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Genre pick of the week Cover of Midnight In Peckham by Chaos In The CBD.
Rhythm Section International proudly presents its 8th offering from local boys Chaos in the CBD. Born in New Zealand, but based in Peckham for the last few years (literally just around the corner from Henry Wu and Bradley Zero), these brothers have made a real mark on the scene in London town. Taking its title from the locale the boys have come to know as home, the record channels a delicate late night energy - equally indebted to the hypnotic incantations of Ron Trent as it is to the hazy suburban atmospheres of Burial. These 4 classic cuts pay homage to deep house in its truest sense - at once sublime, melancholic and meditative. "Trust Is Key" utilizing delicate, emotive piano chords alongside that shuffled, Rhythm Section-patented groove. "Observe" lets the deep jazz influence run riot with upright bass and brush drums supporting the bright piano licks. "Midnight In Peckham" is the sensual money shot which should have the whole of Canavan pool hall united in sweaty, exuberant bliss. Ghostly saxophones cascading through the mix while a straight 4/4 keeps us chugging and a beautiful piano section plays its heart out. "Luxury Motivation" concludes this tight and succinct set with more of the same - playful pianos meeting emotive brass sections and a nigh-on-perfect attention to drum programming. Chaos in the CBD have clearly taken their cue from the mid-west masters of the genre but have not been afraid to let their own influences and environ creep in, and in doing so have created something that is unmistakablely London, Rhythm Section and infact, timeless. Move quick!

Bootsy's Rubber Band

Bootsy? Player Of The Year - 180g Vinyl Edition

'Bootsy? Player Of The Year' (1978) by Bootsy’s Rubber Band featured two hit singles, “Bootzilla”, which went to number one on the Billboard Hot Soul Singles charts, and “Hollywood Squares”. The album itself peaked at number one on the Billboard Soul Album charts.

This album finds Bootsy at his peak. There isn’t a dull moment here. Take for instance, “Hollywood Squares”, a song that teeters somewhere between a dance song and a ballad, sometimes picking up the pace, other times slowing it down to a strut.

'Bootsy? Player Of The Year' is one of the most enjoyable Parliament / Funkadelic P-funk albums ever. However, by the following year, 1979, it was clear that the P-funk army was running out of fresh ideas, and Bootsy was no exception. This makes the album even more special in retrospect, because it was among the last of the great P-funk releases.

Lyn Collins

Think (About It) / Ain't No Sunshine

In 2014, Get On Down released the For The People Pt. 1 box set, which featured a selection of heavy funk 45s from James Brown's 1970s imprint People Records, as a celebration of the label and its' most famous singles. Now we're proud to present the five singles available for individual sale, lovingly re-created with visuals taken from the original artwork!

Lyn Collins had a reputation as one of the strongest hit-makers to come out of People Records, and her R&B smash "Think (About It)" is one of the most enduring to come from James Brown's label. Famed equally for Collins' powerhouse vocals as its frequent sampling in hip-hop and dance tracks, (most prominently the Rob Base & DJ EZ-Rock hit "It Takes Two") it features contributions from Fred Wesley and Brown himself, and is reissued as a standalone single for the first time since 1973. Her powerful and emotional cover of Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine" is featured as the B-side.

Africa Seven present the third in their series of Manu Dibango re-issues. For your delight this time is 'Home Made', a four tracker of epic African musicianship. Recorded in 1979 the album's bedrock of rhythms was recorded in Nigeria. This creates an infectious and addictive afro-beat / afro-disco groove for the album. Overdubs and mix downs were then carried out in Paris adding layers of sheen and expansive jazz groove. 

Ebony Cuts

Carrie On / Oba Chule

Hamburg's mastering maestro and edit extraordinaire returns to Kojak Giant Sounds, following up his 2013 Roy Ayres edit with this swinging two tracker of groove based delights. On the A-side "Carrie On" bursts out the blocks with tough additional drums and a replayed buzzing synth bassline before settling into a swinging jazz influenced groove complete with rasping sax, off kilter piano chords and warm vibraphone licks. Perfect for the warm up, cool down or simply to switch things up a little, this cut perfectly marries the club friendly bottom end thump with sophisticated melodies. On the B-side, the title track plunges us into the psychedelic swirl of an ancient tribal ritual. Ever changing polyrhythms bump, thump and rattle and the additional synth bass throbs through the subs, feeding the dancefloor frenzy while raucous brass and group vocal chants put you slap bang in the middle of the action. Top notch!

As well as creating a surreal and hilarious visual image, the words Willie Hill should flick a switch among the boogie aficionados out there, after all, the man's no stranger to the good ship PPU. Operating out of his Durham, North Carolina production house for nigh on thirty years, Hill has been serving up forward thinking soul to those in the know since the early days. His smooth and swift stepper, "Delicate Rose" found itself on a PPU reissue back in 2010, and original copies of the cut go for a song on the dealer circuit! The material here dates to 1991, but retains that timeless quality you're looking for in the reissue market. On the A-side, "Eternal Love" combines a snapping beat, bubbling bassline and soulful pianos as a fine supporting cast for Willie's passionate vocals. Percussive breaks and dancefloor friendly bells turn up the heat on your feet, keeping you dancing til the dawn. The flip gets kicking with the new jack swing of "Talking On A Funky Note", a breezy bit of Teddy Riley style soul complete with synth brass hits, glistening guitar, drumbox beats and sleazy vocals. It's worth Eddie Murphy making a sequel to Boomerang just to stick this on the soundtrack. Closing cut "Over The Hump" delivers a hit of feelgood modern soul complete with swooning swing lines, buoyant bass and lyrical references to "Movin On Up" and "What's Going On?"

Rahaan drops another three edits from the soulful end of the disco street. "Mr Bumpman" takes Jackie Beavers' rare soul-funk 45 "Mr. Bump Man (Give Me A Hand)" and extends it out to a full length 12" edit. Packed with energetic dancefloor rhythms (the original is from 1975, so just on the cusp of disco), funky guitar licks and raw soul vocals, this is a must. "Be Thankful" sees the producer tackle The Intruders' 1975 version of jazz-funk standard "Be Thankful For What You've Got", using the extra percussive punch to perfectly tailor those gorgeous melodies to the dancefloor. Last but not least, "So Good" sees Rahaan go in hard on Michael White's jazz funk odyssey, resulting in a fresh finale for the fleet footed. Altogether now..."Beat That Shit Rahaan!"

Another boogie classic from the West End vaults. New York legend Tee Scott provides the mixes here, with vocal and instrumental versions on this official remastered replica reissue.

From the simple beginnings of a clock ticking, via the hooky keyboard line, this is a stone cold slap-bass electro-funk masterpiece from 1981. The A-side comes with strong female / male interplay, while the flip features the full instro, which breaks down into a bass, drum and fluttering, acidic synth groove.

Various Artists

Casino Classics Complete Collection

    Soul Time is overseen by long time Northern Soul fan Joe Boy, who has been imaginatively compiling the genre for many years and most recently for Outta Sight. Casino Classics was a club label created in 1978 by DJ Russ Winstanley (founder of the famed Wigan Casino All-Nighter) and Casino manager Mike Walker. It was distributed by the newly formed R.K. Records owned by Robert and Barry Kingston the production team behind many earlier homegrown records on the Spark label. Between 1978 and 1980, Casino Classics issued a steady stream of 45s and two compilation albums, Chapters One and Two combining some of the scene ' s most memorable American originals with other tracks recorded especially for the label. Following the closure of the Casino in 1981 the final Chapter was released featuring tracks compiled and recorded before the demise of the club. Casino Classics' Complete Collection is the first time that these best-selling albums have ever been released on CD. This beautifully-curated 3-CD set boasts everything issued on the Casino Classics label back in the day, including every album and every single. Among the US originals are enduring Northern hits by Gloria Jones ('Tainted Love', as covered by Soft Cell), 'Sliced Tomatoes' by Just Brothers (famously sampled by Fatboy Slim) and the immortal 'three before eight' end-of-the-nighters by Dean Parrish andTobi Legend.

    Various Artists

    Give 'Em Soul Vol. 1

      The Red Edition brings together 14 killer cuts that are on every DJs hit list. These major label milestones dating from 1953 to the early sixties feature key artists in the world of R&B and soul including Otis Redding, Big Maybelle, J J Jackson, Slim Harpo and Otis Blackwell who also provides us with the super rare Gil Bernal recording “The Dogs” from his own Bumps label. Featuring over $5,000 worth of singles in one affordable package. Everyone a winner! 

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