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Genre pick of the week Cover of Ghost In The Shell OST by Kenji Kawai.
Composer Kenji Kawai was chosen to recreate the futuristic cyber-punk atmosphere that emanates from the 'Ghost In The Shell' manga, into music. Assisted by the percussionist Yuhki Sugawara, Kenji Kawai reached the summit of his art by delivering captivating music, halfway between ambient electronics, traditional Japanese music and Buddhist ritual chanting. The synthetic and ethereal soundscapes, almost disturbing, blend perfectly with gongs, bells or female choirs filled with echoes. The listener is plunged into a dreamlike fable sound with a striking and evocative poetry that is reminiscent of the soundtrack of a certain Akira.

Reissued for the first time on vinyl.

Luke Abbott

Music For A Flat Landscape

Following his critically acclaimed second album 'Wysing Forest', Luke Abbott's next long-form release is the award-winning soundtrack to the British film 'The Goob'. Composed and produced by Luke Abbott in full, the LP picks up where his previous record left off. 'Music For A Flat Landscape' is a set of beautiful, meditative electronic music that shows Luke Abbott is a composer and musician at his zenith. The music was awarded 'Best Soundtrack' at the Stockholm Film Festival in late 2014. The album is released on Abbott's new label Buffalo Temple.

Eddie Cochran & Gene Vincent

The Saturday Club - Red Vinyl Edition

Two giants of rock 'n' roll on one album featuring fully remastered rare broadcasts of the two of them together on that very last tour Eddie Cochran would do before his tragic death. Limited RED vinyl LP contains free poster and ticket facsimile as well as being mastered specifically for vinyl. Contains 6 classic hits “Summertime Blues”, “Be Bop A Lula” “Twenty Flight Rock”, ”Hallelujah I Love Her So“, “Something Else” and “C’mon Everybody”. Includes the track “White Lightnin’“ which features BOTH Eddie and Gene together on the same song! In depth liner notes by Author Max Decharne and classic design by Sophie Lo.

Brian Gascoigne And David Briscoe

PHASE IV Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

* Never before released in any format
* 12 page booklet featuring never before seen photos and conceptual art
* Artwork by Kilian Eng
* Liner notes by Sean Savage of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
* 180 gram “100% Yellow” wax to represent the toxic repellent used to fight the ant invasion

Never before released in any format, and what is highly regarded as a holy-grail for soundtrack enthusiasts, Waxwork Records and Paramount Pictures are honored to announce the definitive soundtrack release of the 1974 mind bending science-fiction masterpiece, PHASE IV.

Directed by the late, legendary poster artist and graphic designer Saul Bass, PHASE IV has gained a cult following while influencing numerous films such as Beyond The Black Rainbow. The unique, psychedelic synth-driven score is composed by Brian Gascoigne and David Briscoe, and full packaging artwork has been created by Swedish artist, Kilian Eng.

Waxwork Records has worked closely with the Bass family and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to create the ultimate PHASE IV soundtrack experience. The LP package comes complete with never before seen production and marketing photos, and unreleased conceptual art by Saul Bass that has been locked away in The Academy vaults for 40 years. Each LP package features a heavyweight Stoughton old-style tip-on gatefold jacket and a 12 page booklet with unreleased photography, liner notes from Sean Savage of The Academy, and a bonus art spread by Kilian Eng. The score has been mastered for vinyl by former White Zombie guitarist, J. Yuenger and pressed on 180 gram yellow vinyl.

Piscean Group originally formed as part of an astrological union founding members and initial line up Sir Robert & Osunlade share. Since the group's conception, Osunlade has created an open coalition of musicians from his childhood home St Louis. As an open forum, the group has no real members and is a voice for all writers, musicians and performers alike. The non-credit of participants gives the group's identity a backseat to the sheer pleasure of the music. This debut long player is intended as a soundtrack to an, as yet, unmade film. With an open landscape and no actual movie to score, the group’s imagination was allowed to go from soft to hard groove, and throw in a few cameo performances from Osunlade and rising LA pianist Daniel Crawford. Cinematic jazz, spiritual broken beat, deep, dreamy downbeat sounds abound. This movement proves to be the start of a long musical journey. Whether a Pisces or not, this will set your mood and elevate your spirit.

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