean glider, travelling across a gritty horizontal plain as it journeys forward. Distant artifacts of old Basic Channel records echo back from the furthest reaches of space while the machine code rhythm marches on. "Morgans Freeman" (spot the 'Seven' reference?) rolls on through next, its twisted vocal wails stretching out a tense and claustrophobic vibe. Again, sweeping dub echoes and stabs power through the track while the smatterings of scattered efx litter the mix. Narcotic stuff indeed. Virginia unloads the blisslike electricity that is the unmistakable Ostgut sound, perfectly balanced and tantalizing all aspects of our mind and body with its twangy leads, angelic pads and rich percussion. Fred P takes "Morgans Freeman" deep into the bunker with his bass heavy reshape, firing across crunchy percussion fragments, swirling atmospherics and the occasional vocal refrain. Very techy, very good! Promising debut, recommended.

              Absolutely storming, BRAND NEW (!!!) Dance Mania release here from the Doobie Bruthas. Consisting of DJ Lil' Tal and Paul Johnson, the masters of Chicago swing. Lil' Tak's "Mandrake" gets things underway, a frenetic funky banger which should get everyone swinging from the rafters and clambering on the tables. Big horn sections, wicky-wicky clav grooves, a sexy, shuffled house beat - it's all there to create unrivalled dancefloor chaos! "Find A Love" unloads some filtered loops across a sublimely rich techy soundbed. With an uncontrollable energy which reminds me of the late 90s French house movement Lil' Tal just about holds onto the plethora of samples he fires into the mix, before working the filters like a man crazed. Main room madness guaranteed to please. Paul Johnson jumps on the dials for the B-side, "Jack That Ass" is not, as you'd expect, a big booty bass number but instead a chugging, electrified deep Chicago / Detroit hybrid with bad ass drums, infectious male vocal and big squelchy bassline, not to mention some wild cowbell use! "Energy" concludes the set, a deep tribal affair which layers up a twisted disco sample over a rumbling primal thud. Opening up into a really demonic number, full of wooden percussion rhythms and big orchestral stabs. Humongous! You need!

              Mother's Finest

              Dis Go Dis Way, Dis Go Dat Way / Baby Love

              Groove Line Records kick off their Autumn series of properly licensed rare disco / funk reissues with Mother’s Finest “Dis Go Dis Way, Dis Go Dat Way.” Hailing from Macon, Georgia, Mother's Finest were certainly not just another Southern funk / rock group. Taken from their "Another Mother Further" LP and represented here in it's 12” disco form, “Dis Go Dis Way, Dis Go Dat Way,” released as a single in 1977, exemplifies their raw, danceable funk / rock sound, raising them above many of their contemporaries. A true force of nature “Dis Go...” opens with a full on, dynamic afro-latin, and eminently danceable percussion sequence. This sets the strong tone and tempo before making way for the Sly-esque heavyweight funk guitar and keyboard chops. From that point on the solid groove and incessant guitar riff grab hold tightly, only letting go for the oh-so satisfying ascending and descending bridge sections which, along with the male / female syncopated vocal refrain of the title, ramp up the tension to a crescendo. At 5m30s the crescendo makes way for the dense afro-latin percussion to return for the final minute before this sometimes overlooked dance floor monster fades, leaving you thirsty for more. On the flip is another single from the same album, the funky mid-paced groover “Baby Love.” Featuring a tight, heavy, funk groove and the layered, passionate vocals of Joyce 'Baby Jean' Kennedy, “Baby Love” is another absolute winner.. Check out the incredible synthesizer leadlines and super funky guitar ilcks. All Groove Line Records releases are fully licensed and taken from the original master tapes, remastered by Nick Robbins at Sound Mastering, and cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy (Mastering Engineer of the Year 2013). All vinyl is heavy weight 180g manufactured Optimal Media in Germany, one of the world’s finest pressing plants.

              Balearica’s latest installation brings another top-quality selection of hard-to-find slo-mo gems. Includes the hugely in-demand instrumental version of French pop legend Plastic Bertrand’s hypnotic slice of sleazy electronic disco "Stop Ou Encore", only ever available on an uber-rare 1982 12” from US label Sugarscoop and massive on Italy’s Cosmic scene as well as in Chicago where it was championed by legendary DJ Ron Hardy. Also features the 12” long cut of "Dancing To Forget" from Romie Singh, an impossible-to-find chugger from 1986 with hauntingly beautiful vocals, dreamy tablas and a great reggae-pop groove. Flip over for Brazilian boogie classic "Estrelar", a laid-back summery dancer from the phenomenally talented Marcos Valle followed by the sought-after floor-friendly
              'Bumpy' mix of Joanna Law's captivating, ethereal "First Time Ever". Superb collection.

              Quality collection of 80s soul duo Collins & Collins finest moments all loud pressed on 12” vinyl. First up is the couple’s funky laid-back cover of Harold Melvin’s "You Know How To Make Me Feel So Good" followed by Northern soul classic and Southport staple "Top Of The Stairs". Written and originally recorded by Ashford & Simpson, Collins & Collins took this album track and and gave it new life turning into a modern soul monster which remains massive on the UK soul scene today and is virtually impossible to find in its 7” version. Flip over for the fantastic chugging disco soul floor-filler "Please Don’t Break my Heart", another A&M 7” rarity, followed by the bumping uptempo disco stormer "Do You Wanna Dance". With the original 7”s changing hands for ridiculous money, grab this chance to get your hands on all these amazing tracks on one 12”.

              Hot on the heels of their glowing "Holy Hustler" debut EP, Twisted Soul Collective drop a funky follow up on the irrepressible A&R Edits imprint. It's always gonna be a risk taking on the might of Stevie Wonder, but as Todd Terje and Henrik Schwarz can attest to, when you nail it the results are fully eargasmic! The Twisted Soul massive go to town on the full length album version of Stevie's feel good masterpiece, adding extra percussive oomph, filtered and flanged clav action and some cheeky EQ freakin! Just when you think this banger's got you all out of fecal matter, Dizzy Gillespie's mindblowing solo has you losin your shit all over again. This sensational Stevie Wonder re-edit of "Do I Do" has been a heart-shaped staple of edit don Greg Wilson's sets over the last six months and now you can get in on the action too. "Blow Your Whistle" (aka "Shake & Blow") from Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers gets the Twisted Soul treatment by Jonathan Smart and Clive T on the flip, easing in a DJ-friendly intro and outro and bringing the unforgettable female DJ vocal from The Warriors into play. Relentless, fast-paced and causing dance floor fever wherever it's heard, can you diggggg it?

              "Dynamic!" / "Spanish Hustle" is the second release on Ashley Beedle's new dance imprint, Back To The World. "Dynamic!" rips up a storm using a secret sample from '77 when disco ruled supreme. Beedle works his magic to give it that Black Science vibe. The anticipation on this tune is massive - tested out on Record Store Day on the hallowed decks @ Black Market (BM) Soho, it tore the roof off.

              Ashley stumbled on the Original Tropicana Steel Band's version of The Fatback Band's "Spanish Hustle" whilst crate digging, transforming it into a Carnival funk jam of enormous proportions - get ready to blow your whistles….

              DJ SUPPORT/PR info
              Black Market Records, Soul Jazz Records, Phonica Records, Piccadilly Records - Manchester, Robert Elms @ Radio London, Huey Morgan @ 6Music, Lauren Laverne @ 6Music, Radio Nova Lujon, Gilles Peterson, DJ Monk One@ Wax Poetics, Ashley Beedle @ Huffington Post, Luke Unibomber @ Electric Elephant, Norman Jay, Danny Krivit, DJ Magazine, DJ Cosmo

              Kelli Hand's classic "Project 5 EP" gets a 2014 face lift, repressed and remastered on wax for the first time since its release (and with original artwork). I've always had a soft spot for Kelli Hand, her records always have that instantly recognizable funkiness and sheen, whether she turns her hand to storming Detroit techno or smooth deep house. Like Chez Damier, she also favours releasing whole EPs of untitled tracks - not helpful! A1 has an infectious female vocal hook, paired beautifully with weaving xylophone melodies, a rock sold bass and tight, crisp Deetroit hats. Melancholic and emotive and definitely suited to after party antics. A2. Is a bumpety, rawkus jaunt utilizing the classic "Donnie" vocal sample. Rough drums, dark, droning leads and a demonic repetition = massive club weapon! B1. is a skitty, frenetic number, again looping up catchy vocal hooks and a big room-filling stabs; later evolving to include thick gloopy pad chords and subliminal melodies. B2. is that big organ-driven, hands-in-the-air anthem you've been waiting for all night; with big gospel vox accompanying the spine-tingling instrumentation. An end-of-night belter you'd catch all the greats dropping as the lights get switched on. Recommended.

              Back in stock Cover of Horsebeach by Horsebeach.
              Ryan Kennedy has been making music ever since he was a young teenager. Now in his early 20's, his dreams and desires have finally been distilled into this, his debut album. Written over the space of a year, but recorded in a fortnight, straight to tape, in Ryan's central Manchester flat, 'Horsebeach' is a gorgeous journey through Northern, jangly, dreamy guitar pop. From as far back as The Wake, through the now de rigeur C86, this is bedroom introspection gone widescreen.
              Gorgeous songs of love and longing, this music has a lilting, drifting quality, sometimes reminiscent of Felt, or of a meandering, jangle-tastic Real Estate, of whom Ryan is clearly a fan. Chiming guitars, brooding melodies, thoughtful words. 'Horsebeach' is a very lovely record indeed.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Andy says: Like Real Estate, but with a delicious debt to The Smiths, feeling melancholic never felt so good. The sound of the Summer.

              Bunny General

              Mek Them Rock - Inc. Jstar Remix

                Continuing their visits to the vaults of the legendary Fashion Records, NICE UP! come correct with another remix of a classic track from the catalogue. Much loved mash-up king and remixer internationale Jstar steps up to give his take on the classic "Mek Them Rock” by Bunny General. Firing up a heavy digital dancehall rhythm, the vocals are twisted and wrangled through the fx unit to deliver a truly modern take on this soundboy anthem, which is sure to NICE UP! any dance. Comes with instrumental version on the flip. Taken from the forthcoming compilation of classic tracks from the legendary label remixed by artists such as Special Request, Machinedrum, Toddla T & Mele, The Bug, Mr Benn and more!

                One 12” 33 1/3 Single Celebrating Marvin Gaye’s 75th birthday and Blue Note’s 75th Anniversary.

                Side A PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED. Mixed by Larry Mizell, the original co-producer of both sides. Side B taken from Donald Byrd’s 1973 Blue Note LP releases

                Allah-Las met while working in an LA record store, but they became a band in an even more rare and special space – a Californian basement, dug out somewhere between the mountains and the beach. They began gigging shortly after their inception in and around Los Angeles in the later part of 2008. It wasn’t until three years later that they would find the proper environment to record their first single ‘Catamaran’ / ‘Long Journey’ which now bookends their upcoming self-titled release.

                These are the kind of songs that bounce between London and Los Angeles, the kind of thing that could have come from Mick Jagger or Arthur Lee or both at once, with crystalline guitar and slo-mo drums that recall the way the waves take big bites of the beach at night.

                This is mystery music from the strange and ancient-modern California fringe.

                Allah-Las are a reflection of a reflection, a band that is psychedelic not because of reverb or shredding through pedals but for their simple way their songs seem to extend to infinity.

                Peoples Temple

                Weekends Time

                  The Peoples Temple, who debuted in 2011 with the acclaimed “Sons of Stone” LP on HoZac Records, releases its fourth full-length LP “Weekends Time” in October via State Capital Records. This is the Lansing, Mich.-based band’s second full-length album of 2014.

                  The blistering new disc includes r-n-r meltdowns like “Human Cancer,” but also shows notable progression in the band’s pop sensibilities and song arrangements with tracks like “Ones Forgotten,” “How Long” and “William’s Song.” Aside from the seven originals, two cuts are Ariel Pink covers.

                  “Weekends Time” was recorded live in the studio in just three days, a first for the band. The LP cover may have Beach Boys inspired album art, but the tracks lean closer to Big Star, Rolling Stones and Velvet Underground.

                  “I traveled to Michigan to record them for a few days,” said Dan Hewitt, owner of State Capital Records, a New York-based label. “What ended up happening was the full-fledged nine-track LP you have before you. As for recording, we tracked the whole thing to my 8-track. A lot of vintage mics were utilized. It was mixed at my home studio on an old console and even more vintage compressors and EQs were employed,” Hewitt added.

                  Secret Circuit

                  Dublab Proton Drive Theme - Inc. Nite Jewel Remix

                  Description: A collaborative release with non-profit Internet Radio station Dublab to raise money for their “proton” drive fundraiser. Secret Circuit’s “Theme” is the second installment of the series and includes a remix by Nite Jewel on the B-side.

                  From Dublab’s Frosty:

                  “Secret Circuit reached into his bag of cosmic love tones to craft a floatation device for your ears. His breezy theme song is a luminous call to action. Nite Jewel’s remix is a steady groover that will sway you into a state of generous bliss. Spin these songs on repeat in order to keep your philanthropic spirit glowing.”

                  Leaving Records and Stones Throw Records jointly present the debut album of Trance Farmers. 'Dixie Crystals' is a sashay through the unique musical mind of time-travelling bluesman Dayve Samek - a soulful, exhilarating collection of tunes. Recorded over several years and across Los Angeles, 'Dixie Crystals' draws from Samek's experiences on the shores of Venice Beach to the majestic foothills of Altadena. An omnipresent haze hangs over the whole affair, choking twinkling tones like so much carbon monoxide.

                  Songs range from warped ballads of friendship and love to inhalant-fuelled rockabilly joyrides. Over the course of ten tracks, a drifting young hayseed finds himself temporarily settled in a sprawling but claustrophobic megalopolis that feels more like a decrepit roadside attraction on the information superhighway. Sweaty garage ballads brush shoulders with drifter anthems and gasoline-drenched doo-wop.

                  Before the album's release, Samek will have already sauntered on down the road, leaving the West Coast a distant, smudged memory. 'Dixie Crystals' can then be considered a memento, its songs fragments of getting lost, growing up and finally hitting the road.

                  ILO caused quite a frenzy with his edit of NEW MUSIK's "WARP". A UK record reviewer joked "We can only hope an Ilo edit of Grauzone's "Eisbär" is next"! Naturally the producer played ball and that's exactly what he delivers for Lo-Fi Edits #1 This ultra limited pressing also includes the wonderful "Love Of My Own". Prepare for the craziness! One sided!

                  Breaking an eight-month silence, Jex returns with three new cuts! Leading off this double A-side release (the third from the Toronto-based Good Timin' imprint) is the jazzdance of "D.Z.E.," which borrows the mood—and the ACTUAL studio musician—from Asso's Italo-disco classic "Don't Stop." Yup, Jex tracked down Steve Galante himself at his project studio in Montreal and had him blast an incredible solo that's guaranteed to elevate!
                  Meanwhile, Jex himself tinkles the ivories and gets his hands emotional on the DX7-meets-DMX balladry of "Please Be Good To Me," which was inspired by a DJ trip to Japan earlier this year. Picture Kevin McCord bowling with the road crew from Pat Metheny's backing band at some Midwestern dive and you just might get a whiff of the vibe on this one. Finally, rounding out the flip on this all-thriller-no-filler AA-side is the Terje-meets-Vangelis strut of "Please Be Bad To Me." It's Jex's clubbiest material to date and it boasts one of those chugging basslines that kinda sounds like Change covering late 80s AC/DC!! Thunderstruck, indeed!!

                  Dynamic UK duo Him_Self_Her are back on the essential Crosstown Rebels with another bumping deep house burner ‘Love You Like I Used To’ once again featuring the distinctive vocal chops of Kieran Fowkes who also appeared on previous Crosstown hit ‘Gone Too Long’ (which spent 11 weeks at the top of the Beatport chart). Featuring a tough and distorted remix from hot property Francesca Lombardo and the driving cosmic force of UK disco darlings Psychemagik on the flip, this is a house track for the peak season of al fresco hands-in-the-air dancefloors.

                  Claire and Leon aka Him_Self_Her have been producing together since 2012 when they hit it off on a musical level during their formative time on the local house scene in Leicester. All that it took was one studio session to realise the potency of their union and their genre blending productions showcase a range of deep grooves and disco infused techno with a human heart. With their breakthrough release ‘Gone Too Long’ sparking the attention of none other than Pete Tong, he promptly made it his Essential New Tune and support followed from heavyweight DJs such as Jamie Jones. Next releases came on Elite Records and OFF Recordings.

                  The classically trained, multi-talented Francesca Lombardo is one of the most successful artists of this era on Crosstown Rebels and with several shimmering releases for the label including ‘What To Do’ and the ‘Changes EP’, Francesca has amassed a sizable global following, entranced by her live instrumentation and vocal performances alongside the Rebels at events such as Get Lost and Day Zero, as well as the worlds dance music meccas DC10, fabric and Panorama Bar.

                  Undoubtedly two of the biggest stars of 2012, Danny McLewin and Tom Coveney aka Psychemagik are partly known for their prolific output of remixes but first appeared on Crosstown Rebels with a killer original release ‘Black Noir Schwarz’ back in March. Avid vinyl collectors and masters of the re-edit, the duo has released an impressive array of highly acclaimed releases as well as highly-lauded compilations, such as the self-released ‘Diabolical Synthetic Fantasia’ and last years superb ‘Magik Sunrise’.

                  “Song Of The Siren” is another sublime piece of deepest NYC house music from the legendary Ronald Burrell, this time under his Aphrodisiac alias. A stone cold Nu-Groove classic from 1990, this record has always been a firm favourite with discerning house heads & those in search of a more sublime groove. Here, re-mastered & re-issued in it’s original form, “Song Of The Siren” is a must have piece. A mysterious, melodic journey that transcends time, sounding fresh and working perfectly no matter how late or how early it is on the dance-floor. The "Atlantic Mix" lifts your soul sky high with the hazy sounds of the ocean submerging those exotic keyboard licks while the "Black Sea" mix is a stripped back tribal affair. The flipside sees NYC take a 747 to the glamour and excess of the Med for an Italo house variation, while the "Nautical Mix" is the perfect tool for those Adriatic beach bar sessions.   

                  Get your dancing shoes on! NYC's finest purveyor of house dopeness King Street Sounds are back with the second of the samplers celebrating the genius of Mood II Swing. Part Two opens with the shuffling, swinging and zinging brilliance of "Closer", a piano driven scorcher topped by a cracking ballroom vocal from Carol Sylvan. For those who like to take their dancefloor a little deeper, the "Swing II Mood Dub" is just the ticket, swapping the bassline for a low slung roller and flipping that sax line into a voracious earworm. On the flip we get hit with a sassy sucker for all the voguers out there in the form of "Lip Stick Bitch", a potty mouthed percussive rattler that struts up to you in 4 inch heels, gives you the side eye and slaps you across the chops. "Heart Attack Track" brings proceedings to a close with a flourish thanks to rippling percussion, swelling strings and snatches of trumpet. Report to the dancefloor y'all!

                  Various Artists

                  Bickershaw Festival 40th Anniversary Box Set

                    The legendary Bickershaw Festival took place on the 5th to 7th May 1972 in a small village near Wigan, Lancashire. Organised by the late Jeremy Beadle and Harry ‘The Count Bilkus’, it may have been one of the wettest rock festivals in history, but will always be remembered as one of the last all-night festivals, where the Grateful Dead played for over four hours! The Bickershaw Festival box set has been lovingly put together over the past eight years by festival worker, Chris Hewitt with help until late 2007, from Jeremy Beadle. As Chris said, "When Jeremy and I first started to plan the Bickershaw Box Set about five years ago, we wanted to create something that when you opened the lid you were transported back to the festival site." Accompanying the 6 CDs of music (both soundboard and audience recordings), and 2 DVDs (5 ½ hours of footage), is a 208 page hardback book containing personal accounts, music reviews and colour photographs. Beadle assembled one of the most ambitious programme of bands for any festival held in the North West (or UK for that matter) - bringing an incredible contingent of American acts to merge with some of the best folk and rock acts from the UK. On the bill was Captain Beefheart, Grateful Dead, New Riders of The Purple Sage, Dr John, Country Joe Macdonald, Pacific Gas and Electric, Flamin Groovies, Cheech and Chong, The Kinks, Donovan, Incredible String Band, Family, Linda Lewis, Hawkwind, Wishbone Ash, Captain Beyond, Brinsley Schwarz, Stackridge, Maynard Ferguson, Mike Westbrook and Haydock Brass Band. A festival music programme that started during the day on Friday and ran well into the early hours of Saturday and Sunday morning culminating with the late afternoon early evening set of the Grateful Dead on the Sunday. In the audience camping in the mud for the whole weekend was a certain young Joe Strummer who stated “Captain Beefheart’s set in the early hours of the morning at Bickershaw Festival was the best concert I ever went to in my life.” Another teenager who sat transfixed on the Sunday watching the Grateful Dead with their four hour plus performance, was a young Elvis Costello who said “seeing the Grateful Dead that day on that giant festival stage in a Lancashire field made me realise being in a band was what I wanted to do”. The whole of the London underground and music press glitterati were camped in those Lancashire fields to write about the festival. From Oz, Frendz magazine, IT Magazine, to Disc, Record Mirror, Melody Maker, Sounds and NME. The crew from the Roundhouse ran the stage and Time Out printed the festival programme. Chris Hewitt from Ozit Records wrote in his book, “Bickershaw was the last of the great all night festivals and probably the last one where the festival organisers allowed the fence to come down (around 20,000 locals got in for free to boost the audience for The Grateful Dead to 60,000 on Sunday afternoon and evening). By 1973 the serious businessmen promoters moved away from the chaotic three day rural events in farmers’ fields and started to move towards a profitable controllable one day concert in a sports stadium… In this kind of event the promoters are spared the nightmare of trying to control something like a medium sized town full of music freaks for three or four days.” The 40th Anniversary Box Set is the most comprehensive archive of this landmark music event ever put together, and one that could only have been assembled by those that were there. All tracks on cds 1 to 4 recorded live at Bickershaw Festival 7th May 1972…


                    For those who are unaware, Goat are a collective of musicians who hail from a small and very remote village called Korpolombolo in deepest darkest Sweden.

                    Legend has it that for centuries, the inhabitants of the village of Korpolombolo were dedicated to the worship and practices of Voodoo. This strange and seemingly unlikely activity was apparently introduced into the area after a travelling witch doctor and a handful of her disciples were led to Korpolombolo by following a cipher hidden within their most sacred of ancient scriptures. The reason it led them there is unknown, but their Voodoo influence quickly took hold over the whole village and so they made it their home - there, they were able to practice their craft unnoticed and unbothered for several centuries.

                    This was until their non-Christian ways were discovered by the Church and they were burned out by the crusaders, the survivors cursing the village over their shoulders as they fled. To this day, the now picturesque village of Korpolombolo is still haunted by this Voodoo curse; the power of the curse can be felt throughout the grooves of this Goat record.

                    The nine track album follows the underground success of the now sought after 7” Goatman, which is also included in this selection. The band takes in many influences, from the Afro groove that is central to the album, through to head nodding psych, post-punk, turkish rock, kraut repetition and astral folk.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Darryl says: Back in February 2012 we stocked an intriguing 7” called “Goatman” from a mysterious Swedish group called Goat, we loved its wacked out voodoo psych and judging by sales so did our customers, but little did it prepare us for the amazing debut album that followed seven months later under a shroud of myth and mystery.

                    The story surrounding the group is becoming the stuff of mystical legend; Goat, according to their press release, are from a remote village called Korpolombolo in deepest darkest Sweden, the tale of the place being that the inhabitants were dedicated to the worship and practices of Voodoo after a travelling witch doctor stayed there a few centuries ago. The band itself is believed to be a collective of local musicians who have been recording music under the name of Goat for the past 30 or 40 years, this being the first incarnation of the group that’s ever released anything for the outside world to share. Of course whether this epic fantasy tale is true remains debatable, but in reality it really doesn’t matter when their musical output is this good.

                    After the debut 7” we naturally expected “World Music” to be an album full of heavy psychedelic mantras, but what we got was something more mind-blowing - a loose melting pot of afro-voodoo-beat rhythms, blistering psyche guitar freakouts, kosmische drenched metronomy, and post-punk funkiness. It’s at times poppy and accessible (the 3 minute “Run To Your Mama” could grace the top of the charts in any other parallel universe) and at other times raw with an underground swagger, but what really hits you full-on is the spontaneous energy and sassy fun of the album. Think Funkadelic meets Spacemen 3 meets Fela Kuti meets Can meets ESG. It’s an album that’s done pretty much the impossible and united all tastes behind the counter here at Piccadilly, we all absolutely love it, and so will you!

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    LP Info: Repress in a die-cut sleeve.

                    CD Info: Price drop for a limited period only! In a special die-cut slipcase.

                    In August 2012 Swedish band Goat released their debut album, World Music.The record went on to become one of the most talked about albums of the year, topping the Piccadilly ‘Best of 2012’ list and the following year, the band took the album on the road. Starting off a triumphant year of shows was Goat’s performance (or Ritual as the band likes to call them) at Roadburn Festival. A ‘packed to the rafters’ performance was the perfect warm up to their first proper tour, that saw them take on the USA.

                    Footage, audio and photos of their sold out US shows streamed across the internet and revealed a band at the top of their powers. They had taken the magic of World Music, extended, psyched out and explored the groove of the album further representing it in a mesmerising live performance. The bods at Rocket realised that they needed to capture and document this much hyped set for all the world to experience. On July 27th 2013, the eve of their now legendary Glastonbury performances the band took the stage at Camden’s Electric Ballroom in London to celebrate the recent launch of their single ‘Stonegoat’.

                    The show was incendiary; the 1,100+ crowd either danced furiously to the band’s psyched grooves or stood there, mouths open and gazed in awe at the spectacle they couldn’t believe they were witnessing. It truly was a band on top of their game, which this LP called Live Ballroom Ritual will forever prove. Goat went on to wow more people across Europe when their on stage rituals visited the cream of the summer festivals at Primavera, Roskilde, Flow, Way out West etc. After a long but successful summer the band are now back in Korpilombolo, writing the follow up to 'World Music'. We hope to see the first fruits of this at December’s appearance at the last ever ATP festival curated by Loop, and at the official launch party of this live album at London’s Koko on December 2nd.

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    CD Info: Price drop for a limited period only!

                    2xLtd LP Info: Price drop for a limited period only!

                    Steve Cobby

                    Saudade - White Vinyl Edition

                      Hull's finest son, Fila Brazilia's Steve Cobby returns with his first solo material in 18 years and it is well worth the wait. Released on his new Declasse imprint, "Saudade" sees the veteran producer superbly weave a lifetime of influences and experiences into a panoramic world view spread across twelve expressionistic soundscapes. Across four sides of pristine white wax, Cobby marries vibrant rhythm and playful melody, alternating irresistible grooves with the horizontal beauty of blissed out orchestration. The producer has scattered the album with souvenirs from all corners of the globe, be it the Caribbean pans of "Melismatic", the African thumb pianos of "Passerines" or the West Coast funk of "Clawfist" and "Why Sleep Through Your Dreams?". While the LP boasts plenty of hypnotic grooves to get lost in, but also delights on the more concise cuts, such as the jazzy "Rapelle" and the atmospheric "The End Of A Perfect Death". Essential for fans of our Balearic selections or the textured downbeat of Nightmares On Wax, "Saudade" is a strong contender for my album of the year. I'll leave it to our good friend boggy to have the last word...

                      "Those of you not aware of Steve Cobby will be one of two things. Young or tone deaf. Here is a solo album inflected with indescribable feeling of Saudade. True craftsmanship." - James Holroyd (Back To Basics, Bugged Out)

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      2xLtd LP Info: Limited edition white vinyl pressing. 200 copies only!

                      Various Artists

                      Shabam Pow Pop Whizz Vol. One - Cassette Mix By Dom Thomas

                        NN Tapes presents the first fruit in a series of vanity press mix tapes by Dom Thomas, each release strictly limited to 50 copies worldwide.

                        Various Artists

                        I Dream In Colour Vol. One - Cassette Mix By Dom Thomas

                          NN Tapes presents the first fruit in a series of vanity press mix tapes by Dom Thomas, each release strictly limited to 50 copies worldwide.

                          Various Artists

                          Rick Wilhite Presents Vibes New & Rare Music 2

                            Rick Wilhite delivers this super strong collection of tracks from his favorite New York, Chicago & of course, Detroit producers. The CD version collects a selection of tracks featured on the vinyl releases.

                            As a DJ and promoter Wilhite has been holding it down for over twenty years. His 'Vibes New & Rare music' record store has been a main source for soulful electronic music in Detroit until its closure a few years back.

                            The 'Vibes New & Rare music' compilation only features material that Rick Wilhite truly believes to represent the artists. After releasing Volume 1 in 2010, Wilhite now delivers the sequel, featuring pioneers and new talents alike from New York, Chicago and Detroit.

                            Eric Copeland, founder member of DFA's experimental electronics wing Black Dice, pops up on L.I.E.S. with some of his most deranged sonics yet in the form of the "Logo My Ego" EP. The press release describes it as "a bunch of crying disco loops melting under the sun", and that's not a bad place to start. Forget the MPC action of those Detroit cats though, Copeland's waging sonic warfare armed only with a ropey tape looper, some old cassettes and knackered drum machine. The whole EP is imbued with that same vague and distorted aesthetic you experience four tabs down when the brickwork's melting and your wallpaper's smiling at you. For the strong minded jocks yearning to take their dancefloor way west, then the uptempo chaos of "Logo My Ego", "Uncle Sams Blues" and "Trophy Nuts" will work wonders, while "Beat Box" is the ADHD child of Dance Mania after an afternoon in the medicine cupboard. EP closer "Workin" delivers a much needed moment of strung out bliss after the preceding excitement, cushioning you back down to earth without a bump in sight. I'm mad about the psychedelic sounds of Torn Hawk, but on this EP Eric has shown him how it's done!

                            To say this isn't a masterpiece would be a gross understatement.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Patrick says: Black Dice madman Eric Copeland cooks up a chemically assisted batch on L.I.E.S which sounds exactly like being completely fucked.

                            Third in the Fire Department series, this 12” vinyl compilation pulls together an awesome selection of smoking old school disco funk - guaranteed party-starters every one. Kicks off with some serious squelching bass in the form of Roadway’s up-tempo boogie monster "Let’s Go For It", a rare-as-hens’-teeth track released on the sought-after Chocolate Cholly’s label back in 1982. Next up is General Caine’s superb instrumental "L.R.J. Pop", a relentless funk groover out of LA driven by the tightest percussion, pumping horns and some magnificent wigged-out bass and synths. Turn over for the 12” version of Clifton Dyson’s brilliant bumping boogie cut "Slow Your Body Down" followed last but not least by the über-rare "Skate Party People" from Bobby Cash Redd, a heavy-as-hell funk jam with a fierce strident b-line, high-voltage synths and guitars originally released on tiny NYC label Duval. Red hot - don’t miss!!


                            Let It Come Down - 180 Gram Vinyl

                              “Let It Come Down” is the fourth album by Spiritualized, originally released in 2001. Jason Pierce spent four years writing, performing, recording and finally releasing the follow up to his 1997 breakthrough album “Ladies And Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space”. “Let It Come Down” features a full orchestra, gospel choir, and many back up musicians to fulfill Pierce’s ambitions. This record is a step forward from Spiritualized’s denser space rock of the first three records to a sweeping orchestral sound with large swaths of strings, brass and choir helping to fulfill the widescreen splendor of Pierce’s vision.

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              2xLtd LP Info: A limited edition of 3,000 on 180 gram vinyl from Plain Recordings.


                              Fucked Up Inside - 180 Gram Vinyl

                                "Fucked Up Inside" is the first live album ever issued by Spiritualized, it was originally released as a limited edition (1,000) mail order only LP in 1993. Recorded on tour in 1992 while supporting Spritualized’s debut release “Lazer Guided Melodies” this is the first album to document the power of the band live and has long been an out of print collector’s item since it’s initial release. Includes three songs from “Lazer Guided Melodies”, two from the future Spiritualized album “Pure Phase”, plus the Spacemen 3 favorite “Walking With Jesus".

                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                Ltd LP Info: Limited edition of 3,000 in a recreation of the original cover on 180 gram vinyl.

                                The Wake


                                  Factory Benelux presents Testament, a comprehensive ‘best of’ collection by influential Scottish group The Wake, including tracks recorded for cult labels Factory and Sarah Records.

                                  The Wake formed in Glasgow in early 1981 after singer/guitarist Caesar left future pop stars Altered Images. Joined by Carolyn Allen (keyboards), Steven Allen (drums) and Bobby Gillespie (bass), the band joined Factory the following year, recording debut mini album Harmony at Strawberry Studios in Stockport and subsequently hailed as the missing indiepop link between Factory and Postcard Records. After Gillespie departed for Primal Scream and the Jesus and Mary Chain, The Wake issued second album Here Comes Everybody in 1985, with standout track O Pamela later covered by artful French ensemble Nouvelle Vague.

                                  After leaving Factory the group joined cult Bristol imprint Sarah Records, releasing a brace of indiepop singles and albums in the Nineties before going on hiatus. Caesar and Carolyn reconvened as The Wake in 2009, releasing fifth album A Light Far Out three years later, with more new material due in 2015.

                                  Testament combines key album tracks with popular singles including On Our Honeymoon, Something Outside, Talk About the Past, Of the Matter and Crush the Flowers. Also included are a previously unreleased 7” edit of Pale Spectre, and (on the CD only) 2012 outtake Clouds Disco.

                                  The artwork for Testament is based on the artwork for an unreleased cassette edition of Here Comes Everybody, designed by Peter Saville.

                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                  LP Info: The vinyl edition includes a 54 minute bonus CD featuring 21 early live and demo recordings from 1981/82, preserved in the tape archive of Joy Division/New Order manager Rob Gretton. Among these priceless lost recordings are 7 songs never before heard even on bootlegs.

                                  After blowing the competiton away in 2012 with a couple of killer 12"s from Librah and Apartment 4/4 Parkwest took a brief sabbatical, but now Mark Seven's DJ pleasing imprint is right back in the game with another three slices of proto house brilliance! Flexing his well toned A&R muscle Mark discovered sharply dressed house duo Ray's Keys spinning wax after hours in a down town diner. The exotic, exultant sound which came winding out the speakers was alive with the warmth of a circular bassline, the lush textures of soothing pads and the rattle of well drilled drum machines. Mark had no choice but to give in to "Temptations" and its nu groove. Sometime later, the Parkway impressario was indulging in the finer things of life in an upper west side loft, and what should he hear but that same beatific bassline, this time topped by the smoothest, grooviest ivory you could ever find. "The W. 63rd Mix" was born onto velvet sheets, powdering its nose from the off. Ray's Keys weren't done yet though, sealing the deal with the heartbreaking chords of "Only You", a mid tempo cruise through the city's most elite nightspots. If you like your house dressed in sequins and lace, then this one's for you my friend. Respect the best, it's Parkwest.


                                  Kombawa / So Special

                                  The wildest stallions in the Local Talk stable are back with their third release since debut "Breaking" erupted back in 2012. Kyodai kick things up a notch this time round, coming out the corner swinging harder and faster and with far more aggression. "Konbanwa" hits you right from the off, fusing a hard as nails rhythm track to a driving bass hook as the track hammers away at the system. Factor in a perfectly delivered M1 organ break and a raw and raucous vocal sample and you're in peak time ecstacy. On the flip, "So Special" sees the duo in more familiar territory, weaving an uplifting Peech Boys vocal into a rolling piano house groove for the terrace anthem of the year. Both tracks have been road tested all summer by the Local Talk crew and the dancers haven't stopped moving yet! Get involved.

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