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Genre pick of the week Cover of Mandy - Mudd's Extended Versions by Bison.
One of the finest Claremont 56 releases, tucked away on a missable little 7" back in 2011, gets a big and beefy Mudd rework for 2014 on this dope 12". Recorded at Can’s legendary Innerspace Studio, it’s a seedy late night boogie affair with sultry vocals from a tempting hostess and the gentlemanly yet sinister host, the legendary Holger Czukay. Built on grinding, guttural bass, a rolling groove and slinky guitar lines, all finessed with weird space-ocean noises, this is immersive psychedelic disco at its finest. A good dose of organ comes into the second half and adds its own peyote addled charm. The results are of the kind when records become loved for their obscure oddity and otherworldliness. A track that doesn’t fit anywhere, but works everywhere.

Coyote's classy Is It Balearic recordings are back with this latest collaboration between cosmic legends Daniele Baldelli and DJ Rocca. The pair worked together on some cracking releases on Nang, and this latest offering could well be their best work to date, comprising of three outstanding electronic disco bombs. "Reflextion" gets the party started in peaking fashion with its low slung, almost acid bassline before blasting us off to the outer limits off space with the wonked out funk of the synth lines. On the flip, Baldelli and Rocca get stuck into the psychedelic heart of the swirling maelstrom that is space disco. An exotic variation on the "I Feel Love" bassline, echoing riffing, and soaring synth strings spiral around each other until you're floating somewhere above the DJ booth. EP closer "Out To Lunch" is the kind of off the wall synth funk nugget you're likely to hear on an old Cosmic Club tape, all zero gravity fx, forward/backward melodies and jerky keys. And there's more, as Ray Mang gets himself into it and serves us with a top notch remix of the title track. He doesn't stray too far from the original in terms of new parts, but dubs out the arrangement, adds a little extra firepower into the mix, and applies his now tradework fx use to maximise the dancefloor thrust. 

Portuguese disco warrior Tiago launches a soul sister to his edit imprint Interzona 13 in the form of Outerzona 13. The new label will play host to a rotating cast of groovy cats who dig deep and cut sharp, flipping hidden gems into dancefloor workouts. First up is the minimally titled Black, aka Nelson Gomes, a former bandmate of Tiago's in the excellent, Golf Channel approved Gala Drop. His latest moniker is reserved strictly for edits and DJ sets, and off the back of this three tracker of African excellence I reckon he's gonna get plenty of work. Stretched across the A-side in one giant, hypnotic hip shaking groove is the percussive dancefloor killer "Black". The track evolves from a killer conga, lin and kit drum groove into an irresistible funk workout with sexy clav, chanted vocals and hot brass working in perfect harmony to tear the floor apart. I've already bagged a copy on the strength of this track alone. But that's not all folks, because the flip boasts another two upfront Afro grooves that'll work their magic on the crowd everytime. Up first is the raucous and off kilter vocal cut "Van III", a snaking and swaying shoulder roller with tight guitar work and effortless bass brilliance. From the giant snare and twinkling sequences, I'm gonna date this to about 84, but I've been wrong before. And what better way to finish than with a sunblushed boogie roller in the form of "Tabanka". The sweet vocals, perfect for an unknowing singalong, ride a languid west coast groove dropping out here and there to make room for some dope solos. Buy this record or deeply regret it.

Coober Pedy University Band


Melbourne party enthusiasts Animals Dancing launch their self titled label with the sophomore release from Krautback duo Coober Pedy University Band (Tornado Wallace & William Paxton AKA Tom Moore of Otologic). This completely bonkers ode to Australia's workshy, snake eating laughter bird is the best example of dancefloor didgeridoo since that Aphex Twin single I can't remember the name of... Once described as "a bit too mental for me", "Kookaburra" sees our intrepid composers pick up exactly where their Moon Plain release left off, that is at the ridiculous, silly and amazing end of the dancefloor spectrum. Essentially little more than an undulating didgeridoo line, a solid kick, bongo clatter and the maniacal laugh of the Kookaburra, the track is perfect in its simplicity. Also included is the hilariously named, Kookapella", an exotic tool which drops the didger to give more room to our feathered friend. A prominent member of our mail order department is sat sharpening the knives as I type this, but I think this is the most fun record I've heard in ages. Unique, a certain mood changer, tone setter and future classic you've gotta get on this.

Holy Ghost!

Okay / Bridge & Tunnel - A/jus/ted Remixes

Good evening and welcome to the Piccadilly sports desk where we bring you the all important decider of the Holy Ghost! Remix Cup 2014, where the USA look to overcome Norway's two-nil aggregate lead from the first leg of the tie. Team USA are represented by the talented pairing of Justin Strauss (Whatever Whatever) and Teddy Stuart (Eddie Mars), known collectively as A/jus/ted. Coming into the fixture off the back of a fine result on their Blood Orange remix, A/jus/ted take the opportunity to cement their place at electrnic music's top table. The remixers take on two consecutive singles from last year's Holy Ghost! LP “Dynamics”, breaking down and building up "Okay" and "Bridge & Tunnel" into 4/4 floor fillers. On their rework of "Okay" the duo summon a weighty bassline from the depths of the underworld and concoct a dense mainroom brew topped by an echo ladden vocal. On the flip, the duo reimagine "Bridge & Tunnel" as an Inner City inspired classic house shuffler which merges its fluid bassline with bleeping electronics on its way to peak time club success. This last ditch equaliser ensures honours are even, and makes winners of us all.

Optimo Trax continue their relentless onslaught, this week initiating into their ranks son of legendary Glasgow DJ and close affiliate of Optimo Music, Harri. With his father providing 30 years+ (and still going) of music and producing knowledge it was gonna be hard for James NOT to get involved in the dance! At the forefront of the current generation of Glasgow dance ambassadors (he shares a flat with Jackmaster) this EP showcases the youngster's rugged and detailed, bumpin' tech house sound. "Sneaky" is all about the warehouse, a classic ring modulated synth riff riding a tight sqaure bass and chopped up party vocal samples. With nice two-part variations this just rolls and rolls and will get 'em shaking off the rafters and dancing on every conceivable surface. "Listen To My Buttons" unlocks the long sawtooth drones and dark eerie synth-strings for a heady, late night electrical excursion; made for elevating consciousness after a long session. "V Moog" deploys more rave-inspired hoover-leads (his Dad's surely been playing him all the old hardcore tapes) and allows more rampant drumbox trickery to carry the groove. Big breakdowns with fat drops characterize this as another huge warehouse number. Finally another Glasgow local Esa (under the Hillhead Young Team moniker) remixes "V Moog" into a wobbly Iberian-inspired terrace jam. Techy and stimulating, with those twangy, discordant sine tones that seem to be the favoured sonic drug of choice with the kids at the moment. Massive record from the next star of Glasgow's underground.

Look out folks, we have a new sample-based house genius in our midst, Lay-far is here to reintroduce us to the joys of the MPC, organic house music and liquid soul. Lay-far is based in Moscow and this EP follows the "So Many Ways" LP, seeing the producer dish out 3 tracks of low slung, funky and soulful house music, done in that classic Detroit style. "That Voice From Far Away" has great vocal chorus elements, paired with a funky and tight instrumental backing which has early Andres and KDJ written-all over it (we should probably also mention Local Talk, Raw Cuts and Gamm records here, none Detroit labels also flying this sample-based house thang flag). On the flip we start with “Where I’ve Never Been Before (Yet)”, a jacking Harlem funk groove that builds up with layers of chords and intricate percussion combined with the now trademark vocal skits and riffing funk guitar. “You Know I’m Gonna Getcha” concludes this essential 3-tracker; a gorgeous blend of samba rhythms, deep chords and Rhodes keys, all given extra weight by a big bouncy house beat and huge wub'ing bassline introduced halfway through the track! Massive record, already garnishing lots of press, move quick!

DJ reactions:
Osunlade: "Loving "You Know I'm Gonna Getcha"
Phil Asher: "Been playing it. Smashed Uber on sat night! X" Claude Young “real sexy slick stuff!!!!”
Fudge Fingas "That boy's on it at the minnit”
Takasi Nakajima “i just listen yeah that so good i really love that release!!”
Titonton Duvante “Oh My goodness. Absolute FIRE! Much deck time and chart action on this one. I'm Gonna Getcha being my pick but all are wicked. Big UP Lay-Far!”
Ourra: “ My fave cut here is the That Voice From Far Away.... lovely chords, especially melty around the 4m30s mark - love it! glad you sent it before I do my next mix, will def be including! :-) 'Where I've Never been Before'
get loads of people sending tracks over....try to listen to everything but I know in seconds if I'm feeling it. Pleasantly surprised to receive something of real depth & quality.....the beats are right on point! All 3 tracks are all 3 with equal have my recommendation & support” maybe a little too funk based for my house sets but obviously quality and again love the roy ayres kinda chords. 'You know im Gonna Getcha' would def be worthy of a play in a jazzier moment. Sorry to bang on about chords, but killer here too ;-)”
Thatmanmonkz: "Lovin' it! "
Mike 0’Mara : Fantastic stuff mate, love all three. Honestly couldnt pick a fave!
Tomson: Love this lay-far EP! Will defo play one of the tracks on this month's radio show and also play in the club next week!
S3A: "Where I've Never Been Before (Yet)" For me ! Great !"


Matt says: Organic soulful house for fans of Seven Davis Jr, Theo and Kenny, Local Talk and Raw Cuts. Watch out for this Russian bad man.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to the Shimmy Sham Sham sessions. After a trio of sell out under the counter specials the crew return with their finest work to date, ready to add some extra weight to every DJs box. In a move that many a purist would baulk at, our intrepid editors offer a rework of Arthur Russell's mystical, magical and magnificent "In The Light Of The Miracle". Wipe that pained expression of your face, this isnt some clunky ableton cut up powered along by a banging donk! This is subtle and delicate scalpel work, worthy of the best in the business, far from the usual back street boob jobs we're subjected to in edit land these days. The blissful melodies and complex percussion get multiplied by groove factor ten, and the whole thing is given a straighter, more floor-centric arrangement. So, now you've left the beach for the dancefloor, the boys are ready to get the party rocking for real on the seductive and sassy B-side. Nina had her fair share of hits, but none work a dancefloor better than the percussion heavy groove of "Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter". Here, at the hands of the Shimmy Sham Sham crew, it's extended and uplifted into a bumping house mover perfect for sultry nights on the terrace. Adding a well balanced kick and remodelling the arrangement, Shimmy Sham Sham massage the rough edges of the original into an irresistible dancefloor force!

Through releases from the likes of Glenn Astro, Muff Deep, Brandt Brauer Frick and CTEPEO' 57, Copenhagen's Tartelet Records have become a coterie for an auspicious breed of modern-day oddball. Opting for analogue gear, the Tartelet mainstays bring together lopsided sampling and loose-limbed rhythms suffused with a distinctive degree of restless energy. The next instalment comes courtesy of Nigerian born vocalist, songwriter and Max Graef collaborator, Kesiana a.k.a Wayne Snow. His vinyl debut, "Red Runner" sees the Berlin based producer drop a deluge of soul over grubby Rhodes tones, contorted melodies and tumbling drums backed up by remixes from Glenn Astro and Delusions of Grandeur regulars Session Victim. The title track rubs Snow's harmonised vocal lines against choked horn stabs and chugging guitar flashes as the basement soul bassline keeps everything grooving along nicely. "Blue Moon" sees the producer flip the script, cooking up a slow burner which softly gallops like a Dilla record making use of stuttered shuffles and granular drum samples. Glenn Astro & Imyrmind are first to tuck into the remix buffet, injecting some bump and rattle into the rhythm section and adding some short circuiting synth stabs for a little extra melodic punch. The ever soulful Session Victim transform Snow's original into a tightly coiled dancefloor spring, bursting with spiraling synth energy and laid back funk. Another winner for Tartelet and an assured debut for a producer with a big future ahead of him.


Kanal - Inc. Prins Thomas Remix

Another debut on Full Pupp! Henning Severud is Telephones, who originally hails from Bergen but has recently relocated to Berlin. He makes the kind of uplifing melodic disco-house people might tag as something silly like 'Balearic Beach House' (ooh, new genre alert!), but is actually just nice fat dancefloor music. Yes, it’s pretty Balearic (Prins Thomas says it reminds him of Nik Kershaw in places, but we'll brush over that), but Full Pupp really don’t care what you call it. All they know is they’re dancing around like happy little girls to his cool contemporary disco (I want photographic evidence of this). Around the obligatory Norwegian rhythm section of a dubby disco beat and squelching Scando acid bass, Telephones massages uplifting sequences and subtle pads to create a sunkissed, loved up vibe that'll last longer than the (admittedly decent) marios knocking around these days. On the flip, Henning delivers a proggy space disco groover for all the sunrise movers in the form of "Turkis". If you were to stumble across a bizarre rarities version of Now! 86, made up exclusively of studio b-sides knocked up by engineers and session musicians while the stars were out celebrating Thatcherism, then this would very much be the vibe. Sounds good don't it! To rounding the EP off in style, Prins Thomas stops by to remix "Kanal" into a pumped up cosmic nodder par excellence. Our favourite disco viking strips the original back, amps up the 303 b-line and then adds a mesh of acid squiggles on top as the track blasts us off to distant galaxies. Highly recommended!

The Whole Truth returns for a second round of precision engineered dub boogie hybrids, this time featuring the mighty Mo Kolours on vocal duties. The first Whole Truth release, which featured Errol Bellott, garnered praise from DJs like JD Twitch, Hugo Mendez and Zaf Chowdhry as well as Piccadilly Records mailorder legend Dave Walker, and WT002 finds this anonymous project exploring even more dubwise territory. One-Handed's Mo Kolours guests as a singer and percussionist on the lead track, "Don't Tell Me No Lies" a track which sees dub basslines and offbeat vamps played on D-Train's studio set up for unique sound that's as much Jamaica as it is Queens. "Steppas Don't Lie" is more than an instrumental version, stripping things back, picking up the pace and aiming the track squarely at the dancefloor. On the flip, "Truth Groove" blasts off into the boogie galaxy ruled by the likes of Convertion, John Davis and KID, effortlessly firing off shimmering synths and twinkling sequences while that classic boogie b-line rolls away underneath. The set closes with the super heavy digidub of "Myth Dub", a dread version of the B1 which you're gonna hear rattling cabs throughout the summer. Full bespoke artwork comes courtesy of Lewis Heriz, known for his contributions to the Sofrito and Soundway labels.

Next up on Ivan Smagghe and The Ginger Prince's home for dark disco oddities and pulsing punk obscurities is this snapshot into the weird and wonderful world of Downtown Tel Aviv. After a few strung out trips to the city Ivan began to get an idea of the extensive and more importantly, quasi forgotten, wave and pop scene from Israel. Blown away some of the tracks passed on to him, He and The Ginger Prince thought it would be perfect start for the LDDLM reissues series, with edits and originals sought out and sequenced. "Gazolina" by Chromosome is one of those record hunters' holy grails. Fetching far too much money on Discogs these days and having been a DJ set staple of Red Axes for years, it was only natural that Niv and Dori got their hands dirty. Rather than using those modern tools to smooth the edges and polish the track up, instead their edit keeps the raw punk rage of the original and is all the better for it. Nosei Hamigbaat's "Birthday" was the track that triggered it all and appears on vinyl for the first time in 30 years (I strongly recommend buying the CD of their album on Anova, a label dedicated to excavating the TA underground). This is a heavily psychedelic romp, as if the 13th floor elevator had stopped on the 1983th floor, happened upon a cocaine fuelled jam between Grauzone, Mathematiques Modernes and Material and then promptly disintergrated in sheer excitement. This unclassic has been left untouched, in all its original beauty. The purists might take issue with the inclusion of Tova Gertner, as she was not technically part of the Downtown Tel Aviv scene, but we all know how boring being a purist is. Her 1987 single "Etmol" was a chart hit in Israel on its release, and the pop brilliance on show was too much for the label to let pass. Tim Paris and Ivan Smagghe are on It's A Fine Line edit duty and transform the song with that same queasy psychedelic bent they specialise in (see their edit of GB and the Tracks' "Woman"). They've even beaten us to it and made up a genre for it, Balnearic, the sound of the beach and the nose bleed - There may well be pianos but your hands aren't in the air, but in your pockets, searching for those empty wraps. Get ready for the super cool bit, this vinyl has a spiral groove, 'linking' the It's A Fine Line edit to the original, but still enabling you to play one or the other, call it a 'mix of two halves'. If ever you play in Tel Aviv I strongly recommend dropping it.

Various Artists

Ghostbusters - OST (30th Anniversary Edition)

    2014 marks the 30th anniversary of the iconic 1980's move "Ghostbusters" & its classic soundtrack.

    This 10 track, 120gm, LP vinyl format is being reissued after a long time out of print and is limited to 1000 copies.

    It's Magic Wand time again, so don't tell JK Rowling (copyright), but I'm Olivander, you're Harry and this is wizard! Another four cuts of reworked obscurities perfect for the Balearic crowd to vibe on during the summer months. Magic Wand stalwarts Coyote dive in with the funked up 80s pop of "Budimo", which sounds very much like a lost maxi disc B-side from Germany's answer to early Spandeau. With its big metallic vamps and cocaine fuelled synth bassline, this is perfect for the peaktime sweat of the Outlaw's floor. Next up there's a Sunshine rework of the blissfully horizontal "Flowers In The Garden", which marries Dilla styled sampler work with shimmering echo and a lanugid funk bassline for maximum BBQ relaxation. Next up, Very Polish Cut out hero Ptaki hits us with brilliant version of Bucks Fizz' "One Of Those Nights", which rolls along with its low slung soft rock groove heading for the heart of the Adriatic beach bar. The new arrangement sees the vocals and almost unbearable chorus stripped back to the bare bones, placing maximum emphasis on that killer groove. We finish in tropical fashion with the impassioned South American disco of "Olhos Colridos", as reworked by Belabouche. This dope jam gets you locked in early before slaying you with an array of corking instrumental parts, while the whole track has the kind of EQ which feels like the sound is swelling in the heat. Ace. 

    It seems like no part of the world has evaded disco’s ubiquitous influence, including the Caribbean. The Caribbean in the late 70s and early 80s was a hotbed of musical activity and this compilation focuses on the best disco-influenced tracks from Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, and the Bahamas. All of the tracks here are officially licensed and reissued for the first time ever. Highlights of the 13 tracks included on this compilation are: the under-the-radar cosmic disco tune "Got To Have You" by Joanne Wilson, Mavis John's sexy disco-funk slinker "Use My Body", a rare P&P Records-influenced track "Dance With Me" by Odessey One, the icy cool synth-drenched "Living On A String" by Wild Fire, the incredible dancefloor-friendly "Instant Funk" by Merchant, and the disco reggae cover of "Rapper's Delight" by Prince Blackman. This compilation was compiled and researched by Deano Sounds and includes edits by Al Kent, the Whiskey Barons, and Waxist Selecta.

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