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Genre pick of the week Cover of Busy Earnin' by Jungle.
London-based collective Jungle reveal their new single ‘Busy Earnin’’. The track, their first since signing to XL Recordings, follows on from 2013’s acclaimed ‘Platoon’ and ‘The Heat’ singles (which both also feature on the B-side of this release).

Based around a core musical duo known simply as ‘J’ and ‘T’, who expand to a thrilling seven piece live band, Jungle make mesmeric, modern indie-tinted soul-pop that’s unmistakably born in the UK but with true global appeal (their ‘Platoon’ video has already racked up more than 4 million views). Soulful vocals that draw a line from Shugggie Otis to Pharrell Williams, and the combination of retro (blazing horns) and current (swirling synth pads) sounds make Jungle one of the must-have outfits of 2014.

Sound Signature continues its unrelenting grasp on the world with this new angel pursued by Andrew Ashong. Taking cues from Cody Chestnutt - a laid back, feel-good vocal delivery with a totally organic sound bed - live Rhodes, jangly drums and a breathy, low-end bass organ; the track is one of those timeless, captivating, understated tracks that could soundtrack anything from your daytime BBQ session, to one of the last tracks of the night in a sexy, sweaty nightclub to beginning your day dancing in the bathroom with the sun beaming through the windows. Its beautiful. Simple. Next track "Take It Slow" is also heavily influenced by Nu-soul / RnB - Andrew's delicate vocals serenading us against a syncopated synth bass / MPC groove and sharp guitar licks. Finally, "The Way She Moves" is the most subdued and sensual offering here. Totally acoustic, with a simple kick - snare pattern; gentle, strumming guitar chords and very subtle bass. It's a summery ballad with a totally slack, lazy vibe, perfect for lighting up post-BBQ, jussst as the sun's going down, the sky's all red and your sat all full and cosy on your camping chair taking in the world....Excellent release, Theo knows how to keep us his toes dunt he?! After the mind-bender that was "Any Other Styles" he roots us back down into soulful bliss. Grand.


Matt says: Theo Parrish brings a Cody Chestnut type vibe into his hallowed Sound Signature halls.

Expansion continues its series of classics back to back on 10" with the coolest contemporary takes of one awesome track. First off is the 70s masterpiece by Norman Connors, originally recorded by Carlos Garnett. It's timeless spiritual jazz-dance / rare groove classic previously only available as an edit on single before, or as an LP track, but expanded here complete with a stunning vocal performance by Jean Carn.

The new version is by ‘Queen Of The Broken Beat’ Bembe Segue, a singer, composer, DJ and poet who has worked with IG Culture, Likwid Biskit and Dego from 4Hero. She was an intrinsic part of the vibe that created the West London broken beat scene working extensively with Kaidii Tatham (Agent K) Orin Walters, Daz IQ, Bugz In The Attic, Mark de-Clive Lowe etc as well as appearing on Seiji.

Ray Frazier & The Shades Of Madness

Ray Frazier & The Shades Of Madness

One of our specialties at Jazzman is focusing in on the obscure and often previously slept on regional based sounds across America. This time our radar was honing in on state of California and some of the rawest Los Angeles funk and sweetest soul. Many celebrated musicians have tried to make it big along Sunset Strip, but Ray Frazier & the Shades of Madness were some of the most active, prolific and influential showmen of the soulful 50s, 60s and 70s. This collection of unique recordings captures the essence of the multi-talented entertainer, singer and songwriter – one of the hardest working music men about town. Includes the £1000+ rated 'My Baby's Hand' - otherwise known in less than a handful of copies!

Theo Parrish

Goin' Downstairs Parts 1 & 2

Theo takes his Detroit beatdown track "Goin' Downstairs" from the "Sound Sculptures" CD, and divides it in two, spreading the cut over two sides of this 33rpm long-playing 12". "Goin' Downstairs" sees Parrish in bluesy space-jazz mode, with the main vocal refrain repeated through most of the track, keeping company with some Sun Ra like keyboard noodling, and sporadic synth chords all tied to a metronomic beat. The other half offers a bit of bass and a kick drum here and there, but essentially more of the same - a deep, almost spiritual, hypnotic groove. A massive hit at his Plastic People residency where it became a huge staple of his sets. Quirky yet deep and seductive, this is Theo at his idiosyncratic best.

*Limited Sound Signature re-presses!*
Further cementing Theo's creative reputation, Sound Signature number 5 features those Parrish trademark sounds, slowed down Motor City noises, teaspoon percussion and hybrid jazz flourishes, obscured by the unfamiliarity of the weird techno-soul. "Dan Ryan" features afro drumming jaunts combined with that powerful Parrish bass, riding that off-kilter organic groove all the way through its glorious duration.

"Walking Thru The Sky" mixes jazz guitar with ghostly vocals. This limited re-press won’t be around long, so move quick if you want to grab a copy.


12" Info: REPRESSED.

Martial Solal Joue Michel Magne


Bringing together two of Finders Keepers leading artists, longtime critical favourites and out-and-out pioneers of the French conceptual rock scene that we at FK HQ often refer to as the No-No years, Cacophonic are proud to present this rare collaboration between Jean-Claude Vannier and Michel Magne along with pianist Martial Solal for the pioneering 'Electrode' album from 1967. As the creators of the albums that launched both our Finders Keepers and Cacophonic labels respectively it is plain to see how this early LP represents a historic keystone in our precious roster. 'Electrode' also documents the first professional job as an album arranger for the young Vannier, working under two of his heroes, at the tender age of twenty four (some five years before he cemented his relationship with Serge Gainsbourg providing the music for the celebrated 'Histoire De Melody Nelson').

Marking the earliest example of Vannier’s evident penchant for ethnic influenced string arrangements (inspired by his early studio work with Algerian musicians) 'Electrode' elaborate introductions drawn comparisons to the orchestral elements in the Don Cherry / Ronald Frangipane score for Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain - complete with its fervent anti-pop overtones. This one-off patchwork arrangement of brooding cinematic flair, anti-concrete soundscapes and free jazz piano flirtations represents each of these important artists in equal proportions and serves as a direct meeting of Vannier’s 'L’Enfant Assassin Des Mouches' (FKR001) and Magne’s 'Musique Tachiste' (1CACK) with the privileged inclusion of one of France’s most lauded jazz pianists – a mantle shared only, in our opinion, by Francois Tusques.

An essential prototypal release for our expanding Cacophonic label Electrode exposes yet another side of off kilter European free music continuing to prove to the die hard skronkophobiacs that jazz is not a four letter word.

Tuk Tuk

Chambray Record Shopper Tote

    Lovely new chambray (that's denim to you and me) tote bag from the good folk at TukTuk.

    The main compartment is big enought to carry your 12" vinyl purchases, and there's also a 7" pocket on the front for those few cheeky sevens you've picked up too.

    The main compartment has a magnetic stud fastening, and there is a phone pocket and zip pocket for all your other bit's and pieces, both in lovely check fabric (like the linings in their leather record boxes).

    It has nice long handles, big enough to sling it over your shoulder, but not so long that you can't carry it in your hand.


    Nick Waterhouse

    This Is A Game / It No. 3

      Classic rhythm & blues enthusiast Nick Waterhouse is back with the first single from his forthcoming LP Holly. “This Is A Game” b/w “It No. 3,” recorded in the legendary studios formerly known as Sound City, supply more of the sound that NPR has described as “timeless, spirited rock and rhythms that anyone can appreciate.”

      Compiled and annotated by Lois Wilson (Mojo, Record Collector), Get On The Right Track brings together 90 magnificent recordings, mostly R&B, but with a smattering of jazz and ska, which reflect what mods would have been enjoying on the early to mid sixties club scene.

      When Jamaican born Duke Vin, a former DJ on Tom “The Great” Sebastian’s Beat Street System, set up his own system in 1955, he got the place jumping. The sound system was like nothing London had witnessed before. It was loud, exciting and had no curfew. Duke Vin inspired Count Suckle, another Ladbroke Grove resident, who set up a rival system and the pair soundtracked the first generation West Indians’ blues parties with a playlist of US R&B 45s. Club Eleven and the Flamingo attracted newly settled Jamaicans too. Out of these clubs and sound systems, mod grew.

      These mods were defined by their impeccable music taste and their smart clobber. They would dance their nights away at the Scene, to records spun by Guy Stevens, the UK Sue label manager and one of mod’s main pivots. They also frequented the Marquee and Count Suckle’s Roaring Twenties. The first two discs on 'Get On The Right Track' collect together the R&B, blues, soul, jazz and ska singles you would have heard at such clubs. Disc 3, meanwhile, captures the sounds from the same period (many of which were unreleased in the UK at the time) that light up the mod scene today.

      'Get On The Right Track' has been carefully compiled to avoid track overlap with Fantastic Voyage’s previous mod collection 'Boogie Chillen', and is also available as a 2LP vinyl collector’s edition, featuring 32 of the most sought-after tracks and a colour insert.


      2xLP Info: 2LP vinyl collector’s edition featuring 32 of the most sought-after tracks from the 90-track 3CD set.

      'Soul City Los Angeles' presents recordings which served to establish the musical direction of LA and neighbouring West Coast conurbations in the late 1950s and early 1960s when R&B was evolving into the style that became known as soul. Compiled and annotated by soul music authority Clive Richardson, 'Soul City Los Angeles' is the latest in a series that has previously explored the nascent soul scenes in Detroit, New York and Chicago.

      This instalment presents a selection from key independent labels of the area, including Sam Cooke’s SAR and Richard Vaughn’s Arvee, as well as choice items from Aladdin, Liberty, Imperial and Ebb, and collectable releases from more obscure imprints. Famous names on CD1 of this 60-track 2CD set include the Olympics, the Valentinos (aka the Womack Brothers) with ‘Lookin’ For A Love’, the Rivingtons with ‘Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow’, and Johnnie Morisette with ‘Meet Me At The Twistin’ Place’, while CD2 features ‘Ko Ko Mo’ hitmakers Gene & Eunice, both sides of a 1962 single on Rush by Don & Dewey, early recordings by future stars Johnnie Taylor and Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson, and a young Sly Stone as a member of the Viscaynes.

      Soul fans of the early 1960s could often figure out the geographic origins of new singles as much by the ‘sound’ as by any knowledge of sometimes obscure artists and labels, with the output of West Coast studios tending to have a ‘harder’ sound in comparison with some more sophisticated (for the era) productions from the opposite coast or the regions of the Great Lakes. Here we have music from the formative period of the soul era in Los Angeles.

      Also available as 2LP vinyl collectors edition, featuring 28 of the most sought-after tracks and colour insert.

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