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Genre pick of the week Cover of Day One - Inc. Telephones Remix by Jose Padilla.
Despite the rampant overuse of the word legend in today's vernacular (the mad guy with the boombox on the bus, the lady who lets you use the photocopier for free, Jan Molby), I'm gonna commit to the cause and say that Jose Padilla is categorically a legend! Alongside Alfredo of Amnesia, the Catalan DJ gave birth to the other side of the Balearic coin, the mellow sunset side, and in turn influenced millions of people around the globe from Madonna to DJ Harvey, whether they saw him soundtrack the sunset or just bought one of his seminal Cafe Del Mar Compilations.

Now firmly united with the equally forward thinking folks at International Feel, Padilla is about to present his first album in fifteen years. In the true Balearic spirit of community and collaboration, the label looked to four of the finest producers of the moment - Wolf Müller from Germany, Mark Barrott from Ibiza, Telephones from Norway and Tornado Wallace from Australia - and brought them togather in Ibiza to work with Padilla on the project. A global line up for a global sound.

The first fruits of these collaborative sessions is the new single "Day One". Produced by Henning Telephones (Resident Advisor chose his recent Running Back release as one of their best of 2014), the track mixes a classic Balearic sound with the 'proper' deep house of Ron Trent and Chez Damier. Layers and washes of melody flow over deep beats, crystallising into a retro influenced, forward facing sound perfect for today's dancefloors. With its spiralling kosmiche synths the Telephones remix ("fucking mega" according to Aficionado's own Moonboots) is reminiscent of Italo Balearic house staple 'Sueno Latino'.

If you ask Telephones why he wanted to work with Padilla he'll tell you, "As an eclectic and open-minded DJ myself, getting the opportunity to work with one of the pioneers of the Balearic sound and his approach to music didn't take much considering. Even with 30 years between us, we kinda come from the same place in a spiritual-musical sense. Plus getting the chance to put my pale Scandinavian feet on Ibiza-sand was a nice bonus. It was like being able to check out a place you remember, but only through second-hand memories"  

So this very much is "Day One". A new place for Jose Padilla working with the best of the new generation of producers and a new rebirth of the original Balearic sound - aware of its roots but pushing forwards. "Day One" indeed.

Dinosaur L

24-24 Music

Dinosaur L is an alias donned by Arthur Russell, a man whose contribution to dance music from the late seventies and through the eighties was formidable but only quietly acknowledged. His innovative and left field dance records were way ahead of what people were used to hearing at the time. He was a cellist who studied classical and Indian music. As well as his great strides in dance music he was also involved in the New York downtown avant-garde music scene and produced some albums in a more avant-garde / experimental vein as well as trying his own unique approach to pop. He scored several hits on the underground New York dance scene at clubs like The Paradise Garage (Larry Levan was a huge supporter). His biggest tunes, “Go Bang!” and “Is It All Over My Face?” were worldwide club hits and are still played today as classics. His records have influenced the scene from his first dance record in 1979 to the present day and his work has been much sampled. Sadly Arthur died in 1992, but his music lives on and his influence is still felt on the dance music scene, his tunes still sound great and are still moving many dancers around the world, so his spirit lives on. Sleeping Bag Records and Traffic Entertainment Group is proud to present Dinosaur L’s “24-24 Music“ on double LP.


2xLP Info: Now re-released as a double LP with exclusive mixes.

CD Info: CD reissue features four extra tracks, including mixes from Francois K and Larry Levan.

After taking us on a drug chug at the start of 2015 DJ Rocca serves up two tracks for the next El Diablo's Social Club release. Retro freestyle / house cut  'Lets Go Party' kicks things off with stabby chords, Roland percussion, catchy vocal shots, bassline and massive E'd up breakdowns make this a must have slate for your box. The remix comes from a fave of the El Diablo's cartel, Brioski, who goes straight for the heart of the dancefloor and rips it right out. This is where late 80s Chicago and Rimini styles collide. 'Slumber' slows the pace down a bit sounding like something from a late 70s Italian horror movie given a soft jazz-funk cinematic rework. Pulsating chords and echoey piano reminiscent of Claudio Simonetti or John Carpenter. The El Diablo's Social Club remix stays in the same vein making making sparse use of the eerie piano whilst adding a chuggy bassline, heavy Arps and some extra guitars courtesy of Crazy P's Tim Davies.

Chilly Gonzales

Chambers - Bonus Disc Edition

Chilly Gonzales, Canadian pianist and entertainer, returns with his much anticipated follow-up to "Solo Piano II": "Chambers".

Since the release of "Solo Piano II", Chilly Gonzales composed the best-selling book of easy piano pieces Re-Introduction Etudes, produced and released Octave Minds, the piano-meets-electronica album with Boys Noize and, most importantly, devoted himself to finding a modern take on chamber music. The result is "Chambers", an album for piano and string quartet (and a few surprises along the way). Inspired by the deepening relationship with Hamburg's Kaiser Quartett, the album re-imagines Romantic-era chamber music as today's addictive pop. Gestures from rap, ambient, easy listening and the avant-garde co-exist as always in Chilly Gonzales’ musical universe - this time with strings attached.


CD Info: Includes bonus 'Compoers Commentary' while stocks last.

Ltd LP Info: Limited edition LP includes poster. Includes bonus 'Compoers Commentary' while stocks last.

Ariel Kalma

Le Temps Des Moissons

First solo recording LP from Ariel Kalma, recorded in 1975. After a long journey to India where he learnt the basics of modal music and singing, Ariel was inspired by the fusion of ancient and modern ways of playing music in the 70s with saxophone, ethnic instruments, effects, electric instruments and electronic filters. Kalma is also known for have played in albums by other French experimental artists like Delired Chameleon Family, Nyl, Heldon...

Nowadays very rare and hard to find private pressing, some copies came with a hand drawn cover and some in printed form. The Wah Wah reissue reproduces the original printed sleeve, comes mastered sound from the original tapes, 2 bonus tracks and an insert featuring liner notes and photos, in a limited edition of only 500 copies.

Kode9 + The Spaceape

Memories Of The Future

The cherished vinyl releases of Kode9 with his Ragga poet partner The Spaceape and label-mate Burial for Hyperdub are rightly regarded as at the apex of dubstep evolution. Although steeped in the history of dubstep's formative days through his Forward)) and Rinse FM experiences, taken on their own Kode9's productions are a strain that seems to have developed separately from the rest of his capital colleagues. Owing as much to the dynamics of minimal techno and dub reggae, the sluggish, invasive riddims of "Backward", "9 Samurai" and "Kingstown" are unique amongst such a vibrant scene. Indeed, the sheer originality which they apply to of their cover of Prince's "Sine O' The Times" should merit it an instant classic to anyone's ears. The 14 tracks on this LP bring you up-to-date with Kode9's Hyperdub recordings so far and contains the same amount again of brand new material, which is more than enough to convert naysayers to dubstep's legitimacy.


2xLP Info: Double vinyl pressing includes previously unreleased extra track ‘Stalker (Alt Edit)’

Holy sheeeit! Do not adjust your sets kids, we're about to enter the twilight zone! The true originator of the cosmic disco sound, Mr Beppe Loda, digs deep into his countless crates of Typhoon classics and hits us with a three tracker of sprawling space disco brilliance. "Obscure Cuts" collects together a couple of lost, rare and now re-edited treasures from the heyday of Italian disco, put through their paces by a man who's understanding of the dancefloor is second to none. Sounds good? Read on! The A-side rockets into the outer reaches of the universe as only true space disco can, jet propelled by a rampant bassline, rapid fire sequences and insistent percussion. Beppe adds a whole host of system melting fx and synth washes, lets loose with a garbled vocal and takes us on a brief detour into the land of prog thanks to that acoustic guitar break. Killer! If those euro vocals don't do it for you, you're mad, but can take comfort in the instrumental mix. On the flipside, "Flavio", sees Beppe drop the tempo slightly and get wonderfully wonky, stirring solid synthlines into a cosmic funk brew, rich with low slung bass, tumbling congas and celestial melody. Inspired by Beppe Loda’s residency at the frequent Oscillator parties in dark dungeons and underground basements in the heart of Berlin, this 12" gives you a taste of his cosmic sound, wherever you are. 

Revered Belgian DJ and producer Mugwump proudly presents his longawaited debut album on his Subfield imprint. An impeccable nine track LP, informed by two decades as a globe-trotting DJ, producing tracks that have inspired everyone from Andrew Weatherall to Mr. Scruff. A mainstay from the Belgian club scene, on the ground in Ibiza in the early 90s, behind the cult Food Club in the late 90s, now running his own Leftorium clubnight in Brussels, with releases on the highly influential Kompakt label but also on R&S, Gigolo, Cocoon, Eskimo, Permanent Vacation or Throne of Blood… Mugwump has the CV to deliver one of the year’s most eclectic and inventive studio albums, a timeless excursion into modern-day, leftfield dance-pop and mutant disco with heavy new-beat influences. Produced with his partner Olivier Grégoire, it also gathers a solid list of collaborators: Circlesquare’s Jeremy Shaw (!K7/Output), Brussels guitar wizard Raphael Lee (aka Spookhuisje), Luke Jenner (ex-The Rapture), Norway‘s cosmic disco lords Päl Nyhus of Mungolian Jet Set and Tore Gjedrem from Ost & Kjex, Belgian multi-instrumentalist Stephan Fedele, Philip Janzen (frontman of Cologne’s Krautrock-disco band Von Spar) and Sami 'Morpheus' Birnbach from 80s cult punk-funk / new-wave band Minimal Compact.


LP Info: Includes bonus 5 track remix CD.

CD Info: Includes bonus 5 track remix CD.

For release number two, the Magic Movement conjures up another outstanding debut EP, this time from the exotically named Oceanvs Orientalis. The one man orchestra from Istanbul takes you on a mystical journey down the Silkroad to a place where slow timeless jams meet hypnotic club killers. Over a percussive foundation, Oceanvs Orientalis mixes traditional eastern instruments and chants with house and techno, never leaving the dancefloor out of sight. Title track "Khronos" sees the producer work a languid bassline into a lively polyrhythm before unleashing a symphonic piano melody and creating a moment of complete dancefloor immersion. "Leonardo" sees the producer delivering tripped out slo mo techno with all the strung out melody of a middle eastern souk. The exotic vocals are looped, echoed and screwed as Oceanvs Orientalis produces the perfect counterpoint to Jose Manuel's recent release on Joe's Bakery. On the flip, things get deep and psychedelic as "Ozunde Lyi Insanlariz" heads into the same fireside ritual as Rub N' Tug's superb remix of Wild Rumpus' "Musical Blaze Up". Proper trippy woodland vibes. Last but not least, "Night In Samarqand" gives it to us slow and sticky like the thickest Turkish coffee. Syrup basslines and organic percussion percolate while the producer replays traditional eastern melodies on synth, taking us somewhere far, far away. Great stuff from the debutant, and an instant entry to my record box. By melting oriental history into modern beats, Oceanvs Orientalis has created a whole new sonic universe: Contemporary Eurasian Dance Music.

Lord have mercy! Rush Hour are back on a 'No' Label tip with a thrilling, killing split LP from label debutants OD and familiar face Morgan Buckley (MB). Paradise music is the order of the day as the two artists transform sun drenched electronics, celestial frequences and rainforest rhythms into interdimensional house excursions and experimental soundscapes. OD kicks us off with the wonderfully titled "Sol Baize At The Chinga", an expansive melange of polyrhythmic percussion, Gottsching-esque guitar, circular sequences and sunburst synth lines. I could probably listen to this on a loop forever, and it's proving a real struggle skipping it on to record clips. Totally tripped-out house music for the Balearic crowd! Next up "Eau-De-Vie" hits us with the stripped back sounds of  drum machine, gentle acoustic guitar and fx soaked sax, before evolving into a driving post-punk / new wave jam reminiscent of Palais Schaumburg. OD closes the side out with an experimental palate cleanser in the form of "Manual Greever". A surefire feature on Radio 3's Late Junction, this one leaps right out the Pierre Schaeffer playbook in a truly eccentric musique concrète fashion. Morgan Buckley takes over on the flip, picking up exactly where he left off on "Shout Out To All The Weirdos In Rathmines", with the repetitive, experimental minimalism of "Miwp (Miwpy Mix). Merging contemporary dancefloor arrangements with synth wave sonics and a tape loop aesthetic. "A Well-Oiled Party" follows suit in mind melting fashion as Morgan transforms a about three sounds into a glorious cacophony of frequencies and rhythms. "Absolutely No Peace (Can't Get No Peace And Quiet)" sneaks in on the B3 and steals the "leftfield-oddball house record of the week" title from right under Max Dunbar's nose, combining sunkissed mallets with a lilting beat, brain funk bassline and expansive array of tape loops, found sounds and synth bleeps. One of the freshest records I've heard in quite some time, and presented in a stunning sleeve, this split EP is the real deal.

The Omena LTD series opens its account with a reissue of a six track EP / mini album that was originally released back in 2004 to universal critical acclaim despite remaining well under the commercial radar. On a recent trip to the US, Omena leader Tooli met up with an old friend who played him a tape containing the track from the above mentioned album. Eager to hear more and also get in touch with the band, he started an investigation of his own that led him to the coastal city of Vardo, right at the furthest tip of Norway. After several meetings and intensive negotiations the group agreed to re-release the album but with a few minor changes made exclusively for this release only. Employing a sampledelic approach in the Avalanches style, the group deliver a timeless downbeat record full of rich textures, laid back grooves and Shadow-esque beats, which laughs in the face of coffee table nonesense and Buddha bar pish.

Piccadilly Records

Mono Colour Print - Black Tote Bag

    One colour 'mono' print (white) of the Piccadilly Records logo on a black tote bag.

    The fourth release from Roland P. Young on EM Records sees him moving ever deeper, earthbound and rooted, yet simultaneously flying further out, expanding his exploration of untethered celestial realms. Recorded in 2014 following a move to Tel Aviv, the title 'Confluences' hints at the blend of cultures and histories in his new homeland, and is reflected in the music, which shows a range of cultural influences, filtered through Young's unique sensibility and vision. This is a calm, spiritual set, evidencing an inner comfort that was less prevalent on his Brooklyn recordings. This is not to imply that RPY is no longer searching; this release brings to fruition the promise of earlier recordings such as 'Isophonic Boogie Woogie' (EM 1045CD/HJ-LP) and 'Istet Serenade' (EM 1087CD/LP), made complete via Young's multi-instrumental chops on sax, bass clarinet, kalimba, and keyboards working in tandem with his rhythm and bass programming skills, his multi-track studio mastery, and an ever-evolving sense of musical form and drama. The confluences of cultures are of course swirling throughout this release, but also the confluences, as noted above, of the earthy and the celestial, as well as the temporal confluences of the past, present, and future. Perhaps more than any of his previous releases, 'Confluences' realises Young's description of his own work as "Afro spiritual minimal electronic space music." Available on CD and LP, this release is the next stage of Roland P. Young's never-ending voyage. Get on board!

    Various Artists

    A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble (Exploding In Your Mind) - The Wizards Of Oz - Compiled & Mixed By The Amorphous Androgynous

    35 track 2 hour mix psychedelicized by the Amorphous Androgynous - including tracks Russell Morris, Tame Impala, The Missing Links, Cybotron, Doug Jerebine, Sunset Strip, Leong Lau, Melissa, Ash Grunwald, Rob Thomsett, Kongress, Sons Of The Vegetal Mother, Pond, Krozier & The Generator, SJC Powell, Rob Thomsett, Air, Flake, Rainbow Generator, Doug Jerebine, Iain McIntyre's A Warning, Doug Ashdown, Rob Thomsett, Pip Proud, Hiroshi and Claudia, Tyrnaround, Steve Maxwell Von Braund, Madder Lake, Railroad Gin, Mandu and Kanguru.

    ‘The Wizards Of Oz’ is devoted exclusively to the rich heritage of cosmic space music of our Antipodean brothers and sisters and in common with previous volumes traces the lineage from the sixties to the present day with sonic delights from every decade in between.

    Once again the Amorphous Androgynous show themselves dab hands at unearthing the absurd, the obscure and the downright wonder filled from over four decades. The tracks are expertly woven and mashed together to form a trip as enjoyable as it is both enlightening and educational. As has always been their want they reappraise what the 'psychedelic' might mean in the present day adopting the role of the DJ in the process rather than as band or producers / remixers as has been known, showing that a new 'psychedelia' exists as much in the surprising juxtaposition of style and variety of song as it does in the individual songs themselves.

    Unlike previous volumes 'The Wizards Of Oz' majorly features music and bands that the Amorphous Androgynous had never previously heard (though some like Tame Impala rose meteorically within the album's two year inception) and as the collection evolved the question that arose with increasing regularity was 'How and why have we not heard this before?!" and then 'if this band had been from the UK or the USA would they have been unheard and unknown?" The answer to this was a resounding no so an almost political fervor was born to bring the treasure of ‘The Wizards Of Oz' forth so that ‘A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble’ could continue its ongoing legacy to reinvigorate the psychedelic potential of both now and future generations by bringing and tracing the timeless psychedelic music through the years together in order to activate future revolutions of cosmic space music.

    The land of Blah Blah delivers once again for the Balearic brigade - three new very classy edits all done by KBE. "Compass Woman" is a great edit of a track recorded in Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas with the masters Sly & Robbie on drums and bass, the inimitable Wally Badarou on keys and that world-famous harsh male vocal topping it all off. This was massive all over Europe in the early eighties from Scandinavia to Ibiza and a firm favorite of Italians Loda and Baldelli - here it's extended with newly added guitars for your listening pleasure. Flip over for "Great Times", an obscure, very hard to find, almost orgasmic Spanish female cover version of the Chic classic layered up with newly added rhythm guitars by KBE, cowbells, slick piano, all combined with powerful modern sounding drums - guaranteed to make people smile and a floor filler if played at the right time in any club. Lastly, "Sexomatic", originally released as a 7” currently changing hands for big money, is an Italian bump with just the right amount of Mediterranean female vocals, floaty synths, funky keys and ultimately a unique song. A pure quality track that KBE felt deserved an extended edit, this has been on many DJs’ playlists and getting attention in various edits and dubs. More essential Blah Blah vinyl - don’t miss!

    Pour yourself a cool drink and recline that deck chair, evergreen Balearic imprint Magic Wand are back to bliss you out once again. For their 11th instalment, the label secure the production expertise of four acts at the top of their game and supply them with the vinyl wherewithal to blow us away. Horton Jupiter gets us off to a wonderful start with his beefed up dub of a forgotten 80s anthem, adding extra percussive firepower and spacious fx to the superb lilt of the original. On the A2, Coyote make a return to the imprint with a cheeky refix of a camp and sleazy slice of finest euro-pop in "Top Set". This distinctly 80s ode to a life of champagne and cocaine should provide the perfect soundtrack to beautiful people and beautiful weather, so expect to hear it hog the spotlight in plenty of beach bar sets this summer. On the flip, Polish superstars Ptaki ride the breeze down the coastal road to deliver a looped up, souped up hit of yacht-funk brilliance. Chiming rhodes, low slung bass, swooning sax and golden throated vocals come together perfectly on the kind of downbeat groover we've come to expect from Eddie C and the Common edits crew. Last but not least H-Track man Hanners drops in to extend and expand Jerry Harrison's Casual Gods' album track "We're Always Talking". As Balearic as it gets, this dreamy Roxy-esque groove from the Talking Heads man is perfectly worked into the sumptuous sunset teaser it was destined to be. Top notch edits once again from the mighty Magic Wand.

    Messalina keeps the pressure on with another fantastic assortment of lost and reshaped Balearic gems for discerning jocks and listeners all over the globe. Volume 11 comes courtesy of label head Lucci Capri and Balearic maestro Andy Kidd, a couple of deep heads who leave no stone unturned in their frequent digging excursions. Capri gets us underway in exotic fashion with a heavyweight steel drum version of Sly Stone's classic "Papa Was A Rolling Stone", certain to take the floor to some place deep and tribal with those chanted vocals. Next up, Lucci gets his loop on, extending and expanding "War & Peace", a throbbing Afro disco groover with phat bass, funky synths, a killer piano hook and a positive message for any United Nations envoys out there. It’s over to Brazil on the flipside with the brilliant "Katarina", a slo-mo chugger full of Rio flavour edited to perfection by Andy Kidd, which is already receiving a lot of attention in Ibiza on the promo circuit. Lastly we have "Crioula", Lucci Capri’s floor friendly version of a lost Jose Roberto samba funk classic. Top quality all the way.

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