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Genre pick of the week Cover of Down To The Sea & Back Volume 2 by Various Artists.
Pack your flip flops, a towel and some suntan lotion, it's the VERY long awaited follow up to Balearic Mike and Kelvin Andrews' celebrated 'Down To The Sea And Back' compilation!

It's been four long years of late nights, licensing cat and mouse games, dusty fingered rummaging and tales of adventures cherished like postcard memories from far away beaches, soundtracked by music so perfect, it lasts far beyond the moment.

The beautiful thing about this music we call Balearic, is that a magical dancefloor moment can occur with the most unlikely record.

While most modern compilations - even the most eclectic - are unlikely to surprise, the tried and tested 'DTTSAB' method has delivered another absolutely golden selection. It may sound corny, especially in a world of internet experts, but these tracks have been curated, searched for, cherished and most importantly unleashed with impeccable timing on many an unsuspecting dancefloor. Whether it's album B-sides, neglected pop or lost classics hiding in plain sight, the passion with which this music is sought and championed is what sets these long players and their LP apart.

A stunning collection once again. Available as a limited edition double vinyl package and double CD (with 20 page booklet).


Patrick says: The follow up to Mike and Kelvin's essential Balearic comp is finally here, and it's packed full of sandal stepping goodies. Double CD edition out now, double vinyl to follow in a few weeks.

Wendy Carlos

Tron - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Audio Fidelity Vinyl Edition

    Disney's video game crossover movie TRON was a notable landmark in the synthesis of electronic and traditional orchestral music. Wendy Carlos created a brilliant orchestral recording with symphonic backgrounds by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the UCLA Chorus which was later enhanced and upgraded with an electronic score. The result is an impressive soundscape that successfully and seamlessly fuses organic and electronic music.

    The multi-Grammy award winning Wendy Carlos best-known for her popular “Switched on Bach,” series of albums also composed and performed on the soundtracks of two Stanley Kubrick cinema masterpieces, “A Clockwork Orange” and “The Shining.”

    The distinctive gatefold jacket holds two 180g translucent blue vinyl records and includes colorful photos from the popular cult film as well as generous and informative liner notes written by the composer as well as music maven, Michael Fremer who, at the time, served as the film's soundtrack supervisor. Fremer also oversaw the Audio Fidelity mastering by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio.

    The TRON soundtrack has two additional tracks ("Only Solutions” and the rock guitar-driven instrumental, "1990's Theme") provided by Journey, one of America's best selling and most beloved bands.


    2xLtd LP Info: Double LP - two 180g translucent blue vinyl records.

    Closed Paradise

    On The Nature Of Things

    After the acclaimed debut release earlier this year by Belfast wonderboy Maricopa, the second release on fledgling imprint Fools & Fables (rumoured to be loosely affiliated to the Sleazy Beats crew) welcomes Closed Paradise to the manifest. The French producer offers up some of his finest work to date for FF02 with two lovely chilled out, Balearo-beatdown cuts to ease you into autumn. "Jungle Goddess" on the A ventures down to the centre of the earth with its sub-100 BPM tempo. This constant and steady builder weaves its way through deep, dark and seriously pitched-down house territory, being carried by off-kilter keys and seemingly random guitar notes throughout before a dreamy male vocal sparks up and takes things home. Flip over for "Get Your Bearings", where Closed Paradise brings things down with spaced out drums and soft pads amidst earthy tones that render the track perfect for those blissed-out sets that call for nothing more from an audience than sipping umbrella-boat drinks while watching an Adriatic sunset.

    Ned Doheny’s 'Hard Candy', originally released in 1976, is widely considered the finest blue-eyed soul album of all time. It has long been a source of great frustration then, that this perfectly-formed Southern California masterpiece has been unavailable on legit vinyl for almost 40 years. Previously bootlegged in derisory fashion, original copies are rarely found for less than $100. Be With Records, a new vinyl-only reissue label, continues apace by marking its third release with the first officially licensed reissue of Doheny’s nautical classic. Perhaps most famously, this impeccably smooth set features the timeless 'Get It Up For Love', a wonderful example of mid-70s mid-tempo white-(hot)-funk. Produced by the legendary Steve Cropper, it featured a veritable who’s-who of the Laurel Canyon soft-yacht sound (JD Souther, The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, the entire horn section for Tower of Power!) yet bombed mysteriously. It’s been a cult record since. Pressed on audiophile 180gram vinyl and featuring the original artwork for both jacket and full colour inner sleeve, this very limited reissue of 500 copies is one not to be missed.


    David says: Ooh, been after a legitimate copy of this for ages. Seminal yacht rock. Anchors away!

    Mind Fair

    Take Me To The Bridge / Let The Music Take Your Mind - Inc. Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold Remix

    The second half of the Mind Fair double header features another two brand new tracks, neither of which will be on their hotly tipped and eagerly awaited eponymous LP due later this year on Golf Channel! "Take Me To The Bridge" is a smooth and psychedelic cover of Vera's disco classic featuring the vocals of Lauren Faulkner & Charmaine Bains. Dropping the camp synths of the Italo original, Mind Fair recast it as a Laurel Canyon groover, all organic percussion and sweet sweet rhodes like a chance studio session between CSN, Steely Dan and Fleetwood Mac. Perfect for hazy mornings, siestas, sunsets and firesides, this is gonan be a Balearic hit for sure. "Let the Music Take Your Mind" does just that, a languid groove that liquefies your brain and transports you slowly down the river, drifting on a lazy summer day with nothing to do except watch the trails. Propelled by syncopated drums, acoustic strums and a limber bassline, this jam melts like ice cream on a hot day. The package is rounded out by a remix from The Velvet Season and the Hearts of Gold which takes over where their own filthy bangers 'Camel Toe Central' and 'Wild Honeyz' left off. It literally booms out and just screams warehouse, dragging the ghost of 'Ma Foom Bey' kicking and screaming into saucer eyed 2014. Both twelves feature stunning full colour artwork by Thomas Bullock aka Tom of England of Rub N' Tug fame.


    Mean Love - Bonus Mix CD Edition

    With roots in the rich musical history of North America as well as Africa, Sinkane provide a new perspective on what soul music is, and what it can be. Sinkane’s 'Mean Love' rolls like an emotional, existential history of the artist. Ahmed Gallab has created an altogether unique compound of sound, stylistically nostalgic and ultramodern at the same time. From Gallab’s childhood in Sudan there is a Pan-African influence of popular Sudanese music and haqibah, as well as distinct horn and synth arrangements more common to East Africa. This background merges with the lessons learned from Ahmed‘s stints with obsessive craftsmen such as Caribou, Yeasayer and Of Montreal, and especially the monumental task he underwent as musical director of ‘ATOMIC BOMB! The Music of William Onyeabor.’ Gallab excavated and arranged a treasure trove of lost classics from the West African synth-pioneer to put together a now legendary series of performances. 'Mean Love' is an album with an open door invitation, and gets deeper with every listen. You hear it right away in the blistering opening track, “How We Be”. An instant classic, sounding like a lost gem of soul funk, a sweetness of voice alongside honey bass lines, the tune grips you and makes you wish for a dancefloor, while enticing you to stay for the whole journey of the album.


    LP Info: Includes 23 track bonus compilation CD while stocks last.

    CD Info: Includes 23 track bonus compilation CD while stocks last.


    Picture You Staring - Bonus Disc Edition

    Tops are a four-piece band from Montreal, equal parts girls and guys, delivering a raw punk take on AM studio pop. Their new record, 'Picture You Staring', is a lush array of timelessly crafted songs.

    'Picture You Staring' gathers strength through intimacy. Self-written, recorded, produced, and the result of 12 months holed up in Arbutus Records' Montreal office-space turned studio, this album contains 12 impeccable examples of pop craftsmanship that will reward repeat listeners.

    Singer Jane Penny gives a voice to the silent girl at the edge of the circle, disillusioned but honest and unpretentious, a tone complemented by David Carriere's seamless guitar playing and the measured drumming of Riley Fleck. TOPS' songs are delivered with a cool restraint that blend with the individuality and self-assured desire of their female lead.

    David and Jane met in middle school, but didn't stay in touch until they reunited in Montreal where they've been collaborating since 2009. Unintentionally initiating a pop music scene in Montreal, their strange homemade recordings have gained an international following. In 2011 they joined Riley Fleck and started jamming at the loft space La Brique where they wrote and recorded their first record, Tender Opposites. TOPS continue to engineer and produce their own records and make their own videos in collaboration with fellow artists and filmmakers. In opposition to commercially driven pop music, TOPS pursuit lies in creating moving songs that succeed earnestly, disregarding trends and myth-making.

    Jane, David and Riley have equal footing with their respective instruments and their sparring exceeds the imagination of any individual. For their new record TOPS have enlisted Madeline Glowicki to play bass. Like Jane and David, Madeline grew up in Edmonton, Alberta and went to the same elementary as Jane. A natural musician, and contributor to the Editorial magazine, the band are happy to have another prairie girl on board. LA based painter Jessica Dean Harrison created the artwork especially for the release. It is a conceptual interpretation of the record's title, continued in a large poster depicting a group scene, included with the purchase of a vinyl record. If you'd like to learn more about Riley, pre-order the album on iTunes and you will receive an informational PDF created by his bandmates that depicts his growth and development into a man.


    Darryl says: Soft focused and dreamy balearic indie-pop with breezy female vox and lush instrumentation. One for fans of Saint Etienne.


    LP Info: Includes a three track bonus (CD) disc.

    CD Info: Includes a three track bonus (CD) disc.

    Tuk Tuk

    Chambray Record Shopper Tote

      Lovely new chambray (that's denim to you and me) tote bag from the good folk at TukTuk.

      The main compartment is big enought to carry your 12" vinyl purchases, and there's also a 7" pocket on the front for those few cheeky sevens you've picked up too.

      The main compartment has a magnetic stud fastening, and there is a phone pocket and zip pocket for all your other bit's and pieces, both in lovely check fabric (like the linings in their leather record boxes).

      It has nice long handles, big enough to sling it over your shoulder, but not so long that you can't carry it in your hand.


      Christopher Willits


      "For years, I’ve imagined the work I do in music, photography, and video all coming into one space," says music-tech guru Christopher Willits from his home in San Francisco. It's an ambition that many musicians have aspired to, but nonetheless seems especially befitting of a worldly polymath like Willits. "I believe that sound and light, when used intentionally, have the power to transform and inspire our imaginations," he continues. "I believe that art has an ability to awaken our connection to everything." And that is exactly what he has set out to do with 'Opening', the veteran Ghostly artist's immersive new audio-visual project.

      Across seven tracks of widescreen ambient music, 45 minutes of visuals shot over four years in multiple countries, seven bespoke photographs, and a multi-sensory live performance, Willits has conceived and produced something which might better be thought of as an experience than a simple album. Of course, 'Opening' does feature Willits' latest music since Ancient Future, his 2012 collaboration with Japanese pianist Ryuichi Sakamoto, and the vibrant, enveloping sounds we've come to expect from him are on full display. The quiet majesty of "Vision" ushers us into the sacred world Willits created, a living universe which billows and heaves in the corners of slow-grooving songs like "Clear " and "Connect " or the textural minutiae and harmonic subtleties in "Ground ". Closing out the album, "Wide" and "Release" o!er the listener a gentle comedown through 15 cumulative minutes of transcendent audio, with Willits' delicate guitar manipulations breathing life into the aether of prickly atmospheres and soft-glowing synths.

      Welcome to the new age of new age and enter the 'Overworld' by A.r.t. Wilson aka Andras Fox.

      Originally recorded for the contemporary dance work 'Overworld' by Sarah Aiken and Rebecca Jensen it was released on tape in very limited quantities this April. Now it‘s available in "classy white“ and "pink lake“ vinyl from Growing Bin Records.

      Peel back the leaves and discover Andras Fox, a Melbourne producer making tactile and imperfect electronic music. Inspired by primitive percussion, simple melodies and home recording, Andras combines elements of house music and ethno-groove in a distinctly antipodean way. Based around drum machine rhythms and new age synths, his original tape recordings are simultaneously contemporary in sound and difficult to carbon date, slipping comfortably between 80s library music, Chicago house and G-funk.

      After sold-out solo releases, Andras teamed up with vocalist Oscar Key Sung for a collaborative LP that went back to the roots of disco and house. Receiving support and plays from the likes of Dam-Funk, it was an earnest catalogue of cassette demos recorded in the industrial district of West Melbourne. His follow up EP 'Erskine Falls' was popular with the ladies - compact tropical-synth instrumentals that felt just right.

      Presenting the weekly radio show Strange Holiday on 3RRR FM in Melbourne has given him a chance to greatly expand his record collection, which currently occupies the broad territory between disco, World, library and Balearic sounds. This depth of knowledge about music‘s past informs his productions, which all give a nod and a wink to the past. Andras has supported artists including James Pants, Andres and DJ Sprinkles, as well as recently returning from an extended EU tour. In a digital, cool world full of hectic pace, Andras Fox brings warmth, relaxation and gentle grooves to your ears.

      His latest work 'Overworld', recorded for dance theatre, is released under the alias that reclaims his birth name Andrew Richard Wilson (T stands for Trouble). A.r.t. Wilson is a slight detour from dance music land into the world of new-age and ambient music. It‘s a trip to the forest or the ocean after a big night out, it‘s an open window in the recording studio.

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