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Genre pick of the week Cover of Sky Party EP by Seahawks & Eddie C Present.

Seahawks & Eddie C Present

Sky Party EP

Canadian groove expert Eddie C teams up with Britain's famed cosmic yachtsmen Seahawks on this Red Motorbike 12", soothing us with a typically lush two tracker of dreamy innerspace travel music. "Say Hello To Love" opens proceedings with a head bobbing funk breakbeat and porch-swing double bassline (presumably Eddie's doing) before blissed out pads, twinkling harp and yacht friendly guitars enter proceedings taking us to a fantasy island where you can smoke the palm trees and drink in the sun. Just as we're settling in our deck chair, cocktail in hand, Eddie takes the baton and injects the track with a snipped Rhodes lick, beatdown house beat and more of the sample magic he's made his trademark. Truly the sum of its parts! Over on the B-side we plunge into the nebulae and take in the luxuriant beauty of the cosmic majesty. Interstellar whale song, drifting pads and ambient tones wash over the mind and body like a cool solar wind until the gentle rattle of organic percussion carries us through a dimensional wormhole. As we pass onto the other side, a steady one-note bass, subdued kick and hissing percussion replaces the cosmic with the kosmische, suspending us in the perpetual motion of a Tangerine Dream. Phasing synths, sweeping pads and dubby fx work their magic before the celestial choir lifts our souls into exaltation. This is music Carl Sagan would smoke weed to, music that swirls and flutters through rays of light reflected by the sheen on this production.

Andras & Oscar

(I Know) What You Want / Looking Back - Inc. Tornado Wallace / Zanzibar Chanel Remixes

After taking us for dinner at the "Embassy Cafe" and "Cafe Romantica" on dates number one and two, "(I Know) What You Want" sees Andras and Oscar go all the way. Released in celebration of the duo's current European tour, this sublime cut is a smoothly urgent house plea, with Oscar’s yearning vocals soothed by Andras’ warm, lightfooted production. Blessed with arguably the best production I've ever heard, this incredibly textured and round house cut goes all the way back to the early 90s, shaking its shit next to Larry Heard, Frankie Knuckles and Vincent Floyd. A fluid sequence works its tropical magic under the warm house chords, while the smooth bassline and killer drum programming get you moving from the toes up. Total summer anthem! For the B-side A&O enlist some of their antipodean chums to transform "Cafe Romantica" stand-out "Looking Back". Tornado Wallace takes to the task first off, stretching the track out into an instrumental excursion into lush vegetation and fragrant flowers. Perfumed, groovy and summery as they come, this remix is alive with additional percussion and disco guitar. On the B2, funk anarchists Zanzibar Chanel take a big swig of the purple drank and deliver and deranged cover version complete with croaking synths, flip flopping toms and all kinds of odd distortion. It's as mad as the box of frogs they used to record it! There are three killers here, but it's the A-side that steals the show - Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Andras and Oscar!

The Central Executives

A Walk In The Dark

The Central Executives. What can we say?

Not much as it turns out - the generally very forthcoming Golf Channel crew are remaining tight-lipped about the architects of this, frankly mind-blowing debut long-player from this new NYC collective.

'A Walk In The Dark' is exactly that, a situationist song-sheet and sonic chaperone to guide us through the back street escapism these troubled times demand. From gently over-driven punk funkin' mascara stained hymns, to house that's been thoroughly smudged to the edges of its live music incorporating limits.

Sitting very comfortably, in a moment of stewed elevation alongside Sound Signature style machine jams, bare bones vocal led improvisations, discordant Arthur Russell moments and the distorted reflections of roots House that run to the very core of the big apple.

A drop-jaw debut then, that wears its influences proudly, but takes them somewhere entirely new.

Africa Seven present the third in their series of Manu Dibango re-issues. For your delight this time is 'Home Made', a four tracker of epic African musicianship. Recorded in 1979 the album's bedrock of rhythms was recorded in Nigeria. This creates an infectious and addictive afro-beat / afro-disco groove for the album. Overdubs and mix downs were then carried out in Paris adding layers of sheen and expansive jazz groove. 

Ebony Cuts

Carrie On / Oba Chule

Hamburg's mastering maestro and edit extraordinaire returns to Kojak Giant Sounds, following up his 2013 Roy Ayres edit with this swinging two tracker of groove based delights. On the A-side "Carrie On" bursts out the blocks with tough additional drums and a replayed buzzing synth bassline before settling into a swinging jazz influenced groove complete with rasping sax, off kilter piano chords and warm vibraphone licks. Perfect for the warm up, cool down or simply to switch things up a little, this cut perfectly marries the club friendly bottom end thump with sophisticated melodies. On the B-side, the title track plunges us into the psychedelic swirl of an ancient tribal ritual. Ever changing polyrhythms bump, thump and rattle and the additional synth bass throbs through the subs, feeding the dancefloor frenzy while raucous brass and group vocal chants put you slap bang in the middle of the action. Top notch!

As Gonno celebrates more than a decade at the forefront of the Japanese house & techno scene, it seems about time he got down to business and released a second full length LP. If you've heard any of his releases for the likes of International Feel, Perc Trax or Beats In Space then you'll be well aware of the man's flawless knack for mixing speaker punishing club sonics with machine wrought emotion. For his new album “Remember The Life Is Beautiful” he ressurects a forgotten art and leads us on a musical journey, producing ten tracks that unite Balearic, ambient, techno, house and the spaces inbetween into a mesmerising sonic collage. Even though the LP comes on like a multi-coloured musical trip, switching between rushing peaks and drifting ambience, Gonno manages to inject a story arc into his album that reflects the emotions and feelings we've all been through at some point. And where so many of his contemporaries are slaves to the sampler, Gonno does his thing with 100% original material, hunkering down among the Korgs, Moogs, Roland drum boxes and borrowed guitars and letting it all loose. The result is a triumph or machinery and melody which offers delights for both the DJ and home listener.

As well as creating a surreal and hilarious visual image, the words Willie Hill should flick a switch among the boogie aficionados out there, after all, the man's no stranger to the good ship PPU. Operating out of his Durham, North Carolina production house for nigh on thirty years, Hill has been serving up forward thinking soul to those in the know since the early days. His smooth and swift stepper, "Delicate Rose" found itself on a PPU reissue back in 2010, and original copies of the cut go for a song on the dealer circuit! The material here dates to 1991, but retains that timeless quality you're looking for in the reissue market. On the A-side, "Eternal Love" combines a snapping beat, bubbling bassline and soulful pianos as a fine supporting cast for Willie's passionate vocals. Percussive breaks and dancefloor friendly bells turn up the heat on your feet, keeping you dancing til the dawn. The flip gets kicking with the new jack swing of "Talking On A Funky Note", a breezy bit of Teddy Riley style soul complete with synth brass hits, glistening guitar, drumbox beats and sleazy vocals. It's worth Eddie Murphy making a sequel to Boomerang just to stick this on the soundtrack. Closing cut "Over The Hump" delivers a hit of feelgood modern soul complete with swooning swing lines, buoyant bass and lyrical references to "Movin On Up" and "What's Going On?"

Okay. If you're coming to this expecting the usual LIES technoise assault, you're barking up the wrong tree. If, on the other hand, you're in the market for the most eccentric, otherworldly, eurotrash madness captured on tape, this three track of edit action from Lipelis is right up your strasse! Enlisting fellow muscovites Simple Symmetry for the A-side, our intrepid editor gets right into the drug-laced pudding, throwing a painfully obscure Thai vocal over a borderline Balearic, 80s electro-funk / disco backing to create "Weirdshit Xu Paelk". Tribal drum breaks sit next to Caroline Loeb pop fusion keys, while weird dub effects and an eastern chorus make up the rest of the music. Incredibly it still manages to sound like one coherent record, packing maximum punch amid the madness - weirdshit indeed (imagine Compass Point relocated to Phuket). Lipelis is joined by That's A Steal affiliate Emotional Blackmail on "Rumours", a coke-fuelled ballad which manages to tread the fine line between blue eyed soul, jazz fusion and sweatband metal without ever losing its cool. Balearic in the most eclectic sense of the word, this should give the LIES crowd a much needed end of nighter, and provice the beards with a distorto curveball to play next to "Kiss Me All Over" (apologies to Rob Bright). Now, at this stage in proceedings, there isn't much ground Lipelis has left uncovered. Lysergic Brazilian disco, I hear you cry? Of course! "It's Alright" marries a phat acid bassline with tumbling toms, rolling congas, bells, whistles and the sounds of tropicalia, before bursting into a spoken female vocal (a la Musique) and the flourish of AOR disco strings. Mental and essential.


Patrick says: The Russian disco mobster comes through with eurotrash brilliance, blue eyed soul and tropical acid insanity that's a million miles away from the usual LIES tackle.

Afro-cosmic originator Beppe Loda returns to the Oscillator imprint for the second volume of his "Obscure Cuts" series. While the great man is currently a resident at Berlin's Oscillator imprint, the four obscure edits on this weird wax were favourites on the floor at the legendary Typhoon club. Raiding his archives for a quartet of Eastern influenced Italian disco tracks, Loda hits us with a truly mindwarping selection of space age sounds. First up "Arabian Dance" sees solar winds whoosh over a menacing bassline while scratchy guitars tell of 1001 Arabian Nights. This desert disco banger merges ancient folk sounds born out of the sand with the sci fi sounds of the future to create a jam so otherworldy it could have leap out of the Stargate. "Music Maker" gallops into view on horseback like the bastard child of Harry Thumann, Ennio Morricone and Nese Karabocek and the forefather of Lindstrom and Prins Thomas' "Turkish Delight". The sequenced bassline takes us into the cosmos before the swooping strings and accoustic guitar turn things into a galactic spaghetti western. On the flipside, "Mustafa" grows from a psychedelic flute melody to a funked up concoction of clav, bass and beats topped by chanted vocals and growls. Proper afro-cosmic madness! Last but not least, the Instrumental Edit of "Sandstorm" utilises a hypnotic bassline to lock the dancefloor into a trance, before opening out into an organic disco groove complete with an expansive and cinematic orchestral arrangement. Grandiose and slightly unhinged, this is yet more evidence why Loda and Baldelli were wy ahead of their time.

After taking a lengthy hiatus from studio duties, Balearic legend Jose Padilla made his return this year at the request of International Feel. Surrounded by the collective production talent of Jan Schulte, Mark Barrott, Tornado Wallace and Telephones, Padilla delivered the perfect modern Balearic LP, providing the soundtrack to beachlife and nightlife, sunrise and sunset. Following the blueprint laid out by previous singles from the LP, this 12" hits us with a special extended mix from the track's co-producer (in this case Telephones) as well as a fresh remix from NY house legend Dream 2 Science and two versions from French filter disco king I:Cube. Telephones' 12" Version of "Lollipop" sees the Scandinavian producer expand on the transportive dancefloor magic of the original to treat us to a sublime summer house anthem, driven into the clouds by rippling percussion and a rolling groove. The floating melody plays out on keyboard, piano and guitar, while bright sequences ring out across the bright blue sky. I:Cube takes the controls on the A2, discarding most of the original instrumentation in favour of a moodier club cut complete with detuned deep house pads, growling bass and the occasional blast of Padilla's chirruping melody. The B-side opens with a rare appearance from reclusive NYC house dons Dream 2 Science, who compliment the summery melodies of the original with trademark vibraphone and shuffling hats to create a warm and groovesome rework perfect for the terrace or outdoor party. I:Cube takes the reins once more on the B2 with a minimal arrangement of the track played through naive synth sounds, bossa rhythms and autoharp riffs. The result is a gentle journey through cosmic realms, perfect for post club listening. 

1080p make their much anticipated vinyl debut with a special vinyl edition of Project Pablo's "I Want To Believe". "I Want To Believe" was originally released as a cassette on 1080p earlier this year, and the vinyl edition features a special mix of "Follow It Up", alongside another three of the original cassette's lushest jams. The Dandana mix of "Follow It Up" commences proceedings with a very sun-blushed, laid back house shuffle instantly reminiscent of PSS's "The Glass" from May. Crisp analogue drum machines, lush organ / synthesizer patches and bright aesthetic make this ideal music to warm up the floor. "Movin' Out" is up next with tough, compressed conga rhythms collaged onto another familiar soundbed of sumptious pads and velvety goodness. The track evolves into a bit of a banger when the crashing hats and rampant house beats are introduced and provide the EP's first ecstatic dancefloor moment. "Always" opens the flip with more compressed percussion ricocheting violently against the kick. Like a stoned version of Ron Trent's "Electric Blue" series - this one meanders on and on through xylophone-led passages into droning synths and back again, touching the sun as it does so. Most excellent. "Why, Though?" concludes and for me they've saved the best till last. Twangy acid lines, powerful square bass and a syncopated drum program make this a real tasty number, primed and ready to turn heads and contort bodies out on't floor. They've even included that unique sound ident off the first Pender Street Steppers record ("Bubble World") - see if you can spot it!  Obviously, Project Pablo is from Vancouver, you must have clocked this  by now and this first vinyl release from 1080p sees the BC natives join the hallowed ranks of the 'coolest place in dance music right now'. Official. 

This isn't just recommended if you like Mood Hut / Jack J or the Pender Street Steppers - it's absolutely essential! Very limited copies!

Rahaan drops another three edits from the soulful end of the disco street. "Mr Bumpman" takes Jackie Beavers' rare soul-funk 45 "Mr. Bump Man (Give Me A Hand)" and extends it out to a full length 12" edit. Packed with energetic dancefloor rhythms (the original is from 1975, so just on the cusp of disco), funky guitar licks and raw soul vocals, this is a must. "Be Thankful" sees the producer tackle The Intruders' 1975 version of jazz-funk standard "Be Thankful For What You've Got", using the extra percussive punch to perfectly tailor those gorgeous melodies to the dancefloor. Last but not least, "So Good" sees Rahaan go in hard on Michael White's jazz funk odyssey, resulting in a fresh finale for the fleet footed. Altogether now..."Beat That Shit Rahaan!"

Fresh heat from the city that never sleeps here, as Schatzi open their account with a quartet of edit action guaranteed to cause absolute mayhem on the floor. Opening cut "Hands Up In The Air" joins the dots between the ballroom and the warehouse as our mystery editor chops and drops Candi's "You Got The Love" acapella over some tumbling toms, snapping claps and a thumping kick. Sparse, percussive and hard hitting, this is a dynamite tool to throw over anything and everything. Next up, "You're So Right For Me" sees our editor sticking the scalpel into Eastside Connection's glam and glitzy disco stroller of the same name. As well as providing a much needed EQ tweak to the bottom end, a tasty bit of arrangement gives this one the extended dancefloor impact it always deserved, without a single ounce of flab. Flip the disc and undo a couple of buttons, things are about to get steamy. "Perfect Love Affair" accelerates from the filthy french of the intro into a stomping disco driver complete with chunky pianos, sweeping strings wah guitar a heavyweight bass. The Schatzi crew take the Constellation Orchestra original to the moon and back, doubling the length and upping the intensity, resulting in a grade A disco destroyer in the COMBI mode - nothing short of an A-list disco edit! Last but not least, our new friends tickle more than our fancy with a velvet, satin and lace slow burner that's sexy as hell. Slick guitar lines weave between soft strings and sensual moans as the simple beat and deep bassline roll on, moving things from the dancefloor to the bedroom. Ooh la la.

Edit & Dub Records Tokyo present two unreleased killers from proto house legend and Zanzibar, Better Days and Cheetah resident Tee Scott. If the name's new to you, I suggest you dig out all your favourite 80s dancefloor jams and take a peek at the production credits, because this guy lent his mix and engineering expertise to the best and brightest of the day. Make no mistake, you're dealing with a genius here. Up first we hear Tee's unreleased extended edit of Sergio Medes' "I'll Tell You" (total classic alert!), a sweltering tropical dancefloor jam, alive with steel drums, funk grooves and disco vocals. Tee shows his innate knowledge of dancefloor dynamics on this one, constantly switching between the breaks, chorus, verse and middle eight to create a dub disco masterpiece which will keep any dancefloor on its toes. This killer is followed by the abstract boogie of "Diamond Dub", a Tee Scott original which was only available to a few luminaries at the time. The kind of loosey goosey boogie cut that set the blueprint for the likes of Metro Area and Maurice Fulton, this piano led groover sees the producer utilise a squelching bassline, sharp rhythm guitar, dubby percussion and a space ae synth solo on the way to club nirvana. Larry Levan used to cane both cuts at Paradise Garage, so you know we're talking class here.


12" Info: Limited single sided 12"

Another boogie classic from the West End vaults. New York legend Tee Scott provides the mixes here, with vocal and instrumental versions on this official remastered replica reissue.

From the simple beginnings of a clock ticking, via the hooky keyboard line, this is a stone cold slap-bass electro-funk masterpiece from 1981. The A-side comes with strong female / male interplay, while the flip features the full instro, which breaks down into a bass, drum and fluttering, acidic synth groove.

Get ready for the goosebumps! Salsoul hit the archives and reissue this total boogie classic in all its spine tingling majesty. If you're in the know, then this is already in your basket, but if it's new to you, I'd suggest you read on. Originally released in 1983 by New Jersey vocal trio Surface, "Falling In Love" is arguably the greatest boogie-soul record ever written. The deep MiniMoog bassline, crisp 808 beat, occasional flute trills and luxurious keys are perfectly arranged, expertly played and brilliantly produced. Bernard Jackson's vocal performance is worth the entry fee alone, soaring over the music straight into your soul. Simply sublime - every home should have one. This remastered reissue contains the full Shep Pettibone 12" mix and DJ friendly instrumental.

A trio of Belgians - Marc Moulin, Dan Lacksman and Michel Moers - recorded one of the finest post-Kraftwerk pieces of electronic disco in the form of "Moskow Diskow". It influenced a generation and helped forge the emergence of techno by young producers such as Carl Craig, who went on to remix it in the late 90s. This JDC reissue 12" has the full length club mix from 1985 plus the two original bilingual versions. Classic early 80's electrodisco from madcap Belgians Telex. Essential for all house and techno lovers really not to mention anyone with a penchant for Italo disco or Belgium new beat. An absolute classic, now available for all. Highly recommended. 

Tempelhof & Gigi Masin

Hoshi Remixed - Inc. Ptaki / Balearic Gabba Soundsystem / Reverso 68 / Luminodisco Remix

Hell Yeah follow up their killer Telespazio remix package (repress coming soon!) by giving Tempelhof & Gigi Masin's Piccadilly favourite and modern classic "Hoshi" the same treatment. In original form, "Hoshi" was a blissed out collage of ambient textures, Balearic grooves and slow motion jazz, and now the creme of the current production crop up the tempo and add some percussive spice to bring it closer to the dancefloor. Graduating top of the Very Polish class, Ptaki have gone from strength to strengh over the last couple of years and their gorgeous remix of "Bow Down" is further evidence of their melodic expertise. Handling the fragile, floating chords of the original with lightness and care, the Polish duo deliver a sumptuous Balearic gem which swells and soars out the speakers like theme to a healthier, happier and more wholesome Twin Peaks. The label's in house and off kilter production team, Balearic Gabba Sound System follow on, flipping "Buena Onda" into a deep bit of sunset disco with glowing arps, elastic drums and sweeping strings. If New Order had made music for cocaine loving European playboys and millionaire heiresses rather than E'd up Mancs, it would probably have sounded a lot like this! The sun kissed romanticism continues on the flip as long time Balearic stars Pete Herbert and Phil Mison don their Reverso 68 moniker to take "Red Venus" for a spin under the full moon. Lush pads and cute stabs sway under the full effect of percolating drums, while a trademark bassline sends spiritual vibrations through your whole body in this perfect example of Balearic house. Lastly, Hell Yeah regular Luminodisco gets a little more broken up and experimental with his dishevelled but soulful version of "My Velvet Book". The Italian producer combines the original's jazzzy keys with slouchy hip hop rhythms and trippy effects to deliver a groove filled cut which sounds like a one off studio collab between Don Carlos and Kruder & Dorfmeister. The original LP won plaudits from the top rung of the international Balearic brotherhood and this remix EP's garnering similar reviews. Finally you'll be able to bring those gorgeous melodies from the afternoon terrace to the late night dancefloor.

Unouzbeck & Venturi

Houmous Pous Tous

French duo Unouzbeck & Venturi make their vinyl debut with a pair of psychedelic disco groovers for the already essential Ostra Discos imprint. Following the lead of De Los Miedos, the producers dive into the dusty crates at the back of an Istanbul poundshop and pilfer a couple of choice cuts to season and serve. On the A-side, "Manjula Doll" sees les amis in proper snake charming mode, looping a mysterious bassline and some souq shaking percussion into a hypnotic groove that'll hold you transfixed. The ever present organ drones away nicely before some interdimensional synths prompt a well deserved dancefloor freakout. On the flipside, "Mumbay Disco Sensation" whirls us into the impassioned frenzy of the ceremonial dancefloor via a collection of organic percussion, vocal chanting and wah guitar. As the track gains momentum, the echo-laden lead hints at dub, before a killer sitar riff lifts us to another level. A superb debut from the Frenchmen, and another must have release from Ostra Discos.

Boogiefuturo are back with another essential edits disc, ransacking the record boxes for those trippy disco oddities, crucial boogie joints and new-wave gems, to be given the once over by a trusted master of ceremonies. Justin Van Der Volgen has always delivered the goods, be it his edit work for labels like Golf Channel or Eric Duncan’s Keep It Cheap label, or his truly special DJ sets, and on BF005, the Brooklyn based maestro gets suitably hallucinatory with his brace of edits here. Up first, "Only U" sees JVV take a battered copy of Lene Lovich's new wave smasher "It's You, Only You" and pitch it way down, transitioning perfecly from Molly Ringwald to Ally Sheedy. The glitz and glam of the original is replaced with goth disco bombast as the distorted guitars adopt a thicker sound and Lene's high pitched vocal takes on the impassioned gloom of Ministry. The flipside sees Justin tackle LA synth poppers Animotion's "Obsession", once again slowing the cut down to cruising tempo to bring out the full throated roar of those guitars. Falling into the same class of industrial dancefloor pop as New York Edits 1 and "I'm Dancer", this is yet another Vandervolgen winner.

Brooklyn's finest purveyors of synthetic madness, Lectric Sands drop a fresh and funky nine tracker from label mainstays Zoovox under the imaginative title "Great Cats And Weak Dogs". Syncing up the classic sounds of the ana-digi machines of yore, the duo embark on a journey deep into tropical synth territories, passing through the Norman Whitfield-in-Jamaica 3D dub psychedelia undergrowth and coming to rest in a humid jungle clearing. The Compass Point meets Miami Vice lilt of "The Turkey And The Swan" eases us in nicely before "Marinara Trench" merges menace and camp via moody 80s action film motifs and a charmingly bizarre spoken vocal. "Volcano Vic" and "World Service" see Ben and Jeremy combine the tripped out tribalism of Jan Schulte with the playful tones of Young Marco, seamlessly combining primitive electronics, cosmic funk and into one surreal, psychedelic package. Speaking of dub, A-side closer "You Jane" brings the slank with no slackness, turning the space echo up to 11 while the digi bassline dances with Sakamotan synths. "Irene" brings an upbeat mood on the B1, layering a vocoder sound and pinging synth reminiscent of Charlie's "Spacer Woman" over a galloping bass sequence a la JMJ's "Oxygene IV". Six tracks in and no boogie? Well feast your ears on "Donkey Calling", a joyful meeting of simple drum rhythms, heavy duty bass and spritely synthlines, perfect for play next to Sasac jams, Benedek cuts or future funk grooves from our pal Ruf Dug. From the sublime to the more sublime next, as Zoovox turn out a relaxed, replayed and resplendent primitive synth dub of Carly Simon's Chic assisted, Balearic co-opted pop gem "Why". Get your audials round that! The quality stays sky high to the finish as "Funky Wildlife Congress" soaks you in totally tropical dancefloor flavours, via jaunty stabs, snaking synth lines and a meaty drum riddim. Flawless from start to finish, this one's already sprung into the upper reaches of my End Of Year chart, making the perfect companion piece to Ruf Dug's "Island".

So here it is, after three years, three albums and all manner of musical incantations we're ready to embark on the the final leg of this 'Magik' journey. Starting with the redolent psychedelia of the dancefloor leaning "Magik Cyrkles" in 2012, Danny and Tom have led us around the globe, through different seasons and feelings, be it the deep calm of "Magik Sunrise" or the atmospheric beauty of the opening chapter of their "Magik Sunset". Now we stand poised on the edge of forever, ready for these sonic shamen to turn day into night through thirteen otherworldly, unheard and deeply obscure selections. We head for the depths of the musical universe from the off, transported to a distant dimension on the wings of the previously unreleased "In Search Of Atlantis", a mindblowing electronic symphony from Edinburgh composer John Keating. Germany's Orchester Ambros Seelos and France's Plaisirs Erotiques keep things cosmic but inject a hefty helping of funk into proceedings before Danny & Tom hit us with the mighty (and pricey) "Young Freedom" from the one and only Francis Lai. This cinematic groover gives way to the glam slam of a vocoded Neue Deutsche Welle cut from Glenn, before our digging duo pluck another pearl off Jack Adkins rare as rocking horse shit "American Sunset" LP to kick off the second disc. We find ourselves sipping cocktails by the pool to the organic fusion of the Instrumental Group Cabas, before Frederic Castel hits us with the emotive AOR of "Open Up". The Electric Connection supply a counterpoint to the vocoded disco of "Groovy" from "Magik Sunset Part One" with "Cry Of The Lone Wolf" while Fabio Fabor blisses us out with the naive melodies of "Idolo Moresco". Harking back to the weirdo disco of Magik Cyrkles, The Primates' "King Kong" provides a slow, psychedelic groove perfect for any Wolf Muller fans, while the Tony Sinclair Orchestra's "Walkin' Through The Night" is a superlative slice of AOR disco with one hell of a low slung groove. As the sun dips below the horizon, Psychemagik leave us "Far Away" from where we started, drifting along the beach to the tropical strains of the Trepidant's cod reggae.  


2xCD Info: Includes mix CD and unmixed CD.

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