Genre pick of the week Cover of X-Communicate by Kristin Kontrol.
Sometimes you have to rip it up and start again. It was a tough call for Dee Dee. Dum Dum Girls was her guise for most of a decade, an outlet through which she’s crafted a resonant, instantly identifiable body of work. Over the course of three albums, four EPs and an array of singles, Dum Dum Girls morphed from the girl-group-gone-bad moves of their 2010 debut, ‘I Will Be’, to the plush noir-pop of 2014’s ‘Too True’, a dark heart burning bright but as her music evolve she found that for many she would be forever refracted through the prism of Dum Dum Girls’ early work: retro-leaning female harmonies, a backdrop of lo-fi, fuzzed up guitars.

In 2015 she decided to shed her skin, ditching Dee Dee for Kristin, her real name and adding Kontrol. It was a spontaneous idea that resonated. The challenge was to start fresh, go further back into her relationship to music. Sweep all her loves together into one genreless experience. “The first music I felt was mine was classic 80s pop and 90s R&B, from Tiffany, Janet Jackson and Madonna to TLC, SWV, and Aaliyah,” she says. “But for years I was hellbent on the rock ‘n’ roll thing, revering Joan Jett, Patti Smith, Chrissie Hynde,” - a rebellion against her classical vocal training - “but I was like, fuck it, I’m just going to try it all. I’m going to pretend I’m Kate Bush covering Mariah.”

Refocused and inspired, Kristin wrote 62 songs, whittled the list to ten for ‘XCommunicate’ and finished the album with the help of new producers Kurt Feldman (who had produced her ‘On Christmas’ single a few years back) and Andrew Miller (who played guitar on the first Dum Dum Girls album and had joined the band in its last incarnation).

Arguably the biggest shift, beyond the music itself, is that as Kristin Kontrol she tells her stories using a sonic palette splashed with bold pop melodies, her vocals showcasing a range hitherto unexplored on record. The songs that emerge from Kristin’s universe - a menagerie of new wave and R&B, European synth pop and experimental disco - are both familiar and unique, using genre rather than adhering to it, with a distinct nod to the present. It may be a leap into the unknown, but “little risk means little reward,” as Karen O once counselled her. “I feel free. I kind of excommunicated myself. Even if I have to rebuild my whole career, I’d rather work hard than feel stagnant. I feel excited again, and that's priceless.”


Barry says: A beguiling and dynamic journey through the synth-heavy pop gems of the late 80's and early 90's.Groovy and soulful, and comfortingly shiny production make this a neon-tinged adventure that can't fail to make you dance. Terrific.


Indies Exclusive LP Info: Exclusive Loser Edition coloured vinyl LP available to independent retailers.

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Produced by Gil Norton (Pixies, Foo Fighters, Patti Smith) and recorded in Rockfield Studios, By Default is the sound of a group on the sharpest form of their career, more engaged and focused than they’ve ever been. The follow up to 2014’s Himalayan, from the English trio - made up of Russell Marsden (guitar, vocals), Emma Richardson (bass, vocals) and Matt Hayward (drums) – the new record came about via a conscious decision from the band to take a step back from their relentless world-wide touring schedule (having never spent more than a month off the road in the last 2 years) to decamp to and write songs in a Southampton Baptist Church-cum-makeshift HQ. 


Barry says: From funky staccato guitar to four-to-the-floor drums, three-part harmonies and rhythmically delivered vocals to National-esque introspection and distorted churning bass. 'By Default' is a swooning and morphing beast, no sooner do rousing crescendos appear than they melt into a cauldron of bubbling morosity and jagged tension, with relief never being too far behind. Measured and impeccable, apopleptic and serene. A whole of many halves, and every one of them brilliantly conceived. Highly recommended.


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Following on from the success of her critically acclaimed ‘Incitation’ EP, Olga Bell is back with new album ‘Tempo’, released via One Little Indian Records.

“Grand compositional ambitions and a dynamic voice... the arty, adventurous edge of pop” - The New York Times

“For those uninitiated, Bell’s work lies somewhere between an industrial night at Berghain and a cyborg performing at Carnegie Hall.” - Dummy


Barry says: Encompassing aspects of outsider-pop, synthwave and electronic soul, 'Tempo' confounds expectations of the singer songwriter. Quirky off-kilter rhythms and textures permeate the whole endeavour , rapidly switching from acid pulse-wave stabs to glitched out snares and clave hits. Like a medley of all the electronic tropes of the last 20 years, but distilled into a cohesive and concise representation of modern electronic music culture. This is a capable and sparkling outing, and at no point feels too far from comfort. Like hopping between ten different parties of ten different varieties, each playing different music, and loving each and every minute.


Deluxe LP Info: Deluxe edition includes art prints.

Big Thief's music, rooted in the songs of Adrianne Lenker, paints in vivid tones "the process of harnessing pain, loss, and love, while simultaneously letting go, looking into your own eyes through someone else's, and being okay with the inevitability of death," says Adrianne.

Masterpiece, Big Thief's debut album, is filled with characters and visceral narratives, songs that pivot in the space of a few words. Adrianne's voice and guitar playing speak of rich emotional territory with grace and insight. In her words, the record tracks "the masterpiece of existence, which is always folding into itself, people attempting to connect, to both shake themselves awake and to shake o¬ the numbness of certain points in their life. The interpretations might be impressionistic or surrealistic, but they're grounded in simple things.”

Adrianne met her longtime musical partner, guitarist and singer, Buck Meek, in Brooklyn a few years ago, and they quickly formed a creative bond tempered by the experience of traveling and performing for months on end in old dive bars, yards, barns, and basements together. They recorded a pair of duo albums (A-Sides and B-Sides), and Adrianne showcased her songs on a solo album, Hours Were The Birds.

Now, as a full rock and roll band, with Buck on guitar, Max Oleartchik on bass, and James Krivchenia on drums, they bring a steady wildness, giving the songs an even deeper layer of nostalgia. "These guys feel like a pack of wolves at my back," says Adrianne, "they make the songs howl and bark with a fierce tenderness that gives me courage."
After spending last July in an old house that they turned into a studio on Lake Champlain with producer Andrew Sarlo, the resulting collection soars on what Big Thief fan Sharon Van Etten calls "...a real journey, with intelligent stories and twist-and-turn melodies.


Laura says: It's no surprise that Sharon Van Etten is a fan of Big Thief. Adrianne Lenker has a similar narrative style to her songwriting and there's a perfect balance of fragility and power in both the vocals and instrumentation that also brings to mind Van Etten. Great!

Braids are a three-piece experimental pop band from Montreal. In the spring of 2015 they released Deep In The Iris, their standout third record. Companion is the band's latest 4 track EP, written during the Deep In The Iris sessions, and completed during a burst of creative energy in August 2015. Here Braids use the palette of Deep In The Iris to paint decidedly different vistas – joy, disaffection, thunderous explosion to delicate introspection, the minimalistic power of "Companion" to the patient blossoming of "Sweet World". Distinct in their own right, these 4 songs are not to be dismissed as B-sides, outtakes, or the lesser of a group of songs. Though it uses Deep In The Iris as a compositional guidepost, Companion is a breath-taking journey all of its own.


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Ian Brown

Golden Greats - Gold Vinyl Edition

    • 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl
    • Insert
    • Etched D-Side
    • Including 2 Bonus Tracks
    • First Pressing Of 1000 Numbered Copies On Gold Coloured Vinyl

    'Golden Greats' is the second solo album released by Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown. Despite the title, the album is not a compilation, but a studio album.

    It was described by NME as “a left-field masterpiece and Brown’s best work for a decade”. The album contains soaring sonic textures and electronic dance beats; it is less song-oriented than Unfinished Monkey Business. Golden Greats showcases a diverse usage of instruments including strings, mellotron and organs.


    Andy says: King Monkey's second LP was sonically a huge change from his more guitar based debut. Big keys and electronic glitches gave this a retro/modern vibe whilst Ian's songs ranged all over from the druggy, chunky club thump of "Love Like a Fountain" to the space-dub serenity of the aptly named "Neptune". A superb record.

    Catfish And The Bottlemen

    The Ride

    Catfish & the Bottlemen’s second album The Ride, mostly produced in LA by Dave Sardy is a collection of bold and riffing pop songs that verge on the anthemic.

    “I feel like the last album was the support band, or even the soundcheck and this one’s the headliner,” says charismatic frontman Van McCann.


    Barry says: Glistening pop-rock anthems a plenty on this newest release from Wales' Catfish and The Bottlemen. Driving and heartfelt odes to love and loss underpinned by shimmering production and emotive instrumental performances, impeccable vocal harmonies float atop the main vocal lines before the distortion kicks in, and breaks it all down into pulsing, grooving rock territory. Everything you'd come to expect, and more.

    Carla Dal Forno

    Fast Moving Cars / Better

      ‘Fast Moving Cars’: the debut solo single from Carla dal Forno (F ingers, Tarcar). Poignant, minimalist, happy / sad art-pop…Both a song of devotion and a dream of leaving. Languid, dubwise, stoned-immaculate, but with a heartbreaking clarity and economy of expression.

      Production and arrangement is poised and precise: heavy, rooted bassline, metallic percussion, astral synth-drift and whispers of reverb that conspire to open space rather than fill it. It’s the perfect staging for CDF’s voice, a floating alto at once coolly detached and disarmingly close, human, relatable.

      “Don’t be so daft, do something exciting…” The lyrics are frank; fluent in the feelings that underpin the beginning, middle and end of a relationship. Is this music of loss or of gain? Resignation or resolve? Escape or escapism?

      (Can I dance to it?)

      “Fantastic album…breathtaking intensity” (Roman Flügel)
      “Hard yet soft, a pure sex trip” (Jonnie Wilkes, Optimo)
      “Superb. It's a proper listening experience from start to finish!” (Trevor Jackson)

      Death In Vegas return with 'Transmission', the sixth release from the project begun by Richard Fearless nearly two decades ago, and the first new album since 'Trans-Love Energies' in 2011.

      United over a love of Throbbing Gristle and Chris and Cosey, Fearless partners with artist and writer Sasha Grey, whose lyrics resonate across the soundscape of visceral techno and unsettling, discordant drones, weaving into a state of dreamlike euphoria.

      Field recordings of the constant drone of air traffic and incessant noise from the steel factory opposite Fearless’ Metal Box studio, as well as the Ballardian landscape in which it’s set, all exert their pull on the record, searching for light in the dark.


      Includes MP3 Download Code.

      Brighton-based Fujiya & Miyagi have now been making expansive, experimental and multifaceted electronic-driven music for over fifteen years.

      As an outfit they have been as successful in their investigations into bleep as they have elongated Krautrock wig outs, and creating breathy electro pop as fiercely as they do post-punk indebted scratchy dance. 'EP1' feels like an amalgamation of all of these factors, condensed succinctly into four tracks, the first of three planned EPs which will accumulate in a new album in early 2017.

      Comes in triple gatefold sleeve to house EPs 2 & 3.


      I Sing In Silence

        New music from Goat is always a time for celebration, and we are excited to announce the bands return with a 7” of brand new material. Last year Goat released the single It’s time for fun which saw the band experimenting with drum machines, which brought a different pulse to their tribal psych. And this desire to explore new sounds continues with their new single I Sing in Silence. But instead of ‘plugging in’ new instruments the band have ‘unplugged’ and created an addictive groove with mostly un-amped, acoustic instruments. Elastic guitar lines, woodblock percussion, and flutes which drive the song are enveloped by one of the strongest vocal deliveries by the bands enigmatic singers, resulting in a powerful and catchy psych-pop number.

        The B side is an instrumental called The Snake of Addis Ababa, is a looping North African mantra played on a teasing fuzzed guitar underpinned by a djembe groove. The repetitive mantra is disrupted by piano that freely solos over the groove, and a pounding drum lifts the song to a seriously head-nodding conclusion. This single is further proof that, in a world of similar sounding and similar looking psych bands, Goat are standing completely out on their own and we are all the better for it. This summer the band will be busy writing, recording, and blowing people’s minds across Europe’s greatest stages. 


        Ltd 7" Info: Limited transparent yellow vinyl edition.

        Grim Brides

        Faithless UFO Leap

          ‘Faithless UFO Leap’ is most definitely the gnarliest thing that the Singles Club has had the ‘joy’ of releasing. It is as much an offence to music as it is brick to the face brilliance.

          ‘I’m Gonna Be Sick’ continues the punishment and is music for the end of the world. Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road delivered the masters saying that they were un-masterable and Too Pure probably owe them for new speakers.

          All the label know about Grim Brides is that they have made these two songs and that they are (apparently) from Denmark.

          Pink vinyl 7”.

          Holy Fuck took the world by surprise around 2005 because there was just nothing like them—a hardcore thrift-store found-object punk band with a relentless commitment to rhythm and a sense for atmosphere better matched to a close encounter of the third kind than a simple rock concert. Think Einstürzende Neubauten re-inspired by Fela Kuti with Brian Eno working as keyboard tech and every channel on the mixer set to max power.

          Checking into a “proper” studio, rather than the barn in rural Ontario where most of Holy Fuck’s records were made, Congrats was recorded by the same lineup that recorded Latin (2010). As they worked, they discovered that Congrats was a process of refining things both physically and philosophically. Their ad hoc arsenal of low-budget hi-tech toys has been streamlined and the result is the moment when Holy Fuck take the chaos and craziness (and charm) that have always been at the heart of their band and not so much control it as concentrate it.

          Now they’re heavier, wilder, leaner, sharper, more daring and more unpredictable than ever before, on fire with the power of inspired outsiders like Suicide, Silver Apples, Can, Mission of Burma or the Monks or even Sun Ra whose pursuit of his own kind of musical purity is exactly what Holy Fuck are after.


          Barry says: Following on from 2010's 'Latin' was never going to be an easy task, and though it may have taken them 6 years, Canadian noise/psych/electronic wonders Holy Fuck have smashed it with this one. Furthering the brash and abrasive electronic scree we have come to know and love from them, this is an expansion in every direction. Brutal, uncompromising but reassuringly familiar : elements of psych rock are woven within the groans and distorted blanket of nose. Whispers of melody surface only to be buried beneath electronic miscellany and resonant drones. A triumphant return to the fray for Holy Fuck, and a stunning development of their already venerable musical palette.


          Ltd LP Info: Gatefold LP with die-cut sleeve + download

          Mark Kozelek sings a few of his favorite songs, plus favorites of friends and loved ones. Accompanied by piano, Mark sings songs by 10CC, David Bowie, Modest Mouse, Bob Seger, Waylon Jennings, and others. Guest singers include Mike Patton, Mimi Parker, Minnie Driver and Will Oldham.

          Magic Potion

          Pink Gum

            Stockholmʼs Magic Potion – formed by Gustaf Montelius, Andreas Sandberg and Kristoffer Byström and now joined by Johan Harrius – burst out of nowhere in the spring of 2015 with the debut single ”Deep Web”, a home-recorded gem that brought the attention of bloggers all around the world. Soon the debut EP Melt, including the single ”Booored”, was released via PNKSLM Recordings and Beech Coma to acclaim from the likes of NME, KEXP, The Line of Best Fit and Noisey – warped out slacker pop of the best kind, recorded on an old reel-to-reel, it instantly wormed its way into the ears and hearts of its listeners.

            Now Magic Potion are finally able to unveil their debut album Pink Gum. The fruits of over a yearʼs work, Pink Gum includes “Deep Web” and “Booored” from the Melt EP along with eight new tracks that truly fifinds the band coming into their own. Terrific melodies and songwriting, all recorded on the same old reel-to-reel and self-produced by the band itʼs a marvelous debut from one of Swedenʼs most exciting new acts, with lead single “Milk” showing the way.

            Malcolm Middleton

            Summer Of '13

            His first album for seven years and the sixth solo album from the ex-Arab Strap man, is set for release on the relaunched Nude Records. In Malcolm's songs hope and optimism have always existed (they were just well hidden) and ‘catchy’ has always been his prime prerogative, but with the new album glimmering with heady production, this clearly shines through. Calling upon the expertise of Glasgow-based dance producer Miaoux Miaoux, the album also features guest appearances by Beta Band/The Aliens founder Gordon Anderson aka Lone Pigeon (also creator of the album’s artwork, technicolour photography and who became a 'soundboard' for Malcolm after he moved into the cottage next door). De Rosa's Martin John Henry and First Aid Kit’s Scott Simpson also add to the albums sonic swirl and sense of fun.

            A wonky tonk fun-land of squelching synths and sweeping strings, ‘Steps’ is a cosmic space ride through pitch bends and vocal manipulation whilst ‘Information In The Voice’ unexpectedly drops pop RnB hip hop. But it’s never without feeling; take the romantic ‘You & I’ or shimmering and rhapsodic ‘Big Black Hole’ with its twinkling piano hook. Put together, there’s a neon glow of 80s new wave, alongside smoggier shades of the Chromatics or Johnny Jewel‘s Glass Candy. Malcolm has always enjoyed challenging his listeners and this time around is no exception.

            Mirror Travel

            Mexico EP

              Mirror Travel’s limited edition UK 10” release of “Mexico” features four songs from their 2013 full-length debut of the same name. Anton Newcombe approached the Texas-based three piece about releasing their brand of swirling psych-rock on his Berlin based A Recordings Ltd. after catching the band’s blistering set during Austin Psych Fest. The songs of “Mexico” were recorded in the small desert town of Marfa, TX and the result is loose, grungy garage at its finest. Each song travels at such an unhurried and hypnotic pace that you may feel you’ve driven across the desert yourself. Mirror Travel are “garage dwelling daydreamers” [SPIN] who “know psych rock and aren’t afraid to drench your ears in it”[Indieshuffle].

              Moulettes are a Brighton based British band of Björk, Frank Zappa and Gentle Giant loving multi-instrumentalists that weave in and out of several genres with 3 part harmony female vocals, amplified Cello, distorted Bassoon, Auto-Harp, Guitar, Drums, Bass and Synths into an incomparable alt.pop/rock/folk universe. Since the success of ‘Constellations’ (No.7 Indie Charts, Spiral Earth Best Album 2014), Bajian Irish Londoner Raevennan Husbandes has joined the band on Vocals and Electric Guitar. With this new line-up the band have made their fourth Album ‘Preternatural.’

              From Medieval Latin preternaturalis (mid-13c.), from Latin phrase praeter naturam (praeterque fatum) “beyond nature (and beyond fate).” In contrast to the supernatural, the dominion of deities, preternatural phenomena are... “suspended between the mundane and the miraculous in a domain of Wonder & Marvel. Strange specimens evoke questions about the natural order...they provoke the spirit of investigation. ” ‘Preternatural’ is a word particularly subject to etymological metamorphosis, describing the phenomena that fall “between the known and the unknowable” ...“recognising that the areas of magic, religion, and science are fluid and that their intersections should continue to be explored, contextualised, and challenged.”

              In the spirit of this mindset, we set out to make a record about the phenomenal creatures that inhabit the earth, demonstrating creativity, industriousness & knowledge; capable of generating electricity, continually defying accepted scientific ‘truths’ and redefining perimeters. Inspired by their ability to challenge our expectations we imagined an idiosyncratic song for each creature through the writing and production of this record, looking for new ground to explore sonically between the dichotomies of Nature & Technology, D.I.Y & Industry, Acoustic and Electronic.

              It features spiders who pluck harmonics on the strands of their webs to test the tension; Pufferfish who trace concentric mandala patterns in the sand to attract a mate; the phenomenon of the mind control parasite and the enigmatic ‘Immortal’ Jellyfish. The symbiotic underwater jungle of the coral reef & the bioluminescent light show of the Octopus; the mystery ‘bloop’ sound recorded in the pacific; the visual patterns that run through the natural world and the chaos that is its turbulent accomplice. From the Barnacle Goslings of Greenland, who at two days old leap off a 400 foot cliff, to the claustrophobic underground existence of the Halicephalobus Mephisto Nematode Worm, whose discovery re-defined the perimeters of life, the theatre, thrill and artistry of nature is undeniable."

              The aim of this record is to explore and celebrate the often surreal and miraculous wealth of fascinating diversity that exists in the natural world, and examine our relationship to it as humans: our similarities, our differences and our role as caretaker or threat. To hold in tension the emotional world and the scientific. To acknowledge that the natural world still keeps many secrets, and to hope that consideration and scientific enquiry will help the human race in our struggle to protect the wild beauty of the only planet we have."

              Mrs. Magician

              Eyes All Over Town B/w Do You Wanna Walk Around In The Dark?

                "We found out about Mrs. Magician through John Reis (of Drive like Yehu, Rocket from the Crypt and Hot Snakes fame and CEO at Swami Records), whose label released their first long player Strange Heaven, a record where 60’s pop choruses and melodies blend with surf music guitars and garage guitar blasts, all of it amalgamated with punk’s energy and blasphemy and some 80’s hardcore. After hard negotiations carried on either side of the Atlantic, La Castanya is happy to present the brand new Mrs. Magician single, an advance of their second LP, a record that will be jointly released by Swami and La Castanya next April 2016. This brand new seven incher, produced by Reis himself, will be released by Swami in the USA and La Castanya in Europe, although with different songs on the B-side and different covers. So pay attention fans and completists everywhere, because if you want to get those three songs you will have to acquire both singles. I hear you ask already: “But… Is it worth it?” I don’t know about the song on the B side of the Swami single (let them do their own promotion, hahahaha!) but the one La Castanya is releasing is a "double A-sider". On one side we have “Eyes all over town”, a garage-punk 60’s-80’s lash of monumental proportions, with classic power-pop and Paisley Underground band echoes. On the other side we find them in a more laid back mode and in a tad more dark mood (maybe that’s got something to do with the title of the song?), as if the Three O’Clock had entered the studio together with members of The Sound and Chameleons as guest stars, opening their music to new sounds. You must hear what comes out of this!"

                My Morning Jacket

                It Still Moves - Deluxe Reissue

                The deluxe ATO Records reissue of ‘It Still Moves’, My Morning Jacket’s third full-length.

                This deluxe reissue contains the original album completely remastered and remixed, 13 previously unreleased B-sides and demos and brand new artwork and photos.

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                4xLtd LP Info: Four 180gram black audiophile LPs in a gatefold
                jacket with a digital download.

                FREE SHIPPING This item has FREE UK shipping!

                There’s a confounding nature to the comfort constructed by The Myrrors throughout the flawless forty minutes of ‘Entranced Earth’, the third full length album from the transcendentally tuned, Tuscon tied desert die hards (and their second for Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records).

                Those looking for terra firma; for ground not given to staggering shifts, for easily grasped handholds, for the force of gravity as we know it; are likely to find the album an often groundless experience. But for listeners willing to give themselves over to the landscape presented on ‘Entranced Earth’, the reward lies in the discovery of new lands, and the sound of a band operating at the peak of their powers.

                When last we saw the reflection of The Myrrors, it was in the form of their previous release, ‘Arena Negra’, an album that announced its presence immediately and with high dosage of the appropriate amplification. ‘Entranced Earth’, by contrast, gives indication of The Myrrors entering an altogether different atmosphere, taking on an altogether higher climb, shorn of all hesitation and allowing their freak flags to unfurl and fly like never before. Still, it’s difficult (and altogether unnecessary) to pin down ‘Entranced Earth’ beyond the spires of sonic smoke that the album seems to generate at will. So subtle is the albumopening invocation of ‘Mountain Mourning’ that it threatens to never descend from its sky bound view, leaving the track that follows, ‘Liberty Is In the Street’, to offer the album’s first, fading glimpse of solid ground. ‘On your feet or on your knees’ goes the mantra like vocal drone, though the effect is likely to bring to mind the Moody Blues more than Blue Öyster Cult.


                From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah

                  Culled from various live recordings made between 1989 and 1994, this second posthumous Nirvana record and captures the band at the peak of their powers on stage.

                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                  Includes MP3 Download Code.

                  You haven’t heard them like this before but you may already know the band. One is James Chapman, better known as Maps, whose critically acclaimed debut ‘We Can Create’ was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and whose latest album ‘Vicissitude’ came out on Mute. The other is Polly Scattergood, the electrically charged artist who has released two solo albums on Mute.

                  The seeds of Chapman and Scattergood’s creative partnership were sown in 2011, at Mute’s Short Circuit festival, a special event at London’s Roundhouse. The night saw different collaborations with Mute artists and Polly and James paired up to perform each other’s songs.

                  On Dead Waves launched their debut track, ‘Blackbird’, at the end of 2015. Q said “… a world of smeared mascara and trailer-park heartache, there’s something wonderfully cinematic about this debut single,” while The Guardian wrote, “‘Blackbird’, their debut single, somehow nods to both shoegaze and country, with a David Lynchian creepiness to both music and lyrics.”

                  On Dead Waves’ debut album is heavy of atmosphere, rich in melody and rippled with an air of malice and flowing female and male vocals.

                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                  LP Info: Includes signed print while stocks last.

                  Includes MP3 Download Code.

                  Beth Orton has been one of the most unique and beguiling voices in music for the past two decades. Her debut LP - 'Trailer Park' - pioneered a synthesis of electronic and acoustic songs to huge acclaim. The follow up - 'Central Reservation' - brought international success and the Brit Award for best British female. Further albums like the Jim O’Rourke produced Comfort of Strangers and 2012’s 'Sugaring Season' deepened the breadth of her craft (Sugaring Season was described by Pitchfork as "ten songs of sweet resilience delivered by a voice of seemingly effortless expression”). 

                  Co-produced by Beth and Andrew Hung (Fuck Buttons) and mixed by David Wrench, 'Kidsticks' reframes Beth’s unmistakable voice inside ten pure, audacious, playful and kinetic songs. A resolutely focused album, it represents a rare chance to hear an established artist get plugged in and completely rework the songwriting process with wide-eyed, open-minded glee.

                  Post punk provocateurs The Pop Groupunveil their latest archival release, The Boys Whose Head Exploded.

                  Compiled from unearthed basement tapes recorded during their incendiary performances of late 1979 and 1980, the compilation also includes a bonus DVD featuring film footage shot by legendary director Don Letts.
                  The bulk of the salvaged live recordings comprise brawling versions of songs taken from the band’s recently reissued second studio album For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder? The collection also features the previously unreleased 73 Shadow Street, and a surprise mutation of the Glaxo Babies’ Shake The Foundation.

                  The accompanying film footage is a short feature that’s been hiding in Don Letts’ punk rock archives for the past 35 years. Filmed by Letts at Alexandra Palace on June 15th1980 at an all day festival that featured the likes of John Cooper Clarke, The Raincoats and The Slits, the rare footage encapsulates the band’s molotov cocktail of punk, funk, free jazz and radical politics at its most artistically concussive.

                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                  Ltd LP Info: The vinyl edition comes as a picture disc with a download code to access the film and hi-res audio content.

                  CD Info: The CD edition includes a DVD of the 1980 footage and a 12 page poster.

                  Daniel Romano refuses to be confined to narrow classification - in fact, out of necessity he created his own genre: Mosey Music.

                  With the release of Daniel’s fifth solo record ‘Mosey’ on New West Records, we get a fresh new vista into the mind of the prolific singer songwriter, the masterful lyricist and the multiinstrumentalist.

                  His most ambitious affair to date, Mosey will undoubtedly catch many by surprise. New sonic territories are mapped, genres are splintered, conventional rules discarded.

                  Imagine ‘Rolling Thunder Revue’-era Bob Dylan conspiring with Lee Hazlewood, Tom Waits and Peter Green. You’ll hear heavy swells of fuzzed out electric guitar, horns and keys delivered with a fury that demands your close attention. There are even some surprise guest cameos to boot.

                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                  2xLtd LP Info: Heavyweight double LP in gatefold sleeve playing
                  at 45rpm in mono with digital download card.


                  Swallow Me/Chequered Love

                    Continuing their run of critical acclaim and national attention, alt-pop five-piece Shields release their limited edition RAK Singles Club 7” vinyl.

                    Shields have spent the past few years crafting a reputation for stunning live performances, honed by tour support slots with the likes of Placebo, and Everything Everything. Their debut album ‘How Can We Fix This?’ (recorded by double Grammy-award winner Adrian Bushby), was released to widespread praise from The Independent and The Sunday Times, and was also an early tip for debut album of the year in The Guardian.

                    Space Age Recordings are very pleased to announce the official re-release of the Spectrum albums "Live Chronicles" volumes 1. Presented in shrink-wrapped 6 panel fold out card wallet the optikinetic illustrations used on the CD cover are based on the work of Japanese artist Hajime Ouchi.

                    Space Age Recordings are very pleased to announce the official re-release of the Spectrum albums "Live Chronicles" volumes 2. Presented in shrink-wrapped 6 panel fold out card wallet the optikinetic illustrations used on the CD cover are based on the work of Japanese artist Hajime Ouchi.

                    Spoon’s classic ‘Gimme Fiction’ celebrates its 10th anniversary with a deluxe version released on Matador Records.

                    The reissue contains the original album newlyremastered by Howie Weinberg from the original tapes, a second disc with 12 previously unreleased demos from the era, a digital download of nine additional bonus tracks and a full colour book containing photos and an extensive oral history of the making of the album by The AV Club’s Sean O’Neal. The deluxe LP package also includes tipped sleeves, a 24” x 36” poster and a digital download of all songs.

                    ‘Gimme Fiction’ dragged the sonic pointillism of ‘Kill The Moonlight’ further into dub-influenced weirdness as the increasingly confident Spoon went crazy in the studio, experimenting with everything from warped hip hop samples to horse whinnies. Whatever digging or strange alchemy had to go into it, they only produced more gold.

                    ‘Gimme Fiction’ deserves special recognition as the album where Spoon took creative and stylistic quantum leaps that resulted in classics ‘I Turn My Camera On’, ‘The Beast And Dragon Adored’, ‘My Mathematical Mind’, ‘I Summon You’ and so many more. 10 years later, ‘Gimme Fiction’ gets the deluxe release it so richly deserves.

                    Fronted by singer/electric washboard player Lori Paradis, Canadian band Sulfur City comes roaring out of your speakers with echoes of Grace Slick, Patti Smith and Janis Joplin. This is no wimpy chick rock! Sulfur City is the first female-fronted band on ALIVE, and their balls-to-thewall, high-energy gritty blues style fits right in with label mates like the Black Keys and Left Lane Cruiser. Born in a small mining town in North-eastern Ontario, Lori’s lyrics reflect her life experience (she has been a truck driver on a construction crew, a bartender and a house painter among other odd jobs). “Talking Loud” was recorded at the infamous Gas Station Recording studio by Dale Morningstar (Cowboy Junkies, Neko Case), and features Jesse Lagace (guitar), Steve Smith (bass), Sam King (drums), and Keith Breit (keys).

                    Talk Talk

                    Laughing Stock

                    Talk Talk’s Laughing Stock, the group’s 1991 final album, took a year to make, and yet it has required decades to fully appreciate. Following up on the abstract 'Spirit of Eden', which sufficiently alienated pop fans of the band’s earlier material, 'Laughing Stock' took spaces in recorded music to new extremes, with layers of silence breathing through strings, woodwinds, percussion and Mark Hollis’s delicate vocals.

                    The record exists as one complete thought, albeit with jagged diversions and tangents. Hollis’s and producer Tim Friese-Greene’s goal from the beginning was to create an album that completely enveloped the listener. During recording, microphones were placed at distances as far as 30 feet from the instruments they were recording, and passages were captured with no clear intention as to where they would finally be placed. Before ProTools made the cut-and-paste, drag-and-drop process standard in songwriting, Hollis and Friese-Greene were in the studio with flugelhorn and viola players, capturing notes and phrases they collected and combined into the six tracks that became 'Laughing Stock'. Everything was recorded straight from the original instruments, as Hollis continued reacting against the synth artificiality of his past. It was released on jazz label Verve, further declaring that 'In A Silent Way' was a greater influence than any pop group to which Talk Talk had been compared in the past. 'Laughing Stock' grows like vines in a garden out of any speakers. The full power of the music is as engrossing as it is oblique, like wrapping oneself in a blanket of thoughts. Talk Talk’s music is unapologetic in its obscureness, caressed in the gentle beauty of subtlety and warmth.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Andy says: This band were cruelly dismissed as new romantic also-rans, even though that phase of their development culminated in 'The Colour Of Spring', which is officially one of the greatest albums ever made! Anyway, they disappeared for a bit then returned, sounding like a completely reinvented group, with the quite remarkable 'Spirit of Eden'. No live performances, no singles; they vanished again, mystery intact. When they did reappear, it was with this: 'Laughing Stock'. Way further out than ever before, this music shifts, thunders and grooves in a time and space all of its own. The band never made it back!!? But we have this magnum opus to remember them by. Awesome.

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    LP Info: Includes printed inner sleeve.

                    Includes MP3 Download Code.

                    The Third Sound's new album Gospels of Degeneration shows a shift in style for the group, having toned down the shimmery psychedelia in favour of something a little cleaner. That’s not to say this is a barren sounding album at all, it’s still hypnotically layered with country-kissed reverb, and retains those itching guitar riffs that will keep whispering through your mind for hours after listening.

                    Founded by Icelandic frontman, Hakon Aðalsteinsson - an ex-member of Singapore Sling who are often hailed as founding members of the new psych sound - The Third Sound came into being in Rome in 2010 and have since relocated to Berlin. Since forming, The Third Sound have enjoyed the support of Anton Newcombe, who released their self-titled first album, on his label A Recordings, and chose the group to support his band The Brian Jonestown Massacre on tour in Europe. He also provided the studio for recording their second album The Third Sound of Destruction and Creation which was released on Fuzz Club in 2013. Most recently they’ve shared members with Anton Newcombe and Tess Parks’ band, which led to Parks’ appearance on the single “You Are Not Here” from this new album. What began as somewhat of a solo project by Aðalsteinsson, the new album sees The Third Sound stretching its definition with deeper levels of collaboration between band members and the influence of a new character in its story, the city of Berlin.

                    The group’s sound has been described as “ebbing between light and dark, dream and reality, pop and experimentalism” and “ranging from hypnotic soundscapes to tweaked out and fuzzed up numbers.” In a recent premiere on Clash Music they were described as "lynchpins of the psychedelic underground."

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    Indies Exclusive LP Info: It comes on heavy 180g coke bottle clear vinyl with silver laminate cover (600 copies).

                    The Zephyr Bones

                    Black Lips/ Surrounded By Sunflowers

                      The Zephyr Bones have got it. Never mind the reasons or coincidences that have brought you to get into the music made by Brian, Jossip, Nico and Marc, because whatever they may have been, your first thought is: “Ok, these kids are something else, they’re at another level; they speak another language”. And they speak seriously. They live off, with and for music. Anything but their band is pushed into the background: it may be urgent, but it’s not important. And what counts here is what is important, what they have achieved and, particularly, what they are going to achieve. The highway in front of them is a sunny, straight and, above all, long one.

                      Left behind is the insecure amateurism shown by four kids who took Barcelona in a meager assault, putting their dreams in front of everything else. Left behind are the first recordings shared by Brian and Jossip: shy, disoriented, placed in a sort of no man’s land between electronic music and rock. These four Chileans, alone in this ocean full of colored sharks, decided to brave any hardship, far from the world they knew, and throw themselves into the bottomless well of creation. Their role in this world is just to do what they want to do: songs. They live together, eat together, breath together and have the same dreams.

                      After their four-song cassette tape, titled Wishes/ Fishes and released by La Castanya in July of 2014, the band, that took its name from a skater society from the 70’s, is bound to conquer the hearts of an audience that will make them bigger with a spectacular, international, provincialism-free two sided single. “Black Lips” could easily pass for one of the best tunes by DIIV, with a vocal melody that should suffice to automatically provide them with a residence permit in California; while “Surrounded by Sunflowers” could have been one of the three most listened to songs of Tame Impala’s “InnerSpeaker”, to no one’s surprise.

                      They are young, they are special, they care and they deserve the most active of respects. Only death could prevent them from being successful.

                      “The latest must-see Spanish act to attract buzz in the wake of Hinds and The Parrots hail from Barcelona and are a psyched-up surf-pop four-piece… manage to sound dark, summery and trippy all at once.”
                      NME Magazine

                      “In the spirit of all thinks sun-soaked and surf-ready, Barcelona-based Zephyr bones offer up an inviting beach-like experience… Remeniscent of the saltwater brand of dream pop that DIIV mastered on their 2012 debut Oshin, the music here lives up the the “beach wave/psychedelic pop” description on the Zephyr Bones Facebook page.” Soundblab Magazine.

                      Zozo / Esper Scout

                      Split 7"

                        The third release from Come Play With Me, features two brand new tracks from two ridiculously exciting bands plying their trades in Leeds – and through music collective ‘Chunk’ right now: ZoZo (‘International Waters’) and Esper Scout (‘Gaps In The Border Fence.’)

                        Various Artists

                        A Tribute To Pet Sounds

                          Austin, Texas - Brian Wilson will be performing Pet Sounds at the Levitation music festival to celebrate the album's 50th anniversary. In honour of this event festival curators The Reverberation Appreciation Society commissioned Al Lover to curate and produce a tribute to Brian Wilson's career keystone.

                          Features artists such as Black Angels, Shannon & The Clams, Holy Wave, Cosmonauts and The Shivas.

                          'Pet Sounds' is a fountainhead from which the 15 artists on the album have all drank from as they developed their own musical roots, giving the tribute a rich and flavoursome sound. The tracklisting consists of the original thirteen songs that appeared on the 'Pet Sounds' album, with two bonus songs: 'Good Vibrations' and 'Hang On To Your Ego'.

                          Holy Wave's interpretation of 'That's Not Me' is a sunbaked, organ filled hymn that is a minute longer than the original song. picking up where Brian Wilson left off in 1966. 'That's Not Me' is a kaleidoscope of ear-pleasing notes that take the listener into an elevated listening experience of astonishing detail.

                          Shannon & The Clams capture Brian Wilson's feelings of alienation in 'I Just Wasn't Made For These Times', taking the climactic Beach Boys song and transform it into a garage rock epic with a surf rock spine. This track transcends time with both its subject matter and its deliverance.

                          The album opens with The Black Angels' rendition of Brian Wilson's masterpiece 'Good Vibrations', which was started during the Pet Sounds sessions but not released on the album.

                          Various Artists

                          The Guest - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                            Soundtrack to the 2014 suspense film directed by Adam Wingard (You're Next) and starring Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey). Brooding set features tracks from Clan of Xymox, The Sisters of Mercy and Love and Rockets. This is the first physical issue of the soundtrack.

                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                            2xColoured LP Info: Double Purple Vinyl – Very Limited – 200 Numbered Units For UK

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