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Genre pick of the week Cover of Mi Senti Remixed - JD Twitch Optimo / Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi Remixes by Roisin Murphy.

Roisin Murphy

Mi Senti Remixed - JD Twitch Optimo / Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi Remixes

After the impressive line up on Roisin's first remix package, she pulls out all the stops and enlists the help of a trio of true greats to ensure that part two goes off with a bang. Murphy's Italophile EP "Mi Senti" soundtracked many a BBQ over the summer months, and it seems like JD Twitch has his sights set on dominating the basements this winter. He laces a thudding rhythm track with the fragemented and fractured echoes of Roisin's vocals while a warm, round and pulsing analogue bassline undulates away underneath. Sparkling keys fit for Detroit's thrid wave shimmer overhead as Twitch gets you moving and grooving for good. On the flip, Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi take the controls and pilot our shuttle for the outer rim of the cosmic sphere It's here we find "Ancora Tu", transformed into a space funk chugger of the highest order, retrofitted with a rolling baseline, shapeshifting vocals and a whole lotta cosmic rock riffage!  This little gem actually sounds like it could have featured on a mid eighties Cosmic Club tape, it really is that good!

A lost boogie / disco-funk masterpiece providing another glimpse into the genius mind of Slave founding-member Steve Washington and the Brides Of Funkenstein / P-Funk singer Sheila Horne Brody. 'Somebody' is lifted from a previously unreleased Aurra album originally recorded for Quincy Jones’ Qwest imprint in 1984. Slap bass, electro-funk heavy synths, Linn drums, sultry vocals… this is boogie at its finest!

Spread over two 45s (original vocal + instro versions on the first 7"), on 7"#2 nu-boogie's finest Dam-Funk adds a bit of dirt and grime by putting his signature 'Re-Freak' on the track. A confirmation from Los Angeles’ Ambassador of Boogie Funk that this is in fact the the un-cut funk and nothing but the funk.

BE (Garth Be)

The Seven Movements - US Import Edition

In the mystical cycles of the sonic universe, every so often Manchester conjures up, seemingly from nowhere, an absolutely mind blowing LP; up there with anyone else the world over. Following in the footsteps of Moodymann's "Black Mahogany", Trus'me's "Working Nights", Floating Points' "Shadows" and more recently, Kyle Hall's "Boat Party" and llum Sphere's "Ghost's Of Them And Now", we have this expansive, full-vision of sound presented by our fair city's very own Garth Be. I don't make these comparisons lightly, but it's rare that something quite so perfect reaches our shop - and it's with great honour that I write these notes. "Marquis" opens with delightfully radiant pads and glowing licks that wrap around a bouncy, disjointed groove which Kyle Hall would be proud of. "Dreamline" retains that jazzy bounce and bright, optimistic keyboard work; joining the esteemed ranks of Vakula and all the aforementioned cats when it comes to sophisticated organic sound palettes. Then he flips the script. "Don't Want" is a PERFECTLY constructed MPC jam which should have Andres wetting his pants and Theo scratching his head. So onto the B-side and "Housekeysonbrandy" moves towards a 2AM dancefloor, rolling a tough mechanical train wreck across deep aquatic pads. The perfect pairing of hard edged tension coupled with blissful release. Smoothly inserting another smoky sample from the archives of Afro-American heritage. "Monday Club / Tuesday Nite" is possibly the elevated 'top ring of the pyramid', and aptly titled "On and On" - you won't want this beauty to end. Simple but ridiculously infectious, think "JB's Edit" on Theo’s SS001 - it really is that good. "GYB3" is the celestial workout you've been waiting for, and oh so perfectly timed! It's like Garth's some cosmic shaman, guiding us through our trip like a seasoned galactic explorer. In his own words - 'find your place in the cosmos and unwind your mind!' I felt like I'd been on a 250mics acid trip by the end of this track. Finally we have the most delectable of outro's with "Teakayo" - again working the MPC like Shane Warne works the reverse swing. Leaving you desperate for more, BE keeps things painfully tight and succinct, not a single groove on the record is wasted, and at least three of the tracks could well be extended across a whole side of a twelve inch. It's that Madlib-styled intensity which cuts each track at its very peak, keeping you riding the wave till the very end, with absolutely no room for boredom. Unrivalled.


Matt says: Anyone who's been pecking my bill recently will know how excited I've been about this dropping. The next beacon of light in Manchester's long musical heritage. **New US pressing on 180g vinyl and in hand-painted sleeve**


Ltd LP Info: *SUPER LIMITED* 300 180g, numbered copies - no repress. Individually hand painted sleeves by RICHARD HARRIS (Oi Polloi) and Garth Be. Logo design inspired by Rachel Dargave-Leafe.
More info at

The Black Madonna

Stay / Venus Requiem

The queen of the scene brings 2 tracks of gorgeous, emotional, disco-inspired deep house in the vein of her sought-after 2013 Argot release. Already getting played by Derrick Carter, Mike Servito, and more. 300 with menu attachment.

Dejay Cease / Boogienite

Grimy Trax 2

If you're going to beat 'em down, you need the right tools. On the label's second release, Grimy Trax has given you a couple hammers. The A-side, DeJay Cease's 'The Fixer' is straight Chicago. We're talking banging 909 funk that might be found buried on a particularly unhinged Ron Hardy mix. A simple bass line and two notes of acid are all it takes to make the floor go wild. This is functional heat with enough atmosphere to engage the mind, body and soul. On the B-side, rising Chicago son Boogienite proves he's earned the hype. 'Boy, OK' is an instant classic thanks to some recognisable disco strings and a funky escalator of a bassline. The producer uses a trippy, rubberband synth which eventually turns into rhythmic, teasing vocal. The mixdown is ridiculous, especially as the lengthy track passes the halfway mark. Boogie brings the bassline in and out in between beautiful ambient Rhodes keys and a call and response male and female vocal. Those strings hit again and you feel no pain.

Balearic expat Max Essa transmits another batch of healing frequences from the land of the rising sun, joining the dots seamlessly between the ambient imaginings of Sakamoto, the Krautrock rhythms of Neu and the beach pop of Chris Rea, while making them all dance together like waves on the shoreline. The EP opens with the subtle strumming and coastal drift of "All Is Not Lost", a tranquil combination of electronic and acoustic which would be quite at home soundtracking an introspective Crockett on a moonlit beach. "Complicated Lover" swaps the moon for the sun as Essa serves us a refreshing cocktail of swaying guitar, cowbell led percussion and exotic synths. This tasty number practically comes with its own umbrella! On the flip Essa explores the funked up stylings of a post-fusion Hammer, pre-piano Sakamoto, loved up Chris Rea and laid back Wally Badarou with the lilting rhythms and riffing baselines of "Destination You". If that list of influences doesn't fire your imagination then I don't know what will. The EP closes in atmospheric fashion thanks to Essa's Kraut inspired hymn "Your Carnival Sounds Like This." Deep and immersive, this final track draws you into a melodic swirl worthy of Neu, Cluster, or Eno, before those mellow guitar noodles expand your horizons for good. Continuing the fine form and exotic tonalities of his beautiful double on Nado earlier in the year, Essa makes a memmorable debut on Back To The Balearics.

John Gibbs & The US Steel Orchestra


The second of two 12" tasters ahead of EM's CD/LP reissue of Gibbs & Co's classic "Steel Funk" LP is a rare disco bomb in high demand on the collectors market. "J'Ouvert" is a non-album track originally recorded and released in 1979 as a 12" single in co-operation with legendary Philly Soul producer Louis Anthony DeLise. This underground disco classic has been loved and played for years and is still on heavy rotation for some of the hottest jocks around, including the one and only DJ Harvey. This version is, surprisingly, a previously unissued original version that was held in the vaults by the artist for 35 years, after the 'remixed' 12" version was released in 1979. This original version is some two minutes longer than the 1979 12" and the pitch and mix are quite different from the 1979 version. Transferred from the original master tape and newly mastered. A great-sounding release! Lord Echo, a rising star from New Zealand, has re-edited this classic with deep respect for the original, featuring his trademark cutting guitar playing. This is Echo's first remix / re-edit work for another artist.
Both tracks are NOT on the upcoming EM Records album "Steel Funk" so don't sleep on this one.

EM Records delivers an excellent new addition to their 'EM Steel Pan' series from the legendary John Gibbs and the Unlimited Sound of Steel Orchestra. It's official, and of course it's excellent. Designed to whet our appetites before EM's reissue of Gibbs & Co's fine 1977 album "Steel Funk" on CD/LP, this first of two 12" singles is about to blow your socks off! "Trinidad (Disco Mix)" was originally released in 1977 as a remixed 12" single for the dance market on Gibbs' own label, in co-operation with the legendary Philly Soul producer Louis Anthony DeLise. The uplifting and explosive slice of island disco is legendary among the deep disco circles and was a favourite of Larry Levan, who always had it in his record bag for Paradise Garage play. This version is a previously unissued long version which was the basis of the 1977 remix 12". The track is approximately one minute longer than the 1977 release and this new remaster from the original tapes sounds better than ever. On the remix tip Hair Stylistics AKA, Masaya Nakahara, has totally transformed this long version into a two headed house-not-house monster, entering the Gibbs soundworld, adapting and rebuilding it for a contemporary audience. Both tracks are NOT on the upcoming EM Records album "Steel Funk", so grab the 12" while you can.

Goblin's genius lies in skilfully combining elements of progressive psychedelia with jazz-rock, Eastern European folk music and the Baroque. Their music often displays an eerie fairy tale quality that underscores tensions within a film to great effect.

If Bella Casa's 2012 box set, 'The Awakening' (CASA12BOX) documented Goblin's formative years, this edition comprises selections from ten films scored by the group across a twenty-five year period from 1977, culminating in Non Ho Sonno the Argento thriller for which this remarkable aggregation reformed to help create.

Holy CBGB's batman! In Flagranti return with a heady hit of unmissable New York noise featuring the musical talent of disco-not-disco legends Salvatore Principato (Liquid Liquid) and Jonny Sender (KONK). This international collaboration worked their magic in a truly modern way, with each musician submitting recording their parts in their hometown then beaming them to In Flagranti for assembly and studio wizardry. The EP opens with the angular groove of the original mix, propelled by restless percussion and a low slung groove and topped by Principato's unmistakable and idiosyncratic vocals. If you're gonna make a track with a Liquid Liquid founder, then it makes sense to enlist a member of Optimo for a remix, and so JD Twitch enters the fray to hit us with his bass heavy, space age house-not-house rerub, perfect for the leftfield dance crowd. On the flip, DFA's Whatever Whatever drop a relentless, bass driven house refit which marries a little of that early DFA magic with the bass heavy crowd rocking breaks Justin Strauss has made his own in the past couple of years. For those yearning for a little of that dark wired sound, the stripped back, avant garde brilliance of the Suicide-esque dub mix will more than suffice. Dark and playful, "High Pitch" is frowning and laughing and it’s available now.

The usually banging boys at LHAS Inc throw us a slight curveball with this hot shot on Rong, swapping their usual weighty acid excursions for the light and lithe tropical sway of "LA Sunrise" and "Imminent Boogie". "LA Sunrise" locks us into a lilting tropical rhythm from the off, as Felix and Jamie drop their habitual 4/4 thump for a polyrhythmic explosion of drum machine exotica, complimented perfectly by the rapid fire bassline and twinkling keyboard sequences. "LA Sunrise" might still sport the veil of the dancefloor, but there's something deeply cinematic at play too, reminiscent of Hans Zimmer before he only wrote epic scores for trashy blockbusters. On the flip, "Imminent Boogie" surfs straight into the heart of the dancefloor on wave after wave of sunkissed pad. The duo gently massage sound esoteric sounds out of a Jomox, indulge their inner Nile on the guitar, and get real nasty with a killer bassline. Don't think about it, just report straight to the dancefloor. 

Marvin & Guy

Makin' Love

After launching their self titular label with a well worked dancefloor edit of Black Sabbath's seminal "Paranoid", Marvin & Guy are back for second helpings with an extended, expanded and explosive rework of Sir John Roberts' "Ain't Nothing Like Making Love". Our intrepid editors deliver a nice long conga led intro rigged with spacey fx (perfect for those jocks who like to get deep into the mix) that warms you up for the seductive charms of the hot sexy vocal line. Sustained synth strings form an immersive swell in the background while the low slung bassline winds your body down to the ground. Dope. On the flip we get hit with a fantastic re-work of a rare disco/folk track brought right up to the present with loops, fx and lasers that deliver a proper kick on the dancefloor. Bubbling synthlines combine with gypsy strings while tripped out vocals wax lyrical about yellow caves, dreams, cowboys and waterfalls. It's another essential fireside Balearo banger in my book.

Richard Norris

Freaks / Yeah - Inc. Hardway Bros / Brioski / Ivan Smagghe Remixes

While many labels take it easy during the summer, lounging by the pool and getting a tan, Throne of Blood are doubling down with the soundtrack to a heavy night bathed only in strobe lights. For the label's latest release, the aptly named “Freaks” / ”Yeah” EP they’ve recruited UK legend Richard Norris to lead their latest foray into the darkest and sweatiest corners of the weekend.

Best known for his contributions to storied projects like Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve (with Erol Alkan) and the Grid (with Dave Ball), to say nothing of his cosmic disco project, The Time And Space Machine, Norris here is sailing alias-free for the very first time.

As efficient as they are simple, the aptly named “Freaks” and “Yeah” are to the point, post midnight analogue jams, what Norris calls basement filth. Three superb remixes complete the EP: The Hardway Bros make their second appearance on TOB with a storming version of “Freaks”, dragging the original into Belgian new beat territory. Boot & Tax’s Brioski also reworks “Yeah” into a shuddering polyrhythmic chugger. Rounding out the EP is Ivan Smagghe, who turns in a mind-bending 8 minute version of “Freaks” that trades much of Norris’s signature filth for 60s-era organs and hair grease

Massimiliano Pagliara

With One Another

    Massimiliano Pagliara, originally from Lecce, Italy, now Berliner of choice, is an orchestrator of a warm bassline-sound accompanied with rich melodies - due to a deep love to vintage drum machines and synthesizers - takes Ramona on a journey through the colourful depths of his new album 'With One Another' - follow-up of his debut album 'Focus Of Infinity', released in 2011.

    'With One Another' shares the joy of Massimiliano's trademark sound influenced by underground-disco of the 70s and new-wave of the early 80s. Starting from this point, he took a hand full of close friends along with him on a ride through his musical garden - reaching from Italo-induced disco smashers over to acid dripping floor fillers to charming proto-house.

    Features contributions from Telephones, Mavin, Credit 00, nd_baumecker, Lee Douglas, Benedikt Frey and more).

    Marcellus Pittman / John Cannon

    1044 Coplin (Give You Whatcha Lookin 4) / J.C.'s Groove

    A modern boogie 7" on Unirhythm!? Yep, you heard right! Marcellus Pittman graces the A-Side of the disc on "1044 Coplin" - a nice slice of mid west funk sure to appeal to all the boogie heads worldwide. On the flip we have the Unirhythm debut from Detroit's own John Cannon. John C is a veteran producer and MC, most recently featured on the J DIlla album "Rebirth Of Detroit." No suprise there - we definitely hear some Dilla on "J.C.'s Groove." Essential!

    The Rhythm Odyssey & Dr Dunks

    Broken Drums / Super Chips

    After smashing plenty of systems woldwide with "Saffron" and "Fox", the dynamic duo of Eric Duncan and Dean Meredith return to unleash another double headed monster that's gonna detonate the dancefloor. On the A-side, "Broken Drums" sees the duo turn out a heads down floor driver of the highest order. An almost progressive keyboard sequence and solid 4/4 at the heart of the track power your body forward, augmented by the rumble and tumble of 808 toms, a phat boogie flavoured bassline and a funky pitch bent synth. It sounds like Duncs and Dean were on the lash in New Jersey one night, happened across Metro Area's studio and decided to smash out some techno. Let's face it, this one has you hooked well before that massive proto-house vocal comes in! On the flip, "Super Chips" is a deft combination of mid-tempo electro-funk groove, Carpenteresque gloom and freestyle boom. Imagine World Premiere's "Share The Night" and Rockers Revenge's "Dubbing On Sunshine" circled by a sweaty throng, settling their differences with an intense dance off. The "808 Mix" strips the original mix down to the bone replacing some of the synthetic flavour with added rhythmic drive. More dopeness from the GC massive.


    Spiral Slipmat

      Pair of high quality felt slipmats featuring spiral Technics logo spiralling round into the centre. Hypnotic while spinning on the deck!

      James White & The Blacks

      Off White

        Wisconsin native, James Siegfried (aka James Chance & James White), dropped out of the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music in 1976 and hightailed it straight to New York City, where he quickly immersed himself in both the robust free jazz scene, and the burgeoning No Wave/post-punk scene. Quite the diverse and layered musician, James studied under sax legend David Murray while simultaneously forming No Wave legends Teenage Jesus & The Jerks with then girlfriend Lydia Lunch. Drawing huge influences from James Brown and Ornette Coleman, James formed The Contortions in late ’77. They burned fast and strong and were broken up by 1980 but not before releasing two seminal pieces of No Wave, Buy and this album, under the pseudonym of James White & The Blacks. Every bit as strong an album as its predecessor, Off White belongs in any self-respecting No Wave / NYC post-punk collection. An absolute stone classic back in print on LP.

        Whiskey Disco are back with their latest various artists blinder made for sunsets, sunrises and sublime moments in between. Lace up your skates with Eddie C's "Cut Chop Roll Skate", a sizzling slice of breaks and boogie driven funk at an easy tempo. Newcomer, Scott M, dices and sheds Vernon Burch's party anthem, "Get Up", reworking the original into a DJ friendly bomb with hot loops, fat drops and super cool breaks. On the flip VinylAddicted + SMQ coax Chantal Curtis' "Get Another Love" into a housed-up and broken down disco classic rippling with solid dance fever. Last but not least, Pontchartrain hits us with the kind of low slung disco infused house rollers Whiskey Disco pride themselves on. The producer pitches up France Joli's Prelude classic "Gonna Get Over You" and then puts the filter to work, creating a hands in the air disco house bomb of the highest order.

        If y'all like funk, you gon' love Double Trunk. This edit outfit are bustin loose out the hood with a whole lotta good, hard, sweet and nasty ass funk for you to blaze up to. On the A-side of this deep and dope debut, our Funkateers hit us with one dish served two ways as we head into the deep green nebula of "The Alien". Part 1 locks us into a red hot jazz funk groove powered by some serious bass action that's way ahead of its time. Repping sharp drums, hypnotic keys and stargazing effects, this mofo's got it going on. Part 2 on the other hand lays low on the seismic bass riffing, pushing killer guitar work to the fore for a light and sweet affair better suited to the jazz-funkers among you. On the flipside, our elephantine friends blast us straight into the middle of a dancefloor moment courtesy of the uptempo rhythm of "Reachin' Out". This fine slab of peak time disco-funk gets your motor running with hot horn licks, scratchy guitars and a killer b-line before blowing you away wit mindbending moog noodles. Add a dubbed out vocal to the party and things are sure to go off. Triple funk from the Double Trunk, you dig?

        (Emotional) Especial looks back at the first nine releases since the label's inception to provide a selection via this special dubbed-out DJ-meets-studio mix from label stalwart Jamie Paton.

        Ever since the first white labels appeared at the end of Summer 2013, (Emotional) Especial has had a busy release schedule, putting out 12"s that offer a slightly warped take on club music. Mixing the influences of dub, electro, disco, proto-house, house and techno has created a feeling, a sound, a vibe that has appeared without any preordained plan. To celebrate the end of the first series of 12"s releases comes this ace mix CD. Featuring tracks from every EP, including two unreleased remixes are the tight productions of Richard Sen; the wiggle of Scott Fraser; deep, chugging Cage & Aviary dubs; the Eastern influences of Baris K and newcomers Khidja; the quirky discoid wonk of Maurice & Charles and finally not forgetting of course, the stand out Timothy J Fairplay touches. All this is perfectly mixed together by Jamie Paton, the man who launched the label with his 'Bizarre Feeling EP'. As well as the inclusion of several unreleased cuts, Jamie has edited the selection, adding live studio dubbing, FX and the odd megamix to make it truly (E)special.

        La Escollera is a wonderful family-run restaurant on Es Cavallet beach, in the middle of the Ses Salines natural reserve. This breathtakingly beautiful stretch of coast is bordered by a small pine forest just past the salt lakes that give neighbouring Las Salinas beach its name. A short walk around the tip of the coast reveals deserted, untouched rocky outcrops with secluded caves, and none of the seaweed that swamps other sections of the coastline. This is the other side of Ibiza, the side that rarely courts the press but makes the island one of the most beautiful places in the world.

        La Escollera is owned by Dani González, the son of the Spanish actor Gaspar 'Indio' González, who has been serving delicious food on the island for the past two decades.

        Gavin Kendrick has been playing on the terrace which is at the side of the restaurant for several summers, and the space allows him to spin jazz, folk, rare groove, hip hop, house and soul, to quote him; 'this special time on the island is perfect for really getting inside your music collection, airing the B-sides and album tracks that rarely otherwise get their chance to shine'.

        NuNorthern Soul label owner 'Phat' Phil Cooper, no stranger to Ibiza, was invited to play the festive season of 2013 / 2014 and immediately fell in love with the venue and the fact he could play across the board, delving deep into his collection of rare and wonderful music picked up from years of extensive travelling.

        For this double disc compilation, the two DJs get a disc each to showcase some favourites from La Escollera terrace. The set includes tracks and mixes from Ron Basejam, Smith & Mudd, Marcos Valle, BJ Smith, Mo Kolours, Steve Cobby, Andras Fox, Elephant, The Decoders, Xantone Blacq, Michael Boothman, Uku Kuut, Headland plus more.

        Franz Ferdinand are welcomed into the Late Night Tales family with a diverse 20 track selection of musical influences, inspirations, diversions and discoveries.

        Opening with Franz Ferdinand’s own exclusive cover of Jonathan Halper's ‘Leaving My Old Life Behind’, (which appeared on the cult Kenneth Anger movie Puce Moment), their Late Night Tales mix flows between dark and light, introspection and affection, dancing and horizontal appreciation.

        Hear them join the dots between Can, Serge Gainsbourg and The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, Sandy's Nelson's percussion work-out 'Let There Be Drums', the irrepressible Ian Dury, electro-funk sensations Zapp and the Disco Dub Band and sonic explorer Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. Record collectors will note the inclusion of Carrie Cleveland's Northern Soul anthem 'Love Will Set You Free'. Also included are a set of waywardly brilliant cover versions: Justus Köhncke’s dizzy interpretation of Neil Young’s ‘Old Man’ and R. Stevie Moore's ‘I’m Only Sleeping'.

        It wouldn’t be right for Franz Ferdinand to produce a mix such as this without a nod to the country that brought them together, so Glasgow’s Life Without Buildings, whose uplifting ‘New Town’ appears alongside ‘Reach For The Dead’ by Boards Of Canada.

        As they leave us wondering and wandering with American Spring’s Brian Wilson-produced ‘Sweet Mountain’, we take leave of our senses and suitcases on this tour bus of your mind. We’ve visited soul, funk, reggae, pop, Krautrock and others besides, but before we depart, Franz frontman Alex Kapranos provides a final farewell with the self penned story 'Defibrillator'.

        "When we first got the band together I made Alex a tape for his car, an old Merc estate that we spent a lot of time in, going to and from rehearsal spaces and gigs. All of our gear and the four of us could (almost) comfortably fit inside. It was all stuff I was listening to at the time, Dr Alimantado, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, Plaid, Johnny Dangerous amongst others. An ecletic mix or completely random and disjointed depending on your outlook, it was representative of all our individual idiosyncrasies that merged to form the sound of the band, although I wasn't aware of this at the time. With this mix we tried to a similar thing, all of us selected the tunes, based on what we listen to on tour together and at home alone, any sustained moods or flows that occur are purely accidental. Oh yeah, the Merc estate got totalled and towed away with the tape still in the player." - Paul Thomson Franz Ferdinand July 2014


        2xLP Info: Includes satin finish sleeve print insert and bonus 7" single featuring Carrie Cleveland 'Love Will Set You Free'.

        Various Artists

        Under The Influence Vol. 3 - Compiled By James Glass

          Following on from the likes of ‘Backstreet Brit Funk’, ‘Destination Boogie’ and the ever-popular ‘Soul of Disco’ series Z Records continue to release hi quality compilations filled with lesser known disco, funk and boogie. After the universally well-received Under The Influence Vol.1 compiled by Red Greg and Vol.2 compiled by Paul Phillips Z Records returns with Vol.3, this time compiled by James Glass.

          The ‘Under The Influence’ series has each been pain-stakingly compiled by some of the biggest record enthusiasts in the world and James Glass certainly makes the grade as ‘the crate digger’s crate digger.’ These are record hunters extraordinaire, the finders and the keepers and curators of some of the most incredible record collections out there. And when it comes to finding the funk, the groove, a strange drum break or an unexpected synth solo on a dusty old B-side, James Glass is a master of the beat. Here on ‘Under The Influence’ Vol.3 you get a lifetime’s experience of blood, sweat and vinyl with some of the hardest to find funk, disco and dance grooves out there.

          “For the newest edition of Under The Influence I’ve tried to do what all the DJs who have influenced me did; that is, pick a selection of genres and create a dialog between the disparate tracks. This is never an easy thing to do, but when I’m DJing my primary aim is to entertain, with styles, in style and without alienating anyone."

          From Sweet Talks brand of afro funky disco in their 1979 stomper ‘Do The Beat’ (taken from their self titled LP) to dusty old B-side’s like the P-funkesque jam, crazy horns and multiple drum breaks on Magnum’s ‘Squivatch’ that bizarrely appeared on the Wackies label, James Glass brings together a range of influences of hard to find and obscure gems, predominantly sourced from the late 70s and early 80s pre-house era.

          Tracks like the Electric Chairs ‘So Many Ways’ veer towards early ‘no wave’ (the band were the British backing band of the very American Wayne/Jayne County from 1977-1979 and right after they split with their front man they recorded one last 7") whilst Expansives ‘Life With You (Instrumental)’ is Rago and Farina of ‘Lectric Workers and Decadance fame with some text book italo disco.

          Then we have some classic Northern Soul from the likes of Eleanore Mill’s 1974 ‘Same Routine’, tucked away on her first LP on Astroscope and all backed by the Rimshots, who were the All Platinum house band of the day or the soaring keyboard solo on a little known funk 45 b-side from L.A.’s Crisis Records by Energy Crisis called ‘Energy (Instrumental)’ and the ‘Azymuth’ style synthpop of early 80s UK album cut ‘Nervoso’ by Rexy which is as quirky as it is funky! Throughout ‘Under The Influence Vol.3’ James Glass manages to thread a whole host of genres into one heady stew of essential funk, disco and boogie for another superlative collection in the series.

          James Glass grew up in London and was exposed to Top of the Pops and John Peel's venerable radio shows both of which turned him onto the fresh sounds of punk and new wave. His affinity for soul, jazz funk and disco, however came from listening to the rapidly growing pirate radio stations such as LWR and Horizon.

          These influences were heightened further when he decided to move to New York in the late 80s, an area long associated with limitless possibilities for anyone with a passion for underground dance music. For the last 20 years though he’s called the San Francisco Bay Area home where the rock/dance hybrid has once again captivated his ears.

          During his time in San Francisco James Glass has been instrumental in helping to define the uniquely eclectic sounds of the early 90s club scene. He provided a more soulful, grounded alternative to thump-thump rave beats and inadvertently exposed dancers to the origins of 90s club music. His intricately assembled DJs sets are mixed with rare seventies soul, disco and early house-the gritty, raw sounds that inspire his production style and obsessive dedication to genuine music that has no expiration date.

          NEW TO PRE-ORDER: Aidan Baker - Triptychs: Variations On A Melody / Important
          Tue 16th - 9:01
          NEW TO PRE-ORDER: Zurich - Zurich / Important
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          NEW TO PRE-ORDER: The Orchids - Beatitude #9 / Acuarela
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