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Genre pick of the week Cover of The Seven Movements - US Import Edition by BE (Garth Be).

BE (Garth Be)

The Seven Movements - US Import Edition

In the mystical cycles of the sonic universe, every so often Manchester conjures up, seemingly from nowhere, an absolutely mind blowing LP; up there with anyone else the world over. Following in the footsteps of Moodymann's "Black Mahogany", Trus'me's "Working Nights", Floating Points' "Shadows" and more recently, Kyle Hall's "Boat Party" and llum Sphere's "Ghost's Of Them And Now", we have this expansive, full-vision of sound presented by our fair city's very own Garth Be. I don't make these comparisons lightly, but it's rare that something quite so perfect reaches our shop - and it's with great honour that I write these notes. "Marquis" opens with delightfully radiant pads and glowing licks that wrap around a bouncy, disjointed groove which Kyle Hall would be proud of. "Dreamline" retains that jazzy bounce and bright, optimistic keyboard work; joining the esteemed ranks of Vakula and all the aforementioned cats when it comes to sophisticated organic sound palettes. Then he flips the script. "Don't Want" is a PERFECTLY constructed MPC jam which should have Andres wetting his pants and Theo scratching his head. So onto the B-side and "Housekeysonbrandy" moves towards a 2AM dancefloor, rolling a tough mechanical train wreck across deep aquatic pads. The perfect pairing of hard edged tension coupled with blissful release. Smoothly inserting another smoky sample from the archives of Afro-American heritage. "Monday Club / Tuesday Nite" is possibly the elevated 'top ring of the pyramid', and aptly titled "On and On" - you won't want this beauty to end. Simple but ridiculously infectious, think "JB's Edit" on Theo’s SS001 - it really is that good. "GYB3" is the celestial workout you've been waiting for, and oh so perfectly timed! It's like Garth's some cosmic shaman, guiding us through our trip like a seasoned galactic explorer. In his own words - 'find your place in the cosmos and unwind your mind!' I felt like I'd been on a 250mics acid trip by the end of this track. Finally we have the most delectable of outro's with "Teakayo" - again working the MPC like Shane Warne works the reverse swing. Leaving you desperate for more, BE keeps things painfully tight and succinct, not a single groove on the record is wasted, and at least three of the tracks could well be extended across a whole side of a twelve inch. It's that Madlib-styled intensity which cuts each track at its very peak, keeping you riding the wave till the very end, with absolutely no room for boredom. Unrivalled.


Matt says: Anyone who's been pecking my bill recently will know how excited I've been about this dropping. The next beacon of light in Manchester's long musical heritage. **New US pressing on 180g vinyl and in hand-painted sleeve**


Ltd LP Info: *SUPER LIMITED* 300 180g, numbered copies - no repress. Individually hand painted sleeves by RICHARD HARRIS (Oi Polloi) and Garth Be. Logo design inspired by Rachel Dargave-Leafe.
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A lost boogie / disco-funk masterpiece providing another glimpse into the genius mind of Slave founding-member Steve Washington and the Brides Of Funkenstein / P-Funk singer Sheila Horne Brody. 'Somebody' is lifted from a previously unreleased Aurra album originally recorded for Quincy Jones’ Qwest imprint in 1984. Slap bass, electro-funk heavy synths, Linn drums, sultry vocals… this is boogie at its finest!

Spread over two 45s (original vocal + instro versions on the first 7"), on 7"#2 nu-boogie's finest Dam-Funk adds a bit of dirt and grime by putting his signature 'Re-Freak' on the track. A confirmation from Los Angeles’ Ambassador of Boogie Funk that this is in fact the the un-cut funk and nothing but the funk.

Among the manifold musical innovations occured in recent years, one of the trends both in Europe and in USA is to set up ensemble devoted to improvisation. These bands show similarities in their rich expressions, but could nonetheless be pigeonholed in two great families: one directly coming from the jazz tradition and one of a more intellectual kind, connected with contemporary classical music.

These trends had been deeply analysed by Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, aka The Group, aka The Feed-Back, whose bold approach to music, more linked with current tendencies, placed them at the forefront of the Beat scene. The name of the ensemble, The Feed-Back, is noteworthy: a word coming from the cutting edge science of cybernetics communicates to the public the idea of a contemporary reality, almost physical in its essence.

A feed-back is a device that enables an effect to counteract on its causes, achieving this way a given goal, as our body does when it regulates automatically our actions according to their ends. This mechanism underlies the improvisation - a special circuit whose action adjusts and fine-tunes the energy of each single musician in relation to the others.

The mechanism of feed-back transcends the inner dynamics of improvisation and aims to extend its action to the listeners, enabling another feed-back circuit, now between the band and the public. This purpose is sought hrough unusual and disrupting stimulations such as the loss of traditional melodic lines, the introduction of noise in the musical discourse and a deconstructive approach which reduces vocals to the essence leaving only a few basic rhythmic elements as a blueprint that still characterises this music as Beat. Within this avantgarde context the band feels at ease thanks to its innovating spirit and is projected in a fertile future.

For now they invite us to listen to evocative titles like “The Feed-Back”, “Kumâlo” and “Quasars” - aptly chosen for a public ready to discover them, a public capable to understand how this band overcame current musical structures like psychedelic music or underground's timorous attempts with a sound closer to our times that we could name.

When Etta James passed away in early 2012, the tributes and plaudits flooded in the world over. Gone forever was the soul diva and legend, the peerless and seemingly indomitable, screaming, bawling R&B siren who had seen off several near death experiences with dangerous substances and even more dangerous men. As the music world mourned, the question still remained - did Etta really receive her dues during her life? That recent interest in her career probably peaked when portrayed onscreen by a certain Beyonce Knowles in the Chess biopic 'Cadillac Records' would suggest the answer is no. This short and sweet set of six songs spread across three 45rpm records captures various key snapshots and key moments in Etta's early career. Included are the sexy R&B anthem 'I Just Want To Make Love To You', the song that came to spark her adult career into a new direction and lifespan and became her signature: 'At Last', ballads like 'Seven Day Fool', R&B rocker 'Something's Got A Hold On Me', gems like 'Spoonful' and 'It's A Crying Shame'.

The Mighty Mocambos With Afrika Bambaataa

Hot Stuff

An outstanding exclusive 45 from the ongoing killer collaboration of the Mighty Mocambos and Afrika Bambaataa, who deliver a surprising cover version of the Rolling Stones’ 1976 single “Hot Stuff” (from the album ‘Black & Blue’).

While the Jagger / Richards-penned original vaguely flirts with the disco-funk sound of the era, this rework out funks it in true and inventive Mocambo style, bringing the song closer to its intial inspiration and stretching it further out into a banging street funk jam. Afrika Bambaataa makes you wonder who the funk Mick Jagger is, and fellow Zulu Nation members Charlie Funk and Deejay Snoop top it all up with P-funk-style vocals and talkbox. The jam continues on the flipside with an exclusive part 2 including more beats, breaks and helium voices.

The Shaolin Afronauts

Follow The Path

The driving force of The Shaolin Afronuats is Adelaide-based Ross McHenry, composer, bandleader, producer and bassist. The band also includes co-collaborators Lachlan Ridge and Dylan Marshall, and It is their combined musical tastes, impeccable production and instrumental skills that always result in music that is original, unexpected and quite beautiful.

'Follow The Path' is a 21 track double CD that expands upon and delves further into the musical genres that inspire and influence the group - rhythmic and pulsating afro-beat, and the avant-garde / spiritual jazz inspired by artists such as Sun Ra and Mulatu Astatke.

One superb example of the band's style is 'Ojo Abameta', a frenetic percussive number, built on a bed of amazing percussion and topped off with some deeply sweet ensemble horns which acts as a curtain raiser for this incredible album. The end result is reminiscent of African hi-life. The albums title track 'Follow The Path' uses afro-beat as a template, but with strong funk undercurrents, as the insistent beat underpins the beautiful ensemble horns and bubbling analogue synth sounds to dramatic and hypnotic effect.

In contrast, the second CD/LP emphasises The Shaolin Afronauts more experimental and introspective side. As an example, the three part suite 'Outside Beyond/Three Ways Back' is a musical journey that takes the listener through many musical moods and textures; this is deep, spiritually rooted music that locates the band almost in a genre of their very own - having such an original and individual approach and sound.

Willie West & The High Society Brothers

Down On Lovers Road / Who's Fooling Who (She's So Wise)

Right on the toes of his upcoming album "Lost Soul", Timmion comes through with new single from Willie West, the living testament to New Orleans soul history.

"Down On Lovers Road" is a gloomy slow-burner, which will please the friends of "Devil Gives Me Everything", the underground hit West released with The High Society Bothers few years back.

The funky and superbly soulful "Who's Fooling Who (She's So Wise)", gets a new fresh issue here as instrumental by the High Society Brothers Band. Track was initially put out a couple of years ago as vocal version "She's So Wise".

Willie West is a NOLA soul veteran is behind classic hidden gems, such as "Just Having Fun", "Farchild" and "Willie Knows How". These tracks should appeal to all soul & funk aficionados and especially people, who like their soul toned dark and hard as nails.

James White & The Blacks

Off White

    Wisconsin native, James Siegfried (aka James Chance & James White), dropped out of the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music in 1976 and hightailed it straight to New York City, where he quickly immersed himself in both the robust free jazz scene, and the burgeoning No Wave/post-punk scene. Quite the diverse and layered musician, James studied under sax legend David Murray while simultaneously forming No Wave legends Teenage Jesus & The Jerks with then girlfriend Lydia Lunch. Drawing huge influences from James Brown and Ornette Coleman, James formed The Contortions in late ’77. They burned fast and strong and were broken up by 1980 but not before releasing two seminal pieces of No Wave, Buy and this album, under the pseudonym of James White & The Blacks. Every bit as strong an album as its predecessor, Off White belongs in any self-respecting No Wave / NYC post-punk collection. An absolute stone classic back in print on LP.

    If y'all like funk, you gon' love Double Trunk. This edit outfit are bustin loose out the hood with a whole lotta good, hard, sweet and nasty ass funk for you to blaze up to. On the A-side of this deep and dope debut, our Funkateers hit us with one dish served two ways as we head into the deep green nebula of "The Alien". Part 1 locks us into a red hot jazz funk groove powered by some serious bass action that's way ahead of its time. Repping sharp drums, hypnotic keys and stargazing effects, this mofo's got it going on. Part 2 on the other hand lays low on the seismic bass riffing, pushing killer guitar work to the fore for a light and sweet affair better suited to the jazz-funkers among you. On the flipside, our elephantine friends blast us straight into the middle of a dancefloor moment courtesy of the uptempo rhythm of "Reachin' Out". This fine slab of peak time disco-funk gets your motor running with hot horn licks, scratchy guitars and a killer b-line before blowing you away wit mindbending moog noodles. Add a dubbed out vocal to the party and things are sure to go off. Triple funk from the Double Trunk, you dig?

    La Escollera is a wonderful family-run restaurant on Es Cavallet beach, in the middle of the Ses Salines natural reserve. This breathtakingly beautiful stretch of coast is bordered by a small pine forest just past the salt lakes that give neighbouring Las Salinas beach its name. A short walk around the tip of the coast reveals deserted, untouched rocky outcrops with secluded caves, and none of the seaweed that swamps other sections of the coastline. This is the other side of Ibiza, the side that rarely courts the press but makes the island one of the most beautiful places in the world.

    La Escollera is owned by Dani González, the son of the Spanish actor Gaspar 'Indio' González, who has been serving delicious food on the island for the past two decades.

    Gavin Kendrick has been playing on the terrace which is at the side of the restaurant for several summers, and the space allows him to spin jazz, folk, rare groove, hip hop, house and soul, to quote him; 'this special time on the island is perfect for really getting inside your music collection, airing the B-sides and album tracks that rarely otherwise get their chance to shine'.

    NuNorthern Soul label owner 'Phat' Phil Cooper, no stranger to Ibiza, was invited to play the festive season of 2013 / 2014 and immediately fell in love with the venue and the fact he could play across the board, delving deep into his collection of rare and wonderful music picked up from years of extensive travelling.

    For this double disc compilation, the two DJs get a disc each to showcase some favourites from La Escollera terrace. The set includes tracks and mixes from Ron Basejam, Smith & Mudd, Marcos Valle, BJ Smith, Mo Kolours, Steve Cobby, Andras Fox, Elephant, The Decoders, Xantone Blacq, Michael Boothman, Uku Kuut, Headland plus more.

    Various Artists

    Northern Soul: The Soundtrack

      In one of the most anticipated releases of the year, Harmless issue the soundtrack to the film, Northern Soul directed by Elaine Constantine. Early viewings confirm that Northern Soul is the most accurate portrayal yet of this legendary musical movement which started in the north of England in the late 1960s and has now spread around the world and become a huge international scene.

      The soundtrack package for Northern Soul consists of 2 CDs. CD1 features the soundtrack itself containing all the key northern soul tracks from the film, while CD2 includes specially chosen northern soul tracks compiled by Constantine herself. We also get an exclusive DVD with Elaine Constantine being interviewed about the making of the film by actor James Lance who plays top northern soul DJ Ray Henderson in the film.

      This beautifully packaged 2CD/DVD package also comes with a 20 page booklet specially written by Gareth Sweeney - co-author of the bestselling accompanying book Northern Soul.

      Following her highly successful explorations of the Motown and Chess catalogues, Lois Wilson (Mojo, Record Collector) turns her attention to the iconic Manhattan-based Atlantic Records with 'Right Now', an 86-track 3CD set or 32 track 2xLP. Atlantic Records was founded in 1947 by Ahmet Ertegun and Herb Abramson. Other key participants in the company’s rise to success included studio engineer Tom Dowd, eminent record man Jerry Wexler, Ahmet’s brother Nesuhi, who developed the company’s substantial and highly successful jazz catalogue, and the dynamic songwriting / production team of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. Crucial early signings included Joe Turner, Ruth Brown, Ray Charles, Chuck Willis, Clyde McPhatter and LaVern Baker.

      All those names are represented here, alongside other performers who recorded for Atlantic and its subsidiary Atco (founded in 1955) in the forties, fifties and early sixties; years which saw the evolution of rhythm & blues into soul. The diversity of Atlantic’s roster is represented by the presence of early Atlantic hit-makers Stick McGhee and Joe Morris, consummate soul singers Solomon Burke, Ben E. King, Bettye LaVette and Barbara Lewis, a pre-Motown Isley Brothers, New Orleans piano man Professor Longhair, saxophonists Willis “Gator” Jackson and King Curtis, blues guitar pioneer T-Bone Walker, Louisiana rock ’n’ roller Dale Hawkins, jazz singer Mel Torme, and the vocal group sound of the Clovers, the Coasters and the Falcons (then including Wilson Pickett and Mack Rice in their ranks). Some of these recordings were acknowledged successes from their initial release; others have acquired popularity among collectors and on the club scene over the intervening decades.

      Atlantic’s highly-regarded jazz catalogue deserves a survey of its own, and 'Right Now' also eschews many of the labels’ very biggest hits, on the grounds that they are easily found elsewhere. Instead, 'Right Now' offers club-friendly and often-overlooked, deep catalogue selections drawn from the wealth of rhythm & rock released on the hallowed label. The big names mentioned so far are joined by key cuts from Jean DuShon, Jimmy Ricks, King Coleman, Richie Barrett, the Top Notes, Eunice Davis, Dean Beard, Choker Campbell, Johnny Jenkins, Billy Storm, the Tarantulas and the Van Dykes. Time for a deep delve into the depths of Atlantic.


      2xLP Info: 2LP vinyl collector’s edition featuring 32 of the most sought-after cuts from the 86-track 3CD set, drawing on 15 years of recordings for the iconic Atlantic label and its offshoot Atco.

      3xCD Info: An 86 track 3CD set with 20pp illustrated booklet, compiled and annotated by Lois Wilson (Mojo, Record Collector)

      Various Artists

      Soul City New Orleans - Big Easy Gems From The Dawn Of Soul Music

      'Soul City New Orleans' presents records which served to establish the musical direction of the city in the early 1960s, at the dawn of the soul era. Perhaps the most glowing testimony to the city came from songwriters Frank Guida and Joe Royster in their 1960 smash hit “New Orleans” for Gary ‘US’ Bonds: “Where the magnolia blossoms fill the air, you ain’t been to heaven if you ain’t been there.” New Orleans is also known as the Crescent City for its geographic shape, or the Big Easy for the city’s atmosphere and pace of life, largely driven by the high humidity and the general bonhomie endemic of South Louisiana.

      The music of New Orleans has tended to match the lifestyle, easy tempo with gently insistent rolling beat and a rhythm driven either by a thumping on-beat (Mardi Gras marching bands and second-line parades) or a laid-back off-beat. While the formative talent from the city’s rhythm & blues years was all signed to remote labels, by the end of the Fifties things were beginning to look up in the local industry, and there was a relative wealth of labels active in the city.

      Compiled and annotated by soul music authority and radio presenter Clive Richardson, 'Soul City New Orleans' features significant releases on local labels like Minit, Instant, Ric, Ron, Bandy and AFO, as well as NOLA-related recordings for other imprints both large and small. Here we have music from the formative period of the soul era in the Big Easy.


      2xLP Info: 60-track 2CD set, with colour illustrated booklet.

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