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Genre pick of the week Cover of Sea Island by Loscil.
Sea Island is a collection of new material composed and recorded over the past two years. While many of these compositions were performed live extensively prior to recording, others were constructed in the studio and are being heard for the first time here.

Musically, the album represents a range of compositional approaches. Murky, densely textured depths of sound are explored with subtle pulses and pings woven within, contrasted with composed or improvised moments of acoustic instrumentation making a move into the foreground. Certain tracks on Sea Island such as album opener Ahull make rhythm their focus by exploring subtle polyrhythms and investigating colliding moments of repetition and variation.

Though staunchly electronic at its core, instruments such as vibraphone and piano make appearances, and layers of live musicality, improvisation and detail appear in the looped and layered beds of manipulated sound recordings.

A varied cast of players appear in the loscil “ensemble”, some familiar collaborators from the past such as Jason Zumpano on rhodes and Josh Lindstrom on vibraphone, and others new to the mix such as Fieldheadʼs Elaine Reynolds who provides layered violin on Catalina 1943, and Ashley Pitre contributing vocals on Bleeding Ink. Seattle pianist Kelly Wyse, who collaborated with loscil on his 2013 edition of piano-centric reworks Intervalo, performs on the tracks Sea Island Murders and En Masse.


First Contact

    New band featuring A.E. Paterra of Zombi and Majeure, and acclaimed film composer Paul Lawler. RIYL: Zombi, John Carpenter, Maserati, Vangelis, Majeure.

    Contact is the new duo of A.E. Paterra (aka Majeure) of famed sci-fi synth-rock group Zombi, and acclaimed British film composer, Paul Lawler. Exploring a similar orbit as Majeure and Zombi, multi-instrumentalist Lawler infuses heavy doses of melody and drama to give First Contact a sound and feel that blends late 70s Pink Floyd sprawl, the nostalgic wonder of early 80s science documentaries, and John Carpenter's 80s sci-fi action films. Equal parts fascinating and euphoric, Contact is two masters of their respective crafts finding common ground in zero gravity.


    Ltd LP Info: Limited Edition of 1000 copies.

    Einstürzende Neubauten are back with a new exceptional composition. The band has produced a musical work on the outbreak of World War I 100 years ago, which will make its premiere performance in Diksmuide, Belgium on November 8, 2014. In this work the band will link their techniques, which are explicitly bound to the traditions of the avant-garde, with this first global event that shook the entire world.

    Feral Ohms

    Super Ape / The Snake

      Feral Ohms’ second release…”blisterin’ caveman-psych featuring members of Comets on Fire, Drunk Horse, and Nudity”, first 250 / numbered limited pressing of this two track 7” comes with a 33rpm bonus Feral Ohms’ “jams” 7”….. This is some seriously amped up wildness that might just take out your speakers! Putting the OOOOOMPFCRASHWOOOOOOSH back into the whimsical Psych scene..

      Super Ape is a new Ethan Miller jam, and The Snake is FO’s take on a Pink Fairies’ classic…



        Holögrama is the recording project of Fancisco Borja, an electronic musician from Granade, Spain. After self-releasing a slew on online albums, EPs & hand-made CDRs, “Waves” marks his debut to the vinyl format. Borja performs & records the majority of everything himself, using synths, drum machines & whatever odds & ends he can scrape together to orchestrate Holögrama’s sound.

        The tone is set straight away - “My Bicycle” opens the album with the steady pulse of a drum machine, pumping digital blood into the beating heart of the record. Soon it ’s joined by Borja’s keyboard & bass, aliging a mezmerizing hum that carries through the last track. Keyboards drift in and out alongside Borja’s ghostly voice, hearkening back to the stark reverberations of Vega & Rev, but with a more positive, hopeful vibe tinged with a whisper of melancholy. “In Your Head” closes out the A-Side with it ’s cr ystalline keyboard twinkles, that ease up to it ’s cathartic beginning, as the music drops in and Borja’s voice echoes across the landscape. The key track is the 9-minute “Pink Sky ”, which bops along with a jaunty keyboard line until a deafening scree of guitar (courtesy of Carlos Alcantara) dive-bombs into the mix, rippling into a psychedlic maelstrom alongside Borja’s synthesized oscillations.

        The first edition of “Waves” is pressed on black vinyl & includes a download code.


        Hookworms (Repress)


          Faux Discx and Gringo Records are psyched (no pun intended) to announce the debut vinyl release of Leeds' Hookworms. The Hookworms 12" features 4 songs, clocks in at around 27 minutes, and is limited to 500 copies on 180g black vinyl.

          The release was previously only available on tape via Sun Araw's Sun Ark label and that sold out in a matter of weeks. Hookworms formed in late 2009 at a time when most of the group’s members were also playing together in a snappy punk group. The punk and garage background is important, because it has a lot to do with the energy that makes Hookworms so noticeable. Many groups think they can make good on psych-rock by just wigging out to their own ends, during interminable jam sessions that only come to a halt when someone decides “That’s long enough.” Most of Hookworms’ songs are around the six minute mark, which isn’t long at all, and each one is constantly doing something. The singer and keyboard player delivers his vocals like The Gun Club’s Jeffery Lee Pierce on Fire of Love - frantic and impassioned. The guitars colour in and around the lines, informed just as much by Flipper’s Ted Falconi as ‘Sister Ray’. Bass grooves lead the way, sage in their wisdom over which path to take. This is tidy stuff, a purposeful and fully conscious journey into the realms of Zoss. It’s also a journey taking place on increasingly large stages, where they’re just as confident at filling the sonic space as at the small venues where they started out.

          “Hookworms fling themselves headlong into classic 80’s/90’s psych-rock like they’re trying to break something. Hailing from Leeds and cramming themselves giddily within the well established formal properties of the genre, they walk the scorched road behind Loop, Spectrum, and any other titan of two-chord songs who’s ever slowly wah-ed a chord until they saw colors. Most excellent burners!” Cameron Stallones, Sun Ark / Sun Araw.


          LP Info: 180 gram vinyl. Includes download card with added bonus tracks.

          Eiko Ishibashi

          Car And Freezer

            Eiko Ishibashi returns from her ‘Imitation Of Life’ album with the all new ‘Car And Freezer’. · Ever wondered if you could make an album twice, with completely different lyrics? It’d probably help if you had two completely different languages to draw from and for ‘Car And Freezer’ that’s exactly what Eiko did.

            In 2013, Drag City introduced Eiko to the world outside of Japan by way of her first US album release. At that time the label explained that Eiko was an instrumentalist and arranger who had come into writing songs somewhat accidentally. She’s been doing so without further accident since 2006, with a series of acclaimed albums in Japan. Her previous album, ‘Imitation Of Life’, was so developed lyrically that it was in essence a song cycle linked by a science-fiction narrative. This natural evolution in her writing notwithstanding, Eiko has often questioned her role as a creator of songs, seeking some way to be at peace with the song while wondering if it was right that she was the human singing them.

            Since each album requires its own approach, the session for ‘Car And Freezer’ provided another chance. In the Spring of 2013, Eiko convened with her band but in contrast with the previous album, she did not come prepared with arranged demos. Instead, she and the band stared unblinking at each other for days, seeking to divine the elusive communal flow for her songs. Actually, Toshiaki Sudo, Hatano Atsuko, Yamamoto Tatsuhisa and Jim O’Rourke all got it right away - make Eiko’s kind of pop music but bring themselves forward in their playing. In this approach, Eiko was drawing from her background of improvised music to inform the direction of her new songs. Guest musicians Shinpei Ruike on trumpet and Daisuke Takaoka on tuba added to this process by playing with sensitivity and focus along with the band. In the booth, O’Rourke also doubled as producer, providing directions for Eiko to choose from while moving forward in her unclear path.

            The new approaches clearly paid off: the sound of ‘Car And Freezer’ has a swinging openness, with looser, rolling rhythms that suit the mood of exploration and the sense of introspection that are so much a part of Eiko’s songs. The band’s expertly precise playing is contrasted by their intuitive choices within the songs, which are seized upon by Eiko for mood and colour. And Jim doesn’t hurt the sound a bit by focusing on interesting and unconventional sounds whose presence in the mix help define a sense of the unexpected.

            As songs came together, Eiko consulted with singer-songwriter Kenta Maeno for the Japanese lyrics: his words perfectly matched Eiko’s humour and humanity and eye for small details. However, the English words were another matter. A regular listener to music with English lyrics, Eiko recognized the pitfalls of translation and how many nuances could potentially be lost. So she worked on the English version herself with a mind toward solving this problem and in the process found a way to remove herself from the song while coming together with it - all it took was writing and singing in an entirely different language. For this release of ‘Car And Freezer’, we have combined the Japanese and English versions of the record, flowing in and out of the languages to make a unique edition in contrast to the Japanese CD release, which included the English version of the entire album.

            “In my hometown, cars and refrigerators were often abandoned and just left lying around. I have always remembered this as the image of a landscape that has inspired my music. I have had the image that even though abandoned, their souls, and those with no life, even with electricity running through them, only regain life when they accept death by throwing themselves into the sea. This was the image that ran through my mind in making this record.” - Eiko Ishibashi, 2014

            Mark McGuire


              Noctilucence is a new EP from the prolific artist Mark McGuire, it's the second release from him this year and comes off the back of the critically acclaimed LP Along The Way. Noctilucence was recorded between in 2013 and 2014 between Los Angeles, California, and McGuire's home of Cleveland, Ohio.

              "Noctilucence" is the 12 minute centerpiece of the EP, a sprawling and expansive track which might be the most ambitious track McGuire has ever released.

              The term "noctilucence" comes from "noctilucent clouds", the name given to clouds which, for some reason, emit a brilliant vibrance at night. On this recording we find our subject diving into the electric waters of the night sky, in long drives across the vast deserts of America. It's a recording about the discovery and understanding of the shadow, entrance to the realm not controlled by the light of day, or the logic of reason. It's about confronting nocturnal terrors and all of those things that go bump in the night. Understanding that the ancient archetypes which watch over us don't flinch, and stand firm across the spell of time.

              On Along The Way McGuire sought the Macrobes for guidance, and on Noctilucence we see them taking real shape. Opening with a mantra to the perpetual regeneration of the spirit of love, crying out for new levels of confidence and consciousness to emerge from the human race, Noctilucence is a deep stare into the infinite eye of the shimmering night sky of the future, and all it holds in its gaze.

              Rhyton are the Brooklyn based trio of Dave Shuford (D. Charles Speer And The Helix, No Neck Blues Band), Jimy SeiTang (Stygian Stride) and Rob Smith (Pigeons).

              Rhyton take ancestral forms, instrumentation and scales, primarily sourced from Middle Eastern and Greek traditions and incorporate them into the context of scorching improvised rock.

              ‘Kykeon’ was recorded at the legendary Black Dirt Studios (Jack Rose, Steve Gunn, The Black Twig Pickers, etc) in upstate New York with their longtime engineer Jason Meagher.

              “Rhyton is going to take you somewhere you’ve never been... Undulating rhythm throbs and plate shifts; sun spots that flash right between the ears; melodies that come, go, return, vanish, and never really existed – this is all Rhyton at work.” - Jambands

              “...smoke-belching psychedelia, like Eternal Tapestry getting spanked by Blue Oyster Cult, only more throbbing and fried.” - Magnet


              LP Info: LP version pressed on virgin vinyl with free download card.

              CD Info: CD version limited to 300 copies with hand-applied
              wrap around artwork.


              EP # 3

                ATP Recordings are proud to announce SQÜRL's final release in their 3-part series of EPs, due out worldwide November 17th 2014.

                This follows their earlier release this year of the award winning 'Only Lovers Left Alive' soundtrack, done in collaboration with Jozef Van Wissem, and described by Total Film as a "standalone potent beauty" of a record.

                The atmospheric heavy drones of surreally epic horror-country contained within this limited edition of 1000 heavyweight 12" vinyl picture discs for the world further demonstrate Carter Logan, Jim Jarmusch, and Shane Stoneback's forever expanding breadth of talent and scope of vision.

                The group, described by Pitchfork as "part drone-rock, part metal, part blissful stoner fatigue" and by NPR as "gloriously gritty" are an enthusiastically marginal New York City rock band, who effortlessly combine elements as diverse as the doom-laden instrumentalist drones of Sunn O))), to as the classic Americana of Neil Young's Crazy Horse.

                Every vinyl record of SQÜRL's EP #3 comes complete with a free digital copy of the album redeemable via a code on the back of the highly collectable Luc Sante art postcard attached to each sleeve.

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