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Genre pick of the week Cover of Neighborhood Wonderful by White Boiz.
Strong Arm Steady MC Krondon and Sa-Ra producer Shafiq Husayn collaborate on new album for Stones Throw. 14-track album 'Neighborhood Wonderful' is produced by Husayn, featuring Thundercat, Anderson Paak, Chace Infinite and others.

White Boiz formed initially out of mutual admiration, when MC Krondon would show up to performances by producer Shafiq Husayn’s Sa-Ra collective on the humble - unannounced, with “something good to puff on and good conversation and good vibrations,” Shafiq recalls with a laugh. The seed for collaboration was Krondon’s birthday in 2011, when the two chopped it up at Shafiq’s home and began a year and a half of conversing before any music was recorded. Deep talks on race and the state of blackness in white America placed them on the same page mentally, which allowed the musical connection to fall into place with early recordings and appearances on separate solo projects in 2013.

'Neighborhood Wonderful' sets those talks to music - a 14-track conversation between the two, and also among master teacher Moors and every day hustlers and ghetto fighters. At times Afrocentric and Blaxploitation, and occasionally simultaneously so, the album is an exploration of lives and neighbourhoods that are known to be dark, yet possessing brilliant dualities that make us who - and why - we are. When Krondon raps “Me and Shafiq like Farrakhan meets Flying Lotus,” it’s in the midst of lines centreing on both the streets and the spiritual. The overall approach is an all-inclusive “one nation under a groove,” but the street knowledge in the music and the recorded conversational interludes go beyond just the funk.

The soundscapes in Grammy Award-winning producer Shafiq’s production are multifaceted, and even at their most melancholy, undeniably funky. 


L-85 Turntable - Green

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    The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas

    The names Quasimoto and Madlib have been linked for years, yet they've never been seen together. In fact, Quasimoto's never been seen with anyone - he's The Unseen, but there's no mistaking what he sounds like. Madlib's helium-suppin' alter ego is back with 27 tracks and 68 minutes of straight boom music. "The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas" finds him still digging for records, rolling blunts, and smackin' dudes with bricks. Madlib, for his part, appears to have been saving some of his best beats for Quas, and some that others were maybe afraid to touch - consider the book on hip hop thrown out the window (he probably used it for roach material anyway!). They've got MF Doom along for a reprise of the Madvillain and Quas collab on "Closer", MED from Lootpack steps up to the mic on "The Exclusive", Melvin Van Peebles (legendary filmmaker) shows up again on several tracks, as he did on "The Unseen", channelled through the officially sanctioned use of a sampler. Madlib also takes the mic for several tracks, among them "Rappcats", the ultimate ode to 80s hip hop, "Raw Addict Part 2", the ultimate ode to crate digging and sampling, and "Another Demo Tape", the track that might result in his never being given a CD demo from a stranger again. If you like your hip hop invented in a lab by the crazy professor, look no further!

    Sleaford Mods / Sudden Infant


      Limited copies of the tour-only 7" featuring "You're Brave" by Sleaford Mods & an exclusive track from Berlin's Noise rock trio Sudden Infant – “Fat Nipple Upright”.

      Nuovo soul conquistadors Mayer Hawthorne & Jake One find their sensual stems in the hands of a whole host of international remix talent for this killer remix 12", which comes housed in a classy tuxedo shaped sleeve. We start the party in raw funk fashion thanks to a beat heavy rework from Warp signings Kaytranada, who mic up a kit, rock out some snappy breaks and transform Hawthorne and Jake One's smooth soul into a floor ready stomper worthy of Thundercat or DJ Shadow in its instrumental form. Next up, legendary West Coast DJ Battlecat gets properly wonky with his squelching boogie refix of "Watch The Dance", complete with rapid paced bells, thick bass and off kilter keys. Last but not least, France's Jean Tonique takes a leaf out of the Cerrone playbook and transforms "The Right Time" into the greatest Gallic disco love song since Daft Punk's "Get Lucky"! If all that wasn't enough, the flipside plays host to the instrumental remixes, making sure you'll be shaking your stuff from start to finish.


      12" Info: Clear vinyl EP in special edition die cut sleeve (it looks like a tuxedo right?

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