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Genre pick of the week Cover of Red Laser Records EP 6 by Various Artists.
The Red Laser Records EP series continues to explore the realms of Italo, acid house, new romantic and disco flavours.

First up Nick Smith brings the early 90s house heat with 'In Motion'. This is a 4/4 dancer that's built solid. Minimal chunky house grooves for disco journeys. Phoreski (aka Richard Gateaux) is a producer who's been around a long time. Now he comes with a fresh sound under yet another moniker: Hot Sporran, where  he gets to express deeper and darker realms. 'Xplorer' journeys to Detroit techno with strong flavours of new romanticism (a key inspiration for all those Detroit bods back in the day) making a unique and wonderful disco sound. LeonXLeon does what it say on the tin. If there is another track out there called 'Acid Disco' I bet you 100 quid this smashes it up and stuffs it in a bin. This is an all out hands in the air, euphoric disco bomb. Lastly, and ode to north Mancheter's electrical engineering / computer firm on 'Theme From Ferranti', a fantastically moody slice of sensual Italo (Mostonio?) in true Starion style.

Antenna Happy

Pinto / Fallen

A twenty year break away from making music is almost unheard of especially within electronic music circles, but that is where Antenna Happy finds himself with "Pinto". Clocking in at 9.09 "Pinto" draws from psychedelia and techno set straight for the sun. This kaleidoscopic sonic excursion has all the makings of a cult classic, trippy arps, circular sequences and decaying lead lines. Perfection. Taking lead on the B-side an entirely different affair in the shape of "Fallen". This is benchmark electronic music, as arpeggiators take flight mirrored against hypnotic acid bass, for a journey into the outer house territories. The EP title track takes its name and inspiration from paintings by Antenna Happy's three-year-old daughter, whose birth inspired him to return to making music. Close-ups of these paintings can be seen in the artwork for the release.

Max Graef's Box Aus Holz imprint returns for a ninth edition of unremitting dancefloor devastation, this time thanks to kindred spirit Glenn Astro and Imyrmind. The EP gets up on the good foot from the off with the swinging house hit of "Tanz In Theo's Beat Bar", a floor filler if ever I heard one. As good an example of the trademark BAH sound as you'll find, the track packs plenty of funk in the grooving bassline and drunken synths while the syncopated percussion is certain to get those shoulders rolling. "Stimmung, Ne" bounds along in a similar fashion, but reduces the heat from boiling to a soulful simmer, adding a little spoken vocal to the pot for extra flavour. The A-side closes with the woozy hip hop bump of "Herrmann", a potent hit of drunken funk with a killer bassline. On the flip "Wukie" takes us deeper into the realms of qualuude funk, prescribing heavy medication to all concerned, before breaking out into the best MPC soul snippet Dilla never thought up. Garth Be, you've got company g! "Hermaine Remix" takes us back into bumping house territory, updating the Raw Cuts template of 'rattling percussion and jazz sample' with a little Boz Aus Holz synthetic sparkle. EP closer "Freheit Fur Die Oma" is a massive Mingus sampling hip hop cut, that's sending shivers up my spine. Shit, you need the EP for this track alone! Mind blowing.

Highlife deviate from their usual globe trotting explorations on this release, instead making like Icarus and heading straight for the sun. Highlife chief Auntie Flo steps away from the edits and hits us with an original winner in the form of "Sun Ritual II", which shifts up a couple of gears from its earlier counterpart on Kompakt. The London based producer sets hearts racing with a thumping intro of hard hitting percussion and a roving two note bassline before bathing all before him in the warm glow of synth laden euphoria. It's a truly blissful piece of dancefloor weaponary.

On the flip, it's the turn of Miajica, one third of Alma Negra to do his solo thing on Highlife with a heartwarming dancefloor version of a delightfully familiar summer treat, "Let The Sunshine In". The passion and glory of the original is extended, updated and expanded without losing any of its charm or finesse. If you thought summer was over, think again; these two cuts are gonna bathe you in warmth all year round.


On & On & On & On / Missive - Inc. HNNY / Neville Watson Remixes

The ever restless Baio will make his Club Mod debut very soon in the shape of a two-pronged pitchfork that is 'On & On & On & On' / 'Missive'. Ethereal, melodic electronic house music that appeals as much to the head as it does the heart and hips, it’s another fascinating evolution in the work of Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio. Baio’s nightlife shows a more personal, cerebral yet similarly ecstatic side of the now London-based producer. Baio’s Club Mod EP mines a similarly deep dancefloor spirit to the likes of Caribou (especially as Daphni), Four Tet, Luke Abbot et al, one which sounds just as inspired in the club as it does in the headphones. Remixes come from house mainstay Neville Watson and playful Swedish producer HNNY.

Eric Bell

Your Love - Inc. Frankie Knuckles Remix

An amazing, rare beauty of a track from deep within the Trax vaults, Eric Bell's "Your Love" originally rocked floors back in 1987, featuring a stellar instrumental version courtesy of the late, great, Frankie Knuckles. Since it's original release this heavily sought after wax, has caused a ruckus amongst collectors, often changing hands for hundreds of pounds on-line. This cult classic pairs Bell's lovelorn vocal with a killer jack and wall shaking bassline; no wonder this one packed the floors back in the day. As for Frankie's instrumental mix, when I heard Jamal Moss drop it at 5am in a warehouse, the place went ballastic in true tops off fashion, which is the only recommendation you need really. Re-mastered and re-pressed here for the first time, "Your Love" is an unmissable re-issue complete with original Trax label artwork, utterly essential.


Idle Hours

    With the release of his debut EP ‘Idle Hours’, Tri Angle Records are very excited to introduce Boothroyd, aka 21 year old, Mancunian native Peter Boothroyd. Since moving to London less than a year ago for school and off the back of a handful of MP3s that have slowly circulated amongst musician friends and industry people alike, Boothroyd has been creating quite a stir for himself within the electronic music scene.

    Despite this being a debut release by a relative newcomer, ‘Idle Hours’ feels oddly anticipated within certain quarters. There are probably two reasons for this; a growing reputation for being one of the most oddly charismatic producers out there (interviews will undoubtedly be very illuminating) and of course the music itself, which is pretty much impossible to easily explain or classify.

    Setting out to create something that felt beautifully wide in scope but also disfigured and jarring, Boothroyd wanted his music to sound cinematic whilst aesthetically mirroring his own regular music listening experiences, via the saturated, ultra compressed world of YouTube. Purposefully recorded using the most basic of set ups and mixed with (in his words) “cheap, sh*tty headphones,” ‘Idle Hours’ feels like the most battered state of the art record you might hope to hear in 2014. It also makes clear Boothroyd is an artist to keep a serious eye on.

    “I grew up in North Manchester, in a sh*t little working class town where nothing has happened for about 400 years... if you don’t hear a follow up to ‘Idle Hours’ then it’s because I moved home and chucked myself under the Metrolink... I don’t really know where the inspiration comes from when I make music to tell you the truth, I just enjoy being creative. I have a ton of ideas floating around in my head, I don’t know why. However I do have this quite big poster of John Lennon up in my room which I do, if I’m being honest, spend quite a large amount of my time staring at.” - Boothroyd


    Our Love - Inc. Daphni Remix

    Caribou follows up the blink-and-you'll-miss-it "Can't Do Without You" 12" with limited single from his forthcoming album; this time hitting us with the title track "Our Love". As you'd expect, the track is a lesson in production for the rest of the mortals out there, as Snaith balances programmed rhythms with a live kit, seduces us with the wooziest synths out there and plays pitch shifted vocals with virtuoso skill. Ostensibly a tale of two halves, this one builds into the kind of peak time monster the dancefloor was made for. The introduction is a emotional affair which sees the producer balancing those trademark ingredients which made "Swim" a classic with a couple of jazzy new additions, while the latter segment of the track is a floor burning rave assault featuring a tasty interpolation of Inner City's "Good Life". It's massive in other words. On the flip, Snaith partakes in a little split personality partying, switching into Daphni mode to mix the shit out the A-side. This one means business right from the off, hitting you with a one-two combo of bubbling analogue basslines like a long lost Virgo Four record before unleashing a full scale percussion assault. Gradually the spectral synthlines and pitch shifted vocals of the original float through the sound field prompting a little hands in the air excitement. This is total floor flaying madness; 100% essential!

    Second limited 12" from Caribou. Title track from album plus Daphni Mix.

    Hailing from Chicago's South Side, the duo Dar Embarks (Ken Zawacki & Dan Jugel) live in a world of underground techno and evil machinery. Their debut release, the "Fleer EP" was born out of the crackle of electricty and concrete grit of their underground bunker. Don't get it twisted, this is 100% machine music, recorded live on hardware, without a computer in sight. Dar Embarks hit you with ten cuts of pitch black acid filth, thunderous techno kicks and needling lead lines, aimed straight for the cerebellum. Gathering its inspiration from records on the shelf, sci fi and comics, Dar Embarks remains steadfast in technotic efforts to interpret the future…our future.

    Some rather memorable moments in the catalogue of Jimmy Tamborello, aka Dntel, feature collaborations with neatly paired guest vocalists such as Ben Gibbard, Jenny Lewis, Baths and Mia Doi Todd, to name a few. Tamborello has always paid a good deal of attention to picking these singers carefully, with his backing a perfect complement - the producer humbly stepping out of the spotlight, allowing the guest to shine.

    Ironically, then, 'Human Voice', the producer’s latest album on the consistently evolving Leaving Records, is atypically bereft of any featured guests. Tracks are instead festooned with largely computerized and disembodied voices, lost somewhere in an ether of circuitry and possessing that plaintive emotion which sounds unmistakably like Dntel. An interesting thing happens - even without lyrics and the personality of a vocalist attached to them, the 8 tracks here still manage to convey the same depths of emotion, despair, longing, hope, and optimism. Human Voice demonstrates that the real complexity and driving emotion has always been emanating straight out of the machines, effectively communicating as competently as human language. Music is a language all its own, able to convey emotional complexity with the same deftness as words - and without the immense frustration of language barriers.

    Junior Fairplay

    Sugar Puss

    Junior Fairplay or Timothy J Fairplay, if indeed that is his real name, steps up to Crimes Of The Future with a single sided dancefloor hand grenade for the darker fringes of the modern disco scene. "Sugar Puss" marries the dark and doomy synth-tones we expect from a fully paid up member of the ALFOS Axis with an M1 bassline that'll have you back at Legends sipping a brandy to the sounds of Baby D. But hold the phone, is this the concrete proof of the latest strain of the viral ALFOS scene? "Sugar Puss" is the third track I've heard in the past few weeks featuring a killer hardcore break. In this instance, it's the irresistible sound of the 'Think Break' (Lynn Collins, Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock, thousands of others) that drives the track endlessly forward to a point in time when sweaty middle age men go tops off at Islington mill. It's time to clean up that copy of "Cubik" I reckon.


    12" Info: Limited purple vinyl pressing.

    The Gino Fontaine

    Revnorev / Konkondo

    The mysterious Gino Fontaine is unmasked - a nom de plume for non other than that Chicken Lipped, Emperor Machinist himself, Andy Meecham. Time and again the synth master has proved his mettle, and it's safe to say that he delivers another absolute killer here. In fact esteemed gentleman of dance music, Bill Brewster has already picked out lead cut "Revnorev" for his acclaimed "Late Night Tales - After Dark (Nightshift)" compilation. And quite right too, if you can find a better example of an anthemic light / dark chug-fest, we'd be happy to hear it! This exclusive 12" mix bounds out the speaker with scorching bass pulses and atmospherics, jet propelled by synthesized drums and the trademark Meecham synthwork. Soon enough ice cool Chic-esque guitar and YMO style top lines emerge to create an epic space-disco finale. On the flipside we're greeted with "Konodo" which starts life like  a mysterious early 80s Cosmic holy grail (think Tangerine Dream or Richard Schneider Jr) with its gentle wave washes before gradually unfurling into an undulating bass driven chugger perfect for an ALFOS party. A stunning release then, limited and lovely as ever - don't sleep!

    Function and Vatican Shadow have combined forces on ‘Games Have Rules’ for Hospital Productions, simultaneously stripping back each producer’s more prevalent production elements - the dancefloor-focused techno structures of Function; the experimental cassette-roots of Vatican Shadow - to create an album of dynamic electronic ambient music, equal parts rhythmic and atmospheric.

    As befitting what began life as an ‘emotional acid’ album best suited for an after-hours home listening experience, 'Games Have Rules' was created in the early hours at New York’s Hospital Productions and Berlin’s Inanimate Objects studios, helping imbue the record with a sense of night turning into day, and the shifting contrasts of dark and light the music evokes.

    Although not created as the result of improvisation the album retains an effortless, free-flowing structure, while simultaneously introducing the traditional techno drum kit over the course of the record, deconstructing the ever-changing, looming presence of New York City’s skyline.

    Ambient in the most traditional sense, 'Games Have Rules' omits the top-heavy reverb saturation of so many modern releases and builds from the ground up with an arsenal hi-fi and lo-fi production techniques / equipment with a cinematic sequence over the arc of the record. But whereas New York City has so often been depicted in film as a prison, 'Games Have Rules' is an embracement of the city’s endless possibilities: the LP’s gatefold black and white image of The Empire State Building lit up at night from the inside; the ongoing stories of rise and decline lived out at its base.

    The 'Environment' series originally began as an archive of previously unreleased recordings but Environment Five features thirteen all new songs recorded in the first half of 2014.

    Following on from the themes of the first four 'Environment' albums, 'Environment Five' explores the space / time / dimension that exists when we die. The moment of departure from this mortal coil. The album includes brand new recordings by The Future Sound Of London. Part electronica, part progtronic complexity, part Balearic-friendly psychedelic ambience, the album mixes synths and tablas, organic and synthetic sounds to create a meditative whole. It includes appearances from Daniel Pemberton (BAFTA nominated / Ivor Novello winning composer), Raven Bush (Syd Arthur) and Riz Maslen (Neotropic).

    The mighty Marquis Hawkes is one prolific mother fucker, following up recent sell out releases on Creme Organisation and Clone Jack For Daze with some upfront, legit house bizznizz on Fabric's in-house imprint, Houndstooth. "Fifthy Fathoms Deep" collects four diverse cuts each demonstrating a different side to Hawkes’ production talent, taking in jazz-inflected deepness, disco flavours, quirky cyberpop through to futuristic funk. Think Prince meets Neneh Cherry, held hostage by Gene Hunt’s relentless 909 selections. "Can't Find A Reason" takes the hectic sampling heritage of Dance Mania, drops the tempo to a playable pace and goes in hard with a Cajual bassline resulting in a killer groove. "The Way" drops deeper into the house spectrum, repping Chicago with a Larry Heard bassline while rattling percussion adds a nice organic texture. Stee Downes' Prince style vocals are the perfect match for Hawkes' mournful pads, connecting the past and present into a perfect after hours cut. Flip the disc and Hawkes keeps it deep on "Fifty Fathoms", topping a rolling bass groove with jazzy keys and the occasional vocal snippet. Marquis changes it up for EP closer "Fat Man", bringing his house rhythms to a stone cold slice of machine funk madness, alive with soaring strings, RnB vocals and buzzing synths. Despite the variety of influences on display, a coherent thread is maintained - something also reflected in his DJ sets, their all-encompassing yet coherent nature winning over fans far and wide.

    Ichisan is Slovenian Igor Skafar, and Igor´s trademark sound emanates from the celestial realm, delivering blissed out cosmic house laden with hypnotic grooves and healing vibrations. He's already spread his message of love to all humanity via releases on Airtight and Under the Shade and now he brings his bag of tricks to the Internasjonal stable. On the A-side, "Kristina" is the kind of playful, wonky, wobbly synth disco which usually graces Full Pupp wax. It's one part Philly to two parts Scando and it'll have you shaking it like vodka martini. On the flipside, "Hoppsa" beams us forward into the gleaming future we dreamt up in the 80s, with a mesmerizing synth hook and a cinematic arrangement. The new kid on the Internasjonal block doesn't disappoint with this interstellar release!

    Stujammer James

    Allotments (Vol.1 And 2)

      Both volumes of Allotments by stujammerjames dubbed straight, one to one, onto cassette. A cornucopia of aural delights recorded between the years of
      1989 to 1993.

      This extremely limited edition cassette of 20 (inc. 10 promo/friends and family) is recorded on Ferric type 1 tape housed in a very rare bi-colour yellow / blue cassette box with individual hand made sleeve and insert artwork from Mundo Secreto.

      Ah yeah, this is where it's at! Endless Flight come through with the goods and whack the finest moment of KZA's recent "Dig & Edit 2" collection on a 12", backed by an Eddie C remix! Say whut! "Vous Dansez" seduced absolutely everyone in the shop with its perfect combination of steady rhythm, timeless acoustic strum and soaring strings. A totally blissed out sister to "Les Fleurs", "Vous Dansez" is a simply timeless arrangement of tone and texture that you'll be listening to until your dying day. Perfection. As well as the album version, KZA gives the beards a real treat with the horizontal beauty of the drumless mix, undoubtedly a future Nado classic. On the flip, Japan's esteemed musical astronauts, Cos/Mes dive into "Transaction" and reshape it as a psychedelic head nodder, phat with hip hop breaks and subtle acid. The coastal sounds of chiming guitars and drifting vocals safely usher us into distinctly Balearic territories, where the killer percussion gets us shaking our shit. Dope. It falls to Canadian edit master Eddie C to bring proceedings to a close, and he takes to the task with trademark aplomb with his floor friendly remix of "Vous Dansez". The Red Motorbike man breaks the track down and reassembles it into the kind of dubby disco house groove Nuphonic and Discfunction used to dish out in their prime. All in all, this is a pretty fucking sublime release!

      Man Power here on the delectable Hivern Discs - fast becoming a one-stop-shop for all things new and tasty in that hard-to-pin-down scene of 'Balearic-house' (cough). "Renamed" kicks things off with a nice warm 303 line paired with lush organic drums and an exotic weaving lead melody. The whole thing's wrapped up in a lovely outdoor terrace sheen, perfect for shaking and shuffling around in the sun at all the best coastal resorts. "Taronja" continues with a slightly exotic, otherworldly theme as xylophone melodies interact with machine-code drums and ethnic percussion. Atmospheric to the max, a great tool for slipping into your extended DJ set to turn heads and get the crowd locked into your vibe. "Song With A Name" concludes with a smooth, low-slung groove and plenty of tape-delayed goodness cascading through the mix. A bit of a Compass Point vibe runs throughout as vocal fragments echo through a dubby, stripped down backline of bass, drums and delicate guitar licks. Exceptional stuff I'd expect the Balearic Mafia to be all over by now....



        Originally from Birmingham, now based in Reykjavik, MASS are drummer Jonathan Baker and Guitarist Clyde Bradford. This debut EP establishes a unique, dark and noisy take on hardcore, with almost indecipherable vocals, powerful crash cymbals, intricate rhythmic riffs and bassy digital processing. The influence of Noise and Black Metal is apparent in their intelligent approach to abrasive volume. The band’s self-described aims are to 'explore the inner extremes of music, aggression and anxiety.' For each of the four loud, aggressive songs, there is an equal measure of space left for noise, drones, loops, ambience and feedback.

        Midland's non stop assault on sweatsoaked basements, mainrooms and radio playlists continues unabated with this latest stormer on Aus, which picks up right where the Graded boss left on the recent Autonomous Africa release. "Duster" kicks the EP off in style with its balanced combination of shuffling percussion (dusty hats included) and warm analogue bassline ensuring the floor's packed long before the string led breakdown. "Reflex" offers a seismic mix of bass led house and African rhythms, carefully decorated with blasts of static and a trembling lead line. The EP closes on a moodier vibe with the detuned synths and dubby rumble of "Pitch Shift", a late night bass weapon which is already a favourite for Benji B. With Jamie XX playing ‘Reflex’ on both his recent Boiler Room and BBC Radio 1 Guest mix, this release is sure to be an ever present on discerning dancefloors this Autumn.

        Berlin's Slow Life posse return for a mighty third instalment, which sees their Spanish selector S. Moreira on devastating form, channeling seriously deep grooves laced with astral Detroit electro, sultry house music and staggered techno. "Empty Your Mind" fills the Detroit electro quota, as Moreira combines a rattling breakbeat with grainy bassweight and a superb sample from "Enter The Dragon". As the track rolls on, the producer showers us with cosmic rays via emotive pads and hints of acid. "As High As It Can Go" is a timeless example of ascendent dance music, pairing euphoric pads with hardcore breakbeats and the gentle undulation of lysergic sequences. If you've been keeping up with the trippy house sounds of Gnork, Route 8, and Dorylus then this blissful haze will more than tickle your fancy. Flip the disc and prepare yourself for the smooth and sexy sounds of late nineties London in the form of "Just A Little Beat". Sitting somewhere between the jazzy dub house of Ministry of Sound era Harvey or the Idjuts softer releases and the symphonic beauty of the finest broken beat, this is the perfect tool for providing a change in rhythm and mood on the floor. Moreira enlists Italian chum Saverio Celestri to close the EP in style with the shimmering dub techno of "Mostros At Work", a hypnotic journey into an immersive nebula of calm.


        12" Info: 180g pressing!

        Welcome aboard Transatlantyk, a new imprint brought to you by the same man who put Polish music back on the map. Zambon, the inspired editor, collector and selector took the world by storm with The Very Polish Cut-Outs, the home of diverse edits of forgotten and obscure tracks from Poland's past and now this new undertaking is devoted to releasing original material from fresh talent from all over world. Where better to begin though, than his native Poland with the precocious talent of Naphta, a Wrockaw based RBMA alumni who loves weed, video games and Sun Ra's cosmic jazz. He blends his varied influences with not-that-obvious attitude, creating four slices of heavy exotica house aimed directly at the dancefloor. All cuts are filled with voodoo drums, rainforest darkness and pure tropical heat. "Age Of Sun" has you hooked right from the start with its beautiful combination of tribal flutes and chimes with an irresistible machine groove. "Shoji The Shaman" hits harder with the full force of demented drum machines and free jazz tonalities, while "Boulevard Touch" is the kind of rainforest brilliance we're used to hearing Dresvn, Sotofett or the Soviet house kids unleash. Naphta closes the set in dark and dense fashion with the gloomy bump of "Cirlces", a percussive thumper layered with a heavy fug of pitched down vocals and chopped up samples. Imagine a lost RZA house cut and you'll be on the right path.

        If you're one of the horizontally minded, possibly bearded (or not if you're a woman), designer clobber wearing folks of the world, then chances are you spend an inordinate amount of time immersing yourself into the online world of Test Pressing. Test Pressing is a one stop shop for all things Balearic, be it previews, reviews, mixes or retrospectives, and now they've finally got their arse in gear and launched a record label. For their inaugural release, the label team up with Balearic supergroup Nautic, whose recent "Navy Blue" EP caused a drifting weather movement through numerous record collections. Kicking the release off groovy fashion, band member Bullion goes solo with a rework of "Freedom Of The Floor", the B-side bomb from their last single. His remix is an upbeat collage of kraut rhythms, glacial synths, loose disco basslines and plenty of off the wall funk, which ups the tempo of the original and drags it sweaty palmed to the nearest dancefloor. Next up, Womack & Womack get the Nautic treatment, with our coastal crew covering the duo's 1989 hit "Missing Person's Bureau", transforming the limber electronic soul classic into a heavenly vision of dubbed out beauty, richly textured with overlapping vocals.

        On the flip, "Freedom Of The Floor" gets another rework, this time from new outfit Open Space, the production handle of TP's Apiento and Andrew Hale of Sade group fame. The polar opposite of Bullion's scurrying ADHD dancefloor take, Open Space's translation is a soulful slow jam perfect for deep relaxation. Imbued with the same sensual rhythms as Sade's finest moments, the mix blooms into life with fragile acoustic guitar, immersive pads and soothing keys. Undoubtedly a future classic, this one steals the show for me; great stuff!

        L Neils


        Germany's Baroc launch their imprint with two slices of tough, analogue house and techno from fresh faced production talent L Neils. The newcomer showcases melodic expertise and sonic prowess which belie his years over the course of two trailblazing untitled cuts. On the A-side Neils explores the outer realms of the analogue house universe, following the shifting coordinates of saturated sequences. Heat treated drums crack and thump underneath layers of ethereal synths and a rolling bassline as Neils takes us to the stars. We get a fleeting glimpse of the young producer's techno side on the flip, that is until we find ourselves plunged into the unfathomable blackness at the edge of the galaxy. This is the sound of 5am at Bohemian Grove when the boys bring their UR records out to play. The crisp clatter of percussion and the hiss of hihats form the perfect counter balance for the bubbling bassline, while the queasy synthlines in the midrange give the whole track an air of menace. L Neils goes in hard on his debut - nothing but the deep, black hit of space here.


        12" Info: Limited to 300 copies. Free sticker included!

        Stop press! - New UR records on the horizon! Nomadico leads the charge after almost a year of tense excitement, fans salivating at the bit for fresh new high tech jazz and machine funk from the masters. "The Singularity" opens the release, an analog bass driven track with dark atmospherics and acid elements that can only truly be appreciated in a dark sweaty club come 5am. Next up is "Rooted", a bouncy, funky jam bridging Detroit's house and techno camps with aplomb whilst both displaying the future-proof sounds emanating from the city and its inescapable addiction to the groove. Add to this a spirally, hypnotic drone that constantly rotates around the track and you'll see why this'll be a big secret weapon in the club. The B-side features "Yaxche", a discordant, corrosive number that typifies that Deetroit grit. With vocals courtesy of Naheedence, the track unloads its elements slowly and deliberately; showing you the full contents of its trophy cabinet in a clear and concise fashion. The closer, "New Baktun" is a slower, more gentile number, with arpeggiated synths, glistening percussion artifacts and a polyrhythmic twist. Great stuff from this relatively new addition to the UR barracks.


        Matt says: First in the recent salvo of fresh new Underground Resistance firepower.

        Kenny Dope and Louie Vega's Nu-Yorican Soul project was responsible for some of the biggest underground club hits to come out of NYC throughout the 1990s; their collective vast musical knowledge, impeccable taste and legendary status as DJs in the city only helped elevate them to the highest level. "The Nervous Track" is a fine example of the duo's deep musical heritage, originally released on Nervous Records in 1993. Its deep pads, subby bassline and solid as a rock breakbeats captured the ears and minds of any self respecting DJ or dancer who came within a hundred miles of it, the very definition of a classic! Fusing the worlds of jazz, Latin, hip hop and house MAW set the blueprint for generations of DJs and producers to come correct with records like this. Here, re-mastered and re-issued from the original DATs in conjunction with Nervous Records NYC is a piece of dance music history, "The Nervous Track" is available again and still sounding as vital and groundbreaking as it did on its original release.

        Another essential release from the Nu-Groove vaults, "Dyckman House" is an amazing love letter to NYC from Rheji Burrell in the form of 6 tracks of raw late 80s garage house. This is real underground house from a golden period in music in NYC and its influence can still be felt today in contemporary dance music. "Dyckman House" has it all; late night deepness, raw drum machines and jacking rhythms all with a healthy dose of that Burrell Funk that we all know and love. Alongside percussive blinders like "Ravenswood House", sleaze assaults like "Tilden House" (check out the porno vocals!) and heads down ravers like "High Bridge" and "Fort Green", Rheji delivers a couple of trademark grooves in the form of the title track and melancholic EP closer "Forty House". Re-mastered, re-pressed in conjunction with Nu-Groove and with all the original artwork intact.

        Those generous chaps at Aficionado return with their tenth release, eager to extend your summer with a 12" ticket to the sun and fun of La Isla Blanca. As you should know by now, Messrs Moon and Boardman don't do things by halves, so rather than hastily booking a scattering of seats on an Easyjet airbus, they've plumped for the luxury and bliss of Club Class on Onyricon air; the airline that gives you Mas y mas. This pan European consortium, headed up by the production duo of Leo Mas and Fabrice (ably assisted by the writing talent of Italo legends Rago and Farina) formed with the aim of creating the perfect flying experience, and their triumph is presented in all its transcendent beauty on the A1. The "On Air Mix" of "Sweet Dream" coasts smoothly through the upper atmosphere on a bed of blurred new age pads and celestial vocals, pure as the sunlit white of the clouds below, tranquil as the heavens above. As you hit the strip of the Aeroport D'Eivissa, the hedonistic pulse of the Island begins to course through your body, driven by the hypnotic tribalism of Leo & Fabrice's "Balearic Militant" mix, carrying you back to an unremembered youth of faded club flyers and open air parties. You're in the mood for a dance, and man of the moment Andras Fox is on hand to take your bags and show you a good time. The antipodean tape peddler brings a dash of drum track exotica to his remix, leaving the Roland out in the sun long enough to fully harness the lilting patter of island rhythms. The fretless bassline is a white walled penthouse but no pavement as the Fox provides executive Balearic free from the dust of Ibizan streets. As you step into the realm of the senses mystical melodies, spiritual vocals and circular bassline swirl around that rattling rhythm like a Nu Groove B-side lost in Rheji's luggage back in '89. After all your danccefloor exertion, it's recommended you cool off with a dip in the pool to the echo drenched swelter of B2's "Sun Mix". The sweet fragrance of dub and shimmer of suncream on the water are all you remember as you drift gently away.

        Officially Aficionado.

        Detroit legend Terrence Parker lands on Defected with ‘Open Up You Spirit’, featuring four brand new mixes of one of the standout cuts on his ‘Life On The Back 9’ album.

        Kicking off proceedings is 'TP’s Deeep Detroit Heat Remix' which demonstrates positivity through Merachka’s powerful gospel vocal and an ever-grooving baseline that is mirrored by organ keys, highlighting why Terrence, and Detroit’s underground house scene, is very much in the forefront of soulful house being done the right way. 'TP’s Bangin Piano Remix' does what is says on the tin as classic piano chords and four-to-the-floor house beats build the track to almost cacophonic extreme before dropping into a warm bass synth to start the ride over again. On the flipside is 'TP's Deeep Detroit Heat Instrumental' and completing the pack is 'Merachka's Kreep Into Your Spirit And Open It Up Remix' which strips things back with 303-esque acid lines and thumping kick-claps.

        Still sounding like something from the distant future (1988 to be exact), "We Are Phuture" continues to survive and prosper. An all time acid house classic straight from Chicago, Phuture's mission statement still packs a heavyweight punch today, and gets regular spins from any true acid jock. The jacking beat and thumping bassline create the perfect home for the nagging 303 lines, twisted synths and flanging hats. Acid intensity if ever I heard it! If you like you're acid trax, deeper, harder and mostly instrumental, I'd suggest you go straight for the brain mangling "Slam!" mix on the flip, while electro / freestyle jocks will have a lot of fun with the sampler bashing "Spank-Spank". Repressed, remastered and reissued in conjunction with Trax Records and with all original artwork retained, "We Are Phuture" is an essential addition to any record collection.

        Dan Physics came up in the ranks of the early 90s Midwest & NYC dance underground, when record shops still existed and the club scene was still diverse and vibrant. Working at Sonic Groove Records alongside Adam-X and Frankie Bones, through the years Dan had gained an encyclopedic knowledge of house, techno, industrial music and many genres in between.

        What we have here is a document from his past recording archives which demonstrates his studio expertise and is an impressive take of high bpm, yet melodic techno. At points reminding us of Walt J at other junctures more tripped out, this will not be the last time we hear from Dan.

        Max Richter / Daniel Hope

        Berlin By Overnight

          To coincide with Max Richter’s Royal Albert Hall debut on 4th October, where he joins forces with Daniel Hope in one of the rare live occasions that sees them together on stage, DG is releasing an eclectic Remix EP. Berlin by Overnight by Max Richter is taken from Daniel Hope’s latest album Spheres (2013) and will now be released digitally and on vinyl together with 4 remixes by internationally acclaimed remixers, who were carefully selected and picked up on the nocturnal, minimal and repetitive atmosphere. The international line up of remixers includes Efdemin, CFC, Lorna Dune and Tom Adams.

          Having gone overground with his self-titled debut long player back in 2011, all went quiet on the SBTRKT release front soon after, leaving us waiting three years for new original material. His recent interim release of three instrumental ‘Transitions’ EPs joined the creative dots between the first and second albums, giving us pointers on what to expect next.

          'Wonder Where We Land' traverses the current landscape of electronic post-dubstep / bass music, taking in the upbeat and downbeat, with minimal piano soul, house, synth-pop and hip hop used as points of reference along the way. Longtime collaborator Sampha continues his journey as main vocalist here, with Jessie Ware also reappearing alongside a wider spectrum of guests that includes Caroline Polachek (Chairlift), MCs Raury and A$AP Ferg, Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig, Koreless and newcomer Denai Moore.

          Opening with some experimental Wurlitzer weirdness, the bass drops into the subtle atmospherics of pianotronic ballad  'Wonder Where We Land' featuring Sampha, who also lays his fragility on 'Temporary View' and 'If It Happens'. One of a smattering of instros, 'Lantern' rides the arpeggiated synth-heavy Purple wave. 'Higher' offers a minimal trap groove while Raury speeds through his rap, taking a breath to sing the massive chorus hook. 'Look Away' is a fractured glitch-pop number complete with Autotuned vox by Caroline Polachek. The acoustic piano meets machine music theme continues on 'Problem (Solved)', which has Jessie Ware sounding sublime, and jittery Denai Moore-sung 'The Light'. Coming across like a Chemical Brothers future festival anthem 'New Dorp. New York' has Ezra Koenig icing the cake. The album closes with Ferg from the A$AP Mob freeforming over bombastic synth-fest 'Voices In My Head'.

          Having gone overground with his self-titled debut long player back in 2011, all went quiet on the SBTRKT release front soon after, leaving us waiting three years for new original material. His recent interim release of three instrumental ‘Transitions’ EPs joined the creative dots between the first and second albums, giving us pointers on what to expect next.

          'Wonder Where We Land' traverses the current landscape of electronic post-dubstep / bass music, taking in the upbeat and downbeat, with minimal piano soul, house synth-pop and hip hop used as points of reference along the way. Longtime collaborator Sampha continues his journey as main vocalist here, with Jessie Ware also reappearing alongside a wider spectrum of guests that includes Caroline Polachek (Chairlift), MCs Raury and A$AP Ferg, Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig, Koreless and newcomer Denai Moore.

          Opening with some experimental Wurlitzer weirdness, the bass drops into the subtle atmospherics of pianotronic ballad  'Wonder Where We Land' featuring Sampha, who also lays his fragility on 'Temporary View' and 'If It Happens'. One of a smattering of instros, 'Lantern' rides the arpeggiated synth-heavy Purple wave. 'Higher' offers a minimal trap groove while Raury speeds through his rap, taking a breath to sing the massive chorus hook. 'Look Away' is a fractured glitch-pop number complete with Autotuned vox by Caroline Polachek. The acoustic piano meets machine music theme continues on 'Problem (Solved)', which has Jessie Ware sounding sublime, and jittery Denai Moore-sung 'The Light'. Coming across like a Chemical Brothers future festival anthem 'New Dorp. New York' has Ezra Koenig icing the cake. The album closes with Ferg from the A$AP Mob freeforming over bombastic synth-fest 'Voices In My Head'.


          2xLtd CD Info: Deluxe 2xCD edition in gatefold sleeve. Includes 6 bonus tracks.

          2xLtd LP Info: Deluxe 2xLP edition in gatefold sleeve. Includes zoetrope picture disc (plus zoetrope card insert) with 7 bonus tracks.

          When house first emerged from Chicago's basements and warehouses and spread across the globe, it carried a message of change, love and togetherness. Despite the occasional assault of abrasive acidity, this was a new wave of sound, for a new generation united by their dissatisfaction, disenfranchised by the powers that be (sounds familiar!) and brought together by music and ecstacy. Now, every scene needs an anthem, and this absolute beauty from Joe Smooth is as anthemic as they come. The combination of a euphoric chord progression, uplifting vocals and timeless Chicago house rhythms transcended the boundaries of electronic music and left a lasting effect on the broader musical landscape. Equally loved by the Balearic movement, the soul collectives and Paul Weller (who paid homage with his Style Council cover version), "Promised Land" is pure musical perfection that no home should be without. Now I'm off to neck a load of garys and hug everyone in the shop...

          For their latest release Chiwax Classic Editions turn up a real classic from the master of deep and soulful house, Mr Ron Trent. Originally released on Clubhouse in '92, "Love Affair" is the uplifting and emotional sound of the 18 year old Ron Trent, showcasing production prowess and melodic expertise which belied his years. "Ron's Soulful Mix" couples that stone bass groove with head nodding snares, expansive pads and killer keys delivering nuthin but full scale dancefloor ecstasy. If Dream 2 Science had emerged from the Midwest rather than NYC, then they'd have sounded a lot like this. Braxton Holmes offers a straight up mix which trims the original down and smoothes out the groove for lounge listening, while "Ron's Bass Shaker Mix" is a Fingers style excursion to the heart of the dubspace. On the flip we plot a course deeper and deeper into the underground with another three choice cuts from Mr Trent.

          ‘Decadubs 4’ is a vinyl-only companion-piece to ‘Hyperdub 10.3’, the latest CD in Hyperdub’s ongoing series of birthday-marking collections. Following on from the label’s first two 10th anniversary compilations, the third act represented in ‘10.3’ transects and extrapolates forward the Hyperdub catalogue from yet another angle, this time following the melancholy vapour trail drafted by Burial's numerous atmospheric beatless moments. This EP tunes in to those 11 new moments of downcast ambience that comprise half of the CD’s complete content, resulting in over 40 minutes of hitherto-unknown audio which squarely shoulder their “Extended Play” billing. Formed tangentially to Hyperdub's main agenda of basstrax for the floor, these mini-soundtracks for films-to-come reinterpret the idea of dubtraction. Instead of merely reducing a vocal melody to echoed or reverbed vestiges, here is trace-music reduced to gaseous residuum, free of drums and often basslines, leaving only synthesised, sampled or looped textures that might hang fume-like, or rotate frictionless as mini cyclones, travelling from warped, hi-def interludes to citric synth jams, from hazy devil mixes to fleeting, blue sax solos, terminating at an eight minute modular flatline. No pulse, No heartbeat.

          Pack your flip flops, a towel and some suntan lotion, it's the VERY long awaited follow up to Balearic Mike and Kelvin Andrews' celebrated 'Down To The Sea And Back' compilation!

          It's been four long years of late nights, licensing cat and mouse games, dusty fingered rummaging and tales of adventures cherished like postcard memories from far away beaches, soundtracked by music so perfect, it lasts far beyond the moment.

          The beautiful thing about this music we call Balearic, is that a magical dancefloor moment can occur with the most unlikely record.

          While most modern compilations - even the most eclectic - are unlikely to surprise, the tried and tested 'DTTSAB' method has delivered another absolutely golden selection. It may sound corny, especially in a world of internet experts, but these tracks have been curated, searched for, cherished and most importantly unleashed with impeccable timing on many an unsuspecting dancefloor. Whether it's album B-sides, neglected pop or lost classics hiding in plain sight, the passion with which this music is sought and championed is what sets these long players and their LP apart.

          A stunning collection once again. Available as a limited edition double vinyl package and double CD (with 20 page booklet).


          Patrick says: The follow up to Mike and Kelvin's essential Balearic comp is finally here, and it's packed full of sandal stepping goodies. Double CD edition out now, double vinyl to follow in a few weeks.

          After their very large re-make of Dinosaur's 'Kiss Me Again' on 'Downtown Sounds Classics Vol. 2', Pablo & Shoey go straight for the jugular again here, extending an old housed-up bootleg version of Eddie Kendricks' 'Keep On Truckin' into 8 minutes of dancefloor devastation. Pre-Discogs, pre-MP3s of everything ever recorded on the 'net, this little gem was one of the most potent secret weapons for The Unabombers in the heyday of Electric Chair. Some old fashioned, dusty crates digging by Pablo turned it up - now the world gets to have a listen! Also included in the package is Detroit legend Terrence Parker and his deep, shimmering 1996 house classic 'Your Love', an after hours staple for the DTS boys since year dot. Drenched in a hypnotic organ loop and a beautiful, tender vocal, it's house music with a warm heart and a sharp kick, perfect for a 'Let's All Have A Hug' moment at 3am!

          There are few names in house music today which need less of an introduction than Masters At Work. The duo of Louie Vega and Kenny 'Dope' Gonzalez have forged a reputation for genre-eschewing DJ sets and flawless house production during careers which have spanned decades and seen hundreds of releases and remixes. Their influence and reach changed house forever. Taking the song-writing ability of Vega and fusing it with Gonzalez's encyclopaedic knowledge of breaks and hip-hop, the pair created a smooth-yet-underground sound that is still being copied and referenced by producers today.

          Now, for only the second time in their 25 year partnership, they've put together a “Best Of” collection for Defected Records.

          The timing couldn't be more apt as we're in another era dominated by deep house, a genre MAW were at the forefront of when it first emerged in the mid-90s. But to tie them to one sound would be far too simplistic. Masters At Work have always operated according to their own rules and their own sound. Whether it's the sampling techniques of hip-hop, the swing of Latin styles or the soulful euphoria of house – they've always added their own special ingredients, which is what makes Masters At Work genuine dance music legends

          Limited-edition vinyl sampler of a new digital compilation due to drop at the end of September on Music For Dreams. ‘Music For Dreams – The Sunset Sessions #2’ is a 50-track album compiled by esteemed Balearic, ambient and techno DJ / producer Kenneth Bager (aka Dr Baker), also head of the Music For Dreams imprint, plus promoter of Coma Club and Apple Flower Festival in Denmark. Kenneth has used his wealth of experience and knowledge to pull together an top eclectic selection of revered names such as Dusty Springfield, Roisin Murphy, Javier Bergia, Hollie Cook, Todd Terje, Nils Frahm, Faze Action and Jan Akkerman alongside recent Balearic favourites such as Mop Mop, Baby Alpaca and Habibeats.This vinyl sampler features a sneak preview of what we can expect from the compilation with a choice of quality Balearic gems including brand new unreleased track by Lucci Capri, "Kilimanjaro", full of jazzy / African Balearic vibes, plus Mop Mop’s chilled steel drum heaven, "Kamakumba" and the Turbotito remix of Baby Alpaca's "Sea Of Dreams" bringing back memories of the Boys Own era. From Naples in Italy comes the smooth and beautiful "Solo Un Delay" produced and sung by Tuccinelli, then we have the poppier Emil Germ sounding almost like a cross between Royksopp and Arthur Russell on "Tease & Burn". Finally The Kenneth Bager Experience delivers a dubby, melodic electronic excursion with live drums with a distinctly tropical feel on the hilariously named "Fat Bottom Penguins". Essential stuff!

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