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Genre pick of the week Cover of Visions Of Love by Tapper Zukie.

Tapper Zukie

Visions Of Love

Reissue of this super rare 12" from the legendary Tapper Zukie! If you dug on that "Freak" reissue from last then you'll be all over this little beauty. A-side cut "Visions Of Love" is a vocal lead groove fest, which comes correct with bumping bass lines and crunchy 110bpm proto-house beats. Zukie's vocals slide in and out of tune in the most charming manner, while The Warriors are in full effect, totally nailing that synth heavy reggae disco vibe. On the flipside, "Love Dream" takes the original on an instrumental version excursion through the far reaches of the dub-disco galaxy. If this gem had made its way onto an Originals compilation we'd all have been paying hand over fist on Discogs, thankfully instead we're treated to this tasty reissue in hand stamped manilla sleeves.

Eek-A-Mouse / Lee Van Cleef

Christmas-A-Come / Gone Water Gone - Snow White Vinyl Edition

This is a limited edition 12" repress on seasonal snow-like white vinyl - double sided roots man business produced by Linval Thompson. Eek-A-Mouse and Lee Van Cleef head to head with extended dub work outs - Roots Radics in full 12" effect, mixed by Scientist at Channel One. Somebody give me a biddy-bong-bong!

Natural Numbers

Natural Numbers In Dub

Natural Numbers is the new dub project from producer Tom Chasteen, co-founder of Los Angeles’ Dub Club, who has released several records under the Dub Club name. This new musical creation draws inspiration from African, Middle Eastern and Country sounds as well as Reggae. Natural Numbers in Dub is dub music in the classic Jamaican sense: original recordings of an all-star band, deconstructed and pieced back together with echo and reverb in real time on the mixing board. Chasteen recorded the album at Kingsize Soundlabs in Los Angeles in late 2013, co-writing the album with collaborating musicians. Tom Chasteen has been a fixture on the Los Angeles music scene for over two decades. He co-founded the west coast’s first EDM label Exist Dance in 1991, and since 2000 he has been running the Dub Club, a weekly Reggae party which has become a world- renowned event. In partnership with Stones Throw Records, his new productions bring the Dub Club into musical form, working with Jamaican legends and bringing fresh inspiration to a classic sound. Natural Numbers in Dub is his first release as Natural Numbers.

Piccadilly Records

End Of Year Review 2014

    Back in the day, confronted from October onwards by a raft of Christmas-related albums from the major labels, and barely a squeak of a release from the independents, we decided to compile our own top 50 albums of the year, and promote that over the festive season instead.

    Nearly two decades on, and with the arrival of the World Wide Web, Piccadilly Records Top 100 has become one of THE essential end of year charts to check out. Our End Of Year Review booklets have also become increasingly sought-after, and now come packed with our Top 100 albums, Top 20 compilations, Top 20 reissues/collections, staff charts and reviews of our favourite albums all wrapped in lush artwork (perfect bound this year!) by Piccadilly pal Mark Brown ( The perfect read for any music lover over Crimbo.

    This booklet is free instore or just 1 pence (plus p+p) via the website. Or if you prefer, you can view it online here as a PDF (be warned though it's a large PDF file so it's probably not worth trying to download this on your phone!)

    Enjoy the read!

    Please note: If you're ordering this on its own you will be charged our standard rate of postage and packing for sending a CD/7".

    In the beginning of the 80s reggae music became increasingly in tune with what was happening in Kingston’s dancehalls, probably more so than at any time since the sound system operators had started to make their own shuffle and boogie in the late 50s.

    The international audience and the critics were too busy looking for a new Bob Marley to appreciate what was happening downtown and failed to acknowledge that this was a return to the real, raw roots of the music - brash, confidient, young record producers who were totally in tune with the youth audience stepped forward and seized the moment.

    Oswald ’Ossie’ Thomas began his apprenticeship in the music business at the age of 14 and served his time as a record salesman for Bunny ’Striker ’Lee and Winston ’Niney the Observer’ Holness before moving on to Miss Sonia Pottingers Tip Top Records. It was during his time with Miss Pottinger that Ossie began to produce records for himself and in 1979 Ossie and Phillip Morgan began The Black Solidarity label based deep in the Kingston ghetto on Delamere Avenue. And the man who had made his name in the business selling other people’s records now became one of the most important and influential record producers of the era.

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