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Record Player CR8005A - Cruiser (Tweed)

    Love the rich, warm sound of vinyl, but wish it was a more moveable music format? Put down the iPod and mobilize your music with the Crosley Cruiser 3-speed portable turntable.

    Constructed of wood and bound in a leatherette material, the briefcase-styled record player is lightweight and easily transported from place to place. It features built-in stereo speakers so you can listen to your music without having to connect it to a speaker system.

    Cruise over to a friend's house and experience vinyl's superior sound together.

    - Belt-driven turntable mechanism 33 1/3, 45 & 78rpm.
    - Dynamic full-range stereo speakers
    - AC power adapter RCA audio out
    - Dimensions: 15.50in X 14.00in X 6.10in

    Washington DC may have become synonymous with the smooth sounds of boogie via PPU, and the synthetic house of Beautiful Swimmers, but 1432R are introducing a new player into the game, with a wild style of his own. Citing his influences as ER, Burial, traditional Ethiopian folk and Scott Storch, the newcomer has hit the streets ready to take over the electronic music world. His debut EP kicks off in atmospheric style with the rich and textured soundscape of "Dropleton". Crunchy noise and grainy synthlines call to mind the aformentioned Burial, or the dusty rumble of Pepe Bradock with the depth of DJ Sprinkles, but the tough and rigid beat shows off his love of hip hop. Despite all these influences, the opener retains a distinct individuality. "Darkness Iz" transports us to the thick darkness of Ethiopian night, as Seifu combines skipping rhythms with traditional folk song and a menacing bassline. He switches the beat between the syncopated shuffle of future beats and the straight groove of hip hop, and breaks the melodies up with digital distortion and garbled glitch, keeping the listener on their toes and breaking away from all genre constraints. On the flip, we're treated to the expansive and polyrhythmic "Wedagn", which balances the kind of smooth and shimmering pads we're used to hearing Dam-Funk drop with stuttering samples of folk chant and his tight drum programming. Rather than accelerating towards the peak time dancefloor, the track breaks into beatless ambience before coming back altered into an ethereal late night brooder in the Burial mode. The EP closes in cinematic form with the title track, a moment of end of night beauty with emotive and exotic melodies. A beautifully placed saxophone solo sets up the transisition from gloopy bliss to mountain top euphoria perfectly, and the only thing stopping this being Balearic record of the week is the thick fog of distortion it clouds itself with. One of the most interesting and exciting records of the year from a complete unknown? Lock this one down before they've all got a copy.


    Brasil Bam Bam Bam - 4xLP Box Set

    Sonzeira comes from som (sound) and is related to it. A kind of slang. It means a cool and/or stunning sound (in the sense of music). This record is the product of Gilles Peterson being a fan and a champion of Brasilian music in the clubs and on the radio for the last 25 years, culminating in him bringing together the country’s finest artists all on one album for the very first time. Recorded in Rio de Janeiro, they collaborated to create a collective called Sonzeira and an album that is 'Brasil Bam Bam Bam' - a true expression of the real soul and authentic sound of Brasil, from its majestic heritage to its super-dynamic present.The result, Brasil Bam Bam Bam, is an inspirational portrait of a nation in sound. At its heart are mesmerising vocal performances from superstars young and old, including City of God actor and singer Seu Jorge, and the grande dame of samba, 76-year-old powerhouse Elza Soares

    The 4 LP boxset. Featuring the full album across 4 X 12” vinyl with 3 exclusive previously unreleased versions of album tracks (‘Xibaba’ (she-bá-ba) ‘Cosmic Dub’, ‘Frozen Dub’ and ‘Sambaio Dub Version’) plus download code to full audio plus an extensive sleeve journal from Rob Gallagher from 2BO4 - co-album producer with Gilles, who accompanied him on recording process to Brasil, detailing their trip alongside exclusive photographs taken from in and around Rio.

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