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Genre pick of the week Cover of Insides by Fort Romeau.
Like many others, Ghostly became enamored with Fort Romeau's idea of "slow listening," the concept of enriching relationships with music through careful attention and focus. His understated take on deep, groove-friendly house started pushing this practice three years ago, when the producer's debut LP, "Kingdoms", appeared via 100% Silk. The native Londoner, born Mike Greene, has evolved considerably since then, finessing his sound over the course of three breezy 12"s, one EP, and lengthy DJ sets at some of the best clubs in Europe - not the least of which were Berlin's famed Panorama Bar, London hotspot Plastic People, and Robert Johnson in Frankfurt. Those years Greene spent immersed in his craft and new inspirations have generously informed the eight stunning productions which comprise Insides, Fort Romeau's long-awaited sophomore album. His patient methods are a central component to the billowy house music on Insides, though this isn't an indulgent album of gratuitous buildups and tiresome breakdowns. Each production is pointed and purposeful, as the artist crafts every second of analog electronics with rich detail, nuance, and refinement.

Hot on the heels of Tenderlonious' "Thoughts Of You EP", Jeen Bassa's first solo offering is another strong release from London's most talked about musical collective, 22a. One of the three outrageously talented Deenmamode brothers (Mo Kolours & Reginald Omas Mamode IV), Jeen Bassa has remained the most elusive of the 22a collective until now. Raised in the west-country but currently residing in South-East London, Jeen Bassa's warm and woozy productions stand out in a world saturated with bland Dilla-esque pastiches. Reminding me a little of Al Dobson Jr's solo debut on Rhythm Section, and Manchester's Be, "The Seven Movements" from last year; it’s another one of those schizophrenic musical offerings which moves around an organic theme quickly and succinctly, keeping you hooked till the end through a series of dynamic tracks and infectious skits. Twenty-two minutes of 'future rare-groove'. This is some heavyweight business not to be missed! Personal favourites include the undulating, bass heavy grooves of "Herb & Rhythm", the twilight atmospheres of "My People (7 Seas)" and the street-ready sounds of "Body Talking". Although I'm sure "Latin Fingers" will go down a treat at the aforementioned Rhythm Section dance, while "Cocoa Lotion" will certainly tweak the deep house heads interest. There's something for everyone I can promise you! Thoroughly recommended - move quick!

Bok Bok & Sweyn Jupiter

Papaya Lipgloss

Night Slugs executive producer Bok Bok teams up with composer and keyboardist Sweyn Jupiter on a romantic new double A-side single. "Papaya Lipgloss” is a song about young love, presented in two distinct but equally weighty versions. Both mixes share a common melodic motif, skeletal yet sincere. The “Club Mix” draws on tribal house energy: a sweltering rhythm built of Latin percussion, Linndrum funk and pumping subs, over which melody gradually unravels in bursts of stark, juicy colour. Synths form a sensual narrative, remaining ever poised even as their pulpy goo engulfs all surfaces. This is intimate club music that brings a new kind of intensity to dance floors. Meanwhile, the “Sour Mix” is saturated and dripping with bitter-sweet nectar. This version sees “Papaya” transformed into an opulent bedroom jam, complete with quaking kickdrums and purring Moog bassline. A halftime drum kit of dumpster-drive 808s keeps things gritty while melodic goo leaks from between all the cracks. 

Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy


"Sintetizzatrice" is the first recorded document of the newly founded collaboration between Spectrum Spools veteran Donato Dozzy and female vocalist Anna Caragnano.

Though his solo work, and in his collaboration with Giuseppe Tilleci as Voices from the Lake, Dozzy has achieved some of the most remarkable vistas contemporary electronic music has seen in the last decade. By removing himself from his areas of mastery to shift his focus on the voice, he has achieved a new peak. "Sintetizzatrice" is the first work on Spectrum Spools featuring Anna Caragnano, a vocalist based in Rome.

Over two stunning sides of vinyl, Dozzy works exclusively with the voice of Caragnano, with no other instruments. Heavy layering and effects processes are used to display an astoundingly versatile voice-centric vocabulary. Rarely can a record morph through different styles from R&B to Kosmische, through traditional Italian folk music to Fluxus styles and traditional Chamber Choir with no additional instrumentation. Just a singular, beautiful, voice. The results are simply phenomenal.

With the opening, "Introduzione", an immeasurable cosmic weight arrives and remains through the duration of the album. "Star Cloud" ascends the album with melancholy extended drones that evaporate concepts like "time" and "being", rendering basic human perceptions void all the way through the sides closing "Parallelo". The flipside opener "Parola", dances around the stereo field with dazing rhythms and melodies, while "Festa (A Mottola) is an homage to the traditional music found in the rural region where concidentally, both Dozzy's mother and Caragnano were born and raised. The albums closing pieces "Love Without Sound" and "Conclusione" hit hard in a way where words do no justice. By fearlessly entering uncharted territories, both Dozzy and Caragnano have respectively made a collaboration which is truly experimental.

Daniele Ciullini

Domestic Exile Collected Works 82-86

Ecstatic presents an expanded reissue of Italian mail artist Daniele Ciullini's 1983 self-released cassette Domestic Exile. Hailing from Florence, Ciullini was part of the forward-thinking TRAX collective and its pan-European art and music collaboration network. When asked about the title, Domestic Exile, Ciullini explains, "The music in this cassette was born in a very difficult period of my life. A period marked by a rift with the world. 'Domestic Exile' reflects a time of recession, entrenchment within the walls of a tired soul. Most of the songs are improvised on the spot. Listening to the music today I think this aspect was perhaps naïve. But I enjoyed realizing something very close to my inner state at that moment." Ciullini's music is as sharp and controlled as his elegant photographic images of decadent marble statues, mannequins, and deserted Art Nouveau architecture. The B-side of this reissue consists of tracks originally released on compilations between 1982 and '86, some of which Cuillini describes as "sonic polaroids" in which synthetic sketches and keyboard voices sit side by side with vigorous electro-industrial rhythms and metronomic modified drum machine pulses. His music presciently fuses ambient and industrial, and echoes the synthetic alienation of 8-bit micromusic, the melodic wave sounds of Young Marble Giants, and even proto-shoegaze guitar ("Soft Marble"), as well as hints of drone music (the magmatic loops of "Bloody Machine"). Made with Boss DR-55 and Roland TR-606 drum machines, EMS Synthi AKS modular synthesizer, Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer, Yamaha CS-5 and Casio VL-1 synthesizers, Teac A-103 tape deck, Akai 4000-DS MK-II reel-to-reel tape machine, Fender Stratocaster electric guitar, and Pioneer MA-62 mixer. For fans of Chris Carter, Merzbow, Suicide, Minimal Wave, Cabaret Voltaire, Mika Vainio, Tasaday, and Nurse With Wound. This edition includes extensive liner notes by Vittore Baroni, TRAX co-founder, musician, journalist, and active figure in mail art circles. Mastered by Not Waving.

What with all the recent attention in all things booty, Numbers bring the original master of ghetto house to their esteemed label. Paul Johnson's music, (self-proclaimed) 'for the strippers, for the street', was one of the original blueprints, featured on DJ Funk's seminal Dance Mania. Hailing from the Southside of Chicago, Deeon started out selling mixtapes in his local neighbourhood and playing at sweatbox house parties. Soon he’d graduate from DJ’ing to production, creating gritty XXX club tracks purely for the moment and the party. The music came from the classic drum machines that provided the spark for Chicago house and Detroit techno whilst the lyrics and call & response chants were inspired by the parties he frequented. These tracks - originally released from 1994 onwards on the seminal Dance Mania label and now remastered from the original DAT tapes for re-release on Numbers - would go on to forge the ghetto house sound alongside fellow DJ’s: Funk, Jammin' Gerald, Slugo, Paul Johnson & Houz’Mon. What made Deeon’s tracks special was that when he told you to shake it, that’s exactly what you did. Deeon continues to produce and DJ to this day. Playing at the Numbers 10th Anniversary Parties in New York in 2013, and whilst he’s still doing records for Dance Mania the cats at Numbers got him to officially license this, a 'greatest hits' if you will. We kick things off with "2 B Free" taken from 1996’s "Deeon Doez Disco", its monstrous jacking drums providing the guts for the First Choice sample to ride on top if it. Next is "House-O-Matic", which was originally part of 1994’s "Funk City" twelve. Hammered by Jeff Mills and almost everyone else back in the 90’s - it’s all about the raw drums and rubbery bassline. We then stride forward to 1996’s "Freak Like Me", adding an x-rated taste of feminine pressure to the mix before closing off is one of the grittiest jack tracks we know, "The 604". Pure analogue madness. Shake that shit to the left let's go!

8:58 (Paul Hartnoll)


Paul Hartnoll (Orbital) is 8:58. Featuring a very impressive cast list of Robert Smith, Lianne Hall, Lisa Knapp, Ed Harcourt, The Unthanks and Fable.

After a very successful reunion in 2008 that included sell out tours, headline appearances at festivals around the world, special guest Matt Smith as Doctor Who at Glastonbury, the Paralympics opening ceremony with Professor Stephen Hawking, and not forgetting the highly- acclaimed album ‘Wonky’, brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll have decided to bring down the curtain on Orbital’s remarkable 25 year career.

The title of the album ‘8:58’ comes from Paul’s fascination with the theme of time. ‘I’ve always had a thing for clocks and for time as a powerful force - but also the way it oppresses you,’ explains Paul. ‘It’s one of those things I keep coming back to. For me, 8:58 is a moment of choice. It’s almost 9 o’clock. Are you going to school? Are you going to this job you hate? Everybody faces that decision now and again. 8:58 am is when you’ve got to make up your mind.’As Cillian Murphy says at the very beginning of ‘8:58’: brace yourself for freedom. Now.

8:58 (Paul Hartnoll)

8:58 - Deluxe CD

    Paul Hartnoll (Orbital) is 8:58. Featuring a very impressive cast list of Robert Smith, Lianne Hall, Lisa Knapp, Ed Harcourt, The Unthanks and Fable.

    After a very successful reunion in 2008 that included sell out tours, headline appearances at festivals around the world, special guest Matt Smith as Doctor Who at Glastonbury, the Paralympics opening ceremony with Professor Stephen Hawking, and not forgetting the highly- acclaimed album ‘Wonky’, brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll have decided to bring down the curtain on Orbital’s remarkable 25 year career.

    The title of the album ‘8:58’ comes from Paul’s fascination with the theme of time. ‘I’ve always had a thing for clocks and for time as a powerful force - but also the way it oppresses you,’ explains Paul. ‘It’s one of those things I keep coming back to. For me, 8:58 is a moment of choice. It’s almost 9 o’clock. Are you going to school? Are you going to this job you hate? Everybody faces that decision now and again. 8:58 am is when you’ve got to make up your mind.’As Cillian Murphy says at the very beginning of ‘8:58’: brace yourself for freedom. Now.


    2xLtd CD Info: Double CD with 10 additional tracks. Comes in hardback book style packaging.

    After blowing sets, speakers and minds with the first release, Kim Ann Foxman returns to her Firehouse imprint with three more original tracks and two remixes from fellow New Yorker Eli Escobar. The EP begins with a dancefloor 'free and easy' in the inviting form of "Open The House", a stripped back track with plenty of jack and a killer rolling bassline at its heart, topped with head spinning fx and space age synths. Eli Escobar follows in quick succession with his M1 fuelled retro house refix, complete with skipping garage rhythm and detuned vocal snippets. On the B-side "The Lady Is A Vamp" offers a space age fusion of Murk's deep house and the intergalactic explorations of the motor city futurists inspired by some of the obsure gems in Kim's collection. "Eye See Me" shifts the vibe ever so slightly into dream house territory with phasing sequences, hazy pads and scuzzy percussion. Just like those classic releases Kim bought in her youth, this EP finishes with a stripped back DJ Tool from Eli Escobar, essential for your three deck sessions. 

    With “Reworks Vol. 4“, we reach the penultimate issue of a series of stunning edits for the forgotten Venezuelan producer and studio engineer Daniel Grau. DJs and producers like Daniel Wang, Max Graef, Ray Mang and Debonair have all completed their very own and personal interpretations of Grau's "Tropical Cosmic Disco" world for Sonar Kollektiv. Now works by Mark E, Fajra Fantasmo, Marcel Vogel and Jacques Renault hit the spot for the fourth volume. It's not the first remix Mark E has done for Sonar Kollektiv. But with all due respect to his previous achievements, this edit of Grau's “Combination” (off the 1981 album "Por Que No Podemos Hacerlo?“) is probably one of the most astounding things Mark Evett has dropped so far (besting his unofficial edit of Birth Control's “Plastic People" by a hair's breadth). Hypnotic funk right on the bass drum with filter effects applied so perfectly that any party will kick up a hear when this track drops fully. Next up, Fajra Fantasmo  morphs the whistle-along musicality of "Con El Cielo En Tus Ojos“ (from Grau's LP "El Leon Bailarin") into most peculiar techhouse. I can't wait to see this jaunty number put a smile on the most wasted of faces in the midst of a grimy basement DJ set. By contrast New York based Jacques Renault opens up a jar of the sweetest jam going with his edit of “Atlantis”, setting the mood perfectly for a sugary sunset. And when it comes to unbridled funkyness who else the Amsterdam based Marcel Vogel would do a better job by editing “Corre Caminos” (also off Grau's “El Leon Bailarin” album)? His restoration work shines with authenticity and accuracy for modern dancefloors. Plenty to get your dancing tackle stuck into!


    Patrick says: The Daniel Grau rework odyssey ends with a bang and a whole load of bangers as Mark E and Farja Fantasmo hold it down for the house heads and Jacques Renault and Marcel Vogel deliver disco delights for your next boat party.

    Get ready to freeeak out kids! Echovolt come correct with a totally essential reissue of head-turning, body moving, Boyd Jarvis magic! Raw, rough and riotous, these tracks were originally recorded straight to tape in Timmy Regisford's bedroom, never making their way to the studio, and have been Transferred and mastered from original tapes that have sat in Boyd’s basement for almost 30 years. On the A-side, we get transported to the upper echelons of dancefloor heaven via the highly sought after, proto-house workout "Stomp". Now you may recognise elements of this cut from the Prelude release "The Music Got Me", which Boyd and Timmy dropped under the Visual moniker back in 83, but "Stomp" is the raw, rough and ready instrumental version which started it all. Huge on the promo circuit back in the day, and an essential step from disco to house music, this cut packs spitting hi hats, bubbling synth bass and sublime space age synths, and keeps on giving from start to finish. Flip the disc for a couple of instrumental gems plucked from Boyd's 1991 "Classic Tracks" release, "In The Jungle" and "Piano Track (Ray Piano)". "In The Jungle" kicks the side off in wildly psychedelic fashion thanks to a deep and grinding combination of timpani, mid tempo jack beat and funked up bass, all topped with wild skronking sax. Imagine the missing link between Ron Hardy at his freakiest and Tony Humphries at his most bumping and you're still a way off! This is total magic! Taking us home in triumphant fashion, "Piano Track (Ray Piano)" rolls out the speakers to the confident rhythm of a true garage groover, working a dubby bassline and swinging percussion perfectly as Boyd gets stuck into a lengthy solo on that magnificent organ (fnar). A little hit of house perfection, and a track that'll tickle the pickle of any Metro Area fan (I'm fairly sure Boyd taught Morgan Geist everything he knows!). If the swift dissappearing act of the last Echovolt release is anything to go by, it behoves you not to sleep on this.

    From the ruins of the birthplace of techno, Detroit Underground’s twenty third release reunites Detroit producers Kero & Kyle Hall for their sophomore effort, appropriately titled "Two". Building on the toxic, dubbed out neo-acid of 2012’s "Zug Island /K2 Attack" single, "Two" features four tracks from the city’s established master of leftfield beats and Detroit techno’s brightest new star, with production taking place in their personal studios in both Windsor and Detroit. Beginning with "126BPMNONAME" crisp beats, spare atmosphere and wonky 909 grooves. The A-side culminates in the full out rocking "EP2-3", driven by a strong and gritty digital riff and plenty of industrious atmospheres. Side B by comparison offers two club use tracks in "Polydextrose" and "Riverside Connection", which reflect contemporary electronic music’s current fascination with outsider production, 1980s wave music, while still delivering a pulsing and relentless dance floor beat. If the music weren’t attraction enough, "Two" also marks the beginning of a new collaboration between the heavily design engaged Detroit Underground and The Designer’s Republic. As part of Atoms Vectors Pixels Ghosts™ activity TDR™ are renewing their collaboration with the American Detroit Underground label with an ongoing series of collectable AVPG™ 7” / 12” vinyl covers. Every limited edition is based on the same two original AVPG™ screenprinted in different combinations using different metallic /raised inks / processes / materials to create a series of designs, each unique to its release.

    Mark King

    Ever Forward - Inc. Omar S Mix

    New FXHE, you know the drill. Pure belters only. "Equality" mixes euphoric strings, tantalizing keys and that machine-powered FXHE groove wonderfully; bouncing along at a frenetic pace and surely uniting any dancefloor under its glorious sonic umbrella. "Loquacious" ups the shuffle setting on the drum boxes for a shoulder dropped, deep late night affair. Darting synth notes and a squashed b-line supporting sharp keyboard flourishes and a swirling pads. Finally, "Water Of Life" sees Omar S take to the mixing desk, assuming control of the parts and rolling out some thumping future tech brimming with analogue artifacts, red hot hi-hats and growling bass. Powerful stuff for hi-tech clubs like Fabric, Sub Club and Yellow.


    Don't Stop - Inc. Suzanne Kraft Remix

    After kicking off Cut Copy’s recent critically acclaimed 'Oceans Apart' compilation of underground Melbourne dance culture, Knightlife’s majestic “Don’t Stop” finally sees a vinyl release of on his new 12”, accompanied by a Suzanne Kraft remix and new acid tinged techno jam “Interstate 08”. With effortless panache, "Don’t Stop" channels the hazy ethereal twilight of Tangerine Dream’s soundtrack heyday and the off-beat robotic grunt of italo disco legend Alexander Robonik, pulling them apart, updating, repitching and remodeling them into a 2015 dancefloor gem. Having recently hit form with his Dude Energy release on Animals Dancing, Suzanne Kraft takes the reigns and turns "Don’t Stop" into a marvelous cosmic odyssey. Also included is new Knightife jam "Interstate 08". Conceived in the early hours of the morning after returning home from the club, "Interstate 08" is a classic acid workout set for prime time dancefloor elevation. It nods to the likes of Paranoid London and Pachanga Boys at their basement-dwelling best.

    Francis Macdonald

    Music For String Quartet, Piano And Celeste

    Scottish BAFTA-nominated composer and songwriter Francis Macdonald drums with Teenage Fanclub and has worked with a range of artists (Alex Chilton, Dan Penn, The Pastels, Kevin Ayers, Kate Rusby, Edwyn Collins, Ian McCulloch, BMX Bandits, Belle & Sebastian, Cairn String Quartet and Max Richter, etc.)

    Made with the help of a grant from Creative Scotland, “Music For String Quartet, Piano & Celeste” is an album of minimalist contemporary music informed by Francis’s work in TV and film soundtracks and influenced by key musical figures such as Philip Glass, Ennio Morricone and Arvo Pärt. Macdonald also cites the inspiration of fellow Glasgow-based composer Malcolm Lindsay who, like Francis, did not formally study classical music.

    The album was recorded at Mogwai’s Castle Of Doom studio, Glasgow (because Francis liked their piano) and features a quartet drawn from the esteemed Scottish Ensemble, formed in Glasgow in 1969. It was recorded and mixed by Iain Hutchison (Julie Fowlis, Transatlantic Sessions) and mastered in Milan by Stefano Barzan (Ludovico Einaudi). Francis played piano and a celeste hired from RSNO. The album cover photo was taken at Hardanger Fjord, Norway during a Teenage Fanclub tour.

    “This album was a bit of a challenge to myself”, says Francis; “As a listener I came quite late to classical music and I have no formal training, but I didn’t want to use an arranger or orchestrator. I wanted to be responsible for every note.”

    ‘I Love You’ intoxicates from its very first beat, an idiosyncratic house cut that wears its disco and soul influences very much on its sleeve. Driven by poignant strings and a heartfelt vocal, it breathes nostalgic life into any room in which it is played. The Andres remix beefs up the bottom end, with cosmic synths and a wandering bassline transforming the cut from poignant to powerful. Solomon’s Body Edit further takes the track into dancefloor territory, with sharp percussion and an urgent groove making the track fully suitable for peaktime club play.

    Rush Hour continue to trawl through the golden age of NY house with this sweet reissue of the superb "Gonna Be Alright" by one time production duo No Pain. As you drop the needle into the groove, it's as if you've opened a portal into a bygone age of deep house brilliance as melancholic pads and nagging bleeps ride a rattling rhythm track and sensuous bassline, forming the perfect immersive backdrop to those passionate vocals. The A-side offers us a peak time slammer in the form of the "No More Pain Mix", and a post peak soother via the trippier "Gonna Be Alright Mix". On the flip, "Cliff's Deep Flute Mix" soars above the clouds on a gulf stream of swooning flute, making the transatlantic connection between New Jersey and the Med. The EP closes with a couple of tasty treats for the adventurous DJs thanks to a bass, beats and vocals dub and acapella, perfect for the deep and spiritual sets out in clubland.

    Pearson Sound

    Headless / Rubber Tree - Extended Mixes Part 2

    Electronic innovator Pearson Sound delivers the second of two 12"s featuring extended mixes from his debut long player. Up first, we get a full length variation on "Headless", a tense and menacing cut with a barely concealed sense of dread running through it. Imagine a drum machine rocking to its own rhythm in the stiffling gloom of a crypt and you're halfway there. On the flip, "Rubber Tree" ups the tempo and shifts the now irrate drum machine from the depths of a crypt to the metallic frenzy of a steelworks. Punishing percussion riccochets off the heavyweight bass pulses as all manner of brain-fizzing fx zip through the sound space. High impact dance music of the highest order.  

    Piccadilly Records

    Logo T-Shirt - Heather Navy

      The latest Piccadilly Records T-Shirt featuring our new logo, complete with snazzy 'PICCADILLYRECORDS.COM - MANCHESTER' sleeve print.

      Printed on a Gildan Softstyle Adult Ringspun heather navy T-Shirt.


      L Info: To fit chest size 42/44".

      M Info: To fit chest size 38/40".

      S Info: To fit chest size 34/36".

      XL Info: To fit chest size 46/48".

      On the evening of 6 November 2013, at the invitation of Raf Simons of Dior, a special Plastikman live show composed of entirely new material took place at the Guggenheim Museum, NYC. The album, ‘EX’, Plastikman’s first album release since 2003’s ‘Closer’, was released in June and then, days after its release, a second performance took place at the renowned Sónar festival in Barcelona.

      Four of the tracks from the album ‘EX’ have now been remixed by some of the hottest names on the techno scene.

      The album’s original closer ‘EXhale’ opens the EP, reworked here by Berlin based producer and Resident Advisor’s Top DJ Of 2014, Dixon, followed by a remix of ‘EXplore’ by Resident Advisor’s Top Live Act Of 2014, Recondite.

      ‘EXpand’ sees Tales of Us aka Karm and Matteo Milleri, who were recently awarded #2 in Resident Advisor’s Top DJs Of 2014, work their magic before the single is finished off by the Grammy-winning Dubfire’s take on ‘EXposed’.

      Pleasure Zone

      Fantasy / I Can't Understand

      Two sleazy, obscure, top shelf Chicago basement tracks here, dug straight from the Trax archives of 1988 and refreshed for 2015! "Fantasy" is a creeping, sinister, rough hewn spoken word banger that has all the things we love about these tunes; dark synths, frenetic drum programming and those super sleazy lyrics! Classic material indeed from short lived production outfit Pleasure Zone. Flip it over for the B-side "I Can't Understand" and an instantly familiar vibe jumps out at you via the raw claps, basic melodies and the story of a lover left high and dry recounted over tough jacking rhythms. Essential! Re-mastered, re-pressed and re-released with the full co-operation and participation of all rights holders.


      Living Fields - Indies Only Bonus Disc Edition

      Where do you start talking about a suite of recordings so concerned with the commonalities between beginnings and ends? You could start by saying that Living Fields is an album of catharsis and redefinition, born of a desire to create newness out of loss and change. You could also say that the band Portico themselves have undergone a process of ending and re-beginning, but none of this quite captures what you will hear.

      The best thing you can do is listen. Portico make music which moves forward towards distant places while offering rare intimacy as well, arriving somewhere between structured pop songs and a disintegrating ambience, a unique blend of the sublunary and the celestial. Reverb drenched piano meshes with swathes of studio noise while vocals float high above a world of textural atmosphere.

      Drum machines crisply puncture the air around shimmering arpeggios of synth and electric bass.You can be untethered, detached in space only for a moment of detail to rush into focus. Melancholia and euphoria sunk into each other. The effect is profoundly emotional without ever needing to emote.

      Portico are Duncan Bellamy, Milo Fitzpatrick and Jack Wyllie. Previously they were three-quarters of the highly successful and critically-acclaimed Portico Quartet. But Living Fields is no continuation under a shortened name. As far as the band are concerned this is a debut.

      There are three remarkable singers on this record:Jono McCleery, Joe Newman (Alt-J) and Jamie Woon. These are not just guest performances and it shows. Woon shared a house with Portico in East London when they were writing and recording the album that would become Isla and he was working on “Mirrorwriting.” Joe Newman is a childhood friend of Wyllie's and Jono McCleery was introduced to Portico by Jamie Woon and has opened for them in the past. These existing relationships allowed for a consistency of thought and expression which makes this a truly remarkable record.

      Where do you start talking about a suite of recordings so concerned with the commonalities between beginnings and ends? It doesn’t really matter so long as you listen.

      Fresh imprint Seagull spreads its wings and soars into your collection with Herman Prime's stunning ode to the generative powers of spring, "Maajo". Paying homage to Nigerian music, Prime borrows a vocal refrain from juju master King 'Sunny' Ade's "Synchro System" LP and places it at the heart of his deep and emotive house track. Thick kick drums and a sub bass groove flow out of those spiritual vocals, while the hypnotic Rhodes melody harkens back to early minimal electronic pioneers such as Manuel Göttsching. The result is a lush and immersive journey through the aquatic depths of the dancefloor. The B-side, “Maajo (Take Four)”, is a track of its own, a mutant revision of the emotional original. This version is not just a slightly altered copy but an electronic dub that takes the original to a completely different direction. Talking drums and a polyrhythm structure maintain the dreamy, Nigerian feel, but the dystopic, detuned synths have the scent of an underground techno bunker. Seagull Records is a spin-off from disco rework factory Kojak Giant Sounds and Herman Prime's “Maajo” is the perfect choice for an inaugural release.

      For his latest LP, "L'Aventura", French pop chameleon Sebastien Tellier removed his cultish robes in favour of bathing suit and headed to the warm beaches of Brazil. Here, he delivers a remix EP which sees the original versions of the blissed out bossa of "Aller Vers La Soleil" and future boogie of "Ricky L'adolescent" rub shoulders with reworks from a handful of carefully selected remix talent. NY house revivalists Hercules & Love Affair inject a slow house bump into their remix, stripping back the organic in favour of subtle synthetic melodies. Horrors synth expert Tom Furse on the other hand, fuses the electronic and organic into a drifting snatch of kraut inspired downtempo that'll have you strung out in an instant. On the flipside, Priniciples Of Geometry deliver a futuristic revision which pairs brooding cinematic atmospheres with disclocated rhythms and shredded synths. Last but not least, Walter gets dark and menacing with a slo mo techno remix which summons the spirits of Ed Banger's golden age and the moody madness of Gesaffelstein for a proper dancefloor romp.

      Giancarlo Toniutti

      La Mutazione - Bonus CD Edition

      Black Truffle is proud to present 'La Mutazione' on vinyl for the first time since its original 1985 issue. A landmark release, its influence is still being felt throughout the dark corners of experimental music to this date.

      A milestone originally released in 1985 on the legendary Broken Flag label, Giancarlo Toniutti’s ‘La Mutazione’ is renowned in certain circles as a classic and with good reason.

      The album comprises of two subtle and haunting side-long explorations of dark cosmic electronics akin to Klaus Schulze, Cluster, Tangerine Dream and Conrad Schnitzler filtered through the lens of MB, Whitehouse, Nurse With Wound, and The New Blockaders.

      At the time, Toniutti had just enrolled at the Conservatory of Venice with a heady amount of education in Stockhausen, Schaefer, etc. These three musical poles come together in this beautiful and unsettling construction of layered static, analog synth explorations, concrete sounds and field recordings.This limited edition reissue is an exact replica of the original Broken Flag LP release, with remastered audio and an inner sleeve containing archival photos and sketches from the period that the work was created.

      Additionally this reissue contains a bonus CD of unreleased material from Toniutti’s cassette archive featuring a collage of sound sketches recorded during the same time period, thus giving the listener a wider view into the soundworld that helped form 'La Mutazione'.

      Big Dada drop something special and spacial in the form of this 12" meeting of two musical minds at the forefront of British electronic music. Wolverhampton's finest, the Uk's great techno experimentor Actress takes on Eski kingpin and grime founding father Wiley, transforming the vital and vibrant "From The Outside" into a deep and dark slice of scuzzy cinematic ambience. Spooky and space age, this is groundbreaking tackle packed with gloomy synth washes and grinding distortion. All that remains of the original are the occasional snippets of Wiley's vocal, either played straight or totally screwed, and the mournful strings which made up the original's intro. Not for the faint of heart or the urban grime crew, this is next level music. 


      12" Info: One Sided, Hand Stamped 12".

      Another on point project from Berlin's creative record store hub OYE! Following a sun soaked day on a trip to Tel Aviv, OYE counter culturist Delfonic wandered into an intriguing spot called Kuli Alma. Coincidentally Berlin based Tel Avivian Moscoman was playing at the club that very afternoon. Call it fate, call it afternoon drinking, call it sun stroke - whatever the reason, after a mind-blowing track dropped, he asked Moscoman about its origin, and not so long after, Disco Halal was born. This fresh label dedicated to Middle eastern and Oriental sounds, is gonna hit us with a string of originals and edits from artists such as Acid Arab, Memhet Aslan, Red Axes, Naduve, Autarkic and Moscoman himself, so make room in your collection! Volume 1 features a trio of edits alive with those hypnotic and psychedelic touches which are so central to middle eastern music. Acid Arab kick us off with the blistering electro-tech and 303 sequences of "Le Gaz Qui Fait Rire", a mindbending collision of tradional folk violins and vocals with all out club filth! On the flip Autrakic calms things down a little with the bordeline Balearic dub of "Palgey", a lilting lullaby with a touch of synth strings which could only come from the coast of North Africa. Last but not least, Mehmet Aslan drops "Yasadim", a beefed up house rework of a traditional Turkrock groove which balances a thumping bottom end with the high register strumming of the Baglama Saz. Exotic, inventive and addictive, Disco Halal looks set to make an instant impression on the dance music world.

      Various Artists

      Ministry Of De-Fence 10x10:10

        Limited edition 10" vinyl EP featuring seven collaborative tracks.

        Collaborative release from over twenty artists, these tracks were completed from the nineteen demo tracks submitted for the project. The remaining tracks from the project will feature on a separate album release in 2015.

        Derek O'Neill, Susannah Simmons, Semay Wu, OnTheFly, Volg4, wiQwar, Jo Foster, Paper Machine Music, IndianRedLopez, Hamacide, Cherif Hashizume, Tina Grace, Alan Coutts, Rich Amino, Zoon van snooK, Reuben Taylor, Romanhead, Con Brio, Pete Harvey, Deltason, Scruff, George Positive, Tommy Perman, Captain Geeko The Deadly Aviator.

        Various Artists

        Rail Cables Winter Selection 2015

          "Rail Cables starts off on a roll with a split LP from Scanner, Dru$s (of Salford surrealists Gnod) Ran Slavin & Greg Fox. Each artist gets one side of vinyl each to explore the label's theme of music based around railway travel.

          Legendary electronic producer Scanner starts off with a first class ticket to late night train travel experimentation, a heady mixture of Powell-esqe post-punk drums cascading into a tripping SND style electronica number before moving into steppin' techno territory.

          Next up is Dru$s exploring the idea of late night solo train rides through inner city urban areas, starting off at Manchester Piccadilly before mainlining into the costa del Salford with an experimental electronic piece at times "Low"-era Bowie and at others more urban autobahn all executed with a Mancunian confidence on the last train to nowhere.

          Ran Slavin starts off side 3 with a bleak and cold number titled 'Unis' painting images of a winter evening spent on a cold platform 13 waiting for the last train home before things go proto-metal on Greg Fox's first number 'Lamb' where from the sounds of it his CD player has started skipping to great effect (long train ride perhaps the batteries started running out?) the sometime Ben Frost drummer covers a lot of ground with his side of experimental electronics that is just the ticket to closing off this beautifully compiled debut release from this promising label, a searching full length, we can't wait to see what awaits us at the next platform."

          The new project from the people that brought you Blind Jacks Journey and Crow Castle Cuts...The Legend Of Gelert can be sourced back to the 13th Century. Gelert’s burial place is the village of Beddgelert in the Snowdonia National Park. The Park has 14 peaks that mountain in heights over 3000ft. Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) is it’s highest, at 3065ft (1085m). It’s summit is crowned by a bronze burial cairn of another folklore legend of the giant Rhita, slain by King Arthur. The same King Arthur that had gifted ‘Lewellyn’ - The Prince of Gwynedd with his dog ‘Gelert’.

          Music from illusive artists connecting nippy Snowdonia peaks to the glacial Scandes via ancient mythical trails. Each piece of vinyl is unique in colour using an experimental tonal effect. 3000.1 uses grey and mustard tones.

          Part of a collectable 15 pack to mark each peak above the 3000ft mark.

          Johan Hansson's "Vassvik" kicks things off in radiant form, glistening bell-like melodies fluttering gently atop of a jubilant breakbeat and sharp bass hits. Rising gloriously like the morning sun, this track's sure to put a smile on any Earth-dwelling creature receiving its vibrations. He continues with "Dunge", delivering an emotive acid-tinged house jaunt wrapped in a warm, coastal aesthetic. These are tracks to soundtrack the cycle of the tides, the rising and falling of the sun and the wind in the air. Feel-good house music that tweaks the speaker stacks in just the right manner. Flip the disc for Exotic Coco Magic's "Holiday Waves", again inspired by the glory days of 90s breakbeat / rave music, Exotic Coco Magic manage to inflict a whole dose of personality and sheen onto the well-trodden grooves; conjuring up something entirely new and stimulating for the modern dancefloors. We conclude with Bob and "Body Bob" - possibly my personal favourite and certainly the craziest record to emanate from this set. Taking the beautiful chord progressions and pads from a well known Selected Ambient Work and layering up some fun-loving but highly infectious vocal snippets, plenty of experimental frequencies and a lysergic aesthetic designed to twist craniums, this is absolute dynamite pop pickers and will surely end up as cultishly adored as Gnork's "Blorp93". You know the score with these guys - move quick as they get snapped up super fast. Recommended.

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