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Genre pick of the week Cover of Sunshine / Moneymaker - Inc. Al Dobson Jr Remixes by Reginald Omas Mamode IV.

Reginald Omas Mamode IV

Sunshine / Moneymaker - Inc. Al Dobson Jr Remixes

Just as the surrealists congregated at Rue Blomet, or how CBGB became inextricably linked to the birth of punk, a flat in SE London across the street from a stall selling karelas, edoes and those frighteningly large snails, has become the epicentre of an exciting undercurrent of new and unorthodox British producers.

From within the confines of their home studios, the inhabitants of - Rye Lane have been crafting a sound that channels Jay Dee as much as the street bustle outside their bedroom windows, and are garnering support from Gilles Peterson, Lefto and Kutmah in the process. New tracks from Reginald Omas Mamode IV, 'Sunshine' and 'Moneymaker', turn around dusty stabs of guitar and Madlib-esque beats. A homage to good weather and a cautionary tale for superficial woman, the tracks also feature his supine and natural one-take vocals. These songs are reprised with the help of brother JeenBassa and childhood friend Al Dobson Jr, fresh from releases on IZWID and Rhythm Section, with additional vocals added for good effect. It showcases the collaborative spirit of this collective, their shared influences and their deeply individual ticks.

JT Allen & Little Richard's Band

Working Hard / Freeway Crowd

Belting double sider from Atlanta, Georgia. 'Freeway Crowd' should please any raw funk aficionado, kicking things off with a cracking break for all the hip hop heads. Super rare, and fetching over £400 for an original copy Crowbar felt this gem of a record deserved to see the light of day again. The label were actually offered a large sum of money from a jealous collector who wanted to stop this incredible record being re-released. Sorry blubbs. Luckily money isn't everything to the Crowbar peeps and since the band originally cut the record to entertain, they thought they would be doing the band and of course you an injustice by not making this beauty available for release again nearly 30 years after it was originally recorded. So here it is fully licensed, remastered, and ready to go at a much more affordable price. "Don't you believe in magic? Slow down.... Lets enjoy the ride". 'Working Hard' on the other hand is one of those hard-edged funky mid-70s socio message dancefloor bombs that does it just right. Hugely in-demand on both soul and funk scenes. Very limited press.

Get yours before they are gone.


7" Info: Limited dinked 45.

Wayne Cochran

Wayne Cochran! - 180g Vinyl Mono Edition

'Wayne Cochran!' The exclamation mark is there for a reason. Known as “The White Knight of Soul,” Cochran was flamboyant in both voice and attire. Crowned by a swooping white pompadour, he held back nothing on stage. His performance style was very reminiscent of fellow Georgia native Little Richard Penniman. Like Penniman, music led Cochran to his current career as a minister. Anyone who’s ever witnessed a fire-and-brimstone southern gospel service can see the connection between gospel’s passion and r&b’s groove.

Issued by Chess Records in 1967, Wayne Cochran! captured the outrageous energy of his live show within the album’s grooves. This explosive collection of songs proved that Cochran deserved to share the label home of r&b greats like Etta James, Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters. Rather than a traditional artist portrait, the front cover features an outline of his white pompadour against a black background. Simple and direct, it stood in stark relief against the sea of day-glo, psychedelic imagery of the day. To put it another way, the cover art clearly conveyed that this album was all killer, no filler.

The original mono version of this LP is incredibly rare and changes hands for princely sums. However, there is no need to empty the savings account now that Sundazed Music has prepared a righteous reissue, in glorious mono! Sourced from the original analog master tapes, this Sundazed edition is 180gm of concentrated soul. Just add a turntable and watch the party spring to life!

Richie Havens

Mixed Bag - 180g Vinyl Mono Edition

“Freedom.” The very mention of the song conjures images of Richie Havens at Woodstock, fiercely strumming his guitar and lost in an improvisational moment of creation. An intensely engaging performer, Havens honed his craft in the clubs and cafes of Greenwich Village, just over the bridge from his native Brooklyn. Painter, poet and multi-instrumentalist, Havens immersed himself in the Village’s beatnik culture just as the nascent folk scene began to develop. Connecting with uber-manager Albert Grossman, then guiding the careers of Bob Dylan and Peter, Paul and Mary, Havens rose to the top tier of the international folk movement.

Signed to Verve Forecast, Havens released his first album, Mixed Bag, in August of 1967. The intriguing LP gathered songs from Gordon Lightfoot, Bob Dylan, Lennon/McCartney as well as two self-penned compositions and one co-written with future acting star Lou Gossett, Jr. The album’s instrumentation featured Havens on sitar and acoustic guitar played in his unique style, thumb chording songs in open D tuning. Soaring above it all was his commanding baritone, a voice that injected gravitas into every song, bringing the lyrics to vivid life. A stunning debut, it climbed both the pop and jazz Billboard charts.

Sundazed Music presents this vital album in its rare mono version, sourced from the original Verve masters, and pressed on lush 180g vinyl. Cue it up and hear the glorious sound of artistic freedom pouring from your speakers.

Richie Havens

Something Else Again - 180g Vinyl Mono Edition

“Freedom”. The very mention of the song conjures images of Richie Havens at Woodstock, fiercely strumming his guitar and lost in an improvisational moment of creation. An intensely engaging performer, Havens honed his craft in the clubs and cafes of Greenwich Village, just over the bridge from his native Brooklyn. Painter, poet and multi-instrumentalist, Havens immersed himself in the Village’s beatnik culture just as the nascent folk scene began to develop. Connecting with uber-manager Albert Grossman, then guiding the careers of Bob Dylan and Peter, Paul and Mary, Havens rose to the top tier of the international folk movement.

Havens followed up his album debut 'Mixed Bag' a year later with 'Something Else Again'. The cover portrait found Havens clad in dashiki and wearing beads while playing a sitar, looking like a standard bearer for the counterculture. The songs’ subject matter followed that direction as well, dealing primarily with social issues rather than relationships. It was another charting record for Havens, reaching #184 on Billboard’s Pop Albums. More than mere albums, Mixed Bag and Something Else Again: were signposts for a rapidly changing culture, leading the way to a more enlightened existence.

Sundazed Music presents this vital album in its rare mono version, sourced from the original Verve masters, and pressed on lush 180g vinyl. Cue it up and hear the glorious sound of artistic freedom pouring from your speakers.

PPU follow up 2014's cassette reissue of Dwight Sykes and Jahari's "Situation" album with this super limited 12" featuring a two unreleased demo versions of "Fire and Desire" and the remastered studio version of "Situations". Over the last thrity years, the hero of Michigan's underground funk scene has become a well respected figure amongst the true boogie fans out there, whilst entirely missing out on any mainstream acclaim; PPU are here to change that. The unreleased demo versions of "Fire and Desire" show Sykes and his long term backing band completely in the pocket, whether it be on the slow and stripped back bedroom soul take, or the uptempo bass driven romp which follows. Sykes' vocals are soulful and unrestrained, while the musicians constantly flesh out their parts with decorative riffs and solos, driving us all to the heart of the dancefloor. A remastered version of the sweet and soulful "Situations" closes the EP with its fluid groove and shimmering guitar, taking us home in fine form thanks to some gorgeous vocal harmonies. It might be thirty years overdue, but at least we can cherish it now.

Ariel Kalma

Le Temps Des Moissons

First solo recording LP from Ariel Kalma, recorded in 1975. After a long journey to India where he learnt the basics of modal music and singing, Ariel was inspired by the fusion of ancient and modern ways of playing music in the 70s with saxophone, ethnic instruments, effects, electric instruments and electronic filters. Kalma is also known for have played in albums by other French experimental artists like Delired Chameleon Family, Nyl, Heldon...

Nowadays very rare and hard to find private pressing, some copies came with a hand drawn cover and some in printed form. The Wah Wah reissue reproduces the original printed sleeve, comes mastered sound from the original tapes, 2 bonus tracks and an insert featuring liner notes and photos, in a limited edition of only 500 copies.

The Ossie Layne Show

Barcelona '69

    The Ossie Layne Show "Barcelona 69‟ EP is the latest vinyl release to become part of the Acid Jazz Records‟ Rare Mod Series.

    This very rare 4-track 33rpm vinyl 7” featuring ‘Ian Dury and the Blockheads’ bass player Norman Watt-Roy and his brother Garth, led by band leader Ossie Layne.

    The EP‟s tracks deliver the classic 60‟s Soul and Funk sound that Acid Jazz Records and the Rare Mod Series are famous for.

    The EP features a version of Rod Stewarts "Rock My Plimsoll‟ and Sly and The Family Stones classic “Sing A Simple Song”.

    A collectors‟ item for those who collect the Rare Mod Series

    An interesting item for Ian Dury and the Blockheads fans.

    Suited to the 60s Soul and Funk audiences

    Very rare recordings.

    Dego's 2000Black imprint continues to fly the flag for broken beats and jazz-influenced bass music in 2015. Lordamercy is the solo debut from Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks member Matt Lord. While his work as part of the quartet (also on 2000Black) offers a deep nu-jazz sound, for 'New Guitar New Mars' he strips things back to the dancefloor essentials. A percussive 2-stepping rhythm, propulsive dancehall style sub bass, jittery keyboard line and guitar licks. It'll bring out your Greg-Wallace-eats-something-sweet face!

    'Guitar Smash' goes deeper, with sublime inter-woven keyboard lines heading up skywards, crossing paths with a descedning bassline - a track that will rekindle your love of nu-jazz. Lastly 'Death Of Hercules' has a more organic sound, with squelchy synth bass underpinning jazz-funk keyboard chords, strings and a plethora of percussion.

    Gwen McCrae

    All This Love I'm Giving / Maybe I'll Find Somebody New

    Well, they don't get much better than this solid gold nugget lifted from the vaults of Miami's CAT Records (Another TK Disco subsidiary). Often sampled, re-edited and re-jigged but never bettered, Gwen McCrae's all time classic "All This Love I'm Giving" finally sees a timely repress, just as God intended, on a dinked 45 with all original artwork intact! This track has long been a staple of rare groove dances and sophisticated soul parties with discerning DJs and selectors clamoring for the original 45 at any cost. Packing more drama than a year's worth of Eastenders' cliffhangers, "All This Love I'm Giving" delivers a raw and soulful vocal from Gwen, a heavyweight synth bassline and a whole host of emphatic brass as it lays waste to the dancefloor in just under four minutes. Backed here with it's original b-side slow jam "Maybe I'll Find Somebody New" this rare 45 has been re-mastered, re-pressed and brought back for 2015's dance-floors in conjunction and with the permission of TK Disco / Henry Stone Music, Miami USA.

    Piccadilly Records

    Mono Colour Print - Black Tote Bag

      One colour 'mono' print (white) of the Piccadilly Records logo on a black tote bag.

      As a treat to all the deep soul heads in the world, this impossibly rare and mouthwateringly sweet LP has been dug out of the vaults of Miami's Bold Records (A subsidiary of the mighty TK Disco label) and reissued for mass consumption. There's scant information on Reid Inc as a group but the album boasts some gorgeous soulful melodies from the all female personnel and features stellar string & horn arrangements from Miami studio stalwart Mike Lewis (Blowfly, KC & The Sunshine Band, Latimore, Fern Kinney) and flawless production by the mighty Clarence Reid. This is a real rarity, a record that fetches top, top dollar ($500 plus) on-line among soul, funk and disco aficionados. Although the sumptuous soul beauty of "What Am I Gonna Do" has been comped numerous times, this is the first time the whole LP has been re-mastered & re-issued on vinyl (Having previously only been re-released on CD in Japan). Alongside that unclassic, we have the sass and swagger of "I'll Be Damned If It's Me", the upfront funk of "Push Me Back In The Corner" and the saccharin sweetness of slow jam "New York City".

      “Hammer And Nails” is a reissue of the classic 1962 release by The Staple Singers. This album showcases the group in their Southern gospel prime on the title track, “Gloryland” and “Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen”. The group would go on to soul glory when they signed with Stax Records later in the decade but this is the group doing what they do best - gospel. Reissued on 180 gram vinyl by 4 Men With Beards.

      In 1990, Roebuck “Pops” Staples recorded a final session, capping an illustrious career as leader and patriarch of the Staples Singers.
      Unfinished at the time of his passing in 2000, the tapes went to his daughter, Mavis, who then waited for the right opportunity to finish the recording in the spirit Pops intended. When she began her series of remarkable collaborations with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, starting with 2010’s You Are Not Alone and continuing with 2013’s One True Vine, Mavis knew she had found the person to work on her father’s record.

      Mavis Staples: “I chose this title because these were the words my father said to me as he gave me the tape of his final recordings. He was sick and lying in bed and asked me to play the record for him in his room. After listening to it, he called me to his room again. He was weak, but he handed me the tape and in a soft voice said ‘Don’t lose this, Mavis.’ While Pops’ voice and guitar sounded so good on the original recordings [and remain untouched on this record], I knew the songs needed something else to really come to life. Something special. Pops deserved that. So I called on my dear friend Jeff Tweedy to fill out the tracks around Pops and he’s helped to craft this beautiful album.”

      • Mavis Staples’ releases on ANTI are the most successful and lauded releases of her solo career. 2010’s You Are Not Alone won a Grammy, while One True Vine received tremendous acclaim, with the Herald Scotland saying “One True Vine moves closer to the late-career flourish of Johnny Cash’s studio work with Rick Rubin… these songs take life by the hand.”

      • Pops Staples and the Staples Singers are one of the most important bands of the post-war era, from their Civil Rights gospel in the 60s to their positive-message hits like “Respect Yourself” in the 70s.

      • Produced by Jeff Tweedy, and featuring son Spencer on drums and the original Staples Singers vocal lineup.

      Troubled Soul

      Funky Me

      For the first release from Crowbar Records we are proud to bring you a true exclusive - a previously unheard mess of scratchy 60's funk from California. The two part track has been taken from a lone double sided 8 inch acetate cut at Hollywoods Gold Star studios that, judging by the style of the song, was recorded in the late 60's. The song was never published and thus we are certain that it didn't reach the pressing stage - the acetate likely ring the only surviving document of Troubled Soul's perhaps only recording venture. The fragile disc had survived well in the hands of a British record dealer since he found it - now remastered, it is ready for the broadcast it never got. About the singer and his band we know absolutely nothing (there were no other details available on the label save the artists and title), except that they were likely local to Los Angeles, it sounds like they may have been somewhat intoxicated that day and that their raw, delightfully amateur romp deserves the outing it never received back then.

      The fourth release from Roland P. Young on EM Records sees him moving ever deeper, earthbound and rooted, yet simultaneously flying further out, expanding his exploration of untethered celestial realms. Recorded in 2014 following a move to Tel Aviv, the title 'Confluences' hints at the blend of cultures and histories in his new homeland, and is reflected in the music, which shows a range of cultural influences, filtered through Young's unique sensibility and vision. This is a calm, spiritual set, evidencing an inner comfort that was less prevalent on his Brooklyn recordings. This is not to imply that RPY is no longer searching; this release brings to fruition the promise of earlier recordings such as 'Isophonic Boogie Woogie' (EM 1045CD/HJ-LP) and 'Istet Serenade' (EM 1087CD/LP), made complete via Young's multi-instrumental chops on sax, bass clarinet, kalimba, and keyboards working in tandem with his rhythm and bass programming skills, his multi-track studio mastery, and an ever-evolving sense of musical form and drama. The confluences of cultures are of course swirling throughout this release, but also the confluences, as noted above, of the earthy and the celestial, as well as the temporal confluences of the past, present, and future. Perhaps more than any of his previous releases, 'Confluences' realises Young's description of his own work as "Afro spiritual minimal electronic space music." Available on CD and LP, this release is the next stage of Roland P. Young's never-ending voyage. Get on board!

      Second volume of the '¡Chicas!' series, an irresistible collection of ye-yé, rock & roll, twist, beat, gipsy rock, soul and cinematic grooves! From the early 60s and in the middle of a difficult political and social context, Spanish female singers - and those who moved to Spain - disregarded conventions and overcame all barriers to be part of a music movement that shook the Spanish society of the period. Many of the 28 tracks are reissued for the first time, including very hard-to-find records. Both formats include extensive notes by Vicente Fabuel featuring all the original record sleeves and artist photos.

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