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Genre pick of the week Cover of Back To The Start EP - Inc. Ste Spandex Remix by Silverclub.
Red Laser Records drop four tracks from Mancunian fucked up disco band Silverclub. Thick analogue percussive vibrancy has a scrap with a sophisticated discoid lyricism resulting in shaky legs, adrenaline overdosed heightened senses and a fuck yeah fist in the air for every track on this EP.

The EP starts of with 'Back To the Start', a sampled piano fuelled beauty that weaves you through another disco dream world. It brews and bubbles subtly enough to capture the imagination and transport you to a thoughtful sound pallet. Music that paints pictures as you listen only for you to awake and realise your foot is tapping like Keith Moon on a kick drum. Beautiful work.

In remix mode Ste Spandex gets busy jamming up his tape machine in the studio and crunching out an absolute warehouse banger with this massive remix. A totally spiritual hardware shower to assist you in ridding you of your tiredness as dawn breaks outside the club. 'Gravity' is a perfectly crafted dope wave disco from the Manchester five piece that's built to suit any kind of dance floor. The production is perfect. Every instrument is crystal clear and spreads lush and wide like a junkie with a needle in his arm . The dark chugging vocals build and soar in total harmony with the bubbling disco not disco soundscape. A total masterpiece.

'Trouble' has more percussive and acidic synth disco feel with a great lo-fi intro then the beautiful vocal bursts through to balance the sharp with silky soft perfectly. The track is choc-full of soulful boogie licks and sprinkles of pop sensibility. By the 3 minute mark I'm jumping about the house in my underpants like some high school twat from an 80's John Hughes film. Mega jam 

Historically, Switzerland's main exports have been cheese, army knives and watches. As of this moment however, it seems we need to add essential vinyl magic to that list, thanks to the continuing brilliance of Alma Negra. Taking their name from a peak in the Cordillera de la Ramada range of the Andes Mountains, the collective, made up of Miajica (of Highlife fame), Dario Rohrbach and Dersu Figueria trade in a sound as far away from their stately and pastoral surrounds as it's possible to be. They are passionate diggers who specialise in diaspora and made their debut last year on the infamous Sofrito label with heavy edits from the islands of Cabo Verde.

For their first release on Basic Fingers, the trio focus on rhythm and groove, making their intentions clear from the off with the heavily percussive and minimally melodic "Mao Negra". On the flip, "Messa" is an explosion of sound and colour as the celebratory and sacred sounds of a tribal rite are reworked into a peak time smash. African chants, spoken vocals, a hypnotic bassline and a tonking kick turn this into a club ready weapon of the highest order. EP closer "Tribal Echoes" returns to the minimalism of the A-side, providing a percussive tool that'll suit the spiritual and psychedelic jocks alike. A unique and wonderful addition to any record box.

John Carpenter And Alan Howarth

Halloween II - Clear Vinyl Edition

    Death Waltz Recording Co. present Halloween II Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by John Carpenter & Alan Howarth. Original art by Brandon Schaefer. Includes sleeve notes from Alan Howarth & Brandon Schaefer.

    Death Waltz Recording Company is proud to present the return of one of horror's scariest boogeymen, as well as one of the genre's most iconic theme tunes with John Carpenter and Alan Howarth's score to Halloween II. Set directly after the events of the first film, Rick Rosenthal's sequel sets itself up as the slasher equivalent of The Empire Strikes Back, making a family connection between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers while getting some good kills in at the same time. Carpenter and Howarth's score is beefier and more intense than before, using layers of electronics to drive the audience to madness.

    As before, Myers aka “The Shape” is propelled by that theme, souped up with a new and more powerful arrangement from Carpenter and Howarth. Halloween II is more overtly synth and is perhaps less focused than the original score, although that certainly means it's nastier and more schizophrenic. The score also brings back the evocative 'Laurie's Theme', incorporating into a score full of harrowing musical effect, its synthesised howls and wails piercing your ears so that by the time 'Mr. Sandman' comes around, you'll feel just like the final girl, delirious at having survived the aural ordeal. And that's just when The Shape wakes up.


    Ltd LP Info: 180g frosted clear vinyl.

    John Carpenter And Alan Howarth

    Halloween III: Season Of The Witch - Clear Vinyl Expanded Edition

      Death Waltz Recording Co. present Halloween III Brand new remaster for 2014 taken from the original analog tape and including 11 never before released cues exclusive to this record. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by John Carpenter & Alan Howarth. Original art by Jay Shaw.

      Deluxe reissue includes 400 gsm Gatefold sleeve and contains exclusive by Director Tommy Lee Wallace , Artist Jay Shaw and film expert Kim Newman also includes an interview with John Carpenter by Joseph Burnett.

      Death Waltz Recording Company is proud to return another previous release to its ranks a true classic of horror cinema scoring, with John Carpenter and Alan Howarth's score to Halloween III: Season Of The Witch. Bravely dumping the character of Michael Myers, the film instead looked at the concept of Halloween itself as a subject, with a mystery involving an Irish toymaker, three gruesome masks, and a chunk of Stonehenge. Eviscerated on release, it's now been re-evaluated as an underrated picture, not least because of Carpenter and Howarth's score.

      Whilst it left the original themes at home, Halloween III still has a plentiful array of musical delights to scare the living daylights out of you. The main title has a palpable sense of dread, with low droning synths providing a backdrop for high-pitched lines representing a television signal. Edged notes along with a foreboding rhythm provide high tension along with stabbing wild synths, while a certain piece of driving music gives a sense of fate dragging you to a very bloody and nasty death. And then there's the Silver Shamrock theme. 


      Ltd LP Info: 180g orange vinyl.

      Eddie C

      Farmer God / The Touch

      Heeeeere's Eddie! The Canadian edit maestro swings his leg over his steel horse for another foray into the swinging saloon on the wrong side of town. After the recent split release with Noodleman, Eddie cuts the wagon loose and rides out alone again with another extra fine duo of dubbed out edits. "Farmer God" sees a high plains drifter out of his gourd on powerful peyote, strumming away and riding into the sunset as the steady groove rolls on, topped by exotic guitar solos and smooth woodwind. Sultry and breezy, this little number's gonna tease and please Balearic folks from the dustbowl to the rice paddies.On the flip "The Touch" gives a taste of the classic Eddie C style as a beautiful mid-tempo jam is expertly extended, with only the juiciest parts added to the blender. The producer weaves lyrical guitar, funky piano and a strolling bassline around a trademark mid tempo rhythm, taking us straight to the floor.

      Hardway Bros (otherwise known as Sean Johnston of A Love From Outer Space) returns to Throne of Blood with their second EP. After successfully exploring Belgian New Beat influences on last years “A/B Music”/“Shorty” release, Sean continues to explore the darker side of vintage electronic tropes with the Sleaze EP. The EP’s opener “Legato” operates on the interface between electronic body music and early techno, invoking Chris & Cosey, nights at the Dorian Gray, Suicide and Belgian 24 hour Discotheques. Remixer Kasper Bjørke, riding a killer bass line, pushes things deep into late night warehouse rave territory. On the flipside, “Thoughts On Modern Living” comes over like a deranged early Murk production and is fashioned for late night basement jams. Closing out the EP is “Sleaze” a cover of a 1983 Marc (Almond) and The Mambas B-side and a collaboration featuring Horton Jupiter (They Came From The Stars I Saw Them / DJ Mystic Rock / Puwaba) on vocal duties and Mat Flint (Death In Vegas / Revolver / Deep Cut) providing guitar textures.

      Invisible Menders

      Porn Wax Eight EP

      Everyone's favourite adult imprint offer something bold, new and exciting with their latest hot pink 10", thanks to the debut of the Invisible Menders. I'm gonna come clean and admit that I know absolutely nothing about these blighters, but from the beefy post-punk drums and sprawling synths of "Affected", I'm willing to bet they took their name from a Faust track. The A-side cut stomps out the tracks and explores the post Weatherall wormhole in a blast of Tangerine Dream sequences and baggy backbeat, simultaneously referencing Germany 1978 and Manchester 1989. Those looking for a more recent comparison could do worse than Death In Vegas' "Satan's Circus". On the flip, "To Be Discontinued" opens with an eerie sense of disquiet thanks to some mournful pads and a jagged sequence. As the track progresses we're dragged further into the abyss by a swirling tangle of synthlines until those techy flavours are replaced by the spacey melodies of a classic Bobby O production, albeit played at the wrong speed. An impressive debut from the Menders then, who offer a new take on the ALFOS blueprint. 


      10" Info: Limited pink vinyl pressing.

      West End hit us with another winning reissue in the form of this stunning piece of NYC proto-house / electronic disco from vocalist Shirley Lites, mixed by the legendary studio team of Nick Martinelli & David Todd. Originally released in 1983 "Heat You Up..." is a slamming, heady mixture of drum machines, synths, dub FX & Lites' powerful, soulful vocals. This enduring classic was a regular for all the legendary jocks and worked the dancefloors of the Paradise Garage, The Zanzibar, The Muzic Box and many, many others into a complete frenzy. This bonafide dance classic is now here again, remastered and re-pressed in conjunction with West End Records, ready to cause a sensation for a new generation.

      Love Club was an obscure one off project fronted by Jay "Mixin" Dixon, a DJ with a long history at NYCs Kiss FM where he played deep house and garage on the station's legendary master-mix show in the early 90's. The record also features a mystery, uncredited female vocalist and expert assistance by some top shelf studio personnel manning the boards. Originally released on the mighty West End Records in August 1983, "Hot Summer Nights" is a real under the radar gem which bears all the hallmark sounds the label was known for at the time: slick, synth heavy, futuristic sounding production and sultry vocals extolling the virtues of eyes meeting across the dance-floor of a unknown discotech on a sticky summer night. This sweet slice of electronic disco bliss even features a rapped verse from Dixon himself towards the end of the track, for essential street soul crossover. Flip the disc for the obligatory instrumental mix / dub which extends and expands the spacious, stripped back groove, blasting all and sundry out into the cosmos. Yet another gem from the vast West End catalogue re-mastered, re-pressed and re-released in conjunction with the label, featuring the original label artwork from 1983. A treat for all serious disco / boogie fans.

      Mind Fair are Dean Meredith (Chicken Lips, Goat Dance) and Ben Shenton.

      Over the last few years they have had a slew of 12"s out on Golf Channel, International Feel and their own imprint, Rogue Cat Sounds, but are only now dropping this, their long awaited debut LP. It is a bluesy folk funk swamp techno barnyard stomp of an album. It takes in influences from krautrock to UK psych through to classic Detroit techno, Chicago house and the (Italo) disco that inspired it.

      It somehow unifies these diverse threads and drags them into 2014 via a rave in the countryside. We go dancing on a hay bale at 10am in the sunshine in a pair of dungarees before collapsing on a friend's sofa and skinning up amidst people jamming with acoustic guitars and bongos. Through it all marches the distinctive sounds that are Dean and Ben's hallmarks: chugging analog bass and deeply funky drums. All this is set to a loose concept of night out at the quintessential English traveling fair manned by psychedelic freaks...the fair of the mind.

      The vocal talents of Clover Ray feature, alongside other regular contributors Karl 'Akuko' Milller (percussion & vocals), Tim Silver (ukelele!), Sadie Shenton Jones (vocals) and James Flanagan (vocals). Sumptuous artwork comes from Thomas Bullock aka Tom of England of Rub N Tug / Map Of Africa fame.

      It's late, too late. Still you can't help hitting redial. Three rings... four. Should you hang up? "The Call"... We all know what it means. Will you answer?

      After making us wait two years before delivering Parkwest number 3, label head Mark Seven keeps 'em coming in quick succession with this thumping ode to booty calls. We've all been there and done that, but it's never sounded this good before. On the A-side, the original mix of "The Call" is an overproof shot of legit house music, packing muscular percussion and a rubbery bassline. Rather than those usual proto-house flavours we've come to expect, Mark delivers a devasting early nineties sound backed by a techy sequence and some hushed erotic vocals. This is audio viagra for the flatlining dancefloor. The "(3AM) Mix" on the flip gets nasty in a different way, pinging the sleazy vocal samples through all the outboard fx for a chemically enhanced session. This one can go for hours! 

      Harry Wolfman & Skinny Love

      Celebre EP

        After taking a short break 'House of Disco Records' are back with a purpose. Not content with the adding to the plethora of 'Disco Edit' labels representing the genre they have opted to walk a more distinct path, determined to lean on originals or clever sampling as opposed to outright re-rubs.

        In this their twelfth release they recruit previous label-mate Harry Wolfman and compadre Skinny Love to provide three stunning dancefloor ready originals. The duo have certainly delivered on the brief and turned in three diverse and clever takes on what a modern Disco track with a House soul can represent.

        On remix duties they have recruited a promising young producer 'Kickflip Mike', who has released on Box Aus Holz as Joschka Seibt and paired him with experienced disco merchant 'The Revenge' who is responsible for some of the best remixes we know of, and he doesn't disappoint here with either remix.

        Released in collaboration with The Red Hot Organization, which has worked on AIDS awareness through pop culture since 1989, 'Master Mix' embodies the genre-defying, experimental spirit that defined Russell’s work. Living in the East Village from the ‘70s until his untimely death in 1992 at age 40 from AIDS-related causes, Russell moved effortlessly between the city’s various music scenes, recording disco beats alongside Nicky Siano one night, and the next, crafting slow, haunting tracks in his apartment with his cello and idiosyncratic warbling voice. The New Yorker called his work “stranded between lands real and imagined: the street and the cornfield; the soft bohemian New York and the hard Studio 54 New York; the cheery bold strokes of pop and the liberating possibilities of abstract art.” Through his collaborations, he earned the admiration of artists like Allen Ginsberg, David Byrne and Philip Glass, who said of Russell’s music: “It does not submit to formula, but subverts the formula.”

        The record features 26 tracks by more than 20 artists, including Hot Chip, Sufjan Stevens, Phosphorescent, Blood Orange, The Autumn Defense and Lonnie Holley, paying homage to Russell’s boundless creativity and wide-ranging work, which swerved from electronic dance to folk to classical and resulted in what NPR hails as "catchy and hypnotic records that were far ahead of their time."

        There I was, keepin' on truckin', when I heard the coolest sounds this side of Saturn by the side of the funk highway trying to hitch a ride downtown. Man, these Roadside edits are far out.... I'll take them anywhere they wanna go. But listen close suckas, 'cause it's you and me who are getting taken on a trip! A-side cut "Olmec Disco Special" is a deep and dense journey into the massive centre of the nearest blackhole. Jazz-funk, boogie, disco and soul are drawn together and merged into a maximal groove alive with rhodes, wah wag guitar, sumptuous strings and heavy laser fire! Thick and thumping, this is certain to cause a supernova on the floor. On the flip, the "Discomonica Instrumental Edit" plots a direct course for the loft party dancefloor, boasting an infectious arrangement filled with sweet harmonica solos, tight bass and soaring strings that lift the track and the crowd to cloud 9. Dope!

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