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Genre pick of the week Cover of We Gettin' Down / The Power And The Glory by Weldon Irvine.

Weldon Irvine

We Gettin' Down / The Power And The Glory

Athens Of The North presents the second of two 45s from a true musical genius, Weldon Irvine. Following 'I Love You' on the boogie-based parent label, the fledgling Owl Of Athens comes with a jazzier angle. This 45 features two classic sides taken from Irvine's album 'Spirit Man', released in 1974 on RCA. Surprisingly neither tracks have been issued on 45 despite being spun on many scenes since the early 80s. 'We Gettin' Down' is a sophisticated synth and strings jazz-funk masterpiece which features a killer vocal and mucho percussion. Sublime. The flip 'The Power and the Glory' is a jazz-dance monster if the highest order. Blasting horns, a syncopated piano line and playing so exuberant it that feels like the band might fall right off the edge. Essential.

Miles Davis

Tutu - Deluxe Vinyl Edition

30 years ago, in May and June 1985, Miles Davis signed with Warner Bros Records, shocking the music world by leaving Columbia. He immediately started working on an album to be called 'Perfect Way', named after a tune by Scritti Politti, but later renamed 'Tutu' by producer Tommy LiPuma. When 'Tutu' (a tribute to Desmond Tutu) was released in 1986, it re-ignited Miles Davis’ career, winning him two Grammy Awards. The record reflected the 80s, just as Herbie’s 'Rockit' did. That meant keyboards, sequencing, dub effects, drum machines and tonalities that often had the brightness and sharpness of the Fairlight era. This album was a key factor in raising Davis’ status to an international superstar.

This deluxe double LP edition includes:
• The remastered original album
• An extra LP of live performances by the Miles Davis Octet of the Nice Jazz Festival of 1986 only available on the CD version of 'Tutu Deluxe'.
• The packaging is a replica of the original vinyl album, including stickers, LP labels, Irving Penn’s beautiful and iconic photographs
• All this on 180g double vinyl!

Alt-R&B / wonky-soul duo Electric Wire Hustle get the refix treatment on this Somethinksounds four tracker. Yoruba Soul, aka Osunlade arrives at the studio first and gives 'By & Bye' a typically afro-spiritual overhaul - much percussion, minimal piano, EWH emotive vox. Flako is on hand to provide a tumbling Latin-jazz-dance rework of 'Bottom Line'. Seven Davis Jr does his rough, organic, analogue house thing with 'Look In The Sky' - a proper energised boost with soul. Eliphino closes proceedings with a bouncy garage remix of 'If These Are The Last Days'.

DJ Support Gilles Peterson, Benji B, Alexander Nut, Jamie Jones, Altern-8, A Taut Line, Ossie, dOP, Chateu Flight, Deetron, Jimpster, Reboot, Kyodai, Jim Baron (Crazy P), Bill Brewster, Severino and many more.


12" Info: Full picture sleeve.

Athens Of The North keep up their relentless schedule of essential reissues with this storming release which puts two deep disco classics on 45 for the first time ever. Not only are these two blinders personal favourites of label head DJ Fryer, but also Theo Parrish who extended and upended both tracks way back when for his Ugly Edit series. GQ stood for Good Quality, and those guys weren't messing around, notching up a fair few top ten hits and a wealth of underground dancefloor bangers throughout their 70s output. From the word go, "Lies" has you hooked, boasting an irresistible bassline, scratchy guitars and hot horns, which soon lead into the melancholic organ line and lovelorn vocals. On the flip, "Is It Cool" rocks another dope bassline alongside rhythmic soulful piano and rising horns, keeping things deep and tense through the verses before bursting into life at the chorus. This release, featuring a perfect new master from Sony, cut loud and lively at the Timmion lab in Finland sees the two classics sounding better than ever. Get ready to get down!


David says: As featured on Theo Parrish's Ugly Edit series (number 7 fact fans). This. Is. A. Bomb.

Leroy 'Ace' Miller

Hook Me / Sneak Previews

Leroy 'Ace' Miller was born and raised in Macon, Georgia, home ground for the careers of Otis Redding, James Brown and Little Richard. After coming very close to securing his place in Macon music history back in the 80s with"Teacher”, released by the indie California label Marina Sound, he hit the studio to look for that big break again. The following year, Marina Sound boss, Ron Patton began a new label Baywest and immediately came back to Ace for two more sides. "Hook Me" is a fast paced dancefloor soul cut in the same vein as (aka 'lifts wholesale') Prince's "I Wanna Be Your Lover", but with more low fi appeal, raw passion and angling allegories. On the flipside "Sneak Previews" goes a little deeper, marrying dancefloor energy with emotive lyrics and moody melodies to keep the mind, body and soul occupied. Nowadays, Leory 'Ace' Miller is an Attorney in Macon Georgia and spends every spare minute writing and recording in his home studio.

Joni Mitchell

Court And Spark

"Court And Spark" completed Joni Mitchell's transition from folk-singer to sophisticated rock auteur. In addition to her meticulously crafted melodies and evocative, image-rich lyrics, the songs here are breezy and immediately appealing. This is in part due to Tom Scott's L.A. Express, a sinuous jazz-based combo, but also to Mitchell's knack for pop hooks, which abound on "Court And Spark". The album's accessibility made it Mitchell's most commercially successful, yet the personal intensity and insight of her songwriting never wavers.

"Help Me" was a hit single, as was "Free Man in Paris", an expansive pop frolic that is reputedly a dig at industry mogul David Geffen. Mitchell returns to the terrain of piano balladry on "The Same Situation" and "Down to You;" yet even on these, as on the excellent social satire "People's Parties", one can hear the influence of jazz on her vocal phrasing and intonations. The rock & roll romp "Raised on Robbery" and the bluesy, comic swing of "Twisted" mix things up a bit, showing the artist's increasing ability to master and manipulate any form. "Court And Spark" is one of Mitchell's finest albums, confirming her standing - at long last - as one of the most important and subtle talents of the rock era.


Andy says: With songs as unbelievably good as "Help Me" and "Free Man In Paris", this has to be one of Joni Mitchell's most gorgeous albums. Come on: get Joniated!

Piscean Group originally formed as part of an astrological union founding members and initial line up Sir Robert & Osunlade share. Since the group's conception, Osunlade has created an open coalition of musicians from his childhood home St Louis. As an open forum, the group has no real members and is a voice for all writers, musicians and performers alike. The non-credit of participants gives the group's identity a backseat to the sheer pleasure of the music. This debut long player is intended as a soundtrack to an, as yet, unmade film. With an open landscape and no actual movie to score, the group’s imagination was allowed to go from soft to hard groove, and throw in a few cameo performances from Osunlade and rising LA pianist Daniel Crawford. Cinematic jazz, spiritual broken beat, deep, dreamy downbeat sounds abound. This movement proves to be the start of a long musical journey. Whether a Pisces or not, this will set your mood and elevate your spirit.

The legendary Clarence Reid has long been a towering figure over black music for almost 50 years! Even if you're not instantly familiar with his name you have 100% heard some of the man's music... He's produced, played for, written for, and performed with, endless amounts of legendary artists in his career, he is simply put, a legend.

Hand picked from TK Disco's vaults, this 1973 LP was released on TK's sister label Alston and features Reid's own unique brand of music from start to finish. Often sampled and edited by many contemporary DJ's and producers, the sounds on this obscure LP are timeless, if you dig deep soul funk or R&B and you're not down with Clarence this is the perfect place to start.

"Like Running Water" is a bit of a rarity these days so it's about time the LP got a legit re-issue. Remastered and re-released with the original Alston artwork and labels, it's great to see the album back on the shelves! Don't believe what you read or hear, this re-issue has been done with Joe Stone / TK Disco's total co-operation, bringing some soul back into your lives for 2015...

Our hero, Jo Tongo was born and raised in Douala Cameroon. In 1964 he headed off to Paris to begin Pharmaceutical studies. Somewhere along the way the music in his soul eventually won out and he embarked on a life of music. In 1968 his first single "Dig It Babe" released under his Jojo L'Explosif alias. A few more singles followed, as did regular appearances, contributions and productions with (fellow Camerounian) Manu Dibango, Tala AM, Manfred Ebanda and others throughout the 70s.

In 1977 the stars in Jo's timeline all aligned when he produced and recorded his debut self titled "Jo Tongo" for the Fiesta label. Recorded in both French and his native Duala language, it is a perfect example of 70s funk meeting afrobeat with African folk styles and flavors. Produced with legendary Parisian funk / disco / afro soundman Slim Pezin the album oozes style, quality, fine musicianship and is full of instantly memorable songs.

The album opens up with stunningly catchy "Jangolo". It's a perfect introduction to Jo's awesomely funky bass guitar. Slim adds layers of percussive "jangly" guitar and the track is underpinned by African drums, funky stabs and 70s nascent synthesiser string machines. Tracks such as a "Kiele" and "Boso Bongo" highlight Jo's Cameroonian roots. While dancefloor stompers such as "Piani" and "A'Muna" sounds more relavent and current today than possibly they did in 1977. The album also includes plenty of swagger with the boogie-style afro swingers "Ewande" and "Muasa Loko".

The "Jangolo" track was a highlight of the recent Africa Seven debut release "African Airways Volume 1: (Funk Connection 1972-1979). To Follow that up Africa Seven are proud to repress the debut Jo Tongo album in its full glory.

Jo now spends his time between Paris and New York. He is a social media and Internet wizard (buzz him up!) and is currently working on new material.

Jeanie Tracy

Can I Come Over And Play With You Tonight / Hot (For Your Love)

As the Athens Of The North onslaught continues,  Jeanie Tracy's rarest and best 12" release has been re-mastered and resized down into a perfectly formed soul 45. Produced by the late, great Harvey Fuqua, "Can I Come Over And Play With You Tonight" almost ended up on Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" LP, but Jeanie wanted to keep it for her next single, trusting its quality and class to shine through and hit the charts. Sadly, the cloth eared masses ignored the cut and slipped through the net, falling into near obscurity. Thankfully, DJ Fryer has served up this superb reissue to bring the joyful, bold and buoyant boogie sound to the masses, enriching many a dancefloor experience for a long time to come. On the flip "Hot" a pumping erotic boogie banger with backing from "The Play Boys"....Maurice Mo Long, Michael Brown, Herman Harper Jr. Solid and tight. What a package!

Jeanie Tracy

Making New Friends / Trippin' On The Sounds

Athens of the North hit us with some proper Jeanie Tracy magic here, serving up a sweet reissue of her first and finest single "Making New Friends". Cut for Marvin Holmes' Oakland-based Brown Door Records around 1975, this blinder was to become a rare groove and northern soul anthem of the highest order, keeping demand so consistent that this record has rarely dipped below the $1000 mark. What has generally been overlooked though is that the flip "Trippin' On The Sounds" is a huge deep funk spin in desperate need of major club spins. Remastered at Timmion for world beating sound, this reissue is the real deal!

Tuxedo is Mayer Hawthorne (Aquarius) and Jake One (Taurus). They are descendants of the one-word moniker family of funk, where you will find such groups as Chic, Change, Loose Ends, Shalamar and Zapp. Tuxedo emerged last year with three tracks of smooth, synth-heavy disco-boogie / electro-funk accompanied by no information about the group except a greeting: “Tuxedo is here! Stay classy.” Multi-platinum recording artist Pitbull loved the tracks so much he used one of them on his album 'Global Warming: Meltdown'.The duo is excited to release the upcoming album on Stones Throw Records, which also marks Mayer’s return to the label since the release of his debut 'A Strange Arrangement' in 2009.

From the mid-50s to the early 60s, R&B belonged not just to men with guitars, but to women who sang with hungry voices on stages and in studios across the US. Their roots were planted in the blues of Ma Rainey, Mamie Smith, Ida Fox and Bessie Smith, the gospel of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the jazz of Billie Holiday and Dinah Washington. Their legacy lies in the recordings collected on 'Ain’t Gonna Hush' by journalist (Mojo, Record Collector) and R&B authority Lois Wilson.

Selected because of their collectability and popularity on the club scene, the 76 tracks on the 3CD set 'Ain’t Gonna Hush' include contributions by crowned queens of soul Etta James and Aretha Franklin, and other luminaries like Big Maybelle, Ruth Brown, Little Esther, LaVern Baker and Betty Everett. But lesser-known names are also well represented, whose recordings, like most of the songs collected here, sold poorly, but fetch huge prices today. Their lack of success was not due to ability, performance or quality of songwriting; every artist here (including Kentucky-born rockabilly musician Joyce Harris) shouts, screams and hollers as if their lives depend on it, every song is perfectly crafted. But due to bad luck, lack of promotion or simply the fact that with a market flooded with choice, the competition was tough and these 45s fell through the cracks. Here those unfortunate turns of fate are redressed with a collection that compiles the forgotten alongside the famed. Ain’t Gonna Hush reasserts the eminence of revered voices and proposes the coronation of a larger cast of R&B Queens.

Also available on 32-track limited edition 2LP vinyl, with an illustrated, annotated insert.

Far Out's iconic 'Brazilika' series encapsulates the absolute paramount of Brazilian music. Celebrating landmark years of Far Out Recordings, previous editions in the series have seen exceptional, globally celebrated compilations from Kenny Dope, Giles Peterson, 4Hero and Andy Votel.

To mark the label's twentieth year, label boss Joe Davis has lovingly brought together his own retrospective of Far Out's most stunningly immersive music, illuminating the virtuosity of this host of Brazilian brilliance.

Mukatsuku come through with the big tunes on this handy little 45, hitting us with not one, but two rare classics certain to please your ears. On the A-side, Sharon Revoal's "Reaching For Our Star", a massive play for Gilles Peterson, Floating Points and Four Tet, is a sulty, soulful and funky slow motion groover that originally dropped on Forte records back in 1980. Now it's back again to get the crowds dancing and romancing all over again. On the flipside, The Swan Silvertones drop the funkiest gospel single going, "If You Believe Your God Is Dead (Try Mine)". Originally out on the US label HOB back in the early 70s, this raw and raucous spiritual funk jam hits harder than a disgraced preacher after too much communion wine. Massive!

The rawest, DIY gospel ever resurrected. The West Side of Chicago was just an annex of the deep rural South for Gene Autry Cash and his flock of recent Old Dominion transplants looking to cut their fiery, unadorned sounds indelibly to plastic. His Jade label absorbed those God-fearing artists: family bands with wailing kids and barely amateur groups sourced from local parishes, infused with reverberations of country and western and deep soul. Glinting authenticity shines from every track on Numero Group's Saved And Sanctified: Songs Of The Jade Label like a diamond in the unpolished rough - each group completely convinced that salvation comes through song.

Cultures of Soul is proud to release the highly anticpated follow-up to the widely successful "Tropical Disco Hustle" compilation, an album full of rare disco tunes that exude a Caribbean flavour. This volume takes us back to Trinindad and Jamaica and sends us on a few new adventures in St. Lucia and Guadeloupe. Three tracks by Wild Fire including “The Dealer,” as well as two other classic disco tracks, “Dance With Me” and “Try Making Love,” can be heard on this new compilation. The album also features two killer disco workouts by the Tru Tones, “Dancing” and “Let’s Party,” with the latter having been heavily influenced by the Jacksons. Both tracks are rare and in demand by DJs and record collectors alike. Also featured here is an excellent cover of Chanson’s “Don’t Hold Back” by reggae legend Derrick Harriott, and the under-the-radar, African-influenced disco tune “Caribean People” by Camille Hildevert. This album was compiled and researched by Deano Sounds, with edits by french DJ-extraordinary Waxist Selecta and legnedary UK disco DJ Al Kent.

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