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Genre pick of the week Cover of Cistern by Jherek Bischoff.
Cistern is the second album by prodigiously talented musician, collaborator, composer, arranger and producer Jherek Bischoff. Gloriously cinematic, these modern orchestral recordings showcase Jherek’s unerring ability to pull at the heartstrings.

Intrinsically linked to the space in which it was conceived, Cistern was born from time spent improvising in an empty two million gallon underground water tank in Washington state. A space which forced Bischoff to slow down, to reflect, to draw on his childhood growing up on a sailing boat; an emotional journey from the city back to the Pacific Ocean, via the Cistern.

The album itself was recorded with a live orchestra, the New York-based Contemporaneous ensemble, in a converted 19th century church in Hudson, NY.

Cistern follows on the heels of Strung Out In Heaven, a moving string quartet tribute to David Bowie, created with Amanda Palmer and featuring the significant talents of Anna Calvi and Neil Gaiman. They performed ‘Black Star’ at the recent all star Bowie tribute show at Radio City Music Hall in New York. Jherek will also take part in the Bowie tribute at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the BBC Proms in July.


Barry says: Haunted, dusty chamber-classical mini-movements. Staccato strings and violin sweeps. Cataclysmic percussion bursts and ambient echoes mix to form a cacophonous cocktail before breaking into multi-part melodies. Terse peppered electronic shards slowly morph into triumphant but cautious minor-key swells and ethereal waves of symphony. Superb.


Deluxe LP Info: Limited edition deluxe vinyl, including a printed inner sleeve and a CD of the full album.

Recorded in St. Petersburg over the course of 2015, this first release on Glasgow based imprint 12th Isle is a collaborative effort between Dices & АЭМ Ритм-Каскад (aka Flaty/Dada Ques), affiliates of the Udacha and Gost Zvuk record labels. Titled 'Мыслепоток' (Thoughtstream), the LP eschews trend in favour of meaningful sonic discovery, and in doing so offers as much to the adventurous DJ as it does the attentive home listener. Side A encompasses ambient synth textures reminiscent of ‘70s-era library music, established upon rhythms that evoke turn of the century Detroit house. At once melancholic and playfully optimistic, the six tracks range from rhythmic experiments to sketch-like beatless vignettes. The flip side sets off in a slightly darker tone that is succeeded with pace and persistence in the drum patterns and winding arpeggiated bassline of “Caleidoscope”. Alongside the heavily swung “Hologram”, these tracks are very club considerate; a function that in no way offsets the records assured narrative purpose.

Across both A and B the music maintains this singular intent, channeling aspects of early sequence-based electronics and vintage space rock around a diverse and playful compendium of rhythms.

Comes with screen-printed sleeve, labels and insert.


Ltd LP Info: Screen printed sleeve, labels & insert

The word ‘naive’ comes from the Latin ‘nativus’, meaning native, or natural. Today, to be naive is often seen as pejorative, a lack of experience or judgement, but in the art world the word retained some of its original meaning: a quality acquired through birth, a childlike innocence and wonder that produces spontaneous, unaffected art. For Mitchel Van Dinther, the Dutch producer known as Jameszoo, it is this quality that lies at the heart of his debut album, 'Fool', which he calls “naive, computer jazz”.

Van Dinther emerged from the small town of Den Bosch in the southern Netherlands in the late 2000s. First as a DJ - with wide-ranging crates of avant-garde jazz, prog and kraut rock, electronic experiments, and beat oddities - and then as a producer capable of impressive sonic and rhythmic incongruities. This spring, Van Dinther joins Brainfeeder with an album that fits right into the label’s expanding take on the modern evolution of jazz music.

'Fool' began life as just a simple debut album, but soon grew into something more audacious. During the recording process Van Dinther became obsessed with classic albums by Steve Kuhn (1971’s 'Steve Kuhn'), Arthur Verocai (1972’s 'Arthur Verocai'), and Robert Wyatt (1974’s 'Rock Bottom'). The melodies, compositions, and idiosyncrasies of these works made the young Dutch producer reconsider his approach, moving him away from the colourful, electronic productions he was known for.

Not only did Van Dinther take inspiration from these works, he eventually contacted the artists he’d been studying and convinced Kuhn and Verocai to lend their inimitable touch to the recordings. Tapping into jazz’s tradition of playing standards and covers, ‘The Zoo’ re-imagines Kuhn’s playful ‘Pearlie’s Swine’ with Rhodes and vocals that the man himself recorded with Van Dinther in New York City.

Across its 11 tracks, 'Fool' plays out Van Dinther’s journey to find a musical voice he can be proud of and which can also inspire others. Alongside Verocai, Dafé, and Kuhn, the album features a stellar cast of classical and jazz musicians including pianist Niels Broos, drummers Julian Sartorius and Richard Spaven, bass guitarists Raphael Vanoli and Stephen Bruner (aka Thundercat), and saxophonist John Dikeman. All of these different contributions and approaches are weaved together into a whole by Van Dinther, armed with electronics and naivety. At times coherent, at times seemingly haphazard, the album is always joyful.


LP Info: Limited white vinyl pressing.

Includes MP3 Download Code.

Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler

Music Inspired By Phillippe Garrel's Le Révélateur

    Harpist Mary Lattimore and guitar / synthesizer player Jeff Zeigler present their score to French director Philippe Garrel’s 1968 silent film ‘Le Révélateur’. The duo blend ancient classical traditions with modern improvisation and electronic performance.

    Lattimore and Zeigler’s score powerfully conveys isolation, despair and awakening, amplifying sentiments portrayed in the film. Le révélateur - the processor of images - in the film is a small boy who is given voice through the rhythmic and inventive harp performance and through emotive melodica lines, eerie synth and guitar. Together, the duo create a soundscape that perfectly matches the film’s progression as it follows the boy’s journey from a family’s dysfunctional home life into a godless post-apocalyptic landscape.

    The LP only release is pressed on virgin vinyl with a printed inner sleeve and free download card. (Initial copies pressed on white vinyl.)

    The album artwork features stills from the film (used with the permission of the director). The score has also been approved by Garrel.

    Piccadilly Records

    Slipmat - Cityscape

      Piccadilly Records logo and white 'Cityscape' print on black felt slipmat. Designed by Mark Brown (, the design is a features a graphic representation of the Manchester cityscape, which also looks like an electronic waveform created by music.

      Piccadilly Records

      Slipmat - Cityscape / Half Record

        A pair of Piccadilly Records slipmats including one each of the 'Cityscape' and 'Half Record' designs.

        Slipmat 1: Piccadilly Records logo and white 'Cityscape' print on black felt slipmat. Designed by Mark Brown (, the design is a features a graphic image of the Manchester cityscape, which also looks like an electronic waveform created by music.

        Slipmat 2: Piccadilly Records logo and white 'Half Record' print on black felt slipmat. Designed by Mark Brown (, the design is a features a graphic representation of the Manchester G-MEX Centre combined with half a vinyl record.

        Piccadilly Records

        Slipmat - Half Record

          Piccadilly Records logo and white 'Half Record' print on black felt slipmat. Designed by Mark Brown (, the design is a features a graphic representation of the Manchester G-MEX Centre combined with half a vinyl record.

          Professor Tim O'Brien, Jim Spencer & David Tolan

          Hello Moon, Can You Hear Me? - Limited Picture Disc

            Hello Moon is a unique collaboration between Professor Tim O Brien from Jodrell Bank and Stargazing Live and music producers Jim Spencer and Dave Tolan who have worked with New Order, The Charlatans and Echo & The Bunnymen. The idea was simple - to make the sound archive of Jodrell Bank into a hit single/dancefloor smash using sounds from the big bang to the present day, from sounds sent to earth from all over the universe.

            The results have been made into a moon shaped picture disc with Professor Tim running through the origin of all the sounds on the B-side. Billions of years in the making

            Sterling Roswell

            Atom Brain Monster - Rock!

              New Psychedelic Space Rock From Ace Spaceman. "Atom Brain Monster-Rock!", Sterling Roswell’s first release with Blang (limited edition 7”vinyl) is a lurching blank-eyed rock and roll swamp-abilly thing dripping fuzz and tremelo over your turntable as the Spacemen 3 cosmonaut Sterling Roswell calls from the shadows about Obama keeping Cameron's brain alive in a pickle jar. In Sterling's own words, "It’s about a greedy little man that is supposed to be working for the good of the nation, but instead tries to rip off the system that people have worked so hard to build – the NHS and the welfare of the people is being traded off the jet set life styles of a class of pig fucking, oil spilling, gun running Tory terrorists."

              Any attempt to categorize ROSCO aka Sterling Roswell, runs the risk of misrepresenting a true radical. Artist, musician, poet and producer, Roswell is all of these and more and over the years, as he has embraced a myriad of artistic forms to great effect. Live appearances include a successful solo tour of the UK in April 2016 ( with Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind) also 2015 shows in Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, and Portugal, 2014 UK shows in London, Glasgow and Edinburgh, 2012 and 2013 two tours of all major cities of Italy and also 2012’s solo tour of the USA,18 cities in 21 days, starting in NYC and zig zagging across country to Los Angeles for the LA Psych Fest at Echo with The Strawberry Alarm Clock, the show has always held audiences spellbound and is THE act to see in this new age of psychedelia. The band is a rotating collective of musicians that centre around Roswell’s songs and guitar with Martin Langshaw ( The Perfect Disaster / Spacemen 3 ) on drums and percussion, Claire Harrison on Voltage Controlled Oscillator and on occasion Pete Bassman ( Spacemen 3 / The Darkside ) bass vibrations. 

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