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Genre pick of the week Cover of Natural Partnership EP - Inc. Hightower / Arms House Mixes by Lord Tusk.
Lord Tusk makes his vinyl debut with “The Natural Partnership EP” on the esteemed Levels eries. A veteran of London’s underground as a selector, Lord Tusk’s influences run deep: electro, hip-hop, old jack swing, film scores, P-funk, roots and culture and dub. A devotee of sound system culture and martial arts, both are reflected in his approach to music making which is free of restrictions. There are no specific tempos, genre limitations or fixed methods he works by. With Lord Tusk it is all about sensation, emotion, stimulation and inspiration from the sounds, instruments and effects. These are raw sounds for the big speakers, with early support from Benji B (Radio One), Lakuti and Tama Sumo (Panorama Bar).

Pearson Sound

Untitled / Footloose

Pearson Sound presents his ‘Untitled’ tune - first heard on the Boiler Room. Combining the hyper ridims of footwork / grime with a delicious soulful vocal and simple descening keyboard line makes for one massive tune - as seen in the clamour for copies we had in the shop last week! It's about time someone took the juke sound to another level, and Pearson Sound has done just that. On the flipside "Footloose" looks back for inspiration. Not all the way to the US high school dance flick which shares the track's name, but to old school rave, as Pearson Sound shuffles the breaks and drops subsonic bass depth charges. Simple, stripped-down and incredibly effective. Support from Ben UFO, Jamie xx, Benji B, Jackmaster, Loefah + more. Please Note "Footloose" is exclusive to this release.

Sometimes it's best to let the music do the talking, and this is one of those occasions. Local Talk's 46th release comes from exciting debutant Sameed.

Slotting neatly into Local Talk's rough and funky garage / house niche, "Spend (Money)" opens the EP with dubby chords, vocal snippets and a wonky bassline, all slathered over crisp, swinging beats. "Still" goes for a raw acid house sound, but with plenty of funk in the trunk and, well, it sounds like waves crashing on a pebble shore... Flip it for "Getyoself", and equally stripped-to-the-bone 808 / 909 jammer recalling Todd Terry's late 80s Latin freestyle sound - snapping drum machine syncopation and a dull thudding bassline. There's also "Spend (Money Fo Dub)", taking the original mix a little bit deeper.

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