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Genre pick of the week Cover of A Love Supreme - The Complete Masters by John Coltrane.

John Coltrane

A Love Supreme - The Complete Masters

After the 2CD and 3CD release of John Coltrane’s legendary 'A Love Supreme: The Complete Masters', this release is now avalible on vinyl, after much demand from consumers. Originally released in 1965, 'A Love Supreme' changed music history, cementing the saxophonist’s reputation as one of the most groundbreaking musicians in music, and was subsequently ranked No. 47 in Rolling Stone’s “500 Greatest Albums Of All Time”. Until now, the complete picture of what happened during the album’s recording session, held on December 9th 1964, has never been revealed. The Complete Masters celebrates the 50th anniversary of the original album release, and finally collects all the previously unavailable outtakes, overdubs, and studio chatter from the session. This will be the same as the previous CD release just without the live album. It will include a 20 page booklet.


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Albert Ayler

In Greenwich Village - Back To Black Edition

'In Greenwich Village' is a 1967 live album by free jazz saxophonist Albert Ayler. It was his first album for Impulse! Records, and is regarded as probably being his best album on that label.

At the urging of John Coltrane, Impulse! Records' first recordings of Ayler were made live. A single track recorded at the Village Gate in 1965 was released on the album 'The New Wave in Jazz' while 'In Greenwich Village' was recorded at the Village Vanguard and Village Theatre, New York City in 1966 and 1967. Unusually, Ayler plays alto rather than his usual tenor on the opening track, a tribute to Coltrane, who was present when the two tracks on side two of the album were recorded. The two versions of Ayler’s band heard on the record both feature two bass players, which "sharpens the sound considerably, producing a rock-solid foundation for Ayler’s raw witness"


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It's always a good day when a new Sound Singature drops, and Theo Parrish's esteemed imprint keep the hits flowing with the SS debut of Alabama producer Byron The Aquarius. If you've kept your head in the game, you might know him from his collaboration with French producer Onra as The Big Payback, and he brings the same, warm, jazzy production style to this dancefloor focussed 12". We're in classic Sound Signature territory on the A-side, as Byron slides a perfectly spherical bassline under a smooth and swinging beat to treat us to a groove we could happily hear for the rest of our days. If that weren't enough, the Birmingham based producer adds slinky Rhodes and some far-out cosmic synth noodles to bring Dexter Wansel's space age vibe to the modern dancefloor B-side cut "Run Sa" bounds out the speakers in a flurry of syncopated jazz drumming (courtesy of Dmitri Walker), carrying us along for a spiritual trip into the grooviest reaches of the Impulse catalogue. Fluid Rhodes keys and dextrous double bass ensure your body and soul are dancing in step as Byron takes us to church.

Alice Coltrane

World Galaxy - Back To Black Edition

"Alice Coltrane had become a musical world unto herself by the time she issued 'World Galaxy', recorded in late 1971. With jazz-rock fusion taking over the mainstream and the terminal avant-garde heading over to Europe, Coltrane stubbornly forged an insistent, ever-evolving brand of spiritual jazz that bore her own signature as much as it did her late husband's influence. On the two days in November when World Galaxy was recorded, Coltrane chose drummer Ben Riley, bassist Reggie Workman, violinist Leroy Jenkins, saxophonist Frank Lowe, and timpanist Elayne Jones in addition to a string orchestra of 16 to help her realize her latest vision. Coltrane herself plays piano, harp, and organ on this date, sometimes within a single track, as she does on her glorious post-modal reworking of "My Favorite Things."" - All Music


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John Coltrane

Ascension - Back To Black Edition

'Ascension' is a jazz album by John Coltrane recorded in 1965 and released in 1966. It is often considered to be a watershed album, with the albums released before it being more conventional in structure and the albums released after it being looser, free jazz inspired works. In addition, it signaled Coltrane's interest in moving away from the quartet format. Coltrane described Ascension in a radio interview as a "big band thing", although it resembles no big band recording made before it. The most obvious antecedent is Ornette Coleman's octet (or "double quartet") recording, 'Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation', which - like 'Ascension' - is a continuous 40-minute performance with ensemble passages and without breaks. Jazz musician Dave Liebman, commenting on 'Ascension', recalled that the album was the "torch that lit the free jazz thing".

Coltrane's horn section is moored to a monolithic rhythm section, centered on pianist McCoy Tyner, double bassists Jimmy Garrison and Art Davis, and drummer Elvin Jones. On 'Ascension' (and unlike on Coleman's 'Free Jazz'), group ensembles alternate with solos, and take up about equal space. The basic theme stated in the opening and closing ensembles is a variation on the major motif of Coltrane's previous album 'A Love Supreme', particularly the opening bass riff stated on said album's opening track, "Acknowledgment".

Coltrane gave the musicians no directions for their solos, other than that they were to end with a crescendo. The ensemble passages are more structured. There were chords, but apparently they were optional; it is more accurate to say that the ensembles consist of a progression of modes rather than chords, with mode changes signaled by Coltrane, pianist McCoy Tyner, and trumpeter Freddie Hubbard. By comparison to 'Free Jazz', 'Ascension' features a much expanded "front line", with two altos, three tenors, and two trumpeters.


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Previously released in 1973 on the Smash label with different title and tracklisting, Sonar Music Editions reissue Rino De Filippi's library music set 'Riflessi' (right title, right tracklisting). It's a stand-out Italian library album, chock-a-block with keyboard-laden moods and grooves. The record features down-tempo funk and groovy retro synth electronics with hints of prog and lounge breaks. The sleeve features that Italian library music favourite, the Farfalla butterfly. Nice.

One of the most rare Italian library records, originally released on the Edipan label back in 1977. OG copies are available, but you'll have to shell out £200+ for a copy. Thanks therefore to Sonar Music Editions for this official reissue.

What we have here is a Remigio Ducros and Luciano Simoncini (Arawak, Jason Black etc) sure shot. A fantastic record for those who are into the classic Simoncini / Ducros sound. Very reminiscent of the "Accadde A" and Jason Black recordings. What you can expect is tightly knitted and compressed drums, stoned flute sections, blasting horns, Fender Rhodes piano, heavy basslines and that signature spacey wah wah guitar and cosmic fuzz distortion. An inspired musical interpretation of mid '70s young America with spacey funk breaks and strung-out Italian sounds of the period. Woah!

Welcome to the king of underwater Italian library music! This is Fabio "Fabor" Borgazzi's 'Aquarium', a totally amazing underwater modal jazz / lounge album originally released in 1980. It features loads of vintage electronic keyboards, marine echoes, whirling organs, weird sub-aquatic synthesizers, jazzy drumming, all creating a dreamy soundscape. This record is a Holy Grail of Italian library music, with OG copies fetching £60+ on Discogs etc.

Gabor Szabo

The Sorcerer - Back To Black Edition

Gabor Szabo's quintet featuring Jimmy Stewart was one of the Hungarian guitarist's very best units. Live performances like this, recorded at Boston's Jazz Workshop, document some of the excitement the group stirred in 1967-1968. The playing seems inspired, and the interplay within the group is something to behold - even when performing lightweight tunes like "The Beat Goes On."


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Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

United - Back To Black Edition

"'United' was the first of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell's three LPs, and quite possibly the best of the lot. Harvey Fuqua and Johnny Bristol handled the productions and gave the photogenic duo a slightly harder edge than subsequent productions by Valerie Simpson and Nickolas Ashford. Three blockbusters - "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," "If I Could Build My World Around You," and "Your Precious Love" - propelled the album to number 29 on the pop charts, the highest rating of any of the duo's LPs. Plus, you had treats like "Little Ole Boy, Little Ole Girl," a remake of Loe & Joe's little-known release on Fuqua's Harvey Records in 1962. "Two Can Have a Party" grooves from start to finish and could have been the fourth hit, but Motown thought otherwise. I like the duo's rendition of "Hold Me Oh My Darling," a song Tammi first recorded on her solo album; the stuttering chorus and bass backing voice makes it unique. You won't find two better ballads than "Give a Little Love" or the often-recorded "If This World Were Mine"; written by Marvin Gaye, the starry-eyed proclamation has become an R&B standard, and rightfully so." - All Music


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Marvin Gaye

That's The Way Love Is - Back To Black Edition

"The title cut was another Gaye classic, while much of the other material was equally impressive. Gaye was beginning to become disillusioned with Motown, but that hadn't affected his album output or his singing." - All Music


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Manchester has produced some of the UK's greatest rock bands from Joy Division to the Stone Roses, but it isn't just the indie scene that thrives here, from the likes of Jon Thorne and Stuart McCallum to the Beats & Pieces Big Band and trumpeter Matthew Halsall, Manchester's jazz scene has produced some of the UK's brightest and most original jazz groups. Now with its eighth release Matthew Halsall's Manchester based Gondwana record label shines a light on another of Manchester's expansive, brilliant piano trio GoGo Penguin. Featuring pianist Chris Illingworth, bassist Grant Russell and drummer Rob Turner (all still in their twenties), GoGo Penguin, draw on a heady brew of influences from Aphex Twin to Brian Eno, Debussy to Shostakovich and Massive Attack to EST.


LP Info: First time on vinyl!

Johnny Hartman

I Just Dropped By To Say Hello - Back To Black Edition

The second Impulse! session for ballad singer Johnny Hartman followed his classic collaboration with John Coltrane. Hartman is heard in peak form throughout these 11 pieces, which include "In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning," "Sleepin' Bee," "Stairway to the Stars," and even "Charade." Tenor saxophonist Illinois Jacquet is on five of the songs, guitarists Kenny Burrell and Jim Hall help out on a few tunes, and Hartman is consistently accompanied by pianist Hank Jones, bassist Milt Hinton, and drummer Elvin Jones. This is one of his finest recordings.


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Keith Jarrett

Treasure Island - Back To Black Edition

'Treasure Island' is the second album on the Impulse label by jazz pianist Keith Jarrett. Originally released in 1974, it features performances by Jarrett, Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden, Paul Motian, and Danny Johnson. Jarrett had perhaps heard some records in his day, particularly from the Atlantic catalog, and he put that spin on this melody, which incorporates groove, repetitive and circular rhythm, and a songlike melodic structure with minimal improvisation -- though his own fills are quite stunning and deep in the pulse pocket.


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Yusef Lateef

Psychicemotus - Back To Black Edition

"'Psychicemotus' was released in 1965 and features Yusef Lateef on various flutes and tenor saxophone, Georges Arvanitas on piano, bassist Reggie Workman, and drummer James Black. And while the Coltrane era of modal and free jazz was in full swing, Lateef always followed his own muse, and continued looking forward while looking back to ancient musics. His use of bamboo and Chinese wood flutes on the title track and "Bamboo Flute Blues" added not only dimension and texture, but rhythmic invention to standard jazz forms. Yet his readings of Jerome Kern's and Oscar Hammerstein's "Why Do I Love You," on which he plays tenor, swings elegantly while incorporating both hard bop and angular outside playing in his solo." - All Music


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Johnny Pate

You're Starting Too Fast / You Can't Even Walk In The Park

Two rare and highly sought after cuts from the legendary Johnny Pate offered up on the 45. "You're Starting Too Fast" is not only a guaranteed classic, but also promises to raise the temperature on the dancefloor. From the aggressive duelling guitar and flute intro to the high-end Hammond work, it's close to a perfect arrangement of sounds that now seem lost in the digital age. The slightly more complex "You Can't Even Walk In The Park" calls in the classic 70s horns and swinging beat that revolutionized the musical era. Giving more individual character to an instrumental than you will hear anywhere else, it's another dancefloor filler that'll take a set to the next level whether you're spinning funk and soul or hip-hop and breaks. An essential tool for a good party!

Rocchi - Godi - Chiarosi


Absolutely one of the best Oscar Rocchi's Italian jazz pianist library music LPs. The albukm was also released on the Music Scene label under the title "Jungle Birds" with same matrix number. "Pop-Paraphrenia..." is an incredible album with totally killer jazz-funk vibes featuring an outstanding Tullio de Piscopo drumming session. Oscar Rocchi at Fender Rhodes and organ accompained by his strict colleague Giancarlo Barigozzi on flute and soprano sax. This fantastic album features the best jazz-funk, funky and jazzy breaks on side A and stellar experimental avant garde jazz sounds on side B - you can see why many of the tracks were used in 1972 and 1973 for Italian TV show theme songs. Psychedelic and moody, as beautiful as as it is ultra RARE in its original 1972 Fonovideo label edition.

Pharoah Sanders

Karma - Back To Black Edition

"Pharoah Sanders' third album as a leader is the one that defines him as a musician to the present day. After the death of Coltrane, while there were many seeking to make a spiritual music that encompassed his ideas and yearnings while moving forward, no one came up with the goods until Sanders on this 1969 date. There are only two tracks on 'Karma', the 32-plus minute "The Creator Has a Master Plan" and the five-and-a-half-minute "Colours." The band is one of Sanders' finest, and features vocalist Leon Thomas, drummer Billy Hart, Julius Watkins, James Spaulding, a pre-funk Lonnie Liston Smith, Richard Davis, Reggie Workman on bass, and Nathaniel Bettis on percussion. "Creator" begins with a quote from "A Love Supreme," with a nod to Coltrane's continuing influence on Sanders. But something else emerges here as well: Sanders' own deep commitment to lyricism and his now inherent knowledge of Eastern breathing and modal techniques." - All Music


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Killer Italian library music LP from the Fabio Fabor's Edizioni Musicali Minstrel offshoot label Ring, featuring music by Carlo Savina and his orchestra. Amazingly good, and still underrated, electronic panoramic lounge sounds spaced out by jazz-funk and dope funk breaks, fantastic electronic underwater effects. Music inspired by sea islands for a total lounge aqua-trip. The best cut on the album, the stunning "Canaries", opens with a solo bassline before adding Fender Rhodes piano, sweeping strings and retro synth work.

St Germain

Tourist - Remastered Edition

Long before the likes of Daft Punk and Air, Ludovic Navarre, better known as St Germain was breaking new ground as one of the original French dance artists. "Tourist", first released in April 2000, is his now legendary Blue Note debut album that went on to sell over 2.8 million copies worldwide. For the first time "Tourist" is now available fully remastered. The critically acclaimed electronic / jazz fusion album is a perfectly formed deep-house voyage, taking the listener through blends of jazz, blues, Latin and hip-hop."'Tourist" is a must have for any dance or jazz music collection. The album transcends the ages and sounds as relevant and fresh today as it did on release, rightly staking a claim as a true modern classic. Includes the brilliant single "Rose Rouge".

Sun Ra

Space Is The Place - Back To Black Edition

The soundtrack to the legendary Space Is The Place movie featuring some of Sun Ra's most adventurous and uncompromising compositions ever: vocal chants, harsh synthesizer and organ blasts along with film dialogue, heavy percussion and just all around weirdness. Featuring front cover design by Curtis Schreier (a founding member of the Ant Farm art collective). An amazing, and important piece from the extensive Sun Ra catalogue and a must have for Sun Ra and avant-garde cinema collectors alike.


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Various Artists

Czech Up! Vol 1: Chain Of Fools

    First volume of Vampisoul's new series "Czech Up!", which compiles 60s and 70s gems from the vaults of the Supraphon and Panton labels from the former Czechoslovakia.

    Freakbeat, fuzz-soul, pop, jazz-funk, garage rock, psych… all that and more is contained within these 25 tracks, wonderfully produced and now carefully remastered, many of them never reissued before. 

    Back in stock. The soundtrack from Quentin Tarantino's third feature is a sublime collection of soul classics, eclectic cuts and dialogue snippets. Includes tracks from Bobby Womack, Minnie Riperton, Johnny Cash, Pam Grier, The Delfonics, Bill Withers and more! We thought this had long gone, but one of our US distributors managed to get their hands on a few copies. A worthy album both as a collection of great records and a piece of film memrobilia.


    LP Info: Yellow vinyl edition.

    The original Torch building, on Hose Street in Tunstall, Stoke On Trent, dated back to 1824, when it started out life as a church before becoming a roller-skating arena and then a cinema. It was finally bought by local entrepreneur Chris Burton in 1965 who turned it into a cabaret club promoting star turns of the day. It wasn’t until 1969 that a regular soul night began, hosted by budding DJ Keith Minshull. By 1972 the all-nighters had taken over establishing the Torch as the country’s No.1 northern (Midlands?) soul venue.

    Outta Sight continue their club-themed vinyl compilation series with a set featuring legendary northern soul tracks from the playlist of ground breaking soul jocks Keith Minshull, Johnny Beggs, Colin Curtis, Alan Day et al at the Golden Torch. An important collection from the club that forged the sound track to northern soul.

    The sleeve image features a photo from the time Major Lance played the club: “The greatest reaction the club has ever given is to Major Lance, 9th December 1972. That was the night he recorded the ‘live’ album of his greatest hits: it was also the night that he broke the existing gate record. There were almost as many people outside trying to get in as there were inside.” - Chris Burton.

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