"...Perhaps the flowers really wanna grow..."

After bringing tears to glass eyes across the globe with the lovelorn beauty of 'Oslo', Nev Cottee returns to Aficionado with this 10" beauty of Spring promise.

Rather than the balladeer of his previous outing, this time round Cottee stands inspired with the arcane knowledge of a prophetic troubadour, kaleidoscopic robes flowing behind him in the desert wind.
At one with the cosmos, Nev speaks the gospel from the heart, those warm vocals riding the swelling wave of soaring strings, frazzled guitar and undulating synth. Driven by the percussive rumble of steady backbeat and lilting bongos, 'If I Could Tell You' shimmers with the sun-blazed psychedelia of Laurel Canyon and the transcendent frequencies of 'Summer Madness' before collapsing with a cascade of keys into a harmonic ocean all of its own.

Backed with the unadulterated healing frequencies of an instrumental version, this is another modern classic brought to you by Manchester's finest selectors.

Officially Aficionado

Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco

Paradise Row Volume One

Paradise Row is a new record label put together by those fine connoisseurs of the art of the discotheque and the joy of the Gin & Tonic, Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco. Pitched as an antidote to Paris Hilton's DJing skills and endless questions concerning the origins and true meaning of 'deep house', this imprint is all about music, fun, dancing and late night breakfasts. Inspired by genuine (yet bonkers) visionaries such as Laidbach, War, Yello and Kenny Everett, this dynamic DJ duo draw on years of joint musical experience from collecting records to setting up labels and running record shops, plus constant touring of the globe playing music that makes people dance, whoop and occasionally take their clothes off. Add to that more than their fair share of afters, and you get a musical ideology that stands up firmly against the pile of whack that is generally available. You could even be tempted to call it The Real Deal. However some would call it a load of samples with a kick drum underneath it. Call it what you will...
it will make you dance, smile and wish immediately for better times, the instantaneous suspension of tedium and a ban on the wearing of socks.
So jump on board and join them down Paradise Row where the future is not 'deep' or 'smart', but it may just involve some kind of wild dancing.

Giant Swan

Giant Swan EP

    Giant Swan is the errant sibling of the Naturals, featuring the guitar half of said band. Nurturing industrial techno and passages of heavy, blissed out drone, it's their combined love of repetition that holds it together. No show is ever the same, comprising of several 'movements' rather than a formulaic setlist; it's all the more remarkable when you realise it's created entirely from two guitars, vocals and some pedals. Truly gawp inducing.

    Various Artists

    Every Home Should Have One - 10 Years Of Resident Vol 1

      When the idea of releasing an album to celebrate the first 10 years of Resident was first suggested, it seemed unlikely that anything would come of it but we decided to aim high & try to include all the artists that have been genuinely the closest to our hearts & we’ve been amazed that nearly everyone said yes. Every single artist & track has been a vital part of making the shop what it is. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. - Resident, Brighton.

      Back in stock Cover of Fountain Transmitter Medications by Astral Social Club.

      Astral Social Club

      Fountain Transmitter Medications

        A boggling and super-fun 100+ minutes from Neil Campbell’s Astral Social Club, Fountain Transmitter Medications delivers the head-on collision of classic UK electronic styles, electric grit and the future.

        The LP starts with a set of tight chuggers, the high-end racket of “Infinity Thug” ripping through the speakers before closing the side with the loping “Grisly Terroir.” Side two is comprised of the 20-minute epic “Diamonds in the Dreich,” a mid-tempo journey of Throbbing Gristle-ish lurch-pulse and disembodied voices, giving way after ten minutes to an organ-interlude which accelerates into a full-on rock jam loaded with scathing guitar slashing. It’s unlike anything else in the Astral Social Club catalog.

        The CD (“side three”) offers three lengthy explorations of key facets of the overall Astral Social concept, where Campbell really stretches out and lets the tape run—the rushing sound effects and buried rock of “Sun Still God,” the bristling electric juddering of “Erotic Meditation,” and the blownout space-rock (!) of “Squeegee Anthem #3.”

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