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Genre pick of the week Cover of Another Language by This Will Destroy You.

This Will Destroy You

Another Language

Since 2004 This Will Destroy You have been forging some of the world’s most brutal, dynamic and precariously visceral instrumental rock. In addition to a vigorous tour schedule, their celebrated discography and critically renowned soundtrack work for feature films and documentaries have earned them a sizable and fervent international following.

‘Another Language’, the band’s fourth full length album, marks their euphonious return from a prolonged vacuous dark period that threatened to break both the band and the members themselves. Rather than be stifled by their experience This Will Destroy You were atomized and subsequently made anew, emerging with a revived energy and reinforced sense of solidarity. As a result, ‘Another Language’ captures the band at its most potent, honed and utterly powerful form yet, displaying an edified unity and graduated sense of songwriting, tonal complexity, and studio prowess.

Chantal Acda

Live In Dresden

A nice collectors follow-up to 'Let Your Hands Be My Guide'. Limited edition of 500 hand made/numbered copies for the world..

Currently based in Belgium, Dutch-born Chantal Acda (b. 1978) has worked under the Sleepingdog moniker since 2006, making three acclaimed albums that closed on the With Our Heads in the Clouds and Our Hearts in the Fields (2010) album for which she collaborated with Adam Wiltzie (Stars of the Lid, A Winged Victory For The Sullen). They toured the UK and Benelux with Low in 2011. After all this, it was time for her first real solo record. Playing in various formations had made her conscious of the patterns that we all, as humans, share in. So, she sought out kindred spirits with whom she might record an album filled with freedom and intensity, and who were conscious of the patterns we so often fall back on.

Nils Frahm was the first of these to cross her path. The inventive German pianist and producer is an intense and adventurous performer and was a perfect match for this project. Acda also experienced a direct bond with Peter Broderick, a multi-instrumentalist known from his solo work (on labels such as Bella Union and Erased Tapes) and from his work with, among others, Efterklang. Cellist extraordinaire Gyda Valtysdottir from Icelandic group Mum had previously worked with Chantal as a member of the Sleepingdog live band. And lastly, Shahzad Ismaily stumbled into this picture by chance, but when Acda and he found themselves in the same room they formed an instant rapport.

The circle completed, Acda had found the 4 worlds that would enable her to record the album in full freedom. Power revealed through vulnerability. Nils Frahm, who plays throughout the record, also took on the role of producer. What began as a journey ended as this wonderful record - one wherein the five musicians were able to find their place and, together, and with great warmth, tell their nine-song story. Let Your Hands Be My Guide.

‘Live in Dresden’ features six songs from ‘Let Your Hands Be My Guide’ played by Chantal Acda, Alan Gevaert, Eric Thielemans & Gaetan Vandewoude.

Listening Center

Other Voices 02

NYC's Listening Center return to Ghost Box with another 45. The second in the Other Voices series, in which David Mason puts his analogue electronics to work on two powerfully melodic pieces. Drawing on the classic library-esque, music for schools and colleges sounds that inspired Ghost Box at its very beginnings.

The Mattson 2 stride into a new realm of sound that blends their signature jazz soundscapes with ethereal structures and haunting splashes of improvisational raga techniques. This time around, they go deeper and darker, balancing an ebb and flow to create something truly mesmerizing, thanks in no small part to producer Thomas Campbell and the legendary John X. Volaitis (Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Phoenix).

This much-anticipated follow-up to 2011’s Feeling Hands is a marvel of jazz-rock orchestration and arrangement. The droning vistas of Agar are as technically liberating as they are hauntingly avantgarde. The duo is more connected than ever as they move in and out of exotic landscapes that transcend the concept of modern musical performance.

Named for the gelatinous substance that binds and connects items in a petri dish (also “raga” backwards), the album shimmers and shakes with sagely nods to the past and the soaring modern wizardry of Jared’s untamed guitars and Jonathan’s tribally hard-bop drumming. With Campbell and Volaitis at the helm, Agar is awash with the sun and surf as much as it is mysterious metal jazz. It glistens with a beautiful weirdness, conjuring images of neon-light rain dances and fireworks in darkening summer skies.

The musical capabilities of Farmer Dave Sher (Interpol, Kurt Vile, Vetiver) add unique and pivotal symphonic layers. And for the first time, the Mattson 2 provide emotional complexity via voice: Maryann Tran’s Easternly, wordless sounds are euphoric and majestic. All of this adds to up a layer cake of hypnotic mood and otherworldly innovation.

Rival Consoles


    Ryan Lee West aka Rival Consoles reinforces his unique style of minimal electronic arrangements with a new 6-track EP .

    Continuing on from his Odyssey EP released in 2013, Ryan Lee West aka Rival Consoles creates atmosphere and space whilst exploring waves of sound and rhythm, and the power of colour. With Sonne Ryan creates music to structure itself around a pulse, rather than the pulse being the defining point.

    The title track begins with “a very subtle set of melodies that repeat almost without confidence, and then gradually give way to a huge collage of colour and power”, as Ryan describes it. Not relying on a conventional beat, it’s a prime example of how an analogue synthesiser can create the power and momentum of a rhythm section. From the distorted waves in 3 Chords, growing and shrinking, to the rhythmic waves of constant speeding up and then slowing down in Recovery, it’s the Moog Voyager, Prophet and tape delay that make up the core sound of the EP. Whilst tracks like Helios, Haunt and Think Tank see West play live drums and acoustic guitar.

    “I’m often looking at art in exhibitions and I always think to myself ‘why the hell don’t I have this much colour in my work?’ The answer in part I think is down to synthesis. It is very difficult to create colour without it sounding plastic. Colour in music is both the note combinations and the actual timbre of the sounds. There are lots of instances of very colourful ambient sounds, which I took great care to create for each song, using various methods – from passing analogue synths through chains of effects to chopping up random sequences of recordings and forming tiny collages." – Ryan Lee West

    Resembling the colour and vibrancy in his music, the cover art was created by South London artist Supermundane, who was also responsible for the artwork of the Odyssey EP.

    After supporting Luke Abbott on his recent UK tour and I Break Horses on their North American tour in spring, Ryan will debut his new live set with a special release show in London, followed by a string of West Coast U.S. dates culminating in Decibel Festival.

    Some might be surprised that London based electronic producer Ryan Lee West, the man behind Rival Consoles, shares a home with contemporary classical composers such as Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds and Peter Broderick. And yet they have a lot more in common than expected. Fascinated by sound from an early age, Ryan chose to dedicate his time to studying, experimenting with and producing sound graduating from De Montfort University in Leicester. One consistent element in his musical journey has been his desire to create a more organic, humanised sound. Ryan often drafts early ideas on piano, violin and guitar, although the end result is much more electronic-laden. As an accomplished sound designer he has repeatedly performed at the Tate, and recently created a bespoke audio-visual performance for Boiler Room at the V&A. Ryan is currently composing music for a BBC production.

    Aria Rostami's "Czarat EP" is Spring Theory's sophomore release. With Avalon Emerson's "Church Of SoMa" having soundtracked many a dance throughout the Summer, I was very excited to see the label's next foot forward. The San Francisco-based musician's roots extend off into theoretical dimensions far beyond conventional dancefloor fodder (his material has appeared on labels like Audiobulb and Crash Symbols). For "Czarat", however, he's honed his approach to produce an unusual dancefloor anthem. Melding influences from around the world, the song arrives at something that sounds like acid house and techno as interpreted through an internet-enabled, information rich dialog of the present moment. Glitches permeate through a thick stream of sound while a spectral, AFX-inspired beat skits along nicely. Unique; good. Secret Circuit's 'Acid Dub' remix sends the OG spiraling off into the cosmos with circular arpeggios and sweeping white noise elevating the floor to dizzying heights. "Vietnamoses" concludes with yet more aciieeed. A heavy 303 assault combined with soulful piano refrains, lush strings and a sympathetic, well executed arrangements. Solid second release from this label and another one set to sell out quickly. Move quick!



      "FFO: Neurosis, early Mastodon, Deathspell Omega. Dormiveglia is the debut album from the young Barnsley post-metal act Trudger, picking up where their demo "Motionless in Dirt" left off in 2012.

      In addition to performing crushing live rituals with the likes of Oathbreaker and Conan, Trudger have well and truly honed their craft in the time since their demo. Injecting elements of sludge and black metal into their stifling post-metal sound, they concoct one of the most exciting, riff-laden, progressive records to come out of the UK in a very long time. ‘Dormiveglia' was recorded and mixed by Joe No Studio (Esoteric Youth, Old Skin, Iced Out) and mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright (Sleep, SUNN O))), Nails)."

      The Wire

      Issue 368 - October 2014

        Robert Fripp
        The King Crimson guitarist talks to Mike Barnes about the ongoing saga of the reformed group and the legacy of their vast archives

        Margaret Chardiet’s miseducation in the New York noise scene has birthed an album of visceral electronic music. By David Keenan

        Bruce Lacey
        Shaped in the crucible of 1960s London, this master inventor’s films, music and curious constructions still play by their own rules. By Julian Cowley

        Mdou Moctar
        The Tuareg singer and guitarist adds film star to his CV. By Jennifer Lucy Allan

        Looking For The Perfect Beat
        A day in the life of the LA beat scene. By Jack Law

        Jeremiah Cymerman
        The New York improvisor keeps conversation flowing with his 5049 podcast. By Bill Meyer

        Gazelle Twin
        Elizabeth Bernholz spills her guts about new album Unflesh. By Adam Harper

        Global Ear - Darmstadt
        The modernist new music insitution enters a new era. By Christopher Fox

        Cross Platform - Adam Bohman
        The detritus of everyday life inspires the surreal sonic and visual collages of the London artist. By Daniel Spicer

        Invisible Jukebox - Grumbling Fur
        The psychedelic duo seek a portal into The Wire’s mystery record selection. Tested by Joseph Stannard

        The Inner Sleeve
        Steve Gunn on Bobby Brown’s The Enlightening Beam Of Axonda

        John Cale in an Auckland pub has Peter Jefferies beginning to see the light

        Print Run
        Dance Of Death: The Life Of John Fahey, American Guitarist by Steve Lowenthal
        A Moment Worth Waiting For by Kevin Pearce
        Free Jazz And Improvisation On Vinyl 1965–1985: A Guide To 60 Independent Labels by Johannes Rød
        A Little History: Nick Cave & Cohorts, 1981–2013 by Bleddyn Butcher

        On Screen
        Charles Lloyd: Arrows Into Infinity DVD Finding Fela Film

        On Site
        Experimental Sound Art workshop, London, UK

        On Location
        Sun Ra Arkestra, London, UK
        TÖNE, Chatham and Gillingham, UK
        Jazz Em Agosto, Lisbon, Portugal
        Supernormal, Ipsden, UK
        A Concert Of Musical Metacreation, London, UK
        Échos, Le Saix, France
        Winning Sperm Party Summer Festival, Glasgow, UK

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