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Genre pick of the week Cover of Trevor Jackson Presents - Science Fiction Dancehall Classics by Various Artists.
A curated selection of classics, rarities and unreleased tracks from the On-U Sound vaults by DJ and audio visual artist Trevor Jackson (aka Playgroup / Underdog), renowned for his 'Metal Dance' compilations of industrial-dance on Strut Records, having worked with the likes of LCD Soundsystem and Four Tet via his Output Recordings Label, and a recently released acclaimed multi edition album of his own music ('F O R M A T') via the Vinyl Factory.

This is the electro-fried avant-garde side of On-U Sound. Whilst still containing the dub DNA that define Adrian Sherwood’s productions, these tracks document a period when this sonic vision was realised through saturated sheets of electronics, reverberating drum machines and extreme chopped-up tape edits. Joining the dots between post-punk, dub, hip hop, electro and industrial, the compilation is a vital snapshot of musical soundscapes from the alternative dancefloor.

A longtime fan of the label, Trevor comments: “Not only did On-U sound and Adrian Sherwood's early production work introduce me to dimensions of sound I’d never experienced, inspire me to start making music and start my own record label, his live mixing at a notoriously loud Mark Stewart and the Maffia gig during the mid-80’s also gave me lifelong tinnitus. On-U’s timeless releases portray a savage disregard for conformity, representative of an era where attitude and ethos spoke volumes. An uncontrived mix of cultures, minds and powerful personalities combined to produce revolutionary sonic adventures that sound as unique and vital today as they did over 30 years ago. Putting this compilation together is nothing short of an honour.”

Available on as a 2CD / 27-track set, or a 3LP edition that has 20 tracks on the vinyl plus the additional 7 tracks from the CD as part of the download card.

Fully annotated with sleevenotes that tell the story behind each track. Features 3 completely unreleased tracks (inc. a crucial early cut by Neneh Cherry) and 6 tracks that have never been reissued on CD (inc. the amazing debut recording by a pre-Massive Attack Shara Nelson).

Aïsha Devi

Of Matter And Spirit

Continuing from the highly-praised ‘Conscious Cunt’ EP, Aïsha Devi’s debut album ‘Of Matter And Spirit’ sees the Swiss-Nepalese producer, vocalist and label owner resume her dark and intricate self-journey and investigation of the disconnection between matter and spirit in society, commenting upon media and consumerism, collective mental and spiritual resistance, and finding inner peace.

The album is a moving landscape of interconnected themes and experimental techniques. Using sound and vibrations to create a sense of healing and awareness, Devi’s production dilutes and skews traditional formats. Crafting vortices of haunting sounds from her vocals and production, her work is deeply self-reflective, yet simultaneously taps into the collective consciousness in order to awaken our senses.

Goldie Thorn

Canal Life

    Canal Life is the debut release of London based Melbourne duo Goldie Thorn. Canal Life is a bouncy filtered disco pop venture influnced by the sounds of the East London water ways. Emu/Akai hardware sampler librarys are guided by sweet vocals, bargain digital synths and melodic picked bass. This is also the debut release of their very own dreamtime records, dream analysis music. A imited run of 200. enjoy, canal life!

    Panagiotis Melidis started writing music as Larry Gus (λάρυγγας [larigas], Greek for larynx) in 2006, after his previous band, the bass and drums duo Ginger, parted ways. Initially his music combined sample-based constructions and psychedelic pop melodies, merged into an infinitely dense amount of layers and polyrhythms. He soon became known for his energetic and chaotic improvised live performances that involve intricate layering of vocals, drums, and electronics… along with lively stage banter.

    On his new DFA album, "I Need New Eyes" (a title inspired by a Marcel Proust misquotation), moving slowly out of his sample-based roots and using clearer songwriting structures as his starting point, he stares intensively into his obsessions, anxieties and inadequacies, namely failure, humiliation, subservience, submission, and comparisons with other musicians’ careers, always through the prism of a provincial outsider.

    Jagwar Ma X Dreems

    Another Day In The Sun

      Meeting up in Australia after time spent in Europe and North America, old friends and collaborators Angus Gruzman (Dreems) and Jono Ma (Jagwar Ma) teamed up in Sydney and celebrated their personal climate change with a cover of The Moffs '80s cult classic. Equal parts of each artist shimmer in this visceral version of ‘Another Day In The Sun’

      A love letter to the end of the summer, also featuring the vocals of Gabriel Winterfield (Jagwar Ma), the song takes sonic cues from their surroundings on the Australian east coast. This is a one-off collaboration released to tie-in with Dreems current tour dates.


      Ltd 12" Info: Limited edition white label.

      After the incendiary beauty of ‘Dream A Garden’ Jam City returns with an EP of bass-heavy, club-ready extensions of standout album cuts.

      ‘Crisis’ and ‘A Walk Down Chapel’ are given the 'Earthly' treatment; the chugging, emotional and delirious new sound emerging from the impromptu club night and mix series.

      The previously unheard ‘Dream ‘15’ is a closing signal soaked in the ecstasy of riot, marrying the modern psychedelia of ‘Dream A Garden’ to the relentless, low end intensity of Jam City’s infamous live shows.

      Yuzo Koshiro

      Streets Of Rage OST - Red Vinyl Edition

      Now, while I'd never want to take anything away from Minecraft and its innovative ambient soundtrack, I should point out things were a little different back in the day. Dressed in my best Fruit Of The Looms, LA Lights and a Sonic The Hedgehog t-shirt, I'd get together with my friends Adam, Axel and Blaze and kick some criminal ass on SEGA's classic Streets Of Rage. Aside from the non-stop side scrolling brilliance and boss battle beat-downs, the game was made all the better by Yuzo Koshiro's sublime chiptune soundtrack. Drawing inspiration from house, techno, rave and new jack swing, Yuzo emulated the most up to date club sounds to accompany your technicolor journey through the dystopian streets. From the emotive Italo piano on "The Street Of Rage", through the jazzy new jack of "Player Select" to the crushing synths of "Fighting In The Streets", Yuzo perfectly apes Don Carlos, Jimmy Jam and Joey Beltram and that's only on the first three tracks. Now remastered and released as the first part of Koshiro’s monumental and highly influential trilogy, this is an essential release!


      Patrick says: Yuzo Koshiro's killer video game soundtrack gets a vinyl release boasting the best in new jack, rave and techno chip tune. There's even a total tearjerker in the form of "My Little Baby" - Mega!


      LP Info: Pressed on 180g translucent red vinyl, with traditional OBI strip and 2 x lithographic prints featuring artwork from the Japanese and US/EU editions of the game.

      Following the lead single 'Dancing Star' co-produced with Tom Furse of The Horrors, described by Thump as "the perfect cosmic jam", Lilies on Mars announce their full length album '∆GO', due for release by Lady Sometimes Records via Cargo Records on 25th September 2015. Born and raised in Sardinia, a magical island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, a place that recalls mystical legends and the strength of a population that has fought throughout history to keep traditions alive and never be fully conquered, Lisa and Marina moved to London 13 years ago. Some time later Lilies on Mars emerged, the result of many long nights spent listening to music and jamming with every imaginable instrument at their home studio in Hackney, from guitars to vintage organs, synthesizers, effects and drum machines.

      The contrast of living between these two places has had a profound effect on Lilies on Mars' music. It became a way to navigate their experience, gently incorporating all the information that inspired them, becoming notes and melodies but more precisely a sound. Delicate, surreal and sometimes disturbing, like a lily growing on a red planet. This is the imagery within which they are suspended, where time does not exist. Collaborations with Italian pop experimentalist Franco Battiato also dramatically influenced and inspired the project in its early stages.

      Lisa and Marina began writing '∆GO' immediately after returning from an extensive tour of Europe and America. Filled with inspiration, excitement and with overwhelming changes in their lives post tour, they searched for shelter at Lisa's beach house in Sardinia. Here they set up a studio and found the perfect space and freedom needed to create and experiment with new sounds. All songs on '∆GO' were written from edited improvisations and immediately recorded, whilst post production is also a key element in the whole creative process. Retro-futurist, psychedelic and cosmic pop elements are accentuated on this record. At times uplifting, at times drone- and Kraut-like.

      They are strongly influenced by primitive electronic experimentalists and pioneers such as Delia Derbyshire and Daphne Oram of The BBC Radiophonic Workshop. The title '∆GO' symbolises the retro-futurist concept; without context the word becomes abstract and helps to weave together the past and future (AGO also means needle in Italian). It can be read as AGO as used in story telling of times 'long ago' or as A GO, as if giving a go at something new in the future. Equally, the lines of Lisa and Marina's distorted silhouettes on both album cover artwork and 'Dancing Star' video, inspired by Rutt-Etra-Izer, provides a visual representation.

      "'Dancing Star' is a pulsing, sensual piece of ethereal synth pop with dreamy, trippy textures created with vintage analogue equipment including space echo (just like King Tubby!), ancient, dusty organs and the duo's lysergic vocal tones..." – Louder Than War.

      "Lilies on Mars' 'Dancing Star' Is the Perfect Cosmic Pop Jam..." – Thump .

      'Dancing Star' is a blissfully kissed slice of cruise controlling Kosmiche über-pop, sending forth love notes from an unspecified solar outpost through the galactic slipstreams on vapour trailing ice cream vans." – God Is In The TV.

      "Lilies on Mars are two very talented girls, I really love this song." – Lauren Laverne on 'Dancing Star' (selected for 6 Music Recommends 30/06/2015).

      Cale Parks

      The Diego Maradonna EP - Inc. Eddie C Remix

      Rothmans are back with their first real milestone as a label and what better way to celebrate the label's tenth record than honouring the greatest no10 of all time, Diego Armando Maradona Franco.

      After only three seasons Rothmans have developed a reputation for throwing us curve ball after curve ball, and in what has without doubt been their best season yet, off the back of Rothmans #8's house slammer from Aimes & Brassica, and Rothmans #9's Acid Arab chug from Naduve & Co.

      The 'Diego Maradona EP' comes from Brooklyn based producer Cale Parks. Also a professional drummer Cale has recently turned his hand to producing and off the back of some fine releases on HAKT (Have A Killer Time), he has now found his way onto the Rothmans team sheet.

      'The Big Bust' sounds like something you might hear as the opening to an Apparat album, the sweeping synths and beautifully scored piano create a delightful ambient electronica piece. Next up '9G' steps up the pace a bit with echo-drenched filmic piano and darker synths over a chugging ALFOS rhythm.

      The record is finished off with a banging breakbeat sounding remix of '9G' by Eddie C that gets on a hip-house tip, marrying those tinkling ivories with a funky breakbeat and acid gurgles.

      Piccadilly Records

      Mono Colour Print - Black Tote Bag

        One colour 'mono' print (white) of the Piccadilly Records logo on a black tote bag.

        Vactrol Park is an honest outpouring of thematic obsession, a celebration of championed studio components and the mastery of their nuance, an avant garde collaboration between Kyle Martin (Land of Light, Spectral Empire) and Guido Zen (Gamers in Exile, Brain Machine). Simply entitled "I" (the first of a 2 part series), this debut EP opens the door to a world of ebb and flow, layers of oscillation falling in and out of sync, keeping us on the brink of vertigo and, as cliché as it may sound, we find solace in its chaos. This homogeneous release plays with the notions of systems as beautifully symbolized Mario Hugo's capsule of cardiology - yet another visually arresting module in the ESP Institute catalogue. Some music is made for drugs, some is made on drugs, these tracks simply are drugs.

        Red Laser conductor general Il Bosco once again turns his beam onto eight tracks of mind melting original Italo disco numbers. Providing a another superb double vinyl release of tracks that have been inspirational to Red Laser Records and the labels releases.

        Not content with going for the obvious, Il Bosco has dug deep to find a superb cross section of Italo sounds. Face grillers are ramped up next to sleazy pop sensibilities. Goth-synth disco frottages next to 8-bit machine gun bass lines. Chugging masterpieces salivate on crystalline new romantics.

        As Il Bosco himself says (adopts strong Mancunian accent): 'Truth is, loads of Italo is shite but when its good it's up there with the best electronic disco music you will ever hear'. Check this album and you'll agree.

        For maximum disco potential several Red Laser protagonists have suitably revamped and edited some of the selections with Kid Machine and Il Bosco uniting in the cut, Flemming Dalum sprinkling his magic dust over a bonafide classic, and Parisian Romain Bezzina repairing an old banger.

        As always Red Laser pay close attention to detail with all tracks carefully restored and remastered, whilst the vinyl comes in full colour heavy card inners with two riso print poster sleeves and a gatefold PVC cover.

        Limited to 500 copies and no repress!

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