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Genre pick of the week Cover of The Deluge - White Vinyl Edition by William Basinski.

William Basinski

The Deluge - White Vinyl Edition

'Cascade' and 'The Deluge' are variations on the latest tape-loop and delay composition from the inimitable William Basinski. 'Cascade' is the CD variant, and 'The Deluge' is the vinyl LP companion. In 'Cascade', a single ancient lilting piano tape loop repeats endlessly carrying one along in its tessellating current. In 'The Deluge', the same loop is processed through a series of feedback loops of different lengths, creating a spiraling crescendo of overtones that eventually fades away to silence. In the denouement, a series of limpid piano loops leads to an urgent orchestral theme that builds and gradually dies. 


Split EP

    Invada Records release a brand new four track ‘double B-side’ EP, featuring two tracks from BEAK> and two from their ‘alter-ego’ < KAEB, who differ in the aspect that < KAEB can have an ever expanding and floating membership.

    The 4 track EP features ‘The Meader’ and ‘The Broken Window’ by BEAK> and ‘When We Fall’ and ‘There’s No One’ from < KAEB, the latter featuring vocal contributions from Californian based artist Jonwayne.

    “’7 of diamonds’ started from a glass of tea with too much sugar. I was pushing down my spoon into the sugar till the bottom of the glass. It was creating a really nice atmosphere and I thought I needed something different like bigger grains, I took a empty glass and I used water and cooking salt the result was amazing so I jumped into the studio to record it and ‘7 of diamonds’ was born.”

    Originally hailing from the northern Italian province of Verona, florestano – aka producer and multi-instrumentalist Leonardo Salvaro - spent a majority of the last five years traveling nomadically through Asia, Europe and South America, which, he says, has vastly influenced his creative process. "When you travel the way I used to you have a lot of time in which you’re alone; being alone and far from home could help a part of your artistic expression obligating you to look more into your emotions and what really matter for you."

    Employing both analogue and digital recording techniques, almost all of florestano’s compositions start at his old black piano and his drums before he moves into more experimental territory with synths as well as field recordings. Often taking cues from renowned avant-garde composers Bernard Parmegiani and Iannis Xenakis, florestano’s electronic soundscapes and compositions show a natural affinity for oriental cinematic scores, classic lieder’s music especially Hugo Wolf and 90s US west coast experimental scene.

    Next up on Deep Distance following quick fire sell outs of all it’s previous output this year comes the killer new full length from Brooklyn based Long Distance Poison. Following releases across esteemed US labels such as Foxy Digitalis, Ecstatic Peace and Steve Moore’s VCO, the band unleash “Human Program” -it’s debut full length for the UK- for Deep Distance in late July.

    Their sound has been described as offering up “deeply sonorous, dense buzzing drones and psycho-active electronic materials. Somewhere between Acre, Phil Niblock, Expo 70, 3 Leafs and Popol Vuh with an obvious synthedelic-neoshamanic musical purpose”; as well as possessing “god-like genius” by Julian Cope!

    "Long Distance Poison present an irresistible concoction of convergent psychedelic and analog electronic energies, everything from a love of nature, and Rothko-like visual aesthetics, to musical influences like Sky Records, John Carpenter soundtracks, minimalism, and a less-hyper Mother Mallard or post “Phaedra” Tangerine Dream. Also of note is the unusual male / female dynamic of the record, itself an unusual occurrence in modern electronic music.

    With modular synthesizer systems and both contemporary and vintage analogue keyboard synthesizers, LDP uses random and pseudo-random clocking, gating, triggering and frequency sequences “that create the appearance of static and unified 'songs' from a series of random, chance, intuitive events bound by various contexts.”

    A wonderful LP (recorded by Brendon Anderegg of Mountains) and released as a clear vinyl pressing of 300 late July, the set offers up a killer insight and introduction to this increasingly acclaimed band and is destined like output from both artist and label here to sell out rapid style. 


    Barry says: Sure to be a rapid sell-out, this limited release from Long Distance Poison combines the dark wistfulness of horror film scores and spacey drones of VCO alumni and label boss Steve Moore. A tour-de-force of synthesiser worship and calculated songwriting. HIGHLY Recommended!


    Ltd LP Info: 300 only clear vinyl LP.

    The Myrrors / Cult Of Dom Keller

    Fuzz Club 10" Split Single No. 7

      Number 7 in the Fuzz Club 10" split single series brings together The Myrrors (US) and Cult Of Dom Keller (UK).

      There is certainly something mysterious about The Myrrors. Their first album “Burning Circles in the Sky,” was recorded in 2008”, but only saw a physical release late in 2013 (Fuzz Club Records) after becoming what can be considered a YouTube "hit" in the underground scene with millions of views. Their critical acclaimed second album "Arena Negra" was released on Beyond Beyond and Beyond in 2015 and the band was invited to play “Levitation Austin 2015" the incarnation of Austin Psych Fest.

      Nottingham based DIY sonic alchemists Cult Of Dom Keller have been creating whacked out soundscapes and songs that appear to have been born from another universe, all from the confines of their sonic bunker. The group have gained most ground in the past year after a line-up change in December of 2013, at first being joined on bass by Jason Holt (lead guitarist in Pete ‘Sonic Boom’ Kember’s post-Spacemen 3 group ‘Spectrum’), and then later completed by Al Burns on drums. 


      Ltd 10" Info: Edition of 500, 10" Vinyl (white vinyl, numbered insert).

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