A Tribe Called Quest

The Low End Theory

De La Soul are remembered as the premier Native Tongues posse, those rappers who got low-key, self-consciously thoughtful, and jazzy in the face of gangsta's hardcore threats. But A Tribe Called Quest may have been even stronger, especially on their excellent second album, the bass-thumping, heavily jazz-sampling 'The Low End Theory'. According to the opening "Excursions," rapper Q-Tip's old man says the disc's jazz-rap "reminded him of bebop," and Q calls himself "prominent like Shakespeare." But if Charlie Parker had ever written poetic couplets and backed them with funky-drummer and Ron Carter-on-bass grooves this irresistible, he might have been as big as the Bard and Brother James combined.


The Clinch Singles Collection - 7" Boxset

    Faithfully reproduced copies of the seven most collectable 7” singles from the Clinch Records catalogue.

    Jamaican trio, Abyssinians recorded some of the most beautiful works of the roots era, the finest of which saw issue on their iconic Clinch imprint. Despite the exceptional standard of this work and the desirability of original pressings of these releases, most have since only been available in limited numbers on poor quality pressings, depriving fans of the opportunity to hear these superb works on the format for which they were created.

    Finally, this unfortunate situation has been remedied with the release of this magnificent box set. Including an inlay providing a detailed breakdown on each of the featured tracks, this beautifully packaged deluxe collection comprises faithful reproductions of seven of their most sought-after Clinch singles, pressed on high quality vinyl and housed in specially created sleeves.

    All Them Witches

    Dying Surfer Meets His Maker

    All Them Witches present their New West Records debut ‘Dying Surfer Meets His Maker’. The collection of songs was crafted in a remote cabin in Pigeon Forge, TN where the band lived and recorded over the course of five days.

    ‘Dying Surfer’ finds the band embracing their past with a nod to the future. In every swell and breakdown, every riff and groove there is a story. The narratives are often unspoken, sourcing musical touchstones from across the States, offering an almost cinematic experience wrapped up in their propulsive rhythms and subtly funky anthems.

    For All Them Witches, music is the conduit to channel experience into sound, creating filmic landscapes rendered by guitars, keys and drums.


    Ltd LP Info: White vinyl LP is packaged in a gatefold sleeve
    with digital download card.

    ‘SEE HOW’ is Pete’s first solo album since 2007’s ‘You, Me and Bill Withers’ (“imagine if Gil Evans and Miles Davis had written for the band in Trumpton.” Uncut Magazine). ‘SEE HOW’ explores the life Pete has lived since then - what it's like to be a divorced, homeless, fifty-year-old father of two with a guitar and a head full of great songs. Pete’s earlier work received much critical acclaim, but ‘SEE HOW’ contains a truthfulness and grit that only a decade of difficult times can produce. Although the album explores themes of emotional upheaval and life-changing events, which should be familiar to many people Pete’s age, his lyrics always manage a wry smile at life’s vicissitudes. All this is set to seductive melodies melded with lilting arrangements. It’s sophisticated songwriting taking in folk, country and pop, amongst which, in the past, has seen Pete compared to Squeeze and The Beatles, as well as vocally compared to Stephen Duffy and Kevin Rowland at his quiet best. ‘See How’ also features some very fine guitar playing – playing that has seen Pete in high demand as a session guitarist. See How’ also includes a cover of Pharrell's 'Happy'. Aside from his solo output Pete has played guitar with the High Llamas for many years and worked with Lee Hazlewood, Petula Clark, Nick Lowe, Shirley Collins, The Lost Ladies Of Folk and Harry Hill among others. 


    Ltd LP Info: Limited to 500 copies.

    Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

    Albert Ayler

    In Greenwich Village - Back To Black Edition

    'In Greenwich Village' is a 1967 live album by free jazz saxophonist Albert Ayler. It was his first album for Impulse! Records, and is regarded as probably being his best album on that label.

    At the urging of John Coltrane, Impulse! Records' first recordings of Ayler were made live. A single track recorded at the Village Gate in 1965 was released on the album 'The New Wave in Jazz' while 'In Greenwich Village' was recorded at the Village Vanguard and Village Theatre, New York City in 1966 and 1967. Unusually, Ayler plays alto rather than his usual tenor on the opening track, a tribute to Coltrane, who was present when the two tracks on side two of the album were recorded. The two versions of Ayler’s band heard on the record both feature two bass players, which "sharpens the sound considerably, producing a rock-solid foundation for Ayler’s raw witness"


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    Bulat teamed-up with friend and collaborator Jim James of My Morning Jacket on the album’s production, driving 600 miles from her home in Montreal to La La Land recording studio in James’ hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Bulat originally met James backstage at the Austin City Limits music festival; the two reconnected when she toured with him in the summer of 2013 and became friends. Good Advice is a departure from Bulat’s previous work, with her voice backed up by drums, bass, electric guitar and keys. James plays electric guitar, synth, saxophone and bass on the album; further Louisville guests including members of Houndmouth, Twin Limb, Seth Kauffman of Floating Action and more also join Bulat.

    “Pop songs can take all those big statements and those big feelings that you have,” Bulat says. “You don't need to necessarily have everything so detailed because everybody understands. Everybody understands those feelings.” “Basia has something truly unique,” says James. The duo recorded the album over several visits Bulat made to Kentucky. “I knew immediately that it was the exact right place to be,” says Bulat. “To go so far from home, then to find that it felt like home.”
    Of the sessions, James recalls, “The entire process was so amazing. Hearing her voice just exploding out of her soul brought us all to tears in the control room. Watching Basia come out of her shell with great power was an extraordinary thing to witness.”

    Good Advice follows Bulat’s critically acclaimed Juno and Polaris Music Prize-nominated 2013 release, Tall Tall Shadow, which The Line of Best Fit calls “a brilliant and engaging pop record” and the Austin Chronicle praises for its “lovely, spectral musing that balances indulgence with homespun tendencies.” In the two years since, Bulat has played shows across North America and Europe with Sufjan Stevens, Destroyer, Daniel Lanois, Bahamas and more.

    Since the release of her debut album, Oh My Darling, Bulat has shared the stage with artists including Arcade Fire, The National, Nick Cave, St. Vincent, Beirut, Andrew Bird, Tune-Yards, Sondre Lerche, The Tallest Man on Earth, The Head and the Heart, Owen Pallett, Devotchka and many more. Known for her talents on little-known instruments including the autoharp and charango, Bulat has also been tapped for tributes to Leonard Cohen and The Band.


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    ‘One’ by Be is the first album released by Caught By The River’s record label Rivertones.

    This four-track album imagines the sound of British summertime as heard by one of the most important members of the animal kingdom - the bee. A hypnotic picture of the life, work and living environment of the bee, ‘One’ is a truly transcendental record - think Spacemen 3 recording a series of 21st Century outdoor ragas for Touch Records and you’re somewhere in the right direction.

    ‘One’ is the soundtrack to artist Wolfgang Butress multiple award-winning UK Pavilion at the 2015 Milan Expo, an installation that highlighted the plight of the honeybee, focusing on the importance of pollination. The music on the record is a constantly changing and evolving symphony - the sound of a dialogue between bee and human.

    The album was recorded by musicians Kev Bales and Tony Foster, a duo known for working with Spiritualized, Julian Cope, Dave Gahan and Mark Lanegan (among many others). Other musicians featured on the record include Jason Pierce, Youth, cellist Deidre Bencsik, vocalist Camille Buttress and Amiina (the string section regularly used by Sigur Ros).

    The recording sessions saw musicians improvising in the key of D along to a live audio feed of beehive sounds. Piano, Mellotron and lap steel were overdubbed later. The result is a unique piece of truly meditative music.


    Includes MP3 Download Code.

    Here it is folks! Eagerly anticipated debut LP from Manchester guitar virtuoso, cornucopia of all things blue and grass, the axe wielding train-rider etc etc (insert plethora of Kerouac-inspired clichés here) - but this is the REAL DEAL! Tom Blackwell comes from the same camp as DBH, Sam Schlict, C Joynes, Nick Jonah Davis et al - ie. Modern men with a penchant for simpler times and big guitars. When artist success was judged on how many rural pubs might crop up on their latest toilet tour, not how many facebook or twitter 'likes' they might amass on the way. When musicians travelled by road, train or foot and slept on floors and bar stools between gigs, without elaborate agent-led riders and booking fees. Basically, when music was more honest, more pure and downright fun. This collection of songs touches on all the turbulent aspects of life that must be worked through to reach the ripe 'ol thirties. Tales of heart break, financial ruin, of being an outlaw, drinking with your friends, being on the road, the mysteries of life and of course unrequited love - you know, all the good stuff. The instrumentation leans on the traditional bluegrass, country and folk stylings that have existed since the evolution of mankind. Tom's vocal performance really elevates the set - charismatic, clear, defined and almost angelic. With all the panache and dexterity of his enigmatic live performances. The artwork is beautiful. The record is essential!


    Ltd LP Info: Contains lyrics sheet with illustrations

    Blue Moon includes tracks mixed by Victor Van Vugt - best known for his work with Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds and PJ Harvey - and Drostan Madden best known for his work with The Cocteau Twins. Breathless' singer Dominic Appleton contributed lead vocals to 3 tracks on This Mortal Coil's 'Filigree And Shadow' which resulted in Ivo Watts Russell helping with the tracklisting on Breathless' 2012 album Green To Blue and leading him to proclaim 2Without exaggeration Dominic Appleton is by far, my favourite living male vocalist. He has such a beautiful, sad voice and comes up with melodies that do the same".

    Originally only released as a 50 minute CD in jewel case. Blue Moon is now available both as a Double Vinyl LP in lavish gatefold sleeve and also as a Double CD in a mini gatefold version of the LP.

    Both formats include the extra tracks 'Moonstone 3' and 'Blue Moon', previously (despite the latter's title), only available as obscure B Sides.

    'Exquisite Melancholic indie pop.' THE GUARDIAN. 
    'A Lovely tearful noise' THE TIMES. 
    'The group shimmer darkly' THE OBSERVER.
    'Desolate romanticism... Outstanding' THE WIRE. 
    'Melancholy Delights' TIME OUT. 



      Bremen return with a new double-LP of glacial electronics, strung-out drone-punk and smouldering space-rock minimalism, 'Eclipsed'.

      Following the release of their self-titled debut on Skrammel in 2013, the Swedish duo of Jonas Tiljander (Brainbombs) and Lanchy Orre (Brainbombs, Totalitär) joined the Blackest Ever Black fold with last year’s 'Second Launch'. If the mood of that record was brooding and stygian, its monochord intensity unfaltering, then 'Eclipsed', their equally sprawling new set, could be construed as a warmer, more dynamic and variegated offering. Perhaps. There are still passages that are heavier than a death in the family. Still a staunch obsession with the consciousness-altering power of repetition.

      The band’s points of departure are specific: a particular organ sound from J.A. Seazer 1970s recordings, the squalid alien guitar tone of Chrome, the cranked, psychic roar-out riffage of Hawkwind, the melancholic mode of Swedish jazz pianist Jan Johansson, minimalism from La Monte Young to Eleh, “cold eighties electronic sound”, and sloppy, lo-fi psychedelic rock from the likes of Pärson Sound and Träd Gräs och Stenar. Tiljander’s icily poised synth / organ drones and the grieving cosmic howl of Lanchy’s guitar dominate the landscape, but their instrumental palette has also expanded to include various percussion treatments, saxophone, strings, dissolved vocal fragments. Their exploratory jamming, overdubbing and dub-savvy mixing yields a music of unbelievable eloquence and physicality.

      'Eclipsed' is another masterpiece of black hole psychedelia from one of the greatest underground rock’n’roll units on the planet. No serious void-worshipper’s collection is right without it.

      Dennis Brown

      Dubbing At King Tubby’s

      Dennis Brown has always been cited as Jamaica’s favourite singers. While Bob Marley set out to conquer the world, Dennis’s popularity back home on the island grew with every year. His most prolific period is said to be with producer Niney the Observer who led the singer down a more roots and culture avenue. He paired Dennis' vocals with some of his heaviest rhythms. Add to that the fact that these rhythms were mixed by the Dubmaster himself, King Tubby, and we are bound to get one of the best dub albums around. Here is where the Crown Prince of Reggae meets Niney the Observer at King Tubbys - there's no way this wouldn't be anything but a killer! Another top notch collectiojn from Jamaican Recordings.

      It's always a good day when a new Sound Singature drops, and Theo Parrish's esteemed imprint keep the hits flowing with the SS debut of Alabama producer Byron The Aquarius. If you've kept your head in the game, you might know him from his collaboration with French producer Onra as The Big Payback, and he brings the same, warm, jazzy production style to this dancefloor focussed 12". We're in classic Sound Signature territory on the A-side, as Byron slides a perfectly spherical bassline under a smooth and swinging beat to treat us to a groove we could happily hear for the rest of our days. If that weren't enough, the Birmingham based producer adds slinky Rhodes and some far-out cosmic synth noodles to bring Dexter Wansel's space age vibe to the modern dancefloor B-side cut "Run Sa" bounds out the speakers in a flurry of syncopated jazz drumming (courtesy of Dmitri Walker), carrying us along for a spiritual trip into the grooviest reaches of the Impulse catalogue. Fluid Rhodes keys and dextrous double bass ensure your body and soul are dancing in step as Byron takes us to church.

      Recruited by Chez Damier at a very young age to release on Balance, Jorge Caiado took on the house and techno pioneers’ teachings to shape his own sound. Also early on he got involved with the local scene by joining Groovement, where he releases music and also helps to develop the artistic side of the label. His new “Sunny Days Are Coming” 3 track EP refers to the beautiful Lisbon light but also to the idea of his music being a deep but uplifting journey full of discovery. It is clear that Jorge’s sound is always evolving, be it in house or techno realms, therefore this new record raises the bar once by exploring the edge of electronic music field. Tested with great reaction at LUX dancefloor in Lisbon, this EP will appeal to classic Balance fans but will go beyond by reaching Detroit and Berlin music aficionados also.


      12" Info: Vinyl only yo!

      John Cale

      Fear - White Vinyl Edition

        'Fear' (1974) was the first of three albums for Island Records, all of which were released in a period of just over a year. During this time John Cale was also producing records for other artists, working on albums such as 'Horses' by Patti Smith, one of the most influential of all proto-punk records.

        In addition to his lead vocals on 'Fear', Cale also played keyboards, guitars, viola, violin and bass, and was joined by Richard Thompson, Roxy Music’s Brian Eno and Phil Manzanera, and other artists signed to Island.

        “Gun” features an unusual two-man guitar solo from Manzanera and Eno, with the latter using a synthesizer to process the former’s guitar playing in real-time.

        Call yourself a house DJ? You'd better own a copy of this then! A classic in the truest sense of the word, "Coro" dropped to universal acclaim back in 1999, and it's been slaying floors ever since. The most afro-tinged release in the Kerri Chandler back catalogue, "Coro" locks you into its hypnotic bassline and killer drum beat, before taking you to a deep and spiritual place with blaring horns and relaxed ngoni. The tribal vibe comes to the fore with the chanted vocals of "Kaoz 623 Dark Mix", while the dub mix concentrates on the instrumentation to take us to a deep and spiritual place. Dropped by all the jocks that matter, "Coro" became a staple of the Body & Soul playlist, keeping the true heads dancing til the early hours. Remastered and repressed for 2016, this is your chance to own a piece of house history.

        Sublime deep house of the highest order from New Jersey’s very own Kerri “Kaoz 6:23” Chandler here, as Nervous serve up a killer repress of the great man's 2000 remixes of his sublime "Rain". Originally dropping on 1998's "The Mood EP", "Rain" was always a deep house classic, and when Kerri revisted the cut in 2000 he delivered four variations, all worthy of peak time play. On the A-side here, the 2000 "Vocal" and "Dub" mixes are luxuriously smooth trips into the heart of soulful house, boasting dreamy rhodes, spiritual sax and that ever present bass groove. The flipside, sees Kerri stay closer to the version first featured on "The Mood", maintaining the melancholic chords, funked up percussion and sparse 'live' vibe but applying a subtle tweak of the EQ and arrangement for extra dancefloor impact.


        Tolk To Meh / Who Is That

        Manchester's Chunky returns to Swamp 81 sublabel 81 with two fresh tracks of dubbed out weight. Opening with a treated, slurred street talk vocal sample, 'Tolk to Meh' keeps things purely low-end with heartbeat bass thuds, a rickety train track / tribal rhythm and stripped-back minimal vibe. 'Who Is That' continues in a similar low-end vein but takes things up a level with a swinging broken beat rhythm, hissing cymbals and almost bark-like vocal (or is it someone with a bad case of whooping cough?). This one's primed to destroy any club soundsystem. The 12" has been mastered at Metropolis, who have done a mighty fine job at getting all that bass in the grooves with out so much as a needle wobble. Weighty!


        12" Info: Comes in plain black sleeve.

        Lloyd Cole And The Commotions

        Rattlesnakes - Bonus Tracks Edition

        'Rattlesnakes' (1984) is the debut album by Lloyd Cole and the Commotions, featuring their debut single “Perfect Skin”, “Forest Fire” and “Rattlesnakes”. The album reached number 13 in the UK Album Charts.

        The album was recorded during the British summer of 1984 in The Garden studio in Shoreditch in east London (built and owned by former Ultravox frontman John Foxx), with Paul Hardiman producing. The album cover is a picture by renowned photographer Robert Farber which was chosen by design company Da Gama from a selection of stock photographs.

        Cole described the songs on 'Rattlesnakes' as “about the things people do when they are in love. People get in all sorts of weird scenarios and I quite like the idea of that. I write about that more than anything. Sometimes it is comic, sometimes tragic, sometimes funny and tragic at the same time."

        Hailed as one of the finest debuts of the ‘80s, 'Rattlesnakes' is without a doubt a college rock masterpiece of smart, ironic lyrics and sympathetic, jangly folk-rock-based melodies.


        LP Info: 180g audiophile vinyl with insert. Includes 4 bonus tracks.

        Alice Coltrane

        World Galaxy - Back To Black Edition

        "Alice Coltrane had become a musical world unto herself by the time she issued 'World Galaxy', recorded in late 1971. With jazz-rock fusion taking over the mainstream and the terminal avant-garde heading over to Europe, Coltrane stubbornly forged an insistent, ever-evolving brand of spiritual jazz that bore her own signature as much as it did her late husband's influence. On the two days in November when World Galaxy was recorded, Coltrane chose drummer Ben Riley, bassist Reggie Workman, violinist Leroy Jenkins, saxophonist Frank Lowe, and timpanist Elayne Jones in addition to a string orchestra of 16 to help her realize her latest vision. Coltrane herself plays piano, harp, and organ on this date, sometimes within a single track, as she does on her glorious post-modal reworking of "My Favorite Things."" - All Music


        Includes MP3 Download Code.

        John Coltrane

        A Love Supreme - The Complete Masters

        After the 2CD and 3CD release of John Coltrane’s legendary 'A Love Supreme: The Complete Masters', this release is now avalible on vinyl, after much demand from consumers. Originally released in 1965, 'A Love Supreme' changed music history, cementing the saxophonist’s reputation as one of the most groundbreaking musicians in music, and was subsequently ranked No. 47 in Rolling Stone’s “500 Greatest Albums Of All Time”. Until now, the complete picture of what happened during the album’s recording session, held on December 9th 1964, has never been revealed. The Complete Masters celebrates the 50th anniversary of the original album release, and finally collects all the previously unavailable outtakes, overdubs, and studio chatter from the session. This will be the same as the previous CD release just without the live album. It will include a 20 page booklet.


        Includes MP3 Download Code.

        John Coltrane

        Ascension - Back To Black Edition

        'Ascension' is a jazz album by John Coltrane recorded in 1965 and released in 1966. It is often considered to be a watershed album, with the albums released before it being more conventional in structure and the albums released after it being looser, free jazz inspired works. In addition, it signaled Coltrane's interest in moving away from the quartet format. Coltrane described Ascension in a radio interview as a "big band thing", although it resembles no big band recording made before it. The most obvious antecedent is Ornette Coleman's octet (or "double quartet") recording, 'Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation', which - like 'Ascension' - is a continuous 40-minute performance with ensemble passages and without breaks. Jazz musician Dave Liebman, commenting on 'Ascension', recalled that the album was the "torch that lit the free jazz thing".

        Coltrane's horn section is moored to a monolithic rhythm section, centered on pianist McCoy Tyner, double bassists Jimmy Garrison and Art Davis, and drummer Elvin Jones. On 'Ascension' (and unlike on Coleman's 'Free Jazz'), group ensembles alternate with solos, and take up about equal space. The basic theme stated in the opening and closing ensembles is a variation on the major motif of Coltrane's previous album 'A Love Supreme', particularly the opening bass riff stated on said album's opening track, "Acknowledgment".

        Coltrane gave the musicians no directions for their solos, other than that they were to end with a crescendo. The ensemble passages are more structured. There were chords, but apparently they were optional; it is more accurate to say that the ensembles consist of a progression of modes rather than chords, with mode changes signaled by Coltrane, pianist McCoy Tyner, and trumpeter Freddie Hubbard. By comparison to 'Free Jazz', 'Ascension' features a much expanded "front line", with two altos, three tenors, and two trumpeters.


        Includes MP3 Download Code.

        Cowboy Rhythmbox

        Fantasma - Kowton Remix

        After scoring rave reviews and freaking many a dancefloor out with the original mix of Cowboy Rhythmbox's "Fantasma", Phantasy Sound enlist top remix talent Kowton to take the track to a deeper, darker destination. In its original form, "Fantasma" was a Yello-inspired blast of psyched out sample heavy house, now Livity Sound founder Kowton jacks the rapid fire drums and disquieting samples, turning in a sub-heavy club roller that applies his peerless rave sensibility to the original's ghost train atmosphere. A burbling slice of Bristol meets Blackpool Pier, only on Phantasy white label, limited to 200 press. Don't hang around.

        Previously released in 1973 on the Smash label with different title and tracklisting, Sonar Music Editions reissue Rino De Filippi's library music set 'Riflessi' (right title, right tracklisting). It's a stand-out Italian library album, chock-a-block with keyboard-laden moods and grooves. The record features down-tempo funk and groovy retro synth electronics with hints of prog and lounge breaks. The sleeve features that Italian library music favourite, the Farfalla butterfly. Nice.

        'Is The Is Are', the highly-anticipated sophomore release from Brooklyn-based DIIV, is an album years and many personal struggles in the making for it's architect, Zachary Cole Smith. Recorded and mixed in various locations in Brooklyn, it showcases everything you know and love about DIIV, and many things you did not, all with an added nuance and depth. It is a 17-song, double-album statement intended to resonate with its audience in much the same way that 'Bad Moon Rising' or 'Tago Mago' has for Smith himself. An extension and deepening of the musical ideas first expressed on 2012’s critically-lauded Oshin, 'Is The Is Are' yields a multiplicity of textures, lyrical themes, and moods. It is a more diverse world than Oshin, with different parameters and ideals. Dark and honest to a fault, the new songs are dynamic, loud, quiet, sad; they are songs that hiss and snarl; songs that, as Smith wrote recently, represent “the real me.” Smith’s vocals, too, are much closer to the foreground, layered legibly on top of tidal waves of shimmering guitar and melodic bass weaving in and out, leaving a distinct and indelible imprint.


        2xLP Info: Double LP with two 12-page 12"x12" lyric and art booklets.

        Includes MP3 Download Code.

        Where to begin?! The by now infallible Music From Memory truly outdo themselves with a much needed reissue of the best Japanese pop record ever made. Born out of the creative brain of Miyako Koda and Tatsuji Kimura, collectively known as Dip In The Pool, "On Retinae" combines the ethereal sounds of the now lauded Japanese ambient movement with the ephemeral orchestration of Talk Talk, Philip Glass and Kate Bush to deliver a floating, groovesome slice of totally leftfield chamber pop. Name me another record which features pizzicato strings, delicate piano, plaintive clarinet, a one note bassline and metallic percussion? Originally released through Moon Records in '89, this would undoubtedly have been a top grossing Balearic classic - if Europe had kept their eyes open to the magical sounds of Japan that is. This isn't just the perfect end of night record, it's the perfect record!


        Patrick says: Listening to Miyako Koda's vocals make me feel like I'm being born. This is probably the best record ever made - please get yourself a copy.

        Formed in 1996, and closely associated with The Elephant 6 Collective (The Apples In Stereo, Neutral Milk Hotel, of Montreal), Dressy Bessy have released numerous singles, had tracks featured on various compilations and recorded six studio albums, including Pink Hearts, Yellow Moons (1999), California EP (2000), SoundGoRound (2002), Dressy Bessy (2003), Electrified (2005), and Holler and Stomp (2008).

        The band is lead by Tammy Ealom and John Hill. Tammy writes the songs, sings and plays rhythm guitar. John plays lead guitar, and he's also a member of The Apples In Stereo.

        Kingsized is the band's first full-length release in seven years, but it contains the same indie pop/rock dynamic for which they are known. Special guests on the album include, R.E.M.'s Peter Buck, who appears on the first single, "Lady Liberty".

        Other guests include Scott McCaughey (R.E.M., The Minus 5), Eric Allen of The Apples In Stereo, Rebecca Cole of The Minders and Wild Flag, Jason Garner of Polyphonic Spree and Andy Shernoff of The Dictators.


        Includes MP3 Download Code.

        Drive-By Truckers

        It's Great To Be Alive

          Drive-By Truckers present a live set recorded at The Fillmore in San Francisco, available in two editions.

          In the band’s own words: “Thrilled to announce that our long awaited live album, recorded over three nights at the historic Fillmore in San Francisco CA, will be released […]! Our long-time producer, David Barbe, acquired the necessary mobile gear to record us and flew out to San Francisco to capture our three-night stand in November of 2014. We hired some horns, sold some tickets and played three special and unique shows. From those shows we have sequenced a sort of ultimate live DBT collection, one that hopefully captures the essence of our life’s work into one cohesive whole.

          “We are releasing two versions... a shorter 13 song version called ‘This Weekend’s The Night’ which provides a Best Of version snapshot of our live show [and] also a larger 35 song box set entitled ‘It’s Great To Be Alive!’ which goes far more in-depth into the DBT catalog and history. Songs and stories spanning thirty years of Drive- By Truckers sequenced to hopefully give as close as possible document of the DBT show.”


          LP Box Set Info: The vinyl edition comes with six mini concert posters and a bonus copy of the album across three CDs.

          FREE SHIPPING This item has FREE UK shipping!

          Drive-By Truckers

          This Weekend's The Night

            Drive-By Truckers present a live set recorded at The Fillmore in San Francisco, available in two editions.

            In the band’s own words: “Thrilled to announce that our long awaited live album, recorded over three nights at the historic Fillmore in San Francisco CA, will be released […]! Our long-time producer, David Barbe, acquired the necessary mobile gear to record us and flew out to San Francisco to capture our three-night stand in November of 2014. We hired some horns, sold some tickets and played three special and unique shows. From those shows we have sequenced a sort of ultimate live DBT collection, one that hopefully captures the essence of our life’s work into one cohesive whole.

            “We are releasing two versions... a shorter 13 song version called ‘This Weekend’s The Night’ which provides a Best Of version snapshot of our live show [and] also a larger 35 song box set entitled ‘It’s Great To Be Alive!’ which goes far more in-depth into the DBT catalog and history. Songs and stories spanning thirty years of Drive- By Truckers sequenced to hopefully give as close as possible document of the DBT show.”


            Includes MP3 Download Code.


            Bonnevie / Every Night

            Duckcomb aka Patrick Billiard is one half of Brooklyn's Sharegroove. A longtime Brooklyn DJ and digger, Duckcomb drops two edits from the far corners of the disco stratosphere. "Bonnevie" is a hands-in-the-air latin dancefloor groover with sexy female vocals, funky bongos, synth melodies, and a heartbreaking keyboard solo, while "Every Night" hits us right where it hurts with soft rock for hard times written all over it. Male lead and female backup vocals, night drive guitar solos, and a drummer with a heart of gold, "Every Night" is just begging to be sampled, like Kurt Hauenstein or Jim Capaldi hid a secret mega tune in some private press tax scam record, knowing Patrick would eventually come along and take care of the rest. Yet another winner in the supreme Universal Cave catalogue.

            One of the most rare Italian library records, originally released on the Edipan label back in 1977. OG copies are available, but you'll have to shell out £200+ for a copy. Thanks therefore to Sonar Music Editions for this official reissue.

            What we have here is a Remigio Ducros and Luciano Simoncini (Arawak, Jason Black etc) sure shot. A fantastic record for those who are into the classic Simoncini / Ducros sound. Very reminiscent of the "Accadde A" and Jason Black recordings. What you can expect is tightly knitted and compressed drums, stoned flute sections, blasting horns, Fender Rhodes piano, heavy basslines and that signature spacey wah wah guitar and cosmic fuzz distortion. An inspired musical interpretation of mid '70s young America with spacey funk breaks and strung-out Italian sounds of the period. Woah!

            Welcome to the king of underwater Italian library music! This is Fabio "Fabor" Borgazzi's 'Aquarium', a totally amazing underwater modal jazz / lounge album originally released in 1980. It features loads of vintage electronic keyboards, marine echoes, whirling organs, weird sub-aquatic synthesizers, jazzy drumming, all creating a dreamy soundscape. This record is a Holy Grail of Italian library music, with OG copies fetching £60+ on Discogs etc.


            Everybody's Dying To Meet You

            There’s something great about a 3 piece – think The Cocteau Twins, The Clean, Galaxie 500 – and the way that irreducible nucleus takes its strength from its limitations, making a virtue of its purity. And so it is with London trio Flowers, returning with their second album. Over the course of ten intensely thrilling pop songs, singer Rachel Kenedy's ethereal vocals and Sam Ayres textured guitar are backed by the powerful, metronomic beat of drummer Jordan Hockley.

            Flowers began with Sam’s year-long search for a singer, and when he posted one last fateful advert, stating he wanted to make pop songs like "early Madonna through a broken tape machine", this led him to Rachel. Right away the two fell into a deeply creative and romantic partnership. The first batch of demos, polished up by none other than Bernard Butler, turned into their debut album released in 2013. Created during a period of illness for Ayres, the result is an album that, while exquisite in its own way, is necessarily subdued in tone. For Everybody’s Dying to Meet You the band retreated to Bark Studios in Walthamstow to work with producer Brian O'Shaughnessey (The Clientele, Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine), a return home for Sam, who was born and spent most of his life in the area. It proved to be the perfect fit for Flowers, the sessions enabling them to capture the essence of both their dynamic live sound and their distortion-laden home demos.

            Effortlessly blending pop songs with noise while leaving space for more stripped back elements, the recordings strike a perfect balance between the sweetness of Rachel’s voice and Sam’s abrasive guitar stylings. Their musical inspirations, from shoegaze, C86 and New Zealand’s Flying Nun label, are now evident. The infuriatingly catchy first single “Pull My Arm” nearly didn’t make it onto the album. Written during rehearsals for their tour with Luna after album recording sessions had finished, the band hastily booked another day at Bark and laid it down the day after the tour finished. Band favourite “Ego Loss” began with Sam playing with a new guitar pedal and writing a punk number… before the addition of Rachel’s words saw it morph into something completely different. Other highlights include the pop rush of “Bitter Pill” and the mesmeric, slow-burning “Intrusive Thoughts”. Armed with a youthful intensity and determination that shows in their songs, Flowers have succeeded in harnessing their singular magic. Exuberant and electrifying, Everybody’s Dying To Meet You crackles with confidence. 


            Includes MP3 Download Code.

            Scheherazade is Freakwater’s eighth album and first in over 10 years.
            Like the heroine of Scheherazade’s The Arabian Nights, their longevity sometimes depends on leaving their audience hanging. It is a release of familiarity as much as it is one of change, one that is distinctly different, but never loses sight of what it is that makes them Freakwater: It's new blood from a familiar vein.

            Anchored around the fragile and compelling harmonies of Janet Bean and Catherine Irwin and the subdued, oracular bass playing of Dave Gay, their utterly unique sound is distilled from many sources. There’s the elemental ache and loss in the soil & limestone of Kentucky and the songs & struggles that passed over the Atlantic from the British Isles centuries ago. There’s the energy and freedom in the ratty punk clubs of Louisville and Chicago at a time when rules and formalities were meant to be ignored. At once bluegrass, blues, folk, and country, it is also none of them; Freakwater is not dealing in historical artifacts. Rather, it is a product of two voices intertwined with one another for over three decades, creating a sound that might be best summarized as Appalachian soul.

            Includes guest appearances from Warren Ellis (Nick Cave) and Eleventh Dream Day's Jim Elkington.


            Includes MP3 Download Code.

            Gabor Szabo

            The Sorcerer - Back To Black Edition

            Gabor Szabo's quintet featuring Jimmy Stewart was one of the Hungarian guitarist's very best units. Live performances like this, recorded at Boston's Jazz Workshop, document some of the excitement the group stirred in 1967-1968. The playing seems inspired, and the interplay within the group is something to behold - even when performing lightweight tunes like "The Beat Goes On."


            Includes MP3 Download Code.

            Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

            United - Back To Black Edition

            "'United' was the first of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell's three LPs, and quite possibly the best of the lot. Harvey Fuqua and Johnny Bristol handled the productions and gave the photogenic duo a slightly harder edge than subsequent productions by Valerie Simpson and Nickolas Ashford. Three blockbusters - "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," "If I Could Build My World Around You," and "Your Precious Love" - propelled the album to number 29 on the pop charts, the highest rating of any of the duo's LPs. Plus, you had treats like "Little Ole Boy, Little Ole Girl," a remake of Loe & Joe's little-known release on Fuqua's Harvey Records in 1962. "Two Can Have a Party" grooves from start to finish and could have been the fourth hit, but Motown thought otherwise. I like the duo's rendition of "Hold Me Oh My Darling," a song Tammi first recorded on her solo album; the stuttering chorus and bass backing voice makes it unique. You won't find two better ballads than "Give a Little Love" or the often-recorded "If This World Were Mine"; written by Marvin Gaye, the starry-eyed proclamation has become an R&B standard, and rightfully so." - All Music


            Includes MP3 Download Code.

            Marvin Gaye

            That's The Way Love Is - Back To Black Edition

            "The title cut was another Gaye classic, while much of the other material was equally impressive. Gaye was beginning to become disillusioned with Motown, but that hadn't affected his album output or his singing." - All Music


            Includes MP3 Download Code.

            Manchester has produced some of the UK's greatest rock bands from Joy Division to the Stone Roses, but it isn't just the indie scene that thrives here, from the likes of Jon Thorne and Stuart McCallum to the Beats & Pieces Big Band and trumpeter Matthew Halsall, Manchester's jazz scene has produced some of the UK's brightest and most original jazz groups. Now with its eighth release Matthew Halsall's Manchester based Gondwana record label shines a light on another of Manchester's expansive, brilliant piano trio GoGo Penguin. Featuring pianist Chris Illingworth, bassist Grant Russell and drummer Rob Turner (all still in their twenties), GoGo Penguin, draw on a heady brew of influences from Aphex Twin to Brian Eno, Debussy to Shostakovich and Massive Attack to EST.


            LP Info: First time on vinyl!

            London-based singer and composer Gwilym Gold releases a special two-track EP of acoustic versions taken from his new 2015 album ‘A Paradise’.

            Recorded live at Doug Aitken’s Station To Station event and pressed by The Vinyl Factory Press, the 12” features stripped back versions of ‘Greener World’ and ‘Evergreen’, exposing Gold’s spectral, melancholy sound to the elements.

            Released in a limited edition of 300, ‘Greener World’ is packaged with artwork inspired by Kevin Bray’s official video.

            The Vinyl Factory partnered with American multimedia artist Doug Aitken and the Barbican to bring the acclaimed Station to Station: A 30 Day Happening to the UK for a month-long, building-wide, art intervention in summer 2015.

            For the duration of the event, which featured residencies, installations, live performances, workshops, screenings and more, The Vinyl Factory hosted The Vinyl Factory Recording Studio, providing a space for musicians and artists to experiment and improvise with their music. Gold recorded his two acoustic versions within this studio over the course of two days. These recordings were then pressed into a vinyl edition on The Vinyl Factory Press, our on-site manufacturing plant that was showcased at the Barbican exhibition.

            Engineered and mixed by Justin Stanley.

            Golden Teacher offer new ears the opportunity to hear the Teacher's first three recording efforts on one handy compilation. Recorded between 2012 and 2013 at Glasgow's Green Door Studio through a state-funded scheme for unemployed young musicians, this release documents the six-piece's interest in the willful naïveté of late 20th century "post-" tendencies, leading France's MidiLibre to later describe Golden Teacher as "an idiot-savant prototype of dance music in the third millennium." What that basically means is Golden Teacher kicks ass! They know what makes people dance and they know how to do it. From the acid go-go of lead off track 'Rashomon' you're in for a total treat that takes in the synth funk of 'Love Rocket!', the percussive rumble of 'Double Bump', the voodoo drum machine drenched 'Like A Hawk' and the atmospheric 'Dringhouse' to name but four killer tracks on this amazing set. If you need comparisons think LCD Soundsystem, ESG, Talking Heads, Brian Eno, Pigbag, DAF, Suicide and Liquid Liquid, but also Chicago acid house, dub and leftfield techno. This is the perfect chance to get on point with one of the greatest bands around at the moment and this won't hang around for long.

            The LP presents a selection of the band's favorite tracks from these sessions. 7 tracks but with the full CD version included.

            The CD gathers all material from the three EPs, first released as OM18, OM20 and OM23 on Glasgow's Optimo Music. 12 Tracks and 60+ minutes of music.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: The first three Golden Teacher EPs were sell-out smashers which cemented a new sound for the Glaswegian (post) punky, funky, tribal dance-troupe. Now, you lucky buggers, you have the chance to own them all in one tidy, beautifully presented package. Marvellous!


            Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

            Johnny Hartman

            I Just Dropped By To Say Hello - Back To Black Edition

            The second Impulse! session for ballad singer Johnny Hartman followed his classic collaboration with John Coltrane. Hartman is heard in peak form throughout these 11 pieces, which include "In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning," "Sleepin' Bee," "Stairway to the Stars," and even "Charade." Tenor saxophonist Illinois Jacquet is on five of the songs, guitarists Kenny Burrell and Jim Hall help out on a few tunes, and Hartman is consistently accompanied by pianist Hank Jones, bassist Milt Hinton, and drummer Elvin Jones. This is one of his finest recordings.


            Includes MP3 Download Code.

            Heavyball are a hard rocking new tone band now based in London but originally from Nottingham. Formed in late 2011 when brothers Bigface and Habs Salisbury and school friend Johnny Iball, began to play together. 2014 saw them joined by Tom 'Stone Cold' Frost on lead guitar. The band’s sound is a modern interpretation of two tone and ska, with driving percussion and distinctive melodies. Influences include Viz, Shane Meadows and the story writing traditions of country and western.

            Black Eye Diaries represents Heavyball's musical journey from their early recordings of 2011 to their latest releases of 2015; their complete body of work over three hectic years together in one album.

            Their recordings have been championed by DJs BBC6 Music DJs Chris Hawkins and Tom Robinson, BBC London’s Gary Crowley, BBC Ulster’s late Gerry Anderson, Absolute Radio’s Frank Skinner, BBC Introducing’s Dean Jackson and a personal endorsement from Jimmy Somerville for their unique interpretation the classic 80s hit Smalltown Boy. 

            James Newton Howard

            Nightcrawler OST - Cherry Cola Vinyl Edition

              The Oscar-nominated soundtrack to ‘Nightcrawler’ by James Newton Howard.

              ‘Nightcrawler’, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, was a huge box office success taking over $50million in profit.

              This LP comes in two unique editions. Variant 1 includes artwork taken from the iconic LA billboard posters used to promote the film and is housed in a 425g heavyweight sleeve. The LP itself is pressed on ‘Cherry Cola’ coloured vinyl and comes with double sided printed inner and digital download card.

              James Newton Howard

              Nightcrawler OST - Streetlamp Yellow Vinyl Edition

                The Oscar-nominated soundtrack to ‘Nightcrawler’ by James Newton Howard.

                ‘Nightcrawler’, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, was a huge box office success taking over $50million in profit.

                This LP comes in two unique editions. Variant 2 features exclusive artwork from illustrator / artist Ben Holmes, approved by Jake Gyllenhaal himself. This version is pressed on ‘Streetlamp Yellow’ coloured vinyl and housed in a 425g heavyweight sleeve with double sided printed inner and digital download card.

                Detroit legend, Mr Mike mother-fuckin' Huckaby returns to his S Y N T H imprint, finally ready to take you on another journey of skillful sound programming using the legendary Waldorf Wave Synthesizer. Since the release of 2008's "My Life With The Wave", Mike's been treating us to bass heavy jackers and warehouse wall shakers on Downbeat, Sushitech and Tresor, but this mind altering, body moving EP looks set to blow everything else out the water. Created exclusively with Mike's favourite vintage synth, the diversity of the four tracks on offer serves to showcase Mike's programming prowess and the awesome range of this classic bit of kit. "Let The Dancer Do His Thing" bangs out the A1 full of confidence, a rib rattling kick cutting a path through the excitable crowd sounds to the centre of the floor. Vintage deep house chords ride round and warm bassline, remaining constant while the percussion cycles between jacking claps, hissing hats and rippling bongos. Heads down groove muzik all nite long. The jacking beat of "Phuture" pays tribute to daze gone by, while the tripped out sequences, rolling bassline and jazzy keys are reminiscent of UR's hi-tech jazz. We're back in a Detroit basement for "Baseline 313", a deep and hypnotic house weapon built out of crowd sounds, rattling tambourines and a dock-off bassline - huge, floor flaying tool here. Closing the EP in spine-tingling fashion, "Another Fantasy" sets a course for the ocean floor, wrapping immersive pads around swinging percussion while a heavy duty bass sound heads for the hips. This is vintage US house from a man with all the right credentials, don't miss out!


                Analogue Creatures

                  Minimal Compact’s Malka Spigel and Wire’s Colin Newman’s minimal-techno-inspired Immersion, release their first new material under the Immersion name since the 90s. A new five-track 10” limited to 500 copies called Analogue Creatures will see release in February on their Swim label . The project between the two has been inactive since the release of 1999’s Low Impact, with the new decade seeing Newman & Spigel refocus their attention to the song based structures of Newman’s Wire, Spigel’s solo works and their collaborative work as Githead alongside Robin Rimaud/Scanner.

                  The duo decided to revive Immersion after a synth-based shopping trip in New York at the end of Wire’s US tour earlier this year, eventually giving way to this new release from the pairing. “It’s all about analogue synthesisers and layering,” says Newman of the new release as well as Immersion’s general focus. “You begin with on part and then play on top of it, pass after pass, building up a track with loops of synthesiser and making an arrangement out of it. It’s very organic: there’s not a real sense of direction, it’s just the shape it comes out. There was no guitar ever on early Immersion — it was all synth. That was how we started, but I had a strong feeling this time that we couldn’t just repeat the same Immersion that we did a long time ago. I felt it should make a step forward and do something it hadn’t done before, which is what it did with the guitars.”

                  The 5 new tracks of epic, ambient dronescapes capturing the essence of Immersion

                  Keith Jarrett

                  Treasure Island - Back To Black Edition

                  'Treasure Island' is the second album on the Impulse label by jazz pianist Keith Jarrett. Originally released in 1974, it features performances by Jarrett, Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden, Paul Motian, and Danny Johnson. Jarrett had perhaps heard some records in his day, particularly from the Atlantic catalog, and he put that spin on this melody, which incorporates groove, repetitive and circular rhythm, and a songlike melodic structure with minimal improvisation -- though his own fills are quite stunning and deep in the pulse pocket.

                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                  Includes MP3 Download Code.

                  Kerrier District

                  Remixes - Inc. Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer / KiNK / Head High Remixes

                  Released in May 2015, Kerrier District’s "4" album became an essential long player, not just because it was creator Luke Vibert’s first KD album offering in over a decade, but because it captured Kerrier District at what it does best; funky, sample heavy, entertaining, good time dance music. Tongue firmly in cheek, Vibert delivered an album that ended up, quite rightly, in many end of year polls as a firm favourite of the year. And so, to celebrate Hypercolour’s 50th single release, a crack team of artists were enlisted to handle a remix disc, and they come none bigger than Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer, KiNK and Head High. Villalobos and Loderbauer’s remix of "Sexspurt" shimmers and glistens over its twelve-minute tenure, the micro broken beats and occasional hats lending a steady hand as the psychedelic soundscape unfurls over the bubbling bass frequencies. Fresh from picking up the Resident Advisor Best Live Act of 2015, Strahil Velchev AKA KiNK tackles album favourite "Techno Disco". Churning out a frenzied club re-work, KiNK deploys Reese style basslines, spacey synth motifs that wouldn’t be out of place on a UR record and deep organ riffs, dropping in breakbeats to the solid 4/4 arrangement, never letting the energy levels drop for one second. Wrapping up this killer remix set is Head High (AKA Shed), who slams down a relentless and rolling drum mix of "Come On Kerrier". Irresistibly funky with its heavyweight 90s style beats and infectious melodies, HH keeps it faithful to the Original Mix and the use of its samples, and delivers a driving peak time club mix.

                  “Leaving you spellbound in its androgynous vocal delivery, Spider King’s Animals is a haunting children’s march that paralyses me with each listen”
                  Cedric Bixler Zavala (Mars Volta/Antemasque)

                  An unknown pleasure torn out of Manchester’s lost DIY manual, this overqualified / underexposed post-punk pop pillar cast an almost invisible undetected web across the history of Manchester’s inner-city music scene which has trapped body parts of The Mothmen, Martin Hannett, Gerry And The Holograms, John Cooper Clarke, The Blue Orchids, Naffi Sandwich (The Naffis) and The Fates in its glue.

                  As a central mast to 1970s / 80s Manchester’s “deserted” DIY era, spanning angular jazz funk, punk and sarcastic synth pop, Spider King has also played huge parts in Manchester’s honorary adoption of The Velvet Underground’s Nico (as her lead guitarist), fronted Martin Hannett’s first ever band and inhabits a key roll in the careers of Sad Cafe, Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias, Paul Young and AC/DC’s Mancunian debut. With dozens of self-penned songs, unreleased demos and two of the best collectable Manc punk funk 45s to grace collectors want lists it’s almost unbelievable (almost tragic) that Mike King never released a full length album… until now.

                  Shot To Pieces is one of the most elusive jagged pieces of the North West’s punk funk puzzle. Recorded sporadically between 1979 and 1983 with a cast of characters from the Rabid/Absurd label family, such as behind the scenes synth wielder John Scott from Gerry And The Holograms, and producers like Laurie Latham (The Blockheads) it’s plain to see why 2016′s current music climate is the perfect time for the Spider King’s lost music to resurface. Commonly recognised by stalwarts of the era’s mutating punk/alt/indie genre as “the one that got away”, Spider King is the archetypal artist’s artist as well as the outsider’s outsider and the hardest working man in no-business who is now attracting a whole new audience of champions from bloggers, vinyl nerds and well respected contemporary musicians with his appearances on mix-tapes and various artist compilations. On hearing this essential release you could argue that these lost “spider-grams” are more relevant now than they were when those arachnophobic A&R men shooed him away over 3 decades ago. For those who ain’t afraid to get bitten say hello to the Spider King.

                  Kontiki Suite

                  Greatest Show On Earth

                    "Sunstone Records are proud to present a limited vinyl press of the second album ‘The Greatest Show on Earth‘ by our favourite, North Lakes troubadours Kontiki Suite.

                    After initially approaching the band as fans this is the realisation of something incredibly special - their 2012 debut ‘On Sunset Lake’ was and still is a favourite and to be involved in the follow up is a majestic feeling – musically and lyrically it feels like a follow up to the debut with added colour and swagger: think Byrds / Emitt Rhodes / Brewer and Shipley / Beachwood Sparks / Teenage Fanclub.

                    The LP will be housed in a wonderful Luke Insect designed gatefold with a free digital download. This is the sound of deep Northern England and the bands love of melody, harmony, country rock and psychedelia takes us to the next level of their trip. "

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    Includes MP3 Download Code.

                    “Who’s this guy? What’s he doing?” So runs the opening line of Lamont’s debut EP on Keysound Recordings - and well he might ask. After his first release in 2014 on Bristol’s excellent Durkle Disco imprint - run by Keysound Sessions host Koast MC - Lamont focused on writing these four startling tracks for Keysound Recordings. And focused they are. The EP is a bold exercise in blatant contradictions. It’s grimey but sonically spacious, house ‘n’ garage tempo but near zero-point energy, arresting but unexpectedly anthemic. Despite featuring two emerging grime MCs - Grim Sickers and Trim-affiliate Nico Lindsay - they are just as musically close to LV & Josh Idehen’s “38 EP” on Keysound or the darkest Wen material as Trim’s classic Soul Food mixtapes. The track “In the Field ft Nico Lindsay” was debuted at Keysound Sessions by Lamont and was defacto signed before it had even run out. “Death Slide”, first played on Dusk + Blackdown’s Rinse FM show, has become an unlikely anthem, with support from Kahn & Neek, Loefah, Parris and Riz La Teef.

                    Yusef Lateef

                    Psychicemotus - Back To Black Edition

                    "'Psychicemotus' was released in 1965 and features Yusef Lateef on various flutes and tenor saxophone, Georges Arvanitas on piano, bassist Reggie Workman, and drummer James Black. And while the Coltrane era of modal and free jazz was in full swing, Lateef always followed his own muse, and continued looking forward while looking back to ancient musics. His use of bamboo and Chinese wood flutes on the title track and "Bamboo Flute Blues" added not only dimension and texture, but rhythmic invention to standard jazz forms. Yet his readings of Jerome Kern's and Oscar Hammerstein's "Why Do I Love You," on which he plays tenor, swings elegantly while incorporating both hard bop and angular outside playing in his solo." - All Music

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    Includes MP3 Download Code.

                    My Wild West is Lissie's third studio album; it is a celebration of new adventures to come as she moves back to the Midwest and waves goodbye to her life in California. Growing up in possession of a strong rebellious streak surrounded by the memory of steamboats and railroads of past, acclaimed songwriter Lissie has returned home to the Midwest after spending several formative years in The Golden State.

                    Lissie's two previous albums, 2010's Catching a Tiger and 2013's Back to Forever, both hit Top 20 in the UK charts with the former record going Gold. Her songs have been licensed for countless films and TV shows, topped numerous Best Of polls whilst 'The Longest Road,' a song she wrote with DJ Morgan Page was subsequently remixed by Deadmau5 and nominated for a 'Best Remixed Record' Grammy. Her new album, My Wild West, recorded in Nashville with her producer Bill Reynolds (Band of Horses), her band in Ojai and executive producer Curt Schneider in his Studio City home, is Lissie's most personal effort to date.

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    LP Info: Limited orange vinyl pressing.

                    Includes MP3 Download Code.

                    Love Buzzard


                    After playing over 150 gigs around the UK in the past 3 years and supporting the likes of Cerebral Ballzy, Slaves, and God Damn, garage rockers Love Buzzard are finally ready to unleash their debut album. Available on special edition vinyl, via Sean McClusky’s legendary punk label 1-2-3-4 Records, home of The Buzzcocks, Arrows Of Love and Bad For Lazarus amongst others.

                    Love Buzzard have taken their fuzz laden, catchy-as-hell guitar lines, screeching vocals and soul splitting drums to the next level with ‘Antifistamines’, merging disco beats with garage-surf riffs and the pop sensibilities that come so easily to frontman Kevin Lennon.

                    After founding Fluffer Records, drummer Al Brown has been responsible some of the liveliest, loudest and most ambitious events and releases East London has seen, and that do or die DIY ethic was what first caught the attention of Sean McClusky at 1-2-3-4 Records. Thankfully for us, these two forces have now collided to give us one of the rawest and most exciting debuts to emerge out of the DIY underground in years. A run away steam train of a debut. 

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    Deluxe LP Info: The LP is available on limited edition green vinyl illustrated by Dalston illustrator Russell Taysom.

                    After crashing social media with their mindblowing Boiler Room Upfront mix last year, Huntleys & Palmers drop two of the most requested tunes from the set on their first ever 7" release. They've had Carisma's lysergic boogie cut in their arsenal for a few years, and when Luna's "Breathe" came along everything fell into place for a special release. It's Luna who leads off, taking control of the A-side, with a dreamy, minimal wave inspired electro cut, powered forward by snapping drum programming, infectious bass and some far out synth sounds. The ephemeral textures compliment Alejandro Paz's melancholy vocals perfectly, while those roving sequences should make sure the dancefloor moves throughout. Flip the disc and prepare to get your melon well and truly twisted by Carisma's vaped out boogie. "A Las Quince La Manana" sees a mooching Jomox beat join a bubbling bassline for a moonlit stroll through ghostly synth textures, eerie melodies and cinematic sounds, before some backmasked madness brings the sun up with a rooster's crow. Two contrasting, but complimentary sounds from one of the world's forward thinking labels - highly recommended. 

                    A leopard can’t change his spots and Magnus International earned his spots in the sequence hue of Oslo’s disco scene. “Disco is the single thread that runs through all electronic dance music.” After an inconsistent hiatus from recording, the Norwegian DJ has finally donned the producer cap resolutely for his debut LP.

                    'Echo To Echo' promises to be the artist’s magnum opus, taking on epic proportions in the album narrative. Prins Thomas’ Full Pupp family plays hosts to The Norwegian DJ’s infectious disco arrangements as it has done since Magnus and Danny “Blackbelt” Anderson first worked together as Kalle, Magnus and Daniel. Tracing a line from those early days through his first solo work Kosmetisk, 'Echo To Echo' sees the producer combining the foundation of his sound with cues from the likes of Warp’s early catalogue, transposing it into the singular voice that is Magnus International. “I wanted to go back to techno from my youth.”

                    Borrowing inspiration from the likes of LFO and Aphex Twin, Magnus spent two years in the studio refining a hybrid album that is ingrained in disco, but grows its own spots with the acid-infected synth work and inventive beat arrangements that were the signature trademarks of those early pioneers. Titles like 'Big Red' and 'Echo To Echo' are clear nods to these demi-gods of music, which Magnus makes his own in the context of a disco long-player. It’s an album built on the foundation of Magnus’ strengths as an experienced producer, innovator and DJ. Forged in the caldron of techno’s rich history, with Magnus’ distinct style playing host, 'Echo To Echo' takes the listener on journey that transcends time.

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    Includes MP3 Download Code.

                    After rocking our box with a dusty house music DAT, the formely Stupid Hugh Mane returns to Running Back with a quartet of canny compositions that leave you feeling like you have spent an evening with Ashra taking E’s at Ku! We're in immersive, emotive and cinematic territory from the off as "Live Drama" opens the set with Tangerine Dream sequences, swampy ambience and a steady drum track, blooming into an imaginary soundtrack for David Lynch's live-action adaptation of Akira (also imaginary, but we can still live in hope). "Groping In The Moonlight" soothes our cares with heartfelt melodies, dreamy pads and trickling marimba, tracing a line between Art Of Noise and Len Leise. On the flipside, "Snapshot Of Love" turns the heat up a bit, wrapping a purposeful rhythm section in gossamer pads before a slow motion rave riff pulls us us onto the dancefloor. The drifting, dreamy dancefloor approach continues on "Control Drama", a floor friendly cousin to the A1's "Live Drama" which shifts the focus from faded sunset to the sultry surrounds of a late night dancefloor...

                    After nearly ten years as the creative force behind much-loved New York rock outfit Hooray For Earth, Noel Heroux had lost his way. “I was constantly cutting corners and phoning everything in,” he says. “I was super depressed. I was creatively frustrated. I was emotionally unavailable to the people I really, really wanted to be there for - and no matter how much I cared, I just couldn’t change. But when I realized that I needed to the end the band and just try again, my head cleared and the clouds parted. I’d been derailed somehow,” he adds

                    “So I allowed myself to return to the beginning.”

                    This year marks the release of ‘Mass Gothic’, the Massachusetts-bred, New Yorkbased singer / songwriter’s self-titled Sub Pop debut. Written and recorded at home over four months during the winter of 2013 - 2014, it’s a stunning reminder of not just Heroux’s own remarkable talents as singer and songwriter but how unbridled creativity can sound and feel: before Hooray For Earth had quickly become a fullyfunctioning band it began as a solo project. Not pressure or compromises, just Heroux, a four-track and an irrepressible urge to “jot down all of the noise and music floating around in my head” and make it available to other people. “All I wanted to do was whatever I do when I’m alone and I’m unconcerned with what anyone else wants or expects,” he says. “I did my best to let go, and what came out was pure, uncut. It reminded me of the first few times I made music, when I was a young kid. I didn’t set any rules and I had zero expectations.”

                    The result is an expansive, often exhilarating set of guitar-driven pop that required very little editing when it was done. Additional mixing was provided by Chris Coady (Beach House, TV On The Radio) with mastering done by Greg Calbi (Father John Misty, Tame Impala) at Sterling Sound. The album was engineered by Wall at Tastefully Loud and mastered by Eric Boulanger at The Bakery in Los Angeles.

                    From the iridescent doo-wop of ‘Every Night You’ve Got to Save Me’ to the skyward crescendo of ‘Mind Is Probably’ to the falsetto-streaked clatter of ‘Want To, Bad’, it’s a radiant retelling of Heroux’s starting over, with ‘Nice Night’ as its cathartic, electrifying centrepiece.

                    “A lot of these songs are more or less a really dramatic, loud apology / thank you note,” he says, referencing his partner, collaborator and future tour mate, Jessica. “It didn’t matter where any of the sounds came from. I just cared that it sounded big and heavy, and that it was moving when it was done. It’s a clean slate entirely - and I’m so relieved.”

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    Indies Exclusive LP Info: Loser edition pressed on banana yellow vinyl.

                    Kylie Minogue

                    Kylie Minogue - Be With Records Edition

                    Tame Impala: “I’ve got a whole album waiting for Kylie Minogue…I have, like, seven songs ready.”

                    Tri Angle Records: “Wow! you’re reissuing all my favourite albums!!”

                    Balearic Mike: “Wow! Brave move. I am a MASSIVE Kylie fan - as are all right-thinking people.”

                    Originally released in 1994, 'Kylie Minogue' represents the fun 90s pop acts had in absorbing an increasingly diverse range of influences - from house and ambient to Balearic and R&B. Beloved by perfect pop fans, this is Kylie’s most sought-after record; finding a decent copy on vinyl will set you back well over £150.

                    Signposting another left turn in Be With’s ‘baffling roster’ (Pitchfork), we proudly present this album’s first ever vinyl reissue as a deluxe special edition, limited to just 500 copies. Righting the wrongs of its initial release, the album now stretches out over two pieces of 180gram vinyl and is presented in a sumptuous gatefold jacket, allowing the iconic Rankin portraits of an empowered, self-aware pop star room to breathe.

                    After phenomenal chart success in the late 80s and early 90s with the PWL hit factory, Kylie desired greater artistic freedom and critical credibility. Her move to dance music label deConstruction, and its commendable hands-off attitude, marked this profound shift In thinking and enabled the singer to make the album she really wanted. Indeed, Kylie Minogue is a sophisticated collection of stylish songs that elegantly reference new jack swing, R&B ballads, ambient pop and piano house.

                    String-drenched epic “Confide In Me” (produced by acclaimed dance duo Brothers in Rhythm) confidently sets the tone whilst “Surrender”, a seductive sunset slow jam, unwittingly anticipates the voguish Balearic pop of the past decade. Jazzy pop-R&B groovers keep things moving but it’s the masterful “Put Yourself In My Place” - in all its understated melancholy - that stops listeners in their tracks. Widely regarded as her finest downtempo moment, the monster single recalled late 80s American R&B but, having never received a proper vinyl release, its inclusion here is worth the price of admission alone.

                    Further orchestral ballads, subtly cinematic pieces and minor key house tracks (with the involvement of the Pet Shop Boys and acid house stalwarts Farley & Heller) serve to complete an assured collage of accessible yet resolutely eclectic ‘perfect pop’.

                    MssingNo first came to prominence in 2013 with the release of his debut ‘MssingNo’ EP on Goon Club Allstars. The EP immediately sent a seismic shock through the underground electronic music scene, especially EP track ‘XE2’ which became one of the year’s defining anthems and was named FACT magazine’s ‘track of the year’. Now, following a series of remixes of the likes of Cashmere Cat & Ariana Grande and Shura, plus collaborations with artists such as Katy B (on her forthcoming 'Honey' album), MssingNo releases his follow up to the ‘MssingNo’ EP

                    Available on 12”, the ‘Fones’ EP is released on XL Recordings - a label based within a stone's throw of MssingNo’s Ladbroke Grove home studio - and features four tracks that showcase MssingNo’s crystalline hybrid of R&B and rave. Overflowing with trademark anthemic, ultra-melodic hooks, the ‘Fones’ EP is a further pointer towards MssingNo’s bright future. One track - Inta - was first featured on XL Recordings’ 2015 'XL Chapter VI' compilation album, while ‘Scope’ was premiered earlier this week by Radio 1’s Annie Mac.

                    ‘The ‘Fones’ EP also sees XL continuing to reconnect with the spirit of the label’s early days. XL’s initial reputation was built around a series of underground, club-focused, outsider rave 12”s from the likes of The Prodigy, SL2, Awesome 3 and Jonny L. Recent releases have seen the likes of Zomby, Special Request and Hugo Massien harnessing that spirit and bringing it right up to date.

                    My System Echo

                    So Near To My Revival EP - Inc. Ron Basejam Remixes

                    Classic turn their attention towards the English riviera and beautiful Brighton for their latest release, introducing married (production) couple Sam and Tracy. Not that Sam needs much introduction - she's the mesmeric vocalist for synth-disco specialists and Piccadilly Records favourites Gramme, and a go-to session singer for the legendary Luke Solomon. The two originals on offer here slink between disco and house in much the same way as Roisin's recent LP, and the quality is just as sky high. A1 cut "So Near" glides through the dancefloor on effortless drum programming and limber bass, Sam's cut glass vocals slicing through the soaring synthlines above. As the chorus kicks in, a sweeping pitch bent synth grabs the track by the scruff of the neck and lifts it into a higher dancefloor dimension. "My Revival" spins and shimmers in Gramme's nu disco direction as organic drum sounds (more cowbell) and a spaced out disco bassline sit under echo drenched, dubby vocals and glistening synth textures. We'd be happy if the EP ended there, but there's a whole side left, featuring remixes of both originals by Crazy P man, Ron Basejam! The northern powerhouse goes to town with his remix of "My Revival", ramping the energy up about 300% with added va-va-voom in the rhythm section before draping the disco hit with globular arps. It's all change on the B2 as Ron drops the tempo to a mogadon shuffle, transforming "So Near" into a post-everything power ballad of epic proportions. As effective as a thunderstorm in Zadar, this is a proper secret weapon for the DJs who know how to wield its power.

                    Lance Neptune

                    Animal Eclipse

                    Inspired by the lost lands between here and the heavens Lance Neptune provides the soundtrack for hazy summer evenings with his debut release on Lone’s Magicwire imprint.

                    Lance Neptune lets his music play the guide. A native of Glenardern, Maryland, his curiosity takes him into the realms of the unknown. Finding and building sounds from these unknown galaxies he conjures up musical vistas to transport us there.

                    Foot stomping percussion, warm pulsating pads, lush melodies and spatial chords hypnotize. This is the sort of music that floats you far away from reality, music that gives you the abilities to play around in the clouds.
                    Having spent the last few years on hiatus Magicwire is back with its blend of lofi 90s nostalgia inspired by VHS skate tapes, and ‘Animal Eclipse’s ethereal experience is the perfect reintroduction. 

                    Diagonal kick off 2016 with a hotly anticipated album by Alessio Natalizia’s Not Waving project. It follows his probationary 12” 'Get Serious' and can be seen as a first quarter report on the fluctuations in London’s computer acid and wave-pop sectors.

                    Under lax time constraints, the London-based Italian artist has authored Not Waving’s most versatile LP to date - an unruly yet emotive bender taking in ‘floor-mauling 'New Beta' and endearingly beery post-industrial synth music.

                    'Animals' harnesses the wanderlust of Natalizia’s spate of self-released albums and records for Ecstatic and Emotional Response but dials up the wildness, spitting out a careering sequence of tracks that feel as warped, deep-raved and giddy as a night out in the city they were forged. These are tunes - no, songs - for post-work smash-ups, weekenders and sore commutes. And make no mistake, although 'Animals' occasionally bites hard at the business end of the ‘floor, this is Diagonal’s most POP record yet, with Natalizia’s songwriting sensibility conjuring moments of tenderness and beauty to offset the manic strobe lighting and droppin’ sweat.

                    Album opener 'Believe' is one such moment, a twisting synth workout that bounces along over rock-ist live toms. The tie is loosened on 'Head Body', as Not Waving unleashes a raging kosmic EBM showpiece that morphs across 6 sprawling minutes. Next up is '24' - the album ‘hit’ that’s been delighting [or destroying] dancefloors across Europe for almost a year now; here the trews are off and all - and you can see Front 242 and Ancient Methods tattooed across the artist’s butt.

                    The shunting 'Gutsy' and whopping industrial stress-test 'Work Talk' buckle down like mutant Powell cuts, whereas 'I Know I Know I Know' and the thrashing EBM-pop of 'Face Attack' run The Sound of Belgium through a distinctly Diagonal filter - all smart edits and unruly arrangements.

                    'Animals’' great strength, though, lies in how Natalizia marries the clammy peaks of contemporary club music with oddly emotive runs into acidic Canterbury pop, as on 'Tomorrow We Will Kill You', and cyborg despair - see 'Punch' - before things reach a fittingly bittersweet conclusion with 'They Cannot Be Replaced'. In short, this is Not Waving committing some of his most sophisticated songwriting to wax, and finding an entirely appropriate home for his own distinctive sound.

                    The mighty Burden Bros beam live and direct from the Motor City on this essential repress, hitting us with seven storming cuts of vintage Detroit techno. Originally released in 1994, the set saw Octave One sweep through serated synth lines, pulsing percussion and undulating bass to deliver a living, breathing, statement of dancefloor intent. Recorded entirely at West Lab 2 in the midst of the golden age of Detroit techno, "The X Files" sees the Burdens deliver space-age techno a-la Underground Resistance, early dub-techno experiments, acid assaults and even a sizzling house cut packed with percussion. Remastered for the modern DJ, this is a chance to own a true techno classic without breaking the bank.

                    Thee Oh Sees


                      Culled from the same sessions as the mighty Mutilator Defeated At Last, the Fortress 7-inch is a heavy little bit of wax to bite into. The title track is backed by “Man in a Suitcase,” an old live favourite.

                      Eight-armed, kinetic and racing ahead into distinctly dreamy and proggy territory, these two tracks are cut from nightmare cloth as only John P. Dwyer and Co. can weave, with an emphasis on the tossing and turning. A must-have addendum to Mutilator, and a lovely hors d’oeuvre to whet one’s appetite for another full-length later this year.

                      Johnny Pate

                      You're Starting Too Fast / You Can't Even Walk In The Park

                      Two rare and highly sought after cuts from the legendary Johnny Pate offered up on the 45. "You're Starting Too Fast" is not only a guaranteed classic, but also promises to raise the temperature on the dancefloor. From the aggressive duelling guitar and flute intro to the high-end Hammond work, it's close to a perfect arrangement of sounds that now seem lost in the digital age. The slightly more complex "You Can't Even Walk In The Park" calls in the classic 70s horns and swinging beat that revolutionized the musical era. Giving more individual character to an instrumental than you will hear anywhere else, it's another dancefloor filler that'll take a set to the next level whether you're spinning funk and soul or hip-hop and breaks. An essential tool for a good party!


                      The Cherry Pit

                        Limited edition of 500 on "Mermaid" coloured vinyl (half aquamarine, half pink) and in a heavy reverse board sleeve.

                        "The Cherry Pit" is the second single to be taken from the forthcoming album "Grandfeathered" by Pinkshinyultrablast .

                        The Racontwoers

                        Live At Third Man

                          On Record Store Day, April 17 2010, Brendan Benson and Patrick Keeler along with Mark Watrous and Andrew Higley performed a re-worked set of Raconteurs songs in celebration of the re-release of Broken Boy Soldiers on LP at Third Man Records. 


                          Only Built 4 Cuban Linx - Gold & Red Vinyl Edition

                          Released in 1995 two years after "Enter The Wu-Tang", Chef Raekwon's first album is a truly a product of its time. "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx..." is perhaps the quintessential Wu-Tang solo LP. Largely backed by Ghostface Killah, produced by the RZA and featuring an appearance by a youthful Nas on "Verbal Intercourse", it is fed by an obsession with John Woo movies and the gangster lifestyle.

                          The album has received acclaim from music critics over the years, with many lauding it as one of the greatest Hip Hop albums of all time. With its emphasis on American Mafia insinuations and organized crime, the album is widely regarded as a pioneer of the mafioso rap subgenre. Along with GZA’s "Liquid Swords", "Cuban Linx..." is widely classified as the best solo Wu-Tang material.

                          Rancho Relaxo

                          White Light Fever

                            Founded in 2003, Norway's Rancho Relaxo known for their talent to create compelling, absorbing sound spirals that seduces you from the get-go. With their seventh album, "White Light Fever", the band once more has a thrilling adventure up their sleeve. Self-describing their music as "Neo-Psychedelic Zendom", Rancho Relaxo's highly remarkable and distinctive sound paintings breathe various influences and elements, from neo-psychedelia to space rock to folk, from shoegaze to drone to alternative.

                            The amalgamation of whirring guitar riffs, psychedelic clouds, reverb-drenched streams, acoustic colours, drone-laden injections and crisp edges with sky-high, addictive melodies and an intense, often embracingly yearning atmosphere make up for an exciting journey that lets the listeners taste different cocktails. From heavy psych-rock adrenalin kicks ("Dead Space") and hot'n'dirty grooving energy pills ("If You Want To") to mid-tempo jewels with a melancholically sparkling, romantic twist ("Strange Vibrations", "Stars") to noise-pop tinted ballads with a bittersweet acoustic fragrance ("Taken") and psychedelic-driven, extraterrestrial-atmospheric soundtrack trips (“White Light”). There is a lot to discover on this passionately created, flavourful album. "White Light Fever" will be released on 180gram double vinyl, with download code.

                            Sounds Like: The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spacemen 3, The Jesus And Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, The Black Angels

                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                            Ltd LP Info: 180 gram Double Album, Heavy Weight Eco-Friendly Sleeve

                            Includes MP3 Download Code.

                            From France comes Fabrizio Rat with a 4-track EP constructed entirely from acoustic piano and drum machine. Mr. Rat's unique sound design blew our ears away, particularly at a time when so much techno is more reliant on following a blueprint rather than trying to push the frontiers of what is possible, which to us was always the true raison d'être of techno. Here's a little more info about Fabrizio,
                            "I'm a Pianist, composer and producer crossing musical genres, from techno to contemporary music, improvised music to electronica. I developed a personal sonic world on the acoustic piano transforming it into a synthesizer and a groove machine with DIY techniques and objects. Pianist of Cabaret Contemporain (electro-bio) and Magnetic Ensemble playing festivals and venues throughout France and Europe, Canada and USA. Other projects are La Machina (solo, with a prepared piano and a drum machine), Jukebox, Barber Mouse and Luna Maze. The first album of The Explosion, a new ambient trio with Gilb’R and Giani Caserotto, will be released on Versatile Records autumn 2015."
                            There's little else to say, it's another forward thinking release on the mighty Optimo Trax.

                            In celebration of the 25th anniversary of their critically acclaimed debut album 'Nowhere'. 'Nowhere' was originally released on 15th October 1990, featuring classic tracks including 'Vapour Trail', 'Polar Bear' and 'Dreams Burn Down'.

                            Widely considered one of the greatest albums not only of the 'shoegaze' genre, but of the 90s, Nowhere' was Creation Records' first Top 75 album, peaking in the UK album charts at #11, and continues to appear in various album lists from respected music titles such as Pitchfork and NME.
                            A shoegaze classic!

                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                            2xLtd LP Info: Double vinyl on heavyweight blue marble vinyl in a gatefold sleeve featuring previously unseen photos.

                            LP Info: Single vinyl edition.

                            2xCD/DVD Info: Exclusive hardback cardboard CD case with a canvas-style cover. Exclusive Town & Country Club 1991 concert DVD - never released before footage.

                            Rocchi - Godi - Chiarosi


                            Absolutely one of the best Oscar Rocchi's Italian jazz pianist library music LPs. The albukm was also released on the Music Scene label under the title "Jungle Birds" with same matrix number. "Pop-Paraphrenia..." is an incredible album with totally killer jazz-funk vibes featuring an outstanding Tullio de Piscopo drumming session. Oscar Rocchi at Fender Rhodes and organ accompained by his strict colleague Giancarlo Barigozzi on flute and soprano sax. This fantastic album features the best jazz-funk, funky and jazzy breaks on side A and stellar experimental avant garde jazz sounds on side B - you can see why many of the tracks were used in 1972 and 1973 for Italian TV show theme songs. Psychedelic and moody, as beautiful as as it is ultra RARE in its original 1972 Fonovideo label edition.

                            Salem's Pot

                            Watch Me Kill You

                              Much anticipated reissue of the first Riding Easy release, this is the release that started it all for RidingEasy Records and has been fetching triple digits on ebay and discogs. Well NOW you can get one for the price of a normal record. This is pre-psychedelic doom rock, for fans of Early Electric Wizard, Salems Pot are Sweden’s new wave of heavy doom. New album due real soon on Riding Easy.

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              Ltd LP Info: Ultra limited orange, purple splatter vinyl.

                              Pharoah Sanders

                              Karma - Back To Black Edition

                              "Pharoah Sanders' third album as a leader is the one that defines him as a musician to the present day. After the death of Coltrane, while there were many seeking to make a spiritual music that encompassed his ideas and yearnings while moving forward, no one came up with the goods until Sanders on this 1969 date. There are only two tracks on 'Karma', the 32-plus minute "The Creator Has a Master Plan" and the five-and-a-half-minute "Colours." The band is one of Sanders' finest, and features vocalist Leon Thomas, drummer Billy Hart, Julius Watkins, James Spaulding, a pre-funk Lonnie Liston Smith, Richard Davis, Reggie Workman on bass, and Nathaniel Bettis on percussion. "Creator" begins with a quote from "A Love Supreme," with a nod to Coltrane's continuing influence on Sanders. But something else emerges here as well: Sanders' own deep commitment to lyricism and his now inherent knowledge of Eastern breathing and modal techniques." - All Music

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              Includes MP3 Download Code.

                              Killer Italian library music LP from the Fabio Fabor's Edizioni Musicali Minstrel offshoot label Ring, featuring music by Carlo Savina and his orchestra. Amazingly good, and still underrated, electronic panoramic lounge sounds spaced out by jazz-funk and dope funk breaks, fantastic electronic underwater effects. Music inspired by sea islands for a total lounge aqua-trip. The best cut on the album, the stunning "Canaries", opens with a solo bassline before adding Fender Rhodes piano, sweeping strings and retro synth work.

                              Guilty Simpson & Small Professor

                              Highway Robbery

                              At long last, Coalmine Records is pleased to release Guilty Simpson and Small Professor’s highly acclaimed collaborative LP, ‘Highway Robbery,’ in vinyl format. Weighing in at 11 tracks, which includes the vinyl-only bonus track of Zilla Rocca’s Remix of “Go,” the album places the listener in a seemingly post-apocalyptic Detroit where the mentality is feast or famine. The LP plays as one long narrative of Guilty’s day-to-day survival in Detroit’s concrete jungle, all set to the tone of Small Professor’s foreboding, percussion heavy production. Featuring guest appearances from Detroit’s Boldy James, AG (of DITC), Elucid, and Castle, with both Statik Selektah and DJ Revolution handling the Technic 1200s, the vinyl format of ‘Highway Robbery’ is limited to 500 Units in a two colour vinyl edition, equipped with a digital download card. 

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              Includes MP3 Download Code.

                              Central California quartet Slow Season have a revamped version of their 2012 self-titled debut album to be released on RidingEasy Records.

                              The band's sound effortlessly nods to greats of the 60s-70s like Led Zeppelin, The Who, Black Sabbath, et al, without sounding like a caricature. Rather, as one can immediately hear, this is hypnotic, heavy, and howling rock 'n' roll that defies both musical and temporal categorization.

                              The Visalia, CA band - Daniel Rice (vocals, guitar), David Kent (guitar), Hayden Doyel (bass), and Cody Tarbell (drums) - scale new heights, while recognising where it all began. Having recorded both of their albums live on reel-to-reel at Tarbell's home studio, the band eschews the digital trappings of music today to give their analog sound its crackling, kinetic energy.

                              "Working with the limitations of tape really pushed us to play our best," Rice says. "You have to prioritize your ideas. You can't layer too much on there. You also have to nail the takes. You don't get to go back and cut 'n' paste. You have to feel it when you're playing it. When everything comes together, it really shines because we're all playing together on tape."

                              Slow Season

                              Supernaut / One Way Or Another

                                Black Sabbath cover versions have to be amazing, as the originals are really hard to better…or even equal. Well shoot us down if Slow Season don’t ramp it up and drop a killer, absolutely tight and wild version of Supernaut… YEAH!!

                                This Limited edition 7” has an original “One Way of Another” on the flip..and get the bell bottoms out, we’re going loonsome for this Zep-tastic wig out… Riding Easy for President!!

                                St Germain

                                Tourist - Remastered Edition

                                Long before the likes of Daft Punk and Air, Ludovic Navarre, better known as St Germain was breaking new ground as one of the original French dance artists. "Tourist", first released in April 2000, is his now legendary Blue Note debut album that went on to sell over 2.8 million copies worldwide. For the first time "Tourist" is now available fully remastered. The critically acclaimed electronic / jazz fusion album is a perfectly formed deep-house voyage, taking the listener through blends of jazz, blues, Latin and hip-hop."'Tourist" is a must have for any dance or jazz music collection. The album transcends the ages and sounds as relevant and fresh today as it did on release, rightly staking a claim as a true modern classic. Includes the brilliant single "Rose Rouge".

                                Sun Ra

                                Space Is The Place - Back To Black Edition

                                The soundtrack to the legendary Space Is The Place movie featuring some of Sun Ra's most adventurous and uncompromising compositions ever: vocal chants, harsh synthesizer and organ blasts along with film dialogue, heavy percussion and just all around weirdness. Featuring front cover design by Curtis Schreier (a founding member of the Ant Farm art collective). An amazing, and important piece from the extensive Sun Ra catalogue and a must have for Sun Ra and avant-garde cinema collectors alike.

                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                Includes MP3 Download Code.


                                City Bag - Manchester

                                  These old school style, shoulder bags with nu-skool logo on front flap (classic logo on reverse) are sturdy, multi-purpose and very desirable! Made from shower proof 210 denier PVC, they are single compartment bag with an adjustable shoulder strap and velcro closure. The Manchester version comes in 'Hacienda' style grey and yellow.

                                  London four – piece, Telegram release their eagerly awaited debut album, ‘Operator’, Recorded in London with Rory Atwell, features twelve tracks including the single ‘Taffy Come Home’, and a new version the band’s long deleted seven-inch debut release ‘Follow’ from October 2013.

                                  A stunning set of songs, the album will more than confirm TELEGRAM’s early promise as one of the most exciting bands around right now. Formed just over two years ago, the TELEGRAM line up of Matt Saunders (vocals/ guitar), Oli Paget-Moon (bass) and Jordan Cook (drums) have recently recruited new guitarist Pip Stakem to the fold. Effortlessly combining a love of Roxy Music, Syd Barrett, krautrock and late proto-punk to great effect, they’ve built up an ever growing fanbase of critics and public alike with extensive touring and a clutch of fantastic and much sought after seven inch singles, ‘Follow’, Regatta’, ‘Inside Outside; and most recently ‘Aeons’.

                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                  Ltd LP Info: Limited edition signed coloured vinyl.

                                  CD Info: CD digipak comes with bonus track ‘Have It Your Way’.

                                  Andy Hart  continues to flex major A&R muscle with the latest release on his Voyage imprint, inviting Berlin-based Californian Urulu to drop some serious heat. Building on the momentum gathered from tight releases on Shabby Doll and Dirt Crew, the West Coaster continues to showcase an innate talent for sunny, contemplative chords and clever drum programming. The immaculately produced "Night Tube" opens the set, pairing bass weight with groovesome percussion to embrace the dubbed-out club sounds of Berlin, as well as the synth-driven disco and boogie sounds which were a constant in his California upbringing. Swinging house percussion, undulating bass and dub techno textures - what more could a dancefloor ask for? On the A2 "Orion" takes the same ingredients into a more contemplative place, utilising hazy chords, sci-fi keys and a squirmy boogie bass to sprinkle a little space dust over your after-hours get together. The vibe gets even more cosmic on the B-side as "9045XY" drops us into nebulous synth textures and way milky ambience, before heating things up with rattling percussion and pinging bass sounds - it's the best extraterrestrial love song since Space Dimension Controller's "The Love Quadrant". All of which leads us to the incredible depth, hair raising chords and warm bass of "Lullaby" - a truly stunning downbeat cut decorated with subtle chimes and a distant beat. 

                                  In what can only be described as a musical match made in heaven, house legend Louie Vega applies his considerable remix expertise to one of the finest moments in the SAM Records catalogue. Rocking all the dancefloors that matter since 1981, Vicky D's "The Beat Is Mine" does its thing with a stone cold bass groove, scratchy guitars and that incredible synth riff - without doubt a stone cold CLASSIC! This Nurvous release sees Louie Vega push the tempo, mapping the original bass, guitar and synth over a swinging house beat, eventually letting the vocal play at exactly the right moment; it's hands in the air house for nights under the mirror ball. On the flip, Louie hits us with his "Dance Ritual Dub" (featured in both vocal and instrumental versions), putting more emphasis on the groove, and utilising a variety of loops to push us to the point of no return.

                                  The Wave Pictures

                                  A Season In Hull

                                    Darren Hayman suggested to me that The Wave Pictures make an album with one microphone. Everybody together in one room playing live into one microphone. You get the picture right once and you capture it. No mixing later. The idea appealed to me enormously. It’s a really beautiful sound, the one microphone sound. The results tend to be mysterious and lively, and it’s a very romantic way to record, too. It’s how Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys did it, after all (and that’s how bluegrass music destroyed John Fahey’s life). I decided to write some songs as quickly as possible and then to invite a bunch of our friends to make a recording with The Wave Pictures on my birthday, January 28th, 2015. That’s what this is - a one-microphone happy birthday recording.

                                    Thanks, then, are due to Darren for the idea and to Giles Barrett and Simon Trought for pulling it off. Thanks also to Paul at the Adelphi. The Wave Pictures always have a good time when we visit Hull. This album is dedicated to the memory of Blind Owl Wilson. 

                                    The Wire

                                    Issue 385 - March 2016

                                      The Japanese trio have embraced rock, metal, noise, pop, drone and more in their 25 year career to date. They're now set to release a new collaboration with noise magus Merzbow. By James Hadfield.

                                      Awful Records & Harsh Riddims
                                      Atlanta, Georgia has been a hiphop heartland since the 1990s. Now a new breed of lo-fi outliers clustered around indie labels Awful and Harsh Riddims is edging the music into the twilight zone. By Ian McQuaid.

                                      Church Organs: The organ may seem an unlikely avant garde instrument, but a handful of contemporary artists are finding new uses for its awe-inspiring sonic impact. By Philip Clark.


                                      Ánde Somby: The Sámi vocalist runs with the wolves. By Clive Bell

                                      Anenon: Los Angeles musician Brian Allen Simon maps the city's freeways. By Sam Lefebvre

                                      Anna Meredith: The Scottish composer reveals a talent for kaleidoscopic avant pop. By Abi Bliss

                                      Alex McLean: The algorave pioneer explains the allure of live coding. By Emily Bick

                                      Calais Global Ear:
                                      Migrants in the French port city find a few moments of peace in folk songs and sound systems. By Celeste Cantor-Stephens

                                      Invisible Jukebox: Andrew Weatherall. The UK house and techno veteran rattles his sabre at The Wire's mystery record selection. Tested by Chal Ravens

                                      The Inner Sleeve:
                                      Jazzman's Gerald Short on Jef Gilson & Malagasy's 'Zao

                                      Epiphanies: Baron Mordant's tongue is untied by Nick Edwards aka Ekoplekz

                                      On Screen: New films and DVDs: Uwe Rasch's Aus Vierundzwanzig, Nicolas Collins's Salvaged: Compositions 1986–2014

                                      Print Run: New music books: new works on Bob Cobbing and Charles Lloyd, plus adventures in music and theory and new ways of listening

                                      On Location: Recent festivals gigs and clubs: Ramleh, Peter Zinovieff, Simon Bookish and King Ayisoba

                                      On Site: Recent exhibitions: Dean Blunt in London, Alien Encounters in Nottingham

                                      Soundcheck: 1997EV, Masami Akita & Eiko Ishibashi, Fatima Al Qadiri, Bossie Badazz, Gordon Beeferman, Blowfly, David Bowie, Mike Cooper, Everest Magma, Federico Durnad, Gate, Good Willsmith, Heron Oblivion, Inventing Masks, Paul Jebanasam, Chuck Johnson, Glenn Jones, Kano, Matt Karmil, Keda, Sebastian Lexer & Steve Noble, Alan Licht, Linafornia, Mamiffer, Māra, Anna Meredith, Stephen O'Malley, Anthony Pasquarosa, Howard Riley, Ryuichi Sakamoto/Alva Noto/Bryce Dessner, Mikael Seifu, Ánde Somby, Space Captain, Tarana, Tarzana, Thug Entrancer, Venetian Snares, Ute Wassermann & Birgit Ulher, Veryan Weston & Trevor Watts, Daniel Wohl, Yearning Kru, Adrian Younge, Zeitkratzer & Keiji Haino

                                      The Columns by Katrina Dixon, Rory Gibb, Steve Barker, Adam Harper, Richard Stacey, Stewart Smith, Julian Cowley, Tristan Bath

                                      Size Matters by Byron Coley

                                      The Boomerang: AMM, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Napoleon Cherry, Earl Brutus, The Ex, Final Cut, Flying Saucer Attack, Bert Jansch, Pere Ubu, Allen Ravenstine, Various The Boston Creative Jazz Scene 1970–1983, Alan Vega/Alex Chilton/Ben Vaughan

                                      After blessing deep music archeologists all over the globe with the much needed reissue of Mariah's "Utakata No Hibi" last year, Palto Flats are back, teaming up with New General Catalogue to release "Awaawaa", a new record by Woo, the longstanding project of British brothers Mark and Clive Ives. Featuring never before heard recordings from Woo’s archives, "Awaawaa" sees the band at their most evocative and psychedelic - presenting a suitelike, atmospheric collection of stunning miniatures. Recorded in South London during 1975-82, "Awaawaa" lines up chronologically with other Woo releases, such as "Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong," and touches upon synth, ambient, electronics, dub, and even krautrock. Following re-issues on Drag City and Emotional Rescue, "Awaawaa" presents a new chapter in Woo’s celebrated discography, further distilling the brother’s unique and otherworldy vision.

                                      Yellow Magic Orchestra

                                      Technodelic - Clear Vinyl Edition

                                      180 gram audiophile vinyl
                                      8-page booklet
                                      PVC protective sleeve
                                      First pressing of 1000 numbered copies on transparent vinyl

                                      1981 was a groundbreaking year for the music industry. By releasing 'BGM' and 'Technodelic' in one year, YMO made a shift happen in pop music. YMO introduced a new way of using samples and loops by cutting sound bites into fragments and reprogramming them with newly available computer technology.

                                      'Technodelic' is far more experimental than previous albums, and at the same time their 5th album is more minimalistic and full of funk and soul. YMO remained remarkably adept at inventing new ways of looking at compositions and creating a whole new music scene at the same time: dance.

                                      You Say Party

                                      You Say Party

                                      After an extended absence, You Say Party has returned with their most thoughtful record to date. Recorded over the previous four years, this album represents themes of introspection, loss and uncertainty. The decision to step back, and to see what happens when you give something space, permitted the songs to evolve over a long stretch of time. This allowed for the emergence of an immersive album that builds a dream-like space, song by song.

                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                      Coloured LP Info: Limited edition white vinyl.

                                      Includes MP3 Download Code.

                                      In 1981 Arthur set up Sleeping Bag Records with Will Socolov, the name coming from the fact that Socolov was actually using a sleeping bag in his apartment at the time. The label quickly gained a reputation for innovative and eclectic dance music releases - remember, this was the post-punk era when most 'indie' labels had an 'anything goes' attitude. Arthur Russell himself was a one-man eclectic production army, releasing any number of tracks for Sleeping Bag under various different guises. From the President Reagan-sampling electro cut ups of Bonzo Goes To Washington and hip hop of Sounds Of JHS 126 Brooklyn, to the extended disco improvisation of Felix, Dinosaur L and Indian Ocean, this album gathers together some of Russell's best work for the label. Essential.

                                      Various Artists

                                      Czech Up! Vol 1: Chain Of Fools

                                        First volume of Vampisoul's new series "Czech Up!", which compiles 60s and 70s gems from the vaults of the Supraphon and Panton labels from the former Czechoslovakia.

                                        Freakbeat, fuzz-soul, pop, jazz-funk, garage rock, psych… all that and more is contained within these 25 tracks, wonderfully produced and now carefully remastered, many of them never reissued before. 

                                        Flumo Limited excel themselves here, bringing together a quartet of house talent from all over the globe to drop fire on our asses. Wasting no time on pleasantries, label native Ekkohaus opens the set with the driving beat of in the groove. Perfectly capturing the vibe in generates in a club set, the producer uses an undulating synth line and pitch-shifted hats to expertly manipulate dancefloor tension - peak time magic! London local Joe Europe, follows a standout track on Bokhari with the psychedelic swing of "Deep Point", a mid tempo sizzler complete with rattling percussion, deep Bradock-esque keys and croaking 303s. This is exactly the kind of spangled floor-burner you wanna hear on high grade narcotics in a sweaty room. Chicago legend Gene Hunt kicks off the flipside in uptempo fashion with the ADHD stomp of "HaHaHa". Blasting out the speaker stack with machine gun drum programming and the titular vocal sample, the track takes the Rob Hood route to dancefloor ecstasy, blowing our minds with futuristic funk at break neck speed. Speaking of funk, get a load of the bassline on Nicson's "The Way I Think Of You"! Bumping Detroit beats, live-and-direct crowd samples, deep keys, and that fluid, floor shaking bass combine into the perfect mid tempo mover. It's not often you get a four track selection pack with no let up in quality, but this one nails it!

                                        Back in stock. The soundtrack from Quentin Tarantino's third feature is a sublime collection of soul classics, eclectic cuts and dialogue snippets. Includes tracks from Bobby Womack, Minnie Riperton, Johnny Cash, Pam Grier, The Delfonics, Bill Withers and more! We thought this had long gone, but one of our US distributors managed to get their hands on a few copies. A worthy album both as a collection of great records and a piece of film memrobilia.

                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                        LP Info: Yellow vinyl edition.

                                        Here comes the long awaited second edition of the 'My Love Is Underground’ compilation! When Jeremy Underground and Pascal Rioux met up they immediately shared a common longtime idea of bringing their favourite underground house and deep house classics back onto wax. The result was 'My Love Is Underground', a compilation made of 12 rare, underrated or unknown tunes, carefully chosen by Jeremy from his own record collection! Released in 2013, the album was incredibly successful, and received great feedback from international media such as Resident Advisor (Best Comp Reissue of the Year), The Vinyl Factory and DJ Mag to name just a few. Building on that success and that genuine love for house music, Favorite Recordings and Jeremy naturally decided to follow up with a second edition, and are very proud to present it today. 'My Love Is Underground 2', featuring another 12 house gems selected by Jeremy Underground, is released officially as a triple LP in a gatefold sleeve.

                                        Various Artists

                                        New York Noise - Dance Music From The New York Underground 1977-82

                                        This is the new 2015 edition of Soul Jazz Records’ long out of print first ‘New York Noise’ collection, subtitled ‘Dance Music From The New York Underground 1977-82’.

                                        ‘New York Noise’ is the story of the intersection between experimental dance music and art in downtown New York. This ground-breaking release gave rise to a series of three albums featuring the likes of Snatch, Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham, Sonic Youth, Ut, Jim Jarmusch and many more downtown figures as well as a deluxe photography book that featured everyone from David Byrne to Madonna (now out-of-print).

                                        This new 2015 edition features classic New York post-punk, punk-funk, disco-not-disco and no wave tracks from Arthur Russell / Dinosaur L, James White & The Contortions, The Theoretical Girls, Mars, Konk, Material, Bush Tetras, Lizzy Mecrier Descloux as well as new tracks by Alan Vega (Suicide), Chain Gang and ImpLOG.

                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                        Includes MP3 Download Code.

                                        Various Artists

                                        Sources - The Streetwise Records Anthology

                                          The ninth release in the Sources series focuses on one of the more unique New York independent record labels of the early to mid-1980s. Originally set up by producer extraordinaire Arthur Baker, the Streetwise label managed a dazzling array of hit records from the start with huge international smashes by Rockers Revenge, Freeeze and New Edition. The imprint was also responsible for signing some leftfield records like Dr John’s “Jet Set”, the weird and wonderful Dominatrix with “The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" and even New Order with “Confusion”, displaying a wide-reaching grasp of different styles. No record was too bizarre for Streetwise who licensed in the pumping jazz-funk of Touchdown’s “Ease Your Mind” and even Eartha Kitt’s gay anthem “Where Is My Man”. The label dominated the US and UK dance charts with a plethora of releases like Colonel Abrams early garage anthem “Music Is The Answer”, Cuba Gooding’s fantastic remake of “Happiness Is Just Around The Bend” and even veteran diva Loleatta Holloway with the brittle “Crash Goes Love”. They were also in early on the hip-hop scene with Dimples D, Guru and T La Rock & Jazzy Jay. As with all Sources releases, this is another deep dip into New York club culture and Streetwise was pretty much as close to the streets as the name suggests. File with the other Sources releases and keep the collection going!

                                          The original Torch building, on Hose Street in Tunstall, Stoke On Trent, dated back to 1824, when it started out life as a church before becoming a roller-skating arena and then a cinema. It was finally bought by local entrepreneur Chris Burton in 1965 who turned it into a cabaret club promoting star turns of the day. It wasn’t until 1969 that a regular soul night began, hosted by budding DJ Keith Minshull. By 1972 the all-nighters had taken over establishing the Torch as the country’s No.1 northern (Midlands?) soul venue.

                                          Outta Sight continue their club-themed vinyl compilation series with a set featuring legendary northern soul tracks from the playlist of ground breaking soul jocks Keith Minshull, Johnny Beggs, Colin Curtis, Alan Day et al at the Golden Torch. An important collection from the club that forged the sound track to northern soul.

                                          The sleeve image features a photo from the time Major Lance played the club: “The greatest reaction the club has ever given is to Major Lance, 9th December 1972. That was the night he recorded the ‘live’ album of his greatest hits: it was also the night that he broke the existing gate record. There were almost as many people outside trying to get in as there were inside.” - Chris Burton.

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