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Genre pick of the week Cover of Wait 'Til Night by Cooly G.
Cooly G returns with ‘Wait 'Til Night’, an album of sensitive, lo-fi bedroom music, its lyrics sketching dreamy scenarios of seduction, lust and sex. The moody South London house of her debut album 'Playin Me' and her DJ sets has given way to a near-horizontal, sometimes melancholy and highly original take on R&B. The tracks swing effortlessly with no-fuss musical arrangements that are filtered through reggae sound system culture and US R&B in equal amounts, with a slight hint of dark synth-pop wound throughout. The pace has come down from the deep, tribal house she's known for so far, with the only constants that run through the album - her intimate vocals and smokey synths - cross-hatched with her characteristic broken rhythmic sense.

Opening with title track, Cooly coos about a date, over an infectious synth lead that wouldn't sound out of place on a Depeche Mode song. 'Like A Woman Should' is twilight music, synths rolling out like clouds over pulsing drums, while the vocals whisper invitations. 'Your Sex' is a fantasy with synths and surprisingly stabbing, hooky and distorted rhythm guitar. 'I Like' feels like the opening of an especially dreamy jungle track stretched into a full pop song. 'Dancing' rolls out drums and a mini guitar figure into a gently dizzy waltz, while 'Quick Question' plays out the scenario after the dance. 'Want's' barely-there song structure of drum and occasional bass with a wiry synth lead, is accompaniment to a near-whispered vocal. The pace steps up with the smouldering 'So Deep', with a deep synth bassline and a muscular hip hop beat. '1st Time' is all depth charge bleeps, guitars and piano. 'Freak You' is spacious and guitar driven, with Cooly beaming in directives through a distant voice transmission. The album's final honest, angry and forlorn track, 'The 3 Of Us', comes down hard on an absent parent, a full stop on the romance that the album narrates. It also reveals Cooly G as a skilled rap artist, something she’s kept hidden until now, with double-time flows casting off a missing babyfather. ‘Wait ‘Til Night’ finds Cooly G casting her net wider than her debut album, with songs that are more confident, accessible and stylistically consistent. The album comes laced with Cooly's unique honesty and charm and is sure to win her new fans with her catchy melodies, slow-jammed stories of blighted urban romance, and engaging lack of pretension.

The diabolical double act of Les Disques De La Mort and Kill The DJ, two labels joined at the hip make their first ever collaboration and it's well worth the wait. The evil twins introduce CAR the latest project from Chloe Raunet, a melange of dark electronics, chugging beats and the swirls of her spectral vocals. Friend of the LDDLM family, Roman Flugel steps up on a remix tip and drops a ripsnorting synthetic driver. There are bleeps, there are subs, and Chloe's vocal drifting on top of a general electronic monster. Kill the DJ may have commissioned the Planningtorock remix but LDDLM loved it so much they stole it for this vinyl release. Jam has made the song hers, pitching down the vocal, punking up the bass grove and adding sumptuous disco strings for some seriously danceable high art! Manfredas' remix of "Angelina" has been given extensive road testing by Ivan Smagghe over the past year. A tricky one to describe, this stomping remix incorporates gloomy synths and mournful bells as it advances unrelentingly. A cross between a panzer and Rondo Veneziano on acid, this is one for those who dare. Finally, Robert Johnson and Hivern wunderkid, Benedikt Frey delivers a brilliant acid rendering which just builds and builds. A million miles away from plastic warehouse cliches, this growling remix channels C.A.R.'s scowl and sneer with devastating results. Could this mark the return of electroclash? Watch this space.

Chicks on Speed are back with a new daring style of Media-Art-Pop-Music.

The album and series of six interactive musical instrument apps presents analogue craft strategies alongside digital human computer interaction, in a collision between pop music, art, activism and data - this album and international series of interactive live-art exhibitions and concerts to launch 'Artstravaganza' invites Chicks on Speed audiences to become PROSUMERS.

'Artstravaganza' was created by Murray-Leslie and Logan in collaboration with leading contemporary artists, activists, producers and a princess, including: Julian Assange, Yoko Ono, Peter Weibel, Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza, Christopher Just, Oliver Horton, Angie Seah and Anat Ben- David.

La Roux

Kiss And Not Tell / Tropical Chancer

The second single from the Top 10 album 'Trouble In Paradise' is 'Kiss And Not Tell' which is available on a limited 7" single - 500 copies only.

La Roux has form when it comes to the earworm pop hook, and I'm sure you'll find 'Kiss And Not Tell' orbiting your brain oncde heard. It's 1970s end of the pier kiss me quick meets early Depeche Mode electro-pop. Going deeper is mellow electro-poppin' reggae number 'Tropical Chancer'.

'Many Faces Out Of Focus' comprises six joyously well produced tracks from 22 year old Essex boy Stuart Howard. His productions have already caught the interest of those voices seeking future cult heroes and it is no surprise that the finesse with which he controls samples and synths has left every new listener we've played it to smiling with glee. It is easy to cloud the blissful abstracted popiness of this record with the details of its complexities. It's the way that he produces so playfully, breaking rules that others could not and involving the listener in a way that very few producers are able that hooked us in. It wasn't until the mastering studio that we discovered differently tuned bass drums panned to one side then another, a wash of reverb squeezed hard into only one channel and numerous tiny recorded vocal samples. The EP opens with a layered crescendo build on clicks and a seething synth sound, 30 seconds of darkness explodes suddenly into pop hits, tempered with sub bass, set against a sampled and repitched vocal. From this point the EP bathes your brain in lush textures, surprising and explosive atmospheres set in unencountered, unearthly spaces, all somehow perfectly set against catchy rolling choruses informed by pop and commercial R&B.


12" Info: Limited purple vinyl pressing.

Hotly anticipated sophomore album from Felix Martin (Hot Chip), Al Doyle (Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem) and Tom Hopkins.

Recorded at their own Lanark Studios in Shoreditch and Club Ralph in West London with Mark Ralph (Franz Ferdinand, Clean Bandit), the 10-track self produced album follows their 2012 debut ‘Yesterday Was Lived And Lost’.

An unashamedly electronic collection, ‘Pour It On’ is a cohesive and assured record of rich, monolithic dance music. With shades of The Human League, textures reminiscent of Caribou or Dan Avery and vocal turns right out of Richard Thompson’s songbook, it explores the outer limits of the pop-song-structure.

Topped and tailed by ‘The Sunlight’, the band’s atmospheric festival set opener, and ‘Pour It On’ a beautifully crafted seven and a half minute masterpiece, the album is an anthemic set of bold statements, lyrically addressing very human concerns; broken lives, frustration, fear and confusion, whilst simultaneously celebrating the resistance of the human spirit.

Craig Clouse, aka Shit & Shine, follows up his stunning "Powder Horn" and "Find Out What Happens When People Start Being Polite For A Fucking Change" with this brand new set of pure heat for Gangsigns. Clocking in at just over 31 minutes, this brand new release pushes on from the last just that little bit further, chopping and screwing it’s way from the dancefloor to the slow jam in six easy steps. From the all drums blazing assault of "Be Careful" to the Drexciyan groove of "Can't Be Trusted" via the biggie click of "Catapilllar" this is red hot from the get go. Then do the flip for the KDJ bounce of "Geenskul", the smoothed out "Welly Too Far Away" and the looped funk that is "What’s Wrong With Me" and you got end to end burners. Once again Craig Continues to be one of the most important and original producers out there.


Matt says: More cough-syrup swiggin', chopped'n'screwed southern disco and Texan house jive. Essential tackl for the fReAkz!!!


Ltd 12" Info: 180g vinyl

Wild Beasts

Mecca / Palace - Juan Atkins / Sohn / Steve Moore / Foals Remixes

Limited ediition remix 12" with silver printed labels. Wild Beasts' indie sounds get remixed for a different dancefloor, a different bedsit. Detroit techno legend Juan Atkins applies driving pressure to 'Mecca', adding two stepping beats and gurgling acid. Sohn takes the track in more of a down-tempo direction; synthetic slo-mo vibes. Dreamier still is the rework of 'Palace' by Steve Moore, which transforms the track with brooding kosmische textures. So, that leaves Foals to provide a final dancelfloor fling, going down the wonky indie-house route for their remix of 'Palace'.

On the same day Ba Da Bing releases an album by Dunedin legend Hamish Kilgour, the label is honored to present the city’s current artists.

The tiny city of Dunedin, located in the Otago Region of New Zealand, is synonymous with smart bands, incredible melodies and a wholly distinct and innovative music. Thanks to The Clean, The Chills, The Bats, The Verlaines, and The Dead C, Dunedin has amassed a worldwide reputation for innovative music.

Local label Fishrider Records has taken on the mission of compiling and producing an album that casts a light toward the Dunedin of today. These bands have all created their own sound away from the shadow of their city’s past, yet like many of their predecessors they retain the air of slightly disturbed melancholia along with a sense of space and distance from the rest of the world. Whether it is dark synth-pop, teen angst noise pop, guitar-and-organ jangle, or all-out psychedelic weirdness, these songs all come from a place on the edge of the world where the young still read books in abundance and fend off boredom by creating music and art in cold houses. Yet again, an extraordinary number of incredible groups are populating the scene, and the songs on Temporary are the best of the best—a Dunedin Double Plus Good, if you will.

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