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Genre pick of the week Cover of In Remembrance by Delia Gonzalez.

Delia Gonzalez

In Remembrance

DFA Records are proud to announce the release of "In Remembrance", a multimedia project by acclaimed contemporary artist Delia Gonzalez. The project originated as a 2010 solo show of the same name at Galleria Fonti in Naples, Italy, and was further realized in 2012, with additional work, as part of the exhibition I Must Not Stop To Rest Here in Cologne, Germany. The project was further exhibited in Zurich. Both exhibitions were built around four 16mm ballet dance films, accompanied by the music composed by Gonzalez. In her words, “The film is meant to re-create the fleeting sensation of inspiration - that sacred feeling when suddenly your mind clears and you know exactly what you’re meant to create and become.”

The original piano score was initially inspired by a text by Henry Miller as well as a theory by spiritual teacher George Gurdjieff, which states that “to play scales is to become more in tune with your inner self.” This coincided conceptually with the music that Delia had been making at the time.

Musically, 'In Remembrance' finds Delia Gonzalez again straddling the lines drawn between the fine art and pop worlds. This time, instead of the cosmic, arpeggiated synths of 'The Days of Mars', we are presented with something even more beautiful. The music is immediately soothing and hypnotic, yet it also maintains a sinister undertone. Suspense and tension are expressed in a deceptively simple fashion, providing a soundtrack both mesmerizing and melancholy for the dancers in the film. Delicate layers of piano wind around each other, reflected in the mirrored motions of the dancers, filmed in leering close-ups. The four compositions combine to create a 30 minute avant-classical suite, bringing to mind Satie, or something plucked from Italy’s iconic Cramps Records in the seventies (John Cage’s Cheap Imitation is an reasonable comparison), or perhaps an alternate score to the arthouse horror film Don’t Look Back by Nicolas Roeg.

The the album also features remixes by live collabator Bryce Hackford. Bryce takes Delia’s exquisite piano score and loops, stretches, and consolidates it. There’s a range of treatments at play here - some pieces are layered with gauzy left-field electronic pulses while Track IV get a 4/4 dancefloor makeover, recommended to fans of both classic Detroit techno and newer left-field stars such as Actress. Asked to briefly discuss his mission statement in creating these remixes, Bryce simply stated that he wished that his remixes “maintain the hypnotic and simple beauty of the originals while opening them up to new spaces.”.

CD and double LP formats include a DVD featuring ballet performances set to the music of "In Remembrance".

For fans of Nils Frahm, Kiasmos, Hauschka, Philip Glass, A Winged Victory For The Sullen.


2xLP Info: 2xLP + DVD.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Musique De Film Imaginé

Musique de film imaginé (music for film imagined) is a soundtrack that pays homage to the great European film directors of the late 50’s and 60’s, such as François Truffaut & Jean-Luc Godard (to name but two), created by Anton Newcombe on behalf of the Brian Jonestown Massacre for an imaginary French film. Guests on this daring symphonic experience are French chanteuse and multi-instrumentalist SoKo and Italian actress, singer and director Asia Argento.

SoKo is signed to Because Music and her track ‘We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow’ was featured in the viral video ‘First Kiss’, which has garnered over 63 million views and debuted at number 9 in the Billboard Hot 100 last year. Asia Argento, who has starred in music videos for Marilyn Manson, Placebo and Tim Burgess, recently wrote the storyline for ASAP Rocky’s music video and short film ‘Phoenix’, which has had over 5.5 million hits. Both vocal performances are in French. Anton Newcombe recorded Musique de film imaginé in Berlin in August 2014, after a successful European tour for the Brian Jonestown Massacre. 


LP Info: Available on 180 gram pink coloured vinyl LP.

William S. Burroughs

In Dub

    Now available on vinyl for the first time! Limited to 500 copies worldwide. Contains the highlights from the earlier released CD version by the same name - plus the CD itself, which contains 7 more tracks compared to the vinyl.

    Nat King Cole



      Originally recorded by Nat King Cole with Orchestra leader and arranger Nelson Riddle in 1951. 

      Cristobal Tapia De Veer

      Utopia: Series 2 OST - Green Vinyl Edition


        Stylish, intelligent and cinematic, the second series of the cult UK TV series UTOPIA in 2014 reinforced the impact of Emmy Award winning Series 1 and gained the show an even larger following. Integral to the action is Chilean composer Cristobal Tapia de Veer's original music for the programme, recognised by the Royal Television Society who awarded it Best Music (Original Score), Record Collector who gave it five stars and Mojo who placed it at No. 4 in their Top 10 Soundtracks of the year. This Double LP delivers more of his unique sounds and includes a download code for the album plus previously unreleased remixes.

        Limited to 1000 Copies | Double LP on Green 180g Vinyl | Gatefold Sleeve
        Download Including Unreleased Remixes | Audio Re-mastered for Vinyl

        As an artist whose name has become mutually synonymous with the instrument he plays Bruce Ditmas is a very unique heavy musician from one of those special tightknit communities that tried (and almost succeeded) to change the facade of progressive pop music and jazz via musical technology.

        Raised in Miami (an unknown incubator for future synthesists) Bruce carved the image of a teen prodigy playing jazz drums at the most exclusive Miami Beach hotels. After being whisked off to New York by none other that July Garland he became immersed in free music, recording compositions by Annette Peacock and Carla Bley before setting up house with vocal artist Joan La Barbara (later Mrs. Morton Subotnick) in 1975, who, via her own label, encouraged Bruce to pursue his very specific experiments in heavy electronic rhythms.

        This LP is compiled from the solo Moog Drum compositions from his only two albums both released in 1977 using a Mini-Moog (donated by Gil “Hendrix” Evans), an Arp 2600 and a wide range of treated percussive instruments that littered this enfant terrible’s bedroom floor throughout the 1970s. A later pillar of the Enja and ECM community, Bruce's later work in TV, film, sound sculpture and free music still renders truly unique recording to this very day.

        Meet your new favourite drummer, and the best Moog Drum record in your whole collection!


        Chi? - Coloured Vinyl Edition


          Another great exclusive from AMS Records, taken from the Cinevox catalogue, a record label from Rome specialized in soundtracks. "Chi?" is probably unheard by many, but it’s probably known by those who are already Goblin's fans. The band, after the success of "Profondo Rosso" and the less known - but still beautiful - "Roller", started to record more frequently. "Chi?", almost-7-minutes in length, is divided into two equal parts on both sides of this 45rpm, and it's the theme of the eponymous TV program transmitted on Rai Uno channel in 1976. It's no coincidence that it sounds very close to "Roller", the second Goblin album recorded in an inspirational period (the masterpiece "Suspiria" would soon follow), and could easily be an outtake from that record.

          This single, especially released for Record Store Day 2015 (April 18th), is the first ever reissue of the original 7". Moreover, "Chi?" has never been released in any CD or LP compilation since 1976.

          Frank Ilfman

          Big Bad Wolves - Original Soundtrack


            Death Waltz Recording Company is proud to release an immediate classic of contemporary film scoring in the guise of Frank Ilfman's score to the Israeli thriller BIG BAD WOLVES. Acclaimed worldwide and called “the best film of 2013” by Quentin Tarantino, the film is a heady and disturbing treatise on violence and the use of torture as a schoolteacher is kidnapped after being suspected of murdering a little girl. Horrific twists and turns follow in a grim tale that you won't fnd easy to forget.

            What stands out immediately is Ilfman's very classical approach to the music. The main theme is beautiful, with searching strings and woodwind counterpoint, and a sense of hope. But there's a sinister undercurrent, giving a sense of inevitability. The percussion has a harsh and jagged edge and provides violence, but there's a sense of humour in Ilfman's music, at one point imitating Prokofiev's 'Peter and the Wolf' suite. It's a menacing piece of work, emotionally intense yet surprisingly beautiful, with the composer not going for what you'd perhaps expect, and the main theme just keeps coming back, relentless, searching. It's an amazing work that has earned its plaudits. Of course, if you don't like it, be careful who you tell. It's a harsh world out there...

            Original cover art by We Buy Your Kids
            Sleeve notes by Directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado



            James Last

            Everyday People / Here Comes The Sun


            James Last’s swingin’ cover version of Sylvester Stewart’s “Everyday People” is taken from the 1971 German album, “Voodoo Party” while the cover of George Harrison’s “Here Comes The Sun” is taken from the album, “Beach Party 2”. The single comes in a lovely replica 1970’s Polydor range-bag. 

            Lord Sitar

            Lord Sitar (RSD Vinyl Edition)


            Lord Sitar was the alias for renowned session musician and guitar virtuoso Big Jim Sullivan who, in 1966 and 1967, found himself in the enviable position of being the only established session guitarist in England to own a sitar. By 1967, that attribute had turned him into a valuable commodity (via Wikipedia). In 1968 on Lord Sitar’s initial release on EMI’s Columbia label, there were rumors that the Lord was in fact George Harrison!

            A kitsch classic, a lounge favorite, Lord Sitar is an album of cover versions as diverse as “I Can See For Miles” and “If I Were A Rich Man” from the sitar of the late great guitar legend Big Jim Sullivan.

            Format: 1LP GREEN 180 gram vinyl with black and yellow 60’s Parlophone label.

            Limited edition Record Store Day exclusive, available to independent retailers only, 4000 units worldwide.

            Graham Miller & Steve Shill

            The Moomins


              In a lost music investigation that dates back to the inception of the label itself, Finders Keepers Records are finally able to bring you the fruits of a ten-year dedicated truffle hunt that spans the undergrowth of four distant countries bringing some indefinable musical treats that unite the unlikely bedfellows of New Age electronics, ethnological influences, soundtracks and DIY punk - all wrapped up in a gigantic fuzzy ball of nostalgia. Behold the previously unreleased soundtrack to the 1983 UK broadcast version of The Moomins.

              Consisting of homemade electronic and mechanical music heard exclusively via British TV speakers as an eerie backdrop for the Polish made stop-motion adaptation of the Finnish comic strip classic. Custom composed for radically reedited daily five-minute episodes (alongside reconstituted storylines and the narrations/impersonations of comedy actor Richard Murdoch), the short cues written and played by two Leeds based post punk avant-theatre composers helped exacerbate the programme’s bizarre spectral storylines and characters earning a firm fixture of fear, intrigue and infatuation in the hearts and memories of a slightly confused electro fed generation.

              Ticking all the boxes that attract freak folk enthusiasts and synthusiasts alike, the combined efforts of Steve Shill and Graeme Miller deployed thumb pianos, backwards tape effects, wooden pipes and a Wasp synthesiser (the almost affordable post punk synth of choice) to replace the original 70’s German jazz soundtrack, thus dramatically mutating the tonality of the one hundred episode long saga. Miller and Shill’s unique DIY approach follows characters like Moomintroll, Sniff, Snuffkin and the Snork Maiden as they encounter hobgoblins, sand lions and the mysterious Groke complete with their individual detuned electronic voices and thereminesque whimpers. Based on the original sprites invented by Tove Jansson the modified fuzzy felt figurines were designed by animator Lucjan Debinski at the legendary Se Ma For studios in Poland for German syndication resulting in what many regard as the definitive and most enigmatic version of the story succeeding further animated adaptations form Japan and Russia.

              Sharing the same nostalgia and oblique exoticism as The Singing Ringing Tree, The Little Mole, The Magic Roundabout and other reconstituted imports seen on programmes like Granada TV’s Picturebox, The Moomins and its synonymous theme tune and sound effects render this limited 7” vinyl release an essential addition to the record shelves of soundtrack collectors, domestic electronic fans and absent bygone tele addicts as well as animation and design enthusiasts on account of its unique imagery and packaging.

              Housed in a very special custom-made felt backed 7” sleeve depicting original production stills this limited 45 single comprises the ocarina/electronic rhythm led main theme tune which promptly punctuated the 4.15pm slot on ITV throughout the summer of 1983. The 45 also features the Paganistic dance themes of Midwinter Rites which with its avant-garde leanings will also appeal to fans of Bruce Ditmas, Dariush Dolat-Shahi and various other Neotantrik experiments. Like the running lengths of the original episodes these rare specimens won’t stick around for long so act fast, relax, regress and rejoice for the return of the Moomin trolls.

              The first ever issue of the music from the cult 1983 television series. · Limited to 900 copies and housed in a custom-made fuzzy felt style sleeve, with a special print process, hand-stitched, handpacked and stickered.

              Two different sleeve designs – pictured above – randomly allocated.

              Ennio Morricone

              Il Mio Nome è Nessuno (My Name Is Nobody) - Coloured Vinyl Edition


                "Il mio nome è Nessuno" (My Name Is Nobody) is not a typical western. It’s difficult to classify as it’s halfway between the founders of the genre of the '60s and the comedies of the following decade. Sponsored and partly directed by Sergio Leone, it came out in 1973 and was very successful, thanks to the presence of the actors Terence Hill and Henry Fonda. A perfect balance between the light-hearted and the more serious side of the proper 'spaghetti western' genre. The other cornerstone of the film come from the music of Ennio Morricone, who writes and orchestrates a very varied soundtrack, which adapts itself very well to the various moods of the movie. There is everything: tense soundscapes, epic symphonic rides (directly referring to the "Dollar Trilogy"), frivolous and light-hearted moments, all it all sounds very natural within the movie. Given the popularity of the film, it’s soundtrack has been reprinted several times, but 35 years have passed since the last one on vinyl.

                This particular edition on AMS Records also shows a completely renovated artwork and a 60x30cm poster with reproductions of flyers and lobby cards from the past. A must have for all fans of the Maestro Morricone and given the importance of this movie, for every Western film lovers too.

                Ennio Morricone

                Spasmo - The HAND Edition


                  This great score for UMBERTO LENZI’s 1974 cult thriller SPASMO by the Maestro ENNIO MORRICONE creates a disorienting and disturbing effect, with unusual, almost avant garde-like, combination of sounds, music and instruments.

                  limited edition RSD clear blue vinyl LP

                  Ennio Morricone

                  Spasmo - The MOUTH Edition


                    This great score for UMBERTO LENZI’s 1974 cult thriller SPASMO by the Maestro ENNIO MORRICONE creates a disorienting and disturbing effect, with unusual, almost avant garde-like, combination of sounds, music and instruments.

                    Limited edition RSD electric blue vinyl LP

                    Nightsatan And The Loops Of Doom

                    Nightsatan And The Loops Of Doom - Original Soundtrack


                      NIGHTSATAN caught the ear of the attentive laser metal enthusiast with their debut album, Midnight Laser Warrior, in 2010, and now the trio debut as movie stars in Nightsatan And The Loops Of Doom. The movie draws inspiration from the very same source the band does: '80s post-apocalyptic science fiction.

                      The synth trio NIGHTSATAN hail from the doomy city of Turku, Finland, and they place themselves in the post-apocalyptic laser metal genre. In the beginning, the synth warrior Wolf Rami envisioned the band's music as "the soundtrack to Miami Vice meets heavy metal." During their career, the band's sound has extended to both ends of that spectrum, and the synth-metal riffs of the early material have given way for a more progressive and atmospheric approach. Given the international cult fame gained with the already quite cinematic debut album - with kudos given by the likes of Monocle, Empire, and Popvoyage - and live shows in their native Finland and Sweden, it is fitting that the trio's next step is a movie soundtrack. Directed by Chrzu, better known as the director of animated films such as Curse of the Remote Island (2008), Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom is a proud tribute to vintage Italian post-apocalyptic sci-if. It is a very unusual short epic, full of sex, violence, and general sense of wonder.

                      The soundtrack album is a considerably more epic and measured affair than its predecessor. Recorded and produced by the band's second keyboard wizard Mazathoth, the album features full-length versions of all tracks from the movie.

                      A word on Christer Lindström's half-hour short Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom. Nightsatan are a Finnish electro band, and the film is a kind of post-apocalypse western in which the band appear as wandering freaks: a Mad Max-ish archer, a robot thing and a skeleton thing. Lindström told me he watched El Topo a lot during production. In a really good way, you can tell. It's about a grotesque, egg-laying transvestite and his malfunctioning android son who are wandering a desert wasteland catching warrior women, burying them up to their necks and trapping them in short, sonically punishing temporal loops. The band - who bitch at each other a lot and are horny - aren't standing for that, so decide to put a stop to it, finding that they can combat the loops because their music is triangular. Or something. The eggs turn out to be significant. Oh, and it was shot in English but then dubbed into Italian and subtitled. Ridiculously, it works perfectly

                      To my ears they sound like John Carpenter's soundtracks, to the extent that they do a cover of Assault on Precinct 13 (although they kind of play it the Bomb the Bass/ Xenon II way).

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      Ltd LP Info: LTD TO 500 – GREEN VINYL LP

                      Original London Cast

                      The Rocky Horror Show


                        When Richard O'Brien's ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ opened on June 19, 1973, at the Theatre Upstairs at the Royal Court Theatre in London, the score and Tim Curry (playing Frank N. Furter) proved an immediate draw.

                        ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ became a long-running hit in London and eventually an international phenomenon. Buoyed along by O'Brien's clever musical camp pastiches of rock & roll, the original cast album features a five-piece band, enthusiastic performances and successfully transports you into their utterly mad world.

                        Elvis Presley

                        Love Me - The British HMV Singles '56 - '57 (Pink Vinyl Edition)

                          'Love Me - The British HMV Singles ’56 - ’57' is a stunning album bringing together in chronological order, all of Elvis’ electrifying and now highly collectible British HMV (His Masters Voice) singles released between March ’56 and March ’57. This special llimited edition of only 500 copies comes in a 180g vinyl format. When Elvis signed his new recording contract in November 1955, taking him from Sun Records in Memphis, to national music giant RCA Victor, nobody could have predicted the influence he would have on the course of popular music worldwide. Elvis’ pioneering, early UK singles were released on EMIs, HMV label before being moved by British Decca over to RCA / RCA Victor in 1958. 'Love Me - The British HMV Singles ’56 - ’57', charts Elvis’ meteoric rise in Britain. Featuring recordings from Elvis’ Sun Records catalogue and the now legendary RCA ’56 sessions, 16 pure Rock ‘n’ Roll gems, pre-army Presley at his very best!

                          Brian Reitzell

                          30 Days Of Night OST - Blood Red Vinyl Edition


                            First time ever released on vinyl – available for RSD as a double 140 gram blood red vinyl – housed in a a deluxe gatefold sleeve with brand new artwork by Marc Bessant using director David Slade’s photography. Limited edition of 1000 copies worldwide / comes with download card. Brian Reitzell is a composer, producer known for his contributions to soundtracks, most recently composing the entire music for award winning NBC TV series Hannibal. Previously collaborating with amongst others Air performing on their 2001 album 10000 HZ Legend and in 2003 nominated for an BAFTA along with My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields for their score to Sofia Coppola’s film Lost in Translation. 30 days Of Night is a cult 2007 American vampire horror film directed by David Slade and stars Josh Hartnett, Melissa George and Danny Huston.

                            Tracey Thorn returns with a new soundtrack of songs and music written for - and centrally featured - in ‘The Falling’, the new acclaimed film from British director, Carol Morley (‘Dreams Of A Life’, ‘The Alcohol Years’).

                            The film, set in a girls’ school in the late sixties, garnered rave 5-star reviews in The Guardian and The Times when it premiered at the London Film Festival in September 2014.

                            Part folk, part minimal garage band, the music’s gauzy simplicity harks back to Tracey’s cult debut album ‘A Distant Shore’ (1982).

                            The Ukrainians

                            A Short History Of Rock Music In Ukrainian


                              Beatles, Velvet Underground, Talking Heads, Beach Boys, T-Rex and many more powerfully reinterpreted by John Peel favourites The Ukrainians. Sleeves individually numbered 1 – 750. Vodka-fuelled! Electrifying!

                              Various Artists

                              The Darjeeling Limited


                                Soundtrack from 2007 Wes Anderson film staring Owen Wilson and Adrien Brody.

                                Various Artists

                                R&B Hipshakers Vol. 3

                                  THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2015 EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                  Exclusive Record Store Day 2015 release.

                                  Full title: R&B HIPSHAKERS Vol 3. Just A Little Bit Of The Jumpin' Bean.
                                  Third volume of the "R&B Hipshakers" series, featuring rockin' R&B and early soul from the King/Federal catalogue.

                                  Available on LP for the first time. A special Record Store Day release.
                                  A compilation of tracks from 1955 to 1964 by essential artists such as Hank Ballard, Little Willie John, Joe Tex, Freddy King, Eugene Church...
                                  20 terrific dance cuts selected by genre expert Mr Fine Wine, from WFMU's Downtown Soulville. Several titles reissued for the first time.

                                  Many film music LPs both old and new come thick and fast, but Death Waltz Recording Company is very proud to release what is sure to be one of the soundtracks of 2015. From director Ana Lily Amirpour and Executive Producer Elijah Wood, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night is a Western vampire noir set in a small fictional Iranian town called Bad City that has an effortlessly cool soundtrack featuring music from artists such as Kiosk, Radio Tehran, White Lies, Farah and Federale. With no solo composer providing a score, the sound of the film has instead been curated by Amirpour with a variety of tracks selected to supply a unique atmosphere, recalling less traditional vampire films such as Near Dark and Only Lovers Left Alive.

                                  Despite not being score, the music selected by the director nevertheless bears heavy influence from the film music world, particularly the electronically ethereal work of Tangerine Dream, and the inescapable Western sounds of Ennio Morricone. The eclectic nature of the soundtrack is immediately noticeable – with the traditional accordion and Iranian crooning of Kiosk's 'Charkesh E Pooch' a clear opposite of Radio Tehran's punky and irreverent 'Tatilat'. White Lies' 'Death' gives off a new wave melodic vibe, while Farah's ambient 'Dancing Girls' does its best to seduce you with its spoken word vocals. Both creepy and eerie and fun and energetic with its mixing of traditional and alternative musical genres, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night is an instant classic.

                                  Various Artists

                                  Andy Votel's Orator Verbis Eccentrix Mixtape

                                    Andy Votel says:
                                    "The Memorabilia mixtape for Ràdio Web MACBA, which I have called 'Orator Verbis Eccentrix' (or Vocal Eclipses of Art), is based on what I consider to be a strong concept that encapsulates all of the aforementioned facets. All the collaged records on this mix are united by the prominent use of eccentric vocal manipulations of some sort – ranging from human existentialism, sound poetry, electronic distortions or mechanical and computerised degrading. Many of the records are free from language, purely melodic, insanely repetitive or onomatopoeic; other tracks are lyrically indecipherable while all of them are as challenging as they are enjoyable IMO. When I first started buying obscure records as a competitive teenage hip-hop producer (in a crew called Violators of the English Language) it quickly became apparent that I had to leave my comfort zone, which very quickly led to predominantly buying foreign music. As a teenage rapper and rap fan I had overdosed on 'words' at an early age. As an adult my favourite vocalists became Serge Gainsbourg and Damo Suzuki – I can't speak French and Damo sounded like he couldn't speak Earth. Long Live Lettrism.

                                    Perhaps pop music, like politics, is at its most POPular when it dishonestly tells you what you want to hear, but I still don't know what I want to hear, which is why I still love discovering pop music. In the era of Autotune the pop music politicians are desperately trying to sell us what they want us to hear as Harry Partch oscillates wildly in his grave... The military vocoder wasn't designed to be the bearer of good news, it was designed to keep secrets... Seek out Major Tompkins (Dave), a man that literally speaks his mind.

                                    So... the original vinyl records I've recycled to make this collage come from a wide range of countries from Alaska to Zurich and taking random stops in Bombay, Brussels, Lahore, Manchester, Melbourne, Moscow, Paris and Warsaw along the way, but regardless of cultural background, social politics or language these records still manage to communicate a universal language of eccentric pop/art re-contextualised for a sceptical generation where someone's word potentially means less and less each day and creative action speaks louder than. To misquote Mark E. Smith (one of the few lyricists that still holds my bad attention span) this is 'music perverted by language' or/and vice-versa and vocoded twice."

                                    Various Artists

                                    The Evilution Of Sound / Indo Magnetic Carnatix - 2 Mixes By Andy Votel

                                      Finders Keepers boss Andy Votel brings together two of his online DJ mixes for this limited cassette release. On side 1 we have 'The Evilution Of Sound', originally recorded for Dazed! On side 2 ('Indo Magnetic Carnatix') Andy explores the electroacoustic pioneers of the Middle East and South Asia. Originally recorded for the Red Bull Music Academy. 

                                      .@RSDUK online gems left include; Noel Gallagher, Midlake, Dylan, TV On The Radio, Sex Pistols, Heads, Air etc..
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