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Genre pick of the week Cover of Mustor & Falcão by Niagara.


Mustor & Falcão

The second release on FTD is also the second release of Lisbon based production trio Niagara. Although they haven’t released a record since "Ouro Oeste" dropped on Príncipe back in 2013, their signature sound has travelled through many different guises. "Mustor & Falcão" charts such experimentations during this time, from the ‘fall-over drunk’ guitars on "Falcão", to the wedding bells and released hounds on "Mustor". Garnishing praise from players such as JD Twitch, Midland, Tim Sweeny, Surgeon and Will Bankhead amongst many others, it's the head turning, uncompromising production values that set the record, and the label ahead of the pack. Psychedelic without being hippy, twisted but danceable and exotic without being clichéd, this is the very definition of right now, right now. Fans of Huntleys & Palmers, Principe, Levels, Bleep etc, take note! 

Australia's infamous party collective Untzz (not to be confused with Rossendale's hardcore massive - gawmf gawmf gawmf) present a collaboration by two of the label's biggest stars. Babicka and Mic Mills recorded this EP 'under thunderous grey skies while the snow poured outside'. A departure from the usual sun-scorched house sounds, "Lenny" opens proceedings with an icy cold techno romp. Nice delayed elements echo through the mix while a nagging bleep tone repeats on every bar. Still retaining that crisp, well produced and fresh sound that both producers aim for whilst exploring the more Detroitian techno that surely informed the crew. "Depraved (The Brave)" displays the kind of lo-fi rattle and tape saturated aesthetic usually associated with Anthony Naples or some the LIES output (also more recently, London's Rhythm Section and Vancouver's Mood Hut). Scorched dub fragments riding against organic, rhythmic percussion and a deep rumbling kick; all you need to get bodies contorting in the dance. Flip for "Temple" and its concentric, computerized, broken grooves. A tour de force of sound manipulation and mind exploration. Although stylistically different, the sophistication of the synthesis and sound design on this reminds me of when we first heard Floating Points' rich tapestry of sound. Exceptional stuff. Finally, "Write U A Luv Song" concludes with tough bell chime melodies, powerful floor toms and rib-cracking kicks for a hard yet fun loving jaunt into dancefloor voodoo.

Alt-R&B / wonky-soul duo Electric Wire Hustle get the refix treatment on this Somethinksounds four tracker. Yoruba Soul, aka Osunlade arrives at the studio first and gives 'By & Bye' a typically afro-spiritual overhaul - much percussion, minimal piano, EWH emotive vox. Flako is on hand to provide a tumbling Latin-jazz-dance rework of 'Bottom Line'. Seven Davis Jr does his rough, organic, analogue house thing with 'Look In The Sky' - a proper energised boost with soul. Eliphino closes proceedings with a bouncy garage remix of 'If These Are The Last Days'.

DJ Support Gilles Peterson, Benji B, Alexander Nut, Jamie Jones, Altern-8, A Taut Line, Ossie, dOP, Chateu Flight, Deetron, Jimpster, Reboot, Kyodai, Jim Baron (Crazy P), Bill Brewster, Severino and many more.


12" Info: Full picture sleeve.


Relaxin' With Lolina

Inga Copeland dons another moniker for another genre twist, this time trying out a fusion of synth-pop, future beats and alt-R&B. After initial MP3 and FLAC dispersal, 'Relaxin' With Lolina' now arrives as a super-limited three track CD EP for us physical formatters. Featuring an unnerving childlike quality on the one side (Copeland's treated vocals, nursery rhyme style lyrics) and a whole gravel load of surface noise and electronic interference on the other, 'Lolin' has an otherworldly, disorienting feel to it. 'Miss Understood' grabs dancehall riddims and fractured pop as its two ingredients, creating some weird alt-ragga-pop hybrid. Unsettling track of the week is 'Relaxx', which has no relaxing qualities at all. Creepy treated vocals and spidery, discordant piano lines, marimbas and mechanical noise make for queasy listening,

Mak & Pasteman

Do 4 Me / Blue Suede

Return of the Mak (& Pasteman) once again, back on Lobster Boy with two bass music bangers to get your party started! The Leeds pair finally release their massive 'Do 4 Me' which has been knocking about online since winter 2014. Crisp hi hats sizzle on a driving garage rhythm, while moody, industrial metallic synths and sprightly rave keys pad out the space (halfway through the track there's even a nod to Leeds' finest LFO - listen out for some electronic bleeps). The hook is provided by a chopped up old school house diva vocal sample on repeat - cue mass singalong and a packed dancefloor. Flipside cut 'Blue Suede' fires up a jittery speed shuffle that's part footwork, part techno, part steam train, punctuated by a melancholic, echo-laden pitched down vocal.


12" Info: Full picture sleeve.

Pinch & Mumdance

Big Slug / Lucid Dreaming

"Big Slug" hits hard, no doubt - definitely not for the faint hearted! Ice-cold atmospherics set the mood in the intro, with a racing hat line to keep pace. Riko calls the track in, ready for the drop... Bang - and – in comes a seriously weighty b-line, with Riko going full blaze on the mic, dropping his calling-card war lyrics, raging in full-on slaughter mode. The track builds and ebbs, laced with paranoid sci-fi sonics throughout and Riko holding court, on great form. Deep, dark and deadly 128bpm soundclash war rhythm. Flip then for the instrumental track "Lucid Dreaming" which sees Pinch & Mumdance taking the spirit of the rave into a new direction. Pounding 126bpm beats and distorting kick drums build and release as searing hi-hats charge overhead. A voice from another world chimes in to instruct and advice, taking you into a psychotic trance.

Broken beat legend Domu makes a triumphant return this week, donning his Sonar's Ghost moniker for a bass heavy future funk odyssey on 2000Black. The Bedford producer opens the EP with "Where Was I?" a space aged soundscape of machine gun snares, filtered keys and laser fx underpinned by a tidal wave of a bassline, sweeping all before it into the heart of the dancefloor. On the flip, "Cannes", delivers a fast paced shuffle through the whole gamut of urban dance styles, working jungle, juke and footwork into one madcapped hybrid of chipmunk vocals, scattered percussion, synth bleeps and powerhouse subs. "Who Loves You?" takes a stripped back approach, rigging wall shaking bass to a killer footwork rhythm and blowing the floor apart. After plenty of abortive attempts, the uplifting organ line eventually bursts through at the final, delivering a hands in the air conclusion to proceedings.

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