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Genre pick of the week Cover of Timeline by Mild High Club.
"If you haven’t heard the name Alexander Brettin aka Mild High Club before, you’ll be hearing it a lot soon. He’s toured with Wire, Mac DeMarco, Mikal Cronin, and Ariel Pink. The shaggy-haired Los Angeles transplant’s debut album, Timeline, is released through a new offshoot of Stones Throw Records, Circle Star Records. While making the album, Brettin collaborated with Ariel Pink, and Pink’s influence is evident on Mild High Club’s first psychedelic single, “Undeniable.” It feels like a lost ’60s tune, each note sustained with a twirl of vibrato creating an elongated nonchalant West Coast vibe. Perhaps it’s the electronic organ, but the song has a pleasant, almost childlike simplicity. “Undeniable” manages to be upbeat despite its slow tempo. It’s sweet, in all senses of the word." - Stereogum

The Butterscotch Cathedral

The Butterscotch Cathedral

    The Butterscotch Cathedral is the new psychedelic studio project from Matt Rendon (The Resonars, Lenguas Largas) with Chris Ayers & Jim Waters. Featuring three tracks total (side one is one 18-min sidelong track, & side two contains "Loud Heavy Sun" & the 17-minute suite "Lisa's Dream") the project is Rendon's homage to the great Sixties & Seventies concept records from bands like The Who & The Beach Boys, both of whom Rendon cite as an influence. Art & design by Jason Willis. Plenty of great music has been the byproduct of a singular vision; that "man-alone" in the studio producing genius works (Brian Wilson, Curt Boettcher, Pete Townshend).

    Tuscon, AZ's Matt Rendon know plenty about being the "man-alone" in the studio. Ever since he debuted The Resonars in the early Nineties he's produced six albums of Sixties mod-inflected power pop all by himself in his home studio. The Butterscotch Cathedral is the latest album from Rendon & his first project outside of The Resonars since 2004. The Butterscotch Cathedral "s/t" debut is comprised of only three tracks total; one shorter song "Loud Heavy Sun", & two longer suites both nearing the 18 minute mark ("Side A" and "Lisa's Dream").

    In this day & age, sidelong tracks in the context of a "rock & roll band" are scarce, and 'The Butterscotch Cathedral' hearkens back to an era that could produce albums like 'Smile' & 'Quadrophenia' without batting an eye. Rendon's had two decades to familiarize himself with his home studio & on this album he's never sounded more at home. Rendon attacks the tunes here with renewed vigor, with every song crackling with shimmering melodic intensity & the sharpest hooks this side of The Brill Building. The tunes embedded within the albums sides ebb & flow from fiery rockers to emotive ballads, woven together in a psychedelic tapestry by Rendon & studio-mate Jim Waters. They fold & unfold onto each other like the rolling ocean tides. Songs like "Waterfall Parasol" & "Uncle Tommy's Song" are snappy power pop numbers, utilizing the Resonars model as a springboard into new territory along with the upliftingly melancholic dirge of "Saxifrage Drive" & the 17-minute "Lisa's Dream" suite on Side Two which bounces to & fro between sparkling pop, acoustic balladry, psychedelic mindfuckery & gorgeous, layered vocal harmonies. 

    The Doors

    L.A. Woman - Limited White Vinyl Edition

      1971's L.A. Woman, released shortly before Morrison's death in Paris, delivered the signature songs "Love Her Madly," "Riders On The Storm," and the title track.


      Ltd LP Info: Limited edition white vinyl.

      It´s not often a "jazz" band take the big step from the club scene to a 1300 capacity rock venue like Oslo´s Rockefeller. But then again, Elephant9 is not your ordinary jazz band, often being named as Norway´s best live band - surely quite rare for an instrumental band - they are equally popular in jazz and rock circles. On this, their fourth studio album, Elephant9 once again join forces with Reine Fiske - the quite excellent Swedish guitarist from Dungen and The Amazing - for an epic slice of mindblowing modern rock´n´jazz prog psychedelia.

      "Silver Mountain" is their finest album so far, where all the parts fall into place. The core trio is still Ståle Storløkken, Nikolai Hængsle Eilertsen and Torstein Lofthus, three of Norway´s finest musicians. Guest Reine Fiske brings another dimension to the band and is now so integrated that he might as well be considered a permanent member."Silver Mountain" is an epic double album containing five tracks between 10 and 22 minutes, four tracks being originals in addition to the most spaced out version of "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" you´re likely to encounter.

      Ståle Storløkken (Hammond Organ, Fender Rhodes, Minimoog, Prophet t8, piano) is widely considered to be the most inventive keyboard player from the fertile Norwegian jazz scene, his playing with bands like Supersilent, Humcrush, Motorpsycho, Terje Rypdal and countless others being firm testament to this.

      Nikolai Hængsle Eilertsen (bass, acoustic guitars) is since long a member of popular rock group Big Bang as well as Ketil Møster´s quartet Møster!

      Torstein Lofthus (drums) is a most versatile drummer who has done a lot of session work as well as playing in jazz, soul and rock bands, most notably blackjazzers Shining.

      Reine Fiske (electric and acoustic guitars) is a member of Dungen and The Amazing and has guested on two recent Motorpsycho albums. He is also heavily involved in the fine Swedish record label Subliminal Sounds. 

      Evil Blizzard

      Everybody Come To Church

        Like Hawkwind on even more acid or Sunn O))) meets Butthole Surfers/P.I.L. with four bassists and droning powerful songs...

        Those masked marauding architects of cacophonic, bombastic, psychedelic bass bothering rock have been at it again, by which we mean making another album of unrivalled and quintessentially unique rock music.

        Everybody Come To Church is the new album from Evil Blizzard. To say it’s been eagerly awaited in many quarters is an understatement, something we reckon fellow North-West based musician Mr Mark E. Smith, who’s been heard to say of the Blizzard “I like Evil Blizzard, they give me hope that music is alive and kicking” will no doubt agree with. The Guardian are also huge fans of the band having featured them on their cover and describing them as“…afearsome collision of Hawkwind, krautrock, molten noise, dazzling psychedelic lights and weird, gnarly looking masks.”
        The album was “recorded live in one day with minimal overdubs at Magnetic North Studios” “Everybody Come To Church is a fierce, spontaneous outburst of evil noise.” Like we’d expect anything less. They hadonly four songs written before entering the studio and the rest of the album just ‘happened’ around ideas they’d had knocking about.“Everybody Come To Church features eight tracks of brooding, sinister psychedelic rock that will melt your mind and soul. You have been warned” concludes the press release. Amen to that.

        And so to the first proper taster off the album. Evil Blizzard acolytes (of which there are many) will already be familiar with it as it first saw the light of day as a single released by our friends over at Rocket Records. The rest of you are in for a treat, so click play, sit back and prepare to enter the world of Evil Blizzard.


        Ltd LP Info: Vinyl limited to 500 copies on blue vinyl.

        Jimi Hendrix

        Are You Experienced

        Jimi Hendrix's debut recording was an instant classic, and is as startling today as when it first hit the streets in 1967. "Are You Experienced?" is probably the most rock-oriented of Hendrix's official studio releases, but its influences are incredibly diverse. "Third Stone From The Sun" recalls the supple octaves of jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery; the churning Afro-Cuban polyrhythms of "Manic Depression" evoke John Coltrane and Elvin Jones; "I Don't Live Today" employs ritualistic Native American drum beats; and the title tune borrows the Eastern airs of sitarist Ravi Shankar.

        Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding blast away with a barely controlled fury, and there's a distorted metallic edge to Hendrix's guitar timbre that has made "Are You Experienced?" a particular favourite among rock and heavy-metal guitarists. "Purple Haze" and "Foxy Lady" helped define the power-trio format, thanks to Hendrix's full-bodied rhythm guitar and his soaring solos. "Are You Experienced?" also established Hendrix as a singer-songwriter. His Dylanesque vocals and spacey imagery make each tune a little gem, especially on gentle outings such as the ballad "The Wind Cries Mary".


        LP Info: "Legacy vinyl" edition.

        Jimi Hendrix

        Axis: Bold As Love

        "Axis: Bold As Love" was the follow-up to "Are You Experienced?", and represented a much more conscious use of the recording studio's possibilities. Where his live shows continued to showcase the raw rocking power of the Experience, the recording studio gave Hendrix the composer/arranger a broader palette. There are still plenty of powerful blues/rock-inflected songs, such as the menacing "If 6 Was 9", the rolling "Spanish Castle Magic" and the spatial title tune. But "Up From The Skies" is a jazzy trio romp, featuring Hendrix's bluesy, vocalised wah-wah pedal. And on the ballads "Little Wing"and "Castles Made Of Sand", Hendrix shifts the focus from the band to the silvery chord/melody accompaniments he often employed to complement his vocals. They are an orchestral effect unto themselves.


        LP Info: "Legacy vinyl" edition.

        Ltd LP Info: 180 gram audiophile LP pressing. All analog remaster from the original 2-track master tapes by Jimi's original engineer. Comes with complete original artwork, and an 8 page LP sized booklet with rare photos and liner notes.

        Jimi Hendrix

        Electric Ladyland

        On "Electric Ladyland" Jimi Hendrix stretched and experimented in the studio, going beyond the power-trio format on what would be his last studio album with the Experience. "Electric Ladyland" was revolutionary in its scope and execution. Using New York City's Record Plant as a gateway to free expression, Hendrix traversed an abstract landscape containing compositions as weird and wonderful as "...And The Gods Made Love" and "1983...(A Merman I Should Turn To Be)".  Simultaneously looking forwards and backwards, Hendrix mixed in a song reminiscent of his time on the chitlin' circuit (Earl King's "Come On [Part 1]"), a Bob Dylan favourite ("All Along The Watchtower"), and one of his snappiest singles ("CrosstownTraffic"). Although Hendrix produced and wrote most of this masterpiece, others weighed in with their own contributions. Noel Redding penned "Little Miss Strange", and other guests such as Al Kooper and Buddy Miles showed up to play. Traffic's Steve Winwood and Jack Casady of Jefferson Airplane also made cameos, appearing on this classic album's spiritual centre, "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)".


        2xLP Info: "Legacy vinyl" edition.

        Higamos Hogamos

        Spacerocks - Picture Disc Edition

        Höga Nord Rekords give you Higamos Hogamos on a four track instrumental. This is something of a solo effort for Higamos Hogamos´s Steve Webster - but in good assisting company by friends and vicious machinery.  "Johari Window" features the fine fretwork of original Higamos guitarist Toby Jenkins as well as Stipo Androvic on funk bass duties and Chris Hodges holding the groove together solid on drums. What might not be as apparent is the audio signal from the guitar being filtered into Steve´s mouth through a hosepipe to make a ghetto talk box. "NY List" was the product of Higamos guitarist Andrew Robertson spontaneously finding a fuzz box and a backing track waiting, ready for some first take inspiration. For "Sorcery" and "Purest Space" it´s time to give the human masses a rest and jam your momsys arse to mars! To sum it up: Big spacediscorock, with elements of kraut, funk and hedonistic vibes to drag us all lost in dark and bright confusion!

        Litmus, Andrew Kidman’s first avant-garde surf film, served as a soulful reaction to the pop-punk progression that dominated the “alternative” mainstream. With the film's visceral and cerebral moodiness, folksy soundtrack, and meditative spirit, critics swooned over surf misfits like Wayne Lynch, Derek Hynd, Tom Curren, and Joel Fitzgerald. Despite the acclaim, the film was not much of a commercial success at the time. The aura of Litmus’ soundtrack, however, has found its cultish corner in the surf world.

        Prior to filming Litmus, Kidman’s band, The Val Dusty Experiment, recorded a total of thirty-five songs in one day. Additional contributions from Galaxie 500, Yothu Yindi and The Screaming Orphans diversify the score. Litmus was a defining moment in surf filmmaking -- it sparked an open-minded retro-progressive movement as surfers formed a higher consciousness about the types of boards they were riding and why.

        Kidman released his second film, Glass Love, ten years later. As with Litmus, the music came first; Kidman felt his songwriting was ready to take on a new life. Thanks in part to Litmus, experimentation in board design progressed as surfers became more contemplative, questioning, ‘is surfing art or sport?’ Glass Love and its soundtrack highlights this mindset and time period, creating an extra dimension to surfing that is still prevalent today.


        2xCD Info: 2CD in 6 panel, bi-fold chipboard digipack. Includes 16 page booklet with photos and ephemera from the films.

        2xLP Box Set Info: 2LP Heavyweight Box + 100 page book.

        Arguably the most important figure in Turkish rock and psychedelia, Erkin Koray’s 4th album Tutkusu was originally released in 1977 and has become one of the most sought after pieces of Turkish progressive psych-rock. Fetching big sums online the LP has been out of print for years. Sagara is delighted to repress it on vinyl to satisfy the demands of Turkish psych collectors everywhere with an essential piece from the legend himself.

        Though Erkin went strongly ethnic with his previous album "2", here he went back on his steps and made it with another brilliant psych-rock album obviously adorned again with some Turkish traditional music elements, though not as strongly as with "Elektronik Türküler". Here he even sings some tracks in English, having the whole album a more occidental appeal but losing near nothing of the incredible enchantment of Erkin's best recordings!


        L-85 Turntable - Green

          Direct MP3 encoding, from vinyl to USB stick
          Integrated stereo pre-amplifier
          2 rated speed settings 33 RPM and 45 RPM
          Moving Magnetic Cartridge (MMC)
          Mechanical arm lift
          Belt drive
          Auto return
          Track splitting
          Removable plastic dust cover
          412mm x 325mm size

          USB input
          RCA out


          Forever Changes - Limited White Vinyl Edition

            'Forever Changes' is Love's all-time classic album from the so called ‘Summer of Love’ of 1967. Neil Young was originally planned to produce the album but when he dropped out at the last minute it fell to Elektra in-house producer Bruce Botnik. Rumoured drug problems and band fall-outs created a tense atmosphere but one which resulted in an album of intricately arranged acoustic guitar, swelling strings and Spanish horns combined with morbid and foreboding lyrics which prophesized an end to the golden age. 

            'Forever Changes' is inarguably Love's masterpiece and an album of enduring beauty, but it's also one of the few major works of its era that saw the dark clouds looming on the cultural horizon, and the result was music that was as prescient as it was compelling – Mark Deming. 


            Ltd LP Info: Limited edition white vinyl.

            The album was anticipated by the single Saturation, released in July and remixed by Sonic Boom (founding member of Spacemen 3 and Spectrum), who also collaborated with the band on their previous 7inch single, Lying In The Sand. Defined a rumbling space-rocker by US’s Under The Radar Magazine, the single is also the opening track of this seven-tracks record, out on Thursday the 1st of October.

            Their adventure started in 2008, when Eric Strand founded the band with organist, guitarist and violinist Christian Eldefors. They are the only other permanent member of The Orange Revival. With just a demo they embarked upon a European tour by train, rambling around the capitals and sleeping at street corners most of the nights. In 2011 they released their first LP, Black Smoke Rising, and ever since they ended up playing two editions of Austin Psych Fest and toured Europe and USA for two years.

            During their European tours, they supported the likes of The Warlocks, White Hills and Spectrum, starting a solid relationship with Peter Kember. As anticipated by the single, Futurecent is a collection of doomsday drones, stirring up Blues, Punk and a touch of Desert Rock in a lysergic pot. Echoing some of the wildest chapters of Rock & Roll history, from The Stooges to Brian Jonestown Massacre and early Nebula, the record has a 60s hypnotic flavour, spiced up with hammering drums, organ buzz and fuzzy guitar riffs. 


            LP Info: 180 gram orange coloured vinyl.

            The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band

            21st Century Molam

            Born out of the legendary Paradise Bangkok sessions run by DJs Maft Sai and Chris Menist in Thailand, The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band play vintage molam music from the North-East of Thailand with a 21st century twist. Merging the trilling flute lines, crashing percussion and infectious groove of Thai funk with elements of disco, afrobeat and dub, the ensemble deliver an energetic blend of world sounds which explodes out the speakers. The album was recorded in Bangkok and mixed by Nick Manasseh in London, who also contributed a masterful dub to the band's debut single "Roob Lor Pu Thai". 

            Nashville's finest purveyors of febrile root-work psychedelia return with a dizzyingly accomplished second album that highlights an expanded band (including members of the Paperhead and Fly Golden Eagle); bigger, bolder arrangements featuring more and louder guitars, squally strings, and Steve Gunn; and road-ripened songwriting that veers between the frenetic and tender, recalling Jim Ford, the Pretty Things, the Grateful Dead, Dennis Linde, and the Byrds at their most eight-miles-fried.

            The current lineup likewise prominently features invaluable Nashville stalwarts Peter Stringer-Hye (The Paperhead) on additional vocals and rhythm guitar and polymath Mitch Jones (Fly Golden Eagle) on keyboards, as well as handling co-production and string arrangements on the record. That’s Peter singing on “She Takes Me There” and “Northern Country Scene,” and providing honey to Joe’s vinegar on “Through the Seasons”; his chugging rhythm parts allow Sean space to explore the stratosphere. Mitch’s complex but understated organ and electric piano parts color and thicken things throughout, providing a subtle glaze to the proceedings. Lest you think Promised Land Sound is a band that aspires to sound like the sum of their record collections, think again: the fact is that there just aren’t many other bands writing and inhabiting rock and roll songs of this scale and structural and performative sophistication. The Chiltonisms and chiaroscuro of “She Takes Me There” recall Big Star, but not so much in sound as in sentiment—the melancholy dislocation of a Southern band in a Southern city, but existing strangely out of time and pushing beyond geography. Listen to the bittersweet swagger of “Otherwordly Pleasures” or “Oppression”: despite the classic psych and pop influences, Promised Land Sound is in some essential sense a staunchly Southern band, unselfconscious classicists eager to anchor their songs in traditional forms while tearing at the edges of the vernacular.

            Reminds me of Eggs Over Easy & the Link Wray albums - a version of country-rock that isn't too glossy, that still has gravel stuck in the boot toes. - William Tyler

            What the Byrds might have sounded like had Gram Parsons joined the band a year or two earlier. Exemplary! – Uncut

            It has that wonderful bar-band sound. Really fresh! – NPR

            Brisk country-rock tunes that might make a young Gram Parsons kneel down and pray. - PopMatters

            'The Agent Intellect' is Protomartyr's third and finest work to date. Named after an ancient philosophical questioning of how the mind operates in relation to the self, it’s an elegant and often devastating display of all that makes Protomartyr so vital and singularly visceral an outfit. Over the course of several months, Greg Ahee waded through more than a hundred song fragments until he reached the bottomless melodies of “I Forgive You” and “Clandestine Time”, the inky depths of “Pontiac ’87” and titanic churn of “Why Does It Shake?” Lyrically, Casey is at his most confident and haunting. He humanizes evil on “The Devil in His Youth,” and, amid the charred pop of “Dope Cloud,” he reassures us that nothing - not God, not money - can or will prevent our minds from unraveling until we finally fade away. We are no one and nothing, he claims, without our thoughts. It’s a theme that echoes through the entirety of the record, but never as beautifully as it does on “Ellen.” Named after his mother and written from the perspective of his late father, it’s as romantic a song as you’re likely to hear this or any year, Casey promising to wait for her on the other side, with the memories she’s lost safely in hand.


            LP Info: Limited coloured vinyl.

            Radar Men From The Moon

            Subversive I

              Eindhoven based RMFTM are an instrumental space rock band that follows in the footsteps of The Heads, White Hills and Electric Moon. Their approach on the psychedelic rock scene is rather broad. By taking different genres in to account such as; shoegaze, neo-psych, space and noise rock, they take off in an interstellar exploration of new sounds that will take you on a trip far away into the unknown boundaries of space and time. 


              Ltd 12" Info: Vinyl limited to 500 only worldwide.

              The Sunset Strip

              Stone Lazy

                Having recorded / released several well received albums for Au Go Go in the mid to late 1980's/early 1990's, including the much revered "Move Right In" opus, once referred to as “..a minor masterpiece of multi-layered guitar riffs and dark, acid-blues / avant-sludge rock… it remains one of the most underrated independent albums ever issued in Australia…”.

                They recorded / released two incredible CDEPs, "Scrape It Out" and "Nothing Lost Nothing Gained" (both over 30 minutes long) for the Dogmeat label (for whom this album was to be released, but they sadly folded before it could happen, thus languishing in vaults since).

                This is an incredible snapshot of musical work from a verdent period in Melbourne / Geelong recording history.

                So, now in 2015 and Brown and fellow Strip guitarist Andy Turner have assembled the pieces and issued it on vinyl LP / CD. Drawn from a number of sessions, recorded between 1993-1995 by original band members Andy Turner and Warwick Brown with Mike Glenn / Paul Ryan and featuring guests Tim Hemensley, Joel Silbersher, and Charlie Owen. This is a first time release for this album; a vinyl pressing of 250 on the GREVILLE label and a w/w CD pressing on Agitated Records for this 10 tracker.

                The Sunset Strip emerged out of the vibrant 80s Australian indie music scene with very different slant to the Detroit sound that was predominant. Mining a seam of guitar-heavy music that stretched from The Byrds to Buffalo Springfield to Crazy Horse to Dinosaur Jr and beyond, the band was critically but never commercially successful and fell apart in 1995. This is guitar music at it's broadest - from maelstrom to melody.Prepare to be swept away.

                The Sunset Strip track "Mercy Killing" (recorded in the same time as this album) was featured on the recent Amorhpous Androgynous; Wizard of Oz compilation.

                A really special archival release, there will be a primer of classic Sunset Strip tracks released on Agitated soon also.

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                LP Info: LP comes with a DL code to link to a heap of unreleased bonus tracks. LP has exhaustive "Sunset Strip" sleeve notes written by Andy and Warwick.

                CD Info: CD both has exhaustive "Sunset Strip" sleeve notes written by Andy and Warwick.


                Marquee Moon - Limited White Vinyl Edition

                  Television were part of the late ‘70s punk nucleus that put New York’s CBGB club on the map. Driven by Tom Verlaine’s raw-nerve song-writing and both his and Richard Lloyd’s guitar playing - dual strands of slashing hooks and cathartic riffs - their music is spare yet structurally complex, artistic yet unpretentious. Among rock’s true innovators, Television put a new face on punk and influenced everything from New Wave to jam-rock.

                  ‘Marquee Moon’ is widely considered as one of rock’s great debuts and 2012 sees its 35th anniversary of influencing and leading the way for many bands to come.

                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                  Ltd LP Info: Limited edition white vinyl.

                  Various Artists

                  Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia Presents PZYK Vol.1

                  Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia are thrilled to announce the release of PZYK Vol.1 - a deluxe triple vinyl compilation celebrating the current neo-psychedelic underground. 

                  Featuring a mix of exclusive tracks, re-mixes, rarities and album cuts, the compilation spans and charts the global PZYK diaspora, with artists from around the world contributing to an international selection comprising 30 of the current movement’s key noisemakers.

                  All the artists featured on the release have either performed at Liverpool Psych Fest, or are heading to Liverpool for this year’s festival, set to be held over the weekend of 25th/26th September within Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle.

                  PZYK Vol.1 features Goat, K-X-P, Clinic, Föllakzoid, Jane Weaver, Blanck Mass, Fever The Ghost, POW!, The Lucid Dream and many, many more....

                  Writing for the release’s liner notes, The Quietus’ Julian Marszalek observed, “Just as ownership of a wah-wah pedal and a phalanx of effects doesn’t mean you’ve got a psychedelic band, neither does a grouping of such acts make for a psychedelic festival. Similarly, a fetishisation of the 1960s and a retro outlook through rose-tinted headphones isn’t a statement of what’s happening in the here and now of the 21st century. No, what’s needed is an understanding of the form; how it’s developed and mutated into something new while retaining the all-important ability to startle the listener from accepted forms of reality into an altered state. And this is where the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia truly succeeds.”

                  Marszalek continues, “As evidenced by this epic release, this is a broad church and one not limited to orthodoxy or limited structures. Over these six sides of vinyl you’ll find contained the bands that have come to define the well-deserved reputation of this incredible annual event. And as the music flows from your speakers, you’ll come to realise that contributions have come from all over the globe. We’re not alone; this is happening the world over and for one very special weekend at the end of September in the north west of England, the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia crystalizes this movement into something quite beautiful. There are many levels of experience to unravel and this is the place to start.” 

                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                  3xLP Info: Black vinyl edition.


                  Various Artists

                  Whyte Horses Frosinone Mixtape Volume III

                  Manchester band Whyte Horses’ Dom Thomas is well known for his collecting rare and obscure music often released as quirky compilations on his label Brutal Music imprint. Currently touring with Whyte Horses, he found time to make an exclusive CD of the band's inspirations and loves to sell at their gigs. It's an amazing hour-long mixtape of interesting and forgotten psychedelic music that takes in (mostly) tropicalia, Brazillian folk, minimalism and dreamy psych. Dom describes as "an hour of looking at a sun drenched mountain range through kaleidoscopic glasses, where slacker-folk anthems do battle with desert-pop breaks and Led Zepplinesque Eastern ballard standards.” 100 copies only.

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