Genre pick of the week Cover of I Am Mark E Smith by Fat White Family.

Fat White Family

I Am Mark E Smith

Another cracker from the excellent Fat White Family.

I haven’t a clue what they’re on about, so can’t tell if it’s a tribute to Mark E or not. (Not sure which of them I’d fancy in a scrap if they have upset him!) They manage to be both discordant and melodic at the same time. Sleazy slo-mo grooves that like the song’s protagonist sound like no-one else around.

Great stuff!

Album Cover Frame

Black - 4 Pack

    A clear plastic fronted black wooden album frame. Just like a standard picture frame, with the sleeve held in place via metal clips on the back.

    Accomodates single record sleeves to the size of 31.5cm x 31.5cm (please note; does NOT hold gatefold sleeves).

    Perfect for all your favourite record sleeves.

    £12.99 for one frame, so buying 4 saves £8.

    Album Cover Frame

    White - 4 Pack

      A clear plastic fronted black wooden album frame. Just like a standard picture frame, with the sleeve held in place via metal clips on the back.

      Accomodates single record sleeves to the size of 31.5cm x 31.5cm (please note; does NOT hold gatefold sleeves).

      Perfect for all your favourite record sleeves.

      £12.99 for one frame, so buying 4 saves £8.

      Limited 7" from Bloodshot Records (produced for Black Friday in the USA).

      1000 copies worldwide.

      Andrew Bird & Nora O'Connor cover Robbie Fulks' "I'll Trade You Money For Wine" from his 2013 album "Gone Away Backwards".

      Robbie Fulks returns the favour with a cover of Bird's "Core & Rind" from his "Swimming Hour" album of 2011


      Biophilia Live

        “A dazzling audiovisual spectacle that benefits from the full cinematic treatment... an imaginative stand-alone artwork.” - The Hollywood Reporter

        The critically acclaimed documentary film which captures the multidimensional concert centred on Björk’s eighth studio album, titled ‘Biophilia Live’, will be released on audio-visual formats via One Little Indian Records.

        The film documents the intimate ‘Biophilia’ performance at London’s Alexandra Palace where Björk was accompanied by unique musical instruments, collaborators and visuals. Shot by directors Nick Fenton and Peter Strickland and produced by Jacqueline Edenbrow / Gloria Films, the film also features science and nature archive and found footage inspired by the themes of the album, as well as animation which has been augmented with the music of ‘Biophilia’.

        The infinitely creative journey presents a culmination of work that represents one of the most original musical endeavors of a generation.

        The DVD and Blu-ray formats also feature extra content filmed during Biophilia’s residency at Japan’s Miraikan Museum and the options of stereo and 5:1 surround sound.


        3xLP Info: 3xLP+DVD.


        Sixteen Stone - Copper Coloured Vinyl Edition

          Sixteen Stone is the debut album of British rock band Bush, released in 1994. Widely regarded as the band’s most popular album, it peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 and boasted numerous successful singles. “Comedown” and “Glycerine” remain two of the band’s biggest hits to date, each reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. Both tracks also entered the Billboard Hot 100, reaching No. 30 and No. 28, respectively.

          Sixteen Stone received mostly positive feedback from music critics, calling their sound impressive, not unlike their Seattle Grunge counterparts. In later years Bush would distance themselves from the familiar Grunge sounds with experimental releases such as Deconstructed and The Science Of Things.

          In April 2014 Rolling Stone placed the album at No. 39 on its “1994: The 40 Best Records From Mainstream Alternative’s Greatest Year” list. A month later, Loudwire placed Sixteen Stone at number eight on its “10 Best Hard Rock Albums of 1994” list. In July 2014, Guitar World placed the album on its “Superunknown: 50 Iconic Albums That Defined 1994” list.


          LP Info: 20th anniversary edition with remastered audio. 180g audiophile vinyl pressing. first pressing of 1000 numbered copies on copper coloured vinyl. Gatefold sleeve + insert.

          Cavern Of Anti Matter

          Total Availability And The Private World

          This is the fourth release by Cavern of Anti Matter. Featuring Tim Gane of Stereolab, their album 'Blood Drums' came out on Grautag Records in 2013.

          Artwork is by Julian House (designer/co-owner at Ghost Box Records)

          Peripheral Conserve is a bedroom label run by the filmmaker, Peter Strickland since 1999.

          Jonnie Common

          Trapped In Amber

          After releasing his debut album to great acclaim on Manchester indie Red Deer Club, Jonnie's second album come out on Edinburgh cottage industry Song, by Toad Records.

          Jonnie has the ability to make the oddest noises sound like the most approachable pop songs, and this album showcases that talent perfectly. If you look closely at how the songs are assembled you'll hear a lot of really odd noises, and yet the result is an album of lush, warm pop music.

          His lyrical ability is perhaps underrated as well, but as amusing as he can be, he can also be touching and subtle, as heartbreaking songs like So and So demonstrate. So this album may be enjoyable and fun, but there is depth here, both musically an emotionally, and it will stay with you longer than most other records in this sort of musical space.


          2xCD Info: CD includes a second disc, 'Trapped In Amber' - Alternate 'scrapbook' version.

          Cool Ghouls

          A Swirling Fire Burning Through The Rye

          “San Francisco’s Doomed” ... or so they say. There are, however, four Cool Ghouls who will have none of that. Born and raised in Fog Nation’s strip-mall suburbs, these boys dreamed of the day when they would move to Shaky City. San Francisco was their destiny—the town their electric heroes Creedence, Thee Oh Sees, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape, Flamin’ Groovies, etc. call(ed) home. Thank the gods their dreams came true! Their loud guitars, acid riffs, party screams, and stacked-as-fuck three-part vocal harmonies are echoing down the alleys and shaking foundations.

          A Swirling Fire Burning Through the Rye is Cool Ghouls’ sophomore full-length album, and it rules. Recorded live to tape by San Francisco’s Sonny Smith (Sonny and the Sunsets) and mixed and mastered by Mikey Young (Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring), this record elevates the band’s psychedelic garage jams to a whole new level. Empty Cellar Records is very stoked to present ten new, delectable Cool Ghouls songs brimming with infectious, creative energy. This record is an excellent complement to the never-ending nights of a never-ending summer. San Francisco is still doomed... it always has been and always will be. At least these Cool Ghouls are here to help it go down with just a little bit of true class.

          D.D Dumbo

          Tropical Oceans

            The latest addition to 4AD, Australian resident Oliver Hugh Perry - creatively known as D.D Dumbo - has announced details of his first release for the label.

            Hailing from Castlemaine, a small township deep inside the Victorian bush, D.D Dumbo’s reverbsoaked songs erupt in thunderous rhythm and euphoric drone. Minimal in structure and complemented by Perry’s astonishing voice, they subtly reference traditional stylings from around the globe such as African desert blues, Tanzanian ilimba and transcendental Tuvan melody.

            “Unfathomably cool.” - NME
            “A dazzling patchwork of melodies.” - Q

            Newly signed to Melodic, The Drink are now set to intoxicate further with the arrival of Company; their gloriously inventive debut album.

            Collecting together those now-unavailable EPs, Company has an inimitable, wayward sound drawn from the chaos of real life. “People and places shape the sound - I get ideas from watching people do their thing and also looking at billboards thinking that everything is fucked," says singer and guitarist Dearbhla Minogue. Without clear narratives, the lyrics have a stream-of-consciousness quality, loaded with uncanny imagery. "I try to invoke feelings of familiarity and imagery in songs because that is what I love about hearing good lyrics. For them to invoke something that you recognise and makes you feel a certain way but you're not quite sure why."

            The title Company explores the album’s themes of what it means to be human, and being alone. "The idea of company is really interesting, why is it so important?" asks Dearbhla. "The way people operate in company - and in companies - is so interesting. Groups are formed by individuals but after that they take on a life of their own."

            The Drink came together when Dearbhla moved to London from her hometown of Dublin and overheard drummer Daniel Fordham and bassist David Stewart practising with their former band in the warehouse she shares with other musicians. “I used to listen to Dan and Dave in Fighting Kites and when they disbanded I took them for my own,” says Dearbhla. “They have a way of making an odd song flow really well. It was great to realise that together we had a band sound without having to contrive it.”

            In the way bands such as Deerhoof are revered for their unusual sonic approach, The Drink celebrate beauty in oddness through their use of bold syncopated rhythms, strange time signatures and complex structures, via a love of artists from Joanna Newsom to The Breeders and Captain Beefheart. While many lose their sense of melodic direction labouring to create an intriguing experimental sound, on Company it never wanes through the band’s boundless energy, reverberating basslines and unforgettably spontaneous fusion of American and English indie rock with Irish folk leanings. “We don't set out to write odd songs at all. We just write them as we think they sound interesting and they always turn out to be in bizarre time patterns when it comes to putting them together,”says Dearbhla.

            "Our first rehearsals were fuelled largely by Nigerian Foreign Export Guinness, but we're not specifically referring to alcohol when we say The Drink, it's also a way of describing the sea, or something that's essential to survival."

            “It sounds pretty unique - save for a little like Warpaint with a folkier wash - and is certainly some of the most refreshing music we've heard from a new act these last few months.” The Line Of Best Fit.

            “Dearbhla Minogue is a woman on a mission. The lead singer and primary songwriter for London-based trio The Drink is reassuringly focused on how she wants her band to sound. Since their inception just over a year ago – and rather refreshingly in an era where many artists spend a huge amount of energy exploring the outer edges of genre-splicing experimentation - The Drink have defined themselves as purveyors of ballsy and intelligent indie rock.” - Quietus.


            LP Info: LP is 180g black and comes with album CD included. LP Inner sleeve contains album lyrics.

            Electric Eels

            Die Electric Eels

              Cleveland’s electric eels (all lower case in homage to poet e.e. cummings) is America’s quintessential proto-punk band. Formed in 1972 by singer Dave E. McManus and guitarists John Morton and Brian McMahon, the group enlisted drummer Nick Knox (later of The Cramps) and producer Paul Marotta to record a flurry of catchy and genuinely fucked-up tunes. After only five legendary live performances - complete with Dave E. in black leather jacket covered in rat-traps and playing a gas-powered lawnmower on stage - the eels broke up in 1976 and posthumously released their classic single Agitated on Rough Trade in 1978, blazing a trail for high-art, low-concept rock.

              As Jon Savage writes in the liner notes, “There is something heroic about the eels’ isolation and uncompromising attitude: a fierceness that you can hear in these songs that still resonates in a different time and world.” This archival LP collects the eels’ best material from 1974-75. From the loud and snotty “Agitated” and its Bside “Cyclotron” (which Johan Kugelberg listed as #1 in his top 100 punk singles) to the anarchic anthem “Jaguar Ride” and the loose, bluesy sludge of “Anxiety,” the album exorcises the demonic power of the Stooges and Velvets and captures the mystique of these outsider artists inventing a new language. As the eels demand “Attendance Required” on their flyer for the infamous Special Extermination Music Night, listening is absolutely mandatory for this seminal band. Recommended for fans of Dead Boys, Simply Saucer and Pagans.

              Electric Eels

              Spin Age Blasters / Bunnies

              Following their legendary punk-as-ever Agitated single, electric eels released their second posthumous single, Spin Age Blasters / Bunnies, on Mustard Records in 1981. Recorded in 1975 and taking the band’s free-form jazz and art rock alliances to dizzying extreme, the twin-guitar swirl of “Spin Age Blasters” sounds like Trout Mask Replica on paint fumes, while “Bunnies” features Dave E.’s relaxing Bob-Ross-like vocals and frantic clarinet bursts à la Roscoe Mitchell.

              This first-time vinyl reissue includes original cover artwork by eels’ guitarist John Morton and is pressed in a limited edition of 1,000 copies.

              Ellis Island Sound comprises the duo of Pete Astor (The Loft, Weather Prophets) and David Sheppard (State River Widening, Snow Palms).

              Hot on the heels of their critically revered 2014, Krautrock-meets-Afrobeat longplayer ‘Regions’, Ellis Island Sound return with a brand new, seventrack mini-album.

              The new album is another fertile marriage between motorik Mitteleuropa pulse and subtropical guitar and percussion textures.

              Full of intricate, highly melodic arrangements for guitars, keyboards and tuned percussion, with a spacious sound palette propelled by polyrhythmic marimbas and xylophones and layered with infectious lead lines and choral.

              For fans of Penguin Café Orchestra, Cluster, King Sunny Ade and Steve Reich.


              LP Info: Download code and fine art poster included in LP version.

              Everything But The Girl

              Eden - Transparent Vinyl Edition

              Cut to 180 gram heavyweight transparent vinyl. This is an individually numbered in the exclusive run with gatefold artwork featuring rare images and reconstructions. The inner bag features printed lyrics, sheet music and photograph.

              After Tracey Thorn's Marine Girls offerings and solo album "A Distant Shore", and Ben Watt's "North Marine Drive", the pair came together to form Everything But The Girl, "Eden" being their superb debut album from 1984. This collection of tracks hallmarked the duo's understated but beautific composition skills, displaying a great leap forward from the comparative naivete of their previous offerings. Mixing up gentle bossa-nova and jazz-flavoured tunes with guitar-strummed indie-pop and nu-country acoustica, the duo straddled the gap between Sade and The Style Council on one side and The Smiths on the other, creating a lyrically astute perfect pop album.

              Fruit Tones

              Some Strange Voodoo

              Stolen Body’s first 7” release comes from Manchester garage'n'surf rock band Fruit Tones. The 4 track EP shows off the bands ability to morf garage rock, tropical pop and surf beautifully while keeping a raw rock'n'roll feel to everything.

              They have featured on several compilations which have been incredibly recieved. They have also previously released a split tape with Death Cats on Scottish label Fuzzkill Records which is now sold out. Stolen Body is happy to release the EP on limited edition colour vinyl. Limited to 500 copies (Coloured - Yellow with black splatter)

              Happy Meals is the Glasgow-based duo of Suzanne Rodden and Lewis Cook, life-partners since high school finding expression in cosmic form. Originally from the Scottish borders, Rodden and Cook (also of The Cosmic Dead) began Happy Meals in a flurry of experimentation at Glasgow’s creative hub The Green Door Studio. Initially the result of a free music production course, 'Apéro' sees the pair embark on a blissful voyage into a love-fuelled, outward-looking hedonism. Both artists operate machines and sing but it’s the dominating Franco-Scottish lingua-franca of Suzanne Rodden that imbues a sense of seductive fun to the album.

              Their first recorded statement, 'Apéro' is an instant rush of Kosmiche-disco, utterly addictive and inviting. The epic 'Crystal Salutation' welcomes the listener in with analogue synths delayed into the horizon before 'Electronic Disco' ushers in distorted drum machines and Rodden’s disco-at-sunset vocal. Album stand-out 'Altered Images' is a pop-masterpiece, mixing French / Italo disco, acid basslines and a sense of Scottish optimism. 'Age Of Love' is unabashedly the feeling of being up until day-break, with layered synths climaxing all-around. Retro-futuristic visions abound on the beat-less 'Visions Of Utopia' before closer 'Le Voyage' reprises back the cosmopolitan disco, playing out the perfect club night in ecstatic fashion. It’s an enchanting, inclusive vision; everyone is invited, the future is bright. Just say yes.

              Heart Kill Giant

              Diamond Concubine / Drive In

              For their latest release ‘Diamond Concubine’, Heart Kill Giant have taken a darker route and further explored their electronica edge of the first EPs. This has given rise to an "acid folk" sound which features a steady, muffled 4/4 kick, pulsing, morphing 303 bassline (on the acid side) and ethereal vocals and reverbed acoustic guitar (on the folk side). On the flip we're treated to another brand new track, ‘Drive In’, which offers a super slo-mo dub / industrial techno sound (a fluid 303, clanking metallic echoes), before evolving into an electronic cinematic nightmare with creepy ice cream van / music box tones. Both tracks have been produced by Johnny Aux of Paranoid London.

              Icky Boyfriends

              Live In San Francisco

              “You like anchovies? Morning breath? Dried blood? The sun-up residue after a night of hard drugs? Well, you’re gonna love Icky Boyfriends.

              “I painted houses for a couple years with an old-school San Francisco artist / musician dude who would let me run the boombox while we worked. This was right around the time I became obsessed with Icky Boyfriends. I would play the shit all day and wax about how I much I loved them. He piped up one day and asked what they were called again. ‘Icky Boyfriends,’ I said. ‘Oh yeah, I remember those guys…man, they could clear a room.’ “That’s the Ickys—an acquired taste for people who maybe have eyes that feel natural when trolling the gutter for nutrition. These are stories of strung-out super heroes singing the praises of the old school San Francisco freak scene. Hilarious at times, genius always and as scuzzy as anything you could ever hear. “Live in San Francisco was recorded masterfully by the Castle Face engineers team at the grand SF Eagle. There are many classic favorites here, as well as a couple new jams (I challenge anyone to tell the difference). We’ve kept it primal and simple as the Ickys always have. What a treat, now let’s eat!” - John Dwyer

              Thrilling Cardiff-based noisepop group Joanna Gruesome have teamed up with their American cousins Perfect Pussy to release a remarkable four song split 7" EP. The release comes packaged in a 24-page comic book, illustrated by cartoonist Phil McAndrew (brother of Perfect Pussy's guitarist Ray McAndrew). The heroine in McAndrew's comic is a "split" between Joanna Gruesome front woman Alanna McArdle and Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy, who battles misogynists, online trolls and haters everywhere.

              The EP is being co-released by Fortuna POP!, Captured Tracks and Slumberland. Joanna Gruesome’s terrific debut album “Weird Sister” took the world by storm when it was released last September. Produced by Hookworm’s MJ, the album is brimming with irresistible pop melodies and spiked with dissonant fuzzy jangle, the songs shot through with loud discordant feedback and super-fast, hardcore punk drumbeats. Fantastic press support saw glowing press reviews across the board with particular love from Pitchfork and from NME, including a spot on the front cover as part of their Rule Britannia issue. At radio the singles from the album scored a remarkable three out of three in BBC 6Music B-lists and the band played sessions for Lauren Laverne on 6Music and for Huw Stephens on Radio One. The album has recently been shortlisted for this year’s Welsh Music Prize.

              The two tracks here follow their recently released split EP with Trust Fund and represent some of the first new material to be heard from the band since the release of “Weird Sister” and, in lead track “Psykick Espionage” a taste of their new album to be released in the first half of 2015. Their second track “...And Keep Reaching for Those Stars” is a cover of a song by 90s US emo band I Hate Myself.

              Hailing from Syracuse, New York, Perfect Pussy are one of the boldest and most intriguing projects to surface in recent years. Veiled beneath layers of exquisitely abrasive noise, frontwoman Meredith Graves’ lyrics are disarming, brutally honest and poetic, possessing a feverish intensity that can only be matched by her electric stage presence. Their album ‘Say Yes to Love’ was released on Captured Tracks in March 2014 to widespread critical acclaim. On this EP Perfect Pussy cover Björk’s old band the Sugarcubes’ “Leash Called Love” and also contribute the new track “Adult World (The Secret)”.


              Ltd 7" Info: 7” EP with comic book.

              Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

              Baby Bye Bye

              Kitty, Daisy & Lewis are proud to unveil the release of ‘Baby Bye Bye’, the first single taken from their new album ‘Kitty, Daisy & Lewis The Third’, three years on since their hugely acclaimed ‘Smoking In Heaven’.

              Described as “a gift to those of us who still believe in magic” (The Observer), they have used those three years wisely, building a new 16 track analogue studio in a derelict Indian restaurant in Camden Town, resulting in an album and a sound all of their own making.

              All songs performed by Mark Kozelek November / Decemeber 2013 in San Francisco.


              Ltd LP Info: BLACK VINYL COPIES!! Super limited!

              For their haunting thirteenth release, Especial take a side-step from their usual chug heavy tackle, welcoming up and coming producer Wolf Muller (Remember his remix of Jose Padilla? Scorchio!) to the label with his remixes of indie-pop dreamer Mariam The Believer. Now, some of those chuggers might register upwards of 5 on the sci-fi horror scale, but no one does doom and gloom better than the goths, and Mariam's Siouxsie-esque post-punk delivery nails that B-movie vibe. Muller transforms her dreamy (or should that be nightmare-y) sonnet into a percussion heavy hit of voodoo groove, which finds a place between post-punk, disco-not-disco and no wave to dance like Britt Ekland in Wicker Man. Available exclusively on this release in dub and vocal form, this bone rattler is already getting love from Lexx, Manu and Coyote.

              The Melvins return with Hold It In, their first studio album as a quartet since 2010's The Bride Screams Murder.

              Joining Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover for the 12-song outing are BUTTHOLE SURFERS' guitar player Paul Leary and bass player JD Pinkus.

              Hold It In was recorded in both Los Angeles and Austin earlier this year.

              "Hold It In is a refreshing piece of fiction in a boring world of fact and bullsh*t," said Osborne. "Paul is one of the best guitar players I have ever heard and Pinkus has an outside the box type of approach to both guitar and bass that you just have to let it ride. I can't believe this actually happened. I'm thrilled."

              "It's very rare you get a chance to work with three folks from the 'Break A Wish' foundation, all at the same time," said Pinkus. "I believe they'll remember their experience with me forever (or until they finally all lose their fight with S.I.D.S)."

              Still the favourite with many Motorpsycho fans, the iconic "Demon Box" was also their breakthrough album and is a testament to their most drastic period of transition, from being a relatively, but not entirely, straight rock band largely met with indifference, to becoming a band where "shit definitely falls in place", to quote Tommy Olsson´s liner notes. It´s also, notably, the only album in their vast catalog where Deathprod was a permanent member of the group. This re-issue follows those of "Timothy´s Monster" and "Blissard" and has been possible with the kind permission and co-operation of Voices Of Wonder.

              Spread over five discs we get the following:
              Disc 1 and 2: "Demon Box" as it appears on the double vinyl edition and as it was envisaged by the band at the time. But the label only wanted to release it as a single CD, meaning that a couple of tracks, much to the bands regret, had to be left out. So this is actually the first ever CD release of the full "Demon Box" album.
              Disc 3: The two EPs that followed the album, plus "Home Of The Brave", a live recording previously available on a long deleted compilation.
              Disc 4: Various outtakes, live recordings and other rarities, mostly unreleased until now.
              Disc 5 (DVD): Something of a curio that will have the fans wetting their pants, for sure. A previously uncirculated, one-camera video documentation of the full gig at the Vera venue in Groningen, The Netherlands, September 19, 1993. Dark, shadowy, chaotic, loud, energetic and primitive, this is still the best audiovisual recording of a complete show from this period.

              The original 2LP edition of "Demon Box" is being released at he same time. This has been out of print for many years, and now fetches unhealthy prices on the net.

              Following their debut, "Hold this Ghost", whose immediate melodies and lush orchestration garnered significant press and a devoted listenership worldwide, Musee Mecanique returns with the ambitious "From Shores of Sleep", a through-composed musical voyage that finds its lineage as much in the song-cycles of Robert Schumann as in its Portland, Oregon folk-rock contemporaries. Using water as a central image, Musee Mecanique has crafted a story both surreal and insightful, meticulous and moving, a record about travels and transitions, of restlessness and longing, and the grief that comes from leaving things behind. Ogilvie's background in classical composition is apparent throughout "From Shores Of Sleep", as is his tenure with respected post-rock instrumental band Tristeza.

              From the upbeat opener "O Astoria" to the arresting choral harmonies of "Castle Walls", arrangements mirror and interact with the lyrics. Strings, woodwinds and synthesizer sounds appear and re-appear, often playing characters, not unlike Tchaikovsky's instrumentation in "Peter and The Wolf". Sirens enter, sung beautifully by Johanna Kunin and Alela Diane. Layered percussion at times resembles the complex rigging of a ship, and elsewhere invokes the steady pulse of ocean waves. The album ends with a quiet meditation on mortality "The Shaker's Cask": a pump organ dissolves into a string quintet then makes way for a regal section of woodwind and brass, each change emphasizing the song's message: all things will pass. Musee Mecanique includes drummer/ethnomusicologist Matthew Berger, one-man brass section John Whaley, and skilled multi-instrumentalist Brian Perez. Each player must do several things at once, all the while singing complex harmonies, to succeed in capturing both the technical complexity of From Shores of Sleep, and also its emotional depth and generous spirit.

              Eilon Paz

              Dust & Grooves - Adventures In Record Collecting (2nd Edition)

                (This edition has 20 more pages than the first edition) A stunning, 436-page photography-and-interview coffee-table book about the world’s most fascinating and accomplished vinyl collectors created by noted photographer Eilon Paz. “[Eilon Paz’s] lavishly illustrated coffee-table book contains portraits of some 130 ‘record diggers,’ as he sometimes calls them, who have often gravitated to genres as obscure as Turkish psychedelia, ‘Sesame Street’ albums, lounge acts, sexploitation and horror film soundtracks, ’60s girl groups from France and Japan, and even colored discs … visceral and joyous.” NY Times // Eilon Paz’s 436-page coffee-table book illuminates over 130 vinyl connoisseurs and their collections in the most intimate of environments—their record rooms. With a foreword by the RZA, compelling photographic essays are paired with indepth interviews to illustrate what motivates record collectors to keep digging. Readers get an up close and personal look at a variety of well-known vinyl champions as well as a glimpse into the collections of world-renowned and lesser-known DJs, producers, record dealers, and everyday enthusiasts. The book is divided into two main parts: the first features 250 full-page photos framed by captions and select quotes, while the second consists of 12 fulllength interviews that delve deeper into collectors’ personal histories and vinyl troves. Unearthing the very soul of the vinyl community, his book will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers, from die-hard record enthusiasts to fans of pop culture, sharp photography, and music history. Eilon Paz has shot for Israel’s top cultural publications and is a regular contributor for the US based food/travel magazine, Saveur, and his work appeared in worldwide publications such as Wax Poetics, Monocle, Conde Nast Traveler, Delta Airlines’ Sky magazine, and the French music magazine Vibrations.

                Powder Monkeys

                Time Wounds All Heels

                  Finally seeing the light of day again, and for the first time on vinyl, is the Powder Monkeys' classic album from 1995, Time Wounds All Heels. Originally released on the Dog Meat label and comprising the power-trio line-up of Tim Hemensley, TJ Ray and John Nolan, the band at this point were an absolutely unstoppable force, a powerhouse comparable to the finest moments from the MC5, Motorhead and Black Flag.

                  Featuring 10 original tracks from the band, this is often considered the group's finest recorded moment, and one which has been out of print in any form since the 20th century. Our special edition on Desperate Records comes remastered for vinyl by Mikey Young and is pressed on 180-gram vinyl. The sleeve is on thick, reverse-board stock with a descriptive obi strip, download card, exclusive photos and liner notes and a 24" x 24" poster. It also comes in an all-new sleeve, the front cover being a stunning, previously unpublished shot of the band taken by renowned rock photographer, Liz Reed.

                  The download card also features four bonus tracks (inc. Bored! and Motorhead covers), two of them previously unreleased, one of which is a fantastic original from drummer TJ Ray.The reissue of is a major deal for all Aussie rock & roll aficianados. There are only 700 of these being pressed!

                  Psychic TV


                    Angry Love Productions is proud to present Snakes, Psychic TV's first full-length LP since 2009's Alien Brain vs. The Skinwalkers. A psychedelic journey from start to finish, Snakes has a wide variety of material that musically touches on various parts of Psychic TV's 35-year history, yet feels extremely cohesive as an album. Singer Genesis Breyer P-Orridge has and will continue to be a press darling for h/er reputation as a "cultural-engineer" and will be promoting the album full-tilt while Psychic TV as a band have and will continue to promote it on the road.

                    This LP will be a limited run of 1,000 copies bearing stunning five-colour artwork and will have the trademark "random recycled vinyl" colour process, meaning each copy of the vinyl will be completely unique in colour.

                    Russian Circles


                      The relationship between the calm before the storm and the storm itself is a crucial element of post-rock. The patience and restraint to allow the music to build slowly and organically is an incredible virtue within the genre, and it's a virtue that Russian Circles have been growing into over the course of their career. On Geneva, their third full-length outing, we find a band that has matured as songwriters. With a larger, more atmospheric set of tools at their disposal, the band crafts songs that are more about buildup than release. Instead of down the usual "build, build, build, destroy" route that's so common, the songs grow organically, with changes unfolding so naturally that the big finish is more of a logical conclusion than an explosion. Brian Cook's (of Botch and These Arms Are Snakes) impact on this record is more apparent than it was on Station. His gritty, fuzzed-out bass provides a dynamic contrast to the lighter moments, providing a bit of sonic dirt for the more ethereal guitar parts to play in. This influence might also have something to do with Russian Circles' further tempering of their metal tendencies. While Geneva has its heavier moments (like "Fathom" and "Geneva"), they're not as out-and-out metal as their past work, more reminiscent of Pelican's later work or the sludgy harmony of Zozobra. If you weren't already on the Russian Circles bandwagon, this is the perfect opportunity to jump on.

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      2xLP Info: 180 gram vinyl.

                      Six By Seven

                      KluB MiX!33

                        This album will only ever be available on Vinyl and Limited to 300 copies. Six by seven KluBMix33 is a unique album. In April 2013 Chris Olley started his MuZiK KluB, which was a way of funding and being able to artistically manage his own vision for his musical and creative output. Every month Olley would sell his demo's and his stories and photographs in an exclusive artistic package, handmade and individually signed and numbered to each buyer. During this period Olley released over 60 songs and several mini albums before re-recording and mixing tracks to compile an album which he felt captured a dark and intense uplifting sound, a sound which was to be reminiscent of the 80's Blitzclub, but then again, nothing like it.

                        "I wanted to feel lonely and detached when I made the music for this record, so it felt like I felt when I was 15, when I first fell in love with music properly. The music of that time was all the early synth stuff and it felt cold and industrial but pure and melodic too. I forced myself into solitude so I could get on with the task of self examination. I wanted it to be six by seven but I wanted it to be free from six by seven and free from the temptation to just follow on from what had gone before. I wanted detatchment, detatchment and tranquility." CHRIS OLLEY

                        Recorded entirely onto a Tascam 8 track recorder through an SSL Desk, with only guitars and vintage analogue synthesizer, it's a new sound, it's six by seven firing on all cylinders, in a dark basement club, jamming with Bauhaus and Fad Gadget and early Kraftwerk. At times the record is sparse and melodic and other times, tracks like the 9 minute 'Stealth Wind' and the gargantuan 'Master Race' are as heavy as or even heavier than any six by seven songs before. As promised, everyone who bought a MuZiK KluB release was given a credit on the album as executive producer.

                        Nottingham's Sleaford Mods are a duo that need little introduction, having fiercely penetrated people's consciousness on a large scale with their sixth album Austerity Dogs in 2013.

                        Since then they've garnered critical acclaim with their subsequent work and now they're joining forces with Ipecac Recordings to release a physical version of their previously released digital compilation Chubbed Up. This version includes three previously unreleased tracks "The Committee", "Bring Out The Canons," and "Fear Of Anarchy".

                        Sleaford Mods started out sometime during 2006 whilst Jason Williamson was living in Nottingham. Born out of part frustration and part accident, it quickly found its feet as an aggressive verbal onslaught on all that is contrived and connected to the day-to-day hammer of low paid employment and domestic siutations arising from that trap. After a year of working ideas out in both the studio and in live performances, Williamson moved south and took the cause to London for a couple of years and trod the boards there for a couple of years, before returning to Nottingham in 2009.
                        Soon after that return he met Andrew Fearn and the Sleaford Mods became a duo. Fearn’s first work was on the production of “Wank” – the Mods’ fifth CDr album. Soon after that started stalking the stage and studio with Williamson. Andrew’s involvement meant that Jason was now able to stop creating the samples and loops that littered the early recordings and concentrate on the lyrics, whilst Andrew created numerous tunes for Jason to vent his spleen over.

                        Just after the release of “Wank” the duo were invited to play a three day festival curated by Nottingham’s Rammel Club. During that weekend a working relationship with Nottingham’s abstract-punk Harbinger Sound label was formed. A relationship which – a year later – resulted in the release of the “Austerity Dogs” vinyl album. This release would be followed by numerous shows around the UK and Europe, including further festival appearances. As word- of-mouth praise for the album slowly spread out and onto the record-buying publics’ radar, “Austerity Dogs” soon sold out of its intial run of 300 copies and has gone one to, as of today, a fourth pressing of the vinyl edition and a CD version was also released. Rave reviews would start to appear in magazines as diverse as The Wire and Uncut, along with interviews being published both on paper and on-line, both here and abroad. The album featured, and topped, many writers polls for the best records of 2013.

                        St. Vincent

                        Pieta / Sparrow

                          These exclusive new songs were recorded with John Congleton during the St. Vincent sesions in 2013. The propulsive and soaring "Pieta" has become a mainstay in the St. Vincent live show and "Sparrow" is its counterpoint with a deep musing on death and loss that recalls the sonic textures of Big Science-era Laurie Anderson. The two songs are presented in a deluxe, die-cut, foil-embossed package with a 10" disc cut at 45 RPM. The package was designed by Willo Perron, Annie Clark's collaborator on the striking visuals for St. Vincent. Each piece is individually numbered.

                          With previous sought-after single releases on Hole In The Sky and Modular, hotly regarded Australian psych-rock outfit Tame Impala finally deliver their debut long player, "Innerspeaker". The album delivers a heady swirling mix of 60s psych influences such as Love, Cream and a general West Coast stoner rock vibe, mixed in with contemporary acts like Animal Collective and Dungen, all underpinned with an infectious melodic and at times quite poppy groove. The guitars are fuzzy and the vocals washed to the back of the mix, giving an overall feeling of being lifted from a "Nuggets" outakes LP.

                          Modular is proud to announce that West Australia’s psych warriors Tame Impala will return with their new album 'Lonerism'.

                          Again recorded and produced almost entirely by Kevin Parker in studios, planes, hotels and homes around the world, and mixed by the trailblazing Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips / MGMT), 'Lonerism'’s sound is not so much Tame Impala's sound reinvented as completely redrafted and stretched way, way out. It’s a quantum leap forward for the band, the seeds of which were sown shortly after their debut album ‘Innerspeaker’ was mixed.

                          Featuring twelve new songs, 'Lonerism'’s most apparent advance is in its synthesizers - there’s swathes of them cutting melancosmic shapes across almost every track. There’s still the searing guitar lines, bouldering drums, free bass and of course Parker’s voice, but now there’s heavily mournful pads and sunshine lead lines from an army of analogue explorers in the mix. This is 60s / 70s psychedelic rock reborn and reinvented for 2012. A future classic!

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Andy says: This lot always get name checked by people in other bands and now I can hear why: not only do they have The Tunes, they now have the sound: modern-day psychedelia, blending electronic squiggles, synths and all sorts of treated sounds, to maximum effect.

                          "We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be." A modern-day revenge tragedy in four parts. Symmetrical, finespun, almost courtly; but quick-tempered with it, and far from blood-shy. A picture emerges: domestic disturbance, pissing on the compost heap, noise complaints from hateful neighbours. Sulking, pouting, goading. Cold leaves and Christmas. Body-clocks betrayed, seasonal adjustment disorders. Collecting bottles to smash in the carpark across the road. Marijuana and make-believe. A flaming bower of unbliss. Recommended for fans of AC Marias, Brenda Ray, General Strike, The Poems, Robert Storey and other master purveyors of shut-in, fitfully serene dub dysfunction. Created by C. dal Forno and T. Manek. Mastered by Dan Elleson and cut by Matt Colton. Edition of 300.

                          Kate Tempest & Loyle Carner


                          Speedy Wunderground release their ninth single, ‘Guts’ by Kate Tempest & Loyle Carner.

                          The single is available as a limited edition 7” and features ‘Guts (Mr Dan’s Balloon Dub)’ on the B-side.

                          Pierre (Hall) from the label, discovered Loyle, a 20-year-old MC from London whilst trawling the internet and coming across his track ‘Cantona’ based on the passing away of his dad. ‘I fell in love with it immediately’ explained Pierre, ‘something about the sincerity of the lyrics, it felt authentic, but raw and exposed too. I could relate to it. I knew nothing about him but sent it to Dan and Alexis straight away simply saying we had to work with him’

                          The label invited Loyle down to the Heavenly Social for the launch night of their label compilation ‘Speedy Wunderground – Year 1’ where he met Dan and recently Mercury Prize nominated Kate Tempest who was performing that night and was awestruck. ‘When Dan suggested working together with Kate on something - it was like a dream come true,’ says Loyle, ‘that day in the studio with them both is something I’ll never forget’.

                          The resulting ‘Guts’, was conceived when Dan invited Kate and Loyle in for a session together, and the two displayed equal admiration for each other in the studio. ‘It showcases both of their talents perfectly; it’s a call-to-arms. A statement.’

                          Loyle, a fast rising star from South London, who recently released his ‘A Little Late’ EP to universal praise was also recently commissioned by the Tate Collective to produce a track, ‘Baby Grey’, to accompany an artwork by Tris Vonna-Michell.

                          The Thing With Thurston Moore


                          On their tour for their recent studio-album 'Boot' the scandinavian freejazz monsters teamed up with Thurston Moore of SONIC YOUTH fame at London’s Cafe Oto to produce some heavy improvised thunder!

                          Recorded live in concert by John Chantler and Jonathan McHugh at Cafe Oto, London, 10th february 2013.

                          Mixed July 2014 by Martin Siewert and Mats Gustafsson at Garnison7, Vienna. Mastered by Martin Siewert. Cover by Lasse Marhaug.

                          Unknown Artist

                          Lady's In Trouble / Night Train

                          'Lady's In Trouble' should connect with Ariel Pink and Connan Mockasin fans, and hopefully beyond as the songwriting has a timeless feel. Very Arthur Russell in terms of voice and storytelling, particularly the 'Love Is Overtaking Me' collection. 'Night Train' is a dancier cut from the (forthcoming) album. It's a bit Hot Chip, or Tonetta (if anyone's familiar with the reference) in it's lo-fi erotic disco-house ambitions.

                          The Wedding Present


                            Mini is a mini-album by The Wedding Present, originally released in 1996. Loosely built around a concept of those perennial rock'n'roll archetypes cars and girls, Mini saw David Gedge's songwriting hit new peaks of wit and invention - anomalous qualities amid the Britpop era's bellicose gestures. A triumph of vintage quality over contemporary flash.


                            Back To Shack

                              Ltd 7" exclusive for the UK and the 12 Days Of Christmas campaign 1 sided.

                              White Sands

                              The Wait - Flexi Disc & Fanzine

                                After their initial meeting came during stints of performing at house parties whilst in former bands, it took no time for John (Male Bonding) and Conan (Mazes) to become firm drinking buddies. Tagging along on each other’s tours and running around the USA together, they eventually met Sophy (Novella) through mutual friends, aiming to spend their time together outside of any music scene. Instead of going to gigs, they’d go and get dinner or build a bonfire. It wasn’t until drinks at a friends wedding reception when the penny dropped and the project was formed – with tracks as strong as ‘The Wait’ and ‘Years’, it conjures relief and disbelief that such a unity took so long. With the obvious soundings and influence from their respective ‘other’ projects, White Sands heightens a darker and far more furious edge to any of those previous. Fusing a Pacific Northwestern / very 80's post-punk sound, clear inspiration comes from The Wipers, Wire, Stereolab and The Cure. Lead track ‘The Wait’ drives like a freight train, packing 182 seconds of lucid frustration – “hide everything deep inside / you won’t find anything”. ‘The Wait’ is set to be released as a 7” flexidisc accompanied by a fanzine put together by the band / 3 track digi-single. Art Is Hard have elected to release music on this format due to frustration with the standard 7” release and a desire to create a package worth owning.

                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                Misc Info: 7" flexidisc single featuring 'The Wait' accompanied by a 24 page fanzine and a download code for the full 3 tracks.

                                The Wire

                                Issue 371: January 2015

                                  2014 Rewind
                                  The Wire’s review of the last 12 months in underground music and audio culture, with 30 pages of charts, essays and reflections from critics and musicians guiding you through the releases, trends and debates of 2014

                                  Rie Nakajima
                                  Object lessons from the Japanese sound artist. By Abi Bliss

                                  Serbia’s last leaf players. By Nick Cain

                                  Mette Rasmussen
                                  The Danish saxophonist joining forces with Chris Corsano. By Daniel Spicer

                                  Divine Styler
                                  The return of the psychedelically inclined rapper and producer. By Joseph Stannard

                                  Global Ear - Bratislava
                                  The ZVŮK festival in Slovakia puts sound art in unlikely settings. By Jakub Juhás

                                  Cross Platform - Emeka Ogboh
                                  The field recordist tunes into the chaotic frequencies of Lagos. By Clive Bell

                                  Invisible Jukebox - Alasdair Roberts
                                  The folk singer and songwriter is left reeling by The Wire’s mystery record selection. Tested by Stewart Smith

                                  The Inner Sleeve
                                  Bob Stanley on Marianne Faithfull’s Come My Way Epiphanies
                                  Memory, loss and the passing of time are evoked in sound for Renée Green

                                  Print Run
                                  New music books: 90 Degrees Of Shade edited by Stuart Baker; The History Of Rock ’N’ Roll In Ten Songs by Greil Marcus; Splitting In Two: Mad Pride And Punk Rock Oblivion by Robert Dellar; Peter Christopherson Photography by Peter Christopherson; Bright Lights And Cats With No Mouths: The Art Of John Balance by John Balance, edited by Liam Thomas and Thighpaulsandra

                                  On Screen
                                  New films amd DVDs: pirate radio film Drowned City and Eddie Prévost’s Blood

                                  On Site
                                  Recent exhibitions: The Mechanical Garden And Other Long Encores and Sound :: Gender :: Feminism :: Activism

                                  On Location
                                  Recent festivals, gigs and clubs: Shabazz Palaces, Brighton, UK; Glassfest, Bristol, UK; Unsound, Krakow, Poland; Abdullah Ibrahim, London, UK; Hassle Fest VI, Somerville, USA

                                  Wreckless Eric

                                  Wreckless Eric Presents : The Hitsville Houseband's '12 O'Clock Stereo'

                                  12 O’Clock Stereo is Wreckelss Eric’s town and country album, a strange and at times uneasy mix of garage, pop, country and old time rhythm ‘n’ blues. Urban songs set in a grim, concrete world where the beer is flowing like piss, and abandoned lovers cry themselves to sleep between nylon bed sheets, Kilburn Lane, Camden Girl, Murder In My Mind, Palace Of Tears.

                                  Tales of ne’er do wells and country hicks, The Guitar-Shaped Swimming Pool, Friends On The Floor, a ramshackle and nightmarish world, the village band play on raggedy and tuneless as the residents of a local retirement home zone out on valium (The Twilight Home). Creepiness and social dysfunction – life in remote rural France where dissatisfaction and incomprehension rule supreme and a trip to the doctors is a day out, You Can’t See The Woods (For The Trees); and in The Marginal the neighbours ask him in to laugh at him as they get drunk with backing provided by a showband on hallucinogens.

                                  And meanwhile, back on the home front the Camden Girl juggles forming a band with self-help, astrology and Tai Chi.

                                  Eric had initially formed The Hitsville House Band with drummer Denis Baudrillart and bassist Fabrice Lombardo, two trash and garage virtuosos, bad boys from the south suburbs of Paris, as a backing band for ex Action, Mighty Baby and 101ers guitarist Martin Stone. They didn’t last long as a backing group – Eric had songs and then Fabrice and Denis wanted to record them.

                                  “I was asked to record a track for a love-themed compilation album with a lifebelt on the cover – love and a lifeline, some foggy and fuzzy half thought out concept to do with love. The lifebelt looked for all the world like a toilet seat to me. We did the track for hard cash and used the money to buy tape to record an album.”

                                  The album was recorded at Eric’s home, a dilapidated village dance hall seventy miles west of Paris, in the heart of rural France. Since his last album the Donovan Of Trash, Eric had upgraded his studio with the addition of a 1” Studer eight track tape machine. The stereo possibilities were limited by the further addition of an all-valve Telfunken one track 1/4” mono mastering machine which had apparently previously been used in a jungle expedition, as borne out by the carcasses of large and weird looking insects reclining in the machinery.

                                  On its release in 1996, 12 o’clock Stereo was championed by the few, including John Peel and Mark Radcliffe who both played tracks. In spite of constant touring throughout Europe and the UK, 12 o’clock Stereo soon found its place in the pantheon of obscure and uncompromising post-Stiff Records Wreckless Eric releases. The title fooled some of Eric’s detractors into thinking he’d finally caught up with the modern world and made a stereo record. The clues were all there – the word STEREO flanked by inward facing arrows…a lino cut illustration of a mixing desk with all the pan controls in the centre position… that’s right: MONO – the title, 12 o’clock Stereo, means mono.

                                  Containing 5 extra tracks, including 3 radio session, Lawrence Of Arabia On Ice, a b-side from ‘The Girl With The Wandering Eye’ CD single, and ‘Ugly & Old’, the first track ever recorded by The Hitsville Houseband, specfically for a Love Song Compilation.

                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                  LP Info: 12 track Vinyl LP with download card including bonus tracks.

                                  Various Artists

                                  Guardians Of The Galaxy: Deluxe Vinyl Edition

                                    In the far reaches of space, an American pilot named Peter Quill finds himself the object of a manhunt after stealing an orb coveted by the villainous Ronan. In order to evade Ronan, Quill is forced into an uneasy truce with a group of misfits including Gamora, Rocket, Drax the Destroyer, and Groot. But when Quill discovers the true power of the orb and the menace it poses to the cosmos, he must rally his ragtag rivals for a last, desperate stand – with the galaxy's fate in the balance. Staring Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, John C. Reilly as well as the voices of Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper.

                                    This deluxe double vinyl edition of the soundtrack to the James Gunn-directed 2014 film Guardians Of The Galaxy includes classic 1970's songs from the movie like Blue Swede's "Hooked on a Feeling," David Bowie's "Moonage Daydream," 10cc's "I'm Not in Love," the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back," Redbone's "Come and Get Your Love," and The Runaways' "Cherry Bomb" plus the film's original score composed by Tyler Bates.

                                    Music plays a major role in Guardians of the Galaxy as the 1970's songs featured in the film are part of the storyline in a unique way. Explaining how the songs come to play in the story, director James Gunn says, "One of the main story points in the movie is that Quill has this compilation tape [Awesome Mix #1] that he got from his mother before she died that she made for him. It was of songs that she loved, all songs from the 1970s, and that's the only thing he has left of his mother and that's the only thing he has left of his home on Earth. He uses that as a connection to his past and to the sadness that he feels of having left all that and lost all that."

                                    36 tracks with full sleeve notes in colour booklet.

                                    ‘Counter Culture 14’ is Rough Trade Shops’ annual collection of customer and staff favourites alongside the best sellers from the year at the counter.

                                    The opening set of tracks includes the immaculately crafted psychedelic pop of Temples (Heavenly), the triumphant and bone fide rock ‘n’ roll of The War On Drugs (Secretly Canadian) and the effortless Oslo disco of Todd Terje (Olsen) alongside the gorgeous melancholic pop of Metronomy (Because), the dark and dreamy R&B of Little Dragon (Because) and the hypnotic modernism of Angel Olsen (Jagjaguwar).

                                    The contrast in styles continues but the quality remains as the unique electro-punk of Liars (Mute), the experimental dubstep of Millie & Andrea (Modern Love), the timeless midnight intimacy of The Delines (Decor) and Mark Kozelek’s reflective Sun Kil Moon (Caldo Verde) project are lined up alongside the welcome return of Aphex Twin (Warp), the punky New Orleans blues of Benjamin Booker (Rough Trade) and the intoxicating soul groove of Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings.

                                    Add heavy hitters from Royal Blood, Caribou and patten right there with next generation tracks from Girl Band, GEoRGiA and Vessel and, from the sublime to the ridiculously good, this selection is from as wide a spectrum of styles as you would expect from Rough Trade.

                                    RT @eak_q: Discovered the @JanelWeaver album via the @PiccadillyRecs top 2014 list. Astonishingly beautiful. Late to the game but never min…
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                                    RT @markbrownstudio: a few bits of my work for @PiccadillyRecs and @bandonthewall pop up very briefly in this @nme video about MCR: http://…
                                    Thu 18th - 9:41
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