National Bedtime is the latest and most personal vision from acclaimed Glasgow-based artist Tony Swain and friends. Here Swain puts down his brushes and craft-knife and dons the hat of eloquent guitarist and arranger. The album, over three years in the making, contains ten instrumental tracks with Swain's guitar playing as the constant. What varies is the settings, which swing from country to lounge to jazz and further, into hew hybrid forms, which combine the classic jazz trio with turntables, samples and electronics. The samples here are not used crassly or karaoke like: Swains painterly sleight of hand collages and layers his samples, like old newspaper fragments, to invoke the texture and scent of another place, another time. An imaginary backing band. At the heart of this artist's record, perhaps unusually for the genre, is a deeply musical, warm and approachable encounter. Shadazz is a Glasgow based label run by filmmaker / artist Luke Fowler. This is their 13th release. Other releases include the debut single for Django Django, debut CD by Lee Patterson, debut single by Danny Saunders (Correcto) and also music and films by Mark Leckey, Optimo, James Seenan, Torsten Lauchmann, Rude Pravo, Vernon and Burns, Lied Music, Xentos Jones, Bohman Brothers and many more.


Matt says: Lovely Scottish-based Balearica / pastoral folk and jazz vibes for fans of Woo, Finis Africa, Seahawks, etc. Massive!


Ltd LP Info: Slightly scuffed spines means we're having to reduce this excellent album. Vinyl is still perfect, and the scuffs aren't that noticable - so take advantage!

Back in stock Cover of Ba-Dum / Dimple (Ultimo) by MDDA.


Ba-Dum / Dimple (Ultimo)

First release for new Yorkshire-based label In My Own Sweet Time Recordings featuring two solid tracks from MDDA. Rough, dusted drums and almost Drexciyan like melodies undercut by serious bassweight. Many artists and labels use their crossover potential these days but this guy really is universal. From the Sunklo and Blawan sounds, to the Untzz and Big Doint posse, even the Move D loving deep house massive should love this. Highly stimulating vibrations! Mucho recommendo!

Unknown To The Unknown come hurtling across our playback device like only they know how - with all gunz'a'blazin'.... bitch! Bodyjack brings heavy 4/4 ruckus on this double header with wing support from label honcho DJ Haus. "Brock Out" is pure damage. Elements of bassline, jungle and UKF cleverly merged together in a dancefloor slaying melee that'll ignite any floor. "That's What She Said" unloads wobbly leads and lazer beam effects across ricocheting hi-hats and high energy vocal loops. Proper mainroom strobe light banger this one, sure to get em swinging from the rafters and gyrating manically ont' floor. DJ Haus injects DNA from both us and UK soundsystem culture - big wubbing bassline alongside skitty drums, big keyboard lines and choppy, Sound Factory-style diva vocal business. Huge! Recommended.


....And Star Power

    Foxygen have joined Star Power. It is a punk band, and you can be in it, too. Star Power is the radio station that you can hear only if you believe. We're all stars of the scene.

    FOXYGEN…AND STAR POWER is the new DOUBLE ALBUM from Foxygen, a CINEMATIC AUDITORY ADVENTURE for the speedy freaks, skull krunchers, abductees, and misfits...Made by Foxygen at Dream Star Studios in their Secret Haunted House with the UFOs flying around in the sky.

    A gaggle of guest stars. Roman-numeraled musical suites. Vocals recorded on a shoddy tape machine at The Beverly Hills Hotel and Chateau Marmont. A svelte 82-minute run time of psych-ward folk, cartoon fantasia, songs that morph into each other, weaving in and out of the head like UFO radio transmission skullkrush music. ADHD star power underground revolution. Soft-rock indulgences, D&D doomrock and paranoid bathroom rompers. Process is the point. A kaleidoscoping view. Blasphemy even the gods smile one. Rock and roll for the skull...*

    *From Patty Smith's 1973 CREEM review of Todd Rundgren's A Wizard, A True Star. The section concludes "Todd Rundgren is preparing us for a generation of frenzied children who will dream in animation."


    It's Not Right / Mobb Deep Ultra

    Gold Fingers is on roll! Not long ago DeejayKul brought the deep and jazzy house element to Gold Fingers. Now it's time for HADE to continue on the house route but take things even deeper.

    It's Not Right needs very little introducing, you'll be signing the lyrics straight away, it's a classic sounding as fresh and relevant in this HADE version.

    On the flip, Mobb Deep Ultra is all bouncing basslines and 4/4 house in perfect harmony.

    Aroop Roy brings his eclectic flavours to the Basic Fingers table with three prime cuts taking in rare groove, steel pan disco and full force funk. His previous offerings on GAMM (Brazil Breakdown Part 1 & 2) featured heavily in sets by as diverse a bunch as Gilles Peterson, Kyoto Jazz Massive and Laurent Garnier, and this new release looks set to win him a whole heap of new fans. Up first, "Wake Up" is a spiritual rare groove vocal cut that's as hot on social consciousness as it sizzling jazz-funk. This stormer gallops along at a breakneck pace flexxing much muscle thanks to a driving bassline and killer Rare Earth style guitar riffing. Up next, "Calypso Pimp" is Aroop's revision of The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band cover of 50 Cent's tough yet ridiculous gangsta posturing from 2003. Roy pushes the tempo to transform the calypso funk of that sassy 7" into an exotic disco groove with a boosted bassline and sweet filtering. Thankfully Fiddy doesn't come anywhere near it. On the flip we're hit with Aroop's edit of Skyy's sexy and sassy disco classic "First Time Around", which sidesteps the rough and tough analogue assault of Cosmo Vitelli and Ste Spandex's reworks, instead coming closer to Larry Levan's all out disco mix. The track gets extended, amended and upended into a relentless floor burning groover. Another winner from Aroop.

    In the heart of Madrid the El Barrio DJs have been one of the biggest GAMM supporters over the last 10 years or so, spinning our gems in various jazz clubs in the spanish capitol.

    We're now overly excited to have them onboard GAMM with an absolutely stunning 3 track EP.
    The El Barrio guys really know how to twist and rework various tunes into one song and the art of editing have never sounded better than now.

    We start with an uplifting blend of soulful Philly r&b over some jazzy Pharaoh Sanders grooves. So soulful it hurts!

    Normally we don't go for another D'Angelo rework but 'Here We Pie Again' is something special. Just ask Gilles P and Kevin Beadle who both been spinning this one on their shows.

    Last but not least we go for the grand finale with a huge uplifting gospel boogie banger - classic house vocals over some Kurtis Blow disco beats. What more can u ask for?

    Viva Madrid !!! 

    David Stubbs

    Future Days - Signed Edition


      West Germany after the Second World War was a country in shock: estranged from its recent history, and adrift from the rest of Europe. But this orphaned landscape proved fertile ground for a generation of musicians who, from the 1960s onwards, would develop the experimental and various sounds that became known as Krautrock.

      Eschewing the Anglo-American jazz/blues tradition, they took their inspiration from elsewhere: the mysticism of the East; the fractured classicism of Stockhausen; the pneumatic repetition of industry, and the dense forests of the Rhineland; the endless winding of Autobahns.

      Faust, Neu!, Cluster, Ash Ra Tempel, Amon Düül II, Can, Kraftwerk ­- the influence of these groups' ruminative, expansive compositions upon Western popular music is incalculable. They were key to the development of movements ranging from postpunk to electronica and ambient, and have directly inspired artists as diverse as David Bowie, Talking Heads and Primal Scream.

      Future Days is an in-depth study of this meditative, sometimes abstract, often very beautiful music and the groups that made it, throwing light too on the social and political context that informed them. It's an indispensable book for those wanting to understand how much of today's music came about, and to discover a wealth of highly influential and pioneering artists.

      Very limited edition heavyweight vinyl.

      Pablo Clements & James Griffith, members of UNKLE since ‘War Stories’, to release new mini-album as Toydrum.

      "A blend of intense rhythms and ethereal vocals. Griffith’s guitar tracks transition back and forth between atmospheric post-rock to chunky, dense, and overly aggressive riffs. Clements subtlety blends the entire affair together with humming synthesizers and glitching drum loops. It’s a haunting and gorgeous mix that has potential to fill the void for fans desperate for a new UNKLE record." - Consequence of Sound

      Ennio Morricone

      Quando Le Donne Avevano La Coda

      Quando Le Donne Avevano La Coda (When Women Had Tails) is the soundtrack to a bad Italian ripoff of One Million Years BC (Raquel Welch invents stoneage bikini etc) recorded in the late 1960s when Morricone was at the height of his psychedelic period.

      The music is colorful (that's an understatement!), bouncy, gooey, and completely irresistible. To Morricone fans, this is worth whatever you'd have to pay to get hold of it.

      More than this, Quando Le Donne Avevano La Coda is one of the rarest Morricone' scores, with original copies changing hands for 500 euro!!! Originally released by CAM in 1970, it never gets a vinyl reissue since then. Orchestra directed by Bruno Nicolai, featuring Alessandroni's Cantori Moderni.

      Reissued in its original artwork. Sound restoring and master done by Roberto Zamori at Film Music Art Studio.

      Ennio Morricone

      A Fistful Of Dollars (Per Un Pugno Di Dollari) OST - Purple Vinyl Edition

      Year 1964. Almost out of nowhere, the little-known and un-regarded director Sergio Leone transposes a film by Akira Kurosawa into a western style ,and by putting together all the right pieces, adding a bit of intuition, lays down new rules for the 'spaghetti western' genre, giving way to an endless series of imitations. "A Fistful of Dollars" would not have had the same impact without the inimitable music written of Ennio Morricone, who had curiously been an old elementary school classmate of Leone. The main soundtrack themes were chosen from two arrangements that Morricone had already drafted two years earlier; once he removed the lyrics and added the unmistakable whistle of Alessandro Alessandroni, the spaghetti-sound was finally complete. The film was an incredible success, and projected Leone, Morricone and in particular the actor Clint Eastwood into the Olympus of the Great. The soundtrack was released for the first time the following year (1965), along with the one of Sergio Leone's subsequent work "For a Few Dollars More". This new edition sees the original seven tracks of the score in a completely new layout.


      10" LP Info: 10" 45rpm LP, with a 26x26cm mini poster attached. First 500 copies are pressed on purple vinyl.

      Ennio Morricone

      Once Upon A Time In The West - Orange Vinyl Edition

      After the "Dollar Trilogy", Sergio Leone was offered the script of another western movie. He could not refuse the offer. With his own ideas and working on the film story with Bernardo Bertolucci and Dario Argento, he directed the monumental "Once upon a time in the West", featuring the American actors Henry Fonda and Charles Bronson among others. Each character is strongly stereotyped here, a fact emphasized by the motion picture soundtrack, once again delivered by Ennio Morricone in collaboration with his orchestra and Alessandro “The Whistler” Alessandroni and his Choir with the addition of the female singer Edda Dell’Orso. The flavour is epic, but also very romantic at some points as there is a love story involving Jill, an ex-prostitute, and one of her old lovers, Cheyenne. This is another excellent example that when it comes to the exquisite blending of images and music, Italians do it better. This is another perfect soundtrack for a magnificent movie. This reissue comes in a splendid gatefold package, with a 30x30cm inlay poster.

      First 500 copies are pressed on orange vinyl with black streaks.

      Ennio Morricone

      Milano Odia: La Polizia Non Può Sparare - Yellow Vinyl Edition

      "Milano Odia: La polizia non può sparare", a 1974 movie directed by Umberto Lenzi, is the quintessence of the Italian police films. Not only, it's even more violent and extreme than usual, with one of the best interpretations ever by the Cuban actor Tomas Milian. The soundtrack for the film is commissioned to Ennio Morricone, who at the time was already a full-time score composer, and had already worked in the same field. The Maestro wrote the entire OST starting from a single, obsessive theme, arranged in many different ways for each different scene

      or atmosphere. The whole soundtrack had never been released until 2007, and this is the first whole edition on vinyl ever. It comes in a gatefold package, with a 30x30cm inlay poster.

      First 500 copies are pressed on yellow vinyl with black streaks

      Various Artists

      Apophenia - Digiflik

        Cassette Store Day 2014 release. 50 copies worldwide. A digital reggae mixtape. Compiled by Chuggy (Stuart Leith). Mixed by Piers (Soft Rocks). Antoine Rouge (Tim Fairplay) did live dub and FX.

        Back in stock Cover of Heart Food by Judee Sill.
        Despite garnering favourable reviews and even though the artist performed doggedly as an opening act for a number of established artists, Judee Sill's eponymous 1971 debut album sold poorly and failed to propel the Californian musician to stardom. Undeterred, she returned with 1973's 'Heart Food' backed by engineer Henry Lewy and a band of stellar musicians and vocalists for a record altogether livelier and more confident than her debut.

        'Heart Food' is similar to its predecessor in that it features Sill's multi-tracked vocals prominently, and that guitar and piano are prevalent, but other than that it's a forward step. Sill's songs have a gospel purity to them at times, as on the solo piano piece "When the Bridegroom Comes," written with then-boyfriend David Bearden. The best of these hymnal songs is surely "The Kiss," a timeless and beautiful celebration of romantic union with painstaking orchestration. It has an eerie, ethereal quality, and is renowned as one of Sill's finest compositions.

        The arrangements and orchestrations, done by Sill herself, complement the songs and the music and if there were any doubts about her abilities she certainly proves herself an expert songwriter and visionary with this album. Listen out, for example, for the ebullient backing vocals on "Down Where the Valleys Are Low," her most gospel-inspired song replete with organ licks and vocalists evoking a gospel choir.

        Elsewhere, the themes of the first album are recalled on "The Vigilante" and "The Pearl," although they're less fragile and more forthright. The opening "There's A Rugged Road" is possessing of a memorable melody and strong structure, which is the case with every song here. The delicacy of the first album is replaced by something beefier (the rollicking "Soldier of the Heart," which should have been a major hit, which rocks harder than Sill's previous pop attempt, the glorious "Jesus Was A Cross Maker") but the subtle intricacies remain: on the surface, this sounds simple and effortless, and that's testament to Sill's amazing abilities.

        The album's defining moment, however, must be the epic "The Donor," which displays the majority of Sill's many talents. The first four minutes or so are devoted to choral chanting and haunting piano lines, and the song becomes a beautiful, grand choral requiem. The chorus of "Kyrie Eleison" is stunning, but the dynamics of the song make it more like a suite and one of the defining moments on any record by any singer-songwriter. It's hard to imagine anybody else even daring to attempt something as grand and opulent as this and having the audacity and skills to pull it off.

        Jim O'Rourke (Sonic Youth) describes her music on the sleeve, 'take a listen to Judee Sill now, some 30 years after she was captured on two timeless masterpieces: Her overwhelming songs of love and loss, both earthly and divine; a voice which alone could melt all defenses and when in harmony, could create heaven, right here on earth.'


        LP Info: Re-issue in a superb gatefold sleeve.

        Ltd CD Info: Rhino Handmade copies - numbered limited editions!!! The CD also includes nine extra tracks of demo and outtake material.

        Back in stock Cover of The Singles 1954-1957 by Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

        Screamin' Jay Hawkins

        The Singles 1954-1957

          A comprehensive collection of the early, pre-debut LP, singles from one of the most controversial frontmen of early rock and roll. With his classically-trained bass-baritone singing voice, Hawkins conjured up ghoulish images both on stage and on his records. Hawkins, evoking voodoo images and using bone-rattling sound effects, simultaneously entertained and bewildered rock'n'roll fans. Featuring his all-time classic "I Put A Spell On You" along with 15 hard to find classics from his Okeh Records days.


          LP Info: 140 gram vinyl pressing.

          Timothy J. Fairplay

          The Promise Of Midi

            Seven track cassette only release. Limited run of 100 for Cassette Store Day - 27th September 2014 on Centurians of Rome.

            The tracks where originally recorded for an album a little while ago, but Antoine stole the master tapes so it never got released.

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