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Genre pick of the week Cover of The Thom Bell Sessions by Elton John.

Elton John

The Thom Bell Sessions


Following a stellar run of smash albums and singles throughout the early-‘70s, Elton John turned in 1977 to the warm sounds of soul music for his next step. Thom Bell was already a name producer for the ‘Philly Sound’ and for his work with some of the era’s biggest R&B acts like The Stylistics and the Detroit Spinners. The fruits of their collaboration would not find an official release until 1979 by which time Elton’s ever-restless muse had moved on but the sessions were not destined to languish in obscurity. By the late-‘90s copies of the original 1979 12” were changing hands for serious money among house heads and in 2003 Ashley Beedle’s spirited remix of the lead track ‘Are You Ready For Love’ gave Elton a much-deserved Number 1 single. For Record Store Day 2016 they’re once again available in all their full-length glory on this 2-track vinyl release.

A. Avenue

Golden Queen - Inc. I-Robots / Flemming Dalum Remixes

Opilec Music come up trumps with their latest release, diving into the world of obscure Italo reissues with this ultra rare and obscure synth Italo disco track by A. Avenue from 1984. As usual, the label has remastered the original vocal and instrumental versions and thrown in a couple of choice remixes, this time from I-Robots and Flemming Dalum. Originally released on Discover Records, this is the only EP A. Avenue (aka Dario Ancona and F. Feleppa) ever put out and it now fetches high prices on the dealer circuit. As soon as the needle touches the groove you understand why. The lovably naive and innocent vocal version is seven sublime minutes of cosmic and psychedelic groove with perfectly retro melodies and pixilated chords that take you into outer space. Mid tempo drums are full of funk and drive and the two part vocal - one crisp and clean, one filtered and dehumanised - only enhances the mechanised madness. After a stripped back and sparse instrumental version, I-Robots takes the controls and serves up a classic reconstruction. The vocals are also more prominent, soaring up top above reflective synths and rainy xylophone style melodies. This modernist Italo disco gem is followed by a spacious and tripped out version from Danish DJ and producer Flemming Dalum, who layers in more cowbells, punchy drums and claps to tune up the cut for a modern club, while staying 100% true to the original.

On a fishing trip two years ago, the two main guys behind Africaine 808 (Dirk Leyers and Nomad) went to a tackle shop to buy some creepy crawlies (saltwater worms), not knowing that they were about to make a life changing discovery. In front of the shop a blind man was jammming on a little electronic organ, stomping his feet, singing, growling and basically making a scene.

The boys were quite impressed with the fella, who introduced himself as 'Blind Double D'. They offered to bring him home and record him. He turned the offer down, but offered instead that they could record him on the spot in front of the tackle shop - if they bought him a bottle of good Bourbon. He explained that he would never set foot into a studio again in his life: he was sick of music production and the music industry in general, and that he just wanted this bottle of Bourbon and to be left alone.

The boys got him the bottle, and recorded Blind DD on the spot with a tape recorder they borrowed from the tackle shop. Unfortunately, the tape was stored in one of the tackle boxes over the trip, and some of the creepy crawlies crawled into the tape and stank it all up. This added some extra funk to the recording. With Dirk and Nomad's usual studio trickery and production skills, they created the two versions of this very very funky, creepy, stanky track.

We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do. This record is dedicated to Blind DD, wherever he is...

Ashford & Simpson

Love Will Fix It: The Best Of Ashford & Simpson


'Love Will Fix It: The Best of Ashford & Simpson' is a comprehensive double vinyl LP spanning the legendary song-writing duos own recording career with Warner Bros. Records from 1973 to 1981. The husband and wife team of Nickolas and Valerie established themselves in the 1960s as one of Motown Records many successful hit making partnerships (“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” “You’re All I Need To Get By”). The duo added even more depth, emotion and musicality to their self-produced recordings.

This newly remastered, comprehensive Groove Line Records release features 19 of the duo’s classic progressive 70s R&B duets including 'It Seems To Hang On', 'Send It', 'Don’t Cost You Nothing', 'Found A Cure', 'Bourgie Bourgie', 'Love Don’t Make It Right', 'Is It Still Good To Ya', 'Ain’t It A Shame' and 'One More Try', of which the latter four titles are represented here in their extended form, and many of which are mixed by Valerie’s brother Jimmy, regarded as an early innovator and enduring influence on dance music.

Groove Line Records cut no corners when making sure that each and every one of our releases has the highest quality performance possible. Newly remastered from the original tapes and half-speed mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy; it’s housed in a gatefold sleeve featuring liner notes penned by Christian Wikane. 'Love Will Fix It: The Best of Ashford & Simpso' is an essential addition to any serious R&B, soul, funk and disco vinyl collector. 

Brand Image is a trio formed in Bergamo, Italy in 1983. Created by the same group of musicians as their previous project Some Bizarre. The line-up is Marino Scarabelli (music, producer), Tiberio “Tyber” Scarfone (arrangement, producer) and Stefano Brignoli (lyrics) and vocalist Mauro Farina. Originally, Stefano sang the song but his performance was too close to the brand new Some Bizarre single, so they recruited Mauro for distinction.

“Are You Loving” was recorded at Regson Studio in Milan in 1983 and released on Il Discotto the same year. Similar in approach to Some Bizarre, the song’s music was composed by Marino as lyrics were written by Stefano with sitting on the sofa in the studio. The band created their signature sound using a Mini Moog, Prophet 5, Korg Synthesizer, Linn Drum. Mauro’s vocals are warm as he aggressively debates internally going out dancing or staying in and ordering take out. Where “Don’t Be Afraid” ”was the trio’s first experience at songwriting, ””Are You Loving”” became a popular hit and gave the group strength and enthusiasm to continue this musical path. Tiberio was a fan of the Italian pop group ”Pooh”” and their song “Non Siamo In Pericolo” ”had a solo break with an electric guitar and background bells that section inspired the guitar and claps solo in “Are You Loving”. Enrica Danesi makes a return appearance with her signature call-and-response back up vocals during the chorus. On the B-side is the instrumental version with extended breaks, drum claps and dubbed out bass lines.

Both songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The vinyl comes housed in an exact replica of the original 1983 edition with bright yellow and magenta line graphics against a black background. Each copy includes a double-side postcard insert with lyrics and notes.

Class Action

Weekend - Inc. Larry Levan Remix

"Tonight is partytime, it's partytime tonight!" Donna Summer “Thanked God” for Friday. The Bee Gees sang about Saturday night. Sure. Yet in New York City, this post-disco song is the undisputed dance anthem when it comes to weekend celebrations. Originally written by James Calloway and Leroy Burgess for Patrick Adams' Phreek only to re-surface five years later as Class Action, the updated version became a classic on the radio and in every club in the Big Apple and beyond. Produced by Bob & Lola Blank this Sleeping Bag Records classic has had more lives than a cat. Heavily sampled in house music and hip hop, there is no doubt there’s always a party to be had. When it comes to the production side of things, ‘Weekend’ had some heavy weight producers beind the mixing board. Mixed by John Morales & Sergio Munzibai (aka M&M) and remixed by Larry Levan at the pinacle of his career, it’s easy to see how this became and instant classic. The M & M mix retains more of the spirit and structure of disco focusing on the Rhythms and allowing the mix to bring out the incredible vocals of Christine Wiltshire for what became an anthem of female empowerment on the dancefloor. On the B-side, Larry gives what became the trademark sound of the Paradise Garage with deep dubbed out remixes consisting of tape loops, vocal Echoes and delays and a big emphasis on the EQ of the drums. To complete the total package, The 12" comes with a dub version and an acapella for all the DJs. Includes original disco sleeve artwork and obi strip.

Dario Dall'Aere

Eagles In The Night

Finally repressed in remastered version thanks to Dario Dall' Aere, the voice behind this and many other rare Italo and Wave gems, founder and member of the Legendary Synth band Fokewulf 190. "Eagles In The Night" is 100% OG sleazy Italo bizniz. The kinda shit you find Il Bosco and Pete Mangalore rocking right through the night at nights like Red Laser Disco and Human Shield. Female and male vocal interchange, excellent chugging synth work and that robotic, forward propelled motion that just keeps the whole club throbbing. Eccellente! Comes with instrumental version as per. Original copies currently selling around the £300 mark (!!!) - you know what to do!

Will Dimaggio

Fusion - Broadcast Mix

Future Times do it right for the deeeeeeejays once again, firing up the press for another single sided sureshot purpose built for club use. These one sided offerings always hit the spot (need I remind you of Hunee's Don Carlos edit, or the incendiary Jack J 12" from 2014) and this little baby is no exception. Will Dimaggio makes his FT debut with a serious slab of bubbling, synthetic and jazzy house for vaped out dancers and the smoke machine crew. "Fusion" channels the glorious synth-work of many over-the-top pioneers through Mr. DiMaggio's skills on the keys, and the track bumps and bops with a nasty, ruff logic for the DJ crew and their dancers. Essential for those who feel that need to close your eyes and play air keys when you hear an absolute beast rip thruough the speakers at "the spot". Killer!

Dinosaur L

Go Bang! - Inc. Walter Gibbons Remix

"I'd do anything to get the chance to go back / I wanna go bang!" / "I wanna see all my friends at once!" / “I wanna go bang!” Released on Dinosaur L's 1981 album '24-24 Music', 'Go Bang!' quickly became a favorite at David Mancuso’s Loft and Larry Levan’s Paradise Garage. However the original mix on the LP did not fare as well with other DJs, who found it too complex for the dancefloor. As the album sales began to slow down, Will Socolov and Arthur enlisted François Kevorkian to remix the track for the 12" release. Dissatisfied with the initial mix, on the grounds that “The multitrack was an absolute, utter, and total mess”, Kevorkian completed the mix on borrowed time at Right Track Studios, turning in what would become one of the most celebrated remixes of the era. Connecting the dots in Arthur Russell’s wild web of sounds, and freeform experimentation, the result of Francois K.'s mix is a dubbed out version that organized the ideas for an ultimate dancing experience. One can only imagine what this would have sound on a Richard Long system. And then there was the unreleased mix by Walter Gibbons. Remembered for “being obsessed with the nuances of musical texture and notes that Russell was the only other person who liked to analyse sound in such microscopic detail. Gibbons remixed 'Go Bang!' during scrambled together hours at Blank Tapes and, although the taut, stretched out result lacked the dramatic dynamism of Kevorkian's tighter earlier remix, his epic version retained the freestyle spirit of the original sessions”. Includes original disco sleeve artwork and obi strip.

Morgan Geist


    Environ is proud to announce the reissue of Morgan Geist's cult classic 'Super'. Originally released in summer 2001, the record is an ode to New York City and many of the producer's most vital influences. With live strings from the Kelley Polar Quartet and plenty of disco DNA, it's no mystery that this was made by half of Metro Area (and released just months before their underground classic "Miura"). Remastered and cut by the award-winning Matt Colton of Alchemy Mastering.

    After his amazing Metro Area 3 12", Morgan Geist returned with another wicked Environ release. Three ace 80s-tinged deep disco-tech house outings, as good as any of the Metro Area tracks and crafted with electronic perfection for like-minded souls, "24K" in particular being sheer class.


    The trilogy of albums Grace recorded for Island at Compass Point studios in Nassau in the Bahamas in the early ‘80s are rightly regarded as three of that decade’s most essential records. Mixing icy new wave sensibilities with the poise and distance of high fashion and the depth, groove and warmth of dub reggae, ‘Private Life’ is actually a cover of a Chrissie Hynde-penned original from The Pretenders’ debut album. Meanwhile, the flip carries an insane reinterpretation of one of Joy Division’s darkest moments. Originally released in 1980 this double-header of extended club versions makes a welcome return to vinyl for Record Store Day, 2016.

    Includes previously unreleased dub versions of both tracks!!

    After pleasing ears here, there and everywhere with their dark wired debut, Glasgow's Junto Club return to Optimo Music with their second EP. Mining that rich seam of outsider electronics once again, JC up the tempo on EP opener "Nothing Above", fusing OMD sequences, techy drum programmes and sneering Alan Vega vocals into a slightly sinister synth pop sing-a-long for born again punks. "Mr. Kind Electric Man" slips off its army mac and stalks to the heart of the alternative dancefloor, throwing angular shapes to industrial beats, post punk bass and NDW synths while Steve Strange & Brigitte Arendt whisper sweet nothings by the bar. As ever, trouble's just around the corner, in this case taking the form of "Look Down", an entirely unhinged tribal-techno-goth seance primed for deployment at the Golden Pudel. It wouldn't be a Junto Club release without at least one Mogadon lullaby, and the lackadaisical, louche and lysergic "Isaac" puts us under with a combination of "Vanishing Point" Primal Scream, Severed Heads and early 90s Leonard Cohen. Outsider electronics for the Barbed Wire Kisses crew!


    Here In Iowa Remix EP - Inc. Peaking Lights Remix

    In autumn 2015, Swedish dream-pop duo Korallreven bid us all farewell by releasing the "round-the-world-in-a-day" sounding final single Here In Iowa, alongside memorable shows in New York City and Scandinavia. Now, they return for one last time with a disco dub dream remix of said song by the mighty Peaking Lights. This forms part of a 12" EP released by Be With Records. The record - limited to just 500 copies - will see its worldwide release for Record Store Day on 16th April 2016.

    The 12" will also, for the first time on vinyl, include Korallreven's breathtaking cover of Guns & Roses' 'November Rain' from 2014 as well as Shine On, the duo's rework of their own 2010 single Honey Mine, featuring Taken By Trees' Victoria Bergsman.

    From the guys:

    "Hard to say if Here In Iowa was an end or a start of something new. You'll see! Whether or not, we hold it as one of our highest heights and, after this beautiful season, we truly deeply madly felt that it was worth some extra limelight. And hey! Thanks for the remix, Peaking Lights! It's so wonderful! Life surely is."

    Felix Laband / Beanfield

    Whistling In Tongues / Tides - Todd Terje / Carl Craig Remixes

    Compost raid their archives to treat us to a special split sided release of two of the label's biggest 'Rewind...TUNES!!!' Spread languorously across the A-side is Todd Terje's masterful rework of Felix Laband's gentle and jazzy "Whistling In Tongues", originally released in 2006, and sounding just as essential a decade later. Effortlessly gliding between disco, Balearica and African influences Terje rearranges the guitar licks and marimba of the original over a rolling polyrhythm, adding a dubwise bassline, sunset sonics and plenty of drifting beauty. As far as Scandolearica goes, this is right at the top of the tree. Meanwhile on the flip we go back to 2004 with Carl Craig's masterful remix of Beanfield's "Tides", a total classic which still rocks the box of the likes of Moodymann, Danny Krivit and Kerri Chandler. Clocking in at extensive ten minutes, the track finds the Detroit producer in imperious form, taking us on a proper voyage which builds from pared back restraint, through echoing walls of techno soul sound before arriving at full scale Planet E synthtopia - Massive! 

    Parisian DJ and producer’s duo Cléon & Jazzy Pidjay are back as Last Bongo In Paris with a hot new 12" filled with Latin and Brazilian jazz-funk vibes. With raw drums, heavy breaks and jazzy flavours, these 5 tracks are sure to find favour on the funkiest floors.

    Cléon & Jazzy Pidjay have been united through their love of music and hip-hop culture for a while. DJ Cleon is one of the finest producers in France for breakdance and battle music, but also respected as a fine wax digger, mixing all kinds of music together, such as disco, funk, soul, jazz, breakbeat, hip-hop and more. Cléon alongside studio mate Jazzy Pidjay, who brings his great production and mixing skills to the table, gives a new dancefloor life to hidden and forgotten musical treasures, through funky up-tempo edits.

    LNTG (Late Nite Tuff Guy)

    Tuff Cuts #10


      LNTG returns with 4 killer reworks for RSD 2016. Pressed on 12 Inch Vinyl with special RSD artwork, do not miss out!!

      Loose Joints

      Pop Your Funk: The Complete Singles Collection


        Loose Joints' Pop Your Funk: The Complete Singles Collection will be released on vinyl via West End Records for Record Store Day.

        The tracks Arthur Russell created for Loose Joints are among his most enduring, dance floor-ready productions. The group has been the subject of various rounds of reissues courtesy of West End, but this coming April version is for the completists, taking its basis from a 2013 Japan-only CD set. Included across six sides are six versions of "Is It All Over My Face," among them Larry Levan's original "Female Vocal Version" and two 2001 remixes from Masters At Work. The Record Store Day release also includes various takes of the group's other singles, "Pop Your Funk" and "Tell You Today."

        Unless you've been living under a very boring rock for the past few years, you'll be acquainted with the mighty Macadam Mambo. Whether it be their hard hitting Trax series, their highly regarded edits imprint or their world beating DJ sets, Sacha Mambo and Guillaume Des Bois have been on fire from day one, and this guest spot on Passport To Paradise should do their party starting reputation no harm at all. The French duo get stuck in right from the off, approaching the wonderfully obscure "Magic Disco" with a deft touch, extending and amending those head-nodding grooves and campy vocals with echo while reshaping the arrangement to set the floor on fire (check out that extended synth solo!). We're deep in the Med for A2 cut "Boys & Boys", stomping and swaying to the oddest slice of Italo-funk you're ever going to hear. Shifting between cruiseship/soap opera disco, acid-laced funk and wonky cosmic, this mangled madness will blow heads off, let alone turn them - use with extreme caution. Sticking to the coast for the time being, Sacha and Guillaume get sunkissed and South American with the lithe and lovely "Lady Samba". Tumbling, rumbling and rattling percussion, buoyant bass and jazzy flute form the perfect foundation for some sultry vocals, all but demanding you go dancing with sand between your toes. Last but not least, we're back in the psychedelic swirl of Europe's cosmic movement, losing our shit to the uncompromising rhythms, droning vocals and post punk bass of "Darling You're Erotic". Musically we're dipping a toe in the same waters as "My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts" (if you replaced the water with something far far more psychoactive) but with a sleazy euro vocal all about the sexytimes. This is insanely good, literally. Respected diggers and acclaimed editors, Sacha and Guillaume breeze through Passport control with all the right credentials, be sure you go along for the ride.

        After popping up alongside best buddy Guillaume des Bois on Passport To Paradise this week, Sacha Mambo returns to the homestead with his first solo EP of edit eccentricity. Pushing aside the voodoo dolls and pentagrams, Sasha digs deep into his private collection, handpicking a quartet of devilish dancefloor edits, primed to work their black magic on you. The dark disco begins with "The Devil Dance", a campy, vampy slice of Germanic disco, alive with dramatic strings, wah guitar and killer synth solos and topped off with some blood curdling vocals. The tempo drops completely for the dense and dubby coldwave of "Cultura Ghost", a weird and warped transmission from the furthest reaches of the spirit realm, or at least 80s Milan. Heartbeat paced drum machines, squirming bass sequences and swelling synths should have the whole room swaying through deep sedation. We sprint across Europe for B-side opener "Mitt Liv", a brilliant bit of Scandi new wave right out of the Wildlife stocklist. I can only imagine Duran Duran once played a blinding set in Stockholm, and this leisure-suited sensation emerged from the resultant euphoria. Sacha brings the curtain down with the dark and deranged italo of "The Fake", a slow motion stomper perfect for deployment in the witching hour. Four fresh cuts for the eyeshadow crew - get inovolved.

        Kenny Mann Jr. & Liquid Pleasure Band

        Tin Top - Inc. Kon Edit


        Taken from 'Off Track Vol. 3', 'Tin Top' provides yet another reminder of why Kon is revered almost as much for his music knowledge and record collection as he is for his production skills. A party disco belter, Kon's subtle edit of 'Tin Top' simply can't miss on the dance-floor thanks its infectious groove and fun lyrics. In Pt.2, the story takes a darker turn, while the track just keeps on grooving.

        Very special artists packages, released on 12” vinyl for the first time, exclusively for RSD 2016, strictly very limited.

        James Mason

        Recollection Echo (RSD 2016)


        Limited vinyl issue of previously unreleased recordings from jazz-funk master James Mason. 7 tracks have been remastered from Mason's personal master tapes (which had to be repaired due to deterioration during storage) and have attempted to preserve as closely as possible the sound of the original recording. Liner notes are written by James Mason himself. 

        James Mason only made one album, that won acclaim years after it’s release. “Rhythm Of Life” became a soul-jazz cult classic, recorded in around 1978/79 with musicians such as Narada Michael Walden and Gene Torres, and featuring Clarice Taylor’s beautiful, characteristic vocals. The multi-instrumentalist recorded far more tracks around the release of “Rhythm Of Life”, but his music became out of fashion because musical trends shifted. Another album never arrived, and the recordings ended up in a box. Today the release of James Mason’s second album is finally set, and will be a collection of these forgotten tracks.

        Ever reliable UK house imprint Wolf Music give us a little something to get excited about here, inviting their favourite son to tickle our fancies with a limited, promo-style white label packed with red hot dancefloor shit. If you've had your ear in the digital realm you may have caught A-side cut "Body Action" blowing people's tiny minds since its inclusion in Medlar's excellent Solid Steel mix last year. Stripped back to the core, this cut utilises the finest bass sound around, 707 drum programming and killer vocal cut to lock you in, before blooming into piano led beauty. Packed with dub fx and flipped into a killer arrangement, this could easily pass as a long lost Regisford release. On the flip, the freshly prepped "Aya Chan" channels Medlar's love for classic 80's labels such as West End & Prelude, laying us low with gurgling sequences, jazzy piano and spacey synths. Limited as you like, hand stamped and packing a promo feedback form, this is some old school autheticity for any new school jocks.

        Hand stamped vinyl only release with promo feedback form included.

        Eleanor Mills

        This Is Eleanore Mills


          Eleanore Mills is a classic Soul singer with a sweet and sophisticated voice, who recorded her debut album ‘This is Eleanore Mills’ for the Sylvia Robinson’s All Platinum subsidiary Astroscope in 1974. The album has a broad range of Soul and early Disco/Soul cuts. It did not sell in vast numbers on its initial release but has become heavily in demand in the last 20 years and appeals to a broad spectrum of Soul and Disco collectors and DJ’s.. Original copies are highly collectable and in mint condition now sell for around £300- £400. Eleanore went on to record with Norman Connors on his ‘This Is Your Life’ album in 1977 (recently issued on CD by Soul Brother) and then developed into singing Soulful house having a huge record with ‘Mr Right’ in the late 80’s.

          This special edition will also include a bonus 45 featuring two non album tracks recorded at the same time. The Bonus 45 includes the previously unreleased on vinyl ‘Something on your mind’ B/w ‘Singing the Blues’ which only appeared on an All Platinum compilation in 1976. Soul Brother Records are delighted to re-release ‘This is Eleanore Mills’ on vinyl for the first time since its original release for Record Store Day 2016 on a 180gm LP limited edition of 750.

          This release should prove very popular with Soul and Disco fans and DJ’s in the UK and around the world on Record Store day, and it is sure to become collectable in its own right in the future, in the same way that many of the previous Soul Brother Records label vinyl releases have become.

          UK QUANTITY: 750

          Emotional Rescue starts 2016 digging deep in to the early 80s Bristol post punk scene of Pig Pag, the Wild Bunch and the Dug Out club. A short lived project of just 3 releases, Mouth trail-blazed leftfield percussive jams in the rich vain of Liquid Liquid and ESG but in their own jazz-infused way. The cultural melting pot of the St Paul's district and its pubs, clubs and blues parties, threw together young and old to the sounds of dub, funk, jazz and soul and took the spark lit by punk rock and new wave and spawned music that still resonates today. Consisting of a floating line up based around main members Andy Guy and Rob Merrill, alumina included a young Nellie Hooper before he would go on to be a founding member of the Wild Bunch and on to produce the likes of Bjork, U2 and Madonna. Based around a hard tribal drumming, mixing guitar, trumpet, shouted vocals and effects, the thrown in the mix nature was inspired as much by avant-jazz than punk's do it yourself attitude. Here then, on one EP are their complete recordings, including as the title cut, their best and deepest, "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea". Featured on a compilation LP from the legendary Y Records, its bottom heavy dub sound is augmented by female and toasted vocals riding a top a heavy stepper style riddim.This is followed by an increasingly dizzy array of percussion jams. "Acab (Part 2)" is all skips and trumpets, while the versions of "Take Your Coat Off" perfect skat vocal / tom interplay, before the finale busts out the rockabilly influences in full effect with jagged guitar, skipping hats meets double bass punk style.

          Searching for that new Dam Funk-esk or Brian Ellis-esk tune to set the roof on fire? Look no further! Munir delivers 5 luscious grooves pleasing the listener.

          Munir surfed the globe with his band Midnight Runners and stirred up the underground boogie community worldwide, earning him releases on Omega Supreme Records, Groove College and more recent at Hobo Camp Records. His early disco and new age influences result into heavy electro-funk and house sounds.

          Through vintage beat machines and synths, and with the help of his friend from Japan; Azumi, Munir captures the feeling of the late 70s and early 80s and transforms it into well-balanced layered cuts from 2016. Both sides showcase his skills and passion. Thick chord arrangements on the keys, boogie basslines and smooth guitar licks create his recognizable sound.

          Heist continue to let the good times roll with a pearler of a release from newcomers Ouer, a Berlin based duo with only a handful of tracks out so far on their self released debut last year. Their approach to producing is very much jam based, and with a compact collection of synths, drum machines and a fair level of distortion, they succeed in creating their own sound with hints of classic electronic music from Chicago and Detroit. We go off at the deep end with the sizzling hats, hefty kick and bubbling bassline of "The Ascent", a space age hit of techno infused house which could easily have graced a classic Prescription release. "Move Over" introduces jazzy keyboard riffage, hints of boogie and filtered pads to raise the temperature as your party kicks from warm up to peak time. Fans of classics MCDE tracks will love 'Show off' with its dreamy DX7 style chords and cracking acid lines, whereas "Mess Around" goes down in similar freeride style on the synths and again, has some lovely sampling going on. Let the good times roll!

          Eilon Paz

          Dust & Grooves - Adventures In Record Collecting Dust & Grooves (Postcard Box)

            This beautiful box set of 48 postcards contains individual photographs by Eilon Paz from his bestselling book Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting. These photos - printed on thick 5×7 inch matte art paper - offer a glimpse into the collections of DJs, producers, record dealers, and everyday vinyl enthusiasts. In addition to Paz’s personal favorites from the book, the box set also includes some never-seen-before photos from the Dust & Grooves archives.

            Detroit's new school disco king follows up appearances on Love Dancing and Whiskey Disco with his Kolour LTD debut, laying down another quartet of blinding big room disco refixes. It's all about the peaktime here as the Midwestern producer leaves any trace of beard stroking to one side, focusing his energies on redefining the classics. Opening the set in spectacular fashion is his frankly massive rework of Double Exposure's Salsoul classic, "Everyman". Using all the tricks at his disposal, Pontchartrain adds vocal breaks, dizzying build ups and fist pumping drops to take this stormer to the next level. Next up, the Detroiter turns to the most soulful man alive, boosting Stevie's "I Wish" with beefy bass, house percussion and filtered vocals, delivering the phatest reshape LNTG never thought of. "Heart & Soul" kicks off the flip, taking Modern Talking's mid 80's smoothy into deeper, darker dancefloor territories. Extending the instrumental break into infinity, Pontchartrain remakes the track as an Italo/Proto-house hybrid which builds to a hands in the air peak as he finally drops those vocals. Closing the set out in discoid bliss, our main man flips the script on Electra's Frankie Knuckles-inspiring "Feels Good", adding echo, moody bass and additional percussion to bring this one right up to date. 

            Hot shit from the depths of  da vaults…Nettles is a new series from Red Rack'ems Bergerac label which will focus on the more sample based end of things. Tracks which have remained secret weapons for many years will finally see the light of day. This first release features music which was played by quite a few heavy hitters but sadly remained lost on the hard drive…until now that is...
            "Bill George" starts off life as a super funky, cut up electro disco jam which body pops its way into the mother of all breakdowns before drifting into super deep Detroit style house then peaking back to the original electro funk vibes. Not only was this a secret weapon for the likes of Crazy P (who featured it on their Beats In Space mix way back in 2010) but as one of Red Rack'em most 'unreleased tracks requested for release', there's going to be quite a few people around the world celebrating "Bill George" finally making it to wax. A 30 second piece of incidental music from a long lost German children's television series is extended into a late night disco jam 'Timm' which picked up props from none other than Todd Terje when Danny extended it back in the Hot Coins edit days of 2007. Another 'lost' track you'll have gone bananas to on many a dancefloor, now available for your own body moving needs. "Transfer List" began life as a hip hop beat which ended up being such an epic opus that the full glory of the track had to be unleashed. Once again a Cdr classic for a trusted few. A super funky beat evolves into a kind of honky tonk vibe sort of on the KMD tip but with added poppy vocals. Made in 2003 and still fresh to death. Don't sleep!

            Secret Circuit

            Moon Steppin'

              Freak Angeleno Secret Circuit flies the spaceship for the fourth offering from Vinyl On Wax, leading us on an interplanetary dance with three prime examples of tropical psychedelia. The optimistic chug of "Moon Stepping" sets the tone and tempo for the EP, treating us to a YMO-on-peyote widescreen (and wide eyed) synth symphony before dropping into a bubbling bass chug worthy of any decent acid session. The flip side opens with the decadent hit of "A Love Exotic", a spaced out slice of smack disco replete with alien voices and elegant bass hums. Transcendent chimes, stargazing synths and meaty clavinet ride a discoid bassline giving us a blast of space disco to rival the best of the Balihu output. EP closer “Code Breaker” raps together samba sensibilities with eastern guitars on a bed of creamy pads, carrying you through the hazier parts of your evening and well into the morning after.

              The Slits

              I Heard It Through The Grapevine


                The Slits’ punky reggae cover of the Gladys Knight / Marvin Gaye Motown classic  “remains the gold standard in violently recontextualized punk covers”, according to Pitchfork. With the UK about to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the musical and cultural revolution that was British punk, this timely 10” reissue features both the title track, the original double A-side ‘Typical Girls’, LP track ‘Love and Romance’ and the rarity ‘In The Beginning There Was Rhythm’. As fresh and vital today as the time they were recorded nearly 40 years ago.

                Some Bizarre are a trio formed in Bergamo, Italy in 1983. The line-up is Marino Scarabelli (music, producer), Tiberio “Tyber” Scarfone (arrangement, producer) and Stefano Brignoli (lyrics, vocals). Tiberio was a DJ at a local discotheque, where he met Marino. Initially they considered calling themselves Funny Marvin, but settled on Some Bizarre after recruiting Stefano, whose initials mirror the name.

                “Don’t Be Afraid” was their first composition, recorded in Milan in 1983 and released on Il Discotto the same year. Stefano, sitting on a sofa in the studio, wrote lyrics while Marino composed the music. They developed their sound with a Mini Moog, Prophet 5, Korg Synthesizer, and Linn Drum. Stefano sings of a romantic night with a lover, dancing into a dream world. Heavy percussion serves as counterpoint to the infectious melodies, which were inspired by Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor. Backup vocalist Enrica Danesi adds a powerful call-and-response for the chorus, elevating the dramatic tension. The B-side features an instrumental version.

                Both songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The record comes housed in a newly designed jacket by Eloise Leigh, inspired by the song’s themes of liquid love, heartbreak, and moonlight against a Rococo column. Each copy includes a double-side postcard insert with lyrics and notes set against a disco parquet floor

                Tensnake makes a welcome return on wax with his first release of 2016 “Desire” via his own imprint, True Romance on April 15th. On the A side, Tensnake brings us a slow and low 112bpm dancefloor burner. Written during a travel to a very warm and sandy place, Desire is a dreamy groove with hazy vocals, airy guitar and exotic synths that will stick to you like glue. The flipside, Fantasma, is a trippy acid disco number infused with oriental influences. Flirting with Balearic and psychedelia, this record sees Tensnake going off the beaten path and sets the tone for what should be a great year in music for him and his label True Romance.

                Wax Poetics

                #64 - Yo! MTV Raps / The Internet

                  Yo! MTV Raps
                  Exploding onto cable television in August 1988, Yo! MTV Raps was a huge hit because it was necessary. Perhaps the most potent catalyst in hip-hop’s infiltration of the mainstream, Yo! beamed future superstars and regional rap heroes alike into living rooms for the first time ever.

                  The Internet
                  Syd tha Kyd and Matt Martians have emerged from production, engineering, and DJing roles within the Odd Future crew to claim their own stake in this new movement of Black musical expression. Originally intended to be a Neptunes-like production team, their collective, named the Internet, is now a full-fledged band with Syd taking lead vocal duties. Their third album, Ego Death, doubles down on their questioning of what it means to be young, gifted, and Black in America.

                  After a stint as keyboard player with B.T. Express, Brooklyn’s Kashif turned to writing and producing for other artists, infusing synthesizers into R&B and taking the post-disco genre into a modern boogie wonderland.

                  Mary Wilson
                  After Florence Ballard and Diana Ross left the Supremes, last remaining original member Mary Wilson found that her love for performing was enough to keep the name going into a new era of hits.

                  Also: R&B wild child Miguel; blue-eyed soul crooner Bobby Caldwell and producer Jack Splash team up as Cool Uncle; soulful folk singer-songwriter Mia Doi Todd; modern-funk synth wiz kid Brian Ellis; pop-art-soul act Twin Shadow; new blue-eyed-soul/rock duo Young Gun Silver Fox; and Philly’s Sigma Sound Studios.


                  With the 'Cosmic Machine - The Sequel' compilation due soon, Because Music treat us to an upfront RSD taster EP featuring original Euro disco aces along with exclusive reworks.

                  Francis Lai's 1978 track 'Young Freedom' (OGs go for £150+!) is a slinky slo-mo jazz-funk instrumental, so makes the perfect beat for Lex hip hop favourites Golden Rules to rework in a hip hop style (rap and instro mixes included here). On the flip is Arpadys' 1977 space age electrodisco gem 'Monkey Star', which is then given a mega extended edit by the mighty Psyschemagik.

                  Various Artists

                  Diggin' Disco Deep # 3


                    Twelve producers sat around a web-table and shared their passion for vinyl, deep-house and deep-disco music. After having worked for more than five months on this project's compilation, 'Diggin' Disco Deep' hits back right on time for a special occasion, which is no other than the Record Store Day 2016.
                    This 3 x 12 Inch vinyl-exclusive package is a gathering of perfectly arranged and creative works, applying to various shades of house and nu-disco scene. Mind-sticking kits, elegant synths, fat basslines, beautiful vocals - all dressed with various disco elements - and a classic vinyl-mastering, all result in a solid and hearty LP!

                    500 copies, deluxe sleeve, 3 x 180 gram vinyl, bonus sticker and Record Store Day flava. You'll never forgive yourself if you let this one pass you by!

                    Various Artists

                    If Music Presents: You Need This: European Sounds (1970-1986)


                      Compiled by If Music's figurehead Jean-Claude and Adrian Magrys for Record Store Day 2016, the six tracks span infectious Polish disco grooves (Wojciech Karolak and Andrzej Korzynski), bustling break-heavy jazz from the Polski Jazz Ensemble and the Russian born "Prince Igor" Yahilevich, heartwarming spiritual jazz stylings from Hungary's Binder Quintet featuring John Tchicai and Alojz Bouda's awesome oddball Slovakian synth banger 'Random' from 1980.

                      180g black 12" vinyl in gatefold sleeve.

                      Sleevenotes by Jean-Claude and Adrian Magrys.

                      Artwork by Guglielmo Willy Tavernaro (1909- 1989). Sleeve design by Ali Augur.

                      Recommended if you like: Numero Group, Jazzman Records, Soul Jazz Records.

                      Limited to 500 copies.

                      Various Artists

                      Look Forward And Back EP


                        12 Inch Vinyl In a hand numbered brown paper sleeve.

                        Paper Recordings are hitting their 200th single release on Record Store Day with a 12 Inch featuring Crazy P, Steve Cobby - Producer / DJ and Flash Atkins Music. It will be a limited run sold in numbered brown paper bags in a throw back to our very first promos twenty two years ago. The three tracks span the Paper sound from electronic funk to stripped back electronic disco and proper deep house that sounds as fresh today as it did when it CDJs were something you looked at on tomorrow's world.

                        The label has been releasing quality dance music for 23 years that has never subscribed to formula but always had an instantly recognizable sound. They have never chased the big names but stuck to what they do best and artists such as Problem Kids, Salt City Orchestra, Kenny Hawkes, Essa, Pa Pa Washington Trio, Crazy Penis and Dirty Jesus can bring a tear to the eyes of ravers of a certain age. Starting off as part of the 'Nu-Brit House' movement tracks such as The Book and Downtime pretty much created a blueprint for what was to come in in house music the following years.

                        The clean shirts and law-makers out there in straight-land don't dance. What's more, they don't want you to dance, and that's a whole heap of BS if you ask me. Thankfully, Croatia's "Legalize Lambada" movement are on hand with their second cry for freedom, inviting a couple of guest speakers to take the controls and turn everyone footloose. The rally opens in the capable hands of Camp Cosmic ambassador Albion, who leads the way with the wild and weird "Yetti", an Italo disco obscurity with a habit of throwing out hips. Bursting out the traps at a breathless pace, the track locks acoustic guitars, phased riffage and octave bass into a tight 4/4 groove before dropping into the oddball and off the wall, gruffly spoken vocal part which gives the track its name. Albion switches between the two parts with the deftest of touch, allowing each section the full impact it deserves. Albion switches things up after that blast of uptempo excitement, taking us on a slowboat tour of the Milky Way via the arp heavy haze of "Into Infinity". Nebulous synth washes, space age clavinet and funked up guitars swirl around a funky backbeat coming together in perfect harmony as the finest cosmic disco cut I've heard in ages! Austria's foremost digger MikeBurns is in charge on the flip, saving a couple of African jewels from extinction. The floor moving soul sound of "Enyin" opens the B-side, pulling us close with stripped back disco grooves, twinkling keys and soothing vocals, before igniting into horn led ecstacy at the chorus - full scale floor filler! Finally, the EP closing "This Ground" takes us on a stroll through the serengeti, moving at ease through mid tempo funk while a spiritual vocal tells us a story as old as the land. 

                        With “The Ladies of Too Slow To Disco” DJ Supermarkt, aka Marcus Liesenfeld takes a look at the women who kick-started the female pop revolution in the seventies. But he not only presents the big names like Carole King, Carly Simon or Rickie Lee Jones, 'Too Slow To Disco' once again unearths lots of overlooked and lost gems of the 1970s LA music scene.

                        These pioneering songwriters were determined to navigate their career on their own terms, while fighting an industry that was only marginally less machismo-driven than the mafia (and in some cases involved characters from both worlds). Chauvinism was the mood music de rigueur in the record biz of the 60s and 70s, and the dawning of sexual liberation as often as not left women holding the baby. But battling through, these women writers and performers redefined what pop music could do, and in doing so, charted the path for the women that followed.

                        Pop is notoriously over-concerned with surfaces, and as a result writers have traditionally played second-fiddle to performers, background figures rarely accorded their dues. But for women writers back in the sixties and seventies this was an even harder battle with the low expectations of high chauvinism.

                        Carole. Ricky. Carly. Big personalities who lived as large as their male peers. And sure, some of these names you already know. They brought new subjects to the studio, righteously loved to this day for finding new ways, new tones in which to express every emotion. But for each of the well-known ladies of the post-Laurel Canyon scene, there are so many you’re about to meet for the first time.

                        Take the amazing Franne Golde. She never became a household name despite penning songs that have notched up 100m sales worldwide (including “Don’t Look Any Further” by Dennis Edwards), now isn’t that something? Or Evie Sands, the gamin soulster whose sixties would-be breakthrough hit was stolen from her and given to another (male) artist right under her nose. Still, she carried on and wrote some timeless tunes including the slickly reprimanding “You Can Do It” included here.

                        Laura Allan’s “Opening Up To You” captures the mood of the decade and of this collection perfectly. A rhythmically deft, proudly self-aware love song, Allan’s writing is tender but she always stays in control, and the whole thing floats like a leaf on a summer breeze.

                        You’ll find plenty more of that sophisticated West Coast yacht pop sound you know we love, where the tune and the groove and the lyrics just fuse together, in a kind of endless sunlight. Take the cruelly overlooked Leah Kunkel’s “Temptation”, a total earworm, beautifully played with session musicianship from members of Toto. Leah was the younger sister of Cass Elliot from the Mamas and the Papas, and perhaps wary of comparisons mostly lived the session singer life until she stepped out into the limelight in the late 70s with this lost gem and two underrated and forgotten albums.

                        As ever with Too Slow To Disco, we hope we’re moving the needle, reinstating a few unjustly overlooked talents. But above all this is about the music, that vaulting ambition that pours out of these arrangements, lyrics and melodies, all played by the finest musicians the LA scene could muster. So take a trip with us, and round out your picture of a decade. The style is still Too Slow To Disco. But the inspiration and the achievement is all woman.

                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                        Includes MP3 Download Code.

                        Lord Tusk takes it back to the start for the twentieth edition of the Tusk catalogue, treating us to a tense and terse various artists 12" completely in keeping with the label's signature sound - darkly danceable, aggresive and synthetic, out of its mind on acid. Label favourite Heretic opens hostilities with the mechanised assault of "Afflication", a brooding club creature armed with writhing 303 lines, creeping sequences and a hard as nails beat - turn the volume up and the lights down. Taking a sip from the same batch, TX Connect picks up the lysergic gauntlet and slowly but surely bludgeons you senseless with corrosive 303 lines and pummelling 808s. Don't fuck with this guy! Over on the flip, things take a turn for the funky with Antoni Maiovvi's "Brutus", a mind altering hit of tribal magic which combines tumbling African drumming with the producer's usual horror-core synths. Sound the alarm - we've got a B2 secret weapon on our hands. The mysterious Future Unit make their Tusk Wax debut with a mid tempo masterpeice which pulls together frisky breakbeats, phat ass acid, funk guitar and searing pace synth. Is it acid house, is it cosmic disco, is it a bass-laden ALFOS chugger? Who cares - Baldelli would play it, I'd play it and so would you!

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