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Genre pick of the week Cover of The Callin' by Benton.
Swamp81 kick off their latest offshoot Benton Beats with this three tracker of bass heavy dancefloor workouts from Benton himself, served on thick 180g wax and housed in an original Will Bankhead sleeve. "The Callin'" kicks us off with a rattling and clattering 'ardcore break packing seismic bass power and topped by floating diva vocals, and there was I thinking they didn't make em like this anymore! On the other side "Airtight" slows that juke bump down to a slinky mid tempo explores a soundfield rich in echnoing stabs, pitch shifted vocals and rumbling subs, perfect for getting your crowd nice and riled up. They said 'ardcore will never die, and it's back in full effect on "BBS Madness", as Benton lays a looped and skewed Scuba style vocal over some vintage breaks for a bit of classic system abuse. A fine start to this new limited vinyl only series.

Wild Oats presents Da Sampla's "West Side Sessions". This wonderful project is by Detroit techno legend Anthony 'Shake' Shakir. Limited to 800 copies, the release comes as a LP + 7", all with signed, stamped and screen-printed sleeves. Featuring rare, out-of-press Shakir joints and some new collaborative material between him and Kyle Hall. Rather than a full length album, the release presents a number of jams, tracks and tools in an easy to use format. A secret package of Detroit firepower if you will. "Pursuit Mix 3" and "Pursuit Mix 2" are both extended club jams which work as either tools or stand along tracks. Lots of live percussion and filter use alongside a chugging Detroit kick. Organic techno in that Shake style, which is totally in fitting with the Kyle Hall / Wild Oats ethos. "Over" on the flip uses a well known disco sample to devastating effect. Proper bumping Detroit disco-tech with rough-as-a-bear's-arse sample chopping and serious party energy! "Track Four" is just as relentless, with looping strings and a powerful kick riding a massive slapbass line and more rough cuts. The 7" is more tailored to being a DJ tool, with "GJ" and "FRCT BEAT #6" being live percussion workouts with extra effects and manipulation, with each featuring a locked groove version at the end. Perfect for 3-deck action or just adding some extra drums to some crazy acapela or summat. A real head turner in these days of laptop DJs and Serato. An exceptional release, beautifully put together and pretty limited in number - move fast if you want to snaffle a copy.


Matt says: Timely repress of this Wild Oats classic featuring the amazing Shake Shakir. Recommended if you missed it first time round.


LP Info: Limited LP + 7". Repress - this time with printed sleeves.

Candela Rising welcomes Manni Dee to the fold with 2 original tracks covering broken beats, nostalgic rave elements, industrial menace and heavy bass rhythms, all topped off with 2 remixes. "A Lover's Rhetoric" displays the kind of tough, pneumatically powered techno that's very big in Europe right now. A concentric groove lets the bass drum pistons power the machine forward with a shoulder dropped swing while electrified static elements keep us locked in till the very last beat. Ancient Methods deploys his now famous ‘pitch black techno war funk’ attitude to the track, turning it into a militant, swampy wall shaker which should turn heads across the board. "Voluptuous Surrender" cleverly unloads more concentric grooves onto our ears, this time a dark industrial whirring sound repeats at the end of each bar, desperately holding onto its audience and stopping them spinning wildly into the speaker stacks while incessant acid shots are fired at the body. Insane. New York's Shawn O'Sullivan completes the package, moonlighting here after time spent with both The Corner and L.I.E.S. His remix is a fractured, discordant affair with synthesized bell tones chiming through a thick, sludgy haze of sharp percussion snaps and blurred atmospherics. Really strong release covering the four corners of the techno dancefloors. Recommended.


Matt says: Superb techno from this feldging label

LV & Joshua Idehen


'Islands' is the second album and live project from Worldwide Award-winning producers LV, and Benin City vocalist Josh Idehen, three years on from their critically acclaimed debut collaboration 'Routes'. Where the 'Routes' album saw Josh’s voice used in fragments to examine themes of life in modern London, 'Islands' sees LV move Idehen’s lyrics and vocals front and centre. “More so than on 'Routes', Josh is creating little worlds and telling stories with this project,” explains Wil LV. “We tried to write music around him, with highs and lows; trying to make it coherent… but not too coherent.” British, Nigerian; rapper, poet; comedian, depressive; lover, fighter; energizer, observer; narrator, subject: being Josh Idehen is a world of contradictions. “Everything that was coming up through 'Islands' does relate to a part of me,” he explains. “That feeling of being an outsider, being isolated and this kind of lonely story teller. And not in a kind of ‘I’m cool, I’m different’, but just an outcast, always on the outside looking in.” Born in London to Nigerian parents, he returned to Nigeria at four when his father started the country’s first video rental store. “All I did was watch TV. So I had this weird kind of displacement, because all my frames of reference were English or American. I would go to a school and no-one would know what I was talking about when I would mention Knight Rider.” With unlimited VHS tapes to hand, perhaps it was inevitable that Josh would become a story-teller. Indeed, the Islands of this project’s title could represent the disparate themes between which Idehen’s lyrics hop.

On ‘Imminent’, overheard whispers on an East London balcony tell the tale of an unforeseen demise, while on ‘Waiting For the Night’, Josh drew on honest reflections of his experiences after he returned from Nigeria. ‘Obsessed’ is about an unhealthy, social-media enabled reaction to being put in the post-coital friend-zone. “I tend to be a bit full on…” says Josh. “I think it was because when I was in Nigeria, I lived in a very Catholic house until I was twenty, so you can imagine me coming to London…” Murder, desperate loneliness, obsessions and sexually-unfulfilling nights out: on paper you’d be forgiven for thinking that Islands is a thoroughly morbid affair. “Some of Josh's more poignant moments happen when the music pares back and his performance becomes the focus,” explain LV. Between Josh’s observational eye and LV’s considered yet dance-floor moving production style, with its funky hardware synth jams and live drums, delightful aesthetic contradictions abound on Islands. “Of course we always make one track at a time, but once you start to get a collection of tracks you start to see a bigger picture…”adds Wil LV. “There's a fair bit of improv when we're recording, but when it comes to putting tracks together, we're choosing to use certain things we've come up with over others because they hang together well thematically.”

The Messenger (Todd Edwards)

Guide My Soul

Four tracks of classic 1993 Nervous NYC garage house from the mighty Todd Edwards under The Messenger moniker.

If you're a fan of his work (and let's face it, who isn't?), you'll love this; It's full of soulful groove, jazz licks, tough skippy drums and Edwards’ trademark spliced up vocal samples, this release does not disappoint.

“Guide My Soul” opens the EP and can't fail to put a smile on your face or feet on the floor - funky, skippy and soulful, it's a killer. Dropping jazz touches and working the room is 'So Real'. 'End This Hate' cuts up uplifting, positive vox over a stripped-back funky swing featuring biscuit tin snare snaps, rim shots and compressed keyboard lines. 'Main Vibe' is even more crisp and compact. You can hear the roots of UKG all the way through this EP - it's 100% quality.

Remastered from the original DAT and repressed in conjunction with Nervous with love for all the house heads and garage freaks.

Mr Assister

Bala / Reggae Drums

Mr Assister - more commonly known as the drummer that James Blake sings for - unleashes his debut double B-side release on 1-800-DINOSAUR, the London based label and club-night of which he is a founding member. The seismic lead track "Bala" has received rapturous feedback from the likes of Jamie xx, JD Twitch, Martyn, Gilles Peterson and Pearson Sound and was made on a laptop in Mr A's kitchen without much knowledge of the software he was using at the time. Emerging from a polyrhythmic drum beat. the cascading beauty of thumb piano tops a simple and subby bassline as Mr Assister clashes cultures brilliantly. If you've dug on those Autonomous Africa releases, then this is gonna make you flip your lid. Prior to "Bala" he came up with the deeper, driving house workout "Reggae Drums" on the tour bus, using samples of drums from reggae songs. A warm bassline and melancholic pads combine for a teasing deep house groove, but it's the polyrhthmic brilliance of the percussion that sets this one in a class of its own. If you're looking for that special something for your set then look no further.

Capital Bass continue to offer an insight into Moscow's booming bass music scene with another release from a rising local talent. After the wall shaking success of Formally Unknown's "Untitled EP", Capital Bass drop another tough as nails, bottom heavy package from close label friend and Red Bull Music Academy Moscow graduate Pak0. Based in the Arkhangelsk, North Russia (home of one of the best levels in Goldeneye) the young producer has consistently focused his productions towards the more weighty strands of dance music, shifting through experimentation with techno, garage and drum 'n bass. This tonking two tracker on Capital Bass gets nasty from the off with the subby and dubby thump of "Legacy", a cavernous bass techno hybrid boasting Basic Channel stabs, rhythmic rattle and seismic bass power. Flip the disc and Pak0 hits us with a different kettle of caviar thanks to the jazzy groove of "Work It Out". This breakbeat fuelled nodder combines concrete kicks and brash hats with a jutting piano riff that shifts your focus throughout. With a busy schedule including shows with the likes of Zed Bias and Lokiboi, progress shows no sign of slowing for Pak0 and propelled by their 5th release it's fair to say the same applies to Capital Bass.


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      Paul Woolford

      Untitled / Overload

        Extremely limited pressing. Fresh from producing an impeccable run of singles under his Special Request guise, Paul Woolford returns to the Hotflush camp on ferocious form, providing two spectrum-spanning cuts, one of which has already been certified as a bona fide Ibiza anthem. That honour belongs to the A-side’s ‘Untitled’, which has garnered fervent support from the likes of Joy Orbison, Midland and Ben UFO, and has been named the track of the summer by the folks behind We Love @ Space. Its compelling groove lays a foundation on which Woolford balances a timeless piano line, thumping bass stabs and the kind of infectious refrain that’s come to define the label’s exuberant output of late. On the flip, the vinyl-only track ‘Overload’ is a different beast altogether, displaying his technical expertise to meld a barrage of throbbing toms, militant kick drums and sparse breaks, that further draw upon the influence of jungle and techno which has proved so fruitful for him of late, whilst harking back to the tense, hybrid excursions that litter the label’s back catalogue.

        Leading UK music website Dummy present an album of the hottest new artists for 2014/15. Vinyl + CD edition limited to 500 copies only. Features 12 exclusive tracks only available on this compilation.

        Dummy is an online magazine dedicated to discovering and supporting the best new music from around the globe. Dummy was started by Paul Benney and John Burgess who were the founders of 90s electronic dance music and club culture magazine Jockey Slut. After Jockey Slut closed in 2004 Paul and John decided to start a new magazine that took Jockey Slut’s passion for new music and move it forwards while retaining the important elements of any decent magazine - great writing, photography and design. After seven glorious print issues they decided that, much as they loved print magazines, the most exciting publishing arena was now the internet and in 2009 Dummy launched properly online.

        They believe that music can and should be brave, fun and clever. Surprising sounds come from the top of the charts and the furthest reaches of the underground. The great artists of now are just as likely to sell out arenas as they are to compose alone in their bedrooms.


        2xLtd LP Info: Limited edition includes free Dummy deluxe tote bag (it's got a gusset for fitting in those extra tunes).

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