Genre pick of the week Cover of Grey Tickles, Black Pressure by John Grant.
It’s been the most spectacular of journeys, from a place in time when John Grant feared he’d never make music again, to winning awards, accolades and Top 20 chart positions, collaborating with the likes of Sinead O’Connor, Goldfrapp and Elton John, as well as a Best International Male Solo Artist nomination at the 2014 BRITS Awards.

Now comes Grant’s third album, the invitingly titled Grey Tickles, Black Pressure, a veritable tour-de-force that further refines and entwines his two principal strands of musical DNA, the sumptuous tempered ballad and the taut, fizzing electronic pop song. There are newer musical accomplishments across its panoply of towering sound, like the title track’s new steely demeanour, while the ominous drama of “Black Blizzard” echoes both John Carpenter and Bernard ‘Black Devil Disco Club’ Fevre’s beautiful and icy synthscapes. The contagious, gleeful “You And Him” marries buzzing rock with a squelchy electronic undertow, while orchestral drama swathes the bad-dreamy “Global Warming” and the album’s gorgeously aching widescreen finale “Geraldine”.

Grey Tickles, Black Pressure was recorded in Dallas with producer John Congleton (St Vincent, Franz Ferdinand, Swans) - coincidentally the same state of Texas where Grant nailed his 2010 solo debut Queen Of Denmark in the company of Denton’s wondrous Midlake. After that landmark return, which MOJO made its album of 2010, 2013’s Pale Green Ghosts was made in Icelandic capital Reykjavik (where Grant has lived ever since), which entered the UK Top 20 in its first week and ended up as Rough Trade Shop’s Album of the Year 2013, The Guardian’s No.2 and in MOJO and Uncut’s Top Five). Such recognition, iced by years of sell-out shows across Europe and a recent US tour as special invited guest of the Pixies, should allow the notoriously self-critical and insecure Grant the passing thought that Grey Tickles, Black Pressure will deservedly cement his reputation as the most disarmingly honest, caustic, profound and funny diarist of the human condition in the persistently testing, even tragic, era that is the 21st century.

“I do think the album’s great, and I’m really proud of it,” he says. “I wanted to get moodier and angrier on this record, but I probably had a lot more fun making it.” He cites “amazing” session keyboardist Bobby Sparks, “who really funked things up,” as part of that fun; likewise a month of Dallas sunshine “after a brutal dark winter in Iceland. And there was a lot of laughter.”

That said, fun isn’t the first ingredient you’d expect when you know the roots of the album title. “‘Grey tickles’ is the literal translation from Icelandic for ‘mid-life crisis’, while ‘black pressure’ is the direct translation from Turkish for ‘nightmare’,” Grant explains, an unusually gifted linguist (he’s fluent in German, Russian and now tackling Icelandic).

Nevertheless, there are plenty of positive streaks in Grey Tickles, Black Pressure. Grant, for one, is in fabulous voice throughout and has moved on from the specific subject matter that shaped both previous albums (though the concept of love always figures into the mix). “Disappointing” – featuring vocal guest Tracey Thorne – is an exuberant tribute to new love, against which Grant’s favourite Saturday Night Live comediennes, Russian artists and “ballet dancers with or without tights” pale in comparison. The album’s other two guests are vocalist Amanda Palmer and former Banshees drummer Budgie.

But the end result is indeed a moody, angry record, laced with levering humour and wounded pathos, yet as dark as Reykjavik in February. It starts and ends with spoken word snippets called, simply, “Intro” and “Outro”, both taken from the same Biblical quote (from 1 Corinthians 13) regarding the divinity of love that young John was taught in church. In between are 12 songs that document the reality of love on planet Earth, corrupted by “pain, misunderstandings, jealousy, objectification and expectations,” as Grant puts it.

The album’s last two songs are among its finest. “No More Tangles” fights against co-dependency “with narcissistic queers,” he sings, through the metaphor of hair care products. “It’s about not apologizing for who you are and not putting up with unnecessary bullshit from people who do not care about you”. But in “Geraldine” (as in the late Geraldine Paige, “one of freakiest, strongest, coolest actresses I’ve come across”), Grant’s latest actor-inspired song is Grant’s chance to ask her if she too had to “put up with this shit” that life dishes out.

So Grant still manages to keep fighting the good fight, and writing his way out of trouble with another fantastic record. “I want to continue to challenge myself,” he says. “To keep collaborating, to get the sound or the direction that will take me where I need to go. To keep taking the bull by the horns.” 


Andy says: Lush, deep production bringing throbbing electronics further to the fore, which when married to Grant's enormo ballads and hilarious lyrics, make this John's most complete album yet.


LP Info: Limited edition white vinyl!

Alex G

Beach Music

Philadelphia’s Alex Giannascoli aka Alex G releases ‘Beach Music’, his forthcoming new album and his first for Domino.

The album, his seventh full-length, follows on from previous beloved albums ‘DSU’ (Orchid Tapes), ‘Trick’ and’ Rules’, all which have led to a fervent cult fanbase and a number of Artist To Watch designations from publications such as Fader and Rolling Stone.

The album was mixed by Jacob Portrait of Unknown Mortal Orchestra.


2xIndies Exclusive LP Info: Deluxe opaque blue vinyl edition with exclusive
‘Alex G Live At The Headroom’ bootleg
heavyweight vinyl LP available exclusively to
independent retailers. (Limited to 200 copies in the
UK & Eire.)

Black Light Mutants

Bedroom Tax EP

    Hard hitting Punk from Manchester.

    The Bedroom Tax EP is a tale of two halves, the haves and the have-nots! The iconic and necessary protest element of the Punk movement showcases with the ’Bedroom Tax’ a forceful and relevant attack on the CONDEM Government’s introduction of the so called ‘under-occupancy charge’ which hit many vulnerable disabled people and families.

    This is followed by a disrespectful attack on ‘Maggie Thatcher’ and her successive Tory governments who so dramatically changed forever the lives of so many hard working people by forcing them into unemployment whilst they endured the destruction of their communities.

    Promazine highlights the debiliting, massive side-effect ridden and emotion masking effects of the anti-schizophrenic drug of the same name, often prescribed to treat restlessness and agitation in the elderly but which can reduce the user to a near catatonic state and even lead to the user going into a coma.

    The final track on the EP, ‘Beauty’ highlights the ironical and disparate view of a beautiful Manchester on the surface which hides beneath is a world of poverty, homelessness and despair for so many people.


    Blown Rose EP

      Stockport's finest Blossoms release their brand new EP ‘Blown Rose’ through Virgin EMI.

      Produced by James Skelly and Rich Turvey at Parr St, with the lead track mixed by David Wrench (Caribou/Jungle/FKA Twigs/JamieXX)’ the EP sees Blossoms expand on their first two releases, channeling their signature style - a hybrid of psych pop and rock ' n ' roll, a sound that has seen their fan base rapidly grow.


      Andy says: Classic song-writing from this special new band.


      Parklife - Limited Yellow Vinyl Edition

        Blur’s break-through album Parklife has now been remastered from the original tapes by Frank Arkwright (The Smiths, Arcade Fire, New Order, Joy Division), with the remastering overseen by legendary original producer, Stephen Street.

        Expanded across two discs, the LP format of the Parklife remaster is cut on heavyweight 180 gram YELLOW  vinyl and housed in a replica of the original sleeve artwork.


        2xLP Info: Limited edition yellow vinyl.



          BOYSETSFIRE are a phenomenon, and the latest chapter of their success story reads: FAMILY! FREEDOM! FORWARD!

          Boysetsfire is not just any band, and its fans are not just any fans. Boysetsfire is perhaps the most successful example of how an uncompromising Heartcore sound, an irrepressible will and unbeatable stamina can move mountains and mobilize the masses.

          There is a good reason why the new album is self-titled. It is the final result of a fight for freedom that lasted years and a reawakening of all the strengths within the band, combined with the power of the close bonds between its members. The focus is on their own abilities, something that was not always easy for front man Nathan Gray, Chad Istvan, Joshua Latshaw, Chris Rakus and their German bassist Robert Ehrenbrand. The captivating euphoria that has been building around the band from Delaware/USA for years has been channeled into thirteen songs that contrast with the rage of the previous album, with rousing optimism seeping from every pore. You could say that the eponymous album is the light-hearted sister of the brooding “While a Nation Sleeps”.

          While he was in the studio, front man Nathan Gray was delirious with joy and sounded more enthusiastic than in any previous interview: “This album has quickly become one of my favorites we’ve ever done, and I am dying to get it out there. In albums past, we’ve talked a lot about all the terrible things going on in this world, and this time, we’ve focused a lot on sort of overcoming all of that. It’s a much more positive vibe. Musically, there are some incredible, huge sounds on this album. It’s very much us.”

          And Boysetsfire haven’t missed the opportunity to accompany their rebirth with a new look. The snake, which gives the album’s artwork a touch of mystery, is a symbol of that renewal.

          The first track, “Savage Blood”, opens the album with an unbelievable energy that breaks down barriers. It features the crushing sound the world has come to expect from Boysetsfire, but with a level of intensity the band has rarely achieved before. The anger that has defined many of the post-hardcore veterans’ albums is combined with catchy hooks: Typically atypical Boysetsfire!

          “One Match”, the first single from the album and perhaps the most unforgettable tune since the band’s smash hit “rookie”, makes it clear that it is a blazing torch that will light a thousand others in dark times. Despite the track’s accessibility, its lovingly crafted details show that the band has the talent to take a huge step forward in terms of songwriting on their sixth album.

          “Torches to Paradise”, which is an explosive force in a philosophical band like Boysetsfire, whose members have very different beliefs, has a very special meaning for bassist Robert Ehrenbrand in particular: “To me it is about freeing myself from the burden of dogma and the imposed slavery of illusions brought upon us by society, religion and mind control… setting fire to “paradise” (aka the illusion) we free ourselves and become what we truly can be, a self-empowered and free thinking, loving entity.”

          This self-produced and released album deserves even more respect when you consider the band’s turbulent past: Originally formed in 1994, Boysetsfire was as good as dead about five years ago, when its members put the shards of an almost failed career back together, risking a reunion. The post-hardcore pioneers from Delaware/USA, who helped shape the genre with their albums “After the Eulogy” and “Tomorrow Come Today”, both released around the millennium, were victims of the music industry’s demise and the failed attempt to work with a major label affiliated record company.

          That brave comeback in early 2013 was based completely on the principle of self-determination and culminated in the release of their most successful album to date, “While a Nation Sleeps”, on the indie label End Hits Records, which their closest confidante had quickly established in cooperation with the band. What followed should be entered in the encyclopedia of hardcore under “P” for “Phoenix from the ashes”.

          The album was a sensation, entering the German charts at #22 in 2013, and was followed by sold-out tours, headline appearances at Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park (together with Metallica in 2014), an anniversary tour that included three packed shows in major European cities, and finally the Family First Festival, which has been organized by Boysetsfire themselves and sold out in just a few weeks (August 21, 2015 in Cologne, capacity 4000).

          The Butterscotch Cathedral

          The Butterscotch Cathedral

            The Butterscotch Cathedral is the new psychedelic studio project from Matt Rendon (The Resonars, Lenguas Largas) with Chris Ayers & Jim Waters. Featuring three tracks total (side one is one 18-min sidelong track, & side two contains "Loud Heavy Sun" & the 17-minute suite "Lisa's Dream") the project is Rendon's homage to the great Sixties & Seventies concept records from bands like The Who & The Beach Boys, both of whom Rendon cite as an influence. Art & design by Jason Willis. Plenty of great music has been the byproduct of a singular vision; that "man-alone" in the studio producing genius works (Brian Wilson, Curt Boettcher, Pete Townshend).

            Tuscon, AZ's Matt Rendon know plenty about being the "man-alone" in the studio. Ever since he debuted The Resonars in the early Nineties he's produced six albums of Sixties mod-inflected power pop all by himself in his home studio. The Butterscotch Cathedral is the latest album from Rendon & his first project outside of The Resonars since 2004. The Butterscotch Cathedral "s/t" debut is comprised of only three tracks total; one shorter song "Loud Heavy Sun", & two longer suites both nearing the 18 minute mark ("Side A" and "Lisa's Dream").

            In this day & age, sidelong tracks in the context of a "rock & roll band" are scarce, and 'The Butterscotch Cathedral' hearkens back to an era that could produce albums like 'Smile' & 'Quadrophenia' without batting an eye. Rendon's had two decades to familiarize himself with his home studio & on this album he's never sounded more at home. Rendon attacks the tunes here with renewed vigor, with every song crackling with shimmering melodic intensity & the sharpest hooks this side of The Brill Building. The tunes embedded within the albums sides ebb & flow from fiery rockers to emotive ballads, woven together in a psychedelic tapestry by Rendon & studio-mate Jim Waters. They fold & unfold onto each other like the rolling ocean tides. Songs like "Waterfall Parasol" & "Uncle Tommy's Song" are snappy power pop numbers, utilizing the Resonars model as a springboard into new territory along with the upliftingly melancholic dirge of "Saxifrage Drive" & the 17-minute "Lisa's Dream" suite on Side Two which bounces to & fro between sparkling pop, acoustic balladry, psychedelic mindfuckery & gorgeous, layered vocal harmonies. 

            The Chameleons

            Dreams In Celluloid / Tony Fletcher EP - 2CD Collectors Edition

              The Chameleons Dreams In Celluloid / Tony Fletcher CD Album

              This two cd set features newly re-mastered versions of classic early recordings, plus the ultra rare Tony Fletcher EP.

              Disc One is a collection of demos and early studio takes, showcasing The Chameleons at the very beginning of their career, bursting with energy and raw passion. Songs such as Fan and The Bellows, Dali's Picture and Everyday I'm Crucified, never made it onto the band's studio albums, but feature all the trademark sounds and lyrical themes that saw the band go on to achieve cult international status. The album also features early versions of some classic songs, such as Dreams in Celluloid, which went on to become Second Skin. These tracks originally appeared on the long deleted albums 'Fan and The Bellows' 'Dali's Picture'.

              Disc Two is the very rare Tony Fletcher EP. Named after the band's original manager, these tracks were recorded in 1987, as a potential follow-up to the Strange Times LP. Sadly the band split just days after these recordings. These are the final sounds and words of The Chameleons in the late 1980s.

              Both discs were restored and re-mastered Spring 2013. Dreams in Celluloid is presented in a double jewel case featuring rare artwork from guitarist Dave Fielding.

              As with all Blue Apple releases, this album is made available with the full support and input of all band members. 

              The Chameleons

              John Peel Sessions - 2014 Remaster Double Heavyweight LP

                This is where it all began. The songs and recordings that introduced The Chameleons to music fans across the world, courtesy of legendary broadcaster John Peel.

                Covering sessions from 1981, 1983 and 1984, the band are captured in bullish mood, free of the contractual worries that choked their career, and free to do what they always enjoyed most, making music.

                Near-live recordings bursting with passion and youthful energy. Early versions of songs from their first two albums, including a few rarities and alternative versions. All tracks restored and re-mastered in 2014.

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                2xLP Info: Double Heavyweight LP.
                2x180g discs + digital download code in gatefold sleeve. Vinyl plays at 45rpm for maximum sound quality.
                Sleeve features new artwork by guitarist Reg Smithies and gatefold / booklet features a collage of scrapbook cuttings courtesy of Dave Fielding.

                The Chameleons

                Script Of The Bridge - 2CD 25th Anniversary Edition

                This is one of the greatest records ever associated with Manchester. Taking their drive, passion and earnestness from punk but with a songwriterly craft light years beyond, The Chameleons mixed swirly, echoey FX, heart-on-the-sleeve angst, and the most incredibly anthemic songs, to produce a far stronger album than say, U2, whose debut was in a similar vein to this record. This was a band you could truly believe in. They were never cool or fashionable, it was all about The Music and the connection. This 25th anniversary, 2 CD edition features updated artwork (by Reg!) a remastered, awesome sound, and new sleevenotes from Mark Burgess. It's absolutely brilliant!

                The Chameleons

                Script Of The Bridge - Abbey Road Remaster

                  The Chameleons seminal debut album ‘Script of the Bridge’ restored and re-mastered for vinyl at Abbey Road Studios, London. The package contains two heavyweight (180g) vinyl discs together with a free digital download code.

                  The two 12” discs are in white poly bags inserted into spined LP sleeve, featuring exclusive new artwork by The Chameleons guitarist Reg Smithies. 

                  The Chameleons

                  What Does Anything Mean? Basically - 2CD Collectors Edition

                  A collectors edition of The Chameleons second studio album, "What Does Anything Mean? Basically" is via Blue Apple Music. The 2-disc set contains a re-mastered version of the original album, plus a bonus disc featuring previously unreleased demo recordings.

                  The album is presented in a Super Jewel Case with new artwork by Reg Smithies.

                  The Chameleons

                  Why Call It Anything - 2CD Collectors Edition

                    This is a re-issue of The Chameleons fourth studio album, an album that the majority of fans missed out on when originally released in 2001. Produced by David M Allen (Strange Times), it was the band's first full studio recordings in more than fifteen years. Featuring the rich guitars and powerful vocals associated with previous Chameleons albums, WCIA is also enriched by members solo pursuits throughout the 1990's, with some of the songs having an acoustic, almost folky feel. But fans of The Chameleons rockier side won't be disappointed with tracks such as Shades and Indiana still packing an almighty punch.

                    Disc Two features The Chameleons live in concert at Manchester Academy, a sold out hometown show recorded in 2001, during the band’s brief reunion. The cd features live renditions of various WCIA tracks, including Anyone Alive, Shades, and Dangerous Land. Tracks that sound even more impressive, played here after several months of touring. No Chameleons live cd would be complete without the classics, and this is no exception, with Swamp Thing, Second Skin, A Person Isn't Safe and others featuring here. Professionally recorded and mixed, with an unmistakeable hometown atmosphere, this is the definitive Chameleons live album. These tracks were previously available on the now deleted 'Live At The Academy' cd.

                    Both discs were re-mastered in Spring 2013. The WCIA Collectors Edition is presented in a double jewel case featuring new artwork by Reg Smithies.

                    As with all Blue Apple releases, this album is made available with the full support and input of all band members.

                    Childbirth are a supergroup in the sense its members are all in other hit bands (Julia Shapiro of Chastity Belt, Bree McKenna of Tacocat, Stacy Peck of Pony Time) and also that they do good for the world while in costume.

                    Childbirth’s forthcoming album, ‘Women’s Rights’, is wet-your-pants funny - subject matter includes a trashy friend bringing coke to a baby shower (‘Baby Bump’), characteristics that warrant an instant ‘swipe left’ on Tinder (‘Siri, Open Tinder’) and dating vapid IT douches (‘Tech Bro’).

                    Lyrics on ‘Women’s Rights’ are highly quotable - from ‘Tech Bro’: “I’ll let you explain feminism to me / If I can use your HD TV.” Like the majority of effective political art, ‘Women’s Rights’ shows rather than tells. The songs describe what is messed up in the world so evocatively that it needs no commentary and always has a biting sense of humour.

                    “Catchy, crass, and f*cking hilarious.” - Pitchfork

                    “As charged and vital and absolutely withering as circa-2014 punk rock can possibly be, and it’s very funny, too.” - Stereogum

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    Ltd LP Info: LP pressed on washing up glove yellow vinyl! Includes digital download code and printed innersleeves.

                    The Decemberists


                      The Decemberists release a new 5-song EP, ‘Florasongs’, on Rough Trade Records.

                      The 10” vinyl EP is a collection of rare and unreleased tracks from the sessions that produced their acclaimed seventh studio album, ‘What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World’, which came out in January.

                      Partisan Records are extremely excited to release ‘Sore’, the debut album by Canadian newcomers Dilly Dally.

                      Self taught guitarists Katie Monks and ‐ Liz Ball developed a sister‐like bond in high school. Their shared love of influences such as Nirvana and The Pixies served as common ground to start their own band.

                      ‘Sore’ is both heavy and melodic, with pop sensibilities that shine through the noise.

                      Dilly Dally sweep the listener along into a screaming psyche as Monks’ coarse holler slides in cadence and scale.

                      The production by Josh Korody (Fucked Up, Greys) and Leon Taheny (Owen Pallett, Austra, Dusted) further strengthens the band’s debut work.

                      CD and vinyl formats include a fold out poster.


                      Laying Down Rock

                        Heavenly Recordings are thrilled to introduce DRINKS, the new project from Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley, aka White Fence, whose album ‘Hermits On Holiday’ was recently released.

                        The album single ‘Laying Down Rock’ includes the B-side ‘Nice’.

                        Evil Blizzard

                        Everybody Come To Church

                          Like Hawkwind on even more acid or Sunn O))) meets Butthole Surfers/P.I.L. with four bassists and droning powerful songs...

                          Those masked marauding architects of cacophonic, bombastic, psychedelic bass bothering rock have been at it again, by which we mean making another album of unrivalled and quintessentially unique rock music.

                          Everybody Come To Church is the new album from Evil Blizzard. To say it’s been eagerly awaited in many quarters is an understatement, something we reckon fellow North-West based musician Mr Mark E. Smith, who’s been heard to say of the Blizzard “I like Evil Blizzard, they give me hope that music is alive and kicking” will no doubt agree with. The Guardian are also huge fans of the band having featured them on their cover and describing them as“…afearsome collision of Hawkwind, krautrock, molten noise, dazzling psychedelic lights and weird, gnarly looking masks.”
                          The album was “recorded live in one day with minimal overdubs at Magnetic North Studios” “Everybody Come To Church is a fierce, spontaneous outburst of evil noise.” Like we’d expect anything less. They hadonly four songs written before entering the studio and the rest of the album just ‘happened’ around ideas they’d had knocking about.“Everybody Come To Church features eight tracks of brooding, sinister psychedelic rock that will melt your mind and soul. You have been warned” concludes the press release. Amen to that.

                          And so to the first proper taster off the album. Evil Blizzard acolytes (of which there are many) will already be familiar with it as it first saw the light of day as a single released by our friends over at Rocket Records. The rest of you are in for a treat, so click play, sit back and prepare to enter the world of Evil Blizzard.

                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                          Ltd LP Info: Vinyl limited to 500 copies on blue vinyl.

                          Panagiotis Melidis started writing music as Larry Gus (λάρυγγας [larigas], Greek for larynx) in 2006, after his previous band, the bass and drums duo Ginger, parted ways. Initially his music combined sample-based constructions and psychedelic pop melodies, merged into an infinitely dense amount of layers and polyrhythms. He soon became known for his energetic and chaotic improvised live performances that involve intricate layering of vocals, drums, and electronics… along with lively stage banter.

                          On his new DFA album, "I Need New Eyes" (a title inspired by a Marcel Proust misquotation), moving slowly out of his sample-based roots and using clearer songwriting structures as his starting point, he stares intensively into his obsessions, anxieties and inadequacies, namely failure, humiliation, subservience, submission, and comparisons with other musicians’ careers, always through the prism of a provincial outsider.

                          Grant Hart

                          Ecce Homo

                            Finally released on vinyl, here is Grant Hart´s acoustic live album! Recorded back in 1994 in Seattle and released only in USA and only on CD, here we face a truly intense and deeply passionate acoustic performance from Grant Hart reviewing his songs as solo artist, as Nova Mob and, of course, as Hüsker Dü. This record is to Hüsker Dü as Johnny Thunders´ "Hurt Me" was to The New York Dolls.

                            A recording fulfilled with honesty, sincerity and even desperation.

                            150 gram vinyl, 500 copies ltd. 

                            Hatcham Social are set to return with a new album of their very own art-pop, post-punk, and rock ‘n’ roll sound on Crocodile Records on the 2nd of October 2015. ‘The Birthday of the World’ is the follow up to last years ‘Cutting Up The Present Leaks Out The Future’, described by Q Magazine as “a thrilling long dark night of the soul”, and features ten new tracks including the recent download release ‘Bucket Of Blood’.

                            Since the release of their debut long player ‘You Dig The Tunnel, I’ll Hide The Soil’ in 2009, Hatcham Social have never been a band to fall neatly into a scene or formula. From lo-fi bedroom pop cassettes, to post-punk shards and poetry, short films, girl-boy rock 'n' roll, and drug fuelled dark folk tinged psychedelia they have constantly reinvented and evolved with each release.

                            The atmospherics, lyrical heart, and energy are carried through to this new album: a science fiction themed art-pop odyssey titled ‘The Birthday of the World’. Inspired by the stories of Isaac Asimov, Ursula K Le Guin, and Arthur C Clarke, the new album is an exploration of Earth’s last days and the colonisation of Mars and is without doubt their finest collection of songs to date. 



                              Third studio album from Hurts.Working with the producers who have previously worked on The Killers albums,this album has a much bigger sound built around their trademark synth pop.

                              Fittingly born at the dawn of the 21st Century, The Intelligence’s brand of art-smarm surf has become a touchstone for with-it rock ’n’ roll of the era. Perhaps a surprising assertion, especially considering their primitive and personal origins, but one cemented by the dedication and continual reinvention fostered by main-brain Lars Aldric Finberg. For all their longevity and prolificacy, The Intelligence is a restless, ever-evolving vehicle for Finberg, showcasing his presumably patented knack for sharp pop songwriting that rides waves from both the past and heretofore unknown. Hence the emergence of Vintage Future, the band’s latest album.

                              Finberg has always playfully flashed fangs with The Intelligence, but the hard targeting here makes Vintage Future the most thematically biting offering thus far. Across the record, Finberg combs over relationships, ambitions and his own values for trouble spots and indignities, highlighting his findings and skewering as needed. Jabs at the absurdities of band life have been a focus since The Intelligence’s inception, but tunes like “Nocturnal Admissions,” “Refuse to Pay the Dues” (a sure-fire cornerstone of any Greatest Hits package assembled) and “Platinum Janitor” confront living in rock ’n’ roll with an honesty bordering on the sadistic. Songs like “Sex” and “Whip My Valet” (the band’s most singularly aggressive and punk moment ever) manage to be intensely personal ruminations, nervously humorous and all-out rockers simultaneously, all with a wink.

                              It’s precisely that charm coupled with intensity that makes The Intelligence so crave-worthy. Well, that and the copious panic-stabs of guitar. Vintage Future thankfully shows The Intelligence continuing to move in whatever goddamn direction they want, keeping it permanently casual in this inhuman Business That We Call Show. Is there any better way? - Mitch Cardwell, July 2015.

                              Jim Jones And The Righteous Mind

                              Boil Yer Blood

                                Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind follow last month’s sold out UK live premiere with the announcement of a Autumn tour and the release of their debut EP Boil Yer Blood on Brighton’s Raygun Records.

                                “When you've lost perspective from reining it in too long; you know, it's not about death and destruction; it’s about letting the beast out of the cage!” – Jim Jones

                                Litmus, Andrew Kidman’s first avant-garde surf film, served as a soulful reaction to the pop-punk progression that dominated the “alternative” mainstream. With the film's visceral and cerebral moodiness, folksy soundtrack, and meditative spirit, critics swooned over surf misfits like Wayne Lynch, Derek Hynd, Tom Curren, and Joel Fitzgerald. Despite the acclaim, the film was not much of a commercial success at the time. The aura of Litmus’ soundtrack, however, has found its cultish corner in the surf world.

                                Prior to filming Litmus, Kidman’s band, The Val Dusty Experiment, recorded a total of thirty-five songs in one day. Additional contributions from Galaxie 500, Yothu Yindi and The Screaming Orphans diversify the score. Litmus was a defining moment in surf filmmaking -- it sparked an open-minded retro-progressive movement as surfers formed a higher consciousness about the types of boards they were riding and why.

                                Kidman released his second film, Glass Love, ten years later. As with Litmus, the music came first; Kidman felt his songwriting was ready to take on a new life. Thanks in part to Litmus, experimentation in board design progressed as surfers became more contemplative, questioning, ‘is surfing art or sport?’ Glass Love and its soundtrack highlights this mindset and time period, creating an extra dimension to surfing that is still prevalent today.

                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                2xCD Info: 2CD in 6 panel, bi-fold chipboard digipack. Includes 16 page booklet with photos and ephemera from the films.

                                2xLP Box Set Info: 2LP Heavyweight Box + 100 page book.


                                L-85 Turntable - Green

                                  Direct MP3 encoding, from vinyl to USB stick
                                  Integrated stereo pre-amplifier
                                  2 rated speed settings 33 RPM and 45 RPM
                                  Moving Magnetic Cartridge (MMC)
                                  Mechanical arm lift
                                  Belt drive
                                  Auto return
                                  Track splitting
                                  Removable plastic dust cover
                                  412mm x 325mm size

                                  USB input
                                  RCA out

                                  Fresh off the heels of ‘New York Before The War’, Jesse Malin returns with his latest album, ‘Outsiders’ released via One Little Indian Records.

                                  Born of late night recording sessions in the Pennsylvania Woods with producer Don DiLego.

                                  Far from any expectations, ‘Outsiders’ presents Jesse Malin in his rawest form yet. Malin himself describes the album as “a record built out of optimism and disgust - one for leavers, the believers, the hustlers and the chicken hawks who could never catch us.”

                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                  LP Info: Vinyl format includes a bonus track.

                                  "If you haven’t heard the name Alexander Brettin aka Mild High Club before, you’ll be hearing it a lot soon. He’s toured with Wire, Mac DeMarco, Mikal Cronin, and Ariel Pink. The shaggy-haired Los Angeles transplant’s debut album, Timeline, is released through a new offshoot of Stones Throw Records, Circle Star Records. While making the album, Brettin collaborated with Ariel Pink, and Pink’s influence is evident on Mild High Club’s first psychedelic single, “Undeniable.” It feels like a lost ’60s tune, each note sustained with a twirl of vibrato creating an elongated nonchalant West Coast vibe. Perhaps it’s the electronic organ, but the song has a pleasant, almost childlike simplicity. “Undeniable” manages to be upbeat despite its slow tempo. It’s sweet, in all senses of the word." - Stereogum

                                  Israel Nash

                                  Israel Nash's Silver Season

                                  Cosmos-wrangling Americana upstart Israel Nash returns from Texas Hill Country with his Silver Season, a deeply gorgeous and wholly immersive nine‐song set that plays less like an album, and more like a cross section of time and space. The man’s fourth LP ventures farther down the acid‐soaked trail blazed by 2013’s Rain Plans, arriving in lush and expansive territory. Here, this Missouri son sounds more assured than ever, supported by his highly capable band and production inspired by psychedelic greats. Israel Nash’s Silver Season is best played loudly, and sounds wonderful in headphones.

                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                  Deluxe LP Info: 180g LP + download, limited initial copies in gatefold sleeve with custom windows.

                                  New Order

                                  Restless - Inc. Andrew Weatherall Remix

                                  ‘Music Complete’ is the iconic group’s ninth album (tenth if you count 2013’s mini-album ‘Lost Sirens’) and possibly their most eclectic collection of songs yet. Whichever way you count it, it’s New Order’s return to recording after an absence of more than a decade and it’s an album that finds the group revitalised, refreshed and razor sharp, looking to their past while forging forward. Where the group have previously pushed toward synthesisers or guitars, here the two are in balance.

                                  ‘Restless’ is the first single to be taken from the album. Remixes are provided by longtime collaborator Andrew Weatherall plus RAC, Agoria and xxxy. There is also an exclusive extended 12” mix by Gareth Jones.

                                  “Their best record for over 25 years” - Q

                                  “A runaway victory for class over hype” - Mixmag

                                  “Manchester legend’s ninth album lays claim to iconic status” - Mojo

                                  “New Order’s best album since their 1989 masterpiece Technique” - GQ

                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                  Ltd 12" Info: The 12” is released on green vinyl and includes a download code for the full remix package.

                                  Old House Playground

                                  The Great Escape

                                    An electric and twisted mix of blues, avant-garde and roots with Greek folk influences, Old House Playground are a three-piece band based in Manchester UK.

                                    This 10" EP features 2 bonus tracks exclusive to this vinyl edition.

                                    The album was anticipated by the single Saturation, released in July and remixed by Sonic Boom (founding member of Spacemen 3 and Spectrum), who also collaborated with the band on their previous 7inch single, Lying In The Sand. Defined a rumbling space-rocker by US’s Under The Radar Magazine, the single is also the opening track of this seven-tracks record, out on Thursday the 1st of October.

                                    Their adventure started in 2008, when Eric Strand founded the band with organist, guitarist and violinist Christian Eldefors. They are the only other permanent member of The Orange Revival. With just a demo they embarked upon a European tour by train, rambling around the capitals and sleeping at street corners most of the nights. In 2011 they released their first LP, Black Smoke Rising, and ever since they ended up playing two editions of Austin Psych Fest and toured Europe and USA for two years.

                                    During their European tours, they supported the likes of The Warlocks, White Hills and Spectrum, starting a solid relationship with Peter Kember. As anticipated by the single, Futurecent is a collection of doomsday drones, stirring up Blues, Punk and a touch of Desert Rock in a lysergic pot. Echoing some of the wildest chapters of Rock & Roll history, from The Stooges to Brian Jonestown Massacre and early Nebula, the record has a 60s hypnotic flavour, spiced up with hammering drums, organ buzz and fuzzy guitar riffs. 

                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                    LP Info: 180 gram orange coloured vinyl.

                                    Penetration were formed in Ferryhill, County Durham in 1976 at the very beginning of the punk rock phenomenon. An exciting live prospect, respected by peers and dedicated fans, the group signed to Virgin Records in 1977 and released their first single, the punk classic 'Don't Dictate', that autumn. ‘Resolution’ is their first album for 36 years.

                                    Their debut album, 'Moving Targets', was released in 1978 to critical acclaim and commercial success (reaching no. 22 in the UK album chart) and showcased a confident outfit that had already expanded its musical and creative vision.

                                    Their second album, 'Coming Up For Air' which was produced by legendary Steve Lillywhite, had excellent songs such as 'Come Into The Open' (released as a single) and 'Shout Above The Noise' that ensured a healthy Top 40 chart placing for the record, before the band announced their split up.

                                    In 2002, Murray was persuaded to reform Penetration. Of its original members, only Pauline Murray, Robert Blamire and drummer Gary Smallman remained, with guitarists Steve Wallace and Paul Harvey (who appeared on the 'Storm Clouds' album) augmenting the line-up.

                                    Their comeback album, 'Resolution' retains the essential components of Penetration, with subtle references to the band's previous releases sprinkled throughout. Produced by Blamire, his bass combined with John Maher's drumming provides a strong rhythm section and the powerful and distinctive guitar parts of Wallace and Harvey blend perfectly together, leaving Murray's still strong and distinctive voice to convey passionate yet intelligent lyrical subject matter.

                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                    Indies Exclusive LP Info: Indies exclusive coloured vinyl.


                                    Fall In

                                      The nom de guerre of 19 year-old Hannah Rodgers, Pixx is a young songwriter from Chipstead, just beyond the fringes of south London where suburban sprawl starts to break into countryside.

                                      Inspired by the likes of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Aphex Twin, she’s adopted her grandmother’s nickname to strike out it alone as Pixx.

                                      Her debut EP, ‘Fall In’, is a collection of four electronic folk-infused torch songs; a perfect introduction to the mysterious world her music inhabits.

                                      “Pixx possesses the same celestial qualities as fellow label-mates Cocteau Twins or Blonde Redhead, with a little of the astral, new age aesthetic of Grimes and the gothic melancholy of Bauhaus.” - The Guardian 

                                      The Primitives

                                      The Primitives Reworked By Modular

                                        Limited edition of 500 on clear vinyl, including digital download. Part of the new Elefant "Reworked By" series.

                                        Primitives fans may search to find traces of the original songs among the analogue keybords and white noise, as Argentinian band Modulor totally rework these tracks with some spacey mischief. You can hear the analogue toying of Stereolab, the martial rhythms of kraut-rock, the outer-space noise and magic of Juan García Esquivel, but also those clearly recognizable melodies, the solid, hummable, pristine choruses of the originals.

                                        Nashville's finest purveyors of febrile root-work psychedelia return with a dizzyingly accomplished second album that highlights an expanded band (including members of the Paperhead and Fly Golden Eagle); bigger, bolder arrangements featuring more and louder guitars, squally strings, and Steve Gunn; and road-ripened songwriting that veers between the frenetic and tender, recalling Jim Ford, the Pretty Things, the Grateful Dead, Dennis Linde, and the Byrds at their most eight-miles-fried.

                                        The current lineup likewise prominently features invaluable Nashville stalwarts Peter Stringer-Hye (The Paperhead) on additional vocals and rhythm guitar and polymath Mitch Jones (Fly Golden Eagle) on keyboards, as well as handling co-production and string arrangements on the record. That’s Peter singing on “She Takes Me There” and “Northern Country Scene,” and providing honey to Joe’s vinegar on “Through the Seasons”; his chugging rhythm parts allow Sean space to explore the stratosphere. Mitch’s complex but understated organ and electric piano parts color and thicken things throughout, providing a subtle glaze to the proceedings. Lest you think Promised Land Sound is a band that aspires to sound like the sum of their record collections, think again: the fact is that there just aren’t many other bands writing and inhabiting rock and roll songs of this scale and structural and performative sophistication. The Chiltonisms and chiaroscuro of “She Takes Me There” recall Big Star, but not so much in sound as in sentiment—the melancholy dislocation of a Southern band in a Southern city, but existing strangely out of time and pushing beyond geography. Listen to the bittersweet swagger of “Otherwordly Pleasures” or “Oppression”: despite the classic psych and pop influences, Promised Land Sound is in some essential sense a staunchly Southern band, unselfconscious classicists eager to anchor their songs in traditional forms while tearing at the edges of the vernacular.

                                        Reminds me of Eggs Over Easy & the Link Wray albums - a version of country-rock that isn't too glossy, that still has gravel stuck in the boot toes. - William Tyler

                                        What the Byrds might have sounded like had Gram Parsons joined the band a year or two earlier. Exemplary! – Uncut

                                        It has that wonderful bar-band sound. Really fresh! – NPR

                                        Brisk country-rock tunes that might make a young Gram Parsons kneel down and pray. - PopMatters

                                        'The Agent Intellect' is Protomartyr's third and finest work to date. Named after an ancient philosophical questioning of how the mind operates in relation to the self, it’s an elegant and often devastating display of all that makes Protomartyr so vital and singularly visceral an outfit. Over the course of several months, Greg Ahee waded through more than a hundred song fragments until he reached the bottomless melodies of “I Forgive You” and “Clandestine Time”, the inky depths of “Pontiac ’87” and titanic churn of “Why Does It Shake?” Lyrically, Casey is at his most confident and haunting. He humanizes evil on “The Devil in His Youth,” and, amid the charred pop of “Dope Cloud,” he reassures us that nothing - not God, not money - can or will prevent our minds from unraveling until we finally fade away. We are no one and nothing, he claims, without our thoughts. It’s a theme that echoes through the entirety of the record, but never as beautifully as it does on “Ellen.” Named after his mother and written from the perspective of his late father, it’s as romantic a song as you’re likely to hear this or any year, Casey promising to wait for her on the other side, with the memories she’s lost safely in hand.

                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                        LP Info: Limited coloured vinyl.

                                        Radar Men From The Moon

                                        Subversive I

                                          Eindhoven based RMFTM are an instrumental space rock band that follows in the footsteps of The Heads, White Hills and Electric Moon. Their approach on the psychedelic rock scene is rather broad. By taking different genres in to account such as; shoegaze, neo-psych, space and noise rock, they take off in an interstellar exploration of new sounds that will take you on a trip far away into the unknown boundaries of space and time. 

                                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                                          Ltd 12" Info: Vinyl limited to 500 only worldwide.

                                          Reverend & The Makers release their eagerly anticipated fifth album, Mirrors, through Cooking Vinyl, on Friday 9th October. The first song to be taken from the album, Black Widow was premiered by Steve Lamacq on 6 Music and has also had early plays from Zane Lowe on his new Beats 1 radio show and from XFM. Mirrors was recorded at 2 Fly Studios Sheffield and Geejam Studios in Jamaica and was produced by Dave Sanderson with additional production by Youth and Alan Smyth.

                                          'Sounds like nothing I've heard since the great concept albums of the 60's' - Noel Gallagher 

                                          'Mirrors' is a magnum opus. He's a seasoned melodic master too' - Carl Barât

                                          'Sounds amazing - enigmatic music out of Sheffield' – Zane Lowe 

                                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                                          Ltd CD/DVD Info: The DVD features a film by acclaimed director Roger Sargent, filmed in Jamaica to accompany each song on the album.

                                          Run Forever

                                          Run Forever

                                            Pittsburgh indie-rock band Run Forever will be releasing a new, self-titled album on October 9th. The album was produced by HUM’s Matt Talbott and Kyle Gilbride (Waxahatchee), and features 11 songs, including the recently released single “Big Vacation.”

                                            The album showcases vocalist/guitarist Anthony Heubel’s impressively diverse evolution as a songwriter. Its memorable hooks and melodies grab hold of listeners with each telling note.

                                            Huebel is no stranger to writing emotive and evocative songs that his audience can relate to. Over the last several years his band Run Forever has become well known for their gifted songwriting and alt-indie musical style that’s flourished on fan-favorite records like The Devil, And Death, And Me, A Few Good Things EP and several splits with bands like The Wild and Adventures.

                                            Sleaford Mods / Sudden Infant


                                              Limited copies of the tour-only 7" featuring "You're Brave" by Sleaford Mods & an exclusive track from Berlin's Noise rock trio Sudden Infant – “Fat Nipple Upright”.

                                              The Specials

                                              The Specials - Limited White Vinyl Edition

                                                The Specials were formed in Coventry in 1977. 

                                                True innovators, the band began the British ska revival craze, combining the highly danceable ska and rocksteadybeat with punk’s energy and attitude. 
                                                The Specials had seven consecutive UK Top 10 singles between 1979 and 1981, including the number 1 hits ‘Too Much Too Young’ and ‘Ghost Town’
                                                The Specials’ landmark, 14-track-strong debut album ‘Specials’ (UK No.4, 1979), produced by Elvis Costello, declared their intentions loud and clear with a rare blend of furious energy and no-nonsense, hard-hitting lyrics.
                                                This album has been digitally remastered from the original analogue stereo masters and the new vinyl cuts have been made using those new masters. Careful comparison was made to the first pressed copies of the original albums throughout the process to maintain the sound as the band had originally envisaged.

                                                In essence a studio recording of their live set, the album comprises mostly originals with a few covers of ska classics thrown in for good measure, including their fabulous take on Dandy Livingstone's ‘A Message to You Rudy’, an equally stellar version of the Maytals' ‘Monkey Man’, and a sizzling take on Prince Buster's ‘Too Hot’. 

                                                Features: the vicious ‘Nite Klub’, with its unforgettable line, “All the girls are slags and the beer tastes just like piss”; ‘Blank Expression’, which extended the misery into unwelcoming pubs‘; ‘Concrete Jungle’, capturing the fear and violence that stalked the inner cities; the personal ‘It's Up To You’, a message to those who disliked the group and its stance, and a rallying cry for supporters; ‘Too Much Too Young’, showing the Specials' disdain for teen pregnancy and marriage; ‘It Doesn't Make It Alright’, delivering a heartfelt plea against racism, and the rocksteady-esque yearning of ‘You're Wondering Now’.

                                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                Ltd LP Info: Limited edition white vinyl.

                                                Sunflower Bean

                                                Show Me Your Seven Secrets

                                                  Brooklyn-based trio Sunflower Bean - one of the most raw, buzzed-about groups from NY in recent times - release their debut EP on vinyl.

                                                  ‘Show Me Your Seven Secrets’ is the first offering from Julia Cumming, Nick Kivlen and Jacob Faber, AKA the neo-psych band Sunflower Bean.

                                                  Sunflower Bean’s style is that of thick psychedelia mixed with touches of jangly post punk / new wave, complete with warping, billowing guitar textures that make pedal nerds drool a little bit and all the reverbed vocals that you could ask for. Think a mix of House Of Love, Tame Impala and Spaceman 3.

                                                  12” clear vinyl limited to 250 units for the UK and Eire.

                                                  The Sunset Strip

                                                  Stone Lazy

                                                    Having recorded / released several well received albums for Au Go Go in the mid to late 1980's/early 1990's, including the much revered "Move Right In" opus, once referred to as “..a minor masterpiece of multi-layered guitar riffs and dark, acid-blues / avant-sludge rock… it remains one of the most underrated independent albums ever issued in Australia…”.

                                                    They recorded / released two incredible CDEPs, "Scrape It Out" and "Nothing Lost Nothing Gained" (both over 30 minutes long) for the Dogmeat label (for whom this album was to be released, but they sadly folded before it could happen, thus languishing in vaults since).

                                                    This is an incredible snapshot of musical work from a verdent period in Melbourne / Geelong recording history.

                                                    So, now in 2015 and Brown and fellow Strip guitarist Andy Turner have assembled the pieces and issued it on vinyl LP / CD. Drawn from a number of sessions, recorded between 1993-1995 by original band members Andy Turner and Warwick Brown with Mike Glenn / Paul Ryan and featuring guests Tim Hemensley, Joel Silbersher, and Charlie Owen. This is a first time release for this album; a vinyl pressing of 250 on the GREVILLE label and a w/w CD pressing on Agitated Records for this 10 tracker.

                                                    The Sunset Strip emerged out of the vibrant 80s Australian indie music scene with very different slant to the Detroit sound that was predominant. Mining a seam of guitar-heavy music that stretched from The Byrds to Buffalo Springfield to Crazy Horse to Dinosaur Jr and beyond, the band was critically but never commercially successful and fell apart in 1995. This is guitar music at it's broadest - from maelstrom to melody.Prepare to be swept away.

                                                    The Sunset Strip track "Mercy Killing" (recorded in the same time as this album) was featured on the recent Amorhpous Androgynous; Wizard of Oz compilation.

                                                    A really special archival release, there will be a primer of classic Sunset Strip tracks released on Agitated soon also.

                                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                    LP Info: LP comes with a DL code to link to a heap of unreleased bonus tracks. LP has exhaustive "Sunset Strip" sleeve notes written by Andy and Warwick.

                                                    CD Info: CD both has exhaustive "Sunset Strip" sleeve notes written by Andy and Warwick.


                                                    Marquee Moon - Limited White Vinyl Edition

                                                      Television were part of the late ‘70s punk nucleus that put New York’s CBGB club on the map. Driven by Tom Verlaine’s raw-nerve song-writing and both his and Richard Lloyd’s guitar playing - dual strands of slashing hooks and cathartic riffs - their music is spare yet structurally complex, artistic yet unpretentious. Among rock’s true innovators, Television put a new face on punk and influenced everything from New Wave to jam-rock.

                                                      ‘Marquee Moon’ is widely considered as one of rock’s great debuts and 2012 sees its 35th anniversary of influencing and leading the way for many bands to come.

                                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                      Ltd LP Info: Limited edition white vinyl.

                                                      The climactic entry in our four-set Unwound exploration, Empire compiles the final pair of albums by the Olympia, Washington, trio. On 1998’s Challenge For A Civilized Society, the band toyed with conventional verse/chorus form, stacking layers of noise and distraction on top of tightly constructed melodies. They’d abdicate entirely just three years later with 2001’s Leaves Turn Inside You, executing a 14-song masterclass in home recording that observed a crucial band in graceful transition from post-hardcore trio to experimental quintet. The mammoth double album was lost in the chaos of a post-9/11 media, baffling onlookers and exhilirating fans in successive breaths before it fell far out of print. At their reinvention and terminus, Unwound ultimately asked “Who Cares”?

                                                      The Empire box-set teems with period singles, B-sides, unreleased studio tracks, and demos, alongside a 15,000-word essay exploring the terminal stages of the ‘90s, indie rock, Unwound, and civilization as we know it.

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Barry says: Unwound return to our homes, and record collections with this impressive box set. Mixing the off-kilter yet melodic sounds of early hardcore bands with the atmospheric and expansive sounds of noise-rock pioneers means this comes off as an impressive and fitting tribute to a band often unheralded. Add to that the extras and unreleased gems, and you have a collection worth fighting for. Highly recommended as a reminder of one of the best post-hardcore bands of the 90's.

                                                      'Stranger Still' is an anthem for insomniacs, illuminating the hours when the world exceeds our grasp. 'From Now On' rings out some emotional tinnitus, the moment a night runs away from you, when freedoms turn into responsibilities.

                                                      The album builds around dualities, the way people pair at parties. 'Current Carry' percolates with the confidence of love, while 'Confiding' reveals how vulnerable we are chasing love. 'Backwards Slowly' and 'Edgar' are vignettes of transition, more ebb than flow.

                                                      As with many of Vetiver's better moments, sunshine is only a chord away from melancholy. An introspective lyric underlies an extroverted chorus. Subtlety tries to be outgoing, loneliness familiar, in an effort to connect the dots of life's ellipsis.

                                                      'The Errant Charm' (2011) received praise from Clash “Utterly Lovely” and The Quietus ”masterpieces of simmering, inward-looking passion“

                                                      Wand launch their third album, ‘1000 Days’, in what can only be called the relative blink of an eye.

                                                      August of 2014 was ‘Ganglion Reef’, Wand’s debut album release, on the GOD? label, revelling in their dark circuits and three-ring modulations. Following that, they ranged from their south-Cali base, towing their sound around this maze of interstates and state routes. Shows of all kinds were playing, plenty of people to meet up with on the way. Europe got booked and suddenly it was March of 2015 with a second album entitled ‘Golem’ (this time on In The Red) trailing Wand’s sound farther down the road, past the sky, into storm and casino food.

                                                      Recorded in Los Angeles and San Francisco in between tour days, ‘1000 Days’ finds Wand searching in corners. Where have all the people gone? Where have they put them? Panoramas of the body history are viewed through Wand’s spy-glass as it sweeps the horizon. · Never shy of a new machine, Wand found extra texture during ‘1000 Days’ via synthetic animation. Songs compelled them to reach across lifestyle, relying on broadcast to find out who might need the sound. The atmosphere is quicksilver and the space acoustic; as a beacon sparks electric, a cascade of hifi noises for everyone’s ear moles - raucous, impassive, inevitable musical expressions.

                                                      Paul Weller

                                                      I'm Where I Should Be

                                                        Paul Weller releases the third single from his critically acclaimed latest album Saturns Pattern. ‘I’m Where I Should Be’ has been a firm fan favourite on this year’s live dates and as if that wasn't enough to tempt you, this 7" also includes yet another brand new song on the B-side - ‘Open Road’.

                                                        Weyes Blood

                                                        Cardamom Times

                                                          Cardamom Times was recorded onto reel-to-reel tape at Natalie Mering’s home studio in Rockaway Beach, New York. Like the area, which itself has recently been devastated by natural causes and is regaining its bearings, Mering has created a language of dystopian love. A place where hurt, comfort, past, and future are finding themselves together, not necessarily out of mutual affection, but because ‘this is the way things are.’

                                                          As with her past recordings, these songs echo her flirtatiousness with the classics and of the avant-garde; channeling the domestic hymns of Sybille Baer through the lens of Baltimore’s recent experimentalism; the devotional drones of Terry Riley accompanied by the voices of the Sacre Coeur; the confrontational words of Anais Nin along with the warm embrace of St. Augustine. Mering’s search for true, timeless love, is accompanied by her caravan of ancestors who channel through her like spectres caught on magnetic tape. Using DIY recording techniques with a horde of equipment, Cardamom Times alters tropes of classicist folk arrangements with echo chambers, flutes, keyboards, and manipulated tapes. On "Take You There" she performs a stark and deep call of longing over minimalist organ, on Cardamom a secret infatuation is addressed through delicate guitar playing and flute. The instruments are both vintage and contemporary, piercing and soothing.

                                                          Various Artists

                                                          In A Moment... Ghost Box

                                                            To mark the label’s tenth anniversary Ghost Box have compiled a double album of highlights from their back catalogue.

                                                            Thirty one specially remastered tracks from The Advisory Circle, Belbury Poly, The Focus Group, Pye Corner Audio, John Foxx and The Belbury Circle, Roj, Mount Vernon Arts Lab and a track from the forthcoming album by Hintermass. The album includes extensive sleeve notes by music writer Simon Reynolds, who has championed the Ghost Box cause from the very beginning.

                                                            Both physical formats are lavish packages designed by Julian House, and celebrate the fact that graphic design has always played a central part of the label’s ethos.

                                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                            2xLP Info: Heavyweight vinyl double gatefold LP with free download code.

                                                            2xCD Info: Double digipack CD with booklet insert.

                                                            Various Artists

                                                            Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia Presents PZYK Vol.1

                                                            Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia are thrilled to announce the release of PZYK Vol.1 - a deluxe triple vinyl compilation celebrating the current neo-psychedelic underground. 

                                                            Featuring a mix of exclusive tracks, re-mixes, rarities and album cuts, the compilation spans and charts the global PZYK diaspora, with artists from around the world contributing to an international selection comprising 30 of the current movement’s key noisemakers.

                                                            All the artists featured on the release have either performed at Liverpool Psych Fest, or are heading to Liverpool for this year’s festival, set to be held over the weekend of 25th/26th September within Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle.

                                                            PZYK Vol.1 features Goat, K-X-P, Clinic, Föllakzoid, Jane Weaver, Blanck Mass, Fever The Ghost, POW!, The Lucid Dream and many, many more....

                                                            Writing for the release’s liner notes, The Quietus’ Julian Marszalek observed, “Just as ownership of a wah-wah pedal and a phalanx of effects doesn’t mean you’ve got a psychedelic band, neither does a grouping of such acts make for a psychedelic festival. Similarly, a fetishisation of the 1960s and a retro outlook through rose-tinted headphones isn’t a statement of what’s happening in the here and now of the 21st century. No, what’s needed is an understanding of the form; how it’s developed and mutated into something new while retaining the all-important ability to startle the listener from accepted forms of reality into an altered state. And this is where the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia truly succeeds.”

                                                            Marszalek continues, “As evidenced by this epic release, this is a broad church and one not limited to orthodoxy or limited structures. Over these six sides of vinyl you’ll find contained the bands that have come to define the well-deserved reputation of this incredible annual event. And as the music flows from your speakers, you’ll come to realise that contributions have come from all over the globe. We’re not alone; this is happening the world over and for one very special weekend at the end of September in the north west of England, the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia crystalizes this movement into something quite beautiful. There are many levels of experience to unravel and this is the place to start.” 

                                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                            3xLP Info: Black vinyl edition.


                                                            Various Artists

                                                            Whyte Horses Frosinone Mixtape Volume III

                                                            Manchester band Whyte Horses’ Dom Thomas is well known for his collecting rare and obscure music often released as quirky compilations on his label Brutal Music imprint. Currently touring with Whyte Horses, he found time to make an exclusive CD of the band's inspirations and loves to sell at their gigs. It's an amazing hour-long mixtape of interesting and forgotten psychedelic music that takes in (mostly) tropicalia, Brazillian folk, minimalism and dreamy psych. Dom describes as "an hour of looking at a sun drenched mountain range through kaleidoscopic glasses, where slacker-folk anthems do battle with desert-pop breaks and Led Zepplinesque Eastern ballard standards.” 100 copies only.

                                                            Latest Pre-Sales

                                                            116 NEW ITEMS

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