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Genre pick of the week Cover of Shenmue OST - Blue Vinyl Edition by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, Ryuji Luchi, Osamu Murata & Yuzo Koshirp.

Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, Ryuji Luchi, Osamu Murata & Yuzo Koshirp

Shenmue OST - Blue Vinyl Edition

The original soundtrack to the groundbreaking SEGA game, newly remastered and available for the first time ever on vinyl. A selection of beautiful orchestral tracks from one of the most important games of all time.

Pressed on 180g translucent blue vinyl, with traditional OBI strip, spot varnished cover and a lithographic print.

A stunning survey of the 1970s heyday of this great Japanese singer and countercultural icon. Deep-indigo, dead-of-night enka, folk and blues, inhaling Billie Holiday and Nina Simone down to the bone. A traditional waltz abuts Nico-style incantation; defamiliarised versions of Oscar Brown Jr and Bessie Smith collide with big-band experiments alongside Shuji Terayama; a sitar-led psychedelic wig-out runs into a killer excursion in modal, spiritual jazz. Existentialism and noir, mystery and allure, hurt and hauteur. With excellent notes by Alan Cummings and the fabulous photographs of Hitoshi Jin Tamura. Hotly recommended.

Alexandre Desplat

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part Two - Black / Blue Vinyl Edition

    Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows won the 2008 Colorado Blue Spruce Book Award, and “Best Book for Young Adults”. As JK Rowling's book was so long it was turned into two films, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Parts 1 & 2. Having released the score for 'Part 1', we're now treated to 'Part 2' as another deluxe edition from Music On Vinyl At The Movies.

    The bombastic, sinister and triumphant score is written and conducted by the French film composer Alexandre Desplat, famed for his work for blockbusters such as Godzilla and The Imitation Game.

    The soundtrack was nominated for a Grammy Award and it won the San Diego Film Critics Society Award for Best Score


    2xLP Info: • 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl
    • Gatefold Sleeve / Insert
    • First Pressing Of 1000 Numbered Copies On Black/Blue Transparent Vinyl

    Gianni Ferrio

    La Poliziotta OST - 180g Vinyl Edition

      A dream that has become reality: one of the best and among the most sought after soundtracks by Gianni Ferrio finally comes back to life in LP form. The original record has always been one of the rarest of the entire cult RCA SP series, considered an absolute must-have for the Italian groove hunters of the day: Jazz-funk texture with touches of blaxploitation, b-boy breaks, flipped out hammond, flashes of bossa and the vocal stylings of the unmistakable Edda Dell’Orso. The Four Flies issue, remastered from tapes of the original recording sessions, also contains two unexpected alternate takes never before released on vinyl.

      Yuzo Koshiro

      Streets Of Rage OST - Red Vinyl Edition

      Now, while I'd never want to take anything away from Minecraft and its innovative ambient soundtrack, I should point out things were a little different back in the day. Dressed in my best Fruit Of The Looms, LA Lights and a Sonic The Hedgehog t-shirt, I'd get together with my friends Adam, Axel and Blaze and kick some criminal ass on SEGA's classic Streets Of Rage. Aside from the non-stop side scrolling brilliance and boss battle beat-downs, the game was made all the better by Yuzo Koshiro's sublime chiptune soundtrack. Drawing inspiration from house, techno, rave and new jack swing, Yuzo emulated the most up to date club sounds to accompany your technicolor journey through the dystopian streets. From the emotive Italo piano on "The Street Of Rage", through the jazzy new jack of "Player Select" to the crushing synths of "Fighting In The Streets", Yuzo perfectly apes Don Carlos, Jimmy Jam and Joey Beltram and that's only on the first three tracks. Now remastered and released as the first part of Koshiro’s monumental and highly influential trilogy, this is an essential release!


      Patrick says: Yuzo Koshiro's killer video game soundtrack gets a vinyl release boasting the best in new jack, rave and techno chip tune. There's even a total tearjerker in the form of "My Little Baby" - Mega!


      LP Info: Pressed on 180g translucent red vinyl, with traditional OBI strip and 2 x lithographic prints featuring artwork from the Japanese and US/EU editions of the game.

      Franco Micalizzi

      Laure OST - 180g Vinyl Edition

        Out of all Franco Micalizzi’s soundtracks, this is the Holy Grail! The criminal domain usually occupied by the master in his famous police thrillers has been left behind. In Laure, also known as Forever Emanuelle, the territory explored is purely exotic/erotic: unadulterated Italian cinematic trip-hop, with the sensual vocals of Baba Yaga, the phenomenal percussion of Tony Esposito, the clavinet and fender rhodes of Enrico Pieranunzi. One of the most controversial films produced in Italy in the 1970s also hides one of the most surprising and original soundtracks ever completed in that period. Published in 1976 on RCA SP label, the record has been a joy and torment for whole generations of collectors, one of the most elusive of the series. Now, finally, remastered from the original master tapes preserved from the RCA archives, Laure can spin once again.

        Piccadilly Records

        Mono Colour Print - Black Tote Bag

          One colour 'mono' print (white) of the Piccadilly Records logo on a black tote bag.

          'Guardians Of The Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1' is the collection of songs featured in the film. Music plays a major role in Guardians Of The Galaxy as the 1970s songs featured in the film are part of the storyline in a unique way. Explaining how the songs come to play in the story, director James Gunn says, 'One of the main story points in the movie is that Quill has this compilation tape (Awesome Mix #1) that he got from his mother before she died that she made for him. It was of songs that she loved, all songs from the 1970s, and that's the only thing he has left of his mother and that's the only thing he has left of his home on Earth. He uses that as a connection to his past and to the sadness that he feels of having left all that and lost all that.'

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