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Genre pick of the week Cover of Sunset Hours Marini's On 57 Vol One - Compiled By Jose Padilla by Various Artists.
Jose Padilla is regarded as the spiritual father of chill out and Balearic music, he is celebrating being a DJ for 40 years in 2014 and his world famous 'Cafe Del Mar' compilations have sold around 8 million copies worldwide. Jose Padilla has just signed to the highly respected label International Feel, also home of fellow innovator Harvey. He's primed to release a new single, Solito and there's an album coming in Spring 2015. And if that wasn't enough, Padilla's returning to the Café Del Mar this summer for some select dates for the first time in fifteen years - the perfect resolving chord that heralds the start of a new Balearic summer. It's a busy time fo r Jose Padilla. This is a new compilation on Secret Life Music - who will be collecting and digitising all of Padilla's iconic tapes. There's a brand new radio show summer following on from his successful Ibiza Sonica radio shows which will be syndicated worldwide, and he's just celebrated his 40th anniversary of DJ'ing.


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        Leeds' finest purveyors of underground music, Joe's Bakery, present undiscovered Balearic beats, cosmic curveballs and obscure oddities from around the world, collected and road tested at Outlaws Yacht Club. The first two releases feature edits on an Italian theme by a mysterious collective of music enthusiasts and record diggers by the name of Diavol. Volume One begins with the heartfelt and emotional 80s pop of "Controllo Totale", which features a choral chord progression the Breeders would have been proud of topped by crystal clear Italian vox. Perfect for early doors or the end of the night, this slow smoocher is one of those cinematic beauties that makes you feel like you're starring in your own film. "Bailando" takes us into the midst of a cocaine fuelled night poolside at the Ku. This is 80s pop in an entirely different sense, with sleazy synths and funky guitar licks making you move while the male vocal deadpans away. On the flip, "Subway At Night" is a heavy riffing disco rock peaker with soaring female vocals the perfect counterpoint to the thrusting guitars below. I'm imagining Harvey working the system with that vintage hi-fi and guitar pedal working together to blow your mind. Next up, Diavol give us the low slung bass groove of "Una Splendida Giornata (Nassau Balearic Edit)", the perfect example of Balearic beat rippling with sunkissed horns and a lilting rhythm. "Conejito" closes the set in a darker mood, pairing a prickling sequence with orgasmic female spoken vocals and rattling percussion. It sounds to me like it's been plucked from the soundtrack of a long lost Dario Argentino flick and given a healthy dose of virgin's blood to really get it going. Diavol announce their presence with music to be played by the pool or under the discoball, keep a look out for Volume Two.


        Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

        We can all breathe now. The coolest band on the planet are finally back - and how! Phoenix have been firm Piccadilly favourites for a good decade now (eep!) and this album has been eagerly anticipated ever since the incredible "1901" streamed on their homepage a few months ago. You should all know the band's sound by now and, even if you don't, you're in for a real sonic treat. "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" continues the Parisians' effortless ability to carve out achingly-hip sophisticated pop music. Indeed, the polished ambience on this LP actually brings to mind the genius production skills of Steely Dan whilst Thomas' vocals are thankfully sounding less and less cheesy! Worth the price of admission alone is perhaps the centrepiece of the whole album and probably the best and most ambitious song they've ever done: the unimpeachable near-instrumental "Love Like A Sunset Part 1 & 2". Deftly traversing several genres - from the ominous keyboard-heavy opening via hypnotic Carpenter-esque spacey plodding to the lush acoustic finale - and synthesizing them into a steadily building sumptuous whole, this is pure pop for NOW PEOPLE!


        Andy says: The record that finally made them! Super stuff.

        The Very Polish Cut-Outs start 2014 with another batch of perfectly crafted and hugely popular tracks presented in a form of label's Sampler Volume Two.

        For the spring season, they return to the 7" format with two brand new tracks by Warsaw duo Ptaki, the same guys who did much applauded 'Krystyna' last year.

        The Polish duo's next offering is another splendid journey through tons of samples lifted from obscure, disregarded and forgotten records from Eastern Europe (and beyond). On the A-side you'll find a wonderful summer jam - 'Jak Ptaki' all charming soulful vocals, heavily chopped-up Dilla style, fulfilled with a strong drum break, creating a Balearic slice of East European soul. Definitely one for the beach.

        On the B-side Ptaki take you on a trip through 'Ponure Miasto' It's a heavier, darker and dubbier affair, clocking in at just under 100bpm.

        Crisp, powerful drums create a pulsating backdrop for some tight bass line, spooky pads and a hypnotizing vocal loop. Dubbed horns and reggae piano increase the tension, exploding in the final part of the track.

        This moody, but never sleepy trip combines Caribbean and Polish film music influences with a club-ready groove.

        Washington DC may have become synonymous with the smooth sounds of boogie via PPU, and the synthetic house of Beautiful Swimmers, but 1432R are introducing a new player into the game, with a wild style of his own. Citing his influences as ER, Burial, traditional Ethiopian folk and Scott Storch, the newcomer has hit the streets ready to take over the electronic music world. His debut EP kicks off in atmospheric style with the rich and textured soundscape of "Dropleton". Crunchy noise and grainy synthlines call to mind the aformentioned Burial, or the dusty rumble of Pepe Bradock with the depth of DJ Sprinkles, but the tough and rigid beat shows off his love of hip hop. Despite all these influences, the opener retains a distinct individuality. "Darkness Iz" transports us to the thick darkness of Ethiopian night, as Seifu combines skipping rhythms with traditional folk song and a menacing bassline. He switches the beat between the syncopated shuffle of future beats and the straight groove of hip hop, and breaks the melodies up with digital distortion and garbled glitch, keeping the listener on their toes and breaking away from all genre constraints. On the flip, we're treated to the expansive and polyrhythmic "Wedagn", which balances the kind of smooth and shimmering pads we're used to hearing Dam-Funk drop with stuttering samples of folk chant and his tight drum programming. Rather than accelerating towards the peak time dancefloor, the track breaks into beatless ambience before coming back altered into an ethereal late night brooder in the Burial mode. The EP closes in cinematic form with the title track, a moment of end of night beauty with emotive and exotic melodies. A beautifully placed saxophone solo sets up the transisition from gloopy bliss to mountain top euphoria perfectly, and the only thing stopping this being Balearic record of the week is the thick fog of distortion it clouds itself with. One of the most interesting and exciting records of the year from a complete unknown? Lock this one down before they've all got a copy.

        BJ Smith

        Dedications To The Greats Part 2

        A little over a year ago NuNorthern Soul brought you BJ Smith's gorgeous cover versions of two hip hop classics, Mos Def's "Umi Says", which Gilles Peterson proclaimed as "the sound of Sunsets for years to come" and The Pharcyde's "Runnin". This time round he's bringing his unique touch to two classics from the back catalogue of the recently reformed Outkast. Since Andre 3000 and Big Boi are hitting the festival circuit during the summer, this celebration of their greatest work should tide you over until they get back into the studio. Cover versions are always at their best when they take the original song to places it never went before, which this version of "Hey Ya" most certainly does. Starting with an acoustic guitar, Smith's interpretation builds into a rich collage that goes through folk, onto Balearic and bounces to a close with a reggae groove. It is best enjoyed at sunset or sunrise with a cool drink in hand. "Prototype" is made for Smith's easy style; essentially it always was a wistful, dream-like folky number. However, after a fairly faithful start, things eventually end up in a very different place as this version becomes a fuller, more wholesome experience. BJ Smith takes it right out of Atlanta folk territory and into Philly Soul with brass stabs, string sweeps and keys supplementing the already gorgeous bassline.


        Brasil Bam Bam Bam - 4xLP Box Set

        Sonzeira comes from som (sound) and is related to it. A kind of slang. It means a cool and/or stunning sound (in the sense of music). This record is the product of Gilles Peterson being a fan and a champion of Brasilian music in the clubs and on the radio for the last 25 years, culminating in him bringing together the country’s finest artists all on one album for the very first time. Recorded in Rio de Janeiro, they collaborated to create a collective called Sonzeira and an album that is 'Brasil Bam Bam Bam' - a true expression of the real soul and authentic sound of Brasil, from its majestic heritage to its super-dynamic present.The result, Brasil Bam Bam Bam, is an inspirational portrait of a nation in sound. At its heart are mesmerising vocal performances from superstars young and old, including City of God actor and singer Seu Jorge, and the grande dame of samba, 76-year-old powerhouse Elza Soares

        The 4 LP boxset. Featuring the full album across 4 X 12” vinyl with 3 exclusive previously unreleased versions of album tracks (‘Xibaba’ (she-bá-ba) ‘Cosmic Dub’, ‘Frozen Dub’ and ‘Sambaio Dub Version’) plus download code to full audio plus an extensive sleeve journal from Rob Gallagher from 2BO4 - co-album producer with Gilles, who accompanied him on recording process to Brasil, detailing their trip alongside exclusive photographs taken from in and around Rio.

        Well it seems we're in the throws off a new sound right now, the whole slo-mo Balearic-acid ting certainly being flavour of the month here at Piccadilly Records. Following in the footsteps of Donato Dozzy (and Voices From The Lake), Tinman and the Luv Shack label we get the Nordic-based Toisvesi (actually named after a Finish Lake!) dropping this supreme double A side. Two expansions on one 303 jam, "106" places subtle, forward propelled drums onto the blotting paper, while the strong acid still bubbles from deep within the cranium. "106 Versio" goes for an anti-gravity floatation device, lost on your own lysergic daydream laying on some coastline enjoying the crashing waves. Unbelievable good, and already garnishing feverish excitement from Manchester's Balearic oracle, Moonboots. Handmade with hardware & passion in Finland. Strictly limited to 150 copies - move sharp!


        Matt says: Check the B-side for a slo-mo acid drifter tailor-made for lying in a field of daisies on a hot summer's day tripping on fine hallucinogens


        Ltd 12" Info: Strictly limited 150 copies

        American born but Helsinki based soulful chanteuse Nicole Willis, drops a red hot 12" featuring varied remixes of tracks from her acclaimed LP "Soul Makeover". "Siesta" is one of the slower, more sultry tracks from the LP, and on this DJ pleasing wax, it gets two fresh new mixes courtesy of Roberto Rodriguez, hubby Jimi Tenor, Iceland's GusGus and Temple of Soul.

        Finnish house master Rodriguez transforms the nice and easy album track into a soulful and deep house mover with big pads, an infectious bassline and gugrling synths. Rodriguez keeps it real by sampling the ride from the original and rearranging it to give the track a live MAW vibe. Temple Of Soul take a completely different tack, weaving Willis' gorgeous vocals into the swelter of an exotic groove before hitting the switch on a frenetic DnB drum track. More surprises abound on the flip with two remixes of "Heed the Sign". The first mix comes from Finland's premier spaceman and husband to Ms. Willis, Jimi Tenor, who drops a great mid tempo acid house rework that screams Hacienda, with its 303 gurgle, synth strings and brass, and a melody nicked from a New Order track. Iceland's GusGus drop by to close the EP out with a laid back groove perfect for the summer, featuring great guitar work from Chris Dawkin's and the hottest sax solo you'll hear this year.

        The now buy-on-sight Blind Jacks take us on another Tripp. A journey of dreams from Talaiassa to Cadibonna via Kumotori and Moel Penderyn. Secret sounds designed for mind adventure. Gobi supplies a retro-tinged Chicago-inspired joint on "White Dwarf". Lock Eyes gives us tantalizing frequencies and a Vakula-like attention to detail in the synthesis department, gloriously cruising through the glistening ocean on a sonic speedboat. Tominori Hosoya's "Saki" is unfathomably deep but gentle and pulsating with it; when that bassline drops you know the floor / terrace / planet's gonna erupt with joy. Finally Subjecktive allows us to lie back and enjoy the radiance as "Point Of View"'s ultraviolet rays wash over us with a beautiful glow - an instant shot of Vitamin D to the soul. Vinyl purchase allows you access to secret digital tracks from each artist also. Aquatic ocean transparent vinyl.


        Ltd 12" Info: Vinyl purchase allows you access to secret digital tracks from each artist also. Aquatic ocean transparent vinyl.

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