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Genre pick of the week Cover of Mars - Head High Remixes by Caribou.
Ooof, big tings going down on JIAOLONG015 as Head High aka Shed aka WK7 aka Wax aka etc. delivers two massive mixes of Caribou's "Mars". The afro-inflected house cut was a highlight of the recent "Our Love" LP, and things only get better when Germany's hardest hitting producer gets involved. On the A-side, Head High's "Core" mix sticks fairly close to the original, but adds plenty of extra oomph for the mainroom crowd. The polyrhythmic beat is chopped up and reassembled into a frenzied afro breakbeat, while that exotic flute melody, pushed to the fore in the original, is filtered, reversed and burried in the middle of the percussion madness, making for an organic techno trip that's second to none. Flip the disc and prepare to get lost in the hypnotic beauty of Head High's "Venus" mix, an immersive incantation of skipping garage influenced beats, 90s rave stabs and ethereal pads. The infectious rhythm's certain to take care of your tapping toes, while those rave stabs, blasts of flute and psychedelic pads set your head spinning.


Patrick says: One for the ravers here as Head High delivers two solid breakbeat techno refits of Caribou's "Mars". The afro-house vibe of the original remains, but finds itself chopped up and remoulded into a thunderous main room cut.

Bunny On Acid is back with a tasty release showcasing his various talents on this four track EP Leading the A-side with a serene club tune, "It's On", featuring Detroit local Amp Fiddler who was massive back in the day round here (I can't believe 'Waltz Of A Ghetto Fly' is over a decade old!), as well a being known for his collaborations with the likes of J Dilla, Parliament and Prince to name a few. After the sweet, soulful, bumpin' vibes of "It's On" we're hit with the title track, "Are You A Rainbow?" which is a slouching electro-hop banger with a huge bass that doesn't leave you feeling too dirty, complete with some pumping drums. As you flip the EP to the B-side, you find "Daydream" flying the flag for modern bass music. With wave after wave of trippy synths cresting and breaking over a choppy rhythm it's an angular dancefloor slammer. Rounding off the record with "When We Touch" Bunny shows us innovative use of sampling and reverb to make this track the perfect ending to the EP inducing a meditative calm after an exquisite audio voyage.

Studio Rockers get their eye in and smash it out the park with their latest release, "Beyond" from EVM128, featuring the vocal talent of the godfather of neo-soul, Omar and, on remix duties, the skills of young production wizard Marcel Lune. After dropping Bunny On Acid's well received "It's On" which features Detroit's singer Amp Fiddler, the label lays another hit on us courtesy of the up-and-coming EVM128. The UKG producer has been previously released on Somethinksound and runs two different club nights in London; his persistence and his unique musical taste has given him the chance to be featured on NTS, Hoxton FM, Rinse FM and to record live mixes on the mighty Boiler Room and lately on Get Darker TV during Studio Rocker's takeover. Coming off the success of his last single, "Naked Truth", Evermean is now back with "Beyond Revisited", featuring the voice of Neo-Soul pioneer Omar. A huge bass groove dominates the start of the track before EVM128 adds his smooth, space-age style over the top to a magical crescendo before Omar comes in with his rich and soulful vocals. The whole track is driven by the down-tempo rhythmical style that characterises EVM128's sixth sense for generating killer dancefloor beats that don't wear out. After an exercise in dub, we've got a choppy and chewy mix from Marcel Lune who fattens up the synths and adds his own kind of mellow to the track. This young producer fluidly takes the track into another groove with his own squelchy bassline and drums, helping the single to enter new club oriented territory. "DRPN IT" , a nod to the broken beat / nu-jazz era, comes with huge bass rhythms and some tasty live horns courtesy of Kevin J, Davey (Lamb / Adam F) to help add to the whispery chill out broken vibes. As the track plays out the rhythm transforms into a shuffled groove that you can't help but twerk your head and shoulders to. Think Miles Davis in Plastic People circa 2000!

Drew Lustman leaves his FaltyDL persona at the door and dons his stetson for a new alter ego, The Crystal Cowboy - his cleanest, most concise record to date. The 11 tracks here are a body of work that Drew put together quickly, free of the connotations and associations of his FaltyDL moniker. Creating music in the small hours of the morning rejuvenated his sense of experimentation and freedom. Under this new name Drew found himself making the kind of music he would DJ with or play to friends without the pressure of the conceptual weighing him down. Like all great projects between Planet Mu and Mr. Lustman, these songs found themselves in Mike Paradinas' inbox with little fanfare, letting the music speak for itself. The album often uses the speed or tropes of hardcore and drum & bass, assembling tracks a bit like lego, but adding in Drew’s own almost opaque elements of sophisticated soul and funk to give the roughness some melodic light and emotional pull.

The album opens with ‘Watch A Man Die’ which relives memories of mid-nineties drum & bass, weaving delicate melodies and smooth strings into brisk latticed drums. ‘Time Machine‘ is a stab-heavy recall of hardcore, with reverbed animal calls giving the track a humid jungle feel. ‘Angel Flesh's‘ delicate looped soul voices blend into a gaseous haze over jazzy drums, while ‘Green Technique’ layers intense beat and synth loops into a dark and disorienting vortex. ‘Wolves’ is Drew's melodic take on dub techno building crunchy, rolling drums and shivery chords into one of the albums many highlights. Placed at the albums midpoint, ‘Hyena’ takes a broken diva vocal and repeats it into an intense howl, leading into the title track whose carefully poised rhodes jazz chords and vocals are balanced against rough hardcore breaks and dense distorting bass which makes you feel like your bouncing on water. Drew takes things slower with ‘Onyx’ which featuring the rapper Le1f’s first ever sung vocals, over xylophone and light raindrop rhythms. The album finishes on the pumping electro of ‘Sykle’ whose itchy overexcited rhythms rub up against plaintive childlike piano and shimmering synths making it one of the album's most memorable highlights. "The Crystal Cowboy asks the listener to lose themselves and any inhibitions they may have as he takes the time to hold your hand and lead you through his thrilling and immersive wonderland. Good night and good luck."


Bring Joy (Youandewan Rmxs RSD Special)

Youandewan's remix of Midland "Bring Joy" sees a handy vinyl press after being caned by digital DJs in the know. Supported by everyone from Richie Hawtin to Maceo Plex, this is a wonderful present from the Aus camp for Record Store Day. Ewan takes over both sides of this release with his edit of "93 To Infinity" by Souls Of Mischief, which made it into XLR8R's top 10 downloads of 2014. Even though (mail-order) Dave says that a track of such caliber doesn't warrant a remix, I beg to differ. This dreamy, laid-back house refix should bring tingles of nostalgia and goosebump-inducing reverence when you drop it to an unsuspecting after-hours crowd. Tastefully and beautifully done, Youandewan utilizes the gorgeous piano and strings from the OG and carefully crafts a subtle house backing beat around it for that perfect moment of bliss, either in the club or your welcome front room at the afters. Lead track "Bring Joy" gets thrust deep into a 1000-capacity warehouse in deepest Hackney Wick for a cavernous, flat-lined excursion into wall shaking techno. Great stuff and a one-off pressing so get them skates on folks!

The Prodigy Feat. Sleaford Mods

Ibiza - Glow In The Dark Edition


This Limited Edition Glow In The Dark 7” vinyl is pressed up exclusively for Record Store Day and features the Instrumental of “Ibiza” on the flip which is exclusive to this release.

The Prodigy team up with electronic minimalist punk-hop duo Sleaford Mods for their track “Ibiza”, in which Sleaford Mods’ Jason Williamson lays into superstar DJ culture over a tumult of clattering beats and sawtooth synths. It’s a sneering indictment (with a punch and a wink) at the sanitized superstar DJs, the shallow thrill seekers and the beered up jock-house hipsters. Clocking in at only 2 minutes and 46 seconds it’s not only The Prodigy’s shortest tune ever, but is also as fine a slab of 21st century punk rock as you’re likely to hear.

"Paint en Pointe" is a compilation of selected compositions by Eugene Ward, otherwise known to most as Dro Carey / Tuff Sherm. The tracks have been taken from a series of performance collaborations with choreographer Patric Kuo over a 5 month period. Throughout the series many ensemble types were explored, ranging from solos up to large groups of as many as 16 dancers. Patric Kuo is a Sydney based dancer / choreographer originally trained in all styles, but presently heavily draws his influence from hip hop and contemporary dance. Coming from a performing arts and commercial dance background, Kuo has expanded his ideas about communicating to an audience, moving away from the traditional entertainment relationship towards an approach that includes engagement more informed by performance art. Best known for his club music productions in his Tuff Sherm and Dro Carey guises, the compilation offers an exploration of a different side of Ward’s music. "Paint en Pointe" showcases Ward the composer, synthesising his characteristic textures and percussion with structures that allow in some instances more formal approaches (informed by his study of composition at the Australian Film, Television & Radio school), while in others, even greater experimentation than in his – already quite singular - solo music work. "Paint en Pointe'" explores that tantalizing and ultra-modern dance ethos of contrasting double & half time feels to create a juxtaposition of fast and slow rhythms that echoes the sound palette of styles such as trap, juke and footwork without aping them or even directly referring to them. At times "Paint en Pointe" recalls the deconstructed, mutated, and cinematic dancefloor work of UK producers such as Wen and Logos, but embraces a more organic, experimental, and occasionally exotic approach to rhythmic structure that is comparable to the work of artists such as Fatima Al Quadri or Shackleton - combine these two worlds with a constant respect and acknowledgement for modern sound design masters such as Rashad Becker and Mika Vainio and you find a forward thinking sound that stands completely alone.


Matt says: Exceptional disjointed future body music from Sydney's Tuff Sherm man. Artistically and sonically in a whole world unto itself.

Various Artists

Continuum (Jamie XX / Four Tet / Koreless / John Talabot)


    Limited to 750 copies.


    Ltd 7" Info: 7" & DVD

    Various Artists

    Next Life - Silver Vinyl Edition


      ‘Next Life' is a compilation of new material from Chicago's primary footwork crew, Teklife, carrying the torch for the late, great DJ Rashad, who passed away earlier in 2014. Packed to the limit with hyper-kinetic rhythms and manically chopped samples, there is nothing quite like this disc of pure energy currently in circulation. Not only does this album feature some of footwork's originators such as RP Boo, Traxman, DJ Spinn, Gantman, Manny and DJ Rashad himself, but it's also loaded with the elite of Teklife's second wave, DJ Earl, Taye, Boylan, Phil, Taso, Sirr Tmo, Tre and Heavee, plus extended members of the Teklife family from around the USA (Durban, Tripletrain, DJ Chap) and Europe (DJ Paypal, Jackie Dagger & Feloneezy), who were welcomed in by DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn while on their extensive travels spreading the footwork gospel.

      Frantic tracks such as Spinn & Taso's 'Burn That Kush', DJ Taye & DJ Manny’s dazzling 'The Matrixx', DJ Earl & DJ Taye's thumping 'Workin Da Bass' and 'Do this Again', DJ Phil's 'Godz House' and DJ Tre's 'DNB Spaceout' sit alongside warped hi-energy rave cuts such as DJ Paypal's 'FM Blast', Feloneezy, Jackie Dagger and Paypal's 'U Should No', DJ Chap's 'Glacier Bae', Tripletrain's 'Never Could Be 2' and Taso's 'Get Down Low' and more laid back, stoned affairs such as DJ Manny's 'Harvey Ratchet' and Durban's 'I'm So', moving into patches of melancholy introspection with Traxman's 'Sit Yourself Down' and Sirr Tmo's 'Live in Chicago Subways', or the hypnotic vocal science of RP Boo's 'That's It 4 Lil Ma', the chip-tunes footwork of Heavee's '8bit Shit' and DJ Rashad's totally wired 'OTS'. The CD bears out the full spectrum of moods at which DJ Rashad excelled. 'Next Life' is a fitting tribute from his musical family to a true hero of electronic music who will be sorely missed for years to come.

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