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Genre pick of the week Cover of Transport by Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald Present Borderland.

Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald Present Borderland


Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald - the two indispensable protagonists of the 'Electric Garden' - plug back into the wilderness.

‘Transport’ - the new full length effort of the Borderland collaborative project - brings together a new set of studio-refined sequences aimed at colonising some of the dark energy that pulsates through those areas that are thoroughly electrified, even if not ‘on the grid’.

The Detroit-Berlin axis triangulates to a third point which, like the atomic particle that lives in two places at once, flickers between a form of techno-charged ambience and a futuristic club-jazz which cannot be broken down into constitutive parts. Borderland remains caught in a state of enraptured stillness, invisibly moving between every imagined future for electronic sound making.

The result: a font from which springs serene and exhilarating musical ideas that vibrate with refined energy for sixty seconds in every minute.

On a fishing trip two years ago, the two main guys behind Africaine 808 (Dirk Leyers and Nomad) went to a tackle shop to buy some creepy crawlies (saltwater worms), not knowing that they were about to make a life changing discovery. In front of the shop a blind man was jammming on a little electronic organ, stomping his feet, singing, growling and basically making a scene.

The boys were quite impressed with the fella, who introduced himself as 'Blind Double D'. They offered to bring him home and record him. He turned the offer down, but offered instead that they could record him on the spot in front of the tackle shop - if they bought him a bottle of good Bourbon. He explained that he would never set foot into a studio again in his life: he was sick of music production and the music industry in general, and that he just wanted this bottle of Bourbon and to be left alone.

The boys got him the bottle, and recorded Blind DD on the spot with a tape recorder they borrowed from the tackle shop. Unfortunately, the tape was stored in one of the tackle boxes over the trip, and some of the creepy crawlies crawled into the tape and stank it all up. This added some extra funk to the recording. With Dirk and Nomad's usual studio trickery and production skills, they created the two versions of this very very funky, creepy, stanky track.

We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do. This record is dedicated to Blind DD, wherever he is...



‘Antwood’ is the alias of Tristan Douglas - a Canadian whose releases so far have been on netlabels such as Cocobass and B.YRSLF Division, initially under the name ‘Margaret Antwood’. These early recordings have picked up interest from curious seekers of new music, with excitement from Fact magazine and a mention in Vogue’s best music of 2015. He's now dropped the punning female first name and been picked up by Planet Mu for his first proper full-length, 'Virtuous.scr'. The music on this album feels very modern, but doesn't feel genre specific or even created by a human at times. It has an obvious dark cartoonish cinematic feel to it that hints at computer game music and anime soundtracks, but it’s as if the tracks are semi-autonomous beings evolving as part of a larger eco-system: the sounds are mechanical, things uncoil, whirr and stretch, strafe and crack around melodic segments, synthesised forms bouncing around the speakers, falling into melody and then out again, full of colour and drama. Perhaps in this context It makes sense that Tristan is a microbiologist too - but also that the theme he was inspired by when creating the album was centred around the development of an AI. A little later in the process it started to crystalize into the idea of whether or not an AI can have a set of ethics, and if not, how close can it get to being like human intelligence? It comes through in the music as the album becomes more melodic, almost sentimental at the end. 'Virtuous.scr' also references the darker corners of the Internet, as reflected in its track titles. Like all the best electronic music which isn’t entirely melodic, the listener is able to put their imagination right at the centre of the work and can rest assured that the album will reward their attention. 'Virtuous.scr' is full of rhythmic ideas, evocative, textural sound design and also has an intriguing musical narrative - we're sure that willing listeners will enjoy the ride! 

Moses Boyd

Rye Lane Shuffle / Drum Dance

Imagine an alternate universe where you're an evil musical svengali, probably adorned in a flat cap and slip ons. Reclining on the softest of furnishings you hatch a plan to cook up the hippest, hottest, on trend 12" certain to sell a gazillion copies and keep you in caviar for life. As the buzz words circle your head (cross genre, diverse, danceable) you bring it all together in one perfect formula for dancefloor alchemy... Four Tet and Floating Points behind the desk for a MOBO winning, Gilles Peterson approved instrumentalist, dropping a jazz-house 12" called "Rye Lane Shuffle". Well, sorry buddy, but someone beat you to it! At least you can chuck this on the turntable and revel in the fact that real life has outdone your wildest fantasies. "Rye Lane Shuffle" rattles along at break neck pace, darting through colourful explosions of hot horns and slick guitar while the brass bass and frenetic drumming power the whole thing forward. Forget laboured covers of soul standards and naff R&B, this is contemporary jazz dance at its most expressionistic. Over on the flipside, "Drum Dance" sees the ensemble neck something special and get hypnotic, driving towards the dancefloor with rattling drums, dubby bass and highlife guitars. You can almost hear Kieran and Sam fighting it out over the mixing desk, tweaking those frequencies to perfection before letting loose with the luxurious arps which carry us home. Already causing a stir in elite circles this is the future sound of London.

Trancers, dancers and sweet romancers from our mate Willie Burns on the omnipresent Ultimate Hits. Anyone who reads our new weekly staff top ten feature will know I've been waiting this to drop for quite a while. Best release on the label for me and that's saying something! Ultimate Hits are bringing back the tradition of high quality DJ tools and club weapons for creative DJs. These aren't the kinda records you'd delicately place on a high end turntable running through some Klipsch speakers from start to finish, stroking your beard as you admire the songwriting and the sonics. These are non-UN sanctioned club bombs. You might only drop a few bars from each track over some other banger you've had stashed in your record bag for that moment when the rave gremlins are on the attack and you need some firepower! "Bang The Box" updates the classic Jackmaster vocal hook for some broken electro grooves. "Got To Be A" has a lot going on to be termed strictly a 'tool'. A deliciously radiant xylophone riff, glistening celestial atmospheres then this stupidly infectious repeating vocal line. Mayhem and madness for the peaktime which is guaranteed to send dancers spiraling into the speaker stacks. "Checking Heart Rate" takes the currently in vogue sound of '92 breakbeat and tickles up the frequencies for our super powered soundsystems, and is for me the highlight of the EP. "Where Has The Love Gone" concludes the EP and has me lost for words. Think Recloose meets Matthew Herbert meet Theo Parrish but then half the stems were lost or destroyed in the mixdown. Anyway - solid tackle from man like Willie. Recommended.


Matt says: I always like a good secret weapon. And the Ultimate Hits label are churning them out at the moment. This bad boy from Willie Burns is the creme of the crop.




    Circle Sky is a live electronic band featuring Richard Norris (BTWS, the Grid) and Martin Dubka (Cazals). Recorded on the Death Star at Secret Cinema's massive 100 night 'Star Wars' event in London's docklands, using sounds entirely created on the mighty Moog System 55 modular, 'Reveal' and 'Interstellar' are two slices of warm, hypnotic electronic dance, recalling both the heady days of acid house and the sound of the near future. We have lift off...


    The Last Panthers

      ‘The Last Panthers’ features music from and inspired by Clark’s mesmerising score for the Sky Atlantic crime thriller of the same name.

      The six part series, co-produced by Warp Films (‘Southcliffe’, ‘71’, ‘Four Lions’, ‘This Is England’) and Haut et Court (‘The Returned’), stars Samantha Morton, Tahar Rahim and John Hurt and was descibed by The Guardian as “bold, smart and seductive.”

      Clark approached ‘The Last Panthers’ soundtrack with the same ethos as his artist releases; combining sounds of the natural world with clinical, machine enhanced production and an experimental, exploratory attitude. Here he breaks off from his mainline discography to deliver this stunning project, meticulously edited and expanded from the original score into a coherent listening experience.

      This new release from Clark forms part of a burgeoning movement of contemporary artists working in the soundtrack and composition world, including Mica Levi, Mogwai, Jon Hopkins and Ólafur Arnalds.


      LP Info: LP with printed inner in 3mm spine outer sleeve and digital download card.

      Deluxe CD Info: Each CD comes in a casebound hand numbered sleeve with a silver foil stamp applied to the back cover.


      Some Lost Tapes EP


        Following the release of his third album Many Colours, Colder keeps on digging his post-punk approach to contemporary electronic scene, using the raw material of his album to come up with two remix EPs and a vinyl limited edition. Featuring both major and upcoming figures of the electronic scene such as Matias Aguayo, Christian S, Marc Piñol or Kasper Bjørke, these remixes showcase an open vision of electronic music as an entity living beyond borders of genres and countries.

        Colder’s music is seductive yet unobtainable, intimate yet peculiarly disorienting. It resonates like Joy Division or LCD Soundsystem yet occupies its own space, taking the listener out of their comfort zone and into a world of unsettling feelings and sensations, each more tantalising than its predecessor…

        Colder‘s future releases use lost material from his years in Trevor Jackson’s Output Recordings to come up with Some Lost Tapes, an exclusive EP set to be released for the Record Store Day. Later on this year, a double LP boxset named Lost Tapes: The Output Years will be released, including more exclusive material.

        Pomalo, means 'take it easy' in Croatian Dalmatia region's slang, is the latest addition to the Burek / Barba family.

        A 12" by CL Dawkins titled 'Affirmation Of Love' comes as a wonderful postcard from Detroit. Written and produced by Alex Israel, remixed by Amp Fiddler, and with a vocal contribution by Lavell Williams, the record features three different generations of Detroit artists.

        Alex Israel, here debuting his CL Dawkins moniker, is a mechanical engineer and synth aficionado with a deep respect for soul music.
        Since 2011, Alex has released a string of successful releases under his real name on labels such as Creme Organization, Stilove4music, Night Gallery and WT Records.

        In tune with the mood and title of the label, Alex delivers two mid-tempo jams which are hard to ignore. 'Affirmation Of Love' is a soulful tune that works equally as the last song of the night, in your living room, or at a boat party. Mr. Williams, whose vocals envelop the song, is vice president of the Detroit Sound Conservancy, an organisation deeply involved with Detroit's musical heritage education.

        CL's second tune on the record is 'Blue Falconry', an instrumental with a subtle synth line reminiscent of Alex's previous work threading through the whole length.

        Finally, Amp Fiddler contributes his take on the vocal cut. Fiddler's career connects the worlds of George Clinton, Sly and Robbie, Prince, and Brand New Heavies to artists like Moodymann, J Dilla, Theo Parrish, and A Tribe Called Quest.

        A one-man musical hub, and an artist whose impressive biography would take up more space than we have here, spins the title with a dancefloor edge while retaining all the things we love about the original, a soulful Detroit house take that leaves a lasting impression.

        Etienne De Crecy

        Super Discount 1


          Previously out of print for over x10 years. Real collectors pieces in the French touch house world.

          Etienne De Crecy

          Super Discount 2


            Previously out of print for over x10 years. Real collectors pieces in the French touch house world.

            Will Dimaggio

            Fusion - Broadcast Mix

            Future Times do it right for the deeeeeeejays once again, firing up the press for another single sided sureshot purpose built for club use. These one sided offerings always hit the spot (need I remind you of Hunee's Don Carlos edit, or the incendiary Jack J 12" from 2014) and this little baby is no exception. Will Dimaggio makes his FT debut with a serious slab of bubbling, synthetic and jazzy house for vaped out dancers and the smoke machine crew. "Fusion" channels the glorious synth-work of many over-the-top pioneers through Mr. DiMaggio's skills on the keys, and the track bumps and bops with a nasty, ruff logic for the DJ crew and their dancers. Essential for those who feel that need to close your eyes and play air keys when you hear an absolute beast rip thruough the speakers at "the spot". Killer!

            If you don't know, know you know sucka!! DJ Aakmael's being dropping the dopest, deepest house heat for time now, putting the sampler to work whether for his Unxpozd imprint or the likes of Kolour LTD. Now Virginia's finest makes his debut on London's Church White, bringing the whole congregation together in one dancing mass. We're in sultry, swinging deep house territory from the get go, lost in the rhythm and tone of gorgeous set opener "Beautiphul". Delicate piano, jazzy Rhodes and graceful vocals float featherlight over the headnodding rhythm, hooking us in without the merest hint of a bassline - bold and brilliant right? Turning the lights down low, "13th Mood" glides into the club just before peak time, nailing the heads down vibes with a thick bassline, DX7 keys and a precise woodblock pattern. Opening the B-side, and sitting back in the cut we have the classy "Bloo Again", a heart swelling, spirit lifting house gem at one with the gentle soul of jazz. Upright bass, dusty keys, shimmering vibraphone and mournful, melancholy trumpet ride a simple groove, holding it down for Joe Claussell, Theo P, Kerri and Chez. Speaking of Chez Damier, you can't help but see the Prescription boss working the crowd when you hear the imemrsive keys of "Space", a flawless bit of heads down deep house in proper late nineties style. Props to Church for reaching out to a true head.

            Doomsquad bring psychedelic electronic dance music from Toronto, Canada.

            Having formed in 2012, siblings Trevor, Jaclyn and Allie Blumas soon began to explore trance and electronic beat making. Their shared fascination with dance culture, rhythm and the unknown, along with their lifelong immersion in the arts, began to manifest as a collective ethos. Before long, Doomsquad had mushroomed into a full-scale art project.

            Inspired by some of their favourite artists - Georges Bataille, Richard Tuttle, Tanya Tagaq and Genesis P-Orridge - Doomsquad travelled to the New Mexican desert to write and record ‘Total Time’, creating dark, pulsating beats interspersed with hypnotic, incantatory jams.

            Upon returning home the band continued to draw inspiration from the Toronto arts community. Their friendships and connections led to some fortuitous collaborations, including one with Canadian avant-garde legend Mary Margaret O’Hara, whose otherworldly vocals grace ‘The Very Large Array’.

            The driving, dirty basslines and analogue layers of effects come care of Graham Walsh (Holy F*ck), who produced and mixed the album.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Barry says: Like a perfectly rounded hybrid of Trent Reznor finally listening to all his mates and 'Cheering Up A Bit', and the goth-tronica stylings of Tropic Of Cancer, 'Total Time' is a driving and energetic dystopian synth odyssey. Reverberated kick drums and distorted pads topped with distant vocals and frantic arps. Dramatic and gloomy, frenetic and claustrophobic, but at times hopeful. The more you listen the more it makes sense. Great stuff.


            Includes MP3 Download Code.


            Buckets - Inc. Paleman Remix


            For their first Record Store Day vinyl, Dusky’s 17 Steps unveil a much requested club cut from the label bosses themselves in ‘Buckets’. A dark, murky groover full of heaving basslines, swampy beats and cut-up soul vocals, ‘Buckets’ has been popping up in Dusky mixes for a couple of years, earning it cult status amongst their hardcore following and making it a perfect choice for a limited collectors vinyl. It comes backed with a twisted two-step remix from Swamp 81’s Paleman.

            808 State



              • 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl
              • 45 Rpm 12”
              • Exclusive Record Store Day Release
              • Limited Edition Of 2000 Copies On Blue
              & Black Mixed Vinyl

              The “Pacific State” single was released by Electronic Acid House group 808 State in 1989. The song charted for 9 weeks in the United Kingdom peaking at #10 on the UK Singles Chart. There are several versions of the song, of which 3 remixes and the original are featured on this limited edition 45RPM 12”.

              A new album from Brian Eno is always something we look forward to and upon hearing it, 'The Ship' is possibly one of the finest solo works from this pioneer yet. Opening with the truly otherworldly experience of title track 'The Ship' Eno carefully lays down a twenty minute plus blanket of slow moving, but fully immersive synths that start off sounding like the blurry jet lag memories of the morning after a night in his 'Music For Airports' departure lounge. The track builds with a delicate, constantly evolving '77 Million Paintings' style drone before his deeply lead vocals chime into the mix, this could honestly be an update on a lost recording from the B-side of 'Low'. The rest of the album follows in a similar stance but over a three-part "musical novel" and takes in oceanic waves of sound to spoken word transcripts and ends on a tear-drenched cover of The Velvet Underground's 'I'm Set Free'. Large parts of 'The Ship' will be tugging at memories of Eno's previous work notably 'Airports' and 'Another Green World', but it remains new and offers much to explore, the end caps on the words "I'm set free, to find a new illusion" and after 'The Ship' we can't wait to hear where he sails to next. Unmissable stuff.


              2xColoured LP Info: Limited edition 2LP on transparent vinyl in printed inners in gatefold with 4 art prints.

              Ltd CD Info: Collectors edition CD.

              Four years after hitting us with the heavyweight badness of part 2, FaltyDL returns to SWAMP 81 with the third instalment of the "Mean Streets" series, holding it down for the dancers and dopefiends with three mind expanding cuts. Paying no mind to genre confines, A-side smasher "Mean Streets Pt. 3" rattles through ravey keyboards, pitched down vocals and thunderous post-Funky percussion, veers into mellow piano breaks before jumping headfirst into an ass shaking juke rhythm. Imagine Lone pushing his way through a packed club, spilling a drink on Floating Points then getting frankly explicit with RP Boo. Skip to the flip to hear Drew dissecting jazz tones into a bumpin' beatdown cut on "Step Up". Blue Note melodies settle into some expert rhythm programming, laying the foundation for Blaxploitation vocals and throbbing subs. Sticking with the samples for the EP closing "Sexy Lady", FaltyDL fillets some sensuous (IE: sleazy) R&B, adds some smooth pads and buttery bass for flavour (flava) then serves the whole shebang on a bed of complex rhythms - it's a lovely, lovely thing.

              Faze Action - Zeke Manyika

              Mangwana - Inc. A Vision Of Panorama Remix

              Faze Action return with a brand new 12", teaming up with Zimbabwean born Zeke Manyika (drummer from 80s post-punk funkers Orange Juice) to create "Mangwana". Sung in Zeke's native Shona, and taking influences from early house, Mory Kante and South African Kwaito, Faze Action manage to create a record that harks back yet still has a modern and contemporary feel. Swinging 4/4 afro-house rhythms, a bubbling synth bassline, marimbas and party horn riffs all combine to make  'Mangwana a surefire soundtrack to countless festivals and outdoor parties this summer. 

              The title track is followed by the stunning 'Chiiko', a slower track with hints of Letta Mbulu's 'Nomalizo' in its grooving electro-acoustic afro rhythm, and featuring Zeke's vocals enriched by Rob's cello - a future Balearic classic? On the flip Mellophonia, Music For Dreams and Aficionado favourites A Vision Of Panorama turns up the dial on 'Mangwana' with a stunning rework. A funky new bassline and some quality keyboard work really ice the cake here. Finally the Brothers Lee deliver are more stripped-down Chicago house style dub on the "Paradise '89 Mix" on 'Mangwana', which draws inspiration from 'Jack The Groove' by Raze perhaps.

              Four killer tracks for different floors - essential!

              Four Tet returns with four tracks of techno-not-techno. The "Ringer" EP is a 32 minute, four-track excursion into the kind of wide-open spaces you might find if you set out to make techno with an Afro-beat / Krautrock sensibility. Title track "Ringer" locks together gloriously rich synthesizer arpeggios; "Wing Body Wing" slips from crisp clusters of disco percussion to Steve Reich polyrhythms; and in between are another two euphoric ripples of sound; "Ribbons" and "Swimmer". These are tracks that make you think of Berlin – Dakar – Detroit - but they could only have been made in London. All four are headphone epics, but are mixed in such a way you know you have to hear them at Plastic People or The End. "Ringer" carries that minimal pulse over into Four Tet, and while Kieran's trademark recuttings of jazz breaks may be less in evidence, his feel for harmony and melody is, as always, unmistakable.

              Masayoshi Fujita & Guy Andrews

              Needle Six


                The 27-minute piece ’Needle Six’ is a BBC recording of an improvised session between Masayoshi Fujita and Guy Andrews that took place at the prestigious Maida Vale Studios on October 26, 2015. Recorded as part of BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction the performance continues the show's tradition of introducing two musicians on stage for the first time and documenting the unpredictable and compelling sounds, which unfold. Following on from Masa's label colleague Nils Frahm, who also improvised with Ghostpoet on a previous session, both Masayoshi and Guy were encouraged to abandon their usual respective preparations and adopt a totally new approach. On the subject of expectations and preparations Guy explains: "I was pretty excited, but equally had feelings of being out of my depth. Despite it being amazing, I actually tried to not listen to Masa’s music too much until a day before, as I knew I'd potentially end up over-analysing it and not putting my own style on the session. Having very little music theory knowledge under my belt, and being known for doing things by ear, meant being matched with a classically trained musician was reasonably daunting. I decided to only prepare by making some field recordings in the week before, and trying not to think about it too much." Masayoshi expands, saying: "basically I am not an improv guy. I do improvise with certain other musicians but we usually have some rough plan. This time was different, so I just tried not to think too much and see how it goes. I think it made sense that I only played acoustic and Guy played electronic stuff. It made our approach more simple and clear. I think both sounds complimented each other very well." Masayoshi Fujita, the Berlin-based Japanese vibraphone player, came to the attention of Erased Tapes founder Robert Raths a few years ago. Not only because the vibraphone is an intriguing instrument, but also the way Masayoshi treats his instrument and draws ethereal and layered sounds, is what truly attracted him to Masayoshi’s work. His new LP ‘Apologues’ saw Masayoshi for the first time use an array of instruments besides his lead instrument – such as the violin, cello, flute, clarinet, French horn, accordion, piano and snare drum played by friends, but arranged by Masayoshi himself. Guy andrews is a London based producer who is best known for creating textural electronic music which combines an array of influences from post rock, techno and ambient to afro to afro-beat inspired genres. Guy has since released on a number of acclaimed labels such as Hot Flush and Pennyroyal, scored for the acclaimed photographer Nadav Kander, as well as collaborated with Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja for a remix of his well respected ‘Battle Box’ series. On March 4th 2016 Guy released his debut album 'Our Spaces' on Houndstooth. ’Needle Six’ will be released by Erased Tapes in collaboration with Houndstooth on April 16 – exclusively for Record Store Day 2016.

                Morgan Geist


                  Environ is proud to announce the reissue of Morgan Geist's cult classic 'Super'. Originally released in summer 2001, the record is an ode to New York City and many of the producer's most vital influences. With live strings from the Kelley Polar Quartet and plenty of disco DNA, it's no mystery that this was made by half of Metro Area (and released just months before their underground classic "Miura"). Remastered and cut by the award-winning Matt Colton of Alchemy Mastering.

                  After his amazing Metro Area 3 12", Morgan Geist returned with another wicked Environ release. Three ace 80s-tinged deep disco-tech house outings, as good as any of the Metro Area tracks and crafted with electronic perfection for like-minded souls, "24K" in particular being sheer class.

                  Ghost Culture

                  Safe / Multiply

                  Ghost Culture returns to Phantasy with ‘Safe' / 'Multiply’. An unashamedly club-rooted double single, both tracks find Ghost Culture’s expert electronic manipulation in more direct mode, recalling the tension and euphoria of early experiments ‘Red Smoke’, ‘Half Open’ and 'Understand'.

                  ‘Safe’ wastes little time in exploring the more acidic soul of Ghost Culture's unmistakable sound. Grinding out a complex and uncompromising 303 over a landscape of sound that is ethereal and absorbing all on its own, the track subtly builds to an overwhelming and enrapturing breakdown, leveling out while having lost none of its ecstatic energy.

                  Meanwhile, ‘Multiply’ creates a stunning build and release, conjuring an atmosphere that is easy to get lost in. An occasional spoken word interjection of the track’s telling title guides a delicate but powerful mix of punching drums amid a wilfully psychedelic escalation of synths. It’s a welcome return from Ghost Culture while he develops the sound of his new album – stay tuned for more news on that, coming soon.


                  Gorgon City’s offering for Record Store Day 2016 comes in the form of this hefty slab of 12” clubbing heaven. Their monster UKG hit 'Saving My Life' (3 million+ YouTube views and counting) finally gets pressed on vinyl, and in underground club-style warehouse / terrace dubs style. Banger!


                  Room To Expand (Expanded)


                    Double vinyl, gatefold sleeve, 6 previously unreleased exclusive tracks, download code

                    Record Store Day 2016 exclusive – significantly expanded double-vinyl reissue of Hauschka’s debut album for 130701, ‘Room To Expand’. The album has been repackaged and extended with the addition of six previously-unreleased exclusive tracks, and has been made available on vinyl for the first time ever – arriving with new artwork, liner notes, full digital download coupon and gatefold packaging.

                    Upon its original release nine years ago, Hauschka was the little-known alias of Dusseldorf–based pianist / composer Volker Bertelmann. ‘Room To Expand’ was the album that in many ways laid the groundwork for Hauschka’s future success. Its very title suggested a frankly-articulated portent of future growth for the artist – both creatively, technically and in popularity.

                    Gathered to fit a single, final vinyl side, the six new tracks were all recorded contemporaneously with the original album and breathe new life into it. They offer a wider lens onto into this period Hauschka’s creativity, perfectly complementing and extending the original set. Aside from the heavily delay-processing ‘Vakuum One’, all six tracks are solo prepared piano works, moving from the playful ‘Zooviertel’ to the more strident, pounding, swelling ‘Run Run’ and the fidgety, skittling ‘Fragments’ and ending on the impressionistic, rippling, fizzy-textured ‘Vakuum One’.

                    UK QUANTITY: 500

                    Skam Records are very proud to release an album of unheard tracks from one of our very first artists and it feels good to have him back home.

                    Jega has always provided his own slant on the genre, with warm standout melodies and his always edgy solid beats driving it all. Its good to hear his machines working again after all these years.

                    Jega returns with a selection of unreleased tracks from the year before his seminal first release (SKA006). Featuring unreleased tracks from 1995, recorded live to cassette tape and DAT, and gathered 20 years later to form "1995".

                    This album provides a glimpse into the fledgling electronic music scene of the 90's.

                    Felix Laband / Beanfield

                    Whistling In Tongues / Tides - Todd Terje / Carl Craig Remixes

                    Compost raid their archives to treat us to a special split sided release of two of the label's biggest 'Rewind...TUNES!!!' Spread languorously across the A-side is Todd Terje's masterful rework of Felix Laband's gentle and jazzy "Whistling In Tongues", originally released in 2006, and sounding just as essential a decade later. Effortlessly gliding between disco, Balearica and African influences Terje rearranges the guitar licks and marimba of the original over a rolling polyrhythm, adding a dubwise bassline, sunset sonics and plenty of drifting beauty. As far as Scandolearica goes, this is right at the top of the tree. Meanwhile on the flip we go back to 2004 with Carl Craig's masterful remix of Beanfield's "Tides", a total classic which still rocks the box of the likes of Moodymann, Danny Krivit and Kerri Chandler. Clocking in at extensive ten minutes, the track finds the Detroit producer in imperious form, taking us on a proper voyage which builds from pared back restraint, through echoing walls of techno soul sound before arriving at full scale Planet E synthtopia - Massive! 

                    LNTG (Late Nite Tuff Guy)

                    Tuff Cuts #10


                      LNTG returns with 4 killer reworks for RSD 2016. Pressed on 12 Inch Vinyl with special RSD artwork, do not miss out!!

                      Bodytonic drop the first of a jam-packed 2016 release schedule, hitting club kids everywhere with the debut release from Irish producer Manzana Kicks. Fresh and funky, "In Knots" also boasts an impressive remix cast, with Bodytonic reaching out to Optimo founder JD Twitch and Chicago house royalty Mr Fingers to offer their own interpretations. Manzana Kicks gets the ball rolling with the freaked out funk of the title track, a straighter, spacier take on the vintage Floating Points style which packs much more dancefloor energy. Shuffling percussion and stargazing synths hold their own, but it's the strange, sticky bass squirm which sets this cut apart from the rest, leaving you no option but to shake your tailfeather. Foreplay over, we get down to the nitty gritty with the thrusting 4/4 of "Slow Train", a stealth bomber armed with dubby stabs, Berlin pads and mainroom murmers sure to line up a landing at DC10 this summer. JD Twitch continues the dark and smokey style of his "So Low" project here, condensing those hazy pads into a dense excursion to the acid infected industrial badlands. The tunneling bassline makes its merry way into the depths of your brainstem, while disembodied vocals and clattering echo only enhance the creeping paranoia. The flipside plays host to a pair of remixes by deep house genius Larry Heard, who dons his Mr Fingers alias to totally transport us to the distant galaxies. A complete departure from the original, the "After Dark Mix" seduces us with hypnotic rhythms, stately bass and classy keys, while the stripped back and sparse "Midnight Ambient" pass could easily cause an out of body experience. 

                      Ever reliable UK house imprint Wolf Music give us a little something to get excited about here, inviting their favourite son to tickle our fancies with a limited, promo-style white label packed with red hot dancefloor shit. If you've had your ear in the digital realm you may have caught A-side cut "Body Action" blowing people's tiny minds since its inclusion in Medlar's excellent Solid Steel mix last year. Stripped back to the core, this cut utilises the finest bass sound around, 707 drum programming and killer vocal cut to lock you in, before blooming into piano led beauty. Packed with dub fx and flipped into a killer arrangement, this could easily pass as a long lost Regisford release. On the flip, the freshly prepped "Aya Chan" channels Medlar's love for classic 80's labels such as West End & Prelude, laying us low with gurgling sequences, jazzy piano and spacey synths. Limited as you like, hand stamped and packing a promo feedback form, this is some old school autheticity for any new school jocks.

                      Hand stamped vinyl only release with promo feedback form included.

                      Having recently released on LIES, & Russian Torrent Versions; Fabio Monesi makes a return to his own Wilson Records after last year's album "Parasol Dance'. From the instantly head-turning raw beat of "Mirage', this EP encapsulates the versatile approach of Fabio Monesi to production, in which analogue recordings and warm sounds are a must. "Endless Struggle" is surely reason enough alone to buy the 12" and looks set to be one of those underground anthems of the Summer. On the flip, "Chi-town" is aptly titled as it rolls some lush b-lines and keys around in some grit and sand, layering up some more vocal snatches while the grinding drums march forth. "Pipe Dream" ends on a winner, mixing all that was great about dark Chicago acid house with a speaker testing production aesthetic and aggressive attitude. Pure heat from Fabio Monessi and thoroughly recommended here at Piccadilly HQ. Move quick!

                      Searching for that new Dam Funk-esk or Brian Ellis-esk tune to set the roof on fire? Look no further! Munir delivers 5 luscious grooves pleasing the listener.

                      Munir surfed the globe with his band Midnight Runners and stirred up the underground boogie community worldwide, earning him releases on Omega Supreme Records, Groove College and more recent at Hobo Camp Records. His early disco and new age influences result into heavy electro-funk and house sounds.

                      Through vintage beat machines and synths, and with the help of his friend from Japan; Azumi, Munir captures the feeling of the late 70s and early 80s and transforms it into well-balanced layered cuts from 2016. Both sides showcase his skills and passion. Thick chord arrangements on the keys, boogie basslines and smooth guitar licks create his recognizable sound.

                      Heist continue to let the good times roll with a pearler of a release from newcomers Ouer, a Berlin based duo with only a handful of tracks out so far on their self released debut last year. Their approach to producing is very much jam based, and with a compact collection of synths, drum machines and a fair level of distortion, they succeed in creating their own sound with hints of classic electronic music from Chicago and Detroit. We go off at the deep end with the sizzling hats, hefty kick and bubbling bassline of "The Ascent", a space age hit of techno infused house which could easily have graced a classic Prescription release. "Move Over" introduces jazzy keyboard riffage, hints of boogie and filtered pads to raise the temperature as your party kicks from warm up to peak time. Fans of classics MCDE tracks will love 'Show off' with its dreamy DX7 style chords and cracking acid lines, whereas "Mess Around" goes down in similar freeride style on the synths and again, has some lovely sampling going on. Let the good times roll!

                      Eilon Paz

                      Dust & Grooves - Adventures In Record Collecting Dust & Grooves (Postcard Box)

                        This beautiful box set of 48 postcards contains individual photographs by Eilon Paz from his bestselling book Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting. These photos - printed on thick 5×7 inch matte art paper - offer a glimpse into the collections of DJs, producers, record dealers, and everyday vinyl enthusiasts. In addition to Paz’s personal favorites from the book, the box set also includes some never-seen-before photos from the Dust & Grooves archives.

                        Mark Pritchard / Bibio / Clark

                        A Badman Sound / Heath Town / Inf Inf Inf Inf


                          Record Store Day rave 12” from Warp mainstays Mark Pritchard, Bibio and Clark.

                          Mark Pritchard kicks off the 12 with throwback jungle anthem ‘A Badman Sound’; the classic Amen break gets laced with rave stabs and intermittent dub sirens.

                          ‘Heath Town’ is the opposite of what you’d expect from Bibio. In particular, the second half takes stylistic cues from ‘A Badman Sound’ and features the popular, euphoric James Brown-produced ‘Yeah Woo’ sample.

                          Clark winds down with ‘Inf Inf Inf Inf’, a more ambient sound that brings in broken beats and is reminiscent of early Aphex Twin.

                          2016 is an exciting year for all three artists:

                          In May, Mark Pritchard is releasing his first album under his own name.

                          In April, Bibio releases his fifth album on Warp, A Mineral Love.

                          And after releasing his most successful album yet in late 2014, Clark returns with ‘The Last Panthers’ record, inspired by his score of the Sky Arts drama series of the same name.

                          For fans of: Aphex Twin, Autechre, Special Request, Om Unit

                          Vinyl 12" in 3mm spine sleeve with centre holes (in Warp house bag).

                          Limited to 500 copies.

                          Steve Reich

                          Berkeley University Museum - November 7, 1970

                            A live performance of four early works by Steve Reich: “Four Organs”, “My Name Is”, “Piano Phase” , and “Phase Patterns.” This performance marked an important moment in San Francisco Bay Area new music history with the triumphant return to the East Bay by Reich, who studied at Mills College with Luciano Berio, and who performed the 1964 world premiere of Terry Riley’s seminal work, “In C”, at the San Francisco Tape Music Center. The resonant acoustics of the University of California at Berkeley Museum’s concrete interior were especially appropriate for “Four Organs”, with its long additive sustained chords over a maraca pulse.

                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                            Ltd LP Info: Limited edition 180 gram LP

                            Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33's

                            Metal Taste / Bajo La Luna - Gerd Janson / Oliver Deutschmann Remixes

                            Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s released an acclaimed album in 2015, 'Everything Is Turbulence', picking up plaudits from leading press, DJs and music fans alike. Now the label behind the LP, Skint Records, offers up the first batch of fascinating remixes from a broad array of dance music talents.

                            Running Back boss Gerd Jansen, techno titan Oliver Deutschmann and Argentinian house heroes (and vocal collaborators) DJ Pareja take on  Robertson's 'Metal Taste' and 'Bajo La Luna' with stunning results.

                            "Unlike the cut of Mr. Robertson's sartorial jib the record is low slung and oozing filth." - Andrew Weatherall

                            Secret Circuit

                            Moon Steppin'

                              Freak Angeleno Secret Circuit flies the spaceship for the fourth offering from Vinyl On Wax, leading us on an interplanetary dance with three prime examples of tropical psychedelia. The optimistic chug of "Moon Stepping" sets the tone and tempo for the EP, treating us to a YMO-on-peyote widescreen (and wide eyed) synth symphony before dropping into a bubbling bass chug worthy of any decent acid session. The flip side opens with the decadent hit of "A Love Exotic", a spaced out slice of smack disco replete with alien voices and elegant bass hums. Transcendent chimes, stargazing synths and meaty clavinet ride a discoid bassline giving us a blast of space disco to rival the best of the Balihu output. EP closer “Code Breaker” raps together samba sensibilities with eastern guitars on a bed of creamy pads, carrying you through the hazier parts of your evening and well into the morning after.

                              Tensnake makes a welcome return on wax with his first release of 2016 “Desire” via his own imprint, True Romance on April 15th. On the A side, Tensnake brings us a slow and low 112bpm dancefloor burner. Written during a travel to a very warm and sandy place, Desire is a dreamy groove with hazy vocals, airy guitar and exotic synths that will stick to you like glue. The flipside, Fantasma, is a trippy acid disco number infused with oriental influences. Flirting with Balearic and psychedelia, this record sees Tensnake going off the beaten path and sets the tone for what should be a great year in music for him and his label True Romance.


                              No Fantasy Required

                              Montreal recording artist Tiga releases the conclusion to a trilogy of albums with ‘No Fantasy Required’.

                              There’s always been a fertile creative tension at the heart of Tiga’s music. On the one hand he’s the underground techno don, on the other there’s a pop sensibility that enables him to write great songs. It’s this duality that makes him one of electronic music’s most engaging characters. He’s about as far from your faceless techno DJ as it’s possible to get. It’s also the power that drives his new album, only the third in a long career which has always favoured quality over quantity.

                              For longtime fans it will come as no surprise that Tiga has made a fantastic record. Working with key producer Matthew Dear and Finnish wizard Jori Hulkkonen (who also performs with him live), Tiga has made a record on which he says he feels “more honest, open and playful.”

                              ‘No Fantasy Required’ is a collection of inspired songs that just happen to be delivered via the visceral dance music he’s a master of. It’s a proper album with songs and real character, one that takes you on a journey but also packed with instant bangers. It’s interesting, involving and beautifully crafted but it’s also funny, sexy and charismatic.

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              Includes MP3 Download Code.

                              Underground Resistance

                              Hardlife - Inc. Aaron Carl Remix

                              Almost universally accepted as one of the crowning glories in the UR pantheon, and Motor City Soul at its finest, "Hardlife" has been a stone-cold classic since its initial release in '01. Having never been repressed until now, original copies regularly fetch upwards of £30-40. Epitomizing the feel-good, hi-tech soul sound (think Galaxy2Galaxy or "Children Of The World"), with soulful female vocals, those bouncy, patented Deetroit drums and a massive synth riff there's a reason this is one of the more sought after of the UR catalogue. On the flip Aaron Carl takes the track across the motor city and deep into the ghetto, flipping it into darkside techno; keeping the vocal but stripping everything back to just rattling machine-code beats that would work equally well in a Sound Factory / Junior Vasquez set.
                              This is a one-off limited repress so get those orders in quick folks.


                              NYC Loft Trax Unreleased Vol. 3 Quintuple Loft Classics

                              After two sell out smashers, shadowy production crew NYC Loft Trax return with a fantastic five tracker of unreleased house cuts, which pay tribute to some of the best in the business. "Level 1" starts the set in unfathomably deep mode, fusing filtered funk motifs, expansive pads and metallic hats with rumbling basslines, hitting the middle ground between Pepe B and Kerri C. Next up, "Level 2" charters a flight from eighties Detroit to contemporary Sheffield with a bass heavy remake of Inner City's evergreen "Good Life". The sumo-sized bassweight continues on "Level 3", perfectly balanced by classy Rhodes and smudged vocals at the top end. The flipside opens in hypnotic fashion as "Level 4" serves dreamy keys and Mandre moog lines over a skipping garage beat, keeping the heads down and the feet in constant motion. Last but not least, we're hit with the Nuyorican flavours of "Level 5", a sultry house roller built out of Afro-Cuban jazz piano and dextrous percussion which would go down a storm at Body & Soul or Keep It Unreal. More floor ticklers from the mystery men - highly recommended.

                              Carabanchel (Madrid) based Chaval Records release one of the biggest records of their discography so far. Victor Santana and Hiroshi Watanabe bringing the heat through five tracks of high energy electronic house music. "Different Gates" is anthemic to say the least, and seems destined for hi-spec nightclubs with exuberant lighting technicians overactive smoke machines. "Manuela" ups the energy even higher, it's main riff evolving through various different forms through the course of the track before climaxing with one dock off breakdown full of buzzing sawtooths, piercing strings 8 bar snare roll! (Trance is back?!). It then bursts into something that can only be compared to Rolando's "Knights Of The Jaguar" - crikey! "She Is My Inspiration" up next doesn't let up on stadium filling, anthemic qualities. It's the return of the breakdown and these guys mean business. Coming to Space Ibiza and surely big with one Mr. Carl Cox. Onto side B and Watanabe reworks "Different Gates" into a throbbing techno jam; thick, gloopy and certain to have people hugging random objects / each other / the speakers. Finally Watanabe works "She Is My Inspiration" into a bleepy warehouse number, emphasizing the sheer weight of the track through heavier instrumentation and a concentric, broken techno beat. Storming stuff for the peaktime mainrooms from this Spanish institution.

                              Original music of the "Slow Futur" show by Elsa Guérin and Martin Palisse, played and composed by Zombie Zombie (Cosmic Neman, Etienne Jaumet, Dr Schonberg), here presented separately from the show.

                              Slow Futur features two jugglers (Elsa Guérin and Martin Palisse) on a treadmill (8 x 2m) which carries them along a neon light installation which delimits the choreographic space as a kind of space-time tunnel: "the hyperspace". Their minimalist juggling practice - with 3 white balls each - plays with opposite movements like acceleration / immobility, synchronization / progressive transformation, and thus evokes a way of making the body face the inexorable passing of time.

                              The music of Zombie Zombie, repetitive and floating, as a vector of the choreographic mechanic, mixes analog electronic sounds and acoustic rhythms that rise in intensity in order to bring the two jugglers into a frantic and hypnotic rush, whereas the treadmill submits their bodies to a movement independent of their will, so becoming an infernal machine. Between abstraction and representation of reality, Slow Futur questions the relationships between human beings, where the individualism caused by the modern world leads to loneliness, as the human condition is reduced to a simple machine which robotic movements are devoid of emotion. Elsa Guérin and Martin Palisse are not only renewing the image of today’s circus but also continuing their research on the choreographic, dramatic and poetic potential of juggling.

                              Instruments: modular synthesizers Buchla &, Synare 3, Six-Trak Sequencial Roland TR 808, OP1 Teenage Engineering, oscillators, Gretsch & Ludwig drums, percussions LP, rototoms, vibraphone, Korg and Boss Vocoder, Oto Bim & Ibanez EU 305 delay, Selmer alt sax... Recorded in April 2015 at Midlive Studios (former Vogue studios), Villetaneuse and mixed in June 2015 by Angy Laperdrix at Solaris Studio, Paris. Mastered by Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis, London.

                              Various Artists

                              Diggin' Disco Deep # 3


                                Twelve producers sat around a web-table and shared their passion for vinyl, deep-house and deep-disco music. After having worked for more than five months on this project's compilation, 'Diggin' Disco Deep' hits back right on time for a special occasion, which is no other than the Record Store Day 2016.
                                This 3 x 12 Inch vinyl-exclusive package is a gathering of perfectly arranged and creative works, applying to various shades of house and nu-disco scene. Mind-sticking kits, elegant synths, fat basslines, beautiful vocals - all dressed with various disco elements - and a classic vinyl-mastering, all result in a solid and hearty LP!

                                500 copies, deluxe sleeve, 3 x 180 gram vinyl, bonus sticker and Record Store Day flava. You'll never forgive yourself if you let this one pass you by!

                                Various Artists

                                Look Forward And Back EP

                                  THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2016 EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                  12 Inch Vinyl In a hand numbered brown paper sleeve.

                                  Paper Recordings are hitting their 200th single release on Record Store Day with a 12 Inch featuring Crazy P, Steve Cobby - Producer / DJ and Flash Atkins Music. It will be a limited run sold in numbered brown paper bags in a throw back to our very first promos twenty two years ago. The three tracks span the Paper sound from electronic funk to stripped back electronic disco and proper deep house that sounds as fresh today as it did when it CDJs were something you looked at on tomorrow's world.

                                  The label has been releasing quality dance music for 23 years that has never subscribed to formula but always had an instantly recognizable sound. They have never chased the big names but stuck to what they do best and artists such as Problem Kids, Salt City Orchestra, Kenny Hawkes, Essa, Pa Pa Washington Trio, Crazy Penis and Dirty Jesus can bring a tear to the eyes of ravers of a certain age. Starting off as part of the 'Nu-Brit House' movement tracks such as The Book and Downtime pretty much created a blueprint for what was to come in in house music the following years.

                                  Cititrax's first Tracks 12" sampler did a good job in showcasing material from some of the Brooklyn-based label's favourite contemporary producers. This follow-up, arriving only a few short months after the first, aims to do the same. Returning for his second appearance, Tsuzing kicks things off with the razor-sharp shuffle of "Nonlinear War", whose intoxicating electronics and wild synth lines recall Brown Album-era Orbital, before London-based L/F/D/M takes a trip into bleak techno territory with the acid-laden "Mouth Holes". Flip for Silent Servant's deliciously grandiose, muscular electro-disco workout "The Touch", and the clanking industrial percussion, EBM attitude and humming electro beats of Maelstrom's "Lithium".

                                  Various Artists

                                  Close To The Noise Floor - Formative UK Electronica 1975-1984

                                    Two years in the making, Close To The Noise Floor is a 4CD, 61-track set exploring the origins of electronica in the UK. Featuring tracks from key figures on the cassette label underground alongside early releases by future stars of the movement, this is part primitive rave, part synthesiser porn & part history lesson. Enthralled by the mysterious electronics of Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Gong & German Kosmische artists such as Tangerine Dream, Harmonia & Cluster, & inspired by the DIY ethos of punk, a quiet revolution took place across the UK in the late 70s & early 80s. The rise of the microchip & the advent of affordable synthesisers enabled countless artists for whom guitars, drums & bass had become old hat, & in grubby bedsits, unremarkable living rooms & art school halls across the British Isles, UK electronica was born.

                                    Exploring every corner of this fascinating & often overlooked chapter in musical history. For proto synth-pop look no further than 100% Manmade Fibre & Spoon Fazer, whilst British Standard Unit & Five Times Of Dust lay out techno templates which wouldn’t take full form until many years later. Elsewhere, the synthesiser laden ambient music of Zorch & the found sound collages of A Tent sit comfortably alongside early forays by familiar names – Blancmange, The Human League, OMD & Throbbing Gristle – in over four hours of futurist, entirely modern music.

                                    Pampa Records are touched to finally present you 'Pampa Vol. 1'. When Pampa decided to go for a label compilation their main goal was: Every single song has to be a star! For two years the label kept chasing and squeezing the best out of their good friends and artists they admired until they now finally have what they dreamed of at the beginning: A Firmament of Stars.

                                    The first ever Pampa compilation which took the label nearly two years to finish.
                                    All tracks have been produced exclusively for this compilation and haven’t been released before. The compilation includes high profile artists such as Grammy award winner Jamie XX (of The XX), DJ Koze, Matthew Herbert, Lianne le Havas, Isolée, Acid Pauli, Michel Cleis, Sophie Hunger among many more.

                                    Lord Tusk takes it back to the start for the twentieth edition of the Tusk catalogue, treating us to a tense and terse various artists 12" completely in keeping with the label's signature sound - darkly danceable, aggresive and synthetic, out of its mind on acid. Label favourite Heretic opens hostilities with the mechanised assault of "Afflication", a brooding club creature armed with writhing 303 lines, creeping sequences and a hard as nails beat - turn the volume up and the lights down. Taking a sip from the same batch, TX Connect picks up the lysergic gauntlet and slowly but surely bludgeons you senseless with corrosive 303 lines and pummelling 808s. Don't fuck with this guy! Over on the flip, things take a turn for the funky with Antoni Maiovvi's "Brutus", a mind altering hit of tribal magic which combines tumbling African drumming with the producer's usual horror-core synths. Sound the alarm - we've got a B2 secret weapon on our hands. The mysterious Future Unit make their Tusk Wax debut with a mid tempo masterpeice which pulls together frisky breakbeats, phat ass acid, funk guitar and searing pace synth. Is it acid house, is it cosmic disco, is it a bass-laden ALFOS chugger? Who cares - Baldelli would play it, I'd play it and so would you!

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