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Genre pick of the week Cover of The Ladies Of Too Slow To Disco by Various Artists.
With “The Ladies of Too Slow To Disco” DJ Supermarkt, aka Marcus Liesenfeld takes a look at the women who kick-started the female pop revolution in the seventies. But he not only presents the big names like Carole King, Carly Simon or Rickie Lee Jones, 'Too Slow To Disco' once again unearths lots of overlooked and lost gems of the 1970s LA music scene.

These pioneering songwriters were determined to navigate their career on their own terms, while fighting an industry that was only marginally less machismo-driven than the mafia (and in some cases involved characters from both worlds). Chauvinism was the mood music de rigueur in the record biz of the 60s and 70s, and the dawning of sexual liberation as often as not left women holding the baby. But battling through, these women writers and performers redefined what pop music could do, and in doing so, charted the path for the women that followed.

Pop is notoriously over-concerned with surfaces, and as a result writers have traditionally played second-fiddle to performers, background figures rarely accorded their dues. But for women writers back in the sixties and seventies this was an even harder battle with the low expectations of high chauvinism.

Carole. Ricky. Carly. Big personalities who lived as large as their male peers. And sure, some of these names you already know. They brought new subjects to the studio, righteously loved to this day for finding new ways, new tones in which to express every emotion. But for each of the well-known ladies of the post-Laurel Canyon scene, there are so many you’re about to meet for the first time.

Take the amazing Franne Golde. She never became a household name despite penning songs that have notched up 100m sales worldwide (including “Don’t Look Any Further” by Dennis Edwards), now isn’t that something? Or Evie Sands, the gamin soulster whose sixties would-be breakthrough hit was stolen from her and given to another (male) artist right under her nose. Still, she carried on and wrote some timeless tunes including the slickly reprimanding “You Can Do It” included here.

Laura Allan’s “Opening Up To You” captures the mood of the decade and of this collection perfectly. A rhythmically deft, proudly self-aware love song, Allan’s writing is tender but she always stays in control, and the whole thing floats like a leaf on a summer breeze.

You’ll find plenty more of that sophisticated West Coast yacht pop sound you know we love, where the tune and the groove and the lyrics just fuse together, in a kind of endless sunlight. Take the cruelly overlooked Leah Kunkel’s “Temptation”, a total earworm, beautifully played with session musicianship from members of Toto. Leah was the younger sister of Cass Elliot from the Mamas and the Papas, and perhaps wary of comparisons mostly lived the session singer life until she stepped out into the limelight in the late 70s with this lost gem and two underrated and forgotten albums.

As ever with Too Slow To Disco, we hope we’re moving the needle, reinstating a few unjustly overlooked talents. But above all this is about the music, that vaulting ambition that pours out of these arrangements, lyrics and melodies, all played by the finest musicians the LA scene could muster. So take a trip with us, and round out your picture of a decade. The style is still Too Slow To Disco. But the inspiration and the achievement is all woman.


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On a fishing trip two years ago, the two main guys behind Africaine 808 (Dirk Leyers and Nomad) went to a tackle shop to buy some creepy crawlies (saltwater worms), not knowing that they were about to make a life changing discovery. In front of the shop a blind man was jammming on a little electronic organ, stomping his feet, singing, growling and basically making a scene.

The boys were quite impressed with the fella, who introduced himself as 'Blind Double D'. They offered to bring him home and record him. He turned the offer down, but offered instead that they could record him on the spot in front of the tackle shop - if they bought him a bottle of good Bourbon. He explained that he would never set foot into a studio again in his life: he was sick of music production and the music industry in general, and that he just wanted this bottle of Bourbon and to be left alone.

The boys got him the bottle, and recorded Blind DD on the spot with a tape recorder they borrowed from the tackle shop. Unfortunately, the tape was stored in one of the tackle boxes over the trip, and some of the creepy crawlies crawled into the tape and stank it all up. This added some extra funk to the recording. With Dirk and Nomad's usual studio trickery and production skills, they created the two versions of this very very funky, creepy, stanky track.

We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do. This record is dedicated to Blind DD, wherever he is...


Casanova 70


    With a sensual, atmospheric sound inspired by Burt Bacharach and Brian Wilson as well as disco, synthesizer maestros Tomita, Jean-Michel Jarre, and Vangelis, new wave, and obscure Italian film soundtracks, Air may have been outliers in the late-'90s electronica boom, but they became one of the most influential electronic acts of the 2000s and beyond.

    A new album from Brian Eno is always something we look forward to and upon hearing it, 'The Ship' is possibly one of the finest solo works from this pioneer yet. Opening with the truly otherworldly experience of title track 'The Ship' Eno carefully lays down a twenty minute plus blanket of slow moving, but fully immersive synths that start off sounding like the blurry jet lag memories of the morning after a night in his 'Music For Airports' departure lounge. The track builds with a delicate, constantly evolving '77 Million Paintings' style drone before his deeply lead vocals chime into the mix, this could honestly be an update on a lost recording from the B-side of 'Low'. The rest of the album follows in a similar stance but over a three-part "musical novel" and takes in oceanic waves of sound to spoken word transcripts and ends on a tear-drenched cover of The Velvet Underground's 'I'm Set Free'. Large parts of 'The Ship' will be tugging at memories of Eno's previous work notably 'Airports' and 'Another Green World', but it remains new and offers much to explore, the end caps on the words "I'm set free, to find a new illusion" and after 'The Ship' we can't wait to hear where he sails to next. Unmissable stuff.


    2xColoured LP Info: Limited edition 2LP on transparent vinyl in printed inners in gatefold with 4 art prints.

    Ltd CD Info: Collectors edition CD.

    Faze Action - Zeke Manyika

    Mangwana - Inc. A Vision Of Panorama Remix

    Faze Action return with a brand new 12", teaming up with Zimbabwean born Zeke Manyika (drummer from 80s post-punk funkers Orange Juice) to create "Mangwana". Sung in Zeke's native Shona, and taking influences from early house, Mory Kante and South African Kwaito, Faze Action manage to create a record that harks back yet still has a modern and contemporary feel. Swinging 4/4 afro-house rhythms, a bubbling synth bassline, marimbas and party horn riffs all combine to make  'Mangwana a surefire soundtrack to countless festivals and outdoor parties this summer. 

    The title track is followed by the stunning 'Chiiko', a slower track with hints of Letta Mbulu's 'Nomalizo' in its grooving electro-acoustic afro rhythm, and featuring Zeke's vocals enriched by Rob's cello - a future Balearic classic? On the flip Mellophonia, Music For Dreams and Aficionado favourites A Vision Of Panorama turns up the dial on 'Mangwana' with a stunning rework. A funky new bassline and some quality keyboard work really ice the cake here. Finally the Brothers Lee deliver are more stripped-down Chicago house style dub on the "Paradise '89 Mix" on 'Mangwana', which draws inspiration from 'Jack The Groove' by Raze perhaps.

    Four killer tracks for different floors - essential!

    For Record Store Day 2016 Khruangbin present two new versions of People Everywhere (Still Alive) one of the standout tracks from their 2015 album The Universe Smiles Upon You. First up Khruangbin deliver a beautiful (and much requested) extended version which sees the band develop and refine the track to lengthened perfection. Next in line emerging artist Vuelo works his dub magic, bringing some bass to the occasion and in doing so creating a worthy soundtrack to a beach festival sunrise.

    This imaginative package from Khruangbin brings a new and unique element to their work. Taking the People Everywhere theme, the bands artistic flair and their interest in design, Khruangbin have invited Artists everywhere to contribute to this unusual release. Artists taking part are asked to design a template of the People Everywhere paperchain inlay which will be included in each copy sold and in which the vinyl will rest. Using People Everywhere as inspiration, Artists submit their work for selection via a website set up by the band to house the project. All submissions will appear on the website with information about each artist and the chosen designs will be reproduced, die-cut, and distributed among the physical vinyl releases for Record Store Day. Purchasers of the vinyl will own one of a very limited number containing the same design. This idea reaches out across the globe, using music and art to bring together People Everywhere for this one off project.


    Ltd 12" Info: White vinyl pressing.

    The crate-digging credentials of Psychemagik’s Danny McLewin are well established. Even so, he’s excelled himself with the first release on Spacetalk, a joint venture with Leng Records’ Simon Purnell and Paul Murphy.

    The trio have successfully worked together a lot over the last five years, with Purnell and Murphy releasing a string of superb collections, compiled by McLewin and Psychemagik partner Tom Coveney. All three men were keen to continue this partnership, and have founded Spacetalk to re-release long forgotten, little-known or overlooked music, as well as previously unheard archive material from some of the artists involved.

    The label’s first release is as obscure as they come. Morrison Kincannon’s 'To See One Eagle Fly' is stupidly rare, having initially been released by its creators as a private press record during the early 1970s. The song was inspired by both the plight of the bald eagle, and the ongoing Watergate scandal, and was written by Norman Morrison during his senior year in High School. After friend and song writing partner Terry Kincannon worked some more on the composition, the duo recorded it with a hastily arranged band that included a number of former High School friends.

    For the Spacetalk re-issue - the first commercial release of the sought-after track - 'To See One Eagle Fly' has been re-mastered from the original 1970s multi-track master tapes, which were baked and digitised before being worked on.

    To say that the song has never sounded better is an understatement. The track’s rich, low-slung space-rock groove has never sounder warmer, whilst the accompanying funk-rock guitar riffs, stretched-out organ chords and hazy vocals simply sparkle.

    On the flip, Paul Murphy has donned his now familiar Mudd alias to present a specially extended remix, constructed utilising the multi-track master tapes unearthed by Norman Morrison. Effortlessly emphasizing the undulating groove, fluid organs, cascading violin parts and Terry Kincannon’s killer guitar solos, Murphy’s brilliantly judged extension rises to an emphatic conclusion using elements from the recording session previously unheard on the original version.

    Over the weeks and months to come, you can expect more high-grade material from Spacetalk, including more unreleased material from Morrison Kincannon, a reissue of an ‘80s single from Avant Garde (with accompanying remix by Mudd and Jaz & Party Dad), and a killer compilation of soul, funk and disco from esteemed French crate-digger Jeremy Underground. Oh, and plenty more besides.

    Felix Laband / Beanfield

    Whistling In Tongues / Tides - Todd Terje / Carl Craig Remixes

    Compost raid their archives to treat us to a special split sided release of two of the label's biggest 'Rewind...TUNES!!!' Spread languorously across the A-side is Todd Terje's masterful rework of Felix Laband's gentle and jazzy "Whistling In Tongues", originally released in 2006, and sounding just as essential a decade later. Effortlessly gliding between disco, Balearica and African influences Terje rearranges the guitar licks and marimba of the original over a rolling polyrhythm, adding a dubwise bassline, sunset sonics and plenty of drifting beauty. As far as Scandolearica goes, this is right at the top of the tree. Meanwhile on the flip we go back to 2004 with Carl Craig's masterful remix of Beanfield's "Tides", a total classic which still rocks the box of the likes of Moodymann, Danny Krivit and Kerri Chandler. Clocking in at extensive ten minutes, the track finds the Detroit producer in imperious form, taking us on a proper voyage which builds from pared back restraint, through echoing walls of techno soul sound before arriving at full scale Planet E synthtopia - Massive! 

    Unless you've been living under a very boring rock for the past few years, you'll be acquainted with the mighty Macadam Mambo. Whether it be their hard hitting Trax series, their highly regarded edits imprint or their world beating DJ sets, Sacha Mambo and Guillaume Des Bois have been on fire from day one, and this guest spot on Passport To Paradise should do their party starting reputation no harm at all. The French duo get stuck in right from the off, approaching the wonderfully obscure "Magic Disco" with a deft touch, extending and amending those head-nodding grooves and campy vocals with echo while reshaping the arrangement to set the floor on fire (check out that extended synth solo!). We're deep in the Med for A2 cut "Boys & Boys", stomping and swaying to the oddest slice of Italo-funk you're ever going to hear. Shifting between cruiseship/soap opera disco, acid-laced funk and wonky cosmic, this mangled madness will blow heads off, let alone turn them - use with extreme caution. Sticking to the coast for the time being, Sacha and Guillaume get sunkissed and South American with the lithe and lovely "Lady Samba". Tumbling, rumbling and rattling percussion, buoyant bass and jazzy flute form the perfect foundation for some sultry vocals, all but demanding you go dancing with sand between your toes. Last but not least, we're back in the psychedelic swirl of Europe's cosmic movement, losing our shit to the uncompromising rhythms, droning vocals and post punk bass of "Darling You're Erotic". Musically we're dipping a toe in the same waters as "My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts" (if you replaced the water with something far far more psychoactive) but with a sleazy euro vocal all about the sexytimes. This is insanely good, literally. Respected diggers and acclaimed editors, Sacha and Guillaume breeze through Passport control with all the right credentials, be sure you go along for the ride.

    Emotional Rescue starts 2016 digging deep in to the early 80s Bristol post punk scene of Pig Pag, the Wild Bunch and the Dug Out club. A short lived project of just 3 releases, Mouth trail-blazed leftfield percussive jams in the rich vain of Liquid Liquid and ESG but in their own jazz-infused way. The cultural melting pot of the St Paul's district and its pubs, clubs and blues parties, threw together young and old to the sounds of dub, funk, jazz and soul and took the spark lit by punk rock and new wave and spawned music that still resonates today. Consisting of a floating line up based around main members Andy Guy and Rob Merrill, alumina included a young Nellie Hooper before he would go on to be a founding member of the Wild Bunch and on to produce the likes of Bjork, U2 and Madonna. Based around a hard tribal drumming, mixing guitar, trumpet, shouted vocals and effects, the thrown in the mix nature was inspired as much by avant-jazz than punk's do it yourself attitude. Here then, on one EP are their complete recordings, including as the title cut, their best and deepest, "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea". Featured on a compilation LP from the legendary Y Records, its bottom heavy dub sound is augmented by female and toasted vocals riding a top a heavy stepper style riddim.This is followed by an increasingly dizzy array of percussion jams. "Acab (Part 2)" is all skips and trumpets, while the versions of "Take Your Coat Off" perfect skat vocal / tom interplay, before the finale busts out the rockabilly influences in full effect with jagged guitar, skipping hats meets double bass punk style.

    Oma & Amberflame

    Tropic Of Capricorn - White Vinyl Edition


    White vinyl in clear plastic sleeve

    To celebrate Record Store Day 2016, Claremont 56 is proud to present something rather special - a killer single-sided release whose origins are shrouded in mystery.

    “Tropic Of Capricorn” arrived at C56 HQ with little or no information. While its’ humid sound effects and glistening, unfurling melodies evoke hazy memories of Mediterranean sunsets and Adriatic sunrises, the track’s creators live East of Ukraine, in the colder surrounds of the Russia.

    Regardless of who made it, you’ll struggle to find a single that’s quite as warm, tactile and seductively groovy. Built around a hypnotic, slo-mo groove, “Tropic of Capricorn” soothes and sedates from start to finish. Its’ ingredients are relatively sparse – think gently undulating beats, toasty chords and an electric harp that gently ebb and flow like the waters of a mountain stream – but the results are nothing less than stunning.

    Eilon Paz

    Dust & Grooves - Adventures In Record Collecting Dust & Grooves (Postcard Box)

      This beautiful box set of 48 postcards contains individual photographs by Eilon Paz from his bestselling book Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting. These photos - printed on thick 5×7 inch matte art paper - offer a glimpse into the collections of DJs, producers, record dealers, and everyday vinyl enthusiasts. In addition to Paz’s personal favorites from the book, the box set also includes some never-seen-before photos from the Dust & Grooves archives.

      Mark Pritchard / Bibio / Clark

      A Badman Sound / Heath Town / Inf Inf Inf Inf


        Record Store Day rave 12” from Warp mainstays Mark Pritchard, Bibio and Clark.

        Mark Pritchard kicks off the 12 with throwback jungle anthem ‘A Badman Sound’; the classic Amen break gets laced with rave stabs and intermittent dub sirens.

        ‘Heath Town’ is the opposite of what you’d expect from Bibio. In particular, the second half takes stylistic cues from ‘A Badman Sound’ and features the popular, euphoric James Brown-produced ‘Yeah Woo’ sample.

        Clark winds down with ‘Inf Inf Inf Inf’, a more ambient sound that brings in broken beats and is reminiscent of early Aphex Twin.

        2016 is an exciting year for all three artists:

        In May, Mark Pritchard is releasing his first album under his own name.

        In April, Bibio releases his fifth album on Warp, A Mineral Love.

        And after releasing his most successful album yet in late 2014, Clark returns with ‘The Last Panthers’ record, inspired by his score of the Sky Arts drama series of the same name.

        For fans of: Aphex Twin, Autechre, Special Request, Om Unit

        Vinyl 12" in 3mm spine sleeve with centre holes (in Warp house bag).

        Limited to 500 copies.

        Quarry Hollow

        The Path Of Tranquility / Masons Arm

        Few parents while away time at the school gates discussing analogue synthesizers, dusty drum machines, and obscure old records. Then again, few parents are quite as musically decorated as Mark Evetts and Stuart Hobbs.

        Evetts, of course, has carved out a successful career as a globetrotting DJ / producer under the Mark E alias, delivering a string of killer albums and singles on such esteemed labels as Running Back, Spectral Sound, Golf Channel Recordings, ESP Institute and his own Merc imprint. As for Glasgow-raised Hobbs, he currently works as a producer out of his own SHONK studio in Oxford, having previously co-owned Crash Records in Glasgow, and appeared in all manner of weird and wonderful bands alongside former members of Teenage Fanclub, Superstar, Ride and Candyskins.

        As the duo got to know each other – and their shared musical interests – while waiting to pick up their respective five year-old daughters from school, a plan began to form. They’d get together in the studio to have some fun, indulging in “an eclectic groove-driven forage into the wonky playing of first takes”. They decided nothing was off limits except “the formula”. Thus, Quarry Hollow was born.

        The first results of their musical partnership are presented on this fine debut EP for Leng. It’s a deliciously warm, fuzzy and off-kilter exploration that touches on numerous musical styles, whilst developing an endearing loose mix of krautrock guitars, heavy dub basslines, bongo-laden percussion and fluttering synthesizer lines.

        “The Path Of Tranquility”, the EP’s triumphant title track, sounds like an unlikely jam session between Tangerine Dream, Terry Riley, Can and The Idjut Boys - all picturesque synthesizer lines, attractive cyclical melodies, fuzzy guitar textures and rolling, organic percussion. It’s utterly sublime.

        “Long Slide” takes a drowsy, high-grade fuelled trip into Balearic dub territory, with aquatic funk guitars drifting in and out of a mix that wisely emphasizes the duo’s heavyweight bass, live percussion and ghostly synthesizers. “Masons Arms”, on the other hand, tips a wink to low-slung post-punk rock, whilst at the same time maintaining one eye on the dancefloor via restless percussion, Doors-style organ riffs and hazy, psychedelic electronics.

        Formula-free music from the margins: what’s not to like?

        Hot shit from the depths of  da vaults…Nettles is a new series from Red Rack'ems Bergerac label which will focus on the more sample based end of things. Tracks which have remained secret weapons for many years will finally see the light of day. This first release features music which was played by quite a few heavy hitters but sadly remained lost on the hard drive…until now that is...
        "Bill George" starts off life as a super funky, cut up electro disco jam which body pops its way into the mother of all breakdowns before drifting into super deep Detroit style house then peaking back to the original electro funk vibes. Not only was this a secret weapon for the likes of Crazy P (who featured it on their Beats In Space mix way back in 2010) but as one of Red Rack'em most 'unreleased tracks requested for release', there's going to be quite a few people around the world celebrating "Bill George" finally making it to wax. A 30 second piece of incidental music from a long lost German children's television series is extended into a late night disco jam 'Timm' which picked up props from none other than Todd Terje when Danny extended it back in the Hot Coins edit days of 2007. Another 'lost' track you'll have gone bananas to on many a dancefloor, now available for your own body moving needs. "Transfer List" began life as a hip hop beat which ended up being such an epic opus that the full glory of the track had to be unleashed. Once again a Cdr classic for a trusted few. A super funky beat evolves into a kind of honky tonk vibe sort of on the KMD tip but with added poppy vocals. Made in 2003 and still fresh to death. Don't sleep!


        Animals Have Feelings

        It all started at a Detroit strip club, with a platter of deep-fried beef taquitos and a dancer whose face looked a bit like Burt Reynolds. It was here that Sam Baker first met a self-described fan of his, who told him to take his music work more seriously. Sam had long since graduated from tapping on piano to working on the MPC and 404 under the name Samiyam, circulating beat tapes among local crew in Michigan. He was among a network of post-Donuts hip-hop producers focusing on instrumentals as the work.

        Flying Lotus met Sam and picked him for the debut release on his Brainfeeder label, 2008’s Rap Beats Vol. 1. Sam Baker’s Album followed in 2011. His Wish You Were Here showed up on Leaving Records in 2013, along with production work for Earl Sweatshirt, Captain Murphy and PharoaheMonch along the way.

        Samiyam, extended Stones Throw family for a while now, debuts with 'Animals Have Feelings', an album which he considers the creative sequel to 'Rap Beats Vol. 1'. “'Animals' has roots in beats made around the time of 'Vol. 1', and the new stuff on the record has some of the same sound. ”The record is classic instrumental hip-hop, mixed with a handful of rap tracks he did with the few MC collaborators he chooses to work with: Earl Sweatshirt (Mirror), Action Bronson (Mr.Wonderful), Jeremiah Jae and Oliver the 2nd (Lord of the Rings).


        Includes MP3 Download Code.

        Secret Circuit

        Moon Steppin'

          Freak Angeleno Secret Circuit flies the spaceship for the fourth offering from Vinyl On Wax, leading us on an interplanetary dance with three prime examples of tropical psychedelia. The optimistic chug of "Moon Stepping" sets the tone and tempo for the EP, treating us to a YMO-on-peyote widescreen (and wide eyed) synth symphony before dropping into a bubbling bass chug worthy of any decent acid session. The flip side opens with the decadent hit of "A Love Exotic", a spaced out slice of smack disco replete with alien voices and elegant bass hums. Transcendent chimes, stargazing synths and meaty clavinet ride a discoid bassline giving us a blast of space disco to rival the best of the Balihu output. EP closer “Code Breaker” raps together samba sensibilities with eastern guitars on a bed of creamy pads, carrying you through the hazier parts of your evening and well into the morning after.

          The Slits

          I Heard It Through The Grapevine


            The Slits’ punky reggae cover of the Gladys Knight / Marvin Gaye Motown classic  “remains the gold standard in violently recontextualized punk covers”, according to Pitchfork. With the UK about to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the musical and cultural revolution that was British punk, this timely 10” reissue features both the title track, the original double A-side ‘Typical Girls’, LP track ‘Love and Romance’ and the rarity ‘In The Beginning There Was Rhythm’. As fresh and vital today as the time they were recorded nearly 40 years ago.


            When A Women Is Around - Inc. Andrew Weatherall Remix

            In a match made in musical heaven, Unloved meet Andrew Weatherall for some floorburning 12" remix action. The collaborative project of David Holmes, Keefus Ciancia and Jade Vincent garnered rave reviews earlier this year with debut LP "Guilty Of Love", a cucumber cool blend of 60s girl groups, Jack Nitzsche and the femme fatale rock of The Kills or Raveonettes. "When A Woman Is Around" pulls all those strands together perfectly into a fuzzy blend of fizzing guitar chords, mesmeric electronics, Phil Spector drums and smokey female vocals. Over on the flip, refined and revered dancefloor veteran Andrew Weatherall slices and dices the drums into a chunky, chuggy machine beat, adds a brooding, swelling bassline then wraps the icy vocal around some spaced out synth riffs. I can only imagine the total devastation this number's been reeking in Andy's ALFOS sets - chug loving brilliance from start to finish.


            Ltd 12" Info: Red vinyl edition

            Favorite Recordings proudly presents this new official album reissue of 'Dreamer Of Life' by Greg Yoder: A killer AOR private press LP infused with folk, jazz and soul notes and maybe one of the best albums from the Hawaiian Scene in this style.

            Originally from San Francisco, Greg Yoder moved to Hawai'i in the early seventies and after achieving some local fame in the Waikiki area, recorded this one-off LP in 1976 at Audissey Sound studios, in Honolulu. The music is smooth and soothing, mixing xylophones, percussions, sweet guitars and brilliant orchestrations. In short, 'Dreamer Of Life' is full of hidden hits and faultless from the first note to the last.

            Following his various projects at Favorite Recordings, DJ and producer Charles Maurice recently unveiled this masterpiece by selecting the song “Things Were So Easy” on the 'AOR Global Sounds Vol.2' compilation. And after the label contacted Greg Yoder about it, the idea of reissuing this amazing album quickly became obvious.

            After its various compilations reissues over the past two years, Favorite Recordings is more than ever keen to enlighten rare-groove forgotten music and will quickly follow-up with great new full albums and compilations reissue projects in 2016.

            Fully restored and remastered with great attention to sound quality, 'Dreamer Of Life' by Greg Yoder is presented in a deluxe vinyl version, housed in a tip-on jacket.

            The clean shirts and law-makers out there in straight-land don't dance. What's more, they don't want you to dance, and that's a whole heap of BS if you ask me. Thankfully, Croatia's "Legalize Lambada" movement are on hand with their second cry for freedom, inviting a couple of guest speakers to take the controls and turn everyone footloose. The rally opens in the capable hands of Camp Cosmic ambassador Albion, who leads the way with the wild and weird "Yetti", an Italo disco obscurity with a habit of throwing out hips. Bursting out the traps at a breathless pace, the track locks acoustic guitars, phased riffage and octave bass into a tight 4/4 groove before dropping into the oddball and off the wall, gruffly spoken vocal part which gives the track its name. Albion switches between the two parts with the deftest of touch, allowing each section the full impact it deserves. Albion switches things up after that blast of uptempo excitement, taking us on a slowboat tour of the Milky Way via the arp heavy haze of "Into Infinity". Nebulous synth washes, space age clavinet and funked up guitars swirl around a funky backbeat coming together in perfect harmony as the finest cosmic disco cut I've heard in ages! Austria's foremost digger MikeBurns is in charge on the flip, saving a couple of African jewels from extinction. The floor moving soul sound of "Enyin" opens the B-side, pulling us close with stripped back disco grooves, twinkling keys and soothing vocals, before igniting into horn led ecstacy at the chorus - full scale floor filler! Finally, the EP closing "This Ground" takes us on a stroll through the serengeti, moving at ease through mid tempo funk while a spiritual vocal tells us a story as old as the land. 

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