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Various Artists

Peru Boom - Bass, Bleeps And Bumps From Peru's Electronic Underground

This bass heavy and potent collection features the key Peruvian producers and DJs that have helped build Lima’s reputation as ‘jewel in the crown’ of South America’s rave and party scenes. Tropical bass artists like Dengue Dengue Dengue, DJ Chakruna, Animal Chuki and Deltatron have long been guided by the roots of chicha and Peruvian cumbia. This sees them reshape and digitally render the original sounds fashioning new cuts inspired by dubstep, techno, trap, grime, house and electronica all aimed squarely at the dancefloor.

Detroit has techno, Chicago has house, and Peru’s DJs and producers consider Lima as the home of tropical bass. A global and amorphous style of music that has producers, DJs and flag-bearers from various corners of the world from South Africa and Angola’s Kudoro scenes to the Baile Funk parties of Brazil, international DJs like Diplo, Switch and labels like Mad Decent have long been absorbing and redefining the sound.

Electronic music made in Peru is often influenced by the national music style, cumbia, a slow and syncopated style of music full of complex rhythms. Lima is the central meeting point for all of Peru’s Andean, African and European cultures and this is reflected by the varied music blaring out from speakers around the city. With an admirable respect for labels like Infopesa, the most influential label in ‘60s & ‘70s Peru for chicha and Peruvian Cumbia, the artists of today bring traditional and once popular sounds bang up to date, creating a new history influenced by urban Lima.

Rhythm Section International proudly presents its 8th offering from local boys Chaos in the CBD. Born in New Zealand, but based in Peckham for the last few years (literally just around the corner from Henry Wu and Bradley Zero), these brothers have made a real mark on the scene in London town. Taking its title from the locale the boys have come to know as home, the record channels a delicate late night energy - equally indebted to the hypnotic incantations of Ron Trent as it is to the hazy suburban atmospheres of Burial. These 4 classic cuts pay homage to deep house in its truest sense - at once sublime, melancholic and meditative. "Trust Is Key" utilizing delicate, emotive piano chords alongside that shuffled, Rhythm Section-patented groove. "Observe" lets the deep jazz influence run riot with upright bass and brush drums supporting the bright piano licks. "Midnight In Peckham" is the sensual money shot which should have the whole of Canavan pool hall united in sweaty, exuberant bliss. Ghostly saxophones cascading through the mix while a straight 4/4 keeps us chugging and a beautiful piano section plays its heart out. "Luxury Motivation" concludes this tight and succinct set with more of the same - playful pianos meeting emotive brass sections and a nigh-on-perfect attention to drum programming. Chaos in the CBD have clearly taken their cue from the mid-west masters of the genre but have not been afraid to let their own influences and environ creep in, and in doing so have created something that is unmistakablely London, Rhythm Section and infact, timeless. Move quick!

'FW14' is the debut album from Christian Rich AKA DJ and production duo and twin brothers Taiwo and Kehinde Hassan. The album features Vince Staples, JMSN, Goldlink, Sinead Harnett, Niia, the legendary Steve Arrington and more.

The Nigerian raised, Chicago born, LA-based Christian Rich recently contributed to #1 Billboard albums for Drake, J Cole, Earl Sweatshirt and Childish Gambino, as well as recently producing tracks for Vince Staples’ upcoming album.

Inspired by their fascination with the future, time travel and the worlds outside our galaxy FW14 is a time stamp for the journey and the start point of exploration. The album’s concept is influenced by Phillip K Dick works "VALIS Trilogy", "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale" and the Christopher Nolan directed sci-fi motion picture, Interstellar. There are interludes that sound like a person traveling in space and time. That person is the main character of the album; the female depicted on the cover standing next to an Audi prepared for her expedition. She is also narrating in the interludes, a nod to the classic 'Midnight Marauders' LP. 'FW14' is the vessel she travels in.

Staying true to their roots the duo incorporate footwork and hip hop with unique percussion inspired by Nigerian fugi music and Brazilian bossa nova. Taiwo and Kehinde mix bossa style chords with high energy drums and string heavy productions create the sonic experience that is 'FW14'. 


LP Info: Heavyweight vinyl. Includes limited edition "Production Mix 2015" CD while stocks last.

CD Info: Includes limited edition "Production Mix 2015" CD while stocks last.

140g vinyl bangers. Not much to say apart that all of us at Piccadilly think this is killler. Must have for fans of twisted house and techno - think early Blawan, Boddika, Tessela and the rawness of Night Slugs 'Club Constructions' series. "Energy" kicks things off in slow, deliberate form. A dark and menacing atmosphere introducing the track before metallic shards lock into action. One of those Surgeon-friendly concentric techno beats reinforces the nuclear power station mentality of this deathly wall-shaker. "Twisted Karma" unloads equal measures of dischord and controlled aggression; making another industrial techno clanger which should get the kids chucking drugs with weird letters down their throats with little personal regard for safety. "Jack Knife" is a very unusual track indeed, and really highlights the potential of this crazed new artist. Hysterics' "Club Constructions" are the closest reference point I can think of - pneumatically powered beats with a disjointed groove sucking all but the last few molecules of air from a tight vacuum. On a big powerful system like Fabric or Liquid Rooms this is gonna absolutely demolish the floor. Brand new freshness from a relatively mysterious source and thoroughly recommended. 


Ambience / UFO'z

Set to smash the summer and beyond, Mele debuts his single, 'Ambience' on Redlight's highly acclaimed label Lobster Boy Records. With its wailing female diva vocals and a hefty, bumpin' drum groove, this could be classic 1990s Todd Terry or Masters At Work at their most tribal. Arriving on vinyl just in time for (Notting Hill) Carnival, this bass / house bomb is sure to create a roadblock at the right soundsystem. Flipside cut 'UFO'z' gives the riddim a broken, swinging touch, and replaces the diva with some little green men. With a residency on the Diplo and Friends, Radio 1 show and support for the track from Gorgon City, Disclosure, Tiga, Jackmaster, Skream, Redlight and Annie Mac, Mele has created a soon-to-be sought after dance formula, and exercised the production of a track that cannot fail to make people move.

Two and a half years on from the sad and untimely passing of Ewan Robertson aka Offshore, his label Big Dada can announce the release of a last album from the Aberdonian musician and designer. The tracks for the new record, 'Offshore' were all more or less completed before his death in 2012. His family, his partner and the label have pieced the album together as close to his original intentions as they could manage, to create a suite of music which in its openness, beauty, humour and joyfulness, both hints at what Ewan could have gone on to achieve, and celebrates what a unique and lovely human being and musician he was.

In addition, artists including Ikonika, Amon Tobin, Blue Daisy, Slugabed, Mamiko Moto, Lockah and Enchanté have all contributed remixes and expect videos and photographs from long time collaborators.

All profits from the record are to go to the Marfan Trust at his family's choosing, it was the condition that affected Ewan.

The sadness felt by those who knew and loved Ewan is still very real, but this record is a chance to celebrate what a unique and talented individual he was.


LP Info: Limited blue and white marbled vinyl pressing. Comes in colour sleeve with printed outer PVC sleeve.

The four tracks on this EP represent an excellent example of early Kwaito, originally released between 1990-1994. Now available as a limited edition EP only.

Kwaito can be considered an authentic South African phenomenon. A new urban genre developed in the 1980s, an Afro-dance pop, mainly influenced by mbaqanga and African-American popular styles like hip hop and house. The development of kwaito began at the pinnacle of bubblegum music and when the apartheid era in South Africa was drawing to an end in 1994. Within the new democracy Kwaito soon became The Sound of Young South Africa.

Kwaito instrumentals are usually made entirely of synthesised sound. The tracks are constructed using a fusion of slowed down house music tracks (normally 100 and 120 beats per minute) and African percussion, which forms the core of the rhythmic pattern.

The lyrics in kwaito are normally not sung, but recited in rhythmic speech, usually in Isicamtho or any of the South African official languages.

The origin of the word kwaito comes from the Isicamtho word amakwaitosi (which means gangster). Amakwaitosi derives from the Afrikaans ‘kwaai’, which means strict or angry. The association of kwaito with gangsters is because kwaito in itself is all about black ghetto music. To kwaito musicians and their fans alike, the term simply implies that the tracks are ‘hot and kicking’. 

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