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Genre pick of the week Cover of Buckets - Inc. Paleman Remix by Dusky.


Buckets - Inc. Paleman Remix


For their first Record Store Day vinyl, Dusky’s 17 Steps unveil a much requested club cut from the label bosses themselves in ‘Buckets’. A dark, murky groover full of heaving basslines, swampy beats and cut-up soul vocals, ‘Buckets’ has been popping up in Dusky mixes for a couple of years, earning it cult status amongst their hardcore following and making it a perfect choice for a limited collectors vinyl. It comes backed with a twisted two-step remix from Swamp 81’s Paleman.

Trancers, dancers and sweet romancers from our mate Willie Burns on the omnipresent Ultimate Hits. Anyone who reads our new weekly staff top ten feature will know I've been waiting this to drop for quite a while. Best release on the label for me and that's saying something! Ultimate Hits are bringing back the tradition of high quality DJ tools and club weapons for creative DJs. These aren't the kinda records you'd delicately place on a high end turntable running through some Klipsch speakers from start to finish, stroking your beard as you admire the songwriting and the sonics. These are non-UN sanctioned club bombs. You might only drop a few bars from each track over some other banger you've had stashed in your record bag for that moment when the rave gremlins are on the attack and you need some firepower! "Bang The Box" updates the classic Jackmaster vocal hook for some broken electro grooves. "Got To Be A" has a lot going on to be termed strictly a 'tool'. A deliciously radiant xylophone riff, glistening celestial atmospheres then this stupidly infectious repeating vocal line. Mayhem and madness for the peaktime which is guaranteed to send dancers spiraling into the speaker stacks. "Checking Heart Rate" takes the currently in vogue sound of '92 breakbeat and tickles up the frequencies for our super powered soundsystems, and is for me the highlight of the EP. "Where Has The Love Gone" concludes the EP and has me lost for words. Think Recloose meets Matthew Herbert meet Theo Parrish but then half the stems were lost or destroyed in the mixdown. Anyway - solid tackle from man like Willie. Recommended.


Matt says: I always like a good secret weapon. And the Ultimate Hits label are churning them out at the moment. This bad boy from Willie Burns is the creme of the crop.

Four years after hitting us with the heavyweight badness of part 2, FaltyDL returns to SWAMP 81 with the third instalment of the "Mean Streets" series, holding it down for the dancers and dopefiends with three mind expanding cuts. Paying no mind to genre confines, A-side smasher "Mean Streets Pt. 3" rattles through ravey keyboards, pitched down vocals and thunderous post-Funky percussion, veers into mellow piano breaks before jumping headfirst into an ass shaking juke rhythm. Imagine Lone pushing his way through a packed club, spilling a drink on Floating Points then getting frankly explicit with RP Boo. Skip to the flip to hear Drew dissecting jazz tones into a bumpin' beatdown cut on "Step Up". Blue Note melodies settle into some expert rhythm programming, laying the foundation for Blaxploitation vocals and throbbing subs. Sticking with the samples for the EP closing "Sexy Lady", FaltyDL fillets some sensuous (IE: sleazy) R&B, adds some smooth pads and buttery bass for flavour (flava) then serves the whole shebang on a bed of complex rhythms - it's a lovely, lovely thing.


Gorgon City’s offering for Record Store Day 2016 comes in the form of this hefty slab of 12” clubbing heaven. Their monster UKG hit 'Saving My Life' (3 million+ YouTube views and counting) finally gets pressed on vinyl, and in underground club-style warehouse / terrace dubs style. Banger!

Turin-based experimental-pop pioneers David Tomat and Gabriele Ottino return as Niagara for their third album, ‘Hyperocean’, out April 29th via Monotreme Records. Still retaining the band’s trademark pop edge, it is Niagara’s most experimental effort to date, combining alternative electronica, dark-tinted psychedelia and funk, with sweeping arrangements complimenting spluttering rhythms and booming electronics, akin to digital alt-pop peers Lapalux, Mount Kimbie and Nosaj Thing. The Italian duo have always had a driving concept behind their albums. Where their 2014 offering ‘Don’t Take it Personally’ focused on the struggle between technology and nature, ‘Hyperocean’ has allowed the band to conceptualise something that has inspired them from the start of their musical careers: Water. “Water is also the element from which Niagara started as a project, and so we felt the need to go back there to our beginning, to what really inspired us emotionally”, Tomat and Ottino explain. “Hyperocean is a pluri-dimensional planet almost completely covered in water. It changes continuously, reacting with whoever is visiting it by switching from one number of dimensions to another" At every turn the record is sonically considered; not only in concept, water also plays a central role in the production of the album, featuring hydrophone-recorded samples that help shape their "imaginary world made of water". ‘Hyperocean’ presents 11 expansive landscapes that sculpt Niagara’s oceanic world. Ebbing and flowing between the eerie calm of 'Drift' and the violent, visceral waves of 'Roger Water', it shifts itself into new forms, like water itself. Opener ‘Mizu', an eerie descent into unchartered territory, sets a fluid pace for the album, which surfaces for breath only at the delicate 'Firefly' before submerging again into a realm of aquatic ambience, decorated with textured synths and fluid basslines. Explosive cuts ‘Escher Surfers’ and ‘Solar Valley' force the running order to flow between moments of serenity and calamity, much like the unpredictable nature of the seas, and the epic 'Alfa 11' slowly transforms into an all-encompassing, grandiose conclusion. 


Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

Mark Pritchard / Bibio / Clark

A Badman Sound / Heath Town / Inf Inf Inf Inf


    Record Store Day rave 12” from Warp mainstays Mark Pritchard, Bibio and Clark.

    Mark Pritchard kicks off the 12 with throwback jungle anthem ‘A Badman Sound’; the classic Amen break gets laced with rave stabs and intermittent dub sirens.

    ‘Heath Town’ is the opposite of what you’d expect from Bibio. In particular, the second half takes stylistic cues from ‘A Badman Sound’ and features the popular, euphoric James Brown-produced ‘Yeah Woo’ sample.

    Clark winds down with ‘Inf Inf Inf Inf’, a more ambient sound that brings in broken beats and is reminiscent of early Aphex Twin.

    2016 is an exciting year for all three artists:

    In May, Mark Pritchard is releasing his first album under his own name.

    In April, Bibio releases his fifth album on Warp, A Mineral Love.

    And after releasing his most successful album yet in late 2014, Clark returns with ‘The Last Panthers’ record, inspired by his score of the Sky Arts drama series of the same name.

    For fans of: Aphex Twin, Autechre, Special Request, Om Unit

    Vinyl 12" in 3mm spine sleeve with centre holes (in Warp house bag).

    Limited to 500 copies.

    Roots Manuva

    Switching Sides


      Roots Manuva celebrates Record Store Day with yet another cutting-edge vinyl packed with the kind of combination of “bass and verb” which has made him one of the UK’s most essential musical artists.

      All 5 tracks are produced by Switch under his new production banner With You.

      With You are Switch and Daouda Leonard (assisted by Stabber on this outing), with a little help from their friends Crookers, Toddla T and Coldcut, and were written, recorded and produced at his studio in Los Angeles during the ‘Bleeds’ sessions.

      Limited to 500 copies.

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