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Genre pick of the week Cover of Mao Negra by Alma Negra.
Historically, Switzerland's main exports have been cheese, army knives and watches. As of this moment however, it seems we need to add essential vinyl magic to that list, thanks to the continuing brilliance of Alma Negra. Taking their name from a peak in the Cordillera de la Ramada range of the Andes Mountains, the collective, made up of Miajica (of Highlife fame), Dario Rohrbach and Dersu Figueria trade in a sound as far away from their stately and pastoral surrounds as it's possible to be. They are passionate diggers who specialise in diaspora and made their debut last year on the infamous Sofrito label with heavy edits from the islands of Cabo Verde.

For their first release on Basic Fingers, the trio focus on rhythm and groove, making their intentions clear from the off with the heavily percussive and minimally melodic "Mao Negra". On the flip, "Messa" is an explosion of sound and colour as the celebratory and sacred sounds of a tribal rite are reworked into a peak time smash. African chants, spoken vocals, a hypnotic bassline and a tonking kick turn this into a club ready weapon of the highest order. EP closer "Tribal Echoes" returns to the minimalism of the A-side, providing a percussive tool that'll suit the spiritual and psychedelic jocks alike. A unique and wonderful addition to any record box.

Emotional Rescue is proud to present the first ever collection of works from Spanish song writer Javier Bergia. As a member of Finas Africae his name is finally coming to prominence. Now with this selection of his music from 1985 to today, the depths of his acoustic, folk and Balearic writing can be heard. Born in Madrid in 1958 to a family steeped in both classical and Spanish traditional music, Javier's unique mastery of guitar, percussion, voice, poetry and composition is drawn from both this grounding and upon his lifelong musical inquisitiveness. Since 1980 he has been an integral part of the ancient music group Atrium Musicae. In 1984 he founded, with Juan Alberto Arteche and Luis Delgado, the groundbreaking group Finis Africae as a sonic investigation into a fusion of diverse ethnic musical forms incorporating both indigenous instruments and electronic elements.

For "Eclipse" Emotional Rescue boss Chuggy and Balearic shepherd Moonboots took a stroll through Bergia's 25 year solo career, picking out their personal favourites amongst the embarrassment of riches. While the exotic flavours of "Ballenas" and "Himalayas" recall the finest moments of the Finis Africae project, sweet vocal cuts like "Midnight Round Mekines" display Bergia's mastery of the pop format, giving Fleetwood Mac a run for their money in the soft rock stakes. Beautifully packaged and expertly selected, "Eclipse" should warm the cockles right through til next winter.


CD Info: CD includes 5 bonus tracks


Nagan / Vatula

For their sixth release the Highlife crew introduce a frequent guest and perennial party starter from their regular shin digs to make his first appearance on vinyl. Cain's been making waves behind the decks for some time now and his transition into production has sparked similar excitement. From the moment the crew dropped lead track "Nagan" on their Rinse radio show, everyone and their nan's been after it, longing to get another taste of those infectious vocals. The label describe it as Daphni via Delhi, which isn't a bad shout at all considering the thickly undulating synth bassline, solid beat and diasporic vocal melody, in this instance cut up from a little Bhangra. "Vatula" gets spiritual on the flip as the producer concocts a deep house groove flecked with melancholic pads (think a midnight collaboration between Yoruba and Detroit) and tops the track with a tribal vocal. If you dug on the excellent Esnard Boisdnur rework on Sofrito a while back, then you'll be all over this. Time to get global!

Gilles Peterson is back after another of his cross-cultural musical exchanges to Cuba. With its illustrious yet traditional music scene, Cuba is a nation where rhythms (salsa, rumba) exist as the lifeblood of its people; where access to new music is limited, barely any broadband internet service and decent home studio technology is rarely affordable. Despite this, Havana boasts a solid homegrown hip-hop scene and vibrant nightlife ruled by reggaeton, with house, techno, EDM, dubstep, trap and moombahton breaking through.

Cuban rhythms (especially Afro-Cubano) trace back to the heart of dance music - from disco through to Chicago house and beyond - cross-pollination is what keeps it moving forward, so what's wrong with bringing electronic music to a nation that in a way helped birth it?

This is what ‘Havana Cultura Mix - The Soundclash’ is all about. After sieving through thousands of entries to a remix competition, 10 artists from all over the world (UK, Germany, Hungary, Holland, South Africa, Russia, Switzerland, Chile and Cuba) were selected by Gilles and his Brownswood production partner Simbad to travel to Cuba to work in the studio with hand-picked singers, rappers, percussionists, brass and key players to put together an album.

The result is 12 tracks that not only shine a spotlight on electronic artists to watch, but showcase untouched talent within a tropical, vibrant place such as Cuba; a rare window into this enchanting country with a slow economy characterised by rum, vintage cars and cigars.

Shining through on the album from Cuba is the spine-tingling star quality of Daymé Arocena and the ferocious rap quality of Barbaro and El B. Elsewhere there are stunning diva harmonies from Sexto Sentido and the supple male vocal chords of Los Niches, while a range of ambidextrous Cuban instrumentalists, from collectives like Interactivo, can be heard spilling rhythms and spraying melodies all over each and every record.

From the electronic side, there’s the UK funky touch of Rukaiya Russell and footwork soul of Russia’s Raumskaya; the refined production sensibility of Chillum Trio (Hungary) and rambunctious riddims of South Africa’s Seu Seppie as well as house, trip-hop, trap, minimal tech funk, distorted dubstep and more from noi5er (Chile), Teipah (Chile), Kerkstra (Holland), DJ MonoKey (Germany), Merlin Cornu (Switzerland) and Kike Wolf (Cuba).

In combining these two worlds - the preservation of Cuba and the innovative realm of electronic music - Gilles, Havana Cultura and their artists not only twist traditional forms to create something new, they give musical evolution a little nudge forward in the process.

Various Artists

Whyte Horses Frosinone Mixtape Volume II

Manchester band Whyte Horses’ Dom Thomas is well known for his collecting rare and obscure music often released as quirky compilations on his label Brutal Music imprint. Currently touring with Whyte Horses, he found time to make an exclusive CD of the band's inspirations and loves to sell at their gigs. It's an amazing hour-long mixtape of interesting and forgotten psychedelic music that takes in (mostly) tropicalia, Brazillian folk, minimalism and dreamy psych. Dom describes as "an hour of looking at a sun drenched mountain range through kaleidoscopic glasses, where slacker-folk anthems do battle with desert-pop breaks and Led Zepplinesqe Eastern ballard standards.” 100 copies only.

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