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Genre pick of the week Cover of Disco Duck by Unknown.
Here's something to get the birdwatchers twitching, a white label 7" appearance of that rarest of sights, the "Disco Duck". If rough, raw and rocking disco house is your thing, then you're in for a treat, as a mysterious L.I.E.S. affiliated producer fires up the MPC, isolator and reel to reel for two full blooded dancefloor bangers in the Theo / Soundstream vein. On the A-side our iron chef gets stuck into the cruiseship camp of Carolyne Bernier's 1977 disco swooner "Hold Me, Touch Me", working the seductive vocals, lively strings and frothy synths around a thunderous rhythm section and boosted bassline with no attempt to make things neat. Things get even better on the flip as we're dropped straight into the post peak insanity of the most lysergic fringes of the house universe. Borrowing a beefy drumbeat from back in '96 and manning the EQ like a champ, our editor lays down the dustiest, scuzziest peak time pounder around. The layered, looped and deranged vocals pitch up and down at will, while rattling, roughshod polyrhythms shift in and out of phase brilliantly. If Spandex and Theo went back to back at a Wet Play warehouse party, this would likely be the soundclash. Comes in limited supply with goofy double sided colour insert and poly sleeve, so snap one up sharpish. 

Black Booby returns to the world of wax in transatlantic company for BB09, inviting Chicago veteran Jordan Fields to bring the noise on the A1. Jordan wins the toss and kicks off the party with the Gherkinesque analogue insanity of "Carnivale", a mind melting, mayhem inducing banger built out of jacking drums and pinging synths. Raw, stripped back and fully mechanised, this cat's designed for dancing. On the A2, Mr Booby dons his Richard Rogers alias and gets deep and cerebral, pairing Detroit styled bass with huge slabs of grainy slabs of noise, while a crunchy, hat led rhythm rolls on and on. Back in Black and on trend as ever, our inspirational label head swaggers into the arcade with a bag of change and his editing toolkit, primed to tear apart Kenji Tsujisaka's seminal Shinobi theme. Up first, "Fanfare" is a peaking combination of snapping 909 beats, neon synth sequences and radioactive bass riffs, perfectly aimed at the psychedelic fringes of the club universe. Last but by no means least, Black Booby schools us in cool with the sweeping, swooning leadlines of "Round Three". Stomping beats, fluid bass and a whole heap of machine funk make this groovy masterpiece the perfect companion to recent blinders from The Mystic Jungle Tribe, Young Marco or Stump Valley. Another essential release from the label which seldom sleeps!

After delivering certified Balearic house bomb "Balanzat" as one third of Talamanca System, Lauer returns to International Feel alongside Telespazio man Fabrizio Mammarella for four tracks of collaborative magic as Black Spuma. Teaming up in Philip's Hinterhof Toy Factory near Frankfurt earlier this year the duo set about creating four tracks of modern Italo with a healthy house background. Lead track "Hype Around" is all of those things at once,  combining old and modern Italo, Balearic and house with a drum 'n' bass B-line and a few delicious pads - deep, dense and danceable. "Spumatix" lowers the BPM to a mid-tempo chug, utilises a zero gravity groove adds a Lee Perry Space Echo to create a dark and druggy vibe more suited to a LDDLM release. Over on the flip the self titled "Black Spuma" takes us back to Rimini, framing the classic Italo sound in a sultry modern context. Finally, "Emizioni Miste" brings the EP to a close with a tribal machine groove, funky bassline and popcorn keys, working its way into your brainstem like a slo mo mash up of "Spacer Woman" and "Blackout". If you're interested in dancing, own a pair of Ray-Bans and have a penchant for sea air, you should give this one a spin.

E. Live

Do Me Like That / Floatation Device

E. Live makes a triumphant retun to Star Creature after his now out of print "Be Free" with a sophomore 7" boasting two uptempo modern boogie jams. A-side cut "Do Me Like That" sees E. Live in his Sunday best, dropping a smooth, crisp and danceable synth soul backing for Chesta Blake's gentle vocals. Expert songwriting and production combine for a classic boogie sound, only interrupted by the madcapped brilliance of a pair of space age instrumental breaks. From the sublime to the, well, more sublime over on the flip, as rocks our world with "Floatation Device", a jazz-funk instrumental on a Crusaders, Lonnie Liston Smith, Mizell Brothers tip. Once you're done shaking your shit to the wandering bassline, jazzy Rhodes, ever changing drums and spacey breakdowns, a fully futuristic synth solo lands on your turntable ready to expand your mind beyond all recognition - far out!

Loni Gamble Band Feat. Lisa Warrington

I Like The Way You Do It - Inc. Tom Noble Edit

People's Potential Unlimited bring us this reissue of 1984 disco-boogie track featuring Loni Gamble. This 12" might seem a bit pricey on first impressions, but when you hear that original copies on the Sound Modification label go for about $500, £12 doesn't appear so bad after all. Featuring Chemise-like vocals from Lisa Warrington, "I Like The Way You Do It" is so raw that you might expect it to come from the P&P stable. Lack of finess doesn't diminish the song's catchiness however, and should have everyone singing along after the first verse. The B-side has a Tom Noble re-edit.

Limited. licensed reissue of this huge Italian Records cosmic holy grail from 1982. Highly demanded release with legendary rework from Allan Goldberg and the Italo Master Tony Carrasco - all faithfully reproduced for this release. Gaznevada are one of my personal favourite groups from Italy, founded in 1977 with a more punk rock / new wave attitude towards the disco scene, there's a video knocking about on youtube of them performing this hit live and it's absolutely phenomenal! Dead pan vocals with a nod to the B-52s with angelic backing vocals, oozing class, sophistication and style like only the Italians can do! This is one of my favouritest ever tunes from the golden age of 'Cosmic' too and never, ever gets tired! Here, you lucky, lucky people, get the male and female versions, PLUS a handy bonus instrumental / dub all together as one once again! Essential. Move quick! 


Matt says: The defining moment of the Italo / cosmic disco sound for me. It doesn't get any better than this.

"Youth Stand Up!" is a collaborative recording project between Glasgow’s Green Door Studio, Lebeha Drumming Center in Hopkins, Belize, and the Tafi Cultural Institute based in Tafi Atome, Ghana. The results of the collaboration are this nine track album released on Autonomous Africa . All proceeds from the Youth Stand Up! album sales will be split between Tuteme Band, Belize and Tafi Cultural Institute’s fund to build their recording studio and cultural centre. There will be two 12"s released in late 2015 / early 2016 featuring remixes of tracks from the album by JD Twitch, Midland, Auntie Flo and Hodge. The 12"s will each also include an additional bonus track recorded at the original sessions.

The aim of the project was to see what would happen if young musicians from opposite sides of the world were given the opportunity to cook up a musical melting pot of West African, Caribbean, and contemporary Glaswegian music. When Green Door Studio’s Emily MacLaren approached JD Twitch from Optimo Music/Autonomous Africa with the idea of an international album project involving musicians spread across three different continents he said he would happily release the results.

The studio recruited a total of 11 young musicians from Glasgow bands such as Golden Teacher, Whilst, Psychic Soviets, and Froth to work with 7 young Ghanaian musicians making Hiplife and Borborbor music and 5 young Belizian musicians from Tuteme Band, who played traditional Garifuna music at Lebeha Drumming Center. The Glaswegian musicians came from a variety of musical backgrounds including electronic music, post punk, and free jazz, with the youngest still studying music at school.

While Ghana’s rich history of Highlife music is well documented, the traditional Borborbor music of the Volta region, where Tafi Atome is situated, has not been given much exposure. And in Belize, the traditional rhythms of the Garifuna Afro Caribbean community fuse ancestral West African roots with Latin American energy. The Ghanaian and Belizean musicians, whilst practicing traditional BorBorBor and Garifuna rhythms, also shared a strong passion for Jamaican Dancehall and international Hip Hop.

Higamos Hogamos

Spacerocks - Picture Disc Edition

Höga Nord Rekords give you Higamos Hogamos on a four track instrumental. This is something of a solo effort for Higamos Hogamos´s Steve Webster - but in good assisting company by friends and vicious machinery.  "Johari Window" features the fine fretwork of original Higamos guitarist Toby Jenkins as well as Stipo Androvic on funk bass duties and Chris Hodges holding the groove together solid on drums. What might not be as apparent is the audio signal from the guitar being filtered into Steve´s mouth through a hosepipe to make a ghetto talk box. "NY List" was the product of Higamos guitarist Andrew Robertson spontaneously finding a fuzz box and a backing track waiting, ready for some first take inspiration. For "Sorcery" and "Purest Space" it´s time to give the human masses a rest and jam your momsys arse to mars! To sum it up: Big spacediscorock, with elements of kraut, funk and hedonistic vibes to drag us all lost in dark and bright confusion!


Got Me Burning Up

City Of Dreams answer the prayers of the boogie cats and disco heads everywhere, delivering an official, remastered reissue of JaKKi's 1982 dancefloor smasher "Got Me Burning Up". The high octane combination of buoyant boogie bass, fluid synth licks, sweet sax and superb percussion from none other than Willie Bobo make the perfect launch pad for JaKKi's skyscraping diva vocals, while the thick vocoder part makes for a nice bonus. This undeniable club killer falls into the same category as "Heat Me Up" and "Keep The Fire Burning" and causes dancefloor mayhem whenever it's dropped, as does the deeper B-side instrumental. Original copies of this bomb have started changing hands for some serious money of late, so grab your chance to take this to the dance for a more affordable sum.

Jean-Michel Jarre


Arguably the greatest electronic album of all time, "Oxygene" laid the foundations for Jarre’s international breakthrough. Light years ahead of his earlier releases with regard to production techniques, Oxygene is one long flowing instrumental journey through surreal aural landscapes, combining elements of pop and avant-garde. This pulsating beauty gently took the world under its spell, quickly becoming an established part of our cultural consciousness. Emerging from within the gossamer haze of some seriously celestial frequencies, irresistible melodies tug at your heartstrings and refuse to let go – not that you want them to. It’s simply perfect from whichever way you look at it.


You Turn Me On

City Of Dreams drop a massive freestyle jam on our toes here, with a much needed reissue of Jennette's 1985 rarity "You Turn Me On". Masterminded by legendary Miami producer Amos Larkins II and featuring the vocal stylings of a 14 year old Jennette (introduced to Larkins by her mum's boyfriend!), the track moves your sneakers from the speakers with a killer combination of dense bass, stripped back percussion and wild sax, while Jennette's vocals soar crystal clear way above. Coming complete with a dub on the flip, this reissue is the perfect chance to grab this freestyle classic for under £100 - don't sleep.


L-85 Turntable - Green

    Direct MP3 encoding, from vinyl to USB stick
    Integrated stereo pre-amplifier
    2 rated speed settings 33 RPM and 45 RPM
    Moving Magnetic Cartridge (MMC)
    Mechanical arm lift
    Belt drive
    Auto return
    Track splitting
    Removable plastic dust cover
    412mm x 325mm size

    USB input
    RCA out

    Man Power

    Power Theme / Le Clerc - Inc. Ess O Ess / The Backwoods Remixes

    London based Bad Passion Project, finally unveil their new record label, Not An Animal Records.with a debut release from friend and frequent collaborator Man Power (Correspondant, Hivern Discs), featuring two original productions, as well as stellar remixes from The Backwoods aka DJ Kent (Force of Nature) and Ess O Ess. The first track on display is "Power Theme", a stomping and bouncing hybrid of leftfield techno and synth-pop, which builds to a dramatic Italo tinged melodic climax. Following this, the Ess O Ess remix, from Chris and Jamie Blanco, further stamps their distinctive sound, taking the track on a trip into organic techno territory. With his second track, "Le Clerc", Man Power presents yet another musical mongrel, this time with a blend of robotic, arpeggiated disco, meeting fuzzed-up and over-blown heavy rock pomp. The Backwoods swaps the original's brashness of "Le Clerc" for lightness, depth and beauty, stripping the track back to its melodic components, adding percussive counter-melodies and underpinning everything with a hypnotic and pulsing house baseline.

    People's Potential Unlimited

    Record Bag

      Incognito in black, slender canvas bag with embroidered PPU diamonds on your satchel's flap. holds 20 records over the shoulder adjustable to your lean. two inner zipper stash spots non padded low profile.

      Best Record Italy kick off their remastered, limited edition re-issue series with "Funky Bump" - special 12inch version, containing the unreleased extended version of the most sought after Italian disco funk song produced from the great Italian producer & arranger Pino Presti! I must admit, we're going through a bit of an obsession with all thing Italian here at Picc HQ at the moment, but this diamond shines out a mile from the rest of the pack. The extended version is the real money shot, drawing out a funky, heady groove that even an eel on stilts could jive to. Flurries of delightful piano licks rattle over the top while the bass, guitar and drums jam their hearts out! You can almost taste the magic in the studio on the record, a testament to Presti's fine work behind the mixing desk and at the controls. Faultless, from beginning to end and just one of those classic tunes every home should have! In addition to 7" and extended versions of "Funky Bump", we get a bonus track, not available on the OG - "C. So Buenos Aires", a light and fragrant cinematic disco number in the same vein as Odyssey - all horns, strings and wide-eyed appeal throughout. All in all a solid package! Comes with picture sleeve. Most recommended.

      Rahaan / Ted Templeton

      Adjust Holdin On / Fly Robbin'

        Dessert Island Discs celebrate their tenth release in floor pleasing, ear teasing fashion thanks to a deeply danceable electro disco groove from the ever brilliant Rahaan alongside a slo mo builder from mysterious Aussie Ted Empleton. The A-side plays host to Rahaan's immersive, extended edit of Ernie Watts' recession themed disco funk weapon "Just Holding On", which pushes the explosive synth riffing and singalong vocals front and centre for crowd pleasing impact. Over on the flip, Ted Empleton fires up the sequencer and gets deep into the loops for a sprawling, space age rework of Silver Convention's classic "Fly Robin Fly". Driven ever onwards by a low slung bassline and sparkling sequences, this killer edit offers more peaks than the pyrenees with none of the cheese. They don't last long and there's no digital release either so grab a copy before they're all gone and going for ridiculous money on Discogs!

        Patrice Rushen

        Pizzazz - 180g Vinyl Edition

        'Pizzazz' is the fifth album by American jazz singer / pianist / composer / producer Patrice Rushen. The album features the hit single “Haven’t You Heard” (later sampled by house heads Daddy's Favourite on 'I Feel Good Things for You') 

        Having moved on from jazz and jazz-funk instrumentals to incorporate R&B and disco, Rushen was lambasted by jazz fans, but gained a whole new audience. 1979's 'Pizzazz' continues the move in a mainstream direction.

        The whole album is excellent, drawing on influences as Earth, Wind & Fire, Minnie Riperton and Stevie Wonder. 'Pizzazz' is among Rushen’s most rewarding albums.

        Space Coast

        Glenview Records Presents Crystal Lake Remixes Volume 1 - Inc. Eddie C / The Noodleman / YSE Remixes

        After causing some major waves with Pontchartrain's inaugural release, Lovedancing deliver the perfect follow up, uniting a trio of winners from the recent Space Coast LP on Glenview with an all star remix cast. The more house focused project from Disco kingpin Sleazy McQueen, Space Coast brought serious heat to your nearest dancefloor, but these remixes take things to the next level! Up first, Canada's premier producer, the mighty Eddie C packs "Get Away, Get Away" with as much funk as is humanly possible, balancing wah guitar, lithe bass, seesawing clavinet and stomping beats into the perfect bed for that massive diva vocal. The B1 sees us keep to Canada as The Noodleman double drops for a headspinning acid trip into the mid-tempo on his remix of "El Mensaje". The bubbling 303 line rolls and trills away, tunnelling into the epicentre of the smoke filled dancefloor where the heads down crew are holding court. Hong Kong dwelling ex pat YSE Saint Lau'rant brings proceedings to a close with a deep, groovy and moonlit remix of "Love Games PT2", which comes with bird calls, heartbreaking chords and sublime pads as standard. 

        Throwback Zack

        Sexual Satisfaction / Coolin' Out

        Star Creature keep the hits coming thick and midtempo with their latest release, enlisting groove expert Throwback Zach for two cuts of sci fi sleaze. A-side cut "Sexual Satisfaction" gets pulses racing with a deep and dense bassline, solid drum programming and sweeping pads, before the vocoded vocal, mechanised sequence and delicate chime takes us to the next level. Things are seriously funky on the flipside as Zach drops "Coolin' Out" a G'd up robo-stroller complete with classic vocoder work and some 80s synth flute. It sounds a bit like Egyptian Lover's got too high to fuck, and has instead settled for a night smoking up with his homies - killer. 

        Nuovo soul conquistadors Mayer Hawthorne & Jake One find their sensual stems in the hands of a whole host of international remix talent for this killer remix 12", which comes housed in a classy tuxedo shaped sleeve. We start the party in raw funk fashion thanks to a beat heavy rework from Warp signings Kaytranada, who mic up a kit, rock out some snappy breaks and transform Hawthorne and Jake One's smooth soul into a floor ready stomper worthy of Thundercat or DJ Shadow in its instrumental form. Next up, legendary West Coast DJ Battlecat gets properly wonky with his squelching boogie refix of "Watch The Dance", complete with rapid paced bells, thick bass and off kilter keys. Last but not least, France's Jean Tonique takes a leaf out of the Cerrone playbook and transforms "The Right Time" into the greatest Gallic disco love song since Daft Punk's "Get Lucky"! If all that wasn't enough, the flipside plays host to the instrumental remixes, making sure you'll be shaking your stuff from start to finish.


        12" Info: Clear vinyl EP in special edition die cut sleeve (it looks like a tuxedo right?

        Together with countrymen The Reflex and Reverend P, Young Pulse is leading a French assault on dancefloors everywhere, unleashing a rapid fire bararge of top quality edits faster than you can spell out D-I-S-C-O. Setting the bar higher than ever, Young Pulse delivers the third volume of his essential "Paris Edits" series, marrying classic disco sounds with a fierce French touch attitude. The A-side bounces and bangs out the traps, as the producer treats us to a high octane, high energy rework of Earth, Wind & Fire's "Can't Let Go", which lays us low with squelching boogie bass and hot horn cuts. Over on the flip, the Parisian jock celebrates a successful trip to Betino's with a killer boogie rework of Lamont Dozier's soulful strut "Shout About It", before going hard into Kasso's synth funk classic "Dig It", tweaking the arrangement and EQ to turn up the tension and blow the top off the club. GAMM are on point as usual. 

        Whether you take it straight, on the rocks or with a twist, Whiskey Disco always get you good and giddy, lightening your mood and oiling your heels ready for a little dancefloor frenzy. WD42 is yet another vintage collection of exquisite blends, this time from the esteemed ensemble of Jacques Renault, Love Dance and Kon. Space is the place on the A1, as Jacques blasts off into a distant "Disco Galaxie", peopled by lively clavs, infectious bass riffs, smooth vocals and bonkers synth lines. As camp as Captain Kirk's favourite ensign, this sci-fi stormer should have the whole floor miming their favourite scenes from Barbarella. Love Dance take over the controls on the A2, turning up the heat on the superb Creative Source version of Bill Withers' "Who Is He And What Is He To You" with added house percussion and some neat melodic flourishes. Kon wraps the B-side with a long, slightly dubby and ever-building edit of the album version of "Promised Land", which packs smooth and soulful vocals amid intricate and exciting jazz funk instrumentation.

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