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Genre pick of the week Cover of Niagara by LUCA, Rotla, Polysick.
Edizioni Mondo presents Serie Due! While the first chapter with four releases dedicated to seascapes ended with the compilation Collezione, we now delve into a new part of Edizioni Mondo’s world that presents new views and also artists. To kick this new chapter off, the imprint trail L.u.c.a.'s forthcoming album with "Niagara", which sees Rotla and Polysick joining the Italian to each provide a version of the same track. Rotla kicks the package off with a drifting, cinematic journey complete with ocean sounds, cool acoustic guitar and a fluttering woodwind. Swapping the 4/4 for a swinging 80s rhythm and pushing the synth vox to the fore, Polysick offers a brilliantly retro version which comes off like a Dennis Bovell produced out-take from "Spirit Of Eden", rejected for being too damn funky. Over on the flip, L.u.c.a. throws us all a curveball, leading us straight to the dancefloor with his own quirky take. Sizzling Balearic disco rhythms, scratched samples and swelling strings all play a part in moving you from toe to tip! Good listening!

Following a trio of albums on the Mush imprint, Bibio (aka Stephen Wilkinson) now makes his long playing debut for Warp, the totally enchanting "Ambivalence Avenue". Bibio is a purveyor of wonderfully warm, melodic music that shines like the late summer sun through stained glass windows, refracting beams of shimmering colour across the room. Unlike many of his contemporaries however, as well as producing lovely, but ultimately superficial soundscapes, Wilkinson has a keen ear for melody and actually knows how to write a good tune. An antidote to the often clinical and soulless nature of current laptop-made music, "Ambivalence Avenue" is an endearingly messy patchwork of sun-dappled west coast style psychedelia, Dilla-esque beatsrumentals, de-tuned woozy pop and electronica, folk whimsy, dreamy madrigals, and intimate acoustic guitar songs – with each song a standout. A permanent fixture on the Piccadilly Records shop stereo, "Ambivalence Avenue" comes highly recommended, and is an essential album of 2009!


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Originally released in limited numbers on American imprint Mush in 2005, "Fi" introduced Stephen James Wilkinson's Bibio project to the wider world. Not only did this assured debut catch the ear of major influence Boards Of Canada, but it also won him plenty of fans at UK electronica bastion Warp, who've supported Bibio ever since. This reissue will certainly help fans join the dots between then and now, with ambient and folk still being his main crossover point, just as it was a decade ago. Highlights on here are the looped and layered banjo workout of "Bewley In White", the sombre acoustic expressions of "Puffer" or "Cantaloup" (the latter sounding like it was recorded on a broken tape machine and to interesting effect) and the creepy lo-fi ambience of "I'm Rewinding It".

“Fi is a special album for me because it still reminds me of those happy days of discovery, where I had very little in the way of equipment or music production knowledge, but somehow managed to find a sound I could call my own,” - Bibio

"Bibio is the antidote to the modern laptopia of pristine electronic music, curing us with majestic drones, gnarly disintegrating guitars and warbling tape loops filtered through your parent's broken 1970's hi-fi" - Marcus Eoin, Boards of Canada


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Family Fodder

Sunday Girls (Director's Cut)

    "Family Fodder exude an exhilarating sense that everything was possible, that there weren't any limits to imagination and humour. The scope of their musical range remains as dizzying and exciting as it once was." (Time Out New York) Staubgold proudly presents the legendary first 12" EP from 1979 by UK underground heroes Family Fodder, for the first time reissued on CD and vinyl. "Sunday Girls (Director's Cut)" comes as a lovingly assembled full-length album compilation. It features the complete "Sunday Girls" EP, the very first Family Fodder 7" single "Playing Golf" (1979), the "Debbie Harry" 7" from 1980, the 7" A side "Warm" (1980) and last not least two tracks from the rare "Te Deum" 12" (1979) by Alig Fodder's pre-Fodder project Frank Sumatra. Family Fodder was originally formed in 1979 by Alig Pearce - with a cast of thousands over three decades. They emerged from the melting-pot of 70s/80s London alongside This Heat, The Flying Lizards, The Pop Group, Slits and many others. The original formula consisted of psychedelic and new wave influences, incisive song-writing, improvisation, experiment and far-out dub mixing. They always managed to evade major exposure, but influenced generations of bands on five continents. Family Fodder was often more at home in the studio than on-stage, but completed several European tours as well as cherished performances in their native London. The group released a series of compelling, now collectable singles and albums between 1979 and 1983. Described as "entertaining idiosyncratic experimentalism with pop sensibilities", they were best known for indie-chart hits such as "Debbie Harry", "Playing Golf (With My Flesh Crawling)" and "Savoir Faire". More recently, Family Fodder songs have been covered by Zion Train and Unrest, and they've been hailed as "unsung heroes" in The Wire. Family Fodder also appear on the infamous Nurse With Wound list. "Their music was generally playful, a hint of dub and reggae mixed with absurd, blissful pop, with synthpunk and sometimes experimental instrumentation. Most of the lyrics were also sung in French, courtesy of original vocalist Dominique Levillain, a combination rumored to be of some significant influence over Stereolab." (Systems of Romance) 

    After indulging in a little no nonsense house music via Henry Rodrick's mighty "Daybreak", Omena return with a lovely leftfield offering from mysterious newcomer Ishi Vu. Opening with the lush and verdant sounds of title track "Green Is The Colour Of Love", the EP immediately sets you at ease, wrapping you in deep bass and immersive textures before a chanted world vocal adds an extra element of otherness, which leads into "Plant Your Feet". Driven by tribal polyrhythms and lively market sounds, this floor friendly track utilises a filtered bassline and frenetic violin to make you trip the light fantastic - proper fireside ritual tackle. "Uhh, Your Heart Is Melting" continues the theme, looping a world vocal on some dreamy keys while rattling percussion moves your body. "Bi-Polar Nature" opens the B-side with playful sequences and lush Floating Points-esque lead lines, before opening out into a vivid and visual trip on a sonic safari. All that remains is for "Tem Per Malva" to close the set with sampled exotica, sweeping pads and subtle sequences, #lush. An assured debut which continues the recent revival of late 90s chillout we've seen from HNNY, Omena LTD and Saine.

    The Keeper

    Golden Round Circus / I Couldn’t Fool Around No More

    This fifth release from essential imprint Universal Cave is music for sideways times when down is up and up is down. The brainchild of mysterious Swedish producer The Keeper, "Golden Round Circus" and "I Couldn't Fool Around No More" are spiritual kin to Michael Wynn Band's "Dark Night" and Straight Shooter's "Frame of Mind" - chugging, cosmic AOR made by heads for heads. "Golden Round Circus" takes your breath away from the off, sucking you into a zero gravity groove before the metallic synths, reverb soaked snares and trippy sequences make lights and colours swirl before your eyes. Weird delayed vocals and snaking synth lines take things to the next level, turning your brain inside out while your limbs move of their own accord. B-side cut, "I Couldn't Fool Around No More" dons its boat shoes and gets stuck into a tasty yacht boogie, soaring into the sunset on open drum breaks, guitar solos and multitracked harmonies. One for cosmic heads and Balearic beards alike, this offering from the Fasaan man is another essential release for Universal Cave.

    Kejeblos Feat. Momo Love

    Just Me No You / Autobahn Dub

    As the days are getting colder and the nights become longer we receive this call for perseverance from Phantom Island. The fifth release of the still young and fresh Zurich based label lives up to the expectations its highly acclaimed predecessors (by Lexx, Foster and Kejeblos) induced. On “Just Me No You” its Kejeblos' longterm favourite ally, Momo Love aka MoreEats, whose voice, lyrics and guitar playing takes us back to spring 1997 on a highway driven by a thunderous bassline and a laid-back sublime production and arrangement. When you play the B side, “Autobahn Dub” you will find yourself in one of those unblemished moments you can enjoy anywhere and anytime; in your car, on your headphones on a bike, at home in the kitchen or even in the club – when you know that everything will be perfectly alright tonight. 

    In what's sure to prompt a feeding frenzy amongst our Balearic customers (mañana piranhas?) Lexx hooks us up with a super limited repress of this three tracker of Balearic brilliance on his own Phantom Island imprint. At this point it's basically a fact that the Swiss maestro never puts a foot wrong behind the desk or the decks but this beautifully presented EP takes the piss! "Turning Tides" does its best to send those baubles bouncing with the weighty combination of a solid kick and wall shaking bassline forming the perfect foil for the midtempo hi hat shuffle. As the hypno-house groove takes over, Lexx introduces echo drenched vocal snippets, scratchy disco guitar and bursts of clavinet energy, fusing all those disparate elements of a night under Adriatic stars into one sublime track. "Mahogany" follows the opener in a more subdued but no less cheery fashion, like a well mannered in-law at Christmas dinner. A sophisticated piano line rides the dubby bassline, scratchy guitar and swelling synthline, setting the scene perfectly for the gorgeous chimes to seduce all before them. On the flipside Lexx delivers the appropriately blissed out groove of "Serenity", a horizontal odyssey which glides effortlessly through exotic textures and rhythms marrying the organic and synthetic with ease. The low slung disco bassline and clipped guitar are reminiscent of early Norwegian excursions into the realm of space disco, while the exultant vocal samples and tuned percussion transport you to the swelter of a distant shore. Lexx just doesn't make bad records does he?!


    12" Info: Silk-screen printed sleeves, repress limited to 250 copies.

    Jono McCleery


      Jono McCleery’s ever growing fanbase will be thrilled to hear that the Rotterdam-based singer songwriter has produced his definitive album. Pagodes is the deepest, most powerful work to date by a musician whose work has been described as like “Miles Davis, Massive Attack, John Martyn, Fink, and Radiohead wrapped up in one exquisitely produced sound.”

      His second album 'There Is', released in 2011, began his association with Counter Records, and brought him widespread critical acclaim. New album 'Pagodes' is a collaborative release with London record store If Music.

      Several years of hard work making 'Pagodes' has paid off in spades. It’s an album that’s difficult to turn away from, full of beautiful melody, futuristic production flourishes and lyrics that don’t shy away from darkness, but always alight on uplifting conclusion.

      Opener "This Idea of Us" is a smouldering torch ballad, its string arrangement lending it gripping drama. Robert Wyatt’s "Age of Self" comes off as a song McCleery was born to sing, its lyrical content as relevant today as it was 30 years ago. The album moves into infectious percussive swing and melodic loops with "Ballade," a song that could have come from the LA-jazz hotbed surrounding Flying Lotus.

      'Pagodes' marries all of this thrilling diversity via McCleery’s existential musings and his startling voice and playing. It’s unlikely you’ll hear an album of such power from another singer songwriter anytime soon.

      Lubomyr Melnyk returns with his new album ‘Rivers and Streams’, the embodiment of his signature style.

      Ukrainian pianist Lubomyr Melnyk has often felt that his unique Continuous Music playing is akin to water – flowing and ever connected. As he further developed his technique, and the more the notes flowed, the closer to water he felt. “I found my hands and arms and everything inside them changing from normal muscle and flesh to well... water.”

      With his latest album, ‘Rivers and Streams’, Lubomyr focuses deeply on this connection to water, to the point where the music itself begins to embody its liquid form. Produced by Robert Raths and Jamie Perera, the album flows seamlessly from the live recordings of ‘The Pool of Memories’, captured in a church, to pieces entirely born in the studio, such as ‘Sunshimmers’ and ‘Ripples in a Water Scene’, which feature Perera on acoustic and electric guitar.

      Amorphous, ever-changing, Lubomyr as performer becomes subsumed into the natural ebb and flow of the keys as the album drifts between nascent upstream trickles and deeply reflective passages through winding river valleys. The album reaches its climax in ‘The Amazon’, a 20-minute piece dedicated to the world’s largest river. Raths invited Korean flautist Hyelim Kim to guest on the first part, before Lubomyr closes the album with cascades of arpeggio figures, stretching across the breadth of the keyboard with rapid virtuosity.

      Following on from 2013’s ‘Corollaries’ album and last year’s ‘Evertina’ EP, Lubomyr’s latest offering compounds upon his existing fluid signature style, and breathes an organic vitality, both nuanced and thoughtful.

      "In the body of the Continuous Piano Master, the fingers and the hands turn into Water, Air and Stone. These are the three manifestations of the Continuous Technique. And for the Continuous Pianist, the fingers physically transform the music into one of these three elements.

      The greatest of all miracles in the universe is Water. It is also, I believe, the rarest of all physical things in the universe. Water is the most magical and the most mysterious of all things we know! And so I dedicate this album to the Rivers and Streams of this world – in gratitude for their Beauty!“ – Lubomyr Melnyk.


      Barry says: Another beautiful release from Lubomyr Melnyk, creator and practician of what he calls 'Continuous Music'. A technique in which constant notes are played throughout the pieces, creating a driven and dynamic style. Despite being continously playing, Melnyk manages to imbue these pieces with a certain delicacy when needed, reminiscent of Labelmate Nils Frahm, these tracks are beautifully nuanced and outstandingly performed. Gorgeous meditative modern-classical.


      LP Info: Black vinyl edition.

      Deluxe LP Info: Limited coloured vinyl edition.

      “This record is about cycles. From the tiny cycles of loops within songs to the broader cycle of the whole album, which is designed to take you away and bring you home again at the end. Loops within loops. Loops overlapping in different ways and shifting as they go can take you very far away. You hear it in lots of African music, in jazz and hip hop”.

      Mo Kolours explores this theme through both music and lyrics. "Pass It Round" is about giving and receiving, and the importance of depending on others. "Orphan’s Lament" is named after a Mongolian folk song, and Mo Kolours' own words urge the listener to “fall to get up again” among a set of inescapably linked opposites. The message may be optimistic or otherwise, depending on the listener’s point of view. The theme also appears in his choice of cover versions as he reinterprets songs absorbed in his youth: "Harvest For The World" by the Isley Brothers and The Stranglers’ "Golden Brown", from which the album title is derived.

      “The Stranglers are one of my earliest memories of music. I had an auntie who was a huge fan and my parents had all their records. ‘Golden Brown’ always gave me such a beautiful feeling, way before I knew what it was supposed to be about”.

      “I've always admired producers who push your ear, who draw you into unexpected elements of a song. I like it when people use a minimal number of elements and find ways of making you re-engage with each of them. It can be subtle, just a drum or the repetition of a word. I was thinking about that in the arrangement of the whole album”.

      Raised on the traditional sega music of his father’s Indian Ocean homeland alongside records by the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jackson, Mo Kolours adds hip hop, dub, soul and other electronic styles to his individual sound. His approach could find him placed alongside Madlib or The Gaslamp Killer but he would be equally happy in the company of James Blake, Erykah Badu, Theo Parrish or Moodymann.

      France's Macadam Mambo top off an exceptional year with arguable their most ambitious release yet. "Be In Sync" is the result of a long distance collaboration between the excellent Andrea Noce and legendary David Kristian carried out during 2013. The duo arranged basic guidelines of style, tempo and structure for each track, then begin to fire loops and compositions across continents, aiming to create a new track in 36 hours. The result is a three track Mini-LP of progressive synthesis, electronic experimentation and deep and hypnotic frequencies in line with Innovative Communication or Editions EG. "Be In Sync" opens the LP with a sense of drama and urgency, as an insistent 80s bass sequence cuts through squeeling drones, cosmic leadlines and electronic percussion, referencing Robert Schroder as well as Goblin. "So Far So Good" offers a change of tack, veering into Balearic waters via new age pads, bright harp, trippy vocoder and crashing waves. Over on the flipside, "Sleepiness Scale" hypnotises us completely with metallic polyrhythms, deep drones and sprawling sci fi synthlines. By the latter stages your consciousness has left your body behind entirely and is happily bathing in the collective energy pool. This record is completely intemporal, made for the past, the present, the future, with marvelous atmospheric and space sounds, escape from your body and synchronise.

      Nouvelle Vague

      Nouvelle Vague - Vinyl Edition

      French musicians Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux are the duo behind the cleverly named Nouvelle Vague, which translates as new wave in English and bossa nova in Portuguese. The name gets to the very essence of the idea behind these songs - post punk new wave tracks re-played in a mellow bossa nova / easy latin style, fronted by a parade of guest female vocalists (six French, one Brazilian and one New Yorker). Joy Division, PIL, The Clash, The Specials, Depeche Mode, The Undertones, XTC, Sisters Of Mercy, Tuxedomoon, The Cure, The Dead Kennedys, Killing Joke and Modern English are all given the Nouvelle Vague homage, showing the brilliance of the original compositions, while breathing new life into them. Whether you grew up with these songs in the late 70s / early 80s, or are coming to them afresh, you have to agree that this LP is a bit special.

      Simon Fisher Turner

      Shishapangma - Inc. DJ Sprinkles Remix

      Unexpected, but totally in keeping with the open minded, art-informed ethos of the imprint, the latest release on Comatonse sees Terre Thaemlitz pick up an eleven minute epic from Simon Fisher Turner, backed with a subaquatic Sprinkles mix on the flip. Composed by Fisher in 2013 to accompany Captain John Noel's 1924 film "The Epic Of Everest", "Shishapangma" is a sublime and hypnotic journey into a distant dreamstate of ambient electronics. Underpinned by a rumbling sub bass, the track sees twinkling sequences dance around glacial synth drones while warm woodwind and eastern strings suggest a distant climes. On the surface, Sprinkles Deeperama mix retains the glacial majesty of the original composition, but dig a little deeper and you'll see the producer has lit a fire deep in its belly. Driven into the heart of the post peak haze by precise percussion and a typically deep bassline, this remix works itself right into your cerebral cortex, wrapping subtle sequences and jazzy woodwind around your brain stem and locking you into its endless rhythm. Simply put, this is sublime.

      Music For Dreams release their second 12 inch this year from Danish duo Visti & Meyland. Continuing their current passion for writing "real songs", Visti & Meyland are back with a larger than life anthem of love, melancholy and thoughtfulness. "Sharing The Light" has a dreamy vibe in the verses and hits back hard with a Bobby Womack-esque chorus born out of Meyland's Jekyll and Hyde vocals. Carried by a 70's drumbeat, hypnotic electric bass line and an out-of-tune piano, this track has an emotional, warm and star-gazing feel to it, though still maintaining the heavy, rock-solid grooviness that the Danish duo are known for. On remix duties Payfone calls the shots and demonstrates his power, turning the track into a modern Paradise Garage-inspired DJ tool. "Girls On Camera" is the second track and a sure fire Balearic club monster combining "E2E4" style arpeggios with French Kiss style stabs making this package essential for any collector of open minded Balearic sounds.

      Sarah Williams White

      Of The New World

      'Of The New World' is the debut album from South London singer and producer Sarah Williams White. Sarah is part of a new wave of artists from her corner of London that includes Mo Kolours, Henry Wu as well as her brother Paul White. A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Sarah cites influences including Jamie Lidell, Erykah Badu and PJ Harvey as well as more contemporary acts such as Hiatus Kaiyote, Jamie Woon and Thundercat. Her sound mixes soulful, intricate vocals with subtle beats and layered harmonies.

      Across 12 tracks (7 songs and 5 interludes / soundscapes), this mini-album showcases Sarah's range of abilities. Tracks like 'Hum' and 'Winter Sun' highlight her delicate yet powerfully soulful voice, whilst 'Rainmaker' and 'New World' show her ear for unusual beats and deft musicianship. Elsewhere the hypnotic interludes ('Arrival', 'Adrift) would not be out of place in the more abstract work of her fellow South Londoners over at the 22a label.


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      Brawther and Alixkun present a collection of 15 underground Japanese house tracks from the early days of electronic dance music, back when the genre was sweeping across the globe. Ahead of a related documentary project titled 'HOUSE' in Japanese characters, the compilation is the first to showcase the works of Japanese house on an historical and global level, with classics and rare as a hen's teeth tracks. Carefully selected by Brawther and his sidekick Ailxkun, this is a nectar of deep grooves and blissful melodies that form the blueprint of the Japanese house sound. Legends like Soichi Terada, Yukihiro Fukutomi or The Ecstasy Boys are back to back with unsung hearoes like Takecha, Magic Ware or Katsumi Hidano. Aimed at the house music lover and overall music enthousiasts, this compilation is the one stop shop of all things early Japanese house, unveiling the mystery behind it all and shining a brand new light on it, dusted and remastered, for your listening pleasure.

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