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Genre pick of the week Cover of Timeless Horizons by W. Barthel / M. Böhm / R. Bauer.
German musicologist, deep sonic archivist and expert record dealer Basso presents the third release on his essential Growing Bin imprint, a sublime retrospective of German trio Barthel, Böhm and Bauer. Cherry picking the exquisite highlights from their three private press LPs "Auf Der Suche" (1984), "Zeitlos" (1986) and "New Horizons" (1988), Basso delivers an immersive collection which carries you on a far flung journey through time and space. The unique amalgamation of oriental folk, percussive rock and good old blues found on "Another Rainy Day", "Drift Away" and "Tamam" will let you drift away, dream and dance into a storm. Original copies of their three albums are almost impossible to find these days and change hands for serious sums, so welcome the "Timeless Horizons"...


Patrick says: Basso collects a batch of ridiculously rare, totally far out jams from German trio Barthel, Böhm and Bauer, perfect for drifting away to. It's CSN, strung out on opiates in North Africa and it's absolutely amazing. A strong contender for reissue of the year.

The latest offering from Copenhagen’s Music For Dreams is a superb 5-tracker of unreleased gems from A Vision of Panorama, who established himself last year with that blink and you'll miss it gem on Aficionado. This new release from the talented Russian is full of delicious Balearic Double Fantasy / early 90s Cafe Del Mar moods underpinned by modern programming and washed through with the warmth and richness of a relaxed island atmosphere. "Reef" is a down-tempo, luscious beachy groove oozing sunshine and sea air, "Port De Soller" offers a late eighties vibe through tasty organic keys and a steady bass while "Patches of Light" shimmers with multi layered keyboard harmonies and a superb melodic hook. The ocean waves roll away on "Sail Among The Clouds" where melting electronics and catchy synths evoke memories of sundancing on the beach before the magnificent Jex Opolis remix of “Patches of Light” delivers a hot, summery and beautiful version that hits all the right notes - a future classic already being playlisted by Manchester’s Moonboots and Test Pressing’s Apiento. Did anybody say music for swimming pools, floating frogs and chilled seagulls….Yes!

Essen's own Glenn Astro has called his first album "Throwback", and the name is at once a perfect fit and not nearly the extent of the story. On the one hand, Astro has filled the double-LP with a wealth of old-school gestures and textures - the warm whoosh of analogue synths, the rattle of Rhodes keyboard lines and the sizzle of jazzy drums, all held together by the comforting glue of tape hiss and vinyl crackle. If you're used to the clean sonic lines and stylistic streamlining of so much contemporary house music, then "Throwback" is sure to feel less like a record you just pulled out of plastic wrap than a well-seasoned one salvaged from a flea market or unfinished basement. And yet like so many Tartelet releases - particularly the label's last two full-lengths, Max Graef's "Rivers of the Red Planet" and Uffe's "Radio Days" - it feels fresh and keenly contemporary no matter how vintage the fabric. Rather than throw back to any one moment, he's given us a collage of styles that's quite literally timeless. Astro makes brilliant work of his influences, drawing on hip-hop, house, funk and soul in such equal measure that it's hard to argue that one impulse dominates the other. The sound certainly flirts with the dance floor, with Astro applying highpressure deep house pads on the title cut, gliding on shimmering keys for "One For Viktor," and taking us on a vibraphone-fueled workout with "Kilometer Disco," one of a pair of cuts featuring Max Graef. But Astro obviously relishes the time he spends on the sidelines absorbing the atmosphere, or at home head-nodding to the dustiest corners of his record collection. For every house beat you hear, you'll also dip into juicy, 90’s-style beat science, toasty ambience and buttery chord progressions. Expertly paced but never hustling you along, "Throwback" begs to be heard as a whole but explored at your own easy pace - a record for hazy mornings-after, vibey nights in and endless summer afternoons.

Lucio Battisti

The Balearic Sound Of....

Fantastic compilation of sun drenched Balearic beauties from the great Italian singer / songwriter Lucio Battisti. Features the sublime ‘Ancora Tu’, covered recently to great effect by Roisin Murphy but in no way surpassing Lucio’s original version, followed by the superb in-demand instrumental floor-filler ‘Il Veliero’. On the flip is beautiful disco-tinged groover and big Moonboots play ‘Due Mondi’, one of Lucio’s rare duets from his highly acclaimed ‘Anima Latina’ LP. Also includes Lexx favourite - the gorgeous ‘Questo Amore’ and finally the often-edited ‘Amarsi Un Po’, an absolute Balearic classic with its fat bass, soaring strings, gentle guitars and sweetly emotional vocals. Essential collection.

Besides public bathroom fixtures, when we think of American Standard, we think of gritty disco edits ranging from low tempo builders to high octane pounders. On their seventh offering, even the logo, newly styled with the true baby blue colorway found on those very porcelain items in rest stops and restaurants around the country, suggests a move to a more electronic and airy place. The Dream Chimney has been a music stop on the internet, carrying the weight, stature and grandeus of the Library of Congress. Now DC steps into the physical world, putting the glistening touches on the new look, new feel and overall updated AS with these two tracks. On the A-side "Feather Bed For Hatch Back" fuses a reverb soaked 80s drum track with shimmering Sakamoto synths, circular bass pulses and airy drones, carrying us up high into the sky on the warm wings of a jet stream. Flip the disc for "Charlie Dub", a mid-tempo hit of Balearic Beat which sees a solid drum machine rhythm propel us into an alternate dimension of hazy new age pads and textured electronics.There's no way you'll want to flush them down the toilet, but do wash your hands. Welcome to the new American Standard.

London's Hejira follow up their critically acclaimed 2013 debut album "Prayer Before Birth" with the release of a new EP entitled "Name Surname". Produced by the band themselves and mixed with a little help from Eglo boss, Floating Points, the four track EP sees the three piece push the late night melancholy of their contemporary alt-R&B / synthetic soul into diverse, disorienting sonic spaces. Intricate, intimate and stripped back, each of the four tracks on the release delivers a bold emotional message whilst maintaining a necassary restraint. 

It's fair to say Khijda's debut EP on Especial was one of the highlights of the label to date. "Mustafa" - in original form and remixed to distraction by Timothy J Fairplay - became the soundtrack for many a Summer party, while "Abdul" was perfect for those deeper late night afters. This time though (Emotional) Especial present a stand alone four track EP of original music so that Khijda's sound can be full explored. Starting with the title cut, the duo aim right for the dance floor, mixing throbbing live bass, guitar and a touch of Eastern mystic vocals that twist and rise higher and higher. This is followed by the deep dub vibes of "Aura", coming on as if the idjut Boys had relocated to Istanbul, the bass rumble and tripped out fx are overlaid with strings, xylophone and even a nice dose of (more) cowbell that is full of funk and ass-moving swing. On the flip things take a warped turn with "Indecis". It's incessant rhythm and Eastern flavour, mixed with 80s style cut up vocals, take the sounds championed by Baris K and Acid Arab to new (and bazar) heights. Finally then, the EP comes down with the beautiful Balearic grooves of "The Quiet Before The Red Stop". With a nod to their roots Khidja again forge their own journey, creating and carving out a sound of their own that is unique and at the same time compelling. Watch the skies.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to welcome Sweden's Dubbla Budskap into your record collections and your hearts. Their debut release, a self titled four tracker from the mysterious Lonely Behaviour delivers a diverse range of dub-tinged, disco delights for the bearded dancefloors of the Balearic world. Whether you're spacewalking to the slo-mo cosmic stomp of "Benny's Trip", skanking to "Jerry B Goofy's" electronic lilt, shaking your tailfeather to the blissful post disco of "Boogie Bengt" or swaying to the dubbed out 80s pop of "Kerstin's Night Out" with your arms flung round a lover's shoulders, you're gonna be in dancefloor heaven from the first groove to the last. Limited, luxurious sounds from the Swedish debutant. Essential for fans of Kenneth Bager, Joe's Bakery, Aficionado and Lexx.


Patrick says: Sweden's mysterious Dubbla Budskap imprint opens its account with this killer four track of Balearic disco grooves. If you dug on the recent releases by Lexx and Foster, then this is perfect for you!


12" Info: 250 hand numbered copies worldwide


Magic Dance / Pink Footpath

Proper, licensed, re-master of the mega-rare Blow Up records release of the Italo masterpiece "Pink Footpath" by Loui$. Originally released in 1985, this gem has become one of the most highly sought after Italo disco tracks around. On the A-side is "Magic Dance", an emotive, male-led number with electrofunk flavour and a big play for Red Laser's Il Bosco. Alongside this, the more instrumental track "Pink Footpath" really gets the DJs drooling. With its killer analogue B-line, dreamy synths and Balearic guitar riffs, it’s easy to see why it became such an anthem at the early Ibiza parties as well as a late night favourite in Chicago and New York. There's been a couple of dodgy boots of this over the years but this new, official pressing trumps them all on quality, and finally gets the picture sleeve release it deserves. Highly recommended.

Back in stock Cover of Three Versions by Kassem Mosse / Simone White.
In a typically bold Honest Jon's collision, chanteuse Simone White gets remixed by German techno producer Kassem Mosse over three tracks on this limited EP.

History Clock Magicians Psychemagik return with another couple of fresh interpretation of ye olde classics, this time with an inspired rework of Balearic / disco-not-disco favourite "This Must Be The Place" by Talking Heads. Alongside the obligatory club-friendly drums they've blended hypnotic segments of an obscure female country version and, for the breakdown, an amazing kids high school choir reminiscent of the Joubert Singers "Stand On The Word". Championed by Rob Da Bank on Radio 1 this version is getting almost as much love as their now classic Fleetwood Mac "Everywhere" remix, re-released here on the flip for those that missed it the first time around. Supported by Greg Wilson, Tom Middleton, Disco Bloodbath, Rob Da Bank, Chris Coco amongst others it reached anthemic status at all the festivals this year. Essential 12" don't sleep on this limited press!!

As the sun rises a little higher in the sky, Above Machine emerge from their winter hibernation with the first fruits of their impeccably assembled new release schedule. Jonny Nash takes on Jose Manuel's "Summer Wind" and, much like the superb "Melody As Truth" releases he's penned, sets out a widescreen canvas of tone and melody, as piano and vocal punctuate the sonic plain. The haunting, emotive chords stretch out for an eternity in the deafening quiet as Jonny transports us to the middle east via harp, arabic vocals and exotic tonality. Next up, Twisted Tongue take on Maricopa's recently unveilied "We Could Maybe" feat. Nicola Kramer, resulting in a low bpm soother which sounds like Loose Ends operating as in-house band at a speakeasy orbiting a distant nebula. The deep and round bassline rolls along comfortably underneath the shimmering keys and soaring vocals, taking me back to the Ministry Of Sound chillout albums of my youth (no bad thing!) The B Side has Seconds' "Another Day" beautifully reconfigured for sunrise moments by SLO, while B2 has an original SLO moment "Bombora" which, much like it's namesake is a gentle Balearic breaker washing over the sonic reef. The SLO rework of "Another Day" strips the track back to the bone, layering the uplifting vocal over a minimalist selection of ambient keys, before gradually introducing cascading synths and the barest percussion. "Bonbora" on the other hand, bobs along nicely at a gentle lilt, boasting coastal guitar, insistent sequences and an immersive groove. There's notheing but bona fide bottled sunshine here people - Above Machine are back! 

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