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Genre pick of the week Cover of The Ship by Brian Eno.
A new album from Brian Eno is always something we look forward to and upon hearing it, 'The Ship' is possibly one of the finest solo works from this pioneer yet. Opening with the truly otherworldly experience of title track 'The Ship' Eno carefully lays down a twenty minute plus blanket of slow moving, but fully immersive synths that start off sounding like the blurry jet lag memories of the morning after a night in his 'Music For Airports' departure lounge. The track builds with a delicate, constantly evolving '77 Million Paintings' style drone before his deeply lead vocals chime into the mix, this could honestly be an update on a lost recording from the B-side of 'Low'. The rest of the album follows in a similar stance but over a three-part "musical novel" and takes in oceanic waves of sound to spoken word transcripts and ends on a tear-drenched cover of The Velvet Underground's 'I'm Set Free'. Large parts of 'The Ship' will be tugging at memories of Eno's previous work notably 'Airports' and 'Another Green World', but it remains new and offers much to explore, the end caps on the words "I'm set free, to find a new illusion" and after 'The Ship' we can't wait to hear where he sails to next. Unmissable stuff.


2xColoured LP Info: Limited edition 2LP on transparent vinyl in printed inners in gatefold with 4 art prints.

Ltd CD Info: Collectors edition CD.

Landscapes both seen and felt, real and imagined, lie at the heart of In All That Drifts From Summit Down, the vast debut full-length release from nomadic duo A Dead Forest Index. Comprised of brothers Adam Sherry (vocals/guitar) and Sam Sherry (drums/piano), the group crafts ethereal and intensely intimate compositions that defy trends and labeling, instead shaping an aural experience as organic as it is unpredictable. Forsaking instrumental complexity in favor of richly dense vocals and an otherwise minimal palette, the band evokes heaviness with the atmosphere they create rather than through blunt force.

Teaming-up with Sargent House on the heels of a recent European tour supporting labelmate Chelsea Wolfe, A Dead Forest Index are poised to introduce their sound to a global audience in 2016. A Dead Forest Index was initially the solo project of Adam Sherry, begun in 2008. By 2010, it had evolved into a collaboration, with Sam Sherry supplying percussive depth to his brother’s distinctively hymnal approach to vocals, itself characterized by cyclical harmonies and experiments with drone. Untethered by place (or, for that matter, era), they’ve spent the past few years developing their sound, touring extensively between 2012-2014, and issuing the EPs “Antique” and “Cast of Lines” in the process. The latter was released by Jehnny Beth of Savages’ Pop Noire label, a precursor to the collaborative Savages/A Dead Forest Index composition and performance titled “In What I’m Seeing; the Sun” for the Barbican’s Station to Station Festival in 2015.

Their debut album, is a testimony to the sublime divinity of nature and the cold reality of time’s passage. Unfolding over 13 tracks, the album imagines natural phenomena as poetic metaphor for the human condition, the lyrics evoking stone, cold air, unyielding emptiness and erosion, while the enveloping warmth of Adam Sherry’s layered, choral vocals makes for an intriguing contrast.


Includes MP3 Download Code.

Bardo Pond

Acid Guru Pond


    Few things bring more joy on Record Store day than the recent series of special Bardo Pond releases. This year features the fruits of an incredible collaboration with Japanese psych-experimentalists Acid Mothers Temple. Wrapping their psych rock wizardry and cosmic space noise around Isobel Sollenberger’s ethereal vocals and majestic flute playing, the collective brings out the best in one another, feasting on innovation and distortion while not losing the swirling lock groove. Classic rock riffs merge and morph into the surrounding world music influences to cook up an enchanting and meditative brew. The naming of each song after a colour only further reinforces the vibe heavy proceedings. Begun in 2013, the Bardo Pond Record Store Day series continues to be one of the major highlights of the day. The 2016 release is limited to only 1000 copies. This exclusive release comes on two split colour vinyl discs, with disc one in a blue and green convergence and disc 2 blazing red and orange. This is a vital release for any Bardo Pond or Acid Mothers Temple collection. 


    2xColoured LP Info: 2xLP" 2 split colour LPs includes download.

    Blanck Mass

    The Great Confuso


      It was once suggested that everything we as human beings have ever achieved is merely the culmination of our refusal to acknowledge, or accept our own mortality: a vain, pathetic grasp at immortality via the fatuous notions of legacy, society, family, tradition, art. Whatever. In the greatest traditions of folklore, Blanck Mass summons forth the entity sardonically named The Great Confuso, to embody the taunting cruelty of death, and the unknowable beyond. This is the ambitious and gloriously uncomfortable aural propagation of looming disaster.

      Dark, glorious and by turn pulverising industrial metal and hypnotic synth-wash soundscape, this is Power’s most thrilling work to date. The obsession with human frailty so central to his previous work is focused here on the themes of confusion, anger and surrender. If Dumb Flesh depicted the frailty of the human body, this EP illustrates the fragility of the human mind. Dispassionate and candid, stark and bold, ferocious and tender, The Great Confuso stands as a new electronic masterpiece.

      Chicago Underground Duo

      Boca Negra


        Sold out on vinyl for six years, Thrill Jockey are delighted to present a limited re-issue of Chicago Underground Duo's ‘Boca Negra’ album for Record Store Day 2016.

        Chicago Underground Duo has been part of a new generation of music improvisers that emerged in Chicago in the 1990’s. Made up of cornetist Rob Mazurek (Exploding Star Orchestra, Isotope 217) and drummer Chad Taylor (Marc Ribot, Iron and Wine), ‘Boca Negra’ is the duo’s fifth release, originally released in 2010.

        As with the previous four Duo records it contains both composed and improvised music. The recording contains powerful grooves along with ambient sound structures, folk song simplicity and polyrhythmic bursts of energy with lyrical melodic vignettes. It also combines high energy music with slow moving ballads. ‘Boca Negra’ was recorded in Sao Paulo, Brazil at Rocha Studios making it the first record not created in Chicago.

        Limited to 500 copies, pressed on virgin vinyl and packaged in an uncoated stock jacket with paste-on photo art card and free download coupon.


        You & You


          Recorded in May 1978, a few weeks before DNA entered the studio with Brian Eno for the essential No New York sessions, You & You is this legendary No Wave trio’s sole single and features original lineup with Arto Lindsay (guitar / vocals), Robin Crutchfield (keyboards) and Ikue Mori (drums). This firsttime vinyl reissue comes with original sleeve design. Limited edition clear vinyl.

          John Foxx

          Burning Car

            This vinyl only release comes in a lavish gatefold sleeve designed by Jonathan Barnbrook, who designed the artwork for David Bowie's 'Blackstar'.

            The release is limited to 750 individually numbered copies.

            Inspired by a rare Japanese six-track mini album of the same name which included singles and B-Sides from the 1980 'Metamatic' era that weren't on the original album, this new release expands that concept into a full twelve-track LP featuring tracks such as 'This City', 'My Face', 'Mr No', 'Glimmer' and the title track, all mastered and cut for this rare release. This is the first time that 'Like A Miracle (Alternative Version)' and 'Young Love' have appeared on vinyl. 

            A collaborative studio album by American indie folk act Sun Kil Moon and British experimental act Jesu. The album also features guests Will Oldham aka Bonnie "Prince" Billy, members of Low, Rachel Goswell of Slowdiveand Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse.

            Jesu and Sun Kil Moon including drummer Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth will play five shows in February and March 2016 to support the album. 


            2xLtd LP Info: Double LP with wide spine sleeve and a copy of
            the album on CD.

            Melt Yourself Down

            Last Evenings On Earth

            “We never stop reading, although every book comes to an end, just as we never stop living, although death is certain” - Roberto Bolaño, Last Evenings On Earth

            Question: it’s the end of the world, how are you going to spend it?

            Last Evenings On Earth is the apocalyptic second album by Melt Yourself Down, evangelical hawkers of DNA-rearranging post-punk exotica. Snatch your passport and let this hydra-headed serpent take you for a dizzying, continent-hopping voyage around a globe spinning ever more rapidly off its axis.

            If MYD’s self-titled debut was a series of feverish nocturnal visions beamed from a sub-Saharan desert, where voodoo spirits were raised from dusty catacombs, then this is an even headier trip. Here the rhythm has migrated to the city to merge with the pulses and dark currents that run through it.

            Capturing the raw energy and wild-eyed intensity of the MYD live show, this is music that speaks in tongues. In both sound and aesthetic, Melt Yourself Down have celebrated migration since day one. Theirs is musical unity through movement and sound.

            If this is the end of the world, the Last Evening On Earth... bring it.

            Melt Yourself Down are Kushal Gaya (vocals), Ruth Goller (bass), Shabaka Hutchings (saxophone), Satin Singh (percussion), Tom Skinner (drums) and Pete Wareham (saxophone), with Leafcutter John (electronics/production).


            Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

            Neon Indian

            Era Extrana / Errata Anex


              Transgressive are proud to present limited edition Record Store Day exclusives of the first two Neon Indian albums - augmented and expanded to double vinyl sets.

              ‘Era Extrana’, his second album has been long out of print on vinyl and contains the singles 'Polish Girl', 'Hex Girlfriend' and the single omitted from the original vinyl pressing 'Arcade Blues'.

              Expanded to a gatefold 2x12" with the five track ‘Errata Anex EP’ making its physical debut including remixes from Ultimo, Boyd Rice and Actress.

              Both titles includes download codes and are limited to 500 copies each.



                Limited Repress!

                The legendary rhythm section of Sleep: Chris Hakius and Al Cisneros deliver a new classic album recorded by Steve Albini!!! "Pilgrimage" is Om's third album (first on Southern Lord). Four songs featuring Om's unique use of riff, cadence and chant. Lyrical themes address the processes of mind, psychic reality, astral and causal planes of being, and the nature of the soul. Motifs that were initiated on the band's previous album are continued here unabated.

                This version of Pilgrimage comes packaged in a Stoughton gatefold jacket.

                Parc En Ciel

                Path Integral

                  LuckyMe are proud to present the long awaited debut album from Parc en Ciel.

                  Parc en Ciel is the solo work of Mathieu Thomas, a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer from Scotland via suburban Paris. A soundtrack project influenced by scientific discovery, the natural world and harmony, the album veers from spare and simple layered arrangements to more dense synthesized pieces.

                  There is a clear lineage back to new age library recordings, progressive rock and Giallo film scores, using analogue equipment, then augmented with guitar, voice, percussion and archive material.

                  The first in a series of Parc en Ciel records exploring new age soundtracks and global music inspirations.

                  Mathieu Thomas is also a member of cult Scottish rock act 7VWWVW (MAMMAL).

                  180g vinyl with cover artwork by award-winning Scottish photographer Christina Kernohan.

                  Sam Prekop

                  Sam Prekop


                    For Record Store Day 2016 Thrill Jockey present a limited re-issue of Sam Prekop's classic self-titled debut.

                    Sam Prekop’s self-titled debut is a study in pop nuances. Simultaneously transporting the listener from mild climes and swinging palms to darkened skies and wind blown steppes, the record will be easily recognized by fans of The Sea and Cake.

                    Prekop is assisted on this release by Archer Prewitt (The Sea and Cake), Chad Taylor (Chicago Underground, Marc Ribot), Josh Abrams (Natural Information Society, Town and Country), and Jim O’Rourke.

                    Sam and his band blend West African rhythms with a bit of soul, jazz and pop. The resulting record is something wholly original, elegant and earthy.

                    This is the first time this best selling album has been pressed on colour vinyl.

                    Limited to 500 copies, pressed on opaque blue vinyl with artworked inner sleeve and free download coupon.

                    Steve Reich

                    Berkeley University Museum - November 7, 1970

                      A live performance of four early works by Steve Reich: “Four Organs”, “My Name Is”, “Piano Phase” , and “Phase Patterns.” This performance marked an important moment in San Francisco Bay Area new music history with the triumphant return to the East Bay by Reich, who studied at Mills College with Luciano Berio, and who performed the 1964 world premiere of Terry Riley’s seminal work, “In C”, at the San Francisco Tape Music Center. The resonant acoustics of the University of California at Berkeley Museum’s concrete interior were especially appropriate for “Four Organs”, with its long additive sustained chords over a maraca pulse.

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      Ltd LP Info: Limited edition 180 gram LP

                      Spacemen 3

                      For All The Fucked Up Children Of The World (T-Shirt)

                        Officially Licensed Limited edition run of the classic Spacemen 3 t-shirt design: “For all the Fucked Up Children of the World” Front and back black print on a high quality white Gildan Ultra shirt. 

                        The Still

                        The Still

                          The Still are a cast of international musicians who congregate in Berlin and create hypnotic, perfectly-tensioned instrumental music that has earned them a cool cult following on the underground gig scene there.

                          Experimental drummer / percussionist Steve Heather and fellow Australian Chris Abrahams (The Necks) on piano, Canadian Derek Shirley on double bass, the wonderfully-named German guitarist Rico Repotente and Thomas Meadowcraft on organ / revox are the core members, with an occasional expanded version with horns. The mood is set for minimalist, unhurried grooves and soundscapes.

                          ‘The Still’ is the eighth instalment from Seriés Aphōnos, a music ‘library’ which focuses on cinematic splendour, soundtracks and other beautifully strange treasures from hidden corners.

                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                          Ltd LP Info: The LP includes a copy of the album on CD.




                            Classic NYC duo composed of Alan Vega and Martin Rev. Their first single, originally released in UK in 1978, features a remix of the band’s very first song (“Cheree”) and the brilliant non-album track “I Remember.” This first-time vinyl reissue and first-time domestic release comes with original sleeve design. Limited edition red vinyl.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Andy says: Absolute classic electronic rock'n'roll heartbreaker from the height of punk. But really: totally timeless.


                            Dream Baby Dream


                              Originally released on Island Records in 1979, Suicide’s second single features two non-LP tracks including “Dream Baby Dream,” their best-known song and often covered by Bruce Springsteen. This first-time vinyl reissue and first-time domestic release comes with original sleeve design. Limited edition red vinyl.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Andy says: One of the greatest songs ever.

                              Edgar Varèse

                              Complete Works

                                The French-born Edgar Varèse (1883-1965), believed music to be both an art and a science. His pioneering use of electronic instruments like the theremin, along with his theory of “organized sound” has earned him the impressive title of “Father of Electronic Music”. Varèse spent the early twenties as a starving composer in NYC, writing works like the percussionless “Octandre” and “Intégrales”, his first piece to use the term “spatial music”. Upon returning to Paris in 1928, he composed the celebrated “Ionisation”, the first piece ever written for an entirely percussion ensemble (13 percussionist playing 40 instruments). His 1936 piece, “Density 21.5”, written for solo flute for the premiere of George Barrère’s new platinum flute, is one of the great masterpieces for unaccompanied flute. It is also one of the only compositions written by Varèse during this decade. His next major work, “Déserts”, was in fact not written until 1950. It was the first piece ever written for magnetic tape and orchestra and was meant to be the soundtrack to a film which would juxtapose images of actual deserts with images from past wars (the great ‘deserts’ of civilization).

                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                Ltd LP Info: Limited edition 180 gram LP.

                                Edgar Varèse

                                Music Of Edgar Varèse Vol. 1

                                  Edgard Varèse belongs to the generation of Bela Bartok, Igor Stravinsky, and Anton Webern. Each of these composers produced a music of extreme individuality, like nothing of his contemporaries, and a radical break with that of the previous century. They may be said to have carried music to the limits of atomization, where one or another of its different elements seem to predominate.

                                  IONISATION (Paris, 1931) requires an ensemble of thirteen musicians who play a total of thirty-seven percussion instruments (…) Most of Ionisation is composed with sonorities of percussion instruments alone. They are pitched instruments, of course, but belong to a category of pitch that we hear only as “high” or “low,” “deep” or “shallow”; timbre, rather than pitch, is the most conspicuous property of Varèse’s orchestra, and rhythm and timbre are the principal elements of Ionisation (…) Tthe sense of progress and development the listener feels from the first bar to the last, Ionisation is noble music, capable of exalting the listener. When the masterpieces of the twentieth century are enumerated, it should be on the list, not in first place, perhaps, but there, nevertheless. DENSITY 21.5, a composition for unaccompanied flute solo, was written in January 1936, “at the request of Georges Barrere for the inauguration of his platinum flute.” 21.5 is the density of platinum.

                                  Various Artists

                                  Close To The Noise Floor - Formative UK Electronica 1975-1984

                                    Two years in the making, Close To The Noise Floor is a 4CD, 61-track set exploring the origins of electronica in the UK. Featuring tracks from key figures on the cassette label underground alongside early releases by future stars of the movement, this is part primitive rave, part synthesiser porn & part history lesson. Enthralled by the mysterious electronics of Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Gong & German Kosmische artists such as Tangerine Dream, Harmonia & Cluster, & inspired by the DIY ethos of punk, a quiet revolution took place across the UK in the late 70s & early 80s. The rise of the microchip & the advent of affordable synthesisers enabled countless artists for whom guitars, drums & bass had become old hat, & in grubby bedsits, unremarkable living rooms & art school halls across the British Isles, UK electronica was born.

                                    Exploring every corner of this fascinating & often overlooked chapter in musical history. For proto synth-pop look no further than 100% Manmade Fibre & Spoon Fazer, whilst British Standard Unit & Five Times Of Dust lay out techno templates which wouldn’t take full form until many years later. Elsewhere, the synthesiser laden ambient music of Zorch & the found sound collages of A Tent sit comfortably alongside early forays by familiar names – Blancmange, The Human League, OMD & Throbbing Gristle – in over four hours of futurist, entirely modern music.

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