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Genre pick of the week Cover of Out Of My Life by Steve Cobby Presents Chieftain.

Steve Cobby Presents Chieftain

Out Of My Life

In these headspinning days of information overload, it seems hard to believe that anything can slip through the net. After all, if you've got a 3G connection, reasonably priced tablet and local coffee house you can do almost anything, at least until those artisanal grounds send you into cardiac arrest. Remarkable then, that the world was nearly deprived of these three sonic gems from Chieftain. The collaborative vehicle (image a tandem) of Fila Brazilia legend Steve Cobby and Birmingham mainstay Adam Regan, Chieftain made a brief and ill-fated appearance in the digital realm back in 2013, delivering a killer package of jazzy downbeat, piano house and island funk which was lost in the face of label ineptitude and online ignorance. Luckily for those of us with ears and a turntable, Mr Cobby is a man of stern stuff. Making fine use of his stubborn Yorkshire grit, Hull's finest son has waded through copyright calamity to give this material a much deserved moment in the vinyl spotlight through his Déclassé imprint.

'Out Of My Life' struts into the room to the laid back funk of a fine breakbeat, pours itself a drink and starts to hold court. Mellow jazz chords and lithe sequences add a sophisticated texture while sumptuous strings (both sustained and pizzicato) sit in perfect balance with the floor shaking bassline. While lesser men could have made this cocktail way too smooth, Cobby and Regan are raiders of the Black Ark, utilising plenty of dub FX to add a little bite. 'Til Everyman Is Free' sees Chieftain shift gear, switching to midtempo house with a solid drumtrack and driving bassline. Soulful vocals and warm keys turn up the heat before the killer house piano drop tears the roof off in an explosion of wide-eyed dancefloor euphoria. It's the perfect soundtrack for those sultry nights when you're still dancing as the sun comes up, and that's exactly where the polyrhythmic exuberance of 'Coati Mundi' comes into play. Alive with the ripple of playful percussion and the sunkissed sounds of steel drums, this Island groove throws out shapes and feelings long after the part timers have gone home, slinking around to languid synth lines and getting down to those funky Rhodes licks. With Chieftain taking care of the warm up, peak time and after party, you've just gotta remember to pack your dancing shoes. 


Patrick says: Hull's finest export gets collaborative with Brummy boy Adam Regan for three choice cuts, including the magnificent beard house bomb "Til Everyman Is Free". Pianos and hazy memories from the master.


Same For Me - Inc. Junior Fairplay Remix

(Emotional) Especial welcomes the mysterious Alphonse to the label. Last seen by his crew dancing atop a bus, Alphonse was re-discovered on the outskirts of Letchlade, down the bottom of an abandoned traveller site in a delapidated caravan with just the clothes he was dressed in, clutching an armful of reel-to-reel masters, a pack of 20 B&H and 1 can of Strongbow, Alphonse's story is one of party obsessive gone AWOL. Mumbling periodically, words deciphered and names dropped (Frome, Stroud and whisper it, Castlemorton) led to rehabitlation, a bath, shave and slowly sharing his musical knowledge. Here he is able to share his experiences by making music of the future. 'Same For Me' starts with stern intent, all hats, kick and fx to the max, a Fantazia of expression, before toms and 808 snap and the sermon begins. But wait, where is the bass? Boom! Dubwise subs squeeze ribs while flute lifts minds skywards. To bring this in to the Emotional fold, Junior Fairplay was given the tapes to show what he could do. The most subtle start lulls us in to a sense of "Is that it? There must be more". And there is more: the track keeps on building before Fairplay breaks things down with a heavyweight dub section, then slaps us around the face with some old school jungle breaks. 

Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm


    Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm reveal third collaborative EP titled ‘Loon’ via joint website – following on from their recent surprise 7” record store release ‘Life Story Love And Glory’ and 12” reissue of 2012’s ‘Stare’.

    Containing five synthesiser-led pieces, ‘Loon’ was recorded in autumn 2014 across five days at Nils’s Durton Studio in Berlin, and continues on from the ambient sounds of ‘Stare’ but with the addition of more percussive elements and dub influences. For this new EP the duo wired an Oberheim 4 Voice and a Korg PS3100 to the mixing desk and performed live takes on both instruments. With all four hands on its pots, all mixes were recorded straight onto 2-track ½-inch tape.

    Like on ‘Stare’, their first collaborative affair in 2012, they simply followed what was laying in front of them, and this time they were driven by some new synths, a kick drum and tape effects. Indulging in dub, the tracks where all performed rather than engineered, with Ólafur riding a few elements on faders and Nils bringing effects in and out. After running several mixes, they went for the five strongest moments from this session. The release was announced on a joint website together with the launch of an intimate 45-minute studio film titled ‘Trance Frendz’, featuring another seven improvisations.

    “Nils got some new synths and we thought we’d try them out. We loved them so much that we didn’t actually end up using anything else to make these songs.” – Ólafur Arnalds

    “When I was young I was smuggled to Goa parties by my brother. The music played there in the late nineties had a somewhat deep effect on me. ‘Loon’ is almost a blurry memory of these times. In other words, it is what I’d like to remember that music sounded like back then. In fact it sounded probably really cheesy.” – Nils Frahm.

    William Basinski + Richard Chartier


      Divertissement is the third collaborative full length from minimalist composer William Basinski and sound artist Richard Chartier.The duo utilize electronics, piano, tape-loops and short wave radio to evoke a dense atmosphere suggesting hundreds of years of history rising up from the depths of a reverberating cathedral. Subtle, buried and intense murmurs of melody morph through this deeply consuming and slowly evolving composition in two parts. Pressed in an edition of 500 on transparent ochre vinyl with beautiful cover drawings by artist James Elaine.

      William Basinski is a classically trained musician and composer who has been working in experimental media for over 30 years in NYC and most recently, California. Employing obsolete technology and analogue tape loops, his haunting and melancholy soundscapes explore the temporal nature of life and resound with the reverberations of memory and the mystery of time. His epic 4-disc masterwork, The Disintegration Loops received international critical acclaim and was chosen as one of the top 50 albums of 2004 by Pitchfork Media. The Temporary Residence deluxe LP box-set reissue from 2012 was awarded best re-issue of the year and a score of 10 on Pitchfork. Installations and films made in collaboration with artist-filmmaker, James Elaine have been presented in festivals and museums internationally, and his concerts are presented to sold out crowds around the world.

      Most recently, Basinski was chosen by Music Director, Antony Hegarty to create music for the new Robert Wilson opera, The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic which had its world premiere at the Manchester International Festival in July 2011 and toured Europe in 2012 and North America in 2013. Orchestral transcriptions of The Disintegration Loops by Maxim Moston have been performed at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Queen Elizabeth Hall and La Batie Festival in Geneva, Switzerland. Basinski is currently touring the world in support of Cascade and The Deluge, his latest works which will be released in Spring 2015 on 2062/USA.

      Richard Chartier (b.1971), sound and installation artist, is considered one of the key figures in the current of reductionist electronic sound art which has been termed both "microsound" and Neo-Modernist. Chartier's minimalist digital work explores the inter-relationships between the spatial nature of sound, silence, focus, perception and the act of listening itself. Chartier's sound works/installations have been presented in galleries and museums internationally including the 2002's Whitney Biennial and he has performed his work live across Europe, Japan, Australia, and North America at digital art/electronic music festivals and exhibits. In 2000 he formed the recording label LINE and has since curated its continuing documentation of compositional and installation work by international sound artists/composers exploring the aesthetics of contemporary and digital minimalism. In 2010, Chartier was awarded a Smithsonian Institution Artist Research Fellowship to explore the National Museum of American History's collection of 19th-Century acoustic apparatus for scientific demonstration. 


      Entheogen - Inc. A Guy Called Gerald / Unknown Unknown Remixes

      Charolastras are a group of experimental electronic musicians with a keen interest in ancient rituals involving dance.

      In many cultures from the past, music and dance were closely tied with shamanism, spirituality and even combat. These traditions continue today in some parts of the world where music isn't solely for entertainment, as is often the case in our modern Western society.

      The group's goal is to spread a message of peace and unity with their music. This intention is evident in the blissful ethereal textures used in their mellifluous productions. But their sound can also have a harder edge that evokes conflict, not calm.

      This is all by design because, as Charolastras like to point out, 'sometimes you have to fight for peace'.

      'Entheogen' (“generating the divine within") builds from a faint murmur into a delicately woven bed of syncopated electronic parts before being anchored by sub bass. Thunderous drums then penetrate the soundscape and the track takes off.

      What ultimately manifests is a timeless hybrid of Schooly D, Orbital, The Future Sound of London and Jon Hopkins.

      The legend that is A Guy Called Gerald rarely ever remixes other people's material. So it's a real privilege that he's broken with tradition and created a dark, bass heavy version of Entheogen for Blackout '77.

      His tough minimal remix is aimed straight at the dance floor. Charolastras' label mates Unknown Unknowns have also delivered a remix which retains the melodic feel of the
      original but blends it with their own contemporary style.


      12" Info: Pressed on Red Vinyl in a full Picture Sleeve...

      Aïsha Devi

      Of Matter And Spirit

      Continuing from the highly-praised ‘Conscious Cunt’ EP, Aïsha Devi’s debut album ‘Of Matter And Spirit’ sees the Swiss-Nepalese producer, vocalist and label owner resume her dark and intricate self-journey and investigation of the disconnection between matter and spirit in society, commenting upon media and consumerism, collective mental and spiritual resistance, and finding inner peace.

      The album is a moving landscape of interconnected themes and experimental techniques. Using sound and vibrations to create a sense of healing and awareness, Devi’s production dilutes and skews traditional formats. Crafting vortices of haunting sounds from her vocals and production, her work is deeply self-reflective, yet simultaneously taps into the collective consciousness in order to awaken our senses.


      Holding On (Feat. Gergory Porter) - Inc. Julio Bashmore / Melé / Armand Van Helden Remixes

      After doing a 'Thriller' and releasing pretty much every track off 'Settle' as a DJ-friendly 12", extracurricular vinyl activity has been pretty sparse around 'Caracal'. However, that situation is resolved here with a separate outing for one of the album's best cuts, 'Holding On'. Featuring the soulful vocals of Mr Balaclava himself, Gregory Porter, the track arrives on this 12" remixed five ways. Fellow house revivalist Julio Bashmore ups the pace and provides a punchy peak time version with a slowly rising synth whine that makes way for Porter's vox and jazzy Rhodes-style keys. Canadian producer Pomo invokes the spirit of 90s New York garage with his rework, complete with a piano breakdown dropping into synthetic R&B moves. Fresh from a recent offering on Lobster Boy Melé drops some heavy batucada vibes on his carnival-ready mix. The king of the speed garage bassline, Armand Van Helden, drops a typically AVH funky house slammer. And last but not least Gutterfunk man Gus Pirelli applies retro soulful disco pressure.

      Intangible reissue of "The Crab Legs EP" by Disco Revisited aka Terrence Parker from 1995. Contains a new, unreleased edit of "When Loves The Feelin". "Tonight's The Night" is classic, mid-90s, feel-good TP. Big male vocal ident, rampaging congas and buzzing with those electric keyboard stabs. Parker mixes the soul and funk of disco with the soundsystem pressure of house music perfectly, and this blueprint from 1995 would inspire a whole host of kids to fire up their samplers and drum machines. "Gonna Roc U All Nite" also churns out the big piano chords and b-line, layering up the energetic percussion and sexy male vox perfectly. It's a tried and tested formula but Terrence never fails to add panache and style to the equation. The aforementioned 2015 edit of "When Loves The Feelin" sees more bright-eyed Terrence Parker pianos™ coupled with raucous male diva vox echoed out to the max and supported with a bad boy b-line to boot! This is THE Terrence Parker sound pop pickers, executed with all the aplomb of an eagle putt. Most recommended.

      The dons Jus-Ed and Mr G together on wax for Underground Quality. Each contributing two tracks each in the unimitable style. Mr. G's dark, melancholic Rhodes waves ripple through "Billares Londres The Rum", the opening track of the EP which pumps and shuffles with all the intention of a proper deep house groove, eyes down and going for it. Jus-Ed is up next with "Gotee Stroke", a swinging, radiant house track which recalls the sublime glow of Floating Points, Garth Be or Pepe Bradock's finest hours with tantalizing xylophone meldies and Ed's sumptious strings. Mr. G's "Freakshow" completes the set, a dark throbber with descending square bass slabs and punishing kick drum. Iconic house music from the masters. 

      Westbrook dig deep into their well stocked arsenal to unleash the first ever Mike Dunn EP from way back in 1987. Featuring co-production from label owner Bam Bam, this is raw and riotious Chicago house just the way we like it, packed with funk and sleaze. "Dance You Mutha" sees an infectious little bassline wriggle around a snare heavy stomp, laying the foundation for the half sung vocals, glassy keys and some totally classic synth strings. It's as fine an example of floor moving, wall shaking Chi-chi-chi-cago house as you're ever likely to find. As with all club monsters of this era, the EP features a whole host of alternative mixes, so tuck into the stripped back perc and scat vibes of "Original Mutha" and the "Muthapella" the heavyweight extended power of Bam's "The Dub For The Club" or the tripped out freakiness of the "Jazz "Mutha" Mike" mix. Remastered and rereleased in conjunction with Westbrook Records, this is non-stop deejay delight!

      AlThough better known as a reissue imprint, those tastemaking folks over at the Numero Group take a break from digging to serve up a sublime original release from downtempo trio Express Rising. The follow up to their critically acclaimed but largely slept on self titled debut, "Fixed Rope" comprises of a dozen one-take ambient instrumentals recorded spontaneously in rural Arkansas during the spring of 2015. Bulging sub-woofers lope through fissures of skeletal banjo and pitched down pedal steel, while delicately arranged basins of synth and guitar reverberate genty, providing a steady stream of granular epiphanies. Utterly faded, yet still possessing crystalline clarity, the expressionistic explorations on "Fixed Rope" blend the soft focus soundscapes of July Skies and Durutti Column with Eno-esque fx, Spike-styed distortion and the fragile beauty of Mazzy Star's gossamer compositions. If you're fond of any of those acts, or simply have a working pair of ears, you should buy this record.

      First time ever on vinyl!!! "Environments" is generally regarded as ‘the great lost album’ by The Future Sound Of London. It has taken on almost mythical status with the group’s fan base. “Environments” was due for release much sooner after the 1993 release of the UK Top 10 album hit “Lifeforms”, and only now is it being released - back on the group’s original home, Jumpin’  & Pumpin’ Records.

      This release also comes after the recent success of the ‘Archive’ series which has so far sold over 20,000 units across the different volumes and still climbing.

      To re-cap, Brian Dougans and Garry Cobain began their musical partnership and friendship in Manchester, England, in the mid 1980s whilst the two were studying at Manchester University. Dougans had already been making electronic music for some time when they first began working in various local clubs. In 1988, Brian embarked on a project for the Stakker graphics company. The result was Stakker Humanoid. In the following three years the pair produced music under a variety of aliases, followed by the breakthrough classic ambient dub track Papua New Guinea in 1992, which was also the first release under the Future Sound of London moniker.

      Cooked straight on the searing streets of Glasgow and served up for mind-bending, floor-filling pleasure – Golden Teacher are back with "Sauchiehall Enthrall", an all-new four track EP released directly by the band. Following a slew of snapped-up releases on Optimo Music, Soul Jazz / SOTU, Huntleys & Palmers and Akashic Records – which saw the band meld the worlds of acid-house, leftfield disco, EBM, dub and afrobeat – Golden Teacher have redrawn the boundaries of their sound yet again, giddily embracing jacked-up UK funky, dancehall, musique concrète and further tripped-out stylings from the badlands of Escocia. Slithering, rattling and snapping like a snake with a toothache, this EP is further proof that Golden Teacher are one of the most infectious and unhinged dance acts around at the moment. The EP comes in screen-printed silver sleeves made by the band's own hands.


      Matt says: Golden Teacher's frenzied take on tribal / dancehall riddims and it's a belter. Apparently the band rocked this vibe out at their Manchester gig and it went off - I can see why!

      Steve Hauschildt, one third of the now sadly defunct Emeralds, returns with his most recent long-player since 2012's captivating synth-funk-lounge (etc,etc) masterpiece Sequitur (confusingly titled as, though brilliant as it was was definitely a Non-Sequitur in every sense). 

      This outing is much more his traditional style, paddling arpeggios, triumphant filter sweeps, and juddering delay. Cavernous, echoing reverbs, applied to celestial pads. And that's just the second track. 

      Haushildt has always had the ability to conjure up the very fabric of time and space in every chord change and this collection is, if anything an expansion of that mastery. This is not a meditative collection, because in order to do so would requite thinking of something other than how achingly emotive and stunningly beautiful this music really is. 

      A masterful collection, and a true indication of where the future of cosmic synth music is (or at least, should be) headed. Essential. 


      Barry says: A continuation of, and simultaneous cementing of Haushildt as a master of the Celestial / Synth / Kosmische scene. Haunting, euphoric, and stunningly beautiful. Recommended to any fans of anything even remotely ambient or synth-based. Stunning stuff.

      If there's anyone ordained knocking around in the vicinity send them my way. I've just listened to all four cuts on this EP twice and I'm afraid I'm gonna have to kidnap Hidden Spheres next time he pops in the shop and force him to join me in a civil partnership. Not only is he one of our most affable customers, Hidden Spheres is also a musical genius and smooth motherfucker, and this EP showcases exactly why. The first release on Lobster Theremin sibling Distant Hawaii, "Waiting" serves up a cool cocktail of summer house sounds that's certain to soothe even the sourest soul. The title track opens the EP with a gentle pitter patter of bongos before some gorgeous jazz piano licks saunter into focus. Soon enough, breezy strings, alluring vocal samples and a buttery bassline work their magic as part of a awe inspiring arrangement. Next up, "Ups N Downs" swaggers in on the A2, reinforcing polyrhythmic percussion with fluttering rhodes keys and a bubbling bassline while Biggie (possibly) hits us with a couple of adlibbed "ughs", as the track builds to its peak, we're treated to the sustained strings synonymous with Detroit and dropped into a joyous climax. On the flip, Hidden Spheres drops the tempo a little for the cool beatdown of "Be A Man", a classy early doors cut adorned in drained deep house chords, percussive intricacies and chiming synths. Last but not least, "Bill Loves You" sees the Mancunian producer inject a little lysergic power into his palette, supercharging jazzy horn licks and Bill's heartfelt vocals with a rampant 303 bassline. All killer no filler from the new imprint, and a sensational release from Manchester's newest star. Highly recommended!


      Patrick says: Hidden Sphere's essential summer house banger on Lobster Theremin swoops back into stock on a repress tip, go go go!!!

      Alex Gloor and Sasa Crnobrnja began traveling the world together under the In Flagranti moniker over a decade ago after initially meeting in Switzerland in 1991. Ever since, the veteran dance music producers have offered up a unique marriage of sample-based disco and electro, releasing their prolific catalogue on imprints like Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Sound and French outfit, Kitsuné, along with their own “disco punk” label, Codek Records Europe.

      Thirteen years after their first release, In Flagranti prove once again that their knowledge for quality disco grooves is consummate, showing off top notch use of recognisable samples and funky synths in new single “Double Talk”. Rigged up with an 80s synth-pop style vocal from guest Craig Yamey and a bubbling electronic bassline, In Flagranti’s latest offering is another fine dancefloor offering.

      The EP also features remixes from Andy Butler of Hercules & Love Affair fame (deep, stripped-down house), Wolfram (hi-NRG meets electrodisco meets warehouse darkness) and Dinamo of Azari & III (retro house).

      After the incendiary beauty of ‘Dream A Garden’ Jam City returns with an EP of bass-heavy, club-ready extensions of standout album cuts.

      ‘Crisis’ and ‘A Walk Down Chapel’ are given the 'Earthly' treatment; the chugging, emotional and delirious new sound emerging from the impromptu club night and mix series.

      The previously unheard ‘Dream ‘15’ is a closing signal soaked in the ecstasy of riot, marrying the modern psychedelia of ‘Dream A Garden’ to the relentless, low end intensity of Jam City’s infamous live shows.

      Amid the haste and confusion of the modern world, you need to take comfort wherever you can find it. I'd suggest there's no better place than in the soft, ambient textures of the debut album from July Skies. The solo project of Birmingham musician and Avrocar mainstay Antony Harding, July Skies offers a hazy glimpse of soft focus nostalgia and reassuring melancholy. Composed from a minimal set up of guitar, reverb/delay, occasional keyboard washes and calmly murmured vocals, the twelve pieces on this debut fully envelop you in their fragile beauty, sheltering you from the outside world and allowing you to luxuriate in raw emotion. On its CD only release back in 2002, "Dreaming Of Spires" met with rapturous critical acclaim, garnering comparisons to Duruttti Column's finest work. I'd offer Gigi Masin, Johnny Nash and Suzanne Kraft as ideal companions from recent years. The album consists of twelve delicate dreamlike compositions, each full of heartfelt detail that conjure up images of half-forgotten childhood days, innocence, nature and the English landscape and skies. From the dusky autumnal loss of "Coastal Stations", the swooping delayed melody of "Swallows and Swifts", the late night astronomical delights of "The Night Sky" and "Garden Constellations", this is certainly an album for the quiet moments in life and will delight anyone who is led by the heart. No review would be complete without a mention of "The Softest Kisses", a sublime piece of music much loved by Balearic militant Moonboots. After a truly dire week, I'm gratefully accepting the opportunity to retreat into the shelter of this modern classic.


      Ltd LP Info: 180 gram vinyl. Limited to just 300 copies worldwide.


      Running From Whatever

      The second edition of the Rose Records limited 10" series comes courtesy of Junktion, whose releases on the likes of Outplay, Sleazy Beats Black Ops and Slow Town didn't only sell out at breakneck speed but also established him as one of Holland's biggest talents in discerning deep house / disco circles.

      Junktion does what he does best on this delightful little platter. The lolloping 'Running from Whatever' on the A is as infectious as they come, with loads of clever samples arranged over classy rolling drums and a deep, rubbery bassline.

      Flip over for Pale Blue Dot, a slightly tougher, trippier uptempo workout with spaced out pads, big drums, crisp hats and massive synth stabs that should whip up a real frenzy in a packed club.

      A killer pair of tunes from a producer that's very much on top of his game.


      Drie / Twee

      Ghent's finest party starters, mixtape manglers and stadium electro experts, 2ManyDJs / Soulwax / David and Stephen Dewaelee launch their new Deewee imprint with this two tracker from the mysterious Klanken. There's not a lot to go off, but from the distorted and detuning synthlines, fist pumping beats and the fact that the EP was recorded in Ghent, I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest that this is actually the work of the brothers themselves. Reaching out through the interdimensional portal like a ket-addled Steve Reich plugged into an analogue synth mainframe, "Drie" freaks us all the way out with metallic neo-classical melodies, zero gravity beats and those batshit bleeps we last heard on "I Love Techno". Add in a rumbling one note bassline and some unhinged engine sounds and you've got one sick puppy on your hands. B-side cut "Twee" pushes us well beyond the event horizon, pushing the tempo and intensity to peaktime levels with vertigo inducing synths, reversed bell sounds, detuning sequences and that trademark nosebleed nastiness Soulwax perfected in their "Nite Versions" days. Mind melting, body beating electroid brilliance from Belgium's dancefloor capital.


      12" Info: 12″ with HQ printed sleeve + inner sleeve.

      Yuzo Koshiro

      Streets Of Rage OST - Red Vinyl Edition

      Now, while I'd never want to take anything away from Minecraft and its innovative ambient soundtrack, I should point out things were a little different back in the day. Dressed in my best Fruit Of The Looms, LA Lights and a Sonic The Hedgehog t-shirt, I'd get together with my friends Adam, Axel and Blaze and kick some criminal ass on SEGA's classic Streets Of Rage. Aside from the non-stop side scrolling brilliance and boss battle beat-downs, the game was made all the better by Yuzo Koshiro's sublime chiptune soundtrack. Drawing inspiration from house, techno, rave and new jack swing, Yuzo emulated the most up to date club sounds to accompany your technicolor journey through the dystopian streets. From the emotive Italo piano on "The Street Of Rage", through the jazzy new jack of "Player Select" to the crushing synths of "Fighting In The Streets", Yuzo perfectly apes Don Carlos, Jimmy Jam and Joey Beltram and that's only on the first three tracks. Now remastered and released as the first part of Koshiro’s monumental and highly influential trilogy, this is an essential release!


      Patrick says: Yuzo Koshiro's killer video game soundtrack gets a vinyl release boasting the best in new jack, rave and techno chip tune. There's even a total tearjerker in the form of "My Little Baby" - Mega!


      LP Info: Pressed on 180g translucent red vinyl, with traditional OBI strip and 2 x lithographic prints featuring artwork from the Japanese and US/EU editions of the game.


      Fear Of Fours - Coloured Vinyl Edition

      While their self-titled debut was revolutionary in fusing singer / songwriter vocals and drum & bass, Lamb’s second album set the bar much higher. As on the band’s debut, Andy Barlow proved he was one of the most capable and inventive producers in the electronic community.

      The title of the duo’s second album refers to programmer Andy Barlow and singer Louise Rhodes’ dislike of electronica’s hallmark: a metronomic, foursquare beat. Accordingly, Lamb craft their music quirkily, freighting it with more nuance, musical and emotional, than most techno has.        

      Barlow also sounds inspired by the fiery side of bop as well as more muted chamber music, from the dexterous synthetic bass and intricate drum programs on “Little Things” to the restrained beats and orchestral tug of “All in Your Hands” and “Bonfire.”

      The fourth track is not included on the album’s track listing. It is a single struck chord which effectively ends the song “B Line” preceding it. This deliberate omission is a nod to the album’s title, whose sentiment is revealed in a deeper level throughout the album: unusual time signatures.

      In Laurel Halo terms, the 18 month wait between 2013's "Chance Of Rain" and her latest masterpiece seems like a lifetime. Fear not though, the prodigious and productive Michegan native shows no sign of ringrust, delivering her strongest, most coherent LP yet for this Honest Jon's debut. By the time the thunderous, dislocated organic beat of "Situation" reveals itself, you're already hooked into a hypno-dance, nodding, bobbing and weaving away to the sinuous subs, mellow keys and spectral textures. Experimental but still deeply danceable, this advanced hybrid of retro-techno idents and future proofed production marries the organic and synthetic perfectly. The distorted ambient of "Leaves" acts as a palate cleanser before the off kilter array of metallic synths and industrial artefacts of "Nebenwirkungen" and blown out percussion of "Drift" take us on a psychoactive trip to a dystopian rave. "Nah" opens the second half with a dislocated fusion of Pepe Bradock's deep house and fractured technoid beats while "Shake" layers filtered modem sounds over a percolating rhythm before the deepest warmest subs imaginable flood through your system. As the journey nears its end the full frequency experimental assault of "Nimrud" paves the way for album closer "Focus I" an immersive shoulder roller which takes the broken jazz house of Floating Points into a whole new sonic domain. Stellar stuff from the mighty Laurel Halo.

      Transit03 comes courtesy of Sheffield techno don, Lo Shea, with a crunching Kowton remix to boot. A driving force behind the burgeoning Sheffield house and techno scene, Hope Works curator, promoter, and resident DJ, Lo Shea has fused his years of musical experience with a myriad of influences from throughout the city to create a unique sound. Following on from his offerings on Secret Sundaze offshoot label SZE, and Never Learnt in 2015, this 12" for transit sees him exploring a darker, more immersive brand of techno for his "Oxygen Lance" EP. With his recent foray into more melodic territory in his "Glock And Roll" EP for Whities, Kowton brings more of the same in his crunching interpretation of B-side "Root Causes", continuing the evolution of his signature UK-bass influenced sound.

      M.ono & Luvless

      Double You EP

      M.ono & Luvless join forces for the seventh release on Leipzig's much loved Rose Records.

      The pair runs and curates alongside Martin Hayes & L. Sluter. The duo impressed a few years ago with sought-after joint productions on upmarket labels like O*RS and Kolour LTD and now steps up to the plate with a pair of pitch-perfect burners for their own imprint (The label's first 10" release).

      Synth lines set the mood on the A with the delectable Double You. Crisp drums set the pace, carefully arranged percussive elements, a teasing vocal and a monumental breakdown take care of the rest.
      On the flipside we have Happy Chap. A quintessential Rose fare with its tight drums, vocal snips and the sort of deadly piano work that is such a staple in M.ono and Luvless' productions.

      The prolific production partnerships of Greg Wilson & Derek Kaye, Timo Maas & James Teej and the solo force of Citizenn take Róisín Murphy’s ‘Jealousy’ to new levels with fresh remixes of the smash single released earlier this year.

      Róisín Murphy’s compelling vocals are set in new bright landscapes by disco dons Greg Wilson & Derek Kaye, London retro-futurist Citizenn hot of the heels of his debut album on Crosstown Rebels and Timo Maas & James Teej. Co-written and produced by the great Sheffield bastion of house, The Crooked Man AKA DJ Parrot (Crooked Man), formally of Sweet Exorcist (Warp) and All Seeing I (FFRR).

      The latest release on Italy’s Early Sounds sees ancestral musicologists The Mystic Jungle Tribe arrive a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away to take a sonic survey of the remote planet "Solaria". Their findings range from the bizarre cosmic voodoo and sci fi exotica of "Ocean FM" and "Neon Lights" to the squelching machine funk of "Ancient Lizard" and "Plastica Razionale", and the synthetic proto-house of "Land Of Dunes". Expect to hear these otherworldly dance floor sounds bouncing off the walls of the Salon in no time.

      Cale Parks

      The Diego Maradonna EP - Inc. Eddie C Remix

      Rothmans are back with their first real milestone as a label and what better way to celebrate the label's tenth record than honouring the greatest no10 of all time, Diego Armando Maradona Franco.

      After only three seasons Rothmans have developed a reputation for throwing us curve ball after curve ball, and in what has without doubt been their best season yet, off the back of Rothmans #8's house slammer from Aimes & Brassica, and Rothmans #9's Acid Arab chug from Naduve & Co.

      The 'Diego Maradona EP' comes from Brooklyn based producer Cale Parks. Also a professional drummer Cale has recently turned his hand to producing and off the back of some fine releases on HAKT (Have A Killer Time), he has now found his way onto the Rothmans team sheet.

      'The Big Bust' sounds like something you might hear as the opening to an Apparat album, the sweeping synths and beautifully scored piano create a delightful ambient electronica piece. Next up '9G' steps up the pace a bit with echo-drenched filmic piano and darker synths over a chugging ALFOS rhythm.

      The record is finished off with a banging breakbeat sounding remix of '9G' by Eddie C that gets on a hip-house tip, marrying those tinkling ivories with a funky breakbeat and acid gurgles.

      Piccadilly Records

      Mono Colour Print - Black Tote Bag

        One colour 'mono' print (white) of the Piccadilly Records logo on a black tote bag.

        Randomer returns to L.I.E.S. with his second release for the label, a five track maxi-12inch jam packed with mixing tools to rip the floor.

        Granted these aren't your everyday mixers, Randomer went in and dug up some percussive nastiness and got all dynamic with it, dropping in and dropping out, heavy kicks and bells, these tracks will work the crowd and are suitable for all nite clubs around the globe. Club-tested and approved, a classic in the making.

        'Manbait' is a survey of Regis' 2010-15 productions and remixes for Blackest Ever Black. As well as three originals (in several different versions) and his celebrated remixes of Raime, Vatican Shadow, Ike Yard and Dalhous, it features three previously unreleased tracks: a brand new Regis take on a lost song by his teenage synth-punk group Family Sex, an alternate mix of Tropic of Cancer's 'Plant Lilies At My Head', and a new edit of his own 'Blinding Horses'. The 2LP edition features 8 tracks, including Family Sex and Tropic of Cancer, and the now rare sought-after Raime, Vatican Shadow and 'Blinding Horses' remixes. It also comes packages with a download code (MP3/FLAC) for all 12 tracks on the CD release. With exquisite cover art (Survivir, 1987) by none other than Val Denham, this is an anthology that no conscientious stableboy or girl can refuse. Life hurts!

        After dropping the well received "Spook Juke" EP on Crimes Of The Future in 2013, mysterious and shadowy producer Antoine Rouge makes his return with the first vinyl release on Timothy J. Fairplay's Centurians Of Rome. Picking up exactly where he left off on his debut EP, Antoine Rouge hits the hardware and goes for the electronic jugular with the quartet of buzzing cuts on "Eye Of The Star Warrior". Opening track "Dodging The Steamroller" is a wide eyed sonnet for wavehouse surfers, blending 808 bells with transcendental synths and a new wave bassline to create hands aloft euphoria. We zoom through the same futuristic cityscape on the acid tinged, sci fi shimmer of "How Beautiful Is The Red Zone", before plunging into darkness for the smoke and strobe deepness of electroid jacker "Eye Of The Star Warriors". Closing track "Leisureworld" sees Monsieur Rouge (possibly a character in the French version of Cluedo) unite the cinematic electronics of the A-side with the heavier club sonics of the B1, bringing the house down in a hiss of dry ice.

        The iconic Basement Floor records returns with more CV-powered electronics and fizzy house grooves for the discerning night spots. "So Ist Es" kicks off proceedings with its dubbed-out synth shards and niggling acid wiggles. Sparse and airy but with plenty of detailed nuances and intricacies, this is seriously wigged out head gear and should more than tickle the cerebral cortex of the most jubilant of dancers. "Ruhrbrandung" plummets deep into the peak time with its joyous 303s running riot through a plethora of retrograde house beats and dopamine-releasing keys. Exuberant, wide-eyed goodness that should unite young and old with its primordial pleasure. "Chording An Arab" utilizes eastern sounding scales with a loose attack envelope to give a weaving, snake-charming melody to this sublime electronic track. Finally, "Scientist Love" unloads energetic snares onto a raw as fuck freebase of M1 organ goodness, scratch samples and the most euphoric, spine-tingling of male vox until we're reaching for the lazers and going off it like its 1999 again! Absolutely huuge!

        Shawlands Arcade


        New release on the seminal Rubadub records - these guys have only put out a handful of records so far as they have a high benchmark for quality! Following on from sell-out smashes from Anthony Naples and Sparky, we have this stone cold killer double A-side from Shawlands Arcade. Shawlands Arcade is a grim, apocalyptic looking department store in Glasgow and I guess where this producer spent much of his childhood. It's perfectly in fitting with techno's bleak, industrial aesthetic and also with Rubadub's 'one-eye-on-the-street' mentality when nurturing new talent. Anyway, onto the music and this one's been garnering loads of support from all the underground players and I can see why! "Diddies" is the red hot needle to breach the dancefloor jugular - rattling and ricocheting its way through a modular system, long granular sweeps and plenty of ketty sounds infiltrate the heady, flat lined mix which bubbles and splurts analogue goodness from every orifice it can. Futureproof technoid vibrations! RIYL Sylphe (Micawber & Holdie Gawn), Villalobos, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Hieroglyphic Being etc. On the flip and "Bro-House Anthem" is a filthy acid jam in a similar vein to the raucous hardware movements of Factory Floor or June & Trenton Chase. Drum boxes run well into the red while a nagging, infectious acid line penetrates the cerebrum and manifests itself in the collective consciousness. Exceptional stuff as always from the Glaswegian camp - you need this!


        Martin says: The always-on-point Rubadub record introduces from fresh new talent from the golden city.

        Gadzouks! F Communications have only gone and reissued the dopest, deepest, jazziest house record ever made! If you've never heard this pearl, then get your headphones out pronto because St. Germain is about to change your life. Undoubtedly the forefather of Motor City Drum Ensemble, S3A, Max Graef and all those sample weaving house heads knocking around at the moment, Ludovich Navarre set the benchmark impossibly high with his 1995 debut, a collection of three essential 12"s which changed the musical map on their release. It's fair to say that few producers have come close to matching the dexturous combination of well chosen samples and virtuoso live playing St Germain delivered on his debut. The blissful loft vibe of opening cut "Deep In It" soon gives way to the deeper than deep soulful sound of "Thank U Mum (4 Everything You Did) and the flute and wah beatdown of "Street Scene (4 Shazz)", offering diversity whilst keeping the quality sky high. The blue note blending jazz house classic "Easy To Remember" is the finest backroom tune ever made while the slinky and slow burning "Sentimental Mood" instantly brings to mind the unsuccessful attempts of its many imitators. "What's New?" marries a Murk styled bassline with filtered keys and cool horns, perfectly bridging the gap between America's deep house revolution and the imminent French touch explosion, while "Dub Experience II" gives the dancers a break and the smokers a treat. Last but not least Ludo lets rip with the Moonboots approved head nod of "Forget It", a groovesome winner loved by house heads, jazz cats and the Balearic beards alike. Flawless from start to finish, this is a record I come back to again and again, and so should you.

        Ebo Taylor / Pat Thomas / Henrik Schwarz

        Ene Nyame 'A' Mensuro - Henrik Schwarz Mixes

        When it comes to dancefloor treatments of soulful rarities and global grooves, it's hard to look further than the mighty Henrik Schwarz. Sensibly, when Strut chanced upon this rare Ghanaian highlife number, they immediately shoved the stems into the German producer's eager hands and stood back while he did his thing. Upon its release in 1978, this yearning beauty from Ebo Taylor and Pat Thomas caused major waves across the African world before somehow slipping out of the public eye. Now "Ene Nyame 'A' Mensumor is back and bigger than ever, ready to change lives in clubs across the globe. Schwarz steps up to the desk and supplies the track with a reinforced 4/4 stomp, fluid machine funk bassline and plenty of globular synthesis taking the cut directly to the heart of the late night dancefloor. The chanted vocals and hands in the air horns of the original are rearranged for maximum dancefloor impact, while the twisted tech house fx of the instrumental sections should prompt trance dancing from even the selfie crew. Presented in vocal and dub versions this is unboubtedly one of Schwarz’ finest remixes of recent years.

        Vactrol Park is an honest outpouring of thematic obsession, a celebration of championed studio components and the mastery of their nuance, an avant garde collaboration between Kyle Martin (Land of Light, Spectral Empire) and Guido Zen (Gamers in Exile, Brain Machine). Simply entitled "I" (the first of a 2 part series), this debut EP opens the door to a world of ebb and flow, layers of oscillation falling in and out of sync, keeping us on the brink of vertigo and, as cliché as it may sound, we find solace in its chaos. This homogeneous release plays with the notions of systems as beautifully symbolized Mario Hugo's capsule of cardiology - yet another visually arresting module in the ESP Institute catalogue. Some music is made for drugs, some is made on drugs, these tracks simply are drugs.

        Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold

        Witchdoctor Love / Fishpowder Dance

        Test Pressing say:

        Gerry Rooney and Joel Martin are Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold. Gerry made Black Cock big with Harvey (oo-er) and Joel runs under the name Quiet Village when the mood strikes. Between them they are ridiculous collectors of music which you can hear for yourself on their (not regular enough) NTS Radio show. Left-wing disco, oddball collectors of the highest order.

        So Gerry and Joel aren’t just sitting on mega record collections that they like to share in various ways, they also believe in taking house music forward. The second twelve they are releasing shows that. Not sure which the A side is but “Fishpowder Dance” has a heavy disco-esque bassline , warm drums, and a wicked little disco loop. Joel and Gerry can take a few little disco samples to good and different places. “I’m gonna dance” she sings on this one and if I heard this out its exactly what I’d say to the person stood next to me. Sort of somewhere between an edit and their own tune, I think this one could be pretty big.

        “Wishdoctor Love” is the other track on this twelve. Heavy heavy kick to start proceedings with a tunnel feel before messed up house drums come and go and a little vocal saying “look at me baby”. It’s one of their deep grooves that in the right time and place you’d be like “I wish I had more records like this”. Harvey’s been playing it for a bit too…

        Various Artists

        Sources - The DJ International Records Anthology

          The seventh release in the Sources series switches over to DJ International records from Chicago - probably THE classiest of the early Chicago house music labels. Not only did the imprint have an award-winning name, but the quality of its releases over the early years of house music speak for themselves. DJ International also had several of the biggest early commercial successes with legendary tracks like Farley Jackmaster Funk’s “Love Can’t Turn Around”, JM Silk’s “Music Is The Key”, Joe Smooth’s “Promised Land” and Sterling Void’s “It’s Alright” among many others.

          As with all Sources releases, ‘Sources: The DJ International Records Anthology’ has been lovingly compiled using the best mixes as chosen by Bill Brewster and lovingly re-mastered to make these slices of 1980s dance music history sound the best they’ve ever sounded. If you’re into original authentic house music direct from one of the richest sources, then look no further. “Sources - The DJ International Records Anthology” is a must for any serious house music collection.

          This very limited addition of the vinyl version represents music that became known as the "House Sound of Chicago". The defining moment of modern music. The modern legends; Darrell Pandy, the most unique entertainer I ever met, began his career with "Love Can't Turn Around", Loleatta Hollaway made her comeback here from her earlier disco career, Frankie Knuckles first records were recorded with us, as well as his work being included with Jamie Principle . Marshall Jefferson, Joe Smooth, Cannon Irving, Chip E., Keith Nunnasly, Steve "Silk" Hurley, Ricky Dillard, and many more This was the time house music was created, and across the street from DJ International was the warehouse where the legends played. This all happened on Rental Street now undergoing the City of Chicago's now and new DJ international Street. With over 400 recordings done at DJ International and Underground Studios, most of Chicago's legendary DJ's were there. For those who were able to be there knew that this was the basis on everybody's mythology of house music . The full story told coming soon. This compilation is for deejays honoring "momentum' music, and history as DJ International a house "Sound Of Chicago" music for DJ's is the collaboration in CHICAGO, with the greatest artist / performers.


          3xLP Info: Contains 12" x 12" insert

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