Mute are proud to present the 21st anniversary deluxe editions of The Afghan Whigs’ landmark album ‘Gentlemen’.

‘Gentlemen At 21’ features the original album newly remastered along with bonus content consisting of rare Bsides, live performances and previously unreleased demos.

‘Gentlemen At 21’ presents the original record’s 11 tracks, updated but still retaining the 1993 album’s blistering swagger. The same 11 tracks that have made a visceral connection with fans over the last 21 years - the deeply dark and confessional lyrical content, the no-frills production qualities and Greg Dulli’s soul-baring vocal performances captured on tape. In addition, the album includes all the original demos for the album, which were recorded at John Curley’s Ultrasuede studio space in Cincinnati.

The bonus material also includes the original ‘Debonair’ single B sides, including ‘Mr Superlove’ and a cover of the southern blue-eyed soul classic ‘Dark End Of The Street’ along with three songs recorded live for KTCL in Denver, previously issued on the ‘What Jail Is Like’ EP. The set comes packaged with a faithful reproduction of the original sleeve art and its striking front cover image, an homage to Nan Goldin’s iconic ‘Nan And Brian In Bed, New York City’.


3xLtd LP Info: The 3LP edition is limited to 500 copies.

Hardware hoarding brothers Alex & Digby make a triumphant return for FAARAT003 with two killer tracks of minimal synthesis. On the A-side, "Nothing With You" is a slice of good, old fashioned micro gold, worthy of early TM Schneider, Lassigue Bendthaus or Cyclob's mellower moments. Considered sound design and woozing synths are backed by a scattered broken beat as the track phases in and out of the synthetic RnB galaxy. Imagine hearing the FKA Twigs album from the depths of a 2009 K-hole and you'd be well on your way to nailing this one. On the flip, "Tokyo" takes us into noir-ish house territory, nestling comfortably in that sweet spot between minimal techno and micro house. The rattling polyrhythm keeps your head bobbing away while acidic warbles, phasing sequences and ping pong vocals career through the soundscape, nailing a sound that could take you from Villalobos to Stimming in an instant. Circular, cyclical and trippy in the most restrained way, this is a perfect after hours jam. 

For his tenth album, the human metronome of afro-beat, Tony Allen, has pulled out all the stops. At his side are the trio of producers The Jazzbastards and fellow world-class musicians, including Damon Albarn, who continues to build pioneering bridges between Africa and today’s music scene.

On 'Film Of Life' Tony Allen has given us an album that has the ring of a true self-portrait, an overview of his rich and exemplary career that brings together bebop, afrobeat, jazz and psychedelic pop. For the wizard of Lagos, who has always thought of his drums “as an orchestra” and who likes “to make them sing”, 'Film Of Life' marks the pinnacle of his achievement.

“Rhythm is the most perceptible and the least material thing in the world,” wrote John Miller Chernoff in his book, African Rhythm and African Sensibility. It has been thirty years since this observation inspired Brian Eno and David Byrne to revise their approach to music, but if African rhythms began to alter the course of Western pop music, it is above all down to Tony Allen. He embodies the vitality of those rhythms, placing them at the cutting edge of modern music, and over his fifty-year career, he has made himself a benchmark for musicians worldwide.

'Film Of Life' looks back on this amazing adventure while continuing to explore new horizons.

R&S celebrate another storming year of music with a new addition to their already extended family, ALSO AKA the pairing of Appleblim and Second Storey. Ever since they first met and bonded over a shared love of Detroit machine rhythms and sleek electronic grooves, the pair have been hard at work in the studio, pushing their creative boundaries to the limit. Never content to take the easy route, the duo opt instead to focus on broken rhythms and experimental melodies, while still keeping the dancefloor moving. These heavy studio / live loose jams sessions have borne truly verdant musical fruit in the form of this debut release - opener "Sid's Conudrum" sets the pulse racing with it's uptempo cyborg funk - juddering bass and bleeping synth squiggles, while "Ashford Swaithes " powers down the A-side with a growling bass led groove. On the flip, "Dive Prophets" unravels with fractal bursts of energy, sizzling pads and tripped out high frequencies arpeggios, while the bass led rhythm rumbles on. ALSO is pan genre, pan generational, emotive electronic music at its best, well worthy of its place in the R&S canon.


Dýrð í Dauðaþögn

    Ásgeir’s Icelandic album, available here for the first time on vinyl.

    The fastest selling Icelandic debut artist of all time releases his Nordic Music Prize-nominated debut on vinyl.

    At just 21 years of age Icelandic singer-songwriter Ásgeir made an instant impression on his country’s music scene with the release of his debut album ‘Dyrd í dauðathogn’ breaking all records to become Iceland’s fastest selling debut album of all time, beating The Sugarcubes, Bjork, Sigur Ros and Of Monsters And Men.

    Produced by Gudmundur Kristinn Jonsson, ‘Dyrd í dauðathogn’ immediately recalls the heavenly vocals of Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and light electronic touch of British glitch pop sensation James Blake.

    On release the album received six nominations for the Icelandic Music Awards - Best Album, Best Song (‘Leyndarmál’), Best Male Vocalist, Best Songwriter, Best Producer and Best Lyricist. The album also received the Icelandic Kraumur Award and a nomination for the Nordic Music Prize.

    Ásgeir was one of 10 winners of the European Border Breakers Award 2014, alongside Disclosure, Woodkid and Icona Pop.

    So far only released in Iceland and Scandinavia ‘Dyrd í dauðathogn’ is the original album recorded in Ásgeir’s native tongue. Now the album receives its first release in mainland Europe on vinyl for the very first time.

    Ásgeir has gone on to achieve tremendous success with the English translation of the album (‘In The Silence’) achieving Top 40 status in the UK, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and Australia.

    This deluxe edition features ‘Dyrd í dauðathogn’ - the original album that made Ásgeir a folk hero back home and now available for the first time in the UK / EU - plus the Englishlanguage version ‘In The Silence’ and a third CD containing eight unreleased tracks, including Dot Major (London Grammar) and Liam Howe remixes of ‘King And Cross’.

    The package also includes a 20 page booklet including lyrics, track by track sleevenotes and a personal message from Ásgeir.

    At just 21 years of age Icelandic singer-songwriter Ásgeir made an instant impression on his country’s music scene with the release of his debut album ‘Dýrð í dauðaþögn’ breaking all records to become Iceland’s fastest selling debut album of all time, beating The Sugarcubes, Bjork, Sigur Ros and Of Monsters And Men.

    Produced by Gudmundur Kristinn Jonsson, ‘Dýrð í dauðaþögn’ immediately recalls the heavenly vocals of Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and light electronic touch of British glitch pop sensation James Blake.

    The past year has seen Ásgeir’s extraordinary domestic popularity translate far beyond Iceland’s shores, the Top 40 UK success of ‘In The Silence’ repeated in France, Holland, Belgium and Denmark upon its release in January. As word spread and venues grew ever larger, lead reviews and features in international titles such as The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Die Spiegel and Le Monde followed.

    Second release from the relaunch of EM Records’ Thai music series. Paradise Bangkok, Soi 48 and EM have teamed up to deliver a series showcasing the extraordinary performances of some of Thailand’s greatest musical legends.

    For reasons unknowable, certain places in certain eras become hotbeds of music, fertile in their growth and flowering of musical talent. Thailand in the 1970s was such a place, and Dao Bandon is one of the enduring greats of that era. Born in the farm country of the Isan region, Bandon came from a poor family and was a monk during his teens, two great influences which shaped him, with his farm roots grounding the earthy heart of his lyrics, and his years of monastic chanting lending a unique resonance to his singing. After an apprenticeship with some of the greats of Thai music, Dao Bandon began to enjoy success leading his own band. The songs here, released in the 1970s, showcase the infectiously joyful Bandon groove, his mellifluous voice, and his captivating melodic sense. His lyrics deal with sex, love, marijuana, and the struggles of the poor, but no matter what he sings about, a sense of good cheer is always evident. Featuring parallel translations of the lyrics, in-depth liner notes, rare photos and of course great music, "Man on a Water Buffalo" is yet another example of Thai excellence from EM Records.

    + Newly remastered
    + First ever world release by the artist outside of Thailand


    LP Info: Full-color inner sleeve incl. liner notes, pics & lyrics.

    Hinge Finger welcome Magazine Records boss Daniel Ansorge aboard the good ship bass techno for the latest release, and the Koln producer repays them with a couple of spartan treats for the voyage ahead. On the A-side, "Chappell" sees Barnt fire up the 909 for a jackin, jukin roller with a stepping groove and insistent sample and hold synth filth. More doomy than gloomy, this one will set a menacing mood on the floor, turning the intensity up bar by bar. On the B-side's "Under His Own Name But Also As Sir", the pummelling percussion keeps up its unrelenting assault, but is this time joined by melancholic synth tones and howling electronics. Barnt takes no prisoners on his Hinge Finger debut.

    The Beatles


      The Beatles 'Red Album' is a compilation of songs from 1962-1966, including all the A-sides of the singles from that period. Re-mastered at Abbey Road and pressed on 180g heavyweight vinyl.

      The Beatles


        The Beatles 'Blue Album' is a compilation of songs from 1967-1970, including all the A-sides of the singles from that period. Re-mastered at Abbey Road and pressed on 180g heavyweight vinyl.

        The Beatles


          LOVE, is a fascinating reworking of numerous classic Beatles recordings by the band's original producer, Sir George Martin and his son Giles. LOVE, is also the title of the highly successful Cirque du Soleil show, a co-production with Apple Corps, featuring the music of The Beatles, currently wowing audiences in Las Vegas. In creating the music for the show and for the album, George and Giles have created a continuous "soundscape" - a series of well-known Beatles songs augmented by additional instrumentation and vocals taken from their vast bank of original multi-track tapes.

          Re-mastered at Abbey Road and pressed on 180g heavyweight vinyl.

          Bicep & Midland

          D MIL (Club & Dub)

          In a collaboration which is certain to have any club kid under 25 reaching for fresh underwear, Belfast's Bicep London's Midland follow up a recent Corsica Studios gig with this absolute ripsnorter of a track! The trio concoct a skippy garage tinged beat accented with the crunchiest snare roll going before unleashing their sub smashing bass sweep. That perfectly formed bassline sounds like the ghost of speed garage past, certain to have people making the all important #bass face. A stuttering vocal snippet and sprawling pads carry the track into a crescendant build up before tumbling into a big old drop. On the flip, the Dub mix tones things down a little, dodging the main room and opting for a tense roll.


          Biophilia Live

            “A dazzling audiovisual spectacle that benefits from the full cinematic treatment... an imaginative stand-alone artwork.” - The Hollywood Reporter

            The critically acclaimed documentary film which captures the multidimensional concert centred on Björk’s eighth studio album, titled ‘Biophilia Live’, will be released on audio-visual formats via One Little Indian Records.

            The film documents the intimate ‘Biophilia’ performance at London’s Alexandra Palace where Björk was accompanied by unique musical instruments, collaborators and visuals. Shot by directors Nick Fenton and Peter Strickland and produced by Jacqueline Edenbrow / Gloria Films, the film also features science and nature archive and found footage inspired by the themes of the album, as well as animation which has been augmented with the music of ‘Biophilia’.

            The infinitely creative journey presents a culmination of work that represents one of the most original musical endeavors of a generation.

            The DVD and Blu-ray formats also feature extra content filmed during Biophilia’s residency at Japan’s Miraikan Museum and the options of stereo and 5:1 surround sound.


            3xLP Info: 3xLP+DVD.

            The Blind Shake

            Breakfast Of Failures

            Minneapolis three-piece The Blind Shake crafts dense, massive locomotive music—powerful sounds with the ability to careen through one cinematic, post-apocalyptic chase scene after another. The band’s latest album Breakfast of Failures comes clanging and crashing through these confused times.

            Fronted by brothers Jim and Mike Blaha along with friend Dave Roper on drums, the trio was tunneling through the underground since before telephones could talk. With six full-length albums to their credit, several singles, three collaborations with psych legend Michael Yonkers and another with downstroke warrior John Reis, The Blind Shake continues to push the sliding scale between catchy punk songs and pitch-red noise.

            “The Blind Shake is at once spacey, primitive futuristic, and brutal: a kind of backyard extraterrestrial minimal surfpunk party. One guitar, one baritone guitar, a fuckload of reverb, and a drummer who deserves an Olympic medal.” - SF Weekly.

            Simon Boswell

            Stage Fright (OST)

              By 1987, Simon Boswell had already contributed fantastic music and songs to Dario Argento’s Phenomena and scored all of Lamberto Bava’s Demoni II. With Stage Fright, Boswell combined his expertise in programming and playing synthesisers and samplers with his skills as a great guitarist. Classical roots rub shoulders with the distinctive ‘thrashy’ sound of 70’s English punk music, dreamy synth landscapes and the programmed rhythms of the indie dance music that he produced so much of in the 80’s.

              Mark Broom

              Untitled - Inc. Edit Select Dub

              Mark Broom aka The King of Snakes returns with this killer cut on Edit Select. So good he couldn't be bothered to name it (joke), "Untitled" is a highly percussive, growling wall-shaker from the upper echelons. Rampant tuned toms, lashing hi-hats, fizzy snare hits and this tension inducing, manic tone which encompasses the whole track, this is definitely not for the faint hearted! Light the touch paper and stand well back! Edit Select himself steps up for a deep reworking of the original on the flipside. Taming the OG somewhat and moving along on the smooth, gliding plane he's synonymous with, Mr. Select allows those dark, foreboding tones room to breathe and gather menace as the machine-line drums fizzle and crackle in the background. Great stuff from this current essential techno mainstay.


              Singles Going Steady - 180g Vinyl Edition

                'Singles Going Steady' is THE definitive collection by Manchester punk band Buzzcocks, first released in 1979. It was the first Buzzcocks album to be released in North America and intended as an introduction to the band for the American public, coinciding with a US tour. After healthy sales on import in the UK over the next two years, and following the group’s split in early 1981, the album was belatedly released in the UK as a Greatest Hits album.

                Side One features their eight UK single releases from 1977 up to 1979 in chronological order, while Side Two featured their corresponding B-sides, also in chronological order.

                NME called it ‘is the best Buzzcocks long-player to be realised’ and signified the band as follows: ‘Employing the most traditional of beat group formations and turning their attention to the most elemental considerations, Shelley and the Buzzcocks created pop of such intense truthfulness it literally hurts.” Pitchfork listed 'Singles Going Steady' as 16th best album of the 1970s.

                Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

                Kicking Against The Pricks

                  Kicking Against the Pricks is Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' third album, released in 1986, and consists of cover versions. For this record the Bad Seeds line-up is Cave, new drummer Thomas Wydler, Mick Harvey, Blixa Bargeld and Barry Adamson. Cave would later downplay the importance of the record, but said it helped the band develop musically. Remarking on the song selection, Cave said, "They were all done for different reasons. Basically a list of songs were made and we tried to play them. We tried songs by all sorts of people that never got on the record. Some songs were tributes, like the Tom Jones song; other, we didn't think were ever done particularly well in the first place. Some had haunted my childhood, like "The Carnival Is Over". The strings were arranged by Mick Harvey and played by the Berliner Kaffeehausmusik Ensemble. "The Hammer Song" is an entirely different song than the track with the same title on the 1990 Bad Seeds album The Good Son. Vinyl is heavyweight 180 Gram.

                  Vinyl transfer approval overseen by Mick Harvey Summer 2014, cut at Abbey Road studios.

                  This edition, approved personally by Nick Cave, is finally available again on it's original format.


                  Spacer Woman - Dark Entries Edition

                  The next 12″ in Dark Entries Editions is the Italo disco classic “Spacer Woman” by Charlie. Formed in 1983 as an experiment to break the mold of the classic disco dance sound, Charlie was the vehicle for musician and producer Maurizio Cavalieri who had found fame with Italian disco group Firefly. Cavalieri had been listening to the new crop of UK synth-pop and new wave acts like Depeche Mode and Heaven 17 and wanted to create a more electronic, futuristic sound. He recruited his friend Giorgio Stefani to help write the song and compose lyrics. “Spacer Woman” was recorded in Vicenza, Italy and released by Cavalieri’s own Mr. Disc Organization in 1983. The track features the signature Italo Linn Drum machine as well as the Roland TR-808 and a Yamaha DX7 for the arpeggiated synthesizer melody. “Spacer Woman” spans over seven minutes and features the spaced-out vocals of Stefani’s wife, who sings through a vocoder. The single has become a cult revival track since its appearance on the legendary I-f mix CD ”Mixed Up In The Hague” in 2001. This reissue also features the sought after instrumental mix where the sharp synthesized bassline really comes to the forefront.

                  Both songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. For the first time ever, the 12” is housed in a silver, metallic picture sleeve with an android female model drawing, taken from the original 7” jacket. Each copy includes a 2-sided post card insert with lyrics. Eerie and unforgettable more than 30 years later, “Spacer Woman” is the ideal robotic space-age love song.

                  China Drum


                  China Drum are back…

                  After taking 13 yrs out from writing and releasing what they called "frazmatic pop racket", China Drum have returned in 2013 firstly playing a sell out, one off, reunion show at The Garage in Highbury. The success of this left the band Amazed and dazed, so, the band together with David Houston (who originally prompted / arranged the first reunion show) organised a UK tour in December 2013, this was just as well received and enjoyed equally by the band and fans.

                  As it snowballed, China Drum started writing new material and recording the tracks soon after.

                  It doesn't get any deeper than this beauty! An overlooked EP from Wayne Gardiner aka Classic Man from 1993 on the legendary Nervous Records label, "No More Mind Games" is up there with the classics of it's era. That sparse, jazzy, soulful, early 90s NYC edge is present and correct in every single track here making for an all killer, no filler EP! Kicking things off, "Rapid Winds" is a vibe heavy, pad laden beauty that rolls along gently and touches all the right spots while the following two mixes of "Keepin On" chop up D-Train and Raw Silk vocal snippets into a bouncing organ driven banger, keeping the disco spirit alive in true garage fashion! Rounding out the EP are two storming alternate mixes of "No More Mind Games", featuring a vocal sample lifted from the accapella version of Quest's classic "Mind Games", used here to devastating effect alongside Gardiner's deep vibes and choppy drums. Serious business. "No More Mind Games" has long been a sought after EP by discerning house lovers and is a true underground classic. Re-mastered and re-pressed here, for the first time, in conjunction with Nervous Records, NYC. Now's your chance to own a copy of a forgotten club classic from the golden era of NYC House music.

                  Michel Cleis & Klement Bonelli

                  Marvinello / Gostek

                  The most sought after track in the last few months finally makes its appearance on vinyl. Some pirated copies circulated illegally, but this is the definitive version, tried and tested in the club over the past few months. "Marvinello" is an infectious rework of Marvin Gaye's classic, built up from the ground with irresistible drums, world percussion and a sultry bassline while the use of the vocals create a unique atmosphere. The balance is something so hot you can't resist ! The B Side track "Gostek" is a heavenly mixture of house, soul, and gospel, underpinned by a percussive driving techno groove that takes you by the throat to the dancefloor. With DJ support coming out the wazoo, you'd better bet this is one you need.

                  'Dere Mewn!’ is a compilation of Colorama's Welsh language songs recorded between 2007 and 2013. It includes two new songs, "Rhedeg Bant' and 'Mari Lwyd' along with all of Colorama's recorded output in Welsh across their previous releases.

                  Also included is “Hapus?” which was released on the Aficionado label and now available for the first time digitally.

                  Colorama has recently toured with Edwyn Collins and collaborated with Edwyn on the music for the full length Documentary about Edwyn's life “The Possibilities Are Endless”.

                  Running Back welcome a mysterious stranger to their table for their 51st (!) release, in the form of the Rayban wearing, tropical shirted Roy Comanchero. This smooth operator doesn't do laptops, instead touring the pawn shops and thrift markets of the world in search of knackered Jomox drum machines and wonky Junos. "Lucid Memory" kicks the EP off in thrusting form, hitting that sweet spot between proto house and Italo again and again with its bubbling bassline and snapping drums. Roy tops that killer rhythm section with hair raising sequences and spacey pads as he moves the party from the beach bar to the moon room. "Pugs Life" takes a step away from proto-house and jumps straight into the high gloss camp of the Italo world. Driving basslines, high octane synths and some of those swirling fills Todd Terje likes to rock ensure the floor's gonna be rocking all night. On the flip Roy takes us into Italian house territory with "The Delete Of Society", a hypnotic groover that draws you into its world of tuned synth vox, rattling percussion and sparkling melodies. Already a hit with me and the Pigeon in the Piccadilly office, this one's gonna work the Mancunian floors for the foreseeable. Roy brings the EP to a close with the coastal night drive of "New Horizons", a cinematic and melodic synth workout worthy of the great Jan Hammer, which could bring a tear from a glass eye. Whoever he is, Roy Comanchero is one to watch!

                  After releases from Terriers and New Jackson, Major Problems welcomes the Compassion Crew, who return with another session of impeccably sourced cut-and-paste house music. CC’s "Masters Of The Gentlemanly Art" is a proto-house / nu-beat-ish bruiser, full of industrial clanging elements, pitched vocal snippets and twanging synth riffs. Like some lost Medusa club classic you'd catch Jamal Moss working into a smoke machine frenzy, the track nails that late night hypnotic vibe to a tee. Panic Chicago transform the track into a loft party bomb, keeping the chunky, industrial elements but rolling out a funky bassline, infectious rhythm section and loopy, concentric groove. Exceptional stuff. Peaking Light's alter ego, Leisure Connection walk the night with a memorable 10-minute-plus psych / dub / house refix which could only have come from Aaron Coyes shamanist hands. Mastered and cut at Calyx, this is a vinyl-only release. Artwork from Simon Landrein. Support from Hunee, New Jackson, Beats in Space, Serge, Marcel Hesse…

                  Rene Costy / J Dilla Aka Jay Dee

                  Scrabble / F*ck The Police

                  Release number 3 on the Originals label gets a limited repress due to popular demand. Lifted from the impossibly rare 1972 library music album 'Chappell Mood Music Vol. 26', René Costy And His Orchestra's 'Scrabble' adds the only thing missing from the incredibly funky backing track - jazz violin! Pitching the funky intro down for a head-nod hip hop feel, and upping the swear word count, the late great James Yancey aka Jay Dee aka J Dilla sampled the track for his underground club hit “Fuck The Police”. Both tracks feature here on a nice collectable 45 along with bonus cuts from the one and only DJ Jazzy Jeff.

                  Dark Entries and Honey Soundsystem have teamed up to release “Catholic”, the lost opus of disco pioneer Patrick Cowley and Indoor Life vocalist Jorge Socarras.

                  Perhaps one of the most revolutionary and influential people in the canon of disco music, Cowley created his own brand of hi-NRG dance music, “The San Francisco Sound.” Born in Buffalo, NY on October 19, 1950, Patrick moved to San Francisco at the age of 21. He studied at the City College of San Francisco and met Jorge Socarras in 1973 through mutual friends. The duo’s first collaboration was a ten-minute trance-inducing epic that Cowley composed for a performance piece by Socarras in 1975. Patrick, who played drums, guitar and keyboards, provided the perfect match for Jorge’s vocal talents. Between 1975 and 1977 they recorded an album’s worth of material before Socarras moved to London and Cowley started playing synthesizers for Sylvester. Upon Jorge’s return to San Francis co in 1979, the duo would re-record some of the “Catholic” songs with Patrick’s newly acquired equipment. Meanwhile, Socarras met the musicians with whom he would form Indoor Life, and in 1980 Patrick co-produced their first album. The “Catholic” album was offered to San Francisco’s Megatone Records who passed on it. Fast forward to 2007 when Honey Soundsystem was contacted by John Hedges, former co-owner of Megatone Records. Hedges’ was moving to Palm Springs and invited the crew over to his basement to collect over 2,000 records from his collection. Among the archives were three moldy boxes of quarter inch reel to reel tapes featuring unreleased music by Cowley, including the “Catholic” material. The reel was passed on to Stefan Goldmann of Macro Recordings in Berlin who was able to track down Jorge Socarras and clear the rights. “Catholic” was finally released on CD in 2009. “Catholic” is a genre-bendin g concept album that ranges from minimalistic proto-techno to synth-driven post-punk, pre-dating the dance punk acts LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture by almost 30 years. It shows a much broader range than any Cowley or Socarras material available and gives a totally new perspective to one of the most inspiring eras in music history. Influenced by Tomita, Wendy Carlos, the Velvet Underground, and Roxy Music, “Catholic” prefigures acts like Talking Heads, Units, The Human League or Chris & Cosey. Patrick forges a unique electronic sound from his collection of synthesizers, modified guitars, and self-constructed equipment while Jorge’s vocals go from hypnotic to camp, singing about gay love juju and tackling classics by Donovan and Stoller & Leiber.

                  Featuring over 80 minutes of music never before released on vinyl, this compilation contains two bonus tracks not featured on the CD release. The tapes were meticulously restored by mastering guru Rashad Becker at D +M in Berlin, then remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA. The vinyl comes housed in a glossy dual pocket gatefold featuring the intended album cover from the original “Catholic” photo shoot in 1979, and the original hand-lettering by Arch Connelly aka A. Style intended for the first 45rpm single. Inside the gatefold sleeve contains lyrics and an essay from Jorge Socarras. For the 32nd anniversary of Patrick’s death, Dark Entries and Honey Soundsystem present a glimpse into the minds of these two geniuses. These recordings shine a new light on the experimental side of a disco legend who was taken too soon. All proceeds from “Catholic” will be donated to the San Francisco AIDS Housing Alliance.



                    Cream’s studio and live LPs from 1966-1972 are brought together in a boxed set for the first time. Each LP will have exact reproductions of original artwork to retain authenticity, and will be pressed on 180 gram heavyweight audiophile vinyl and contained in a rigid slipcase box. The 1960s British rock supergroup power-trio’s sound was characterised by a hybrid of blues rock, hard rock and psychedelic rock combining psychedelia-themed lyrics, Eric Clapton's blues guitar playing, Jack Bruce's operatic voice and prominent bass playing, and Ginger Baker's jazz-influenced drumming.

                    Julee Cruise

                    Floating Into The Night - 180g Vinyl Edition

                      “Floating Into The Night” is the 1989 debut album by vocalist Julee Cruise featuring songs written and produced by composer Angelo Badalamenti and film director David Lynch (who wrote the lyrics). The songs "Falling" and "Rockin' Back Inside My Heart" were both featured in Lynch's cult television series Twin Peaks, while "Into the Night", "The Nightingale" and "The World Spins" also appeared in the show. The instrumental version of “Falling” was the theme song for Twin Peaks while the album as a whole is almost an unofficial soundtrack to the series. The track “Mysteries Of Love” was prominently featured in Lynch’s classic film Blue Velvet. Cruise’s dreamy, light vocals match perfectly with the music and lyrics to make this album sound like it is unattached to any era or time. Reissued on 180 gram vinyl with a double sided insert by Plain Recordings.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Andy says: A damn fine record!

                      Cursive release an expanded, deluxe reissue of their 2003 breakthrough album The Ugly Organ via Saddle Creek. This deluxe remastered edition is available on double CD and 180g double vinyl, with eight additional tracks on the accompanying disc. These tracks – written during the same sessions as and originally intended for The Ugly Organ – were previously found across the band’s 8 Teeth To Eat You split with Eastern Youth, their ‘Art Is Hard’ and ‘The Recluse’ singles, and the Saddle Creek 50 compilation.

                      The packaging for both The Ugly Organ (Deluxe Edition) [Remastered] 2xCD and 2xLP includes a booklet with extensive liner notes comprised of rare photos, original artwork drafts, handwritten lyrics, a list of all tour dates from the era, and an introduction written by Kyle Ryan of The AV Club. 

                      From the maniacal opening notes and carnival barker howl that launch the album, The Ugly Organ wasted no time searing itself into a listener’s ears and quickly established Cursive as a musical force with which to be reckoned. The album arrived three years after the underground success of their 2000 LP Cursive’s Domestica, which introduced frontman Tim Kasher’s particularly confessional and conceptual songwriting style, and saw him delving even further into and refining that craft. A self-aware examination of artistic constraints (or lack thereof), relationships, sex, and the intersection of all three, The Ugly Organ wowed critics and audiences alike with its cerebral, cathartic blend of songs that are alternately hushed and restrained, riotous and dissonant. Fiercely intelligent and cohesive – the liner notes laid the songs out like a play, complete with stage directions – across its diverse sonic landscape, the album landed Cursive on the Sunday Arts & Leisure section cover of The New York Times (which also called it “a marvelous collection of riddles and left turns, conceived as a single piece of musical theater”) and earned accolades from Rolling Stone (“a brilliant leap forward”), Entertainment Weekly, Billboard, Alternative Press (★★★★★), MAGNET (“The best punk record you’ll hear all year”), Esquire, and SPIN, among many others, as well as a place on numerous year-end best lists.

                      The Ugly Organ feels as vibrant and vital today as it did upon release more than 10 years ago. A landmark album, it not only catapulted the Omaha, NE-based band from the simmering indie underground to the forefront of a genre, and was the second Saddle Creek album to break the 100,000 sold mark, but also served to inspire a host of young bands in its wake.

                      Cursive has also announced a new run of tour dates early next year, beginning February 10th in Salt Lake City and wrapping up on March 21st with a hometown show in Omaha. The tour also includes a show at The Echoplex in Los Angeles, CA on February 20th and two nights at the Bowery Ballroom in New York, NY on March 10th and 11th. Each night’s setlist will feature songs culled from across the band’s seven albums – including their most recent, 2012’s I Am Gemini – in addition to drawing heavily from The Ugly Organ. A cellist will also accompany the band throughout the tour to perform on all The Ugly Organ-era songs. A current itinerary is below.

                      *LIMITED REPRESS* Orders essential.
                      Classic Wild Oats release here from no other than Jay Daniel, who's pretty much dominated 2014 with a string of releases. This tasty offering on Kyle Hall's seminal label set out his ideology wonderfully. Tough but loose percussion, analogue goodness throughout and that hard to pin-down Detroitian sophistication. "Royal Dilemma" has tin can drums, squelchy one-finger synthlines and a weighty kick. "Royal Insanity" unloads more dusty drums mined from heavy vinyl excavation and props up the mix with thick synth columns. Fluttering riffs cascading through mix give a wonderfully organic feel as Daniel's disjointed rhythms jar and skew throughout. "Change 4 Me" continues with discord, subtle acidic melodies littering a tape saturated drum palette and spacious environment. Warehouse tackle. "Exit #1" is a drunkard MPC workout, full of pummeled drums, syncopated shakers and improvised rhythms before sizzling hats and atmospheric pads fire in from the recesses of the master tapes turning this into a frenzied DJ tool for the club. "4 Red" concludes with a kick drum squashed beyond oblivion and harsh snares, combined with another highly corroded lead line and broken hi-hats. Out-there and uncompromising, and totally Jay Daniel. Limited run, move quick, recommended!

                      Turkish psychedelic disco? I'm gonna eat this up like Jaffa's falafel! Östra Discos serve up the first two track bundle of the finest Turkish music, edited by De Los Miedos. Lisbon DJ Sebastião Delerue AKA De Los Miedos started making Persian edits in 2013, bringing his Middle Eastern cosmic vibes to the city's discoteques and taking a generation of clubbers on his carpet ride. Here, two of the producer's finest reworks star on either side of this floor ready wax. On the A-side De Los Miedos takes us all the way back to Lindstrom & Prins Thomas' "Turkish Delight", Blackbelt Andersen's "Tyrkisk Pepper" and Terje's Scando-Persian explorations with a killer dancefloor edit of Nese Karaböcek's "Yali Yali". The producer extends the track from its criminally short two and a half minute running time to a proper six minute plus, layers the organ intro over the main body of the track and reworks the arrangement to emphasise the enchanting vocals and psychedelic fiddle. On the flipside "Ergi Ergi" dives straight into the psychedelic mess of that cosmic disco sound which swept Europe during the early 80s. I can just hear Baldelli slowing this male vocal groover down and tripping everyone out! The mix of a killer bassline, rattling drums and mindblowing moog solos is already irresistible, and that's before we consider the chanted vocals, and unreal Jarre-esque solo.

                      Two decades, six albums and with little sign of slowing up, dEUS curate their own works with news of a compilation album ‘Selected Songs -1994-2104’.

                      Formed in 1991, with their acclaimed debut album ‘Worst Case Scenario’ following in 1994, dEUS have evolved both musically and in terms of personnel under the guide of founder members and long term friends vocalist Tom Barman and multi-instrumentalist Klaas Janzoon.

                      Culled from the band’s album repertoire and including a live version of ‘Sun Ra’ from 2005’s ‘Pocket Revolution’, ‘Selected Songs 1994 - 2014’ is available on a double CD through Play It Again Sam.


                      Miracle Witness Hour (Live In Ohio 1977)

                      Spuds rejoice, for the Miracle Witness Hour is at hand! In 1977 DEVO played an intimate show to an eager handful at biker bar turned total dive The Eagle Street Saloon in Cleveland, Ohio. Unbeknown to those canny onlookers, they were to testify to the healing power of DEVO! But what of us now? Beautiful mutants fear not, FUTURISMO are here to rectify your late party syndrome. Televised through the antennas of time we give you DEVOs’ most intimate unreleased live record ever - Miracle Witness Hour!

                      Released for the first time on any format, this remastered document of de-evolution is finally given the attention it truly deserves. A rare glimpse into the embryonic stages of the groundbreaking band way before the masses knew how to ‘whip-it good’, the Miracle Witness Hour boasts primal versions of the bands most recalled avant-pop songs such as ‘Jocko Homo’ and ‘Mongoloid’ moments before Brian Eno got his hands on them, juxtaposed against some of their rarer experimental gems. Seemingly fitting for the kind of off the wall experience that would have DEVO’s dehumanised art house sci-fi set against the backdrop of Eagle Streets’ dingy and ruptured old world interior.

                      Synonymous with innovative ideology, it was only a few months later that David Bowie would declare them “the band of the future!” but it was at the Miracle Witness Hour that DEVO were already proving that the future was already happening. Like surrealist preachers transmitting a challenge to the preconceptions of pop music, it’s the playful live imperfections in this recording that genuinely make the Miracle Witness Hour an original and intimate experience - so intimate that you can make out individual handclaps of the sparse crowd.

                      This FUTURISMO release revitalises this event with exciting artwork and packaging that enforces the bands forward thinking approach to the aesthetics that shaped the following decade. The outer sleeve comes die-cut revealing the box-fold reversible cover inner sleeve, containing a second sleeve and housing rare images as well as brand new liner notes by DEVO founding member Gerald Casale.

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      LP Info: Ultimate virgin - white vinyl.

                      Ltd LP Info: Hot dust - Red glitter vinyl. Indie stores exclusive.


                      The Vibe EP - Feat. Hudson Mohawke

                      The latest star in NYC's long line of hip hop royalty comes of age on this ear catching debut solo release, featuring the production nous of HudMo, Mecca:83 and Buscrates, and the vocal stylings of Blu and Al Mighty. Following on from numerous collaborations with the likes of Fulgeance, Mike Slott and Kissey Asplund, the prolific DistantStarr steps out on his own with 6 tracks of deep insightful lyricism, and giving us a taste of what to expect from his full-length album due for release in 2015. The EP opens with "Feste", the first of two Hudson Mohawke productions on the release. The track is a straight up hip hop banger led by a sturdy piano riff, somewhat in contrast to HudMo's more leftfield output, but still featuring his trademark neck snapping drums and deep bass; later in the EP he also provides the beat for "Buttafly" which is more in keeping with what we've come to expect from the renowned Scotsman. Another strong collaboration comes from LA's finest Blu, who lends his vocals to the sublime head-nodder "Laminated Looseleafs" which is produced by DistantStarr himself. Also flexing their skills on the boards are Expansions Collective members Mecca:83 and Buscrates, who create the post-Dilla-esque backdrop for "Feeling Like", another high point to the release, featuring guest vocals from Al Mighty.

                      DJ Haus

                      Feel The Change Comin' On

                      Much sought after DJ Haus radio jams pressed onto blue transparent vinyl. "Comin' On" utilizes the massive bassline off Mike Huckaby "Bassline 89" then layers up these big diva vocals for an absolutely huge soundsystem destroyer. Extra bump provided from flourishes of acid combined with the occasional burst of rave pan pipe! Take cover! "When U Look At" has me scratching my head as the original sample sources but its another tough sound system roller, this time with incessant bleep melodies and a whipping, almost bassline-esque groove. Again, female vocal snippets are layered and deployed with aplomb, combined with big strobe-ready breakdowns and devasting drops. Support from all the big guns: Bicep, Huxley, Redlight, Moxie, Ben UFO - Radio 1, 1XTRA, Rinse FM & NTS support confirmed.

                      Nick Drake

                      A Treasury - Back To Black Edition

                        To coincide with the release of a new deluxe book, celebrating the life of Nick Drake as we approach forty years since his untimely death, UMGI/ Island are proud to make available three highly sought after compilation releases on 12 inch 180 gram heavyweight vinyl.

                        A Treasury is available as a single LP with inner sleeve and notes written by Peter Paphides specifically for this vinyl release. Both these words and music on this release further illustrate the great depth of Nick Drake’s songwriting and catalogue of recordings.

                        Nick Drake

                        Family Tree - Back To Black Edition

                          To coincide with the release of a new deluxe book, celebrating the life of Nick Drake as we approach forty years since his untimely death, UMGI/ Island are proud to make available three highly sort after compilation releases on 12 inch 180 gram heavyweight vinyl. 

                          Family Tree – available as a 2LP gatefold with 8 page book, including an intimate ‘letter’ to Nick from his sister Gabrielle, a firsthand account by Robin Fredrick from their brief time in Aix, and a child hood memoir from Andrew Hicks; the music in this release is as compelling and revealing a tale of early Nick Drake as the written accounts in the booklet. ‘Family Tree’ provides an insight into Nick’s early songwriting exploits, as well as covers and appearances from his sister, Gabrielle, and mother, Molly.

                          Nick Drake

                          Made To Love Magic - Back To Black Edition

                            To coincide with the release of a new deluxe book, celebrating the life of Nick Drake as we approach forty years since his untimely death, UMGI/ Island are proud to make available three highly sort after compilation releases on 12 inch 180 gram heavyweight vinyl. 

                            Made To Love Magic – available as a single LP with 16 page booklet, including select lyric and sheet music artwork, and liner notes from original engineer John Wood, friend Robin Kirby and current management Cally. This release includes a selection of quality album out takes and also compelling remixes.

                            Bob Dylan

                            The Basement Tapes Raw - The Basement Tapes Raw - Bootleg Series Volume 11

                              Released on Columbia Recods / Legacy Recordings, this new release is compiled from meticulously restored original tapes, many only recently found.

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              2xCD Info: The 2CD set contains 38 tracks taken from the box-set.

                              3xLtd LP Info: The limited, deluxe vinyl package contains extensive booklet and 3 180gm heavyweight vinyl pieces.

                              Eek-A-Mouse / Lee Van Cleef

                              Christmas-A-Come / Gone Water Gone - Snow White Vinyl Edition

                              This is a limited edition 12" repress on seasonal snow-like white vinyl - double sided roots man business produced by Linval Thompson. Eek-A-Mouse and Lee Van Cleef head to head with extended dub work outs - Roots Radics in full 12" effect, mixed by Scientist at Channel One. Somebody give me a biddy-bong-bong!

                              Faerground Accidents

                              We Hate The Same Thing / Dangerously Close

                              Sex, style and subversion from Sheffield but sounding international Faerground Accidents stand out like a unique band in a sea of indie grey. With dark and powerful songs that will be proper hits they are like an edgy version of Pulp with a lipstick wearing androgynous singer who is a genuine star.

                              They are trouble in a time when we need trouble but have the songs to back it up.

                              Indie has become boring- too many sensible bands. We need the freaks!

                              They write pithy, darkly funny songs that will be anthems in 12 months time.

                              A month before release they are picking up radio play on 6music and there is already lots of press interest- this one is going to take off.


                              ///I\II\\\\ - Inc. μ-Ziq / Brrd Remixes

                              Drew Lustman aka FaltyDL released his fourth long player In The Wild back in August and he returns to the fray armed with a new 8-track EP with the mysterious and unpronounceable title “///I\II\\\\”.

                              From the moody chug of ‘Greater Antilles VIP’– appearing in its original unedited glory – to Lustman’s own bruk beatdown version ‘Do Me’ featuring vocal edits by his girlfriend (“This one is for the kids” he says), the palette here is as rich and diverse as on In The Wild. Sidling back into widescreen territory, ‘GA 2 Tape outcome.z130583’ is the delightful result of an afternoon experimenting with what he describes as “prepared musical situations” routed and re-routed through a Tascam 4-track recorder and a battered VHS. Likewise, ‘M ///I\II\\\\’ and ‘P ///I\II\\\\’ are born of the same prepared piano set-up: one soft and one dark.

                              The reworks come direct from Lustman’s extended musical family – Planet Mu boss and serial innovator Mike Paradinas (aka μ-Ziq); Blueberry Records’ very own beats technician Brrd; and the relative newcomer E+E who resides in LA but pays homage to his Bolivian heritage, dedicated this remix to his great uncle. The overall sound is based on a style of Bolivian metal music that incorporates a breathy style of vocal with minimal music (usually fake piano or detuned guitar): “I’ve been wanting to write a song in this specific Bolivian style for some time,” he explains.

                              Faust for all - The Krautrock legends lay down the musical foundations for everyone else to make something of their own.More than 40 years after their debut, Faust have come up with another archetypical album: inspiring, innovative, unpredictable, crossing boundaries, anarchic – Faustian!

                              “j US t”—pronounced “Just Us”—is the new album from legendary Hamburg band Faust. Founder members Jean-Hervé Peron and Zappi Diermaier have laid down twelve musical foundations, inviting the whole world to use them as a base on which to build their own music. The tracks presented by Peron and Diermaier are clearly, intrinsically typical of Faust in their own right, yet offer enough space for completely different works to develop. Which is exactly what they hope will happen. Whilst Diermaier largely remains true to his habitual handiwork—drums and percussion—Peron, as we might expect, incorporates all manner of unusual sonic sources alongside his bass, various string instruments and piano, even using a sewing machine as a metronome.

                              Tracks like “nur nous” and “ich bin ein pavian” show that Faust have lost none of their predilection for avant-garde Dadaism and improvisation. Peron and Diermaier actually surprise us with folkloristic excursions (“cavaquiñho”, “gammes”). In short, there is something for everyone to work with here. Peron and Diermaier await the results with bated breath. Faust will follow the same principle on the accompanying tour by inviting local artists to collaborate with them on stage.

                              Flake Music

                              When You Land Here, It's Time To Return

                              James Mercer (The Shins, Broken Bells) formed Flake Music in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1992 with Neal Langford on guitar, Phil Higgs and then Marty Crandall on bass and Jesse Sandoval on drums.

                              Flake Music was a collaborative affair with each member contributing to the songwriting process. From 1992 to 1997, Flake Music released several singles before releasing ‘When You Land Here, It’s Time To Return’ in 1997. Upon the album’s release, Flake Music began touring largely due to support from Modest Mouse.

                              In 1996, Mercer started The Shins as an additional outlet for his songwriting, eventually releasing The Shins’ acclaimed debut ‘Oh, Inverted World’ was released in 2001 on Sub Pop. · Flake Music’s ‘When You Land Here, It’s Time To Return’ was originally released on Northern California label Omnibus Records. This reissue includes the full original album - remixed by Kennie Takahashi and remastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering - and a reinterpretation of the album art.

                              The Greg Foat Group

                              Live At The Playboy Club, London

                              The Greg Foat Group are currently the resident band at the Playboy Club, located in Mayfair, London. Earlier this year a couple of nights were recorded for Jazzman, and the results are here for all to enjoy. Recorded live and direct onto 1" analogue tape the album captures the energy and atmosphere of the group at their regular gig. Awash with library-esque soundtrack-themed jazz grooves with a modal edge, jazz has never been so much fun! This is the 3rd album by the Greg Foat Group on Jazzman, and is the first album to be recorded live at the Playboy Club for over 40 years.

                              The Gino Fontaine

                              Revnorev / Konkondo - Inc. Pete Herbert / Stratus Remixes

                              What better way to follow up Andy Meecham's (Chicken Lips / the Emperor Machine) huge Gino Fontaine originals than a duo of remixes from Balearic chieftains Pete Herbert and Stratus. As one half of Reverso 68 alongside Phil Mison, and in his own right Pete has been behind a ton of mesmerising sunrise and sunset workouts, and he's more than delivered here - crisp and club ready percussion, those stark punk-funkin' guitars and his trademark synth work all conspire to cook up a storm on the floor. Martin Jenkins and Mat Anthony's Stratus outfit (remember their superb "Spring Tide EP" on Aficionado last year?) take a pop at the sublime Konkondo on the flip, and what a masterpiece it is! A ten minute, utterly absorbing and expertly evolving piece, which flips the darker elements of the original into a mesmerising, cinematic, early 90's style Balearic epic.

                              Frazey Ford

                              Indian Ocean

                                Frazey Ford, best known as the lead voice of The Be Good Tanyas, returns with her second solo effort, Indian Ocean, a lush album filled with songs about pain and dealing with tough truths, but also about love, contrition and being bold. Part of what gives Indian Ocean its gilded edge is the work of Al Green’s band, The Hi Rhythm Section, the iconic architects of the famous singer's instrumental sound. There's affirmation in its 11 songs, as Ford's self-possession and passion puts flesh to the musical bones.

                                On the follow up to 2010’s critically acclaimed Obadiah, Ford unleashes an unbridled full-throated ebullience that takes listeners down to where the soul rivers run deep. The Hi Rhythm Section, Charles Hodges (organ), Leroy Hodges (bass) and Teenie Hodges (guitar), the latter who recently passed away, helped Al Green pen some of his most famous songs. Ford is the beneficiary of their almighty talents, the trio accentuating her sensual and opulent vocals with deep-bottomed bass, subtle backbeats, and airy flights of organ. They're joined by the golden horn arrangements and the undulating tides of Debra Jean Creelman and Caroline Ballhorn's backing vocals that kick off the restless but hopeful album opener, "September Fields." John Raham, Frazey’s creative partner and co-producer, brings his considerable talents helping to create the album’s delicate musical balance.

                                Lisbon groove experts Gala Drop return to Golf Channel for the first time since 2010's outstanding "Overcoat Heat EP", with a sophomore LP of kaleidoscopic sounds perfect for the Balearic crowd. The line up's taken a slight re-edit since last time out, with Tiago Miranda leaving to concentrate on his Interzona13, and Detroit legend Jerry The Cat taking over percussion duties without missing a beat. This switch sees the ensemble further embrace organic sounds, bolstered by Jerry's exceptional skills behind the skins, whether the rhythm be Krautrock, psyche, reggae lilt or funk break. Their music takes on the bustling heat of the streets of Lisbon but, like the city itself, never escapes the proximity of the open seas and panoramic scenery beyond. Each track provides a potent sensory hit as blistering psyche-funk guitars cut through the heat haze of the summer swelter, and echo drenched vocals spiral with the redolence of a night on the pipe. When the irresistible basslines arn't busy propelling the track forward at warp speed, they're bringing a warm island lilt to proceedings, adding a dubby flavour to this esoteric melting pot. Gala Drop may herald from Lisbon, but they're truly children of the world.

                                Gallon Drunk

                                The Rotten Mile

                                  Gallon Drunk album "The Rotten Mile", at last released on vinyl! Originally released in U.K. in 2007 on CD, this awesome record finally sees itself reissued now on vinyl with previously unseen photography as well as liner notes by James Johnston.

                                  Gallon Drunk is actively touring these days and delivering incendiary live acts that prove them to be one of the best bands to ever come out of England. Vaporing from London smoggy sounds and melodies of distortion, swamp, jungle, rock and pure intensity, they fulfill this terrific record which meant back in 2007 the return of Gallon Drunk taking themselves into the evolution and orientation that their latest records "The Road Gets Darker From Here" and "The Soul of the Hour". During these years James Johnston as well has been actively taking part in other projects such as member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Lydia Lunch´s Big Sexy Noise. Bang! Records is proud to take part in Gallon Drunk's history by releasing this masterpiece.

                                  After winning hearts from critics and listeners alike with his two 2012 albums, Lee Gamble delivers a hotly anticipated follow-up for his spiritual home, Pan. The tone of 'Koc'h is similarly concerned with plush ambient tones and murky atmospherics, while the beats meander from techno thrust (as on "Motor System") via fractious weirdo house shuffle (see "Nueme") through to intricate broken beat minimalism (courtesy of "Voxel City Spirals"). These differences are bound together by the immersive tones that linger consistently over the album, giving rise to a release that should satisfy anyone craving more of the goodness that populated 'Diversion 1994-1996'.

                                  "Alice Gerrard has one of those voices that harkens back to the likes of Sara and Maybelle. She is the real deal with the right stuff and hasn't forgotten where country music came from."- Emmylou Harris (June, 2014) .

                                  The trailblazing folksinger famously collaborated with Hazel Dickens. Their classic recordings for Folkways and Rounder in the '60's and 70's "rank among the most influential recordings in folk music history," (All Music Guide), and laid the groundwork for many artists, especially female bluegrass and folk musicians. 'Follow The Music' features traditional tunes and original songs by Alice, produced by Hiss Golden Messenger's M.C. Taylor, and features members of Hiss Golden Messenger and Megafaun.

                                  Get Well Soon

                                  The Greatest Hits

                                    Konstantin Gropper, artistically known as GET WELL SOON, will be releasing three different EPs on three consecutive Mondays during November. These EPs will be available exclusively on limited edition 10” vinyl, as well as in the usual digital formats. Each EP has its own theme and its own release date. Konstantin Gropper explains: “These EPs are projects I’ve been meaning to do for quite a long time, but neither “concept” would have been suitable for an entire album, nor would they actually all add up to a coherent album, plus I do love these smaller formats. What’s more beautiful then three nice little 10inches with gorgeous black and white artwork all by the same artist (in this case, celebrated German painter Hermann Schenkel)?” he asks. 

                                    Cover versions have a bit of a tradition with Get Well Soon. This EP is just a small collection of songs that I wanted to reinterpret. It has been my long-standing plan to cover only superhits on one record (I thought, I‘d learn something), but somehow that got lost somewhere along the way. That‘s why there are only three superhits and three secret hits on thsi EP. These versions were developed for very different reasons and occasions over the years. I hope the selection is quite controversial.

                                    Following the launch of what most critics (Billboard, Pitchfork, NPR, Piccadilly's own Matt Ward amongst them) are calling one of the best rap records (if not one of the best records) of the year, producer Madlib and rapper Freddie Gibbs reunite for a final EP - "Knicks Remix". This EP contains exclusive tracks not available on the pair’s "Piñata" album. “Knicks” in remixed form, now features a new verse by Gibbs alongside Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$ and Ransom. The B-side, “Home,” features BJ The Chicago Kid - the velvet voiced vocalist from the duo’s earlier “Shame” - and Madlib’s two-part soul-flip carries Gibb’s narrative about a traveling man’s disregard for his woman at home. Both sides are completed by previously unheard Madlib instrumentals.

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Matt says: Freddie's ode to slingin' illicit products from high school hits as hard as anything else on Pinata, and trust me, that's saying some.

                                    Philip Glass

                                    "Low" Symphony - 180g Vinyl Edition

                                    "Low" Symphony, composed by Philip Glass in the spring of 1992, is based on the record Low by David Bowie and Brian Eno, first released in 1977. Glass took themes from three of the instrumentals on the original and, combining them with his own material, used them as the basis of three movements of the "Low" Symphony. Movement One comes from "Subterraneans," Movement Two from "Some Are", which was not featured on Bowie's original recording, and Movement Three from "Warszawa".

                                    The "Low" Symphony was performed by the Brooklyn Philharmonic orchestra under the batons of Dennis Russell Davies, principal conductor, and Karen Kamensek, assistant conductor. Philip Glass allowed ideas of Bowie and Brian Eno, who worked together on Low, to influence how he worked on the music, leading to surprising musical conclusions and becoming a real collaboration between the music of all three maestros.

                                    This is the first ever vinyl issue of "Low" Symphony!

                                    Steve Gunn

                                    Boerum Palace

                                      Boerum Palace is Steve Gunn’s second album, originally released in 2009. The album starts off with a headlong rush into the hypnotic “Mr. Franklin”. Gunn’s fluid playing style, especially as portrayed within this track, provides ample space for the development of infectious musical themes. The track ends in a dextrous duel between Gunn’s guitar and guest Marc Orleans’ (of D. Charles Speer & the Helix, Sunburned Hand of the Man) vicious pedal steel.

                                      The album mixes Gunn’s long-form blues / raga / psych explorations alongside briefer cuts that equally display his songcraft. These tracks, such as “Variation II” and “Jadin’s Dream,” demonstrate that Gunn is equally confident with shorter or longer compositions. Gunn’s voice is joined by an ethereal turn from the Vanishing Voice’s Heidi Diehl on the album’s central and haunting “House of Knowledge.” The track opens with a building central guitar theme.

                                      This theme allows Gunn to layer on further guitar explorations. The tone set by these musical themes builds into the duo’s vocal delivery that delivers volumes despite being uttered in gentle tones. Other highlights include “Cryin’ Eyes,” an inspired reworking of J.J. Cale’s “Crying Eyes” featuring backing instrumentation from Marc Orleans, and the richly textured album finale “Mustapha’s Exit.”

                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                      Ltd LP Info: This latest pressing of Boerum Palace is pressed on purple/white colour vinyl. Included is a free download card and insert.

                                      Gunnar Haslam returns to LIES records for his second album, "Mirrors And Copulation". Following a slew of 12" releases this year, Gunnar delves deep into his darkest palettes for a return to his patient, haunted soundscapes that shrouded his debut LP, "Mimesiak". Across eight tracks of ambient techno both brooding and tumultuous, Gunnar Haslam unravels a narrative on overpopulation and its potential environmental ramifications inspired by the Borges quote the album title references. "Meter By Me, Sybil" cascades arpeggios through a thick fog that never leaves Mirrors. "Ajapajapam Version" cuts through with a sluggish 3/4 strut and nauseated 303 bassline, but the rest of the A side is fully enveloped by the Gunnar's peerless recreation of the wet ambience of a ghostly rainforest. "Cloud Castle Lake" offers an uptempo cut buoyed by a blasted kick drum and frenetic 606 workout. Still enshrouded, "Nameless" further explores Gunnar's sonic terrain with the force of a freaked dancefloor's momentum, much like the album finale, "In Argo Teurano", which blasts forth from the mist with a weathered adventurer's grit. 'Mirrors And Copulation' continues Gunnar Haslam's pursuit of the subterranean and introverted techno first offered on his LIES debut, embarking on more mystic pastures with his final offering of 2014.

                                      Jon Hassell / Brian Eno

                                      Fourth World Vol.1: Possible Musics

                                      A luxury reissue of this classic, groundbreaking album from 1980. "Fourth World" is a term invented by trumpeter Jon Hassell to describe a "futurist primitive" style of music employing modern technological treatments and influences from various cultures and eras. Together with Eno, Hassell melded his heavily processed trumpet with ritualistic hand drum beats and abstract textures to produce a mesmerizing blend of the ambient and the global. ESSENTIAL.

                                      'Yum001' is the first official release on Yummy records, brought to you by HNNY himself. A three tune long journey that HNNY says you should preferably listen to while a) strolling b) dancing c) standing with your bare feet in the grass (in this weather?!) or d) with your eyes shut. The EP sees HNNY moving into deeper house territory, with '6.30' leading the way with quavering synths, melodic bassline, a crisp house rhythm and offbeat percussion. '9.15' has a bit more body, but keeps things nice and light with the addition of Rhodes piano loops and back-in-the-mix shaker. '12.00' closes the EP with boogie and soul flavours shoehorned into a 4/4 rhythm. Lush and warm, this is sure to put a smile on your face.

                                      I Am Kloot

                                      From Here To There (Official Soundtrack)

                                      The masterful I Am Kloot will release the soundtrack to the TV Drama ‘From There To Here’. Staring Philip Glenister (Life on Mars), the plot centres around the tragic and comic misadventures of two families in Manchester at the time of the ‘96 IRA bombing. Kloot’s deft handling of the soundtrack provides both light and shade that recalls some of their greatest work.

                                      Bio (amended from Peter Jobson, bassist of I Am Kloot)

                                      So we were invited to score a drama set in our home town of Manchester and we were delighted as it was something that we had always wanted to do. The name I Am Kloot is inspired by the classic Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland noir drama “Klute”. The 1996 IRA bomb had a big effect on everyone living in the city and in the drama it acts as a trigger that begins to unravel a family. The events of June 15th 1996 were something we witnessed, lived through and worked through and so the story is close to our hearts.
                                      We were initially given three pieces of footage and asked to compose music for each as way of an audition. The first scene lead up to a bomb exploding, the second depicted a romantic meeting between two characters and the third was a montage which the music composed set the tone for the entire series. There are three members of I Am Kloot so we took a scene each and produced very different pieces of music which has inspired us to change the approach to the way we work. Our usual approach would be three of us in a room following each other’s ideas to an agreed conclusion.

                                      Producing each piece separately resulted in three diverse pieces of music. “The bomb” was composed by Andy Hargreaves (Drummer) and is very rhythm orientated based on a discussion around how the Dirty Harry scores of Lalo Schifrin were so evocative and effective and predominately composed of drums. The romantic scene “Joanne and Daniel (part 1)”, was composed by myself Peter Jobson (Bass player / multi-instrumentalist) and was set on a pier by the sea so the sounds of waves lapping sat beneath a major scale country blues acoustic guitar progression with a harmonica melody that implies burgeoning romance but uncertainty. The third piece “From There To Here” was composed by John Bramwell (Singer / multi-instrumentalist). This piece was used as the main theme of the drama reoccurring throughout the series in different guises. It consists of a Minor key acoustic guitar progression with a very evocative melody played on different instruments each time it appears in the drama. Firstly the melody is played on a melodica, then an acoustic guitar and lastly whistled. The theme as well as the melody being played on different instruments has a different tempo and velocity each time it appears so as to suit the mood of the scene.

                                      We got the green light on the project from these three pieces and subsequently were given all three hour long episodes to watch and absorb. We were then provided with specific times and durations of pieces that were required to be composed. Some of the pieces were very short and some up to nine minutes long.
                                      For the first time we found ourselves working as individuals on the same project; emailing each other files of musical ideas. This after fifteen years of recording all together in one room was very refreshing and resulted in a varied piece of work allowing each member of the group to play to their strengths with no time pressures being applied. A hint at what may come in the future from the band as we all enjoyed this way of working. Each member of I Am Kloot has quite different musical tastes and influences. This project allowed for many disparate approaches. It was an ideal remit for us in that we were able to discuss our ideas and take on specific tasks separately; allowing each of us to draw on our personal influences and then score what we imagined. This made for a diverse piece of work and more so we discovered a great deal about ourselves musically that up until now we did not know. Old dog new tricks, Eureka, Satori, call it what you want; for the lads it’s a fuckin result!

                                      Most of the pieces of music were written and recorded spontaneously playing live along to the visuals which gives the pieces energy and is very in keeping with the way we like to compose. Our initial ideas are the best, we were never great revisers. A small amount of arrangement then takes place which nearly always entails removing rather than adding to the piece as space in music is a crucial part of the dynamic, it also gives the instruments that are recorded the sonic space required to provide their full tonal range. In a three piece band space is a welcome unpaid fourth member.

                                      Inspired very much by the work of Bernard Herman, John Cage and the cartoons of Walt Disney we used what is really Foley artist techniques; everyday sound affects mixed in within the music. There are moments of swords pulled across stone, coins dropped and ratchet spanner clicks all of which create a mood you do not hear much of in television scores. In my opinion there is no substitute for these techniques, not only is it a joy to discover, record and place these sounds, the variety of what Shane Macgowan calls “music that’s in the ground” is limitless. These for me are the magic sounds within music. As a listener you are not sure if they are in the score, in the room or in your imagination; Subtle and fleeting to the point of existential. Delicious.

                                      International Music System

                                      Dancing Therapy / Love Games

                                      Dark Entries deliver a 30th anniversary reissue of “Dancing Therapy” by International Music System, often abbreviated as IMS. In 1983 Maurizio Cavalieri and Giorgio Stefani, the same musicians who brought you “Spacer Woman” by Charlie, created International Music System in Vicenza, Italy. Under this moniker, the two would release a pair of albums of stylized and syncopated electronic dance songs showcasing the still-evolving advancement of computer and keyboard-generated music. “Dancing Therapy” was released as a 12” single in 1984 on the Cavalieri’s own Mr Disc Records. It utilized the Roland TR-808, Yamaha DX7 and Linn Drum as the main percussion. Giorgio would hit the two sides of a metal triangle with a drum stick, creating the high pitched tone break throughout the song. Guest vocalist Rebecca McLain, an American ballet dancer, sings about getting lost in music as a means to escape from your troubles. The single anticipated the beats and sounds of Freest yle music as well as influencing the early House scene due to radio airplay on Chicago’s WBMX. On the B-side is “Love Games”, an electro dance song with breakbeats in the vein of Afrika Bambaataa that features Giorgio on vocals. The vinyl comes housed in a glossy jacket with original artwork featuring an iconic photo with each band member in side profile view. Each copy includes a post card insert with lyrics and liner notes.

                                      "The Invisible Hands is a transcontinental collaboration between Alvarius B. (Alan Bishop of Sun City Girls) and four stellar young musicians from Cairo, Egypt: Cherif El Masri, Aya Hemeda (both formerly of the popular Egyptian group Eskenderella), Adham Zidan and Magued Nagati. On Teslam, The Invisible Hands expand the already panoramic range of their eponymous debut LP with a haunting set of melodic, impeccably crafted songs whose vintage psych/hard-rock edge conjures up early Alice Cooper almost as often as it recalls Sun City Girls and 20th-century icons like Ennio Morricone and Serge Gainsbourg. The band's exquisite sonic palette is deepened by Cairo-based guest musicians Mohamed Ibrahim, Mohamed 'Moe' Asem, and Sammy Sayed, as well as by longtime SCG compatriot Eyvind Kang. Recorded in Cairo between 2013 and 2014, Teslam represents a further evolution of Alvarius B.'s peerlessly idiosyncratic pop sensibility, which is just as volatile and unclassifiable as his more experimental work. His songwriting -- both on his own, and in partnership with Cherif El Masri -- is marked by a unity of purpose that has compressed countless musical and emotional incongruities into a handful of sharp-edged, pitch-black jewels. A brooding track composed by keyboardist Adham Zidan ('The Great Implosion') perfectly complements the record's uneasy mood. As usual, Alvarius B.'s lyrics comprise an apocalyptic pile-up of cruel metaphors at the intersection of culture, politics and international crime. But they take on new power and new implications as sung by El Masri and Hemeda, whose seductive voices are as inviting as a welcome mat at the gates of hell. Each song stands on its own while also fitting into a planet-sized jigsaw puzzle detailing dark associations and secret narratives that stretch back as far as the foundation of the world. Arguably Alvarius B.'s most accessible work to date, Teslam is a generously baited steel-jaw trap for the unwary listener. Like The Invisible Hands' 2013 debut, Teslam inevitably reflects the precarious political circumstances in which it was conceived and recorded. As such, it's a vivid document not just of an unlikely musical collaboration, but also of a critical moment of hope, defiance, rage and sorrow in one of the world's most venerable cities." - B. Kearney.

                                      Iron Maiden

                                      Can I Play With Madness

                                        Parlophone Records follow the 2012/13 Iron Maiden vinyl picture disc reissues of their albums, which spanned the 1980s, with brand new pressings of the albums in heavyweight 180g black vinyl. In conjunction with these premium album releases, a strictly limited one-off run of the 7” singles from each respective album is made available. These highly collectable black vinyl singles are cut from the original analogue master tapes.

                                        Iron Maiden

                                        Infinite Dreams (Live)

                                          Parlophone Records follow the 2012/13 Iron Maiden vinyl picture disc reissues of their albums, which spanned the 1980s, with brand new pressings of the albums in heavyweight 180g black vinyl. In conjunction with these premium album releases, a strictly limited one-off run of the 7” singles from each respective album is made available. These highly collectable black vinyl singles are cut from the original analogue master tapes.

                                          Iron Maiden

                                          Stranger In A Strange Land

                                            Parlophone Records follow the 2012/13 Iron Maiden vinyl picture disc reissues of their albums, which spanned the 1980s, with brand new pressings of the albums in heavyweight 180g black vinyl. In conjunction with these premium album releases, a strictly limited one-off run of the 7” singles from each respective album is made available. These highly collectable black vinyl singles are cut from the original analogue master tapes.

                                            Iron Maiden

                                            The Clairvoyant (Live)

                                              Parlophone Records follow the 2012/13 Iron Maiden vinyl picture disc reissues of their albums, which spanned the 1980s, with brand new pressings of the albums in heavyweight 180g black vinyl. In conjunction with these premium album releases, a strictly limited one-off run of the 7” singles from each respective album is made available. These highly collectable black vinyl singles are cut from the original analogue master tapes.

                                              Iron Maiden

                                              The Evil That Men Do

                                                Parlophone Records follow the 2012/13 Iron Maiden vinyl picture disc reissues of their albums, which spanned the 1980s, with brand new pressings of the albums in heavyweight 180g black vinyl. In conjunction with these premium album releases, a strictly limited one-off run of the 7” singles from each respective album is made available. These highly collectable black vinyl singles are cut from the original analogue master tapes.

                                                Iron Maiden

                                                Wasted Years

                                                  Parlophone Records follow the 2012/13 Iron Maiden vinyl picture disc reissues of their albums, which spanned the 1980s, with brand new pressings of the albums in heavyweight 180g black vinyl. In conjunction with these premium album releases, a strictly limited one-off run of the 7” singles from each respective album is made available. These highly collectable black vinyl singles are cut from the original analogue master tapes.

                                                  * First time on LP in almost 20 years!
                                                  * Officially licensed by the group, who will receive royalties from sales of this album .
                                                  * Remastered and restored by Warren Defever for maximum brilliance.
                                                  * LP comes with download card that includes the entire Lunar Dust sessions as bonus tracks - CD contains both albums.
                                                  * Sleeve notes by Aaron Milenski (co-author of the essential reference to The Acid Archives, and also author of the sleeve notes for the Anonymous reissue from last year).
                                                  * LP sleeved in a tip-on jacket, with a 4-page insert with never before seen photographs.

                                                  Hot on the heels of our ecstatically received reissue of ANONYMOUS’ classic album “Inside the Shadow” (cat. no. PICCHU 1 - back in print later this year), Machu Picchu Ltd. is thrilled to announce the reissue of their elusive and legendary follow-up.

                                                  After the 1976 release of “Inside the Shadow”, the group decided to change their name to J RIDER (after the second cut on the Anonymous LP) and pursued a similar rich vein of impeccable songwriting, but this time adding more hard rock to the mix, resulting in a fantastic sounding album that sadly went unreleased at the time.

                                                  The excellent reissue label OR Records first unearthed the tapes and put out a small edition of LPs in 1996, and we are now very happy to present you with a new and deluxe edition of this gem, complete with new sleeve art.

                                                  “Kiss Of Your Soul” and “Pike River” get our vote for two of the greatest songs ever written, and “One Sided Lover”, “High Roller” and “Sunday‘s Hero” each offer a heavier spin on the group’s Television-like interplay and compositional prowess.

                                                  This record is highly recommended for everyone who enjoyed “Inside the Shadow”, and it also happens to come with an entire unreleased album of songs recorded by the group’s visionary songwriter Ron Matelic! That’s right, ten bonus tracks of previously unheard songs recorded in the 1990s, featuring most of the members of Anonymous; a lost LP, if you like, and a fascinating complement to the ANONYMOUS and J RIDER albums. (Bonus tracks will be included in the form of a download card with each LP and are included on the compact disc.)

                                                  Jire is the project of 18 year old South London composer and producer Nathan Geyer. With a background in classical composition, Geyer creates fluctuating sonic structures imbued with a deep emotional resonance. The ‘Kiowa Polytope’ EP - his first public tracks - is borne from found sounds, acoustic improvisation, contemporary electronic production and minimal classical technique, taking inspiration from across the visual arts and literature. In places - take the boxed 4/4 kick appearing halfway through the title track - it’s a leftfield interpretation of rhythmic electronic structures; in others - such as ‘Materiality Notion’ - the tracks are noise architecture, a dense sonic environment built up slowly from atomic level. Centrepiece ‘SSTNSLNC’ is based on the samples the producer took from the Sistine Chapel, breathed into life with quaking sub-bass.

                                                  Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey

                                                  Going Back Home - Deluxe Edition

                                                    The collaborative studio album by former Dr. Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson and The Who lead vocalist Roger Daltrey, ‘Going Back Home’, now comes as a Deluxe Edition 2CD set. This includes the original album plus a second disc including bonus tracks such as Muskrat and live tracks from Johnson’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire show on 25th February 2014 and Daltrey/Johnson’s Teenage Cancer Trust 2014 show at the Royal Albert Hall.

                                                    Max Jury

                                                    All I Want / Black Metal

                                                      Brand new Marathon Artists Singles Club release by Max Jury. Max Jury is a singer-songwriter from Des Moines, Iowa. A love of great American songwriting from the likes of Bob Dylan, Gram Parsons & Paul Simon, has helped him hone and craft his own skill. He has been managed by Marathon Artists since 2013.

                                                      An undeniable talent, 21 year-old Max Jury is sure to establish himself as an American great in his own right.

                                                      Omar Khorshid And His Group

                                                      Live In Australia 1981

                                                        "Sublime Frequencies has pulled out all the stops, issuing a gorgeous double vinyl set with a short biography in the gatefold and almost 90 minutes of music. It's a long overdue treatment for an enormously creative and vital talent. Khorshid fused the techniques of traditional Arabic oud players with Western sounds and exposing the eastern Mediterranean roots of American surf guitar music in the process." – Pitchfork (8.1) for 'Guitar El Chark'

                                                        The first live recording ever issued of legendary Egyptian guitarist Omar Khorshid and his group.
                                                        These tracks were recorded live in Australia in 1981 -- only days before Omar's tragic death.
                                                        Stunning instrumental Arabic classics featuring electric guitar, organ, bass, drums & percussion.
                                                        Limited edition LP in a full-color gatefold jacket with amazing photos and liner notes.

                                                        This is the first live concert recording ever issued of legendary Egyptian guitarist Omar Khorshid and his group. It features tracks recorded during his 1981 tour of Australia, including live versions of songs that grace his various LPs recorded for Lebanese and Egyptian labels during the 1970s with one phenomenal tune, "Al Rabieh," being exclusive here as never before issued in any form.

                                                        The sound is surprisingly great for a live cassette recording and the band is as sharp and monumental as ever, with stunning instrumental performances throughout, including an extended improvisational rhythmic exchange between percussionist Ibrahim Tawfiek and Omar's electric guitar on the epic track "Sidi Mansour."

                                                        This record is loaded with Khorshid's signature microtonal Arabesque surf guitar elegance darting atop the backing band's brilliant accompaniment, and the tones of organist Fouad Rohaiem sound raw and abrasive, as though it were still 1973.

                                                        The album has even more nostalgic (and tragic) significance as these shows would be his last; a car accident claiming Omar's life within 72 hours of flying back to Cairo from Australia.

                                                        Mohamed Amine, Khorshid's lifelong friend and member of his group from 1975-1981, recorded these tracks and provided the photographs that embellish the beautiful gatefold jacket that accompanies this LP. Collected and researched by Khorshid historian Hany Zaki in Cairo, this unbelievable treasure is now available for the world to behold.

                                                        Kid Wave

                                                        Gloom EP

                                                        Kid Wave have announced details of the release of a new single. Gloom will be released of Heavenly Recordings on Monday 24th November 2014.

                                                        Produced by Rory Atwel and recorded at Lightship 95, the single, available as a 4-track 7”, features the tracks Gloom, Brimstone and Young Blood & All I Want, both of which appeared as part of the band’s first download only release on Heavenly in September of this year.

                                                        Kid Wave started out in 2011 as a recording and writing project for Lea Emmery when she moved to London from the East coast of Sweden. She was joined in 2013 by Serra Patale, originally from Perth in Australia, Londoner Harry Deacon and Mattias Batt, who hails from the same town in Sweden as Lea.

                                                        Kid Wave are: Lea Emmery (vocals & guitar), Harry Deacon (bass), Serra Patale (drums) & Mattias Batt (guitar).

                                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                        Ltd 7" Info: Limited to 300 copies only.

                                                        Krystal Klear Featuring Flex Washington

                                                        Cash Champagne

                                                        TONIC003 shows label founder Krystal Klear joining forces with a fresh off the boat vocalist in the form of Flex Washington. A two track 12 alongside a crafty Accapella for the Djs showcases a another step in a darker club foundation for the label head merging elements of new jacking R n B on top of rigorous drum patterns all tied together by the romanticism in Flex's vocal tone.

                                                        The tracklisting of the release was inspired by classic vocal 12's of the late 80's early 90s which is represented by the alternative acid flexing drum-a-pella version of the A side alongside a 12 inch only bonus of the bare accapella giving a tip of the hat to KK's musical heritage ranging from turntablism to body rocking.

                                                        Musically this is representing the deeper crevices of the streets that not all of us see...the darker side of midnight.

                                                        Support coming from P Diddy, Jackmaster, Jacques Greene, Midland, Tensnake, Alan Sugar, Bill Brewster, Skream & Joy Orbison.

                                                        International disco outpost Bordello A Parigi invites you to spend a wild night amid the crushed velvet of their back room. Your hostess, Berlin's Lazercat takes to the decks and massages your senses with hypnotic sequences, pristine melodies and cascading arps. You'll be seeing stars right from the off with the explosive "Nova", a glittering blast of driving bass sequences, soaring pads and snapping percussion which blazes its trail through the night sky. "Vector Dance Pt. 1" on the other hand swaps its Italo influence for the stepping beat of electro and first wave techno, coupling Detroit with Chicago thanks to deep and melancholic pads, zero gravity drums and Larry Heard basslines. On the B-side "Vector Dance Pt.2" flips the script, swapping that electro beat for a full scale jack and pushing the stargazing synths to the fore for peak time frequency abuse. Bloody hell, they don't come more Italo than "Space Face" do they? Bobby O bass sequences meet Kano melodies as Lazercat transports us back to the chase scene of a faintly remembered B-movie. Superb stuff!

                                                        Lisiere Collectif

                                                        Les Sons De La Lisiere

                                                        Ploiesti Romania area childhood friends Andu Simion, Dan Gheorghe and Bogdan Ardeleanu are inspired by Detroit's house sound and Berlin's techno. Their resulting collaboration is best described as 'deep techno' and their first release is appropriately on Moods & Grooves, known for pushing both envelopes. "Les sons de la Lisière" is a reflection of the beauty and silence of nature found in the suburbs of Ploiesti. Fans of Donato Dozzy, Tin Man and Cos/Mes should instantly resonate with these guys; and these tracks also possess a healthy influence of luminaries Basic Channel and Deepchord. "E - 1208 - 13" drips with liquid dub-techno artifacts as a weighty, jet-propelled 4/4 send us careering through the sonic environment. Sparkling synth shards and cascading reverb fragments littering the mix as it evolves. "I - 1502 - 14" crackles and hums with electromagnetic static, the occasional synth swell or vocal murmur radiating from its industrial core. Finally "A - 0519 - 13" wraps everything in a sumptuous, dreamy string section and deploys a shoulder-dropped electro-tinged beat. End of night bliss for tired frames and expanded minds. Recommended.

                                                        To be a woman singing your own blues and soul songs in 1960s Texas was a rare thing. To do so while brandishing a left-handed Stratocaster and bashing out hard-edged licks was even rarer. Yet that’s just what Barbara Lynn did, inspired by Guitar Slim, Jimmy Reed, Elvis Presley and Brenda Lee. And it was a hit: her 1962 debut single, “You’ll Lose A Good Thing,” recorded with session musicians including Dr. John, gave her an R&B chart Number One and a Billboard chart Top 10 hit.

                                                        It was a path that Lynn chose at elementary school in 1940s Beaumont, Texas, when she told her mother she wanted to play guitar. “I decided that playing piano was a little bit too common, you know what I mean?” says Lynn in the new liner notes. “You’d always see a lady or a little girl sitting at a piano. I decided I wanted to play something more unexpected, so that’s when I got interested in learning to play the guitar.” Self-taught, first on the ukulele and then on a guitar, Lynn formed her first group, Barbara Lynn and Her Idols, while still at school and soon took the local scene by storm. Hers was a powerful talent in a petite package, a performer who could stand up against the best - even as a teenager.

                                                        Spotted while performing, underage, in Louisiana, she was offered the chance to record her own material, songs that filtered the experience of being a black Texan teen with power, feel, and guts. Ten of the twelve tracks on her debut album were her own compositions. “It took a lot of time,” Lynn remembers of the recording process, “but we got ‘Good Thing,’ we got our hit. I loved it. I loved meeting the new musicians; a lot of the guys who played on that record became friends. And seeing how the engineers worked and how they produced the sounds, all of that was really interesting to me.”

                                                        The success of that single took Lynn out on the road with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, BB King, Supremes, Chuck Berry, Guitar Slim, and The Temptations. BB King even wrote a letter to Lynn’s mother to tell her what a talented daughter she’d raised. She appeared at the Apollo Theater, she was twice on American Bandstand, and one of her songs, “Oh Baby (We’ve Got A Good Thing Goin’)” was covered by The Rolling Stones.

                                                        The record was conceived as an introduction of Lynn’s prodigious talents, her deeply felt guitar playing, her gutsy soulful singing skills, and her songwriting prowess. It collected her early hit and a raft of new songs, each packed with Lynn’s passion and fire. Yet the introduction to her world - now reissued by Light In The Attic - largely proved to be her swansong. She married in 1970, aged 28, had three children, and semi-retired from the music industry for most of the 70s and 80s. Now touring again, she’s amused to think of her 46 year-old album gaining new fans. “I hear this album, and it seems like… it seems like the old times to me,” she says. "I don’t know, it’s strange to know it’s coming out again. It is going to be a wild, first time thing for me, like going back in time. But I’m excited to see what happens.”


                                                        Low Dip Revue

                                                        Vinyl reissue of Madteo's "Low Dip Revue", originally issued by The Trilogy Tapes on cassette in 2012. The record will consist of edited down versions of the original tape, with both sides containing some 17 minutes of material remastered by DJ Sotofett of Sex Tags Mania. Artwork by Will Bankhead of TTT.
                                                        Expect a continuous stream of sonic flow; sludgy and lysergic but dancefloor-focussed throughout. Blurring organic percussion, tape saturation and tribal, black magic inflected grooves and aesthetics into a cohesive cauldron of sound. Futureproof production meets a primordial genetic code. Unfathomably deep, beautifully unique, unchallengeable and determined. Essential electronics from one of the innovators.

                                                        80s indie stalwarts trading in politically energised guitar pop – a true treasure chest of hooks, riffs and leftist messages.

                                                        Excellent value and a must have for anybody with an interest in the 1980s’ British independent and alternative scenes or politically minded guitar pop.

                                                        McCarthy disbanded in 1990 and two of its members went on to form the wonderful Stereolab. Other members have gone on to work in popular music and the media, and the band often receive exposure from Manic Street Preachers, who regularly cite their work as both beloved and influential.

                                                        Albums packaged in mini LP replica wallets, and presented – along with a booklet - in a hard clamshell case.

                                                        Contains countless classic originals and classic live sessions versions.

                                                        75 tracks, including 3 indie top ten albums and several indie chart hit singles

                                                        Also includes 12 songs recorded for the legendary John Peel.

                                                        Wayne McGhie & The Sounds Of Joy

                                                        Wayne McGhie & The Sounds Of Joy

                                                        Finally back in print and one of the pinnacle releases in the Light In The Attic catalog, this 1970 masterpiece is the first true debut of Studio One veteran and Jackie Mittoo band mate Wayne McGhie. Originally released in 1970 on the Birchmount label, this self-titled long player is a wicked mix of Caribbean funk, soul, and reggae. The best album you never got the chance to hear and cited by many as the first Canadian soul album, this expanded edition celebrates the ten year anniversary of that moving first re-release back in '04.

                                                        In 1967, Kingston-born musician Jo-Jo Bennett, then living in Toronto, sent word to Jamaica: Jo-Jo needed a band. Wayne quickly responded to the call, moving from Montego Bay to Toronto that year. Possessed with an intensifying vision, in the winter of 1969, Wayne assembled a stellar cast of musical friends and Studio One vets to begin the sessions for The Sounds of Joy album, recorded during off-hours at Art Snider’s Sound Canada Recording Centre. Wayne was twenty-three at the time.

                                                        Twelve musicians are credited on the LP sleeve including Alton Ellis, Ike Bennett, Everton Paul, and Lloyd Delpratt; others, including Jackie Mittoo, are rumored to have sat in. Of the ten songs, six were McGhie originals, and as the material moved from funk to soul to reggae/R&B crossover, it is Wayne’s pure and soulful voice that sets the tone. Although the band started to gig in support of the album, Birchmount did nothing to promote it. Months later, an accidental fire at the pressing plant destroyed all remaining copies of the record. The album was lost, never to be repressed. The Sounds Of Joy was gone and forgotten.

                                                        McGhie spent much of the ‘70s recording one-off projects, occasionally touring throughout Canada and performing on a number of sessions for Jackie Mittoo, Bill King, and Studio One. But as the ’70s came to a close, Wayne abandoned and disappeared from the music world. Fortunately, things changed in the mid-90s. The Sounds Of Joy returned, sparked by a renewed interest from talented hip-hop producers and forward-thinking collectors like Q-Tip, DJ Supreme LA Rock, Pete Rock, DJ Sureshot, Buck 65, and Public Enemy’s Gary G-Wiz.

                                                        For much of 2003, Light In The Attic intensely searched for Wayne via every possible channel. Friends from Jamaica to Toronto had lost touch years ago. Wayne was truly missing in action, until a chance meeting with Toronto soul legend Jay Douglas provided the clues and contacts needed. In January 2004, Light In The Attic, along with archivist and liner notes author Kevin "Sipreano" Howes, flew to Toronto to meet the man. And now, decades later, The Sounds Of Joy is back, still sounding as fresh and powerful as it did in 1970.

                                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                        LP Info: 180g ORANGE vinyl pressing with original artwork and extra liner notes.

                                                        Franco Micalizzi & The Big Bubbling Band

                                                        Cinema A Mano Armata

                                                        There are two categories of artist: the ones who follow trends and show an ability to integrate them and the ones who create trends; Franco Micalizzi is one of the latter. Composer, arranger and orchestra leader, Micalizzi has contributed more than anyone else in Italy to the birth and formation of what has come to be known as pulp music.

                                                        This LP is a summary of the musical soundtrack cult of the 70s reimagined with great new arrangements written by the maestro for his group, The Big Bubbling Band. La Banda Del Gobbo - Italia a Mano Armata – Napoli Violenta - Il Cinico, L’infame, Il Violento and many more, concluding with trinity drawn from Lo Chiamavano Trinita’ and reclaimed by Quentin Tarantino in Django Unchained.

                                                        The strongest abilities of Franco Micalizzi? An amazing band, spacey grooves, a bit of jazz atmosphere, the timeless brass-crescendo of Micalizzi, the charm of 70’s funk and... the untameable talent of the maestro! Deluxe reissue on LP, remastered with audiophile quality.

                                                        The Ministry Of Wolves

                                                        Happily Ever After - Black Vinyl Edition

                                                          The Ministry Of Wolves are Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten / Crime & The City Solution), Mick Harvey (cofounder of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds), Danielle de Picciotto (Crime & The City Solution) and Paul Wallfisch (Botanica / musical director at the Theater Dortmund). 

                                                          Limited vinyl release for independent retailers only. ‘Happily Ever After’ is a companion piece to the debut album, ‘Music From Republik der Wölfe’. 

                                                          ‘Music From Republik der Wölfe’ and ‘Happily Ever After’ are based on the writings of the Brothers Grimm, in particular Anne Sexton’s ‘Transformations’ (1971), the Pulitzer Prize winning poet’s reworking of the Grimm’s fairy tales. In the hands of The Ministry Of Wolves, these morality tales and warnings are as dark as you remember them from childhood. 

                                                          Unreleased tracks on the album are ‘The Wonderful Musician’ and ‘The 12 Dancing Princesses’ - unheard before this release. German versions of tracks from the debut include ‘Der Goldene Schluessel’ (‘The Gold Key’), ‘Die Weisse Schlange’ (‘White Snake Waltz’) and ‘Der Froschkoenig’ (‘The Frog Prince’).

                                                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                          Ltd LP Info: Limited to 75 copies.

                                                          The Ministry Of Wolves

                                                          Happily Ever After - Coloured Vinyl Edition

                                                            The Ministry Of Wolves are Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten / Crime & The City Solution), Mick Harvey (cofounder of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds), Danielle de Picciotto (Crime & The City Solution) and Paul Wallfisch (Botanica / musical director at the Theater Dortmund).

                                                            Limited vinyl release for independent retailers only. ‘Happily Ever After’ is a companion piece to the debut album, ‘Music From Republik der Wölfe’.

                                                            ‘Music From Republik der Wölfe’ and ‘Happily Ever After’ are based on the writings of the Brothers Grimm, in particular Anne Sexton’s ‘Transformations’ (1971), the Pulitzer Prize winning poet’s reworking of the Grimm’s fairy tales. In the hands of The Ministry Of Wolves, these morality tales and warnings are as dark as you remember them from childhood.

                                                            Unreleased tracks on the album are ‘The Wonderful Musician’ and ‘The 12 Dancing Princesses’ - unheard before this release. German versions of tracks from the debut include ‘Der Goldene Schluessel’ (‘The Gold Key’), ‘Die Weisse Schlange’ (‘White Snake Waltz’) and ‘Der Froschkoenig’ (‘The Frog Prince’).

                                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                            Ltd LP Info: Limited to 50 copies.

                                                            Joni Mitchell

                                                            Through Yellow Curtains (The Second Fret)

                                                            •This package contains the earliest recordings of Joni Mitchell
                                                            •Includes key material including Both Sides Now, Chelsea Morning and other key songs that appeared on the first four Joni Mitchell studio albums •Also included is a rare live radio performance of the Neil Young song Sugar Mountain
                                                            •Rarely Seen Photographs
                                                            •Liner notes by Broadcaster/Author Jon Kirkman
                                                            •Presented In Cardboard Gatefold Sleeve.

                                                            Joni Mitchell is one of the great singer songwriters of her age. Her career began in the sixties through the folk clubs and coffee houses where she learned to project as an artist and perform the unique songs she wrote. Coming to the attention of many through other artists’ interpretation of her songs such as Tom Rush, Judy Collins and in the UK Fairport Convention, Joni was able to sign to Reprise records and with the release of her debut album Songs To A Seagull in 1968, which was produced by David Crosby, emerged as one of the pioneers of the American singer songwriter movement. Joni Mitchell however was never able to stay in one place and re wrote the book on song composition and performance and soon moved away from the folk roots many saw her as occupying. Through a series of hugely successful albums both artistically and commercially, Joni Mitchell’s career extended through the sixties and up until 2007. Joni Mitchell also toured extensively throughout the seventies and eighties both as solo artist and with bands. More famously she recorded with Tom Scott’s L.A.Express and recorded the live album Aisle of Miles in 1974.

                                                            Latterly she performed with a band made up of the cream of the jazz movement including Jaco Pastorius and guitarist pat Metheny, Don Alias and Lyle Mays. Key albums from the late sixties and seventies were Ladies of The Canyon, Blue, Court and Spark, The Hissing of Summer Lawns and Hejira and at the end of the seventies a collaboration with Charles Mingus on the Mingus album which was to be the last recorded work Charles Mingus undertook before his death in early 1979. On through the eighties and signing to a new label Geffen, maintaining the link with David Geffen whose Asylum label was her home for most of the seventies she continued to make critically acclaimed albums such as Wild Things Run Fast and Dog eat Dog. Her final studio album to date Shine was released in 2007.
                                                            The performances contained on this release are probably among the earliest documented performances from Joni Mitchell which were captured at the celebrated Second Fret Club in Philadelphia. Joni Mitchell performed at the club a number of times between 1966 and 1968 and these performances were recorded for later transmission on a local radio station. They were once more broadcast in part during the eighties as part of a Joni Mitchell radio documentary.

                                                            The first disc comes from a performance in 1966 and includes many songs that would eventually appear on future Joni Mitchell albums and also songs that had been covered by other people such as The Circle Game and Both Sides Now The second disc is made up of performances again at the Second Fret Club with the first seven tracks coming from an engagement in March 1967. The next five tracks are from a further engagement some nine months later in December 1967 and like the first disc these two performances feature songs that would appear on later Joni Mitchell albums and songs that had been covered by others such as Chelsea Morning. The final track comes from a radio broadcast in late 1967 and features Joni performing a cover of the Neil Young song Sugar Mountain. Whilst the quality of this performance sonically is not up to the standard of the previous tracks we felt it important to include due to its rarity.

                                                            Lee Morgan

                                                            The Sidewinder - Remastered Vinyl Edition

                                                            An absolute classic from Blue Note, "The Sidewinder" was originally released in 1964, going on to become Morgan's biggest selling album. Featured alongside Morgan's awesome trumpet playing are seasoned musicians Joe Henderson (tenor sax), Barry Harris (piano), Bob Crenshaw (bass), and Billy Higgins (drums), all of whom appear to be in the finest form for this session. The set has real verve and some killer dancefloor winners - most notably the title track (a jazz-dance anthem!) Essential!

                                                            Blue Note President Don Was says, “Two years ago, we began remastering the jewels of the Blue Note catalogue in hi-def resolutions of 96k and 192k. In order to develop a guiding artistic philosophy for this delicate endeavor, we donned our lab coats, ran dozens of sonic experiments and carefully referenced every generation of our reissues. Ultimately, we decided that our goal would be to protect the original intentions of the artists, producers and engineers who made these records and that, in the case of pre-digital-era albums, these intentions were best represented by the sound and feel of their first-edition vinyl releases. Working with a team of dedicated and groovy engineers, we found a sound that both captured the feel of the original records while maintaining the depth and transparency of the master tapes... the new remasters are really cool!

                                                            While these new versions will become available in digital hi-def, CD and Mastered for iTunes formats, the allure of vinyl records is WAY too potent to ignore. This year, Blue Note - along with our friends at Universal Music Enterprises - is launching a major 75th Anniversary vinyl Initiative that is dedicated to the proposition that our catalogue should be readily available, featuring high quality pressings and authentic reproductions of Blue Note's iconic packaging. Although this program begins in celebration of Blue Note's 75th Anniversary, our catalog runs so deep that we will faithfully be reissuing five albums a month for many years to come!”

                                                            TIEF006 comes from London's Mr Beatnick, his first full release since 2013's cosmic compilation "The Synthetes Trilogy" on Don't Be Afraid records. A regular on NTS radio, Beatnick takes in blissed out disco house, crackling synth-boogie-funk and dreamy acid textures over 3 beautiful and atmospheric originals. This one also comes with a remix from Francis Inferno Orchestra, whose album "A New Way Of Living" on Voyeur Rhythm has been recently making waves.

                                                            West Nkosi Nabashokobezi / Stars

                                                            Twelve Mabone / John Tate

                                                            Africa Music Corporation follow up the success of their debut release with another sunny 7" treat. A-side cut "Twelve Mabone" by West Nkosi Nabashokobezi conjures up images of dusty outdoor dancing, where hundreds of pairs of feet kick up the dusty red soil of Africa in a manic outing of unbridled joy. Fans of 'Graceland' or Malcolm McLaren's "Buffalo Gals"' will recognise the familiar gumboots rhythms and bassline, while shaking their stuff to the see-sawing strings. On the flipside Stars offer a lowdown and dirty groove-fuelled walk through the sleazy sound of funk. "John Tate" is exactly the kind of thing you'd expect to hear Eddie C go loopy over on a Red Motorbike 7". 

                                                            Natural Numbers

                                                            Natural Numbers In Dub

                                                            Natural Numbers is the new dub project from producer Tom Chasteen, co-founder of Los Angeles’ Dub Club, who has released several records under the Dub Club name. This new musical creation draws inspiration from African, Middle Eastern and Country sounds as well as Reggae. Natural Numbers in Dub is dub music in the classic Jamaican sense: original recordings of an all-star band, deconstructed and pieced back together with echo and reverb in real time on the mixing board. Chasteen recorded the album at Kingsize Soundlabs in Los Angeles in late 2013, co-writing the album with collaborating musicians. Tom Chasteen has been a fixture on the Los Angeles music scene for over two decades. He co-founded the west coast’s first EDM label Exist Dance in 1991, and since 2000 he has been running the Dub Club, a weekly Reggae party which has become a world- renowned event. In partnership with Stones Throw Records, his new productions bring the Dub Club into musical form, working with Jamaican legends and bringing fresh inspiration to a classic sound. Natural Numbers in Dub is his first release as Natural Numbers.

                                                            Ogoya Nengo And The Dodo Women's Group

                                                            Rang'ala - New Recordings From Siaya County, Kenya

                                                            Open-hearted, fresh, lovely, bumptious recordings of women’s singing, from a village in southwest Kenya. 'Dodo' is a type of traditional Luo music mostly used for entertainment at weddings, drinking parties and wrestling festivals. Songs in praise of the happy couple, and the best wrestlers. Ogoya Nengo was born in 1943. Her vocal abilities were discovered when she was herding cattle, as she never attended school, though nowadays her professional name signals both the Magoya clan of her birth and - ‘nengo’ meaning ‘price’ in Luo - the fees she commands as the most expensive Dodo performer on the circuit.

                                                            OB Ignitt

                                                            Let Me Show You - Inc. Omar S Remix

                                                            OB Ignitt returns with his Obonit imprint. "My Last Reese Cup" is a tough, gritty excursion into Ignitt's own version of techno. Snares distort as they burn red onto the master tape; thick, sweeping analogue synths fill up the mix with ease and a growling bottom end ushers the whole thing forward. Brutal and uncompromising but with lashings of funk and groove, just the way the Detroiters like it. "Let It Do What It Does" (receiving an Omar S touch-up) vibrates and shimmers, brimming as it is with electronic goodness from start to finish. A production masterclass, various elements fade in and out of focus as a live piano section jams unrelentingly over the top. The bassline is as infectious as Ebola. Flapping, squelchy drums keep up the momentum while various other analogue artifacts add to the head-turning aesthetic and general uniqueness of the track. Exceptional stuff, recommended.

                                                            William Onyeabor

                                                            Vinyl Boxset 2

                                                              As featured in the Piccadilly Records End Of Year Review 2014 Top 20 Reissues / Collections, this comes with a free End Of Year CD sampler. Click HERE for more info.

                                                              This second of two William Onyeabor vinyl sets features four of the albums elusive Nigerian synth-funk pioneer William Onyeabor self-released between 1977 and 1985 - remastered and officially available for the first time. His music represents the epitome of the golden era of Nigerian funk, before he gave up a life in music to become a devout Christian. Luaka Bop released the critically acclaimed compilation Who is William Onyeabor’s in October of 2013, and has since seen the release of the documentary Fantastic Man, which was fabricated around the myth of the musician, attempts to unearth the man behind the music, which is also now a full blown live show touring the world, paying tribute to the music of William Onyeabor featuring a supergroup of Damon Albarn, David Byrne, Kele Okereke from Bloc Party, Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip, the Lijadu Sisters, Money Mark, Pat Mahoney and Sinkane. To this day, William Onyeabor has not spoken about his music in one single interview.

                                                              CONTENTS LP BOX 2
                                                              • Hypertension LP
                                                              • Body & Soul LP
                                                              • Crashes In Love (2nd Version) LP
                                                              • Good Name LP
                                                              • 45” of William Onyeabor’s “Body & Soul” by Peaking Lights
                                                              • Poster
                                                              • 16 page 5” x 7” booklet by Michael Rubin

                                                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                              LP Box Set Info: Includes a free EOY 2014 CD sampler.


                                                              Beezeldub / Newun

                                                              Paleman brings some dread sound to Swamp 81 sublabel 81 on this snarling two track 12". Memories of Rocky abound as "Beezeldub" opens with the sombre blast of horns, before delivering a thunderous left-right combo of stepping drums and digi-dub bassline. Paleman manages to pull a blinder here, delivering a track that's sparse, but still fierce enough to get the dancefloor hyped. On the flip, the percussive "Newun", works that booty with constantly evolving drum rhythms, jazz fills, and room reverb. Proper club tackle for the bass heads. 



                                                              German techno brutalists BAROC follow up L Neils inaugural release with this blitzkrieg from Paperwork. The producer steps up with three untitled cuts of properly raw, atmospheric house and techno. On the A1 we're taken on a trip into the smoke filled, strobe lit belly of warehouse techno as Paperwork tops hammering drums and crackling 303 lines with melancholic synth washes. I can see this going down a treat at Bohemian Grove. We head further down the rabbit hole on the A2, and things get deeper, darker and much trippier. Paperwork drops the 303 and ramps up those mournful synths while industrial grade drums thump away conjuring images of Levon at his most pissed off. The flipside is a proper journey, descending from a sparse drum and synth opening into a swirling lysergic mess of backmasked samples and hissing tape saturation. Heavy duty tackle for your weekend armoury.

                                                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                              12" Info: Limited to 300. Handstamped with insert.

                                                              The Phrogs

                                                              Baby I'm Gone

                                                              Southend-on-Sea band, The Phrogs were a regular fixture as the live band in Mod and 60s clubs in the mid to late 90s. 
                                                              Crocodile Records now release this neat little slice of rhythm'n'blues from the band, recorded back in 2001 at the legendary Toe Rag Studios.

                                                              Piccadilly Records

                                                              End Of Year Review 2014

                                                                Back in the day, confronted from October onwards by a raft of Christmas-related albums from the major labels, and barely a squeak of a release from the independents, we decided to compile our own top 50 albums of the year, and promote that over the festive season instead.

                                                                Nearly two decades on, and with the arrival of the World Wide Web, Piccadilly Records Top 100 has become one of THE essential end of year charts to check out. Our End Of Year Review booklets have also become increasingly sought-after, and now come packed with our Top 100 albums, Top 20 compilations, Top 20 reissues/collections, staff charts and reviews of our favourite albums all wrapped in lush artwork (perfect bound this year!) by Piccadilly pal Mark Brown ( The perfect read for any music lover over Crimbo.

                                                                This booklet is free instore or just 1 pence (plus p+p) via the website. Or if you prefer, you can view it online here as a PDF (be warned though it's a large PDF file so it's probably not worth trying to download this on your phone!)

                                                                Enjoy the read!

                                                                Please note: If you're ordering this on its own you will be charged our standard rate of postage and packing for sending a CD/7".

                                                                Wilson Pickett

                                                                Hey Jude

                                                                “Hey Jude” is the classic 1969 release by Wilson Pickett cut with the Muscle Shoals session crew while Duane Allman added his intense, bluesy guitar to the mix. This album of hard Southern soul features Pickett in top form with his powerful vocals featured on soul tunes such as “A Man And A Half” and “Toe Hold” alongside choice rock covers including the title track and “Born To Be Wild”. Reissued on 180 gram vinyl with tip on jacket by 4 Men With Beards.

                                                                Elliott Power

                                                                On The Windrush / Portend Feat. WIFE

                                                                Marathon Artists are very happy to announce the return of Elliott Power, this time with a little help from feted Tri Angle newcomer WIFE. The pair’s pulsating collaboration heralds the beginning of some very exciting things to come from Elliott, with this being just the tip of the iceberg. This is a Marathon Artists Singles Club release.

                                                                Elliott Power is a West London-bred artist who, instilled from an early age with a love of wide-ranging electronic musical touch stones, has collated diverse but tightly knit influences into his own distinctly forward thinking tracks. Seamlessly incorporating elements of club-savvy soul and UK bass, along with a touch of paranoid trip-hop, Elliott’s work, from sound to vision, offers a whole private universe we have fortunately been invited into.

                                                                Primitive Parts

                                                                TV Wheels / The Bench

                                                                Primitive Parts are three friends, Lindsay Corstorphine (Sauna Youth / Monotony / Cold Pumas), and Male Bonding's Kevin Hendrick and Robin Christian. They have previously released a single Open Heads / Signal on the SEXBEAT label and contributed a cover of The Yummy Fur's ‘Chinese Bookie’ to last year’s Collective Hiss compilation (Faux Discx). TV Wheels / The Bench, the band’s second engagement with the Faux Discx label (Soft Walls / Omi Palone / Sex Hands / Hookworms) was written in a narrow room in Homerton, between two churches on a Thursday evening in the summer of 2014. It was recorded to tape by Mark 'Knuckles' Jasper at Soundsavers.

                                                                Primitive Parts have recently played with The Homosexuals, Ultimate Painting and Juan Wauters and are touring the UK early next year.

                                                                Ian Rankin, Nik Colk Void & Tim Burgess

                                                                A Little Bit Of Powder

                                                                  Oxfam are pleased to announce a unique collaboration with international bestselling author Ian Rankin and Tim Burgess, the singer with indie legends The Charlatans.

                                                                  A Little Bit of Powder is a short story that Ian Rankin wrote for Tim's label O Genesis. There will be a limited edition 12" vinyl release that will be available at Oxfam shops alongside selected record stores.

                                                                  The record features acclaimed actor Craig Parkinson reading Ian's short story with theme music by Tim Burgess and Factory Floor's Nik Void. There is also a version of the theme featuring vocals by Tim

                                                                  Ian Rankin:
                                                                  I had a great time writing the story. I wanted it to involve music and musicians and to take place at Christmas. A friend had told me this anecdote about a songwriter's final wishes, and that gave me the idea. Like Tim, I'm a big fan of Oxfam, so it's great that A Little Bit of Powder can help a favourite charity.

                                                                  Tim Burgess:
                                                                  One of the reasons for starting a record label was so that we work on projects like this - our last release was with Professor Tim O Brien using the sound archive from Jodrell Bank and we've released poetry on vinyl, sleeves that play when you put them on your turntable and them there's the more regular label stuff like records by The Vaccines and R Stevie Moore. I knew Ian was a big fan of vinyl and we became friends over a shared love of music.

                                                                  To get a short story from Ian Rankin was amazing. We wanted to make it a release where someone else benefitted from the money and Oxfam was top of our list. Both Ian and I buy lots of records from charity shops and we put it to them and they loved the idea too.

                                                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                  Ltd 12" Info: Limited to 500 copies.

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