Genre pick of the week Cover of Multi-Love by Unknown Mortal Orchestra.
On Multi-Love, Unknown Mortal Orchestra frontman and multi-instrumentalist Ruban Nielson reflects on relationships: airy, humid longing, loss, the geometry of desire that occurs when three people align. Where Nielson addressed the pain of being alone on II, Multi-Love takes on the complications of being together.

Multi-Love adds dimensions to the band’s already kaleidoscopic approach, with Nielson exploring a newfound appreciation for synthesizers. The new songs channel with the spirit of psych innovators without ignoring the last 40 years of music, forming a flowing, cohesive whole that reflects restless creativity. Cosmic escapes and disco rhythms speak to developing new vocabulary, while Nielson’s vocals reach powerful new heights.

“It felt good to be rebelling against the typical view of what an artists is today, a curator,” he says. “It’s more about being someone who makes things happen in concrete ways. Building old synthesizers and bringing them back to life, creating sounds that aren’t quite like anyone else’s. I think that’s much more subversive.”


Andy says: Better bottom-end for the funky psych-groovers. Their last album was well loved here, looks like this is gonna top it!

Ryan Adams

Heartbreaker - Remastered Edition

    Heartbreaker is the debut solo studio album by Ryan Adams, originally released September 5, 2000. The album was recorded over fourteen days at Woodland Studios in Nashville, Tennessee and has since established itself as one of alt-country’s most iconic records.


    Andy says: Most people would say this was Ryan Adams' finest hour. Includes the classic "Come Pick Me Up".


    2xLtd LP Info: 180g double vinyl.

    JM Airis

    Wild Birds

      Below the hustle and bustle of New York City’s streets, lies ‘Terminal NY’, the bunker-come-recording studio of Wisconsin journeyman-songwriter JM Airis. It’s where Wild Birds was conceived - Airis’ striking new noir-folk album that’s all set to soar from the grit of the Brooklyn basement and circle the Empire State Building, bringing a moment of calm to the pulsing heartbeat of the big city.

      Airis covers a lot of territory with this album, from the swaggering to the solemn as he delves into the darker side of Americana music. Filled with heavy emotions and heart felt lyrics, Wild Birds pushes the prominence of airy spaces, synth notes, and the relegation of guitars to a supporting role pushing this recording to the edge of folk noir, if it’s even definable.
      From structure to sound, Airis is deliberate in his creation of making even the least audible punctuations perfect. Every single chime, raw rhythm, and acoustic string reverberation is exactly as Airis intended it to be, all while not being over produced.

      All together, Wild Birds is a bare-eyed view from above, a finished mirror of the simplicity distance provides and a back-to-the-land reminder that not everyone in the city is singing songs about the hustle.

      Whilst Airis’ previous offering Indian Summer was applauded for its traditional grass roots approach that couldn’t be further from his time as drummer in NYC outfit Dead Sparrows, Wild Birds brings everything bang up to date with the prominence of synths, airy spaces and the relegation of guitars to supporting role.

      Surrounded by old 50s and 60s tube schematics and internet forum kits that manifest as functional Microphones, EQs, Compressors and Preamps within the concrete and tin frame of the converted textile warehouse, what they lack in authenticity is more than made up for with their unique and honest sound. From the southern-gothic style of ‘False Birds’ that recalls the lo-fi nature of BRMC’s semi-acoustic album Howl, to ‘Infinite Sun’s neo-country slide guitar and the moody narco-blues of ‘Cant Hurry’, each song stokes the fire that is Airis’ creative process and is a further exploration into the darker psyche of Americana.

      Recorded almost entirely by Airis himself, leading the way on guitar and vocals, he also enlisted the skills of Young Magic’s Melati Malay who provides backing vocals to the blissed-out, reverb heavy ‘14 Shadows’, plus the technical expertise of Kloke records’ Kloke (high guitar), Ryan Olson (electric drums), and Solid Gold’s Adam Hurlburt (bass) with the “Wild Birds” live band consisting Graham Finn (synth/slide guitar/bass), Street Smells’ Evie Beach (keyboard/drums), and Alan O’Keeffe (guitar).


      2xLP Info: Double LP on black vinyl (please note no download code included).
      LP comes with a loose insert.



        “It’s Ash at their frenetic best” says drummer Rick McMurray. “A wall of guitars and a shot of adrenaline with a sweet melodic chaser.” A clear statement of intent, ‘Cocoon’ picked up immediate radio support from BBC 6 Music and XFM and served as a bold introduction to their forthcoming album. It’s been eight years since ‘Twilight Of The Innocents’, the album Ash vowed would be their last. The ensuing years saw the band embark on the ambitious A-Z singles series and its accompanying A-Z tour taking them from Aldershot to Zennor. The decision to put the album format to one side allowed Ash to explore a different dynamic to their sound across 26 tracks released over a year.

        “A-Z was a great exercise in creativity and we stand by our choice to do it but we still love the album format. Stepping away from it for eight years has given us a new found love for the format and it's been really exciting to get back to thinking about music in that way again”.

        On ‘Kablammo!’, they set out to capture the live essence of Ash, the closest sonic predecessor being 2004's 'Meltdown', they say, with the songwriting of the 'Free All Angels' singles. “We've stripped away the electronic overtones of the A-Z series and made a streamlined blazing guitar record.” “On every song you can hear what makes this band tick, our beating (atomic) heart. It's a visceral expression of what has driven us since 1992. Passion, melody and Ash.” The title itself – ‘Kablammo!’ - sums up the excitement Ash felt “to be in a room together making new music. You can hear that on every song.” And this renewed enthusiasm for playing together is writ large over the album’s 12 tracks, the ‘in your face’ quality” which has made Ash one of the UK’s best -loved bands.

        ‘Free’ and ‘Moondust’ provide two of the album’s most anthemic moments.
        “In the pool of half remembered dreams,” Tim Wheeler laments on ‘Free’. “How long have I been submerged in sleep?”, his soaring falsetto echoing above an impatient chug of guitars, a cry to cutting loose replete with an achingly emotive guitar solo.

        ‘Moondust’ captivates hearts with sweet pattering keys and the mournful grace of a string section, building to a mighty crescendo, Wheeler’s star -gazing broken heart lifted to the skies, “When you come home, will you stay for good?”

        It’s not all sky-high calls and midnight falls, ‘Shutdown’ takes us back to the trio’s roots. Its scrappy, teenage punk spirit sprinting hand in hand with a sweet ‘90s nostalgia and a three-line chorus destined to raise your pint into the air. Elsewhere, ‘Dispatch’ rides a college rock wave. Wah-oos and guitar dips that explode into a head-crashing power-chord shred, all the while bumping up to hooks so big we’re singing along before we know all the words.

        “We've finally bridged the gap between our live show and the recording” the band say. “Kablammo!’ is the proof.”


        2xLtd CD Info: Limited 2 CD edition includes 4 bonus tracks.

        Matt Berry


          This album has been long-awaited by Matt Berry fans who regularly comment on their struggles to get their hands on a copy of this album on CD. Until now the album has never previously been available on CD, apart from a few hand-made bootleg copies which float around the internet for hundreds of pounds.


          The Singles And EPs

            Following the acclaimed re-issue of their sole album, Leave The Straight Life Behind, BOB return with an anthology of all their singles, many appearing on CD for the first time.

            The band’s most well-known single, Convenience, a John Peel favourite, opens this 2CD set and the CD is then a chronological run through of the key songs from the various singles and EPs.

            Disc Two includes many of their b-sides and EP tracks including their debut 1986 flexi disc.

            All tracks bar Convenience appear on CD for the very first time having all only ever been released on vinyl previously.

            Circuit Des Yeux

            In Plain Speech

            Haley Fohr’s music strikes a unique balance between the personal and universal. As Circuit des Yeux she creates music that embodies the complexity of human emotions, juxtaposing tenderness and grief, ecstasy and horror, using sounds as representations of the emotional spectrum that we all experience. Fohr’s striking voice, an impassioned baritone, is the music’s centrepiece and guiding force.

            On ‘In Plain Speech’ Fohr is joined by some of the most progressive musicians in the Chicago music community; Cooper Crain (Cave, Bitchin Bajas), Whitney Johnson (Verma), Rob Frye (Bitchin Bajas), Adam Luksetich (Little Scream), and Kathleen Baird (Spires That In The Sunset Rise). Fohr cements her reputation as a fearless songwriter and inventive arranger with this stirring collection of songs that are both gorgeous and emotionally potent.

            ‘In Plain Speech’ represents the start of a new, more collaborative chapter for Circuit des Yeux. While previous works were solo affairs, not only in performance but emotionally tied to a sense of confinement and place, these new songs were composed after a move to a collective living space, giving Fohr an opportunity to break free of the isolation that informed her previous albums.

            ‘In Plain Speech’ continues her collaboration with Crain but it is her first recording with a full band, who are all leaders in Chicago’s new wave of creative musicians. Her songs, while always potent when delivered solo, shine in this new band context.

            Extensive touring after Circuit des Yeux’s acclaimed 2013 album ‘Overdue’ (praised by NPR, Pitchfork and Tiny Mix Tapes among others) influenced the making of the album in several ways. On that tour, which stretched for months throughout Europe and the US, Fohr toured solo, no band, no tour manager, no driver and in that solitude learned to commune with the audience in a way that she hadn’t ever before. That connection sparked in her mind a conversation with the audience, and many of the lyrics on ‘In Plain Speech’ are directed at you, the listener. She also became acutely aware of disquiet, a pervasive anxiety, which permeated society in almost every city she visited. “I felt an uneasiness that superseded phonetic communication,” she writes. “Something dim is in the air, and it is looming large.” This anxiety crept into songs like ‘A Story Of This World’, which is a call for change of priorities and values among the world’s leadership.


            LP Info: LP pressed on virgin vinyl and packaged in an old tyle tip-on jacket with artworked inner sleeve and free download coupon.

            CD Info: CD version in 4 panel mini-LP style gatefold package.

            The Debutantes

            Adams Apples / Kids

              Of interest to fans of Henrys Dress, classic era MBV etc…

              The Debutantes formed in 2009, determined to make structurally straight-forward indie pop but chiming beneath a veil of reverb and shimmering in its own simplicity. Sounding more sun-soaked than their home turf of Ireland, the band’s wash of layered noise, hazy vocals and strummed guitars ring out in heart-melting dream pop. It wasn’t till Sarah moved to Galway that the line up was complete and the band booked their first show supporting legendary Irish band Whipping Boy. Sarah and Paula went on to form The September Girls together after meeting in The Debutantes.

              The band eloped to The Hive Studios in Wicklow to record their cassette EP which was released in the UK and Ireland on Soft Power Records. NME picked out the doom, romantic opener ‘X&Y’ and ‘Adam’s Apples’ they call a “melancholy reimagining of West Coast slacker rock” as the stand out tracks on the release. The band features Leon Butler on Guitar and vocals, Paula Cullen on Bass and Vocals and Sarah Grimes on Drums. 


              Ltd 7" Info: 2 song 7” green or pink vinyl with 4 song download. (Download Also Includes The Songs “Gentlemans Wash” And “X And Y”).

              Devil Worshipper

              Devil Worshipper

                Imagine a version of Julio Cortázar’s The Night Face Up where there is no motorcycle crash and no series of dreams about trying to outrun Aztec warriors determined to capture you for human sacrifice. There is still darkness in this story - the darkness of living in post-Reagan America, existential dread, the futility of living one’s dreams and still waking up every day.

                Devil Worshipper is the dream that swirls and reflects landscapes in chrome as snakes dance in your spine. Blistering solos that wouldn’t be out of place on a Helios Creed or The Mike Gunn LP draw the night sky as a steady, hypnotic rhythm paints the lines dividing the highway out of here.


                Miracle Witness Hour (Live In Ohio 1977)

                Spuds rejoice, for the Miracle Witness Hour is at hand! In 1977 DEVO played an intimate show to an eager handful at biker bar turned total dive The Eagle Street Saloon in Cleveland, Ohio. Unbeknown to those canny onlookers, they were to testify to the healing power of DEVO! But what of us now? Beautiful mutants fear not, FUTURISMO are here to rectify your late party syndrome. Televised through the antennas of time we give you DEVOs’ most intimate unreleased live record ever - Miracle Witness Hour!

                Released for the first time on any format, this remastered document of de-evolution is finally given the attention it truly deserves. A rare glimpse into the embryonic stages of the groundbreaking band way before the masses knew how to ‘whip-it good’, the Miracle Witness Hour boasts primal versions of the bands most recalled avant-pop songs such as ‘Jocko Homo’ and ‘Mongoloid’ moments before Brian Eno got his hands on them, juxtaposed against some of their rarer experimental gems. Seemingly fitting for the kind of off the wall experience that would have DEVO’s dehumanised art house sci-fi set against the backdrop of Eagle Streets’ dingy and ruptured old world interior.

                Synonymous with innovative ideology, it was only a few months later that David Bowie would declare them “the band of the future!” but it was at the Miracle Witness Hour that DEVO were already proving that the future was already happening. Like surrealist preachers transmitting a challenge to the preconceptions of pop music, it’s the playful live imperfections in this recording that genuinely make the Miracle Witness Hour an original and intimate experience - so intimate that you can make out individual handclaps of the sparse crowd.

                This FUTURISMO release revitalises this event with exciting artwork and packaging that enforces the bands forward thinking approach to the aesthetics that shaped the following decade. The outer sleeve comes die-cut revealing the box-fold reversible cover inner sleeve, containing a second sleeve and housing rare images as well as brand new liner notes by DEVO founding member Gerald Casale.

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                LP Info: Ultimate virgin - white vinyl.

                Ltd LP Info: "Neutron Dream" coloured vinyl.

                Tom Diabo was late-70s/early 80s punk musician from Wuppertal, Germany. He played in several bands, most notably Western Force and X 112 For Dancing, and also curated a series of legendary local cassettes called "Talfahrt". Diabo passed away from cancer in 1988 shortly after his 30th birthday. He left behind a cache of home-recorded songs that eventually came out posthumously as an LP called "Dark Star" that same year.


                Pageantry Suite

                  Doomsquad are a Toronto-based art project made up of siblings Trevor, Jaclyn and Allie Blumas.

                  Following on from 2014’s ‘Kalaboogie’ (Hand Drawn Dracula/No Pain In Pop) the band have announced a new EP titled ‘Pageantry Suite’ via Bella Union.

                  El Perro Del Mar

                  El Perro Del Mar (Deluxe Edition)

                    Celebrating 10 years since its original Swedish release, El Perro Del Mar (aka Sarah Assbring) is proud to reissue a deluxe edition of her self-titled debut album on double green vinyl with an additional 10 tracks of demo, live and unheard music. 

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    2xLtd LP Info: Double green vinyl + download.



                      THe Smiths had split, New Order were on a hiatus, it was  1989  and a dream partnership was born.  It  took two years for Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner's debut LP to  reach fruition but it was well worth the wait. What was immediately apparent was that Johnny had put Bernard in the driving seat and although a few tracks (most notably the gorgeous lead single "Get The Message") featured his fantastic guitar playing, it was mostly understated and as a compliment to Bernard's synths and beats.  Add into the mix a Pet Shop Boys ' cameo on "Patience Of A Saint" and you have a wonderful , modern pop group  for the 90's. 

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Andy says: New Order meets Smiths in a marriage made in heaven. Did not disappoint!

                      The brand new (and 31st!) Album from The Fall; the First in over a year. Recorded in Manchester over The last year with Mark E Smith producing.

                      Featuring all the trademarks of a great Fall record, Sub-Lingual Tablet comprises 11 tracks and is being released on CD and limited edition vinyl.

                      The current Fall line-up is as follows: Peter Greenway, Keiron Melling, Elena Poulou, Mark E. Smith, Daren Garratt and David Spurr.



                        Hailing from the sleepy beach town of El Segundo, CA, Froth was founded in 2012 by a couple of high school friends with a shared love of music and lack of musical ability. However, while their ambitions may have been modest, the band quickly progressed from South Bay slackers to focused psych-rock songsmiths after a self-released demo and a string of solid local shows put their name on the shortlist of L.A. bands to watch. Froth’s debut LP, Patterns, was released in fall 2013 on Burger Records and Lolipop Records, and bared witness to the young group’s rapid musical growth and developing ear for composition. A shimmering mix of jangly 12-string guitars and swirling omnichord sounds, the album offers plenty of moments of pure psych-pop bliss; however, the band also flirts with a darker, driving element that they have continued to explore on subsequent releases.

                        For their sophomore album, Bleak, Froth has largely traded in the sun-soaked 60s pop of their first long-player in favor of a maximalist shoegaze sound that combines screaming guitars with muscular drumming and throbbing, nervy bass lines. The result is a mature, confident record built upon tight songwriting and carefully honed tones. Lead singer and guitarist Joo-Joo Ashworth displays an equal knack for noisy, fuzz-driven leads and economic pop hooks, while drummer Cameron Allen holds down the beat with machine-like precision and bassist Jeremy Katz infuses the album with a unique groove that has become a necessary ingredient in Froth’s signature sound. With the arrival of a new record, Froth has also introduced a second guitarist, Cole Devine. The former Cosmonauts drummer and current Black Sea front man adds to the band’s already rich textural palette, bringing his distinctive dream pop sensibility into the fold. After tirelessly touring the U.S. and sharing the stage with scene standouts like The Growlers, The Dream Syndicate, La Luz, Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel, Mystic Braves and many more, Froth continues to attract new fans with their infectious music and high-energy live show. Recent stints across Europe and work with fashion legend Hedi Slimane have further cemented the band’s reputation with an international audience. As always, though, Froth remains dedicated to pushing their own boundaries and exploring new sonic avenues, both on the road and in the studio. 

                        Golden Gunn (Steve Gunn And Hiss Golden Messenger)


                          Golden Gunn is Steve Gunn and Hiss Golden Messenger (Merge Records).

                          This self-titled collaborative album was originally released as a limited Record Store Day title in 2013.

                          This 2015 re-press is limited to 660 copies pressed on 140 gram silver vinyl with download card.
                          In September 2012, songwriter and singer M.C. Taylor of Durham, North Carolina; multi-instrumentalist and recordist Scott Hirsch of Brooklyn, New York (who together helm Hiss Golden Messenger) and accomplished New York-based guitarist and songwriter Steve Gunn (recognized for his solo prowess as well as his work with both the Gunn-Truscinski Duo and GHQ), were motorvating from Raleigh to Monkton, Maryland, when they encountered Dickie. He needed an extra thirty cents and a ride as the transmission on his yellow Pontiac was gutted. He rode shotgun and told the boys his story.

                          Originally engaged as a fanciful and casual collaboration between Hiss Golden Messenger and Steve Gunn, under the newfound artistic direction of Mr. Silk, Golden Gunn instead gradually developed into something more singular, evocative, and visionary. Trading loose concepts and recordings back and forth across state and Mason-Dixon lines, Taylor, Hirsch, and Gunn conjured these tunes in response to the rhythm tracks Dickie programmed on his antique drum machine. When they could reach him, Dickie weighed in with elliptical comments and encouragement but his flip phone was always breaking, and by the time they were ready for mixdown, he was reportedly in Malaysia.

                          Formally speaking, the largely instrumental album includes some new selections and confections from each of the players which were then transformed through the amber BluBlockers of Dickie Silk and honed into an altogether stranger collaborative session vibe, copping feels from Silk favorites like J.J. Cale, Waylon Jennings, Boz Scaggs, and the Average White Band. Featuring additional contributions from Terry Lonergan on drums, Abigail Martin on flute, and Nora Rogers on mountain dulcimer, the resulting rig maps the scary wrong side of the country-funk tracks, exploring the odd, compass-busting entanglement of plodding old drum machines and sinuous, simmering guitars and synths.

                          King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard


                            A band that refuse to stop on their journey to heaven knows where, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard release Quarters, a moment capturing 40 minute collection on Heavenly Recordings on Monday May 25th 2015.

                            The 4 songs, each 10 minutes 10 seconds long, quickly follow their recent album I’m In Your Mind Fuzz and perhaps offer a sign post towards and beyond the band’s hazy musical horizon.

                            The artwork for the 12” features 4 distinctive painted images, each representing the songs on the record.

                            After the driving freakbeat of their last record, Quarters takes a sharp turn into the wispy and mellow - The River tumbles down a Brubeckian 5/4 meander right into a Leslie’d wicker counter pattern, Infinite Rise rides a groovy yawning wake-up call through the commune, God Is In The Rhythm effervesces like a prom dance when the acid starts kicking in, and Lonely Steel Sheet Flyer circles ever upward like a friendly smoke signal from a beach fire

                            At 10 minutes apiece, the boys have plenty of room to stretch out around the songs, and they do so with loose limbs and wry smiles. Altogether it feels like it flies in on dragonfly wings, lazily basks in the sun for a bit, and follows the sunset over the horizon…no doubt to write another record.

                            The KVB

                            Mirror Being

                              Berlin based duo, The KVB, recently spent a week at the Invada Bristol studios recoring their next album - which will be released towards the end of the year. In the meantime we have pressed their recent limited edition instrumental album 'Mirror Being' onto LP and CD. Mirror Being was previously only available as a cassette, exclusively from the bands website.

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              LP Info: The Invada issue LP is pressed onto Frosted Clear Vinyl (800 units) and comes with download card.

                              Pokey Lafarge

                              Something In The Water

                                The dozen-song set, produced by Jimmy Sutton marks a new landmark in a career that's already filled with musical highlights.The St. Louis-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist draws from a deep well of American musical traditions to create distinctively personal music that's timeless rather than retro, transcending the confines of genre in a manner that reflects the artist's openhearted attitude.

                                Incorporating elements of early jazz, ragtime, country blues, Western swing, and beyond, LaFarge has created a vibrant, deeply expressive body of work that embodies an expansive musical vision and vivid storytelling sensibility that are wholly his own. He's also earned a reputation as a tireless, uniquely charismatic live performer, winning a loyal international fan base that regularly packs his rousing, celebratory live shows. 

                                ‘Le Tigre’ was the debut studio album of American music trio Le Tigre, a band formed by Kathleen Hanna (formerly of Bikini Kill) and fanzine producer Johanna Fateman circa 1998 in New York City. It was originally released on October 26, 1999 by Wijja in the UK.

                                After the punk sounds of riot grrl outfit Bikini Kill Hanna expanded her range, combining electronic samples and lo-fi beats for the alt-pop Le Tigre. The album combined  the band's feminist political lyrics with this new pop musical direction. Standouts include opener disco-punk dancefloor slayer 'Deceptacon' and 60s style popcorn swinger 'Hot Topic'.

                                Now regarded as a classic, 2015 sees the album being reissued on vinyl.


                                Sarsfest / Blank Flag

                                  Sweltering groove oriented post-rock featuring Alex Edkins from Metz, Brian Borcherdt from Holy Fuck and Doug MacGregor from The Constantines. LIDS might seem like an unlikely pairing on individuals at first (Alex Edkins of Metz on bass and backups, Brian Borcherdt of Holy Fuck on guitar, vocals, beats and sounds and Doug MacGregor of The Constantines on drums) but the concept for LIDS has been in development in the back rooms of Toronto basement bars for over 3 years. Between hectic touring schedules, LIDS have managed to pump out one of the most original debut singles we've heard in years. If you like your jams heavy, driving and full of so much texture that they mess with the fabric of time than LIDS are a band for you.

                                  Thee Oh Sees

                                  Mutilator Defeated At Last

                                  Here we have a new batch from Thee Oh Sees for your absorption - nine muscular tunes primed to pummel to. Last year’s Drop was more schizophrenic, ranging from heavy to whimsical and back - Mutilator Defeated At Last has more in common with the monolithic hugeness of Floating Coffin - with only two slight reprieves in heaviness this is a record made to be played loudly and that demands bodily sacrifice inherently.

                                  Despite the plutonium heavy feel, Thee Oh Sees continue to be omnivorous - synths and acoustic guitars expertly wind their way throughout like veins of gold through granite - any and all that stands in its way will be devoured and assimilated. This is the sound of a band doing what they do best, and it’s out on Castle Face Records.

                                  Since her last studio album "Highwire Poetry" in 2012, Karin has expanded her raw talents even further from her original electro-pop-princess persona down into darker territories. New album 'Apocalypse Pop' delivers just that; gloriously catchy rock-pop-synth tracks laced with deep personal lyrics.

                                  "I don't want forgiveness there's no-one to blame, like a moth to a flame" - 'Demons'.

                                  Karin seems to tell a story from start to finish. Every track feels like a statement and she cleverly accompanies them with a magical combination of sultry beats, buoyant drums, delicate piano, and dabbles with a touch of electronica. With titles such as "Life is Just a Dream", "Shake With The Devil", "Opium", and "Look What You've Done", the 'apocalypse' narrative is present throughout. Each track boasts solo personality going from strength to strength with every listen, teamed together they create a melodically brilliant collaboration of Karin's effortless vocals and talent.

                                  The individual and intimate nature of the tracks enables an instant connection boldly exposing Karin's torments, "she was the breath of air you needed to feel, whilst I was just the water on your wheel” - 'Stick to The Lie'. Karin stands apart from other pop artists doing her music her way, the attitude in her voice screams passion and drive yet she sings with an air of untroubled content. Technically her edgy, gothic vibes shouldn't work as a pop artist and in so many ways she isn't. But the relation between lyrics, vocals, and beats make "Apocalypse Pop" undeniably addictive.

                                  However it isn't solely Karin who makes this album a success. Her ability to melt easily with other talent creates a recipe for magic as seen on track "Hurricane", featuring renowned film maker and photographer Thomas Knights, the exploration of emotive sound meanders down the alleyways of deep dark dance.

                                  Continuing to create songs that can be released aside of an album, Karin flitters between genres throughout "Apocalypse Pop". We see a variation of different themes, from dance-synth-vibes on "Whipped Cream", to seductive, basey-rock on "Life Is Just A Dream" and progressive, animalistic, bangra influences on "Hard Liquor Man". On "Let My Love Shine", it's Karin's vocals and lyrical partnership that endeavor to carry the difference in tone from each track. Playfully experimenting with steel drums it leaves you relaxed at the end of an exclusive journey through Karin Park's mind.

                                  "Let my love shine into the blackness of your eyes, at night when you wake up and your heart is running wild, you'll be alright."

                                  Robert Pollard

                                  Faulty Superheroes

                                    Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays Robert Pollard from the swift completion of his latest brilliant record. Faulty Superheroes jets off Pollard's vinyl-grooved runway like the prototype for some new super-sonic power pop fighter jet, and at this point in his career is anyone surprised that the twelve tracks on his latest effort are uniformly awesome? The answer is no. Exactly no one is surprised. The biggest thing Pollard has to contend is his own miraculously consistent greatness. That he rarely if ever stumbles is some kind of marvel, and perhaps implies superpowers of his own. If you see what we did there.

                                    Faulty Superheroes has a tossed-off, effortless magnificence that the rash of indie-whatevers trailing in his wake from Bee Thousand to the present constantly strive for, and fail to achieve. The constant sense of surprise, of wonder, of discovery that you routinely find in superbly-structured instant bomp classics like "Faster The Great" is not something that can be taught, or learned, or imparted, or copied. Pollard pretty much abandoned the four-track for twenty years now and still gets tagged as "lo-fi," which is a word that makes even less sense now in the days of digital recording than it did then in the days of occasionally tape-hiss smothered coulda-shoulda- been hits. "Take Me To Yolita" in lesser hands could have been not much more than a bad one-liner stretched to fit a pop song, but Pollard reverse-engineers the titular pun to build a Kinks-like mini-epic that elevates the raw material of the song to transcendent heights. "She walks to him but that's not him." Damn. And so it goes. Are there bum notes here and there? Recording accidents-on-purpose left in like crushed empty beer cans strewn around the miniature, glimmering pop/ rock/ psych/ prog construction sites left standing in the wake of each of Faulty Superheroes' finished/unfinished songs? You betcha.

                                    The Guided By Voices aesthetic was formed and developed and continues to be improved by Pollard, which makes all the more puzzling the hand-wringing that accompanies every announcement of a so-called GBV "break-up" (or for that matter, "reunion."). "You only need one," he sings on the song of that title. As long as we have Bob, we need nothing else. And we have Bob. If you're counting your blessings, don’t forget that one. It's kinda crucial.

                                    Robert Pollard - Guitar, Vocals, Todd Tobias - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards. Kevin March – Drums. Stephen Hopkins - Bass on "What A Man". 

                                    Prinzhorn Dance School

                                    Reign / You Are The Space Invader - Shit Robot / Optimo (Espacio) Remixes

                                    Prinzhorn Dance School’s spartan sonics have often lead to some hand-wringing when trying to play out their records ‘in the club’. In the first 7 years of their existance, there was a sole club-friendly remix in their entire catalogue. It is for these reasons that we’re really stoked to announce that we now have a second. DFA veteran Shit Robot takes the track “Reign” from their imminently released third album “Home Economics” and turns it into a deep, dark floor-filler. The band’s pleading vocals dive in and out of a throbbing bassline, with new robotic percussion seamlessly blending with the band’s original bangs and clangs. The flip features that previously alluded to Optimo (Espaco) mix of You Are The Space Invader - previously only available commercially in digital form, this is the first (slightly) wider vinyl release of this classic remix. An edition of 500 hand-stamped and numbered white label copies, not to be pressed again for another 7 years or so. Probably.

                                    Summer Camp

                                    Bad Love

                                      ‘Bad Love’, Summer Camp’s third album, is set in the same spooked domestic terrain in which they made their name back in 2009.

                                      With this album, they set about refining what they do best: those heart-racing heavily distorted guitars, battered synths that sparkle like dirty tinsel, the nostalgia triggered by a pastel sky.

                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                      Ltd LP Info: Limited version, exclusive to independent retailers includes a 25-page zine called ‘Drive Past My House’ featuring some of Summer Camp’s favourite comics artists, writers and other talented friends. With stories, comics and poems from Joe Dunthorne (author of ‘Submarine’), Charlie Lyne (director of ‘Beyond Clueless’), Emmy The Great, John Allison and others. 300 copies only.

                                      Summer Camp

                                      Bad Love

                                        ‘Bad Love’ is the title track of Summer Camp’s third album.

                                        ‘Bad Love’ the album is the band’s most cohesive work to date, from the dreamy krautrock of ‘Drive Past My House’, the sparkly pop and ‘better off without you’ snarl of the title track ‘Bad Love’, the catchy and addictive ‘You’re Gone,’ to the scuzzedup and angsty pop melodies of ‘Horizon’.

                                        ‘Bad Love’ the single encapsulates the essence of a young and fraught relationship, filtered through the nostalgic haze of a classic American teen movie.

                                        Tender Prey

                                        Organ Calzone

                                          The latest long playing release to emerge from Jane Weaver’s fertile Bird Records (via Finders Keepers) comes from tantrumpop superhero and longterm spar Tender Prey, personally known amongst Cardiff watering holes and DIY studios as Laura Bryon or Le B.

                                          This long anticipated feature length offering, entitled ‘Organ Calzone’, captures the inimitable drummy saccharine tinged pow-wow punk heard at her celebrated live shows (including repeat invites to Festival No 6 and Green Man) thanks to the recordings skills of Steven ‘Sweet Baboo’ Black and the unanimous gushing encouragement of virtually anyone who meets her.

                                          As the latest enfant terrible to come out of the Welsh capital’s intertwined dysfunctional family tree Laura has racked up countless road miles on tour with bezzy mates H.Hawkline and Cate Le Bon (another Bird school alumni) whilst filling secret diary pages with warm-ups for Chicago’s Ezra Furman and as support-act-in-residence for Jane Weaver. However, where others might nurse post-tour hangovers dissolving Beroccas, Laura’s recent anti-downtime has been spent constructing further walls of noise to the beat of Miss Emma Daman Thomas (drummer in Islet) and layering her own breed of distorted guitar, close enough chord changes and affectionate sarcastic sweetness all of which form the this collection of vari-speed compositions.

                                          Comparisons to DC femme-punk band Slant 6 and specific permutations of Thee Headcoatees will crumble under the Laura’s very unique personality, which in another era would warrant her own French comic strip.

                                          As well as repeat radio sessions for 6Music and double-thumbs from Marc Riley, Laura will be spreading her music over various formats sharing vinyl sides with Jane Weaver’s latest single while presenting special editions of the LP on vintage reclaimed compact cassette (with free Rorschach psychiatrist cards) and digital download.

                                          Unknown Mortal Orchestra

                                          Multi-Love - Deluxe Bundle Edition

                                            On Multi-Love, Unknown Mortal Orchestra frontman and multi-instrumentalist Ruban Nielson reflects on relationships: airy, humid longing, loss, the geometry of desire that occurs when three people align. Where Nielson addressed the pain of being alone on II, Multi-Love takes on the complications of being together.

                                            Multi-Love adds dimensions to the band’s already kaleidoscopic approach, with Nielson exploring a newfound appreciation for synthesizers. The new songs channel with the spirit of psych innovators without ignoring the last 40 years of music, forming a flowing, cohesive whole that reflects restless creativity. Cosmic escapes and disco rhythms speak to developing new vocabulary, while Nielson’s vocals reach powerful new heights. 

                                            “It felt good to be rebelling against the typical view of what an artists is today, a curator,” he says. “It’s more about being someone who makes things happen in concrete ways. Building old synthesizers and bringing them back to life, creating sounds that aren’t quite like anyone else’s. I think that’s much more subversive.”

                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                            2xLtd LP Info: This is the pink vinyl LP plus a 2 track exclusive 12” tracks, limited to 400 copies.

                                            The Vaccines

                                            English Graffiti

                                              Third album on Columbia Records from 'The Vaccines' & the follow up to the #1 album "Come of Age". Produced by The Vaccines alongside Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Tame Impala, MGMT) & Cole MGN (Beck).

                                              Standard LP Vinyl and CD are 11 tracks and include recent single "Handsome" and current single "Dream Lover". 

                                              The Vaccines

                                              English Graffiti - Deluxe Edition

                                                Third album on Columbia Records from 'The Vaccines' & the follow up to the #1 album "Come of Age". Produced by The Vaccines alongside Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Tame Impala, MGMT) & Cole MGN (Beck).

                                                The deluxe edition includes a second disc of seven mixes/edits.

                                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                2xLtd LP Info: Individually numbered heavyweight double LP Vinyl (one black, one white) is very limited!

                                                Recorded at home over the course of a year, Nature evolved as a collaboration between Honey Owens, Fauria, and drummer/bassist/keyboardist Mark Burden. The album finds the trio crafting enveloping layers of guitars, synthesizers, and reverb to create a shimmering, wide open sound.

                                                It's a restrained, direct style, but tying it all together is a lulling, dreamy melodic sense that is distinctively Valet. At the center stands Owens' ethereal voice, which has transitioned from evoking trippy fantasies to creating space for honest contemplation. 

                                                Informed by Honey Owens early musical life in the 90s Bay Area underground music scene, Nature slyly synthesizes the DIY spirit of punk, the expansive guitar whirl of shoegaze, and the propulsive rhythmic drive of dub.

                                                For Valet, Nature's sound is a change in style, but not substance. From the haunted blues of 2006's Blood is Clean to the Fourth World free fusion of 2008's Naked Acid, Owens and company have always demonstrated a mastery of bringing together disparate musical genres into a unified musical whole.

                                                Ben Watt & Robert Wyatt

                                                Summer Into Winter / North Marine Drive - White Vinyl Edition

                                                  Everything But The Girl band member Ben Watt was strongly influenced in his first steps by mentor Robert Wyatt. This album brings together a collaboration between the two, and Watt's pre-EBTG solo album, both originally released on Cherry Red in the early 80s. The LP starts with “Summer Into Winter” the legendary 10” written and performed together by Watt and Wyatt. This is followed by the English-folk milestone of the 80s “North Marine Drive” by Ben on his own. The album includes a rare gem cover of Dylan’s “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go”.

                                                  Weird Owl

                                                  Interstellar Skeletal

                                                    Coming shortly on the heels of their 2013 “mini-LP” Healing, Weird Owl are back in 2015 with a full-length LP entitled Interstellar Skeletal, once again being released by ‘a’ Recordings, Ltd. For the first time in their ten-year history, Weird Owl have kept the same lineup for consecutive releases, and Interstellar Skeletal reveals further explorations into the psychic canyons mined on Healing. Rather than scrapping the mission and returning to base for debriefing before attempting a relaunch, Weird Owl’s strange sonic rocketry has ventured ever deeper into the vast starry expanse, and their transmissions back to Earth have grown ever freakier as a result. Their psychedelic postcards are written in the cosmic breathiness of the synthesizer and the alien ululations of a guitar tuned to secret frequencies, rumbling through the ages on illuminated rhythmic grids. Each track on Interstellar Skeletal serves as an interdimensional portal to free zones beyond the usual terrestrial veil, whether it is via odd jungle shamanism (“Silver Ziggurats”), the WWII bomber as spiritual metaphor (“Flying Fortress”), death personified as an albino lycanthrope (“White Werewolf”) or the unsettling might of an extraterrestrial deity crashing a beach picnic (“God”). Interstellar Skeletal was recorded and mixed by Jeffrey Berner (Psychic TV, NAAM, Dead Stars) at Galuminum Foil Studio in Brooklyn in the fall of 2014, following Weird Owl’s first-ever European tour. 

                                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                    LP Info: The LP is on 180 gram milky clear vinyl.


                                                    Plastic People

                                                      Following the release of their debut single ‘Hungry Heart’, described by Stereogum as “a track with soul-crushing, footstomping fury… A memorable introduction to the band”, with the haunting, Suicide-esque B side ‘Something On Your Mind’, hotly-tipped London trio Yak are set to release their debut EP ‘Plastic People’ via Fat Possum.

                                                      Having gained a reputation for their ferocious, unpredictable (the band don’t do setlists) live shows, which regularly end in singer Oli Burslem destroying his organ before hurling it into the crowd, Yak have been invited to support The Strokes this summer at Hyde Park. Prior to this, Yak will embark on a joint headline tour with the UK’s other most exciting new band, The Moon.

                                                      “You could stick your hand on a pylon and it wouldn’t be as buzzy as this band right now” - Phil Taggart, Radio 1

                                                      “Yak rock like Spiritualized on a monster codeine high” - NME

                                                      “Highly recommended” - Q

                                                      “Walls shake, floors rattle and onlookers go cross-eyed… Expect this band to go onwards and upwards” - DIY

                                                      “The best new psych band around” - The Beat


                                                      Barricade 3

                                                        ZNR was the French duo of Hector Zazou and Joseph Racaille (hence, Zazou ’n’ Racaille) active in the mid to late ’70s. Their 1976 debut, Barricade 3, is an anti-pop masterpiece that truly defies categorization; it makes perfect sense that ZNR appears on the infamous Nurse With Wound list.

                                                        Featuring an array of seemingly dichotomous instruments (piano, synthesizers, woodwinds, electric guitar and more) as well as genuinely bizarre vocals, the album is composed of fifteen odd experiments using a loose framework of analog electronics, avant-garde rock, jazz influences, and post-structuralist études.

                                                        As The Shadow Ring’s Graham Lambkin writes, “The debut ZNR LP has long remained one of my all-time faves. A collision of eccentric Satie-esque miniatures, strange keyboard / synth explorations and the occasional song, delivered in a mixture of French and Spanish tongues. I always think of the creepy, over-ripe vocals on ‘Seynete’ as one of the LP’s most memorable moments, but there are many.” Despite its schizophrenic mystique, Barricade 3 is very witty and surprisingly accessible with hints of Robert Wyatt, Kevin Ayers and Perrey-Kingsley. This long out of print vinyl reissue reproduces the original gatefold design including illustration by Don Van Vliet.

                                                        Zone Six

                                                        Love Machine

                                                          A full Eleven Years after their last LP -and openly admitting to being “lazy bastards” - Zone Six finally reconvene for a new full length for Deep Distance; in the process delivering the third LP for The Great Pop Supplement / Deep Distance labels’ extended Electric Moon family over the last six months or so.

                                                          “Love Machine” contains 4 mind shredding kraut / psych extended slow burners and feature the bands’ mesmerising, trademark metronomic bass and drum backdrop to formidable swirling, oscillating synths and guitar freakouts.

                                                          This is a monster, both in name and nature... the musicianship is outstanding from all concerned, the 'freakout' level is on a permanent, reassuringly acid drenched high and essentially what we have here is a blistering collection of psychedelic, kraut-infused space rock; and, once again, Deep Distance has a real winner on its hands.

                                                          Dressed in a beautiful Lulu Artwork sleeve and on coloured wax in a pressing of 500, Everything from both label and artist goes in the blink of an eye so to snooze etc….

                                                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                          Ltd LP Info: Pressing of 500 on coloured vinyl LP only.

                                                          Various Artists

                                                          Cherrystones - Critical Mass / Splinters From The Worldwide New-Wave, Post-Punk And Industrial Underground 1978 – 1984

                                                          Eight years have passed since Cherrystones stayed true to his word and compiled the sympathetic sounds of the psychedelic ghetto. We’ve reached Critical Mass and we need to wipe the slate clean. Cherrystones tunes us in to 14 groups separated by locale but united by a restless urge to create on their own terms. From Rizzo’s nihilistic Moogie-boogie to a pre-teen Chandra’s isolated no-wave. Through Dojoji’s Downtown-via-Lagos punk-funk and Fote’s dark, industrial groove, 'Critical Mass' presents a snapshot of an international underground enthralled with the possibility of the new.

                                                          “This compilation was put together through records I was enjoying at that time - loose chips, fragmented discoveries, random punts and the true excitement from that hit of “What the fuck is that?!” It is an exercise in the good and the rad - solid jams from all corners of the world. A veritable platter to switch on the uninitiated or those who hear and feel the truth - it is not an exercise in rarity to make people feel alienated. I know what I feel and I hear the messages and feel the vibrations in these very songs - as will you if you allow them to” - Cherrystones 2015.

                                                          Words on Critical Mass:
                                                          “Cherrystones has rabidly dug through decades of twisted cables and dusty circuits to present a collection of wonderfully obscure yet utterly essential tracks from the dark recesses of a place and time where innovation was a priority and boundaries were non-existent.” - Trevor Jackson

                                                          “Next to Weatherall, Cherrystones knows more about music than anyone I know. These killer post-punk rarities are a must for anyone who thinks they've heard it all but obviously hasn’t…” - David Holmes

                                                          “Critical Mass perfectly captures that electric moment when punk mutated into apocalyptic, synapse-shredding, cyborg grooves.” - Steven Krakow - Plastic Crimewave / Galactic Zoo Dossier

                                                          “Start to finish this compilation is a monster. Once again, Cherrystones makes me feel like I don’t know a thing about ‘post-wave-industrial’ or records in general.” - Gaslamp Killer

                                                          “Tough beats and synthetics run throughout Critical Mass. I’ve been Cherrystoned.” Tom Furse - The Horrors.

                                                          Various Artists

                                                          Kitsune America 4

                                                          Another nod at the America of our dreams but far away from clichés. The Kitsuné America compilation series takes a fresh and ambitious look at familiar Americana. As always there are no fillers on this 4th edition, it’s all about the tune. From Kacy Hill’s futuristic r’n’b, a Kanye West’s protégé, to Heat’s corrosive indie glam, every track is to be discovered at once in this, more on the pulse than ever, latest instalment. Open to radical forms of urban pop and other soulful hybrids the Parisian label, always enthusiastic and curious, keeps on treading exciting paths. And let’s not forget, as usual, some fine, blazing guitars, a recurrence chez Kitsuné. Just like style… edgy but dapper. So tune in to Kitsuné America 4 and get zapped to the sound of the emblematic tunes (or soon to be) of the moving & shaking North American scene.

                                                          With exclusive tracks from Kacy Hill, Basecamp, Dutch Party, Beau, Joyce Wrice, Metoux, Milk & Bone, Mothxr, Ricoshëi, StéLouse.

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