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After taking the transatlantic flight from Cuba to Kenya, Esa closes out the Highlife World Series with a quick hop to neighbouring Uganda. During stints at the East Africa music conference DoaDoa in Jinja in 2014 and 15 Esa was exposed to a new breed of talent and ideas emerging from East Africa and beyond, meeting musicians from Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya and South Africa. Here, Esa unites the pan African producers for a superb four tracker which makes for a fitting end to the series. The EP begins with a collaboration between Christopher and Swahili Alley born out of the Doa Doa conference in 2014. This rhythmic cut hints at African jazz heritage with lithe bass and subtle rhodes licks, while the insistent percussion and passionate vocal are certain to raise the energy on the dancefloor. Esa takes control of the desk next with his extended dancefloor mix of Santuri's "Min Kula". Layered vocals, found sounds and organic percussion swirl around with immediacy before Esa's detuned synths and brooding bassline propel us towards the witching hour. The tempo takes a dip on the flip with the slow head nod of the Bantu Clan and Sarabi's "Africa Ni Leo", which sees the musicians merge the organic and synthetic via cascading synth lines and traditional strings while a smooth groove rolls along underfoot. Behr turns the track on its head with his remix, replacing the bassline with a juddering electronic shuffle and generally tripping things out in proper low slung fashion. 

Quantic Presents The Western Transient

A New Constellation

Quantic Presents The Western Transient is the latest project from Will "Quantic" Holland, bringing together a handpicked band of some of his favourite American musicians to realise a set of new compositions paying homage to the rich, lively and intimate quality of the classic soul and jazz recordings. 

The resulting album, 'A New Constellation', is out on Tru Thoughts; in characteristically mercurial fashion this new outing sees Holland following up the explosive, worldly electronic and vocal direction of his hugely acclaimed last solo album, 'Magnetica', with a suite of traditionally recorded pieces that capture the spontaneous beauty in the old ways of music making. His thirst for musical exploration has seen British born Holland release over 15 albums - ranging from electronic solo productions via the full live funk and soul bands the Quantic Soul Orchestra and the Combo Bárbaro to Latin, African and Caribbean styles - and become renowned as one of music's modern trailblazers. On moving to New York in early 2014, he started rediscovering his love affair with instrumental jazz and soul records in which the studio ensemble takes the spotlight. He has previously collaborated with Aloe Blacc, Alice Russel, Anita Tijoux and Sharon Jones. He decided to record a full length album paying homage to recording in this classic sense and also to collaborate with many of the musicians that he had worked with in the city of Los Angeles - these revered musicians included Brandon Coleman, Todd Simon, Sylvester Onyejiaka, Wilson Viveros and more.


LP Info: The Super Limited LP is housed in a deluxe handmade hardback gatefold sleeve with booklet and images from renowned photographer B+.

Guts - a French producer exiled in Ibiza, and Mambo - a cult Los Angeles-based painter, present their third helping of their widely acclaimed 'Beach Diggin' series, a scintillating summery selection of obscure but wonderful soul, funk, disco, Latin, reggae and tropical beats. This time round vibes arrive from Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Guadeloupe, Saint Thomas, the USA and Canada. It's the season of the juiciest, sweetest fruit, of shorts, tank tops and thongs, the time of year when you look at life through a dark pair of sunglasses. Summer is also the time of year when lovers of soul, disco, funk, bossa, jazz and other similar grooves get together to enjoy the sunny vibrations sampled by Guts and Mambo from the world over. Since 2013, this duo has trademarked their discoveries with the appellation Beach Diggin', a label that certifies the quality and rarity of its products and guarantees a maximum dose of sunshine for every groove. Braving the hordes of sugar-hungry bees swarming around boxes of Caribbean records, the humidity in the holds of boats, or jostling to save 45's lying on the ground from being trampled underfoot, Guts and Mambo, at the risk of their own lives, have explored the most far-flung corners of the earth, all for a single purpose: To discover and to share.

Various Artists

Brand New Wayo - Funk, Fast Times & Nigerian Boogie Badness 1979-1983

Comb & Razor Sound launches its exploration of the colourful world of popular music from Nigeria, starting with the post-disco era of the late 1970s and early 80s.The years between 1979 and 1983 were Nigeria’s Second Republic, when democracy finally returned after 23 years of uninterrupted military dictatorship. They were also the crest of Nigeria’s oil boom, when surging crude prices made the country a land of plenty, prosperity and profligacy. The influx of petrodollars meant an expansion in industry, and the music industry in particular. Record companies upgraded their technology and cranked out a staggering level of output to an audience hungry for music to celebrate the country’s prospective rise as global power of the future. While it was a boom time for a wide variety of popular music styles, the predominant commercial sound was a post-afrobeat, slickly modern dance groove that retrofitted the relentless four-on-the-floor bass beat of disco to a more laidback, upbeat-and-downbeat soul shuffle, mixing in jazz-funk, synthesizer pop and afro feeling. At the time, it was still mostly locally referred to as 'disco', but has since been recognized as its own unique genre retrospectively dubbed 'Nigerian Boogie'. "Brand New Wayo" collects 15 pulsing Nigerian boogie tracks in a lovingly compiled package chronicling one of the most progressive and creative eras in the history of African popular music.


CD Info: Deluxe CD box set. P&P equivalent to 3xCD.

Various Artists

Early Pakistani Dance Music From Original 7" Soundtracks 1967-1975

'Early Pakistani Dance Music From Original 7" Soundtracks 1967-1975'. A wonderful LP of exotic sounds from Pakistan in the '60s and '70s. The tracks really deliver on the excellent sleeve packaging and cover design by Bwtchd Grfx. "We wanted the world to know what fantastic music these guys played in Pakistan in those days," says compiler Florian Pittner, who focused on instrumentals which were released on two-track 45rpm EPs and listed as either 'Dance Music' or 'Title Music'.

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