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Genre pick of the week Cover of Hyena - Vinyl Edition by The The.

The The

Hyena - Vinyl Edition

    Double album pressed on 140gm custom blue colour housed inside a 425 gsm leather look sleeve with an etching on side 4, also comes with full colour booklet and an exclusive lobby card.

    Death Waltz Recording Company are proud to bring you a modern classic from one of Britain’s most revered bands. Directed by Gerard Johnson, Hyena is a breakneck thriller dealing with Police corruption in West London with an incredibly atmospheric score by Matt Johnson aka The The. Following super-bent copper Michael, Hyena highlights the dark and grimy side of being on the take, with none of the flash and glamour usually seen in movies like this. The The – scoring their second movie with Gerard Johnson after TONY – give the film an evocative soundtrack that weaves between seduction and horror.

    The score to HYENA comes across like a fever dream; vignettes of hip-hop and house beats with incredible synthesizer melodies laid on top, threatening electronic effects roaring like a Formula 1 car engine, even choral sections with haunted vocals that show the inevitable influence of Vangelis. Instrumentation is eclectic, with electric and acoustic guitars creating anticipation and dissonance while steel drums and Eastern strings subconsciously illustrate the diversity of the area. Similarly, HYENA combines its musical influences to produce a score that reflects the danger of Michael’s situation but also the exhilaration. No matter how you feel about corruption or the police, HYENA is essential.

    John Carpenter

    Escape From New York - Expanded Vinyl Edition

      Originally released on CD in 2000, the expanded soundtrack edition of John Carpenter’s classic 1981 thriller included over 20 minutes of previously unreleased music plus music from scenes deleted from the final print.

      The masters were re-mixed from the original multi-track session tapes by long-time John Carpenter associate Alan Howarth.

      This is the first time the expanded edition has appeared on vinyl in its complete form,

      including original dialogue highlights.

      DMX Krew

      Funk Steps / Space Fonk

      Two brand-new hard electro-funk jams from label boss Ed DMX. Sure to be popular with funk and boogie revivalists as well as electro and breakdance fans. "Funk Steps" features a sparse, handclap-heavy beat, an arabian-style synth hook, some very greasy guitar playing and a vocoder lead vocal imploring the listener to get down and do their thing on the dancefloor. "Space Fonk" is an uptempo synth-funk number with squelchy synth bass, vocoder hook and live tambourine and guitar. Moogs and lazer zaps all over this one.Ed DMX continues to DJ & perform live around the world: recent bookings include Bloc Weekend, Batofar in Paris, Berghain in Berlin and many more while Fresh Up continues to cement itself as the go-to label for all things relevant in new boogie and funk music. Tip!

      Danny Elfman

      Nightbreed (Original 1990 Score)

        * 180 Gram “DECKER” colored vinyl (Burlap Mask with Blood Clot Splatter)
        * Super Heavyweight Tip-On Gatefold Jacket
        * Printed Inner Sleeve
        * Full Package Artwork by Rich Kelly
        * Re-Mastered for Vinyl

        Waxwork Records and Morgan Creek are proud to present the deluxe LP re-issue of Danny Elfman’s score to CLIVE BARKER’S NIGHTBREED. Long out of print and prohibitively expensive, the original soundtrack release of NIGHTBREED has become a sought after collectable LP for horror fans and vinyl soundtrack enthusiasts alike.

        Waxwork Records and Morgan Creek have partnered to release the NIGHTBREED soundtrack as a deluxe re-issue vinyl LP package featuring re-mastered audio, incredible full package artwork by Rich Kelly, 180 gram colored vinyl, and high quality packaging.

        Fans of Clive Barker, horror, soundtracks, and vinyl can now look no further for an overpriced, out of print version of this remarkable, classic score by the legendary Danny Elfman. This is the attainable, super high standard real deal straight from the depths of Midian.

        Harry Manfredini

        Friday The 13th Part II (1981 Original Score)

          * Features include 180 gram colored wax housed in a heavyweight old-style tip-on jacket
          * Full package artwork by Rich Kelly, and a fold out poster of the album cover art.
          * 180 gram Mrs. Voorhees Sweater with Blood Splatter

          Waxwork Records proudly presents the original motion picture score to the 1981 horror genre defining slasher sequel, FRIDAY THE 13TH PART II, directed by Steve Miner and Sean S. Cunningham. Working closely with composer Harry Manfredini, Waxwork Records brings the newly remastered score to vinyl for the first time, ever. The original master tapes were discovered in the Paramount Pictures vaults by Manfredini and have been faithfully restored, edited, and mastered for vinyl to create the definitive FRIDAY THE 13TH PART II LP release.

          Jacqueline Taieb

          The Swinging Mademoiselle

            Here's the first compilation of Jacqueline Taieb's incredible and much sought after '60s singles. This is French '60s beat / swinging mademoiselle at its best! The only one real French girl in the garage! Includes hits such as '7 Heures Du Matin', 'Le Coeur Au Bout Des Doigts', 'Qu'est Ce Qu'on Se Marre A La Fac De Lettres'... Grab it while you can! Limited to 300 copies.

            Various Artists

            Early Pakistani Dance Music From Original 7" Soundtracks 1967-1975

            'Early Pakistani Dance Music From Original 7" Soundtracks 1967-1975'. A wonderful LP of exotic sounds from Pakistan in the '60s and '70s. The tracks really deliver on the excellent sleeve packaging and cover design by Bwtchd Grfx. "We wanted the world to know what fantastic music these guys played in Pakistan in those days," says compiler Florian Pittner, who focused on instrumentals which were released on two-track 45rpm EPs and listed as either 'Dance Music' or 'Title Music'.

            Various Artists

            The Darjeeling Limited

              Set in India, the film incorporates the music of acclaimed director Satyajit Ray's own films, scoring from early Indian Merchant-Ivory films, and hit songs as well as deep album cuts by the Rolling Stones and the Kinks. Pressed onto 180 gram vinyl with download card included.

              Various Artists

              Troxy Music Fifties And Sixties Film Themes Screen 2

              On Bob Stanley's label, following up the acclaimed first volume of Troxy Music, here is another batch of film themes from the 50s and 60s, the golden age of cinema.From kitchen sink (A Taste of Honey) to Hollywood (Lolita), from cool jazz to proto rock'n'roll, and with vocal contributions from Jane Russell and Fred Astaire, Troxy Music Screen Two blends the rare, the famous, and the truly exotic. Grab some popcorn and take your red velvet seat

              • Most tracks available for the first time on CD
              • Thorough sleevenotes by Saint Etienne's Bob Stanley
              • Rare themes from classic films 

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