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Genre pick of the week Cover of Heterocetera by Lotic.
In 2014, ‘Damsel In Distress’ a free mixtape album created by 23 year old J’Kerian Morgan, aka Lotic, garnered universal praise from all who heard it. Consisting of all original material and mind warping edits of smash hits like ‘Drunk In Love’ by Beyonce, the mixtape was lauded as an ‘important turning point’ in regards to where electronic music could go next.

Now based in Berlin but originally from Texas, Lotic has also attracted significant buzz as a member of the Janus crew, a collective of producers and DJs who have gained a reputation for throwing some of the most forward thinking club events in Europe.

Having already been profiled in The New York Times and The Fader, as well as by countless other independent music sites, the recurring message is that Lotic is at the centre of a new scene of musicians who are pushing boundaries and creating something uncategorizable and truly unique.

‘Heterocetera’ is Lotic’s first official release since the unveiling of ‘Damsel In Distress’ and marks the producer’s debut on Tri Angle. Built on Masters At Work's influential 'Ha Dance', 'Heterocetera' takes the weird spiralling synth sound from MAW and deposits it in the centre of rhythms that sound like they've been dropped down a flight of stairs (twice!). Four tracks of experimental brain-frying beat confusion. Tomorrow's sound today!

Apollo Records is proud to present "SOL" the highly anticipated second album from Los Angeles based producer / composer Eskmo AKA Brendan Angelides. Inspired by our life giving planetary body, "SOL" is a masterful meditation on human emotional plane as effected by planetary bodies. Angelides has delivered perhaps his strongest musical statement yet.

Written, produced and recorded over the course of a year on the Eastside of Los Angeles in his home studio, SOL’s epic grandeur bears the traces of Angelides’s recent work composing orchestral pieces for live performance with the LA based Echo Society.

"From the moody cinematic opening of ‘SpVce’ and exhalting synth melodies of 'Combustion', to the touching delicacy of the watery ballad ‘Blue And Grey’ to 'Mind Of War’’s tromping existential digi-funk, the heartbreaking piano paen of ‘Tamara’, to the snarling drone saturation of the title track, to the beaming, epic euphoria of ‘The Sun Is A Drum’ it’s clear that this is a record that is a truly cinematic experience."


2xLP Info: Limited marbled vinyl pressing.

Girl Unit's club-dwelling Hysterics alias makes his first appearance on the Night Slugs main series. His opening statement via "Club Constructions Vol 5" introduced a dungeon world of hydraulic rhythm tracks driven by primal exertion. "Hysterics EP" offers a first glimpse of colour from the artist (mainly oxidised bronze!). "Club Life" is built of gated amp feedback and a pummeling beat like a hardcore re-edit that rewinds on itself every 8 bars. It approximates the effect of rave, 90s tribal bangers and MAW rhythm tracks, with an added 2015 aggression inspired by the Vogue scene (apparently reciprocated, with "Club Life" receiving regular plays from MikeQ). "HTRX9" is a stuttered bass rhythm that opens up into a delirious bright pads & noise. A filter house sports theme that submerges into deep tribal house before re-emerging for an elevated final round. "Eye Mask" is heroic 8-bar filter house, the constant organic movement of the filter over the resampled chords, like slow breathing, inducing a strange and disorientating euphoria. "Empty" - the comedown from "Club Life" - closes the EP on a moment of rare afterhours poise, beautiful pianos submerged and frozen in time, steam jets filling the air and club kicks bumping. Four stone cold killers for the club, dictating the future of the soundsystem right before your very ears.

“Cry 4 U” b/w “Cry 4 U Melody” (DTR05) is the third offering of imaginary 21st century R&B group Jeedeci. As said by Benji B upon its premiere on BBC in 2012, “Real drums are back.” Jeedeci is Jeedo's intepertation of 90's classic R&B with some hip-hop slap and contemporary influences. “Cry 4 U Melody” carries his avant-garde DIRT TECH sound, while “Cry 4 U” offers a smoother touch.

The cover features works by Spanish fashion photographer Sergio del Amo and Russian model Nastya Kovaleva, and is designed and illustrated by Jeedo using mixed medium. A combination of spray paint and silkscreen on chipboard creates the final result, combining chic and street art.


7" Info: Black vinyl with kraft sleeve

Ltd 7" Info: DTR05A Vinyl Details:
. 7.5 X 9.5 Original hand silkscreened print.
. 7-inch red vinyl in a protected polyvinyl sleeve.
. Hand numbered and signed.
. Certificate of Authenticity.
. Only 65 copies available worldwide.
. Digital download card.

Ata Kak's cassette 'Obaa Sima' fell on deaf ears when it was self-released in Ghana and Canada in 1994. The music on the recording - an amalgam of highlife, Twi-language rap, electro-funk and disco - is presented with the passion of a Prince record and the DIY-bedroom-recording lo-fi charm of early Chicago house music. The astute self-taught song craft and visionary blend of sounds and rhythms has made the album a left-field cult favorite among adventurous listeners worldwide. Awesome Tapes From Africa founder Brian Shimkovitz found the tape in 2002 in Cape Coast, Ghana - one of only a few ever pressed - and later made it the inaugural post on the Awesome Tapes From Africa blog. Hundreds of thousands of downloads, YouTube views, music video tributes and remixes, as well as years of mystery regarding Ata Kak's whereabouts, culminate in this remastered release featuring rare photos and the full back story of one of the internet age's most enigmatic musicians.

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