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Genre pick of the week Cover of The Yard Work Simulator by Max Graef & Glenn Astro.
Max and Glenn are music lovers first and foremost - playing it, making it, digging for it, talking about it - music is their lifeblood. Less concerned with the world of online hype, you could describe their vibe as “old school”. Put them behind the turntables and they’ll smash out a proper 100% vinyl back-to-back set skipping between jazz, funk, hip-hop, soul and disco - the heart and the backbone of their sound - and have the whole room freaking out to Polish jazz-funk oddities.

Lock them in the studio together and it’s the swing that grabs you when one of their productions stumbles and nearly trips out of the speakers. The duo revel in the exploration of the space in between beats, and the resulting loose-knit, roly-poly grooves that they coax from the MPC nestle comfortably amidst the deep-dug vinyl treasures that populate their DJ sets.

Let’s be clear though, we’re not talking about simple reverence to the warmth and dynamics of classic records, and we’re definitely not talking about straight forward sampling (which is by far the easiest way to imbue vintage character into your productions). Max and Glenn’s approach to the making of 'The Yard Work Simulator' was atypical.

Taking in chunky but totally misshapen four-to-the-floor bangers 'Where The Fuck Are My Hard Boiled Eggs?!', 'Jumbo Frøsnapper' and previous single 'Magic Johnson' alongside the shuffling 7 minute breakbeat epic title track and digi-funk nuggets 'Money $ex Theme' and 'Flat Peter', the result is a 10-track trip through the pair’s deliciously warped psyche, channelled through a ton of hardware. A direct extension of the album’s irreverent sonic palette, the artwork is by friend and illustrator Rahel Süßkind.

Releasing their debut albums independently for the excellent Danish label Tartelet; and also Box Aus Holz; Brandt Brauer Frick's "The Gym"; Space Hardware and WotNot Music, and together for the first time on the inaugural Money $ex Records 12” in 2015, Max (real name Max) and Glenn (real name Konstantin) originally linked up as mutual fans via Soundcloud in 2012. Konstantin was living in Essen but whenever he visited Berlin they hung out and began making music together. They would meet at OYE Records (Prenzlauer Berg), one of Berlin’s finest independent record stores run by kindred spirit and local linchpin Delfonic (real name Markus). He not only established and runs the Box Aus Holz and TORBEN imprints but he also co-founded and runs the Money $ex label with Max and Glenn.

Drawing comparisons with South London’s scruffy beat crew 22a and label / club night Rhythm Section a similarly close-knit collectives fostering voracious vinyl appetites and a healthy attitude to eclecticism, the Money $ex gang are in full flow.

Sonically and ideologically off to the left of the pristine, highly-polished dance music underground, Max and Glenn have built their reputation on short-run vinyl-only 12”s, real grass roots independent record store excitement / support, turning dancefloors on their head week in week out, and pure word of mouth. It has been solely about the music from the beginning and with 'The Yard Work Simulator' the duo are set to spread their message even further.


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Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids

We Be All Africans

"‘We Be All Africans’ is a message of survival. A message of renewal. A message that we are all brothers and sisters. We are all one family, the human family and we need one another in order to survive on this planet that we all share." - Idris Ackamoor.

Strut are proud to present the brand new studio album from West coast intergalactic jazz mavericks, The Pyramids, led by their inspirational bandleader, Idris Ackamoor.

Alto saxophonist Ackamoor first founded The Pyramids alongside fellow students Margo Simmons (flute) and Kimathi Asante (electric bass) in the summer of 1972. The three were students together at Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio where one of their teachers was renowned pianist, Cecil Taylor. After founding the band in Paris, performing in Holland and embarking on a “cultural odyssey” across Africa, the group recorded three independent albums (‘Lalibela’ in 1973, ‘King Of Kings’ in 1974 and ‘Birth / Speed / Merging’ in 1976) and became renowned for their striking live shows, mixing percussive, spiritual and space-age jazz with performance, theatre, and dance. After migrating to San Francisco to perform on the Bay Area arts scene, they disbanded in 1977 after a final show at the UC Berkeley Jazz Festival.

30 years later The Pyramids reunited unexpectedly in 2007 following growing demand for their music from vinyl collectors and jazz fans and embarked on the first of many European tours beginning in 2010 featuring original members, as well as a fresh line-up including renowned percussionist Kenneth Nash. 

For their new album, ‘We Be All Africans’, the group traveled to Berlin to hunker down in Max Weissenfeldt’s analogue Philophon studio. The result is a sparkling set of Afro / jazz-funk fusions, from the infectious chants of the title track to the reflective ‘Epiphany’ and the yearning, mournful future single, ‘Silent Days’ featuring the brilliant vocals of Bajka. .


2xLP Info: Includes 12"x12" lyric insert.

Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

The Exacters Feat. Roxie Ray

Ain't Gonna Lie

If you like headbobbing grooves the raw voice of a soul diva and proper funk horns you'll dig The Exacters' latest groove bag "Ain't Gonna Lie" featuring Roxie Ray. The aside on this latest edition to the Our Label Records catalogue starts off with an intriguing guitar lick and builds up to a fully blown soul funk dance track. On the flip of this exclusive and limited Funk 45 "The Ashes" the hornsection takes the lead. A similarly laid back groove sets a heavy foundation for jazzy horns to take you on a convertible cruise on a hot summer evening. The Exacters are Guy Kilty (bass), Alex Stevenson (guitar) and Rob Shield (drums) and they make funk in Manchester, UK. For their debut single they drafted in some very special talent. Guy’s former Dojo Cuts bandmate, Roxie Ray, wrote and recorded the storming vocals for Ain’t Gonna Lie. Meanwhile, trumpet supremo Matt Burke arranged and produced the bruising horn parts on both “Ain’t Gonna Lie” and “The Ashes”. As for the future, their mission is simple: more uber-tight rhythms, mighty horns, and formidable guest vocalists.

The Fruit band's fleeting existence was only recently revealed by the discovery of a few unsold copies of their sole 1978 single, 'Say It' (released on Cypress Records), which quickly became a cult showpiece for savvy DJs and collectors. Athens Of The North has since reached out to Cypress Studios of Jacksonville, Florida and discovered a complete album of the group's stylish, dancefloor-smashing funk and deep disco on tape, unreleased for over 30 years. Featuring a collection of 10 party-starting disco-funk killers, jazz-funk, boogie and soul, it's amazing that none of these tracks were considered worthy of release back in the day.


LP Info: The vinyl LP is presented in a thick cardboard tip-on sleeve.

Marvin Gaye

Here, My Dear - 180g Vinyl Edition

    'Here, My Dear' from 1978 is Marvin Gaye's most introspective album. When his first wife Anna Gordy filed for divorce in 1975 she was awarded half of the royalties and down payment for this project as alimony.

    At first, Gaye wanted to throw the project because he wouldn't receive any profit from it, but then he decided to use this as a way to exorcise his demons, making this the deepest, darkest and most personal of albums.

    The naked truth, as you will, about love, marriage, and divorce, exposed in all its glory in both the lyrics and the artwork of this album, which is rife with subtle - and not so subtle - digs to his wife. As one of Gaye's pivotal records, it belongs in any soul collection. As the ultimate divorce record, it is a part of music history.


    Andy says: For me, this is Marvin's next best LP after "What's Going On". No hits, just grooves and melody and the tastiest gentle, funking sound. Pure Marvin.


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    Marvin Gaye

    I Want You - 180g Vinyl Edition

      "I Want You", while it was a Top Ten smash for Marvin Gaye in 1976, is not as generally well-known as its predecessors for a number of reasons. It marked a sharp change in direction, leaving his trademark Motown soul for lush, funky, light disco, and its subject matter is as close to explicit as pop records got in 1976. From the Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson string and horn arrangements to Leon Ware's exotic production that relied on keyboards as well as drums and bass as rhythm instruments, "I Want You" was a giant leap for Gaye. The feel of the album is one of late-night parties in basements and small clubs, and the intimacy of the music evokes the image of people getting closer as every hour of a steamy night wears on. By the time it is over, the listener should be a blissed-out container of amorous vibes. "I Want You" is a pre-eminent early disco concept album, an adult record about intimacy, sensuality, and commitment, and decades later it still reverberates with class, sincerity, grace, intense focus, and astonishingly good taste. As necessary as anything Gaye ever recorded.


      Andy says: This album is all about groove and production: slinky, laid-back, deep and lush. Perfect for late nights, this record simply oozes class and, well: lust!


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      Marvin Gaye

      In Our Lifetime - 180g Vinyl Edition

        Released after 1978's confessional double album 'Here, My Dear', 'In Our Lifetime' was originally envisioned as a party album. However once songwriting and recording began, Gaye decided to use the album to spotlight his religious concerns as well, so we end up with a sometime party, sometime spiritual offering. 'In Our Lifetime' is one of Gaye's finest later albums and captures him as his craft was maturing and becoming more multifaceted.


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        Marvin Gaye

        Let's Get It On - 180g Vinyl Edition

          The weight of a follow-up to 1971's "What's Going On" was lifted from Marvin Gaye's shoulders by the success of his soundtrack to the film Trouble Man, but he was still searching for something to unify his next long player. In 1973 he started working with R&B balladeer-turned-producer Ed Townsend, who gave him the basis of a song about 'the business of getting on with life'. However, inspired by the presence of studio visitor Janis Hunter, destined to become his second wife, Gaye transformed the song into a monument to desire and seduction that ran soul-deep. In this moment Marvin found the focus for the album that had eluded him. If "What's Going On" is a celebration of the spirit, then "Let's Get It On" is all about love, salvation and the pleasures of the flesh.


          Andy says: Veering away from the state of the nation address and heartache of What's Going On, this follow-up proper (excluding the sparsely brilliant Trouble Man sound track) concerned itself with a different kind of ache! The ache of longing, specifically in carnal pursuits! That aside, it was a more than worthy successor to one of the best albums ever made. Marvin achieved this by doing something completely different. Brilliant!


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          Marvin Gaye

          Marvin Gaye Volume 3 1971-1981 - Vinyl Box Set

            UMC are pleased to release Marvin Gaye Volume Three: 1971-1981. Following on from the previously released Volume One and Two, this is a collection of his last seven Motown studio albums on 180g vinyl in one fantastic box.

            Marvin Gaye helped to shape the sound of Motown Records and was one of the greatest voices to emerge from the label. The set includes 'What’s Going On' 1LP, 'Trouble Man' 1LP, 'Let’s Get It On' 1LP, 'Diana & Marvin' 1LP, 'I Want You' 1LP, 'Here, My Dear' 2LP, 'In Our Lifetime' 1LP.


            LP Box Set Info: 8xLP box set.

            FREE SHIPPING This item has FREE UK shipping!

            Marvin Gaye

            Trouble Man - 180g Vinyl Edition

              As Motown migrated from Detroit to LA, Marvin's follow-up to the spiritual consciousness of "What's Goin' On" was the soundtrack to '72 Blaxploitaion flick "Trouble Man". It's altogether a more streetwise collection of stone cold funk, earthy Curtis-esque falsetto and badass grooves that has seen it plundered by generations of beatdiggers. "'T' Plays it Cool" is one of the best tunes ever made, just ask Jazzy Jeff!!!


              Includes MP3 Download Code.

              Marvin Gaye

              What's Going On - 180g Vinyl Edition

                By 1970 Marvin Gaye was already a phenomenally successful singer, with a string of hit singles to his name, making him Motown's number one male performer. However, when he entered the Hitsville studio on June 1st to cut a new single, Marvin hungered for more. All over the world social unrest was prompting political activism and cultural revolution. Yet the Motown hit production line carried on like nothing was happening. Marvin longed to make a statement that would reflect the new reality, so when Al Cleveland and The Four Tops' Obie Benson brought him the framework of a song called "What's Going On", he jumped at the chance to record it. Initially rejected by Motown, the track went on to become a runaway smash, and the label demanded a full length LP to capitalize on sales. Recorded in ten days in March 1971 the "What's Going On" album features co-writing credits from awesome session band the Funk Brothers, as well as brass and string arrangements by David Van De Pitte. The heady mix of percussive-heavy grooves, luxurious fills and Marvin's sweet vocals became an instant classic. Taking in themes like the Vietnam war, poverty, spirituality and green issues, the album seems just as relevant today as it did back at the start of the 70s and deserves the vote as 'greatest album ever' that it often receives.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Andy says: Forever featured in those Greatest Albums of All Time lists, and it's not hard to hear why. This was Soul's first "concept album", a glorious song suite that ebbed and flowed through the troubles of the day(war , drugs, poverty: all still relevant, obvs!)with the most sublime melodies, supreme musicianship and glorious multi-tracked production to boot. Unbelievable sounds.

                FORMAT INFORMATION

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                Miracles / It's Better Than Walking Out

                Well, with a name like Disco Bits, it'd have to be an edits imprint, and this inaugural offering should see the label rise right to the top of the tree. Tokyo beatmaker Kazahaya takes the controls, steering us clear of any disco chaff on a journey to the heart of the dancefloor. The A-side is a rework of the rare groove classic "I Believe in Miracles", which places the vocals and strings from the 1973 Mark Capanni original over the body moving beat from the Jackson Sisters version. Over on the B-side, Kaz treats us to a beefed up edit of the Disco Ladies  funky northern classic "Its Better Than Walking Out", retaining all the sequined, phet fuelled sparkle of the original but with a more generous helping of bottom end. Get on down to the new sound.

                Little Caesar And The Romans / Sandra Meade

                Fever / Fever

                Two cracking covers of the evergreen popcorn standard 'Fever'. On the top side, from 1961 we have a seductive, swaggering turn from Little Caesar with doo wop style / group backing vocals from the Romans. Meanwhile, on the flip is Sandra Meade's sexy and sassy 1956 rendition with wild, wailing horn accompaniment.

                Little George N' The Mixed Generation

                Listen / Party

                Athens Of The North reissue another super rarity from the Virtue label here. Lifted from a 7" that's so obscure it's not even well known on the Funk45 scene, although noted collectors Ian Wright and DJ Shadow have played it out in the past. Both sides are solid kid funk with a weird cool vibe that makes this 45 totally unique. Don't expect to see the OG for less than $1500 - not that you WILL ever see it!

                Mammal Hands are a trio of like-minded musicians: Nick Smart on piano, Jesse Barrett on drums and tabla, and Jordan Smart on saxophones. 'Floa' is their second album for Gondwana Records and in the 18 months since their debut, 'Animalia', they have carved out a growing following both here and abroad for their hypnotic fusion of jazz, folk and electronica.

                Drawing on a rich well of influences from Sufi and shamanic African trance music, Irish and Eastern European folk music, to Steve Reich and Philip Glass and more contemporary electronica influences, their music is built around deceptively simple sounding ideas that are lent power through the use of repetition and rhythmic loops. They have been compared to both Portico Quartet and GoGo Penguin for the way in which they navigate the choppy waters between contemporary dance music and jazz.

                'Floa' (an old Norse word that means to deluge or to flow) is the sound of a more confident, experienced band: one that has grown together naturally through touring and gigging and through mammoth writing and rehearsal sessions where all three bring rhythmic, improvisational and melodic ideas to the table. 'Floa' was recorded at Gondwana's home from home, 80 Hertz Studios in Manchester, reuniting the band with producer Matthew Halsall and features some of the Gondwana Orchestra strings who played on Halsall's acclaimed album 'Into Forever'. Together they have crafted a wonderful sounding record, the richness of which perfectly illuminates the band's music.

                The very definition of deep funk, this record was a huge spin for Keb Darge in the early 2000s. Not only brilliant, but very very rare ($2000+ for an OG), New World's 1974 cut 'The World To-Day' is not only respected by collectors, but also a total dancefloor smasher. Originally recorded for Philadelphia's Virtue Records (named after the label's owner Frank Virtue), the track has now been kindly licensed to Athens Of The North by Frank's daughters. AOTN had a long search for the cleanest copy they could find to master from.

                Nolan Porter

                If I Could Only Be Sure / Keep On Keepin’ On

                This double hitter ‘If I Could Only Be Sure” and “Keep On Keepin’ On” is available on Gloria Jones’ newly formed Light Of Love Wax Company label. Gloria has been working in Western Africa to build schools for Music and Film. Please support the cause through this limited release.

                Nolan Frederick Porter (born 1949 in Los Angeles) is an American R&B singer and songwriter who recorded two albums and six singles in the early 1970s. “Keep on Keepin’ On” became one of his biggest tracks and is a northern soul classic.

                Marlena Shaw

                Liberation Conversation / Woman Of The Ghetto

                Taken from the brilliant "Spice Of Life" LP, both these tunes capture the spirit of soul-jazz in 69 and are an essential addition to the crate. "Liberation Conversation" is a hot slice of dancefloor jazz backed with some smoking organ work. Filled with energy you can practically see Marlena dancing around in her prime. From start to finish it's a customized Marlena Shaw track that'll bring on the 'dang-giddy-dang-dang' sing-along every time. The instantly recognizable "Woman Of The Ghetto" is best known to many as the vocal sample used in Blueboy's dancefloor filler "Remember Me". Downtempo and filled with soul, this social-anthem is an amazing display of a soul singer's ability to evoke mass emotion without screaming into a microphone. Perfect for the first-half of the night and putting the attention solidly on the music.

                Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes

                Expansions - OST Recordings Edition

                Everyone thinks they know Lonnie Liston Smith’s “Expansions”. Former Miles Davis and Pharoah Sanders keyboardist Smith saw all his musical ideas coming together for this, his third album. The title track is one of the best-known jazz funk classics; its influence on several generations of clubbers cannot be underestimated. It is a glorious amalgamation of jazz players and the tenor voice of Lonnie’s brother Donald. However, the track’s success has resulted in the album becoming rather overlooked and its other six pieces underappreciated. ‘Desert Nights’ and ‘Voodoo Woman’ give vent to Lonnie’s improvisational skills over a modal base. ‘Summer Days’ and ‘My Love’ are based around Latin rhythms, with the latter proving another great vehicle for Donald Smith’s voice. Donald is also the vocal presence on an inspired take on Horace Silver’s ‘Peace’.

                One of the essential jazz albums of the 1970s, Lonnie Liston Smith’s ‘Expansions’ also became a club-land classic with its title track filling floors, influencing house music and being sampled in hip hop.

                Propelled by some fatback drums and Cecil McBee’s upright bass, this is the original cosmic jazz jam, as recently re-popularised by Kamasi Washington.

                Reissued by OST, ‘Expansions’ has been remastered from a fresh transfer from the original album master. This album has never sounded better.

                Issued in a reproduction of the original Flying Dutchman gatefold sleeve and printed on reverse board.

                Markus Stockhausen / Jasper Van't Hof

                Aqua Sansa

                A key mover and shaker in the burgeoning reissue scene, Archeo Recordings wow us once again with a gorgeous reissue of this esoteric, otherworldly, organic gem from Markus Stockhausen and Jasper Van't Hof. Balearic bods and cosmic kids will remember the latter for his legendary "Pili Pili" LP, while the former is an ECM approved jazz trumpeter whose dad was the most important electronic composer of the 20th century (yes, THAT Stockhausen). Originally released in 1980 and recorded at Conny Plank's studio, this immersive collage of aquatic electronics, underwater tones and murky dub is a masterpiece of esoteric jazz, hitting the middle ground between kraut experimentalism, Italian library recordings and the Biber school of German jazz. This licensed reissue, remastered and presented in a beautiful sleeve finally offers us mere mortals a chance at owning a copy of a holy grail - don't miss out.

                Sun Ra And His Myth Science Solar Orchestra

                Sleeping Beauty

                By the late 70s the Saturn record label had become a musical newspaper, keeping the world abreast of the latest developments in the Sun Ra story, for those people lucky enough to find the few outlets where the albums were on sale. Sun Ra was releasing more records on his own label than ever before - at least six LPs document his activities in 1979 alone! From that year, "Sleeping Beauty" became one of his best loved albums and remains so to this day. The line up of 28 (!) musicians move effortlessly between subtle melody and more avant garde passages, creating one of Ra's most accessible works.

                Did somebody say Athens Of The North 12"? For the label's first foray into the land of the large format singe they bring us the unreleased full length version of the original Symbol 8 classic "I Thought You Wanted To Dance". The track was featured on American Band Stand in the late 70s but failed to make it for the usual reasons (luck, management and distribution) but that is no marker of quality, these tracks are disco and modern soul anthems. Charlie Adams versatile vocal flipping into falsetto with ease while the band holds the solid groove is a special thing. On the flip-side is later and very different version of "I Thought You Wanted To Dance', plus AOTN's DJ Fryer's personal favourite and long time spin 'Call Me'. Essential as always.


                If You Dance Tonight / Say Yeah

                Athens Of The North bring us their second and final release from Billy Bruner's T'Spoon out of his obscure Oil Capital Record label. 'If You Dance Tonight' is almost unknown boogie spin you're never gonna find an original of. On the flip 'Say Yeah' is  1980s sweet soul ballad years ahead of the pack, AOTN boss DJ Fryer have a soft spot for this one - it's one of his favourite end of nighters. Strictly 500 copies only with no repress.

                A lot of folks feel like they know DaM-FunK; he is laid-back, affable and personable but to truly get the guy, I mean really understand him, is to know a deep love of music like no other. A more suitable reflection of this is his contribution to the beloved DJ-Kicks series. A snapshot into the mind of the pioneer of boogie and modern (electro)funk music. Get to know the man behind the shades. At a satisfying 19 songs, Dam lets grooves breath, this is a mix to happily get lost within. It's a document in vibe. Unexpected contemporary joints from low-key producers like Henning and L33 mingle with lost gems from unlikely places.

                80s jazz-fusion guitarist Tony Palkovic on "True To Yourself" follow the the airy-burn of new-age ensemble Gaussian Curve's "Broken Clouds" or the super rare bliss-funk of "Theme From Beach Boy" from 1982. Dam's excellent collaboration with Nite Jewel, as Nite-Funk on "Can U Read Me?" is pure bliss and such a fantastic collaboration you'd be yearning for more., reminding listens that one of Dam's biggest assists is his duality from master DJ to trend-setting producer. And we get this heavy on Dam's DJ-Kicks exclusive "Believer". Sheets of synth lines fall all around a locking drum program that starts off innocently enough but ends you in a half-hypnotic state. An extensive instrumental composition that on its own could only be classified as signature modern funk. There may be a lot of folks dabbling but there really is only one Damon.

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                2xLP Info: 180g red vinyl.

                Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

                Various Artists

                Give 'Em Soul Vol. 3

                  Outta Sight presents the third platter in the 'Give 'Em Soul' series showcasing some of the rarest and hottest R&B sounds of the 21st Soul Century. The 'Blue Edition' brings together 14 more killer cuts that are on every DJ's hit list. These major label milestones, dating from 1955 to the dawn of the sixties, feature key artists in the world of R&B and soul including Texan Soul Brother, Joseph Arrington Jr 'Tex', Pittsburgh's finest jazz songstress Dakota Staton, Ohio's own Top Ten R&B singer Lulu Reed, Little Rock's Bobby King and Chicago blues giant Howlin' Wolf, to name but a few. Featuring over $5,000 worth of singles in one affordable package, everyone's a winner!

                  Strut announce the return of their pioneering "Nigeria 70" compilation series with an exclusive new third volume: "Sweet Times: Afro Funk, Highlife & Juju from 1970s Lagos" compiled again by series curator Duncan Brooker. Excavating another choice batch of rare grooves from Nigeria’s label archives, the new edition places the spotlight on some of the deeper fusions happening across the country during the 1970s as traditional guitar highlife blended with jazz and funk, hypnotic juju grooves became more progressive and young Nigerian bands came through with their own heavy West African take on US soul, funk, disco and rock.

                  As on the previous "Nigeria 70" volumes, all of the featured selections are previously unissued outside of Nigeria. Tracks range from the dynamite big band workout of Alex Ringo’s Moneyman & The Super 5 International's "Life" to the Congolese guitar-drenched "Henrietta" by the late Ali Chukwumah, former member of Stephen Osita Osadebe’s Sound Makers. Darker psych grooves from Don Isaac Ezekiel sit alongside raw college funk from college band Tabanaku comprising students from the University Of Ife. Highlife legend Victor Olaiya unleashes a slow, languorous Afro jam lifted from a rare Polydor 45 and juju legend Ebenezer Obey cooks up a lilting, deeply beautiful mid-tempo groove from 1970 in a musical plea for peace. "Nigeria 70 - Sweet Times" is another essential celebration of the glut of incredible music that surfaced in post-independence Nigeria.

                  Starting life as a small New York event aimed at raising awareness for Fela Kuti's musical message, Rich Medina's Jump N Funk party has now been rocking dancefloors across the globe for over 15 years. Honouring Fela's contribution to music as well as his political and cultural legacy, Medina has made his events a platform to celebrate Afro-life across the black diaspora.

                  With guests such as Wunmi, the cast of Fela! On Broadway, Asiko and Antibalas providing captivating live performances, Jump N Funk is so much more than a club night. In creating this compilation to represent the spirit of his events, Rich Medina has chosen an eclectic selection of undeniably afro-tinged, unashamedly life-affirming music. With most tracks either referencing, sampling or inspired by the great man, the record also includes material by Fela himself, as well as son Seun Kuti and long-time band member Tony Allen the inventor of the afrobeat set drum syncopation that is equally as notorious as Fela and his message... The album's artwork has been lovingly created by Lemi Ghariokwu, the fabled Nigerian artist who designed some of Fela's most iconic covers. From the record's sleeve to the music contained within, Jump N Funk is a cultural artefact with one foot in the past, the other in the future. An echo of Fela's message: a reminder to celebrate, to empower, to progress.

                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                  2xLP Info: 2xLP + 7".

                  Re-pressed for the first time to celebrate BBE's 20th anniversary, this selection of "Rock, Funk, Soul, Jazz & Soundtrack Breaks For Modern Living" was originally released in 2009. 

                  BBE Records team up with DJ / producer Mr Thing who digs deep into his extensive collection to compile a series of five long players of rare and sought after breaks. This series reflects brilliantly on his dedication to digging for those untouched and unrivalled samples and breaks as you hear him use in his DJ sets. As a DJ, Mr Thing never fails to engage the crowd with his winning combination of hip hop and funk breaks spiced up with his legendary mixing and scratching skills Volume two in the series features another fine selection of B-boy / B-girl funk bombs.

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