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Genre pick of the week Cover of Benhayyi Al-Baghbaghan (Salute The Parrot) by Maurice Louca.

Maurice Louca

Benhayyi Al-Baghbaghan (Salute The Parrot)

"Salute The Parrot" signals a departure for Louca from his first solo album "Garraya" - in which he composed electronic music unaccompanied - into the realms of acoustic orchestrations, both composed and improvised. Featuring an all star cast of itinerant musicians and sonic mystics, Louca has leapt forward into the unknown with this mindbending combination of East and West. Here you will encounter a much more complex and hard hitting work of many influences. From dub to psychedelia to Egyptian Shaabi, Louca shatters the confines of musical and cultural labelling with a work that is truly unique. The album’s new live and acoustic elements, coupled with limited pre-recorded material, present ample space for improvisation and fluidity within its composition. Its eight tracks offering a unique record of this new vision, and preparing the ground for future live performances of "Salute The Parrot" which will never sound totally the same.


Patrick says: Maurice Louca steps up with an eight track LP of totally off-it diaspora. Imagine Charandjit Singh, Death In Vegas, Goat and Tinariwen sharing the shisha in the temple of doom.


Ltd LP Info: Limited green vinyl pressing.

Cultures Of Soul pave the way for their imminent "Bombay Disco Vol. 2" compilation with another limited edition disco 12" featuring killer re-edits from the one and only DJ Brother Cleve. For the LP, the renowned digger and collector scoured the dusty bazaars of India seeking the wild disco sound of Hindi films from 1980 to 1992. Here, he selects two of the prime cuts from the compilation and offers his own subtle extensions and expansions on the dancefloor mystecism of the originals. Both tracks give you a great preview of what is to come from 'Bombay Disco 2' in a limited pressing of 500 copies.

The latest Rhythm Section International release comes all the way from down under and rest assured it is another BEAUTY! The record oozes jazz, lush orchestral experiments and downbeat, Detroit flavoured house spread across 4 tracks of sun soaked productions from Melbourne newcomer Prequel, who makes his debut on this hotly tipped Peckham Label. "Searching" has liquid voicebox skits weaving through a vaped haze of Australian sunshine, electric guitar licks signaling the point of no return. "Fidelio" chops up the flow and takes things into a dubby territory with its thick subs and live percussion. Soon the clickity click, swinging rhythms converge onto the track to make this a backroom dance classic. "Michelle" ups the tempo and moves towards a glistening, more electronic sound palette. Liquid piano licks rise through the low pass filters before bubbling into a crescendo of joy, rendezvousing with lush, dreamy strings and beautifully placed orchestral percussion. Highly cerebral, bursting with sonic goodness, and a completely mind-blowing track! "The Test Dream" closes the deal with a sludgy, stoned romp through back garden BBQs, late afternoon beers in the chiller and the sun catching the light on the trees juusst right. Ahh, an aural paradise awaits listener - please emerge oneself in these aural treats!

'Brazilian Disco Boogie Sounds' is a compilation that brings together nine of the most important underground hits of the Brazilian funk, boogie and disco scene during the years of 1978 to 1982.

The album's compiler, Jùnior Santos, has been a Carioca drummer since he was 15 years old, and is today a respected vinyl collector and music researcher. More than anything, he is carried by a love of Brazilian music, which is his main passion.

Favorite Recordings idea of creating a Brazilian music compilation got Jùnior digging in old record companies' archives. He focused on uncovering pearls from the end of the samba-rock period, when jazz-funk, boogie and disco were filtering into the Brazilian sound. At that time musicians and arrangers such as Lincoln Olivetti, Robson Jorge, and Oberdan Magalhães along with Banda Black Rio, were responsible for the new music scene. They had dominated the studios with sophisticated and original arrangements that have forever transformed Brazilian musical perspective. This music, at that point, had gained a new style and great world respect that has remained till the contemporary times.

'Brazilian Disco Boogie Sounds' pays tribute to this great era, coming out on CD and deluxe vinyl edition with old-school tip-on jacket and inner sleeve including notes and original artworks.

Soul Safari started as a blog to showcase the music of Africa with a strong emphasis on South Africa. Now in its sixth year, Soul Safari is proud to present the third volume of the compilation ‘Township Jive & Kwela Jazz’, a collection of rare gems originally released as shellac 78’s in the period 1960-1965 in South Africa.

On this third volume the selection features the gorgeous close harmony vocal groups singing in the tradition of American R & B and doo wop. But always with that typical South African swing and sung in the Zulu or Xhosa languages. DJ Eddy de Clercq who initiated this compilation, also selected a few tunes that stand for the transition from early jive to mbanqaga, a most democratic vocal style characterized by the typical 'groaning', a form of call and answer between the male leader (groaner) and female singers. Mbanqaga would follow up jive as the popular vocal music from 1965 onwards.

Kwela jazz knew many variations in which the original instrument, the penny whistle was traded in for accordion, violin, even a melodica, an instrument that also became widely popular in Jamaica. Similarities with uptempo ska can be heard in tunes by Kid Ma Wrong Wrong and Bra Sello featured on this compilation. Again an exciting selection of rare recordings from the heyday of South African Jive and Kwela. Truly music treasures from a long gone past.

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