Aero Flynn

Aero Flynn

    Josh Scott is ready to unveil the unique and stunning fruits of his labour on his self-titled debut album as the distinctively named Aero Flynn - a record that may never have seen the light of day, had it not been for his old friend Justin Vernon of Bon Iver fame.

    Up to now Scott may have been living life as an outsider but solid relationships sit at the very heart of his musical make up. Whilst his grandfather played a key influence on his life and new stage name (“I grew up with him and he worships old cinema so I’ve seen every Errol Flynn film,” explains Scott of the reason behind his new guise, “It’s my Narnia.”), his saving grace has become those who surrounded him during the 2000s while attending the University Of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. During that time Scott’s band Amateur Love was the most talked about band in the small college town’s scene.

    After struggling with the high expectations thrust upon him (so esteemed was his song writing to those who knew him back then that the ‘Lip Parade’ sited in Bon Iver’s ‘Holocene’ is a direct reference to one of Scott’s earlier songs), Scott disbanded the group, moved to Chicago and stepped further back into the shadows. After being diagnosed with a mysterious autoimmune disease affecting his kidney in addition to crippling untreated depression, he went underground. That is, until now.

    Refusing to let Scott go without a fight, Vernon eventually managed to coax him back out of hibernation by establishing a label on which to reissue the one and only Amateur Love album. This was the spark; Scott’s interest was piqued and he began writing and recording what would become Aero Flynn’s deeply personal self-titled debut. The writing for it began in Scott’s empty Chicago apartment and it brilliantly displays a newfound exploration of longform composition techniques and ambiguities rather than the simple versechorus- verse-type song structure he had mastered. Once the songs arrived at Vernon’s April Base Studios in rural Wisconsin (where he and Scott coproduced the self-titled debut together) the songs were stretched and manipulated further into their spaced out ethereal final form.

    With a dazzling cast of musicians, including Bon Iver players Mike Noyce, Sean Carey, Rob Moose and CJ Camerieri plus Justin Vernon himself, guitarist Matt Sweeney, pedal steeler Ben Lester and Solid Gold’s Adam Hurlburt, recording progressed well and, over the course of a year, an album that many had spent over a decade waiting for was finally finished.


    Ltd LP Info: Red vinyl.

    One of last 2013's heaviest and most summery records, "Coule’Ba" gets reworked by Heidelberg’s groove ambassador, Move D, and Razor-N-Tape boss, JKriv. Move D's version blends the Analog Players Society’s West African instrumentations and soaring vocal talents of Missia Saran Diabate into a chugging atmospheric dub, rich with Move D's textured atmospheres and ethereal radiance. JKriv's boogie rework fits so naturally, so snug, and so smoothly that you'd be forgiven into thinking that it was the original version. Tight guitar chops, big squelchy boogie bass and your typical early 80s groove informs this most excellent version, possibly surpassing the original (sorry APS!) and definitely one for fans of the current wave of afro-boogie, Letta Mbulu et al. Essential stuff! 

    Daymé Arocena

    Nueva Era

    At just 22 years old, Daymé - a singer, arranger composer, and choir director is already a veteran presence in Cuban music, and is fast gaining international profile. She says she has sung all her life and recalls her four-year old self performing on every block in her neighbourhood. She has been performing semi-professionally since the age of 8, and became lead singer with the big band Los Primos at 14.

    Daymé first came to the attention of François Renié, Communications Director at Cuban rum maker Havana Club and founder of the Havana Cultura platform. He recalls “Gilles and I met Dayme for the first time on Gilles' first trip to Cuba, improvising a rumba session at a friends place. She started to sing and we were amazed. She was just a teenager". Considered too young to appear on the early Havana Cultura recordings, she nonetheless stayed on Gilles’ radar on his subsequent trips to Cuba.

    Recorded in just a few days in London and Havana Daymé’s debut album is a work of elegant maturity, showcasing Daymé’s mix of influences. Her background as a choir director is in evidence on the wonderful layered vocals on tracks like 'Nueva Era', 'Niño' and 'Madres'. The lead single 'Don’t Unplug My Body' shows off Daymé skill at writing an easy-on-the-ear pop tune, whilst there is humour in 'El Ruso' (about her mother being forced to learn Russian in the Soviet supported Cuba of the 80s) and in the lament 'Dust' (inspired by Daymé visit to Canada - she was horrified by the dust in the houses, compared to Cuba where everything is kept meticulously clean).

    A strong jazz influence is clear throughout the album - Daymé was advised by her teachers to explore beyond her classical Latin music training and listen to more jazz. Beautiful ballads like 'Come to Me' and 'Sin Empezar' complete a confident and well balanced longer player. The switching between Spanish and English lyrics hinting at an ambition to reach a worldwide audience with her music. Daymé is backed by a truly world class London band (percussionist Oli Savill, Robert Mitchell on piano, and Neil Charles on bass). Production duties are split between Gilles Peterson, his longtime collaborator Simbad and Daymé herself.

    Flash Atkins

    The Life And Times: Vinyl Sampler 1 - Inc. The Revenge / Sleazy Mcqueen & Romano Arcaini Remixes

    Disco saviour, house superhero and thoroughly nice guy Flash Atkins hooks us up with a vinyl taster of his forthcoming "Life & Times LP", featuring one tasty original cut and a couple of choice remixes by The Revenge and Sleazy McQueen and Romano Arcaini. The Scot takes the controls on the A-side, turning out an epic hypnotic mix of slow burning house nailed down by analogue bass and acid. Using a filtered vocal it builds slowly as the bottom end is tweeked towards a mesmeric journey through minimal wigged out disco. On the flipside, Sleazy McQueen and Romano Arcaini deliver a disco inflected house mix with congas, spaces out synths and enough dynamics to keep any dancefloor bubbling. It builds with added percussion and a filtered pad before the lead hits the break and the track comes back in with even more wallop. "Drug Empire" is an original off the album and has had support from the likes of Rune Lindbaek, Crazy P's Hot Toddy and Horse Meat Disco. Said to be inspired by Theo Parrish's productions it's a delicious slice of bass driven deep disco with a nod to the looser end of Detroit and Chicago. It's all about the fully locked in three note analogue Moog bass which holds down the grooved out drums before breaking to jazzy Rhodes at the end. One for the heads.

    Juan Atkins And Moritz Von Oswald

    Borderland II/III

    Second of the three limited twelves. 180g. limited to 500 copies / heavy sleeve.

    After more than two decades of behind the scenes collaboration Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald present Borderland - their debut collaborative album to be released this summer on Tresor Records.

    The album - made up of 8 sequences, which seamlessly blend the styles of both masters - was recorded at the beginning of 2013 over various studio sessions in Berlin and will be released as a series of three 12"s and a CD album.

    This is the second chapter in a series of three 12”s. "Footprints" was the second work to be produced in the Borderland studio sessions. A robust groove reminiscent of earlier collaboration between both legends such as the infamous “Starlight” released on Metroplex eighteen years ago. On the B-side, "Mars Garden" returns to the Electric Garden theme with a high dose of ultra deep gritty funk.

    The record gives common voice to two independent yet mutually supporting musical journeys, achieving a singular expression of club-orientated electronic music and the freedom of organic musical experimentation.

    Over the course of 40 release, Whiskey Disco has matured and developed like the finest barrel aged bourbon, and this latest release, "Summer Of My Life" joins newcomer and alumnus, Closed Paradise and BG Baarregaard. The title is a cheeky reference that sidesteps youthful sentiment with a nod towards middle age. BG establishes the mood with his impeccable balance of sample and synthesis with the loopy, upbeat "Astarjatning" and the carefree, Balearic "Astargardurinn". Closed Paradise produces original disco with sheer panache weaving sample and groove with the slightest hint of melancholy across "Breakin Down" and "Wolf Sisters". Whiskey Disco 40 sees the label look to its origins and future, a constant evolution of modern disco and vintage edits.

    Bad Brains

    Omega Sessions

      This EP features 5 demo tracks recorded at Omega Recording Studios in Rockville, Maryland in 1980. Originally remastered and released by Victory Records way back in 1997, they now see the light of day once again on this limited edition 10”.

      Comes with an MP3 download.

      Black Ice Productions

      Many Facets EP

      Another classic, out of print Large release sees an exclusive repress for 2015. Originally released in 1994, this was the 8th vinyl outing from the back catalogue of one of house music's most celebrated labels. Fans of early Large and Black Ice know what to expect and will be duly rewarded by tough, minimal Chicago house grooves laced with tinges of jazz and soul. "Let It Go" kicks the party off with a blast of raw and stripped back house, shot through with nagging synths, screamed vocal samples, detuned pads and a seriously scuzzy bassline. "Everybody" follows suit but works with a cleaner soundscape, replacing those detuned synths with M1 organs to hint at the NY sound. On the B-side, "Strictly Butta" comes correct for the smoother DJs out there with gorgeous jazz piano and warm brass licks, before "How Many Doorbells?" bangs out M1 stabs, vocal snippets and a skipping rhythm in true ballroom house style. Closing the set out in smooth, skippy and emotive fashion with a slightly out of tune vocal sample, rich strings and a descending bell melody. A terrific addition for collectors and fans of lables such as Dance Mania, Gherkin, Emotive and more.

      Black Sabbath

      Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

        ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’ is Black Sabbath’s fifth studio album. It was produced by the band and Tom Allom and recorded at Morgan Studios in London in September 1973.

        For the first time in their career the band began to receive favourable reviews in the mainstream press, with Rolling Stone calling the album “an extraordinarily gripping affair,” and “nothing less than a complete success.”

        The artwork reflects the original release, from the cover to the printed inner sleeve.

        180g vinyl includes a copy of the album on CD.

        Black Sabbath


          ‘Sabotage’ is the sixth studio album from Black Sabbath. It was recorded in the midst of litigation with their former manager Patrick Meehan and the stress that resulted from the band’s ongoing legal woes infiltrated the recording process, inspiring the album’s title.

          ‘Sabotage’ was co-produced by guitarist Tony Iommi and Mike Butcher. Again it received favourable reviews, with Rolling Stone stating “‘Sabotage’ is not only Black Sabbath’s best record since Paranoid, it might be their best ever.”

          The artwork reflects the original release, from the cover to the printed inner sleeve.

          180g vinyl includes a copy of the album on CD.

          Kat hit their quarter century with four fine edits of super rare cosmic disco tunes from French playboy and producer Maximilian Blanc. Now, monsieur is keeping the details of the originals close to his chest, but needless to say these tracks will do the business on any dance floor. "Cross Disco" fires an opening salvo of space lasers, drone droids and UV beams as we coast through an asteroid field to the sound of spiraling sequence and bouncy bassline. We emerge on the other side into a siren song from some prime Venusian vixens and a Martian moog solo to rival the best. Next up, "Disco Papero" ups the funk and lets loose with a little rock bombast on its way to the swivel hipped strut of the Latin discotheque. Magic bass riffs and shouted vocals seize your attention before a barrage of fearsome fret-wanking explodes in a distorted eargasm. On the flip, "Blackpool Stardance" lulls us into the extended pleasure of some rolling hypno-disco, driven into your cerebellum on a bubbling sequence wrapped in cinematic vocals, swooning strings and celestial frequencies. Last but not least Max knocks our socks off with the end of night brilliance of "Goodbye Gaijin", a wholesome, heartfelt blast of emotional pop from the crossroads between jazz-funk and boogie. The original here is on the tip of my tongue but I can't quite nudge it out into the keyboard, so answers on a postcard, but between the Oriental tones, vocoded vocal and sweet groove I'd hazard a guess we're listening to a Japanese cut here. Whatever the original, it's a fine end to a great EP.

          Tom Boogizm

          I Can't Sleep Because My Mind Won't Switch Off

          C35 Cassette tape documenting Tom Boogizm's second Pariah Caste tape, the first one being on his own label. Tom is a lad from Wigan in Lancashire he's an outstanding DJ with huge passion for music and a major love for digging only the finest tunes out for his panoramic dj sets. This tape seems like its a condensation of his wide knowledge and his passions recorded onto tape. Ive been listening to this one on repeat for days now and it never tires my ears to hear tracks like 'ECM' (from the german jazz and classical label) or 'Murder Bridge' still standing out for me on my 30th or so listen. The track 'Note From A Thief' is a totally beautiful organic masterpiece and a oddity on the tape when put up against the mostly sample heavy rhythms and soundscapes. As the closing bars of 'Note From A Thief' draw in, I feel it all starts to make sense . As a bonus track there is an outstanding reworking of ECM by new Ono artist Dispilio. VERY impressed and very proud to be low speed dubbing off 50 copies only of this beautiful little treasure that is Tom Boogizm's vision of nighttime walks around the quiet streets of Manchester. - Michael Holland, Ono

          Sligo's finest return to Dirt Crew after some extreme manoeuvres on Detroit Swindle's Heist imprint and the launch of their own Splendour & Squalor. Now, I'm not sure who Lamaj is exactly, but the mystery, funk and raw sex appeal in these four jams certainly has me wondering. First up we meet "Lamaj", this track drips with delicate melodic samples, jazz tainted drums and bass driven funk galore. Deep and dope. On the remix front, Australian maverick Andy Hart opens things up, deepens the vibe and brings through some bass toms to deliver a final punch. The B-side sees the guys slow things down a little on "Four Lights" and remind us of their gift for nostalgia touched soul and groove samples. Finally, "Garlic Fist Pump", as the name suggests, takes us straight back out to the dance floor, shaking our shit to the dynamic live drums, while subtle vocal snips cry of the hip hop Brame & Hamo draw so much inspiration from.

          The fourth release from Palms & Charms sees the return of label co-owner Barnaby Bruce, who offers a four track rumination on the perils of fine fabric care. We've all been there, a lengthy session on the dancefloor playing havoc with the pile of your velvet coat. Faced with this dilemma, Barnaby reaches for the battered volume, passed down through untold generations of his family, detailing archaic yet uncannily effective methods for extending the life of even the most exquisite textiles.

          As he does so, the percussive jazz-tinged boogie of "Sweat on Velvet" takes over his mind, unleashing a wave of dancefloor euphoria expressed through squiggling bass and clattering cowbell. Not to be outdone, Pete Herbert (Reverso 68), unveils his own masterful fabric care techniques, providing a housed up remix that will starch your collar and shake out the creases. Not the same clothes, but something brand new.

          Freshly attired, Barnaby begins to notice curious and somewhat unsettling noises coming from the next room. He gingerly opens the door, and is confronted with a seance in full swing. Strangers sitting around his dining table wait with baited breath for word from the other side. But the unearthly howling of tortured spirits is quickly silenced by the devilish groove of "Seance Fiction". Eerie keys are set in motion by a voguing beat before the ARP makes its entrance and gets every ghost going. Finally, Barnaby Bruce also provides the eminently useful "Go Go Percussion Dub" of "Sweat on Velvet", rounding out a sartorially elegant EP with something for everyone, from sceptics to lost souls. 

          Hercules & Love Affair frontman Andy Butler resurrects his revered debut solo EP, reworked by Arttu & Dan Beaumont & Luke Solomon. Originally released on Butler’s own Mr Intl imprint earlier this year, the impassioned vocals of rising NYC star Richard Kennedy are infused with grandiose charm in this unique new alchemic explosion.

          Andy Butler’s Mr Intl label is a breeding ground for quality disco dust and a creative outlet for the producer outside of his life as the pioneering frontman of Hercules & Love Affair. This follows the band’s third album, 'The Feast of the Broken Heart', released to global critical acclaim. A more electronic body of work than its predecessors, it hinted at the direction Andy's solo work was headed.

          Luke Solomon is undeniably one of British house music’s unsung heroes. From setting up the seminal label Classic Recordings with Derrick Carter to taking quirky house to the UK Top 10 and international charts, with his band Freaks, he is joined along side the irrepressible Dan Beaumont (Classic / Disco Bloodbath / No Fit State) on remix duties. Artuu Snellman PKA Arttu, the renowned Berlin based produced is responsible for killer releases over the past four years on Clone's Royal Oak label, Gerd's 4 Lux imprint , Philpot and Chiwax.

          Captain Sunshine

          The Ocean Inside

            Captain Sunshine is the alias of Jon Tye, one half of revered cosmic quakers Seahawks. The style shares many of Seahawks deep space aquatic vibes but is if anything even more salt washed and faded, spaced and misted. The Ocean Inside was recorded alone during a particularly long and dark winter voyage. A dose of flu helped create a deep dream state, sometimes unsettling at others blissfully narcotic. The analog tape recordings were later cut and spliced together with occasional overdubs of guitar and vocal to form a collection of celestial tone poems that at times recall early Eno, Vangelis, Joe Meek’s ‘I Hear A New World’ or even Aphex Twin’s selected ambient works. Deep and meditative, warm and enveloping, this is a great album to put on of a clear evening as you stare at the stars, watch the distant ships bobbing on the waves or simply zone out in your favourite place. 
            The digital download that accompanies the cassette also includes some exclusive tracks and bonus content plus all the individual tracks.

            “Out To Sea” is the most focussed of all Carlton Melton’s recordings to date: the voyage is long; the voyage is joyous.

            Leaving their geodesic dome behind, they hitched their magick karpet to San Francisco’s El Studio for a fried weekend in July 2014 with The Fucking Champs / Trans Am’s Phil Manley at the production helm and occasionally contributing to the furore. Phil Manley plays guitar on “Similarities” and synth on “Peaking Duck”

            Out To Sea sees Carlton Melton expanding their vision of the psychedelia and free outrock sound of their previous output and push to their furthest horizons using waves of sound - from huge pounding rhythms, outta space riffage, gentle synth wave-riding, pastoral passages, searing shards of molten guitar, smothered ambience and gentle flowing guitar picking – to lap at the shores of your senses.

            For fans of: Space travel, the Heads / Kandodo, Faust / Funkadelic, the Kon Tiki Expedition, Parson Sound, Flotation tanks, Bong, Bardo Pond, float on, float on.......

            We’re gonna need a bigger boat. 


            2xLP Info: The double LP version is coloured vinyl (one disc is blue/white - the surf, and the other is blue - out to sea!!!) packaged in a deluxe gatefold / spot varnished sleeve with a CD copy of the album and a poster.

            CD Info: CD is in a CD digifile package.

            Alex Cobb


              The trajectory of Alex Cobb’s music over the course of the last decade could be viewed as a distillation of tone and atmosphere to arrive at Chantepleure, his most optimistic and sanguine musical statement to date. The album, however, was created at a time of heartache, isolation and emotional upheaval and acts as a balm of tender tones where abstract guitar lines circle and suspend in a kind of refined elegance. Noise, once a hallmark of Cobb’s music, has not been entirely removed, but manifests here in a different form. A delicate dissonance shades the edges of the these four tracks, providing textural color and gorgeously offsetting the lush nature of the music.

              Even in short spans, this approach yields substantial results. At three and a half minutes, “Disporting with a Shadow” pulls back the curtain just enough to let flecks of natural guitar notes and traces of alluring melody seep into the mix. The album closes with the side-long “Path of Appearance,” a cathartic composition that is best described as a poem of overtones which, like the rest of the album, is sourced from electric guitar and minimal effects but feels more akin to the sun stretching to fill all corners of a darkened room.

              A testament to sonic refinement, a way of coping, an exciting step forward for an established artist - the minimalist Chantepleure is all of these things.

              Alice Coltrane

              Universal Consciousness

              Originally released on Impulse! in 1971, 'Universal Consciousness' was a major turning point in Alice Coltrane's momentous career. While her previous albums pushed the limits of spiritual free jazz and featured much of her late husband's band, 'Universal Consciousness' expanded the harpist / pianist's compositional palette with organ and strings (working with Ornette Coleman).

              "Oh Allah" was the finest example of Coltrane's new direction: tense violins dissolve into sublime organ solos and exquisite brushwork from long-time Miles Davis collaborator Jack DeJohnette. While the title track undulated with a fierce clamor, "Hare Krishna" showcased Coltrane's uncanny ability for transcendent and slow-paced arrangements.

              In The Wire's "100 Records That Set the World on Fire," David Toop writes, "['Universal Consciousness'] clearly connects to other dyspeptic jazz traditions - the organ trio, the soloists with strings - yet volleys them into outer space, ancient Egypt, the Ganges, the great beyond. The production is astounding, the quality of improvisation is riveting, the string arrangements are apocalyptic rather than saccharine, the balance of turbulence and calm a genuine dialectic that later mystic / exotic post-jazz copped out of pursuing. Her lack of constraint was dimly regarded by adherents of '70s jazz and its masculine orthodoxies, yet Alice deserved better credit for virtuosity, originality, and the sheer will power needed to realize her vision."

              This first-time vinyl reissue has been carefully remastered from the original master tapes.

              Hlanganani Music returns with its second release from fast-rising producer Deep Sixty. Although his name is little known outside of Soweto and Johannesburg, already Thabiso Mamogwa has shown the determination to reach beyond his immediate world and make his musical message heard. In 2010 he made it to London to take part in the Red Bull Music Academy, which is when the Hlang team first heard the tracks that make up the "Mme Hayo EP". From the same momentous trip, Mamogwa managed to get into a studio with Todd Osborn (a.k.a. Osborne, Soundmurderer), resulting in the "Thursday Nights" track which Mamogwa has self-released. On the A-side, Deep Sixty takes us into the darkness of the witching hour with his "Deep Terror" mix, building a rolling groove out of round bass, detuned bells and hissing percussion before adding echo drenched vocals. Highlife associate Esa takes the reins on the B1, flipping the groove into a 6/8 shuffle and adding immersive pads and techy sequences to open a portal to early UR releases. The B2 sees William Kouam Djoko step right through that portal and lead the Detroit crowd in a moody spiritual-techno ritual that should change lives at the right volume.

              The purpose of Hlanganani is to provide a channel for the talented producers of South Africa to present their craft beyond the limited reach of their own country, and this is undoubtedly a success.

              'The More Things Stay the Same' is Dego's sophomore solo LP - a collection of soulful, mid-tempo melodies laced with warm synths, impeccable beats and masterful musicianship rooted in jazz fusion, classic funk and electro-boogie.

              In making the album, Dego digs deep into his life experiences. From the first track to the last, his sonic signature inscribes his impressions on the duality of life. Dego says: "'The More Things Stay the Same' is about the state of play - truth can bring despair as well as hope. The two sit side by side. Like history often repeating mistakes, but also bringing learning and progress."

              For the LP, Dego leads a team of stellar musicians and trusted co-conspirators: multi-instrumentalists Kaidi Tatham, Mr Mensah and Matt Lord, as well as vocalist Sharlene Hector of Basement Jaxx fame. Hip-hop artist TY also makes an appearance on 'The Middle Ground'. With 'The More Things Stay the Same', Dego carries out the vision of his influential 2000Black label and collective, formed in 1998 to continue the legacy of black music and to contribute to what makes soul, boogie and dance music great.

              Consolidating 2 years of solo work, “Hard To Please” is the debut album by Canadian polymath Sally Dige. First coming to prominence in the synth-wave scene with an elusive, meta-persona in a blur of homemade costumes, Dige’s world has grown to encompass visual art, theatre and design elements. Most surprising on her long-awaited debut however is the occasional removal of the various masks and characters Dige has played to date, revealing something more tangible and fragile underneath.

              “Hard To Please” still revels in a darkly thrilling, Euro synth-pop music, awash with dry ice and hidden in shadow, most personified on the instant classic 'Immaculate Deception'. However, on the long, nocturnal walk home Dige begins to sing of loneliness, being lost, the transience of our relationships. Attention to detail is paramount. On the title-track the crisp early-80s, swooning bass line duets with Dige’s desperate plea to a lover fading into the distance, a presence lamented with even more pathos on the towering, early-4AD-esque, slow-burner 'Your Girl'. It’s a new fragility that effortlessly manages to convey a luxurious, inescapable sensuality at the same time.

              Indeed, 'Hard To Please' portrays a clear narrative, with electronic body movers like Doppelganger portraying an out-of control, self-obsessed persona at the beginning of the record. Breaking down into the foggy murk, the more hopelessly romantic album closers “A Certain Beauty” and “Dance Of Delusion” burn a ghostly image into the listener’s mind, as Dige, or someone like her, over Cure-like swooning reverberations entreaties the powers that be to let her dance. Dige never fully reveals her hand, but the game is worth playing endlessly.

              Dirty Beaches

              Elizabeth's Theme

                Very few copies remain of this members-only singles club release from Vancouver label Kingfisher Bluez.

                Limited to 250 hand numbered 7"s, "Elizabeth's Theme" is Alex Zhang Hungtai's most cinematic work to date. A stark, placid instrumental with an uneasy beauty.

                Disco Deviance Presents

                Love Drop Edits - Temptation / The Buzz

                Disco Deviance open their arms wide and fling them around new squeeze Love Drop, who duly returns their affections with two absolutely stomping disco reworks that pay homage to the raw cut up 'n paste style of glorious disco days gone by. Employing equal amounts of jack and disco they are both guaranteed to relight your dance floor in the style of better know editors like Rahaan and Frank Booker. "Temptation" blazes out of the A-side with the kind of raw, raucous disco funk power that leaves dancefloors a sweaty, spent mess after seven minutes of euphoria. Love Drop works the EQ with aplomb, fattening up all the key frequences, before adding just the right amount of pounding additional percussion. The hard hitting clav and organ from the original form a fierce duet with the bassline, while Lenny Williams' soaring vocals just dip their toes in the red, for a little of that Ugly vibe. Take a trip to the flip and prepare to relive your youth, as Love Drop offers a fresh flip on Maynard Ferguson's "The Fly", as sampled famously on Trus'Me's seminal "Nards". Our young gun takes a deep and thumping filter disco approach, delaying the bassline before slaying the crowd with the break into those bumblebee strings. Demonstrating a real ear for how to use the blade to work the groove Love Drop announces his arrival in convincing style. Enjoy the music!

                'One, two, three and to the fo', Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr Dre is at the Do' - AH 'The Chronic' was the cornerstone of Death Row's initial success when it was released in 1992. The impact of major hits such as 'Nuthin But A G Thang' was astounding. Suddenly hip-hop was on US national radio gaining wide spread acceptance in the smoother life style of the suburbs world wide for its very special message, style and rhythm generated in the tough surroundings of the LA ghettos.

                It was Dr. Dre's first solo album after he had departed from NWA and its label Ruthless Records over a financial dispute. On 'The Chronic', he included both subtle and direct insults at Ruthless and its owner, former NWA member Eazy-E. Although a solo album, it features many appearances by Snoop Dogg, who used the album as a launch pad for his own solo career.

                After releases for Discos Capablanca and Moon Glyth, Food Pyramid join the Especial family for a remix EP of their album-only track "Oh Mercy". The track is updated by the inhouse team Apophenia, before being given the full Italo treatment by SF's Inhalt and a true Especial twisted FX double mix by the man, the myth, Jamie Paton. Minneapolis collective, Food Pyramid arrive at the label with the twisted psychedelic electronics of "Oh Mercy". Taken from their Mango Sunrise album of 2012, its warped breakbeat jam-fusion has long been a secret favourite of label head Chuggy, and you can tell this 12" is a labour of love. Starting with a 2015 rework at the hands of the label's in-house production team of Apophenia, the original is extended with respect, keeping much and taking out little (the horns) so that the originals groove can ride and ride. This is followed by a superb remix from Inhalt, who follow up their own remix EP on the label with a pumping remix in step with classic Italo. In the same way Timmy Regisford turned NOIA's "Rules To Survive" in to a mid-80s Chicago all time top 10, this remix harks to all that was good of that time, notably replaying much of the instrumentation, while keeping it aimed squarely at today's floor. Who said Razormaid? On the flip are killer remixes from the label's main man Jamie Paton. Locked in an increasingly modular headspace, he digs deep and expansive. Premiered on the recent Beats In Space showcase, the Remix kicks far and wide, pushing club systems to the max. This yearns to be played at 7am in Panorama Bar. Sliding straight (and you'll miss it) in to the Dub, Jamie strips it way back, letting the drums do the talking. It's nothing less than an all out stormer.

                Fufanu follow up their ‘Circus Life’ debut with a mini album of brand new material.

                ‘Adjust To The Light’ will be released via One Little Indian.

                “Disclosure attending Bela Lugosi’s funeral.” - Rolling Stone

                “By far and away our favourite Icelandic act.” - Dazed & Confused

                “A tantalising amalgamation of The Fall, Bauhaus and the weirder corners of Blur’s output.” - Q

                “Strange, discomforting and mesmerising in equal measure.” - Line Of Best Fit

                “Gripping to watch… Kaktus is a star.” - Evening Standard



                  “Funkstörung” is Funkstörung's 4th longplayer. After a ten years break this album comes along like a twisted Janus' head on a perfectly toned body. It's everything you've expected from glitch hop's inventors and everything you have not. For those eagerly awaiting the moment Funkstörung would come around the corner with a new innovation of electronic music, just like they did with their first record: This time they did not. Instead they do what they do best and take up the path they started to carve with “Disconnected”: Luscious pop songs with heavy backbones, illustrious guests adding heartfelt vocals to a bed of fizzing basslines. It is a very vocal album - there are guest singers on nearly every song on the record - but they do not domineer the sound of it. They all just contribute to a fresh version of Funkstörung that has ripened a bit and got seasoned with a hell lot of flavour.

                  Some of the voices on “Funkstörung” have been part of the family for a while, some of them, like Jamie Lidell, are new collaborators. But wether with old friends or newfound partners all of the 14 songs on the album get to the heart of electronic pop. As a whole, the record seems so well balanced it's ready to be an instant classic. Each of the songs transports a timeless quality of content sunny vibes which would go as well with a very expensive wine in front of a fireplace, as with a plastic cup of beer and rubber boots at a muddy festival. Instead of concentrating on glitches and breaks the effort of the two producers has gone into growing every sound into perfection, one can feel that no time pressure fixated a detail onto the wrong place. Like the duo say, the record is “evolution not revolution”. The album comes in a beautiful sleeve design by lauded graphic artists Zeitguised and Sebastian Onufszak.

                  All of the tracks on “Funkstörung” have a magnetic quality but still some of the tracks stick out like the free DL “Laid Out” feat Anothr coming with a hookline so big even your granny you won't get it out of her head for a week. Or ”So simple” the collaborative effort with Jamie Lidell whose smooth soul crooning fits the chrome glistening hip hop beat like a velvet glove.

                  ‘Perpetual Motion People’, Ezra Furman’s first album for Bella Union, offers a cascade of memorably bristling hooks driven by a unique splicing of timeless influences, delivered with a restless urgency and combative spirit that shines through the American’s vocals and lyrics.

                  The delectable General Ludd hits up the amazing, Welsh-based Ten Thousand Yen. Having already bent minds and bodies with twisted tribal numbers on Mister Saturday Night and Autonomous Africa, it's nice to see this duo donate some heat to one of my personal favourites from the UK scene. What's crazy about General Ludd is just how much people are responding to their crazed dancefloor excursions. I swear five years ago this shit would be too much for most people, but now, in this post-everything world we live in, people seem to be digging the pair's completely out-there vibrations; which is great news 'cos it's truly wonderful!

                  General Ludd mix classic electronic sounds with loud and rambunctious tribal drumming, washing the whole thing in layers of electrostatic discharge and buzzing feedback. Fitting snuggly between Mark Ernestus' recent afro-tribal tackle and the sonic experimentation of LIES, General Ludd is a true pioneer. All four tracks here can hold their own in the club, but also make great DJ tools and percussion tracks. A master of rhythm, General Ludd don't need big fancy breakdowns, the most out-there synthesizer work or any well-known vocal samples to turn heads, they just rock out heavy percussion jams that decimate dancefloors. Ideal! Early Support From: Ben UFO, Midland, Mickey Pearce, Kickin' Pigeon.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Matt says: Huge, head-turning modern tribalism from Ludd. A wrecking ball of dancefloor carnage.

                  Hooton Tennis Club

                  Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair

                    Hooton Tennis Club’s ‘Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair’ will be released on Heavenly.

                    The single was recorded and produced at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool by Bill Ryder Jones.

                    Taken from the band’s forthcoming debut album, also produced by Ryder Jones, ‘Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair’ picks up where their debut single ‘Jasper’ (Lauren Laverne’s selfproclaimed track of 2015 so far) left off - sunsoaked, effortlessly off kilter, wonky pop.

                    Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop

                    The Antique Anthem / Make Your Move

                    The fourth release of Dusty Donuts crew celebrates the 10th anniversary of the cult breakers' hit "The Antique Anthem", now released for the first time on 7". On the flipside comes a brand new B-boy / B-girl banger “Make Your Move”.

                    Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop are the unique combination of a highly skilledDJ / turntablist and a classically trained pianist. The two-times German champion of the International Federation turntablist Marc Hype has worked with his hip hop partner in crime, the concert pianist Jim Dunloop, since 2004. They have collaborated on numerous releases on international labels and released an album on the legendary MPM Records.

                    After the killer debut, Money Sex returns with another jaw-droppingly good selection, this time from IMYRMIND
                    Another triumphant tapestry of sample sources, reinvented and ramped up into an effortlessly effective 6 pack

                    These guys are untouchable right now - accept no substitute !

                    Originally a member of the California R&B group Club Nouveau, this 1987 stormer was Irving's crowning glory as a member on the Chi-town house faternity. Written and produced by a dream team of Dwayne 'Willie Wonka' Grant and the one and only Frankie Knuckles, "Children Of The Night" has fine pedigree but somehow surpasses all expectations. The vocal arrangements and song structure lend themselves perfectly to Irving's R&B heritage, while Knuckles' hard hitting percussion and rolling bassline hold it down for the dancefloor. Add to this a gorgeous vocal delivery, which is both soulful and crystal clear (uncommon for a Chicago house track!) and you're on cloud nine!

                    Jungle Wonz (Marshall Jefferson)

                    Time Marches On

                    More heat from the Trax archives here in the form of Marshall Jefferson's second release on the imprint under the Jungle Wonz moniker. Originally released in 1987, "Time Marches On" saw the producer once again enlist the gorgeous vocal talents of Harry Dennis for an emotionally charged slice of house which perfectly nails the bittersweet vibe found in all the best music. Marshall gets the floor moving with an infectious drumtrack and killer bassline before opening the track out with sweeping strings, chunky piano and deep pads, setting the scene nicely for Harry's vocals. This is a truly sublime house record which deserves to be far better known than it is, and with a deep dub on the flip, this should suit all circumstances. 

                    Live at Biko was recorded during an April 2014 gig in Milan, Italy.The release features more than half of the songs on Benji plus other favorites like Admiral Fell Promises’ "Ålesund" and a trio of tracks from Perils from the Sea, Kozelek’s collaboration with The Album Leaf 's Jimmy Lavalle.

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    2xLtd LP Info: Limited edition double vinyl.

                    Bob Marley & The Wailers

                    The Best Of The Upsetter Singles 1970-1972 (7” Vinyl Box)

                      Super deluxe box set of the original 7” 45 RPM singles produced by Bob Marley & The Wailers with Lee “Scratch” Perry!

                      These historic recordings revolutionised reggae music and now fans can experience the magic in it’s original vinyl format, complete with vintage designed, large hole labels!

                      Also includes a 7”x7” full color booklet detailing the history of each song contained therein PLUS a special custom vinyl adapter!

                      Mbongwana Star is a newly formed band from Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Made up of a sprawling network of shanty-towns and night shelters, day-to-day life in the city is far from easy, but the band don't want sympathy. Tired of pre-conceptions around African music, Mbongwana Star (‘Mbongwana’ means ‘change’) are creating their own identity, fusing traditional Congolese rhythms with post punk and electronics inspired by life in the townships around them, "making magic out garbage” says producer and band member Doctor L (who produced Tony Allen's ‘Black Voices’ album). The result is revolutionary. So this isn’t what you would expect from a Congolese band or even an African sound. Like the weird Congo Astronaut that haunts their first video, ‘Malukayi (feat. Konono No.1)’, Mbongwana Star is a naturally occurring, smashed-together combination of things that’s both unexpected and somehow inevitable, too. It’s made from bits of the past and points toward a strange but exciting kind of future, but more importantly you can tell that it’s just loving the present.

                      This isn’t an African band per se. It’s a trans-global barrier-busting sound machine. 

                      Yet another jewel re-released by Sonar Music Editions. Originally a promo-only release by cult soundtrack label Pegaso. This score was written in 1972 for the Giallo thriller film directed by Tulio Demicheli starring George Hilton / Luciana Paluzzi and Anita Strindberg. Sleazy psychedelic and lounge masterpiece featuring sinister and Thrilling themes. Fine and intense atmospheres accompanied by magnificent and bewitching female vocals by Edda Dell'Orso, harpsichord and glistening electric piano vamps, phased flute and amazing cinematic beats and breaks. Fantastic soundtrack!

                      Released on HQ 180grams vinyl with restored audio.

                      Mount Vernon Arts Lab

                      The Seance At Hobs Lane

                        Fantastically weird album about the fascination of potholes and caves or something like that. Anyway the sound is fairly reminiscent of Coil and indeed they remix one of the tracks. Just don't go in a cave after dark with this on your Walkman!!

                        Daniel Mudford & Pete Woodhead

                        Shaun Of The Dead

                          While aware that they were working on a comedy, composers Daniel Mudford & Pete Woodhead wanted to make a score that was deadly serious and let the comedy do its own thing. "We wanted to “play a straight bat,” as the English say, and treat the film as though it was a sincere and genuinely terrifying scenario." says Mudford. In doing so, they crafted a score that fits in perfectly along side the great horror scores that inspired it.

                          Pete & Dan's band, 'The Sons Of Silence,' was previously featured in Edgar Wright's television show Spaced before it became part of the behind the scenes soundtrack to the writing, and casting portions of production of the film. "Indeed, many of the doomier, dubbier tracks of from The Sons of Silence would blend in perfectly with my playlist, made up of John Carpenter scores, Goblin rock outs and library tracks from Dawn of The Dead. So even before Dan and Pete were definitely scoring the movie, they were already scoring the movie." Says Edgar.

                          Sleeve notes by Edgar Wright, Daniel Mudford & Pete Woodhead.

                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                          Ltd LP Info: 180g clear red vinyl.

                          My Rules

                          Closer / Dig Dag

                          Justin Vandervolgen goes once more into the breach on his ever reliable My Rules series applying his unstoppable edit energy to another brace of deep discoid gems. We're in top gear right from the off here, as A-side cut "Closer" sees JVV distil the essence of the disco strut over a rampant percussion groove. It sounds to my ears like NYC's premier disco viking has pitched down a Hi-NRG screamer to deliver a sleazy, bass heavy throb topped with swirling strings, warped vocals and plenty of madcap fx. Speaking of Hi-NRG, JVV keeps us peaking on the flip thanks to "Dig Dag" a pulsing, sci-fi, Euro disco extravaganza, which sees an Italian space disco OG pitched up to a breathless romp and blasted into a distant galaxy of e'd up dancefloor bliss.

                          Nachtbraker is back on Heist after his 2013 "Gute Laune EP" with another set of dreamy laid back tunes filled with lovely textures, rolling synths and evolving arrangements. Whether it's "Dark Roast" (bonus points for the vocal hihats and that bassline), the haunting electronics meet sugar sweets pads on "Gurl", the triplet marching band hihats on "Le troubadour" or the insane amount of elements working together on "You're out of your element", it's all equally deep, energetic and extremely well thought through. Contemporary house gets no better than this, and if you're a slave to the Box Aus rhythm, you need this in your life.

                          Scorchio! Tartelet continue their hot streak with a frog-licking five tracker from Nu Guinea that's sure to lure you out of your gourd. The bizarre tribal rituals start immediately with the island-hopping afro cosmic swirl of "Bourgainvilles Live", a heady brew of clattering percussion, loose acid lines and wonky funk keys. As we canter into the first of two mixes of "Nu World" whatever mystic brew we've been supping kicks in big style and we find ourselves cartwheeling freely to a funk filled peaktime stomper. A brainfizzing fusion of the astral jazz-funk of Mandre, the sweltering house of Don Carlos and the nu-funk stylings of the Box Aus Holz crew, this vocal beauty should lift the dancefloor to cruising altitude. The flute mix scales things back a touch, stripping the groove down a little, ditching the vocals and pushing the organic tones of marimba and flute straight to the fore in a manner reminiscent of the Far East Recordings ouvre. The B2 boasts a delicious peculiarity which will undoubtedly please the boogie and disco brigade. "Exotica Dance Club" wobbles out the speakers like a lost collaboration between Herbie Hancock and Sakamoto, played and recorded by Sly and Robbie at Compass Point with Morgan Geist at the controls. Oh, and it has a very similar bassline to Syclops' "Where's Jason's K?" - pretty, pretty good. "Outro" cleanses the palate with an array of queasy synthlines and overpowering distortion, hinting at the ayahuaska hangover you're about to endure. Is it me or are these releases getting better?

                          Our Love Will Destroy The World

                          Carnivorous Rainbows

                            Witness the latest rebirth of Campbell Kneale. It has happened before, and probably will again. This Wellington, New Zealand, artist is on the forefront of the world noise scene, having cut his teeth for a decade in Birchville Cat Motel and more recently as Our Love Will Destroy the World.

                            Carnivorous Rainbows is electronic music at its most relentless; four tracks of pure, hot skree constantly rebuilding like a viper’s unpredictable strike. Some percussion rattles throughout, a few instruments are arguably perceptible, and a beautiful harmony of intensity creates a gorgeous tapestry of sounds.

                            After tearing it down with the "Instructions EP" in 2014, London bass man Mickey Pearce returns to Loefah's numeral sub-label, 81, for a four tracker of club punishing more dancefloor sounds. The titular "Warm Barzz" opens the proceedings with a frenetic combination of rib rattling percussion, buzzing synth bass and squeeling sine waves. Chuck in the occasional ivory tinkle and we're working on our moves in the same corner of the club inhabited by the likes of Lone, which is no bad thing. As you might guess from the title, "Loop W" is a tasty little drum tool which will bump and roll nicely in the middle of your set. The flipside sees Mickey take inspiration from arguably the best hip hop beat ever, Mobb Deep's brooding "Shook Ones (Part 2)" and reform it into a malevolent, break heavy banger for peaktime in the mainroom. "Loop X"  keeps things moody, delivering a dark and wonky trap-like stomp. All in all, more certified badness from the boy.

                            Mr Zambon's (of The Very Polish Cut-Outs fame) side label Transatlantyk has made quite an impact across a handful of releases. This is their debut artist album, and who better to represent the free-wheeling spirit of their ethos than fellow Polish pals, Ptaki. The high-flying Warsaw based duo (Their name translates to 'Birds' in Polish) have found themselves the object of hysteria after a mere trio of very well received releases on parent label (TVPC) and more recently for LA's Young Adults. Their music has a depth and enduring quality that has clearly set them apart from contemporaries, and Przelot has given them a broader canvas to, pardon the pun, spread their wings. Familiar textures, acoustic guitars, Rhodes and treated bass are assembled in a fresh and uplifting way as the duo seem unencumbered by any sense of homage or reverence to past masters. Cod reggae (done well!), sleazy chuggers, and dreamy mid-tempo workouts sit easily alongside the yacht rock leanings and straight up blissed-out beach bar fare. All shot through with an undeniably Balearic sense of well being. 

                            Rick Redbeard

                            Dreams Of The Trees

                              Rick Anthony's first release since 2013's critically-acclaimed No Selfish Heart LP (Chemikal Underground) that Uncut magazine called “Superb… beautiful…. a glorious album [9/10]" and The List claimed was “Something akin to a masterpiece".

                              These three new songs show the side of Anthony that he's been exploring between shifts at his day job as singer of Glasgow late-aughts indie rock stalwarts The Phantom Band. Soft and entrancing, limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.


                              RP1 Turntable - Cool Dark Grey Colour

                                Designed and engineered to achieve outstanding performance way beyond the expectations of a product at this price point.

                                Excellent build quality, reliability and ease of use combine to make a product which will offer a lifetime of musical enjoyment. Omitting all the usual gimmicks allows us to concentrate the manufacturing costs on the high quality parts necessary to reproduce records accurately.

                                Using a manual speed change rather than an automatic mechanism, eliminates speed inconsistencies and reduces wear of the drive belt. The money we save is spent across the design including a new hand assembled RB101 tonearm, precision main bearing, phenolic resin platter and a high quality low vibration motor which would normally be used on a turntable costing two or three times the amount.

                                The minimalist design of the Rega RP1 and the use of extremely high quality components ensure that this turntable will last for many years. The RP1 is the first in a new generation of Rega turntables offering far greater performance than their predecessors.

                                We are confident the performance of this amazing new product will impress you. Rest assured the only thing entry level about the RP1 is the price!

                                The all new completely British-made RP1 features:

                                Brand new Rega RB101 tonearm.
                                Precision main bearing and sub-platter assembly.
                                High quality low vibration motor.
                                All new Phenolic resin flywheel effect platter for excellent speed stability.
                                Rega Carbon moving magnet cartridge.
                                Rega sound quality at an unrivalled price. 

                                Oscar Rocchi E Il Suo Modern Sound

                                Erbe Selvatiche

                                Released in the mid 70s, this rare Italian library music album was put out on the Fonovideo label, the same as Giancarlo Barigozzi's infamous Woman's Colours. While Rocchi composed the tracks, Barigozzi also probably played on the session. This is one of the finest Italian library albums for funk breaks /  jazz breaks diggers, featuring terrific drums breaks, stoned flute, fuzzy guitars and Fender Rhodes piano solos. Many tracks here are perfect for creating B-boy / B-girl breaks. Huge session for a very solid album from the beginning to the end.

                                From start to finish this album features some of the most insane funk and jazz tunes ever released on any Italian library music LPs. Amleto Armando aka 'Puccio' Roelens was one of the greatest composers and arrangers of the time, been working for Rai and Vedette Records and being also and orchestra leader and pianist. Along with "Rock Satellite" this a killer funk record all the way through, and the most similar record to mythical Torossi's Feelings. Incredible B-boy / B-girl drum breaks in this session with spacey Fender Rhodes, cosmic synth, mad fuzz and treated wah-wah guitar, heavy basslines, and huge horns.

                                Released on high quality 180 gram vinyl. Remastered from the original master tapes. Original publisher: EDI-PAN ED. MUS. label (P) 1976

                                As former live and session vocalist for Bombay Bicycle Club, Lucy released her critically acclaimed debut album "Like I Used To" in 2012. The new album is much more assured, with a confident nod to a more pop sound, whilst retaining her innocent acoustic folk/rock feel.

                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                LP Info: 180 gram vinyl.

                                Ltd CD Info: Deluxe edition includes 5 bonus tracks.


                                Viaggio Nel Domani - Blue Vinyl Edition

                                Dagored bring us the first ever reissue of this 1972 album, on transparent blue vinyl, as a limited edition pressing of 500 copies.

                                A former student of legendary avant-garde composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, Guido Baggiani AKA Ruscigan has the same forward-thinking, experimental style of his mentor. Recorded at Piero Umiliani’s legendary Soundworkshop Studios, and created in collaboration with Umiliani, 'Viaggio Nel Domani' is an album that still surprises the listener with its clarity of execution and the sense of musical research and adventurous sound.

                                The Spills

                                Crash-Landed Clouds

                                  Ahead of their new album this September (being released on Alcopop! Records / Philophobia Music), Wakefield 4-piece The Spills release the Too Pure Singles Club 7” for June.

                                  Recorded by Lee Smith and Jamie Lockhart at the Greenmount Studios, and mastered by Christian Wright at Abbey Road, the double A-side single features two brand new tracks – 'Crash-landed Clouds' and 'A Film and a Frame'.

                                  Following the success of their debut LP, Occam's Razor, The Spills have since shared bills with The Cribs, Cloud Nothings, Menace Beach, Joanna Gruesome, WOAHNOWS and PAWS, as well as being featured on compilations from Alcopop! Records and Big Scary Monsters.

                                  • Debut release from members of Wavves, Sweet Valley, Jeans Wilder 
                                  • Ten tracks of soaring harmonies over sludgy guitars.

                                  Brothers Joel Williams (Sweet Valley) and Nathan Williams (Wavves), alongside childhood best friend Andrew Caddick (Jeans Wilder), make music about loss that frays at the seams. Soaring harmonies over sludgy guitars and lush production create a sound all their own. “... a wooly slice of surf pop boasting enough fuzz on its fringes to leave listeners just a wee bit dazed.” -ConsequenceOfSound.

                                  Star Blazers

                                  Danger Zone - Inc. Kon Remix

                                  After waiting three long years, and finally getting the multi track session to do a B-side, Kon proudly presents The Star Blazers' cover version of the boogie masterpiece "Danger Zone", originally released by Midnight Express. Detroit producer Recloose, now based in New Zealand, assembled a band who called themselves Star Blazers (an ode to the 70s legendary Japanimation series and a big hit on Boston's tv38... Recloose did grow up in Massachusetts) and recorded a few choice cover tunes. While most modern covers miss the mark, purely emulating and sounding like a cheap imitation, leaving you wanting for the bliss of the original, Recloose & co. flip the tempo, swing and vibe, straight up owning this and making it their own. On the flipside, Kon delivers the kind of floor aimed rearrangement we've come to expect from him, making for a sublime release.



                                    Reform is the first work by Stave. The album is an exercise in precision and spacialization, with isolated electronics and icy beats producing a grisaille of vaporized metals.

                                    Tracks move from disembodied murk and blunted pulses to sustained forcefulness. Touch points include techno, ambient and industrial predecessors, all bent gravitationally towards a dark, cold and unsettling soundworld.

                                    Based in Chicago, Stave is the solo project of Jonathan Krohn who also collaborates in the group Male.

                                    FSS has manufactured a limited edition of 200 LPs, each packaged in hand screened, die-cut covers with a download code.

                                    Mastered and cut to lacquer at Chicago Mastering Service by Shelly Steffens.

                                    Grinding, noisy and decidedly cavernous, "Tower9" slots Stave in amongst contemporary techno/drone botherers Vatican Shadow, Container and even Raime, but listen closer and you'll hear that Krohn's influences are a little further into the past. "Tower9" takes the Muslimgauze imprint (punishing overdriven loops, decaying samples, off-key drones) and fuses it with the rhythmic sensibility of an early, Analogue Bubblebath-era Richard D. James and comes up with a sound that while capturing the zeitgeist, manages to stand out pretty easily. FACT April 8, 2012

                                    Edit master, Electro-aficionadeo and disco king Greg Wilson continues his Super Weird Substance series with his latest dancefloor discovery. Bursting onto the scene with a modern take on Chemise's cult boogie-disco-pop cut, "She Can't Love", Sweet Tooth T is a project channelling the hallowed sounds of New York in the early eighties featuring the production prowess of Greg and the vocal talents of Katherine Reynolds. Over the three mixes on offer, Sweet Tooth T produce a floor filling groove which stays faithful to the original but ramps up the energy slightly for the modern crowd. It's the kind of tackle Greg used to drop on Piccadilly Radio and during his classic sets at Legends - it even features a rap version from Ruthless Rap Assassin's Kermit Leveridge on the flip!

                                    Special reissue of Relative 001 including a bonus track taking the place of "Space Jam" which appeared on the first pressing in 2010. This record really put John Swing on the map and it's easy to hear why. "Funky Scratch" epitomizes that circular, grooving, concentric house sound that gets people worked up in to a frenzy. Imagine early DJ Sneak or more recently heads like Willie Graff and Tuccillo; and if I maybe so brazen, even myself (Kickin' Pigeon). "Back Again" is up next, another one sure to be allocated a special slot in my DJ sets. This one's an eyes-down roller with plenty of grit. Think Rick Wade or Delano Smith; complete with big filter sweep build up and nice organic drums. On the B-side EMG gets more abstract and darker, "The Secret Village" rolling on with nothing but drums and sub growls before some tearing white noise snares get pulled apart and strewn onto the mix. A great DJ tool or one of those slow builders to play during the warm up. Vinalog's - "Rework" unloads a plethora of shuffled'n'swingin' drums across a bleepy bass pattern and subtle percussion artifacts. Heavy shit! You need.

                                    Takotsubo Men

                                    Takotsubo Men

                                      Formed in Liverpool 2014 Takotsubo Men’s dizzying, frantic and raw post punk debut single sees them become a modern-day Minutemen, tearing through three tracks in barely six minutes. Breathless, giddy and sweat-palm thrilling. No welcome outstayed. No B-side invited. Say it and f**K off!

                                      Led by former Cecil frontman Ste Williams, the band also features Stuart Carswell on drums and Paddy Harrison on his unconventionally tuned guitars.

                                      Enigmatic producer TB Arthur makes his Argot debut following 4 scene-stealing, acid-fed EPs via Hard Wax. Focusing on meticulous percussion work and judicious use of delay & reverb, it manages to be his most DJ-friendly record to date, whilst still remaining decisively rooted in underground rave bunker culture. "Drum Thoughts" carries with it all the hypnotic, voodoo repetition you'd associate with an indigenous drum group. Patterns, repeat, evolve and dissipate at ease, with nothing more than the forward momentum remaining constant. This is stark and cavernous but the intricate percussion nuances and downright tribal rhythms should find it working its way into every dancers spirit, and holding them in its grasp till the very end. Breathtaking. "Second Thoughts" concentrates on a cacophonous melee merged with a humming bottom end, perfectly juxtaposed the harsh with the warm. Excellent techno musica! "First Thought" concludes and doesn't drop in quality. More sound system tickling sound all perfectly forged within a 4/4 mould. This one just glides and grooves along beautifully, all those ketty, grainy delays and echoes firing off within the stereo field and hitting all the sweet spots of body and mind. Highly recommended, and quite limited - move fast!

                                      This Is The Kit

                                      Bashed Out

                                        This Is The Kit is the much beloved musical project of Kate Stables, born in England and based in Paris. ‘Bashed Out’ is the result of an extended period of collaboration with the record’s producer Aaron Dessner, a member of The National well-known for bringing a warm, starmaking touch to his work with Sharon Van Etten, The Lone Bellow and Local Natives.

                                        The backing band gathered for ‘Bashed Out’ combines the talents of This Is The Kit’s touring members alongside a number of session players drawn from the Brooklyn music scene: Bryce Dessner, Thomas Bartlett (Doveman, The Gloaming), Matt Barrick (The Walkmen) and Ben Lanz (Beirut, The National) all made key contributions.

                                        This music is honest, human and humane - a folky-lovely slow-rumble. It’s rock but of the hangover-friendly, stoner variety; it’s folk but at a groovy speed. Frontwoman Kate Stables’ voice hearkens back to the classic singersongwriter era, her distinctive, cutting vocals upfront in the mix. It’s a self-confidence gained since her previous album, 2011’s ‘Wriggle Out The Restless’, which made her band a minor institution in the United Kingdom, especially on the radio which has embraced the group.

                                        The Line Of Best Fit has the band as an “essential fixture of British folk music for the past 10 years… one of a handful of truly innovate songwriters working with the British folk template today.”

                                        For fans of Joni Mitchell, Bon Iver, Sharon Van Etten, Father John Misty, Gillian Welch, Laura Marling, Natalie Prass, Jose Gonzalez.

                                        Sub Pop artist Tiny Vipers debuting here on Manchester's infamous Box Bedroom Rebels. All tracks are recorded exclusively for this release. The 6 Tiny Vipers tracks were recorded directly to tape at Tiny Vipers home in Seattle and reflects her experimental side as shown with her work with Grouper on the Mirrorring project. Beautifully serene, slightly mournful and full of sentiment and yearning. Vocals slide in-toe with rich cellos and other muffled, reverb-soaked strings while a distant piano occasionally flurries through the ivory. Remixes by Alexander Johnson (ex-TYPE records artist appearing here under a new name) and Shaun Blezard (YeahYeah Industrial / Hugs Bison). As usual, the bumper BBR package contains a 2 track 33rpm 7", 75 minute 6 track CD, 2 inserts, letter & 10 track download code (contains two 15 minute remixes by ambient soundtrack artist Brittle Stars), so there's plenty to get your teeth stuck into! This also marks the ceremonial end to the 'Ambience' arm of Box Bedroom Rebels. A gentle, unobtrusive cosmic swansong to close off the project in style.
                                        Its limited to 250 numbered / stamped copies. Recommended.

                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                        Ltd 7" Info: 2 track 33rpm 7", 75 minute, six track CD, 2 inserts, letter & 10 track download code (contains two 15 minute remixes by ambient soundtrack artist Brittle Stars).
                                        Limited to 250 numbered / stamped copies.

                                        Giovanni Tommaso

                                        Vivere A Tokio - Citta' Del Paradiso

                                        Sensational and almost impossible to find in its original edition, this original soundtrack for the documentary Living in Tokyo: City of Heaven was composed by Perigeo's bassist Giovanni Tommaso. Tommaso was a prolific library music composer during the 1970s. This extraordinary score was composed to be the soundtrack for a documentary focused on Tokyo city and his inhabitants, where Giovanni Tommaso added some traditional elements of melodic / harmonic Japanese music and melded them with jazz-rock style he also used in his Perigeo side-project with Bruno Biriaco, Claudio Fasoli, Franco D'Andrea and Tony Sidney. Silvano Chimenti, Antonello Vannucchi and Gegè Munari are the uncredited artists who played in this session. The album features outstanding Oriental-tinted progressive jazz-rock tunes making this lost gem also sought-after by prog rock collectors.

                                        Released on HQ 180 grams vinyl. Remastered audio. Originally released in 1972 on RCA Original Cast SP 8039

                                        The Sovereign Self - named after a line from Dennis Potter, the late television auteur - is the fifth album from Glasgow's Trembling Bells, their first since 2012's The Marble Downs, a collaboration with Will Oldham. It is a driving, dramatic and at times hallucinatory work, filled with a great sense of tension and release; a witches' brew, a psychedelic stew mixing up the range of the band's musical interests - everything from ramshackled ballads to ancient May Day chants, swaggering acid rock to swirling prog epics.

                                        "Some songs are a little challenging" says lead vocalist Lavinia Blackwall, "Bringing Alasdair C Mitchell into the band means we have the interplay of two guitar parts. Musically, this album has been a lot more collaborative and democratic and as a result a lot of our other influences have come through - psychedelia, early-70s prog and rock. It's heavier and darker. I find it physically and emotionally draining to sing these songs, because they are quite intense you have to put so much into them."

                                        The range of cultural and counter-cultural interest from the band is apparent on the front cover of The Sovereign Self - a series of twenty portraits painted by Lavinia Blackwall: an eclectic gallery of genius from Emily Dickinson to Aeschylus; Lou Reed to Ovid.

                                        Another key influence, psych-folk pioneers the Incredible String Band, has loomed large in the lives of Trembling Bells in recent years. They have toured with ISB co-founder Mike Heron, performing tracks from his songbook.

                                        Having released five cracking LPs in six years, in addition to a number of side-projects, Trembling Bells show no signs of slowing down. Already, work is being done on solo records from three members, and there are plans for an album of reworked traditional folk songs with vocals from comedian Stewart Lee. This is quite simply a group of people with music pouring out of them.

                                        Piero Umiliani

                                        L'Uomo Nello Spazio - Blue Vinyl Edition

                                        “I have dedicated these compositions to the spaceman, this new, modern Ulysses going adrift on the Galaxian oceans...” said Piero Umiliani in 1972 on the release of his experimental musical homage to intergalactic explorers. Umiliani uses many different electronic instruments and production methods on the album, from the scaling piano arpeggiations of Approdo Lunare' to the unidentified flying noises of 'Stelle Cadenti', this is an art'istic triumph like no other.

                                        Originally released on his Omicron label, the album is new reissued for the very first time by Dagored on clear blue vinyl (500 copies only).

                                        Laura Veirs

                                        July Flame

                                          'July Flame' and 'I Can See Your Tracks' are the singles from Laura Veirs' critically-heralded 2010 LP, July Flame (Bella Union/Raven Marching Band). Never released on 7" vinyl before, these two incredible songs finally get the special treatment they deserve.

                                          Limited to 300 "July Flame" peach coloured 7"s, these songs were called "Extravagantly beautiful" by The Guardian, and Veirs' "finest work" by Paste Magazine. Featuring an all-star band including Karl Blau (K Records) and Jim James (My Morning Jacket). 

                                          Kanye West

                                          My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - 180g Vinyl Edition

                                            'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' is the fifth studio album by American hip hop recording artist Kanye West, released on November 22, 2010, through Roc-A-Fella Records. Following a period of legal and public image controversy, West took a short hiatus from his music career. During a "self-imposed exile" to Hawaii, he conceived the project; West subsequently worked on it through a communal development that involved him and other musicians and producers contributing collectively to its music between 2009 and 2010. Production was handled by West and several other record producers, including Jeff Bhasker, RZA, No ID, and Mike Dean, among others.

                                            Noted by music writers for its varied elements, 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' incorporates musical components from West's previous works, including soul, baroque, electro, and symphonic elements. The album deals with themes of excess and celebrity, with transparent lyrics expressing emotional extremes, ego, uncertainty, and references to drinking and drug use. Its subject matter also explores consumer culture, race, and the idealism of the American Dream. 

                                            Crystal Dorval from Vancouver, Canada, has been making healing, distorted rug-gaze music from a coastal mindset all her own since 2011. Natural Phenomena is her second album, and it echoes 2013’s self-titled effort in its isolationist origins, as the record emerged slowly across a nine-month retreat alone on a farm on Vancouver Island: “Some days I would only add one tiny guitar line or keyboard texture and that would be it for the day… it was a long process.”

                                            However grueling and gradual the method, what accrued is gold—ten of Dorval’s deepest dreamdives, starry ambient pools and dissolved guitar designs, ghosted through a lens of grey-skied pop. Songs wax and wane across faded rainbows of guitar, sunrise keyboards, looped percussion and vocal ocean-spray. Behind Dorval’s gauze of warm noise glows something pure and newer than new age: “My hope is that these positive feelings will be communicated sonically, or in essence, and will be enriching for listeners.” A high height for a climbing talent; White Poppy blooms on cliffs of light.

                                            Paul Woolford

                                            Orbit / MDMA

                                            Following 2013’s ubiquitous smash "Untitled" and last year’s heavyweight "Erotic Discourse" remixes, Paul Woolford returns to the Hotflush fold with a double-headed cerberus, "Orbit / MDMA". Flexing signature versatility, Woolford goes from heads-down to hands-in-the-air in the flip of a record: a dance floor locked in to the twisted sirens of acid rave, experiences a sudden belly rush as it collectively comes up to piano breakdowns and female chant (MDMA). Towering and physical, the record epitomises Paul Woolford’s enduring popularity.

                                            A stunning collection of multi-instrumental lullabies to the untamed landscapes that surround them, Snowdonia-based four-piece release second album, written and recorded in the Welsh mountains and announce a string of festival dates.

                                            Led by the poetic heart and musical mind of Dilwyn Llwyd, the four-piece reveals a masterpiece of sweeping instrumentation, soaring choirs and shimmering string sections.

                                            Written and recorded in North Wales throughout 2014, the album succeeds the band’s 2007 self-titled debut, famed for being mastered in the swimming pool studio of friends, Sigur Rós. All but one of the tracks (the stunning Word Song) is delivered in Welsh, causing non-native ears to drown in the simple melody of the words. Llwyd’s gentle brogue, delivered in restrained tones is set against shimmering backdrop of the band’s morning dew melodies, each unravelling slowly to reveal the most celestial of musical sensations.

                                            Produced at Bryn Derwen, Bethesda by David Wrench who mixed Mercury Prize-nominated albums FKA Twigs’ LP1 and Jungle’s self-titled debut, as well as Wales Music Prize winner Week of Pines by Georgia Ruth, the first single from the album, Angharad will be released on Monday 1 June 2015.

                                            The band have attracted the attention of The Charlatans lead singer, solo performer and occasional coffee shop owner, Tim Burgess following an encounter in summer 2014. He says: “Such a good album. There's a magic to Yucatan's music. A kind of uplifting melancholy that takes you to beautiful places."

                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                            Ltd LP Info: Limited clear vinyl.

                                            The Zombies

                                            Odessey And Oracle - 180g Vinyl Edition

                                              Recorded at EMI’s Abbey Road Studios in 1967 during the final months of the original group’s career, this British Psych-pop masterpiece yielded their last great hit ‘Time Of The Season’, but was destined for release after the Zombies had first broken up. It is the British pop group’s all-time classic ‘concept’ album.

                                              To find an original mint Mono copy involves a long wait and a budget of around £1,000+ to land one. The Stereo version is not far behind either. But we have returned to Abbey Road for our re-issue versions, a more affordable option, now available again in either Stereo or Mono LPs.

                                              All serious record collectors will savour a work that has been the subject of a huge revival of interest. Listen and you will know why American songwriter, producer and musician Al Kooper insisted that Columbia put out the album in the USA, when it was in danger of being overlooked.

                                              This Repertoire reissue is mastered at Half Speed at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, then pressed onto 180g vinyl, offering the listener the best ever sounding version of the album.

                                              The recordings are remastered by Jon Astley (The Who, Led Zeppelin, George Harrison etc).

                                              The sleeves are printed from superior quality scans with detailed reproduction artwork.

                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                              Andy says: This record is often name-checked by Paul Weller as one of the best psych-pop albums ever. He was right. It's glorious!

                                              Once again we find ourselves lost in the land of Blah Blah with another very strong package of classy originals and special edits from the anonymous Balearic boffins. The EP opens in lilting fashion with "Compass Smokers", a classic from the early eighties, originally made by U2 producer Daniel Lanois and played by Ibiza legend Alfredo. KBE has edited it into a dubby melting pot, repeating the Grace Jones style chorus and adding Wally Badarou-esque keys to deliver a winner for the 2015 dance floor. "Not Med Theny" is a total hidden gem discovered by Kenneth Bager amongst a stack of scuffed James Last LPs at an Aarhus car boot sale. A beautiful sunset tune with hints of some famous Balearic artists as the title suggests, this secret weapon oozes pure class and beauty with its melodic jazzy guitar and emotional keys, bringing back memories of Jose Padilla at Cafe Del Mar in the early 90s. The flipside gets underway with "Paris In Reeed", a deep and moody cut edited by JM, an Italian with many releases under his belt. Theatrical and Balearic at the same time, the instantly recognizable and hooky accordion blends with newly added dynamic beats to make a futuristic Balearic classic. Closing this value-for- money package is "Balearic Generation", a perfect Swedish groover recently rediscovered bt Malmø’s Wild Life crew but here extended, looped and edited by the mysterious Mr Ri??olo. Limited vinyl - don't sleep ... 

                                              Various Artists

                                              Bosphorus Breaks Vol. One - CD Mix By Dom Thomas

                                              Dom Thomas' NN Tapes goes digital with a series of strictly limited CD versions of his previously cassette-only compilations. Limited to just 30 copies for the World!

                                              For the label's fourth CD release they deliver 'Bosphorus Breaks Vol. One' which runs for an hour bridging the gap from sun drenched psychedelic folk to the untapped disco music of Turkey.

                                              Various Artists

                                              Discoid Bombay Vol. One - CD Mix By Dom Thomas

                                              Dom Thomas' NN Tapes goes digital with a series of strictly limited CD versions of his previously cassette-only compilations. Limited to just 30 copies for the World!

                                              Beginning with two mixes from the hotspots of warped seventies sonic plagiarism; Bombay and Istanbul. 'Discoid Bombay Vol.1' features 55 minutes of acid drenched disco rock from India.

                                              Various Artists

                                              I Dream In Colour Vol. One - CD Mix By Dom Thomas

                                              Dom Thomas' NN Tapes goes digital with a series of strictly limited CD versions of his previously cassette-only compilations. Limited to just 30 copies for the World!

                                              'I Dream In Colour Vol. One' offers a stream of conciousness, taking in film, library and world oddities from far flung destinations brought into sharp focus by Dom Thomas.

                                              Various Artists

                                              I Dream In Colour Vol. Two - CD Mix By Dom Thomas

                                              Dom Thomas' NN Tapes goes digital with a series of strictly limited CD versions of his previously cassette-only compilations. Limited to just 30 copies for the World!

                                              'I Dream In Colour Vol. Two' offers a stream of conciousness, taking in film, library and world oddities from far flung destinations brought into sharp focus by Dom Thomas.

                                              Firecracker are having a busy year indeed. 15 releases in their 10 year history and this is their third release in 2015 so far - and we're only half way through the year! Anyway we've all been eagerly anticipating this one in the shop and over the counter, Jason Boardman (Afionado) I'm talking about you! This compilation sees the monolithic label move away from their house roots and into the world of indigenous Scottish music. So we get some folk, plenty of ambience, bag-pipes, spoken word and many other sounds and styles. Not only is this compelling enough, but the whole project was commission by the Forestry Commission Scotland - who approached Firecracker themselves.

                                              Anyway, I should let the label get in their side of the story: 'Over 10,000 years ago, after the last Ice Age, humans began to explore and settle the place now known as Scotland. Evidence of our ancestors can be found in the various rock carvings, standing stones, tombs and dwellings still scattered throughout the lands today. Modern archaeological techniques can offer ever more detailed suggestions as to what these monuments might have meant, but it is still largely left to our imaginations to discern just what these spaces were used for. In this spirit, Firecracker Recordings were approached by Forestry Commission Scotland to make something that might capture the feel of these places. They assembled a crack squad of artists (Lord Of The Isles, Other Lands, House Of Traps, Wounded Knee) whom they felt would embrace the challenge, thanks to their shared interest in their own Highland ancestries. Visiting a handful of sites in an intense period of exploration late in 2014, they took field recordings, drank whisky, jammed in the ruins of brochs, studied rock art, sat in iron age forts, drank whisky, drove for many miles and generally began the process of channeling the shamanic forces (drank whisky) whose presence can still be felt all around. This album is the result of that brief adventure. The artists worked both together and in isolation, quickly and effortlessly, manipulating the recordings taken from the source and combining them with their own compositions, inspired by both the sights they saw in this time and those they have imagined from another. Here, they merge modern technologies with traditional instruments and the human voice to conjure up these ancient rites of celebration, ritual, offerings to long forgotten gods, changes in the features of the earth and the universe and the cycles of time. Accompanying the music is a booklet of archaeological images created by Forestry Commission Scotland, detailing some of the sites around which the music is based, again utilizing modern laser scanning technology to see these mysterious relics in a different light.'

                                              So folks, if you've read the above and need any more convincing, then get submersed in one of the most inventive yet organic compilations to have ever been conceived. On one of Piccadilly Record's favourite long term underground labels. Firecracker, as always, we salute you!

                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                              Matt says: A true artistic sentiment, the booklet alone is interesting enough - with laser-scan image survey's of some of Scotland's wildest places. Then the music, inspired by these mythical places, is equally good to boot. Beautifully conceived and executed.

                                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                                              2xLtd LP Info: Limited to 300 copies only. Screen print and sleeve design by House Of Traps. Bonus full colour booklet detailing laser scan techniques and ongoing archeological work by Forestry Commission Scotland

                                              Various Artists

                                              Polo House - A Look Into The Bowels Of The Polish House Underground

                                              Not content with bringing the beautiful and brilliant sounds of his homeland to the global audience through The Very Polish Cut-Outs, Zambon makes further inroads in his bid for Polish tourism minister with the first in depth exploration of the country's thriving house music scene. 'Polo House' collects the brightest and most talented house producers from Polska on two pristine slabs of black wax, bringing serious heat to forward thinking record bags. A combination of underground heroes and some of the most talented rookies results in nine high quality house tracks across a diverse range of styles. From the tropical adventures of Selvy and Naphta, through The Phantom's summery Baltic Beat and the raw warehouse grooves of Lutto Lento and JAZxing we're given nothing but the best from a burgeoning scene.

                                              The prestige, pre-eminence and, perhaps more importantly, the permanent influence of Jamaica on popular music the world over has been unparalleled and unprecedented and whether it is ska, rock steady, roots, dub ragga, dancehall or bashment, all music originating from Jamaica has been termed reggae.

                                              “Do you know what reggae really is? Reggae is the same as rock steady but with the organ shuffle. It’s the shuffle that kinda carried up the rock steady. If you take out that you get rock steady! The organ shuffle kind a make it sound a little faster....the shuffling...plenty people a talk but they don’t know. Reggae is the organ shuffle...” - Bunny “Striker” Lee

                                              The languid, laid back rock steady beat that reigned supreme in Kingston’s dancehalls for the previous two years started to speed up in the Autumn of 1968 as the faster, brasher reggae rhythms came to the fore.

                                              Chuggy brings the exceptional SchleiBen series to a close with this breathtaking fourth instalment, featuring the production talents of Colin Potter (Nurse With Wound), Alessio Natalizia (Walls/Not Waving), Guido Zen (Brain Machine) and rising star Cass. The A-side unites the legendary Potter with a pair of Italy's best experimental / drone / industrial producers for a glorious marriage of methods. Combining warm, melodic and dramatic drones with techy percussion and insistent sequences, the trio create a textured soundscape deep enough to dive into. The flipside plays host to a Dusseldorf affiliated producer, with the ambient touches of Osnabruck based producer Niklas Rehme-Schluter aka Cass. Taken from the limited, cassette only “Hiding Place” the pieces here are the perfect completion. Found sounds, loops, piano, and synthesis all intertwine and overlap to bathe you in a gorgeous sonic shimmer.

                                              Various Artists

                                              Shabam Pow Pop Whizz Vol. One - CD Mix By Dom Thomas

                                              Dom Thomas' NN Tapes goes digital with a series of strictly limited CD versions of his previously cassette-only compilations. Limited to just 30 copies for the World!

                                              'Shabam Pow Pop Whizz Vol. One' features an hour of the most delectable psyched out French protest pop and faux-Gainsbourg operatic rock.

                                              "Sources" is a brand new series which will examine the output of a number of extremely influential independent US labels throughout the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. In an age where corporate anonymity reigns supreme and music is being treated like aural wallpaper, the Sources series will go back to a time when record labels really meant something via their A&R policies, their ground-breaking releases, their everyday modus-operandi and their general philosophies.

                                              Bill Brewster, co-founder of the influential DJ History website and forum and author of the acclaimed “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life” has compiled the sleeve notes for the series. The first six releases will concentrate on 6 New York independent labels which have each been massively influential in the evolution of dance music over the last 30+ years - Easy Street, Sleeping Bag, Fresh, Sam, Streetwise and P&P. Each 3xCD package is full of lovingly re-mastered original 12” mixes as selected by Bill. These will include many tracks which have never made it to CD before! All notes and scans will be included in a 16 page colour booklet which fits beautifully within the 3CD superior digipack.

                                              The first "Sources" package comes from one of the most consistent underground dance labels in history: Easy Street Records from New York. Easy Street hit the ground running in the early 1980s with two consecutive international hits in row with the compulsive reggae-disco of Monyaka’s “Go Deh Yeka” and the up-tempo break dancing gem, Hot Streak’s “Body Work”. Then, in the 90s, came two more smashes with Adeva’s garage anthem “In And Out Of My Life” and De’Lacy’s dancefloor monster “Hideaway”. However, the real story of Easy Street was their consistent ability to gauge the mood of the dancefloor with numerous huge underground classics which read like a who’s who of dance music history over the last 3 decades - Paul Simpson, Todd Terry and Blaze are just a handful of the names which have graced the Easy Street label over the years. The underground hits poured out relentlessly - “Please Don’t Break My Heart”, “Main Thing”, “Share The Night”, “Ma Foom Bey”, “You Don’t Know”, “Treat Her Sweeter”, “Saturdays” and “Deeper” to name a handful, all of which are included on here. An essential package for anyone who wants to re-experience the culture of the New York dancefloors throughout the last three decades via one of the hippest labels in dance music history. Easy Street Records we salute you in style!

                                              Editorial continue their floor filling, crowd thrilling series with the "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot EP", a sizzling collection of edit heat from Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee, Matt Hughes, The Owl and Rahaan. Label stalwarts Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee kick the EP off with the deep, smoked out "People's Groove", which sees the duo layer a blaxploitation spoken word sample over a phat stack over sweet funk (presumably the work of People's Choice originally). Next up, we have the appropriately titled "Sunshine" from Matt Hughes, which sees the former UFC Welterweight champ slicing and dicing wah guitar, boogie grooves and uplifting piano over a squelching bassline, while letting the euphoric vocal of the original play out in full. Sharing the carefree vibe of Central Line's "Walking Into Sunshine", this is sound of NYC's Body & Soul, or Manchester's own Peace FM on a summer's day. On the B-side we get reacquainted with one of the rising stars of the edit world, as The Owl drops "Pimp Talk", a loopy, filter fuelled rerub of Brass Connection's "Happy People" (Piccadilly Trivia - how many DJs does it take to I.D. this? Three!). Rahaan brings us home in sumptuous fashion with the seductive, slo-mo groove of "Fine Feelings". Agile guitar, warm bass and swirling sequences form a gorgeous cocktail of ear pleasing sound.

                                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                                              12" Info: Brown Vinyl

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