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Genre pick of the week Cover of Late Train / The Visitor - Idjut Boys / Ray Mang / The Emperor Machine Remixes by Paqua.
Transatlantic Balearic supergroup Paqua return from their brief hiatus (the band took time out from the studio to concentrate on live shows and sandal making) with a flurry of action. Not only is there an intriguing "Dubs" 10" on the horizon, but also a debut LP slated for release sometime over the summer. Thankfully Paqua have taken pity on us and eased our hunger with this tasty remix double pack of a couple of their big hitters. Up first, those Idjuts come back for more with their frazzled and wiggy dubbed out version of "Late Train". The more alert of you may remember Th'Idjuts were behind the 12" edit of "Late Train" first time round, and this mix is a reinvention of that edit, with the Idjut factor turned up to 11; expect echo, delay, phazing and flanging as things get more Balearic than a south Manchester picnic. On the flip, Idjut associate and UK disco don Ray Mang drops in to work his magic on the blissfully horizontal "The Visitor". Taking on the unenviable task of reworking my favourite Paqua number, Ray extends the glory of the original, stretches out the groove and adds the subtle flavour of rattling percussion and mellow synth sequences to the track, succeeding in creating a hazy dub which soars along atop a thermal. The closest comparison I could make is to Mudd's version of "Open Rhythms" on Nado002, it's that strung out. On the second disc, Stafford's synth maestro Andy Meecham puts on his Emperor Machine space suit and sets about creating a stomping Moon-boogie version of "Late Train", complete with a text book EM bassline. Staccato sequences stretch out into infinity, while boogie synth leads take us to an upmarket dancefloor on the far side of Venus. This cosmic disco groove will have you dancing in all sorts of peculiar ways, especially when Andy introduces one of his trademark zero gravity breakdowns. If vocals aren't your thing, but galactic grooves are, then you'll be mad about the Instrumental version on the flip. 

Ghost Town

Riverrun / All The Way

    Ghost Town drop their eighth apparation courtesy of body & soul resident Andi Hanley, and label head Citizen Kane. On the A-side, Andi takes his scalpel to a couple of rich and organic soothers, transforming them into Balearic movers. "Riverrun" is a folky obscurity, which beguiles with 70s Laurel Canyon tones and circular marimba patterns. "Zulu" is a sunkissed Afro groove, which Andi covers with swathes of echo and delay, dubbing the track out in a shimmer of heat haze. On the flip, Ghost Town's mayor, Citizen Kane gets his freak on with the sleaziest disco rock groove, perfect for a 70's Detroit biker club. Neat synths, major guitar riffage and plenty of rhythmic wah combine to make this a winner for the likes of Harvey and Felix Dickinson.

    Last Waltz make their Is It Balearic? debut with two diverse moods hitting sweetspots on either side of the Balearic spectrum. On the A-side they don they get on board the junk and get in full CSN mode with the help of vocalist Smoove (presumably of Smoove & Turrell fame). "Just Hold On" is a pastoral rolling (hills) chugger, with heartfelt vocals over a deep bassline, folky guitar strumming and shimmering keys. On the remix Ess O Ess raise the tempo a little bring out the electric guitars and increasing the chug to almost Krautrock levels. On the Flip side Last Waltz give us "Tribute", a deep atmospheric acid affair. Mellow electric keys and percussion lull you into a false sense of security before the heavy kick and acid bassline drop with dark cello notes. Machete Savane take on the remix. Replacing acid for guitar and adding some machine groove this slowly builds and builds into a top bubbler that'll work wonders with the Japanese jocks on the Balearic scene. 

    Michele Mininni is from Southern Italy where he says people are not interested in his type of music so he was forced to reach out to Glasgow where it turns out some people most definitely are. Citing his influences as kraut, post rock, new wave and electronic amongst others, this is his debut release and most accomplished it is too. Lowering the tempo somewhat compared with previous OT releases, "Tupolev Love" is a sub 100bpm cosmic trancer while "Telekomdisko" raises the tempo, adds some hardware drums and heads off into lazer-guided drug-chug. The EP is completed by Michele's fellow countrymen, Boot & Tax's great acid-inflected remix of "Tupolev Love".

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