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Genre pick of the week Cover of Gnagsar I Hjernen by Oyvind Morken.
Here we go with another edition of Full Pupp's jaw breaking, tongue twisting, mouthful original nordioc language series. "gnagsar i hjernen, fjerde av den forste bolgen". I'm not sure what that means… but it does sound good! This time Oslo's highly talented Øyvind Morken leads the seminar in dancefloor linguistics with three bizarro examples of leftfield acid disco. Morken's weekly wednesday night residency “Untzdag” at Jaeger has become an institution in Oslo, drawing in a crowd of open-minded party freaks for nights of wild abandon. "Gnagsar I Hjernen" opens the set with the crackle of snares and ripple of undulating acid lines as Chicago is transplanted to the wide open spaces of Norway. Stargazing Fjord funk at it's finest, this one goes off like a shooting star after the drop. "Fjerde Av Den Forste Bolgen" follows along swiftly with snake hipped percussive rattle, disco lasers and sci fi lead lines as we're taken on a techy journey into the realms of basement funk. Morken closes the set strongly with the slo mo bleep of the chipset acid of "Dr Zoidberg" featuring a little help from the up and coming Chmmr. Already approved by Juan Atkins and Lovefingers, this one's gonna power through sets all over the globe.

E-Versions #3

The Shoe / I Don't Know What This Is

Ahhhh, we've been waiting for this one! After "E-Versions #2" blew up this month and found its way into all the DJ sets that matter, Mark E returns with another red hot release in his black label edit series. Going back to his roots, Mark weaves the same hypnotic magic he cast over Womack & Womack and Janet Jackson when he exploded onto the scene in the mid 2000s. For "The Shoe", Mark takes Jean Carne's mind blowing "Was That All It Was" and reshapes it into a groove heavy builder that drops you right in the peak time by the end of it. That funked up bassline gets looped, filtered and flipped for days as Mark gets right in the pocket, locking us in primed and ready for the explosive horns and emotional vocals. On the flip "I Don't Know What This Is" finds Mark in a dreamy mood, weaving his deep magic on an original which just escapes me. Ethereal pads, hazy vocals and a chugging beat carry us along on wave after wave of blissed out dancefloor euphoria. At times reminiscent of The Field, this looped up treat is certain to have you swaying, and that's before the psychedelic wig out at the end!

The appropriately named Italian Records return with a timely reissue of a cult Italo classic from Funky Family, "Funky Is On". Originally released on third label in 1984 by Nicola Nicolosi and vocalist Dora Carofiglio just before their massive pop hits with Novacento, the track is a simply massive space age stomper fitted with melodic boosters, bass weight thrusters and some classic Italo vocals.  While the A-side of this reissue houses the original mixes, the B side is all about modern remix action, with legendary Italian DJs Leo Mas and Fabrice dropping a rework perfect for the pitch black back rooms out there, while DJ Rocca powers up the original with his bass heavy 214 edit.


Disco Dance - Inc Patrick Cowley / Tom Moulton Remixes

One of the all time classics from the West End vaults gets its turn in the reissue spotlight and it's well worth the attention. Produced by the legendary Tom Moulton, featuring the musical talent of Lafayette Afro Rock Band and voiced by the smooth, sultry and seductive sound of the one and only Chantal Curtis, this is a 100% stamped and certified bomb! Powered by a perfect percussive rattle and a bassline to die for, "Disco Dance" takes us on a tripped out journey through the heart of the peak time with its simmering church organs and Chantal's damn fine diva vocals. Listening to the original mix you'll think music doesn't get any better, but when you hear Patrick Cowley's wild synth odyssey on the flip, you'll think again! The Sylvester synth maestro sets the blueprint for his later remixes of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" and Two Tons Of Fun "I Got The Feeling" with his first ever "Mega Mix" which blasts off into the stratosphere from the 6 minute point onwards. If you've not heard this mix before or do not have this in your collection now is the time.

Mind Fair

CEREMONY / Hiding From My Shadow

The first part of another Golf channel double header from the insanely prolific and scarily on form combination of Dean Meredith & Ben Shenton. A-side "CEREMONY" has been dubbed 'the barnyard stomp' by Split Secs' Travis Kirschbaum (aka TK Disco) and it's easy to see why! Clocking in at 11 minutes of bluesy peyote riot, this campfire classic features Derek Holt of 70's black country legends The Climax Blues Band and will fry your little brains with some of that chilli P yo! B-side "Hiding from my Shadow" is ripe with the funk too, but takes us away from the fertile stench of the psychedelic session in the barn and instead channels Minneapolis via Stafford as P-funk squiggles give way to Mr. Meredith's trademark chugging bass. This peak time post-disco / proto-house / new wave wig out makes neat use of fizzing synthlines, discordant guitars and Fairlight brass as the duo conjure up images of a drugged out collaboration between Trevor Horn and Yello. Golf Channel every time!

Mind Fair

Take Me To The Bridge / Let The Music Take Your Mind - Inc. Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold Remix

The second half of the Mind Fair double header features another two brand new tracks, neither of which will be on their hotly tipped and eagerly awaited eponymous LP due later this year on Golf Channel! "Take Me To The Bridge" is a smooth and psychedelic cover of Vera's disco classic featuring the vocals of Lauren Faulkner & Charmaine Bains. Dropping the camp synths of the Italo original, Mind Fair recast it as a Laurel Canyon groover, all organic percussion and sweet sweet rhodes like a chance studio session between CSN, Steely Dan and Fleetwood Mac. Perfect for hazy mornings, siestas, sunsets and firesides, this is gonan be a Balearic hit for sure. "Let the Music Take Your Mind" does just that, a languid groove that liquefies your brain and transports you slowly down the river, drifting on a lazy summer day with nothing to do except watch the trails. Propelled by syncopated drums, acoustic strums and a limber bassline, this jam melts like ice cream on a hot day. The package is rounded out by a remix from The Velvet Season and the Hearts of Gold which takes over where their own filthy bangers 'Camel Toe Central' and 'Wild Honeyz' left off. It literally booms out and just screams warehouse, dragging the ghost of 'Ma Foom Bey' kicking and screaming into saucer eyed 2014. Both twelves feature stunning full colour artwork by Thomas Bullock aka Tom of England of Rub N' Tug fame.

Can I get a BOOOGGGGGIIEEEE!!! Possibly the finest boogie disco gem in the West End back catalogue gets a tasty remaster and reissue for modern club play. Smooth and sexy as you like, "Do It To The Music", rolls along perfectly with a rubbery bassline and an array of sweet synthlines as those saccharin vocals soothe any troubles out your mind. For me the genius here is in the detail and those sax licks and chime melodies do it to me everytime. If you like your dancefloor a little trippier, then feast your ears on the Idjuts approved 'Dub Mix' on the flip. This is an absolute must have so don't miss out!

Stupid Human / Space:Tricks

World Series One

Stupid Human returns to the vinyl world after a mind expanding journey to the furthest corners of the globe with his esoteric travelling companion Space:tricks. The duo come bearing gifts redolent with the sights, sounds and smells of four continents, gateways to another part of this earth. Stupid Human leads our tour with the bumping African boogie of "Zaire", a deep and rhythmic groove alive with round synth sounds and the glistening sounds of the kora. This bonafide classic in the making sees the producer back to his very best, and furthermore, is an original production, not an edit. Produced with a vintage outboard and analogue misdown process, the track has that warm and textured out the box sound circa 78. Mr Human then visits "Trinidad" for an playful and energetic off kilter meltdown of a track that references all the good stuff from the Caribbean. Sounding like Terje and Fela locked in a studio with a cabal of crazy percussionists "Trinidad" will have any crowd shaking like a Polaroid picture. Space:tricks transports us from the sand and sea of the Caribbean to the sun and swelter of India via a mystical tabla and bongo inspired psychedelic hustle, that'll lose you inside a haze of opium smoke. When he's got you nice and strung out, the producer floats you like a feather into the shisha dens and souk's of Istanbul's back streets with the languid beatdown of "Turkey". Exotic, melodic and vibrant, World Series is open for business.

Having hit the ground running with his recent debut on Delusions of Grandeur and a sell out string of quality releases on his own Shadeleaf imprint, thatmanmonkz brings his real and raw house sound to the essential Kolour LTD. The Sheffield producer serves up three immense cuts of deep, underground rhythms with that infamous "touch of soul" that is quickly becoming his own trademark. "Remember" kicks us off in jazzy fashion with subtle rhodes licks and smooth Glenn Underground-esque synths forming the perfect accompaniment for Pete Simpson's smokey vocals. "Stars" is the kind of playful shuffler that Gilles Peterson rightly goes wild for, richly textured with live sounding drums and warm bass tones. If you've been digging the Seven Davis Jr / Andrew Ashong / Al Dobson Jr / Reggie Mamode sound, then this one will jump right to the front of your record bag. The EP closes with "Lullaby", for me the standout track, combining subtle music box melodies with rough and gritty production, while a dubby bassline and off kilter rhythm get you swaying.  Glenn Astro rounds the set off with a restrained and organic rework of "Remember", which takes a detour from the dancefloor, instead heading to the blue lights of the inner city jazz club.


12" Info: Limited Electric blue wax

Irrepressible Portuguese producer Tiago loads up the hardware, software and kitchen sink as he lights the blue touch paper under this latest release on Interzona 13. This time round, the producer throws a couple of curve balls that'll have your head spinning like a Catherine Wheel as he explores the more experimental side of his diverse sound. Opting for Sem Titulo (Untitled in Portuguese) on three of the cuts here only adds to the mysterious nature of the sonic treats within and makes it a bugger to review! The A1 is a deep and immersive tech house cut which places you right in the midst of the hollow paranoia of a K-hole. A simple and steady beat measures time as you struggle to make out the faint and distant echoes of discordant tones and textures awash with reverb. From there we move on to the menacing rumble of peak time exertion as Tiago engages in a little sampler abuse packing his solid beat with bleeps, cheers and screams collected from a career behind the decks. The classic bassline drives the track ever onwards as we savour the sweet sweat of dancefloor hedonism. Flip the disc for the melodic and atmospheric "Toic", a mid tempo mover with a trippy techno vibe and an esoteric sound palette, perfect for powering out the speakers on any outdoor stage. The EP closes in off the wall fashion with the swirling and whirring madness of the B2. Latin melodies, scuzzy samples and a shuffling bassline all merge with queasy, uneasy brilliance. Present, as always are the deft rhythm sections and powerful arrangements, as subtle elements of Disco, Techno & New Wave provide the bedrock for his trademark off kilter melodies and soundscaping. The darker underbelly of club life may well be the inspiration, but the mood and execution are pure Tiago!

Tuk Tuk

Chambray Record Shopper Tote

    Lovely new chambray (that's denim to you and me) tote bag from the good folk at TukTuk.

    The main compartment is big enought to carry your 12" vinyl purchases, and there's also a 7" pocket on the front for those few cheeky sevens you've picked up too.

    The main compartment has a magnetic stud fastening, and there is a phone pocket and zip pocket for all your other bit's and pieces, both in lovely check fabric (like the linings in their leather record boxes).

    It has nice long handles, big enough to sling it over your shoulder, but not so long that you can't carry it in your hand.


    Wax Poetics

    #59 (Aaliyah / Kelela Cover)

      eteran music journalist Michael A. Gonzales looks back twenty years on Aaliyah’s debut album, the controversy with R. Kelly, and the follow-up album with Timbaland that changed the landscape of R&B. Includes never-before-published photos of Aaliyah by photographer Jonathan Mannion. Novelist T. P. Carter interviews newcomer Kelela and runs down the L.A. electro-bass scene.

      Producer, songwriter, and organist Edwin Birdsong is the anonymous genius behind some of jazz-funk’s most cosmic moments. Influenced by Larry Levan and the New York club scene, Birdsong’s left-field boogie anthem “Cola Bottle Baby” would become fodder for both Daft Punk and Kanye West, and his bare funk breakbeat track “Rapper Dapper Snapper” would nod hip-hop heads for years, bringing Birdsong’s grooves to a new global audience.

      Rinder and Lewis had a knack for creating commercial, crossover disco, hiding behind various monikers like El Coco and Le Pamplemousse. Ultimately, they chose to reveal their true identities on a string of records that would allow them to realize a more artistic vision of disco that played to their strengths—stripped-down drum-and-synthesizer tracks that pioneered the cosmic dance.

      Terry Reid passed on the opportunity to become the front man of Led Zeppelin, choosing to carry on as a solo act that never paid off with the heights of fame and fortune of his musical pals, yet he recorded two soulful folk-rock masterpieces and has become known as an artist’s artist.

      The story of the notorious NYC bathhouse Continental Baths is the story of disco. The Baths would birth the careers of dance icons Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles, two young DJs who were soaking in the nascent disco scene of the early ’70s—and who soon got their own shot behind the decks, ultimately influencing the dance scene in immeasurable ways.

      As one half of production duo Flyte Tyme Productions, Jimmy Jam, along with partner Terry Lewis, changed the landscape of popular music and the sound of radio forever. The duo’s attention to their craft and changing times saw an evolution in their sound through the latest technology, yet their secret to success was unique, tailor-made productions for each artist.


      Edwin Birdsong
      Rinder & Lewis
      Terry Reid
      Jimmy Jam
      Continental Baths
      Com Truise
      Doug Shorts

      Pack your flip flops, a towel and some suntan lotion, it's the VERY long awaited follow up to Balearic Mike and Kelvin Andrews' celebrated 'Down To The Sea And Back' compilation!

      It's been four long years of late nights, licensing cat and mouse games, dusty fingered rummaging and tales of adventures cherished like postcard memories from far away beaches, soundtracked by music so perfect, it lasts far beyond the moment.

      The beautiful thing about this music we call Balearic, is that a magical dancefloor moment can occur with the most unlikely record.

      While most modern compilations - even the most eclectic - are unlikely to surprise, the tried and tested 'DTTSAB' method has delivered another absolutely golden selection. It may sound corny, especially in a world of internet experts, but these tracks have been curated, searched for, cherished and most importantly unleashed with impeccable timing on many an unsuspecting dancefloor. Whether it's album B-sides, neglected pop or lost classics hiding in plain sight, the passion with which this music is sought and championed is what sets these long players and their LP apart.

      A stunning collection once again. Available as a limited edition double vinyl package and double CD (with 20 page booklet).


      Patrick says: The follow up to Mike and Kelvin's essential Balearic comp is finally here, and it's packed full of sandal stepping goodies. Double CD edition out now, double vinyl to follow in a few weeks.

      Various Artists

      John Morales Presents Club Motown

        'John Morales Presents Club Motown' is a certified slice of dancefloor history; a dedication to the beginnings of DJ and dance culture as we know it, these still-fresh, essential dance grooves continue to rock parties and inspire new generations.

        Focusing on classics from the 1980s roster of the inimitable Motown movement, this life-affirming selection of classics and hidden gems come in their full extended 12” glory - many of which have been unavailable since their original release.

        Alongside the rare mixes, we have 6 entirely new and exclusive mixes from John Morales himself, including his thundering mixes of Teena Marie and Tata Vega which are sure to make any aficionado of 80s groove and Motown weak at the knees.

        • Includes in-depth, track-by-track liner notes co-written by John Morales and edited by Motown head honcho, Harry Wiengar.

        NEW TO PRE-ORDER: Antoni Maiovvi - Psychoplasmics EP - Junior Fairplay Remix / Crimes ...
        Mon 1st - 6:25
        NEW TO PRE-ORDER: James Brown / Percee P - Make It Good To Yourself / Lung Collapsing ...
        Mon 1st - 5:50
        NEW TO PRE-ORDER: Rene Costy / J Dilla Aka Jay Dee - Scrabble / F*ck The Police / Orig...
        Mon 1st - 5:45
        NEW TO PRE-ORDER: Sly Mongoose - Snakes And Ladder - Rub N Tug Remix / Mule Musiq
        Mon 1st - 5:35
        NEW TO PRE-ORDER: Boards Of Canada - Hi Scores / Skam
        Mon 1st - 5:20
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