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Genre pick of the week Cover of Cut Copy Presents Oceans Apart Volume 2 by Various Artists.
Cut Copy drop the second 12" sampler ahead of their full scale examination of their hometown scene. In little over half a decade Melbourne has emerged as a hotbed of production talent, spawning far more track masters and beat freaks than it has any right too.  There’s been much speculation as to how this unprecedented wave came about. Is the fluoride in the water supply having positive side-effects? Is it the mediocre Melbourne weather that’s either keeping people on the dancefloor or in house arrest, tirelessly tinkering in the studio? Is it the abundance of late night venues or the long standing presence of two influential community radio stations? Who knows, but let's kick back and enjoy the end results. Fantastic Man opens proceedings with "Robotic Temptation", a crepuscular journey through a futuristic city scape powered by beatdown rhythms and a dubby bassline. The producer balances the synthetic and organic like he's tinkering with a Mech, marrying earthy marimba and choral vox with bleeping arps and whirring synths. Turkish Prison ups the tempo with the light, airy and generally celestial "Overboard", a diasporic synthetic house groover worthy of 100% Silk or Future Times, topped with a vocal part more at home on Australia's own Modular Recordings. Bell Towers rounds out side one in chugging fashion with the industrial jack of "After Party At Jackson's House". Deranged synths spin concentric circles out the speakers while the juddering bassline moves ominously forward. On the flipside Ara Koufax (otherwise known as Naysayer) pushes the hardware into the red for the tape saturated anthem "Brenda". Plucking a chord progression straight out the climax of a John Hughes movie, Ara fires up the sequences and makes a comfy bed for those massive piano chords to rest on. Add in a hair raising exotic vocal and we're in full on end of night territoty - massive! Last but not least we hear from NO ZU, an unholy dancefloor chimera born out of the DNA residue on August Darnell's zoot suit. With a bassline for a spine, this punk funk monster dances to the beat of moody, shacks up with ACR and bathes in Liquid Liquid. Total show stealer!

Hardware hoarding brothers Alex & Digby make a triumphant return for FAARAT003 with two killer tracks of minimal synthesis. On the A-side, "Nothing With You" is a slice of good, old fashioned micro gold, worthy of early TM Schneider, Lassigue Bendthaus or Cyclob's mellower moments. Considered sound design and woozing synths are backed by a scattered broken beat as the track phases in and out of the synthetic RnB galaxy. Imagine hearing the FKA Twigs album from the depths of a 2009 K-hole and you'd be well on your way to nailing this one. On the flip, "Tokyo" takes us into noir-ish house territory, nestling comfortably in that sweet spot between minimal techno and micro house. The rattling polyrhythm keeps your head bobbing away while acidic warbles, phasing sequences and ping pong vocals career through the soundscape, nailing a sound that could take you from Villalobos to Stimming in an instant. Circular, cyclical and trippy in the most restrained way, this is a perfect after hours jam. 

R&S celebrate another storming year of music with a new addition to their already extended family, ALSO AKA the pairing of Appleblim and Second Storey. Ever since they first met and bonded over a shared love of Detroit machine rhythms and sleek electronic grooves, the pair have been hard at work in the studio, pushing their creative boundaries to the limit. Never content to take the easy route, the duo opt instead to focus on broken rhythms and experimental melodies, while still keeping the dancefloor moving. These heavy studio / live loose jams sessions have borne truly verdant musical fruit in the form of this debut release - opener "Sid's Conudrum" sets the pulse racing with it's uptempo cyborg funk - juddering bass and bleeping synth squiggles, while "Ashford Swaithes " powers down the A-side with a growling bass led groove. On the flip, "Dive Prophets" unravels with fractal bursts of energy, sizzling pads and tripped out high frequencies arpeggios, while the bass led rhythm rumbles on. ALSO is pan genre, pan generational, emotive electronic music at its best, well worthy of its place in the R&S canon.

Hinge Finger welcome Magazine Records boss Daniel Ansorge aboard the good ship bass techno for the latest release, and the Koln producer repays them with a couple of spartan treats for the voyage ahead. On the A-side, "Chappell" sees Barnt fire up the 909 for a jackin, jukin roller with a stepping groove and insistent sample and hold synth filth. More doomy than gloomy, this one will set a menacing mood on the floor, turning the intensity up bar by bar. On the B-side's "Under His Own Name But Also As Sir", the pummelling percussion keeps up its unrelenting assault, but is this time joined by melancholic synth tones and howling electronics. Barnt takes no prisoners on his Hinge Finger debut.

Bicep & Midland

D MIL (Club & Dub)

In a collaboration which is certain to have any club kid under 25 reaching for fresh underwear, Belfast's Bicep London's Midland follow up a recent Corsica Studios gig with this absolute ripsnorter of a track! The trio concoct a skippy garage tinged beat accented with the crunchiest snare roll going before unleashing their sub smashing bass sweep. That perfectly formed bassline sounds like the ghost of speed garage past, certain to have people making the all important #bass face. A stuttering vocal snippet and sprawling pads carry the track into a crescendant build up before tumbling into a big old drop. On the flip, the Dub mix tones things down a little, dodging the main room and opting for a tense roll.


Biophilia Live

    “A dazzling audiovisual spectacle that benefits from the full cinematic treatment... an imaginative stand-alone artwork.” - The Hollywood Reporter

    The critically acclaimed documentary film which captures the multidimensional concert centred on Björk’s eighth studio album, titled ‘Biophilia Live’, will be released on audio-visual formats via One Little Indian Records.

    The film documents the intimate ‘Biophilia’ performance at London’s Alexandra Palace where Björk was accompanied by unique musical instruments, collaborators and visuals. Shot by directors Nick Fenton and Peter Strickland and produced by Jacqueline Edenbrow / Gloria Films, the film also features science and nature archive and found footage inspired by the themes of the album, as well as animation which has been augmented with the music of ‘Biophilia’.

    The infinitely creative journey presents a culmination of work that represents one of the most original musical endeavors of a generation.

    The DVD and Blu-ray formats also feature extra content filmed during Biophilia’s residency at Japan’s Miraikan Museum and the options of stereo and 5:1 surround sound.


    3xLP Info: 3xLP+DVD.

    Mark Broom

    Untitled - Inc. Edit Select Dub

    Mark Broom aka The King of Snakes returns with this killer cut on Edit Select. So good he couldn't be bothered to name it (joke), "Untitled" is a highly percussive, growling wall-shaker from the upper echelons. Rampant tuned toms, lashing hi-hats, fizzy snare hits and this tension inducing, manic tone which encompasses the whole track, this is definitely not for the faint hearted! Light the touch paper and stand well back! Edit Select himself steps up for a deep reworking of the original on the flipside. Taming the OG somewhat and moving along on the smooth, gliding plane he's synonymous with, Mr. Select allows those dark, foreboding tones room to breathe and gather menace as the machine-line drums fizzle and crackle in the background. Great stuff from this current essential techno mainstay.

    It doesn't get any deeper than this beauty! An overlooked EP from Wayne Gardiner aka Classic Man from 1993 on the legendary Nervous Records label, "No More Mind Games" is up there with the classics of it's era. That sparse, jazzy, soulful, early 90s NYC edge is present and correct in every single track here making for an all killer, no filler EP! Kicking things off, "Rapid Winds" is a vibe heavy, pad laden beauty that rolls along gently and touches all the right spots while the following two mixes of "Keepin On" chop up D-Train and Raw Silk vocal snippets into a bouncing organ driven banger, keeping the disco spirit alive in true garage fashion! Rounding out the EP are two storming alternate mixes of "No More Mind Games", featuring a vocal sample lifted from the accapella version of Quest's classic "Mind Games", used here to devastating effect alongside Gardiner's deep vibes and choppy drums. Serious business. "No More Mind Games" has long been a sought after EP by discerning house lovers and is a true underground classic. Re-mastered and re-pressed here, for the first time, in conjunction with Nervous Records, NYC. Now's your chance to own a copy of a forgotten club classic from the golden era of NYC House music.

    Michel Cleis & Klement Bonelli

    Marvinello / Gostek

    The most sought after track in the last few months finally makes its appearance on vinyl. Some pirated copies circulated illegally, but this is the definitive version, tried and tested in the club over the past few months. "Marvinello" is an infectious rework of Marvin Gaye's classic, built up from the ground with irresistible drums, world percussion and a sultry bassline while the use of the vocals create a unique atmosphere. The balance is something so hot you can't resist ! The B Side track "Gostek" is a heavenly mixture of house, soul, and gospel, underpinned by a percussive driving techno groove that takes you by the throat to the dancefloor. With DJ support coming out the wazoo, you'd better bet this is one you need.

    After releases from Terriers and New Jackson, Major Problems welcomes the Compassion Crew, who return with another session of impeccably sourced cut-and-paste house music. CC’s "Masters Of The Gentlemanly Art" is a proto-house / nu-beat-ish bruiser, full of industrial clanging elements, pitched vocal snippets and twanging synth riffs. Like some lost Medusa club classic you'd catch Jamal Moss working into a smoke machine frenzy, the track nails that late night hypnotic vibe to a tee. Panic Chicago transform the track into a loft party bomb, keeping the chunky, industrial elements but rolling out a funky bassline, infectious rhythm section and loopy, concentric groove. Exceptional stuff. Peaking Light's alter ego, Leisure Connection walk the night with a memorable 10-minute-plus psych / dub / house refix which could only have come from Aaron Coyes shamanist hands. Mastered and cut at Calyx, this is a vinyl-only release. Artwork from Simon Landrein. Support from Hunee, New Jackson, Beats in Space, Serge, Marcel Hesse…

    *LIMITED REPRESS* Orders essential.
    Classic Wild Oats release here from no other than Jay Daniel, who's pretty much dominated 2014 with a string of releases. This tasty offering on Kyle Hall's seminal label set out his ideology wonderfully. Tough but loose percussion, analogue goodness throughout and that hard to pin-down Detroitian sophistication. "Royal Dilemma" has tin can drums, squelchy one-finger synthlines and a weighty kick. "Royal Insanity" unloads more dusty drums mined from heavy vinyl excavation and props up the mix with thick synth columns. Fluttering riffs cascading through mix give a wonderfully organic feel as Daniel's disjointed rhythms jar and skew throughout. "Change 4 Me" continues with discord, subtle acidic melodies littering a tape saturated drum palette and spacious environment. Warehouse tackle. "Exit #1" is a drunkard MPC workout, full of pummeled drums, syncopated shakers and improvised rhythms before sizzling hats and atmospheric pads fire in from the recesses of the master tapes turning this into a frenzied DJ tool for the club. "4 Red" concludes with a kick drum squashed beyond oblivion and harsh snares, combined with another highly corroded lead line and broken hi-hats. Out-there and uncompromising, and totally Jay Daniel. Limited run, move quick, recommended!

    DJ Haus

    Feel The Change Comin' On

    Much sought after DJ Haus radio jams pressed onto blue transparent vinyl. "Comin' On" utilizes the massive bassline off Mike Huckaby "Bassline 89" then layers up these big diva vocals for an absolutely huge soundsystem destroyer. Extra bump provided from flourishes of acid combined with the occasional burst of rave pan pipe! Take cover! "When U Look At" has me scratching my head as the original sample sources but its another tough sound system roller, this time with incessant bleep melodies and a whipping, almost bassline-esque groove. Again, female vocal snippets are layered and deployed with aplomb, combined with big strobe-ready breakdowns and devasting drops. Support from all the big guns: Bicep, Huxley, Redlight, Moxie, Ben UFO - Radio 1, 1XTRA, Rinse FM & NTS support confirmed.


    ///I\II\\\\ - Inc. μ-Ziq / Brrd Remixes

    Drew Lustman aka FaltyDL released his fourth long player In The Wild back in August and he returns to the fray armed with a new 8-track EP with the mysterious and unpronounceable title “///I\II\\\\”.

    From the moody chug of ‘Greater Antilles VIP’– appearing in its original unedited glory – to Lustman’s own bruk beatdown version ‘Do Me’ featuring vocal edits by his girlfriend (“This one is for the kids” he says), the palette here is as rich and diverse as on In The Wild. Sidling back into widescreen territory, ‘GA 2 Tape outcome.z130583’ is the delightful result of an afternoon experimenting with what he describes as “prepared musical situations” routed and re-routed through a Tascam 4-track recorder and a battered VHS. Likewise, ‘M ///I\II\\\\’ and ‘P ///I\II\\\\’ are born of the same prepared piano set-up: one soft and one dark.

    The reworks come direct from Lustman’s extended musical family – Planet Mu boss and serial innovator Mike Paradinas (aka μ-Ziq); Blueberry Records’ very own beats technician Brrd; and the relative newcomer E+E who resides in LA but pays homage to his Bolivian heritage, dedicated this remix to his great uncle. The overall sound is based on a style of Bolivian metal music that incorporates a breathy style of vocal with minimal music (usually fake piano or detuned guitar): “I’ve been wanting to write a song in this specific Bolivian style for some time,” he explains.

    The Gino Fontaine

    Revnorev / Konkondo - Inc. Pete Herbert / Stratus Remixes

    What better way to follow up Andy Meecham's (Chicken Lips / the Emperor Machine) huge Gino Fontaine originals than a duo of remixes from Balearic chieftains Pete Herbert and Stratus. As one half of Reverso 68 alongside Phil Mison, and in his own right Pete has been behind a ton of mesmerising sunrise and sunset workouts, and he's more than delivered here - crisp and club ready percussion, those stark punk-funkin' guitars and his trademark synth work all conspire to cook up a storm on the floor. Martin Jenkins and Mat Anthony's Stratus outfit (remember their superb "Spring Tide EP" on Aficionado last year?) take a pop at the sublime Konkondo on the flip, and what a masterpiece it is! A ten minute, utterly absorbing and expertly evolving piece, which flips the darker elements of the original into a mesmerising, cinematic, early 90's style Balearic epic.

    After winning hearts from critics and listeners alike with his two 2012 albums, Lee Gamble delivers a hotly anticipated follow-up for his spiritual home, Pan. The tone of 'Koc'h is similarly concerned with plush ambient tones and murky atmospherics, while the beats meander from techno thrust (as on "Motor System") via fractious weirdo house shuffle (see "Nueme") through to intricate broken beat minimalism (courtesy of "Voxel City Spirals"). These differences are bound together by the immersive tones that linger consistently over the album, giving rise to a release that should satisfy anyone craving more of the goodness that populated 'Diversion 1994-1996'.

    Philip Glass

    "Low" Symphony - 180g Vinyl Edition

    "Low" Symphony, composed by Philip Glass in the spring of 1992, is based on the record Low by David Bowie and Brian Eno, first released in 1977. Glass took themes from three of the instrumentals on the original and, combining them with his own material, used them as the basis of three movements of the "Low" Symphony. Movement One comes from "Subterraneans," Movement Two from "Some Are", which was not featured on Bowie's original recording, and Movement Three from "Warszawa".

    The "Low" Symphony was performed by the Brooklyn Philharmonic orchestra under the batons of Dennis Russell Davies, principal conductor, and Karen Kamensek, assistant conductor. Philip Glass allowed ideas of Bowie and Brian Eno, who worked together on Low, to influence how he worked on the music, leading to surprising musical conclusions and becoming a real collaboration between the music of all three maestros.

    This is the first ever vinyl issue of "Low" Symphony!

    Gunnar Haslam returns to LIES records for his second album, "Mirrors And Copulation". Following a slew of 12" releases this year, Gunnar delves deep into his darkest palettes for a return to his patient, haunted soundscapes that shrouded his debut LP, "Mimesiak". Across eight tracks of ambient techno both brooding and tumultuous, Gunnar Haslam unravels a narrative on overpopulation and its potential environmental ramifications inspired by the Borges quote the album title references. "Meter By Me, Sybil" cascades arpeggios through a thick fog that never leaves Mirrors. "Ajapajapam Version" cuts through with a sluggish 3/4 strut and nauseated 303 bassline, but the rest of the A side is fully enveloped by the Gunnar's peerless recreation of the wet ambience of a ghostly rainforest. "Cloud Castle Lake" offers an uptempo cut buoyed by a blasted kick drum and frenetic 606 workout. Still enshrouded, "Nameless" further explores Gunnar's sonic terrain with the force of a freaked dancefloor's momentum, much like the album finale, "In Argo Teurano", which blasts forth from the mist with a weathered adventurer's grit. 'Mirrors And Copulation' continues Gunnar Haslam's pursuit of the subterranean and introverted techno first offered on his LIES debut, embarking on more mystic pastures with his final offering of 2014.

    Jon Hassell / Brian Eno

    Fourth World Vol.1: Possible Musics

    A luxury reissue of this classic, groundbreaking album from 1980. "Fourth World" is a term invented by trumpeter Jon Hassell to describe a "futurist primitive" style of music employing modern technological treatments and influences from various cultures and eras. Together with Eno, Hassell melded his heavily processed trumpet with ritualistic hand drum beats and abstract textures to produce a mesmerizing blend of the ambient and the global. ESSENTIAL.

    'Yum001' is the first official release on Yummy records, brought to you by HNNY himself. A three tune long journey that HNNY says you should preferably listen to while a) strolling b) dancing c) standing with your bare feet in the grass (in this weather?!) or d) with your eyes shut. The EP sees HNNY moving into deeper house territory, with '6.30' leading the way with quavering synths, melodic bassline, a crisp house rhythm and offbeat percussion. '9.15' has a bit more body, but keeps things nice and light with the addition of Rhodes piano loops and back-in-the-mix shaker. '12.00' closes the EP with boogie and soul flavours shoehorned into a 4/4 rhythm. Lush and warm, this is sure to put a smile on your face.

    Jire is the project of 18 year old South London composer and producer Nathan Geyer. With a background in classical composition, Geyer creates fluctuating sonic structures imbued with a deep emotional resonance. The ‘Kiowa Polytope’ EP - his first public tracks - is borne from found sounds, acoustic improvisation, contemporary electronic production and minimal classical technique, taking inspiration from across the visual arts and literature. In places - take the boxed 4/4 kick appearing halfway through the title track - it’s a leftfield interpretation of rhythmic electronic structures; in others - such as ‘Materiality Notion’ - the tracks are noise architecture, a dense sonic environment built up slowly from atomic level. Centrepiece ‘SSTNSLNC’ is based on the samples the producer took from the Sistine Chapel, breathed into life with quaking sub-bass.

    Krystal Klear Featuring Flex Washington

    Cash Champagne

    TONIC003 shows label founder Krystal Klear joining forces with a fresh off the boat vocalist in the form of Flex Washington. A two track 12 alongside a crafty Accapella for the Djs showcases a another step in a darker club foundation for the label head merging elements of new jacking R n B on top of rigorous drum patterns all tied together by the romanticism in Flex's vocal tone.

    The tracklisting of the release was inspired by classic vocal 12's of the late 80's early 90s which is represented by the alternative acid flexing drum-a-pella version of the A side alongside a 12 inch only bonus of the bare accapella giving a tip of the hat to KK's musical heritage ranging from turntablism to body rocking.

    Musically this is representing the deeper crevices of the streets that not all of us see...the darker side of midnight.

    Support coming from P Diddy, Jackmaster, Jacques Greene, Midland, Tensnake, Alan Sugar, Bill Brewster, Skream & Joy Orbison.

    Lisiere Collectif

    Les Sons De La Lisiere

    Ploiesti Romania area childhood friends Andu Simion, Dan Gheorghe and Bogdan Ardeleanu are inspired by Detroit's house sound and Berlin's techno. Their resulting collaboration is best described as 'deep techno' and their first release is appropriately on Moods & Grooves, known for pushing both envelopes. "Les sons de la Lisière" is a reflection of the beauty and silence of nature found in the suburbs of Ploiesti. Fans of Donato Dozzy, Tin Man and Cos/Mes should instantly resonate with these guys; and these tracks also possess a healthy influence of luminaries Basic Channel and Deepchord. "E - 1208 - 13" drips with liquid dub-techno artifacts as a weighty, jet-propelled 4/4 send us careering through the sonic environment. Sparkling synth shards and cascading reverb fragments littering the mix as it evolves. "I - 1502 - 14" crackles and hums with electromagnetic static, the occasional synth swell or vocal murmur radiating from its industrial core. Finally "A - 0519 - 13" wraps everything in a sumptuous, dreamy string section and deploys a shoulder-dropped electro-tinged beat. End of night bliss for tired frames and expanded minds. Recommended.


    Low Dip Revue

    Vinyl reissue of Madteo's "Low Dip Revue", originally issued by The Trilogy Tapes on cassette in 2012. The record will consist of edited down versions of the original tape, with both sides containing some 17 minutes of material remastered by DJ Sotofett of Sex Tags Mania. Artwork by Will Bankhead of TTT.
    Expect a continuous stream of sonic flow; sludgy and lysergic but dancefloor-focussed throughout. Blurring organic percussion, tape saturation and tribal, black magic inflected grooves and aesthetics into a cohesive cauldron of sound. Futureproof production meets a primordial genetic code. Unfathomably deep, beautifully unique, unchallengeable and determined. Essential electronics from one of the innovators.


    Matt says: The kinda record it pains me to sell. I'd much prefere to keep this baby quiet for a year or two before unleashing it as a grade AAA secret weapon. Top drawer stuff, essential for turning heads and expanding minds.

    NTS regular, London beatmaster and certified party starter Mr Beatnick pilots the spaceship on TIEF006, marking his first full release since 2013's cosmic compilation "The Synthetes Trilogy" with a bang. The producer takes in blissed out disco house, crackling synth-boogie-funk and dreamy acid textures over three beautiful and atmospheric originals, while Francis Inferno Orchestra drops by on a remix tip to transform "Ice Cream Strut" into a bumpy filter funk groove worthy of Detroit's one and only Dez Andres. Title track "Marshmallows" marries blissful chord progressions and emotive melodies with warm sounds and textures to create a deep and immersive disco house groove. In its original form "Ice Cream Strut" is a wonky funk bomb with a killer bassline, rattling percussion and swooning synths. Imagine Floating Points after a hefty hit from the bong! Lastly, "Oxytocin" is a cool and collected hit of lysergic frequencies, fizzing synthlines and sparkling melodies.

    OB Ignitt

    Let Me Show You - Inc. Omar S Remix

    OB Ignitt returns with his Obonit imprint. "My Last Reese Cup" is a tough, gritty excursion into Ignitt's own version of techno. Snares distort as they burn red onto the master tape; thick, sweeping analogue synths fill up the mix with ease and a growling bottom end ushers the whole thing forward. Brutal and uncompromising but with lashings of funk and groove, just the way the Detroiters like it. "Let It Do What It Does" (receiving an Omar S touch-up) vibrates and shimmers, brimming as it is with electronic goodness from start to finish. A production masterclass, various elements fade in and out of focus as a live piano section jams unrelentingly over the top. The bassline is as infectious as Ebola. Flapping, squelchy drums keep up the momentum while various other analogue artifacts add to the head-turning aesthetic and general uniqueness of the track. Exceptional stuff, recommended.


    Beezeldub / Newun

    Paleman brings some dread sound to Swamp 81 sublabel 81 on this snarling two track 12". Memories of Rocky abound as "Beezeldub" opens with the sombre blast of horns, before delivering a thunderous left-right combo of stepping drums and digi-dub bassline. Paleman manages to pull a blinder here, delivering a track that's sparse, but still fierce enough to get the dancefloor hyped. On the flip, the percussive "Newun", works that booty with constantly evolving drum rhythms, jazz fills, and room reverb. Proper club tackle for the bass heads. 



    German techno brutalists BAROC follow up L Neils inaugural release with this blitzkrieg from Paperwork. The producer steps up with three untitled cuts of properly raw, atmospheric house and techno. On the A1 we're taken on a trip into the smoke filled, strobe lit belly of warehouse techno as Paperwork tops hammering drums and crackling 303 lines with melancholic synth washes. I can see this going down a treat at Bohemian Grove. We head further down the rabbit hole on the A2, and things get deeper, darker and much trippier. Paperwork drops the 303 and ramps up those mournful synths while industrial grade drums thump away conjuring images of Levon at his most pissed off. The flipside is a proper journey, descending from a sparse drum and synth opening into a swirling lysergic mess of backmasked samples and hissing tape saturation. Heavy duty tackle for your weekend armoury.


    12" Info: Limited to 300. Handstamped with insert.

    Piccadilly Records

    End Of Year Review 2014

      Back in the day, confronted from October onwards by a raft of Christmas-related albums from the major labels, and barely a squeak of a release from the independents, we decided to compile our own top 50 albums of the year, and promote that over the festive season instead.

      Nearly two decades on, and with the arrival of the World Wide Web, Piccadilly Records Top 100 has become one of THE essential end of year charts to check out. Our End Of Year Review booklets have also become increasingly sought-after, and now come packed with our Top 100 albums, Top 20 compilations, Top 20 reissues/collections, staff charts and reviews of our favourite albums all wrapped in lush artwork (perfect bound this year!) by Piccadilly pal Mark Brown ( The perfect read for any music lover over Crimbo.

      This booklet is free instore or just 1 pence (plus p+p) via the website. Or if you prefer, you can view it online here as a PDF (be warned though it's a large PDF file so it's probably not worth trying to download this on your phone!)

      Enjoy the read!

      Please note: If you're ordering this on its own you will be charged our standard rate of postage and packing for sending a CD/7".

      Gerry Read

      3, 2, 1 - Inc. Nathan Fake Remix

      Aus continue the pressure with Suffolk based Gerry Read. Expanding on a back catalogue that’s touched Ramp sub Fourth Wave, Delsin and 2nd Drop, the aberrant youngster delivers “3 2 1”; a typically deranged meld of kitchen percussion, 909 drums and distant flecks of colour backed up with a deliciously splintered remix from Border Community mainstay, Nathan Fake. Born from an early interest in the drums and the guitar and with an anchor loosely set in House, Gerry Read’s productions remain liberated from conventional influence while remaining rhythmically charged enough to work effectively on peak time dance floors. The title track is no exception as it loosely wades through the mire gathering frazzled sine signals and synth blobs along the way. "Cosmoid" pins shimmering melodies and off kilter samples under a tight, persistent groove before Nathan Fake weighs in with loose, restless drum patterns and a healthy measure of plaintive melody to add a further facet to "3 2 1" and round off another solid package from Aus - a label determined to keep ahead of the pack when it comes to fresh and futuristic productions.

      Following 2012's acclaimed 'Tropical Psychedelics' album, Los Angeles electronic-psychedelic multi-instrumentalist, Eddie Ruscha returns to Emotional Response with the second collection of cassette recordings.

      Dating from tape recordings made between 1996 and 2012, 'Cosmic Vibrations' follows the 'Tropical Psychedelics' (ERS003) album for the label, this time digging deeper in to the mind of Secret Circuit than the more dance floor inspired sounds heard on last years album 'Tactile Galactics' album for Beats In Space. Again we glimpse a melting pot of pyschedelia, techno, Balearic and ambient to create an electronic gem, but all done with a wry smile and jesters wink rather than today's penchant of moody seriousness.

      Life on the US West Coast shines from the album, from opener 'Out West' to 'She Got Love', sunshine music that couldn't be made anywhere else. It's not all hippy-happy vibes though with 'Minimal Vibrations' and the dub of 'Straightline' taking things in to deeper and instropective territory. However, all things resonate in Eddie's analogue meets kitchen sink synthesis. Layer after layer floats across the album to create a smile-inducing whole. Journeying from the folk guitar of 'Somnambulation' to the minimilism of 'Glass Skeletons', before bidding a fond farewell in the apt, 'Bells'. This second and final collection of early cassette works is not an end, but a blessing.

      ‘Faith In Strangers’ was written and produced between January 2013 and June 2014, and was edited and sequenced in late July this year. Making use of on an array of instruments, field recordings, found sounds and vocal treatments, it’s a largely analogue variant of hi-tech production styles arcing from the dissonant to the sublime.

      The first two tracks recorded during these early sessions bookend the release, the opener ‘Time Away’ featuring Euphonium played by Kim Holly Thorpe and last track ‘Missing’ a contribution by Stott’s occasional vocal collaborator Alison Skidmore who also appeared on 2012’s ‘Luxury Problems’.

      Between these two points ‘Faith In Strangers’ heads off from the sparse and infected ‘Violence’ to the broken, downcast pop of ‘On Oath’ and the motorik, driving melancholy of ‘Science & Industry’ - three vocal tracks built around that angular production style that imbues proceedings with both a pioneering spirit and a resonating sense of familiarity.

      Things take a sharp turn with ‘No Surrender’- a sparkling analogue jam making way for a tough, smudged rhythmic assault, while ‘How It Was’ refracts sweaty Warehouse signatures and ‘Damage’ finds the sweet spot between RZA’s classic ‘Ghost Dog’ and Terror Danjah at his most brutal.

      ‘Faith in Strangers’ is next and offers perhaps the most beautiful and open track here, its vocal hook and chiming melody bound to the rest of the album via the almost inaudible hum of Stott’s mixing desk. It provides a haze of warmth and nostalgia that ties the nine loose joints that make up the LP into the most memorable and oddly cohesive of Stott’s career to date, built and rendered in the spirit of those rare albums that straddle innovation and tradition through darkness and light.



      BAROC continue their mission to demolish clubs across the globe with this trio of untitled analogue snarlers from Subtyl. The A-side puts the frighteners on you from the get go, opening with a cacophony of high impact percussion pushed through red lining rack compression. But before you dismiss this as technoise by numbers, another 'turn some gear on, press record and go to the pub' number, just wait for that killer 303 bassline to enter the fray and transform the track into a top of the range acid jacker. Flip the disc and take a deep breath, we're about to go subaquatic. Subtyl drops the tempo to a rolling 115bpm and pilots our submersible through the murk and sludge to the calm of the ocean floor. The bubbling Fingers-esque bassline and shifting pads are perfectly matched by the snap and clack of rimshots and distorted hats, which carry us through the deep into Drexciyan territories. The B2 picks up from where the previous track left off, but pushes the tempo and reworks the ingredients into a head nodding jaunt through Drexciyan machine funk. These BAROC jams are quickly becoming essential tackle for jocks out on the frontline.


      12" Info: Limited to 300 copies. Hand stamped with insert.

      Tapper Zukie

      Visions Of Love

      Reissue of this super rare 12" from the legendary Tapper Zukie! If you dug on that "Freak" reissue from last then you'll be all over this little beauty. A-side cut "Visions Of Love" is a vocal lead groove fest, which comes correct with bumping bass lines and crunchy 110bpm proto-house beats. Zukie's vocals slide in and out of tune in the most charming manner, while The Warriors are in full effect, totally nailing that synth heavy reggae disco vibe. On the flipside, "Love Dream" takes the original on an instrumental version excursion through the far reaches of the dub-disco galaxy. If this gem had made its way onto an Originals compilation we'd all have been paying hand over fist on Discogs, thankfully instead we're treated to this tasty reissue in hand stamped manilla sleeves.

      Ron Trent

      7th Heaven

      The sad passing of Frankie Knuckles earlier this year hit many people hard, not least fellow Chicago legend Ron Trent. The Prescription Records co-founder and all-round deep house legend has previously spoken about how he owes his career to the one-time Warehouse resident and here pays tribute to him in musical form. "7th Heaven" is as warm, loving and emotion-rich as you'd expect, with Trent layering his trademark keys, pads and melodies over a classic, Knuckles-style groove. It's the kind of wide-eyed loveliness that Knuckles himself would have been proud of making, and there's no greater tribute than that.


      Ltd 12" Info: Limited white vinyl.

      #5 brings you the trademark Frits Wentink sound we've come to love through his recent output on Wolf, 2020Vision and Wolfskuil,  catchy synth loops, distorted basses, and some funky-ass grooves.

      With "Shrewd, he throws in a few sexy female vocal snippets and a lovely arp, while "Ligament" flows along on a rough kick, an equally gritty vocal and a driving portamented pad that filters in and out.

      "Sauce" features Dutch singer Loes Jongerling and makes for a wonderful combination with her silky soft voice and Frits' warehouse style percussion."

      If I was to gravy you" follows up on with the same rawness in the beats and a lovely sample that you'd love the girl next to you to whisper in your ear time after time "I like it like that baby….

      Sincerely yours, Lars & Maarten

      The Wire

      Issue 370: December 2014

        Freedom Principles
        The Wire’s contributors survey ideas of freedom in music and liberation in sound with 16 pages of essays on resistance songs, nonsense rhymes, trap rap, improv, karaoke and more

        Eiko Ishibashi
        Music and language. By Yusef Sayed

        Recording India’s folk legends. By Francis Gooding

        Laura Cannell
        Early music set free. By Stewart Smith

        Bob Cobbing
        A life in art and activism surveyed. By Daniel Spicer

        Global Ear - Shiraoi
        Biba Kopf listens to the ancient songs of the Ainu people of Japan

        Invisible JukeboxPeter Zummo
        The NY trombonist approaches The Wire’s mystery record selection with all valves open

        Cross Platform - Ursula Mayer
        The Austrian artist blends gender and meaning in her lush films. By Frances Morgan

        The Inner Sleeve
        Clark on Sunn O)))’s Black One

        Sean Michaels hears the divine voice of the theremin

        Print Run
        New music books: Ian Curtis’s lyrics, a William Parker sessionography, David Rothenberg on the latest studies of acousmatic music and more

        On Screen
        New films and DVDs: Beats Of The Antonov, plus a history of DDR art pop group AG Geige

        On Location
        Recent festivals, gigs and clubs: Ultima, Skanu Mezs, King Crimson, Islam Chipsy and more

        On Site
        Recent exhibitions: Matt Jenner plus Konrad Smoleński

        Piccadilly's Philippa's done the coastal walk from St Ives to Zennor (see sleeve image), and dutifully informs us it's hard work. Now normally this would be a fitting analogy for a Trilogy Tapes release (you could never accuse Will Bankhead's label of falling foul of the easy listening tag), except this release from Zennor is a brilliantly accessible 90s anthem sporting a tape saturated analogue disguise. Alright, that might be overstating it slightly, Zennor shows great restraint on "Never In Doubt", hinting at E'd up euphoria without ever resorting to the bells, whistles and M1 organ line, but that chord progression and bassline are certain to tap into your cerebral cortex and make you dance like your younger self again. On the B-side, "Storms" takes a gloomier route to the dancefloor with cyclical synth rhythm, one note piano and hissing hats. "Tin" closes the EP out with a hint of electronica, exploring those warping synthlines and syrupy breaks so beloved of Boards Of Canada.

        Austere make a welcome return with a various artists four tracker. Life Recorder kicks things with a track beamed directly from the Red Planet, "From Above". Full of interstellar goodness through and through, this could easily have been extracted from the very core of Underground Resistance’s energy sources and packs just as much potency. Arnheim flips the script with the laid back, loose and sunny grooves of "Late Night In The Loft", an aptly named title for a track which screams of balmy Summer nights spent smoking and drinking in friend's apartments and back gardens. Nice MPC percussion complimented by rich piano chords and a cleverly placed vocal sample. Great stuff. Austerity keep us on our toes as Gradul Lashton opens the B-side with a more muscular, psychedelic-tinged house jam which recalls Vakula or the Firecracker crew as much as it does Chicago and Detroit. Lush LFO-mangled synthlines weaving through a deliciously fizzy drum palette and velvety sound bed. Fat Dog concludes with "All That I Own", another relaxed jam with its belt straps loosened. This time glowing pads circumvent crisp as lettuce drums and beautifully placed soulful male vox snippets. After a long, slow ascension, an amazingly warm bass breaks through the haze and captures us in its essence. Amazing stuff. Possibly the best Austere record to date - do not sleep!

        The insatiable Blind Jacks Journey continue their unrelenting assault with this brand new release. This journey begins in the Fontainebleu Forest of Paris and on to Nőtincs via the Hungarian hills of Börzsöny concluding in the secretive depths of Coed Y Quad. Heko's "Melrose Flames" instantly transports us off this planet and into a Tron-like world of rich electronic nostalgia, fluttering analogue synths and chugging bassline recalling a thousand debauched nights of electro-disco excess. One for the Red Laser crew that's for sure. Heko continues his cybernetic attack with "Ethereal", crisp arps juttering along while thick Jomox drums clatter away in the background and the signature darting leads arrive right on cue. Psyche-house demi-god Gnork offers up two prime cuts. "Out There" fizzes and spurts effervescent goodness from every orifice as it bounces along at a frenetic pace. Swirling LFOs converging on the track as sumptuous strings envelop the mix, before being joined by a completely irresistible beat. Liquid gold! Remember "Blorp93" from "Dream House 1.2"? Well here Gnork strips away the multitracks and presents just the delectable piano line from the OG; a handy DJ tool if there ever was one, or simply a joyous piece of music in its own right. Oddnipp concludes the journey with the slow, gently-paced meanderings of "Tripp.4", a steady woodblock pulse accompanying that trademark thick, gloopy electronic soundbed which these cats seem to revel in. Completely essential, and not likely to hang around long either...
        Hand stamped double mint ice cream vinyl.

        Various Artists

        Jerome Derradji Presents - The House That Jackmaster Hater Built (Part 1)

        "I want them to hate me for putting this out" says Jackmaster Hater, referring to tracks once possessed by a mere handful of Chicago House DJs. These recordings, traded secretly on tape, were exclusive to the likes of Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles.

        Here is the new compilation by Jerome Derradji with Kevin Starke, aka the infamous Jackmaster Hater and owner of Kstarke Records in Chicago. 
It is one of the sickest slice of Chicago House Music ever released.

        This compilation features ultra rare and lost Chicago classics paired with a nice selection of newer tracks produced by Jackmaster Hater and his friends, all nicely laid out on a DCD and 2 DLPs. The DLPs come with a killer poster and the DCD features a booklet about Kstarke records and Kevin Starke and a few more surprises.

        It includes rare tracks by Ron Hardy, James "Jack Rabbit" Martin, Terrence Woodard, Traxmen and many more.

        This is the real sound of Chicago.

        Various Artists

        Jerome Derradji Presents - The House That Jackmaster Hater Built (Part 2)

        "I want them to hate me for putting this out" says Jackmaster Hater, referring to tracks once possessed by a mere handful of Chicago House DJs. These recordings, traded secretly on tape, were exclusive to the likes of Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles.

        Here is the new compilation by Jerome Derradji with Kevin Starke, aka the infamous Jackmaster Hater and owner of Kstarke Records in Chicago. 
It is one of the sickest slice of Chicago House Music ever released.

        This compilation features ultra rare and lost Chicago classics paired with a nice selection of newer tracks produced by Jackmaster Hater and his friends, all nicely laid out on a DCD and 2 DLPs. The DLPs come with a killer poster and the DCD features a booklet about Kstarke records and Kevin Starke and a few more surprises.

        It includes rare tracks by Ron Hardy, James "Jack Rabbit" Martin, Terrence Woodard, Traxmen and many more.

        This is the real sound of Chicago.

        This is the first release on Melbourne’s very own Melbourne Deepcast label. The EP contains the kind of beatdown and mid-tempo disco-sample house music that's all the rage right now, and it has some familiar names on the line-up as well, making it a must-have from Down Under. Opening the 12" is Lewie Day aka Tornado Wallace, who filters a sweet R&B vocal loop into his groovin' house vibes on "Some Kinda Man". Sometime Dikso supplier Andy Hart gets in the slow lane on "Devoted", a track that's sure to bring the sunshine to your beach bar. Already hitting us with his own four tracker on Kolour LTD, Fantastic Man (Mic Newman) also turns up the heat here with "From Start To Finish", a sizzling boogie-disco-house chugger. And bringing up the rear we have Stilove4music's Weekend Express, who also masquerades as half of A + O. "Deeper" combines an imploring, soulful female vocal with jazz-funk keys and a Chicago house vibe (Larry heard deepness as opposed to jackin' minimalism). Quality all the way through.

        Prime Numbers are back with the next in their compiled EP series, once again selecting new tracks from producers who inspire and represent the sound of the label. This time it's a diverse outing, dwelling on the dubbier, more subtle side of things.

        The release starts with Modini, Following on from their excellent Turk EP for Dixon Basement Jams here they flip the script. 'Attack Warning' fuses new wave & nu-beat styles with an almost ZTT-like sensibility. It's big, bold and direct with chopped vocal samples, an acidic bottom line and rock hard snares.

        Nick Sinna returns to the label with 'Come Again', a brooding piece with a distinctly UK feel. Various drum sounds are dextrously melded into a restrained afro tinged rhythmic workout. Luke Hess brings his own take to the track stripping back and tightening the elements whilst washing it in a Detroit solution for a more intense overall feel.

        Finally Hakim Murphy drops 'Synth Work'. Fantastically understated ad ethereal the track draws you in with padded kicks, floating bleeps and squelched bass.

        Prime Numbers & Trus'me once again compile some of their best vinyl releases from the last 12 months onto one essential 12 track CD. Featured are a selection of recent Trus'me remixes from the likes of Mosca, Skudge and Alan Fitzpatrick alongside some handpicked tracks from Prime Numbers highly regarded EP series.

        Two tracks from the diverse artist Adesse start us off. 'Metachemistry' is a fabulous blend of esoteric chugging jazz augmented by reedy vibes. Whilst 'Baayi' is a superbly deep and warm house production with metronomic wood blocks, organic keys, swinging drums and sublime vocal samples. R&S Records' Truss is featured with his fantastic slice of raw classic techno in 'Redbrook' which is also joined by Fred P's remix taking the track into a whirlpool of beautifully crafted jazzy tech house.
        Massimo Di Lena steps up with 'You Better Hear', an off kilter melange of cut up acidic bass moves and dissonant drums under hypnotic vocals. XDB brings his remix of this with a linear and subtle techno construction of bleeps and distant keys. Adesse adds to the mix again with his insistent 'Unititled Love', a homage to early 90s garage productions with whip hard snares and swirling vocal hook.

        Added to these are five remixes of Trus'me tracks from his album 'Treat Me Right'. Mosca takes the now classic 'Somebody' into a deep and bass-heavy corner. Truncate makes 'Its Slow' sound like a lost Dance Mania release. Alan Fitzpatrick beefs up 'I Want You' with all the right anthemic ingredients creating a bonafide peak-time future classic. 'Moonlight Kiss' is treated to the Skudge touch who turn out a warm housed up rollout in their inimitable fashion. Finally French master Marcelus hightens the tension of 'Hindsight' stripping back the original to its bare essentials.

        Artful Division come correct with this killer 12" sampler featuring some of the hottest talent in the house world today. Tartelet, Space Hardware and Box Aus Holz associate Glen Astro gets the EP off to a punchy start with the whacked-out intergalactic funk of "Strings", a deep house transmission beaming Detroit chords down to mother Earth. Chocky takes things deep, languid and cut back on "Blow Down", marrying a syncopated beat with dusty textures and mournful piano chords, before Rauld Dancesol dives into the 909 led sound of vintage R&S with the cosmic techno of "Too Much Saturday". On the flip Leon Vynehall's rich vein of form continues with his remix of Glenn Astro's 'Strings'. Taking cues from the original's heavily swung, broken groove, the 3024 and Clone Royal Oak alumnus melts jazz licks and spaced out chords amongst the robust drums (check out those hats - killer!). Last but not least, Budapest's finest Gnork drains the national grid with a hardware heavy slice of cosmic techno. As ever, the Hungarian producer marries submerged chords and ardcore breaks to transport us back to those halcyon days before the Criminal Justice Act ruined everyone's fun. It's a properly deep journey into late night techno, which totally steals the show here. 

        NEW TO PRE-ORDER: I Marc 4 - GLP 1004 / Sonor |
        Thu 27th - 11:31
        JUST IN: BE (Garth Be) - The Seven Movements / Sweetsticky |
        Thu 27th - 11:18
        NEW TO PRE-ORDER: Fantasma - Eye Of The Sun / Soundway |
        Thu 27th - 11:15
        JUST IN: Sleep - Volume 1 / Tupelo |
        Thu 27th - 10:18
        NEW TO PRE-ORDER: Bastille - VS - Other People's Heartache Pt... |
        Thu 27th - 10:01
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