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Genre pick of the week Cover of Mindbender EP - Inc. Kid Machine Remix by Starion.
Starion's sound has been a fundamental part of Manchester's Red Laser Records since the very first EP back in 2012. He has released many tracks on the labels EP series and has now finally completed his long awaited first solo EP. We are treated to Starion's amazing signature sound throughout but with even deeper production, an increasingly sophisticated arrangement and sound design. A real treat for all Manctalo fans.

"Hypnoto Roboto" is a throbbing Italo chug bomb and a dancefloor smash. Starion kicks of the EP with his signature synth disco sound. A Blade Runner club jam made for android only dancefloors.

Next Kid Machine gets on the remix. You can't hold a good Machine down and Manchester's Kid Machine especially. This cybernetic horror jam is one of his best productions to date and epitomises the unique style that has Italo electro fans all over the world collecting his music eagerly. This will not disappoint. The production is slick and the atmosphere he creates reeks of the future. Heavyweight synth action right here.

Starion comes with "Mindbender" the killer boogie jam. 80s electro and disco collide in a fantastic chug filled synth soup. Give me a large bowl and watch me glow like the Ready Brek Kid. Amazing future retro floor-filler.

"Moonbase Alpha" is like the music you get on an 80s film trailer on VHS that you can dance to. This moody piece tells a story as it moves you toward the dancefloor. A story of forgotten encampments on moons far away, the survival in isolation and the horrors that play out in the minds of the abandoned settlers


Record Player CR8005A - Cruiser (Tweed)

    Love the rich, warm sound of vinyl, but wish it was a more moveable music format? Put down the iPod and mobilize your music with the Crosley Cruiser 3-speed portable turntable.

    Constructed of wood and bound in a leatherette material, the briefcase-styled record player is lightweight and easily transported from place to place. It features built-in stereo speakers so you can listen to your music without having to connect it to a speaker system.

    Cruise over to a friend's house and experience vinyl's superior sound together.

    - Belt-driven turntable mechanism 33 1/3, 45 & 78rpm.
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    Relish head honcho and leftfield disco don Headman's been busy of late, locked up in his Zurich rave cave finely tuning his forthcoming LP "6". For this latest project Robi decided to shake things up and experiment out of his comfort zone on collaborations with friends and family from the nu disco world. This first EP features four tracks from the album featuring an all star cast of Brassica, Red Axes, Emperor Machine and Sam from Piccadilly Records' favourites Gramme. The EP opens in gloomy fashion with the warped electro of "Work", a cybernetic chugger that'll tickle your ALFOS fancy with its industrial atmospheres and prickly sequences. "Barbarism" follows on in the same vein, with Tel Aviv's Red Axes dropping by to help create a doomy electro dirge, complete with fuzzing guitars, circular basslines and arpeggiated melodies. On the flip, "Der" sees Robi and UK house legend Emperor Machine delivering a zero gravity slice of acid tinged Italo, that stands up there with the likes of Gino Soccio, Kano or Rago & Farina. Closing the EP in disco-not-disco fashion is the ket addled ESG groove of "Sleep Red!" featuring Sam Gramme on vocal duties. Driven by a "Moody"-esque bassline and rattling percussion, the druggy sequences form the perfect space for Sam's dubbed out vocals to take effect on your brain. Grab one while you can and watch this space for Volume 2!

    Leeds' finest purveyors of underground music, Joe's Bakery, present undiscovered Balearic beats, cosmic curveballs and obscure oddities from around the world, collected and road tested at Outlaws Yacht Club. The first two releases feature edits on an Italian theme by a mysterious collective of music enthusiasts and record diggers by the name of Diavol. Volume One begins with the heartfelt and emotional 80s pop of "Controllo Totale", which features a choral chord progression the Breeders would have been proud of topped by crystal clear Italian vox. Perfect for early doors or the end of the night, this slow smoocher is one of those cinematic beauties that makes you feel like you're starring in your own film. "Bailando" takes us into the midst of a cocaine fuelled night poolside at the Ku. This is 80s pop in an entirely different sense, with sleazy synths and funky guitar licks making you move while the male vocal deadpans away. On the flip, "Subway At Night" is a heavy riffing disco rock peaker with soaring female vocals the perfect counterpoint to the thrusting guitars below. I'm imagining Harvey working the system with that vintage hi-fi and guitar pedal working together to blow your mind. Next up, Diavol give us the low slung bass groove of "Una Splendida Giornata (Nassau Balearic Edit)", the perfect example of Balearic beat rippling with sunkissed horns and a lilting rhythm. "Conejito" closes the set in a darker mood, pairing a prickling sequence with orgasmic female spoken vocals and rattling percussion. It sounds to me like it's been plucked from the soundtrack of a long lost Dario Argentino flick and given a healthy dose of virgin's blood to really get it going. Diavol announce their presence with music to be played by the pool or under the discoball, keep a look out for Volume Two.

    La Roux

    Uptight Downtown

    The lead-off single from La Roux's 'Trouble In Paradise' album gets solo billing on this 12" - so solo in fact that this it's a one-sided piece of wax... Just as well that the track is such a killer isn't it? A two stepping drum rhythm is shadowed by a fluid bassline, while a funky Chic-like guitar riff gets reverbed and a hooky keyboard line joins the fun. Perched on top is Elly Jackson with cool vocal and a seriously hooky track that's part disco-funk, part 80s pop. A sizzler.

    Sacha Mambo / Keeto

    Les Disques Superfriends

    The keen eyed out there might have noticed a flurry of Macadam Mambos recently, but the label were keen to push this one through regardless, for the sake of your summer. Even if the weather deserts us, this 12" of warm disco, upbeat Latino and grooving electro-funk packs enough sunshine to keep our vitamin D levels sky high for the next 12 months. As far as we know, the tracks here are obscure and hard to find, selected by Sacha Mambo (honcho at Macadam Mambo) and Keeto (honcho at Les Disques Superfriends) then edited by the Macadam man. The project began after the pair shared a gig at Telephone Rose in Annecy last winter and precedes a second “Les Disques Superfriends” EP is schedule for next winter. But for now, this record is the ONE you really need to bring joy and happiness everywhere, playable night and day. "Midnight Run" sets the ball rolling with a heavy duty percussion break before progressing into an exotic disco jazz roller with a great slap bassline, 80s synth leads and  funk rhythm guitar. Dope. "Santo Chrystal" is an uptempo slice of latin jazz-funk which packs an irresistible melody you'll find yourself singing the wrong words to in no time. The vibe that I'm on here is the Spanish equivalent of Club Tropicana, which sounds pretty pretty good to me. On the B-side, our intrepid duo send us a UPS delivery of groove filled electrofunk; complete with slap bass, massive pads, pitch bent synths and  cut up vocals. All in all, it's another unmissable release on Macadam Mambo.

    This is the one and only solo LP released by the Roy Ayers Ubiquity guitarist / keyboard player (he played on the "Lifeline" LP and Ayers' classic "Running Away"), but what an LP it is! Originally released in very small numbers on the tiny New York label Chiaroscuro, this LP became a holy grail item for jazz-funk collectors, mainly because it includes the CLASSIC track "Sweet Power Your Embrace", which is a total anthem. But this ain't just a one track pony! Elsewhere, the fucking insane Theo Parrish play "Free" brings an uptempo spiritual vibe to any DJ set, and the hyperactive title track which killed it for Kruder and Dorfmeister back in the day. It was as rare as hens teeth for the longest time, but luckily for us Soul Brother reissued the LP with its original artwork (apart from the Soul Brother logo and barcode on the back) in 1999. It's taken long enough to get another pressing, but you're in for a treat.

    The Very Polish Cut-Outs start 2014 with another batch of perfectly crafted and hugely popular tracks presented in a form of label's Sampler Volume Two.

    For the spring season, they return to the 7" format with two brand new tracks by Warsaw duo Ptaki, the same guys who did much applauded 'Krystyna' last year.

    The Polish duo's next offering is another splendid journey through tons of samples lifted from obscure, disregarded and forgotten records from Eastern Europe (and beyond). On the A-side you'll find a wonderful summer jam - 'Jak Ptaki' all charming soulful vocals, heavily chopped-up Dilla style, fulfilled with a strong drum break, creating a Balearic slice of East European soul. Definitely one for the beach.

    On the B-side Ptaki take you on a trip through 'Ponure Miasto' It's a heavier, darker and dubbier affair, clocking in at just under 100bpm.

    Crisp, powerful drums create a pulsating backdrop for some tight bass line, spooky pads and a hypnotizing vocal loop. Dubbed horns and reggae piano increase the tension, exploding in the final part of the track.

    This moody, but never sleepy trip combines Caribbean and Polish film music influences with a club-ready groove.

    Stockholm native Sasac returns to Omega Supreme with an 8 song LP of shimmering boogie bliss. If you're hip to his style, you'll know that he specialises in transcendant jams that glide through the soundspace free of any genre constraints. The EP opens with the sunblushed smoocher "Bootman", a glittering nead nodder worthy of 80s Brit-funk pop legends Scritti Politti, before heading into the heat of the tropics on the lilting "Jaco Kelly". Not only is this the finest summer jam I've heard in years, but it features the best fusion keyboard solo since the hey day of the Headhunters. Sasac closes out the A-side with a couple of relaxed and soothing cuts, "Doris" and "Crash Site", which perfectly nail that late 80s soundtrack vibe we've heard from Young Marco and Suzanne Kraft recently. The flip opens with the cinematic sweeps of title track "Hyperion", a coastal jam with constant pads and rhythmic guitar. A strong contender for best Miami Vice soundtrack not written by Jan Hammer, this could have doubled as the instrumental to the best 80s ballad never made. "Dream After" is a laid back hybrid of boogie and jazz fusion with a playful musicality that instantly brings to mind Ryuchi Sakamoto and the Crusaders eating canapes on a yacht off the Florida keys. "Cloud Ascention" is a polyrhythmic island groove that sounds like a luxury holiday to every millionaire's playground on the globe. Well, it only follows that dusk should follow all that fun in the sun, and EP closer "Dim City" brings the stage lights down with it's melancholic chords and midnight bassline. Deep and immersive, this track sits at that crossroads between boogie rhythm and deep house mood. All in all Sasac has delivered an aquamarine vinyl with grooves deep enough to dive into, so lose your clothes and take the plunge.

    Well it seems we're in the throws off a new sound right now, the whole slo-mo Balearic-acid ting certainly being flavour of the month here at Piccadilly Records. Following in the footsteps of Donato Dozzy (and Voices From The Lake), Tinman and the Luv Shack label we get the Nordic-based Toisvesi (actually named after a Finish Lake!) dropping this supreme double A side. Two expansions on one 303 jam, "106" places subtle, forward propelled drums onto the blotting paper, while the strong acid still bubbles from deep within the cranium. "106 Versio" goes for an anti-gravity floatation device, lost on your own lysergic daydream laying on some coastline enjoying the crashing waves. Unbelievable good, and already garnishing feverish excitement from Manchester's Balearic oracle, Moonboots. Handmade with hardware & passion in Finland. Strictly limited to 150 copies - move sharp!


    Matt says: Check the B-side for a slo-mo acid drifter tailor-made for lying in a field of daisies on a hot summer's day tripping on fine hallucinogens


    Ltd 12" Info: Strictly limited 150 copies

    White Haus

    The White Haus Album

    João Vieira's career as a DJ started 15 years ago in East London, promoting Club Kitten (weekly) for three years with a couple of DJ friends. Back to his hometown (Porto, Portugal) in 2001, his career took off as a DJ, selling out 2000 people capacity venues in Porto, and revolutionizing the club night by mixing punk records with disco, Suicide, Add n to X and 80s electro.

    In the past 10 years he released four albums with his band X-wife, where he sings, plays guitar and co-writes all the music. His band was praised by James Murphy from lcd and played various shows in New York city with Metronomy, Simian Mobile Disco etc.

    Following on from the previously vinyl-only "White Haus EP", he now drops a full length CD, which includes all the tracks from the "White Haus EP" on a bonus disc. White Haus is his first work as a music producer, writing, performing and producing all the music (he even used his skills as a graphic designer to do all the artwork). The album is a mix of genres, heavily influenced by the New York post-punk disco-not-disco, West coast 80s electro and no wave.

    Ron Hardy is the only man who can test Frankie Knuckles' status as Godfather of Chicago House Music.

    Though he rarely recorded under his own name and left little evidence of his life, Hardy was the major name for Chicago's dance music from the late 70s to the mid-80s. By 1974, he had already effected a continuous music mix with reel-to-reel machines plus a dual-turntable setup at the club Den One. Several years later, Hardy played with Knuckles at a club called the Warehouse and though he spent several years in Los Angeles, he later returned to Chicago to open his own club along with Robert Williams, the Muzic Box.

    While Knuckles was translating disco and the emerging house music to a straight, southside audience at the Power Plant, Hardy's 72-hour mix sessions and flamboyant party lifestyle fit in well with the uptown, mostly gay audience at the Muzic Box. A roll-call of major Chicago producers including Marshall Jefferson, Larry Heard, Adonis, Phuture's DJ Pierre and Chip E all debuted their compositions by pressing up acetates or reel-to-reel copies for Hardy to play during the mid-80s.

    This CD compilation brings together some of of the classic house and electro-dance tracks he played at the Muzic Box back in the day...

    Another collection of classics culled from the sets of the master of psychedelic house here, featuring three completely far out cuts which show the sonic range of the Ron Hardy experience. The A-side kicks off with Ron's psychotic mix of K-Alexi's "Don't You Know", a throttle acid banger with plenty of stutter-sampled vocal madness to be getting on with. As ever, the devil's in the detail and Ron's PCP addled EQing does the business here. Ron's rework of Greg Perry's jazzy soft rock hit "Come Fly With Me" follows on, dropping the pace and the intensity in favour of beatless passages of wah guitar and crashing cymbals. As far out as it's possible to get, it was dropping this kind of shit that put Big Ron at the top of the DJ game. On the flip, we get treated to another of Hardy's no nonsense/no sense, drum machine workouts, blown out into the red and laced with a ton of psychedelic phase. Another essential release for the real DJs out there, this is more acid magic from the master. 

    Rufdug says: "There's a pattern to these Ruf Kutz releases... odd numbers = edits, even numbers = OG tracks. But bugger me if everybody isn't doing edits now. Jesus. Which is not to say bad things about edits, I know I'm gonna be doing some more in the future, hell yes, but right now there's a bit of congestion... But still we wanna keep to this pattern ya know so instead of pissing all over someone elses chips by editing the hell out of their pride and joy we are gonna crush their dreams by popping out some wack cover versions! So here you go, four hot covers from some great artists. only one pressing, dont bother suing cos there's no fuckin money. Anywhere. Mastered once again with deep love by Stalker... Good to see our Zanzibar Chanel pals also choosing the Stalker rig for the phunkiest mastering in the world."

    So, bearing all that in mind, here's the skinny on the audio treats he has in store for you. On the A1, Glowing Palms makes his triumphant return to Ruf Kutz with an ace marimba laced version of Skream's "Midnight Request Line", which drops the steppers rhythm in favour of a boogie house bump. Bell Towers follow on with their restrained cover of Pet Sop Boys' "Domino Dancing", laying off the 80s bombast and injecting the gentle bubble of acid into the bottom end. Next up Benny Badge puts on his Freekwency cap and gets into a studio booth with Penelope Shum to turn out a heavy boogie jam that's stumped my inner shazam. Spotters unite! Bringing up the rear is the introduction of all new live sensation The RK's, the label's house band made up of an ultra secret line up of Ruf Kutz talent. Our power rangers assemble to create an absolutely storming Compass Point style cover of Stardust's "Music Sounds Better With You", which will have you grooving away like a dad at a wedding, or a Balearic legend after a couple of lines in the afternoon. 

    Various Artists

    Seegweed Edits Part 3

    Seegweed is back to serve up another hot platter of tasty edits on GAMM. This time we hit that rare groove feel with two edits of tunes everyone used to play back in the day. On the A-side, the edit master retouches FBI's jazz-funk classic "Talking About Love" for full frequency dancefloor excitement. That funky bassline gets pumped up to the max while the arrangement is tweaked into a full scale psych-funk freak out. On the flip, the voice of the Virgin Islands Jon Lucien and "Brazilian Soul Chant" is resurrected with a fine rework which adds a little oomph to his tropical acoustic tones.

    The first release from new label Rongorongo shines a light on the grey area between punk and reggae. ‘Spiky Dread’ is the result of a few years of hunting by Wrongtom and Ed Zed, who sifted through a plethora of punk and post-punk oddities, picking their favourite approximations of dub and reggae - a side of punk which is largely overlooked, save for tales of the mighty Don Letts playing roots records at The Roxy, or dub sessions round at John Lydon’s gaff in the wake of the Sex Pistols.

    ‘Spiky Dread’ tells a deeper story, focusing on the lesser known practitioners of punky reggae, with the odd iconic act snuck in for good measure. Opening the set, “America’s greatest unknown band” The Offs sat snugly amongst the mutant disco and noise bands of early ‘80s downtown NYC with an infectious brew of punked up funk and ska … their ‘Cool Down’ is a rare moment of downbeat brilliance. The following 13 tracks take in the skanking R&B of The Offs compatriots Bad Brains (who also grace the album’s cover thanks to Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Lucian Perkins), dubbed-out Liverpudlian dancehall from Jah Scouse (and two-thirds of Young Marble Giants), a heavyweight bubbler from South London art collective Family Fodder, and the unlikely combination of prog, punk and reggae from Birmingham’s Dangerous Girls, responsible for some of the best-worst rhyming couplets ever committed to tape.

    Acclaimed writer and punk professor Vivien Goldman appears here twice, penning liner notes as well as dueting on the lovers rock cover of Bob Marley’s ‘Do it Twice’ by her short lived group Chantage, with faders manned by dub experimentalist Adrian Sherwood. Heading north, there’s a rare opportunity to catch A Certain Ratio in dub mode in their Sir Horatio guise, whilst back down to Brighton we hear Peter & The Test Tube Babies tormenting their bassist with the Clash-esque (well musically at least) ‘Trapper Aint Got A Bird’. Also included is Return Of The Panthers’ apocalyptic dub rocker ‘Calling Captain Nemo’, which has sat unreleased for 30 years since these Cardiacs associates split up soon after the recording session. Another Home Counties group Red Beat offer up a sneering skanker produced by Killing Joke’s sonic mastermind Mark Lusardi, who also boasts credits on PiL’s ‘First Issue’ and LKJ’s ‘Bass Culture’.

    A brace of Brit-dub legends make an appearance, first on Ruts DC’s rhythm collision with Mad Professor and then Dennis Bovell crops up with The Slits, who’s ‘Animal Space’ 12” is as unsettling as it is slinky. Finally, the session wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the mecca of UK bass music, and Bristol serves up two of it’s finest uneasy skankers via the dislocated dub of Glaxo Babies versioning their own post-punk staple ‘Who Killed Bruce Lee’, and the frenetic steppa ‘Work’ by Electric Guitars closes off thecomp with a jerky response to Two Tone’s ska revisioning.

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