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Ryan Kennedy has been making music ever since he was a young teenager. Now in his early 20's, his dreams and desires have finally been distilled into this, his debut album. Written over the space of a year, but recorded in a fortnight, straight to tape, in Ryan's central Manchester flat, 'Horsebeach' is a gorgeous journey through Northern, jangly, dreamy guitar pop. From as far back as The Wake, through the now de rigeur C86, this is bedroom introspection gone widescreen.
Gorgeous songs of love and longing, this music has a lilting, drifting quality, sometimes reminiscent of Felt, or of a meandering, jangle-tastic Real Estate, of whom Ryan is clearly a fan. Chiming guitars, brooding melodies, thoughtful words. 'Horsebeach' is a very lovely record indeed.


Andy says: Like Real Estate, but with a delicious debt to The Smiths, feeling melancholic never felt so good. The sound of the Summer.


Lexicon Of Love - Back To Black Edition

    A classic album from this Sheffield band fronted by gold lamé suited front man Martin Fry. Produced by Buggles man Trevor Horn, it's an album full of dramatic, romantic pop songs. It's all very stylized and on it's release in 1982, stood out as being quite unlike anything else around. And definitely very different from much of the more industrial, electronic sounds that were coming out of the Steel City at the time. Includes the hits Look Of Love and Poison Arrow. 


    Andy says: Big, smash-hit, 80's pop album that's pretty unique and hard to pigeonhole, hence its longevity. It was also really, really good!


    Ltd LP Info: 180g heavyweight vinyl.

    The Black Tambourines

    The Black Tambourines

    Cornwalls hottest band right now with uk tour, Glastonbury Festival (John Peel Stage) and Isle of Wight festival & Sheffield’s new Tramlines Festival looming up in the coming weeks. The band are also enjoying radio play on XFM (Jo Good) The Black Tambourines debut album will be reviewed in Uncut, Vive Le Rock Artrocker NME. The Black Tambourines have recently toured the Uk with sold out shows in Bristol, Sheffield & Brighton. Its no wonder many labels are chasing this quartet including Alan McGee who rates the Black Tambourines as one of the most promising young UK acts.

    Before signing to London Records and scoring hits such as ‘Young At Heart’ and ‘I’m Falling’, the band recorded an album’s worth of independent recordings and demos, most of which remained unreleased.

    Compiled by Robert Hodgens (Bobby Bluebell) with the involvement of the rest of the band, EXILE ON TWEE STREET finally reveals the band’s roots in the indie scene of early 80s Glasgow.

    The Bluebells actually demo’d songs for Alan Horne’s Postcard label, recently the subject of a critically acclaimed book by Simon Goddard entitled Simply Thrilled.

    Only the track ‘Happy Birthday’ has been issued before – on a rare flexidisc!

    Blues Pills

    Blues Pills

      Elin Larsson, Cory Berry and Zack Anderson - all in their early twenties - formed a group which should quickly become one of the most acclaimed and interesting bands around. Behold the birth of a new musical experience, an experience we thought was long gone, lost in time and space. Behold the birth of Blues Pills.

      The young American-Swedish-French quartet create a very unique, intense and extraordinary rock atmosphere while at the same time having a major mainstream appeal that takes you right back to the time of Blues Pills’ ancestors Aretha Franklin, early Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Cream. Driving basslines, grooving drums and guitar solos from another planet by the only 17 year old Dorian Sorriaux, harmonized and tied together with such easiness, such delight, by Elin’s incredible voice, sometimes singing in her mother tongue Swedish.

      With the idea to take soul music, combined with blues and rock ‘n’ roll and turn it into a new force of unimaginable energy, intensity and freshness, their blonde archangel and soul saviour Elin Larsson will guide you gently into a new world - the band’s empire of soulful rock. Elin’s powerful lyrics are full of emotions, her jazzy-soulful voice unfolding with outstanding beauty.

      All this is realised on the band’s stunning 10 track debut, produced by Don Alsterberg (Graveyard) and packaged in the incredible 60s style artwork of Marijke Koger-Dunham.


      2xLtd LP Info: Limited edition picture disc.

      The Chills

      Molten Gold

      Last year’s first sneak peak at new material from The Chills in over a decade heralded the return of one of New Zealand’s most beloved bands. Originally released only digitally, the track “Molten Gold” is now available as a 7” single on Fire Records with an extra-special b-side – a reworking of The Chills’ classic “Pink Frost”.

      The Chills are a band from Dunedin, New Zealand fronted by the rare talent of Martin Phillipps. Originally formed in 1980, The Chills had a revolving cast of band members with Phillipps remaining the only constant. His knack for writing fantastic pop songs led to chart hits back home and a cult following around the world. “Molten Gold” was released to coincide with Phillipps’ 50th birthday, ladling his stirring vocal over chiming guitars and spring-breeze-fresh-sounding strings, this is quintessential Chills and a reinvigorated return to form for the indie luminaries who propelled the much celebrated ‘Dunedin Sound’. “Pink Frost” was originally recorded in 1982 and has been performed at nearly every gig that the band has played since then. It is a unique piece of music and it has always changed and evolved over the years as the various line-ups of the band have approached it in subtly different ways.

      The current line-up of The Chills has been stable for many years now and with the band realising that 'Pink Frost' had recently become something different and distinct again, it felt right to capture it once more in the studio – with tremendous results. As Martin himself comments: "At the end of the day, it's my composition and I can record it as many times as I choose to! It is by no means meant to replace that very special original recording but it will sit proudly alongside it as one of the many approaches that could be taken with this most evocative and atmospheric song. I hope people will enjoy it in the spirit of it being a fresh and alternative companion piece to that original marvelous moment in time captured on tape many years ago."

      The Chills are: Martin Phillipps (Guitar/Vox), James Dickson (Bass/Backing Vocals), Todd Knudson (Drums/Backing Vocals), Erica Stichbury (Violin/Backing Vocals), Oli Wilson (Keyboards/Backing Vocals)

      ‘Oscillations’ is the debut album from London’s Cosines, and charts the ups and downs, the instability of relationships, misguided hook-ups and ‘subsequent break-ups. The matter-of-fact blunt Yorkshire stylings of songwriter Alice Hubley’s lyrics tell it like it is, and the resulting tone is one of relief more than sadness. Simon Nelson’s songwriting contributions to the album – Lookout Mountain Drive and Stalemate - compliment Hubley’s songs perfectly and bring a second perspective to the scene. Peppered with luscious synth tones this is music for modern happy robots.

      The album was recorded and produced by the band in Wood Green at Simon’s own Klank Studio, using a variety of instruments and electronic trickery including marimba, autoharp, theremin and cranky old Moog and Roland synths. The album features guest turns from spiritual members Gabe Saucedo (Still Flyin’, Red Pony Clock) and Gary Olson (The Ladybug Transistor), who phoned in their recordings from across the pond. As a band Cosines are constantly trying to find the perfect meeting point between clean synths and fuzz guitars. Though their lineage and history presents them as indie pop, they bring new wave, avant-garde 60’s pop and synthentic Krautpop to the mix, creating a sound all their own. A brilliant mélange of the likes of Love, United States of America and Stereolab.


      LP Info: Limited edition 12” vinyl album (500 copies) includes MP3 download.

      CD Info: Limited edition CD album in handpainted sleeve (200 numbered copies).

      Dexy's Midnight Runners

      Too Rye Ay - Back To Black Edition

        On this second album from Dexy's, Kevin Rowland ditched the Northern soul style of Searching For The Young Soul Rebels, and reinvented Dexy's as a Celtic folk band. Armed with banjos, violins and sax, they produced a string of hit singles including Jackie Wilson Said and of course Come On Eileen both of which appear on this album.


        Andy says: Here Kevin Rowland mixes his usual intensity with glorious pop songs and an exhuberant sound. An enormous hit record. Because it's superb.


        Ltd LP Info: 180g vinyl.

        Originally started down a Hackney back alley as the backing band for B-movie goddess, Faster Pussycat Kill Kill star, Tura Satana’s latest film, The Dustaphonics have now cemented themselves as fixtures on London’s live music scene. Following on from the single ‘Burlesque Queen’ (which featured lyrics penned by Satana herself prior to her untimely death), their first album (Party Girl – Dirty Water Records CD/KingAling Records LP) saw former T-Rex manager Jeff Dexter calling them ‘one of the best bands I’ve seen in England in years’, whilst Happening magazine said that ‘in a market saturated by trash, The Dustaphonics occupy the space where the talented few, committed and bright, stick to their guns’. Some groups are capable of doing things more intensely than others. The Dustaphonics is a group that knows how to grab your attention and get people dancing.

        The music is a fantastic mash-up that details their musical influences, from booze-soaked 1950s rhythm and blues, vintage stomping ‘buttshaker’ soul, ’60s garage rock and british beat / r&b, Vegas lounge, sleazy grind instrumentals and surf guitar. And the whole deal is sealed and delivered with the spirit of ’70s punk. The Dustaphonics take you to another world: the best of vintage music styles with the rocking yet soulful vocals from a sensual and gorgeous fiery-haired vocalist – but performed and produced in a way that can suit modern ears.

        This has the best of both worlds, enough to satisfy both the vintage music purists and those who want something new on their plate with an up to date feel. Although the influences are vintage, there is something remarkably and distinctively fresh and progressive about their songs that takes the music beyond simple imitation and infuses it with tremendous energy and passion. The Dustaphonics features: Hayley Red on vocals; guitarist and producer of the project, the acclaimed disc jockey Yvan Serrano (aka Healer Selecta); on drums the near-legendary Bruce Brand or Eric Frajiria; and Dan Whaley on bass.

        A new collaborative album from Brian Eno and Karl Hyde. The album is comprised of nine songs, composed and sung by Eno and Hyde together with a highly distinguished cast of supporting musicians, including Tessa Angus, Nell Catchpole, Marianna Champion, Will Champion, Kasia Daszykowska, Don E., Darla Eno, Fred Gibson, Georgie Gibson, Andy Mackay, John Reynolds and Chris Vatalaro. The release was produced by Brian Eno with 20 year old Fred Gibson, continuing an ongoing collaboration between Karl and Brian which sees the two together on a complete album for the very first time.

        Pulling in a variety of directions, 'Someday World' takes in the the esteemed duo's previous incarnations and ambient, rock, electro and techno producers, and then goes about meshing all those ideas together. Opener 'The Satellites' is anthemic stadium tech-house with a motorik rhythm and blasting synth horns. 'Daddy’s Car' offers busy indie-dance. Hyde's poetic vocals are front and centre on 'A Man Wakes Up', which combines highlife guitars and jazz-rock rhythms. Featuring choppy 'Virginia Plain' piano, uplifting chord progressions and spoken vox 'Witness' is sure to be another festival winner. Aiming for the home listener 'Strip It Down' gives minimalism a pop twist. Brooding and beatdown, 'Mother Of A Dog' sounds like an outtake from 'Mezzanine'. 'Who Rings The Bell' brings to mind 80s rockers the Blue Nile. 'When I Built This World' switches between angular, arty jazz squiggles and propulsive krautrock, leaving 'To Us All' to fade us out on a tide of dreamy soft rock uplift...

        Brian Eno:
        “A lot of the nicer cities I know are cities built on hills, and the cities are beautiful because the buildings have a challenge to adapt to. They have to mould themselves around the geology that they've formed upon. And that always makes for very interesting buildings, because they can't just be blocks, they have to somehow morph around the environment. A lot of the constructions on the album were deliberately irregular and awkward. I had a big collection of 'beginnings' sitting around waiting for something to galvanise them into life, to make them more than just 'experiments'. That something turned out to be Karl Hyde.”

        Karl Hyde:
        “It's a bit like being nine years old again. You have no idea what you've just been given, the record button has been pressed and you're on. And then these unlikely patterns start to happen. The biggest surprise was discovering we both had a love of Afrobeat, Cyclical music based in live playing. When Brian played me these early tracks it was, 'Oh my god, this is home! Can I borrow a guitar?”

        Originally scheduled for release on Halloween 1985 this privately pressed all female post-punk / broken-folk collective concept LP was resurrected from the ashes of the original line-up of The Fall and Velvet Underground singer Nico’s Blue Orchids backing band at the command of pioneering Manchester female punk icon Una Baines before disappearing into the annals of UK punk purgatory.

        Comprising all the DIY traits and snarling attitudes of Manchester’s smartarsed punk retaliation, with haunting mechanical folk, pastoral drones and a back story that unites sleeve artist Linder Sterling (Ludus), Spider King, Martin Hannett, Tony Baines, Martin Bramah and John Cooper Clarke with the 16th Century Pendle Witches, this virtually unknown LP is a vital missing piece in Manchester’s self-help anti-pop industry. Lost in the ether, lauded by collectors and likened by Mark E. Smith to the Third Ear Band this unclassifiable arty-fact renders tags like Pagan punk utterly redundant.

        Seemingly unaffected by the passing years since its original release, ‘Furia’ stands alone as a unique vision and testament to its communal casting of fragile mischief - set apart from the era of its conception and eschewing tags like avant-folk, pagan-punk and pastoral-drone by existing within its own spectral significance. It’s hard to imagine a similar record from then but certainly wholly conceivable that such a record would come to pass now.


        But Blood

          Hockeysmith are Annie & Georgie Hockeysmith, two sisters who spent most of the last year living and making music in a caravan on a farm in Falmouth, Cornwall. In need of more room to live and record the sisters recently traded the caravan for an old tour bus and now they count members of Hawkwind as neighbours on the farm. The past few months have seen them making a name and piquing interest for their exploratory sonic palette, hauntingly idiosyncratic songs and pulsating, strobing live shows, which has led to features and profiles by outlets ranging from The Fader and Interview Magazine to Dazed And Confused, SPIN and The Guardian.Their sound utilizes echoes of shoegaze, post-punk, acid house and dream pop that coalesce into an alien, yet somehow distantly familiar, hypnotically wayward sound. The EP consists of four distinct and individually unique tracks, merging interweaving singsong melodies and unorthodox song structures with adventurous sonics and a sense of wide-eyed experimentation and discovery.

          Julia Holter

          Don't Make Me Over / Hello Stranger

            Double A-sided 7” release of Julia’s cover of the Dionne Warwick standard ‘Don’t Make Me Over’, complimented by ‘Hello Stranger’, which is taken from Julia’s 2013 album ‘Loud City Song’.

            Exclusively available to independent retailers and strictly Tracklisting limited to 200 copies.


            Deluxe Tote Bag (Ecru)

              Heavyweight deluxe ecru tote bag with folded gusset that expands to hold approx 25 LPs / 12"s. Printed with Horsebeach logo.

              Brisbane’s The John Steel Singers present their stupendous new album ‘Everything’s A Thread’, recorded in a makeshift-studio the band constructed in a 70s-built house owned by singer Luke’s parents overlooking Mount Coolum on the Gold Coast of Australia.

              Like all the best coastal albums it’s brim with sparkling, sun kissed sounds but here the band’s creative freedom equally allows for lurking in the shade, moving from the hook-heavy pop numbers ‘Happy Before’ and ‘Common Thread’ to the sinister sound of ‘The Marksman’ and soulful yet strange vibe of ‘There’s A Bird’.

              The Singers move from playful harmony-filled summer nuggets to electronic sheened pop, psychedelic sea shanties, Kraut-pop and hard riffing cosmic rock with ease, evoking an uncanny vibe like mist resting on the ocean just before sunset.

              “Nicolas knew how to declutter the sh*t we had recorded to give the parts space” says Pete of mixer Nicolas Vernhes (Deerhunter, Fiery Furnaces) giving the record its clarity in sound.

              The JSS have played Liverpool Sound City, The Great Escape and London Calling festivals so far this year and plan to come back just after the album release. NME are already fans with a radar feature already under their belt and plenty of press already confirmed in the major monthlies.


              LP Info: The LP comes with a download of the entire album plus the bonus material.

              The John Steel Singers

              Everything's A Thread - Live Bonus Disc Edition

              Brisbane’s The John Steel Singers present their stupendous new album ‘Everything’s A Thread’, recorded in a makeshift-studio the band constructed in a 70s-built house owned by singer Luke’s parents overlooking Mount Coolum on the Gold Coast of Australia.

              Like all the best coastal albums it’s brim with sparkling, sun kissed sounds but here the band’s creative freedom equally allows for lurking in the shade, moving from the hook-heavy pop numbers ‘Happy Before’ and ‘Common Thread’ to the sinister sound of ‘The Marksman’ and soulful yet strange vibe of ‘There’s A Bird’.

              The Singers move from playful harmony-filled summer nuggets to electronic sheened pop, psychedelic sea shanties, Kraut-pop and hard riffing cosmic rock with ease, evoking an uncanny vibe like mist resting on the ocean just before sunset.

              “Nicolas knew how to declutter the sh*t we had recorded to give the parts space” says Pete of mixer Nicolas Vernhes (Deerhunter, Fiery Furnaces) giving the record its clarity in sound.

              The JSS have played Liverpool Sound City, The Great Escape and London Calling festivals so far this year and plan to come back just after the album release. NME are already fans with a radar feature already under their belt and plenty of press already confirmed in the major monthlies.

              CD edition includes a bonus disc of brand new, live and exclusive material, including vocals from Robert Forster and Everett True.

              The Kneejerk Reactions

              The Indestructible Sounds Of...

              This raw rhythm’n’beat garage-rock’n’roll combo, headed up by the ubiquitous veteran rocker, Sir Bald Diddley (aka Hipbone Slim), delivers super rough, tough and wild mid-’60s inspired sounds that are just about as frantic as a pack of dogs in a lamp post factory. It’s British beat at its best, loaded with grab-your-throat guitar riffs, snarling vocals, wailing harp and much maraca shaking -- proper raw-as-you-like freakbeat, inspired by the likes of the Pretty Things, Kinks, Downliners Sect, Them, Birds, Stones, Yardbirds, Sorrows, Small Faces, Outsiders, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Link Wray, Howlin’ Wolf, Jimmy Reed, Sonics, Wailers, Larry & the Bluenotes and the Remains. Basically, all the people in music really worth talking about.


              Water Near A Bridge

                RIYL: Agitation Free, Cluster, Popol Vuh, Godspeed! YBE, Embryo, Magma, Bitchin’ Bajas

                Some of the oldest known rocks on earth are found in the Northwestern region of Australia dating back some 3.5 million years. Fitting, since the stirring trio of opuses that comprise Melbourne, Australian band Krakatau’s debut “Water Near A Bridge” seemingly have their origins before recorded history, emerging from the primordial ooze & lurching towards your turntable like a creature out of Lovecraftian fiction. The guitar-less trio, Krakatau utilize organ, bass & drums to communicate their message crafting dense & heady tunes sprung from the seeds of improvisation & honed to perfection in the studio.

                Side A is comprised of two compositions; “Riddells Creek” starts off the side with progressive grooves that fade into focus, slowly stretching into a shamanistic organ drone before sliding into an oily, funky strut peppered with some sweet organ leads. “All Water Near A Bridge” closes the side with a rippling synth cascading over the pusle of an interstallar heartbeat.

                “Kuriere” occupies the whole of Side B, resplendantly indulgent in it’s shapeless slithering beginnings that bubble & swell into the primitive rumblings of the rhythms of lost civilizations that thrived & crumbled into oblivion before we ever existed. A bewitching miasma of technology & nature turning in on itself, swallowing it ’s own tail.

                “Water Near A Bridge” is a vinyl-only release, pressed on 150gm black vinyl & includes a download code.

                Land Observations (aka musician and artist, James Brooks) presents ‘The Grand Tour’, the follow up to 2012’s critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Roman Roads IV-XI’. Where the debut album was concerned with the roads of communication and conquest that stretched across the former Roman Empire and Republic, the new album creates an imaginary travelogue through Western, Central and Southern Europe with reference to the historic Grand Tour.

                The album was recorded on the edge of the Bavarian Alps on just one electric 6-string guitar - exploring the potential of the instrument in relation to layers, rhythm, melody and timbre.

                The recording process utilised a selection of vintage amplifiers and studio equipment, intentionally enjoying the warmth of analogue tape for assisting to create immersive pastoral motorik.

                After an initial ‘Land Observations’ EP for Enraptured Records and a performance at Mute’s Short Circuit Festival at the Roundhouse in May 2011, Brooks “realised that I wanted to take it further and make a long-playing record” which culminated in 2012’s release, ‘Roman Roads IV-XI’, described by Mojo as “metronomic intensity” and by Q as having an “understated, fragile beauty.”

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                LP Info: Includes 12" booklet.

                California singer songwriter Jenny Lewis returns with The Voyager, which will be released by Warner Bros. Records on July 28th. This is the former Rilo Kiley frontwoman’s third solo album and first in six years, following 2006’s Rabbit Fur Coat (with The Watson Twins) and 2008’s Acid Tongue.

                The Voyager is Lewis’s most deeply personal album to date, documenting her struggle to cope following the death of her estranged father in 2010 and the subsequent break-up of Rilo Kiley. The Voyager’s rootsy, golden glow comes courtesy of Lewis and the artists she chose to produce various tracks, including Ryan Adams (who, alongside Mike Viola, produced all but three of the tracks), Beck, and Lewis’ longtime collaborator Johnathan Rice. The Voyager finds the always relatable songwriter at her sharp-witted best, singing about her recent experiences with honesty and incisiveness.

                After several years of writing new material, Lewis took 2013 off to tour with The Postal Service. Sharing the spotlight was a freeing experience, providing the realization that she needed to give up control in order to move forward. While on the road, she reached out to Ryan Adams to record at his newly built studio, Pax Am, at Sunset Sound. Her first day back from tour, she went into the studio with Adams and his partner Mike Viola, and found the creative collaboration she was missing.

                When Spencer Evoy arrived in London fresh from Canada, little did he know that his quest to reignite the spirit of the rock’n’roll sound of the American Northwest would start outside a chicken shop on the Holloway Road. Walking down that fabled stretch of tarmac, he was struck by the greasy aroma of deep fried chicken and felt his belly ache. Realising his funds had all ben spent on the plane fare, he whipped out his saxophone and proceeded to busk outside the premises in the hope of a few quid to pay for his next meal. Hearing the sweet tones of rock’n’roll drift into his bedroom in the flat above the shop, Bret Bolton called out to Spencer. Their eyes met and they instantly realised they were musical brothers in arms. Days later, they had formed a band together, naming it after the now sadly defunct and derelict chicken shop where they met: MFC Chicken. Joined by Ravi on drums, Parsley on organ and Alberto on guitar, the poultry-loving group soon began making a name for themselves, becoming one of the hottest garage rock'’n’roll acts in London, setting clubs alight with their own red hot take on “the music the Sonics were listening to”.

                Having spent a good year or more honing their set and finding out which songs make the girls dance (ie. all of them!), their debut LP, Music for Chicken, cemented the globe-spanning gang as the finest purveyors of Pacific Northwest rhythm and blues in the land. So do you love dancing but hate contemporary music? Are you desperate to hear garage rock’n’roll really taken back to its roots? If so, then you most definitely ready for that indescribable, unstoppable Chicken sound: “The latest and greatest item on the rock’n’roll dance menu.” With new bassist Fernando on board, MFC Chicken have continued touring the world and found time to knock out a brand new album that is EVEN better than their debut.

                The Mispers

                Dark Bits EP

                ‘Dark Bits EP’ is the second EP release from London alternative-rock newcomers The Mispers. A hugely exciting band, they are already selling out shows in UK and Europe. The lead track is a genre-bending stomper reminiscent of influences ranging from Arctic Monkeys to Clean Bandit. The EP is a huge step forward, sonically, from their debut The Mispers EP.

                Third album from the unpredictable, genre defying Okkultokrati! On European tour with Converge in August. Artwork by Esra Røise (Haraball, Vogue Magazine etc). Okkultokrati once again address the public with Night Jerks, an album created to spread confusion and despair. The band reposition themselves as a foreign object: moving high and fast, impossible to catch or categorize. 

                The time towards the album release has been marred by hardship and insecurity for guitarist and songwriter Pål Bredup, who has been struggling with an aggressive muscular disease. "All the frustration and pain from the last twelve months has been documented on Night Jerks. Every beat has been an attack on the body," Bredup says.

                The illness led to him temporarily replacing his guitar with a synthesizer in both Okkultokrati and Haust. As a result, the synth is heavily represented on Night Jerks, even though Bredup by now has picked up the guitar again. Also on guitar is newcomer Milton von Krogh of Pirate Love, who has recently joined the band permanently, as well as producing the album. Von Krogh has also recorded and mixed records for both Haust and Årabrot in the past year. Milton’s guitars provide the band with a sharp and ice cold edge, and he is also the only member of "Oslo-band" Okkultokrati who is actually born in the capital.

                Night Jerks is a monotonous master piece, where chilly, modern reality gets its musical counterpoint. But the album is no soundtrack of frustration - instead, the listener is introduced to an introverted, contained and harmonious piece of music where a focused band creates their cosmos. "Moon Daggers" and the title track continue the familiar Okkultokrati sound, while "The Ladder (Punched Out)" is reminiscent of The Birthday Party at their hairiest. Synth and alternative percussion characterize both ends of the album (not least in the monumental closing track "Cosmic Wynter"), and channel Okkultokrati’s fascination for dark music's high priest, Austrian musician Zero Kama. While the previous albums were produced by Ruben Willem (No Light for Mass, 2010) and Emil Nikolaisen (Snakereigns, 2012), Night Jerks is produced by the band. Recorded at Årabrot HQ Djura Missionshus in Sweden and Tåkeheimen studio in Norway, Milton von Krogh and Pål Bredrup have maintained full control.

                The result is the ultimate Okkultokrati record, where the band’s primal punk finds its place in a captivating beat, filled with floating guitars and rumbling synth. The album is mastered by Paul Hammond, who (besides from playing in the world’s biggest Led Zeppelin tribute band) has mastered releases from Marissa Nadler and Bonnie “Prince” Billy. The cover is by Esra Røise, who is known for her work for Vogue Magazine and Okkultokrati label mates Haraball, among other things.

                Van Dyke Parks

                Super Chief: Music For The Silverscreen

                ‘Super Chief: Music For The Silver Screen’ is an ‘orchestral fantasy’ inspired by a rail journey Van Dyke embarked upon across the United States in 1955.

                Originally made available for the first time on a very limited vinyl pressing in 2013. Now re-pressed, following an almost immediate sell out of the original pressing.

                In Van Dyke Parks’ own words: “I’ve made an orchestral fantasy illustrating my first trip across the USA by rail, in 1955. This Suite is drawn from over a score of years, and as many films, now re-recorded from my archives as a film-music composer. […] In editing, I was surprised to discover my penchant for folk themes, reframed in orchestral settings. (There are countless quotes from the 19th century ‘The American Century’). […] The lingo of such traditional American music reveals my obsession, however unconscious, for rustic old saws that can still cut the wood. Yep, it’s Americana. All made in the great 48. […] Celtic examples abound: ‘The Water Is Wide’, ‘Old Joe Clark’, ‘The Forked Deer’, ‘Saint Anne’s Reel’, ‘I Ride An Old Paint’, etc. With these references, a dash of lowchurch hymns (‘Goin’ Home’) and an occasional Aboriginal motif, all embedded in this novel and singular Ode to that passing American scene... so long ago, yet about a handshake away. […] It can come in handy as a backdrop to a romantic interlude in candle-lit dinner conversation over a fine linen-count. (I’ve tried this at home.) Perhaps for a head-set in a subway tunnel, or as a car-tune in a smooth segue from the surrounding road-rage on a daily commute.”

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                Ltd LP Info: LP features a copy of the album on CD. The CD includes three extra tracks: ‘The Pleasure Dome’, ‘Bed Of Stones’, and ‘So Long Santa Fe’.

                It’s in the haze of a cloud of chirruping insects that Plank return, following the success of their mammal-concerning debut LP Animalism.

                Two years since that record gained plaudits and sold out vinyl run, the instrumental trio have thematically splintered the number of beings on Hivemind, paying homage to the millions of arthropods without which our global eco-system could not survive. It’s apt enough, really, because Plank themselves have opened up a whole new sub-species of sounds, elements and textures beyond their previous environment too, each track giving the feel of an overall movement through differing habitual undergrowth.

                Definitely an album designed for vinyl (it’s on 180 gram) with side A more song structures (King Crimson, Camel, Trans Am, Giorgio Moroder, Kling Klang, Agitation Free, Steve Reich) and side B should be listened to as one complete piece ala DJed by Tortoise or Echoes by Floyd.

                “instru-mentalists with maverick Krautrock vibes” - Guardian Guide.

                “James Murphy at his Kraftwerk swiping best” - The Fly.

                “akin to Chrome Hoof creating a cosmic space soundtrack to a modern day reboot of Blade Runner” - Loud & Quiet.

                “the music John Carpenter would make if he was in 65 Days Of Static” - Clash.

                “The orchestration throughout 'Hivemind' is deft and the arrangement fluid and impeccable as the band move between blissful popol vuh style ambient heaviness ,metronomic jams. Math-rock and full-tilt psyche wig-outs. Basically, it's the bees knees” - Prog Rock.

                The Raveonettes


                  Pe_ahi (/pe____hi_/ pay-ah-hee; is a place on the north shore of the island of Maui in the US state of Hawaii. It has lent its name to a big wave surfing break, also known as Jaws. During off season the spot is taken over by meth fuelled crazies and people are advised to not venture out there.

                  Immersed in the surf-history of Southern California, where both Sharin and Sune reside, the album incorporates various elements from this culture into every song both lyrically and musically. The result is their most complex, intricate and autobiographical work to date.

                  Soft Cell

                  Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret - Back To Black Edition

                    The 1981 debut album from Leeds synth-pop duo Dave Ball and Mark Almond, aka Soft Cell. Featuring the smash electro-pop cover of Gloria Jones northern soul classic 'Tainted Love', the rest of the album is a far more sleazy affair, lifting the lid on an alternative, underground nightlife sign-posted in the LP title 'Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret' and tracks like 'Seedy Films' and 'Sex Dwarf'. Also includes classic cuts 'Bedsitter' and synth torch melodrama 'Say Hello, Wave Goodbye'.

                    Universal Music are proud to present the next batch of Back To Black reissues. Presented as exact reproductions of original LP artwork to retain authenticity, but now on 180 gram heavyweight vinyl.

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    Ltd LP Info: 180g vinyl.

                    Brighton's Dan Reeves is a busy guy. In addition to running his own label, Faux Discx Records & playing in the band Cold Pumas, he also records under the moniker "Soft Walls". These 10 songs are meditations on the passing of time itself & the pre-conceived notions (both external & internal) of what you can & should be doing with it. Filled with avant-leaning psych drones, dreamy guitar ragas, motorik head-boppers, & pop tunes that shimmer enticingly, these are songs to get lost in; to discover & re-discover. Don't worry - there's plenty of time.

                    Space Girl

                    Space Girl / ODSM

                    Delivering a beguiling two tracker on the Various label, Space Girl are two producers and a singer called Floella all from London.

                    Eponymous track 'Space Girl' mixes a lo-fi selection of analogue and acoustic instruments (theremin, upright bass, tremelo-twanged guitar etc) along with Floella's seductive vocals creating a cute sci-fi tinted rock & roll era style easy pop number. B-side cut 'ODSM' brings things up to date, using those same instruments to sculpt a sparse post-dubstep / downbeat vibe with a sweet easy touch. This 7’ will is a start of things to come… Space Girl brings a tune for the jetpack and future technology sneaker world.

                    DJ magazine say: "a quirky and light-heated set of vocals are underpinned by a subdued pop / folk / electronica production backdrop expertly crafted. Love this."

                    Already getting airplay from Rob da bank (Radio 1), Gideon coe, Marry Anne hobs (6 Music) and John Kennedy (Xfm).

                    Tears For Fears

                    The Hurting - Back To Black Edition

                      Universal Music are proud to present the next batch of Back To Black reissues. Presented as exact reproductions of original LP artwork to retain authenticity, but now on 180 gram heavyweight vinyl.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Andy says: Massive, naval-gazing, 80's pop album that blended guitars and electronics, with gorgeous tunes and angsty lyrics. John Grant was and is a huge fan.

                      Clover Lane marks the Yep Roc debut for Americana singer-songwriter, Jonah Tolchin. The album was recorded quickly and spontaneously in Nashville, Tennessee with an impressive cast of characters that include Chris Scruggs, Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), John McCauley (Deer Tick), and Mickey Raphael (Willie Nelson). As a songwriter, Jonah bridges the gap between classic folk self-sufficiency and punk's DIY defiance; he plays everything from roots and Americana music to old time folk and acoustic blues.


                      The now legendary Beck, Song Reader - twenty Beck compositions previously released exclusively as stunningly illustrated sheet music in partnership with McSweeney’s - receives a long awaited traditional release when Warby Parker/Capitol Records issues the Beck Song Reader compilation album, produced by Beck and Randall Poster, known for his music supervision work with directors Wes Anderson, Martin Scorsese, Sam Mendes and many others. Warby Parker will commemorate the release of Song Reader by reissuing limited-edition Carmichael frames created in collaboration with Beck, this time in Black Cherry—as well as a new edition of the Song Reader book, featuring two new prints from artist Marcel Dzama.

                      The 20-track all-star collection features exclusively recorded versions of Song Reader charts by the likes of Jack White, Jeff Tweedy, David Johansen, Jason Isbell, Fun., Eleanor Friedberger, and several more including Beck himself.

                      The Warby Parker release of Beck Song Reader marks the first officially recorded incarnation of the project, which has already inspired interpretations from hundreds of musicians the world over. The record includes the studio-quality debut of songs previously only played live either by Beck himself or at one of the handful of Song Reader concerts staged over the last two years. The most recent of these was presented by the L.A. Philharmonic in partnership with McSweeney’s and Warby Parker at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles on November 24, 2013. Described by The Los Angeles Times as an “expertly delivered and received night… another big step in Beck's long, fascinating evolution,” the show’s highlights included Jarvis Cocker’s interpretively danced “Why Did You Make Me Care?" and Jack Black’s borderline frightening “We All Wear Cloaks,” the latter of which makes its recorded debut on the Beck Song Reader album.

                      Various Artists

                      Ghostbusters - OST (30th Anniversary Edition)

                        2014 marks the 30th anniversary of the iconic 1980's move "Ghostbusters" & its classic soundtrack.

                        This 10 track, 120gm, LP vinyl format is being reissued after a long time out of print and is limited to 1000 copies.

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