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Genre pick of the week Cover of No Now by Clarence Clarity.
Following the extended year-long gestation of his 'Who Am Eye' EP, Clarence Clarity ups his game with this hotly-tipped debut long player for Bella Union. 20 tracks long, 'No Now' is a chaotic melange of sounds that will have your head in a spin. Prince-tinted electro-funk, Michael Jackson in a psychotic state, alt-alt-R&B, hints of Ariel Pink's more bonkers moments, but remade as synth-pop, sampled vocals against Clarity's own vox, micro beat mash-ups... It's a fascinating collection of tracks, an album that takes pop experimentation into the outer reaches of the Galaxy...

“Clarence Clarity’s electro-soul sleaze is unlike much you’ll hear this year, or any other year for that matter… Think Prince trapped in the wiring of a dusty Sega Mega Drive.” - NME


2xLtd LP Info: LP format is pressed on gold vinyl and packaged in
a gatefold sleeve with digital download.

Apollo Records is proud to present "SOL" the highly anticipated second album from Los Angeles based producer / composer Eskmo AKA Brendan Angelides. Inspired by our life giving planetary body, "SOL" is a masterful meditation on human emotional plane as effected by planetary bodies. Angelides has delivered perhaps his strongest musical statement yet.

Written, produced and recorded over the course of a year on the Eastside of Los Angeles in his home studio, SOL’s epic grandeur bears the traces of Angelides’s recent work composing orchestral pieces for live performance with the LA based Echo Society.

"From the moody cinematic opening of ‘SpVce’ and exhalting synth melodies of 'Combustion', to the touching delicacy of the watery ballad ‘Blue And Grey’ to 'Mind Of War’’s tromping existential digi-funk, the heartbreaking piano paen of ‘Tamara’, to the snarling drone saturation of the title track, to the beaming, epic euphoria of ‘The Sun Is A Drum’ it’s clear that this is a record that is a truly cinematic experience."


LP Info: Limited marbled vinyl pressing.


Understudy EP

    Over the course of 2014, fast-emerging singer, songwriter and producer Holly ‘Låpsley’ Fletcher has become one of the most hotly-tipped new UK artists around.

    Through beautifully crafted songs such as ‘Station’ and ‘Painter (Valentine)’, the eighteen year old, Southport-raised artist has created a unique sonic identity, mixing solo piano and sparse, minimal electronic production with gorgeous, emotive songwriting. Adele produced by James Blake? That's my lazy (ballpark) comparison of the day!

    Now, following a deal with XL Recordings, Låpsley releases her debut, ‘Understudy EP’, available on 12” vinyl and featuring three further brand new tracks.

    Ken Laszlo

    Ken Laszlo - 180g Vinyl Edition

    Gianni Coraini, better known under the pseudonym Ken Laszlo, released only one album in the eighties but that has not prevented him from being one of the more beloved artists of the Italo disco scene. Ken Laszlo can be compared with such bright stars of the 80s disco scene as Savage or Fancy. The first release in Europe became a hit single. "Hey Hey Guy", was released in 1984 under the pseudonym Ken Laszlo. His songs "Tonight", "Glasses Man", "Don’t Cry", and "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8", all published under the same pseudonym, also became big hits in discos across Europe and beyond. His self-titled debut album which includes all those tracks and more is reissued here on LP!

    Limited 8 track double 12" with some of the best tracks from now out of print Members Only 12" singles plus some tracks never released on vinyl previously. Compiled from cassettes and overdubbed. 


    Matt says: Wow. 10 years ago it was a young me enthusiastically rushing into Picc Records in anticipation of a new Members Only record. Now it's me getting them in! We all know what happened next - Jamal Moss played Faktion Manchester, became a global underground superstar, had Wire articles written about him, and now has the rep he rightly deserves. These were some of his early tape-edit experiments inspired by the halcyon days on Ron Hardy and, for me, are still his best pieces of work to date.

    Post Industrial Noise

    The Official Anthology

    - The tracks on this collection have been restored from the original analogue tape reel for this reissue.
    - For fans of the previously reissued Near Paris and other synth outfits such as Chris & Cosey, early 80s new wave, and even more edgy artists such as Suicide. * Remastered by Martin Bowes at the Cage Studios, UK.
    - Presented on high-quality 180gram heavyweight colored vinyl.

    Medical Records in collaboration with Crispy Nuggets is proud to present a collection of tracks by Post Industrial Noise. PIN was an “audio artsemble” conceived in 1982 in Columbus, Ohio by the trio Robert Crise Jr, Gerald F. Nelson, and Dana Riashi Ritchey.

    They started on a drum machine, guitars, and vocals but quickly evolved to one member on synths and two guitarists on occasional synths. Robert Crise Jr maintained a studio titled “The Center For Contemporary Realism” where he conceived most of the lyrics for PIN. Gerald F. Nelson was a local performance artist, and Dana Riashi (OSU art student) claimed to be the “idea-mediator” between Robert and Gerald. Robert produced a flexidisc of PIN material through an Ohio Arts Council grant and distributed it through the OSU art tabloid “Dialogue”. The accompanying article from Cleveland’s Spaces Gallery noted PIN to have “redigested their input from influence bands such as Tangerine Dream, PIL, and Kraftwerk, to produce their own unique sound”.

    PIN performed mainly in galleries and occasionally clubs at the time. They produced a cassette release and were soon feeling the pressure to specialize towards more concrete art performance or club venues. It was this pressure that soon led all activity of PIN to a strangling halt unfortunately. Robert soon left Ohio for graduate studies in Detroit where he remains a “future archaeologist” today. Gerald and Dana then proceeded to form the outfit Near Paris (reissued on Medical Records in 2013). The output of PIN could be described a more experimental/minimalist offshoot of new wave with pleasant synth sequences blanketed in rich synth tones.

    Fans of Near Paris will obviously draw comparisons, but the overall feel of PIN is a bit darker and possibly more lo-fi in all aspects. The opening track “Sketch” has a definite cold wave vibe with slightly echoed vocals over a subtle drum machine beat and monotonous synth lines. “Prelude” is a deep instrumental cut with synth and sample interplay resulting in a hypnotic slab of brilliance.

    Purity Ring

    Another Eternity

    After sixty-five fortnights, Purity Ring have returned with their second album Another Eternity. The pair ventured home to the frozen industrial landscapes of their birthplace Edmonton, Alberta to document much of what was to become the album. For the first time, vocalist Megan James and producer Corin Roddick were able to create a record in the same room.

    Purity Ring’s first album, 2012's Shrines, was recorded separately in Montreal and Halifax, where Corin and Megan were respectively living at the time. Despite being a thousand kilometers apart, Shrines was a cohesive, beguiling and wholly unique universe of what the band called ‘Future Pop’. At the center of the amniotic swirl of Shrines was an undeniable nucleus of crystalline pop which presciently suggested both indie and popular music to come. They quickly amassed a rabid fanbase, toured relentlessly and sold out shows worldwide, earning ‘Best New Music’ from Pitchfork and praise from The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and NPR, among others.

    On Another Eternity, Purity Ring trade the gorgeously claustrophobic atmospheres of Shrines for wide-open, muscular vistas of sound and luminous, up-front vocals. Crafting a lyrical universe of “sweat and dreams” populated by seacastles, rattling spines, and weeping drawers, Megan James wields concrete imagery and metaphor with increasingly direct, startling resonance. Corin Roddick's gifts for evocative melody remain intact, but his drum work and use of space have been completely reforged: immaculately built and focused in service of the song.

    Though they are now working at a higher resolution, Purity Ring remain hands-on with every aspect of their project. As usual, the band produced and recorded Another Eternity entirely themselves. 


    Ltd LP Info: Limited edition white vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.


    Land In Sicht - Green Vinyl Edition

    Remastered by Martin Bowes at the Cage Studios, UK. Presented on high-quality 180gram heavyweight green transparent vinyl. Limited Edition.

    Medical Records returns to Germany for another piece of the Neue Deutsche Welle story with the reissue of the one and only album by Tse-Tse. Long out of print from it’s original 1983 pressing on Neuland Tonträger, it is due to be heard again.

    Highly recommended for fans of the Neue Deutsche Welle genre and especially those fans of Die Gesunden, instrumental tracks of Der Plan, and even the synth stylings of Soft Cell.

    Tse-Tse were Claas Melhop and Clement Hülse. The duo met in Hamburg at a disco. While Claas was a medical student and trained flutist, Clem was a school drop out playing in a German punk band (Hermann’s Ogrie) which he joined when he was only 16. They hit it off and spent a lot of time listening to early Human League, Virgin Prunes and other oddball stuff from the time. In between hanging out at trendy bars at some point, Clem took a tiny toy Casio keyboard over to Claas’s place. They began improvising and playing through the home stereo. The drum machine sounds were simply whatever was built into the cheap gear, and everything was recorded on a cassette tape player. The songs came together quite easily with key changes and rhythms evolving quite instinctively. A friend of the band ran an independent record label and insisted they go into the studio. They recreated their homemade tunes and added some vocals, sax, bass, and effects. They did use a Korg MS20 and Roland Drumatix which they now had access to.

    Following the recording, Clem moved to Berlin and later London. He played in multiple grunge bands, but none of them had any use for the novelty toy synthesizers (which at this point were deteriorating rapidly). Back in Hamburg, Claas finished the album but shortly thereafter he suffered a serious car accident. Sadly the entire project suffered a premature end, and none of the pieces were ever performed live.

    Clement is still playing in bands today and works as a web designer. Claas eventually finished his medical degree and moved to Berlin. He continued to play music with Temple Fortune who released several albums. He is now an established psychiatrist. The album is a very interesting hybrid of minimal instrumentals interspersed with unique more melodic tracks with vocals. There seems to be an almost prog element (in the most stripped down of fashions) and a clear knack for experimentation. After the brief intro, the first track “Land In Sicht” highlights the duo’s mastery of novelty keyboards highlighted by restrained use of synth and bass guitar with moody vocals. Whereas the first side tends to feature more traditional style synth oriented tracks with vocals (though still quirky and atypical), the second side evolves into long convoluted instrumental pieces with samples and an array of synths and drum machines in a more heady fashion.

    Highly recommended for fans of the Neue Deutsche Welle genre and especially those fans of Die Gesunden, instrumental tracks of Der Plan, and even the synth stylings of Soft Cell.

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